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Sympathizing with the plight of Oxford’s Oriel College as it strove to placate hysterical ‘anti-racists’ who had got themselves shocked at the college’s student and benefactor, Empire-builder Cecil Rhodes (q.v.), the Observer’s Will Hutton felt obliged to spell out some faxalife (20 xii):

"Rhodes cannot be expunged from the history of Oxford, Britain and South Africa. What’s more, Rhodes cannot be regarded as a lone wolf, an especially abhorrent racist; the importance of race and breeding as explanations of good character were widespread within western culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Keynes, one of my intellectual heroes, was an advocate of eugenics as a young man; Woodrow Wilson, a great progressive American president and founder of the League of Nations, believed non-whites did not have the character to govern. Winston Churchill was as misty-eyed about the destiny of the Anglo-Saxon peoples as Rhodes. Our forebears may have understood the virtues of checked and balanced government, freedom of the press, presumptions of innocence and the rule of law – but they also held unreconstructed views about women and race"

{A strong importance for race, and the existence of racial superiorities had also been maintained by Boyle, Voltaire, Rousseau, Kant, Hume, Linnaeus, Hegel, Darwin, Disraeli, Broca, Schopenhauer, Galton, Freud, McDougall and Haldane – not to mention Edinburgh LUniversity’s star anatomy professor Robert Knox who taught that “race is everything.”}

Eventually the Oxford protest against Rhodes brought out some heavy guns, with the Telegraph’s Charles Moore blasting academics’ “cowardice” in taking down the Oriel plaque (21 xii) and the usually right-on Cambridge classics professor Mary Beard saying in her Times Literary Supplement blog that the Black student leader in Oxford of ‘Rhodes must Fall,’ himself enjoying a Rhodes Scholarship, was plainly a “hypocrite” as well as a poor historian in judging Rhodes by the standards of a century later (Daily Mail, 22 xii).

Rhodes’ biographer, Philip Ziegler, said the mighty magnate, who had gone from pennilessness to leaving £36M (in today’s money) to Oriel, had been a “realist” who would have adapted to changing times – and that anyhow he had stipulated in the 1890s that Rhodes Scholarships must not be awarded on account of “race or religion” (Daily Telegraph, 22 xii).

According to R. W. Johnson (historian, author, and emeritus fellow of Nuffield College) students looking to get rid of the Rhodes statue at Oxford for his views on races and imperialist history were showing ‘no respect for history’. In his view, the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ movement wanted to do something similar to “smashing old Muslim statues” like Al Qaeda and Isil {ISICK} had done in recent months.

Rhodes’ ungrateful, peecee and cowardly college, where he had studied for nine terms while already embarked on making his fortune, proposed to take the heat off itself by having six months of discussions between staff, students, alumni, historians, Tom, Dick and Harry about how to dispose of its statue. But getting rid of this would be harder work than had been taking down its plaque.


Providing a welcome Christmas present for hereditarians, some 1,100 genes were announced by researchers at Imperial College London to be involved in human intelligence. Occurring in two ‘networks’ of genes – M1 having 1,000 and M3 having 100 – these genes showed abnormalities in cases of brain damage, autism, epilepsy and intellectual disability. Genetic abnormalities were associated with impaired functioning on measures of cognitive functioning, mental speed, attention and memory.

Dr Michael Johnson, who headed the 25-strong team which reported in Nature Neuroscience, that the finding was in line with traditional estimates of human intelligence being up to 75% inherited (Daily Telegraph, 21 xii). Dr Johnson said: “Traits such intelligence are governed by large groups of genes working together - like a football team made up of players in different positions.


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Dinner with friends

Chris is not in the best of health these days but he is still enjoying life.  Below is a picture of him and his lovely Taiwanese wife at a pre-Christmas dinner -- at which I hear they had the best curry in Edinburgh  -- JR


After an extraordinary year in which Western politicians had excelled themselves in incompetence – with their economies, education systems, communications and immigration arrangements out of any semblance of explanation or control – it was a pleasure to record that White electorates had turned rebellious – whether voting for communism in Greece, for independence in Barcelona, and for nationalistic ‘far right’ parties all over Europe.

Happily, America’s own non-peecee possible saviour, billionaire tycoon ‘The Donald’ Trump – though stripped of his honours by Scotland – attracted favorable attention from that King of the Orient, Vlad Puto, who saw fit to commend DT as “outstanding and very talented.” Thus, perhaps, a Star was born...

Star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy Perfect Light!

Admittedly, there was an isolationist strand in DT’s thinking; but he was at one with Puto in willingness to end the death cults of civilization-suppressant Islam, offering hope for 2016 – a year which, while sadly commemorating the twenty-year depublication of The g Factor, could well see a re-assertion of democratic elitism against the mindless multiculti pseudo-egalitarianism which had gripped the West for so long.



 Revenge was achieved on the peecee tyrannies of academia and feminism by the Nobelist who had been forced out of his honorary professorhip in London after a ‘sexist’ post-prandial pleasantry (see September/October). Biomedic Sir Tim Hunt had prefaced an invited talk to an international audience female scientists with an ‘admission’ that there were some problems having women in labs – e.g. that they tended to cry and fall in love with men.

After deceitful reporting by a fat old Black journaliste that the joke had been received ‘in stony silence,’ University College demanded Sir Tim’s resignation; but Sir Tim and his loyal wife gave themselves a nice Christmas present by accepting new assignments – Sir Tim’s from the Royal Society and his wife’s a chair in Japan, to which the couple would migrate, leaving UCL and British science short of two star staff and of several other eminences (such as Richard Dawkins) who had broken with UCL in protest over its treachery (Daily Mail, 18 xii).

    PeeCee was at the same time embarrassed by several African Union countries proposing to ban the burqa – a sensible move to help policework, but one largely abjured by Western politicos out of ‘sensitivity’ to supposed Muslim feelings. The multiculti goons of the UN who had failed through thirty years to separate the bloodthirsty rival Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda/Burundi watched aghast as another genocide loomed in Burundi. And Hungary suspended business with a German owned telecoms firm which had itself cancelled its contract with a singer who had mentioned the feminist-maddening fact that women had broad hips so they could safely deliver babies.

    Admittedly, Oxford peecee blowhards intimidated Oriel College into taking down a plaque commemorating its great imperialist, diamond magnate and apartheid sympathizer (though no slaver) Cecil Rhodes;

Plaque at Oriel College, Oxford, to Rhodes (2% of whose fortune went to buy the college its new building in 1911)

but the College showed no sign of returning the ultra-generous bequest it had enjoyed from Rhodes, the University did not close the Rhodes Scholarship scheme which had brought the likes of bill Clinton and Australia’s latest PMs Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull to Oxford, a huge statue of Rhodes at the entrance remained in place because Oriel was a listed building and thus protected by Oxford town council and UK heritage outfits, and the Telegraph got a heaven-sent opportunity to splash the political correctness of Britain’s luniversities as the main headline story on its front page (19 xii) and let its columnist Daniel Hannah call Oriel academics “cretins.”

Politicization of lunis was also exposed in America, where Harvard apologized for its Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion having presented all students with propaganda placemats to take home so they would be able to explain to their families over Christmas that Syrian refugees were a jolly good thing, that cops shot Blacks too easily, and that Harvard was abolishing the term ‘house master’ because of its (apparent) association with the era of slavery (Guardian, 18 xii).

(For the Guardian, Dave Schilling provided a general consideration of ‘Has political correctness gone too far?’ – noting the ridiculous excesses while pointing out that fee-paying students were entitled to indulge their whims by seeking ‘safe places’/agreeable communities and that at least peecee agitators were not so far more violent than neo-Nazis….)


 As the West embarked on its strangely timed and astonishingly prolonged Festive Season of gift-giving, partying, cooking, texting, sexting and spiritual drinking to make up for the incompetence of its deluded peecee politicians, holidaymakers at least had the leisure to reflect on their leaders’ story that there was nothing specially wonderful about Christianity’s message of good will to all men – and nothing specially evil about Islam and its eschatology of unforgiving jihad. Timeously aiding such reflection, a dramatic visual aid had come to hand from California.

    Unlike other mass murderers, who usually exhibited antisocial, paranoid, narcissistic or schizoid traits, the San Bernardino Muesli murderers Farook and Malik did not appear to be natural born killers. Neither had a history of violence or criminal record, and both generally were described as pleasant people. In fact, friends invariably called the 28-year-old Farook a “very nice person,” while his landlord even described him as a “very gentle person.” He enjoyed working on old cars and shooting hoops.

For her part, the 29-year-old Malik was seen as “a good girl” and a good student who aspired to be a pharmacist. Before she took to dressing in austere Islamic clothing, she was even viewed as a “modern girl.” Muslims and non-Muslims alike spoke highly of them both.

Then suddenly a switch was turned, and the couple went medieval. By all accounts, that switch was Muslim piety. They had simply got closer to their religion, immersing themselves in Islamic scripture. Instead of leading them to a world of mutual understanding and measured forgiveness, their Arabic religion led swiftly to barbarism – to a world of killing in which one’s own forgiveness of sins could only be guaranteed by the shedding of blood of heathen.

    The New York Post put it well (13 xii):

"Islam is not a “religion of peace,” and won’t be until most of its followers–the Taliban, the Ayatollah, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the mullahs of Saudi Arabia–reject tenets like jihad. To suggest otherwise is naive. Virtually everyone is hacking at the branches of this growing menace, and almost no one is striking at its root."

    {Thankfully, readers of this blog will know not only the realities that people differ in race, sex, age, class, IQ and Psychoticism but also the reality that religions differ seriously from each other – not least as being responses to different evolutionary conditions, some more conducive to polygamy, fighting and slavery than others.}


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There were signs of tectonic plates moving as Mutti Merkel told Saudi to cease its support of terror. She thus became the first Western leader to say publicly that there was a problem with the West’s chosen Wahhabi/Solunni ally.

Her demand came as Saudi offered to fund the building of 200 mosques in Germany to help cope with the million Syrian (and other Middle Eastern) migrants which Germany had recklessly admitted to demonstrate its multiculti virtue.

