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Following previous comments in this blog/diary (e.g. 25 v re 14 iii) on the book which egalitarians are venerating, The Spirit Level (2009), a professorial supporter has shown me the fine 100-page critique of the book compiled for the think-tank Policy Exchange by sociologist Peter Saunders (see last blog entry) and Natalie Evans (Beware False Prophets: Propaganda masquerading as science).

It turns out that TSL studied inequality differences only across the world’s 23 richest countries and across the 50 states of the world’s richest country, the USA – resulting in drastic restriction of variance.

Using 50 countries and more modern data yields results invalidating almost all of TSL’s findings (feeble as its correlations were – dependent on outliers). S&E also observe there is no reason at all to support TSL’s hypothesis that equality causes social cohesiveness: it is more likely the other way round. Saunders & Evans conclude:
The evidence in The Spirit Level is weak, the analysis is superficial and the theory is unsupported. The case for radical income redistribution is no more compelling now than it was before this book was published.

Centrally, S&E observed (as I had, 25 v) that TSL’s association of states’ inequality with misery and dysfunction was readily attributable to ‘unequal’ societies having more Blacks and other ethnic minorities (unlike relatively equal and happy Japan, which made immigration virtually impossible):

The book also ignores explanatory factors which might undermine its core hypothesis. In the US, for example, the proportion of African-Americans in a state is often a much stronger predictor of social outcomes than the level of income inequality, but Wilkinson and Pickett never take ethnic composition into account in their models. When we do this, the association with income distribution often disappears: state homicide rates, infant mortality rates, average life expectancy and imprisonment rates all reflect ethnic composition, not income inequality.

As Edinburgh University’s outstanding surgeon and race realist had long before concluded, ignoring race was not an option for the serious scientist.

{Except when writing in the Grauniad, where Saunders was allowed to denounce TSL as “bad social science” (26 viii) on condition he did not mention that TSL’s ‘unequal’ states [often the UK and USA] were better described as relatively ‘minority’-plagued.}

For having controlled for race (thus lowering most TSL correlations to insignificance), Saunders was called ‘racist’ by TSL’s authors (see Saunders' own site) – who further said cheekily that they were too busy to respond to criticisms from anything other than refereed journals, thereby earning themselves a wigging from the Indie which deplored such academic elitism (a condemnation given still wider currency on the opening page of Times Higher, 28 viii).

Also see here and here and here and here. A recent concise summary of the matter by Saunders is here


Reflecting on the giant Ponzi scheme that Britain’s bankrupt welfare state had become, requiring ever more young immigrants to pay taxes to fund its promised hand-outs, She Who Must Be Obeyed reminded me that we had noted from the telly (Channel 4, 16 viii) a descriptor of it that I’d never heard before: the great novelist, social historian and satirist T.H. White (1906-64; Queen’s College, Cambridge), who had grown rich (swimming pool and temple to Hadrian in his back garden) out of his Arthurian stories, had called it simply ‘the farewell state.’

It turned out that the ‘disabled’ motocross-riding and welfare benefiting Gloucestershire father of eleven (see previous) had got his wife pregnant again and also become father to another welfare-dependent sprog by one of his wife’s ciggy-puffing friends (Sun, 24 viii).

Signs of CamCo cutting back the farewell state? Virtually none! The only proposition on the table (from former Conservative leader, ‘Quiet Man’ Ian Duncan Smith was to dish out further billions to pay welfare scroungers to get jobs while in effect keeping their benefits.

And the Government of bankrupt Britain had gone on holiday, leaving Nice Nick Clegg (Deputy PM) to entertain footie hooligans at No.10 while fending off suggestions that the LibDims’ alcoholic ex-leader Charles Kennedy would lead a defection to Labour.

{Instead of wasting its first 100 days in office, CamCo should simply have announced a steady 2%p.a. reduction in all state salaries, expenditures and benefits – preceded by a 5% reduction in 2010-11 and a cutting down of all taxation-funded salaries and pensions to no more than two-thirds of the salary of the Prime Minister [£140K]}.

– The great advantage of the novel CamCoalition had been that all election pledges of the two parties could be forgotten ooops rewritten; but CamCo had idly tossed away this fantastic advantage and settled for a slow war of attrition with Britain’s trade-union socialists through 2011.}


The failure of Pakistanis to adopt Western avoidance of first-cousin marriage was an expensive disaster laid at the door of T.H. White’s ’farewell states,’ recorded Channel 4 (Dispatches: ‘When cousins marry’, 23 viii). The medical risks included infant mortality, birth defects, low IQ, blindness, hearing impairment and metabolic disorders.

The only relief from massive expenditure by Whites on these Pakistani offspring was that, as adults, the offspring of these relationships also risked sporadic abortions or infertility. First-cousin marriage increased medical risks from a baseline 3% to 6%; and the offspring of serially inbred families had a risk of 12%.

Among the Pakistanis of colonized Bradford, 75% married their first cousins. {The gross over-representation of Pakistanis in cases of microcephaly and suicidal terrorism was noted previously, viii 06.

{An interesting question was whether it was sheer stupidity or the resulting blind faith in Allah which had led some 30 million of Pakistan’s 180 million population to make their homes and livelihoods on the flood plain of the River Indus. Anyway, for whatever precise reason, world aid for Pakistan’s flood victims was distinctly slow in coming.}

Ann Cryer, former Labour MP for Keighley, near Bradford, said ‘fear of being accused of racism or demonisation’ prevented politicians speaking up against the Pak practice of first-cousin marriage (Daily Mail, 23 viii).

To add to Pakistani woes, London police arrested a Pak bounder and charged him with fixing (so as to defraud bookmakers) the fourth Eng vs Pak test match – which England had won magnificently, with a world-record stand of 320 runs for their eighth wicket (Observer, 29 viii).


