Saturday, August 30, 2008


As the Peking Olympics closed, with the British Commonwealth taking a lion's share of the medals and Eton-educated Boris Johnson, 44, splendidly teasing the Chinese that Britain had provided the home of pingpong (as of most other sports and games).

The supreme incompetence of modern Britain, with its failure to respect IQ and its doomed egalitarian belief in the merits of bureaucratic regulation and training, was put on display as a film of `The Best of Britain' by a firm called `Visit London' carried a modern-artistic image of paedosadist Myra Hindley (filmed when on display at the Royal Academy in 1995, before it was vandalized) was beamed worldwide to an audience of 2 billion people including the hypersensitive hawks of Britain's paedohysterical press

- Boris had swiftly to declare the promotion film axed (Sun, 25 viii; Guardian, 25 viii). In London itself, one of the handover ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics had to be scrapped because of a Black youth being found at the Walthamstow site in a pool of blood, apparently knifed by fellow Blacks known to him (Sun, 25 viii).

Top British TV interviewer Jeremy Paxman added to the annoyance of Britain's modern idealists, revealing at the Edinburgh Television Festival (Sun, 25 viii): "If any middle-class white male I come across says he wants to enter television, I say give up all hope. They've no chance." {Britain's image took further knocks as the British finale lap of honour in Peiking was a fiasco matched only by the pathetic uncelebrated Heathrow return of the medal-laden champs dismally heaving their bags one by one down the steps from their BA aircraft (while no band played and BA had told fans to stay away for elfin safety reasons)

And celebrity chef Jamie Oliver slammed the country's `poor cuisine' and blamed it on beer-drinking - though Boris brought better cheer by reckoning Brits simply preferred sport to cuisine, e.g. using the Victorian dining table to invent the game of ping-pong (initially called whiff-whaff).}


Following a letter from ten MPs and two quango bosses calling on the Government "to guarantee appropriate sex and relationship education in every primary and secondary school by putting personal, social and health education on a statutory basis as part of the national curriculum" (Daily Telegraph, 26 viii), I wrote to the Telegraph's Editor as follows:
Dear Sir,

In view of the call for state sex education for five-year-olds (Chris Bryant MP et al., Letters, 26th August), it is clear that Britain's boundlessly statist 'liberal'-left politicians just have not 'got it.' After eleven years of expensive, failed and state-expanding New Labourism, must the churches (and kindred religious and humanitarian bodies) not finally say enough is enough? Rather than tolerate neosocialist expansion into matters of sex, love and the family, it is time to demand -- as I advised Her Majesty's Government in 1966, when a prison psychologist -- that any government monies for these (and other moral purposes) should be channelled via local institutions reflecting people's own philosophical choices.

I am yours sincerely,

Chris Brand. {Mr Christopher Richard Brand, author of The g Factor}


More British loopy `liberal'-left `tough-on-crime' stuff went on display as Magdi Elgizouli, 40, who had killed 25-year-old policewoman Nina Mackay in 1997 and been locked up indefinitely under the Mental Health Act, being said to have a `deranged hatred of the police,' was discovered enjoying four hours a week supervised release from a Southall, London, lunatic asylum to help him `integrate with society' prior to indefinite release. An urgent message was issued under Scotland Yard's `officer alert system' warning police to keep away from the killer.


I now reckon Nato made a huge mistake in not encouraging Russia's 1990's application for entry. We could thus have united the White race. Instead we preferred demacracy and hooman rights.... I'm so glad I marched through Edinburgh with the Serbs and Chinese in 1999 -- I thought the West's attack on a longstanding ally, Serbia, was monstrous. Now the birds are coming home to roost - with Russia using race realism to its own advantage by seizing its Ossetian collaborators back from the clutches of newly independent Georgia whereas the West's sympathy for ethnic nationalism had served only to create Muslim and gypsy states freed from the ancient influence of (relatively) civilizing Christian Serbia.

In the past ten days, the wife and I have seen several fantastically moving concerts/operetas by the mighty Ossetian conductor Valery Gergiev -- his mission to the Edinburgh Festival interrupted only by his own impulse to jet back at the weekend to conduct a rousing pro-Russian concert in South Ossetia. In Edinburgh, he and his orchestras (London and Russian) were heard with delight and without protest -- I had one noisy type thrown out by heavy staff before the beginning of one of the performances at E'bugger's Usher Hall.

Even the Guardian blasted Britain's schoolboyish Home Secretary for dashing to the Ukraine to back that divided country's application for Nato membership and to make threats against Russia which he and Britain were in no position to enforce (27 viii, David Hearst: Miliboy "appears not to know what he's talking about").


