Monday, February 28, 2011


86,000 Britoid under-24s were so ‘sick’ that they could not work and needed £65-per-week state handouts (plus council housing, child support, nursery services [aka schools], garbage-collection, policing and doctoring), figures from the last year of Labour government revealed (Daily Express, 23 ii). 20,000 of the 18- to 24-year-olds had been on the self-defeating country’s Incapacity Benefit for longer than five years – often handicapped by Blackness, Liverpuddlianism, obesity, ugliness, Muesli-dictlated first-cousin marriage etc. but anyhow unassisted by the wet leftists, bloated bureaucrats and chainsmoking lesbians of Britain’s ‘iconic’ NHS.


As America revealed its surely-terminal lack of grip on the Middle East (allowing its favourite dictator of 40 years standing, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, to go on holiday, and failing to enforce a no-fly zone on crazed Libyan tyrant Colonel Gadawful who had been strafing his own citizens [= members of tribes other than his own]), Britain’s 9-month-old CamCo government revealed its own weakness by publishing its (compulsory) 2011 census forms in 57 languages. As the Sun said (24 ii): “How does that encourage foreigners to learn our language? Census forms have to be filled out by law. Immigrants should do so in English. If they can't, a fine is a good incentive to learn.”

So who would take over the Muesli East? Presumably Turkey, from which Britain and France had c. 1917 liberated Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon etc. – and provided the Jews a homeland in return for their funding America into belatedly joining in WWI. But America had failed to bring Turkey into line (suppressing its anti-feminist barbarism) so it could join the EU; so the Turks (possessed of the largest army in Eurabia) had understandably returned to their historic Ottomanic ambitions, which the American collapse (under its Kenya-born, Britain-hating, half-Black Muesli president -- invited for a stay at Buck House to keep Britoid ‘diplomacy’ sweet) made eminently realizable.


As the UK singularly failed to rescue its citizens timeously from the scrum at Tripoli Airport, columnist Melanie Phillips put her finger publicly on the problem of which most Brits had become aware in the previous decade (as their tax affairs were dealt with from half a dozen different addresses by yobs in baseball caps whose desks were strewn with Coke cans): the collapse of competence resulting from the tireless assaults by Labour and kin for a generation on ‘elitism’ in recruiting (Spectator, 25 ii). The Sun added a story from London (25 ii):
Benefit fraudsters bagged £1 million using the names of 500 people and giving the same address - an ex-council flat. But hang on... didn't the last Labour government spend BILLIONS on computer systems? Surely a scam like this should have been spotted in a nanosecond?

Clearly, modern technology is useless when it is operated under a system cursed by the two great failures of state bureaucracy... Stupidity and incompetence.


Following an Austrian judge clearing Prophet Mahomet of paedophilia with his nine-year-old Aisha (see previous), Cambridgeshire Judge Gareth Hawkesworth declined to jail one Turon Ali, 26, for sextexting and grooming a 14-yr-old girl, saying he was not a true paedophile but had just let his sexual urges run away with him (Sun, 25 ii).

The verdict – a mere suspended prison sentence – gave hope to paedophiles of other faiths everywhere (grossly stigmatized at the behest of the yag fraternity, trying to pretend that wooftahs themselves had no interest in ‘chicken’) that they too might one day be the beneficiaries of similar clemency and utilitarian realism.


British and American politicos and MSM got into the swing of things and jumped for joy at their longstanding allies in the Middle East being challenged by supposedly demakrazy-loving Muesli mobs.* But one photo kept on resurfacing (from 2010), reminding everyone of the short-termism and hypocrisy of Western policy (which had even countenanced the bombing of friendly anti-gypsy Serbia in the 1990s so as to try to suck up to Mueslis):

In the Guardian, man-of-moderation Alexander Chancellor added (25 ii): “In the light of subsequent events, Neville Chamberlain's effort to appease Adolf Hitler is usually portrayed as one of the most shameful episodes in modern British history. But surely Tony Blair's love-in with Colonel Gaddafi was worse.” (Not that Rev. Bliar needed to take the blame alone: Libya had throughout a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council... The American Empire had long taken to polite pretenses rather than the bombing the hell out of the bastards that should have shown Western determination in 1956.)

* The Muesli rule was effectively: ‘One man. One vote. One time.’


In a surprising outbreak of common sense, Delaware Supreme Court decided (though doubtless only after million-dollar expenditures) that cinema managers and patrons could ask Blacks to quieten down (News Journal [Michigan], 23 ii).

{However, few were likely to exercise their non-racist right, for doing so would result in sundry attacks and ‘accidents’ by Blacks for the rest of the film.... Many Whites had long since ceased attending performances where young Blacks were present.}


A Populist poll showed 50% of Brits would support an anti-immigration party so long as it did not use fascist imagery or threaten violence (SkyNews, 27 ii, 10:00). {Or mention Blacks, Pakistanis, the third world, crime, stupidity or terror, no doubt...!}


The Holy Republic of Oireland, having spent the twentieth century refusing to be part of the UK, the British Empire, the British Commonwealth or Nato found its capital swarming with its new bailing-out rulers from Brussels – whom it frankly called “Germans.” A top Eirish businessman proposed rejoining sterling, and the Queen agreed to give Dublin a visit; but the country still voted IRA murderer Gerry Adams into its parliament.

