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 Having failed to learn the key correlates of low Black IQ in irresponsibility etc, Americans headed for a visual aid in a once-great city which it had handed over to Blacks rather than supply White rule. The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department had a message for Detroit residents and companies more than 60 days late paying their water bills: ‘We’re coming for you.’ With more than half of the city’s customers behind on payments, owing the city $260M, the department was gearing up for an aggressive campaign to shut off service to 1,500-3,000 delinquent accounts weekly, said Darryl Latimer, the department’s deputy director (Detroit News, 21 iii), as he recruited squads of flunkies to arrange and supervise disconnections {doubtless at a further charge to the taxpayer}.

Wrote one AmRen correspondent: “Yeah. Let's hear it for those poor, disadvantaged Black residents of Detroit. Of course, our liberals will blame White racism for shutting off long-delinquent accounts.” Another offered: “It's going to get pretty ripe-smelling in Detroit, worse than it already is, when they cut off the water to flush toilets. No doubt the clever residents will revert to that time-honored African tradition of defecating in public.”

Another observed: “....a lot of black people will go out of their way to do disgusting things in the bathroom (which is the reason why there used to be whites-only bathrooms). They smear feces on the wall and stop up the toilet in the hope it will overflow. If you look closely in these restrooms, most of the toilets have been replaced with ones it’s almost impossible to stop up and overflow.

All this so that we can pretend blacks aren't doing these things.....let alone do something about it. In black public housing, it is very common, near universal, for crap to be anywhere....the toilet to be non-functioning and piled high, crap in the corner, crap in the sink, crap in plastic bags, thrown out into the street (this is a favorite, near universal thing in south Africa). ....I often say, put a few hidden cameras in random places in Detroit and broadcast 24/7 unedited on would be the most watched show in the US for a few months. Then, there'd be a revolution.”


 In Berlin, A German-Muslim religious forum took an unexpected turn when three hairdress-displaying if mainly rather heavy topless White female protesters had to be dragged out of the building (Sunday Mail, 23 iii). The Berlin Islam Week event, held in one of the city's town halls, was stopped in its tracks by members of extreme protest group Femen, who charged into the hall with slogans attacking 'religious oppression' and with Sharia law daubed on their bodies, clad only in red pants. Photographs of bemused Muslims from the moment the wymmin were dragged out by policemen included one of a veiled womyn filming the event on her phone as guests looked on.

For their part, the bra-less feminoids, got a glimpse of Islamic loyalties as a prominent sign urged those congregated to ‘spend for Syria’ (where Solunni Mueslis – as well as wrecking the joint -- were forcibly driving out Jews, Christians, Shitites and anyone not accepting the Sharia principle of female subordination).

 Previously, Femen activistes had displayed their wares in Hanover and Paris; and, for whatever reason, indicated their support for the pro-Hitler ooops pro-Europe protesters of west Ukraine.

    In some contrast, spineless great’n’good lawyers in London urged that women should accept the pass which traitorous lefties had made around 1970 and adopt as many Sharia principles as possible (D.Telegraph, 22 iii; BBCR4, 23 iii, 09:50). In particular, England’s Law Society (pres.: N Fuck) had taken up ‘guiding’ solicitors in making wills that would disinherit bastards, unbelievers and women yet still supposedly be recognized by English courts (Sunday Telegraph, 23 iii, p.1).

{Ongoing low-level conflict between ‘minorities’ and between parallel ‘courts’ could do lawyers’ bank balances nothing but good....}


  Unlike the yag-infested politicos of the West, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of what the Russians had left of Ukraine (after that country’s unlawful overthrow of its mildly Russia-backing elected President, Viktor Yanukovych) withdrew his wilder demands: he abandoned the suppression of the Russian language, said rUk would become federal (with serious powers in the hands of easterners), and scrapped his scheme to demand visas for Russians.

 – News of this climbdown came only from Russia Today, not from the gormless Western press (where only crusader Christopher Booker [D.Telegraph], defence expert Liam Halligan [D.Telegraph], Martin Sixsmith [Labour adviser, author and BBC journalist; Harvard and Oxford] and Peter Hitchens [D.Mail] supplied realistic coverage to the effect that Russia’s annexation of the Crimea was no worse than the West’s setting up of Bosnia and Kosovo [both with substantial bloodshed].


 After 30 years of paedohysterics trying to make children fear adults, it was shown that a  main achievement of campaigners – apart from setting up a vast government bureaucracy to vet those working with children – had been to make adults fear contact with children altogether:  two six-year-old girls who, watched by their mothers and TV cameras), feigned being lost in London found themselves brushed off by 616 passers-by (until a 70+ granny stopped to ask if they had a problem)  (ITV Channel 5). Even the Daily Mail – itself not immune to paedohysteria over the years – felt scaremongering had gone too far. Its columnist Carol Sarler wrote (24 iii): “The over-imaginative minds of adult Britain are in literally hysterical thrall to paedophilia, to the idea that danger lurks in the soul of every passing stranger, while the truth – you know, facts and suchlike – is rejected without reason.” The Telegraph’s columnist Philip Johnston said we had become “cowed by paedophile hysteria,” which while not as snappy as paedohysteria was still a step in the right direction (25 iii).


The psychological advantages of taking a nap were documented academically in a new book, Night School (Macmillan), by Professor Richard Wiseman (U. Hertfordshire) whose Edinburgh Ph.D training of the 1990s perhaps accounted for his willingness to note improvements in IQ/MA, even if the Asian proclivity for napping (easily seen from slumped heads in libraries) was unmentioned – as was the likely function of sleep in getting rid of mental rubbish (poorly reinforced nervous connections) (see Brand, C.R., 1984,'Personality dimensions: an overview of modern trait psychology' in J.Nicholson & Halla Beloff, Psychology Survey 5, British Psychological Society). 

{My own belief in the value of napping dates from 1995, when I tried to look after guests from Spain in the style to which they were accustomed.}


That a relatively low IQ was found – along with more autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia –in the children of older men (because of extra mutations in oldies’ genes) was acknowledged by anthropologist Martin Fieder, University of Vienna, as he announced a new, “very visible” effect of lower physical attractiveness in such children (D.Telegraph, 24 iii). –

IQ was seldom mentioned by psychologists in the Anglo-Saxon world because it was deemed elitist and deterministic and made people think that race too might be real; but that IQ<85 was found four times more common in children (4% of the population) having a genetic mutation hindering thyroid processing in cells was reported to their annual conference in Liverpool by endocrinologists (D.Telegraph, 24 iii).

Intelligence itself once got a mention from England’s King Alfred the Great towards the end of his life (BBC2, iii):

“What I set out to do was virtuously and justly to administer the authority given to me, and to do it with wisdom, for without wisdom nothing is worthwhile. It has always been my desire to live honourably, and to leave my descendants my memory in good works. For each man according to the measure of his intelligence must speak what he can speak and do what he can do” – King Alfred the Great

    And fresh support came from Eton-scholarship-winner and Balliol First Boris Johnson, former Spectator editor (New Scientist, 18 iii, Michael Bond – though with the usual late-C20 caveats about the ‘other factors’ supposedly demonstrated as important in Head Start programmes [for corrective, see TgF]):

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson - seen by some as a future prime minister - recently addressed the issue of growing inequality.... Success is all about IQ, Johnson suggested, so all we can do is give the brightest kids the best chance to succeed.


  As Shereka Marsh, 15, a respected pupil at a Hackney school said to be “one of the most improved in the country,” paid a call to deliver a birthday present to her boyfriend (of a few months), she was gunned down by one of three {surely} Black youths – all of them subsequently detained by police (D.Telegraph, 24 iii). Shereka had only recently represented her year at an official welcome for the Jamaican High Commissioner.


 That national differences in psychology were deep and real – though little admitted by psychologists themselves – was of no doubt to student Andrei Dabrovichi, 19, an enthusiast for Transdniester, the Russian-oriented breakaway republic within Moldova (D.Telegraph, 24 iii): “We are a small nation and can’t be independent, and I am scared of the EU. They are very different from us. We here have a Russian soul.”


As the military controllers of Egypt (under Mr Sisi) sentenced 529 once-West-backed Muslim Brothers to death in a single day, and threatened to arrange similar fates for 623 more (Guardian, 25 iii), the West was given a salutary reminder that its encouragement of mob ‘democratic’ rule in 2013-14 had been a disaster in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine – the West’s disrespect for racial/ethnic differences in each case requiring intervention by realistic elites and probably the break-up of the maddened countries along attitudinal lines.

{If only Britain had not destroyed the (financial) power of its own elite (the House of Lords) in 1911! WWI, bankruptcy and loss of the Empire would have been avoided. Instead, Britain’s hysterical ‘progress’ to voting by the propertyless, unmarried and enemployed and to unconstrained unicameral rule led to massive indebtedness and the subsumption of the country into the Fourth Reich.}


 As Britain’s Ukippers and LibDims failed to land a serious punch on each other when invited to discuss ‘Europe’ in TV debate (Indie, 27 iii) (though Ukip won on points), the baleful influence of PeeCee was at work (as much as on the ‘Conservatives’ and Labourites who had feared to debate at all). For the electorate gave low priority to ‘Europe’ itself [rated tenth as an issue], being unhappy not so much with being a part of the Fourth Reich [cf. Scotland to the UK] as with immigration. By that, voters were not referring to Romanians but to the far wider phenomenon of Britain dishing its borrowed dosh to third-world immigrants who had paid nothing towards the social services which Britain gave them, who would be quite unlikely to want to help with the country’s growing burden of old White dafties and young White sociologists, and who daily multiplied their families without even bothering to learn English.

(Amusingly, the TV debate of the no-hopers coincided with news of the first state school in England (in Leeds) treating English as pupils’ second language.)

Russia’s Prime Minister Putin, said a writer to the Indie, had expressed the problem which Britain’s peecee goons had made too hot to handle in the West:

Multiculturalism “elevates the (idea of the) ‘right of minorities to be different’ to the absolute and, at the same time, insufficiently balances this right with civil, behavioral, and cultural obligations in regard to the indigenous population and society as a whole,” Putin argues.

