Monday, June 30, 2014


 As multiculti Iraq headed beyond the wildest mayhem which the idiotic West had inflicted on Libya and Syria, at least the invading Solunnis claimed they favoured ethnic partition. By contrast, the governing Shitites under Pres.TakeALeaky wanted to hang on to the whole country (with – minimally forthcoming -- American help). The Shitites of neighbouring Iran also clung to the imperial vision which bizarre Western support for demakrazy had assisted (but they did not want US help – quite the opposite); and the Turds of the north, while treasuring their autonomy, wanted all possible help to protect them from Solunnis.

{Whether the Solunnis’ proper limitation of their ambition would long survive them seizing Baghdad’s gas and electricity plants remained to be seen; but all sides could rely on the West backing its 11-year loony dream of a unitary Iraq in which the country’s various psychopathic death-wishing groups would get on just swimmingly....}


 After Detroit began its long-promised cutting of water supplies to non-payers, campaigners for human rights began to pester the United Nations to denounce American authorities and take over the running of the bankrupt half-Black city (Independent, 23 vi). In a letter, the Blue Planet Project wrote:

“The case of water cut-offs in the City of Detroit speaks to the deep racial divides and intractable economic and social inequality in access to services within the United States. The burden of paying for city services has fallen onto the residents who have stayed within the economically depressed city, most of whom are African-American. These residents have seen water rates rise by 119 per cent within the last decade. With official, understated unemployment rates at a record high and the official, understated poverty rate at about 40 per cent, Detroit water bills are unaffordable to a significant portion of the population,”

It was thought that as many as 30K households would be cut off or in line for cutting off by September.


Britain, which had bankrupted itself and lost its Empire fighting two World Wars against German hegemony, then set off on the indulgence of a ‘welfare state’ which turned out to be for even the third world (whose criminals and warmongers could not be deported, let alone detained or shot), found it had not a single friend in Germany’s Fourth Reich (itself set up along British lines and with lawyer-beloved British encouragement of ‘human rights’).

As nice boy PM DD (if ignorant of Magna Carta after his Eton ‘education’) picked a fight to oppose arch-federalist (arch-unifier, in newspeak) Herperson Juncker becoming supreme topwallah of the EU, he found hardly one ally among the EU’s 28 countries. Even the PM of ‘friendly’ Poland (whose emigrants had made Polish Britain’s second language) denounced Shamoron as “incompetent or idiotic”; and the only argument that Britain’s politicos could muster against Buncker was that he liked to have a cognac with his breakfast and sometimes dribbled.

Yes, good-humoured once-sea-protected Britain had embarked on breeding a low-IQ Irish, Black and Pak underclass but found its daft egalitarian illusions by-passed by the bureaucratic quasi-liberal efforts of the likes of Buncker, Herperson Rumpy-Pumpy and “unf*ckable tub of lard” [said ‘bunga-bunga’-partying Italian overlord Silvio Berlusconi, by then serving time after years of lack of support from Britain] Reichskanzlerin Merkel.

Bye-bye history; hello Germany (which was still in with a sporting chance on footie’s World Cup)! Having failed to oppose political correctness – which it had indeed invented – Britain was to find the Continental version of it imposed from Berlin which accepted as restrictions on Mueslis and kindred scroungers and traitors only regulations which were also applied to its own natives (i.e. plenty – such as requiring people to have registered names, signatures and addresses, elementary details of modernity with which Britain had never come to terms, allowing every ‘British’ Tom, Dick or Muslim Harry to vote multiply by post as specified by her Muslim master).

    {Germans would be shocked to learn that most Brits no longer have readily findable addresses -- street numbers having been semi-abandoned [especially by shops]. Flats caused extra problems, the same apartment being variously designated a 3, 2F1, 2FR or just as nothing as street entryphones became overwritten by changing occupants.

People on my own E’bro’ street, South Clerk Street [in bijou Newington, say estate agents], just a mile from the centre of Scotland’s capital, find it hard to get loans and storecards because the street does not exist, being registered officially [in the Electoral Register] as Clerk Street South.

For three years a German firm called ‘e.on’ has been hounding me – with countless threatening letters and even sending heavies with mallets -- for a gas bill in the names of (variously) Mr Jonathan Scott and Mr Jonathan Wood – neither of whom has the slightest connection with my flat [where I have lived for thirty-five years and paid Scottish Power for gas].

Just what such a country is doing running nuclear Trident-firing subs and planning an enormous ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ aircraft carrier for 2022 is beyond me. Britain is nice and friendly and has the best pubs, greenery, decorous fillies, fish&chips, rosbif and festivals in the world; but it is scruffy, potholed, underpainted and broken by half-a-century of non-elitism. And don’t get me going about the schools – see TgF, Chapter 4!}


  That footie was a gents’ game played by hooligans was horrifyingly exemplified as soccer superstar Luigisqueejee Suarez (a dog playing for Uruguay, though usually for an Irish-Liverpool club) was filmed biting an Italian opponent – making the third time that LS’s cannibalistic tendencies had been caught by TV.

 England could thus take consolation for having been defeated in Brazil by LS’s two goals – scored by a minimally reconstructed dog ooops chimpanzee of mixed race; and even for managing only to draw with Latin America’s tiny Costa Rica – a 10% Black and Amerindian Spanish colony which no Englishman could locate on the map.

Footie’s other problems, of gross bribery and corruption (by Qatar and Ghana), remained to be sorted by the sport’s governing frauds in its FIFA council. Champions Spain had also been knocked out of the ‘World Cup’ by third-world players of ‘the beautiful game.’ (By 2012, central-American mixed-race cities had overtaken even those of Africa in their recorded murder rates – Guardian, 25 vi.)


