Sunday, January 27, 2008


For those not content to trace secular IQ-score gains to non-g factors (Rushton) such as willingness to make guesses (Brand), Richard Fuerle proposed an ingenious new possibility: that the gains, already typically traced to improved nutrition by Lynn and others, are seen chiefly in children and reflect earlier maturation in modern times due to higher calorie intakes are substantially less marked in adults (i.e. once maturation is completed) (Majority Rights, 11 i).

{Flynn had got a dusty reception from Scientific American correspondents - i 08)


In a hilarious Orwellian move, terrorism by Muslim fanatics was re-named "anti-Islamic activity" by fat Home Half-Secretary Jacqui Smith. The `Home Secretary' (lacking 50% of the powers of previous Home Secretaries, though still enjoying full traditional pay) said that -- rather than acting in the name of Islam - Muslim terrorists and kindred propagandists should be seen as behaving contrary to their faith. By this convenient `logic,' critics of Islam were labelled as terrorists..


Just as Britain seemed to have got its immigration problem in some kind of check -- limited chiefly to pretty girls and plumbers from Poland and a few thousand Albanian pimps to keep prostitution going in the face of feminazie hysteria - the Grauniad admitted (13 i) to its readers that up to a million migrants had gathered in Libya, from where they would attempt to sail across the Mediterranean for Europe and, ultimately, the UK. Amusingly, quite a few of the intended invaders came from Ghana, once `the jewel in the crown' of Britain's African empire and still yielding the savings of 1,000 pounds necessary to pay for a boat from Libya to Italy.


After years of left-wing bleating that racial differences in genes were tiny, a study led by McGill University researchers demonstrated that small differences between individuals at the DNA level can lead to dramatic differences in the way genes produce proteins. These, in turn, are responsible for the vast array of differences in physical characteristics between individuals (American Renaissance, 19 i).


Although France's new President Sarkozy had superficially had his hands full with divorce and a new celebrity girlfriend, his government claimed some success in 2007 in reducing immigration, expelling illegal migrants and doubling the number of employers caught employing illicity immigrant labour - though whether such modest successes would have kept up with breeding rates of les banlieux seemed dubious (American Renaissance, 19 i).


Continuing to demonstrate that the problems of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Dafur were not isolated examples of Black incompetence, rapism and aggression, the Democratic Republic of the Congo was found to be killing its own people at the rate of 1,000 per week in conflict that had killed 5.4 million (cf. the population of Denmark) since 1998 (Guardian, 23 i). Twenty-eight of the 30 countries of the world with the highest child mortality rates were in sub-Saharan Africa.


As the Oxford mosque moved to tannoy broadcasting from its central St Clements new mosque, near Magadlene College, and its screeching was probably within earshot of Queen's, I wrote to the Oxford Mail (congratulating a correspondent who had deplored a clergyman who had warned of the Muslim no-go areas for Christians being called "a nutter") :
Congratulations to Alan Bourne ('The real nutters', 23 i)! Yet one can surely rely on the University's legions of devoted feminists to oppose the daily preaching of their 'subjection' that the 'call to prayer' from the Oxford mosque would involve? If even Oxford feminists cannot venerate the lives and principles of Queen Elizabeth I, Emma Hamilton, Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Lady Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II, wouldn't one say Old England's done? Sincerely, -- Chris Brand.

But Oxford was well and truly in the hands of leftist loons who had even invited pro-Muesli `Respect' MP George Galloway to talk in the city, thereby initiating a national speaking tour..


As 85% of America's Blacks (including feminoid Oprah Winfrey) lined up dutifully behind the Democratic presidential contender of their own race against Hillary Clinton, nice-boy US Presidential contender Black Barack Obama's close `Christian' mentor (following Obama's supposed conversion from Islam in the 1980's) was exposed single-handedly by Steve Sailer (American Renaissance, 20 i). Quoting Raban:
Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., apostle of black liberation theology, delivers magnificently cranky sermons on how the "African diaspora" struggles under the yoke of the "white supremacists" who run the `American empire'. . . . Under a universal tyranny of "corporate greed and rampant racism", AIDS flourishes ("it runs through our community like castor oil"), so do gang-bangs, murders, injustices of every kind. Slavery is here and now, and Fifth Columnists, traitors to their own kind, are all about us-like the black Republican Alan Keyes and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. On the issue of affirmative action, recently visited by the court, "Uncle Remus -I mean Justice Thomas-nodded his Babylonian head in agreement before pulling off his Babylonian robe and going back home to climb into bed beside his Babylonian wife." (Thomas's wife is white.)

