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As secular newspapers were closed (see previous) by Egypt’s ‘Arab Sprung’ new government, drawn from the Muslim Brotherhood, reports emerged in Middle East newspapers of non-Muslim journalists being given agonizing crucifixions by Mueslis – even nailed up on trees outside the presidential palace to general amusement (Sunday Mail, 19 viii).

In Iraq, Mueslis had killed or driven out 75% of that country’s Christians. {No-one could accuse Mueslis – any more than Herr Hitler – of not letting on what their rule would involve! There might of course be a healthy influence of the simplifications of Sharia on banking and the upper reaches of Britain’s public ‘services’ (so incompetent at the Royal Scottish Museum’s Russia-backed sexless exhibition about Catherine the Great [no mention of her countless soldier boyfriends or of the much-loved story that she died in flagrante delicto with a horse] as to provide wall texts so tiny that they could not be read without setting off security alarms).}


After Committee consideration (assisted by correspondence from me to my ‘local’ East E’bugger MP [the vagaries of Britain’s parliamentary constituency law including Newington with East Edinburgh despite the intervention of ten square miles of Queen’s Park]), a Bill was tabled for the House of Commons requiring that any successful case for defamation should involve proof of serious harm (Daily Telegraph, 18 vii) – a small but welcome move in the direction of free speech. {If only Race Relations crimes had to involve a similar level of harm!}


As the British far-right continued to fragment (into some eight feuding mini-groups, of which the BNP, NF and EDL were the best-known three – Guardian, 20 viii), America’s GOP set about solving the right’s problem (of getting back to Reaganism) by adopting presidential and vice-presidential candidates who were, respectively, a committed Mormon and a committed Catholic; and it enjoyed the luck of Obarmy having come out in favour of yag ‘marriage.’

{Good luck to America’s ‘Reds’! – Though one might have thought that agreement about the importance of IQ (as an explanatory variable, as a key guide in selection, and as a main target of eugenic effort) would have provided a more solid basis for the right in its main contest with the left, over ‘equality’.}

In Scotland too, First Minister Alex Salmon brought the head of the Catholic Church (750K members) out against him by backing yag demands: Cardinal O’Brien refused any further personal contact with Fish and his sidekick Ms Sturgeon.

At Westminster, Daft Dave Cameron similarly risked discovering that bumboy rights was the key to unleashing a tidal wave of conservative sentiment against his ‘detoxified’ party – luckily for him, his main rival BoJo agreed, as well a Turkman might.

{Christianity may have managed OK without marriage of any kind for its first 400 years; but by the 20th century it had become identified with ‘normal family life against the increasingly bullying ways of the state. If CO’B could – late in the day – rally his mainly Labour-voting troops, they could strike a decisive blow for the Unionist ooops ‘Better Together’ cause.}


As Western firms relocated their HQs to Nairobi (pop. 3M), appalled by the rest of Africa and enthused by the latest buzzy idea of a ‘Silicon Savannah’, Microsoft complained that it could only regard 10% of capital city job applicants as worth training (BBC, 13 viii).

Tribal violence killed 52 in the south-east of the country as the longstanding feud between the Wombles and the Bumbles (which had killed 130 in 2001) re-erupted (probably over cattle and water rights, a matter which even Britain’s hopeless civil service or electricity companies could have sorted out in ten years) (BBC, 22 viii).


Top Muesli-backing leftist George Galloway (MP for most years since 1987, lately toppling Labour in Bradford West; on his third marriage to a Muslimme) put the cat among the pigeons at Feminoid House by saying that Wikileaks artist Julian Assange (wanted for ‘rape’ in Sweden and sheltering from trial by holing up in the Ecuador embassy in London) had been guilty at most of “minor” trespasses and “breach of sexual etiquette” (by renewing sex with a bed partner who had dozed off).

The Guardian (which had been little troubled by Assange leaking US military secrets and endangering the lives of US co-operators in Afghastliland) promptly moved into shock-horror mode, even claiming that a woman who so much as touched the penis of her sleeping husband was guilty of “sexual assault” (21 viii, fat Julie Bindel, unlikely to find any male in her bed except a male elephant).

The Sun and its readers and GG’s own party (‘Respect’, led by one Thelma Yaqoob) were also up in arms (22 viii): evidently it was only juries taken carefully through the facts who were prepared to throw out (as they did in nine cases out of ten) the hysterical ‘rape’ charges supported by feminoids and greedy lawyers.

{Perhaps it was time for the realistic, Israelosceptic, anti-abortion, anti-separatist, Trotskyite-condemned GG (awarded Spectator ‘Debater of the Year’ in 2001 and a similar accolade from the US Senate) to find his natural political home – on the right. – His preference for occasional nationalization could surely be accommodated by rightists since two of Britain’s very largest swindles, the ‘Bank of Scotland’ and ‘Royal Bank of Scotland’, had been 80% nationalized since 2008 without a peep from Conservatives.}


Britain’s grossly greedy taxpayer-bailed-out ‘bankers’ were attacked not just by the left and the Economist but by the Daily Mail (21 viii). Any chance that Daft Dave would legislate retrospectively to tax all earnings and bonuses (including those of civil ‘servants’) beyond those of the UK PM at 95% and thus dispatch his rival Boris and win the next general election (2015) and the anticipated vote against Scottish separatism (2014)? None whatever!

The wankstas had entrenched themselves more deeply into the post-industrial economy of Britain than had the greedy Labour-backed strike-prone miners, steelworkers and carmakers of the 1970s. And DD’s cluelessness about what to do elicited derision as Conservatives defected in droves for UKIP, the Conservatives’ monthly income dropped 10%, and the party had to resort to offering seats at its autumn Birmingham conference at half-price.

Wankstas also found themselves condemned on Russia Today’s ‘Keiser Report,’ in the Spectator, in the Independent and on Sky TV as being quite the major beneficiaries of the West’s latest inflation ruse (called ‘quantitative easing’, giving trillions to fat cats so long as they spent it buying Treasury bonds).


‘Paralympians’ showed their basic mettle (whatever their lack of accoutrements) by getting arrested for child molestation, female molestation and voyeurism (Sun, 22 viii). Three members of the 19-strong Jordanian squad of disabled athletes had been reported to cops by two women as they trained in Ulster to wring the withers of handicap-worshipping Londoners.

Other disablement artistes were exposed as giving themselves electric shocks and breaking their own toes so as to increase their blood pressure and and thus performance.

And it was revealed how the ‘learning disabled’ had been banned from the Paralympic ‘Games’ since 2000. Simply, the entire ‘disabled’ Spanish basketball team had faked low on their IQ tests.


The ‘idealistic’ West’s policy of helping Solunnis topple Syria’s dictator Assad and his Shitite followers clocked up another ‘achievement’ as – with Aleppo half-wrecked – the Solunnis and Shitites of famously multicultural Lebanon killed twelve of each other (and wounded 100) in two days (BBC R4, 23 viii; Haaretz, 23 viii).