{Faced with the Bundesbank’s insistence on 7% annual interest on Éireland’s colossal debt to Germany, the Republic’s politicians seemed likely to continue to provide an old-fashioned model of nationalist intransigence. Meantime, 150 youngsters left the Auld Sodde daily to seek work abroad. – Fortunately they had grammar, table manners and even Latin thanks to the Church – with the help of its paedophiles -- having preserved the country’s educational system.}


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Monday, February 21, 2011


As the Middle East began to fall into Muesli hands (as devoutly wished by Empire- and Churchill-hating US President Barry Hussein Obarmy), the pathetic culmination of 55 years of American ‘diplomacy,’ particular interest attached to Pakistan – the USA’s great nuclear-armed ally so rife with corruption, criminality, power cuts and loathing of its own president (one Ali FartWee, widely believed to have murdered his own wife, Benazir Bhutto, to achieve power) that most of its undue population (arising from American and Catholic failures to pursue eugenics) wanted nothing more than to get to safety in welfare-state Britain (Guardian, 15 ii, ‘The country is ripe for revolt’).


In scenes reminiscent of those of The Camp of the Saints (Jean Raspail [Academie Française prizewinner], 1973, Paris : Laffont, “one of the most disturbing novels of the late twentieth century” – Atlantic Monthly), 5,000 dysgenically bred Tunisians (many freshly escaped from Tunisia’s jails) landed in Italy (Lampedusa) in a single week, claiming merely that there were no jobs for them after their compatriots had overthrown the Tunis regime (led by Ali Baddy MultiDine till his overthrow by the mob).

Though having had almost 40 years since Raspail’s warning to prepare for such an influx, Europe’s politicians were speechless – Italy’s M. Berlusconi’s mind dwelling on his naked ‘bunga bunga’ parties with possibly overpaid underage strippers and Britain’s PM Cameron trying to work out what his ‘Big Society’ proposal was about (when any fool could have told him it should have been about tax breaks for properly constituted five-year heterosexual marriages and similar useful contracts for OAPs to provide babysitting for neighbours in return for getting their light bulbs changed).

As American grip on Egypt failed, demotic uproar spread to Bahrain, the home of the American Fifth Fleet guarding the Gulf of Arabia. Following the American-approved line, King Abdonnafart soon grovelled. By contrast, Libya’s loopy-left Arab dictator Colonel Gadawfu (famed for restoring far-gone cancer sufferers to health) gunned down hundreds of his people in a couple of days (and presumably injured thousands more).


As top CBS reporter, the nifty-looking Lara Logan, recovered from the injuries and sustained sexual molestations (gropings) inflicted on her by a crowd of 200 Egyptians in Cairo’s democrazy-loving Tahrir Square, the dewy-eyed MSM admitted that its darling Arab democratic freedom fighters had been baying “Jew! Jew!”, displaying Egypt’s notorious Judophobia. LL was not in fact Jewish; Egypt had an average IQ of 83.

Even the quintessentially boring liberal Timothy Garton Ash picked up the vibes from a visit to ‘the Arab street’ in Madrid (Guardian, 17 ii):
"In the confusion of a new semi-freedom {i.e. of the revamped military dictatorship in Egypt}, some very nasty old worms will come out of the woodwork. I got a small taste of this from a young Moroccan sitting at a bus stop here. Apropos nothing in particular, he started telling me that "all the problems in the world are the fault of the Jews". The prophet Muhammad had a problem with the Jews, he explained, and ever since the Jews have been making trouble for the Muslims. He worships at a mosque where the chief imam is from – how did you guess? – Saudi Arabia.


The new fashion (e.g. with leaders Angela Merkel and Daft Dave Cameron) for pretending to criticize multiculturalism was not lost on super-realist Jewish columnist Mark Steyn (Steyn Online, 16 ii):
"So now the same political class [as of the past 20 years] is telling us that multiculturalism is a failure - "a wrong-headed doctrine that has had disastrous results," as David Cameron put it, leading immigrant communities "to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream."

The Prime Minister said the cure for multiculturalism is "muscular liberalism", which sounds pretty butch for a 21st century Brit pol. But, as the speech went on, the muscle turned to flab before your very eyes: Don't worry, there's no problem with Islam - "a religion observed peacefully and devoutly by over a billion people" - only with "Islamist extremism", and while the problem with "Islamist extremism" can manifest itself in unfortunate ways - "the biggest threat that we face is terrorist attacks" - it is "important to stress that terrorism is not linked to any one religion or ethnic group".

If you were one of those lavishly-funded Muslim lobby groups that dreams of seeing the Islamic crescent flying over Buckingham Palace, you'd be forgiven for thinking that, for all the muscle, it's just PC bollocks as usual.

A yet sterner warning about Islam had been issued in 1899 by Winston Churchill:
How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science - the science against which it had vainly struggled - the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.


Britain long ago gave up hanging, preferring to spend a million pounds per lifer to salve its conscience that such wretches had ever been born and funded through the country’s state schools by its ‘welfare state.’ It gave up punishment, reckoning it was easier to allow cons a life of drug-fuelled widescreen TV, computer games and internet porn (helped by affairs with female ‘prison officers’ – most admittedly fat, forty and frumpy). It accepted from legal experts that it could not deport raving terrorist Mueslis back to their own hell-hole countries (for fear of infringing their human rights to lesbianism or to stay close to their British-welfare-dependent children). It gave up on free speech about IQ, race, religion, wymmin, Welsh, Liverpuddlians, disabled and yags. It prepared to give cons the vote (for fear of being called a ‘dictatorship’ by Eurowallahs – Guardian, 16 ii).

