Monday, May 26, 2014


Those who had not heeded the advice of this blog that the West should suppress the loons of Saudi Arabia (rather than the merely megalomaniacal dictator of Iraq) were given a lesson in the Independent (Patrick Cockburn, 18 v).

"The "Wahhabisation" of mainstream Sunni Islam is one of the most dangerous developments of our era. Ali Allawi, the historian and authority on sectarianism, says that in country after country, Sunni communities "have adopted tenets of Wahhabism that [were] not initially part of their canon". Other Islamic believers such as the Shia and Sufi are denounced as apostates or heretics who are no longer Muslims.

A crucial feature in the rise of Wahhabism is the financial and political might of Saudi Arabia. Dr Allawi says that if, for example, a pious Muslim wants to found a seminary in Bangladesh, there are not many places he can obtain £20,000 other than from Saudi Arabia. But if the same person wants to oppose Wahhabism, then he will have "to fight with limited resources". The result is deepening sectarianism as Shia are targeted as non-Muslims, and non-Muslims of all descriptions are forced to flee, so that countries such as Iraq and Syria are being emptied of Christians who have lived in them for almost 2,000 years."

Dr Allawi says that it is naive to imagine that small Shia minorities in countries such as Malaysia or Egypt were not frowned upon in the past by the majority Sunni, but it is only recently that they have been ostracised and persecuted. He says that many Shia now live with a sense of impending doom "like Jews in Germany in 1935". As with European anti-Semitic propaganda down the ages, Shia are demonised for supposedly carrying out abominable practices such as ritual incest; in a village near Cairo last year, four Shia men were murdered by a mob while carrying out their usual religious ceremonies in a private house.

"The Wahhabi try to ignore the entire corpus of Islamic teaching over the last 1,400 years," says Dr Allawi. The ideology of al-Qa'ida type movements in Iraq and Syria is not the same as Wahhabism, but their beliefs are similar though carried to a greater extreme. There are bizarre debates about whether it is forbidden to clap or whether women should wear bras. As with Boko Haram in Nigeria, militants in Iraq and Syria see no religious prohibition in enslaving women as spoils of war.

There are signs that the Saudi rulers may now be coming to regret giving quite so much support to the jihadis trying to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. In the past few days, they have invited the Iranian foreign minister to visit the kingdom. But it may be too late: having had their government denounce Mr Assad as the root of all evil in Syria, Saudi jihadis will see it as a betrayal and the height of hypocrisy if the state now threatens them with prison terms when they return home."

Sultan of Brunei – top Solunni-backer

The Saudi rulers are not the only hypocrites involved. Western governments express horror at what happens in Nigeria or Iraq but are diplomatically mute when it comes to Saudi Arabia. Sharia law is disregarded as an exotic and traditional, if unpleasant, part of local culture which should not interfere in the business of securing lucrative arms contracts – some $87bn-worth (£53bn) impending for the US alone.


  The latest victim of peecee hysteria was Premier Football League CEO Richard Scudamore who had cultivated a public image of treating women equally and planned to splurge £2.4M on little-watched women’s footie. The soccer chief had employed a distinctly Mid-Eastern-looking girl, Rani Abraham, 41, a former law student, as a temporary personal assistant, only to find her running to the Sunday Mirror when she noticed his (private) correspondence to pals contained ‘shocking,’ ‘disgusting’ and ‘humiliating’ ‘sexist’ references to “female irrationality” and “big t*tted broads.” The normal feminoid yowling promptly broke out and committees of soccer millionairs were convened to ponder and punish the outrageous naughtiness of £2.5Mpa Shouldhave Screwedhermore (Daily Mail 19 v).


  As reviews of A Troubled Inheritance (q.v.) continued to appear, the following contrast between Chinese race realism and Western ignoracism appeared in the transatlantic conservative news site Breitbart (Milo Yiannopoulos, 19 v):

"For over a decade, it has been Chinese academics, unencumbered by political correctness, who have embarked upon the race-based research enabled by genomics. The Chinese particularly enjoy IQ-versus-race league tables, because they invariably come out on top. That sort of research makes Westerners squeamish, to put it mildly–which is why today, most research into the genomics of race is still carried out at the Beijing Genomics Institute. By and large, the subject is un-fundable in the West.

    Assuming we were to discover biological and behavioural differences attributable to race, does that mean we should start treating different races differently? Could we develop better addiction treatment programs for Native Americans, or more effective medication for Hispanic asthma sufferers?...

    Journalists are often silent -- or, worse, resort to name-calling -- when they encounter research they find uncomfortable. Ian Steadman, a science writer for the {top British leftie organ} New Statesman, admitted he had not read Wade’s book when he referred on Twitter to extracts from it as “pretending racism is science.”

    “[I’ve] read enough reviews to know what it’s pushing,” he told me later."


After Ukip leader Nigel Farage told an interviewer that, like most Brits, he would rather have Germans than Romanians move in next door, he rejected anti-racist shrieks by insisting Ukip was not a racist party; but he did offer a little red meat in a full-page advert in the Telegraph (19 v), quoting police figures that 92% of crime at cash machines in London was committed by Romanians, that 28K Romanians were arrested in the previous five years in London alone, and that 7% of all [organized] crime across the 28 EU members state was committed by 240 Romanian gangs; and he actually dared one reference to “Roma” – though calling them a “socially excluded” group in Romania, and of course not calling them gypsies....

{Ukip had been failing to make progress in polls beyond its April level, though whether because the party was considered ‘racist’ or ‘not racist enough’ was unclear.}

    Questioned about his advert by the BBC’s top political correspondent, Nick Robinson, Farridge strangely averred that he would not mind having Caribbeans or Africans as neighbours.... But at least he had mentioned the distinct problems posed by the Roma – while no-one else on MSM could even mention the word (revived, along with ‘Sinti,’ by the left of the 1980s so as to discuss the gross illiteracy of these groups without having to use the word ‘gypsy’).

{Some .5M gypsies [German: Zigeuner – so they made to wear a black Z (or triangle) in Hitler’s Germany] had been gassed by the Nazis, who had conducted experiments with gypsy children to show that antisocial behaviour developed in them even when they were reared in a normal orphanage environment.

