Wednesday, May 31, 2006


On top of left-wing dismay at St Andrew’s University having divisively reached a 12.6% pay settlement (over 3 years) acceptable to the majority of its own local union members, British academics faced stern action from American Jews’ mighty Anti-Defamation League if they went along their largest national union’s condemnation of academic contacts with Israel (condemnation which had been issued despite some 15,000 signed protests from ADL members).

Britain’s higher-educational loons also had to face an ‘improved offer’ from the university employers’ (aka Government) of a measly 0.5%, bringing the offer to 13.1% -- an increase proving satisfactory to university porters and cleaners and thus embarrassing for academic lefties to refuse, but not accepted by academics’ union leaders.

Students were also split, with some at Preston University threatening legal action against mark-withholding academics (Lancashire Evening Post, 31 v). Total confusion and lasting bitterness seemed real possibilities for the sorry ‘academic’ brigades that had spent their previous twenty years giving in to PeeCee, feminazism (Arthur Koestler’s money was retained by the LUniversity of Edinburgh despite that feckless body declining to renew the professorial appointment that was the whole point of Koestler’s will) and any other disablism which they could think of.

Confusion seemed likely to be exacerbated by the merger of British academics’ two main unions, AUT and NATFHE, on June 1st, into a university and college lecturers’s union, UCU – for higher-quality academics would be unlikely to accept the ministrations of a body so palpably dominated by the Dave Sparts of jumped-up polytechnics (like Preston, where the over-the-top Daves had evidently triggered the first serious student opposition).

Around 300,000 students across the UK faced disruption as long as the industrial dispute remained unresolved – and NATFHE said it was prepared to fight on till Christmas and was already bringing out its 1,900 members in Northern Ireland on full one-day-per-week strike. The obvious resolution was the break-up and privatization of one of the UK’s last remaining nationalized industries, leading to recognition that universities differ vastly in quality and should correspondingly differ in fees for students and remuneration for staff – consummations devoutly unwished by the luniversities’ peecee egalitarians.

Monday, May 29, 2006


A fine summary, review and discussion of Race, by Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele, was provided in American Renaissance by Thomas Jackson and correspondents (19 v). The book’s authors especially stress that there was plenty of recognition of race (e.g. by Muslims, Hindus, Chinese and Bushmen) – and specially of Black hypersexuality and irresponsibility -- long before White intellectuals installed race as a key variable around 1900; that small DNA differences (sometimes thought to diminish the importance of race) are in fact perfectly important – like the 2% difference that distinguishes man from the apes; and that ethnically homogeneous societies are markedly more peaceful.


The problem’s of Britain’s peecee and Pakistani-staffed Home Office continued to multiply (Sunday Telegraph, 28 v, p. 4). It turned out that the HO’s way of dealing with foreign jailbirds eligible (or even court-ordered) for deportation had been to write to them to see if they had an excuse to stay in the UK, to lose the replies (in some 1,000 cases), and then to release the men anyway.

HO rules about its own security staff were flouted by its own officials, requiring private firms to be brought in to take over HO security. One wee madam, a junior manager, Prathiba Metha, had clocked up 100,000 pounds in five years of payments to her to stay on “gardening leave” while her accusations of ‘racism’ against the Department were investigated. New supreme ex-Marxist Dr (from one of Britain’s worst universities, Stirling, where a student once threw a beer can at the Queen), having announced he would “f******* well work 18 hours a day to sort this out,” promptly departed for a 4-day holiday in France with his Brazilian film-maker wife.

Top Daily Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer (27 v), openly questioned what had long seemed obvious, that the Civil Service had surely for the previous generation increasingly mounted a programme of affirmative action, discriminating obscenely against the Oxbridge applicants who once made up 70% of the mandarinate. And where better to pursue anti-White ‘positive discrimination’ than at the Home Office? – There, it could easily be suggested that employing lots ill-qualified and semi-literate Third World immigrants might help the Department with its expanding life-mission of coping with Britain’s swelling hordes of barbarians while taking the pressure on the Civil Service off the lofty Departments of the Treasury and the Foreign Office which did not wish to lower their tone.