But, mirabile dictu, it just might draw the line SOMEWHERE. Yes, confronted by the European Court of Human Rights* and its own new ‘Supreme Court’ saying released sex pervs could not be hounded for life by forever having to register with police, the nation found its moral feet, or gangrenous foot: not only the tabloid newspapers but the Labour Party and PM Daft Dave professed themselves ‘appalled’ by such egregious human rights.* Wow, where would such shock end? Perhaps PeeCee could itself be cancelled? {Don’t hold your breath!}

* [From a Guardian correspondent] I'm with [Queensman Jeremy] Bentham: all this talk of natural rights is “simple nonsense, rhetorical nonsense—nonsense upon stilts". And as for Lord Phillips's protestations then, as Mandy Rice-Davies once observed: "he would say that, wouldn't he?" Compare Lord Hoffmann [also a Queensman] for more thoughtful, and sceptical, observations in these matters.


As Britain moved towards its historic May referendum on whether to vote for Parliament by its traditional ‘first-past-the-post’ system or by ‘alternative voting’ (under which voters for the loser were asked their second preferences until a winner emerged for whom at least 50% had somehow voted), a fine discussion was provided by Martin Kettle and correspondents (Guardian, 18 ii). All told, the answer was probably that FPTP should be retained, but using a card vote under which each MP had a number votes in the Commons based on the votes in his constituency which he had received at the general election.

But this ingenious option was not on offer in May; so AV (favoured by the great moderate Labour rebel Roy Jenkins) was the obvious choice for the 10% of the population that wanted to express themselves by BNP, UKIP or EDL but then wanted a second vote if their first minority choice flopped; also, AV was likely to achieve the primary national objective of keeping Labour forever out of single-handed power.


As the New York Post took it upon itself to summarize how East Asian, Hindu and Jewish ‘minorities’ had no problem excelling in the schools of the Big Apple (16 ii), one correspondent, ‘Bon,’ reminded readers of White intellectual leadership of the past:
Let me tell you what we Whites are made of:

Over 97% of the most important scientists and 74% of the most important artists and authors were white, almost all males, and most from only four countries, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy with borders defined by Naples, Marseilles, the western border of Dorset County in England, a point a few miles above Glasgow, the northern tip of Denmark, and a point a few miles east of the city that used to be Breslau in German Silesia (now Wroclaw in Poland).

Apparently, Chinese versions of paper and gunpowder arrived no earlier than those of Europe and anyhow were actually not much good.


Secret filming by the Daily Mail at one of Britain’s top Muslim schools (the ‘Eton of Islam,’ in Birmingham) revealed examples of the ‘teaching’ that had evidently been missed by HM Inspectorate of Schools (13 ii):
We recorded a number of speakers giving deeply disturbing talks about Jews, Christians and atheists. We found children as young as 11 learning that Hindus have ‘no intellect’ and that they ‘drink cow p***’. And we came across pupils being told that the ‘disbelievers’ are ‘the worst creatures’ and that Muslims who adopt supposedly non-Muslim ways, such as shaving, dancing, listening to music and—in the case of women—removing their headscarves, would be tortured with a forked iron rod in the afterlife.

Beatings (overwhelmingly unprovoked) were also a routine part of the ‘education.’


In a fresh display of spinelessness in British academia, the London School of Economics (probably with police encouragement) decided to bow to threats of violence if Germany’s anti-Muslim banker, Thilo Sarrazin (q.v.), was allowed to talk (as scheduled for 14 ii) – so TS had to end up addressing a small private group in a hotel (Jerusalem Chronicle, 17 ii). 400 ‘students’ had signed a petition to the LSE demanding Sarrazin be kept off the campus (cf. the 500 produced to demand my suspension in Edinburgh of 1996).

The London School of Extremism had a history of hosting anti-Western Muesli maniacs and a video link to Colonel Gadaffi; but when it was the turn of the pro-Israel and anti-Islamist writer Douglas Murray to come and speak at LSE following Israel’s war in Gaza, the LSE announced that it would be unable to ensure security.

Amazingly, TS had been called ‘anti-Semitic’ [i.e. anti-Jewish] for mentioning peer-group reviewed DNA research by Dr. Karl Skorecki which showed that the same array of chromosomal markers was found in 97 of 106 Cohens tested. This finding (from the Jews’ high-priestly caste) was summarized by critics as TS saying there was ‘a Jewish gene.’


Britain’s wretched Liberal Democrat (‘[LibDim’) Party, famed for unfaithfulness, sodomy and coprophagia, got its best publicity for years as its star ex-MP Lembit Opik was found having sex ‘mile high’ in a British Airways toilet en route to Tahiti – and not with a 12-yr-old boy but with busty blonde Merily McGivern, 21 [below] (Sun, 19 ii).


