Sunday, February 17, 2008


“Though the South African] government denies it, many analysts believe unemployment is still around 40 per cent, roughly what it was during the last days of apartheid. ….With high crime, competition from Asia and now daily power cuts, the struggle to lure investors gets more difficult. ….not even the most optimistic gloss can conceal the horrendously violent nature of [South African] society. ….back [in the pre-Black-rule 1980s] there was always the possibility of dramatic change for the better. Now, when I talk to old friends who were passionate supporters of the idea of a new South Africa, I detect a profound unease.” – Fergal KEANE (longstanding BBC reporter and film-maker), Sunday Telegraph, 10 ii 2008, ‘Not a long walk, but a short step, to disaster.’


As Western and UN ‘aid agencies’ and diplomodiners continued to parade their pious aspirations for central Africa, 12,000 Darfuris were forced to leave their looted and burned villages and seek refuge in Chad as Sudan’s ‘janjaweed’ militas set about the next stage of ethnic cleansing (Associated Press, 10 ii). Sudanese forces and Chad rebels remained dug in in central Chad, waiting to do battle with French-backed President Deby and his Zaghawa fighters.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Amidst widespread outrage in Britain at the idea of giving anything more than the occasional inch to ‘sharia law’ (in whatever of its equally rigid 40 varieties), Government minister Phil Woolas drew attention to the burden to the National Health Service from the Muesli practice of first-cousin marriage (Scotland on Sunday, 10 ii). The toothy, bespectacled young Environment Minister spoke out because research (for BBC2’s ‘Newsnight’ in 2005) found that British Pakistanis accounted for 3% of all births but were responsible for 30% of British children born with genetic illnesses – the problem was especially traceable to families hailing from rural Pakistan in which there had probably been several generations of inbreeding.

(Across a normal range of -- mainly one-off -- first cousin marriages, the Birmingham Primary Care Trust estimated that one in 10 children either died in infancy or suffered serious disability as a result of recessive genetic disorders, as had been known since the 1970s.)

Keighley Labour MP Ann Cryer said: "This is to do with a medieval culture where you keep wealth within a family. Within the Pakistani community it is also widely held that first-cousin marriages are more stable. I have encountered cases of blindness and deafness. The parents were warned they should not have any more children. But when the husband returned from Pakistan within months they had another child with exactly the same condition." Woolas, who represented the north-west ethnically mixed seat of Oldham East and Saddleworth, had previously warned that Muslie women who wore headscarves could provoke “fear and resentment.”

The “infuriated” Muslim Public Affairs Committee, a Muesli campaign group, suggested the minister was ‘demonising’ British Muslims (Telegraph, 10 ii). An MPAC spokesman accused Mr Woolas of "flirting with Islamaphobia" and said: "Gordon Brown should either back him or sack him. We should be told what the Government thinks about this."

Downing Street and the Department for the Environment refused to comment on Mr Woolas' remarks, but the minister received public support from Geoff Hoon, the Labour Chief Whip. {Many London politicians had given themselves a week’s holiday at the time.}

Figures showed that British Pakistani children accounted for as many as one third of birth defects despite making up only three per cent of all UK births (Telegraph, 10 ii). The likelihood of unrelated couples having the same variant genes that cause recessive disorders was estimated to be 100-1. Between first cousins, the odds increased to as much as one in eight. In Bradford, more than three quarters of all Pakistani marriages were believed to be between first cousins.

In 2005, the city's Royal Infirmary Hospital said it had identified more than 140 different recessive disorders among local children, compared with the usual 20-30.
By 11 ii, the story was reported in Pakistani Post: ‘UK warns of inbreeding risk for Muslims.’

