Sunday, October 25, 2009


As Europe’s most directly-democratic country went to vote on whether to allow more minarets, a ‘controversial’ poster appeared (BrusselsJournal, 17 x):

Translation: Stop it! Yes to the minaret ban


Having failed to hang mad Mueslis as traitors, Britain found that its plan to take ‘nude’ X-rays of all airport passengers (to vet them for bombs) had to be circumscribed by its equivalent failure to deal with paedohysteria. For airport staff viewing clothes-penetrating X-rays of under-18-yr-olds would, of course, be guilty of the tabloid-horrendous crime of paedophilic downloading. (Whether children could be touch-searched thus surfaced as a question. – Though doubtless paedophiles would have worked out the answer years before the hysteria-driven British ‘authorities.’)


A new ‘champion of White supremacism’ was alleged (by the Southern Poverty Law Centre) to have emerged as Vanderbilt University’s Professor Carol Swain, a Black scholar known for her conservative views, backed the showing of a film saying White-on-Black racism was largely a myth – annoyingly to peecee multicults, she felt such topics should be discussed, not suppressed (AmRen, 17 x).


There was hilarity all round as the mainly-Black judges of the ‘Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership,’ presided over by Holy U.N. Somebody Kofi BAnnana, could not be awarded since no African country was thought to have a sufficiently high level of attainment (BBC Radio 4, 19 x).


Chris Brand, The g Factor, 1996, p. 112 (also 2000):

”[Work in Minnesota and Finland suggests DZ] twins’ different genes gradually establish more influence over their micro-environments. All these observations are compatible with the idea that genetic factors (epistasis and active G,ECOV as much as additive) are overwhelmingly important in determining late-middle-age levels of intelligence. Apparently, the longer the time span across which genes operate, especially via a person’s micro-environment, the greater is their effect on g. By contrast, the imposed environmental differences that are involved in different types of homes and styles of parenting seem to affect the children only in early childhood, and not beyond.”

Robert Plomin, Technology Review, 2009:

”…. the genetic influence on IQ becomes more pronounced during development. In a study of 11,000 pairs of twins from four countries, we have recently shown that the heritability of IQ increases linearly from childhood (about 40 percent) to adolescence (about 55 percent) to young adulthood (about 65 percent). Why? No one knows, but my guess is that the answer involves what is called genotype-environment correlation: as children grow up, they increasingly select, modify, and even create their own experiences, partly on the basis of their genetic propensities. A child genetically inclined toward high verbal skills might choose to read more, enhancing those skills.”


Brave Kevin Myers of the Irish Independent (20 x) became the only columnist in the British Isles willing to defend ‘homophobic’ Jan Moir, the Daily Mail columniste who had sparked outrage (e.g. 22,000 homosexualist-orchestrated emails to the Press Council) with her straightforward observation that the death of healthy 33-year-old ‘Boyzone’ popsinger Stephen Gately from ‘fluid on the lungs’ alongside a total stranger from Bulgaria (with whom he’d taken cannabis before they hit the sack in the same flat as his ‘civil partner’) might have had something to do with his yag lifestyle.


As the British National Party approached its date with destiny – the BBC having decided to allow BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP on ‘Question Time’ in deference to the party having pulled in a million votes in the 2009 Euroelections – hysteria mounted among lefties seeking as ever to shut down free speech (like ground-glass-spreading anti-apartheid activist, former Labour Minister Peter Hain [founder of Anti-Nazi League; once called the “wife” of gay activist Peter Tatchell; resigned from the Bliar Cabinet for failing to declare donors to his deputy-Labour-leadership campaign]). However, the BNP’s website had fun at the expense of NG’s co-panelists ‘slimy’ Jack Straw [Lab], ‘useless’ Baroness Warsi [Con] and Chris Huhne [Lib], and ‘Black history fabricator’ Bonnie Greer [Black Monster Raving Loony Party] (Independent, 20 x); and a new leaking of the party’s membership list by its enemies revealed it had had no difficulty attracting subscriptions from doctors, professors and very senior army personnel.