A Manchester Muesli fanatic was found guilty by a jury of forcing young teenage boys to flagellate themselves blade-bearing knobkerries till they bled from many minor and some deeper cuts (Guardian, 27 viii).


In line with my advice to Edinburgh LUni students not to mess with their pheromones when engaged in mate-seeking (Student, c. 2004, `Keep your (pubic) hair on!'), scientists discovered that being on the Pill - with its resultant hormonal changes - reduces a girl's chances of finding the ideal partner whom she would rapturously love, viz. one with immune system genes complementary to her own (Daily Telegraph, 13 viii, `The Pill may change women's choice in men').

Dr Craig Roberts, who carried out the work in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, said the effect was robust: "The results showed that the preferences of women who began using the contraceptive pill shifted towards men with genetically similar odours. Not only could similarity in Major Histocompatibility Complex in couples lead to fertility problems but it could ultimately lead to the breakdown of relationships when women stop using the contraceptive pill, as odour perception plays a significant role in maintaining attraction to partners."


In the Holy Republic of Eire, heroic journalist Kevin Myers (see previous) continued his one-man crusade for race realism, pointing out that that most of the South's adult immigrants from Nigeria were out of work and dependent on the state for accommodation (Irish Independent, 15 viii).


In a hilarious reminder that witchcraft trials only ended in the eighteenth century when prosecutors found themselves accused of witchcraft, Metropolitan police supremo Sir Ian Blair (who had enthusiastically implemented the `anti-racist' Macpherson Report [which made stop and search difficult and thus triggered the ten-year surge in muggings under Labour] and declined to discipline Muslim police for hate speech about homosexuals) had papers filed against him by Britain's most senior Srindopakeshi police officer, Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, suing him and alleging thirty instances of racial discrimination at Scotland Yard and the Home Office (Daily Telegraph, 21 viii; Sun, 23 viii).

{Headquarters members of the usually pious-leftist National Union of Students also started accusing each other of `racism' - in particular of joking about slavery and of alcohol consumption that upset Mueslis (Guardian, 22 viii). And Ghaffur turned out also to be proceeding for 'racism' against one of his own deputies -- the head of security for London's 2012 Olympic Games.}


Pretty girls have a natural advantage when it comes to attracting men. But stating the obvious had the Mayor of Mount Isa, Queensland, Oz, in all sorts of trouble with femininnies (The Australian, 21 viii). John Molony suggested that, with five blokes for every girl, "the beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mt Isa". When asked to explain what he meant, the heroic Mayor said "it would naturally seem that there may well be less competition." But this was "a public attack on women and a form of verbal and emotional abuse," yowled one domestic violence workerine. It was appalling, shrieked a Mount Isa council womyn. Apologies were demanded; Molony's resignation was sought; and this new martyr for realism made world world-wide headlines.


Elephants were reported to make fine counting distinctions - such as between 3 and 4 apples dropped previously in buckets - in line with their large brains (esp. relative to body size) and high post-birth brain growth (approaching that for humans, higher than for dolphins and chimpanzees, and much higher than in most animals) (Sun, 22 viii).


Twelve years after Rev. Bliar's prioritizing of `Education! Education! Education!' which included the proposal to expand streamed teaching (as proposed at the same time in The g Factor), and two years after Conservative Education spokesman Michael Gove reacted to Blair's failures by bizarrely proposing a cumbrous, costly and easily circumvented mass privatization of education, the Daily Telegraph returned to basics with a fine editorial against mixed-ability teaching which concluded as follows (22 viii).
"The teaching establishment, shaped by a training structure that remains in thrall to clapped-out liberal orthodoxies - to such an extent that most jobs are still advertised in The Guardian - refused to oblige [Mr Blair]. Eleven years on [following Labour's 1997 General Election victory], fewer than half of classes are set [i.e. streamed according to pupils' previous achievements in subjects taught]. In the remainder, mixed-ability teaching - which proceeds at the pace of the slowest - reigns. It is this enervating educational mindset that an incoming Conservative government will have to change. Tory policies to give schools real control of their affairs - including admissions and staff recruitment {Are there really such plans? - CRB} - will in time break this ruinous consensus. But it will require immense political will. Just ask Tony Blair."