Sinti [cf. ‘Sindhi’] and Roma, both originally from the Indian subcontinent, had migrated to Germany in the 15th century and converted to Christianity; nonetheless, they were still generally accused of being beggars and thieves. In Prussia by 1500, any non-Sinti had the right to hunt gypsies, flog them, incarcerate them or kill them; by 1899, the German police kept a central register on gypsies. Gypsy talents were for lively music, dancing and boxing.}


 The ‘liberal’-left’s favourite fall-back ruse of calling all opposition ‘racist’/’fascist’/KKK etc seemed to be reaching the end of its natural life as few accepted that Ukip leader Farage was racist in any interesting classical sense – and as the lazy habit of name-calling reached even Prince Charles, who felt moved to volunteer (albeit in a private conversation in Canada with a Jewish woman) that Russia’s President Putin was akin to Hitler. Labour and Conservative polling showed that attacks claiming Nigel Farage was a racist had backfired since voters did not regard him as such and saw the assaults as a sign that members of the political establishment were ganging up to undermine him (Guardian, 21 v, p1; ClassicFM, 21 v, 11:00). The apparent backlash was emerging to both parties from telephone polling and focus groups, which said that the attacks had raised Farage's profile and confirmed him as the anti-establishment candidate.


Just in time to influence voting in Britain’s Euroelection (by the 60% of voters who had not already voted by post in an electoral process that would take an astonishing three days to deliver its results), the one-eyed hook-handed mullah Abu Hamza was announced as expected to die behind bars after a federal court in New York found him guilty of aiding the taking of hostages in Yemen and seeking to set up an al Qaida training camp in the U.S. (Daily Mail, 21 v).

Daft David Cameron and other politicians welcomed the fact that -- 16 years after three Britons died in the Yemen attack -- the hate-preacher of Finsbury Park mosque had finally been brought to justice. Hamza’s second wife Najat Mostafa, 55, (left) with whom he had seven children, lived in a £1.25 million five-bedroom council house in Shepherd’s Bush, west London. His eldest son Mohamed Mostafa, 32, was jailed for his part in planning to blow up churches in Yemen on Christmas Day 1998. He was jailed again in 2008, along with his brother Hamza Kamel, now 27, for their part in a £1 million luxury car scam. Hamza’s fifth son Mostafa, 20, was jailed for 11 years in 2012 for armed robbery.
At the same time, rioting involving 25+ broke out in an area of Sheffield which its Labour MP David Blunkett (former Home Secretary) had said in 2013 to be at risk of ethnic trouble because of its fast-growing population of some 3K ‘Roma’ gypsies (Daily Mail, 21 v). The next day, BH added another c.60 to its death toll {Ah, well, this was nothing compared to the 118+ killed by bombs at a bus station in Nigeria as ‘Boko Haram’ Mueslis – their 250+ captured Christian virgins safely hidden – advanced to the next stage of ethnic civil war in the multiculti country that idealistic Britain had done so much to create and sustain. Lucky Britain, that it was others who suffered most for its multiculti illusions!}


  After fifty years in Britain of peecee penalization of writing, speech, private communications, jokes and quotations from past texts including the dreaded N-word (all such persecution being blessed by Britain’s ‘Liberals’ who were just Eurosocialists without trade union finance), Ipswich borough council thought up a new intrusive wheeze: all its officials and workers would have to notify it of any sexual/romantic contacts with other council operatives – including snogs at office Christmas parties – so as to avoid unseemly possibilities such as a hanky-panky partner being appointed to a position where he might show favouritism to a girl he had consiliently groped (Daily Telegraph, 21 v, p7).

{You couldn’t make it up! No examples of actual harm from such contacts were provided to journalists – any more than of the supposed harm coming from 84-yr celebrity Rolf Harris having spent time groping a 15-yr lass who had accepted his invitation to sit on his lap in a pub (about which it took the gold-digger ooops feminastie 28 years to complain to cops).}

    Australia – once renowned for its White racism, chauvinism and heterophilia – promptly added ‘inappropriate winking’ to the list of communications which could attract peecee ire (see below).


Western enthusiasm for multicult nonsense and demakrazy which had led to half-hearted resistance to Islamic terror and crackpot encouragement of the doomed aspirations of Western-seeming change artistes in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and the Ukraine met its match as Russia – fed up with Western homophilia, feminazism, niggalovin’ and ignorant comparisons [such as emanated from Britain’s Prince Charles, previously best known for talking to plants and wanting to be a tampon to his Camilla] of its President Putin with Hitler – made a $400B deal to supply gas to China for thirty years, thus freeing itself from dependence on Western contracts.

At the same time, China was given a savage reminder of its need to smash Islam as Mueslis rampaged through the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi, killing 31 (Independent, 22 v) – a problem of the type with which Russia had dealt in Chechnya. {Yes, sadly, the West – led by a chainsmoking leftist Kenyan-born half-Black, an “unf*ckable tub of lard” [attributed to Italian bunga-bunga expert PM Berlusconi],” French philanderers and a hoody-hugging Etonian who didn’t know what Magna Carta was – had passed up its chance to unite the White race [or at least the northern half of it] in a Nordic League. The West would soon be as despised by Russia for not suppressing Islamofascism as it had been for its lacklustre response to Nazism and Hitler’s nearly-successful invasion of Russia.}


 The multiculti follies of Britain’s ‘political class’ (‘Lib/Lab/Con’) were hilariously exposed as anti-EU Ukip stormed through at English elections, picking up some 28% of the vote in a victory that was typically called “very big” and “extraordinary” even by goons so peecee that they were allowed on the Beeb.

However, it was a very British racist “earthquake” in that Ukippers toed their party line of official anti-racism and would admit only to such dog-whistle claims as “We say what we mean” – reminiscent of the pre-Cameroon Tories’ 2002 “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” At no point in discussion did such words as Black, White, Paki, Gypsy, Roma, Jew or IQ pass the lips of Kippers – any more than of MSM pundits who, despite their vast resources, showed no inclination to research the phenomenon which their righteous tyranny had created: voters and indeed a whole party of anti-racist racists prepared to reveal their feelings only in the privacy of the electoral booth.

Any academic hope that public debate would involve discussion of the work and writing of Spearman, Jensen, Eysenck, Rushton, Lynn, Cavalli-Sforza, Pinker or Wade was quite misplaced. Mr Farridge had blundered his way to a polite racism that was well-suited to the British temperament. Whether he could sustain his ‘racism without racism’ if faced with serious questioning remained to be seen.

Fortunately for him, his would-be critics were so “appalled” [like ‘Liberal’ leader Nice Nick Cleggy – his own LimpDim party largely wiped off the electoral map] that, in their holiness, they had long ago stopped reading books about inheritance, IQ and race, so were no more capable of opposing seriously race-realistic views than was Mr Garridge at presenting them.