Recognition of how the ‘baby-boomer’ (post-1945) generation had raided the tills and worse by mortgaging the future, as organized by NuLabour -- a recognition recently granted by ‘Conservative’ David ‘Two Brains’ Willetts in The Pinch (q.v.) -- continued in Jilted Generation (Guardian, 23 viii).

This book, as well as lambasting the pretty obvious fact that 70-year-olds cost the NHS seven times as much as 30-year-olds, actually showed a dim recognition that societies should have some powerful institutions with vested interests in the country’s future generations -- in the past, these institutions had been of course the Royal Family and the House of Lords, but by 2010 they had been so re-arranged as to live from hand to mouth just like the wretched unpropertied ‘electorate’ which so predictably voted for borrowed jam today.


An excellent jibe against PeeCee was offered by Douglas Murray in the Speccie (14 viii – the Spectator could no longer be accessed on the internet till a week after publication, and even then the service was distinctly lacklustre) – though he had only himself to blame for hysterics descending on him for telling an ‘Irish’ joke since he and his gutless media tribe had done nothing to defend my own (perfectly polite) free speech about Blecks and paedohysterics in 1996.


Within a few miles of a UN ‘peacekeeping’ force (of 25) in the ‘Democratic’ Republic of the Congo, 4,000 Rwandan and Congolese rebels (mainly Hutu) were allowed, without a shot being fired at them, to overwhelm a village (deserted, as was typical, by its menfolk) and systematically rape for days some 150 women plus their infants and babes-in-arms (Guardian, 24 viii).


Western dependence on the fanatics of the Middle East seemed set to diminish as, hard on discovery of oil off the Falklands (by BP), another major oil and gas find was made off Greenland (by Cairn Energy) (Guardian, 24 viii).


To the E’bugger Book Festival – where ‘the Tony Benn of the right,’ Roger Scruton (Visiting Prof. at U. St Andrews) briefly set out his latest thesis, that dramatic utopian upheavals reflected too much ‘me’ and not enough ‘we.’

After chairman Norris McWhirter (a leftish Scotsman journalist) pointed out this anti-individualism was not very Thatcherite,* I followed up by asking whether there was indeed not any dramatic, forceful, incorrigible and utopian communal upheaval that the right’s philosophical darlin supported – the Glorious Revolution of 1688 perchance?

Thrown by his armour being so quickly pierced, Roger [for he and I had been on first name terms for a weekend twenty years previously when we had stayed at the Queen Mum’s Cumberland Lodge near Windsor Castle to discuss how to defend Nato and nuclear deterrence], having declared this “a very good question,” at first said he would have been in favour, since he thought 1688 had taken England back to ancient traditions (without specifying any); but then had second thoughts and said he would probably have been on the ‘doomed but romantic’ Catholic side.

With subsequent questioners, pseudo-modest confessions of such ‘slight incoherence’ were a mainstay of his responses. Verily, Roger proved himself the Germaine Greer (not the Tony Benn) of the right – his thinking dominated by nostalgia for traditions, an economic system and a religion which he knows have crucially failed through three inter-Christian wars (WWI, WWII, Cold) and the subprime bubble & crunch.

He excellently deplored peecee demands re non-sexist language; and feared correctly that it would soon be a crime to criticize homosexuality or Islam. But he was distinctly edgy about mentioning race; and he could not see that Islam would soon be providing Europe with the conservative utopia that he professed to fear but would surely rather relish (including family stability, female obedience, race realism, low taxation, sobriety and stern punishments for crime, abortion, adultery and yaggery) so long as a cultured, wine-bibbing, fox-hunting elite was spared.

* In the fashion of the times, the ‘Conservative’ philosopher, addressing a packed tent of 200 OAPs, had gone out of his way to dissociate himself from Mrs Thatcher’s notorious statement, “there is no such thing as society” – failing to recognize that Mrs T had not been denying the role of the state and society in punishments, handouts, health care, education, defence and saving the country from bankers dancing to neosocialist tunes, but merely countering the standard-issue leftist proposition that criminality was caused by, and indeed the fault of society.


Social psychologists from Washington State University reported that, in a game-playing situation, participants (while not liking any ‘odd’ behaviour) actually disliked unselfishness (handing in tokens so other players could benefit) more than selfishness – apparently feeling embarrassed by unselfishness, feeling it set a new standard which they had to match, and feeling that the unselfish player must have ulterior motives (Craig D. Parks, Asako B. Stone. ‘The desire to expel unselfish members from the group.’ Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2010; 99 (2): 303 DOI: 10.1037/a0018403).


The embarrassingly large brains of Neanderthals may simply have happened because they did indeed have higher intelligence, which actually declined in homo sapiens as tool use (with associated manual dexterity) became more important and allowed the smaller head size for foetuses that was more compatible with the upright posture needed for carrying – such was the implication of theorizing by Bradford archaeologist and anthropologist Timothy Taylor (The Artificial Ape; reported in New Scientist, 18 viii).


A school support worker (actually a trained teacher waiting for a more elevated position) who posed as a teenage girl on a social networking site to entice boys as young as 12 to send him naked images of themselves was jailed for four-and-a-half years by Judge Lady Stacey (STV, 24 viii).

Brian Syme, 32, of Alloa, central Scotland, befriended some 90 youngsters online by setting up Bebo profiles as two teenage girls. He also persuaded passably strapping lads to perform solo sex acts on their erect selves in front of a webcam and in some cases recorded the ejaculatory footage without their knowledge.