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Prime Minister Supreme Comrade Grumpy Gordon Brown announced he would ban a notorious Egyptian Islamofanatic cleric, Ding Dong `Carpaki' Qaradawi, 81, from visiting London for medical treatment (Sun, 7 ii). Previously, the Muesli loon had been paid by NuLabour to fly from Qatar to Istanbul for a conference; and he had been welcomed in London by whisky-swilling IRA-loving Mayor `Red' Ken Livingstone to explain that terrorist suicide bombers were actually Islamic "martyrs"; but then it came to light that he wanted all yags to be thrown to their death off high cliffs, so Grumpy felt he had to draw a firm line..

Meantime, the leisurely prosecution of Islamic Jihad convert Ding Dong `Abdul Saleem' BaaLamb continued in Kingston-on-Thames, Silly BaaLamb, already banned from the USA, being charged at phenomenal state expense with referring approvingly to `Mahomet of Massacre' and inciting mass murder of British soldiers in a recorded speech at London's top Regent's Park mosque in 2004. `Moderate' Muesli groups (such as the Muslim Council of Britain) promptly denounced the ban as contrary to British principles of free speech (Guardian, 7 ii).

At Manchester University, neo-Marxist postmodern literary critic Terry Eagleton remonstrated that he was being retired from his professorship at 65 so the University could pay the 80K pounds p.a. salary of `Islamophobic' Martin Amis.

Grumpy Gordon further ripped into the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, when he appeared to abandon both Christian proselytization and the human rights enshrined in Eurolaw in proposing that `some aspects' of Sharia law* should be introduced in Britain, at least covering women who were agreeable, just as Jews were allowed their own marital courts - the Archbish did not say when was the last time a Jewish girl committed suicide after being bullied into an arranged marriage with an uneducated non-English-speaking racial compatriot.

Strangely, Williams thought Sharia-acceptance would improve `social cohesion,' little considering that expelling jihadists would do the job quicker for Britain and that Islam-dominated societies like Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, the West Bank, Algeria, Afghanistan et al. had no inspiring record of social cohesion.

Williams was also condemned by other Labourites, including a Muslim M.P.; and the Sun called for him to be sacked. Even Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said Dr Williams' comments were "muddled and unhelpful". Some 15K Sun readers voted 20-1 by phone for the 'ArchEnemy'** to be sacked.

The Sun bus visited the Archbishop's Lambeth Palace residence in South London with navel-flashing Page 3 girls Mel and Peta - and blasted out `Rule Britannia.' { The public argument was likely to continue, since the Archbishop's lecture, which had been heard by an audience of about 1000 people and chaired by the Lord Chief Justice, was the first in a series of six lectures and discussions being given by senior Muslim and other lawyers and theologians at the Temple Church on the general theme of 'Islam in English Law'.}

At the same time, it turned out the police had been allowed to bug conversations in prison between a suspected terror-jihadist and his (`radical') Muesli M.P. (Spectator, 7 ii); and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith got round to extraditing hook-handed hate-preaching jihadist Abdul Hamza to the USA where he could be jailed for 99 years on charges of violence, kidnapping and terrorist training (Sun, 8 ii). But NuLabour tempered the wind to the shorn Islamic lamb by saying it would respect Muesli sensitivities by the Orwellian move of not actually referring to `the war on terror,' `Muslim extremism,' `Islamofascism,' `Islamofanatics,' `mad mullahs' etc., and even (especially weirdly) `Islamophobia,' at least in the presence of Mueslis - though the move was splendidly resisted by columnist Melanie Phillips (Spectator, 7 ii).

* Graphic examples were provided by the British National Party at

** The Sun's coverage of the Archbishop appeared under the heading "What a burkha!" and invited readers to phone, email or write to "Bash the Bishop!" and "Whack Williams!"


As University College researchers re-invented the wheel, in a twin study finding obesity was 77% heritable, the Guardian explained to readers more used to being told of the meaningless of twin studies in view of the omnipresence of `complex interaction effects' (7 ii, Alok Jha, Science Correspondent): "A twin study allows scientists to work out the extent of the genetic contribution to a pattern of behaviour compared with the environmental contribution. Identical twins, who share all their genes, are compared with non-identical twins, who share half their genes. By spotting behaviour or traits that occur more often in identical rather than non-identical ones, scientists can work out the relative contribution of genetics."