Needless to say, Rev. Wright had in late 2007 endorsed the maniac Black racist Louis Farrakhan:
"His love for Africa and African American people has made him an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose."

One seemingly representative AmRen correspondent added:
Obama's long term close relationship with his black Nazi minister and church PROVES that the public face of campaigning Obama is all show, purely phony: Underneath is a rotting hateful half-black bigot, a pure ingrate considering it was his WHITE MOTHER and his WHITE GRANDPARENTS who sacrificed and gave him unconditional love, and raised him up. Obama is a thoroughly disgusting evil creature. And any non-black who votes for him is a pandering ding-bat. Any black who votes for him is a bigot.


A simple-minded exposition of why males think themselves brainier than females was provided for Newsweek (23 i) by Britain's pop psychologist Adrian Furnham - without ever mentioning that men have higher visuo-spatial and logical abilities and, being one standard deviation less neurotic, are generally more confident than women.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Beggaring belief in unparliamentary statism, Supreme Comrade PM Gordon Nailnibbling Grim announced without a day of open-minded discussion that he proposed to cannibalize the bodies of all people dying on British soil unless their previous owners had filled out forms and registered with yet more overpaid Brownite bureaucrats their wish to have a traditional Christian burial. Not even the closest relatives would be able to spare a beloved deceased `donor' from being cannibalized by barely-English-speaking NHS staff fixated on `targets' to provide spare parts for needy substance abusers and kindred riff-raff who had to be kept alive to vote gratefully for Labour.

At the same time, the Supreme Comrade, Change-Agent and self-selected Planner for the 2020s demanded police cease using their discretion to merely caution rather than take to court youths found with knives - a discretion typically exercised in cases where youths had no aggressive intent but wished merely to warn off the Black hoodlums admitted to Britain and encouraged to breed by the Labour Party.

(Just what right the PM had to tell the police whom to prosecute remained unquestioned in a society that had grown all too familiar over ten years to Labour `initiatives.' - These were typically as un-followed-up and futile as Rev Blair's original 1996 call for a reintroduction of educational streaming.)


As the plans of Oxford's Central Mosque (on the Cowley Road - nearest college Magdalene, nearest college annexe Queen's) to instal loudspeakers to pump out wailing `calls to prayer' (actually sermons) three times a day became increasingly widely known, historian of science Professor Allan Chapman, Wadham College, reported his campaign of opposition to have been "inundated" with messages of support, many of them angry (Daily Telegraph, 14 i).

(Unlike church bells, which are merely a signal of an imminent service, Muesli `calls to prayer' typically involve actual preaching.) (The Quisling Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev John Pritchard, said those opposed to the plan for Muesli noise pollution in East Oxford should instead "relax" and "enjoy community diversity.")


A useful pro-hereditarian survey of academic work on racial psychology was to be found at `Metapedia - the alternative to Wikipedia'


Though Black women have lower rates of breast cancer than White women, the type of cancer to which they are prone was found to be more aggressive and to set in on average at age 46, compared to the average age of 67 in Whites. The senior author of the study, Rebecca Bowen (working for Cancer Research UK) said the differences could be "put down to the biological differences between the two ethnic groups" (Daily Telegraph, 17 i).


Just six years after I published a letter in Edinburgh University's Student newspaper counselling against armpit shaving and other interference with body odours lest girls miss the man of their dreams, a Boston-based internet dating site began offering to match would-be romancers with partners having major histocompatibility indexes (MHCs) desirably different from their own, using body odours and odour preferences as a guide at a cost of $2,000 dollars per applicant (Economist, 10 i 08).