In Britain, Bonking Boris Johnson went a step further and urged alliance with Vlad Putin and Basher Assad – as did Parisians and an increasing number of Westminster MPs, said Boris (D.Telegraph, 7 xii).

In America, that tireless supporter of Israel, David Horowitz, helpfully supplied information about the hotbeds of support for Islamic nonsense to be found in the USA’s luniversities


Responding to the latest murdering outrages by jiheadist Mueslis in Paris and California, Donald Trump called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until the country’s representatives could figure out what was going on.

According to Pew Research, among others, there was great hatred towards Americans from large segments of the Muslim population. Most recently, a poll of Mueslis from the Center for Security Policy released data showing 25% of the Mueslis polled agreed that "violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad"; and 51% of those polled "agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah."

Shariah authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, beheadings, and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans -- especially women.

   The Donald stated, "Without looking at the various and detailed polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why, we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. If I win the election for President, we are going to Make America Great Again."

    Trump further repeated his call to monitor mosques and called on people to report suspicious activity, though saying, "Don't worry about profiling. I promise, I will defend you from profiling." At another point, he called for "closing that Internet up in some way" in certain areas because of people who get recruited to terrorist groups.

    He was denounced as "unhinged" by Republican leadership contender Jeb Bush. But a Vox poll found that even 43% of Democrats agreed with him – a percentage which rose to 66% after three days of worldwide publicity.

    Trump put out his incendiary proposal just hours before he was scheduled to appear at a rally on board the USS Yorktown, a second world war aircraft carrier that was berthed near Charleston, South Carolina. The military location was carefully chosen for an address that falls on the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor that brought America into the war. After being interrupted several times aboard the ship, he said the proposal was "probably not politically correct, but I don’t care".

    The commentariat and twittersphere erupted in condemnation. Even UK PM Daft Dave felt oblige to announce his view that The Donald was "divisive, unhelpful and wrong." Ukip leader Nigel Farage released a statement saying Trump had "gone too far".

In reply, DT said that his suggestion had proved very popular with intelligent people; and he warned America against spawning the "radicalized no-go areas" of London and Paris where police feared for their lives. (When the Met denied there were such areas, no less than five policemen told the Mail (9 xii) they were instructed to wear only plain clothes – not police uniform – among Mueslis.)

Senator Ted Cruz, who was vying for much the same base of Republican support that Mr. Trump now enjoyed, declined to join in the scolding.

Said DT of his rivals, "They were condemning the wall [to keep out Mexicans], they were condemning immigration, they were condemning all of the things I’ve been espousing. And now most of them are on my side."

Mr Reid, the Democratic Senate leader, seemed to agree: "Trump is saying out loud what other Republicans merely suggest," he said on the Senate floor. Trump followed up with a media blitz in which he claimed the mantle of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, citing the internment of Japanese Americans during the second world war as precedent for his policy.

    Mr. Trump’s position on Muslim immigration thus had its admirers. His stance drew several hundred favorable comments on China’s Twitter-like social media site, Weibo, where supporters linked his idea to their own fears of the Uighurs, a minority Muslim group in China’s northwestern region, some of whom had resorted to militancy and violence.

Most Arab and Gulf states also surely approved – for they didn’t admit Muslims from other countries, thus forcing such pumigrants to go to the West....

    Indicating there was more sense in Trump’s proposal than was acknowledged by the half a million who petitioned Westminster to keep Trump out of Britain, the US brought in a requirement that any who had visited Syria or Iraq in the past five years would need to apply for a visa if seeking to enter the USA (Daily Express, 9 xii). And a further half a million Brits signed another petition to Parliament, seeking to suspend all immigration into Yukay until ISIS was beaten.

    Despite the backlash from the chatterati and British Labourites, Trump’s divisive rhetoric struck a chord with Republican voters. More Republicans favoured his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States than opposed it, according to a poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. In a New York Times CBS News poll (10 xii) the real estate mogul received support from 35% of Republican primary voters nationally.

What they had to worry about had been summarized in National Review (7 xii): in polls, ordinary Muslims showed egregious anti-Semitism, strong support for punishment of blasphemy and apostasy, and (as DT would mention) more British Muslims had been joining jihad than were found in the British Army.

    {In truth, DT’s idea of banning foreign Muslims was not practical. There was no certain test of who was a Muslim; banning by nationality would create injustices; and terrorists were often home-grown – or at least home-resident or naturalized. Probably the best that could be achieved was surveillance by co-religionists.

Muslims and everyone else would be obliged to register with at least one community having substantial assets that could be frozen if a member came under suspicion of encouraging terror in the host country. – Individuals would probably pay a subscription to regularize themselves as community members; and communities would have the motivation and funds to provide surveillance.

Communities would doubtless often be groups of churches, mosques or kindred tabernacles; but schools, colleges, businesses and clubs could also serve to provide surveillance. Essentially ‘comunities’ would be insurance schemes, with premiums varying according to the perceived risks posed by different members.

    But, yes, DT did find a little immediate support – whether in a condemnation of Muesli lack of achievement in a VDare piece (9 xii) from Ann Coulter that surely qualified her as DT’s Vice-President, whether in a straightforward condemnation from Pat Buchanan (VDare, 10 xii) of the establishment itself as "unhinged," whether from the Telegraph’s Charles Moore who wanted serious research into Muesli extremism, whether from a Texas imam who thought mosques should not play politics (AmRen, 12 xii) (he was promptly sacked) or whether from the many BBC correspondents who resisted the siren call to silence DT and insisted on the need for free speech and debate.}


Race realism took another step forward as the magnificent scholarship of The Races of the Old Testament (1891) was translated into Russian and published in Moscow by Vladimir Avdeyev. Written by Archibald H. Sayce (LL.D; D.D.; Fellow of The Queen’s College, Oxford; Professor of Assyriology), the book carefully describes the physical, linguistic and psychological features of the races, sub-races, branches and stocks of and around Arabia. An example (though Sayce explains that the descriptor ‘Semitic’ was used more broadly by philologists):

"The true Semite, whether we meet with him in the deserts and towns of Arabia, in the bas-reliefs of the Assyrian palaces, or in the lanes of some European ghetto, is distinguished by ethnological features as definite as the philological features which distinguish the Semitic languages. 

He belongs to the white race, using the term * race ' in its broadest sense. But the division of the white race of which he is a member has characteristics of its own so marked and peculiar as to constitute a special race, — or more strictly speaking a sub-race.

The hair is glossy-black, curly and strong, and is largely developed on the face and head. The skull is dolichocephalic [long-headed].

It is curious, however, that in Central Europe an examination of the Jews has shown that while about 15 per cent, are blonds, only 25 per cent, are brunettes, the rest being of intermediate type,  and that brachycephalisin occurs almost exclusively among the brunettes.

It is difficult to account for this except on the theory of extensive mixture of blood.  Whenever the race is pure, the nose is prominent, and somewhat aquiline, the lips are thick, and the face oval.  The skin is of a dull white, which tans but does not  redden under exposure to the sun. There is usually, however, a good deal of colour in the lips and cheeks.  The eyes are dark like the hair.

Mentally the Semite is clever and versatile, with a special aptitude for finance. His memory is retentive, his mode of reasoning deductive rather than inductive. He is better able to deduce the consequences from a given premiss, or to expose the weakness of an adversary's argument, than to balance the probabilities in favour of some inductive conclusion. He is consequently more likely to attain eminence in mathematics or music  than as a pioneer in inductive science."

Needless to say, Sayce recognized a superiority of the "white" peoples of the Near East to "black Africans." But his view of such Whites was not entirely elevated: on visiting Chicago in the 1930s, he complained that 80% of the people were "not properly American at all."


As Lombardy banned facial veiling in government offices and hospitals, in the Cote d’Azur the National Front’s steely-willed, energetic, fresh-faced and delightful Marion Marechal le Pen left no doubt in her electoral campaigning that France’s four million Mueslis would need to drop their more dopey ways and fit in with French customs.

Maid Marion

Germany’s expectations were also on display in Leipzig, where seventy police were injured in the course of lively argument about Mutti Merkel’s idealistic dream of admitting millions of Musulmen....


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 Probably because of Cardiff LUniversity students’ effort to stop “transphobic” feminist intellectual Germaine Greer from speaking, there was a welcome spurt of press interest in and condemnation of the mounting peecee tyranny in British universities (which one Mail correspondent suggested should be re-named univormities) (Daily Mail, 30 xi).

Top historian Niall Ferguson provided a similar service for American lunis (Sunday Times, 29 xi) – interpreting the students’ wish to dissociate their lunis from  ‘racists’ of the past like famed US President Woodrow Wilson (academic, Democrat and Nobelist) as like the Puritanism of America’s first settlers. {Yes, as Christianity had receded, PeeCee had taken its place.}

Learning of student demands -- to be spared from (re-)traumatisation by insensitive mentions of reality and to have ‘safe places’ where no-one would use insensitive terms – and having to deal with a student who complained of being upset by the chaplain -- Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Everett Piper posted a scathing essay on the university’s website saying students should toughen up (Daily Telegraph, 2 xii, p.18). “This is not a Day Care [Centre],” he wrote, “it’s a University.”

   The narrowing effects of lunis having become intimidatingly leftist and peecee were set out in the Daily Telegraph (Allister Heath, ‘A refusal to think freely is making universities increasingly irrelevant,’ 3 xii): seeking political safety in repetition and triviality, a large percentage of research was never cited (98% in the arts).

On the same day, the paper reported prominent human rights campaigner Maryam Namazie {see September} as having been shouted down by members of the Islamic Society at Goldsmith LUni, London, leading her to observe that universities had become too “sanitised.”