 As Britain’s media pundits pondered openly the likely return ‘home’ of some 500 ‘British’ jihadists madly let out to travel to arm and train with Mueslis in the Middle East, all the usual peecee lies were trotted out. ‘They have suffered British racism’ – when in fact Solunnis and Shitites were at each others’ throats and other parts far worse when never having heard a word of English (except on TV – always a bastion of politeness about Muesli murderousness). ‘They just need education’ – when in fact Britain’s home-grown terrorists (like the 2005 bombers) were distinctly over-educated. ‘The Jews took their land’ – when in fact the Jews had taken little but desert and stimulated Arab rage by their fantastic high-IQ success in unpropitious circumstances. ‘Christians are foolish to think of more crusading’ – when they didn’t, but oil-fired Mohammedanism had won serious enemies in Russia, China, Thailand, India etc while only getting pathetic calls for (largely unrequited) ‘tolerance’ in the West. The robust Leo Mckinstry threw in some extra observations (Daily Express, 23 vi):

"[By] far the worst error has been the state’s addiction to immigration and multiculturalism. Domestic jihadism is the direct creation of a political class obsessed with open borders and the transformation of our society’s structure. Thanks to these two strategies, the Muslim population of Britain has now reached almost three million, while one in ten British children under the age of four is Muslim.

The pro-immigration brigade tells us that this is no problem, since the “vast majority” of Muslims are moderate. But that is more self-deceit at odds with the evidence. One independent survey showed that 40 per cent of Muslims here want to live under Sharia law {they like female enslavement}; another revealed that 32 per cent of Muslim students at university felt killing in the name of religion is justified.

    Such attitudes have been reinforced by the state’s fixation with cultural diversity which, instead of promoting integration, encourages migrant groups to cling to their traditional customs, practices, even languages. That is how we have ended up with Muslim enclaves dominated by the burkha, sharia tribunals, forced marriages, and ballot box fraud. Nor do the mosques do much to promote social cohesion. A recent study found that, out of Britain’s 1,700 mosques, just two follow a modernist interpretation of the Koran, while a quarter do not even allow women on the premises."


Lucky science writer Nicholas Wade was given column inches in the Wall Street Journal (22 vi) to re-present his ‘London School without the London School’ view of race: that race was real, with a genetic basis, but with lots of  overlap and no great specifiable differences – certainly not in little g! – that would upset Wade’s substantial following of scientists who preferred to avoid or even deny the importance and deep-seatedness of race differences so they could keep their jobs amid leftist hysteria.

Amusingly, Wade acknowledged five races, just like the great race-realist anthropologist Carlton Coon; but Wade picked Red Indians ooops Native Americans as his fifth distinct group rather than the Kalahari Bushmen whom Coon had preferred. {RIs/NAs are basically East Asians who avoided the horrors of the Himalayan Ice Age by getting across the frozen Bering Straits into America.}

More to follow on Wade’s challenge to Steven Pinker for leadership of the London School which the two non-psychologists had themselves done so much to pooh-pooh.


  A 2014 ‘Kindle’ imprint of Jared Taylor’s impressive 1992 White-realist declaration was accompanied by a fine review of American elite hysteria about race (VDARE, 21 vi) – though judiciously not mentioning the race realists of the London School.

{America, even as it collapsed into Blackness/Hispanicity and ‘White guilt’ [designed at once to help socialistic strivers and the peace-seeking overclass], was big enough to allow a tiny outlet for JT and friends – though at risk they would soon be put down by ‘human rights’ groups such as SPLS.}


After years of abandoning its famous White Australia policy and admitting a wide range of swarthy multiculti Arabs etc, Australia (under new management from The Queen’s College, Oxford) started paying up to $10K to each self-styled refugee from the Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan etc to board boats taking them home from the Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus on which Oz had detained them (AmRen, 23 vi). ‘Enough was enough,’ thought the new PM, Tony Abbott. ($10K was no incentive for others to head for Oz; and it was surely less than the average annual cost of feeding the ‘refugees,’ housing them, schooling them, treating them, jailing them, re-habilitating the kids they addicted or molested, and giving medical treatment to the people they assaulted....)

    By contrast, in Britain, a miserable week of national sporting failure, despite increasing use of ‘star’ multicults, culminated in the polls showing the country’s three main sweet-peecee-talking party leaders all more unpopular than ever in recorded history – and in particular with ‘modernizer’ PM Daft Dave having to silence bishops who mentioned ‘no go’ areas among Mueslis in Birmingham and Cardiff and finding himself with only one friend (Hungary) in the EUSSR as he failed 26-2 to restrain the ‘advances’ to gypsy-friendly federalism which he himself had long backed. {Roll on, Oz!}


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Sunday, June 22, 2014


 Following PM DD’s demand (q.v.) for his Education Secretary to impose ‘British values’ [pronounced ‘vaaalues’ by DD’s predecessor, PM GB] Birmingham’s Muesli children – in taxpayer-funded schools which Britain had allowed to become 98% Muslim -- good-humoured discussion continued in MSM, good-humoured not least because no such British values could be found (except perhaps thrift/miserliness for Scots of the past and politeness/hypocrisy for the English) nor any way of teaching/training any distinctive values that might be discovered.

The Observer’s Frank Boyce wisely observed (15 vi): “The trouble is you can't teach values. You transmit values by living them. Well, actually you can teach values but you need a gulag to do it in. "Values" are what we call laws or ethics when they become part of the culture. When we start to breathe them. You can't Ofsted them into existence.”

Especially for the Ango-Saxon-Normans who had come to dominate the world, their values were expressed in their language, literature and conversation. So, without a good command of English, and kindly regard for Britain and its Queen and Parliament, Mueslis would not have a hope – any more than did the Frogs who preferred to live by rigid principles of Catholicism, Revolution and Anti-Semitism until they came unstuck by their truth-denying postmodernism, high-taxing socialism and importation of 7M Mueslis. Yes, it all came down to Shakespeare – and perhaps to Swift, Burns, Dickens and Dylan Thomas.


 A new high point of hilarity about the multiculturalism of the West’s political class was reached as its most expensive investment in peecee, ethnicity-blind, demakrazic Iraq came to grief, with America having to beg Shitite Iran to save Eyerak from the fast-advancing Solunni brutes whom the West had unleashed in Syria, killing or displacing 500K Syrians but thinking to topple Shitite/Alawite Basher Assad so as to achieve something from the ‘Arab Spring’ with which the West had messed up Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Eyeran – which should have had its cities cleared and bombed, along with those of Saudi in the aftermath of 9/11, to teach Mueslis a lesson – would presumably demand retractions of such economic sanctions on it as the West had managed, and a suspension of Western bullying over its programme to develop nuclear weapons with which Shitites could confront the ‘moderate’ governing Solunnis of America’s ally, Pakistan.