What multiculturalism is leading to in many countries, according to the Prime Minister, is the formation of “closed national and religious communities…which not only refuse to assimilate, but [do not] even adapt.” Putin expressed his astonishment at “neighborhoods and entire cities where generations of immigrants are living on welfare [and] do not speak the language of the host country.”

At least Ukip’s unlikely-named Nigel Farage (French name, German wife) was brave enough to query Europe’s spat over Crimea with Puto; but even Garage – despite the popularity of the UK Coalition Chancellor recently allowing pensioners to have some (taxed) fraction of monies they had saved -- could not bring himself to say that Britain’s welfare-for-all-the-world arrangements had to go, as much for home-grown wastrels, druggies, unemployables and unmarried as for ‘immigrants.’ Choosing ‘Europe’ as his big issue was turning out to have been an uninspired choice for Garage, who would have done better to choose free speech and the national interest.


Having spent fifty years opposing educational selection and standards, and the last two opposing Education Minister Michael Gove’s effort to find a way back towards sanity by allowing heads a little more control of their schools, England’s teachers completed their visual aid to their leftism by a day’s strike because they hadn’t been awarded a pay rise any higher than the (already over-generous) 1% given to the rest of Britain’s state flunkies. How these wretches were reminiscent of those on whom a researcher had reported from London to the (modernizing Peelite) Duke of Newcastle in 1851 (Simon Heffer, 2013, High Minds): “....none are too old, too poor, too ignorant, too feeble, too sickly, too unqualified in every way, to regard themselves and to be regarded by others, as unfit for school-keeping. ....The profession, as such, hardly is a mere refuge for the destitute....”!


 Thanks to a Dorsetshire auction house, a 350-yr-old French account of sex differences came to light (D.Mail, 28 iii). Alas, Froggy scholarship was not up to much. Whereas the Eysenckian position from c.1980 was that women were demonstrably low-Psychoticism [Tender-minded in attitudinal measures], high-Neuroticism/Emotionality and of a restricted range of IQs around a normal mean of 100, The Art to Know Men, 1650 [translated into English 1850] recorded mysteriously or at least subjectively:

The male form resembles that of a lion, with large mouths, thick hair and hard and musculous flesh. Women, on the other hand have a fair appearance which hides an infinite multitude of defects including weakness, jealousy, distrust and ungratefulness.

{Whether latter-day British media grovelling to multicultidom improved things was arguable. By 2014, the BBC had become the British Sickness Service, with programmes about blind one-legged deaf running wall-to-wall with high-minded accounts of Nigerian doctors unable to control polio, of yag marriage [pension rights of partners would be the next ishoo requiring politicos to be blackmailed], and hyperactive nurses [unable to read a book] running round Africa dispensing idealism (BBCR4, 28 iii, 08:50; BBC World Service, 28 iii, 08:50).}


 Britain’s top novelist of c.2010, Martin Amis [the gloomy son of comic genius Kingsley] was joined by the Telegraph’s writer of features for wymmin, Alison Pearson, in saying that, while ‘diversity’ should continue to be religiously celebrated, ‘multiculturalism’ was “a blind liberal creed that maintains all cultures are equally valuable” and was responsible for British cops allowing Mueslie-favoured female genital mutilation to avoid prosecution in Britain for thirty years (27 iii).

{Whether Muslies would defend FGM as two darkie London ‘doctors’ finally went on trial for it in London remained to be seen. Perhaps Mueslis had evidence that FGM, with its consequent lowering of female libido, made for greater marital stability?...}


 The White fancy of multiculti harmony took another knock as top Kenya politico Aden Duale denounced yaggery as ‘a social evil akin to terrorism’ – though he did not want Kenya to introduce execution (Indie, 28 iii). Homosexuality was broadly taboo in Africa and illegal in 37 Black countries. Fear of violence, imprisonment and loss of jobs meant few yags in Africa were ‘open about their sexuality.’ Kenya's penal code said any person "who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature" is guilty of a felony and can be jailed for 14 years.

Anti-gay groups had emerged in Kenya after Nigeria and Uganda toughened up laws against homosexuals. One of these groups, The Save Our Men Initiative, had said it was launching a "Zuia Sodom Kabisa" campaign, meaning "prevent Sodom completely" in Swahili, to "save the family, save youth, save Kenya." Nigeria had outlawed same-sex relationships. Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh had said homosexuals were "vermin" and must be fought like malaria-causing mosquitoes. But Bleck politicos feared losing their international aid income from the likes of Daft Dave’s Britain if they got tougher on yaggery – damaging as sodomy was in Africa because of racial differences in penile girth.


 A plea for three famous British veteran comics was entered by the Daily Mail’s (see above) top columnist, Richard Littlejohn (28 iii): on the strength of precisely no evidence that could be divulged (possibly the fabrications of gold-diggers, possibly the appearance of the comics’ names in the Radio Times around 1970) these three elderly men had their lives, homes and computers turned upside down and their wives upset to distraction so the propagandized {feminazified} police (typically some 12 cops per suspect) could fish for ‘evidence’ of paedophile naughtiness of forty years previously. Despite this assiduous and authoritarian injustice, no ‘evidence’ of hanky-panky could be found and the sleuths were eventually called off.

    The costs to the taxpayer of the past year’s largely vain persecution of some twenty senior British celebrities in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile master-case remained unknown as claims for compensation by the celebs were prepared. Star silver-haired London publicist Max Clifford, 70, continued on daily trial at the Old Bailey for convivial undressing {i.e. ‘rape’} with a few 15-yr-old wannabe girls around 1975. An 82-yr British bishop was charged with six cases of paedofumbling boys around 1977. Nor was it enough to be cleared of twelve charges of ‘indecent assault,’ as DJ David Lee Travis had been in February: the 68-yr former BBC presenter found the fuzz coming for him again with presumably equally pathetic charges dating back to the 1970s (D.Mail, 29 iii).


America’s main organizer of Black racism, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had labelled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favouring traditional marriage, was dumped as a “resource” on the FBI’s Hate Crime Web page -- a significant rejection of the influential legal group. The Web page scrubbing, which also included eliminating the Jew-championing Anti-Defamation League, was not formally announced and came in the last month after 15 family groups pressed Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey to stop endorsing a group – SPLC -- that inspired a recent case alleging domestic terrorism at the Family Research Council.

“We commend the FBI for removing website links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that not only dispenses erroneous data but has itself been linked to domestic terrorism in federal court. We hope this means the FBI leadership will avoid any kind of partnership with the SPLC,” said Tony Perkins, FRC President. “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s mission to push anti-Christian propaganda is inconsistent with the mission of both the military and the FBI, which is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” he added (Washington Examiner, 27 iii).

{Whether the dumping – which would surely be appealed by the SPLC’s state-funded lawyers – was just a sop to Whites remained to be seen.}


 As blackmailed yaggish Brit politicos arranged gay ‘marriage’ from 29th March and the Westminster faggot mafia got the ‘rainbow flag’ flying over Whitehall, and even while the Deputy Speaker of the Commons was on daily trial for ephebophilia and the brother-in-law of the PM was revealed on TV as a prancing bumboy ‘queen,’ many multicult propagandists must have shivered in their shoes at their smallest but best-known minority taking on Africa, the Catholic Church, the Mueslis, the Jews and a good half of Conservative voters – for yags would doubtless move on to demand criminalization of the spurning of poncey advances and ‘equal’ representation of bumboys at Buck House (where the classic preference was for good-humoured paedophilia). And, as the gayboys triumphed for a while over cowardly traditionalists, was even their use of the language of ‘lurv’ justified? –

         'What does a homosexual marriage look like? Well, the longest term that we have available to look at is in the Netherlands. Researchers found that the average “marriage” between two men lasts one and a half years. Furthermore, during that time, men have eight other partners per year.'

    Kennedy, D. James & Newcombe, Jerry. What’s Wrong with Same-Sex Marriage? (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2004)

Yes, dissension among the peecee-godly beckoned as yags demolished the commitment and promise-keeping that had been so much in demand and had been so valued as the basis of the traditional institution of marriage.

    The penetration – if that’s the word -- of the ‘hug-a-hoodie’ ‘Conservatives’ by wooftahs was given a dramatic visual aid on the same day as Parliamentary Private Secretary Mark Menzies, who had voted for but could not wait for gay marriage, resigned his sinecure after a Brazilian rent boy talked to UK tabloids about his £250 sex sessions with the young MP – who had further wanted to buy drugs to enhance his enjoyment (BBC World Service, 30 iii, 09:00 BST).

Fatherless Menzies, a Catholic, had taken up politics at 16, soon getting himself a safe ‘Conservative’ seat – if that’s the word – in rural Lancashire and (after two other sinecures) becoming PPS to Alan Duncan, an outed yag who was Minister for International Development [i.e. for dishing dosh to wogs]. Menzies had been rushed on to Daft Dave Cameron’s ‘A List’ of ‘promising’ youngsters who should be shot up the greasy pole {or in MM’s case Brazilian....}. More discreet aficionados of peecee causes were likely to be furious, it being part of homo propaganda that yags were ‘normal’ and that life under them would continue just as before....


 Muslims made up 14% of England’s prison population by 2013, said the Ministry of Justice {aka Home Office}, though Mueslies were only 4.7% of the general population of England + Wales (2011 Census) (Indie, 29 iii). And Britain had luck: in France, Spain and Italy, Mueslies [more Black-African than the Banglapaks of Britain] were around 85% of jailbirds; and in Germany more than a half of violent criminals were ‘Arab.’


As Wills’n’Kate prepared to re-assert the Queen’s empire down under, baby Prince George (sporting a tooth at 8 months) was photographed at a window of the royals’ refurbished (£2M) Kensington Palace along with a cocker spaniel (a court favourite with the Stuarts, so helping bonding with Oz Irish). The Prince was to have his first antipodean photo op ooops ‘official engagement’ – with a ‘Baby & Toddler Group’ – in appreciation of NZ and Oz [under Queensman management] having stayed overwhelmingly White and not yet having replaced HM’s head on their stamps with a kiwi or canetoad....