Challenged by Army generals over linking the BNP to past images of British military and to Sir Winston Churchill, Nick Griffin came back quickly, saying many soldiers backed the BNP, comparing the generals to “Nazi war criminals” who should be hanged (for their efforts in the “illegal” Iraq war) and observing that, given Churchill’s views on keeping Britain and the Commonwealth separate from any United States of Europe, on the dangers of fundamentalist Islam and on 1950s immigrants ‘only coming for our benefits system’, the only party Churchill could have joined in 2009 would have been the BNP. The BNP’s David Morris (e.g. 24 x) came up with Cabinet and biographical records showing Churchill had actually recommended the slogan “Keep England White” for the Conservative Party in 1955. {To which NG might have added that Churchill – though certainly a man of the Empire rather than a strict nationalist, let alone fascist – was both a race realist and a keen eugenicist.}

Backtracking from its modest bravery in inviting Griffin on to ‘Question Time’ despite a threatened legal challenge from glass-strewer Hain, the BBC let out that it would pre-record the QT programme, giving its editors hours in which to edit out episodes of left-wing beastliness and any good jokes by NG (Guardian, 20 x).

With respect to the appearance of Ms Greer, a Black Chicago woman who had taken British citizenship, Mr Griffin said: “I think she is quite witty, I have seen her on ‘Question Time’ a number of times. She is a bit whacky when she says that Europeans throughout the Middle Ages worshipped Black women so she has got quirky aspect;s but the British like an eccentric so I’m sure we’ll get on all right.”

Most newspapers, after two decades of grovelling to PeeCee (almost never mentioning the racial origins of the many ‘ethnic minority’ murderers, rapists and robbers whose crimes they minimally reported), concluded it was marginally proper to debate with the BNP – and that Britain’s naughty political parties were remiss for not having done so. {Thus did Britain’s pathetic press prepare itself for the inevitable around-turn – though in fact it was the press which had bullied the Conservatives out of ‘racism’ c. 2000.}

Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy [Lab.] admitted that the BNP had pulled in 29,000 votes in 2009, a tenfold increase on 1999 despite Scotland having its own ‘National’ Party (with as much absurd commitment to socialism as Labour and the BNP).

Prior to the debate, the BNP found that the BBC could not (or would not) accept NG being winched in by helicopter to its west London studios – to bypass the howling mobs of ‘Unite Against Fascism’ (formerly ‘Anti-Nazi League’ – my own main opponent in 1996/7) and its ultraviolent wing, ‘Antifa’ (for its imprisoned ‘martyrs’ see NG feared he would be assassinated on his way in to QT (InTheNews, 22 x) – though he jokingly thanked “Auntie” BBC for giving the BNP its first-ever opportunity to score before a mass audience.

Partly thanks to police incompetence, some 25 UAF demonstrators from a poorly-handled crowd of 500 managed to break into the reception area at Television House; and only six arrests were made despite three police being injured.

Finally, NG managed to enter the BBC building by a side entrance and the show went ahead – due for broadcasting three hours later. So the big question was whether he would get the BNP a poll boost, and if so from where.

{The BNP was committed to continuance of the welfare state; it backed ‘British jobs for British workers’ (a slogan that had also been used by Prime Minister Brown, but was known to all non-tabloid readers be unrealizable without a British withdrawal from the European Union that would be massively opposed by both businessmen, politicians and those grateful for the lack of West-European wars in recent times); it had no clear policy on how to ‘voluntarily repatriate’ immigrants (many of them, especially those of Caribbean and Pakistani stock, already having British citizenship, along with their children); and, though firmly anti-Islam in recent years, it nevertheless wanted to pull out of the war in Afghanistan. This collection of policies/pipedreams looked best set to appeal to old, White, ‘working class’ Labour voters; but the lowbrow tabloids the Mirror and the Sun were already committed to the Labour and Conservative parties respectively; so everything depended on the smaller and righter-wing Mail and Express – both of whose cowardly journalists had scrupulously followed peecee injunctions (e.g. about not mentioning the racial origins of criminals) for 15 years. Sensationally, on the programme, according to an early insider report, NG compared British Whites to “aborigines”: he meant thereby to claim the same sympathy for native Brits as the Guardian would normally claim for aborigines in Australia, PNG, Bongo Bongo etc; but whether his analogy would appeal to the average middle-aged soccer-fan remained to be seen.}

The debate itself turned out to be something of a fiasco in that the BBC chose to broadcast bits of the debate in advance (in its news items) and turned out to have assembled not only four hostile-to-NG panellists and a hostile Dimblebore chairperson but also a 99% hostile audience. NG kept his cool and smiled a lot and affected to applaud Bonnie Greer; but it is hard to appear ‘normal’ when being booed and shouted down at every opportunity. However, though NG got off to a shaky start by not dealing straightforwardly with accusations of his racist, Hitlerite, KKK and Holocaust-denying past (he should at least have set out the youthful Communism of many Labourites), he recovered well and provided several impressive mini-expositions of the BNP’s regarding PeeCee Multiculturalism as a traitorous “genocide” of Britain’s indigenous peoples (he preferred not to say Whites).