    Further revenge looked possible since Farriage identified Camerloon as the main obstacle to the electoral pact with Ukip that Conservatives now needed – since it was Camoron who had in 2005 called Kippers “fruitcakes and closet racists” and continued his peecee holiness in 2014 by calling them “appalling.” This was clearly the moment for Boris Johnson – or a BoJo sidekick -- to challenge for the Tory leadership. The resulting pact would presumably involve insistence on all recipients of British largesse (council housing, state sector jobs, ‘schooling,’ elfcare, voting rights) having reasonable English and £5K in the bank to defray the cost of their crimes....


After Prince Charles – presumably taken in by MSM hysteria about Russia’s ‘homophobic’/sexist/xenophobic/gymnaste-loving President Putin defending “ethnic Russians,” reclaiming Crimea and resisting the advance of EUSSR to its border – likened Putin to Hitler, Russian diplomats sought carefully to play down the overheard incident.

But Russian TV was not up for diplomacy. It featured a photograph of Charles's great uncle, the Duke of Windsor, visiting Hitler at his Obersalzberg retreat shortly after abdicating as Edward VIII. A presenter commented that Edward's wife Wallace Simpson "hung out with Hitler" and replayed photos of Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi (for a fancy dress party) (Guardian, 23 v).

{The TV entertainment conveniently ignored the 1939-41 Nazi-Soviet Pact to carve up Poland, but no matter! Charles – himself intent on achieving recognition from the UK’s 1.5M Mueslis – evidently remembered as little about how WWII (i.e. the Great Patriotic War) was won (at the cost of 26M Russian lives) as did PM Daft Dave about Magna Carta.}


 With America locked into Democrat destruction of the White race as the country pursued its favoured agendas of multiculturalism, globalism, alien invasion, affirmativism [‘positive discrimination’], linguistic chaos and degeneracy, the New York Times recognized that Vladimir Putin’s Russia was increasingly looking attractive to Europe’s rising far right – perhaps especially to Marine Le Pen’s National Front (Andrew Higgins, 21 v). A sample:

“Russian influence in the affairs of the far right is a phenomenon seen all over Europe,” said a study by the Political Capital Institute, a Hungarian research group. It predicted that far-right parties, “spearheaded by the French National Front,” could form a pro-Russian bloc in the European Parliament or, at the very least, amplify previously marginal pro-Russian voices.

    Pro-Russian sentiment remains largely confined to the fringes of European politics, though Mr. Putin also has more mainstream admirers and allies on both the right and the left, including Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, and Gerhard Schröder, the former German chancellor....

    Even among far-right groups, the sympathy for Russia and suspicion of Washington are in part tactical: Focused on clawing back power from the European Union’s bureaucracy, they seize any cause that puts them at odds with policy makers in Brussels and the conventional wisdom of European elites.

    But they also reflect a general crumbling of public trust in the beliefs and institutions that have dominated Europe since the end of World War II, including the Continent’s relationship with the United States.

    “Europe is a big sick body,” said Alain de Benoist, a French philosopher and a leading figure in a French school of political thought known as the “new right.” Mr. de Benoist said Russia “is now obviously the principal alternative to American hegemony.” Mr. Putin, he added, is perhaps “not the savior of humanity,” but “there are many good reasons to be pro-Russian.”

{In Britain, the popular nationalist politicians Farriage [English backwaters] and Fish [Glasgow backwater] had been kinder to Puto over Crimea than had the lying peecee toads, dwarves and cowards of Westminster and MSM; but these otherwise-brave nats wanted to avoid the anti-Semitism that had historically appealed to the Russians, Poles, Germans and French, so whether a European bloc could emerge that was at once White and right and truly liberal remained to be seen.

Dumping peecee-multiculturalism would provide a manageable co-operative project; but Puto perhaps reckoned Western Europe so spineless in the face of Bleck and Muesli invasion that Russia was better off teaming up with (and selling oil to) the Chinese – especially so as to handle the menace from low-IQ Sunni death-wish artistes.}


 Suddenly confronted on air with a grandmother who solemnly claimed to have been driven by financial desperation to become a hotline sex call worker, Australian PM Queensman Tony Abbott could not resist giving a wink to the show’s host – thus indicating some understandable disbelief in the crone’s supposed plight and its attribution to his government’s economic policies (Sydney Morning Herald, 22 v).

Abbott’s ‘insensitive’ shit promptly hit the feminoid fan, allegedly having caused ‘outrage’ – though not to the granny herself, who seemed aware that her sob story had a funny side. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said that the wink showed how out of touch the Prime Minister was. ''I'm sure the Prime Minister's minders would've had a collective forehead-slapping moment, and said, 'oh my goodness Tony's at it again','' Mr Shorten told reporters in Melbourne. ''I don't know what was going through his mind then. It just shows how out of touch the prime minister is.''

The Greens called on Mr Abbott to step down as Minister for Women and appoint a woman to the role after the winking controversy, but Mr Abbott said that he would not resign from the position. {Wow, after two centuries of apparent macho realism and philosophical materialism, it was turning out that Aussies had peecee hypersensitivity syndrome (PHS) even worse than American neo-Marxist hysterics and pathetic whingeing Poms!}


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Monday, May 19, 2014


 As the ‘international community’ woke up {with the help of this blog} to the latest Black/Muesli atrocity of 250+ virgins being abducted by Procul Harem ooops Okay Yoni in the benighted outpost of north-east Nigeria, garbed in the berkoff, made to recite the Koran and prepared for rape, child marriage, enslavement and early death, countries of a range of ethnicities sent ‘experts’ to help find and save the Christian girls from the oil-soaked Nigerian government which had let the girls’ ordeal continue for a month without mention or intervention: America, Britain, France, China and Israel all sent aid.

But not a single Muslim country lifted a finger. Nor did the ‘moderate’ mullahs who presided over the Muesli invasion of the West. No protest, no sympathy, no demonstrations, no mosque suspensions, no lashing of fanatics, no money – not a bean to salve their consciences over the worst Muesli outrage since the Twin Towers 9/11 [itself attributed by Mueslis to Jews]. Still, this was par for the course as international dining wallahs themselves declined to exert the slightest pressure (e.g. by drafting non-taxpaying Muesli men for service in a Humanitarian Army for Africa and detaining mullahs for questioning) – fearing to endanger either their own oil supplies or the slave labour which Mueslis provided. Much better to maintain idealistic multiculti pretences than admit the treachery of the politicobusiness elite in admitting millions of mad Mueslis to the liberal, peaceful and Christian West.