A Paris court found the controversial Le Figaro journalist Éric Zemmour guilty of racism for asserting that Blacks and Arabs had tendencies towards unemployability and criminality (Guardian, 18 ii). French policy was to ignore race, so government agencies were not allowed to collect the statistics that would surely have proved Zemmour correct. EZ himself was a Jewish Berber of Algerian origin.


Fining the daughter of a diplomat for saying (at a party meeting) that Muslim jihad and wife-beating were not very nice and that Mahomet had been a paedophile, first having sex with his child-bride Aisha when she was nine, a Vienna judge declared Mahomet not to have been truly a paedophile since he was still having sex with Aisha when she was nineteen. So, as Mark Steyn observed (19 ii), what was all the fuss about Wolfgang Priklopil (who started up with his Natascha Kampusch when she was ten and was still going strong with her eight years later)?...


As Empire- and Scottish Enlightenment-loving top historian Niall Ferguson, 47, prepared to deliver (on Channel 4) his ‘West vs the Rest’ account of civilization (stressing the importance of competition, property, science, medicine, work ethic and democracy – though reserved about IQ), it transpired that he had traded in his ten-year-older (senior Express journalist) wife for the delightful Somali-born anti-Islamisistic star writer and activist (and former Dutch MP), Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 42, showing there was yet hope for the world of the Western intellect.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011


The USA (under Black leadership, thanks to voters wanting to resolve the country’s longstanding slavery problem) demonstrated terminal unreliability by abandoning its 32-year ally in the Middle East, Egypt’s President Mubarak, so that Barry Hussein Obarmy and Hitlary Clinton could swan around flaunting their ‘democratic’ credentials. America’s Patrick Buchanan put matters well (in Taki’s Magazine, 6 ii):

In the last half-century, how many others who cast their lot with us have we abandoned as “corrupt and dictatorial” when they started to lose their grip? Ngo Dinh Diem, Gen. Thieu and Marshal Ky, Lon Nol, Chiang Kai-shek, Marcos, the Shah, Somoza, Pinochet—the list goes on. When we needed them, they were hailed as America’s great friends. When they needed us, we abandoned them in the name of our rediscovered democratic values. “In this world, it is often dangerous to be an enemy of the United States,” said Henry Kissinger, “but to be a friend is fatal.” Hosni Mubarak must be thinking something like that today.

Nor was it just third-world ‘friends’ who had been let down. Apart from America failing to join WWI till 1917 (only when funded by Jewish money arranged by a desperate Britain in return for the Balfour Declaration) and only being forced into the 1939-45 WWII in late-1941 by Hitler loyally backing his Japanese ally and surprisingly declaring war on the USA, America went on to let down Britain and France at Suez in 1956 and actually to bomb the Anglosphere’s longstanding ally, Serbia, in 1996. And all this was as nothing compared to turning the mad Mueslis of Pakistan loose – with funding -- on competitor but 1941-5 ally Russia in Afghanistan of the 1980s. Terminal unrealism, sadly – a sorry if fitting end to two centuries of rebellion against the Crown!


Sometimes mediapersons’ phrases in friendly, unguarded contexts are more revealing than an hour of their official teleprompted spin-doctor-written gush. Thus the UK’s LibDim leader Nick Clegg, who usually had to be polite about Labour so as not to upset his left-leaning party members out in the sticks, was overheard referring to Labour’s economic policy (of endless borrowing) as “intergenerational theft.” (Of course, he had lifted the happy phrase from financial magazines.)

And, in the hallowed peecee zone of BBC Radio 4 (6 ii, 16:20), author Tim Butcher – after several minutes of Africa-venerating noises – felt free to mention “the unbelievable systematic sex crimes” of the Congo.


After America had for ten years obliged its banks to lend to ‘subprime’ Blacks and Hispanics (q.v.), yielding the worldwide property price bubble-and-crash and the banks having to be rescued by semi-nationalization, HMG at least was determined to repeat the exercise, with economic guru Saint Vincent Cable (Minister for Business and famous-for-a-day for predicting economic disaster in 2008) announcing he would bribe bankers with continuing vast bonuses [commonly £7Mp.a. for wankers ooops CEOs] if only they would lend to ‘small firms’ (ClassicFM, 7 ii, 11:00) – anything rather than return to nineteenth-century disciplines whereby banks could not call on state support and made their own casino moves and took the consequences themselves as and when they occasionally lost.


Though UK PM Cameron was emboldened by Dr Thilo Sarrazin (q.v.) and German Kanzlerine Angele Merkel to issue (at Munich – cf. PM Neville Chamberlain) a few of the criticisms of multiculturalism that could have been found in The g Factor NewsLetter of the 1990s, he could not manage to take HM Opposition along with him: Labour’s wretched Shadow Justice Secretary, Tooting MP ‘Sadiq Khan’ shamefully accused Mr Cameron of “writing propaganda for the English Defence League” (Daily Express, 7 ii); and a string of correspondents to the Grauniad (incl. Red Ken Livingstone, Potty Peter Hain, Prof. Sheikh Mahomet Dody O’Doody Fartwallah (Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol), Rob Berkeley of the Runnynose Trust, Monsignor Bruce Kent [signed twice] and various bloated trade union leaders and drug-wasted ‘musicians’) denounced Daft Dave (9 ii).