And – just twenty years after Edinburgh LUni decided to back its hysterical students and move formally against The g Factor – the principal of London’s elite New College of the Humanities, Professor [of Philosophy] A. C. Grayling, said “Universities shouldn’t have to pander to infantile ideas – they should challenge them” (D.Telegraph, 5 xii, ‘Whining students need to grow up or get out’)


 As Britain joined the 65 countries of the world already committed to smashing ISICK in Syria and beefed up to 16 the number of its bombing-capable jets on Cyprus, there was a prospect of a worldwide alliance* to stamp out Muslim jiheadists and to stop the funding of violent fundamentalism by Solunni states such as Saudi and Turkey.

China – fed up with its own Mueslis in Xinxiang Province – indicated its willingness to join in; and even India, which had most to lose, indicated it was up for a dare by instituting legal proceedings to have the Taj Mahal declared a Hindu shrine (which it apparently had been prior to sale to a Mogul prince). Russia helpfully threw in aerial-photographic evidence that ISICK oil had been ending up in Turkey.

{The main problems in achieving a passably united front against Islamofascism would be switching the West (especially Germany) from its many Solunni attachments and stopping the West annoying Russia by such stupidities as stirring up the Ukraine and offering Nato membership to Montenegro. Thankfully, signs were emerging (D.Tel., 3 xii, Fraser Nelson) of Western leaders coming round to the view – long advocated in this blog and by Russia – that London ophthalmologist Basher Assad required backing as having the only army in the region capable of delivering the required ‘boots on the ground’ to beat ISICK.}

* The last time that Britain, France and Germany [Holy Roman Empire] had all been together as allies in war was in the Fourth Crusade (1202-1204; sought by Pope Innocent III) – which admittedly did not reach Jerusalem, but it did a good job of taking and sacking Constantinople....


 As the pumigrant-sceptic Sweden Democrats reached 20% in the polls, they were deemed by the Guardian to merit a feature article and decent photos (see AmRen, 27 xi). Which was nice. But it turned out that their ‘radical nationalism’ was none too radical or nationalist at all. In fact, they were actively pro-LBGT, pro-Israel, constantly excluding and harassing their own members for doing anything that could be interpreted as "racism" by the enemy, denying the existence of races and of "ethnical Swedes" (!), using Asians and Blacks in their TV commercials, etc.

In short, they were a Swedish UKIP – though the policy of avoiding direct confrontation with peecee-multiculturalism had landed UKIP with only one MP and would not do UKIP much good in the crucial by-election in Oldham where (assisted by the constituency being a quarter Srindopakeshi and by the scandalous postal vote system) Labour retained the seat with 62% support while much-tipped UKIP languished on 23%.


As Paris got a full turnout of top world diners to celebrate their righteousness in deploring ‘man-made warming’ of the global climate, a 70-year-old expert in meteorology came into full view as a dashing sceptic about the ‘scientific consensus.’ Piers Corbyn, the older brother of the new Labour leader, was brought on prime-drinking-time TV (by top Beeb host Andrew Neil, BBC1, 4 xii, 23:30) to insist the world was getting colder, not warmer.

Impressively articulated and backed up – as could be expected from one with a First from Imperial College London who had gone on to make his living selling and gambling on weather forecasts -- Piers’ thesis was quite the opposite of the non-academic brother Jeremy’s conventional greenery; but, whatever the siblings’ rivalrous differences, they were in broad political and personological agreement, for Piers was a lifelong Marxist.


The counter-jihad movement in the UK was expanding rapidly, according to new analysis by the anti-racist group Hope Not Hate showing that 24 different far-right groups were attempting to whip up hatred towards Muslims and provoke a cultural civil war (Observer, 6 xii). The most comprehensive report yet into international counter-jihad organisations said that Islamophobic groups in Britain were articulating public concerns following the Paris attacks and the on-going pumigrant crisis in Europe.

In January 2016, the former leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, often known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, would make his political comeback by fronting the re-launch of the UK arm of Pegida, the German anti-Islam organisation which had prompted attacks on ‘refugees.’

The report chronicled 920 anti-Muslim organisations and key Islamophobes in 22 countries, noting that such groups were becoming increasingly well-resourced -- particularly in the USA, where eight foundations had donated more than £38m since the 9/11 attacks.

{Funding in the UK, however, was pretty much non-existent – certainly as compared to what politicians provided to the pro-multiculti BBC.}


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Monday, November 30, 2015


Some progress towards realizing that the West had backed the wrong side in the Solunni vs Shitite Islamic civil war in Arabia was made as Turkey brought down a Russian bomber that had passed through its airspace for seventeen seconds. The outrage, which resulted in the death of the Russian pilot, showed plainly that Solunni Turkey gave priority to overthrowing Syria’s Basher Assad rather than to the professed Western aim of attacking ISICK.

Evidently Russian bombing of Turkey’s ‘Turkmen’ allies in Syria had come too close to the bone and threatened Turkey’s dream of sharing in ISICK’s Solunni caliphate. Press speculation grew that Turkey’s objective was shared by Saudi and Qatar and that all three countries fuelled money and arms to ISICK; and even that Obarmy’s America itself might have helped Turkey by supplying information about Russian flights.

As the West’s confusions and mistakes were exposed (well-meaning as they were, intended to hang on to Gulf oil and bribe Solunnis not to indulge their devout wish to annihilate the Jews) Russia made it plain it would continue to back in force the Whiter and religiously more moderate Shitites – demonstrating this never more clearly than in Vladimir Putin’s icy expression when France’s President Hollande (his capital a gruesome victim of ISICK which had gunned down 130) flew to Moscow to seek help but persisted with the fond Western moralism of wanting Assad overthrown.

Fortunately China probably ended the West’s confusion when it declared that, like Russia, it would sign up to a ‘coalition of the willing’ so long as the first objective was to smash Sunni ISICK, not Shitite/Alawite/secular Assad.

    Joy at such progress was not unconfined at Westminster, where Conservatives knew full well that they had themselves only two years previously wanted to bomb Basher – and had only been stopped from doing so by Labour and a few defectors in their own ranks.

But the new sight of the Corbynized Labour party, in its peecee-pacifist anti-racism, not welcoming coalition with Hitler-crushing Russia, communist China, republican America and socialist France against barbaric Islamofascist beheaders, enslavers, racists, teetotallers, homophobes and misogynists gave satisfaction – not least in bringing out longstanding top-drawer leftist columnist Andrew Rawnsley to denounce Corbyn/McDonnell/Abbot-led Labour as hopeless (Observer, 29 xi).


After thirty years of mounting political correctness, 28 Harvard professors, headed by Jeannie Suk,

 Seoul-born Suk, a graduate of Harvard, Yale and Oxford

wrote to the US Department of Education to complain about the latest manifestation of the tyranny and the Department’s encouragement of it (Daily Telegraph, 28 xi, pp. 22-23, ‘Political correctness rules in America’s student ‘safe spaces’’).

Having already silenced all but the most reverential talk in universities about race, sex, class and age, angst-ridden students had moved on to demand academic staff give due warning of any ‘micro-aggression’ their lectures might involve – especially for already ‘traumatized’ students – by using words like ‘rape,’ ‘divorce,’ and ‘violate.’

Students had also found Department support for their demands for ‘safe spaces’ where they could play with cuddly toys without risk of upset from realists, truth-tellers or comedians; and for literary works to be flagged up if they contained trauma-triggering material (The Great Gatsby was a special target since it featured suicide, domestic abuse and graphic violence).

Analysts attributed the students’ insecurities to their having grown up through such stressful times as 9/11 and the financial crash of 2008.


Treasured feminoid dogma took a slap as a pretty, stylish and young teacherette at a top London all-girls school gave her view that modern education had gone seriously astray – merely filling girls heads with facts and preparing them for debased exams – and that many girls would have been happier in days when they were only expected to marry (Sunday Mail, 29 xi). Writing for The Oldie, religious education instructor Blanche Girouard, who taught at the prestigious St Paul’s School for Girls (where fees were £23,000p.a.), painted a rosy picture of an era when 'everything seemed to be geared towards marriage' and 'parents really didn't seem to care' about educating girls.


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Monday, November 23, 2015



More than half the US  nation’s governors say they oppose letting Syrian refugees into their states, although the final say on this contentious immigration issue will fall to the federal government.

States protesting the admission of refugees range from Alabama and Georgia, to Texas and Arizona, to Michigan and Illinois, to Maine and New Hampshire. Among these 30 states, all but one have Republican governors.

The announcements came after authorities revealed that at least one of the suspects believed to be involved in the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe among the current wave of Syrian refugees. {snip}

Some leaders say they either oppose taking in any Syrian refugees being relocated as part of a national program or asked that they be particularly scrutinized as potential security threats.


Jim Lynch, a spokesman for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, issued this statement:

“The governor doesn’t believe the U.S. should accept additional Syrian refugees because security and safety issues cannot be adequately addressed. The governor is writing to the President to ask him to stop, and to ask him to stop resettling them in Ohio. We are also looking at what additional steps Ohio can take to stop resettlement of these refugees.”


Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant wrote on Facebook that he was working with the state’s homeland security department to “determine the current status of any Syrian refugees that may be brought to our state in the near future.

“I will do everything humanly possible to stop any plans from the Obama administration to put Syrian refugees in Mississippi. The policy of bringing these individuals into the country is not only misguided, it is extremely dangerous. I’ll be notifying President Obama of my decision today to resist this potential action.”


A senior White House security official attempted to allay concerns about the vetting of Syrian refugees.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said, “We have very extensive screening procedures for all Syrian refugees who have come to the United States.

New York Rep. Peter King, speaking on Fox News, cast doubt on Rhodes’ comments.

“What he said about the vetting of the refugees is untrue. There is virtually no vetting cause there are no databases in Syria, there are no government records. We don’t know who these people are.”


A review of: Race and Sport – Evolution and Racial Differences in Sporting Ability by DUTTON, E. & LYNN, R. (2015)

This work, by psychology’s leading psychometrician race realist, Richard Lynn, and the versatile young philosopher-theologian-anthropologist, Edward Dutton, aims to trace racial differences in sporting success, via likely underlying psychological and physiological factors, to causation from genes, environment and evolution. The main novel feature of the book is its scores of tables presenting details of contestants such as Olympic medallists in recent times and classifying them by nationality and, where possible, as of African, Asian or European racial origin. The ideas of such writers on sport and race as Jon Entine and the more social-environmentalist Malcolm Gladwell and Kenan Malik are considered; and the book provides a substantial introduction to the basic measures and methods of differential psychology and psychogenetics.