At the same time, a twin study conducted from universities in Montreal found aggression in children to be markedly heritable - though having aggressive friends had a multiplying effect (Daily Telegraph, 7 ii).

By contrast, a review of twin studies found genetic factors of onlly minor importance in homosexuality - as I had pointed out in Behaviour Research and Therapy, 1993. `Shared environment' was of even less importance; but `unshared environment' accounted for some 70% of variance. Only for `inactive' agreeability to secret same-sex advances did genetic factors account for more than 30% of variance (46% for women). - National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, 10 i 2008. (cf. Eaves &Eysenck, 1974, Nature 249):
..The idea that our politics are in part shaped by our genes is not itself new, but it has only recently come to the attention of political scientists. In 2005, John Alford [Rice U., Houston, Texas] published a paper in which he analysed two decades of work in behavioural genetics, including a huge database containing the political opinions of 30,000 twins from Virginia (American Political Science Review, vol 99, p 153). He found that identical twins were more likely than non-identical twins to give the same answers to political questions. For example, on the issue of whether property should be taxed, four-fifths of identical twins gave the same answer, compared to two-thirds of non-identical twins.

What could account for this? Well, given that identicals have the same genes while non-identicals share only half their genes, the fact that identical twins gave the same answer more often than non-identicals suggests the answer must be influenced by their genes.

A much stronger link exists between political orientation and openness, which psychologists define as including traits such as an ability to accept new ideas, a tolerance for ambiguity and an interest in different cultures. When these traits are combined, people with high openness scores turn out to be almost twice as likely to be liberals.

Combine the genetic influences on personality with the political tendencies of different personality types, and the idea that genetics shapes political tendencies seems very plausible indeed. All of the big five personality traits are highly heritable (Journal of Research in Personality 32, p. 431), with several studies suggesting that around half of the variation in openness scores is a result of genetic differences. Some traits that are linked to openness, such as being sociable, are also known to be influenced by the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. And levels of these chemicals are controlled in part by genes. So while there isn't a gene for liking hippies, there is probably a set of genes


A bidding war opened between Britain's biggest political parties as to which could appear to move back a little to the `sus laws' of the 1980s under which police could relatively easily (especially, without onerous bureaucracy) stop suspicious pedestrians (viz. Blecks) and ask questions - such practices had been restricted after 1997 when a Labour-appointed loony old Scottish judge, McPherson of Luny, had been taken in by the `anti-racist' lobby, denounced (without evidence) `institutional racism' in the Metropolitan Police, and begun an explosion of violent Black criminality and weapons-carrying.

{In England and Wales around 2000, 28 percent of people arrested by the police for robbery were Black. In 1999, the British Crime Survey found that 31% of victims identified a Black person as the offender based on 203 "mugging" incidents. - Black Information Link, 25 vii 2002. Blacks were only some 1.5% of the U.K. population. In 2006, 15% of stop-and-searches were of Blacks - though that percentage would have been higher in the London and Birmingham areas, where more Blacks lived.}

In this case, Equality boss Trevor Phillips was not on the side of the angels - declining even to admit that Mayor Rudi Giuliani had slashed New York crime by tough `stop-and-search' swoops in the 1980s (Daily Telegraph, 7 ii); but a Torygraph leader and a letter from lifelong Labourite Norman Dennis of Civitas (7 ii) urged the parties onward to undo the McPherson Report.

A senior Bedfordshire policeman, Garry Weddell, 47, who had murdered his errant wife and gone on to murder his mother-in-law and commit suicide was in the process judged "stable," `no matter for concern' and suitable for bail by psychiatrist Tony Nayani - a Pakistani (Sun, 1 ii 08).