No harm was recorded as happening to the teenagers – whom Syme never met for sex; but, what with prison costs, security costs, monitoring costs and the destruction of Syme’s career, the bill to UK taxpayers would approach £1M. {What luxuries of censoriousness tabloid-hysterical and socialist-bankrupt peecee Britain allowed itself!}


As protests poured in from 50 leftist ‘intellectuals’ (headed by Tranny Janny Morris) against the north-Wales town of Denbigh’s raising a £35K bronze statue to its most famous son, the swashbuckling H.M. Stanley (who found Livingstone in Africa 1871, famously greeting him with “Dr Livingstone, I presume”), Denbigh Council insisted that a questionnaire had shown the project to enjoy much local popularity and said that commissioning had already gone ahead (BBC, 26 viii).

Stanley’s precise ‘crimes’ were not specified by the hysterics. He had certainly been an agent for the (later) admittedly naughty King of Belgium – largely because Britain had offered no funding for one of his expeditions; but he also co-operated and indeed formed a close friendship with King Mtesa of Uganda. However, Stanley could hardly have matched the 1,500 slaughtered daily in the post-imperialist Congo of 2010 (D. Telegraph, 27 viii, Tim Butcher, ‘Stanley was more hero than colonialist brute’).


Top Tokyo politician Ichiro Ozawa (due to contest the Japanese premiership in September, though personally under a cloud of financial scandal) called Americans “simple-minded” and “single-cell amoebas” and said he preferred seeing Brits on film marching orderly on the Bridge over the River Kwai -- presumably fortified in his views by the mess that America and Britain had made by their lack of ethnic realism in Eyeraq and Afghastliland during long but eventually pathetic wars which he had always opposed (D. Telegraph, 26 viii).

For the Speccie, Jenny McCartney did a great job of rubbishing Blair’s sidekick ‘chief of staff,’ curly-haired Jonathan Powell, who believed he had (with the help of America, converted post-9/11 to opposing terrorism) solved the Northern Irish problem and thought the Taleban, like his visionary IRA of the past, had ‘its head in a mess’ and would be grateful for tea and sandwiches with Britain’s idiotic idealists like himself (28 viii):
On the contrary, the Taleban has thought these questions through, very thoroughly, and it has plumped for a religiously fundamentalist agenda in which women are subjugated, veiled, uneducated and murdered for disobedience. Up in Pakistan’s flooded, desperate Swat Valley, it is presently howling for the Islamabad government to refuse all aid from ‘foreign infidels’. The local policeman in Mingora still remembers the time when, before being routed by government forces, the Taleban slit throats and strung up bodies in ‘Slaughter Square’ and killed a famous local dancer, Shabana.

{The problem with modern Western politicians was not that they were dishonest – as widely believed. Rather they were too honest – motivated understandably by their own wish for immediate re-election and not caring a fig about the long-term future of those whose laws they adjudicated – normally by conveniently allowing the ‘human rights’ of foreigners and thus assuring themselves big dinners funded by slave-labour-seeking employers as well as getting the votes of the new welfare-seeking slaves.}


Sweden, which had generously/foolishly admitted 60% of Iraqi refugees (from the West’s ignoracist mayhem) over the previous decade, apparently changed tack in 2009 – dropping the number it admitted from 18K in 2008 to 2K in 2009 by the simple stratagem of requiring refugees to produce evidence that they actually faced threats from fellow Iraqis (Financial Times, 18 viii).


As Britain’s socialistified ‘teachers,’ ‘educators’ and lib-left politicians crowed about the achievements of 17-yr-olds at ‘A’ Level exams, where 8% had swept to the new A* grade, the uselessness of Labour’s creation was exposed (and the importance of natural ability re-emphasized) as an A* was also achieved by a 7-yr-old boy (D.Telegraph, 25 viii).


Tens of thousands of Americans rallied to Washington (on Martin Luther King Day….) to hear their honeychil’ Sarah Palin and others denounce President Boring Hussein Obarmy (who was letting the Taliban kill dozens of Afghans daily and continuing to provide megabucks to Pakiland – to the public fury of Afghastliland’s President Khazi) as a socialist and racist. But it was not clear what they would ever do about Obarmy and Billery: Sarah had forbidden them to bring placards and to concentrate on the homely objective of ‘supporting our boys’ (Observer, 29 viii).


Offering Britain’s CamCo Government a glimmer of hope as it prepared to take on the unions in the winter, the endless Labour leadership contest continued its dreary way – the choice being between two boring Jewish brothers still fighting their Adlerian battles,* a tired Brownite attack dog, a fat Black single-mum hypocrite and a Liverpudleian (e.g. Observer, 29 viii).

* Though they had both attended William McDougall’s distinguished Oxford college, Corpus Christi.


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While giving a full and sympathetic of the travails of Tamils (and Sinhalese) during Sri Lanka’s beastly 26-year ethnic civil war, columnist Lorne Gunter of Canada’s Edmonton News concluded unequivocally that all the 500 asylum seekers who had arrived by boat in Victoria (see previous) would have to be returned – not least for fear that some of them (and no-one could know which) planned to set up a Tamil government-in-exile and to bully Canada’s settled Tamil population for cash with which to re-start the civil war (15 viii).

And a full and articulate consideration of the dangers for Canada if it admitted Tamil millionaires (each paying $45K for the voyage) who had plainly jumped the normal immigration queue was given at Lankaweb, 16 viii.

But the Toronto Star settled for the aforesaid task of merely identifying ringleaders (15 viii) and pleading with Ceylon’s Buddhists to be nicer to the island’s Hindus; and other idealists (e.g. North Star, 16 vii) feared that returning the 500 would lead to some of them being murdered/executed by the Colombo government (which was jolly cross at the Tamils’ latest exercise having dented the country’s image).

And the National Post reckoned that, while charging the captain, deporting the crew and breaking up the ship, Canada – under its legislation -- had no alternative but to accept the self-proclaimed asylum seekers themselves (13 viii, Don Martin).