American commentator Pat Buchanan agreed with this blog in anticipating a Muslim ethnonationalist Thirty Years War. India, too, was feeling the tremors surfacing after decades of neglect of racial differences and suppression of talk about them.

Ethnic violence in the Assam region killed scores and sent hundreds of thousands fleeing in panic (as Mueslis emigrating from Bangladesh came up against the tribal Bodo). And, as China continued its moves to control the South and East China Seas, huge mobs turned out to scream “Kill all Japanese.”


As the BBC and the rest of Britoid MSM devoted hours/pages of coverage to the tiniest decline in 16-yr-olds GCSE pass rate (0.4% -- it should have been 40% after 24 years of dumbing down), educators in Singapore explained the secret of their success: yes, it was streaming (into ‘academic’ and ‘technical’ groups – no need in Singapore for Burt’s ‘secondary modern schools’ for dumbos) which had put Singapore into the world’s top five in educational achievement, whereas Britain had been unable even to stay in the top twenty-five.

Michael Gove (Coalition Education Minister and rival to DD if BoJo fouled up) was said to be ‘very interested’ in the Singapore idea (tried with success in Britain from 1920 to 1965); but whether Govey had read of the similar success of Germany’s streamed educational system (see TgF, Ch.4, 1996/2000) was unknown.


As Labour-slayer Anders Behring Breivik heard his Oslo 21-year prison sentence for his 77 murders with gratification and dignity, smirking and with his fist raised in salute, the Oz group (Melbourne Kommunard Activists – MKA; ‘The Economist’) which had portrayed him (he did some high-school business courses) at the Edinburgh Fringe as a frothing neurotic if not psychotic (though his madness was “no worse than that of the Oz PM John Howard” and entirely due to right-wing extremism plus steroids, of course) surely hung their heads in shame.

Breivik was in fact a case of narcissistic and homosexual personality disorder (as explained previously), though his lonely young-adult life with his mama had given him plenty of time to read extensively (which MKA did not admit) and develop a perfectly sane writing style which could easily match that of contributors to the Guardian.

His only mistakes were to have been atrociously cavalier with the lives of Norwegians far too young to have been guilty of the treachery of bringing the Third World to Oslo, and to have left his own open protest against the treacherous socialist-invited Muesli invasion ten years too late.

Having been found legally sane and a genuine terrorist (by five judges, unanimously), Breivik could reckon to avoid for a while the clutches of the ‘expert’ psychiatrists who had declared him mad; but his jail term was capable of extension beyond its 21 years if the Norwegian authorities put their mind to it and deemed him still ‘a danger to society.’

Thus did the ex-Vikings of Norway think to maintain their commitment to modern liberalism: locking up Breivik for less than three months in passable luxury (he had a computer with internet connection) for each of the murders which he had committed.

Despite giving grave offence to many of the victims’ relatives and friends, and risking Breivik becoming ever more of a living legend, Norway’s political class was determined to carry on as if nothing much had happened, and in particular to continue with its policy of inviting mass coloured immigration which (together with subsequent state-aided breeding) would not only supply copious cheap labour but extinguish traditional Norwegian conservatism within a generation.

The incredibly lenient sentence, which could see Breivik freed after just ten years, was an eye-opener about Norway: riddled with guilt about having gone along with Hitler, the country had evidently gone MAD ABOUT PEECEE.

As the trial ended with its ludicrous ‘sentence’, Norwegians were reported to be experience ‘relief’ that the matter was settled – in particular that Breivik’s face would disappear from p.1 of national newspapers (where it had been standard for a year).

What’s this? It’s called hysterical denial! Peecee Norway wanted nothing more than that Breivik would just, somehow, anyhow, GO AWAY and stop disturbing their lib-left prejudice that no-one could object to multiculturalism. Prime Minister Stoltenberger (with fries....) articulated the response of a country that had done nothing since 9/11 to fight Muesli terror: “Our response is more democracy, more openness, and more humanity.”

Was there any cracking in stoic Norway’s peecee liberalism? Yes! The world had been promised a final speech from Breivik. But when he started apologizing in court to fellow nationalists, for not having killed more Muesli-lovers, top judgette Elizabeth Somebody shut him up and had him taken down to the cells. And soc.anth. professor Thomas Eriksson (U.Oslo) admitted there was a “vocal and aggressive” minority in Norway which agreed with Breivik that the country had been taken over by Muslims, with the complicity of the government – and that some sympathized with Breivik’s words, if not his actions.


After two years of fortnightly wining and dining with EU ‘leaders’ at EU taxpayers’ expense, the unheard-of PM of bankrupt Greece decided to think about thinking about taking the advice (offered here previously, three years ago) that he should sell off some of his corrupt and unproductive (but sun-kissed) country’s 6,000 islands (Sun, 24 viii). This obvious move was greeted with “shock” by pie-eyed natives (gulled by eurodiners ooops euroeconomists into thinking they could live high on the hog for ever at German expense) – even though many of the islands were conveniently uninhabited.


As British feminoids urged wymmin to burn all copies of the ‘sensational’ sex&shopping&spanking-of-undergraduette-by-older-man novel Fifty Shades of Grey (which was in truth no more erotic or obscene than Lady Chatterley’s Lover – cleared by a jury for publication in 1959) (D.Telegraph, 24 viii), a lesbian at U.Nebraska admitted she had fabricated a charge of rape – out of idealism, she said, for she had intended to ‘motivate’ other wymmin (who had indeed rallied round to contribute to her ‘fighting fund’) (NBC, 21 viii).


The multiculti left’s chief pit bull terrier, the mega-rich Southern Poverty Law Centre, at last found itself facing serious opposition as internet evangelist Bill Keller rejected the group’s charge that his ministry was a “hate group”: Keller demanded $100M for this charge, made in response to his saying SPLC had inspired the murderer of a radical homosexualist who had condemned the Biblical view of yaggery (Huffington Post, 17 viii).


The death of astronaut and moonwalker Neil Armstrong was taken by President Barry Obarmy as an opportunity to tell Americans that ‘you can all do it and be famous if you really want’ (BBC World Service News, 26 viii, 02:00BST). Of course this was nonsense. NA’s father, a state auditor, had taken him flying at age two; and by 1950, aged twenty, NA had a science degree from U.Purdue and a gold medal from USAF for his many successful flights over Korea.

Moreover, NA was not keen on fame, preferring to stress his 1969 effort was entirely due to teamwork, declining interviews, and retiring after a year into a quiet life as professor of engineering.


After congratulating this blog on its critical coverage of Danny Boyo’s multiculti Olympics, a correspondent from the Continent turned (26 viii) to the remarkably hereditarian and pro-eugenic views of Oxford’s Professor Savulescu.*
Glad to learn that eugenics still has some courageous advocates -- though of course it has been practised in the 'real existing world' even by its most vocal critics whenever their own unborn children are diagnosed with Down's syndrome, etc.