(The ‘culture’ of the Home Office was well exemplified as a probation officer – an American who had immigrated with his English wife -- was sacked for undue zeal in attempting to monitor, restrain and bring wayward probationers back to justice (Daily Telegraph, 29 v).)


In further apology for the backwardness of Africa, anti-IQ geographers Shaun Miller and Jared Diamond (UCLA) added to their favoured excuses of ‘poor maize productivity,’ ‘machinery breakdown’ and ‘overly attractive mineral resources’ a new one: that the omnipresence of malaria had deterred European settlers (Nature, 26 v)….

[Added note from John Ray: Malaria was once prevalent in Italy too -- including the time of the Roman Empire!]


After the Association of University Teachers, at its annual conference, heard a stream of foul-mouthed complaints against “fascist bastard” Professor Frank Ellis (LUniversity of Leeds) (see earlier), two letters appeared defending academic freedom in Times Higher (26 v) – from Professor Geoffrey Alderman, Patron, Council for Academic Freedom and Academic Standards (CAFAS) [albeit a body packed with notorious Marxites who had evidently moved to hijack the term ‘academic freedom’ largely for their own purposes], and Bruce Jackson.


As Rev. Bliar and Dave Chameleon at last scuttled to cast doubt on the wisdom of Britain’s having granted ‘human rights’ on British soil to most of the world’s population (without even insisting that the insurgents should first have made an effort to bring liberal democracy and capitalism to their own benighted countries) (Daily Telegraph, 29 v), it remained to be seen whether they (and their good pal Rev. Dubya Bush of the Church of the Latter Day Morons) would get round to executing terrorists and their genetic relatives in direct proportion to the numbers of the terrorists’ victims: such genes-realist insistence on family responsibility for terror would do much to increase family surveillance of possible terrorists and fit well with transferring more freedom to families (e.g. in matters of health, education, and welfare insurance) in line with the pro-family stance increasingly mentioned (albeit sporadically and incoherently) by these post-modern, image-addicted, spin-doctored politicians. {As liberals have to find a convincing alternative to the rapid growth national-socialist-Islam, a formula combining freedom and morality will be required. How about FAMILIES for FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY?}


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Friday, May 26, 2006


"..we have deliberate suppression of dissent. Arthur Jensen, Hans Eysenck, J. Philippe Rushton, Chris Brand, Michael Levin, and Glayde Whitney have all been vilified for their racial views." - Eirannsownblog, v 2006).


Researchers at Harvard and Boston revealed they had stumbled across a gene for `general cognitive ability' (the peecee euphemism for the g factor) (Money Control, 5 v). They discovered that the dysbindin-1 gene (DTNBP1), which they previously demonstrated to be associated with schizophrenia, might also be linked to general cognitive ability. The study was published in the May 15 print issue of Human Molecular Genetics but seemed to be suppressed by mainstream media - except for CBS (3 v), which said one of the researchers estimated the gene accounted for a not inconsiderable 3% of human IQ variation. (That low IQ is important in accounting for severe schizophrenia, requiring chronic hospitalization, was explained in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996/2000).)


The top genetics reporter for the New York Times, Nicholas Wade, came out with a book, Before the Dawn, that was hailed by Steve Sailer as being as non-peecee as one could get about human race differences while still being allowed to write for NYTwits (VDare, 7 v)


The full horror of `Britain's' peecee Home Office was revealed as a `Chief Immigration Officer' in London was taped demanding sex from an asylum seeker - both, of course, were Bleck (Sun, 22 v, photo provided). (This same `Home Office' releases foreign rapists and robbers despite court orders to deport them, loses thousands of passports, loses 4 `prisoners' every day, actually employs illegal immigrants as cleaners and wrongly declares 2,700 British job applicants to have criminal records. Sceptics had thought the place was run by Pakis; but it turned out it was increasingly run by actual Blecks (mean IQ 75-80) in order to bump up `affirmatively' the percentage of ethnic minorities in the `Civil Service.') New boss ex-Marxist and ex-alcoholic Glaswegian `Dr' (from Stirling LUni) John Reid claimed to identify a problem of `culture' at the Home Office. But did he know the precise nature of the problem? - The employment of low-IQ staff who were terrified of doing anything politically incorrect, such as showing enthusiasm about detaining or deporting Bleck robbers and rapists.