He did not lose, even in such a hostile environment; so the result was surely a points WIN for race realism – even though the Mail and Express did not come round (indeed, portraying NG as a ‘nutter,’ ‘devil’ and ‘sewer rat’). The result was considered a DRAW by the Times’ top political correspondent, Sam Coates (23 x). The Wall Street Journal’s Ian Martin put it well (22 x): “[BNP sympathizers] saw Griffin being beaten up by a West London audience and a panel all agreeing on how awful he is. But that won’t have dealt with their feelings of alienation. Many will still feel the mainstream parties don’t understand them.”

For the Daily Telegraph, columnist George Pitcher likewise thought the BNP probably benefited from the rigged ‘humiliation of the fat boy’ (23 x). Even Jewish Europhile Labourite MP Denis McShane reckoned the score as “BNP 3 – BBC 0”; and it was good to see ‘Justice Secretary’ Jack Straw ashen faced as NG pointed out that whereas NG’s own father had been in the RAF and fought Nazism in WWII, JS’s own father, though equally in the RAF, had had to be imprisoned for refusing to fight {presumably during the period of the Nazi-Soviet Pact}.

The show had been watched by an incredible eight million people (50% of Britain’s TV-viewing audience around 11pm, having a dozen main channels to chose from), up with ‘East Enders’ and ‘Coronation Street’ and ahead of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’– the normal viewing figure for QT being around three million (BroadcastNow, 23 x). Equally notably, the left had failed to produce the ‘thousands’ of demonstrators in Shepherds Bush that had been widely predicted: only mere hundreds turned up, most papers agreed, despite the protest being graced by such luminary lefties as ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London. (In line with the treachery of Britain’s ‘right’-wing newspapers, the fullest account of the debate was provided in the Guardian, 23 x, whose Aditya Chakrabortty noted the BBC’s failure to supply any robust working-class opposition to NG, 23 x. For the Specfator’s ‘Coffee House,’ NG’s fundamentally British lack of fascist charisma was cannily noted by Lloyd Evans, 23 x. But neither the paparazzi intellectuals of the left or right could explain how NG was fundamentally hamstrung: by his unwillingness to mention IQ -- which was probably lacking as much in the BNP’s own membership as among blade-flashing, drug-dealing welfare-dependent Blacks and frothing, suicide-bombing, wife-beating Muesli psychotics.)

By the evening of 23 x, Sky News was quoting a post-debate YouGov poll as finding (from a sample of 1,600 voters) 12% ‘completely’ supported the BNP and that altogether 22% would ‘seriously consider’ voting for the party (far ahead of the 5% that actually voted for it at the Euroelections, and likely to increase fast as neighbours and workmates announced their thinking and created a new atmosphere far from that of Westminster hysteria). The attempt to ‘lynch’ NG had plainly failed. Fat Black Labour leftie Diane Abbott (herself a regular genial TV performer, under the chairmanship of Andrew Neil) put it well (Independent, 24 x): “It does not matter that Griffin gave a poor performance. No matter that London-based middle-class journalists competed to denounce him in the newspapers the morning after. What people will remember was that last Thursday was indeed "BNP day" and the party and its views were somehow accepted into the mainstream.”

The nearest any British journalist got to giving NG a helping hand was (ex-Conservative Central Office) Amanda Platell (Daily Mail, 24 x): “Ken Livingstone is outraged that a bigot like Nick Griffin was allowed to share a platform with mainstream politicians on Question Time. Yes, that'll be the same Ken Livingstone who shared a public platform with Gerry Adams when the IRA was actively carrying out terrorist atrocities. Hypocrisy? It's Ken's middle name.”