 Deaths from terrorism worldwide rose by more than 60 per cent in 2013 amid surging violence in Iraq and Syria, according to the US State Department. A total of 17,891 people were killed by terrorists in 2013, compared to 11,098 the year before, while the number of attacks rose by more than 40 per cent. Yet the West, dominated by its plutocrats, was not prepared to demand that Muesli leaders get their act together before the mayhem arrived in the Western countries which Mueslis had chosen as their favoured lands for invasion.


 Having first attracted low-grade race realists to Ukip by seeming to promise limitation of immigration by gypsies (though they had be called Romanians or just Europeans), leader Mr Farridge was given full-force treatment by Britain’s politicos and MSM. He promptly wilted and spent every heaven-sent media opportunity just being a good boy denouncing racism, showing off his two Black members and even wanting closure of the free speech of his Anti-Nazi League opponents.

All these antics did little to surge Ukip’s poll ratings; and he even found himself and his party denounced for racism by one of his Bleck members (BBC R4, 14 v, 09:00). Sadly, Garridge had not learned to read The g Factor – any more than had the nincompoops who served up taxpayer-funded accounts of intelligence on the Beeb (starred by non-psychologist pinko ‘moderates’ Jones and Plomin) – so had nothing to say to PeeCee’s battalions.

No David to Goliath! Farage and his ilk could not say Niggas were stupid, Gyps criminal, and Chinks conformist; nor mention g; so they were quite as cowardly as ‘Conservatives.’ Such was PeeCee’s tyranny.


  Senior Westminster politicos are not known for being thin-skinned, especially about the words of abuse that they hear and dish out as their stock-in-trade. So my old colleague and housemate (at Nuffield College), Austin Mitchell, who had been MP for Grimsby since 1977, was surprised to be jumped on by feminoid MPs, including a Conservative Cabinet minister, when he twittered that the planned take-over of an unheard-of ‘British’ drugs company by American giant Pfizer was a “rape,” thus apparently trivialising the crime of which so many hairy lesbians wished to complain after drinks parties (BBC, 14 v).

In reply, Austin first complained of the ministress being hypersensitive; then explained that ‘rape’ had many connotations, including that of ‘plunder’; but to no avail, so he had to grovel to the Labour Chief Whip ‘for all the trouble he’d caused’ – after a distinguished and long career of good humour, leftism and opposition to the EUSSR, and just a year before he was due to retire from the Commons.

Such was the new morality which the left had created so as to vent their hysteria and terrorize realists of the right for their word- and thought-crimes.


  ‘Progress’ toward integrated classrooms had largely been rolled back since the USA’s Supreme Court issued its landmark Brown v. Topeka Board of Education decision 60 years ago, according to a report by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA (Associated Press, 15 v). By 2012, Blacks were seeing more school segregation than they had in decades, and more than half of Latino students attended schools that were majority Latino.

In New York, California and Texas, more than half of Latino students were enrolled in schools that were 90 percent minority or more, the report found. In New York, Illinois, Maryland and Michigan, more than half of Black students attended schools where 90 percent or more were minority.


 As part of its tireless campaign to intimidate Ukip as “offensive” and “beyond the pale,” MSM had it “emerge” that the party’s candidate for a seat on Brent council (north London) had condemned Islamic culture as incompatible with British way of life. Having complained to the previous council about it letting Muslims evade planning regulations in a shopping parade, Heino Vockrodt’s message was reported by the Guardian, 15 v:

Political correctness was preventing the council taking action, he alleged, "for fear of being called racists, when, just like in all the other cases where Muslims are grooming children to be sex slaves under the eyes of the authorities, the council does nothing".

    He claimed the neighbourhood was "already exploding under the weight of segregation" and shopkeepers had been "squeezed out by Muslims".

    "The entire parade – once lovely owner/occupier shops – resembles Helmand province now. Time to call in MI5 and MI6 for sure," he wrote.

    "Islam is a mono-cultural, totalitarian ideology," he added. "It is NOT a religion. It is against multi-culturalism and only promotes its own culture. It is against everything modern Britain stands for."

Needless to say, Mr Vockrodt was called “bigoted” and a “racist” by the Labour Party, its leader of Brent council (Muhammed Butt) and the Guardian, even though he had not even mentioned race, let alone the kidnap and enforced Muslimization of 250+ schoolgirls in Nigeria, and the failure of Muslim leaders to condemn the atrocity.


 A welcome defence of a role for genes and evolution was offered by Nicholas Wade as he emerged with his book, A Troubled Inheritance, from his front-line scholarly appeasement of environmentobabblers at Nature, Science and New York Times (where he was science editor till 2012). Why, he was even bold enough to suggest there might be racial differences and to venture criticism of the ignoracism of economists and social anthropologists! And he quite upset several Spectator readers who, bullied by the left, had soothed their psyches by buying into environmentalism (15 v)!

    Yet what were the human racial differences of any importance? Well, it was all a question of social factors, Wade burbled. Apparently, the Chinese had surmounted ‘tribal’ differences quicker than the West and imposed statism --- though this Wade-praised development was unexplained and ignored the fact that the Han tribe had simply won, making up 90% of today’s mainland Chinese.

While Wade could bring himself to theorize that there might be racial differences, he could not bring himself to mention actual differences such as Chinese conformity (evolved in response to the needs of rice-growing) and vastly documented African stupidity (thanks to non-exposure to the Ice Age). Long-serving job-keeper Wade still retained happy habits for appeasing left-environmentalists:

“Clearly no society is intrinsically superior to any other, but inevitably each has its periods of greater relative success.” Just when a period of ‘success’ would arrive for slopes or niggas could not be predicted by Wade – unsurprising while all high-class Chinese aimed to educate their kids in the West and while the entire population of Africa and the Middle East sought to emigrate (unless they could achieve lucrative positions in their countries’ corrupt militobureaucracies which themselves lived off Western aid and entrepreneurship).

    A review of A Troublesome Inheritance as “historic” was published in the Wall Street Journal, 2 v, by leading London Schooler and Bell Curve co-author Charles Murray. Wade gave a summary of his ‘three human races’ thesis to Time, 9 v – a thesis drawn from the writing of Rushton, Lynn and Brand, but with the interesting bits left out. A full and fair but equally uncommitted and negritude-avoidant review of Wade’s book was provided in Scientific American, 13 v. A negative review of the book, as “a rather unconvincing attempt to promote the science of racial difference” appeared {Where else?} in New York Times, 15 v.