Demonstrating his emancipation from all crude left-right stereotypes, scientific racist Professor Geoffrey Sampson of the University of Sussex published in the Daily Torygraph (22 v) his support for the strike action against students by some U.K. academics - a strike that would, if maintained, hopefully bring the luniversities to their knees and result in their privatization and the ending of their peecee tyranny.


A succinct analysis and critique of Western politicians obliging employers by importing desperate, illegal, dependent, bulliable `labour', i.e. modern slaves (with fewer rights than slaves of old), was provided in VDare by Peter Gadiel (16 v).


As an LSE academic came under fire from his authorities for remarking on the internet that his high-prestige School's undergraduates were largely taught by Ph.D. students (and also complaining that the LSE employed few foreigners), the Guardian kindly recalled that Edinburgh University had first set the pace by firing me in 1996/7 (at incredible cost to itself) for my race-realism and anti-paedohysteria on the net (4 v).


The Washington Post (27 iv) allowed philosopher Michael Ruse (himself probably `gay,' and thus a safe pair of hands for the timorous Post) to contemplate the idea that a woman of IQ 71 who had had eight out-of-wedlock children might just possibly, arguably and debatably, within reason and morality, have been told ooops advised ooops counselled to perhaps just possibly (avert your gaze now if full of peecee shit) get herself sterilized. What a brave queer, ooops philosopher! Perhaps, with such `leadership,' realism would just possibly catch on before it was too late among the West's ludicrous IQ-denying Whiteys?


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Friday, May 19, 2006


As maniac Irishman John McGrady, 48, was given a whole-life jail sentence after pulling adolescent girls from London streets, raping them, cutting them up with a hacksaw and disposing of them in multiple bin bags, it emerged that his two brothers had been caged as serial killers working for the IRA (Sun, 17 v).


Providing testimony to all that IQ psychologists have said over the years, Britain's National Union of Teachers (a body replete with egalitarians of every stripe) announced that its love affair with `integrating' low-IQ children into normal schooling was over (Times, 17 v, `Mainstream schools can't manage special needs pupils, say teachers', Leader: `The rush to close special needs schools should be suspended') and that integration - in which both the dull and the bright typically suffer alike -- could even be deemed `abusive."

Since the batty dysgenic `philosopher' Baroness Warnock came up with `special needs' in the 1980's as a replacement for mental subnormality, 19% of Britain's schoolkids had come to be classified as cases of `special needs', their `integration' probably meaning that over 50% of kids were suffering daily for the ideas of the barmy baroness.

Similar sentiments were aired by Times columnist Ross Clark (17 v) who (though himself the father of a mentally handicapped child) concluded: "beyond the age of about 7, when serious academic education begins, it is nonsense to pretend that you can teach a child with an IQ of 50 alongside one with an IQ of 120. Good special schools, like good grammar schools, have been sacrificed to fulfil a misplaced egalitarian philosophy - to the detriment of all children."


In an embarrassing leak from Government records, Australian aborigines (estimated by Professor Richard Lynn to have a mean IQ of 62) were found to be raping their own and others' young children with impunity and to be beating their wives at a rate 45 times that which obtained among Australian Whites (themselves no hardcore devotees of feminism) (Times, 17 v). Oz Minister for Indigenous Affairs finally admitted to newsies that there was "rampant indigenous violence" among abos.


Revealing the impoverishment of intellectual debate in peecee Britain, the Times Higher (28 iv, p. 13) allowed its regular contributor Alan Ryan (Warden of New College, Oxford - up the back alley from the Queen's College) to opine: "[Frank Ellis's] views on race and IQ - let alone on the importance of IQ in determining life chances and a good deal else - are pretty much tosh." Yet, if IQ is unimportant, how come that nine books largely devoted to it have appeared in the past ten years (four by Richard Lynn, two by Art Jensen, one by Nick Mackintosh, one by Ian Deary and one by me), plus a major summary article on race and IQ by Philippe Rushton and Jensen?