As Nick Griffin went into battle, British life supplied a tangible illustration of what anti-multiculturalists fought against: a Jobcentre advertisement for work at Supreme Nutrition Ltd in Acton, Suffolk, insisting that applicants speak Polish (Daily Telegraph, 23 x).

At the same time, in America, a Black woman, Megan Williams, admitted she had not been raped and made to drink urine and eat rats’ faeces by her boyfriend and six White friends – even though all the Whites had been jailed after ‘confessing’ rather than face the even-longer sentences they would have received under American ‘justice’ if they had not kowtowed to American pro-Black hysteria.


As a Taliban suicide byciclist killed seven outside a top Pak air base and research centre (alleged to house Pak’s nuclear deterrent), fatalities on both side in three weeks of enraged effort reached 200 vs 200 (Guardian, 24 x). The Taliban also threatened to kill anyone participating in new elections called in Afghanistan.


Following their leader Nick Griffin’s successful defence of his position on Question Time, the BNP released extracts from the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) suggesting that Labour’s secret decision of 2001 (lately mentioned by Blairite spin doctor Andrew Neather) to encourage immigration so as to ‘help’ make Britain multicultural had in fact been a flagrant contravention of this UN-sanctioned charter (24 x).


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Sunday, October 18, 2009


As Pakistan reeled from 120 killings by terrorists in four days, it transpired that the bombers etc. had come not just from the Af/Pak border (where the Pak Army planned an assault on What’syourdrinkistan) but also from the centrally situated Punjab – where the loony Pak Army had for decades encouraged “good jihadists” who would commit to fighting Hindus. Evidently the Mad Mueslis of Pakiland had finally created their own Frankenstein: of Even Madder Mueslis who wanted to enjoy America’s multi-billion-dollar support programmes for themselves.

While governments across the Stans quaked at the thought of what BinLiner and the Tallyhoes could do to them, help seemed at hand as China began its judicial disposal of 700 arrested Urumqi Muslim Uighurs by sentencing six of them to death – yielding Uighur “rage” that was promptly retailed by AlJazeera (13 x). At last the West too, which had proved itself politically incapable of fighting the Mueslis since New York’s 9/11, seemed likely to get some significant help – if at the price of letting China advance to the oilwells of the Caspian. In token of its expansionism, China increased its trade with Africa fourfold over 2004-8 and in particular struck a £4B deal for oil and minerals with dictatorial and druggy Guinea (Times, 13 x).

As the Americans waved $7.5B at Pakiland to buy some action against Muesli terror, Pakistan quickly revealed itself as hopelessly divided as between Army, Government and Opposition – with further serious rifts within each of these three (The Hindu BusinessLine, 15 x; BBC, 16 x). Other countries had promised $5B for Pak if agreement with the US on the $7.5B package could be achieved. Already, bankrupt and electricity-lite Pakiland was being propped up by a $11B loan from the I.M.F.

Suicide car bombs and hours-long gun battles at police stations on a single morning in Lahore (east, capital of Punjab) and Kohat (north-west) added at least 40 dead to the 120 dead of the previous week (RadioNetherlandsWorldwide, 15 x). Explosions were also reported in Peshawar – killing at least eleven police personnel (CBC News [Canada], 16 x). "The enemy has started a guerrilla war," Pakistan’s interior minister, Rehman Malik, told a television station – but he was snubbed by the military when he tried to lay a wreath in Rawalpindi (ThaindianNews, 16 x).

After 60 years of independence, murderous Pakistan (IQ 84, full of religious psychosis and with no agreed elite, having killed lovely Benazir Bhutto in 2007) seemed about to demonstrate it was no more suited to self-government than any Black African country; though just what plan the USA had for its much-funded and nuclear-armed ‘ally’ remained to be seen. Attacks by American drones had killed hundreds of Muesli militants (and some civilians) in Wazyurdrinkistan in the course of the previous year. But the Army (Pak’s major political force) wished only to fight the ‘bad jihadists’ of South Waziristan, not the ‘good jihadists’ of North Waziristan (who were fighting the Americans in Afghaniland) or the Punjab (who were suicide-bombing the Indians [e.g. in Bombay] whenever they could).

The involvement of ‘good’ Punjabi jihadists in the attacks on police and military was indicated by the involvement of three female suicide bombers – for the beardies of Waziristan did not allow their own women out on the streets, not even to do suicide bombing.