    As the hilarity unfolded, it was revealed that PM DD actually sported in his Downing Street office a portrait of Etonian PM Harold Macmillan, the cuckold who had accepted American takeover of the Middle East at Suez, 1956, and gone on to become the biggest laughing stock in British history, infamously presiding over the ‘winds of change’ which consigned Africa to barbarism, and to being betrayed by his own Cabinet member, John Profumo, who had been jumping into bed with the mistress of a Russian-Communist naval attaché. A fitting end to years of multiculti nonsense – even if it gave a green light to Scotnats who notoriously joked ‘You can’t be English – You’re not Black’!


 In line with what had been advocated in this blog, the annual British Social Attitudes Survey revealed that 95 per cent of the population thought the English language was the cornerstone of Britishness (Daily Mail, 17 vi). Politicos searching for what to teach Muesli children in Birmingham (q.v.) thus had their answer on a plate.

{Presumably respondents excluded the mumblings of Hollywood actors which passed for English in the film industry....}

The poll, which had been run every year since 1983, found there has been a hardening of attitudes agains immigration since 2000, when the Labour government admitted it would let in European gypsies without restriction (to fulfil its EU duties); and the percentage of participants who believed that people must speak English to be British had gone up from 86 to 95.

{Just why politicians and educators had not insisted all along on command of spoken or written English at, say, a 10-year-old level by all but the mentally subnormal was a mystery – unless it was part of a deliberate plan to create a slave society of Labour voters.}

    Acknowledging the new survey, Tory ex-Chancellor Norman Lamont said that something should be done and that there should be more honesty in debate; and he specially noted that a 2008 inquiry by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee (of which he was a member) found – like OECD -- no evidence for the argument that immigration generates significant economic benefits for the British public.

But he could not bring himself to mention the fifty cowardly years of Conservative co-operation with the invasion, he could not even mention terms like ‘race,’ IQ and ‘gypsy’, and he had no special place for making council housing, benefits and the vote require a reasonable level of English (D.Mail, 18 vi).


 The ethnicity-blind philosophy of France’s 145th Republic took a special knock as one of Europe’s sainted Roma was set upon by 20 vigilantes in balaclavas, who beat him unconscious and left him near dead in a shopping trolley at the roadside. Locals in Paris's troubled northern Seine-Saint-Denis suburb accused the teenager of burglary, at which he had been caught red-handed; but ‘anti-racist’ groups yowled for prompt Presidential action of some kind to enforce Roma rights to reasonable criminality (AP, 17 vi).

    Trouble also loomed in south Yorkshire, where many traditional residents had grown thoroughly fed up with the noise, filth, thieving and intimidation of Slovak Roma gypsies and told any journos who would listen that there would soon be blood on the streets if police did not move on the unwanted eastern European riff-raff (who even bullied locals who flew – unavailingly – the St George Cross while England was – briefly.... – playing in World Cup soccer matches in Brazil) (D.Mail, 13 vi).


 While Arab-on-Arab and Black-on-Black Muesli savagery killed dozens daily in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Kenya and Nigeria as fanatic Islamists pursued their low-IQ mission to destroy science, culture, education, humour, sport, buildings and bikinis, the self-hypnotized traitor politicos of the West gave cause for merriment as they failed to close a single mosque or even to discuss the invasions from Mexico and across the Mediterranean.

Britain’s own leaders – embarked on inflationary borrowing from the future and the Chinese (who chipped in with £14B after a single day at Buck House with Her Maj) – had never been so laughable since they had lost the American colonies by over-taxation. Even the idea of co-operating with Russia and China to squash murderous Mueslis and get the West’s oil into safe hands seemed not to have occurred to the crackpot apostles of PeeCee – though they did provide fun by grovelling to Shitite Eyeran to match the butchery of the Solunnis of Eyeraq who sought revenge for the multiculturalism of Revs Bush and Blair.


 Faced with the collapse of the multicult Iraqi ‘Army’ which it had trained (at the cost of $40B), America heaped merry confusion on confusion by demanding as a cost for its drone support against fast-advancing Solunnis that its demakrazily chosen Shitite ‘leader’ of the country which it had failed either to divide or rule, ShakeTakeALeakyInDeKhazi, must stand down so as to give PeeCee co-operation of death-wishing ethnies another chance in Badhdaddyo.... (Indie, 19 vi).

Black Obarmyland would rather maintain its multiculti scruples than acknowledge pacifist American incompetence and (its only option after years of nonsensical school-building) side with the relatively-White Shitites to control the Levant and beat the hell out of the maniacal 9/11-funding Solunni Saudis. TakeALeaky promptly refused Obarmy’s call for him to resign.


 Feminoids were aghast as Oxford police – after weeks of taxpayer-funded deliberation – announced they would not prosecute the President of the (famous) Oxford Union for alleged rape and attempted rape after a boozy party arranged by lunigals to demonstrate their capacities. ‘Human rights’ activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman, Interpol secretary-general Robert Noble, US entrepreneur Julie Meyer and David Mepham, the UK director of ‘Human Rights Watch,’ had all pulled out of debates at the Oxford Union, citing feministic ‘concerns’ about ‘rapist’ President Benjamin Sullivan and doubtless placing his political career in peecee jeopardy (D.Mail, 19 vi), so he would have to go in to banking.


 E’b*gger’s International Festival got off to a punishing start for its lefties as a French cartoon film about moany Jewish-American ‘Noam Chomsky’ {who had famously discovered in the 1960s the subject-predicate grammatical distinction which I had been taught in primary school in the 1950s} delivered not his personality or politics but just quasi-quasi-philosophical burbling of terrifying inanity.

The only high point came as there were loud guffaws when the clapped-out scholar said that humans, having all come ‘out of Africa,’ were all cognitively equal. Sadly, this robust response {Guess whose?} to the great pensioner’s nonsense was not enough to stop him getting a round of leftie applause when the ‘film’ ended; but many of the 200-strong ‘intellectual’ E’bro’ audience would long recall the ribaldry {You’ve guessed whose?} as they went out and doubtless voted ‘separation’/’independence’ for Scotland’s hodge-podge pseudo-egalitarian mix of Angles, Celts, Irish, Islanders, Borderers, Protestants, Protestants+, Cafflicks, farmers, drunks, oilmen, hoteliers, cowardly academics, distillers, welfare-dependents and sing-song socialists....


