Sunday, May 30, 2010


Britain’s CamCo[alition] was provided with a chance to administer an introductory smack of firm government as Britain’s pathetic courts declared that British Airways cabin crew strikers, led by the usual Yorkshire trade unionists, faced no legal bar in hounding their company to an early grave.

What was called for was a prompt ending of the pernicious ‘right to strike’ – introduced by the Conservative PM Disraeli in 1874 but no longer necessary in days when workers were not effectively bound to a single local employer but could easily seek work on their bikes (not invented in 1874), in their Mondeos and via the internet in countless other places, including the European Union, while taking along with them benefits and countless ‘human rights’ to benefits, medication and baby-sitting services (aka schools). Whether Nice Nick and Daft Dave would imaginatively seize their chance to put Britain’s molly-coddled airline ‘workers’ in their place remained to be seen.

Another chance arose as the UK’s academics, having failed to predict the multiculticrunch or to come up with any statable answer to it or even to the more localized problems of the ‘euro’ [why not let Germany buy a few Greek islands?], announced that they too would like to go on some kind of strike – refusing to mark the exam scripts of kids who had each paid £20K for the service.

CamCo at least rose to this by announcing an immediate 3% cut in university funding – to fall especially on non-science departments (especially, hopefully, on the non-explanatory, non-predictive and forever bungling non-science of ‘economics’ which had failed to warn of how socialists could build up national debts that would take a generation to repay).


Rewarding English gentlemen for centuries of kindly sensibility, Britain’s girls were proved to have emerged with bigger busts and hips and smaller ‘ribcages’ [i.e., roughly, waists] than girls of other nations (Sun, 24 v – incl. visual aid from p.3-girl Keeley Hazell).

As had been obvious to sharper-eyed observers since 1990 (as the ‘tank top’ and associated navel display came in), Britain’s bodilicious gals had mastered the Waist-Hip Ratio problem several years before scientists had even identified it – even if British gals had a way to go to catch up with the bootylicious b*ms of Kylie Minogue and Penelope Cruz. (By contrast, obese and tubular ‘females’ turned to lesbianism, lipstick and funny hair-dos, as was increasingly evident on the streets, with aggressive-looking pairs of overdressed frumps parading in E’bro’ as if it was the Berlin Tiergarten of 1992. But these frumps were more than compensated for by sensationally wasp-waisted teenies providing an explanation of why, despite UK socialism, Britain’s White male population has not entirely emigrated to Goa, Odessa, Taganrog, Lake Ochrid and the delights of the Black Sea.)


The crime-ravaged Caribbean state of Jamaica, independent since 1962, declared martial law in its capital, Kingston, where Black criminals (despite 50% of them having emigrated to London) were resisting (with gun battles and the burning of police stations and killing of four policemen and fifty others) the deportation to New York of leading drug-dealing gangsta overlord ‘godfather’ ‘Dudus’ Coke (called Jesus by his thousands of Black devotees/beneficiaries) (Times, 24 v). (‘Dudus’ had armour-piercing ‘Grizzly Big Boar’ rifles but was a non-showy leader of his transatlantic drug empire, not going in for dancing displays like other ‘dons’ but just sitting quietly doped-up in bars surrounded by scantily clad Black women.)


A comprehensive and compelling account of Anglo-American character and folkways was provided by the ever-thoughtful Steve Sailer (see previous, passim), reviewing a new book, The Pinch, by new CamCo Cabinet Minister for Universities, David ‘Two Brains’ Willetts, pointing out how today’s NuLabour young were being denied ‘intergenerational justice.’

Stressing the early adoption of self-chosen marriage and the nuclear family by the English (as it might also have stressed England being first in romantic (and forbidden) love – Tristan & Isolde and Lancelot & Guinevere being centred on Cornwall (conveniently remote from priestly authority)), the thesis was that the English had gone on to develop civil society and common law – with their politeness and neutral treatment of others – since they were not inclined to rely on extended families and arranged marriages.

For better or worse, the English model of marriage required a separate home and garden for each family; and this was easy enough while the English could expand to America and Australia. For worse, however, the pressure on property prices (especially with the post-1965 ending of easy White emigration) made it harder for young people to save up enough for houses and to settle down and breed; and expensive properties were increasingly filled by the multiple occupancy of extended immigrant families who were prepared to rub along with each other on the basis of shared inheritance and paternal (and clerical) authority.