    As the authors acknowledge and discuss, organized sports involve quite a number of definitional characteristics. They are rule-governed, time-limited, physical and/or mental competitions between well-matched opponents that are intended to entertain, educate or improve participants and/or observers. Unlike games, they are not primarily for the amusement or diversion of competitors; and they cannot be wide open to cheating – so bridge is excluded (as contingually from the Olympics). But they still range widely: the book considers some fifty sports, in twelve chapters (broadly: team, track, field, combat, agility, boating, aim, weight-lifting, racquet, vehicle, equestrian, winter and chess). Understandably, Dutton & Lynn do not try to identify any general factor of sporting ability in their data on international super-winners but rather look at race in connection with individual sports.

    The main story that emerges is of the readily noticeable racial differences between West Africans, East Africans and East Asians. Central to these differences are the familiar average differences in somatotype: the three groups tend respectively to be relatively mesomorphic (muscular), ectomorphic (lean) and endomorphic (fat). Evolutionarily, mesomorphy seems adapted to dwelling in regions of rich vegetation (especially trees) where explosive muscle power will make for sprinting, jumping for bananas, heavyweight boxing and other fast-paced physical competition with other humans to exploit what the environment readily supplies. Ectomorphy, by contrast, is more suitable to mountainous areas where conservation of energy (especially, efficient use of the thinner supplies of oxygen) allows sustained effort such as hunting across difficult and sparse terrain. And endomorphy – serving to retain heat and to shield sensitive parts of the anatomy – would have been a natural adaptation to the conditions of extreme cold as out-of-Africa adventurers went north and even crossed the Himalayas and Gobi Desert during the ice Age. Thus it is intelligible that Blacks of West African heritage are over-represented among the stars of the quick and vigorous sports so beloved of spectators – especially the various versions of football.

By contrast, long-distance running shows an advantage for East Africans; and sports requiring balance, such as swimming, diving and gymnastics give East Asian folk an edge. That the Himalayas gave intelligence a particular boost is perhaps indicated by China topping the charts in table tennis – with its demands for speed of information intake and reaction.

    What of Europeans? Well, people of European origin are, on average, intermediate between the three types of body-build; so no striking biological prediction looks possible. Anyway, White success in many sports will have been assisted in the past by Europeans having enjoyed greater wealth, leisure and technological sophistication. Perhaps the most obvious story is that, as for East Asians, reliance on agriculture imposed special demands for intelligence, discipline, organization and (especially for rice growers) co-operation; but such developments would help achieve top levels of success in virtually all sports, especially given the vast amounts of practice and planning that are increasingly necessary as sport has become a major worldwide industry. Naturally there are some tantalizing special superiorities, as of Indian subcontinentals at spin bowling, of north-east Europeans at weight-lifting and wrestling, of Russian women at 20km walking and of the UK at sailing; but these will require more evidence and thought to confirm and elucidate them.

    The drastic limitation on ability variance when studying only top sportsmen and –women rules out the provision of numerical correlations, which would necessarily be slight. By the same token, calculation of heritabilities and of such effects as genetic-environmental interaction and covariance cannot be attempted. But to have brought together the biological factors that most likely, according to current evidence, underpin sporting success is valuable; to have shown how posited sociological factors like ‘lifestyles’ and ‘stereotypes’ often have little to offer will provide students with useful models of explanatory argumentation; and to have detailed the links of biology and sports to race will give the idealistic and ignoracist prophets of postmodern hermeneuticist ‘cultural’ Marxism plenty to ponder.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Though a consensus on ‘female equality’ reigned in politics and the media – culminating in omnipresent demands for equal pay and representation – the somewhat higher earnings for men turned out to be justified not only by male strength and risk-taking but by masculinity itself.

Using the ‘systematizer vs empathizer’ distinction made in the course of work on autism by Simon Baron-Cohen (U. Cambridge), researcher Nick Drydakis (Anglia Ruskin University) found that the advantage in masculinity enjoyed by males over females also predicted higher pay rates both among men and among women (Daily Mail, 30 x).

In a survey of 16K Brits, systematizers (who claimed to like technical matters, making lists, reading non-fiction and map-reading, as opposed to having stronger socio-emotional and artistic interests) had a 10% pay lead among men and a 6% lead among women.

So, though it was perhaps not a bundle of fun to be a systematizer, the higher pay of males could be traced to self-reported psychological reality rather than to social stereotyping.

{A major sex difference in personality, this dimension – perhaps best called tough-mindedness, as by Hans Eysenck, Raymond Cattell, William James and Shakespeare – was outlined in TgF, Chap.1, pp.43-5.}


Daily Telegraph, 12 xi:

Polish nationalists in front of the National Stadium during the 'March of Independence' Photo: EPA

Tens of thousands of protesters poured into Warsaw's streets on Wednesday for a demonstration organised by the far right, marching under the slogan "Poland for the Polish" and burning an EU flag.

Demonstrators watch a European Union flag burning during the annual march commemorating Poland's National Independence Day   Photo: AFP

Police said 25,000 people joined the march, which marked the anniversary of Poland's return to independence after the First World War, while organisers put the numbers at 50,000.

"God, Honour, Homeland," chanted the protesters as they marched under a sea of red-and-white Polish flags.

Demonstrators trampled and burned a European Union flag at one point, while a banner added to the anti-EU theme with the slogan "EU macht frei" ("Work makes you free" in German), a reference to the slogan over the gates at Auschwitz.

"Yesterday it was Moscow, today it's Brussels which takes away our freedom," chanted one group of protesters.

Other banners read "Great Catholic Poland" and "Stop Islamisation".

Polish nationalists light flares in front of the National Stadium during the 'March of Independence' under the slogan 'Poland for the Poles, the Poles for Poland', which is part of Polish Independence Day celebrations in Warsaw  Photo: EPA

Several thousand riot police officers were deployed for the protest, which was punctuated by numerous firecrackers and smoke bombs but otherwise went off peacefully.

Demonstrators wave Polish flags during the annual march commemorating Poland's National Independence Day in Warsaw   Photo: AFP

Poland was returning to conservative rule after eight years of centrist government, following the Law and Justice (PiS) party's landslide election victory in October on a platform playing strongly on fears over the European migrant crisis.

Poland’s Foreign Minister, interviewed on BBC World Service Radio (13 xi, 10:05 GMT), said that to use the term ‘parasites’ in connection with the Merkel-unleashed flood of A/A ‘migrants’ was not offensive but just a realistic warning. And, indicating a lack of faith in the official peecee line that A/A pumigrants were a pretty much unmixed blessing, Eurodiners agreed at an emergency summit in Malta to fork out some £5B to bribe A/A countries (especially Turkey) to somehow divert the “avalanche” of migration to Europe that had been triggered by “careless skier” Merkel (said the German Finance Minister) (Guardian, 13 xi).


The French were given an opportunity to dissociate from Germany’s ‘white guilt’ liberalism and to begin expelling the millions of Mueslis they had insanely invited and the thousands of leftist intellectual traitors they had casually nurtured. Some 130 Parisiens were gunned down or grenaded by some 20 jihadist goons, and a further 350 were injured by the sucidal ISICK fanatics who started shooting in several culturally-symbolic places, including a football stadium, a nightclub and a Paris concert house (BBC R4, 13 xi, 22:00).

These Friday-night horrors occurred after years of Mueslis burning thousands of French cars and murdering the journalists of the Parus-loved satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. At last the Frogs, if they had any bottle or gumption at all, had occasion to understand that – as in WWI and WWII – their analysis had been wrong, and that of Britain and Russia had been right.

At last France had the chance to redeem itself by supporting an Allied initiative against the Muesli wedge that Western Europe – thinking (with idealistic American insistence) it must pay for the oil which it had itself discovered and developed -- had allowed to be driven into its heart.

France would find it easy to improve since, in deference to peecee multiculturalism, it had scrapped its borders, allowed its Mueslis to fight for ISICK in Syria and return to France at their leisure, and – while it had zealously prosecuted every smidgeon of ‘hate speech’ – remained fetishistically tolerant of Mueslis advocating jihad.


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Monday, November 02, 2015


A big new study of Swedish twins found that genetics accounted for 41 per cent of the likelihood an individual would be ‘civically engaged’ – i.e. help in the community (Daily Mail, 26 x). The researchers studied 1197 pairs of identical twins – who have exactly the same genes – and 684 pairs of non-identical twins – whose genes differ. By looking at the differences, they assessed what part genes have to play in their behaviour, given that they were brought up in identical environments. The researchers, led by Christopher Dawes of Dept Politics, New York University, and writing in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, said this was the latest characteristic found to have an underlying genetic component. Others included altruism, financial risk taking, impulsivity, leadership, smoking addiction, socio-economic status and trust.


Oz-born Guardianista professorette German Greer found herself disinvited from addressing Cardiff Uni students – she was to have talked about ‘Women & Power’ (Daily Mail, 26 x) but 2K students petitioned against her. GG’s offence was to have upset the ever-irritable zealots of lithe LGBT ‘community’ by reflecting on an American athlete who had re-arranged his sexuality to become ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ and thus to appear as a glamour girl on the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Surgery, creams, and late-in-life hormones did not a woman make, thought the author of "The Female Eunuch" {presumably because the Kardashian-marrying Jenner’s brain was still male} {or perhaps because the modified Jenner lacked the clitoris and “smelly vagina” which GG deemed central to female sexuality}. And, for good measure, GG had gone on to say Jenner had probably had the supposed sex change so as to compete for publicity with his generously proportioned female relatives; and she thought ‘M2F’ operations were sometimes misogynistic attempts to assert that altered men were actually more gorgeous than glamour girls.