"A genetic link to autism was found explaining why it takes affected children several years to learn to speak" - Daily Telegraph, 19 i, noting that the new gene, CNTNAP2, had been identified by three American research groups and was a part of the general picture of autism (which affects three times more boys as girls) being highly genetic.


As Britain debated the proposition of top CofE bishop Michael Nazir-Ali that the Mueslis had established no-go areas for English Whites (a proposition confirmed by occasional gratuitous attempted murders of "White honkies" - as venomous Mueslis shouted -- found traversing council estates in Stepney, East London - Sunday Telegraph, 13 i, Ed Husain; for more see, a timely reminder of the essence of `peace' in Northern Ireland came as the Ulster Volunteer Force paraded on its famed Shankill Road, Belfast, locally adjudicated thieves and rapists who had been whipped to within an inch of their lives before being tied to lamp-posts with placards round their necks detailing their `crimes' and under strict instructions to tell police nothing lest their relatives suffer similar UVF justice. - Thus, by tolerating the localization of justice, had Rev. Bliar [lionized as world peacemaker, wanker ooops banker and top candidate for the EU presidency] `solved' the Irish Question.

The phenomenon of local militias in one part of the UK, providing the basis of such `peace' as Blair had presided over, made it all too likely that NuLabour's solution to the multicultural slave-labour society which it had imposed on England, would involve (some said was already involving) the development of Shariah-law-controlled no-go areas. How nice that Northern Ireland, hailed a Blairite triumph (along with his sidekick apparent fraudster and arselicker Peter Hain), was providing clear evidence of exactly what NuLabour meant by `the peace process'!

Friday, January 18, 2008


In a surprise start to the New Year (distinguished chiefly by the collapse of Western multicultural ambitions/delusions in ex-Palestine, Bosnia, France, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Kosovo and Kenya but also marked by an authentic-seeming photo of a UFO `flying saucer' approaching the Cornish coast (Sun, 1 i)) an `evolutionary biologist' (was there any other kind?) from the University of Reading, Mark Pagel, was allowed to tell Guardianistas: "Like it or not, there may be many genetic differences among human populations -- including differences that may even correspond to old categories of "race" -- that are real differences in the sense of making one group better than another at responding to some particular environmental problem. This in no way says one group is in general "superior" to another ... But it warns us that we must be prepared to discuss genetic differences among human populations."(Guardian, 1 i)

However, as a church was burned 100 miles west of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, killing 50 refugees from ethnic violence, the wretched media of the West did not dare to say whether the damage was done by the famously aggressive and politically dominant Kikuyus or their Marxist-led Luo (and kindred*) ethnic-minority opponents {the perpetrators were in fact the Luo, a relatively intelligent tribe, though some of Kenya's other 38 tribes probably joined in} - but even the normally race-slumping Guardian admitted that 100,000 Kenyans had been displaced in four days of Bleck-on-Bleck "ethnic cleansing" (2 i) in which more than 300 had been slaughtered by their fellow Blacks.

Western powers called for calm and warned their citizens against visiting the popular tourist destination that had been regarded by the commentocracy as one of the most stable democracies on a volatile continent. Many Kikuyus sought refuge in police stations, where thousands of people were packed together without food or water. People no longer felt safe in churches after the Eldoret church in Western Kenya and its refugee Kikuyus were torched by youths. Many Kikuyus in rural areas fled the violence, an estimated 75,000 Kikuyus heading for Uganda, but others took revenge by circumcising Luo men and raping Luo women. The violence in supposedly stable Kenya led to major fuel shortages in neighbouring Uganda and Burundi. The country's radiant future seemed likely to disappoint egalitarian niggalovers..

Kenya was not Rwanda, where the genocide had been orchestrated and hate radio urged militias from the majority Hutu tribe to kill Tutsis "like cockroaches". Kenya's violence was spontaneous -- not organised -- and the scale of killing as of 2 I had not remotely reached genocidal proportions. But many civilians were trapped. Under armed escort, police organised the evacuation of about 500 people from the western town of Kisumu -- but only those who could afford the fare. Most of the city's displaced lost all they had. Fleeing on foot was out of the question. On virtually every road across western Kenya, armed tribal warriors -- machete-wielding children among them -- had erected checkpoints to search/kill members of tribes loyal to Kikuyu President Kibaki. Hospitals reported a surge in rapes, and Kikuyu boys as young as 5 were said to have been serially sodomized. Quite apart from mayhem in the Nairobi slum of Kibera, a British woman living in the prosperous suburb of Kilimani reported a pretty, slim Black girl of about 20 in white jeans being raped on a verandah across the way from her by three Black males.