In fact, the only Western country that is still choc-a-bloc full of mentally retarded children is ... Éire. Whenever I visit Galway, I have the feeling that I am everywhere in the close vicinity of a special needs school. But the reason is, of course, that abortion is still very much taboo in the Holy Republic and so mongoloids, spastics etc. are a dime a dozen wherever you go.

* JS had subsequently disappeared from view, perhaps because his Oxford seniors drew his attention to such harsh criticisms as that of Boston bioengineering prof John Sherley who had called JS ‘a fool or an egotist’ (LifeSiteNews, 22 viii).


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Sunday, August 19, 2012


As post-Olympics caterwauling went up for more ‘state investment’ in ‘sports for all’, even sympathetic lib-left columnist Will Hutton was gracious enough to admit: (a) that the major (literally, PM John Major) boost to Britain’s Olympic chances (rated dismal after just one Gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics) had come not from taxation but from the setting up of the National Lottery which ‘regressively’ fleeced – but not compulsorily -- the relatively poor to fund a wide range of quality-selected voluntary organizations; and (b) that the sports funders adopted “a ruthless approach to picking potential winners and grooming them for success in a world of intensely global competition” (Observer, 12 viii).


The idea of breaking up the eurozone into two halves (mooted passim in this blog and enjoying support from social-democrat Lord David Owen and wildcard Tory Boris Johnson) turned out to have found favour with the former CEO of Barclays, Martin Turner – whose sanity was further testified by his having in the 1990s advocated the separation of Barclays’ retail and merchant banking arms (he resigned when the Barclays’ board rejected his advice -- Sunday Times, 12 viii, Dominic Lawson). Apparently such a separation of Europe’s English-speaking north from profligate ClubMed was “being taken seriously in Germany.”


Preparing for celebration of the 200th centenary of the Battle of Borodino, when the Imperial Russian Army (under the Tolstoy-celebrated General Mikhail Kutuzov) managed to turn the tide against Napoleon’s Grande Armée, President Vladimir Putin unembarrassedly expressed the sentiment (Sunday Times, 12 viii): ‘We Russians are always the victors. It is in the genes.’

{This conveniently neglected the West-enforced demilitarization of the Black Sea (where the Russian fleet had been wiped out) after the Crimean War, Japan’s spectacular naval defeat of Russia in 1905, Russia’s humiliating truce with Germany in 1916, its routing by the Afghan mujaheddin in the 1980s and the Cold War which ended in the collapse of Communism and in American military hegemony – but no matter. These losses could be written off as mere ‘setbacks.’ Russia and equally Orthodox Serbia had certainly managed to defend Christianity against Mongols and Mueslis for a thousand years – even Catherine the Great’s victory over the Turks in the Black Sea had required the help of a British (Scottish) admiral.}


Having declined for four years to solve Britain’s ‘financial crisis’ by slashing the country’s bloated public ‘service’ and cutting the ‘banks’* down to size (in their British operations), it turned out that Britain’s politicos – enjoying ever-shorter weeks and ever-longer holidays – did not believe there was a problem.

Not content with arming India (newly equipped with a home-made nuclear submarine firing ballistic missiles), Pakistan and Solunni Muslims in Libya and Syria, they were happy for quangos like Hammersmith Council to house a single-mum ‘refugee’ Palestinianne, 47, and six of her seven sprogs (the seventh being in prison in Norwich for drug dealing) in a £1.25M upmarket townhouse which the family (all on welfare) proceeded to trash (Sun, 14 viii).

Nor was it just social workers who had cash to spare. Police (whose 100-man deployment had failed for more than a week to find murdered 12-yr Tia Sharp’s body in the tiny lowlife house where she had last been seen) were happy to mount a leisurely, lengthy and expensive investigation into SAS hero Nigel Ely for having brought back a bit [the bum] of a bronze statue of Madman Insane from Iraq – thus “illegally removing Iraqi cultural property”, they said before dropping the case.

In top-security asylum Broadmoor, a brutal sex fiend who had murdered two women and eaten the skin of one of them, ‘required’ an £8K gastric band operation to stop him ballooning further from the 23 stone which he had reached on hospital grub (Sun, 19 viii).

* “In recent weeks they have been exposed as dens of money-launderers, tax avoiders, rate-riggers and mis-sellers. .... Having paid a record £290m in fines to regulators in the UK and the US for Libor rate-fixing, Barclays is now embroiled in a court case where it is accused of mis-selling loans to a care-home business with interest rate swaps that were manipulated in the bank’s favour. It denies wrongdoing. Yet still, despite multiple disgraces, its witless cheerleaders bleat about ‘bank-bashing’. When will this blinkered crew admit the ‘bashers’ have a point?” (Daily Mail, 14 viii, Ruth Sutherland).


Perhaps enraged by the successes of Britain’s beaming Blacks in the London Olympics (in which France had fallen even behind South Korea, not to mention Britain), the Blacks of northern Amiens (100m north of Paris) rioted for two nights running, burning out scores of White-owned cars and setting fire to schools and community centres and causing around £1M damage. At least three drivers were dragged from their cars, which were then stolen.

The riots were triggered by police stopping a Black driving the wrong way along a one-way street. Hundreds of police were rushed to the area and seventeen of them were injured; but, evidently kowtowing to social workers and/or the new socialist President François Hollande, they proved unable to make a single arrest.

The Blacks had used firearms; and, when a government minister called for calm, they jostled and swore at him. The West’s MSM put up its usual peecee performance, not mentioning the race of the rioters, who were just called “youth,” merely mentioning “similarities” to the Paris riots of 2005 and the Tottenham riots of 2011, and finding a Black father (with a pushchair for his infant – unheard of!) who said he did not care for riots; but Telegraph blogger Stephen Clarke was more frank (14 viii).

Apparently Black yoof of Amiens standardly laze around in the streets smoking mega-strength dope, doing ‘wheelies’ in the roads on their scooters and generally asking for trouble.

Amiens was basically a nice city with a well-known university and a fine Gothic cathedral sporting splendidly vibrant modern stained glass windows. But its Mayor, a socialist, admitted (France 24, 14 viii): "You've got gangs of youths playing at being gangsters who have turned [their north Amiens banlieu/cité] into a no-go zone. You can no longer order a pizza or get a doctor to come to the house."

French police could not be accused of lack of enthusiasm for their work: some of them challenged individual Afro-Algerians to 1-on-1 fistfights. By 16 viii, there were five arrests – two of them of immigrants setting fire to rubbish bins, and three of rioters saught by police.

In previous days, there had also been unrest in the southern city of Toulouse, where rival groups in two housing projects had been battling for a number of days. The violence marked the first big unrest under François Hollande, who could not even resolve his own marital/extramarital problems. Marseilles had already been surrendered, with well-organized drug dealing and associated firearms trade providing the major career structure for the Afro-Algerians of its ghettos (one of them central, overlooking the bobbing masts of the city’s charming port).