60% of Canadians wanted the Tamils sent back and only 17% told pollsters they should be given refugee status; and the frontrunner in the mayoral contest for Toronto said all immigration should be stopped, at least temporarily (Ottawa Sun, 20 x).

Ludicrous Canada had previously been probed by a boatload of 76 Tamils in 2009 – and had admitted the lot. The high aim of its mighty legislators was to have a system in place going forward by 2012 which would be able to deal with invalid asylum claims within two years – claimants meantime being fully feasted and funded by the Canadian taxpayer…. {Clearly, the message had been sent out that the whole third world should head for Canada, if only for the two-year holiday.}

In fact, in Sri Lanka, Tamils were substantially over-represented in both the population of the capital, Colombo, and in the Ceylonese parliament. Any who wished to emigrate in desperation should surely have thought of joining their fellow ethnics in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu – just 22 miles away.

See also comments by Ezra Levant here or here


Although Britain’s ‘Condemned’ Coalition government had produced little but promises (and none of them for strike-busting, free speech or educational standards) in its first 100 days, the Sun continued to provide anti-socialist support by blasting the £45Kp.a. benefits package for an unmarried Gloucestershire mother of twelve partnered by a ‘disabled’ motocross rider who could not remember the last job he had (16 viii).

Under Labour and its darling ‘National Health Service’ (the third-largest employer in the world, just behind the Chinese Red Army and Indian Railways), no less than a million Brits had counted themselves as disabled for a full ten years and thus drawn £4Bp.a. in welfare handouts (Sun, 16 viii).


Britain’s state school pupils had sexually molested their Labour-loving teachers hundreds of times per year during Britain’s 13-year Labour regime (with boys groping teachers’ breasts and announcing they would rape them, and girls masturbating openly in class in front of masters), it was revealed thanks to Freedom of Information Act inquiries (Sun, 16 viii). Cheeky pupils remained largely unpunished and unbanished thanks to socialist dogma against selection and strictness.


A spirited and useful summary of the problems resulting from Mueslis’ practice of first-cousin marriage was provided in RightSideNews (11 viii, Nicolai Sennels). Typically, 50% of Muesli marriages are inbred; and inbreeding produces a fivefold increase in mental defect (IQ less than 70).

In the past, lower estimates of the harmful effects of inbreeding (which allows recessive genes to manifest themselves) were accepted, e.g. from the classic work of Schull and Neel (1965) in Japan. But such earlier studies included second-cousin marriage as ‘inbreeding’; so, by 1998, Arthur Jensen concluded (in his own The g Factor, Praeger, p. 194), “The degree of IQ depression for [the children of] first cousins is about half a standard deviation (seven or eight IQ points).”

Even such a modest average effect yields big differences at the tail of the intelligence distribution; and, in addition, Mohammedanism involves multiple generations of inbreeding -- going back 1,000+ years to before the time when the royal houses of Europe adopted the practice (partly because of the Protestant-Catholic split) to their own eternal loss.

Sennels observed:

The lack of interest in science and human development in the Muslim World is also clear in the UN Arab Human Development Reports (AHDR). AHDR concludes that there have been fewer books translated into Arabic in the last thousand years than the amount of books translated within the country of Spain every year: "The Arab world translates about 330 books annually, one fifth of the number that Greece translates. The cumulative total of translated books since the Caliph Maa'moun's [sic] time (the ninth century) is about 100,000, almost the average that Spain translates in one year." (Eugene Rogan, ‘Arab Books and human development,’ Index of Censorship 33, April 2004).

"70 percent of the Turkish citizens never read books."(APA, February 2009)

My own testimony to this is that in two days of being driven around mighty Cairo (in 1996), the centre of Muslim ‘culture,’ I only saw only two bookshops – and one of these had only books of Muslim provenance.

For better or worse, Muslims (perhaps even those from Turkey, if the USA and UK had their way) were all set to provide Europe’s low-caste labour for decades ahead – so long as they did not take to drink; and, like the old working class, their illiteracy, male chauvinism and brutality affected mainly themselves.

But it would be important to halt their inbreeding (or to demand they pay for private medical insurance) if state-funded health services were not to collapse under the strain; and to insist that Muesli children could only join normal school classes when they had an adequate level in the relevant European language. (See also the Daily Mail)

The strains of inbreeding on the Ancient Egyptian royal family were newly exposed (thanks to DNA testing revealing more confirmation of brother-sister incest) (Sun, 20 viii).


Despite heroic promises and expenditures by mayors of New York to have Black kids catch up with Whites and Asians in arithmetic and English, the race difference remained the same in 2010 as it had been in 2002 (New York Times, 15 viii, ‘Triumph fades on racial gap in city schools’).


After losing their 14-yr daughter to Mexican gunmen in Houston, a Black family and Black community leaders expressed support for Arizona’s move (opposed by Pres. Hussein Obarmy) to help police detain and question likely illegal immigrants – viz. Mexicans (AmRen, 16 viii).


As the United Nations’ Secretary General, Wanky Loon, though educated at Harvard, announced his international appeal for “women and men” to give belated shedloads of cash to the disloyal, corrupt and murderous politicians of fanatically-Muesli and flood-blighted Pakiland (BBC News, 19 viii), he revealed either his peecee indoctrination or his incompetence in English – in which language the shorter of paired nouns is usually said first, as in ‘Coach and Horses,’ ‘Pig and Whistle,’ ‘Lion and Unicorn,’ ‘Cask and Barrel,’ ‘Cat and Fiddle,’ ‘meat and potatoes,’ ‘ham and bacon,’ ‘cheese and biscuits,’ ‘toast and honey,’ ‘gin and tonic,’ ‘beer and sandwiches,’ ‘cup and saucer,’ ‘hands and fingers,’ ‘horse and rider’ and, of course, ‘ladies and gentlemen.’