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 America’s Front Page magazine provided a few home truths about the racism of the USA’s (and UK’s) great ally and arms purchaser (14 ii):

"There is a country in the Middle East where 10 percent of the population is denied equal rights because of their race, where black men are not allowed to hold many government positions, where black women are put on trial for witchcraft and where the custody of children is granted to the parent with the most “racially superior” bloodline.

This Apartheid State is so enormously powerful that it controls American foreign policy in the Middle East even as its princes and princesses bring their slaves to the United Kingdom and the United States.This country is Saudi Arabia, which ‘abolished slavery’ in 1962 under pressure from President Kennedy, who accomplished what the Ottoman Empire and the League of Nations had not been able to; but that didn’t stop its citizens from selling castrated slaves on Facebook or its princes from beating their black slaves to death in posh London hotels."

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia, bluntly stated [c. 2010] “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” The linkage between slavery, Jihad and Islam dates back to Mohammed whose followers were compensated with human property.

Fortunately, in ‘jihad’, once batty Barry and empty-headed sidekicks John Kerry and William Hague were phased out, the West seemed likely to get China on its side – a 17 iii Front Page article claimed undying hostility of Muslies for Chinks, and such hostility would be warmly reciprocated if it turned out that the airjacking of 239 Chinese (flying from KL to Peking and including many Chinkish top brass) had been ‘organized’ from Muslim Malaysia.


The American Irish found themselves spurned in their home city, Boston, on their sacred Paddy’s Day. The Irish-American Mayor actually boycotted the traditional annual parade after organizers declined to let LGBTs and kindred pansies march with them (Indie, 17 iii). {How many more ‘minorities’ would come forward to demand their ‘rights’ to interfere with others’ freedoms of speech and association? By the look of things, obese and pug-ugly women would be the next in the pipeline. Celebrating Wymmin’s Day, the BBC had already come to an agreement not to use the word ‘bossy’ of women – for such females were to be interpreted as downtrodden victims of social injustice who were belatedly getting their own back....}


 While the lame ducks of Western ‘foreign policy’ hobbled around squawking at Russia helping set up a Ukraine-free Crimea – while Western countries themselves had actually bombed Belgrade so as to manufacture the gypsy republic of Kosovo (which had been part of Serbia for 500 years) – a helpful summary letter was sent to the Financial Times (17 iii)):

"Sir, Your headline today "Crimea poll leaves Russia isolated” shows  extraordinary  ignorance of the  facts on the ground and the history of Crimea. Yes, a democratic referendum with observers from 130 countries would leave a democratic Russia supported by 97% of voters ”isolated" in the increasingly anti-democratic West; but not elsewhere in the world.

    Russia has not "occupied" Crimea, it is there (on land which for over 150 years was part of Russia) under international treaty and is entitled under that treaty to far more troops there than it has ((25,000). And nobody asked the people of Crimea if they wanted to be transferred from the Russian Federation within the USSR to Ukraine in the first place.

    A democratically elected President in Kiev (the religious and cultural origin of Russians) was violently deposed and an international agreement to  hold new elections was overturned -- and with the connivance of the EU which has never yet tolerated a sovereign democratic nation within its domain!

    Rodney Atkinson."


 The decline of the traditional nuclear family in the West may not be a “bad thing”, a superannuated judge argued, because a wider family made up of step-parents and half-siblings may provide a healthier environment for children (D.Telegraph, 19 ii). Baldy Lord Wilson of Culworth, 68, a justice in the UK’s Supreme Court {Wot dis?} since 2011, also gave his backing to gay marriage because it would apparently strengthen, rather than weaken, the institution of marriage. The judge, who served as a Privy Counsellor, said widespread divorce had created what he described as happily “blended families” made up of “the half-blood.”

    A further kick at the traditional family came from ‘Conservatives’ whose latest Budget gave handouts to children, but only if they came from families where the mother was a signed-up labourer (i.e. stay-at-home mothers got nothing) (D.Mail, 18 iii).


 Marijuana sales in Colorado brought in $3.5 million (£2.1 million) in tax revenues and fees in the first month when retail pot outlets were allowed (D.Telegraph, 11 iii). The figure included $2.9 million in taxes for recreational and medical marijuana in the month of January, and nearly $600,000 in fees, said Colorado's Department of Revenue.The Rocky Mountain state had legalised marijuana in 2012, but made drug history on January 1 by inaugurating retail sale for recreational use. It levied a 15 per cent excise tax and a 2.9 per cent sales tax.

{Washington State, which also had few Blacks needing arrested, was also scheduled to liberalize hashish, as suggested by reformers since New York police of the 1930s had reported that criminalization was pointless – except perhaps to license detention of Blacks on whom other charges could not be securely landed.}


Here’s a droll 2014 thing, though it might not make you laugh. Dad’s Army written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft was still repeated by the Beeb every Saturday and got audiences of 2.2 million.But the equally funny sitcom by Perry & Croft that lampooned not just Whites would never be screened again (D.Mail, 18 iii).

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum was announced by the BBC as too politically incorrect and even racist to be repeated. It was just as funny as Dad’s Army, and full of characters just as memorable — the blustering sergeant-major, the camp drag artiste and the Indian orderly who was more British than the Brits. But it was testing the patience of the Beeb’s peecee busybodies beyond its 2014 limits, so it had to go.


A Cambridge University college abandoned plans to hold a Gone with the Wind-inspired ball after peecee complaints that the classic film was racist (Indie, 19 iii). Officials at St Edmund’s College admitted that the organising committee for the fancy-dress dinner/dance was forced to change the theme after ‘concerns were raised’ about the Oscar-winning film. Starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, the 1939 film was famous for the romance between Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara but it had also been widely criticised {said lefties} for its depiction of Blecks.

The book, about a Southern plantation and written from the view of a slave owner, supposedly ‘ignored racial oppression’ and romanticised the Ku Klux Klan. The Black characters are seen as simple and having little interest in freedom. Even the strong, single-minded Mammy was unable to function without the guiding hand of the White characters. But, in adapting the book, David O Selznick had been acutely aware of the racial tensions in making the film and said to the screenwriters they “have to be awfully careful that the Negroes come out decidedly on the right side of the ledger”. Prince Philip was an honorary fellow of St Edmund’s; but, despite his own non-peecee views, he would likely continue the Royals’ policy of supine public indifference to ‘liberal’-left caterwauling. {Start with banning The g Factor and eventually you end banning even an “awfully careful” version of Gone with the Wind!}

    Free speech (regardless of the ‘offence’ given) was stoutly defended by the Indie’s Matt Hill against 23K Mueslis (and one LibDim MP) who had tried to block the parliamentary candidature (for the LD’s) of a Muesli who had ‘twittered’ a cartoon featuring Mahomet (19 iii, ‘Why so many so-called liberals fail to defend free speech’).

Free speech was also defended by top rabbi ooops judge Lord Neuberger; though the ‘Supreme Court’ supremo could not bring himself to mention that PeeCee chiefly aimed to punish ‘racism’ and that most punishments were administered not by the courts (feeble as these were in defending free speech) but by extra-legal institutions such as universities.


Intellectual Martin Amis (dreary son of the witty Kingsley) took it upon himself – in a TV film from his homes in Uruguay and New York) to provide an intendedly ‘excoriating’ exploration of ‘English racism’ (Guardian, 19 iii, Zoe Williams): e.g. the Pakistani in Boston could call himself American, while the Pakistani in Preston couldn't call himself English without raising an eyebrow.

Said Amis: "There's meant to be another layer of being English. There are qualifications other than citizenship and it's to do with white skin." {A half-observant remark. Whereas virtually all Americans were of fairly recent foreign origin, people in Britain would rightly attribute Englishness only to the 75% of Brits having English ancestry (ditto Scottishness and Welshness could be credited not to any old Brit but only to those 15% whose families hailed from Scotland and Wales). That’s what language is about, Martin! Try telling a Scot that some British citizen is a Scotsman just because he has white skin!}


 While the idealists of the West did everything possible to annoy the only big anti-Muesli fighter, Russia, and to prevent a realistic settlement of the Ukraine, a gift horse appeared on the horizon in the form of a China enraged by the Uighur knifings (at Kunming Station) and sure to reach high-doh if the airjacking of 239 of its top citizens was finally attributed to Mueslis. Said the Guardian’s William Dalrymple (19 iii):

"Barnett Rubin, who recently stepped down as adviser to Obama's special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, told the Jaipur Literature Festival that China and America "have a growing convergence of interests in the areas to the west of China. Taliban militants attacking Chinese mining activities in Logar province are coming from Pakistan. Uighur militants in western China are being trained in Pakistan, and are going back to China. China has found that Pakistan is not effectively stopping those people. This has really affected China's attitude to Pakistan, which it no longer considers a reliable ally. This is one of the reasons why Chinese-Indian relations have started to warm, and that China is seeking co-operation with the US in Afghanistan."

    While China is pressing its old ally Pakistan to do more to contain militant groups, it is also mending fences with India, an old rival. It has pulled back its troops from disputed border areas in the Himalayas and is entering into talks with India on security co-operation in Afghanistan. Last month, China became India's biggest trading partner. The China-Pakistan alliance, for 50 years the crucial relationship between south and east Asia, is now looking increasingly past its sell-by date.


 As the besotted idealists of the West fatuously maintained that the Hitler-loving people of western Ukraine would like to get on with the Stalin-loving (and more Slavic) east, the Central African Republic (independent of its French colonial masters since 1960) provided more distress for peecee goons as its Christians and Muslims leathered the hell out of each other on a scale resembling the Rwandan genocide of 1994 (when the extermination of the cleverer Hutus was put in train) (BBC, 19 iii; BBCR4, 20 iii, 08:55, [Labourite] Lady Glenys Kinnock). Muslims headed the 400 miles west to Cameroon and Chad but were stopped and shot or macheted by Christian militias rebelling against the murderous Muslim take-over of the country in 2013 (q.v.).