A helpful if late-in-the-day review of the enslavement of one million Africans in long-independent Mauritania (a phenomenon covered in TgF NewsLetters of the 1990s in the hope bucking up Whites obsessed with ‘guilt’ about American slaving practices of 200 years previously – a vain hope, of course) was provided in the Guardian (15 viii, by Afro-haired Black but bespectacled Monica Mark).

So the system must turn out be run by Whites? No: just by lighter-skinned Arabs who used Islam to let the Africans know their place from childhood. Slaves, who typically worked a 15-hr day for their keep, changed hands for around $90 – but Moors who produced children by raping their slaves could pick the kids up as new slaves at any time, for free.

Ranging more widely, the Guardian estimated there were 27M slaves worldwide (not including China’s wage-slaves, see previous) – a greater number than at the height of the White slave trade (abjured and internationally banned by Britain in 1807).

Arabic no-nonsense attitudes were further in evidence in northern Mali, where Islamic insurgents cut the hand off a Black thief (in front of twelve witnesses) and stoned an unmarried Black couple to death (in front of an admiring audience of 200). The Arabs’ Darwinian determination was manifest as a Palestinian terrorist, imprisoned by Israel on thirty life sentences, apparently smuggled some of his sperm out to get his wife pregnant with their fifth child. In Suez, jihadists called in writing for the genocide of Coptic Christians if these “slaves of the Cross” would not submit to subhuman dhimmi status.


The Solunni vs Shitite fighting which the West (notably Britain’s goofy ex-non-PM William Hague and America’s clapped-out cuckaulde Hitlery Clinton) had been pleased to stimulate in Syria took off in Lebanon with a handful of traditional sectarian kidnappings which prompted several Solunni countries to urge their nationals to return home at once (BBC R4, 16 viii, 00:00am; Guardian, 16 viii, Martin Chulov, David Hirst).

Even members of the Lebanese establishment, long accustomed to the byzantine ways of the region and the vagaries of life in a rough neighbourhood, said a potentially historic – and dangerous – shift was underway. "This is the unravelling of the Sykes-Picot agreement," said Walid Jumblatt, the leader of Lebanon's Druze sect, in reference to the secret agreement between the British and French in 1919, which carved up the Levant into spheres of influence in the wake of the Ottoman empire's demise.

"We are seeing the end of what was created 90 years ago. The consequences will be very, very, grave unless they are managed properly."Syria was stitched together as a patchwork-quilt pseudo-nation state of antipathetic sects between the end of the first world war and the start of the second. And Lebanon's development as a country followed roughly the same timeframe. The country's main fault line – once Christian versus Muslim – by 2000 mirrored that of the region at large, i.e. Solunni versus Shitite Islam. Iranian-armed Hezbollah was the player around which this whole drama revolved; a 2012 opinion poll showed that 94% of Lebanon's Sunnis were hostile to it, while 94% of its Shias supported it.

Merry Muesli sectarianism was also on display in lunatic Pakistan, where masked Solunnis intercepted three buses of returning Shitite pilgrims (of the northern Astore Valley), lined them up at the roadside and shot at least twenty dead at point-blank range (Daily Telegraph, 17 viii).


52 years after White South African police shot dead 61 Black protesters (against pass laws restricting Blacks from some White areas), Black South African police in post-apartheid SA shot dead 44 Black miners in a week (and injured 78) – among thousands who had been agitating for more money (BBC R4, 17 viii, 08:00).

In Egypt, the ‘Arab Sprung’ Muslim Brotherhood (which Western idealists had helped let loose) began closing newspapers critical of the new government and replacing army chiefs who (with the blessing of 2011-deposed President Hosni Mubarak) had kept Egypt at peace with Israel for 38 years (FrontPage, 15 viii; CBC News, 17 viii).

(The Black police had admittedly been made jumpy by two of their number being bludgeoned and hacked to death and having their weapons seized by the miners; but then the (initially twenty) White police at Sharpeville had confronted a Black mob of 19K which (whipped up by paid agitators) had been hurling rocks and had felled a police commander to the ground.)


Youthful Romanian-Australian ethics expert Professor Julian Savulescu, based at Oxford University (St Cross College; OU Faculty of Philosophy) and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Medical Ethics, told Readers’ Digest that genetic screening in vitro/ in utero and the offer of disposal/abortion, should be extended from the handful of disastrous conditions for which it was already available (mongolism, cystic fibrosis, propensity to bowel and breast cancer) to get rid of personality flaws such as “potential alcoholism, psychopathy and disposition to violence” (Daily Telegraph, 17 viii, ‘Designer babies ‘are just good parenting’’; Press Association, 17 viii; BBC R4, 18 viii, 08:50).

He said genetic engineering should be considered a moral obligation – though not one backed by state compulsion. He pointed out that the lives of personality-disordered people were often pretty miserable (as well as nasty, brutish and short), so terminating such conceptions would not just be of benefit to their families and society. He was promptly condemned by all correspondents to Huffington Post (17 viii).

He had first been inspired towards eugenics when he heard a lecture by philosopher Peter Singer at Monash University. Whether he had ever heard of the Eugenics Society (renamed Galton Institute in 1994) was unknown. He maintained a blog, ‘Practical Ethics,’ giving immediate comments – normally of utilitarian bent -- on ethical questions.


A convoy of gypsy lorries, horseboxes, caravans and a mobile toilet sailed in broad daylight through the open gates of exclusive Marlborough College and headed straight for the playing fields (on which queen-in-waiting Kate Middleton had used to captain the girls’ hockey team), where the ‘Roma’ said they would stay just for the weekend – English law declining to treat trespass as a criminal offence about which police could take immediate action, meaning that only the richest payers of security guards had much protection from the filth, noise and thievery which gypsy/’traveller’ camps invariably involved (Sun, 18 viii).

{The peecee scheme was also good for lawyers and council officials, who could pick up millions of pounds taking years to evict gypsies from their chosen rent-free sites.}


Attending an Edinburgh Festival Fringe event (about the neurotic, psychotic and absinthe-addicted Camille Claudel, from whom her lover Rodin was lucky to escape as she was carted off to an asylum hurling accusations that he had plagiarized her work), I happily bumped into a psychology honours student from 1975, now long a senior clinical psychologist.

Naturally I told her my story of another former student who had got into CP: just 25 when I met her on the street and asked about the role of the CPsst, she had told me her main job was attending meetings and planning for ‘the need for more clinical psychologists.’ ‘Yes,’ replied my 1975 student, ‘it’s surprising what you end up doing: a major task for me is correcting the grammar in the clinical reports of junior psychologists.’


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Sunday, August 12, 2012


As mixed-race Jessica Ennis emerged with Gold as Britain’s beloved victorine ludorum at the Lesbian ooops London Olympics, research revealed she had won first prize (a pair of trainers) at the first athletics event she had ever attended, in Sheffield at age ten. She said/joked her father had only sent her to it to ‘get her out of the house.’ She arguably had athletics in her genes: her (Black, Jamaican) father (a painter & decorator) had done some sprinting at school and her (White, Derbyshire-born) mother (a social worker) had been good at the high jump.