A gene for “quick and accurate decision making” was reported by Berlin researchers (Max Planck Institute) (Daily Telegraph, 13 x) – though whether it was related to IQ could not be mentioned.


With proper eugenic sense, the ladies of Tanzania began lightening up, using skin-whitening creams, in order to get access to Chinese colonialists who would, they believed, be better prospects as lovers and husbands than “lazy” Black men (Times, 13 x).


As Richard Lynn and Phil Rushton waited to see the results of the editing process that would allow them on TV Channel 4 (on 26 x) to issue the occasional sentence about race and IQ (mainly no doubt with people who had never read their work), Oona King, Channel 4’s ‘head of diversity’ (former Labour MP; Afro-American father; Jewish mother) confidently announced the programme would show conclusively that “you cannot link race to IQ” (AmRen, 15 x)….


In a small victory for freedom of speech, top Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who, as a homosexual, was not interested in being thrown off a cliff under the terms of Sharia law), was allowed into Britain and indeed into the House of Lords. For whatever reason, he chose not to show his anti-Islam film ‘Fitna’; but his visit did allow BBC TV footage of assembled Mueslis in London shouting “FREEDOM -- GO TO HELL!” thus adding to the “JEWS TO THE GAS!” material previously seen when Israel did some smiting in Gaza.


New figures of primary school children in both England and Scotland showed no improvement for years of shedloads of cash being unloaded into school systems by Labour and the S.N.P. (Daily Telegraph, 16 x); in New York, ditto, vast amounts of cash and idealistic effort had produced no narrowing of the (3-yr) gap between White and Black kids in arithmetic (New York Times, 16 x).


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Sunday, October 11, 2009


As obese (18-stone) mother of two daughters, Vanessa George, 39, was jailed for four years for taking obscene pictures of tots at her ‘Little Ted’ nursery in Plymouth (pictures sent to her would-be boyfriend, businessman and once-jailed pervert Colin Blanchard, 38), it was learned (from her irate husband) that George herself was an enthusiastic paedohysteric who would jump up and down when TV showed paedophiles, demanding castration for such monsters (News of the World, 4 x). Experts said 20% of Britain’s paedophiles were women (Observer, 4 x) – though what percentage were self-proclaimed paedohysterics was unknown.


As complaints were set out about Metropolitan Police violence to anti-G20 demonstrators outside the Bank of England, it turned out the (allegedly) most thuggish police sergeant, remarkably named Delroy Smellie (but called Tony by friends in the Met’s ‘elite’ ‘Territorial Support Group’), was Black – or at least half-Black (Daily Telegraph, 28 ix).


As Her Venerated Multiculti Worshipfulness, ‘Attorney General’ Baroness Scotland was daily disrobed (e.g. in Daily Mail) as a lying b*stard who had employed on a sub-legal wage an illegal Tongan immigrant without inspecting -- or at least copying [fined £5K] -- her passport and without having her pay tax, it turned out that ‘Scotland’, though looking somewhat Asian, identified herself as Black, having been born in Dominica to parents of Antiguan and Dominican extraction (Wikipedia, 5 x).


When Asian females sent messages at a dating site to Black males, they received replies from 55% of the men; but when Black males wrote to Asian females, they were answered only 17% of the time. This fact and others (e.g. indicating the overwhelming popularity of White men with women of all races) emerged as a romantic-match website released its statistics (AmRen, 5 x).


A Saudi cleric named Sheikh Muhammad al-Munajid promised on Saudi TV that “the virgins we Muslims will get in paradise will be White. If you blow yourself up in a martyrdom operation, you’ll be rewarded with 72 pure women, and not one of them will be Black or Indian, or even Arab or Iranian.” (National Post [Canada], 5 x.)


Levels of ‘human development’ as measured by the United Nations (using longevity, literacy and income) were overwhelmingly higher in White than in Black countries (ComcastNews, 5 x – giving the full table, based on 2007 figures). Amusingly, White superiority could not be attributed to colonialist rapacity, for the top five countries were Norway, Australia, Iceland, Canada and Éire. Japan made it into the top ten; but the United Kingdom (its schools wrecked by forty years of socialism/egalitarianism) could not even make it into the top twenty (though admittedly having Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore for company). All the bottom twenty countries, said by the U.N. to have “low human development” were African, with the exception of wartorn Afghanistan (where America and Britain had been vainly trying to provide democracy, wymmin’s lib, ‘reconstruction’ and eradication of the poppy crop since 2001, resulting in most intelligent young Afghani males becoming asylum seekers waiting at Calais for a chance to jump in the back of a lorry and thus get to Nirvana U.K.).