The rapid colonization of Africa by China (see previously) was documented by Reuters, which reckoned there might be as many as 50,000 Chinks working in Algeria alone and vastly undercutting African wage rates (inflated by Western largesse) in their rapidly expanding businesses (20 viii). AmRen correspondents reckoned Black Africans would soon be hollerin' for the return of laid-back slave-master Whitey! But the scale of China's export of its own labour suggested that China might have actually resolved to avoid using uncastrated Black slaves in the hope of avoiding the eventual fates of South America, much of the Caribbean, the USA, South Africa and Portugal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


A Canadian publisher, Ezra Levant, won a `free speech' case in Alberta over his republication of Danish cartoons (e.g. showing Mahomet as a paedophile) - but said he had only won because he was so `big' that peecee forces got frit and because the presiding judged actually liked what he had written to accompany the cartoons (National Post, 6 viii).


Only about 5 percent of the USA's churches were racially integrated, and a half of these were actually in the process of becoming all-black or all-white, said Curtiss Paul DeYoung, co-author of "United by Faith," a book on interracial churches. {So the Anglican Communion was not alone in finding it virtually impossible to keep enthusiastic Black fundamentalists in harness with fey White liberals.}


Despite being thought by IQ's critics far-gone cases of ultramontagne reaction and surely impossible perversity, at least three of the retired members of the London School had attracted new wives within the previous decade - Richard Lynn (who had bowled over an English ex-headmistress), yrs truly (a Taiwanese art historian [naturalized British 2005]), and lately Art Jensen (an English secretary from academia who had worked with him when he sabbaticalled with Hans Eysenck in London's Maudsley Hospital in the 1950s).


Fresh from the five-star semi-sympathetic portrayal of Hitler in the one-man show of AH's last hour in his Fuehrerbunker by genius actor/journalist/historian Paul Webster, the wife and I attend Shakespeare's goriest and most racist play, Titus Andronicus, which knocks WS's portrayal of simple-minded Black jealousy (Othello), Scottish plotting (Macbeth) and Jewish greed and vengefulness (Shylock) into a cocked hat. Not content with being toyboy to the captured German queen Tamora (yielding a half-caste lovechild), the (Black) Moor Aaron organizes for his mistress the gang rape of her Roman rival Lavinia (daughter of the wise but much disobeyed General Titus), ending with Lavinia having her tongue cut out and her hands sliced off with the aim that she cannot tell the tale - handicaps which she overcomes using a paintbrush gripped between her teeth. Understandably, Papa Titus finally orders that Tamora's body be thrown to wild beasts and that Aaron (who had also organized the killing of Lavinia's husband and himself callously murdered his child's nurse merely so that word of his affair with Tamora should not leak out) be buried chest-deep and left to die of thirst and starvation. The psychopathic Aaron, however, is unrepentant to the end, proclaiming:

"If one good deed in all my life I did,
I do repent it from my very soul."


The 15K-strong and 66%-Black area of West Helena, south-east Arkansas, had a two-week-long 24-hour curfew imposed on it by its Black mayor in view of its off-the-scale level of crime (including random shootings) - far higher than in White Appalachia, to which it was similar in poverty and destitution. Police armed with military rifles made 32 arrests in the first week of the curfew, resulting in calls for it to be extended to other (mainly Black) areas (Associated Press, 13 viii).


The Jamaica Observer published an unexpected paean to slavery in America for Black Africans, written by a Black journalist. E.g., Michael Dingwall wrote (9 viii) (cf. Black journalist Keith Richburg's Out of America):

"Slavery was our most important contact with modernity. It is through this "most heinous system ever created" that we blacks were able to understand some of the principles of global trade. Our ancestors were introduced to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade between Europe, Africa and the West Indies. Black Africa's part in the trade was the importation of European technology and the export of slaves. The importation of European technology was important-even though the Africans did not appreciate this importance at first. The export of slaves was also very important, especially for us in the West. As time went on, we blacks, both in Africa and especially in the Caribbean were, in many ways, being Europeanised and thus civilised."

Cf. "Thank God my grand-daddy got on the boat." -- Muhammed Ali, after visiting Zaire (for a title fight).


Released early in in Vietnam (as a `model prisoner'), trim popstar Gary Glitter, 64 (once jailed for two months in Britain for kiddieporn), found himself pursued not only by UK tabloids and police but also, romantically, by his 35-year-old Cuban girlfriend Yudenia (by then with an extra child by a live-in lover) and the Vietnamese 19-year-old, Tu, whose relationship with GG (begun when she was 13) had led to his most recent confinement (News of the World, 17 viii 2008).