The washboard-stomached heptathlete, who had reached Pippa Middletonian levels of British press coverage by mid-2012, was said by Wikipaedia to have met her coach-to-be, Toni Minichiello, at the 1996 event. Reflecting in 2011 on the pair’s 14-year relationship, TM said/joked it was ‘father-daughter,’ with him sometimes an ‘embarrassment.’

In 2012, Jessica lived in Sheffield with her fiancé (a construction manager) and a pet chocolate labrador (Sunday Telegraph, 5 viii). She had won a psychology degree (2:2) from the University of Sheffield. Like her first coach, Mick Thompson, the former British decathlete Dean Macey said the secret of her success was not difficult to fathom: "She's just naturally more gifted and talented than the people she's up against."


Serious difficulties arrived for those who demonized paedophilia as Britain’s vastly popular entertainer and charity donor Jimmy Savile, who had died at 85 in 2011, was publicly claimed to have had many affairs with underage girls of 14-15. Savile’s final exposure to detailed accusations took place in a show on the Edinburgh Fringe (Sunday Times, 5 viii) and was to be followed by a criminologist-backed ITV programme in the autumn (Sun, 6 viii).

Not only did Savile’s exposure explode the standard tabloid stereotype of paedophilia but it raised a question of why – contrary to standard tabloid fancy -- no-one had noticed or reported any harm occurring in the course of Savile’s long ephebophilic career.

The more serious problem with paedohysteria resurfaced when a 12-yr schoolgirl in New Addington (nr Croydon, south London) was found murdered, most likely by her ‘grandad’ (her 46-yr grandmother’s 37-yr boyfriend) (Sun, 12 viii) after making a sexual advance that had elicited the standard school-taught and tabloid-blessed outrage.

‘Grandad’ had already served two prison sentences so would have been well versed in the fate awaiting him even as a nonviolent nonce – so murder of Tia, if he could get away with it by hiding the body in the loft of a pal, his nextdoor neighbour, likely seemed preferable. {Paedohysteria probably accounted for more child deaths than did paedophilia.}


After a year of stupefyingly inane peace proposals, UN resolutions, hotel bills, flights, dinners etc – rather than getting on with dividing Syria into its ethnic components (Christians to the coast, Shitites to Damascus, Solunnis to the east, Kurds to the north, Jews to the south, and just Aleppo to remain multicultural [though probably itself divided along sectarian lines]) – UN negotiator Coffee Anus threw in the towel, leaving crazed souls like America’s Hitlary Clinton and Britain’s William Hague to continue their chosen demakrazy-backing work of supporting AlQueerdo against Jew- and Christian-protecting President Assad.


As Britain’s commentators thrilled to the country’s medal-winning successes at the Olympics (40% by products of private education and a further 30% by athletes who had enjoyed grammar schools or comprehensive schools in singularly nice areas [e.g. Scotland’s tennis-Gold Andy Murray]), there was a worry that their encouragement to the young to adopt Olympians as role models might be accepted, thereby stimulating a demand for ‘sports-for-all’ (and equipment-, coaches-, travel fees- and hotel bills-for all) – akin to the Labour-fuelled demand for university places for all which had yielded scores of unheard-of ‘universities’ and soaring rates of ‘graduate’ unemployment.

Certainly both Labour and Conservative, though they had spent 25 years encouraging the selling-off of school playing fields, announced Olympic-responding conversions to sport in state schools – with Labourite ex-minister Tessa Jowell even using the word ‘competition’ with approval and endearing if unreliable Mayor Boris (q.v.) going the whole environmentalist hog and demanding 2 hours per day compulsory provision of gym torture for state schoolkids, regardless of athletic ability or interest.

{Was I an athletic child? Hardly: I have never managed a hand-stand or much of a high jump – though I took some trouble to pole-vault, perhaps anticipating the need to be able to get out of jail.... I had to become captain of sailing, though (egged on by an engagingly beer-swilling young biology teacher who had heard of Darwin) I did not quite master the downmarket winter activities of sealing and painting the boat, with inevitable results.... (a wetting which prepared me for my later hobby as a canoeist on the Oxford Canal).

I would be remembered most for cross-country running, where I would finish exhaustedly but at least not be disqualified for conspicuous cheating. And I did cycle 7 miles daily to and from my (elite – though it seemed just normal at the time) grammar school – a sweaty London experience which primed me to welcome eventually the cooling breezes (shall we call them?...) of Edinburgh.}


Belgian film student and feminist Sofie Peeters found herself accused of racism (Sunday Times, 5 viii). How so? How such an unlikely departure by a feminist from toeing the usual left-multicult line? A pretty girl herself, Sofie, 24, had got fed up with being importuned on the street by vulgar males wanting sex and shouting “whore” and “bitch” when she declined. So she took a hidden camera on to Brussels streets to record the problem. And, guess what, the sex-solicitors were overwhelmingly Black. Said polite Sofie: “This is the reality – when you’re walking around Brussels, in nine cases out of ten these insults come from a foreigner.”


While MSM kept its hysterical hounds ever ready to savage the slightest White racism, e.g. if Mutt Romney blessed any ‘Anglos (Europids?) for Romney’ movement, it was quite OK by NYTwits and kindred when President Obarmy welcomed the formation of an ‘African Americans for Obama’ outfit.


French opposition to north African Muesli immigration got a lift as the nicely figured and feminine-visaged law student, Bébé le Pen, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 22 and already an MP, stepped forward to complain about the low standard of debate in the Froggie Parliament and to back new laws against the sexual harassment of women (Sunday Times, 5 viii)) {much of it in Paris by Mueslis, as in Brussels and the UK}.


In as brave an article as could be found in the Telegraph about the Tottenham (and kindred) riots of August, 2011, top telly historian David Starkey criticized Daft Dave Cameron and others for neglecting and even denying that the orgy of looting, arson and attacks on police had been about race – which DS said played “an important part” (6 viii, D.TelegraphPlus, ‘The riots revisited,’ p.1).

Encouragingly, DS quoted T.S.Eliot: “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” However, peecee diplomacy eventually kicked in. Apparently ‘race’ “in its proper sense, of a group with fixed hereditary characteristics,” was “eugenicist nonsense” and all DS wanted to blame for the riots was the “violent, destructive, nihilistic, ‘gangsta’ culture” of Black yoof – origins and corrigibility unspecified.


There was happily no sign of standard-issue multiculturalism (let alone anti-colonialism, anti-elitism and anti-monarchism) at work among the athletes of Britain’s most successful Olympics team. Half-Black star heptathlete Jessica Ennis had straightened her hair and dyed it blonde; and, on top of some skin whitening, had rouged up as to the manner born (Sun, 9 viii).

All-Black multi-medalled runner Mo Farah, who had come to Britain as a refugee from Somalia, told journalists he had no wish to go back and that (though he liked Somali music) “Britain is my home.”