 The modern British mess from its bureaucracy and equally unaddressable ‘international companies’ declining to respect IQ and thus employing  countless dull people was exemplified as German-owned ‘energy giant’ E.ON {which had spent three years trying to batter my own front door down – sending men with hammers from undisclosed locations, putting the phone down on my lawyer etc} was fined £12M by a government watchdog for having swindled half-a-million people by promising services which it then failed to deliver. The fine was the largest-ever from the UK’s (largely toothless) ‘Ofgem.’ E.ON’s boss-wallah Tony Cocker featured in top-headline-news (BBCR4 and Classic FM, 16 v; Guardian, 16 v) saying his incompetent firm had not supplied its staff with adequate “training”; but Cockup did not mention the failure of selection and elementary conscientiousness.


  Despite weeks of vilification of Ukip by pseudo-elite MSM for ‘racism,’ the Independent’s ComRes poll gave Ukip its highest lead in a European elections survey, suggesting that the Eurosceptic party would scoop up MEP seats across the country (18 v). Among those who said they were ‘absolutely certain to vote’ [viz 50% of the population], Ukip was on 35 per cent, 11 points ahead of Labour, on 24 per cent, with the Conservatives down two points from the last ComRes poll earlier in May, at 20 per cent. The Green Party had pushed the Liberal Democrats into fifth place and was up two points to 7 per cent, while Nick Clegg's party was down two to 6 per cent. Ukip leader Fararse ooops Farridge had steadfastly declined to use the terms ‘Black,’ ‘Paki’ or ‘gypsy’, let alone to demean such invaders ooops immigrants; but this dishonesty had helped him win the support of the one third of British voters who – despite years of intimidation by the peecee consensus of Lib/Lab/Con – were mildly if inconspicuously racist and properly regarded Ukip as a ‘last chance saloon’.


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Monday, May 12, 2014


 Though Ukip continued to enjoy a poll lead, its leader Mr Farridge chose to seek refuge in LibLabCon middle ground (Telegraph, 5 v). Presumably intent on winning seats in the Brussels ‘parliament’ (which did not speak English, make jokes or have any power over the European Commission), Farage not only bottled out from standing for MP in conservative Newark but spent his gift of air time on the BBC’s prestigious Andrew Marr TV chat show denouncing racism, rejoicing in his sacking of one ‘fruitcake’ Ukip candidate per day as MSM demanded, and boasting of Ukip’s ‘ethnic minority’ membership (two Blacks and a Sikh were produced).

Thus he could not explain why Kippers did not want Romanians living nearby – for he could not mention the word ‘gipsy’; he could not explain why Blacks needed to be stopped and searched; he could not address the Muslim sexual code which led to FGM and the pimping of White girls; and admission of the low IQ of the third world was beyond him even as 230 Nigerian virgins remained abducted and the Brazilians of the favelas got shooting in practice for the World (Soccer) Cup.

Farage’s deference to PeeCee mirrored Jeremy Clarkson’s “begging forgiveness” for uttering the n-word [nigga] in order to keep his £17Mpa at the Beeb. But Farridge choosing discretion as the better part of valour set aside race realism and free speech and ushered in LibLabConYUk.


 The BBC continued its account of intelligence for 12-yr-olds with soporific when not deceitful coverage of ‘nature vs nurture’ in which both factors were represented as equally important (R4, 6 v, 11:00; Properly, the programme told listeners that Galton’s ideas had given way in the twentieth century to the more cheerful ‘improving’ ideas of behaviourism; but it did not even mention that behaviourism itself had been exploded by the Nobel-winning recognition of innate factors in animals (by Lorenz et al, c.1960) and by the proof of the innateness of language (esp. grammar) (by Chomsky, 1967).

Properly, again, the programme recognized that Plomin and Pinker had become the dominant expositors of research into inherited psychological differences; but both settled for a measly ‘50%’ heritability for IQ without distinguishing broad from narrow heritability and with Pinker even denying that any human group had inferior intelligence (even though his talks to groups of fellow Jews in America happily proclaimed The Race to be of superior IQ).

Perhaps most remarkably, the programme gave no attention to the trillions of dollars that had been wasted on efforts (like that of Head Start) to improve IQ, or to the resurfacing of high-IQ Germany and Japan after colossal military devastation – but then the Beeb didn’t like awkward facts.


 The wheel of history came full circle as Whites found that, having given Africans independence and having failed to insist on eugenic programmes or to break al-Queerdo on the wheel, blow up mosques and deport subscribers to Saudi, their trillion-dollar supplies of food, shelter and medicine to the Dark Continent needed to be supplemented with crack troops and security experts who would locate and rescue the c.230 maidens of Nigeria who had been abducted from their school (into the vast Sambisa jungle, uncleared in fifty years of independence) for the purposes of enslavement, rape and marriage of those of 9+ years to be ‘fifth wives’ of Muesli big men.

Costs of the new colonialism could not be charged to the U.N. because, er.... – well, that outfit’s member states each had as much voting strength as America, so they would only transfer the costs back to Uncle Sam (and certainly not to the Pope and kindred caliphs who had supported dysgenic decolonization which yielded nightly boatloads of Blacks fleeing across the Mediterranean – and not uncommonly drowning in it as they expressed their enthusiasm for White rule).

    For good measure Boko Haram topped off its mass abduction of teenagerettes by capturing 20 more and by slaughtering hundreds of Black Christian men – setting fire to a market in north-east Nigeria, then gunning down or slitting the throats of any who tried to escape. Boko Haram wanted control of the whole of Nigeria. Its leader ranted via video: 'Either you are with us . . . or you are with Obama, Francois Hollande, George Bush, Clinton and anyone who is an unbeliever. Kill! Kill! Kill! This war is against Christians.'

BH had killed some five thousand Christians in Nigeria over the previous five years. The silence of Muesli leaders was deafening – but of course they were under no pressure from the West’s genocidal multicults.

    Over the years, Britain had done much to encourage multicultural delusions (notably by intervening in Nigeria’s civil war of 1967-70). But the final result was evidently that the astonishingly named President Goodluck Jonathan was unable to make any progress finding – let alone in rescuing -- the 230 girls even in three weeks.

    Nigeria’s brutal and unimaginably corrupt kleptocracy received £186M in 2011 from the UK and similar amounts in 2012 and 2013.


While the world professed it had no answer to Boko Haram {Close one mosque for each girl raped; and blow up one for each girl murdered}, British police swooped at addresses all over eastern England to detain 22 gypsy males from the Czech Republic and Romania and 16 girls of 12 -18 from their homelands whom they had been pimping or selling (Daily Mail, 9 v).