In July, rambunctious alcoholic Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, 61, appeared to have dumped his 53-year-old wife of 23 loyal years standing (the marriage being the envy of the rock world) for petite blonde Muscovite cocktail waitress and lapdancer Ekaterina Ivanova, 19 -- though some of Ronnie's friends thought the besotted teenager (whisked off to Ronnie's luxury pad in the Holy Republic of Eire) just a muse for his painting and/or a drinking partner on a bender (Sun, 11 vii 2008 -- which went on to provide a resume of the Stones' babe-bagging; Sun, 18 vii - claiming Ronnie had also lately dated a 26-year-old Greek art student). But, as the wrinkly rocker came out of rehab to stay with friends and `re-adapt to the outside world,' friends claimed the already devoted Katia was well and truly bagged and was being bought a love nest in Richmond and an Afghan hound puppy and being given for her 20th birthday a Stones jacket and a nice drawing of her signed `Love, Ronnie' (News of the World, 17 viii 2008).}


I managed to raise the case of Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (languishing in Santa Ana Prison, California, seeking political asylum in the US after being found guilty at Leeds Crown Court of publishing race hate thoughts against Jews, Muslims and other anti-Western and anti-British groups - see July) at a `Spiegeltent' discussion in Charlotte Square arranged by the liberal-left pro-free speech (for writers) group `PEN.'

No, the assembled worthies (proudly recalling their efforts of the Eighties (sic!) to help assorted endangered homosexualists, femininnies and campaigners for a Welsh Assembly - so long as such loopies refrained from rude criticism of Labour or the unions) had never heard of S&S - partly no doubt because of the astonishing month-long media blackout of the case arranged by the UK and US governments.

Yes, with the help of two young cronies, I once more proved myself the nigger in the woodpile - as I had three days previously when castigating leftie Marek Kohn and pacifist Cambridge prof Robert Hinde for discussing mankind's need for `trust' without once mentioning that the major cause of distrust was multicultural heterogeneity (esp. when Blacks are involved).

And, having disrupted the PEN love-in, the cronies and I then adjourned to the modern palace of the Ivory Lounge, west end of George Street (where Prince William used to drink), to celebrate our achievements while pondering the collapse of the West (for the media did manage to bring hourly confirmation of the failure of American policies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Georgia and Pakistan and of the failure of the American right to halt the rise of Borat Hussein Obama - likely to result in the burning of American cities whether or not Osama won the November Presidential Election).


Faced at the Edinburgh Book Festival with the ingenious London leftie, Kenan Malik FRSA, who admits there are some physical race differences of relevance to medicine but then cunningly insists race is a "social construct" that should only be used "in context" (i.e. under his supervision) and, since biologists are generally "divided" as to whether race is real (e.g. Craig Venter vs Neil Risch and Armand Leroi), it would be better to get heads back in the sand about race - not least the head of Borat Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright who had become convinced that Whites were `left-brained' and Blacks were `right-brained' - I questioned the tall Indian-born (of Muslim parentage) ex-Trotskyite writer, broadcaster and LU.Surrey Visiting Fellow as follows.
I would like to congratulate Kenan Malik on his complex 35-minute dance around the the field of race; and especially on discussing `race realism' -- a term which was invented in Edinburgh. I sometimes feel Kenan resembles the Archbishop of Canterbury: struggling to reconcile irreconcilable Christians and Muslims and at risk of falling between two stools. But no matter!

Getting away from the lofty problems of whether race is a scientific concept, I would like to ask Kenan a strictly practical question. As he probably agrees, the major worldwide racial difference is that in intelligence between Whites and East Asians on the one hand and Blacks on the other. As I'm quite sure he agrees, Whites have largely fail to integrate Blacks into the modern cultures and lifestyles which Whites themselves have created. For example, a million Blacks make up 50% of the USA's prison population though Blacks only constitute 13% of the general US population. Whether in the USA, the UK, the Caribbean, France or sub-Saharan Africa (where the average Black IQ is only around 70), Blacks present huge problems of crime, sexual disease, single parenting, educational failure and destitution.

Yet once upon a time Blacks were broadly integrated - employed, fit and healthy, and aspiring to Christianity and family values. That system was of course slavery; and its abolition - a British Empire `first' - made Blacks unemployable, with Whites having to resort to bringing Chinese labour to the Americas and Indian labour to south-east Africa. Now, today, it is China which has plans to integrate Blacks: there are already at least a million Chinese in Africa selling guns to despots in return for minerals and building bridges and railways. So does Kenan think the Chinese imperial effort will be likely to solve the Negro problem?