Her Majesty’s Government, having (like Clinton’s America with its Blacks) maximized its borrowing from China and persuaded young people to ‘stimulate the economy’ by taking out vast mortgages on overpriced properties while themselves jobless, thought up a new wheeze for getting moolahs into circulation: it decreed that, for the first time since 1921, oldies would be able to raid their own pension pots rather than have their cash locked up in dribbling but safe annuities (which paid little interest in days when inflation-loving politicos had cut interest rates to virtually zero).

Meantime, this new wheeze of ‘stimulation’ (to be paid for by the young in the case of any oldies who got into trouble blueing their pots in Barbados, on Lamborghinis or on grandchildren’s school fees), occurred against a background of mass systemic failure by government bureaucrats in which even a passport application cost £200 (incl. £81 for pre-checking that forms were punctiliously filled in) and took “six weeks or more” for ‘British’ [often Pak] bureaucrats to process. Such mendacious incompetence was not modified by any ability for the public to phone in and solve problems; for phones in government offices – like, it’s fair to say, in all other big outfits like hospitals, banks, energy suppliers and the Inland Revenue – were seldom answered in the 21st century and just played Vivaldi music. It was not even as if the ‘austerity’ required to reduce the UK’s £1.2T national debt was being practised. Rather than employ staff of suitable IQ and reliability – Britain’s peecee politicos were turning the country into a banana republic.

HMG’s live now, pay later’

 attitude was exemplified as it ‘wrote off’ – i.e. charged to the future – its apparently unreclaimable but vast loans of £27K each to students (in post-2010 England) studying worthless degrees at worthless universities and ending with worthless (or indeed non-) jobs (Indie, 21 iii). The loans had allowed further expansion of the luniversities and given ‘students’ a treat; but they had coincided with all but ten British universities dropping out of the world’s top 100 (q.v.).


  While the new seeming-socialist pontiff, Pope Francis, ‘consoled’ victims of southern Italy’s Mafia (even threatening the latter with ‘hell’), 89% of Venetians (in a poll with a turnout of 73%) voted to dissociate from the low-IQ crime-ridden south and its dirty, overcrowded ‘capital’ of Naples. The poll appointed a committee of ten to seek secession. Campaigners said that the Rome government received around 71B euros each year in tax from Venice -- some 20 billion euros more than Venice got back in investment and services.

President of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, of the separatist Northern League party, said that Venetians had lost 85,000 jobs in the 2010 financial crisis and were now ‘hungry’ for change: “The will for secession is growing ever stronger. We are only at the Big Bang of the movement -- but revolutions are born of hunger and we are now hungry. Venice can now escape.”

One aspiration was for a 5M-strong nation embracing Venice and even parts of Lombardy where about a fifth of Italy's GDP was produced, making Lombardy the most populous and richest region in Italy and one of the richest in the whole of Europe (D.Mail, 22 iii).


It emerged that headteachers in England were being treated like football managers and kicked out of their jobs at a moment's notice for ‘poor performance.’ Figures revealed at the Association of School and College Leaders conference in Birmingham showed that no less than 146 heads had lost their jobs during just last autumn term (Independent on Sunday, 23 iii).

Although heads were not allowed to select pupils, detain pupils, cane pupils or expel pupils, environmentalunacy decreed that (in return for fat socialist salaries, peecee attitudes and lesbianism) they would ‘turn schools round’ in a jiffy so that they provided first-class childminding services to enable ‘mothers’ to go out to work ooops raise million-pound lawsuits for workplace harassment....


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Monday, March 17, 2014


Wymmin’s Lib Day featured as its high point a tired 1970s demand for sexism by the pathetic Confederation of British ‘Industries’ which had decided it needed to improve its image by demanding that higher educational institutions move towards ‘equality’ – not of merit of course, but of females being given fiddled places so that their numbers matched those of men (Sunday Telegraph, 9 iii).

{The fact that Mrs Thatcher had been chosen for an Oxford place in chemistry on merit and emerged victoriously with a rich and supportive husband and a ten-year premiership was evidently wasted on the ‘businessmen’ – a punitive sample of whom should have been sent to try their businessmanly skills in Bangladesh.}

(Not that Wymmin’s Day was much use to the two princesses whom  King Faht of Saudi had locked up for 13 years (after he divorced their mother, who had told the Sunday Times, 9 iii)

Another straw in the wind indicating that the future belonged to Britain’s protected ‘minorities,’ not to the bright or responsible was the Labour Party’s promise that it would in future be illegal to ban uniformed  servicemen from pubs – in the past twenty years, the practice had grown up of some landlords choosing to put ‘NO COLOURS’ signs at their doors to as to limit football hooliganism on their premises.

{In future, being demonstrably of a protected ‘minority’ would be as important as having a trade union card in the past.} Showing their mettle, feminoids deplored Wills & Kate leaving baby Prince George  with a nanny for three days – whereas the feminoid idea (eagerly backed by state socialists) had been for a century that children should do without their mamas for fully 40hrs per week as they ‘worked’ to prove the non-necessity of men.


 The revelation of the 2010 resignation of a Ukip candidate who had queried the elevation to a baronetcy of the mother of her murdered Black teen in London was a reminder of the ongoing question of why Mr and Mrs Lawrence had divorced and not spoken to each other for six years without lawyers being present. Had the pair perchance disagreed about their son’s own active part in the fracas at a late-night bus-stop? Anyway, just why would four White youths have wanted a fight to the death with two young Blacks, resulting in the murder? Could it be that the ‘murder’ resulted from an argument over an unpaid drugs bill? Needless to say, Britain’s press was too peecee to pursue answers to these questions.


 France, having invited 7M mad Mueslis to invade it on the (French) understanding that they would rapidly ‘become’ French in line with the national environmentalist pseudo-philosophy, was shocked to find the denizens of the banlieus screaming no longer just against the “pigs” (police) but against France itself (BBCR4, 10 iii, 09:05): “We hate France,” chanted the cosseted dependents, to the delight of the wretchedly wet ‘experts’ of the Beeb, who reckoned the Blacks suffered from “colonialism” despite them having quite freely chosen to come from Algeria to mainland France.


 That high peak of British socialist achievement, the Co-op, lost its mega-bribed chief executive, Euan Sutherland, as a £1.5B hole was found in the accounts of its Bank and Sutherland declared the outfit (which had already suffered the resignation of its well-dined crystal-meth-using Chairman) “ungovernable” (Independent, 11 iii). Chairwoman Ursula Lidbetter described the mutual's management woes as "the biggest crisis in our 150-year history", but insisted the group is on a "long and complex" road to recovery....


 Remote descendants of ‘victims of slavery’ announced they would (with the help of the International Court of Busybodies ooops ‘Uman Rights and of top busybody UK lawyer Martyn Day who had dug out £20M from the Treasury for the Mau Mau murderers of Kenya – and nothing for the soldiers who had helped solved a problem that other Blacks could not manage), top TV historian Max Hastings provided most of the obvious refutations of the claim (D.Mail, 11 iii):

1. Granting compo for events of so long ago that no reliable evidence could be remembered was as gruesome as skinning paedophiles for events of the 1960s – a regular entertainment of 2013-14, culminating in the trial of top silver-haired publicist Max Clifford for ‘threatening rape while driving.’

2. Compo claims need to be considered against the alternatives: Better to live in sunny cricket-mad Barbados than to have a remote relative who had been sold by Arab traders or Africans’ own potentates (fed up with their ideological deviance to the English – who anyhow treated them better than British sailors [who more commonly died crossing the Atlantic than did Africans] and British schoolboys [sent up chimneys to earn a crust, then flogged].

3. Would not ‘success’ in this case open the floodgates to a host of other claims, e.g from Chinkychonks vs Nips for the Rape of Nanking etc, from Rome to Britain for knocking England about a bit, or from France to England for killing off England’s aristocracy?

Amusingly, it turned out that leftie George Orwell, several genteel heroes of Jane Austen’s novels and a forebear of one of the new weepy film ‘Twelve Days a Slave’ were the beneficiaries of largesse from the West Indies.


It was the turn of Labour to come up with startling revelations of perversion and drunkenness as its Deputy Speaker (for the Commons), Nigel Evans, went on trial in Preston on several counts of unsolicited groping and one of rape – all involving young male Labour recruits sent to him for instruction in parliamentary ways.

 At the same time, it turned out that two top leftists of the past, Tony Crosland (grammar school hater) and Roy Jenkins (Blairite, eventually Chancellor of the Exchequer) had had an affair in Oxford in which they wrote freely of their “love” for each other (D. Telegraph, 11 iii).

(Bon viveur ‘miner’s son’ Jenkins famously pushed through the liberalization of abortion and yaggery; he blotted his liberal copybook by limiting free speech and choice in his Race Relations and Sex Discrimination bills, but in 1980 he broke with Labour, founding the Social Democratic Party and handed ten years of power to Mrs Thatcher.)

For the Liberals, batty-boy top-drawer fraud David Laws used his position as Education wallah of environmentalist vintage to urge all schoolchildren practise Buddhist ‘mindfulness,’ sitting facing each other on the floor with crossed legs and knees touching for five minutes per day. The ‘Conservatives’ admitted they had not sacked popular (alleged) groper of teens, Unheard-of Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans MP, for fear of prejudicing their election chances.


Contrary to protocol, the father of the notorious Sandy Hook School (Connecticut) killer who had in 2012 shot dead twenty schoolmates, six teachers and those of his family he could get his hands on reckoned he was lucky not to have been shot himself by his troubled son. Said Peter Lanza, he wished his son had never been born. The boy finally lived  through adolescence with symptoms of Aspergers, schizophrenia, paranoia, obsessionality etc, all the while concealing his murderous thoughts from endless doctors and social workers.