Meantime, White youth from middling backgrounds ended without jobs, property or even the prospects that the truth- and IQ-respecting grammar school system had once allowed to at least some of them. Three cheers for brilliance to Steve and David! – Who might also have noted the early interest in self-chosen nuclear love on the part of the English as seen in the way-ahead-of their-time works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen.


As ‘Project Prevention,’ a charity founded by North Carolina ex-waitress Barbara Harris (and funded in the USA by my patron for four years, Jim Woodhill), started offering £200 to Glaswegian drug-addicted mothers if they went for sterilization, police invited importuned women to approach them with details so they could investigate this interference with normal East-Glaswegian life (Scotsman, 24 v).

In 2009, one out of every 264 babies born in Scotland suffered excruciating withdrawal symptoms because they were born to mothers who had been taking drugs such as heroin, methadone and cannabis. Project Prevention said "hundreds" of UK residents had been in touch to take up the cash offer after Mrs Harris (57, married to a Black millionaire, and having adopted four crack-addicted Black babies) arrived in Glasgow. Just which mothers PP might try to help next (Celtic supporters? Glasgow’s notoriously anti-Edinburgh taxi drivers? Labour voters?) remained to be seen.

The reaction of hysterical leftists to Mrs Harris’s modest efforts was put on display by the Clottish Drugs Forum (Glasgow) in a letter to the Scotsman (25 v) which blamed drug addiction and the resulting production of drug-addicted babies on ‘poverty’ (Glasgow’s problem despite a century of socialist endeavour) – rather ignoring the question of how Weegie wymmin had cash for drugs in the first place and could not manage in their sorry dependency to follow at least Doctor Johnson’s advice (re legs, together).


Britain’s incoming Dave & Nick Coalition Government had the Queen announce she would provide “sanctions” against dole diddlers who refused work – though it was unclear what would happen to spongers so wilfully unpresentable at interview that no employer would ever offer them work in the first place (especially at the UK’s Labour-inflated ‘minimum wage’ of £7-00 per hour*).

CamCo likewise announced it would assist parent-owned schools as in the (all-White) Swedish countryside – though just why British parents would fund urban schools obliged to admit the local halt, lame, autistic, indisciplined ooops hyperactive and otherwise low-IQ remained to be explained.

The Queen’s Speech likewise contained no detectable mention of the Humanitarian Army ooops TaskForce for Africa that was the only practicable way of getting rid of ooops deploying at minimal cost the UK’s incorrigible recidivists, lunatics, addicts, idlers and retards.

* This was an entirely artificial though official figure: Pakistani shops in Edinburgh in fact standardly gave under-the-counter wages to students of only £3-50 per hour.


A victory for academic free speech was won as a US appeal court declined to order sanctions against a distinguished mathematics professor who had used his educational district’s e-mail network to send to all his Arizona colleagues what he called race-realistic messages critical of Hispanic, Muslim and Red Indian culture (USA Today, 21 v; Leagle, 20 v).

Latino colleagues had complained that Walter Kehowski should be disciplined by officials for maintaining the superiority of Western culture; but the court said the officials’ own (reluctant) decision to respect WK’s academic freedom should be respected. E-mails to substantial numbers of colleagues did not constitute ‘harassment,’ judged the court, which said the complainants should argue with WK in a normal academic way and not try to rely on the government “to shut him up.”

The argument had begun with WK asking why local education authorities had endorsed a holiday on ‘Dia de la Raza,’ or ‘Day of the Race’ – an event which WK called (as many would) “explicitly racist.” A federal district court had previously sided with the plaintiffs in 2008.

In 2006, WK had been suspended for citing Pat Buchanan’s website (which had put up a speech by George Washington); but he was fully reinstated after action by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).


Perhaps signalling a post-Election move by Liebore towards C2-voter-inspired realism about crime, immigration, welfare dependency and education (and even the lesbian-dominated National UnHealth System), a Guardian columnist was allowed to urge the return of grammar schools so as to give brighter middling kids a leg up (26 v).