France, whose top philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre had had his ‘Antoine Roquentin,’ the 30-yr-old hero of his La Nausée, go to the defence of a harmless paedophile (bullied by a librarian), and whose film-makers had joined those of America and Poland in defending Roman Polanski against much-belated persecution for S.I. with a 13-year-old nude, druggy and sexually experienced ‘model’ girl, found its liberalism under attack from both right and left as its yag ‘culture minister’, Frédéric Mitterrand [see previous], who had also defended Polanski, was noticed to have once used with self-confessed excitement “boy” prostitutes in Thailand – though Mitterand insisted the “boys” were over whatever might have been the age of consent in the world’s capital of sex tourism (Guardian, 8 x).

The openly gay politician rejected calls from opposition parties for his resignation, saying his partners at Thai brothels were consenting adults. He said: "I absolutely condemn sexual tourism, which is shameful, and I condemn paedophilia, which I have never practised in any way whatsoever." In an emotional interview on France's most-watched news bulletin, Mr Mitterand accused his critics of jumping to false conclusions after reading his 2005 memoir The Bad Life, in which he wrote of liaisons with prostitutes whom he described as "young boys".

“I don’t see why he can’t stay in the government, and I don’t see why we dredge up such a pathetic polemic after such a long time,” Henri Guaino, adviser to President Sarkozy, said of Mitterrand on France 2 television. “Is he on trial, has he committed a crime?” Sarkozy himself, who had previously commended Mitterrand’s memoirs as courageous, backed his embattled minister; and Guiano added that the criticism of Mitterrand was “pathetic.”

Next, Mitterrand was in hot water for offering a character defence to a court (leaked to the internet) of two youths (one his godson) who had raped a 16-year-old girl…. (AFP, 10 x). Mitterrand accused the press of a “manhunt.”


How would Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barry Hussein Obarmy react to America's great ally, Pakiland, suffering >50 dead and >400 injured to the Taliban in a crowded Peshawar bazaar in a single morning, having evidently failed to give much effective help in the War on Terror (aka Tenth Crusade)? Peshawar, 100 miles from the purpose-built modern Paki capital Islamabad in north-western Pakistan, straddled the major American supply line for non-military supplies for its troops in Afghanistan. The Pakistani Army (chiefly bursting to fight against Hindu India, which backed the Afghan government and had seen two bombings of its Kabul embassy) had previously conducted three campaigns in the Tallywho/BinLiner-infested province of Wazyourdrinkistan, displacing millions of peasants and killing the occasional bullet-girded beardie (with the help of American drones), but to little serious effect. It was thought the Taliban had 10K fighters in north-west Pakiland, including a thousand Uzbeks; the Pakis had c. 30K troops in the area. Would the great Nobelist of Washington countenance a bit of military action on the ground at last -- as distinct from the inaction that had characterized the West's 'campaign' in Afghaniland for the previous eight years? U.S. forces said they had abandoned remote outposts in the east of Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border, six days after Taliban fighters stormed the positions, killing eight Americans, the USA’s worst losses in more than a year. Eleven Pakis had died from another Peshawar bomb blast two weeks previously.

{Obarmy tended to forget that America had a million Black jailbirds who, with his inspiration, could surely do some useful fighting to get at supposedly disease-free Muesli women; and Europe could supply a further 30K enthusiastic Blecks.}

The next day, Obarmy’s great ally got another shock as audacious grenade-tossing Taliban fighters (from the O’Doody McFooqi group, in Pak uniforms, intent on revenging the slaying-by-drone of their leader Maresoup) stormed the General HQ (and thus top brass) of the Pak Army in Rawalpindi (Pakistan’s fourth-largest city, near Islamabad), resulting in an hour-long gun battle which killed four attackers as well as some ten Pak soldiers while leaving five attackers (who had taken fifteen hostages) roaming the HQ for the next twelve hours in pursuit of other high-quality targets (ThaindianNews, 10 x; HindustanTimes, 10 x). The military personnel killed included a brigadier and a lieutenant colonel, according to a Pak official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Panic hit Rawalpindi at this demonstration of the uselessness of the Pak Army: shops and banks closed and thousands fainted in traffic jams as Pak authorities failed to get a grip on the streets. The fact that the Taliban had infliltrated the Pak Army confirmed worldwide that Pakistan was in a de facto state of civil war.