An editorial in Kenya's Daily Nation warned: "If no urgent step is taken to arrest the killings, Kenya is bound to sink into the abyss ... like C“te d'Ivoire, Somalia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone and others which have experienced genocide on an unimaginable scale." Africa's borders had been drawn up by Western powers, largely ignoring ethnic differences and imposing a convenient-to-them multiculturalism.

Despite an economy that grew at 6.2% in 2007, 55% of Kenya's 36 million population lived on less than $2 a day. Though Kikuyu President Kibaki had been elected on an anti-corruption ticket in 2002, he had proved a disappointment: graft and cronyism thrived and his anti-corruption tsar John Githongo fled to London in 2005.

Perhaps the biggest damage, which would seriously affect foreign investment and tourism for some time, was to Kenya's reputation. Its image as a place of peace, stability and tolerance was shattered. Countries such as Uganda and Rwanda, which for years had looked to Kenya with envy, now looked on with pity.

* The Kalenjins were reacting to the injustices brought down on them by the Kibaki administration over the previous five years. The violent and ruthless eviction from government-controlled forests without compensation, the massive sacking of Kalenjins from top civil service jobs without compensation, the discrimination against Kkalenjin in police and army recruitment, minimal representation in the Cabinet etc.The Kalenjin voted overwhelmingly against Kibaki because they were fed up with the intimidation. that is why no single Kalenjin MP was in Kabaki's camp. All the 29 MPs-elect were from pro-ODM, they were sure that the next five years would not be the same and that they would have a say in the Governmen t. That is why not even the former powerful Kalenjin power brokers like Biwott, Kirwa, Moi etc made it to parliament. They had a clear message and they passed it on peacefully, but Kibaki and his cronies trampled on their voices by stealing the election. (The Kikuyu made up 17% of the population; the Luo comprised 11% and the Kalenjin 10%.)


Twincredibly sexy pairs of curvaceous identical lovelies from around the world stepped forward in bikinis to provide a HAPPY NEW YEAR calendar for all psychogeneticists, hereditarians and supporters (Sun, 2 i).


Muesli vandals torched 372 cars in a single night (144 in Paris) as France celebrated the New Year, down on the figure of 397 the previous year after a night the police described as "relatively calm"..


Together with the Waris Dirie Foundation, an international campaign group formed by the Somali-born supermodel who suffered genital mutilation as a five-year-old child, London's Metropolitan Police announced a œ20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of anyone who performs or abets cutting. Under the 2003 Female Genital Mutilation Act, those involved could be jailed for 14 years. Yet the fact that no one had been prosecuted says much about the problems the police are facing."There are thousands of girls being cut in your country," said Waris Dirie spokesman Walter Hutschinger. "We are sure it's going on, and on a very big scale. Your law is one of the most comprehensive in the world, but it is useless if nobody will help to implement it. "We have been contacted by girls from all parts of Britain-London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Reading, Slough, Milton Keynes, Crawley-anywhere there are big African communities. "Many of these girls know they are about to be cut and are desperate for help, but they are even more afraid of what might happen to them if they come out in the open." One young woman wrote recently to tell us that she was about to be taken home to Somalia to be cut, and she was terrified because her older sister had died after cutting. [To avoid detection, the mutilation was often done in a girl's native country.]


Although the 2006 soccer World Cup saw players foul-mouthing each others' sisters' and wives' sexual prowess and head-butting each other, when an Indian spin bowler (who apparently wore a penis extension in his white flannel trousers) called a Black player for Oz "a monkey," all hell broke loose as Australia statutorily cried `racism' and India -- hysterical because they were used to being holier-than-thou over issues like apartheid -- promptly cancelled the remaining three matches in the series (i.e. 15 days of well-paid international cricket) (Guardian, 7 i).