(Whether columnist Tim Luckhurst had ever read or heard tell of The g Factor remained an open question. But his proposals were a marked improvement on those of CamCo’s Michael Gove whose new ‘Swedish-style’ ‘academy’ schools for England would – supposedly -- not be allowed to practise either front-door or back-door selection of more promising/deserving pupils.)


The sorry state of Britain’s universities was on show as the suspected murderer and dismemberer of at least three prostitutes, Stephen Griffiths, 40 and with a B.A. in Psychology, turned out not only to keep giant lizards, to eat baby rats and to watch gorefest films in his council-supplied flat but to have been for six years a Ph.D. student and research assistant in criminology (subject: policing methods in serial murder cases) at Bradford University without his supervisor(s) noticing anything wrong with him (whereas his neighbours and fellow students had him marked down all along as a loner, goth and weirdo who sometimes said he was gay) (Sun, 27 v).

(Griffiths’ divorced mother had almost certainly been a prostitute and thus rich enough to send him to an independent school – though she also clocked up a conviction for benefit fraud.)

(Griffiths had had a ten-year relationship with a ginger-haired ex-prison-officerette who described him as a violent and jealous control freak – News of the World, 30 v. Presumably the sex had been good….)


With Britain and the West teetering on the verge of a sovereign debt crisis (due to having bailed out banks which had over-lent amidst the excitement of America’s multiculti inflation – see previous), Britain’s Cabinet minister charged with rescuing the Government’s finances, David Laws, 44, a man touted as being of the ‘utmost probity,’ was revealed to have used taxpayers’ money to pay more than £40,000 in rent to a long-term secret young yag partner, a finance adviser and spin merchant, c. 29 (Daily Telegraph, 29 v; Sun, 29 v) – thus emerging at once as a squalid cheat, bumboy, moneygrabber and betrayer of his LibDim leader Cleggover just as Britain hoped CamCo would get going to sort out Britain’s (Labour-bequeathed) debts in a sensible, honest and transparent manner.

The LibDims, who had a historic reputation for yaggery, already had two very senior members who were yags – one of them (no kidding!) a balded fat-faced shit-eating devotee of London street boys.

MPs had been banned from "leasing accommodation from a partner" since a change to House of Commons expenses rules in 2006. But Laws had believed the pretence could be maintained that the long-running lying couple were not an item since they did not share a bank account. (Or double bed? – Ed.)

By the end of 29th, Laws had resigned as Chief Treasury Secretary. But Shameron and Cleggover decided Show CamCo must go on, to be rejoined by the nancy boy accounting wizard asap. Sham evidently preferred this option to the task of running a minority government – a simple task since the LibYags would never have risked overthrowing him and triggering a General ‘Pooftah’ Election, but a task that would have required Sham to keep the loyalty of his own backbench MPs, already restive at the LibYag-inspired proposed increase of Capital Gains Tax from 18% to 40% or more.

So Laws found himself worshipped by Sham as a man of enormous honour, integrity and ability; and by Cleggover as possessing that quality so rarely mentioned publicly in the noughties, “intelligence.” Evidently there was no sense of betrayal at CamCo: Shammy and Cleggy had – like the rest of the Westminster club – known all along that Laws was a shit-stirrer. It was only the British public that had been kept in the dark as CamCo elevated its own version of NuLabour’s Lord Mandy Mandelbum.

After all the gushing tributes to the previously-unheard-of gayboy Laws, his Treasury position – which only required tea ceremonies with top three-brained civil servants -- was promptly filled by an equal LibDim nonentity, ‘Danny’ Alexander.

The best-known ‘Conservative’ homo (apart from the exiled Michael Portillo) was the bantamweight Alan Duncan (St John’s College, Oxford – same as Rev. Bliar); but Dunkin had risen under CamCo only to the non-Cabinet job of Minister of State for International Development i.e. Diddly-Squat.


The spirit of Islam went on display in Pakiland as 70 ‘Ahmadi’ worshippers (from the country’s 4M such believers that their founder, and not Mahomet, had been ‘the last prophet’) were killed at their mosque in Lahore, and at least 100 more injured, by rival followers of Sunnidom (probably headed up by fulsomely armed Al Qaeda fanatics who shot at police attempting to prevent the carnage at the mosque) (Sun, 29 v). The Punjab’s chief minister said, “It is a shame to cause bloodshed in mosques.”

ln south London, Muslim youths of 14 and 21 were convicted of the murder by arson of a 15-yr-old girl who had dumped the 14-yr-old (D. Telegraph, 27 v). The girl’s sister was also murdered in the blaze; and the mother almost died.


