Tuesday, December 31, 2002


I sent the following letter to the Book Review Editor at the Economist, EdmundFawcett@economist.com:

Dear Edmund Fawcett,
I was disappointed to learn from Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn that the Economist has still not published the review of his new book which I recommended back in February. At a time when Africa's egregious problems are acknowledged even by such kindly souls as Matthew Parris at the Times, discussion of their origins is eminently necessary.

Lynn & Vanhanen's volume needs to be considered by anyone who, like Parris and no doubt some at the Economist, wants to commit to the view that Africa's problems are entirely cultural. As I say about the book at my website: "All testing – mainly of children aged 5-15 was by the non-verbal Raven's Progressive Matrices, normally thought to test spatial ability [k] as well as the g factor. Sampling was doubtless not sociologically ideal and the national estimates obtained could easily be wrong by some 5 IQ points. However the consistently good performance by East Asian countries and the poor performance of African countries looks a highly valid result."

I am yours sincerely, --
Chris Brand.



One year after America's 3,000 deaths from Islamic terror, only the New York Post seemed to have really got its boots on for the war on PeeCee that since 9/11 had been the necessary complement to the war on Terror:

"We should rigorously track all immigrants once here, with the assistance of a national ID card. Law enforcement should not shrink from using the fact that every act of anti-American terrorism since 1983, with the exception of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, has been committed by Islamic radicals, almost all hailing from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. And if the elites continue to scream racism, the nation should stop listening."



With the questioning by Sussex police of English Roman Catholics' spiritual leader, His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, over a possible failure to assist police witch-hunting of a paedophile priest twenty years ago, a moment arrived when some eminent Brits, perhaps led by Mr and Mrs Tony Blair and the Beckhams, might at last speak out against paedohysteria. All could see that not even a positively saintly reputation could any longer protect a man from humiliation on the word of objectively unharmed children of twenty years ago. In 2002, after a feminazie decade, British men needed to live in as much fear of trumped up allegations from the mouths of children as did the parents of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia.


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Monday, December 30, 2002


Having made short work of US Republican Senate leader Trent Lott, who had joked at a birthday party for Senator Strom Thurmond that the centenarian might have had the right idea when he backed racial segregation in 1948, America's witch-hunters geared up to bring down Ward Connerly, the Black politician who opposed affirmative action and argued that segregation need not be racist.

Whether Connerly would take a stand for race realism (as well as for the simple segregation realism that most Americans choose to live segregated lives along White&Asian vs Black lines) against the real racism of 'positive discrimination' became the question, for Trent Lott's own hypocritical switch under attack to saying he backed affirmative action had done him no good at all.

The Republicans desperately needed to find the line in the sand that had been clearly drawn for them in the academic works of Art Jensen, Phil Rushton, Richard Lynn and myself during the previous decade.



A splendid British 14-year-old girl who had fallen in love with a married Turk, 24, while holidaying, defied her parents by repeatedly returning to Turkey and eventually marrying her man. Winsome Rachel Lloyd described the handsome Mehmet Ocack as 'the love of her life' and had the encouragement of her grandmother who had bought the couple an engagement ring. Needless to say, an international girlhunt was mounted and Rachel was bundled into the 'care' of Turkish social workers. (Turkey's age of consent for marriage is 15.)



"A Pakistani woman had her head shaved as a punishment for having an affair and her four-year-old daughter was made to marry the five-year-old son of her lover," Reuters reported from Islamabad.



Detectives investigating abuse at a Birmingham children's home have widened their inquiry to include a notorious institution linked to the deaths of three teenagers.

Operation Camassia was set up to investigate care workers responsible for physical and sexual abuse at the Tennal Assessment Centre, Harborne, in the 1970s and 80s.
Now West Midlands Police have confirmed the team are looking at fresh allegations of physical and sexual abuse at the former St John's Children's Home, Erdington, and the former Athlestone House, Moseley.

St John's Children's Home was closed in 1997 following a damning report into the death of Gary Morrison, aged 15, who crashed a stolen car while in the care of staff at the home.

In March, 1993, another resident, Sally Anne Cattell, 14, died when a stolen Metro she was driving crashed.

Warren Lewin, aged 15, died in similar circumstances in December, 1989, while under supervision of staff at St John's.