As Australia moved to issue a grovelling apology to its aborigines for having brought them civilization, rugby and beer, its liberal-bigot politicians - who already passed an absurd 80% of third-world applicants applying for citizenship - announced they would no longer as would-be citizens be required to know when the first Whites landed in Oz or who Don Bradman was.


As multiculti Kenya was thought by the Sunday Herald [Scotland] (published 3 ii) to be bringing in arms from neighbouring Ethiopia and Somalia to prepare to cope with the country's unresolved tribal grievances, I wrote to the paper as follows:
Since racism and ethnic hostility are substantially associated with low IQ and education, it would seem unrealistic to expect the inhabitants of Kenya (average IQ 72), Sudan (71), Chad (68) and Congo [ex-Zaire] (64) to manage without the walls and barbed wire that have provided the backbone of solutions to ethnic strife in Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine. So Oxfam et al. should move promptly to fund British manufacturers of such products; though the Government could perhaps chip in by unloading the multiculturally propagandized inmates of the country's jails (average IQ 85) to guard vital installations and set a model of harmonious biodiversity.

{Chad's President Idriss Deby, from the same ethnic group - the Zaghawa tribe -- as the non-Muslim rebels of Sudan's Darfur province, was at that time besieged in his capital N'Djamena by Chadian rebels backed by troops from 600-mile-distant Sudan. Chad was thought to have at least 1 billion barrels of oil and in 2006 the President had amended the constitution to give himself a third term in office in which to exploit the oil reserves. Since Chad got independence from France, power had only ever changed hands by force of arms. As France and the European Union declined to get more involved, it seemed that the fate of millions in central Africa would be decided in a few days of fighting. To add to the area's troubles, an earthquake struck in the Rift Valley, killing 40 in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.}

By 5 ii, Der Spiegel talked of "ethnic war" raging in the Rift Valley, and of `large parts of the country having spun out of control,' with roads littered with bodies and burning trucks and tyres.


Minutes of a clinical academics' meeting at Liverpool University revealed that female Muesli students at Alder Hey children's hospital had objected to rolling up their sleeves to wear gowns. Similar concerns had been raised at Leicester University. Minutes from a medical school committee said that `a number of Muesli females had difficulty in complying with the procedures to roll up sleeves to the elbow for appropriate handwashing'. Sheffield University also reported a case of a Muesli medic who refused to `scrub' as this left her forearms exposed (Sunday Telegraph, 3 ii).


As Barack Obama moved towards a devastating 55% - 27% victory over femininnie White environmentalist starlet Hillary Clinton, the press began to realize it was at last time to get the knives out and start dissecting Obama's manic Black racism ooops "Black Value System": Fox News, 23 i; Economist, 24 i; Edmonton Sun, 26 i; American Conservative Magazine, 28 i; New York Sun, 28 i.

This resulted in Obama denying he shared the anti-Semitism of his pastor/mentor, Jeremiah Wright, and distancing himself from Louis Farrakhan (who had won a `lifetime greatness' award from impulsive and acerbic Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, to which Obama had belonged since 1991). But, with his very name so closely incorporating the names of America's two worst enemies of recent years, `Barack Hussein Osama', raised in Muslim Indonesia, seemed likely to attract critical scrutiny from all but the most idealist, multiculti-longing, gult-ridden, happy-clappy-aspirant Whites.

Bizarrely, the New York Times and similar multiculti prayer sheets said Osbama had `triumphed across racial lines." But 55% of the voters were Black and 78% went for Obama. Among the White voters 76% voted for Clinton or Edwards.

In 2005, Rev. Wright had suggested that "white America" had the 9/11 attacks coming to it, while calling for business "divestment from Israel," which he referred to as a "racist" state along with America.

A former Israeli ambassador in Washington, Daniel Ayalon, attacked Mr. Obama's record on Israel, writing in the Jerusalem Post that he was "not entirely forthright with his thinking."