Two beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed girls, forcibly put out to separate adoption by East German communist authorities (because their mother already had `too many children'), were reunited after 26 years - with the usual delight and discovery of countless similarities in humour, career, age at first pregnancy, fecundity etc. despite having grown up on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall (Daily Mail, 21 xii - with picture).


Lest Christmas good cheer should get excessive, two young Black men circulated mobile phone footage of them `roasting' (cf. `spit roasting') a White girl in a toilet of a Manchester hotel. Victims of colonialism, poverty, low expectations or racism? No: one was England's (multiply disgraced) soccer team's ace player Micah Richards and the other was an equally overpaid Premier League pal (News of the World, 23 xii).


In a hilarious development, Edinburgh University's `biological scientists' claimed that racehorse genes accounted for only 10% of variance in horse racing success - entirely ignoring that the multi-billion-pound horse industry would only pour training investment into those horses which actually seemed especially capable of high accomplishment (BBC, 19 xii). Some thoroughbreds cost millions of pounds, with the most expensive racehorse in history, Seattle Dancer, costing US$13.1m in 1985 (9m eurods at today's exchange rate). Dr Alastair Wilson, of the University of Edinburgh's School of Biological Sciences, who carried out the study with one Andrew Rambaut, said: "The offspring of expensive stallions might tend to win more money, but not necessarily because they have inherited the best genes.It is likely that those breeders best able to pay high stud fees are also those who are able to spend more on care of the horse, how it is trained, and who rides it -- all of which will contribute more to how much it will win.'' The failure to appreciate Genetic x Environmental interaction was never more laughable. Businessmen 5, `Scientists' 1, Luniversity of Edinburgh 0.


Britain's grisly neosocialist control-freak `government' (which had just lost ID details of 30 million people in the post) proposed to greet the New Year with attempts to control the world's oldest trade - prostitution. In a charter for vicious pimps and bent policemen, Labour - itself notorious for accepting illicit monies from donors in return for honours - proposed to criminalize men frequenting prositutes, thus driving the already lucrative trade still further underground and maximizing criminality and the enslavement of women (Libertarian Alliance, 24 xii).


The Islamosceptic Canadian-Jewish journalist Mark Steyn looked set to become the first martyr at law to PeeCee as Canada's `human rights' busybodies began setting up a judicial inquisition into Muesli complaints that he had gone too far in arguing that Islam was incompatible with Western liberalism (New Party, 25 xii). - Till this action, PeeCee had not used the law but had relied instead on semi-private bullying of employers to silence, suspend, early-retire or sack workers who had supposedly `given offence to minorities' etc. Whether the Canadian inquisition would spell the formal end of free speech in the West would be determined in 2008. Fortunately, the robust, witty and excellently informed Steyn would at least provide a worthy memorial to the treachery of the West's multiculti neosocialists and the gullible idealists who had gone along with them; and a corresponding trial was scheduled in Britain for one `Luke O'Farrell,' deemed - the contrary of Steyn - to have been too critical of Jews and the bogus multiculturalism which they had foisted on the West.

American Renaissance also came into the far-left's firing line - ten years after having failed to give me significant backing, it found its scheduled February conference in Washington was due to attract major attention from peecee-leftist thugs.


A well-deserved eulogy finally appeared on the internet to the greatest-ever psychometrician-psychologist, Raymond B. Cattell (b.Birmingham, grew up in Devon), author of 55 books and a martyr to leftism - though without any noticeable respect for the mighty Cattell's race realism. And American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor was invited to speak at Michigan State University in March 2008 - though the invitation was likely to be rescinded once the Southern Poverty Law Centre and kindred goons got their act together.


In a fine demonstration of Black African incapacity for democracy, peace or shared prosperity, the Kikuyu and Luo tribes of Kenya (mean IQ 72) turned on each other (looting, raping and killing some 100 per day - hacking them to bits with machetes) after the latter accused the former of rigging an election (Reuters, 31 xii). (The BBC naturally declined to mention the ethnic element to the rioting, which killed >1,000 in ten days.)