Thus GG, the high priestess of feminism, was herself called misogynist by her Cardiff critics. In response to LGBT wrath, the feminist icon threatened to cancel her trip from Cambridge, saying she couldn’t be bothered to have things thrown at her at age 70 – though she was finally given assurance as to her security.

    A case suggesting GG might be on to something re M2F transgendering was that of Tara Hudson of Bath. A 26-year-old hairdresser, ‘she’ had been born a male, ‘Aaron,’ but, beginning age 20, had six operations and hormone treatment to reassign herself as a fetching female.

However, heavily tattooed and suffering psychotic symptoms since 2009, ‘she’ came to public attention following a not-very-womanly but very drunken pub argument and headbutt which (along with what the Bristol Recorder called her “worrying” history of eight previous convictions for battery) led to her being jailed for three months – and sent to an all-male prison (from which 140K critical signatures eventually got her transferred) (Daily Mail, 29 x; BBC, 30 x)).

    Not that transgendering never worked. One Jenna Talackova, 27, who had begun surgery at age 14, managed to get into the twelve finalists in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition, to win an award for ‘Miss Congeniality,’ to have a boyfriend, and to hope to bear children (National Post [Canada], 15 v 2012). And another Canadian (of Bangladeshi origin), the beautifully convincing Amelia Maltepe, 24, still hoped for motherdom and to win Miss World (Huffington Post, 23 i 2014; Daily Mail, 8 i 2014).

The secret of such successes was probably to have a strong sense of female identity from early childhood and, in so far as being boyish, to be homosexual in orientation and/or notably good-looking. Or – in rare cases -- one could be genuinely androgynous, like the (academically brilliant) Bosnian-born Australian Andreja Pejic who worked as both a male and a female model

Which was what GG herself had said – expressing sympathy and support for genuine intersexes as she did.


Although the UK Parliament was best known in late October for its total confusion as to whether its unelected (and decreasingly elite) House of Lords could stop the new Conservative Government from making £4B cuts in welfare benefits (via ‘tax credits’), at least it had made Britain the first country in the world to allow ‘3-parent-IVF’ and thus let would-be mothers  escape their own genetic problems and pass on their own DNA via a healthy mother (and father).

The legalization of this new possibility was hailed in the Telegraph in a helpful article by Madhumita Murgia (26 x) who reckoned:

"There are around 2000 human clinical trials in many countries around the world which are trialling gene therapy – inserting genes into your body – to treat a variety of illnesses including certain cancers like leukaemias and myelomas, Parkinson’s disease and cystic fibrosis. Trials are also trying to breed resistance to HIV."

She kindly titled her article: "Eugenics need not be a dirty word - instead, it could be lifesaving technology"


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused billionaire American-Jewish Hungarian-born investor George Soros of being a prominent member of a circle of “activists” trying to undermine European nations by supporting refugees heading to the continent from the Middle East and beyond (Bloomberg, 30 x). “His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle,” Orban said in an interview on public radio Kossuth.

    Orban, who had called Milkmaid Merkel “an idiot,” had prepared the Hungarian people in advance for the Biblical tide of refugees who began pouring through Hungary on their way to Germany or Sweden. The fences he ordered built at the border with Serbia and then with Croatia; his use of the army to turn back refugees; his scathing rhetoric; his passage of emergency laws that criminalized the very act of seeking asylum -- all had been denounced across Europe, but they’d done wonders for his standing at home.

In recent years, support had been steadily draining from his centre-right Fidesz party to the ultranationalist Jobbik party, but by September of this year the trend had begun to reverse. ....Like much of Eastern Europe, Hungary is a monoethnic society. Only 1.5 percent of Hungary’s population has foreign citizenship, and one-third of these people are ethnic Hungarians. Outside of tourist districts, you don’t see Black, Asian or Arab people on the streets of Budapest -- not to mention in the rest of the country.


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Monday, October 26, 2015


 The round of apologies and resignations from Terrible Annie Teriba (q.v.), the Nigerian-parented Oxford LGBT student who had forced herself on two or three ‘victims’ in the course of NUS conferences, was reported not to have worked (Sunday Mail, 18 x).

Instead, the apparent victims accused the lustful and lively Annie of not going far enough in her confession, which they had only agreed could avoid the word ‘rape’ so as not to alert police. The apparent victims said on a blog: “The survivor [of Annie’s latest sally] would like it to be known that Annie Teriba committed two counts of rape in the most recent incident her statement refers to. Let’s be clear: Annie Teriba is a rapist.”

The students claimed they had confronted Ms Teriba and urged her to make her apology, as well as stepping down from her student posts. And they claimed she had been ‘narcissistic, obstructive and harmful’ through the process of drafting a statement about her actions.

{So PC Plod was after all to get his chance to explore the arcane pieties of the LGBT world, to find out what exactly was involved in ‘lesbian rape,’ and to ascertain the justification for giving LGBT activists a pass on rape charges that would never have been given to men....

That Annie was a prominent leftist and ‘anti-racist’ – especially campaigning to have all statues of colonialist Cecil Rhodes removed from Oxford University – would make such an undertaking even more fun.}


As Edinburgh-born evidence-oriented Princeton professor Angus Deaton was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in microeconomics, it turned out he held the ‘right-wing’ view that giving financial assistance from overseas to poor countries was useless beyond a certain low level – and indeed increased corruption and undermined democracy. The rapid economic development of China and India, he observed, had occurred without the copious aid showered on Africa.

{Of course, countries already aided over-sufficiently by the West (out of White guilt and wanting minerals) would have tended to be Black and to have a low IQ; and it was not clear whether such basic factors had been considered – rather confirming the 25-year-old judgment of Nature that economics was not a science, a judgment recently rehearsed approvingly in the Guardian (11 x, Joris Luyendijk, ‘Don’t let the Nobel prize fool you. Economics is not a science’; 14 x, Julia Bird et al., ‘Economics may be dismal, but is it a science?’).}


That Britain’s chief vehicle of socialism had, under its new leader ‘Jezzwecan’ Corbyn, committed itself not only to welfarism, pacifism, republicanism, nationalization, the comprehensive schools, Hamas and the IRA but also to being run by the intellectually mediocre was outlined in the Spectator (24 x, Harry Mount [Bullingdon Club]). Yes, the party of Harold Wilson (1st from Jesus), Denis Healey (1st from Balliol) and the Miliband brothers (1st and 2nd from Corpus Christi [William McDougall’s Oxford college]) had dumbed down big time:

….Under Corbyn, the Labour party — once the clever party — has had a brain transplant. It’s out with the Oxbridge and Harvard graduates with first-class degrees; in with the red-brick university graduates.

    Or, in Corbyn’s case, a non-graduate. Corbyn got two Es at A-level at Adams’ Grammar School in Newport, Shropshire. He did a year of trade union studies at the North London Polytechnic before dropping out. Corbyn is the first Labour leader not to go to university since James Callaghan — and Callaghan only didn’t go because his family, unlike the prosperous Corbyns, couldn’t afford it.

    Corbyn, perhaps because of his low-grade education, has largely replaced the Oxbridge elite — who ran the Labour party under Ed Miliband — with red-brick alumni. John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, left school at 17 and was later a mature student at Brunel and Birkbeck universities. Tom Watson, the deputy leader, was at Hull University, as were Rosie Winterton, the shadow chief whip, and Jon Trickett, shadow minister for the cabinet office.

Any who doubted the involvement of intelligence/IQ in all this were advised by Speccie correspondent ‘RM’:

"....don't think that all or even most Oxbridge graduates are from a "bubble". Most of them are pretty normal people, and the only thing they have in common is that they are very intelligent, at least in their field. I'd rather have intelligent leaders than stupid ones, and Corbyn with his two E grades and failed degree is rather too far below the "stupid" line for me to be comfortable with him as PM."


That there were still some robust and realistic politicos in the E.U. emerged from Czechland (Breitbart, 18 x):

Outspoken left-wing Czech President Milos Zeman, 72, was asked if he thought new migrants from the Middle East would respect Czech laws. “Of course not,” he replied.

    “Unfaithful women will be stoned and thieves will have their hands cut off, and we’ll be deprived of women’s beauty, because they’ll be covered from head to toe. “This would obviously be an advantage for some women, but they’re few and far between.”

Correspondents agreed with the President – not least with his suggestion that the native White girls of the ‘Visegrad’ countries are a pretty hot lot. (The Czech Republic is part of the Eastern, so-called Visegrad group of countries – along with Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – who strongly resisted the introduction of the EU’s forced migration quotas in September.)

In nearby Romania, an education ministry official – apparently wanting to make the best of his country’s female assets – mocked Islam by telling a conference that schools should teach girls to walk provocatively, with “chest out, bottom out – let the boys faint!”

It's worth adding the requiem for Europe by that other outspeaker, Victor Orbán, the President of Hungary, who accused Germany’s Mutti Merkel of “moral imperialism” as she sought to bring at least 3M Mueslis into the EU (Guardian, 24 x) :

"For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether what we understand as Europe will exist at all."

Sadly, such clarity of vision was not in evidence at Gothenburg, Sweden, where a masked sword-wielding ‘Star Wars’ killer at a Muesli-immigrant school had brought himself to believe he was following the precepts of Hitler – whose better-known ‘final solution to the Jewish problem’ had been lauded, if not originally inspired in 1941 by the Nazi-loving Muesli mufti of Palestinian Jerusalem.

Still, ‘westward look – the land is bright.’ America’s Pat Buchanan (20 x) on that other unashamed admirer of the female form, ‘The Donald’:

"After months of speeches and TV appearances, he is a far more disciplined campaigner and communicator. In a year when a huge slice of the nation is disgusted with political correctness, wants to dethrone the establishment, wipe the slate clean and begin anew with someone fresh, Trump is in the pole position.

Yes, perhaps a Scottish Presbyterean would rid the West of its latter-day religion of PeeCee and restore a version of communal Christianity before rampaging Islam could establish itself....

Certainly, The Donald had begun to muse openly about closing a few mosques and preventing the return of ‘Americans’ who went to the Levant to fight jiheadically for ISIC.