Scots cycling champ Sir Chris Hoy (from Edinburgh) was screened annoying ScotNats by cheerfully holding up behind him around his shoulders a giant Union Jack. And, as the Edinburgh International Festival opened (for some reason with a display by battery-illuminated athletes staggering up Arthur’s Seat), it turned out that the delightful Scots-Italian violiniste Nicola Benedetti was to provide her first performance as a member of the London Symphony Orchestra.


As Britain kept fourth place in the London Olympics, behind only the great empires of the USA, China and Russia, there was particular satisfaction that the French had turned to griping – complaining (with their new puffed-up socialist polygamist President joining in) that even Sir Chris Hoy had somehow been cheating (using ‘magic wheels’ in the velodrome, supposedly).

By contrast, the good-humoured Ozzies took defeat in their stride – even having their Sports Minister row the Eton lake in a Team GB shirt. {The 70% of paranoid Frenchies attested that practice did not make perfect – for France had had plenty of practice losing (mainly to Britain) in the previous 300 years....}

Also exhibiting national character were the ‘dour’ Scots who managed to feign indifference to the achievements of London and even of Scotland’s own medallists (matching the indifference they had shown to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations).

{Look forward to two dismal years of uninspired campaigning ahead over separatism as Scots resolve first and foremost to avoid showing their internal divisions and risking ‘Glasgow kisses’!}


Weighing in to the Unz vs Lynn debate (q.v.) on whether national IQ differences were relatively environmental or genetic in origin, the mighty psycholinguist Steven Pinker, the 21st-century’s best known champion of inherited factors in human psychology, insisted he would stay sitting on the fence (at Harvard) about h² for group differences, but especially observed (AmRen, 6 viii):

"I haven’t read [Lynn’s] book so I don’t know whether that’s fair [to say Lynn is short of data]. In the case of racial differences within the United States, Jensen and Rushton do have additional data, such as that when socioeconomic status, income, education, and the like are all thrown into a regression, the black-white gap doesn’t go away; the fact that the children of black and white couples matched in IQ regress to different means; and others. This is not to endorse their arguments, just to say that if Lynn has similar ancillary data (other than the existence of variation) then your [Unz’s] arguments are not enough to prove that the genetic contribution to group differences is 0; all you’ve shown is that it’s less than 100 percent, which Lynn has always acknowledged."

{How splendid that the luxuriously professoriated grandee Pinker had never got round in ten years to reading IQ&WoN! Obviously there was no chance that the great diplomat – intent on avoiding being despatched to the Gulag -- had read TgF. Evidently the London School cause was effectively still in its infancy and had a long shelf life ahead.}


A summary of peecee episodes (expulsions of athletes for calling others Mongols etc) was provided by National Review (7 vii). As could be expected from a magazine that had sacked John Derbyshire and many other race realists over the years, the level of criticism was pretty feeble and perhaps offered only to distract attention from the magazine failing to denounce the cultural Marxism of the Games’ opening pageant; but AmRen respondents quickly provided a corrective.


President Barry Hussein Obarmy, who had fawned on the Arabs when he took over but then (with his B52s pounding Libya) ‘liberated’ them into the supposedly demakratic ‘Arab Spring’, seemed certain to get as much of a legacy from his well-meaning incompetence in foreign affairs as from his dysgenic and expensive ‘Obamacare’ policies at home.

It transpired that, funded by the new Libyan Muesli government and unopposed by ‘liberated’ Egypt, Sinai had become infested with jihadists who killed sixteen Egyptian border guards in the course of packing stolen army lorries with explosives and hurtling towards Israel – where the convoy was despatched by Israeli airpower, but not before making it plain that a new battlefront had opened in the Middle East, already a powder keg of Jewish vs Sunni vs Shi’ite hatreds.

Israel, long preoccupied with Iranian completion of its nuclear weapons programme, had been slow to warn America of the strengthening of Sunni jihad which had first yielded 9/11 – apparently not wanting to upset US sensitivities in pre-election years and perhaps hoping that raging racial Arab vs Persian conflict would at last get American boots on the ground in the area. Britain threw fuel on the flames by a gratuitous handout of £5M to the Solunni rebels (against Shitite President Assad) of the ‘Free Syrian Army.’


While the left understandably rejoiced in the acceptability of the Britified Olympics to Londoners (by 2012 only 57% of them White), Britain’s pathetic ‘right’ (newly led by Flying Mayor BoJo – most recently photoed hoisted thanks to a faulty ‘zip’ wire) neglected to observe that the success of the Games and of British teams owed rather little to democratic processes and very much to the deployment of expertise, never less than by Games organizer Lord Sebastian Coe (one-quarter Indian, rising to a life peerage via athletics, a business degree from Loughborough University and a spell as Conservative MP).

Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels had admittedly made the Games focus on athletics and razmataz – rather than include the poetry readings and harp solos of the Greek originals. But elitism was the key to the success both on the sports field and off it – albeit elitism properly hedged by regulation, discipline, politeness and affability.

(Making the most elite Games -- where the vast amount of attention focussed on Gold medallists -- look ‘friendly’* and non-elitist was a marketing triumph with nice lost souls deprived by PeeCee of all other sense of community!) {Reformers of Parliament and indeed Britain should look no further for a model than Britain’s Olympics Committee!}

* Weeping was encouraged to demonstrate the humanity and even ordinariness of the athletes – but the Olympians did not allow tears to interfere while competition was afoot or during the important business of receiving their prizes.


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Sunday, August 05, 2012


While London School ideas about intelligence were coming under (feeble) attack from leftist Jim Flynn and ‘conservative’ Ron Unz (for both, see previous; and reports in D.Telegraph, 16 vii and Boston Globe, 27 vii), Kelowna News (British Columbia) offered a summary of the latest international research linking IQ with head size and effective neural transmission and, in summary, identifying 24 variants of 6 genes as each having significant association with IQ (31 vii).

And Gene Expression answered a traditional problem by pointing to a 1993 paper which had found IQ depression of 11 points in the children of married cousins even in the Uttar Pradesh region of north India where cousin marriage was positively associated with socioeconomic level (20 vii). Special association between neural connectivity from the left prefrontal cortex and “fluid intelligence” (a rare mention!) was reported from U.Washington (St Louis) (AmRen, 1 viii).


Not content with 40 years of enriched teaching, smaller class sizes, social suport and affirmative action for its (mainly) Black pupils, Washington DC announced it would pay $5-25 an hour to any ‘at risk’ teenagers who attended a summer school intended to help them to catch up (AmRen, 1 viii).

Melissa Salmanowitz, a spokeswoman for Chancellor (of DC Public Schools) Kaya Henderson, said DCPS officials were going to study this year’s results. To see whether the handouts were a success? No – “....with the intention of expanding the program next summer.”