Meantime Peacepipe O’Barmy decided to send another 20K US troops to Afghaninam to win more Nobel prizes for him and that he would need to bribe the Pak Army with further billions of dollars to get any semblance of pseudo-anti-terrorist action out of them.

The price of Obarmy’s Peace Prize became clear as the Weekly Standard revealed Obarmy’s foray at the United Nations, abandoning any right to free speech (previously defended by America) and agreeing with Muslim demands that countries must protect their citizens and visitors from any criticism of their race or religion (5 x). Even the usually-peecee European Union thought that was going a bit far, wanting only criticism of particular individuals to be banned. (The E.U. reserved strictures against general criticism to Holocaust denial.)


Not risking the wrath of Britain’s neo-Stalinist Labour government, the cowardly Cambridge Union withdrew its invitation to U.S. talk show host Michael Savage (see previous) arguing (by video link, as part of a debate at the Union) that it had been unfair of H.M.G. to ban him from Britain (along with a list of mad Mueslis) as a ‘racist troublemaker’ (WorldNetDaily, 8 x).


Risking the wrath of Holy Black South Africa, the Holy Republic of Ireland granted asylum to a White South African woman, Diane Jefferson, 22, who had come to Éire for education and marriage and, facing deportation, pleaded successfully that young White females faced unacceptable risks of being raped or murdered in South Africa (cf. the case of Brandon Huntley, granted asylum in Canada – see previous) (Daily Telegraph, 9 x).


After years of multiculti lefties deploring segregation and streaming, the liberal-dominated schoolboard of Berkeley, California, proposed segregation into massively funded special schools for low-achieving pupils – who would be overwhelmingly Black and Mexican (ContraCostaTimes, 9 x). {Typical White parents would be likely to breathe a sigh of relief at such removal of dullards and troublemakers from normal classes.}


The Muslim Canadian Congress called for the burka and niqab to be banned, saying they marginalized women. They thus joined a top Egyptian mufti who had explained that burka-wearing was not called for in the Koran and should thus be banned. Turkey already banned the burka; and France banned any religiously significant headgear in state schools and had a parliamentary commission considering whether to go further (National Post [Canada], 8 x).

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Faced with the across-the-board failures of NuLabour to solve Britain’s socialism-created problem of family breakdown and resulting criminality, PM ‘Gay Gordon’ Brown announced to his conference of the party faithful (and a few distinctly slow-hand-clapping Labour MPs) that pregnant teenagers of 17 and under would no longer be given taxpayer-funded council house tenancies but would instead have to reside, as a condition of £130-per-week support for themselves and their illegitimate sprogs, in ‘training centres’ where they would be taught ‘parenting skills’ and perhaps occasionally have to practise cleaning the lav.

{Just which lucky group of social-science-trained Labour apparatchiks would be paid from taxation to run the draconian new workhouses was not explained.}


Children came under threat as ‘researchers’ found that adults with records of violence had eaten more sweets as children (Science Now, 1 x). Controlling for class, parental attitudes, education and IQ still left a significant association; but the researchers did not seem to consider the elementary possibility that genetically naughty children more often disobey parental injunctions against high sweet consumption and then go on to become naughty adults.


As a new Democratic Party Government took over in Tokyo, it promised to change tax laws to make family life easier and thus resist siren calls for slave labour imported from abroad – though whether the new programme would stress high-IQ breeding remained unclear. (AmRen, 1 x).


Though this was unmentionable by journalists, the ‘German’ doctor who had been flown in by an NHS subcontractor to provide out-of-hours service and killed a 70-year-old British engineer by prescribing a lethal dose of diamorphine turned out not only to have poor English, to be largely untrained as a GP and to have been tired out on the night in question but also to be Black (Daily Telegraph, 2 x).

{Around the same time, in America, a dying patient had his valuable Rolex watch stolen by his surgeon, a Black man – no doubt an ‘affirmative action’ product, prompting the observation ‘you can take a Bleck out of de ‘hood, but you can’t take de ‘hood out of de Bleck’ (AmRen, 28 ix).}


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