Sympathy for Donald Trump’s negativity about America’s millions of Hispanic immigrants came from Marissa Abrajano, an award-winning political scientist who had written extensively about Latino politics throughout her career. Her latest book with co-author Zoltan Hajnal, White Backlash: Immigration, Race, and American Politics, provided an analysis of the impact that the growing Latino population was having on White political attitudes. The authors looked at the stark reality of how voters were hardening their positions on policies based on their views of Latino immigrants, attitudes that the authors said did not carry over to Asian-American immigrants.

    Meanwhile, Hispanic immigration continued to surge – e.g to 5K children in September, double the rate for September 2014. Migrants were issued by border guards  with a ‘permit to appear’ which allowed them to stay in the USA while awaiting a court hearing; but in practice 85% never ‘appeared’ and many posted photos of their permisos on the net to show relatives in Mexico how easy it would be for them too to set up in the land of the free (Washington Times, 21 x).


 A blood test allowing couples to test for thousands of genetic flaws which they could pass on to a baby started being sold in Britain (AmRen, 25 x). Hundreds of prospective parents had already bought the test which told them if a combination of their genes put them at risk of having a child with an incurable disease. The compatibility test, which costs £1,800, checks for 4,500 mutations and can flag up more than 600 hereditary diseases, including some that kill within the first years of life. Results come back within 30 days.

If couples are told they are at risk of having an ill child they can decide whether to adopt, have IVF treatment or go ahead and get pregnant naturally. The Spanish firm iGenomix, which developed the test, said  pre-pregnancy genetic screening could soon become as commonplace as ultrasound scans and cut the number of children born with diseases like muscular dystrophy from one in 25 to one in 100,000. Some 8% of couples were thought to be incompatible. Screening for autism, deafness, Alzheimers, diabetes and low IQ was not yet available, but one couple in 625 could be advised they were at risk of having a child with cystic fibrosis


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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


  As a prelude to the state visit to Yukay of Chinese dictator-president Xi PingPong, a copy of Magna Carta (the one held from 1215 by Hereford Cathedral) was put on exhibition at the British Embassy in Peking so Communists could learn of the historic liberties of the land to which they supplied so much slave labour (soon to build nuclear power stations). – A fine and necessary gesture since Xi DingaLing was widely thought to have cracked down on many freedoms since taking office in 2012; but there was sorry irony in that the educational display coincided with no less than three of Britain’s official student unions (Warwick, Manhester and Oxford) deciding to ‘protect’ their members from free speech (Spectator [Coffee House], 13 x).


 It is doubtless a shame when an Oxford student feels obliged to give up a host of leftist offices and editorships in an orgy of guilt about having enjoyed having less-than-correctly-consensual drunken sex in the course of a weekend conference of the National Union of Students. (Police said they had not been informed, so presumably the ‘victim’ was only threatening exposure.)

But it becomes something of a laugh when the dutiful resigner is a Black lesbian politics student at Sodom ooops Wadham College, Annie Teriba, whose feminism had especially included condemnation of the ‘rape culture’ in which she took her chosen university to abound (Daily Mail, 14 x).


In a small but significant reverse for two generations of educational egalitarianism, one of Britain’s few (164) surviving grammar schools, in Kent, managed to open a ‘satellite’ school as an annexe seven miles away which would select its 450 pupils by ability (Guardian, 16 x).

Children and teachers would be ferried between the two schools on a half-day each week to maintain the illusion that the satellite was not a new selective school – creation of which was held to be forbidden by  regulations from the 1980s and 1998 which Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ had not had the courage to abolish.

Another half-a-dozen councils in rural areas of southern England were petitioning to set up similar satellites. {For the merits of streamed education, and for the empirical success of the selective school systems maintained in Northern Ireland and Germany, see TgF, Chapter 4.)


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Monday, October 12, 2015


 Coming into line with the spirit of the times, British immigrasceptics found themselves with two female leaders. At the Conservative Party’s annual conference, leggy Home Secretary Mrs Theresa May said she believed studies showing no net benefit from immigration – and was promptly compared to Mrs Thatcher and Enoch Powell by the Guardian, the Independent and the BBC.

And Channel 3 brought to the TV screen busty Jayda Fransen who, as deputy leader of Britain First, deplored third-world immigration, especially by Mueslis, and proposed to appear as a page-3 girl in the Daily Star to advance her cause.

That both were practising Christians and that such words as Black, White, Asian, intelligence, race and heredity never seemed to pass the lips of either woman was not here or there. They were dubbed ‘unsavoury,’ ‘nasty’ and ‘racist’ merely for wanting to control immigration and to help immigrants fit in (e.g. by encouraging them to speak English – thought important to integration by 95% of Brits, according to a new poll).


 At the annual conference of ‘Conservatives’ in Manchester there was little discussion of, and no plans for ensuring extension of choice (especially in education), freedom of speech (especially about human group differences), or halting the ‘Syrian’ invasion of Europe (probably by separating Shitites from Solunnis). Instead, there was peecee social-democrat talk of combatting homophobia, extremism and inequality; but an eagle-eyed London Schooler spotted and told Times readers that at least one of these ‘problems’ did not exist:

"Sir, In his closing speech at the Conservative Party conference, David Cameron asserted that there is less social mobility in Britain than in any other economically developed country. Contrary to this assertion, social scientists have shown that Britain has about the average in this regard and has more social mobility Germany, France the Netherlands and Italy, although less than Sweden, the USA, Japan and Australia.

    Furthermore, there has been considerable social mobility in Britain during the last half century. The majority of people have moved up or down from the social class into which they were born. By and large, the cream has risen has risen to the top and the dross has sunk to the bottom.

    The Prime Minister has a number of problems to confront in the next few years but insufficient social mobility is not among them"

Professor Richard Lynn, Professor emeritus of Psychology, University of Ulster


Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups accused the authorities of playing down reports of harassment, sexual assault and even rape at ‘refugee’ shelters because they feared a backlash against asylum seekers (Reuters, 6 x).

Police union chief Rainer Wendt said he believed that authorities in Germany’s federal states, which were responsible for housing A/A asylum seekers, were playing down the problem of assaults on women in the shelters. “It is understandable that there is the desire to calm things down politically,” Wendt told Reuters.

But he, along with women’s groups, believed that ignoring the problem would be counterproductive. “There is a lot of glossing over going on. But this doesn’t represent reality,” he said. Wendt said that a high number of cases went unreported as women rarely dared to file complaints with police or public prosecutors.


After years of accepting the Islamification of France – in the fond social-environmentalist belief that millions of Blacks from Algeria would eventually settle in to being good republicans – French intellectuals showed signs of restiveness. As he published a new book, high-profile French essayist and philosopher Alain Finkielkraut – a Polish Jew who was once classed as being on the political left – re-iterated the immigration problem in France and derided anyone calling him a right-wing racist or putting him on what he derided as a “blacklist of neo-fascists” (Guardian, 10 x).

He told France Inter radio it was “dreadful and catastrophic” that as soon as intellectuals dared to “look at reality” they were accused of being far-right. He said a witch-hunt* was being conducted by the anti-racism lobby.

    Michel Onfray, the left-winger often hailed as France’s favourite contemporary philosopher, was accused of lurching to the right when he questioned the photo of the Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, who was found drowned after his parents tried to reach Europe. He said “old school” French people might feel marginalised and betrayed by the arrival of migrants. Libération accused Onfray of abandoning the ideals of the left and playing “Le Pen’s game”. He hit back, accusing the newspaper of “hatred”.

    Behind such cases loomed the figure of Éric Zemmour, a TV intellectual and French newspaper columnist, who topped the non-fiction bestseller list with Le Suicide Français, in which he argued that millions of Muslims might be colonising and transforming France and should be repatriated. Zemmour had been cleared in September of inciting racial hatred after saying on radio that “bands” of foreigners were “stealing, assaulting and stripping” the country.

*Complaints of witch-hunting were also loud in England, where Mrs Thatcher’s former cabinet member, elevated as Lord Leon Brittan, had gone to his grave in 2015 hounded as a paedophile and paedosadist by Labour’s deputy leader (a paedohysterical and Tory-loathing Corbynista) and unaware that police had found not the slightest evidence against him in four years of searching – since the original accuser, a social worker and Labour councillor, confessed he had named Lord Brittan as a joke.


Beleaguered biologist Sir Tim Hunt (q.v.), who had been forced into resignation (of his honorary fellowship at University College London) by a Black female journalist who had pounced on his self-mocking postprandial pleasantries about having women in labs, was given significant support from the mainly cowardly ranks of British academia.

Top neuroscience professor Sir Colin Blakemore himself resigned from the Association of British Science Writers when that body declined even to investigate whether the fat moustachioed American journaliste, Connie St Louis, had been fair in her reporting of the tone and content of Sir Tim’s speech – invited by well-lunched lady scientists at a conference in Japan (Observer, 11 x).

Further support for Nobelist Sir Tim came from two eminent women – an experimental physics professor at Cambridge University and the British ambassadress to Chile.


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Sunday, October 04, 2015


As Daft Dave visited Jamaica, his donation of a prison to take Black cons from Britain, and of a few make-work projects to be run by UK companies, managed to placate the politicos and ‘academics’ who whined for ‘reparations for slavery.’ Not that ordinary Jamaicans cared. The Guardian explained (2 x):

"It’s a cheap shot to blame Jamaica’s economic malaise entirely on the evil white bogeyman when successive post-independence administrations have overseen an economy with annual growth of less than 1% for the past four decades and a currency in freefall. Social dysfunction is rife, with murders ballooning 20% so far this year and youth unemployment nearing 40%.Jamaica – and the wider anglophone Caribbean – must come to terms with the inconvenient truth that, though the British slave masters were barbarous, when polled a couple of years ago the majority of Jamaicans said the country would have been better off if it had remained a UK colony. That indictment lies at the feet of Jamaica’s black governing class."

And a correspondent added:

"One small point, on the reparations argument... English (and I suspect Jamaican law) demand that, for damages to be paid, individuals have to demonstrate that they've lost materially from someone else's act, and that damages would be broadly commensurate with that loss.