This summer wasn’t the first time the city had paid students to ‘learn.’ The District had allowed a Harvard University group to pay about 3,000 middle-school students up to $100 a month for good grades during the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years. Grades overall hadn’t improved significantly.


Fifteen years after Mrs Barbara Harris began offering financial inducements to drug-addicted mothers to accept long-term birth control by (reversible) implant (funded by her millionaire [Black] husband and millionaire friend and entrepreneur Jim Woodhill), the BBC got around to convening a panel of experts to discuss the oh-so-sensitive matter (R4, 2 viii, 09:05-09:45).

Not surprisingly in welfare-state job-creation Britain, most of the assembled ‘ethicists’, nurses etc. thought bribing addicts was intolerable and that more counselling, social support, rehousing and lunches (yes, multiple free lunches might be necessary to give the addicts the understanding of contraceptive implants that they ‘needed’).

But an Indian medic was more robust, reckoning implants entirely safe and successful and manageable at a single clinic session with cash-in-hand to the addict of £20. At least Project Prevention was referred to (along with similar programmes in India) – though “horrifying” eugenic implications had apparently led to failure of the attempt to set up such a scheme in Glasgow and discussion was quickly whisked off to safer topics.


Chinese intelligence (admitted by Ron Unz [q.v.] to be ‘anomalous’ in his ‘conservative’ left-obedient yarn of poverty and hardship causing low IQ) got a serious mention at the opening of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Gilded Balloon, 2 viii). ‘The Rise and Rise of Steve Jobs’ provided compelling detail not only of how Apple’s ‘applications’ had made its own users its slaves – having no personal control of the software on their computers (except with a hammer to the hardware) -- but how the company used Chinese child labour as the main ingredient of its financial success.

Apparently, Apple’s adjunct, ‘’ had a factory of 430,000 in China where weenie workers toiled typically for fourteen hours per day (but sometimes for 34-hour shifts, when there was a rush on) assembling the companies wafer-thin products – the manual labour being supervised by video and so repetitive that the many 14-yr kids involved were often finished as workers by age 24, the joints in their hands having wasted away.

Workers slept in 10’ x 12’ airless cubicles, with 12 to each cubicle, ‘bedded’ on concrete shelves. The presenter felt sure of his own impression of the good intelligence of the young slaves; but he checked by asking his Chinese secretary ‘Do these kids have some mental problem?’ ‘No, the young lady replied, ‘they are entirely normal and just hope their own children can one day have a decent job like mine.’


As Richard Lynn provided a detailed scholarly reply to American Conservative editor Ron Unz (a believer that the USA’s Mexican invaders would raise their IQs to normal levels if only they were made to speak English), I tacked on a comment in American Renaissance (3 viii):

“Unz concerns himself with minor pernickety psychometric problems about national IQ, believing he can thereby extract solace for environmentalist views; but, while acknowledging the ‘anomaly’ for him that the Chinese have a good IQ despite years of grinding poverty, he is quiet about a second even bigger anomaly, that Blacks have vastly lower IQ scores than Whites (and Asians) even when they have grown up speaking English, practising Christianity, eating burgers, integratedly drinking beer and watching television in affluent and benefit-dispensing America.”


Although the BBC routinely insisted that Great Britain’s medal winners in the London Olympics ‘came from ordinary families,’ this was a soppy egalitarian lie. As the Guardian and even wet Team GB chief Lord Moynihan complained (2 viii), 60% of medallists and 50% of competitors had been educated in Britain’s handful of independent schools and top grammar schools. (Others were Black.)

For example, both the White girls who won Gold for their rowing (not with husbands – they were both flat-chested and boyfriendless....) had been to good schools, the Humphry Davy School in Cornwall and Gordanstoun in Scotland (attended by Prince Charles, Princess Anne’s sporty daughter Zara and the lovely Claudia Pagliari who studied under Richard Lynn and myself) (where the victorine had actually been head girl); and the girls had both been to university (U.Wales and U.Bath).

Amidst the scenes of horribly muscle-pumped European ‘athletes’ winning by invisible thousandths of a second at incomprehensible ‘sports’* where the possibilities of cheating had become so obvious to East Asians that eight of them required instant disqualification (for match-throwing), British audiences could take consolation from the British competitors’ clear English, geniality, modesty and respect for opponents – none of these taught in Labour-wrecked state schools where competition was an unheard-of dirty word and playing fields had been sold off.

Not that the Olympics were the dizziest height of elitism. The empty front-row seats at most events showed that even the dishing out free £1K places to sponsors, Eurocrats and similar – even together with road lanes giving the Olympiadistas unhindered passage across central London – had not been enough to persuade the world’s true new elite to attend. – Doubtless too busy managing their tax avoidance and demands for nationalization of their wretched ‘banks’! But, unlike the Olympians, these spivs and bores would find their careers ended in an instant if Germany tired of its Fourth Reich and let the bankrupt banks go hang.

*The lacklustre Beeb could no more explain the rules of velodrome cycling – where falling off one’s bike weirdly led to a re-start of the race – than it had been able to cope with the nuances of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Parade.


As waspish patrician writer and intellectual, the (mainly) homosexual Gore Vidal (1925-2012), went to meet his Maker, it turned out that his rabidly anti-American and anti-establishment views had not been the whole of the story (Daily Telegraph Obituary, 3 viii). In addition, he had been passionate about the need for world population reduction, without which he foresaw doom; and he had been an admirer (in a world increasingly populated by dreary politicians who could not think a thought or write a sentence – or even read a book, GV reckoned) of the “gorgeous and outsize” Richard Nixon (who had closed America’s cold war with China and been the last President stoutly to oppose ‘affirmative action’/’positive discrimination’ for Blacks).


The wall-to-wall Britoid media ‘coverage’ of the London Games (allowing many journalists a holiday but neglecting ethnic strife in the Congo, Somalia, Nigeria Mali and Syria* and invariably failing to provide understanding or analysis of the weird ‘sports’ and their rules which could even encourage failure) necessarily involved much oohing and aahing about how hard the (testosterone-primed) athletes had trained.

Yet the Sun had no difficulty finding that Britain’s star medallists had shown marked proclivities for sport (and even for their own sports – cycling, swimming etc.) from an early age (4 viii, ‘Team GB’s born winners,’ with childhood pictures). For example, 14th-in-line to the throne Zara Phillips, the daughter of Olympians, and by 2012 a Silver-winning Olympian herself, could ride a horse by age 4.

{The mistake of lazy BBC sports journalists was to forget that kids and their parents will only invest expensive effort when the kid already shows exceptional ability.} {For more precocity, see the case of curly-haired infant Sherwyn Sarabi, identified as a genius even at age 2 by psychologists (Sun, 4 viii).}

*MSM could not even question – let alone answer – whether the West’s stirring up of Solunni vs Shitite strife was at Israel’s behest or sprang merely from nonsensical Western idealism about the ‘Arab Spring.’