Still, nationalists thought Daft Dave was doing a good job, said the Guardian (10 ii): “....his speech has been hailed by the far right. The BNP leader Nick Griffin called it a "huge leap for our ideas into the political mainstream". EDL activists, who constantly echo the established political and media discourse about "extremism", and "Islamism", were jubilant that Cameron had "come round to our way of thinking".”


1. A FAILED asylum seeker is still in Britain 12 YEARS after he arrived illegally - as officials fear breaching HIS rights. Five attempts to fly Jean Tsikabaka home to the Congo have already been scrapped after he lashed out at security guards escorting him. But staff are banned from sedating the 33-year-old on a flight without his consent for fear THEY could be prosecuted for assault. So far the scandal has cost taxpayers an estimated £500,000 in aborted flights, legal bills, detention and wasted man hours.

A WOMAN who claimed she was gay to avoid being deported has won her latest human rights bid to stay. The 29-year-old asylum seeker told immigration officials she could not return to Uganda because lesbians are persecuted there. But after a judge ruled that he did not believe her, the woman began judicial review proceedings which could cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds. More here

2. THE gypsy mum of 12 living in a £1.2million council home admits she is addicted to having babies. Tanya Walsh, 39, is already expecting number 13 with hubby Tom O'Leary, 42, next month. Haringey Council in North London has housed the family in a huge semi in Muswell Hill, heaping misery on posh neighbours. The clan is estimated to cost taxpayers around £72,000 a year. Yesterday, she grinned from an upstairs window puffing cigarettes and playing with her touch-screen mobile phone as The Sun told how neighbours have deluged the council with complaints. They claim the family hurl broken glass, beer cans and used toilet roll into gardens, swear loudly and abuse passers-by. More here

3. After forty years of tearing down the grammar schools, reducing standards in state schools to those of Bulgaria, Britain’s politicians (this time with LibDims in the lead) proposed to complete the wreck of the UK’s universities by introducing quotas of state-comprehensively-miseducated children (20% of whom were still illiterate at age 16) – D.Telegraph, 12 ii, Simon Heffer.


80% American social psychologists were found to call themselves ‘liberal’ – as compared to 20% of the general population -- byJonathan Haidt, U. Virginia (New York Times, 7 ii). Dr Haidt, himself a social psychologist, reported a self-ascribed ‘conservatism’ rate of only 0.3% -- compared to 40% among unselected Americans.


Intelligence testing got a rare favourable mention in the media as a Bristol study gave a 5-IQ point advantage to children who had been given early diets relatively low in ‘junk food’ (AFP, 8 ii). The relation could not be accounted for by maternal education or SES or the general richness of environmental provision for children, so it was acceptable to hypothesize a five-year environmental effect of junk food – so long as no possible upsetting genetic explanation of 20-IQ-point racial differences was mentioned.... (Despite this being a well-funded study of 4,000 families, parental IQ had not been taken.)


Although President Abraham Lincoln was revered all over America, not least by Blacks, as The Great Emancipator, fresh evidence emerged (partly from a young researcher at Oxford) that, at least across the years 1857-63, Lincoln had planned for Black emancipation to be accompanied by strong pressure for deportation to Belize and Guyana (Washington Times, 9 ii).

Near the same time, BBC Four TV revealed that a key Republican/Unionist motivation for the Civil War had been not so much to emancipate slaves as to stop the Confederate states extending slavery westwards and thus provide unfair competition with northern White labour then making its way towards California (8 ii, 23:00).


Perhaps influenced by PM Cameron’s verbal ditching of multiculturalism (see previous) (a ditching that was warmly welcomed by the new leader of France’s National Front, Marine Le Pen), the Daily Star, a low-life tabloid newspaper (daily circulation .5M) typically concerned mainly with nookie and footie (and owned by Richard Desmond, who also owned the more up-market but equally popular Express), appeared to begin to endorse (and itself be endorsed by) the English Defence League (which had avoided the BNP’s problems with the authorities by opening its membership to all and concentrating solely on resisting Islamistification and Shariah law) (Independent, 10 ii; LeftFootForward, 11 ii).


The new book by UCL’s Emeritus Professor Barendt (see previous) achieved a little discussion from correspondents at Times Higher – though most were more concerned with the baleful influence of bullying ‘managers’ than with the politicization of university life which had come from academics themselves; and it did get a mention in Laurie Taylor’s jokey tailgunner page of TH (12 ii) for its admission that, because of constraints, most modern academic research was merely ‘inching forward’ {rather like Academic Freedom itself....}.

One extra (and welcome) comment did come my way (12 ii, together with permission to publish it):
I have not read Prof Barendt's book, so I cannot criticise it. I will say, however, that his quoted remark on over-management seems entirely just: almost every academic I know feels oppressed by bumf. More serious, I fear, is a pervasive self-censorship to avoid transgressing 'political correctness.'

In some ways things are not as bad as they were in the '60s and '70s. It is now admitted, for example, that general cognitive abilities are largely genetically determined. But any discussion of possible social or political consequences of this fact is tabu.

When a colleague of mine broke this tabu a while ago, in the mildest way, he was roundly abused. The University formally distanced itself from his views (which, I suppose, it had a right to do) but failed to defend his right to express them, which was disgraceful. Some other colleagues I spoke to admitted that he had been right; but judged it politic to say so only in private.

Universities, of all institutions, should remember George Orwell's wise statement: "Liberty is the right to say what people do not want to hear."