While Daft Dave Cameron bleated about his wish to support marriage and the family (an already timid-enough wish being suppressed at LibYag behest), England’s courts allowed a 32-yr-old man to sue his own mother for having failed to prevent his father from beating him in childhood (D.Telegraph, 25 v). – This lawsuit would doubtless be followed by others alleging psychological abuse by pocket-money-saving or otherwise faintly realistic parents; and would culminate in the British Commonwealth producing even fewer children than the late Roman Empire (where children became a burden as Christianity no longer allowed infanticide – which in Rome’s glory days could be applied to sons as old as 34…).


Although Daft Dave NuTory Shameron could not seize his opportunity to rid himself of LibYags (who had shamelessly hidden Wizard Laws’ homosexuality from the country), and though the BNP had collapsed under its determined anti-racism, and though Pa Broon was the only politician who had ever said (occasionally) that the 2008-10 world economic crisis ‘began in America,’ at least the Torygraph’s bright young economics columnist, Jeremy Warner, seemed vaguely to know the score about the Clinton/Bush-launched explosion of lending to multicults (with its temporary property bubble, stimulating worldwide lending – see previous, passim) (29 v): “The underlying cause of the financial meltdown was not greedy, profit-before-safety bankers, though they undoubtedly played a very full part; nor was it lax and inappropriate regulation, though that, too, was plainly at fault; rather, it was excessive demand for credit, actively sanctioned and even encouraged by public policy.”


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Sunday, May 23, 2010


As Britain’s multiculti-venerating NuLabour Party reeled from losing 90 of its 350 Westminster seats at the General Election, with its egalitarian-v”aaahhh”lued PM Brown (a victim of the grammar schools, which had sent him on to E.LU. at age 15) having called a middle-aged Labour-voting woman who criticized immigration a “bigot,” one of its MPs, Stephen Timms (a former Treasury minister, 54), was brought face-to-face with reality as he was stabbed twice in the stomach, and thus hospitalized, by a mad Mueslie, 21, at his weekly constituency surgery in east London (BBC, 15 v).

(Britain’s population had grown by about 3 million to 61M since Labour’s takeover in 1997 – though no-one had been allowed to study what proportions of this increase were due to Black single-parent mothers, to Muesli polygamists, to Iraqi, Bangladeshi and Somalian asylum seekers, and to gypsies.)


As a fat female biology professorine, 45, at U. Alabama, was detained by police for shooting dead five of her fourteen departmental colleagues after she failed to gain promotion, her lawyers announced they would mount a defence of insanity for the longserving luniversity teacher (Nature, 14 v). Her conviction for a fight in a restaurant and her being investigated at length for trying to bomb a rival had not apparently alerted her peecee and bureaucracy-conscious colleagues whose chief concern had been with bringing in research monies to their luniversity.


Setting the West an example in modest freedom, the ruling Democratic Party of Japan refused to support legislation that would have outlawed the possession of child pornography, on the grounds that it would infringe individuals' freedom of expression – although, in deference to Western hysteria, there was to be a stepped-up police campaign against people selling sexual images of children (but schoolgirls’ soiled knickers could still be purchased from street slot machines).


Britain’s ‘pragmatic compromise’ LibCon Government began office by accepting that Al Qaeda terrorists would be looked after in Britain (since returning them to Pakistan would risk their bottoms being spanked); and wider acceptance of ‘human rights’ (called ‘nonsense on stilts’ by Jeremy Bentham) was also agreed by CamCo (Sun, 19 v).

Whether Britain’s new coalition government would ever be able to agree more than a pathetic £6B cuts in public ‘services’ (which put Britain in debt by £163B annually while providing little but jobs for sociologists and lesbians) remained to be seen.


Britain’s lust to prosecute men for ancient alleged sex crimes achieved new victims as, in a Spanish hotel, pretty Lianne Smith, 42, killed her two children (aged 1 and 5) by her husband Martin after he was extradited to Carlisle to face accusations from a 22-year-old woman that he had abused and raped her some ten years previously – accusations which no country with any decent statute of limitations would ever have allowed to proceed (Sun, 20 v).