On the IMF's figures, the 2014 nominal GDP-per-head for Jamaica is about $4,900.

If we look at the countries from which the slaves were mainly taken, the numbers are very different: for Ghana, it's $1,470, and for Nigeria (even with their oil revenues) it is about $2,900.

If you want to take a less purely monetary view, the UN's "human development indices" (which measure factors like education, life expectancy, levels of health care and so on) ranks Jamaica at 92nd in the world, Nigeria at 152nd and Ghana at 138th. Other areas from which slaves were taken rate even lower -- Congo at 182nd, for example. Other Caribbean states rate even better than Jamaica -- Barbados at 59th, St Kitts at 74th and Trinidad at 64th (all formally in the "high human development" category)

There'd probably not be much argument that the first generation of slaves suffered -- but it's much harder to argue that their descendants have been disadvantaged by being taken to the Caribbean."

Another chipped in with:

The UK used to run most of the Carribbean.

Most colonies chose to become independent.

The Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat and Bermuda chose to remain British.

Any comparison of the six that remained British with the rest that did not shows that economic growth, crime rates, education levels are all better in the British islands than the independent islands and in the case of the Caymans, BVI, Bermuda and T&C, the standard of living and incomes are now as high or higher than the UK, and many times higher than Jamaica.

The UK did a lot of bad things in the past. There is a case for saying we did a bad thing more recently as well when we turned our back on the Caribbean and joined the EU.

But we can’t be blamed for the state of Jamaica today, when other islands nearby have done much better.

Independence means self rule which means you have to take the blame for 50 years of slow development."


 That Blacks too can sometimes be sensible about racial differences was attested by a Nigerian negress born in America, Sade Adebayo, 25, who recounted her transition (at the University of Georgia) from ‘radicalism’ to realism for American Renaissance (1 x). An extract:

"....From the moment I [first] set foot in Nigeria, it was easy to see why my parents had left. My mother and I had to pay bribes to pass safely through the airport. Beggars walked around outside the airport asking travelers for money. It was not uncommon to see people squatting on the side of the road defecating. The gash on my uncle’s head corroborated his story about being robbed and pistol whipped. A billboard in Lagos read in pigeon English, “AIDS. No dey show da face.” (Translation: “You can’t tell whether a person has AIDS by looking at them.”)

    I was born in 1990 in the United States, about a year after my parents arrived. They brought with them a couple of suitcases, my older brother, and big dreams for the future. In less than 25 years, they have managed to establish a medical practice and build a home for their six-person family. Their hard work knows no limits, but their tolerance and understanding do. They cannot comprehend how their first-generation American daughter became a race realist."

{Apparently, even intelligent Blacks like Sade’s parents find it hard to get real. This is not so much because they righteously reject evidence or even lethargically decline to look at it, but because of basic universal paranoia among Blacks that Whites are out to get them -- figures routinely show much higher racial prejudice among Blacks than among Whites.}


As the 90-yr-old author of The Camp of the Saints (pictured) was interviewed by a French magazine, Le Point, it turned out that he placed such faith as he had for the future of the West not in republicanism, religion or razor wire, but rather in royalty.

Support for Jean Raspail’s 1973 apocalyptic vision of the West becoming a dystopia of wretched unassimilated third-world immigrants came from American Thinker, 3 x – which reckoned that plenty of France’s Muslim banlieues were already run by Sharia law.


 Determined to amuse by displaying its peecee posterior, the students' union of Warwick University banned distinguished journalist and rights campaigner Maryam Namazie from giving a talk on campus organised by the Warwick Atheists, Secularists and Humanists’ Society because of a fear that she might "incite hatred" of the university's Muslim students.

Tehran-born MN, 49, was quoted by the Coventry Telegraph as saying: "It angers me that we’re all put in a little box and that anyone who criticises Islam is labelled racist. It’s not racist, it’s a fundamental right. ... The Islamic movement is a movement that slaughters people in the Middle East and Africa. It’s important for us to speak about it and criticise it."

Though she standardly likened Islamism to “fascism, Nazism and Stalinism,” she called herself a feminist and worker-communist and took pains to dissociate herself from far-right critics of Islam.

During the Danish cartoon riots, she had signed Manifesto: "Together Facing the New Totalitarianism" together with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Shahla Chafiq, Caroline Fourest, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Irshad Manji, Mehdi Mozaffari, Taslima Nasreen, Salman Rushdie, Antoine Sfeir, Philippe Val, and Ibn Warraq.

Yet, despite all this (and the warning of Jonathan Dimbleby [q.v.]), Warwick’s students could not pass up the opportunity to claim a part for themselves in the peeceeification of the Soviet UK State (SUKS) of Britain.

    MN often used nudity to poke fun at modern Mohammedanism’s restrictions on women, as below


As Hungary’s Prime Minister continued to divert A/A pumigrants from his country, and to wonder publicly why Greece had not used its 100K-strong army to repel Europe’s boarders, he found his stance supported by 82% of Hungarians, by 70% of the daily hundreds of British callers to his London embassy and by star Telegraph columnist Janet Daley who (27 ix) slammed Germany’s Mutti Merkel and the EUSSR’s Brussels establishment for vacillation and bullying which could only remind Europeans of the ‘Nazizeit’ and make a UK LEAVE vote more likely in 2016.


Rallies to protest against ‘Syrian refugees’ attracted tens of thousands in cities all over Poland in response to Brussels bureaucrats and Germany’s race-traitorous Mutti Merkel planning to inflict a share of the invaders on Poles (Russia Today, 28 ix). Przemyslaw Wipler and Janusz Korwin-Mikke, members of the liberal Polish political party Coalition of Polish Republic’s Renewal Freedom and Hope (KORWiN), were also among the protesters. They started off with their own smaller group of protesters that soon merged with the much larger All Polish Youth group. Korwin-Mikke, who is the chairman of KORWiN, compared Europe to a rotting tree and refugees to parasites at a party convention on Saturday. “The parasites are not to blame, however, the trees are actually at fault,” said the politician. In Germany, dissatisfaction with Milkmaid Merkel reached 51% -- up 7% in a month


 The first large-scale inter-ethnic violence in Western Europe since 1945 broke out among pumigrants in Germany. Groups of some sixty Christians and sixty Muslims fought each other after a canteen dispute in their temporary shelter near Kassel (Daily Telegraph, 29 ix). Fourteen were injured, said police; and fighting continued later in groups of 70 and 300. The head of Germany’s police union said Christians and Muslims should be separated in the camps.

Elsewhere, in Leipzig, fighting broke out among 200 Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers, with pumigrants wielding table legs and slats. German MPs called for “Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities” to be protected from Muslim A/As.

Other incidents included a riot at a refugee shelter in central Germany over a torn Koran, a Syrian-Afghani clash in Hamburg which needed 50 police to control it, and Muslim Chechens beating up Syrian Christians in a Berlin shelter.

Already, Thuringia had begun housing pumigrants separately according to their countries of origin – a response by Thuringia’s left-wing premier to violence at accommodation in the town of Suhl in August.

{Not having been much exposed to Western peecee claptrap, the pumigrants had yet to learn that all races, nationalities and religions were simplistic fictions....}


 Fed up with the West’s tardiness in confronting the rampaging Sunni jiheadists of ISICK in the Levant, President Vladimir Putin pulled out all the stops in a first-in-ten-years visit to United Nations HQ in NYC. He specially embarrassed Blacky Hussein Obarmy and Daft Dave by calling for a renewal of the WWII Alliance that had defeated the Nazis – for callow Western politicos got their jollies (like Obarmy’s Nobel Peace Prize) by going along with the left’s insistence that there were no Nazis in the world except themselves.

{On the same day that Putin spoke, Britain’s top trade union leader, a McCluskey, denounced Daft Dave as a Nazi to a Labour Party Annual Conference without more than a squeak from ‘Conservatives’ that McCluskey, Corbyn and McDonnell might ‘wreck the economy.’}

    Puto must also have got a laugh as the Tallyhoes of Afghastliland took (for three days) the major northern provincial capital of Kunduz. The West’s expenditure of fourteen years (including thousands of dead soldiers) had been to no avail – Western idealism having focused on providing girls’ schools and eradicating poppy growing.


In a startling burst of common sense, UK PM Daft Dave took £25M with him on a holiday to Jamaica to fund that country to build a high-quality prison that would house and use 300 of Britain’s Black felons as slave labour. The prisoner transfer agreement added to deals that had been struck with Albania, Nigeria, Somaliland, Rwanda and Libya.

However, the government considered an agreement with Jamaica particularly important because, at 600, its citizens make up the third-largest prison population of foreign nationals in UK jails (Guardian, 30 ix). The intergovernmental agreement was that prisoners would be deported regardless of their own wishes; but a field day for a few ‘uman rights lawyers was anticipated. UK officials said it would save taxpayers around £10million a year because of it costs £25,000 a year to keep an inmate in prison. Nearly two-thirds of Jamaican prisoners in the UK were serving sentences of four years or more for violence and drug offences.


Following a chorus complaint about Daft Dave’s plan to criminalize any speech or activity lacking in the “British value” of “mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs” (see e.g. Jonathan Dimbleby, in FREE SPEECH GETS TOP DEFENDER) star Torygraph columnist Philip Johnston wrote that the proposed catch-all Bill “would be deserving of a monarchical veto” (29 ix, ‘Take care not to erode our liberties in the fight against the hateful few’).

{Quite so! How could British politicos, having swamped the country with low-IQ third-world crazies who could not even be told not to wear niqabs and kaftans, proceed against ‘extremism’ in a way that would almost certainly imprison far more Christians and atheists than Muslims? Addressing the Muesli problem more directly, Russia began bombing terrorists fighting the relatively tolerant regime of Basher Assad in Syria; and Egypt announced that Cairo University was banning female academics from wearing the niqab.}


In a rare venture into philosophy, the well-preserved historian-novelist Princess Michael of Kent reminded the Henley Literary Festival of the view that any rights worth having needed to be earned. Defending her own reluctance to grant rights to animals (and to stop wearing foxhair coats), she said (Daily Mail, 30 ix):

“We have obligation. We have obligation to animals, but to say they have rights? They don’t have rights. They don’t vote. You only have rights if you pay your taxes. You earn your rights.”