M. Hammerton (Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle.)


As hip-hop US President Barry betrayed America’s 32-year Arab ally, trillionaire Hosni McRhubarb, the Director of American National Security secured his place in the pantheon of left-wing cretins by a declaration that the Muslim Brotherhood ‘was not religiously motivated by Islam’.In fact, the MB’s founding slogan was "Islam is the solution." Replying to the claim that the MB had no violent and supremacist agenda, Melanie Phillips quipped to Speccie readers (13 ii):
Of course not! They’re really boy scouts! When they say they are at war with America, what they actually mean is that they want to turn their mosques into McDonald’s! When they say they want to Islamise the world, what they actually mean is that they want to introduce a woman’s right to choose and civil union into Mecca! When the Brotherhood in Egypt says it will tear up the peace treaty with Israel, what it actually means is that it wants the recipe for chopped liver!

By contrast, Britain’s beaming ex-PM billionaire Rev. Tony Bliar went on Marr (BBC 1 TV, 13 ii, 09:40) to assure the world that MB had nothing to do with terrorism – even though it had spawned Al-Qaeda. US policy (already suspect from the time of Suez) had been a joke since it allowed backward Pakistan to have nuclear weapons. How Russia laughed, secure in its alliance with non-Arab Iran, and sent more troops to the Kuril Islands, off northern Japan, reckoning American will to project power had been finished off by the country’s Obarmy-electing ‘democrats’!

(Japanese politicians quickly responded by demanding that Japan have its own nuclear weapons – rather than rely on the 65-year-long American hegemony.)


A Home Office adviser, a GP, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, was sacked because he mentioned that some 30% of child sex abuse was homosexual in nature – although the 30% figure was one actually arrived at by the Home Office’s own research in 1998 (Sunday Mail, 13 ii).

{For twenty years, Britain’s homosexuality fraternity had decided its best policy – as it rather successfully pursued world domination (at least, the bullying of b&b owners in Skye and Cornwall) -- was to deny any ‘paedophilic’ interest in ‘chicken’[under-16s] – a distinction that was accepted by all passably trendy politicians and journalists even though it had no basis in reality.}


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Monday, February 07, 2011


Some Black Americans have a gene – ooops, social construct! -- that protects them from heart disease. About a quarter of African-Americans carry the protective gene, and if they are lucky enough to have two copies, one from each parent, their risk of heart disease is 10 times lower that of other Blacks. People with just one copy have five times lower the population risk of heart attacks, blocked arteries and other symptoms of heart disease, a research team reported in the Journal of Human Genetics (Reuters, 27 i).


Labour’s Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Britain’s first Muslim peer, joined Labour ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw and the BNP in blaming the tendency for Pakistani men to groom, rape and prostitute under-age White girls partly on the ethnic practice of forced cousin marriage which trapped the men in loveless relationships to illiterate women from Pakistan having sexually restrictive attitudes (Sunday Mail, 30 i). In both recent cases of Pakistanis in Derby being jailed for beguiling White minors (see previous: PAKI PIMPS ARE RACIST), the men had made such cousin marriages at the behest of their families.

Studies had shown that 55 per cent of British Pakistanis married their first cousins, usually from abroad; and in some areas (e.g. Bradford) the figure was as high as 75 per cent. Apparently, Pakistani men picked on young girls because older White females were too savvy and demanded greater expenditure, health checks, condom use or signs of commitment.

All first-cousin marriages and the resulting progeny, housing costs, education costs, unemployment costs and any health costs of the underage White trash were borne by UK taxpayers – despite government advice that first-cousin marriage was unwise. In America, the practice was illegal in thirty states.

A peecee Home Office spokesperson said in response that more research was necessary....


1. 400 foreigners were discovered who could not be deported (whether as criminals or illegal immigrants) for fear of infringing their EU-mandated ‘human rights’ to family life. Britain’s traitorous lawyers routinely advised all foreigners facing possible deportation to find themselves a wife and baby asap (Sunday Telegraph, 30 i, Alasdair Palmer).

2. Many prominent MPs supported a move to compel the Church of England to appoint women bishops – contrary to all the two-thousand year traditions of the Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican churches.

3. An all-party parliamentary group set up to investigate Islamophobia had its chairman and vice-chairman resign after it engaged the services of Islamic sympathizers (called ‘iEngage’ and backed by LibDim sodomite [or at least bisexual] Simon Hughes) to provide the group’s secretariat – and issued a Westminster pass to the Islamists’ ‘head of research,’ Shenaz Bunglawala, allowing her to invite guests of her choosing to wander round the House of Commons and its bars ooops tearooms (Sunday Telegraph, 30 i, Andrew Gilligan).

4. Men and women who merely shouted at their partners risked being thrown out of their homes under a sweeping ruling by UK judges (Daily Mail, 27 i). Raising your voice at a husband or wife, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, now counted as ‘domestic violence’ under the landmark ‘Supreme Court’ judgment. The decision also meant that denying money to a partner or criticising them could count as violence and bring down draconian domestic violence penalties from the Yukay’s peecee courts – unabashed despite nine months of CamCo ‘government.’

The ‘Supreme Court’ made its decision in the case of a woman who left her husband’s council flat and then demanded a new council home. She said she left because she had suffered domestic violence – even though her husband had never harmed her physically.