Extract from Birmingham Post


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Sunday, December 29, 2002


The Sunday Times (8 xii), following articles pointing out that Leonardo da Vinci had been an anti-Semitic and anti-gipsy racist and that David Blunkett's 'restrictions' on low-quality immigration and asylum seeking weren't working, announced that it favoured "a greater degree of integration" for new arrivals and that "tougher questions" should be asked of them.



Times columnist Matthew Parris re-stated for the Spectator (7 xii) his argument that the Geneva Convention (and its later New York protocol) obliging countries to accept legitimate asylum seekers from all round the world must be scrapped - if only because it officially obliges the West to give sanctuary to all anti-communist Chinese, all Kurds, all Zimbabweans, all Iraqis.



Edinburgh's secretive drinking club for top burgers, "The Speculative Society", came under pressure from the Scottish Parliament to reveal its full membership and to say whether it helped to arrange or even rig legal trials (Times 11 xii, p. 11, 'Robbie the Pict wins fresh hearing). What is known is that the all-male club meets into the small hours of the morning at the University of Edinburgh's HQ, 'Old College' and that it has 30 members from the University as well as several Scottish judges and kindred worthies. It is likely that adjudication of my own (failed) Appeal (in February, 1998) was partly organized from the club.



The tyrannous nature of peecee NuLabour was starkly revealed as both the Scotsman and the Mail on Sunday newspapers complained of the threatening atmosphere prevailing in London as Downing Street struggled to prevent further revelations about Queen Cherie Blair - already shown to take nude scrubdowns with an ex-topless model turned lifestyle guru and to have got officials to lie for her when challenged about using an Australian conman (the guru's boyfriend) as an unpaid financial adviser.


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Saturday, December 28, 2002


An astonishing tribute to the importance of sibling rivalry and niche selection was provided by Siamese twin girls in Iran joined at the head for the 25 years of their lives but now eager to take up an offer of surgery in Singapore. The "more extroverted" (and less good-looking) of the pair told the Times: "We are two completely separate individuals who are stuck to each other. We have different world views, we have different lifestyles, and we think differently about issues."

Sibling rivalry starts in the womb -- as explained in 'THE g FACTOR', Chapter 3.

(The twins, who are monozygotic, have separate brains but share a single skull cavity.)
{I am grateful to reader DB for correcting this account.}



In a new push by PeeCee, the UK Government announced it would take 'homophobic' offences "particularly seriously"; and that it regarded the use of the term homosexual itself as probably homophobic - and wants h*m*s referred to within a generic category of 'LGBT', i.e. 'Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexual'.

Transvestites, Flashers and Sado-masochists will be up in arms when they hear this.

Bravely, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones stood by her former boyfriend, TV presenter John Leslie (now partnered by a delightful petite blonde looking about 15 - Daily Telegraph, 6 xii, p. 3) when he was accused of assorted rapes and sexual indiscretions which femininnies hadn't bothered to report at the time.



The Middle East Media Research Institute translated a Web article by Sheikh Muhammad bin Abd Al-Rahman Al-Arifi, imam of the mosque at Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Defense Academy: "We will control the land of the Vatican; we will control Rome and introduce Islam in it. Yes, the Christians, who carve crosses on the breasts of the Muslims in Kosovo--and before then in Bosnia, and before then in many places in the world--will yet pay us the Jiziya [poll tax paid by non-Muslims under Muslim rule], in humiliation, or they will convert to Islam."



The Washington Post carried an expose of how the preference for segregation between Blacks and Whites reaches even into many US campuses. University administrators describe their segregated accommodation as 'ethnic theme housing' and grateful Black students talk of their gratitude at being enable to enjoy the 'diversity' of living among students who can be African, Caribbean or Afro-American.

Given such hypocrisy, it was not surprising that law professor Paul Campos predicted that, whatever new decision on affirmative racism might be handed down from the Supreme Court, university bureaucrats ('diversicrats') would carry on with their policy of recruiting Black saints who would not challenge the relativistic and peecee bishops of the left who now dominate America's moral life.


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Friday, December 27, 2002


How wonderful! Those with long memories will remember that during the "paedophile hysteria" that gripped Britain in the summer of 2000, a paediatrician was driven out of her home by a rather confused mob. One that thought that her occupation was a foolish thing to reveal in the phone book.

Well, the New York Times, in a colourful background piece on
The Gangs of New York, revealled that this was part of a long tradition of hassling medics

Read more here.