No estimate of the costs of this utopian operation were available from paparazzi (D. Telegraph, 11 iii). (Fewer doubts about even infanticide were seen as a Muesli couple in Norway drowned the woman’s 22-month daughter by a previous marriage: the woman kept the child’s head under water in a bucket while, on the internet, her boyfriend sent messages of encouragement.


 Even before the expected Euro-legalized arrival of ‘Roma’ in Britain, one prisoner in twenty in England was a gypsy or ‘traveller,’ said HM Inspectorate of Prisons – without offering any theory as to the reason (D.Mail, 12 iii). At least one in every 20 prisoners was from the gypsy, Romany or traveller communities, the report revealed. With 4,276 prisoners in England and Wales hailing from these groups, they totalled 5 per cent of the jail population. It meant there were as many gypsies, Romany and travellers in English jails as there were women [who made up 52% of the UK population].

 The report, entitled People in Prison: Gypsies, Romany and Travellers was commissioned to ‘help understand the experiences of particular groups in the prison system.’ The figures were still higher among youth offenders. Around 12 per cent of all inmates aged 12 to 18 in prisons known as Secure Training Centres were gypsies, Romany or travellers. Mueslis and Blecks [together some 10% of the UK population] collectively made up about another 25% of jailbirds.


 Animal-coddling hypersensitives of Britain (where bats and foxes were protected species, and where dog- and cock-fighting were banned), would have been shocked to learn of horse-fighting matches in the Philippines, typically attended by 250 punters (D.Mail, 12 iii). As the stallions fought with their forelegs and tried to bite each other’s necks until one gave up or died, a mare on heat was kept tethered in the paddock to provide a visual aid as to what the winner could expect.


 There was “no such thing as Englishness or Scottishness,” a UK Cabinet minister (the Scottish Secretary) told a Press Gallery lunch (D.Telegraph, 12 iii). Alistair Carmichael, in parroting lib-left claptrap, did not consider data about IQ (on which C18 Scots had ranked with the Yorkshire West Ridings and London), crime, longevity or alcohol consumption; but he did think there were “different sets of values held by people living in the UK” – without specifying what these might be. {Carmichael was in charge of getting out the No vote in September’s referendum on Scottish separation from the UK.}


 The left-revered German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, turned out to have had his anti-capitalism and anti-Angloism fuelled more directly by his anti-semitism than had previously been realized or admitted (Guardian, 13 iii). The March publication of the "black notebooks" (a kind of philosophical diary that Heidegger asked to be held back until the end of his complete work), challenged this view.

In Germany, one critic argued that it would be "hard to defend" Heidegger's thinking after the publication of the notebooks, while another had already called the revelations a "debacle" for modern continental philosophy – even though the complete notebooks were embargoed until 2014 by the publisher.

The most controversial passages of the black notebooks are a series of reflections from the start of the second world war to 1941. While distancing himself from the racial theories pursued by Nazi intellectuals, Heidegger argues that Weltjudentum ("world Judaism") is one of the main drivers of western modernity, which he viewed critically. "World Judaism", Heidegger writes in the notebooks, "is ungraspable everywhere and doesn't need to get involved in military action while continuing to unfurl its influence, whereas we are left to sacrifice the best blood of the best of our people".

In another passage, the philosopher writes {realistically enough} that the Jewish people, with their "talent for calculation", were so vehemently opposed to the Nazis’ racial theories because "they themselves have lived according to the race principle for longest".


 A war of statistics broke out about the benefits or otherwise of immigration between top thinktank Immigration Watch (Sir Andrew Green) and researchers at University College London (Christian Dustmann and Tomaso Frattini) (D.Mail, 13 iii). Alas, neither side could agree on the many assumptions required to allow estimates of what the future held. All they could agree on was figures for 1995 – a low point of immigration if not of breeding and take-up of handouts, medicines and ‘schooling’ for the progeny (some genetically defective thanks to Pak inbreeding and most Black children deserted by their fathers) of the generation of third-world escapees admitted since 1965).

    However, the BBC was not sceptical enough about immigration and the 'European ideal', according to one of its most senior journalists, John Humphrys (Daily Express, 14 iii), who said, “We weren't sufficiently sceptical about the pro-immigration argument. We didn't look at the potential negatives with sufficient rigour.” The flagship Today programme co-host admitted the corporation had been far too ready to accept pro-European arguments, although he thought it had now changed.

Mr Humphrys also conceded that people who worked for the organisation tended to come from backgrounds which promoted "broadly liberal views". (Tory MPs had long accused BBC presenters of having left-wing political views.) The Mastermind host said: "We weren't sufficiently sceptical -- that's the most accurate phrase -- of the pro-European case. We bought into the European ideal," he said.

    {The ‘European question’ had become a proxy in Britain for the topic of immigration, allowing Ukip – which liked to stress it was primarily anti-EU – to forge ahead in polls while not needing to mention its real attitudes to Blecks, Peks and gyps.}


 An Australian Microsoft executive who had got himself a 2014 bung of £407Kpa as vice-chancellor of Britain’s Open University was incapable of writing his own speeches so had to advertise for a £40Kpa helper (D.Mail, 13 iii). The stand-in, on a salary of which any young academic would have been be grateful, would (read the advert) “be responsible for researching, writing and editing all of [Mr Martin Bean’s] speeches, explaining often complex ideas in an engaging and inspirational way.”

Since the appropriately named Mister Bean took over at the OU in 2009, student numbers had slumped by more than 50,000 and tuition fees more than tripled – a bigger relative increase than at any conventional university. Mr Bean took home £351,000 in 2012/13, swollen by his pension to £407,000, which made him one of the three highest-paid university vice-chancellors in the country. The great helmsman had addressed 50 beanos {e.g. U.Neasden, U.Poppleton?...} in the previous year – compared to the typical academic lecturer’s load of 120 hours of researched and thought-out speechifying.


  The Royal Society for Arts decided to accompany its advice that teachers never ‘fail’ children [failing pupils should be told ‘not yet’] and keep pot plants in their classrooms with a stipulation that teachers give praise for “effort instead of intelligence” and exhort their victims ooops pupils to greater effort, lying to them “great, you’re really clever” (D.Telegraph, 14 iii). The RSA thus belatedly got round to issuing the advice that was widely heard for thirty years in ‘teacher training colleges’ and which had brought school achievement levels to an all-time international low.


 In his new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, scheduled for publication by Penguin May 6th, Nicholas Wade raised high the banner of race realism and charged head-on into the massed ranks of the SSSM [Standard Social Science Model]. He stated his major premise up front, on page two: “New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been recent, copious, and regional.” Those last four words were repeated at intervals throughout the narrative. They were the keynote of the book; Wade returned to them many times to anchor his observations—and some speculations—on the history and development of human societies (John Derbyshire, AmRen, 13 iii). Sadly, Wade had no time to discuss the massively detailed Black-White difference.... But he did have a go at the Papua New Guinean IQ, mentioned Derbyshire:

"Wade notes, with a reference, that the mean IQ for Papua New Guinea is 83, and adds: “If there is some more appropriate measure of intelligence, [critics do] not cite it.”


 In an article from researchers in London, Mainz, Berlin and Kiev, entitled “Direct evidence for positive selection of skin, hair, and eye pigmentation in Europeans during the last 5,000 years” (in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)), lightening was attributed to climate and sexual selection.{And surely to Whites’ energetic exploration of frozen wastes?}


Britain lost top but ever-failing socialist politico Tony Benn, 88, as he died in his gracious London home (where he had sometimes kept a tramp). Benn was a true aristocrat – a patriot for Parliament and against the EU (and thus ally of Enoch Powell – who wanted peace [declining to back fighting over even Suez and the Falkland Isles] (so he could enjoy his fortune, which he did not lose when he gave up his title), loved spending state money like water (first of all on the doomed supersonic Concorde project), who had no time for grammar schools (himself of top-drawer Westminster School and Oxford’s New College educational origins) and was never more happy than when seeing two of his children follow him as MPs.

However, he was a man of (leftist) integrity who, when comedian Ali G called women “bitches” (a term accepted politely’ by conservative and American-evangelical interviewees), told the (pretending Kazhakstani) joker he should not be surprised to get shot; and, though he maintained only principles, not personalities, were of interest in politics, his nightly diaries (each one hour of tape) were full of ‘personality’ and sure to be of interest as such to future generations of historians. He was succeeded by his loyal wife who was just as batty as he was.


  Children in schools that selected by ability were much less likely to have their performance predicted by parental socio-economic background (D.Mail, 15 iii). Such was the result of international research by France’s National Institute for Demographic Studies -- in which ‘egalitarian’ systems like those of Britain and Scandinavian countries showed five times as much class bias as did those of Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania.


 Among intending voters, the UK Independence Party was on course to win the largest share of the vote in elections for the European Parliament in May, according to a ComRes opinion poll for the Independent on Sunday (16 iii). Nigel Farage's Ukip was in the lead on 30 per cent, two points ahead of Labour, on 28 per cent, with the Conservatives in third place on 21 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on only 8 per cent. Such a result would be a remarkable victory for a party with no MPs, and would probably double Ukip's 13 seats in the Brussels parliament that it won in 2010. It would be a bitter blow to hoodie-hugging David Cameron, whose party was already deeply anxious about the threat of Ukip eating into its vote in the general election of 2015. {The poll's figures for European voting were based on the 38 per cent who said that they were "absolutely certain" to cast a vote in the elections on 22 May. Ukip was pretty plainly hoovering up the anti-Peecee protest vote.}


 As the West’s hopelessly peecee politicos whined that they wanted a democratic Ukraine (already destroyed by the West-backed overthrow of an elected president), the people of the Crimea overwhelmingly indicated their preference for sticking with their fellow ethnic Russians. Likewise, the Libya which the West had destroyed (with its bombing and support for the illusory ‘Arab Spring’) broke up into warlord-led tribes (Indie, 16 iii).