Lady Hale, leading a bench of five’ justices,’ said the definition of violence must change so that a wider range of abusive behaviour would count in law. The decision affected domestic violence and family law which had already given the courts powers to throw someone out of their home if their partner accused them of violent behaviour. But, till 2011, violence always had to mean physical assault. The judges were hearing the case of (Mueslie) Mihret Yemshaw, 35, who said she had been subjected to domestic violence and was entitled to be rehoused under the 1996 Housing Act.

5. ANARCHISTS, prostitutes and assorted socialistified and unionized nutters proposed to wreck the Royal Wedding on April 29th – following up the Regent Street assault on Prince Charles and his mother-figure Camilla.


Cohesion amongst Britain’s students, busily demanding “F*ck the Fees!” seemed happily in doubt as hooded demonstrators in London screamed “F****** the Tory Jew” at the President of the (invariably leftish) National Union of Students, Aaron Porter, who required police protection to extricate himself from protesters (many of them sporting Socialist Worker placards).


Mongolia’s Genghis Khan was branded by scholars as the greenest invader in history -- his murderous conquests killed so many people that huge swathes of cultivated land returned to forest! The Mongol leader, who established a vast empire between the 13th and 14th centuries, helped remove nearly 700million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, claimed a new study. The killing of 40M people meant that large areas of cultivated land grew thick once again with trees, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (thus telling scholars the story).

And, although GK’s genocidal methods (only exceeded later by those of China’s Mao) were difficult for environmentalists to accept, ecologists were coming to believe it may have been the first-ever case of successful man-made global cooling (Daily Mail, 25 i).

{One of the most striking things about Asian history was the sheer violence of it, far beyond anything the West could show – its deathly technologies of the 20th century achieving little compared to Mao.}


As batty-Black-boy Barry Obarmy abandoned the United States’ 32-year ally in the Middle East, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak, the beneficiary of $1.5B of American aid annually, Pakistan’s Taliban-backing military were quick to seize their opportunity and announce escalation of their nuclear arms race with India and Britain (Daily Telegraph, 3 ii, Dean Nelson; Guardian, 3 ii).

Meantime. Egypt’s largely illiterate citizenry provided an ongoing demonstration of Stone Age warfare, hurling rocks and paving slabs at each other in Cairo’s Tahrir Square with no sign of that organization of aggressive effort that had been achieved half a millennium previously by the English and Scots at the battles of Bannockburn and Flodden.

America’s staunch anti-Islamist, David Horowitz, correctly commented: “In suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood can be a democratic partner in Egypt, the Obama White House has outdone even the Carter administration's destabilization of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and its welcoming of the theocratic fascist Khoumeni as a "saint."”


My review of Playing with Fire, the new biography of Hans Eysenck by Melbourne left-postmodernist ‘historian of science’ Roderick Buchanan, was published in the journal Intelligence (where my star student Ian Deary, FRSA, was the Book Review editor). A choice quote? OK:
....By 1950, at the feet of Burt, Hans, 34, had established himself as identifying objectively six main independent dimensions of human psychological variation: general intelligence (g), neuroticism (N), extraversion (E), conservatism (C), tender-mindedness (T) and psychoticism (P). With whatever minor complications over the years – leading Eysenck himself to associate P (in his last great 1995 book) with independent-mindedness and genius – Hans pursued his six orthogonal Platonic dimensions (his hundreds of high-grade students at the Maudsley jokingly giving each other the sign of the Cross) through the vagaries of behaviourism (‘reciprocal inhibition,’ ‘protective inhibition,’ ‘incubation effects’ etc.) to the solid ground of hereditarianism, underlying cognitive differences (notably in mental speed) and the acknowledgment of racial differences. .... the mealy-mouthed Buchanan is unable, despite his many feints, to lay a finger on Hans, who emerges through Buchanan’s verbal barrage as the Greek god that he was.


The fork in the road ahead for Muesli-loving lefties was dramatically illustrated by a case in Muslim Bangladesh where a 40-year man was found to have had a lively sexual affair with a cheerfully consenting 14-year girl. In the modern West, the man would be imprisoned for at least five years; and the girl would be given round-the-clock social work and a place at the Open University. In Bangladesh, the girl was whipped to death (dying after 70 of the 100 lashes to which she had been sentenced by local Islamic clerics); and the man still remained to be found (Guardian, 3 ii).

Not to be outdone, CamCo’s PM Cameron ‘declared war on multiculturalism’ (at least according to the Independent, 5 ii). Apparently, Mueslis should shun ‘extremists’ (whom his own party chairwoman claimed not to exist) and be sure to embrace core British values. But what were these values?

‘EQUALITY’ which had been ruining Britain since 1945 (NHS non-discrimination yielding Britain the highest rate of obesity among women in Europe even as Cameron spoke).

‘DEMOCRACY’ which was not on offer (under first-past-the-post) in the great majority of UK constituencies and nowhere with regard to voting Britain out of Europe and the extension of expensive ‘human rights’ to the rest of the world.

‘RULE OF LAW’, of which Britain had far too much already, generating a paradise for lawyers. And

‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ which had actually been progressively cancelled by race relations acts (and lately similar acts forbidding all public criticism of non-Christian religions, wymmin, the handicapped, yags etc.) since 1966. Well might Mueslis reply by inviting White Brits to adopt their own values of FAMILY LIFE, LOW TAXATION and PUBLIC SOBRIETY!