Two idiotic CamCo Cabinet ministers and their retinue of diplomatic flunkies had to be airlifted to safety by the Pak army from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – one hour from the Pak capital, Islamabad -- after their official convoy came under attack from rock-throwing and petrol-bombing Pashtuns during a visit to see how the UK’s promised £31M was helping flood victims (D.Telegraph, 19 viii).}


Prompted by vote-needing dwarf President Sarkozy, police in Marseilles managed to get 1K of the city’s 3K ‘Roma’ on planes to Bucharest, threatening them with prosecution for having ‘insufficient funds’ – but, under EU law, the vagrants were entitled to return to France within two months and many planned to do just that Guardian, 20 viii).


As Britain faced its annual crop of degraded A-level results and fell to discussing educational attainment and vocational success, the Telegraph’s star columnist Jeff Randall produced a serious sociologist and think-tanker, Australo-British Peter Saunders, 60 (Emeritus Professor, U. Sussex), to say:

“Half of the explained variance in the occupational destinations achieved by the 1958 [British] birth cohort [studied in the National Child Development Survey] was due to just one variable – how well they scored on an IQ test when they were aged 11. This is a much better predictor of their eventual fate than class… school… or any other social factor.”

Professor Saunders was a remarkable sociologist, having jumped ship from lib-lefty Sussex, become involved in family-supportive intellectual outfits, and provided a scathing critique of the egalitarian claims of The Spirit Level (see previous). In his 2010 study Social Mobility Myths (for think-tank Civitas), he had said: “….there is no evidence that lowering income inequality would stimulate mobility rather than discouraging it.”


Note: Although the picture above has been much re-run in the media lately -- including in The Guardian -- it was in fact shot in 2006, so its relevance to the mosque protest is hard to see

More than a million people signed in protest against Mueslis building a mosque (though cunningly named a community centre) near Ground Zero – the protest being headed by bikinied blogger Pamela Geller who happily linked herself with Geert Wilders, White South Africans and the English Defence League (but, amusingly, not with the “extremist” British National Party – apparently back-seated for its sweet reasonableness and failure to win seats at the UK General Election) (Guardian, 20 viii).


Ex-pilot, ex-journalist, linguist, thriller-writer (e.g. Day of the Jackal) and Thatcherite Frederick Forsyth, 72, said on BBC TV that the main traitors to Britain were its “pseudo-intellectuals” – presumably a reference to the country’s bloated workforce of ‘liberal’-leftist ‘university’ staff who made tireless propaganda for tyrannous PeeCee, but FF would be able to explain his observation to admirers when he appeared at the E’bro’ Book Festival, 30th August.


The vaunted ‘peace process’ in Northern Ireland, which had failed to separate radically the Prods and Caffs who had hated each other for 320 years, began to unravel as new-fangled ‘dissident’ IRA goons emerged to undertake daily bombings and rock-throwings in the province and to plan to attack the Conservative annual conference in Birmingham (Observer, 22 viii).


Not content with capping skilled (rather than unskilled) immigration to Britain (resulting in employers of such labour threatening to move their firms abroad) (Observer, 22 viii), the tieless boy wonders of the UK’s ConDem government, Daft Dave and Nice Nick, planned with increasing enthusiasm – not content with the redistribution already involved in income tax – a tax on graduates (especially if they were successful in achieving gainful employment). O tempora, O mores!


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Sunday, August 15, 2010


The moral depths to which ‘England’ had sunk in its thirteen years under traitorous NuLabour – despite tabloid hysteria against age-gapped relationships -- was revealed as its star (occasional) goal scorer Peter Crouch, 29, 6’7” and worth £6M, though having perhaps the prettiest (24-yr model) partner, in Abbey Clancy, among soccer millionaires (all funded by low-class welfare-dependent trash), was shamed in the News of the World for having used a teen Algerian-born Madrid prostitute (picture supplied above) – though the 19-yr prostituta herself was a fine exemplar of busty youthful beauty and at least thought Crouch ‘very nice’ as compared to Spanish soccer louts.

{As reconciliation between Crouch and Clancy was attempted, the News of the World published yet more crushing photos of drunken serial lecher Crouch’s infidelities (15 viii).}

There was further shame for ‘the beautiful {but low-IQ} game’ as the fat sister of ‘England’ superstar David Beckham, himself worth £125M, was found to be claiming welfare benefit of £164 weekly as a single mum while living with a violent alcoholic ex-jailbird (NoW, 15 viii).


Substantial continuity of individual differences (talkativeness, impulsiveness, self-esteem etc.) was reported over the age range 5 to 45 in a study of 144 Californians. “Personality is biological,” said researcher Christopher Nave of U.Cal Riverside (Times of India, 9 viii). Personality researcher David P. Schmitt said the findings were "quite impressive" because of the decades-long gap between evaluations, as well as the link between teacher ratings and those of trained modern-day observers (Vancouver Sun, 9 vii).


As rain and mist drove Fringe Festivallers like me into E’bugger’s top bookshop, Blackwell’s, I was gratified – as the 13th anniversary of my sacking by E.LUni approached -- to find The g Factor (1996) cited in the top-rated introduction to psychology, Richard D. Gross’s Psychology: the Science of Mind and Behaviour (6th edition, 2010, pp. 912, Hodder).

I was even gently commended for explaining that the g factor accounted for much of the variance in the ‘special’ abilities of Louis Thurstone and Howie Gardner – though how RDG had come to this appreciation was mysterious in that he referenced my book as having been been produced by Abominable Wiley DePublisher in New York….