UK taxpayers awoke to learn that HMG made an average profit of £13 on each of the .5M passport applications which it had delayed for months as it was inundated with desperate pleas from abroad (where it had closed scores of offices to cope with cheating by Africans, Arabs and Srindopakeshis) (Guardian, 21 vi).

In addition, the Pissport Office – under fat anti-‘nasty’ Tory ‘modernizer’ MotherTheresa – had provided much job creation as Brits paid for holidays which they could not take and paid psychiatrists’s bills for themselves and spouses arising from their months of statelessness as the Piss artists hung on (without even acknowledgment) to people’s previous passports, citizenship proofs, original birth certificates, original marriage certificates, latest bank statements, latest gas bills etc.

Said the oily Labourite Keith Vaz, who was meant to monitor HMG’s despicable attitudes to its prisoners, the 70,000 surge in pissport applications in January should have provided "the wake-up call" and it was baffling why immediate action had not been taken to avert the "impending disaster" that had finally engulfed the passport agency. Still, HMG had managed to make a profit even at the expense of alienating 1% if the Queen’s subjects, so placeman Vaz felt no obligation to resign in disgust at the gross incompetence of Britain’s baseball-capped Coke-swilling ‘civil servants.’


 Even while Chinese premier LeePingPong beamed politely at the Queen and kindly lent the UK £14B to steer it through its ongoing bankruptcy, he had time to kill thirteen Uighurs in troubled north-west WhiffWhaff Province who had tried to blow up a police station – the thirteen deaded Mueslis being a larger number than ever admitted to be killed by Anglo-American troops in the course of the average month.

    However, violence-craving Mueslis did better in the UK where, as a Cardiff U. medical student of Somali origin turned out to be fighting in Syria, it became clear that Britoid lunacy was allowing Allah-botherers to select a foreign group of killers, fight alongside them and then return to the UK to make recruits and blow up Brits.

By contrast, in WWII, any persons reported to police as having German sympathies were detained – some of them till the end of the War. Apparently, in 2014, Western thinking was to rely on Russia, China and India to contain the Mueslis; and, anyhow, the Mueslis showed every prospect of tearing each other limb from limb in Iraq while the West gobbled up the oil from Iran and Saudi.


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Monday, June 16, 2014


 Faced with Black mayhem in American schools, ‘zero tolerance’ [of bad behaviour] policies had been introduced in some areas, resulting in Black delinquents being consigned to ‘sin bin’ schools and, inevitably, in subsequent White Marxoid complaints that such policies were ‘racist.’

But a 2014 study in the Journal of Criminal Justice by criminologists like John Paul Wright found that racial disparities in student discipline resulted from more frequent misbehaviour by Blacks, not racism. The study, “Prior Problem Behavior Accounts for the Racial Gap in School Suspensions,” concluded that higher Black suspension rates were “completely accounted for” by pupils’ own behaviour.

Since racial disparities were caused by student conduct, getting rid of zero-tolerance would not end them. The USA’s left-addled Education Department amazingly responded that there was no evidence of “more frequent” misbehaviour by “minority” pupils. But the homicide rate was 10 times higher for Black teenagers than for Whites.

    An AmRen correspondent added (6 vi):

I agree that the Education Department is basically full of bull but you have to keep in mind that, with leftists, words mean whatever they need them to mean at the moment. So misbehavior for Whites means whispering in class but for a Black it's nothing short of having to the call cops. Thus when they say there is no evidence for minorities misbehaving more, there is in fact none by their Orwellian standards. Also keep in mind that, to a leftist, Whites are misbehaving just by existing.


 The lunatic multiculti West got a decisive answer to its ethnically disrespectful trillion-dollar effort to impose demakrazy on Eyerak as Solunnis rose in conjunction with al-Queerdo (and its harder-core maniacs of ‘ISIS’) to take over Mosul (Iraq’s second city, about the size of Glasgow). The operation took just a day, as .5M Shitites fled for Baghdaddy, where they believed their American-imposed leader ShakeMaLeakyWackyBaccy would be able to hold out, though the latter’s dictatorial talents were in doubt and he would probably end up supported with Shitite-Iranian help in the southern marshlands of Iraq in which Shitites had traditionally taken refuge from Solunni and Saddamite brutes.

{Yes, unrealistic Western policy had let the Middle East out of control since 1956, frivolously risking the West’s oil supplies along with the lives and livelihoods of the millions of death-wishing Mueslis who had perished or would perish in the inferno of civil war.}


Details of the Muesli plot to Islamicize some twenty Birmingham schools (q.v.) were leaked to journalists ahead of the official revised Ofsted report (correcting a 2013 clean bill of health which had even called some of the targeted schools “outstanding” etc.) (Sunday Mail, 8 vi). Already, in some of the twelve schools now judged inadequate (with some needing “special measures” i.e. big changes of teachers and governors), progress towards mediaevalisation had been made:

Boys were seated centrally and girls at the back or along the sides of classrooms

Girls were discouraged from talking with boys, and were not to take tennis lessons from male coaches

Sex education was minimal, especially regarding yaggery

Training in art and music was also minimal; raffles were banned
Christmas could not be celebrated; Jesus dolls were removed
Western girls were called “White prostitutes” – even in front of 6-yr-old children

Anti-Christian chanting was encouraged by teachers in school assemblies

Teaching in holy war was provided (e.g. suicide bombing)
Posters written in Quranic Arabic were found in most of the classrooms visited.

Blueprints for proceeding with Islamicization were issued to key staff and five swarthy mid-Eastern male ringleaders (several having links to Syria’s rebels) were identified (Sunday Telegraph, 8 vi, Andrew Gilligan). A “culture of fear and intimidation” had been created since 2013, said Ofsted topwallah Sir Michael Wilshaw.

    Apparently, Education Secretary Michael ‘Govey’ Gove was promulgating regulations allowing the suspension, movement or sacking of “extremist” teachers who taught against “British values”; but this seemed vague and wide open to legally aided objections – not least few since few Brits (especially those of Bleck and Pek provenance) would be likely to agree what these ‘values’ were.

Yes, a generation of LibLabCon’s entryism had left Britain’s schools largely defenceless – and indeed obliged to provide free multiculti education to those who admire mullahs who hated the country.