Addressing in Munich an audience of great’n’good’n’well-fed Eurobabblers, Daft Dave took trouble to denounce extremists of all kinds – perhaps preparing for a new UK crackdown on the BNP, EDL or kindred remaining freedom fighters.

On the very same day, the EDL (the revamped BNP, sporting Jewish money, a Sikh leader, Afro-Caribbean members and a yag contingent) mounted Britain’s biggest-ever anti-Islamofascisticist protest, with their 3K demonstrators actually outnumbering those of the UAF (aka Anti-Nazi League) (policing cost £800K) (SkyNews, 5 ii).

Fat-salaried bald besuited bespectacled Black beneficiary of multiculturalism, Trevor Phillips (q.v.), appeared cheerily on TV (BBC1, 6 ii, 09:20) to explain he was not worried to have to cut back the staff at his London-based compulsorily taxpayer-funded ‘Equality Commission’ by 40% since (a) he would still have his own job and (b) PeeCee was so entrenched in Britain that mediafolk invariably said the right multiculti thing out of fear, without equality commissioners needing actually to be “in the room.”

However, the pinko Observer yowled like mad, and even believed Daft Dave’s overture to Frau Merkele had ‘split the Coalition’ (6 ii).


While the ‘anti-authoritarian’ socialists and ‘Muslim Brothers’ of low-IQ Egypt failed to get their act together (the Mueslis hoping the socialists would do their dirty work to international acclaim before they finally took over), the British right was equally divided, with fear and loathing between Thatcherites, UKIP, BNP and new-boy-on-the-block EDL (due to bring 3K anti-Muesli protesters to Luton, rather encouraged by the BBC which hoped for an all-purpose police crackdown on the right).

In all these sorry cases, there was no racial or eugenic analysis – let alone any mention of the key variable of IQ or even its corollary of academic achievement. Indeed, what all these rabbles had in common was ‘anti-racism’ – with even the Muesli Brothers unwilling to admit publicly that they hated Jews.

{Sadly, the [affirmatively?] Harvard-educated Obarmy hated both Churchill and Thatcher, not to mention selective education of the kind from which he had benefited, so was unlikely to steer the crazed rabbles of ‘the modern world’ to a safe haven – which would probably have to be provided eventually by Mr Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.}


At a belated ‘launch’ for his long-awaited book, Academic Freedom (published 10 x 2010 by Hart, Oxford – see previous), donnish author Eric Barendt relieved himself of a small fart ooops conclusion (Times Higher, 3 ii, ‘Managerial era ‘threatens’ academic freedom,’ + subsequent correspondence): apparently, Professor Barendt believed that academic freedom in the UK was threatened by the "managerial culture of universities, the quality assurance and research assessment culture, and the pressures on academics to produce safe scholarly articles that shy away from the big questions and only move the argument forward by an inch".

{No examples of actual intimidation were mentioned in Times Higher; though, since I had been sacked from Edinburgh LUniversity in 1997 for racism, IQism, sexism and anti-paedohysteria, several British academics had gone strangely quiet about such topics: Geoffrey Sampson (U. Sussex), Frank Ellis (U.Leeds), David Coleman (U. Oxford), David Canter (U.Liverpool), Satoshi Kanazawa (London School of Economics) and Armand Leroi (Imperial College London); and even Emeritus Professor Peter Saunders (ex-U.Sussex), though denounced publicly as a ‘racist’ (by the egalitarian authors of The Spirit Level, see previous), was strangely reluctant to mention race and IQ in the same sentence.}


The Dominican Republic deported thousands of illegal Haitian immigrants in January, sowing fear among Haitians living in the country and prompting accusations its government was using a cholera outbreak as a pretext for a crackdown (AmRen, 1 ii). In the largest campaign in years to target Haitians living illegally in the DR, soldiers and immigration agents set up checkpoints and conducted neighborhood sweeps, detaining anyone without papers and booting them out of the country.

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians lived at least part-time in the DR, enduring frequent discrimination and the constant fear of being deported. A cholera epidemic in Haiti that had killed at least 4,000 people and sickened 200,000 had made matters worse. Said the DR’s immigration chief (with a daring that no US official would be likely to emulate), “No (other) country in the world has a border with Haiti. No country in the world has a Haitian problem like the Dominican Republic has.” {Americans and Brits would also have remarked that the DR actually found it possible to deport illegal immigrants and to defend its border.}


Though the peecee BBC cringingly apologized to Mexico for its Top Gear presenters having quipped that Mexicans were feckless and lazy and had a national dish that resembled ‘vomit with cheese on top,’ the Telegraph’s Simon Heffer was made of sterner stuff, volunteering (5 ii): “Mexico is a bandit state rapidly turning into a failed one. It is under the control of drugs cartels. It has a stratospheric murder rate and most of its police are corrupt. If it were a car, it would be a 1970s British Leyland rustbucket that spent most of its time on the hard shoulder before visiting the crusher.” To which a Torygraph correspondent helpfully added material from Woodbridge’s 1831 Rudiments of Geography: Turks are “bigoted, ignorant and vicious” and the Portuguese are “superstitious, haughty and revengeful.”


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