An unwonted ray of hope for UK universities emerged as the Daily Telegraph (26 i) revealed that novelist Martin Amis, who had shifted to the right after time in Montivideo with his Uruguayan-mothered wife of the previous ten years, the writer and heiress Isablel Fonseca, was being paid 3,000 pounds an hour to lecture at Manchester University. The extremely good value of this arrangement could be even better appreciated by considering that, at prevailing market rates, 3,000 would buy only 8 minutes talk from the Dalai Lama, and only 4 minutes from the Duchess of York (Daily Telegraph, Craig Brown, 29 i).


As NuLabour big man Peter Hain came under scrutiny for donations to him (and his sham `Progressive Policy Forum,' which had no staff, meetings or publications) that had been perhaps forgotten and certainly left undeclared, the possibility that Jewish money to Labour and the feminists had been used to achieve `Anti-Nazi League' and nigga-lovin' objectives was articulated impressively in `The O'Farrell Column.'

However, no further assistance in identifying the political goals of Jewish largesse was to be forthcoming from the world's best-known anti-Semite, chess wizard Bobby Fischer - for he (himself a Jew of IQ 181) had died in poverty in Iceland at 64 after two decades of paranoid-schizophrenic ranting against the Jews and his native America (which he had wished destroyed at the time of 9/11).


Coming to the relief of the beleaguered, self-hating, peecee, semi-socialist, `disabled' and welfare-dependent Whites of the West was an impressive legion of (mainly) White sultry lovelies from around the Caucasus, notably (starring in Oz tennis) Russia's Maria Sharapova and Serbia's Ana Ivanovic: Spectator, 24 i; Slate, 28 i.


Ryanair slapped down the UK's paedohysterics who had demanded the withdrawal of an advertisement featuring a hot mini-kilted blonde teenage schoolgirl (Sun, 30 i).

{And it transpired that the Roman Catholic Church had long supported 'two boys in a bed' "cruel and long-term sexual predator" and fund-raiser, Father Marcial Maciel, founder of the Mexican order 'Legionaries of Christ,' only depriving him of active ministry a year before his death (Daily Telegraph Obituary, 2 ii 08). It was said in the 1950s that Maciel had been wont to 'rape' teenage boys while telling them he had a special dispensation from Pope Pius XII to have sex with them, and then absolve them from sin, because he suffered from acute pains in the stomach.}


The violence in Kenya's Rift Valley was "clear ethnic cleansing", said the most senior US official for African affairs (MWC News, 30 i). Jendayi Frazer said that machete-wielding gangs that had burnt homes and businesses in the western province, were trying to force out the Kikuyu people, the tribe of Mwai Kibaki, the president. A UN colleague added: "We're not talking the G-word at this point, but the kind of atrocities we're seeing could easily escalate to dangerous [genocidal] levels."

One Luo professor told the BBC that a Luo mob had looted and smashed up his 100,000 pounds home and threatened the life of his wife, a Kikuyu whom he had married twenty years previously. In another case, a Luo man beat his Kikuyu wife with a metal rod after the results of the presidential election were announced. It had taken just a month from the initial bit of election rigging (conventional in Africa) to bring Kenya, much admired for its beauty, prosperity (based on tourism and flower growing) and multiculturalism, to the brink of non-nationhood.

Multicultural Malaysia also looked headed for increasing mayhem as its Indians (poor) and Chinese (rich) got fed up with massive affirmative action programmes of job creation helping indigenous Malays (International Herald Tribune, 30 i).


Languishing with only a small poll lead despite mammoth Government incompetence, bossiness and sleaze, Conservative Opposition leader David Cameron announced he would probably repeal NuLabour's restrictions on police being able to stop and search those they thought likely to be criminals - mainly young Black males (Sun, 30 i). Grumpy Gordon Brown promptly followed suit, and both politicians were condemned as "two cheeks of a backside" by Islamofascist M.P. George Galloway in a packed town hall in Oxford (Oxford Mail, 31 i)