    The ‘Hands Off Birmingham Schools campaign,’ led by former Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob, said the inspections were carried out in "a climate of political and media hysteria". The personable Ms Yaqoob said the Muslim community was united in rejecting what she called "Ofsted's flawed findings". "We are standing up for multicultural education in this diverse city which is inclusive of all our children," she said. "We totally reject Ofsted's actions and conclusions."

    Faced with confusion as to how much ‘extremism’ could be allowed in schools, and as to who was to run them (governors, head teachers, Birmingham Shitty Council, Govey, ‘Ofsted,’ the unheard-of ‘EFA’ [Educational Funding Agency], Downing Street, the Muslim Council of Britain), Mueslie leaders understandably threatened legal action and said they would have the support of trade unions (doubtless already Islamicized in Brum, or otherwise immured from complaints from White Christians).

What with a Cabinet spat and a week of front-page press, it looked as if the battle for who ran Britain was going to be fought out over Brummy schools – and quite without reference to the simple principle that people should be able to get what they paid for (whether via cash, insurance or government vouchers).

{Yes, privatization would likely provide the only politically manageable answer to peecee liblabcons’ lack of principle and lack of power before the madding crowds of third-worlders which they had admitted to Britain. The country’s state schools would go the same way as had its nationalized industries once these had succumbed to the baleful influence of the trade unions.}

    Aiming to help Govey in his Cameron-imposed task of ensuring the ‘teaching’ of ‘British values’ in his ‘free’ schools...., MSM embarked on supermarket surveys to find what these values were.

Heading the lists were freedom, democracy, responsibility, tolerance and fairness – hardly values unshared by the rest of the Eurasian world and all much circumscribed by PeeCee; and leaving little room for gentlemanship, politeness, sportsmanship, queueing, weather-obsession, gardening, stamp collecting, eccentricity and the love of good-humoured, factually informed, grammatical and articulate conversation which had made Britain best known for providing the Mother of Parliaments. (Govey himself had once quipped that it was rather un-British to talk of ‘British values’; but, faced with PM Daft Dave’s requiring a semblance of integrationist action, he had to change his tune.)

    Many warnings were issued that the takeover of Birmingham schools was just the tip of the iceberg. One came from a moderate Muesli, Mazool Moghal, who had escaped after persecution in Idi Amin’s Uganda and (alongside his happy family life in Britain) had become the chairman of a Muslim thinktank. He anticipated similar trouble in Derby, Oldham, Dewsbury, Leicester and Oxford; and he laid the blame substantially on political correctness which prevented criticism of Muesli extravagances (D.Mail, 11 vi).


Already dimly aware that accusations of ‘racism’ could be issued embarrassingly widely, not only against British imperialists and their wives, Texan Republicans and IQ psychologists – though never against White-hating Black murderers – anti-racists found their ranks joined by the Sunday Times-indicted and Guardian-agreed (13 vi) arch-racketeer of international soccer, a dwarf called Sepp Blatter.

As UK newspapers’ investigations found Blatter’s outfit, FIFA, guilty of taking multi-billion-pound bribes to ‘award’ the hosting of the 2018 Footie World Cup to the impossibly hot Gulf state of Solunni Qatar (e.g. Indie, 10 vi), Blatter reached for the last line of defence and called his media critics “racist” – to rapturous applause from the many African countries which had taken Qatari money in return for their FIFA votes (Guardian, 10 vi).

{Yes, cries of ‘racism’ were perhaps coming to the end of their natural life – though top thinker John Derbyshire reckoned the process would take more than twenty years, in the course of which America would come to resemble Brazil (AmRen, 9 vi).}


 The loony leaders of the multiculti West who had religiously supported half-hearted ‘interventions’ in Afghooniland, Egypt, Libya and Syria to impose demakrazy got their answer as intervened-in Iraq (where the West had toppled and killed its Sunni ally, Madman Insane, and gone on to preside over 300K deaths and trillion-dollar expenditures) dissolved rapidly into civil war, with al-Queerdo-backed Solunnis of ‘ISIS’ seizing the northern city of Mosul (half a million fled) and advancing on the terrified capital Baghdad where the West’s demakrazic processes had left Shitites in nominal control when they should have been concentrated on defending their southern heartlands (where most of the oil was).

Millions would die across the Middle East for the Western illusion that hysterical death-wishing Muesli thickoes could get on with each other – not to mention with the Jews, who Solunnis devoutly wished to exterminate. Iraq’s multiculti army which America had spent billions of dollars to create vanished from Mosul as soon as ISIS got within thirty miles of it – with Sunni generals deserting and linking up with pals in ISIS, and with Shi-ites discarding their guns and uniforms and hastening south to Baghdad where they hoped to pretend they had had nothing to do with supporting America and its favoured democratic leader for Iraq, Shitite TakeALeaky.

More sensibly, the Turds of north-east Iraq had simply ignored multiculti illusions and set up what was effectively their own state – about 99% autonomous of Baghdad.

Meantime, Pakiland, which had given years of sanctuary to al-Queerdo leader binLiner, found more action demanded of it by Solunni Talebans who suicide-bombed Karachi, killing dozens.

Ukraine – following crackpot elections -- moved towards full-blown civil war as its Germanic westerners killed 50 in Donetsk and its Russian easterners replied by bringing down a Kiev plane, also killing 50.

And Afghooniland accompanied its America-pleasing elections with vigorous preparation for bloody tribal strife among its druggy warlords (D.Telegraph, 14 vi).

Not that Barry Hussein Obarmy minded: he already had his Nobel Peace Prize for his idealistic pretence that Muesli lands could do without realistic and iron-fisted Western governance as supplied pre-Suez by Britain and France for 200 years.


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Monday, June 09, 2014


 As academic argy-bargy broke out between Parisian economist Thomas Piketty and London’s Financial Times over the former’s subscription to the time-honoured adage that ‘the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,’ the Independent’s Hamish McCrae, appealed to by friends, tried to provide a balanced critique (1 vi). An example:

"As far as income inequality is concerned, it does seem to have risen over the past 40 years – though recently not much in the UK. But there are two quirks. One is that incomes had become very compressed after the Second World War. So, in a way, we have been reverting to a more normal spread. The other is that the whole story is skewed by very high returns for specialist skills, notably sports stars, entrepreneurs, top professionals and senior executives. But this is not the top 1 per cent; it is the top 0.01 per cent and even the 0.001 per cent. Knock those off and, in the US at least, the top 1 per cent and top 10 per cent have not significantly increased their share.