Needless to say, Western efforts to advance demakrazy and remove Syria’s Pres.Basher had produced nothing more than ruinous Shitite vs Solunni fighting. {So would England and Scotland have to break up? Hardly, for the only Scottish speciality was incapacity for the team games that would have been necessary to bring together its own diverse groups [notably Catholic/Irish vs Protestant, much as politicos tried to sweep this problem under the carpet]. – Scotland dramatically lost 51-3 at rugby to Wales, 15 iii, cf its dismal performance at soccer, its non-performance at cricket, and its only international celebrities [Andrew Murray and Nicola Benedetti] being in individualistic efforts [tennis, violining]. Scots needed the iron hand of socialism [as previously of the Presbyterean Church] to provide communitarian compensation for their personal unwillingness to compromise.}


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Monday, March 10, 2014


  The University of Iowa president apologized for a remark she made to her student newspaper about sex assaults on campus. In an interview published Feb. 18 in The Daily Iowan, President Sally Mason said she was dismayed by the reports of sexual assaults. She said “the goal would be to end that, to never have another sexual assault. That’s probably not a realistic goal just given human nature, and that’s unfortunate. . . .” Criticism erupted over the phrase that included “human nature.” The Iowa City Press-Citizen said Mason apologized during a President’s Forum. Mason said she’d been told by several people in the campus community that her remark was hurtful. Cringingly, she said she was “very, very sorry for any pain that my words might have caused.”


As Polish remand prisoner Adam Jaskurzinsky appeared in Canterbury Crown Court for sentencing after a fracas, he declined the offer of a suspended jail term. He had mild bleeding on the brain from the attack by a fellow prisoner and wanted to continue the treatment he had been receiving at the prison hospital. Graciously agreeing to spend a further £50K of taxpayers’ cash being stuffed down his trousers, the worshipful Judge Nigel Van Der Bijl (sic) agreed to re-jail Jaskurzinsky for the necessary six months rather than consign him along with other punters to the vagaries of the UK’s National ‘Health’ Service (D. Mail, 2 iii). (By contrast, Britain’s old age pensioners had about £1K per month spent on them.)


  Black mob violence was ruining their business, said the owners of a popular London nightclub. Just like it ruined the businesses of 15 other nearby night spots which had recently closed (WND, 28 ii). This declaration of racial violence came from the owners and managers of the ‘Fridge Club,’ an iconic three-story venue where as many 300 people could be found staying up all night to dance, drink and often use drugs. But lately violence was ruining the buzz: “The absolute majority of people who have disrupted these venues are black men and increasingly some black women,” said the owner and managers in a Facebook posting. ” There, I said it. It is true, I have witnessed it and there is both anecdotal and empirical evidence that what I say is true.”


  State functionaries reported a slight within-age-group link in childhood studies between height and IQ. {The actual link, of r = .10, had been known since the 1930’s; though the link between perceived height and IQ was probably higher.} Amusingly, the report came from an Italian researcher at E.LU’s Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, a body entirely out of touch with E.LU Psychology where the ancient truth of such biological connections had anyhow been forgotten in the swinish rush to dissociate from anything to do with IQ.


Western dining and speechifying intended to bring mad Mueslis and national-fascist Ukraine into links with the EU and NATO collapsed in ignominy as Russian – cheered on by crowds in Moscow and Sebastopol -- occupied the Crimea, surrounding ‘government’ forces and witnessing the defection of five Ukrainian admirals to Russia.


  Blustering London blond Mayor BoJo, having done nothing to oppose Muesli immigration, said he would like children who were being ‘radicalized’ [into the viler Islamic ways – such as FGM] by their mad-Muesli parents to be taken into care by local authorities and live at state expense {probably more radicalized than before as a result of the disruption of their families} (Guardian, 3 iii). Just how Boris proposed to distinguish between ideologies he did or did not like was unclear; ditto whether he would [Hitler- and Stalin-style] have children report on their parents for teaching them Mormonism, Catholicism, Judaism, Feng-shui etc.


 A university lecturerette turned "gangster's moll" was jailed for three-and-a-half years for assisting her boyfriend and two others in their bid to escape after they "executed" a rival to their drugs gang. Rachel Kenehan, who taught sociology and psychology at the London Metropolitan University, suffered a "spectacular fall from grace" after she became "infatuated" with Pierre Lewis whom she met while carrying out charitable mentoring work for young offenders.

Kenehan, of Hewlett Road, London, E3, was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of assisting offenders, conspiracy to supply class-A drugs and perverting the course of public justice (Independent, 4 iii). The flavour of the operation was given by the names of the involved: Jemmikai, Boateng [jailed for 30 years], Jahmel etc.


As British luniversities sold themselves off by reducing teaching and feedback, insisting on placatory PeeCee, having staff concentrate on pettifogging research which only re-invented the wheel (or on criminal ooops charitable exercises for which other social agencies paid), and arranging for degree assessments to be unfailable, the monies which the new ‘system’ provided (directly into administrators’s hands since 2009) enabled a joyous increase of rumuneration for boxwallahs – whose salaries by 2013 reached around £300Kpa for ensuring the smooth running of the sell-off (under which English students had only 50% spent on them of what was spent on the average American student) (Guardian, 4 iii, Aditya Chakrabborty, ‘Meet the new breed of fat cat: the university vice-chancellor’).

    The Independent (5 iii) provided further evidence of the pursuit by UK lunis of mainstream mediocrity based on box ticking that ‘justified’ mega-salaries for fat cats. Once regarded as bastions of academic excellence and a magnet for the world’s best talent, the reputation of Britain’s top universities was in decline. Oxford and Cambridge had fallen further behind their American rivals, according to this year’s Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

Harvard University topped the list, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in second place. Stanford University took third spot – pushing Oxford and Cambridge down to fourth and fifth respectively in the annual list of the world’s top 100 universities. The league table of the world’s most prestigious universities was chosen by 10,536 senior academics from 133 countries – each nominating the top institutions in their particular field of excellence. The UK had ten of its universities in the world top 100 (compared to America’s 46): eight were from the south-east, rivalled only by E.LU (43rd) and Manchester.


  On ‘National Offer Day,’ when 11-yr pupils in England were told whether they would be ‘offered’ the secondary school of their choice (about half would), Peter Hitchens observed (D.Mail, 4 iii) that – apart from pupils given offers by the socialists’ latest daft scheme of lottery) – all pupils were subject to the dread selection, the only difference being in whether the selection went according to house price, parental pushiness and mastery of modern religious conformity, or simply according to ability [i.e. the g factor].


 England was paying £46B annually for divorce – fifteen times the annual size of Britain’s revenues from North Sea oil and gas. The expenditure – on what was the breakdown of the family spearheaded by leftists – included single-parent benefits, costs of collecting maintenance payments from disgruntled husbands, and a proportion of spending on health, education and criminal justice – was estimated by the respected Relationships Foundation and announced by welfare minister Lord Freud (D.Telegraph, 5 iii).


 New government minister for immigration, James Brokenshire, caused squawking in the Westminster henhouse by admitting that what remained of the old ‘working class’ had not done well out of third-world immigration since they did not themselves pay for the services of nannies, chauffeurs, gardeners, plumbers, roofers etc but simply noticed that the taxpayer-funded schools and hospitals that they used were oversubscribed by immigrants, that house prices had made escape by property ownership impossible, and that trains and buses were overcrowded and roads subject to traffic jams (D.Mail, 6 iii).

Lead squawker was ‘Liberal’ top dog Vincent Cable who had no doubt that immigration was healthy and that none should panic as the LibLabCons continued with their favourite project of abolishing Britain – work well on the way to completion as Community Secretary Eric Pickles found he did not even have the power to oblige councils to make weekly collections of rubbish (fortnightly collections being no trouble to middle class people having gardens and slaves to organized the sorting of all rubbish into the six types which modern manners demanded).


Illustrating the uselessness of the West’s sacrifice of men and treasure over twelve years’ occupation of Afghooniland, UK figures showed just as much heroin was being grown as in 2001; corruption was ominpresent; the promised girls’ schools had mainly been burned down by mad Mueslis; and withdrawal of Western forces was going to be dependent on Russia (which America had antagonized) and Pakiland (which it had helped drive into permanent civil war).

At home in London, an episode of Question Time revealed as much disagreement about ‘immigration’ as there had ever been – except in that sceptics about filling up British schools, council houses and hospitals with non-English speakers mainly no longer bothered to show up to such programmes to be taunted as ‘racist’ by the BBC’s selected audiences.*

Only a Russian diplomat on the panel spoke a word of sense – saying Britain had never had any proper debate about immigration because of PeeCee terror. (Nor indeed was such a debate likely unless Ukip plus the BNP won a thumping majority at the forthcoming Euroelections.)

    Huffington Post, 7 iii:

"BBC Question Time became so explosive when an audience member clashed with a panellist over immigration this week that he ended up getting his coat and walking out of the studio. The audience member, who said he was homeless, waded into the discussion to bemoan the fact that one in seven new businesses have been set up by immigrants, fuming that they had "all been given money". He went on: "[The money] has been thrown at the immigrants. I've applied for 100 jobs on the railway, I don't even get an interview any more. These immigrants, they get all their tickets paid for. I'm homeless, I've got nowhere to live. The audience member complained that he went to the local housing advice service that day and "an immigrant tells me that I cannot live here and cannot get anywhere to live".

"We are in the minority and we get nothing," he rounded off. Times columnist David Aaronovitch suggested that he was "blaming the wrong people" and stating a "perception of the facts of the case", adding: "Just because you perceive something, it does not make it true."The enraged audience member snapped back: "It's true for me". "We've been tarnished, we're not all racist..." he added.


 Within just seven days of her husband being slain while having his mobile phone stolen by a 17-yr Black youth, the Seattle White widow ‘forgave’ the murderer despite there being no sign of Black contrition from anywhere (Seattle Times, 4 iii).

 After proceedings in a Delhi court, Penguin Books had caved, depublished and pulped a book by a respected US academic because Hindoos found the work too critical of their gods and godesses  (D.Telegraph, 11 ii).