{‘No representation without taxation’ could be a refreshing adage for the 21st century, traditional political maxims having been exhausted by greedy miners and casino bankers....}

Hungarian by descent, Her Royal Highness made an appearance in The g Factor (1996 [pp. 9-10]; 2000) where she was recorded as “a dazzling figure,” “warm, funny, frank and possessed of high intelligence.” Her life had seen several tragedies, leading her to work as patroness of the Samaritans. In 2004, at age 59, she drew criticism of ‘racism’ from MSM when she tried to quieten noisy Black diners in a New York restaurant, suggesting they remember the days of empire.


South African figures showed there had been 17,805 murders in 2014-5 – almost 49 each day in a population of 52 million. “17,805 is a number I would expect from a country at war,” said Dianne Barnard, the shadow police minister of the Democratic Alliance party. Rises in murder rates of 5% annually were blamed on corruption in Jacob Zuma’s Black government, in which political allies were often promoted above skilled professionals (Daily Telegraph, 30 ix).


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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Though sometimes short of -- or reluctant to give -- evidence for his objections to third-world immigration, and altogether avoidant of IQ, Puta[tive]President Donald Trump was given support for his view that the government of Mexico was flagrantly encouraging that country’s underclass to leave for the USA as soon as possible. From historian Victor Davis Hanson (Stanford University) as he reflected generally on the invasion of the West by A/As whose families would never integrate (17 ix):

"Not long ago, the Mexican government printed comic-book-style manuals on how to enter the U.S. illegally. Apparently, Mexico does not want to retain its own citizens. It assumes that they cannot read and are in need of pictographic instruction. And it advises them to break its neighbor’s immigration laws. How else to ensure that an estimated $30 billion in remittances each year are sent home to Mexico from its expatriates?"


 As one of its contributions to MSM’s effort to make the West sympathetic to A/A pumigrants sweeping into Germany, the BBC focused its cameras preferentially on children – over-representing them twofold in its coverage (Breitbart, 17 ix).


 Apparently, HMG’s plans to cut out ‘extremist’ voices (see PEECEE POLICING, 20 ix) were to apply not only to Britain’s universities but also to the BBC. So, writing in the Guardian (21 ix), Beeb star broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby took the trouble to complain. In doing so, Dimblebore summarized handily the state of such UK censorship even before the proposed introduction of what the Home Secretary was calling a “pre-transmission regulatory regime.”

"In our troubled and insecure environment, Britain has accumulated laws which curtail freedom of expression – in the name of national security and territorial integrity; and to prevent public disorder and combat crime. Laws which also compromise freedom of expression to restrict what we now call “hate speech”.

    Take the Public Order Act, which makes it a criminal offence to use threatening or abusive language with the intention of causing “alarm or distress” to an individual or anybody else who hears it. It is a criminal offence to use language, or publish written material, intended to incite “racial hatred”. It is a criminal offence to incite “religious hatred” or “hatred” against individuals on the grounds of sexual orientation.

    But what is it to cause “alarm and distress”? What expression of “hatred” should merit criminal sanction?

    There is a critically important distinction – that the law seeks to protect – between causing “distress”, which may be a crime, and causing “offence”, which may not. The distinction is not easy for the layman to define, and the two are only too easy to elide. And this happens too often, not because of the laws against hate speech themselves, but because of the prevailing climate in which the law now operates. There is a growing number of people who believe that you should be able to say what you like, but only so long as they agree with you. This attitude is having a huge impact: on university campuses and in town halls, on radio and television, in theatres and art galleries."

As well as regretting that Sir Tim Hunt (q.v.) had been forced out of his UCL fellowship for joking about the problems that men like him had to ‘endure’ from having female scientists in their labs, JD said there were more plans for cutting out naughtiness from luniversities:

"On some campuses there are calls for “trigger warnings” to be inserted in books like The Great Gatsby (because it is misogynistic), Huckleberry Finn (racist), and The Merchant of Venice (antisemitic). How long before such books are removed from the shelves altogether to protect the vulnerable from being offended?"

{Yes, if HMG wanted an excuse for clamping down on free speech (rather than on mosques, burqas, niqabs, kaftans, halal meat and FGM), it had only to point to the latter-day self-righteous censoriousness of students and academics themselves – beginning with the insistence of left-dominated student unions since the 1970s that NO PLATFORM be provided for racists and (as they were often spelled) facists.}

JD’s article was an edited extract from the 2015 Prix Italia lecture to be delivered in Turin, 22 ix.


 As the A/A invasion of Europe threatened the unity and very survival of the EU – set up after WWII with the objective of ending further horror stories for the continent and the world – the West’s ignoramic and ignoracist idealists showed flickering signs of recognizing that Mueslis might be better kept in their own lands with perhaps a little Great Power and Red Cross supervision.

The UK’s Daily Telegraph (21 ix) allowed its Bonking Blond Boris MP to float the idea of establishing ‘safe zones’ (first of all in Syria) to which pumigrants could be returned – though how such (effectively) new countries would manage without the ethnic similarity and exclusivity of the successful Kurdic safe zone set up in Iraq was not specified.

And a Black Republican candidate for the US Presidency (one Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon) insisted that Muslims should at least be kept out of that high office – though such a plan would have seemed to require America to become officially Christian rather than just secular.

      Perhaps the answer was for the Western countries to accept only immigrants whose countries showed as much respect for Christianity (or any other major faiths) as the recipient country did for Islam – which would keep church-builders busy in the Middle East; or whose publication records demonstrated sustained efforts to change their Muesli hell-holes.

But more likely would be the arrival of 2K Russian troops (and scores of aircraft and helicopter gunships) to do the military and humanitarian job of which the enfeebled multiculti West had proved incapable in multiculti Syria -- of backing the Shitites and Allahwhites against AllNutCraap and the Solunni jiheadists of ISICK. (By 22 ix, twenty-eight Russian fighter and bomber planes had arrived in Syria; and the Russian embassy in Damascus took a hit.)
Realism about Islam was also on display in China, where an official showing UK Chancellor George Osborne the tight control that was kept of the Muslim capital of Urumqi explained that wearing the niqab was not mandated by the Koran and was in fact a proclamation of politically “extremist” views. An imminent ban seemed likely; and perhaps a UN vote by China to smash ISICK – a good return for Osborne’s kowtow.


  French police used tear gas, violence and a 10-tonne Volvo bulldozer to evict A/A pumigrants and destroy shelters created by 350 supposed ‘Syrian refugees’ in four separate camps across Calais (International Business Times, 22 ix). In morning raids, riot police forcibly evicted the predominantly Syrian, but also Eritrean and Sudanese, ‘refugees’ from a warehouse in an industrial estate in Calais at the Paul-Devot hangar and an adjoining garden, where they had set up camps.

Elsewhere in the port city, which had become home to roughly 4,000 migrants, riot police smashed the shelters of pumigrants living below a bridge and also evicted them from a church where some had been living for up to a year. Pie-eyed ‘concerned’ groups working in the area claimed at least one man was hospitalised in the ensuing police violence.

    Maya Konforti, from the idealistic pro-invasion group ‘L’Auberge des Migrants,’ said she deeply regretted the decision of the authorities to evict the pumigrants just as colder weather had set in {So why had the ‘Syrians’ left Syria?...}; and she railed against the heavy-handed police tactics. Konforti explained that the mix of pumigrants in living in the areas outside the area’s main ‘Jungle’ camp had permission to be there, with the exception of the garden.

She explained that those who had little to begin with had lost most of their belongings in the raids. But French officials said the evictions were necessary because of ‘health concerns’ – presumably thus alluding to the problems of fighting, thieving, raping and pimping of minors which were also quickly infecting the 2K ‘Syrian’ camps springing up in Germany and leading local social workers to describe pumigrant women as “wild game” in “the biggest brothel in Munich” (‘Syrian’ pimps charging a mere £7 for intercourse) and German mothers to insist their daughters stay home at nights and dress modestly for daytime outings “to avoid misunderstandings” (Breitbart, 22 ix).


 Some 720 ‘pilgrims’ died in a hysterical stampede at Mecca as two million Mohammedan devotees came together believing they must all throw rocks at an imaginary Satan in the same place at the same time. Shitite Iranians were quick to blame Solunni Saudi authorities whose ideas of safety had, for example, not included the provision of a single fire extinguisher at the Mecca mosque.

But the Saudis in turn blamed worshippers “of African nationalities” who had declined to follow the rules graciously promulgated by High Executioner King Faht. In the mayhem, a further thousand Mueslis were seriously injured by trampling and tearing; and the whole world was witness to the incompetence, viciousness and stupidity of A/As from which millions were desperately trying to escape to Europe. The carnage occurred just two weeks after a giant crane had toppled into Mecca’a Grand Mosque, killing 109.

    In the previous two decades, warning to Islam’s leaders had been given by the thousands of Mueslis who had perished at Mecca from stampedes, riots, hotel collapses, heat, disease and fires. The gross irresponsibility of annually bringing together millions of near-illiterate religious maniacs and encouraging excitement, if it had happened in the West, would have been punished by lawsuits that would have bankrupted the organizers and their countries.

Senior clerics in Iran – which had lost more than a hundred in the Mecca calamity -- called for the abdication and/or execution of the Saudi royal family, some of whose members were known to make obscene profits out of the annual shindig (aka ‘hajj’).


“Ben is a nice guy but . . . when you’re negotiating against China, and you’re negotiating against these Japanese guys that are going to come against you in waves . . . we need people that are really smart, that have tremendous deal-making skills and that have great, great energy.” Thus -- critiquing his Black putaPresidential opponent, Ben Carson – did The Donald come as near as was ever likely to admitting intelligence to America’s great debate (NBC News, 17 ix).


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