Yes, risky specialization – like other gambling – sometimes ‘paid off’; but such cases were dwarved by gambles that failed – resulting even in lasting obloquy for the likes of American Jew Bernie Madoff (wid all de money, in a Ponzi scheme) and Glasgow council house product ex-‘Sir’ Fred Goodwin (whose Labour-backed borrowing for ‘investment’ had brought the giant Royal Bank of Scotland to its knees). The liberation of capitalism certainly had to be matched by limitation of monopoly; but ordinary folk had done well from it, notably in China and welfare-state Britain where even the humblest households had ended up with toasted sandwich machines, flat-screen TVs, video games and mobile phones."


Probably in acknowledgment of Ukip’s success in marshalling voters concerned about the low-quality immigrants and their sprogs who were increasingly filling council houses, schools, clinics and prisons in England, the ‘controversial’ Tory MP Liam Fox and Speccie columnist Rod Liddle were allowed brief hearings (Mail, 1 vi; BBCR4, 2 vi, 09:05) so they could be denounced as pessimistic Thatcherite racist homophobes by bien pensants like Will Self.

Funnily, however, neither satanic figure was prepared to go further than mention MSM’s suppression of news of gangs of Mueslis grooming teenagerettes for sex; and, while vaguely advocating attention to immigration, neither ventured even to mention the words Black, Pakistani, White or Gypsy – so great was their fear of PeeCee’s tyranny and terror and so keen were they to keep their knees under the table at metrosexual dinner parties. Such was the ‘racism’ that dared not speak its name.

    The suppressive hysteria of ‘anti-racists’ was illustrated as the Guardian blamed ‘racists’ in loyalist north Belfast for giving a hard time to two Pak males (breaking the Paks’ windows and swearing at them), yet the report did not trouble to ask the ‘racists’ their names, their affiliations, whether they accepted the label or what their precise motivation had been (2 vi).

{Talk about ‘no platform for racists’! They could not be heard even after going publicly on the attack. Some matters just could not be discussed – like the lack of conspicuous harm to the (now supposedly) 500 ‘victims’ of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilic hanky-panky over a 40-year period. Once a cry of ‘racism’ or ‘paedophilia’ had gone up, thought and debate were closed.}


 Following general comments (in ‘IQ & PC,’ some complaining) about top scientific journalist Nick Wade’s new effort to chart a genetically informed path between environmentocrazed anthropologists and eugenicist hereditarians, a listing of Wade’s beliefs looked as if it could be helpful – beginning with those more acceptable to the London School, as follows:

Human races {of historically non interbreeding families} do exist – contrary to the ‘wisdom’ of 20th-century social science.

Races overlap and shade into each other and sometimes interbreed.

There are three main races: Indo-European, East Asian and African {as the unmentionable Phil Rushton expounded}.

Racial differences are “copious and recent” but of limited significance. For example, E.Asians have an IQ of 105. The last sizeable difference to evolve was 15K years ago, when Tibetans became capable of living at high altitude.

Human differences in intelligence are substantially, though by no means wholly genetic in origin. {Attempts to quantify heritability are best ignored as incomprehensible to students, journalists and probably genomic experts....}

IQ differences are polygenic {as maintained by the unmentionable Hans Eysenck from c.1965}, so the failure of geneticists c.2000 to find any main gene for intelligence is no surprise.

Even if powerful genes for intelligence were discovered, there would be no need for racist thought since genetic influences could easily be “overwhelmed” by social factors {the demonstrated failure of all C.20 improving schemes like Head Start notwithstanding}. German IQ scoring increased from the 1960s to the 1990s {a ‘finding’ attributed to unpublished work by one Ron Unz}.

East Asian prosperity is a myth {notwithstanding its enormous increase since the brutal wars and civil wars of the first half of C.20}.

Racism is repellent and anyhow not available to scientists who deal only in facts {notwithstanding that psychology shows humans unequal in the most important and valued quality of intelligence....}.

The sorry state of Africans and Arabs {not to mention Australian aborigines and Kalahari bushmen} can be ignored as having as yet no scientific basis {even as the more entrepreneurial of them stream into Europe at the rate of thousands per day so as to get away from the duller, poorer and more hideously and insistently cruel, superstitious, misogynistic and lower-IQ of their countrymen}.

Scientists deal only in proven facts {notwithstanding that 99% of science – and 100% of environmentalistic theorizing} is probabilistic in nature....} so racism is wrong, wrong and wrong again. {Further protestation by Wade of his anti-racism (despite believing in races) appeared in Huffington Post, 30 v.}

More to follow.


 Having effectively abolished free speech about race, sex, handicap, paedophilia etc, HMG admitted its next plan: to limit free hearing, by having courts try unnamed suspects using evidence from unnamed witness in secret trials the very existence of which would not be announced and could not be mentioned (D.Telegraph, 5 vi). The new violation of the principle that justice should be seen to done followed years of mounting secrecy (for ‘victims’ in rape cases and for children and social workers in family cases) and was justified as protecting national security in terror cases (where MI5’s methods might otherwise get out – though why these methods required such sweeping illiberal protection was unclear).


 Having gone along with their (‘Conservative’) party’s cowardice about ooops celebration of multicultural diversity, top Cabinet members Theresa May and Michael Gove found themselves pin-ups for the deep confusions and denials of British policy after 9/11 and 7/7 (D.Telegraph, 5 vi). Home Secretary May (famous for dissociating herself from the pre-Cameroonian “nasty party” and for backing wymmin’s rights) said she quite wanted to deport Muesli extremist plotters, ranters, trainee terrorists and welfare dependents but was forbidden to do so by EU human rights legislation which she could not be bothered to defy.

Education Secretary Gove (who had himself written robustly on the Muesli menace – Celsius 7/7) had to deal with the problem of Muslim teachers having come to dominate some twelve state schools in Birmingham, yet Govey favoured schools being free of political control (so long as they did not overtly practise the dreaded selection...). So what to do? Answer: fight like ferrets in a sack, each politico accusing the other of weakness in the face of extremism. {And what was extremism? Where were manageable lines to be drawn between ‘cultural conservatism,’ ‘extremism’ and ‘dangerous extremism’?