In the USA, two Oscar voters picked ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ without even seeing the film – saying they thought they would find it too distressing: White protests, if any, were inaudible.


 Once a public anti-Arabist (with a sound propaganda work to his credit), Michael Gove had settled as Coalition education minister into delivering ‘free’ schools ( ‘academies’ free of local authority control and selective only by backdoor routes), little recalling that – left to their own devices – schools would put first their preferences for religion and sexual segregation. (The elite ‘Grey Coats’ school, London, favoured by the Goves was all-female.)

Details of an extraordinary plot by Islamic fundamentalists to take control of several non-faith schools in Birmingham by "jihad" came to light, sparking a major investigation by police, the city council and the Department for Education (Independent, 8 iii).

Documents leaked to the Birmingham Mail described the campaign, dubbed Operation Trojan, outlining a step-by-step guide on how to infiltrate school staff with hardline Muslim supporters who could push through plans to transfer the schools into academies, meaning they would not be subject to local authority rules and could be run independently - with the ultimate aim of imposing fundamental Islamic values.

Further plots by religious fundamentalists to infiltrate schools were likely to occur if more schools opted out of local council control, Labour’s children’s minister said on Friday. Birmingham Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe said the extraordinary Salafist plot was not the first time that such groups had tried to oust headteachers and replace them with extremist sympathisers.


  Not content with having helped get Britain’s third-world population up to 8 million, ‘Liberal Democrats’ announced at their York conference that they would oppose Conservative plans to raise from £18Kpa to £22Kpa the salary expected to be earned by intending immigrants; and that they would make it easier for spouses and even elderly grandparents (all guaranteeably non-English-speaking) to join their relatives who had made it into heaven – just so long as the latter paid a teensy ‘health levy’ (which would hardly begin to cover the likely costs of their NHS treatments over ensuing years) (D.Mail, 8 iii).

The LibDims’ top business busybody (while allowing fat megasalaries, expenses, bonuses and pensions for bankers), Vincent Cable, declared himself “intensely relaxed” about immigration – doubtless oversharing, like his Cabinet colleagues, in cheap foreign labour. With whatever help from the Lib-backed EU, immigration had rocketed from 60K to 220K across 2012-13 – destroying at a stroke PM Daft Dave’s ‘plan’ to keep annual immigration to a few score thousand.


 The uselessness of US ‘policy’ against the West’s Muslim enemies went on full display as a suspected spy for America was shot in the head in Libya and strung up by AlQueerdo militants from a goalpost in full public view, with fliers distributed locally to warn against co-operation with America and Colonel Gadawfu (who had made Libya a model of tranquillity compared to what was to follow) (D.Mail, 8 iii). {Apparently the US could not even manage a few helicopters to retrieve the corpse and strafe the surrounding houses.}


The left’s plan to reduce to vanishing point the influence of church and family turned out to be far advanced. A Coalition education minister admitted teachers had to spend months ‘socialising’ children when they started primary school in how eat, mix with other pupils and go to the toilet (D.Mail, 8 iii).Growing numbers of youngsters  were starting school, aged four, with ‘very challenging social skills’, Lord Nash said. Eight in ten staff at UK nurseries and primary schools said they had had to deal with children who had wet or soiled themselves.


 While Russia’s bloodless model annexation of the Crimea went ahead smoothly – opposed fulminatingly by the left and media cohorts though these worthies had been all in favour of Kosovo breaking away from Serbia – it was worth noting that Shitite vs Solunni slaughter continued at a rate of a few score a day in Baghdad and rate of 1K per week in northern Nigeria. The bringing-down in the South China Sea of an aircraft carrying 239 (mainly Chinese) passengers looked likely to add to the terrorist toll of entirely non-White ethnic violence.


 After the events of the past week, surely even Leveson’s most deluded cheerleaders for press-censoring, Lord Levisohn (q.v.), might finally see just how naively misguided and dangerous it was for him to try to stop whistleblowers speaking to the Press. NHS manageress Sandra Haynes Kirkbright – after being repeatedly ignored by her superiors –went public to warn of disturbingly high death rates at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust. Her sole aim was to prevent a repeat of the Mid-Staffs scandal, in which cover-ups had led to the needless deaths of up to 1,200 patients. On March 3rd, however, we learned how the hospital’s managers – emboldened by Leveson’s insistence that whistleblowers should speak only to a State hotline – were threatening to sack her for the Stalinist crime of ‘recklessly or negligently expressing her opinions’ (D.Mail, 8 iii).


In days when propositional statements about groups had been disallowed by PeeCee, the ancient technique of ‘free association’ came to the rescue. In a survey, Tory peer Lord Ashcroft had respondents say simply which nominated word was most likely to occur to them as a particular party or politician was mentioned. According to the survey, the first words that came to mind when voters contemplated Ed Miliband were ‘weak’, ‘idiot’, ‘nothing’ and ‘useless’ (D.Mail, 8 iii).

Nick Clegg prompted an identical reaction, only with the word ‘liar’ replacing ‘idiot’. And David Cameron fared little better, with ‘posh’, ‘out of touch’ and ‘rich’ being among the most common reactions.

There was, of course, a long tradition of healthy disrespect for British leaders. But never had the men aspiring to lead this country inspired such derision among the British people. What made all this so disturbing was that it was part of a deeper trend. To put it bluntly, the birthplace of parliamentary democracy was falling out of love with democracy itself.

 Fewer people in 2014 belonged to political parties than at any time in living memory. In the Fifties, Conservative Party membership peaked at 2.8 million – and the party provided the major national dating service; in 2014, membership was barely 190,000, and that was probably a very generous overestimate. Since people – even politicians – were not allowed to talk about race, sex, IQ, immigration, yaggery etc., most political topics and personages elicited little but a yawn.


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Monday, March 03, 2014


Silver-haired top shrink George Hibbert, 61, pulled in £40K per week for residential assessments which sometimes resulted in advice that children should be sent to institutions – as in the case of Patient A, a mother whom he diagnosed as manic-depressive in 2007 (Daily Mail, 1 iii). But Patient A linked up with seven other mothers who did not accept Dr Hibbert’s medical authority.

Years of taxpayer-funded ‘hearings’ followed, in which Dr Hibbert was cleared of all blame by the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service in Manchester. The child was anyhow taken from Patient A in 2008 as needing a not-entirely-daft mother – just the free services of the welfare state.


 Rumanian gypsy Simon Calin was dealt with by a Cumbria court for stealing 54 bottles of ‘Famous Grouse’ whisky from Tescos (D.Mail, 1 iii). However, freeing him, the court noted this had been “only” his “first offence” within 9 days of living (on benefits) in the UK, that he had been “lured” by other gypsies (who doubtless explained ways of stealing), and could not be forced into unpaid work since elfin safety regulations would prove beyond his non-existent grasp of English. So instead he would live with his sister on his benefits as he waited for a car-wash job to turn up. {Pity the poor motorists!}


 Visiting Westminster to address parliamentarians and have tea with the Queen, Mrs Angela Merkel, ‘the Queen of Europe’ showed that her fleets of civil servants were no more up to it than was she herself. Appearing as a sack of potatoes with a pudding-basin haircut, in an ill-fitting jacket and a muddled-up ‘necklace’ from Woolworths, the Reichskanzlerein told no anecdotes or jokes, used no quotations and did not refer to any particular people (not even mentioning PM ‘Call Me Dave’), her half-hour speech going off without a flicker of emotion and without anything but polite indifference and attempts to stay awake from the assembled worthies.

Nothing less Churchillian in level of inspiration could be imagined, raising big questions about whether even the highest-level Krauts were capable of running Europe. The German Empire’s one big achievement, the pudgy dumpling stressed, was to have made the EUSSR unchangeable – by the expedient of requiring unanimity of voting among the 28 members, an arrangement last tried in C18 Poland and resulting in parliamentary paralysis and the final division of the country between Russia and Prussia. {Oh for a talk from Europe’s naughty gerontocrat, Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi!}


 Uganda was all set to provide months of anti-PeeCee entertainment by refusing multi-million dollar grants from such Western yag-fawning worthies as the UN, IMF, World Bank, WHO etc. The country was determined to continue with long prison stretches for not only yaggery but for aiding and abetting yaggery, and for failing to report yaggery (D.Telegraph, 1 iii, ‘Keep your gays and your aid, Uganda tells West’).

The cost of yaggery to the country in syphilis, gonorrhaea, AIDS etc was unknown, but typically reckoned without an estimate of the benefits of saving yags from damnation.

Aid from bumboy sympathizers and peecee cowards was reckoned to the country at an annual £1B; but one single loan being suspended by the World Bank was worth an annual £107M. Britain had still to decide whether it would suspend its own £107M annual aid.

Scotland’s Arab extract ooops Minister of External Affairs announced asylum for LGBTs threatened with life imprisonment, a sentiment in which he was immediately joined by the Scottie Trade Union Congress and UK Foreign Minister hare-brained Hague (who had busied himself fighting Syria’s Basher Assad to no effect except 150K dead for the previous three years).

    At the same time, a coalition of Black pastors in Washington announced it aimed to collect a million signatures calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder for violating his oath of office by trying “to coerce states to fall in line with the same-sex ‘marriage’ agenda” (CNS News, 25 ii).


 That racism was alive and well was demonstrated as a Chinese official called retiring American ambassador Gary Locke – a third-generation American -- “a banana” [whose whiteness was revealed as it rotted], a mere “guide dog for the blind” [on issues like Tibet] and as a bringer of “plague” [smog] (D. Mail, 1 iii). The official found himself mildly reproved by a colleague for bad manners.


 As Britain prepared to bag a Woofta for a passably realistic film about the slave trade – admitting the leading Arab contribution to supplying American needs – the raving environmentaloons of Labour (not without ‘Conservative’ support) decreed that that – rather than follow their heads and often leave school altogether – British kids should all be obliged to ‘learn’ maths and English till freed from their prisons at age 18.