As the tabloid Britoid press brought the amusing news that the European Union’s politicians and officials were allowed free Viagra (10 viii), a learnéd informant of this Diary pointed out an important qualification:

"In accordance with the decision of the Sickness Insurance Management Committee of the Sickness Insurance, it has been decided that treatments with [the sex stimulant] Viagra (Sildenafil) as well as Uprima/Ixense will from now on be reimbursable. The reimbursement will be limited to those cases recommended by the Medical Council, namely persons who are entitled to a 100% reimbursement rate for serious illness, on condition that the impotence is directly related to this illness, more particularly in cases of severe diabetes, neurological or vascular troubles, or after radical prostatectomy."

In other words, the EU’s policy was not just mainly but entirely dysgenic.

{Not that dysgenia was at all in evidence as the wife and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary by speeding through the blue-skyed greenery of Northumbria (aka Moatland) to the delightfully all-White walled city of York which provided a fine display of nouvel mini-skirt (et derrière blanche) as we plotted over pints of Speckled Hen (and steak&ale pies and scones with clotted cream) with babe-bagging (and bagged) friends within a stone’s throw of the Minster (blasted by divine lightning in 1984 for consecrating the gay-venerating Queensman, David Jenkins, as Bishop of Durham) as to how to target Daft Dave Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ on the gypsies of Grantham and Peterborough who urgently needed returning to Rumania -- or, better, to Muesli-blighted Pakistan) before being fortified in their wanderlust by new vagrant arrivals from President Sarko’s France (happily revealed in polls as 80% anti-gypsy, whatever EC bureaucrats might have preferred of the French).}


Two thirds of UK employees, whether male or female, agreed that they would rather work for a man than a woman – according to a survey by Female bosses were accused of being ‘bitchy,’ ‘hormonal,’ incapable of leaving their personal lives at home, likely to get involved in office politics, back-stabbing, suspicious of others in authority, moody and less reasonable (Daily Telegraph, 12 viii, ‘The best boss is a man…and women agree’).

{All rather negatively put, admittedly; but well in line with my own more judicious summary of ‘neuroticism’ for Oxford University Press in 2000.}


As a study disclosed that one newborn child in twelve in America was born to an illegal immigrant, the US Senate was recalled from its summer recess to agree to a $600M emergency funding package to strengthen America’s 1,500-mile border with Mexico. The money was to be used to buy aerial drones and to employ 1,300 extra guards (Daily Telegraph, 13 viii).

{However, tolerance of America’s Mueslis continued high, with Pres. Obarmy allowing the building of a mosque within hailing distance of New York’s ‘Ground Zero’ – the site of the Twin Towers blasted on ‘9/11’ in 2001 by Islamist radicals – despite New York already having 100 mosques.}


In scenes that could have been copied from The Camp of the Saints (Jean Raspail, 1975 trnsl., Scribner), 500 Tamil ‘asylum seekers’ arrived in British Columbia from Sri Linka after a 2-month journey across the Pacific in a jam-packed and leaky old cargo boat. They aimed to probe Canada’s super-liberal immigration laws to force entry; and other boats were lined up waiting to make the same journey if they were successful.

But Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, declared he would be vigilant and take “clear and decisive action” – at least to root out terrorists and people smugglers….(Globe & Mail, 13 viii, incl. pics; Calcutta Telegraph, 15 viii) – presumably aware that undue respect for ‘human rights’ would yield Canada a massive influx of immigrants from not only Ceylon but also Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Canada was already home to about a quarter million Sri Lankan Tamils who had left their native country after losing their 25-year ethnic conflict with Buddhists. Some of them had built up a robust ‘Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’ network in Canada, which had indulged in extortion and other illegal activity to aid the outfit back home.


As America’s great chosen ally, nuclear-armed but mediaeval Pakistan, having comprehensively ruined itself and its reputation over sixty years, suffered catastrophic flooding, it appealed with little avail to the rest of the world for aid -- only the USA and UK governments being forthcoming for they were going to need help to get their soldiers out of Afghastliland through the easily-Taliban-mined Khyber Pass.


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Monday, August 09, 2010


£20m was wasted by Britain’s ‘civil service’ goons (of the UK Border Agency) over two years on failed asylum seekers, ‘falsely detained’ terror suspects and on themselves (a ‘workforce’ deliberately selected by itself for three decades to be non-Oxbridge) (Sun, 2 viii).


Having gunned down a fleeing gypsy (q.v.), French police went on to raze several Roma camps and to drag Ivory Coast immigrant women squatters through Paris streets (with their screaming babies) so as to evict them from a building due for demolition (Guardian, 2 viii).

Reflecting on these incidents, President Nicolas Sarkozy declared – with a frankness unusual among the West’s political class -- "We are suffering the consequences of 50 years of insufficiently regulated immigration which has led to a failure of integration."

Sarkozy (who had once said he would like to wash away criminal immigrant “scum” “with a power hose” also announced he would “review” welfare benefits for immigrants lacking official papers.

{Perhaps surprisingly, the President went swiftly on to close 30 illegal gypsy squatter encampments and to threaten a further 300 with deportation of their thousands of denizens back to Romania (which had gleefully got rid of these illiterate vagrants to France and Italy as part of its EU membership) (D.Telegraph, 7 viii) – but then, the policy had turned out to enjoy the backing of 79% of French voters.}


As the worst floods in 80 years ravaged Pakiland, killing thousands and hopelessly stranding millions (adding to the 150 killed in the Islamabad air crash), and the country struggled to answer Wikileaks accusations that it funded terror, 45 were killed in Karachi as Soluni vs Shitite fighting broke out at a funeral; nine Mussulmen were jailed (on average for four years) in Manchester for luring a 14-year-old girl (and surely others) into prostitution; and four other ‘honour coding’ goons were jailed for life after killing a fellow Muesli for going with the wrong girl – additionally, it turned out they had murdered the wrong man.