Even this elementary question had not been addressed by top politicos who both sought, if not to be PM, to dominate the post-Camoronian ‘Conservatives.’ Let alone did they recognize that Muesli crimes against Westerners required not just punishment but immediate firm responses such as banning beards and burqas in schools, closing or razing mosques and withdrawing welfare benefits and council houses from mullahs.

Nor did PM Daft Dave who ‘solved’ the spat which had spoiled his week (of making HMQ, in full regalia, emerge from a new Oz-built state coach and proclaim before a thousand Westminsterians a 5P charge on supermarket plastic bags...) by insisting on a little verbal grovelling and the retirement of a previously unheard-of civil servant. Meanwhile Brenda’s subjects were left to deal with the Muesli invasion by the time-honoured method of White flight.}


 As Ukip leader Nigel Garage told journos he was “modernizing” his party (apparently bullying its candidates to back all-fat-female shortlists, taxpayer-funded dysgenics, anti-racism and yag ‘marriage’), Ukip lost momentum in a by-election in pretty Newark (near Southwell Cathedral, between Nottingham and Lincoln), managing only to cut the vast ‘Conservative’ majority of 17K by 50% despite the previous Conservative champ having resigned when found guilty of taking payment for asking parliamentary questions for firms (BBCR4, 6 vi, 08:30).

The by-election revealed plenty of desire to punish ‘Liberals’ (who came sixth and lost their deposit after years of their peecee multiculturalism), but voters were evidently not persuaded that Ukip offered much of an alternative.

(Meantime, undenounced by Ukip or any other politicos, Blecks went at it hammer and tongs in Nigeria, killing hundreds of each other till the Nigerian ‘Army’ ran away from the Mueslie captors of 250+ virgins.

Western ‘concern’ focussed rather on Russia’s Vladimir Putin, though P had helpfully withdrawn his troops from the east-Ukraine border, tolerated the killing of 300 pro-Russian irregulars, and turned out in Normandy to humour the West’s idea that its D-Day landings had clinched WWII.)

    Despite the vaguely proposed ‘modernization’ of Ukip, a Survation byelection poll in Newark found that the party’s support was overwhelmingly male – since it had appealed to male tough-mindedness and realism. 36.8% of men supported Ukip while just 16.8% of women supported the party. By contrast, nearly a half of women (47.6%) supported the Camoron post-modernized ‘Conservatives.’


 Showing that gross illiberalism had infected students at even one of Britain’s best universities, the student union of University College London banned use of its rooms for discussion of Nietzsche and other ‘far right’ thinkers (Daily Beast, 5 vi). More than a century after Friedrich Nietzsche suggested ‘God is dead’ and urged us to cast aside the standard rules of morality and move Beyond Good and Evil, a college philosophy society named in his honour was banned for being too nasty.

The Nietzsche Club was barred from holding meetings at University College London after a ruling that discussions about right-wing philosophers could encourage fascism and endanger the student body. As well as Nietzsche, a favorite of Benito Mussolini, the philosophers to be studied included Julius Evola and Martin Heidegger, who had occasionally been cited as inspiration by far-right politicians. The student society was never allowed to hold a public meeting after a series of posters advertising the new group appeared on campus. One asked if there was “too much political correctness?” Another claimed: “Equality is a false God.”

Before those ideas could be explored on university property, the student union stepped in. The fledgling group was banned after the Union Council obliged its Marxists by approving a motion arguing that “there is no meaningful distinction to be made between a far-right and a fascist ideology” and that “fascism is directly threatening to the safety of the UCL student body.” {Free speech on campus – as Mrs Thatcher had tried to arrange? Forgeddit!}


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Monday, June 02, 2014


 The importance of physical separation (e.g. by water or mountains)  of the homelands of a country’s various ethnic groups, allowing peaceful coexistence, was detailed in PLOS ONE (Alex Rutherford et al, 21 v) with special attention to the cases of Switzerland (where only the unsegregated canton of Jura had significant ethnic violence) and ex-Yugoslavia (in which the failure to separate Serbs, Bosnians and Kosovans killed thousands).


  The image of Scotland advanced by its First Minister Fish as an enlightened, progressive and multicultural country took a knock as the Guardian had Kevin McKenna explain the “persecution” and hounding down to England of star Celtic footie manager Neil Lennon as due to sectarianism against Catholics and, most especially, to racism against the Irish (25 v).

Admittedly, the temperamentality of the red-haired Northern Irish Catholic may have had something to do with his eight-year reign at Celtic FC being marred by booing whenever he put in an appearance at Scottish soccer grounds; but foul temper and head-butting were not unknown among soccer’s managers in Scotland and England. Apparently Scotland  -- which was overwhelmingly White – had a way to go before it could safely realize its First Minister’s dream of mass importation of immigrant labour.

    The country’s supposed saintly tolerance for multicult minorities was likely to be further tested as itinerant gypsies pitched up with a dozen vans which they parked at the entrance to the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club (which was to host the major golf tournament, the Scottish Open, in July) (Daily Telegraph, 27 v). As in England, despite years of gypsy aggravations, luvvy-dovey politicos had provided police with no powers to deal with such pests, and civil legal action typically took months if not years to organize and cost a fortune.


The electoral victory of Europe’s ‘far right’ parties on May 22nd – with Britain’s Ukip breaking through on 28% of the vote and France’s Front National winning with 25% -- produced stunned silence from the traitors of the ‘liberal’-left who had spent fifty years piling low-grade immigrants into their countries (for the sake of their cheap labour and/or socialist votes) and censoring free speech about their operation. Political leaders of Lib/Lab/Con mouthed the mantra that they would “listen and learn” from their setback and were already “getting it”; but whether what they were learning or getting that was any different from their pre-May burbling was unsayable.

MSM, which had steadily demoted or cut off columnists of realistic tendencies, was nonplussed and resorted to more and more easy women’s page features. The wretches of the EU, under the leadership of the likes of the pathetic Herperson ‘Rumpy-Pumpy’ and Baroness ‘Pantsdown,’ were even quieter than usual about their having turned a once-vibrant free trade area into a feeble Fourth Reich for welfare tourists who were breeding fast and getting uppity.