As the Pepper Theatre tent rang with cries from the sedate midday middle-class audience of "Neo-Nazi!", KM gave only this reply before passing rapidly to other questioners: "There is no Negro problem." But at least my art historian wife was radiant that I had, for the third time this Festival, I had managed to put the boot into the rump of an overpaid ignoracist..

Monday, August 11, 2008


As bone analysis revealed that 50% of the 800 sailors on Henry VIII's great lost ship `Mary Rose' were from southern Europe (probably captured Spaniards), the loss of the ship was attributed to sailors not understanding orders in English to close gunwales as the ship made a sharp turn in a high wind (Times, 1 viii) {budding European Army please note}.


While 200 paedohysterical policepersons of Britain worked tirelessly in Jersey for the fourth month on non-discovery of evidence of child murder or anything else very much at Haut de la Garenne ex-orphanage (where Jimmy Savile had been a frequent visitor c. 1970), it turned out that child abuse was "endemic" in St Nelson Mandela's South Africa, with 44% of boys claiming to have been raped by someone (most often a woman) by age 18 (AmRen, 2 viii).


Bringing amazement and pleasure to conservatives and libertarians, elderly US Presidential contender John McCain said he would support an Arizona ballot proposal banning affirmative action (i.e. discrimination in favour of `minorities') (AmRen, 2 viii) - though some thought his reversal of his historic pro-AA position a sign that he was finally losing his marbles in his desperation to cling on to a few White votes as most young Whites sought absolution for the sins of their race in the arms of the mulatto Boring Hussein Osama..


Sexual harassment was O.K. as it ensured Russians would breed, a St Petersburg judge ruled. A Russian advertising executive who sued her boss for sexual harassment lost her case after a judge ruled that employers were obliged to make passes at female staff to ensure the survival of the human race (Daily Telegraph, 30 vii, Adrian Blomfield, Moscow). A 22-year-old female executive had alleged she had been locked out of her office after she refused to have intimate relations with her 47-year-old boss, but the judge called the boss "gallant" rather than criminal.


After 30 years of admitting 120,000 self-styled Jews from Ethiopia (mean national IQ 64), Israel announced it was slamming the door on further such immigration - for the Ethiopian immigrants and their descendants had turned out to be uneducable, unemployable and poor (despite government underwriting of mortgages for them) (Daily Telegraph, 6 viii). Leaders of the already-immigrated Ethiopians promptly accused their hosts of `discrimination' and `prejudice.'


Scientific American (ix) admitted that brain size (especially in some areas, e.g. frontal and cingulated) and other neurological indices (energy consumption) had been linked in recent work to intelligence -- though words like `Rushton' and `race' were avoided and the article had to conclude with the reassurance that Einstein could not have got where he did without the help of friends and family.


As the mighty Alexander Solzhenytsin died, leaving his martyrs' monument to communism's still largely unadmitted 36 years of mass-million slaughter (1917-1953), the LUniversity of Edinburgh refused to acknowledge or discuss its 2«-year effort to end academic free speech in the U.K. (1996-1998) and the Jewish Simon Wiesenthal Centre, busy pursuing some decrepit Nazi death-camp medic in South America, refused to admit the culpability of many Jews in the barbaric crimes of the Soviets (Kevin Myers, Belfast Telegraph, 8/8/8).


"Human kind cannot bear very much reality." Thus spoke Nobelist T.S.Eliot through his hero archbishop Thomas a Becket in Murder in the Cathedral (Part II) - so Edinburgh's Festivallers were reminded in a fine dramatized performance of the poem in Old St Paul's Church, and history had borne Eliot out in the assault on Western families, freedoms and races by welfarism, socialism and peecee multiculturalism. But from cocaine and knife-crime capital London came word of a possible new trend: for top girl singer, the Jewish, beehived and druggy Amy Whitehouse (her pop star boyfriend recently jailed) had been recorded singing of "Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips" (baring and squeezing her nipples at the appropriate moment) - shocking the pious News of the World with her "racism" (10 viii).


Although the High Court had found Max Mosley (see above, April) to have had his privacy unreasonably invaded by the News of the World (which had been unable to prove that Mosley's hours-long masochist sessions with German-speaking prostitutes dressed as prison guards had an expressly Nazi theme), the public interest of the exposure was further attested by an entry in George Orwell's diary of August 29, 1939, concerning Max's Fascist father, Oswald: "Miscellaneous: It appears from reliable private information that Sir O. Mosley is a masochist of the extreme type in his sexual life." (Reported Times, 25 vii, and Private Eye, 8 viii).