Two thirds of gifted children reported having been bullied at school in new research from 11 states of the USA (Washington Post, 17 v); however, bullying was thought by team leader Professor Sylvia Rimm to be significantly reduced when children were grouped together - the policy advocated in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996/2000).

(Meantime, the Cinciannati Enquirer (16 v) reported fresh evidence that boys are over-represented in both tails of the IQ distribution - as claimed for almost a century by psychologists of the London School.)


After the National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers revealed that, in fifteen years, only 88 of 2,210 alleged cases of physical or sexual abuse had resulted in convictions, ">The Times called for accused schoolteachers to be granted the same anonymity as their accusers (19 v). {However, any such anonymity would be swiftly undermined by local gossips and malice-mongers. How much better for the criminal law to return to prosecuting only tangible physical injury, damage or loss.}


The Chinese Government's Ministry of Health claimed an IQ rise of some 4 points in children from the increased use of iodized salt in the provinces since 1996 (People's Daily, 16 v).

{China confirmed its fitness for world competition in the 21st century by this revelation that it was perhaps the only country in the world to be conducting large-scale monitoring of IQ - as recommended in my 1987 chapter for Arthur Jensen: Consensus and Controversy, where I complained that Western countries spent more time attending to children's teeth than to children's intelligence.}


Researchers at Harvard and Boston revealed they had stumbled across a gene for `general cognitive ability' (the peecee euphemism for the g factor) (Money Control, 5 v). They discovered that the dysbindin-1 gene (DTNBP1), which they previously demonstrated to be associated with schizophrenia, might also be linked to general cognitive ability. The study was published in the May 15 print issue of Human Molecular Genetics but seemed to be suppressed by mainstream media - except for CBS (3 v), which said one of the researchers estimated the gene accounted for a not inconsiderable 3% of human IQ variation. See also here.

(That low IQ is important in accounting for severe schizophrenia, requiring chronic hospitalization, was explained in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996/2000).)


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Saturday, May 13, 2006


As the British 'Government' (unable to stop thousands of foreign criminals from leaving prisons and roaming British streets) blamed the July 2005 Muslim terror bombing in London (killing 52 and injuring 700) on 'lack of police resources,' even the Guardian newspaper declined to buy in to the yarn, saying: "A significant part of the failure on 7/7 stemmed from a perception that "home-grown" suicide bombings were relatively unlikely in Europe (not surprisingly this assessment has now been revised). But this stemmed in turn from an inability to recognise the speed of radicalisation that was taking place in some parts of British Islam, partly because of the British government's support for the Iraq war. The evidence of such radicalisation was so obvious by 2005 that it is hard not to conclude that the security failure was both negligent and inexcusable."

The truth is that the police could find plenty of time to hound motorists, druggies, paedofumblers, downloaders, date 'rapists', playground 'racists', foxhunters, anti-war protesters, Frank Ellis, Phill Edwards and BNP leader Nick Griffin; yet they allow violent crime (chiefly Bleck) to rise (even declining to disarm hostage takers) and couldn't be bothered to keep tabs on the London Muslibombers even though they knew these Britain-based Arabs were linked to Bin Liner and one had taken a holiday to Pakistan for terror training. Evidently Britain's 'security' services still preferred to concentrate on finding grannies with knitting needles and nail clippers at airports rather than on following and shooting Britain's enemies in the declared 'war on terror.'

Three of the four London bombers had Arab surnames (Khan, Tanweer, Hussain); and the fourth, Jermaine Taylor, had been born in Jamaica (to a mother of 19 years old who was promptly dumped by the father. The Daily Telegraph denounced police failure to investigate those of the youths they had been advised were Islamofanatics and its columnist Con Coughlin wrote a fine piece titled 'MI5 must pay for scandalous error' (12 v).