À propos Pak President Fartarsi’s visit to Daft Dave Camoron, a Speccie correspondent volunteered:
I am delighted to learn that President Asif Ali Zardari is visiting Britain to hold a political rally {in Birmingham, Britain’s second Pak city, after Bradford} promoting the interests of the Pakistan People's Party and his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari -- just 21 years old, but obviously a politically mature 21, a veritable Pitt the Younger to have been elevated to such exalted heights at such a tender age.

Clearly it is deemed safer to hold the rally in Britain, where there is less likelihood of someone taking a shot at him and his offspring on the way to - or on the way back from - the venue, than in homeland Pakistan.

Mr Cameron's candid remarks on the terrorist threat in Pakistan would therefore appear to have, at the very least, tacit presidential endorsement.

It is also good to learn that the costs of the rally, estimated at £60,000, will be paid out of Pakistani state funds, as it is being designated a presidential function. Although how much it will cost the British taxpayer to fund the overall policing of the event is another matter entirely. Perhaps there will be a whip-round at the rally and public-spirited Pakistan People's Party attendees will dig deep: 'Spare a copper to pay for a copper', something of that sort.

A Guardian correspondent (4 viii) helpfully added a seldom-mentioned fact about Pak [pop. 180M and growing fast; half illiterate – esp. women; essentially mediaeval, with fabulously rich top families competing for control of the military/ISI]:
Pakistan isn't one nation - it's five. The Punjabis are a majority who effectively govern the Sindhis (the Bhuttos), Baluch (Zardari's tribe), and Pashtun (the Taleban) as a colonial overseer. Added to the mix are the mohajirs, Indian Muslims who migrated to Pakistan at partition (like [General] Musharraf's family).


‘Twelve Minnesotans Indicted in Terror Probe’ screamed the Star Tribune (Minneapolis; 5 viii) – as if readers would not quickly work out that all of these ‘Minnesotans’ were actually Somalis or converts to Islam.

{Likewise, the lying Australian press routinely reported Indian Hindus as being attacked by ‘Australians’ – scarcely mentioning that these ‘Australians’ were Mueslis.}


As I pondered how a paedophile (well, multiple child rapist) could have got stamped to death at HMP Grendon, Buckinghamshire, where I had worked happily in the 1960s treating such prisoner-patients as club-footed sado-masochistic arsonists (see ‘Knickers Galore’, free), a recent ex-inmate came to my aid, explaining that Britain’s first therapeutic prison had lately faced competition from a privatized therapeutic prison unit in Staffordshire (Dovegate) and had lowered its standards for admission – most notably abandoning the IQ testing which had been deemed necessary by 1985 as research had shown that only higher-IQ prisoners showed any benefit from the cool and con-respecting milieu therapy regime (Guardian, 6 viii – see also Noel ‘Razor’ Smith)


An MP’s questioning of the Home Office (under the Freedom of Information Act) revealed that Labour’s 2008 ‘restrictions’ on mediocre-quality immigration had resulted in no less than 139K work permits being issued to foreigners in the following 20 months – with 1,300 going to chefs, 185 to waiters, 225 to advertising managers, 30 to hairdressers and 30 to psychologists (despite E.LU. alone producing 100 psychology graduates annually) (D.Telegraph, 7 viii).


Temperamental (violent, suicidal and druggy) mulatto modelling princess, Naomi Campbell, admitted to some International Court of ‘Justice’ at the Hague, that she had received a pouch of “dirty” uncut diamonds in the middle of a night, ‘probably’ (she had admitted to other gals at later breakfast) from Liberia’s maniacal mulatto tyrant Charles Taylor who had supplied Sierra Leonians with machetes to cut each other’s arms off unless they provided more of the aforesaid blood diamonds.

The ‘Court’ was for some reason too polite to ask bony bee-stung-lipped beauty Naomi just why Dictator Taylor might have given her diamonds – which were pretty small beer to her, she averred, compared to her many ‘gifts’ from other men. The plot had been completed by Naomi giving the diamonds for safekeeping to wizened Black Saint Nelson Mandela who had organized the bash at which Taylor had screwed ooops met Naomi.


1,000 Somali police went missing after their training was financed by the Government of modern do-gooding, peecee Germany. It was feared these ‘officers’ would join forces with the Islamist militants, Al-Shabaab (AmRen, 6 viii)).


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Monday, August 02, 2010


Having failed to read The g Factor and to learn that educators need to select by IQ, sweet and bright but misguided (pro-‘multiculti’-Israel….) CamCo wunderkind, MisEducation Minister Michael Gove found to his embarrassment that only 62 English schools had applied to accept his offer of ‘freedom’ (Observer, 1 viii) – freedom from what, when they could not select pupils, stream pupils or kick out pupils who misbehaved or failed?!


New research by Art Jensen and Phil Rushton showed that multi-billion-dollar ‘affirmative’ expenditures in America had produced no relative educational improvement for Blacks in fifty years (VDare, 23 vii):

“….our new analysis finds that from 1954 to 2008 Black 17-year-olds consistently scored at the level of White 14-year-olds on tests of mathematics and reading—i.e. in more than fifty years, there had been no significant change at all. ….

a 3+ year gap between Blacks and Whites at age 17 is equal to an IQ for Black 17-year-olds of about 85, the same as that found using standardized IQ tests.”