{Pity the teachers obliged to cope till 18 with the ill-disciplined young which they had created – including 20% who never spoke a word of English at home!...} (Observer, 1 iii).


 Islamic militants (calling themselves Boko Haram – No to Western Education) burned to death 43 boys as they slept in north-east Nigeria. A further 40 intended victims managed to escape. The attack resembled others of a year ago which the Christian government had vowed to stamp out (D. Mail, 25 ii).

    In an organized attack by black-clad men wielding long knives at Kunming Train Station in Yunnan Province, some five ethnic Uighurs from XinXiang Province slayed 29 Han Chinese and injured 113 (Sydney Morning Herald, 2 iii). Han revenge was likely to be swift and to confirm the world’s hostility to mad Mueslis – the peecee goons of the West’s media excepted, of course. China’s Ministry of Public Security said: “The police will crack down on the crimes in accordance with the law and without any tolerance.”


 Nigel Farage, Ukip’s leader, rang bells with his repeatedly broadcast observation that scarcely a word of English was spoken on rush hour trains in or near central London BBCR4, 1 iii). NF was likely to get a lot of votes in forthcoming Euroelections as it emerged that EUSSR Empress Grossmutti Merkel could not help even with the simple task of stemming the gypsy influx into UK – the natural follow-up to Labour and kindred idealistic slave users allowing millions of illiterate and low-IQ Blecks and Pekis to enter, breed in and bring relatives to the UK.


The wisdom of Russia allowing Kiev to be taken by the Western-sympathizing mob of protestors – cf General Kutuzoff letting Napoleon have Moscow for a while till he and his half-million troops starved – seemed vindicated as the chief coup makers (a boxer, a disabled athlete in a wheelchair and a pock-pitted victim (allegedly) of earlier Russian defence failed to get their act together, let alone aim to respect and proceed via parliament, immediate elections and their already elected president – an objective for which a modicum of support had been available from the West (though not from Daft Dave, who was busy throwing himself into the Scottish breach as if a word from him on financial questions would make the slightest difference to the rank-and-file English- and Edinburgh-hating proles). Instead, the motley protestors sought the arrest of Ukraine’s Mr Yanuscough who had been elected with 50% of voters supportive (cf 27% for Daft Dave).


 Educational reformer Sir Danel Moynihan told the long-suffering improving organisation of which he had been chief executive that, despite fierce ideological opposition, mixed-ability teaching had been all but scrapped in his 1,014 ‘Harris Foundation Academies’ in favour of a system of setting and streaming because it was “almost impossible” to teach children of differing academic ability in the same cless.

{That this had been explained in the 1996 Chap.4 of TgF was left unmentioned, as was the similar 1955 observation of Sir Cyril Burt.}


 As the economobabblers of Westminster and Edinburgh convened (in separate locations) in Aberdeen, the SNP’s proposals –for a sterling-based Scotland having more than most of its economy, including its two biggest world-beating banks, run from England – the Guardian’s Larry Elliott came up with the mot juste (24 ii): Fuehrer Fish would turn Scotland into a granny flat.


 As Britain embarked on the next ‘sub-prime’ scheme of borrowing from nowhere, in this case from the young by offering cheap mortgages, the debt to be repaid in future by future inflation, it turned out that Canada had had only two C20 financial crashes (and mild ones at that) compared to the USA’s fourteen. Wisely, Canada had stuck with its House of Lords and restrictions by the Upper house on state and private lending – as was the British arrangement till 1911 when the Lords were neutered by Liberals and the flood of lending unleashed which bankrupted Britain by the end of WW1.


As the UK’s top tabloid, the Daily Mail continued (Indie, 25 ii) its campaign to bring down Labour Deputy Hatty Harperson for having – while on the Executive of the National Council for Civil Liberties in the 1970s -- flirted with bringing down the age of consent to ten (or even four),* she attracted no special support except that her boss Marxoid Mililitre said he “set no store” by the charges.

What about leading lights of the homolesbotranny community for whom Hatty had primarily agitated – as for victims of apartheid, police brutality etc for whom Hatty had primarily campaigned? Well, unnoticed, most of these groups had by 1980 decided they were themselves victims a phobism of some kind and so holy that they would never have the slightest interest in anything so prosaic as ‘chicken.’ Poor Hatty was thus left in the lurch with her libertarian principles and not a yag to help clear her name.

    Still greater depths of PeeCee were plumbed as distinguished polymath Oxford classics professor Robin Lane Fox (who had sometimes written on evolutionary topics) was condemned by Oxford feminists for saying that a girl’s outfit should “look like a stormable fortress” – in a light-hearted and doubtless unpaid interview by a magazine on gardening (Indie, 25 ii).

    The need for elementary justice for paedophiles – for which Hatty had campaigned as hundreds of fifty-year-old accusations came forward after Jimmy Savile’s death – was highlighted as celebrity paedosuspect David Lee Travis, 82, turned out to have been facing fifty-year-old accusations for twenty years and, despite being cleared in court of the vast majority of charges put to him (and found guilty of none), had still to face another two years of retrials on undecided cases.

(Groping of eager exhibitionists and gold-diggers constituted the majority of the charges, consuming Savile’s entire £5.7M fortune. Travis had been perfectly well known c.1980 for maintaining a lively atmosphere on his TV shows.)

* Harman, in her capacity as the NCCL's legal officer, petitioned the Home Office to reduce sentences for convicted paedophiles and urged the Crown not to prosecute people found in possession of naked pictures of children unless it could be proven that the children in question had actually been harmed.


 As a Government minister declared he would make unemployed benefiters pick fruit – in token of which he abolished the 22K passes for foreigners to provide temporary manual labour – farmers were up in arms, complaining that home-grown Brits were bone idle; and immigrant groups said ‘Romanians’ et al no longer wanted fruit-picking hardship but were intent on getting factory employment (D. Mail, 26 ii).

At the same time, EU commissioner for Employment Laszlo Andor warned the UK government was 'brainstorming' policies in public which risked causing 'conflict': he said benefits should be paid to all whose wages did not reach the ‘national minimum wage,’ regardless of whether they attempted any work at all (D. Mail, 26 ii).


As full of environmentalism, trainomania and egalitarianism as the Labour Party, the Coalition Government (in the form of expenses cheat and bumboy David Laws MP) announced that ‘poor children’ (the 3% deemed to need free school dinners) should be given a bonus in the contests for places in grammar schools (favoured by ‘pushy parents’) since the high ability of present acceptees meant that a good atmosphere was maintained – with pupils keen to learn and able teachers willing to teach) (Daily Mail, 27 ii).

{Needless to say, discussion of the ‘enlightened’ and ‘fair’ proposal to further tax the rich did not involve a mention of the IQ issue – especially of why pupils could not just be selected by IQ.)


 The Anglosphere’s political class was much embarrassed by Uganda’s decision to ban all but ‘straight’ forms of sex and marriage – albeit the alternative was tying yags up and throwing them off the cliff. After all, it could hardly call Ugandans backward and uncivilized – much as it regretted Uganda breaking the peecee faith that all ‘minorities’ stand by each other.  Just when the West would get round to liberating necrophiliacs, animal lovers, gerontophiles etc was not clear.


 The status of the UK as a ‘dignified’ part of the German constitution was confirmed as Kanzlerein Merkel, brought to Westminster to cheer Daft Dave up, announced Germany could do precisely nothing to reduce the flow of vulgar Bulgars, non-English-speaking Pak doctors and ‘uman rights into Britain – unless perchance the other 26 members of the EUSSR unanimously agreed; she then went for tea with the Queen.

As consolation for DD, big ‘Scottish’ firms (like Standard Life and Royal Bank of Scotland) joined all top politicians (incl. Hooray Rumpy Pumpy) in declaring ‘independence’ for Jockland a dead duck (and said they would relocate to London if separation occurred).

Russia, which had edured the multiple provocations of west-Ukrainian nationalists, quietly put 150K troops and fighter aircraft on alert, occupied the Crimea (home of its Black Sea fleet) and offered the West financial help to sort out the problems of bankrupt Ukraine which Western hysteria for unregulated demakrazy had helped create.

 At the same time, seeking to dampen paedohysteria, ex-NCCL bossette Patricia Hewitt “apologized” for her organization’s links with PIE  -- though just why the NCCL should not have been prepared to discuss lowering the age of sexual consent to 14 along with allowing girls to demand the Pill from doctors regardless of parental consent and breaking up families by easy divorce was not immediately clear.

The Labour Party said it “accepted” Ms Hewitt’s apology for backing ‘sex at 14’ (and indeed at ten in the case of consenting minors.)

{If only Jimmy Savile et al had had such loyal friends in high places!... Perhaps the Labour Party would one day get round to “accepting” apologies from those many of its members who had around 1940 supported eugenics?...}


 London Mayor blond Boris Johnson announced that he (and his deputy) would like water cannon so as to cope with the Blacks of Tottenham should there be a repeat of the 2013 August rioting, arson and looting which cost taxpayers millions. BoJo’s modest proposal to purchase three ancient German machines promptly elicited squeals from some ‘police commissioners’ and five ‘Conservative’ MPs.


Not satisfied with his work that unravelled the double helix structure of DNA and landed him a share of a Nobel prize half a century ago, top scientist James Watson came up with a radical theory for diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer (Guardian, 28 ii). The 85-year-old scientist turned to the pages of the Lancet medical journal to set forth his grand idea.

Watson, who had been forced to step down as director of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory in New York in 2007 after the New York Times quoted his ‘racist’ views on Africa and intelligence (IQ), would hold a conference at the lab in 2013 to explore his latest hypothesis. Writing in the Lancet, Watson claimed that late-onset, or type-2 diabetes, is traditionally thought to be caused by oxidation in the body that causes inflammation and kills off pancreatic cells. But he thinks the root of that inflammation is quite different: "The fundamental cause, I suggest, is a lack of biological oxidants, not an excess," he wrote.


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