(Indifference of politicians and police to protecting ordinary Britons from violence was similarly shown in the multi-million-pound extension of six years of 'human rights' to (i) animal activists engaged in blackmail, death threats and digging up dead grannies so as to distress families keeping guinea pigs and (ii) nine Afghani hijackers for whom Britain had provided sanctuary and support even while 5,000 British troops were actually in Afghanistan helping maintain order.)


A senior Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament, Duncan McNeil, bravely called for contraceptives to be put in methadone given to druggie Scottish females ('caring', mainly at taxpayers' expense for 50,000 youngsters). He was promptly denounced by all the usual suspects (Daily Record, 12 v) but supported by Glasgow University drugs expert Professor Neil McKeganey (Glasgow Herald, 12 v) (for more on McKeganey and supporters, see this Diary/Blog, iii 2004).


Material from American Renaissance achieved unprecedent publicity as a South Carolina radio station and the much-followed Drudge Report aired the views of Latin teacher Winston McCuen to the effect that Whites had higher average IQ than Blacks and that slavery had been OK for West African Blacks taken to America, not least since they had never known any other social system (Am.Ren.,12 v).


The BBC revealed that Ugandans had been smuggling Black girls into the UK and forcibly impregnating them so they could claim council flats (Am.Ren., 9 v). Subsequently, the girls were driven by their fellow Blecks into prostitution and the flats rented out as brothels. So, finally, the left had managed to lure UK taxpayers to fund quite directly the dysgenic take-over of the country that would require all the 'special needs' teachers and 'community relations' artistes which it would supply (at cost to the taxpayer and on the condition they stuck to PeeCee-Labourism).


Faced with pressure from the Sun, the Times (Leo McKinstry, 11 v), the Daily Mail (12 v), the Yorkshire Post (11 v) and the Daily Mirror (12 v) over murders by released foreign criminals, unpoliced Muslibombers and unable-to-be-deported Afghani hijackers (these latter costing the UK £10M during their six-year stay); with unusually right-ish opposition from Blue-Green leader David Chameleon; and with fine leaders in the Telegraph and Scotsman (13 v), Rev. Bliar and his obese and wallpaper-enhanced legal cronies, had little alternative but to deplore being caught out. In the latest bit of spin and image-making and frankly un-thought-out lying, they promised to change Labour's granting 'human rights' to all and sundry (except Britain's Whites, now readily arrestable for 'racist' 'hate speech') and permitting unelected (and liberal-left) judges (another result of Labour's 'long march through the institutions') the option to put such individual 'rights' ahead of group rights and national security.

{Such criticisms were especially surprising since Labour' s Human Rights Act of 1998 had quickly become deeply entrenched in judicial operations and a great source of funds for Britain's burgeoning numbers of largely taxpayer-funded 'human rights lawyers' such as Mrs Cherie Blair. Western Oriental Gentleman Shami Chakrabarti, director of campaign group 'Liberty' promptly jumped up and down and registered an objection to the criticisms with the receptive journalists of the BBC.}


Nigerians provided a graphic demonstration of the advantages of the British Empire as 200 died (blown up) when thieves tried to siphon oil from a pipeline. Further south, Blacks continued to destroy utterly what little was left of the once tranquil and productive rural haven of Rhodesia (Am.Ren., 4 v). All reminiscent of the adage: 'Give an African a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat the bait.'


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Friday, May 12, 2006

The left: Can't read or Won't read?

The unwillingness of the left to read anything is the most striking feature of the last decade of 'anti-racist' endeavour. In May, 1996, (as an Oxford man, prison psychologist and long-standing academic), I thought I'd be OK since favourable reviews of 'The g Factor' had appeared in Nature and New Scientist.

Six months later I knew differently. In the past ten years I have not come across a single leftie (nor many others!) who have any serious knowledge of the book. The left has dished out the same treatment to the 2002 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations.' Even 'The Bell Curve' is mentioned only to damn it, not to discuss its arguments or (at the time) spanking new evidence -- see here.

But such is the way of the world. When Constantine established Christianity as the religion of the Empire (allowing him to raid the temples of all the other much richer religions) he thought the Christians worshipped the Sun (as he did) because their holy day was Sunday.