The despairing Lianne, who had known of the accusations and tried to help her husband evade them, and then attempted suicide, promptly handed herself in to Spanish police. The burdens on the consciences and taxpayer funds of Britoids for this extravagance of misery, imprisonment and death resulting from ancient and largely unpursued allegations remained to be calculated.


As Labour, which had bankrupted the UK for the third time in fifty years, proceeded to replace leader Pa Broon with one of the dreary male sycophants in suits who had all along backed Blair and Brown, there stepped forward (20 v) as a candidate the mighty fat figure of fun-and-games and a late-night TV chat show, the feisty grammar-school-educated Black single-parent Diane Abbott, 56, who added to her maternal proportions, good humour and Old Labour loyalism and general statism, the delightful hypocrisy of sending her one child to the fee-paying City of London School (a decision which she herself joked was “indefensible” and “intellectually incoherent”).

Diane had once complained of “blonde-haired, blue-eyed Finnish girls” being recruited as nurses in London hospitals. Under Labour rules, she needed only 33 MP backers to keep the party on tenterhooks till the announcement of the result of its weirdly prolonged leadership contest in October – a result that, if Diane won, would substantially increase the gaiety of nations and bring socialism to a fitting end in Britain for ever.


Footie fans, slow learners but getting there in the end, declined to risk their lives by going to South Africa for a jamboree of the world’s slowest game: instead of purchasing the 750,000 tickets predicted by business forecasters, fans had by 23 v purchased only 200,000.

South Africa's organising committee chairman, Danny Jordaan, denied that the country's crime rate – 50 murders and 150 rapes/attempted rapes a day in a population of 47M – had deterred international fans.

In the ‘rainbow nation,’ 28% of men admitted in surveys to rape; and women were more likely to have been raped than to have learned to read and write.


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Monday, May 17, 2010


Having been given a ‘hung Parliament’ by the electorate because of their unpopularity (due to crime, 3rd-world immigration, clientele-state bureaucracy, welfare dependency and national bankruptcy), Britain’s politicians faced four simple challenges:

MORAL – of cancelling PeeCee and restoring free speech;

INTELLECTUAL – of recognizing the importance of IQ (and thus of streaming/setting) to elevating British education from the dismal level to which it had sunk under NuLabour;

LOGICAL – of introducing proportional representation (thereby avoiding the massive parliamentary Liebore majorities of the Blair/Brown years);

ETHNIC – of separating England from the Celtic fringe (i.e. cutting out the influence at Westminster of 60 Labour MPs from Glasgow and South Wales – whose countries’ own affairs were already governed without English influence by their own begging-bowling assemblies). Alas, these elementary tasks of going the MILE proved largely beyond them; so the pound and FTSE tanked and the country waited for Big Boris ‘BoJo’ Johnson (Britain’s only figure with the stature and oratory of Churchill and Thatcher) to emerge as Sultan.

So great was the unrealism among Britain’s politicians that even Grumpy Gordon Brown’s (affecting) retirement speech (followed by the first-ever production to the media of his two young sons – who chirpily [quite unlike Pa Broon] showed no sign of recognizing that their papa had been the worst PM in British history) made no acknowledgment of the staggering £1.5T debt that Labour had accumulated for the country (to be paid off by the likes of Pa Broon’s boys).

Thankfully, as Daft Dave Shameron reached Downing Street (11 v) – Labour having wisely declined the poisoned chalice – one or two newspapers said that solving the West Lothian Question (i.e. getting Weegie and Taffy Labourites off English backs) was among his top ten priorities.

Sadly, Daft Dave had long previously ruled out any restoration to England of Sir Cyril Burt’s grammar schools; but he had once, during electioneering, given a faintly favourable mention to streaming – as if he might even have heard tell of Chapter 4 of The g Factor….


No less than £10K was spent by West Midlands ‘Health’ Authority on a survey asking staff (including its 3,300 ambulancemen [and wymmin]) to rate whether its overpaid leader, one Ian Cumming-all-over-the-place-at-his-own-self-importance, was “cool” as compared to Churchill, Hitler, ludicrous no-English England footie manager Fabio Capello and Sir Richard Branson (Sun, 11 v). The ‘Health’ authority also asked its staff to opine whether being yag or Bleck made a leader “cool.”