The UK was estimated to have let in 200K of eastern Europe’s 12M ‘Roma’ in deference to the EU and general multiculturalism. Detaining the latest 22 gypsies had taken the combined efforts of some 500 police, guards, technicians, secretaries, social workers, lawyers etc. Cops were also investigating suspected rape, violence, people trafficking, drug dealing and firearms offences – in none of this helped by the gypsies having scarcely a word of English {thanks to Britain’s traitorous politicians having failed to make passable English a precondition of the sex workers’ entry and residence}.


 As the President of the Oxford Union found himself arrested in his Christ Church rooms at 7am and bailed (till June) pending possible charges of rape (dated to January, 2013, when he had attended a drinking competition between male and female clubs), an Independent columnist proposed re-titling ‘rape’ as ‘non-consensual sex’ so as to persuade juries to convict (7 v).

{Eliminating the implication of struggle by the victim would be a sop to feminoids; as would ‘non-consensual sex’ avoiding the implication of penetration. Reformers aiming to incarcerate more men could then move on to redefining murder as ‘non-consensual death’....}

    Top BBC man, Stuart Hall, 84, found charges of rape of two teenagerettes raised against him after forty years and despite the girls admitting that they had gone back for more ‘rape’ on scores of occasions (as they sought careers at the Beeb).

A further sign that prosecutors had lost touch with the idea that an ‘assault’ had to involve lack of consent on the part of the victim (as well as with realism and compassion) was provided as the Beeb’s superstar Rolf Harris (CBE; 84; royally admired painter of the Queen) went on trial for ‘sexual assaults’ on a teenagerette for which, after she had not complained at 13, she repeatedly returned for more and ended having a full-blown sexual affair with Harris in her twenties for which her father received a grovelling written apology when he discovered his daughter’s ‘ordeal’ thirty years later.
    {Yes, it would not be long before all successful men were deemed rapists – as well as being racists, fascists and paedophiles.}


 Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA by Professor Tim Groseclose, described what the author insisted were illegal admissions practices he had witnessed at University of California at Los Angeles (WND, 7 v). Faced with leftist demands for more Blacks on campus, authorities had for several years found ways around legislative bans on ‘positive discrimination.’ A popular fraud was to require a ‘holistic’ approach to admissions – rather than base entry on test and exam marks.

    American firms’ and institutions’ many dodges of taking on undeserving minorities (contrary to legal demands for race-blindness) so as to avoid leftist criticism were actually noted in New York Times, 7 v. A popular ruse was to argue that clients or patients ‘needed’ to be dealt with by operatives of their own race. Such practices were ironically coming to be called “racial realism” by those who defended them!


  As experts pondered the apparent crime decrease of recent years in the West (e.g. attributing it to CCTV surveillance or under-reporting), a new study by Dr Seena Fazel, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at Oxford University, found that people given antipsychotic medicines to treat psychiatric illness were nearly half as likely to commit a violent crime compared to when they were not using it (Independent, 8 v). This was good news for Eysenckians, since it was only the ‘Psychoticism’ factor that had (since 1980) been proposed by a psychologist as the underlying feature in madness, crime and ‘tough-minded’ attitudes. (Conventional wisdom had long denied such links -- which were detailed in 2013 in Kerry Bolton’s The Psychotic Left (q.v.).)


 When a young Black male found his path blocked outside a Tesco Express in Kingston-on-Thames by a bicycle wheeled by a 91-yr-old White war hero and campaigner against apartheid, he idly called the pensioner “a racist” who should already be dead and give him a push, felling him and fracturing his hip, leading to the death of the much-decorated oldie a few months later (D.Telegraph, 8 v).

{Yes, a generation of peecee hysteria had led to it being possible to call just about anyone racist with impunity – but not without serious cost to some of those so abused.}


 New evidence of personality origins came from doctoral student Thomas Talhelm, U.Virginia (LiveScience, 8 v). Years of research (and culture clashes) had shown that East Asians are more collectivistic than their individualistic Western counterparts. Talhelm argued that this cultural gulf may stem from what those peoples’ ancestors farmed.

    Within China itself, people from traditional rice-farming areas have a more collectivist mindset than people from traditional wheat-farming areas, Talhelm found. Other factors, such as climate, race, central government and urbanization, could not explain the within-nation differences.

Though the study was limited to China, “I think this can go at least part of the way into explaining the differences between East and West,” study leader Talhelm told Live Science. Europeans historically grew wheat and a similar crop, barley.

    Talhelm first got the idea to study the effect of farming on Chinese cultures while living in Guangzhou and teaching high school in 2007. Guangzhou is in southern China, and Talhelm noticed that when he later moved to Beijing in northern China, residents were less conflict-averse and more straightforward. “It’s a difference Chinese natives notice as well,” he said. “They’ll call people from the north more direct or more brash.”

    Certain changes in dialects also occur as you move from southern China to northern China, Talhelm learned, with the Yangtze River acting as a dividing line. The Yangtze, it turns out, is also the point at which rice farming in the south transitions to wheat farming in the north. Rice farming is labor-intensive and requires irrigation {with water coming from the side, so long as neighbours keep their drains clear}, which forces a community to work together, Talhelm said. Wheat farming, on the other hand {in which water comes from the heavens, so neighbours are of less concern}, is a more individualistic pursuit.

    {Talhelm estimated that the north-south difference in personality in China was 60% of the East-West difference between Whites and Chinese – though he was not inclined to discuss race, any more than to mention that the wheat vs rice hypothesis was first put forward in in 1979 (An Unfinished History of the World, pp. 75-87) and was drawn to the attention of readers of Personality and Individual Differences by me in 1990 (10, 9, p. 1016) and reiterated in 1996 (The g Factor, p. 147).}


A scientific team at U.California San Francisco discovered that a common form (held by one person in five) of a gene already associated with long life also improved learning and memory, a finding that could have implications for treating age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s (Medical Xpress, 8 v). The researchers found that people who carry a single copy of the KL-VS variant of the KLOTHO gene perform better on a wide variety of cognitive tests. When the researchers modelled the effects in mice, they found it strengthened the connections between neurons that make learning possible -- what is known as synaptic plasticity -- by increasing the action of a cell receptor critical to forming memories. The variant did not delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, but meant that sufferers started their decline from a higher point of intelligence so were not so quickly in trouble.