‘Experts’ in the social sciences kept well clear of the action and offered no understanding of the new realism – probably under instruction from their cowardly ‘universities.’ Even Boris Johnson, the intelligent and good-humoured mayor of immigrant-inundated and employment-providing -- so Ukip-immune -- London who would be capable of forging a conservative pact for Britain and even for Europe as a whole, was skulking in his tent listening to the earthquake which Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage had unleashed – and which might one day reveal what BoJo was pleased to call the “peasants” (Guardian, 26 v) talking frankly with each other about race, IQ and the necessity of freedom of expression.

 Yet one area of silence was welcome: Britain’s politicos were too frit to discuss race; but at least they knew their policy of calling Kippers ‘closet racists, nutters and fruitcakes’ had been an abject failure. Accusations of ‘racism’ – which first provided a leading ‘lib’/left bloodsport in the 1970s -- had reached the end of their natural life.

    Silence about race, racism and immigration quickly became the rule of the British commentariat. The agreed line was that the traditional parties had somehow ‘lost touch,’ though on what issues could not be mentioned; and there was satisfaction that the burghers of London and Paris had not been as tempted as country bumpkins to vote for Ukip’s ‘far right’ ruffians. Only rarely did a politician break cover and say ‘the earthquake was about immigration’ (David Davis MP , the Conservative who came closest to national liberalism, D.Telegraph, 31 v). Even Labourites who did mouth that ‘something must be done about European immigration’ would not let the word ‘gypsy’ pass their lips.


 Despite a generation of relentless efforts to demonize ‘racism,’ the percentage of Brits admitting some degree of racism had remained pretty constant at around 33% (according to a new report by NatCen [using British Social Attitudes data], Guardian, 27 v). There had actually been a slight decline from 1983; but this trend went into reverse in 2002 – following the 9/11 Twin Towers attack. Prejudice was slightly higher in less educated and older males, especially if they lived in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside – i.e. closest to lower-quality immigration.


 In research from three universities on British children born between 1963 and 1983, high-achieving grammar school pupils went on to earn more than their equally bright peers who had attended comprehensives, despite dire warnings that academic selection only created an “unequal society” (D.Telegraph, 29 v). The advantage that selective education gave among higher-IQ children was specially marked for boys – perhaps because boys became bored and naughty when education was not tailored to their intelligence.


After six years of resisting requests (from San Jos̩ Mercury) that it declare the extent of racial diversity among its employees, the internet giant Google admitted that only 2% of its staff were Black while a whopping 30% were Asian [i.e. East Asian] (USA Today, 28 v) Рpercentages way out of line with population representation of these races, but entirely in line with longstanding knowledge of racial IQs. Google further reported that 79% of its leaders and 83% of its technical staff were male Рin line with the greater range (standard deviation) of male IQs supplying much greater numbers over IQ 150.

    Nicholas Wade’s restraint (in his new A Troubled Inheritance, q.v.) about the biology of race x IQ got short shrift from Hatewatch (28 v), which damned him for lapping up the ‘far right’ efforts of Kevin MacDonald and Phil Rushton, thus avoiding discussion of whether and why there were serious race differences in IQ.


The six murders of fellow-students at U.Cal., Santa Barbara, followed by the suicide of ‘virgin’ Elliot Rodger, 22, doubtless involved a number of strands. Rodger had been diagnosed with Asperger’s autism as an adolescent, had been confronted with the arrival of a stepbrother at 16, had found that the up-market image he maintained did nothing to impress the blue-eyed blonde he wanted, and received constant counselling/cognitive-behavioral ‘therapy.’ But to call him a privileged ‘White elitist’ and a case of “aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome,” as did much of America’s liberal-leaning press, was wide of the mark (Salon, 29 v).

Rodger’s rich father [a film director who raised Rodger in the USA] was indeed English; but Rodger’s biological mother was Malay-Chinese; the father had gone on to marry a Moroccan; Rodger was most concerned to get whiter – dyeing his hair blond; and even his victims were half of them young men of Chinese extraction – for Rodger felt jealous of their luck as he did of his half-Black stepbrother (who had been promised a film-acting role). What an advert for multiculti upbringing!


 European parties condemned by the liberal-left consensus as ‘racist’ won some 12% of seats in the EU ‘Parliament’ (a toothless body where no English was spoken, no facts mentioned and no jokes told) and then played their pseudo-idealist opponents’ game of accusing each other of racism, antisemitism, homophobia, Thatcherism etc (RFI, 29 v).

Meantime, the West having got rid of Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi, African and Mid-East migrants were admitted to be invading Europe at a rate of 1K per week so as to escape the horror stories of their own countries (Syria, Eritrea, Nigeria etc) (BBCNews, 30 v, 22:00, top story). The West’s parliamentarians’ only problem with this was apparently not having enough motor boats to ‘monitor’ the Mediterranean – i.e. to retrieve Blacks and Arabs from leaky vessels and bring them to safety, showers, grub and benefits in Europe.


 Forty years after the birth of man-hating feminism, and despite women being in the majority in the democratic West thanks to male adventuresomeness and early deaths, third-worlders provided spectacular examples of their male chauvinism/bestiality by bricking to death (in front of a courthouse) a young woman who had married a Christian (Pakistan), by gang-raping all night two Untouchable [Dalit] girls then hanging them to die on a mango tree before a delighted mob which included two policemen, by sentencing to death a young mother of a child by a Christian father (the wife giving birth in chains, Sudan), and by allowing mass pimping of (admittedly eager) 14-yr girls (in the zonas of Belo Horizonte and Recife, Brazil).

Not that these things were new: they merely came to light more easily because of the spread of mobile phone-cameras. {That the wymmin and Christoids of the West had done nothing to stop crimes for which they would gleefully jail their own countrymen was a tribute to their anti-racist deference – seeking support from the multiculti left which was available so long as ‘minority’ barbarity was tolerated.}


  Leading American poetess and storyteller Maya Angelou snuffed it after showing that success was possible despite being fat, bull-necked, facially blemished, raped at 5 and mute till 10, and Black (Independent, 1 vi). In one of her poems, the cheerful and good-natured soul had recorded “I rise, I rise, I rise” – not that this happy affirmation cut any ice with America’s sour whingers seeking enforced ‘racial equality’ and White reparations for the 150-years-dead slavery which had rescued so many Blacks from the horrors of Africa and given them a chance in the USA (rather than death in the Mediterranean as they tried to reach Europe).


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