Despite gloomy prognostications (from top columnist Simon Heffer, the Bank of England supremo Mervyn King and myself) that the Cameron Coalition of the ConDemned would eventually break up as soon as it attempted a serious job cut or tax hike, it began its voyage sunnily enough with the LibDim Cabinet members agreeing to allow the building of more nuclear power stations so long as this was undertaken ‘privately’ and LibDims did not have to sully their own lilywhite hands. (The alternative was that Britain’s lights would start going out in 2015.)

(75% of the CamCo Cabinet were of Oxbridge origin, making it the most elite British Government of all time – and headed by the last Etonian PM since Lord Home.* So they had a chance.)

(Kamco was a St Albans-based firm, expert in ‘power flushing and chemical descaling’ --

(The CamCo Cabinet also agreed a 5% pay cut for all Ministers, hoping – probably vainly – to inspire the socialistified trade unions – due to resume strikes at British Airways at any moment -- by Etonian example.

More importantly, right-wing Ian Duncan Smith was appointed to stop the welfare skiving that kept 11M – a quarter – of adult (18-65) Brits ‘economically inactive.’)

* Sir Alec Douglas Home (as Lord Home had to redesignate himself so as to become PM, 1966-7) once remarked to me over lunch an astonishing and little-appreciated feature of communism: from his extensive Foreign Office experience, including many visits to Moscow, he observed, ‘For whatever reason, dear boy,’ [I was Edinburgh Secretary of Peace through Nato] ‘the wives of the Soviet leaders unfailingly resemble cabbages.’ –

-- An observation which could equally be made in later years (via TV) of many Clottish female politicians (almost all socialists of some description)! Could it be that it is simply unredeemable ugliness that draws wymmin towards the most ghastly forms of bullying? We should be told!


Splendid video footage was obtained of a fat Black female teacher in Houston beating up a 13-yr old Jewish boy who had somehow offended her (MomHoustonBlog, 10 v) – an attack for which a White teacher would have found herself instantly posted on the front page of the New York Times and prosecuted for ‘racist hate crime.’


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Sunday, May 09, 2010


While Belgium and France dithered about banning the burqa, the northern Italian town of Novara used 1975 anti-terror legislation to spot-fine a burqa-wearing slave ‘woman’ 500 euros – to which her Muesli husband-master responded by banning her from leaving the house (Times, 5 v).


Top Brazilian R.C. archbishop Dadeus Grings made waves as he confided to a reporter (of O Globo newspaper, 5 v) that Freud was right: paedophilic and homosexual tendencies were widespread in society and priestly problems with them were not particularly due to the Church’s demands for celibacy.

The Archbishop also thought that tolerance of yaggery would lead on to more paedophilia – perhaps aware that homosexuality resulted from the savage repression of familial paedophilia (Freud’s ‘family romance’) that made children actually afraid of members of the opposite sex and their genitalia.

As well as being realistic that only true traditional love (of God or one’s spouse) could prevent eventual perversion in children, the Archbishop also had a personal history of ‘Holocaust denial,’ pointing out (correctly) that far more Christians than Jews had died at the hands of twentieth-century national-socialistic-communistic political leaders.


Britain’s wretched politicians who had savaged the country with third-world immigration (most lately of gypsies – their women squatting on many of the main streets of even Edinburgh), comprehensive schools, social anthropologists, trade unions, social non-workers, wheelie bins, quangos, ‘human rights’ and a growing-at-£5K-per-second national debt found themselves universally rejected as the General Election produced only 65% voter turnout and big disappointments for all parties.

Even the brave BNP (e.g. fighting off spitting Srindopakeshis – Sun, 6 v), though polling half a million votes nationally (worth 30 seats under PR), could not get near winning a single Westminster seat – unsurprisingly, given its sorry deference to ignoracism (it claimed only that Britain was “full up,” which was certainly untrue of Scotland, which suffered chiefly from the welfare dependence [on Westminster] of the Glasgow Irish).

Britain’s future thus depended on the LibDims demanding proportional representation which would give race realism a chance; and on a coalition ‘national’ government handing over the multiculticrunched economy in perpetuity to the Bank of England and the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Her Majesty the Queen was well pleased with the unpopularity of her politicians and told them not to disturb here while she had a pre-lunch lie-in on May 7th.