The left’s tarring of all opponents with the ‘racist’ brush when necessary went on display as Mutt Mormon Romney caught up with Barry Husein Obarmy in the polls. Muttney had been the blandest and most boring of all the Republican candidates (with not even a flicker of Mormonic polygamy or racism in his [highly successful] business career, and with no connection with the Tea Party, not to mention to Ku Klux Klan).

But State Sen. L. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), a campaign surrogate for President Obama in Virginia, insisted Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was appealing to racists who did not want a Black man in the White House (Washington Post, 24 vii). Asked on radio why the former Massachusetts governor had been able to pull even with President Obama in a recent poll, Lucas said the problem was race. “Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to . . . a segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a White man in the White House or in any other elective position,” Lucas said (ignoring Obama’s major gaffe in backing gay marriage). “Let’s be real clear about it—Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don’t like folks like President Barack Obama in any elective or leadership position. We know what’s going on here. And some people may be afraid to say it, but I’m not. . . . He’s speaking to that fringe out there who do not want to see anybody but a white person in a leadership position.”

{Once the right had been able to call lib-leftists ‘Commies’; but this demonization had lost its sting as ‘democratic socialism’ collapsed and memories of the Cold War faded; and the denting of the right’s selected cause of capitalism by the 2008 crash did not help. What to do? As I have long urged, the right should re-identify as national liberals (and race realists) and denounce the left for lies (albeit dressed up charmingly as egalitarian illusions). – Though for the right to re-brand as Mormons would probably be quicker (especially if Mormons could recognize that both Jesus and Saint Paul approved of drinking alcohol...).

Failing some such dramatic change, the GOP faced extinction at the hands of ‘anti-racism’ – a likelihood recognized by top conservative Pat Buchanan (Townhall, 27 vii).}


Asked to explain why only 56% of Chicago’s school students graduate, the half-Black Karen Lewis,President of the Teachers’ Union engagingly blamed the problem on class and race (AmRen, 24 vii). She said: “I have seen the profession of teaching go from one in which it was considered, um, very prestigious to one that is constantly ridiculed, and, um, basically, uh, discarded and we feel, by and large, it’s due to the fact that we serve, um, a predominantly, uh, working, and uh, and quite frankly lower class students, uh, and students of color.”


Following the spectacular failure of ‘security experts’ GS4 to deliver a promised 3.5k personnel to guard the London Olympics, mainly because GS4 had planned to recruit from dole queues and had not realized how many loafers would be unemployable (q.v.), the huge firm (seven times the size of the British Army) provided a dramatic individual example of its incompetence as one of its Olympic guards, a Sridopakeshi, stopped for a body search by a soldier (a newly returned hero from Aghanistan), started raving and shouting in particular that the squaddie was a “baby killer” (a fashionable term of abuse hurled about by Mueslis) (Sun, 30 vii, p.1).

The G4S track record gave little promise that the firm would have the understanding to “turn round”, as it had promised HMG, a decent number of the UK’s 120K “troubled families.” Still, another firm, “welfare to work” contractor A4e had found out how to make such ‘contracts’ work: promised reinforcement when it found the unemployed work, it scoured the dole queues for people who had already been offered employment and then just claimed its prize.... (Private Eye, 27 vii).


Though critics who remarked the socialist soppiness, ‘parochial leftism’ and “multicultural crap” of Danny Boyle’s wordless Olympic ceremony (thereby intrinsically neglecting England’s greatest success, the English language – as well as neglecting its world-beating institutions, Eton, Oxbridge, its football clubs and Parliament as well as its top internationally known scientific geniuses Newton, Darwin, Galton, Hawking and Higgs) were pooh-poohed by much of MSM, the Guardian’s 29 vii website carried the glee of bearded top leftist MP Paul Flynn that “wonderfully progressive socialist sentiments were smuggled into the opening romp.”

(In particular, smuggled past top ‘Tories’ Boris Johnson [ultra-bright and reliably comical but power-hungry sex maniac of Turkish origin, born in New York] and Theresa May [the RC Home Secretary who had famously warned Britain’s Conservatives that they had virtually become “the nasty party”].)

Another top Labourite, Welsh government minister Carl Sergeant, tweeted that “the opening ceremony was the best Labour party political broadcast that I have seen in a while.” Taunting David Cameron, Sergeant added (D.Mail, 30 vii): ‘Working class history, multicultural, NHS, CND, gay kissing. Well done, Comrade Boyle! Bet Dave is wriggling!” Grauniadista Polly Toynbee also welcomed Danny Boyo’s story of the left-wing ‘progress’ of British history – only complaining it did not add that ‘progress’ had gone into reverse since the Thatcher era (31 vii).

Attesting a history of British ‘progress’ to Sharia law and 100% ‘openness’ to immigration and eventual civil war, it was acknowledged by HMG that polygamy was actually being state-subsidized (with welfare benefits to all ‘wives’ [invariably foreign and non-English-speaking] – though they had to be classified as single for bureaucratic purposes) (Daily Mail, 31 vii).

This came after the revelation that 885,000 British welfare claimants had been off work for more than a decade, with complaints ranging from coughs and bad backs to acne.

Meantime the Empire that Britain had left behind languished as electricity was cut for 24 hours to 620M natives of north India; and 32 Indians died as fire swept through their train from New Delhi to Utter Rubbesh, thanks to an electrical short-circuit. Prince Philip -- who had once joked about Indian electricians and had been lampooned for this in Britain’s ‘progressive’ press – must have given a wry smile.

So how could a ‘right-wing’ but cheerful opening ceremony have been created? Simple: stressing the worldwide-imitated achievements which Brits had created for themselves: great universities, the British Museum, golf clubs, soccer clubs, the Church of England and its music, Parliament itself [especially London’s best club, the House of Lords], the woollen suit, the English language, the steam engine, the coal fire [which the newly celebrated film ‘Vertigo’ showed as fashionable in San Francisco by 1930], rosbif, the pub, the pedestrian crossing, the miniskirt, the tanktop, cut-off jeans, the self-parody of ‘Fawlty Towers’ and ‘Yes, Minister.’

And a role for the monarchy? Yes: setting up the Royal Society and allowing the heretical Darwin to be buried in Westminster Abbey; and the Queen could have been seen doing a couple of her much-admired impersonations of world leaders (BungBunga Berlusconi and Sackmacuck Clinton – both champions of subprime lending -- would have been safe enough).


Stealing a march on the left, which had for forty years dominated teaching in state schools by requiring would-be teachers to attend ‘teacher training colleges’ where they were ‘educated’ in socio-environmentalism, greenery and multiculturalism (and emerged with a PGCE ‘qualification’), England’s Education Minister, Michael Gove, managed to push through deregulation and allow schools to appoint graduates who were without the extra ‘training’ (Guardian, 31 vii).

He thus re-opened the teaching profession to talent, and hopefully to realistic attitudes which kids might respect. {However, there was still no public admission that Govey’s ‘academies’ might one day be allowed freedom in selection of pupils – even if bowing ultimately to parental choice [as per TgF, Ch.4].)


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