{In deference to PeeCee, the authors themselves, led by neurologist Dena Dubal, could not mention ‘IQ’ or ‘intelligence.’ The link between the KLOTHO gene and longevity had been discovered in 1997.}


 The annual conference of American Renaissance turned out have involved proper soul-searching about the country’s demise into negritude and the failure of AR’s race realism to have the slightest impact (Radix Journal, 8 v); but there was no psychology, no tribute to Art Jensen and Phil Rushton (who had died just months previously), no consideration of the Islamicization of Western Europe, and no mention of how Vladimir Putin’s Russia (while retaking the Crimea almost bloodlessly, supporting the Russian speakers of eastern Ukraine, and protesting against a ‘bearded lady’ [a drag act] winning the Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest) was managing to resist at once the disasters of mad Mueslidom, the tyranny of western PeeCee/Multiculturalism and the impoliteness of North Korea calling Churchill-hating US President Obarmy a “dirty, wicked, unevolved monkey” (Washington Post, 8 v).


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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


 Demonstrating their enthusiasm for getting to the West, around 700 Africans charged Spain’s barbed-wire border fences in the country’s North African enclave of Melilla, clashing with Spanish and Moroccan border police (Yahoo News, 1 v). Spain said 140 of the migrants managed to enter Spanish territory despite the efforts of the border police, of whom 12 were injured as Blacks seized their batons and pepper sprays.


Despite the dramatic rise of Ukip, which just brushed off lib-left cries of ‘racism’ (a “substitute for argument,” replied Kippers), anti-racists found they simply could not stop using the ploy which had served them so well for a generation. In America, an 82-yr baseball club president was fired (thus losing himself $2M) because he had reproved a half-Black girlfriend for associating with Blacks and bringing them to his games (in the course of romantic feuding, the malicious bitch had illegally taped a private phone call and sent it to antiracism-cowed MSM). In Britain, a BNP member was detained by police after complaint by a Muesli because he had publicly quoted Churchill’s dim view of Islam (as stunting psychological development); the ‘Conservative’ Home Secretary agreed to profess herself shocked that Bleck youf were chosen for ‘stop and search’ six times as often as Whites; and star broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson was front-paged in the left’s Mirror for the sin of using (though not broadcasting) ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ (a traditional children’s way of making random choices in counting-out games, involving the phrase ‘catch a n*gger by his toe’) (Indie, 1 v).


  The long-awaited Penguin by NYTWIT Nicholas Wade, A Troublesome Inheritance (q.v.), made its appearance. Involving admission of probably genetic influences on aggression (Blacks and Arabs high), intelligence (Jews high), disorganization and gross alcoholism (aborigines high) and conformity (East Asians high), it had won half marks from the generous Jared Taylor (AmRen, 2 iii, ‘Nicholas Wade takes on the regime’) and Steve Sailer (Takimag, 30 iv, ‘The liberal creationists’), but it copped out on the only racial issue that mattered to Western idealists, the inherited low IQ of Blacks – the issue on which by far the most and best data, and indeed proof, were available. Apparently, Penguin could allow only speculative realism to its readers.


 The jailing for eight years of London PR guru Max Clifford, 71, for ‘sexual assault’ freed the acquaintances of this master of selling ‘kiss & tell’ stories to denounce him as a “vile, narcissistic predator.” But friends wept in court as the sentence was handed down; and London cognoscenti were amazed, for they had been predicting a stretch of only two years. Judge Anthony Leonard QC had plainly got into the spirit of cops’ ‘Yewtree’ hounding of celebrities – a new move, beyond the usual persecution of paedophile organists and sports coaches.

Thus Leonard had set aside the charged offences being of 40-year antiquity, the absence of tangible harm to the teenagerette victims, the girls having – in their ‘humiliation’ at what their going to Clifford had led to – waited so long before making their accusations, and the normal judicial practice of letting sentences run concurrently.

What with the judge calling Clifford’s attitude to wannabe victims as ‘intimidatory’ {after all, Clifford maintained the girls’ consent to his far-from-psychopathic advances} and with Clifford being a rich man of top skill at popular writing, the stage seemed all set for a successful appeal that would spell the end of feminoid-beloved abusohysteria.


 As Ukip achieved top position* in Britain’s respected YouGov poll (for the Sunday Times, 27 iv), members of the party of protest (against bankers’ bonuses, quangocrat salaries, parliamentary expenses, parliamentary pooftahs, ‘human rights,’ yag marriage, ‘diversity,’ third-world immigration and even – Ukip’s stated target – ‘Europe’ [i.e. the EU]) learned the effective answer to critics of their ‘racism’: faced with MSM’s complaints about members’ references on their Witter and Twaddle sites to nig-nogs, tar babies and bongo-bongo land, the simple reply of “Racist? That’s just how ordinary people talk!” sufficed to silence the accuser. Yes, perhaps everyone had come to realize that cries of ‘racism’ were passé – in their over-use and attempt to block even the mildest criticism of other races.

When YouGov showed people pictures of UKIP campaign adverts, branded "racist" by some critics, the majority disagreed they were racist, and 57% agreed with Mr Farage's claim that the adverts were a "hard-hitting reflection of reality" (BBC News, 27 iv). In the Daily Express (28 iv), columnist Leo McKinstry summed up developments well: “....Ukip’s surge is a quintessentially British rebellion against the thought police, the race relations commissars, the diversity doctrinaires and EU propagandists. The establishment’s anti-Ukip efforts also exude the foulest stench of hypocrisy. ....

The great irony of Ukip is that it owes its success to the political establishment. If the main parties had not derided the views of the people for so long, especially on immigration and the EU, then Farage’s party would never have gained ground.” (Prior to the Ukip breakthrough, the ferocious grip of Peecee/Multiculturalism on the universities and broadcasters of the English-speaking world was exemplified and castigated in the Spectator by Mark Steyn (25 iv), who specially mentioned that there were few important topics for discussion with today’s intelligentsia unless one was prepared for a fist-fight over whether racist, sexist, homophobic etc views, mentions and jokes were ‘appropriate’ for discussion in polite society – for, over thirty years, closing down debate had become the ‘liberal’/left’s main technique (unless one were a Muslim advocating FGM).

That Ukip was mobilizing what Eysenckians would call tough-minded voters (of both left and right) against idealist twaddle was advanced in the new book on Ukip, Revolt on the Right (see Liberal Democrat Voice, 25 iv). RonR reckoned NF’s best chance of a Westminster seat would be at Grimsby, a fishing town wrecked by the EU – though the retiring MP {my old Nuffield College colleague and housemate} Austin Mitchell {perhaps with his head in the sands of time} thought this prospect “a joke” (Grimsby Telegraph, 29 iv}.
    As a ‘cross-party’ parliamentary group, Migration Matters, condemned Ukip for “running a racist campaign,” Mr Farage stuck to the above theme and warned MM against “insulting ordinary British people” (D.Mail, 29 iv).