Massive voting fraud, with Mueslis claiming multi-residence households needing postal votes, had been arranged by Liebore in some areas (Independent, 4 v) with the same agreement of ‘Conservative’ cowards and incompetents as had been forthcoming to deliver an electoral system rigged to deliver a Liebore majority at Westminster even if the ‘Conservatives’ had been 10% ahead in the polls.

Big Boris ‘BoJo’ Johnson, Tory Mayor of London, had carefully preserved his position, diplomatically writing several articles sympathetic to the NuToryBoys though never mentioning the Shameron name.


Sir Richard Lynn (as he was designated in the Times – see previous) set out excellently in the Daily Mail (8 v) the historic London School reasoning about male over-representation at high levels of scientific achievement. For the purposes of popular exposition, he had to say intelligence was “made up of a range of cognitive abilities,” to avoid mentioning its heritability or race differences, to avoid mentioning male over-representation among the mentally subnormal, to avoid mentioning Steve Blinkhorn (see previous) and to imply that the one-standard-deviation-greater male brain size was somehow connected with males’ mere one-quarter-of-a-standard-deviation-greater IQ.

But at least he did not need to be distracted into mentioning such cases of female scientific distinction as Emilie, Marquise du Chatelet (Voltaire’s wife), and Ada Lovelace (Byron’s daughter); nor the occasional fashionability of science among women:

"[The English Ladies` Diary, an early eighteenth-century publication] announced that since ladies seemed to prefer mathematics to cookery, the Diary would dedicate itself exclusively to enigmas and arithmetical questions."

Londa SCHIEBINGER, 1990, The Mind has no Sex? Women in the Origins of Modern Science. Harvard University Press.

(The three Nobel prizes for Marie Curie and her daughter Irene might suggest female genes for genius; but it should be recalled that Marie was exceptionally hard-working and that Papa (Pierre) Curie also won the Nobel in exactly the same field as Marie.)


Faced with the American-led multiculticrunch and with politicians who would not talk about the bubble and bust and indebtedness which they had created/encouraged, UK voters retreated to basic ethnic territories – with the Celtic fringe voting Labour (or IRA) and England (outside its troglodyte, multicultified ‘urban’ areas) voting Tory (well, NuToryBoy, since there was no serious choice).

In the absence of any figure to unite the UK in its adversity (Churchill, Thatcher, BoJo….), comfort zones were sought. It remained to be seen, as since c. 1990, which Tory would step forward to push the Scottish/Welsh trolley of welfare-dependents out into the Atlantic.

A Conservative-Liberal coalition which abandoned Trident and the Glasgow Irish – who supplied 35 of Liebore’s Westminster MPs an should long previously have been exchanged for Ulster Protestants -- was the obvious possibility, finishing off Liebore for ever in England and leaving the Celts to their statist ways.


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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


As canvassing in the UK’s General Election went into its final day, the clear winner was the ‘Don’t Knows’ – on 40% as compared to NuToryBoys 35%, NuLiebore 29% and LibDims 27% (the latter having lost the ‘bounce’ which their leader Cleggover had given them three weeks previously as campaigning began) (Times, 5 v – which specially noted the Government being blamed for excessive immigration).

Britain’s clueless centre-ground-seeking politicos, backed by the multiculti toadies of MSM, had all run around avoiding the question of the cuts and/or tax hikes that would have to come to pay for the multiculticrunch (see previous); so no-one was much interested except in the strange psychological capacity of such manifestly lying b*st*rds to keep going -- probably they were all on wonderful drug cocktails.

The pollsters and journalists were just as evasive, showing no interest in how many of the 'Don't Knows' would in fact vote (as they could never tell nice young pollsterettes) UKIP or BNP.

{Ah well, whatever the election result, Big Boris Johnson (Eton, Balliol, Spectator, Mayor of London) would soon have his opportunity to take over the 'Conservative' Party (strangely committed principally to CHANGE, in veneration of mulatto Barry Obarmy, while the once radical/progressive Labour Party said DON'T ROCK THE BOAT -- such were the transmogrifications arranged by the postmodern public relations industry, impressing itself with its own expertise...). And at least all Britain’s main party leaders – including the BNP’s Nick Griffin – had attended top-of-the-range pre-lunacy universities.}


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