{I had answered an earlier effort by Nisbett in my review of Jencks & Phillips published in 2003: Heredity 90, 3, 204-205}


In Wood Green, north London {just a mile-and-a-half from where my own mother’s parents had lived commodiously till c. 1975}, balded Black cult guru, Jamaican-born Michael Lyons, 52, had swanned around in crimson robes and a Bentley while having his harem egg him on as he raped pretty young girls (who were to be cured of their ailments by his “organic manhood”); but he was jailed for seven years by Wood Green Crown Court (and banned from sex with anyone he hadn’t known for at least six months) despite his female devotees (also in Manchester and Miami) having raised a princely £2M to pay his legal bills (Sun, 27 vii).


An unmarried Black pair, imprisoned for manslaughter and general craziness in Birmingham, had (according to an official report) been allowed to starve the woman’s Black 7-yr-old daughter, Khyra, to death uninterrupted by social workers (despite the girl being reported for stealing food at school and failing to meet no less than 43 scheduled medical appointments) (Sun, 28 vii) because the wretched ‘authorities’ had been put in fear of violence from the pair and also feared that, if they tapped on the couple’s door and offered any criticism, they would have their careers ended for ‘racism.’


Despite Britain having had a part-‘liberal’ CamCoalition Government for three months, police in Dorset still felt moved to demonstrate their multicultural credentials by blowing out the tyres of a van driven by a leader of the ‘far right’ English Defence League (which itself denied it was ‘racist’) and detaining him and raiding his home (Sun, 28 vii). He was soon released on bail and police said they actually had no evidence of plans to blow up mosques in Dorset.


After ‘Roma’ vagrants attacked French police who had shot dead a fleeing gypsy youth, President Sarkozy said his government must deport all such illegal immigrants – though whether there was enough political or legal support in peecee France for such nation-sparing action remained to be seen (AmRen, 28 vii).

Perhaps needing a poll boost (amidst endless speculation about his love life, or lack of it, with emaciated ‘singer’ Carla Bruni), the President further volunteered that France would (or might) strip French nationality from any immigrant (whether legal or illegal, apparently) who used violence against police or public officials (D.Telegraph, 31 vii).


Though only PM for c. 100 days (consisting mainly of failing to implement promised cuts in Britain’s bloated public ‘services’ – ‘provided’ by nincompoop socialist tombraiders who could not even manage to stop Blacks beating and starving their own supposedly devil-infested children), Daft Dave Shameron turned out to have learned what everyone else had concluded three years previously, that mad-Muesli Pakiland was in a state of civil war and “facing two ways at once” in the War on Terror ooops Mission to bring Welfare Benefits to Drug-Free Afghaniland.

The Pak Government responded to Loony-Toon Cameron’s surprise attack with ‘fury’ (Radio Free Europe, 29 vii), saying that Afghan informers had ‘fabricated’ stories of Pakiland helping the Taliban; but Cameron refused to back down from his comments, telling Britain's Sky TV that he had "perhaps a novel view of saying what you think and being frank and clear about these things."

Cameron also repeated that Pakistan needed to work together more with the international community to shut down terrorist groups "which continue to operate both within and outside Pakistan." {Where ‘outside’? Was Cameron admitting the existence of Londonistan?...*}

Pakistan's unheard-of President Asif Ali Corblimey Fartwallah Zardari was due to visit Britain the next week – he was to fart ooops stay at PM Cameron's country retreat of Chequers (nr Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire), though whether Shameron’s diary secretary had advised Daft Dave of this visit was unknown….

{As “Camroon” was burned in effigy in Karachi, Pak intelligence bosses [ISI] cancelled their dinners and dancing girls with Daft Dave – an unprecedented saving of taxpayers’ money which DD could follow up with other expensive Muesli terrorists claiming £3Mp.a. welfare benefits in Britain for their imported illiterate slave wives and health-wrecked inbred children; but Fartarsi himself decided to continue with his visit since it was an expenses-paid family holiday that allowed him to visit his children, who were being educated in Britain.

** Meantime, it was admitted that British troops in Afghaniland might actually attack something and just possibly kill a few Taliban – though mainly with the usual objective of building schools’n’ospitals.}

* The Telegraph’s top columnist, Charles Moore, noted (31 vii): “….here, now, in Britain, supporters of Hamas, of the killing of homosexuals, of female circumcision, of the execution of apostates, and of terrorism against all armed opponents of any Muslims anywhere, are treated as “partners” by police and other public authorities to help restrain radicalism. After the July 7 bombings in 2005, Tony Blair told Pakistan to do something about its extreme madrassas (religious schools). He was right; but the not unreasonable reply came back: “What about your madrassas?””

** Pakiland’s officials, while they lived, were so keen on state-funded junkets that a 100-mile flight from Karachi to Hyderabad would normally go via London.


As Daft Dave (fresh from hearing that Pres. Obarmy had no idea what to do) urged Turkey on with its efforts to liberate the Gaza “prison camp” from the oh-so-multiculti Jews and encouraged India to believe the West would help it squash mad-Muesli and treacherous Pakistan, the Almighty lent support to the idea of messing up the religion-crazed area by unleashing huge floods around Peshawar (in northern Pakiland) which swept away a thousand and stranded a million people.


Canadians polled almost 3-to-1 in favour of banning the burka (and other face-covering), with 54% of a representative sample wanting to follow France in a ban, while only 20% were opposed. In the province of Quebec, fully 73% favoured a ban -- perhaps because the province had long struggled to diminish the role of Catholicism in public life and did not wish to end up exchanging one piety for another (Toronto Sun, 29 vii).


Mexico’s Government announced it would dispatch officials to Staten Island (long a refuge for Whites from NY multiculturalism) to monitor, advise on and try to have prosecuted vicious street attacks on Hispanics (the most recent, like most others [e.g. New York One, 27 vii]) almost certainly committed by Blacks, but the posturing Mexican authorities – who could not protect Mexicans in Mexico from 5K murders per year and mass joblessness -- had perhaps not thought of that….)(AmRen, 30 vii).


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