    Amusingly, as Ukip hit 38% support in two polls, 32% thought the party racist. NF properly professed himself “shocked”

* Ukip 31%; Labour 28%; Conservative 19%; Liberal Democrat 9%; Green 8%; British National Party 0%. (And Ukip still headed the pack 3 v despite MSM’s relentless scouring of Twaddle etc to find what PM Daft Dave – who couldn’t get on with Putin, Merkel or Obongy – had called “nutters and fruitcakes.”)


  Religio-ethnic mayhem in the Muesli mode came to Baghdad as al-Qaeda and the ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ brought Syria’s problems to Iraq with two huge bombs in a 10K-seater stadium which killed 33 and left scores of Shitites injured by the Solunnis. The devastated rally was being organized by the Shitite ‘League of the Righteous’ which had sent fighters to help Basher Assad. (The Syrian sectarian civil war, in which the West’s politicos had given the Sunnis high hopes of beating the Shi-ites, was usually estimated to have killed 150K, deracinated at least 1M and left major cities like Aleppo as piles of rubble.)


  The UK’s best-known ‘publicist,’ the silver-haired Max Clifford, who had helped so many gold-digging girls into the beds of celebrities and to ‘kiss and tell,’ was convicted in London on eight charges of sexual assault (four incidents of naughtiness having been with a 15-yr-old girl); but this peecee persecution of an admitted risk-taking womanizer was less impressive for using mainly 40-yr-old ‘evidence’ and for failing to explain to journos or anyone what ‘sexual assault’ actually involved – reflecting PeeCee’s favoured technique of studied vagueness about the details or harm caused by the ancient crime as the accused was condemned by his inferiors for such sins as elegance and articulacy.
In a comparable departure from ordinary principles of justice, police were egged on (successfully) to ‘investigate’ the 45-yr-old crimes with orphaned boys of an apparent paedophile MP (for Rochdale), the gigantic humourist Liberal Cyril Smith (29 stone), who had withdrawn from public life around 1992 and actually died in 2010.


Authorities in China's restive Xinjiang region offered cash to informants who reported on neighbours with excessive facial hair (D.Telegraph, 25 iv). Officials in Shaya county issued a notice offering rewards ranging from 50 to more than 50,000 yuan ($8 to $8,000) for a wide array of information including tips on those growing beards, the Global Times said. Xinjiang had been hit by periodic deadly clashes between authorities and members of the mainly Muslim Uighur ethnic minority, among whom beards were a religious and cultural tradition. China blamed the violence on separatists with ties to foreign terrorist groups, while ‘rights’ groups said authorities exaggerated the threat to justify religious and cultural restrictions on Uighurs. Setting an example to the spineless West, financial rewards on offer also covered information on locals "conducting illegal religious activities", the Global Times said.


 The “highly emotive” etc subject of intelligence had an unheard-of interviewer air the most basic platitudes that could be extracted from two Labourite geneticists unknown for their expertise in psychology and interspersed with song and dance, always balancing mentions of IQ’s heritability with simple verbal sops for environmentalists (R4, 29 iv, 11:00). In this unexacting programme, the usual pop-leftist line was central: that talk of IQ being genetic could so, so easily lead to a replay of eugenics, Hitler and Auschwitz – a surprising anxiety when it is considered that the Nazis had banned IQ tests because Jews did too well at them and had gone on to lose WWII largely because their intellectuals had wisely fled to America and Britain. Apparently the anxiety was that eugenics would be practised “at birth” – when eugenics was obviously pre-birth and not even Burt had advocated the dreaded educational streaming below age 11 (by which time IQ stabilizes). Needless to say, no 20th-century London Schooler got a mention – any more than the g factor or the n*gger question (of continuing African backwardness) which so puzzled nice old Beeb-following idealists.


 The desperate state of South Africa after twenty years of Black rule was summarized by a surgeon (D.Telegraph, 29 iv):

The Queen has congratulated South Africa on 20 years of democracy. But as an Englishman who has lived here for 30 years, I have seen the destruction of the country’s infrastructure since 1994, when Nelson Mandela took over.

    There is now very little overseas investment. The mining house BHP Billiton has sold up and the platinum mines near Rustenberg have been at a standstill due to strikes for the past three months.

    With disinvestment on this scale, millions of jobs have been lost; and, today, beggars in rags at traffic lights are the norm. Sewage flows through the gutters, and Escherichia coli is present in the water supply systems, due to pumping and filtration stations breaking down. Crime is sweeping the country.

    We are coming up to yet another National Voting Day on May 7, when the African National Congress will yet again win power due to corruption at the polls.

    As a surgeon, I have done what I can for the poor South Africans. All of my friends and colleagues have either emigrated or been murdered. We have decided to move to Australia. I am saddened to leave such a once-beautiful country, and I see no hope for it.

    Edward Dale, Durban, South Africa.


Having largely cleansed MSM, the publishing houses and the universities of biological realism, the left began to turn its attention to controlling the internet. U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey planned to direct President Obarmy’s government to study and recommend ways to stop the internet, as well as TV and radio, from “encouraging hate crimes” (Boston Herald, 23 iv).

However, First Amendment advocates were quick to denounce the bill as a menace to free speech. “This proposed legislation is worse than merely silly. It is dangerous,” said civil liberties lawyer Harvey A. Silverglate, arguing that even ‘hate speech’ was protected, absent a crime. “It is not up to Sen. Markey, nor to the federal government, to define for a free people what speech is, and is not, acceptable,” said Silvergate. Markey’s bill would direct a government agency to identify hate speech and ‘create recommendations.’

Markey replied that the bill made “crystal clear that any recommendations would have to be consistent with the First Amendment’s free speech protections.”

But Harvard Law professor Alan M. Dershowitz said, “He’s not going to be able to come up with legislation that sufficiently protects the First Amendment. We always have to be able to respond to the racists and bigots, but not at the expense of the First Amendment.”


After a year of ethnic mayhem, Muslim rebels in the mainly-Catholic Central African Republic called for the establishment of a new country as a radical solution to the worsening sectarian conflict (Guardian, 25 iv). The proposed name -- the Republic of Northern Central Africa -- and a design for a national flag, were circulating by mobile phone in the dusty town of Bambari, which divided the CAR’s largely Christian south from a northern region increasingly controlled by the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels, according to Reuters.

But the United Nations, the African Union, the former colonial power, France, and many equally dotty analysts insisted that this was neither likely nor desirable, not least because it would infringe doctrines of diversity and multiculturalism. The call for partition echoed numerous secessionist movements across Africa, where sometimes arbitrary borders had been drawn by colonial mapmakers and cut across natural ethnic boundaries.


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