Likewise, today, the (mainly) leftish followers of Darwin don't know that his magnum opus was (partly) about race (the term actually being included in the book's full title). And rightists don't admit that Adam Smith was pretty much a social democrat.

Soon after I was sacked from E.LU., the Scottish National Portrait Gallery had an exhibition in which my chief opponent, the LUniversity Principal (today Lord Stewart Sutherland of Houndstooth), proclaimed the LUniversity's love of freedom and of David Hume (to whom one of its grim tower blocks is devoted) -- little recalling that howling religious mobs successfully prevented Hume from ever getting a chair at Edinburgh (or any other Scottish luniversity).

The Lysenko story says it all: ideology and politics trump truth every time -- See here. Galileo had to wait almost 400 years for an apology from the Church. And Ramsay Macdonald and the gweat Woy Jenkins will surely wait longer for forgiveness from the Labour Party.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Nothing daunted by the experience of Harvard President Larry Summers last year, Harvard's Professor of Government, Harvey C. Mansfield came out with a book, Manliness (Yale Univ. Press), saying among other things that men were more intrinsically `confident in the face of risk', i.e. manly, and more suited to leadership (Harvard Gazette, 10 iv; Weekly Standard, 10 iv). (Greater male tough-mindedness and independence/assertiveness were summarized in Chapter 1 of The g Factor, 1996/2000.)


I am glad to say I have discovered the mighty William McDougall's intellectual autobiography on the net here. It should be of great value to sympathizers with outspeaking hereditarianism, democratic elitism and national liberalism - expanding as it does beyond my own summary of McD's intellectual life (See here).


A sorry letter appeared in The Australian (26 iv) rehearsing in summary ancient arguments that the Black-White IQ gap might just be environmental - but failing to address modern evidence that it is directly linked to brain size, skin lightness and genetic variation (in `microcephalin haplogroup D') and that it has entirely resisted all the post-1945 endeavours of environmentalists to reduce it. In Britain, other ignoracists got a rude shock as a survey by `equality adviser' Jane Lane found toddlers of three-years-old to be racially discriminatory in their patterns of association and friendship with other children: such frightful `racism' affected White, Black and `Asian' children equally - but ignoracists interpreted the shocking finding as somehow reflecting "historic prejudices" and proposed to deal with it by enforcing race mixing and anti-racist propaganda on infants.. (Sunday Telegraph, 7 v, p. 1).


Leeds LUniversity's suspended Frank Ellis and I were mentioned in despatches at `Guardian Unlimited', 9 v (thanks to Robin Clarke, Birmingham) (though another correspondent insisted we were "racists", not "truthtellers"). (I also got a mention at `Blogger News Network,' 11 iv.)


Top Grauniad columnist Jonathan Freedland came round belatedly to the view that British politicians' cardinal failure had been to avoid offering people CHOICE (as per McDougall NewsLetters, this blog etc.) in matters of education, health and welfare provision (10 v) - though Freedland did not make the corresponding recognition that the nation, too, should make choices as to what kind of citizenry it wanted to encourage to breed.



A Downing Street aide told the Sunday Herald (30 iv), "You couldn't f****** make it up." The business culminated in Labour coming third in local council elections in England & Wales (getting only 26% of votes cast, compared to 40% for the Conservatives and 27% for the Liberal Democrats) and in Rev. Bliar sacking the arrogant Charles Clarke from the Home Office (which, it turned out, had simply giving up hope of deporting foreign criminals in view of the Labour Government's granting of `human rights' to them and much of the rest of the people of planet earth), demoting `Two Shags' (who lost all administrative responsibility and just remained in the Cabinet as a figurehead for Old Labour) and rejigging half of his Cabinet (`rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic,' as the media were quick to say). {The fact that Bliar survived was due to the failure of Chancellor `Grumpy' Gordon Brown to resign and put the boot in, believing that Bliar would eventually hand over power to him gracefully - an unlikely outcome as civil war broke out within the Labour Party.}


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