In Glasgow, Roman Catholic Archbishop Mario Conti shocked the gutter press journalists of the Sunday Times (24 xi) by urging victims of paedophilia to forgive their abusers in true Christian spirit. The RCs were faced with allegations that "One victim claims she was regularly raped from age five by priests on an altar while being held by nuns." But, faced with such tabloidery, Archbish Conti was no pushover and suggested that saying four Hail Marys would have a quietening effect on money-grubbing ex-orphans.

In the House of Commons, a rabid feminist asked the Prime Minister to compel the RCs to sack paedophilic priests; but letters in the Times the same day (27 xi) deplored paedohysterical attacks on the RCs that would be deemed 'racist' if made on Muslims (one priest no longer dares to wear his dog collar in the street) and said feminism and political correctness had gone too far.



After being attacked as "Fascist" by Home Secretary David Blunkett, India-born UK anti-immigration columnist Anthony Browne provided a splendid reply in another column in the Times (4 xii). He specially mentioned Ghana's Accra Mail as complaining that Ghana was being "eaten" by the West, which has been absorbing and retaining most of Ghana's better students; he pointed out that Blunkett's refusal to oblige HIV-testing for immigrants from Africa sits oddly alongside the full testing programmes of America, Australia and squeaky-peecee Canada; he noted he had the BBC's top presenter John Humphrys on his side in saying it is not irresponsible to question the Government's continuing policy of mass immigration; and he claimed the support of left-ish economist Lord Layard for his view that immigration was harming the job prospects of the UK's poor, elderly and women.



In Austria, far-right Jorg Haider met a sticky end in recent national polls, but largely because the Government, led by Wolfgang Schussel, had adopted most of Haider's anti-misimmigration policies, such as returning any 'asylum seekers' arriving from countries or areas where the government was recognized by the Council of Europe.


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Thursday, December 26, 2002


Recently Britain's 'criminal profilers' went on trial at the British Psychological Society, accusing each other of incompetence. Psychologist Paul Britton had been so convinced, along with police, that a feeble loner, Colin Stagg, had murdered 23-year-old Rachel Nickel (stabbing her 49 times on Wimbledon Common in 1992 in front of her two-year-old son) that he repeatedly encouraged sending a dishy policewoman to entice Stagg into sadistic acts and thus attest Britton's 'intuitive' profiling of him.

Soon the cringing Stagg was inventing murders he had 'committed' so as continue to have sexual contact with what he readily admitted was the most sensational girl of his life - though the policewoman herself was driven to a nervous breakdown.

Eventually, London courts cleared Stagg and denounced Britton's malpractice as "thoroughly reprehensible."

At the BPS trial, Britton, not a man known to self-doubt, was to have confronted by 'profiling' prof. David Canter who (though he had declined to expound to newsies the distinction he was known to draw between paedophilia and paedosadism and had never discovered much, other than that criminals tend to live near the scenes of their crimes) apparently always thought the Wimbledon Common murder would have had to be committed by, well, a more aggressive kind of chap.

The trial could have culminated in Britton being barred from public service practice as a professional psychologist; but in fact psychology itself ended in tatters as the BPS admitted it had delayed too long in trying the case. The Guardian said: "The collapse of the high-profile case is a severe blow to the credibility of the BPS, which has been lobbying the government for stronger powers."

Britton himself will do OK thanks to his 1998 book, The Jigsaw Man, in which he set out his ability to "walk through minds" when given the slightest clues by police; and he talked gaily of setting up a postgraduate course in criminal psychology.



Glasgow University found itself in crisis again as News of the World reporter Marcello Mega linked the University's Ph.D. sociology student Richard Yuill photographically with the murdered English schoolgirls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. Thieving by Yuill's colleagues had already put much of his research data into Mega's hands.

Then, instead of naming and shaming the thief, Glasgow University found itself in the position of having taken £18K in fees from Yuill while failing to protect him from loss of his data and potentially disastrous publicity. Scottish Media Monitor recorded the latest paedohysteria:

The report in several papers on Glasgow University post-graduate student, Richard Yuill was symptomatic of the hysteria over paedophilia that had crossed the academic boundary. Researching inter-generational relationships between males, Yuill had been e-mailing former members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). His e-mails were intercepted by an academic on the continent and handed to the Scottish Mail on Sunday for reporter Marcello Mega to add: “They reveal an organised campaign to drive down the age of consent across Europe”. Although the department of sociology approved the subject of paedophilia as a subject, Yuill’s computer was seized and the secretary of the University court, Mr Dugald Mackie launched an investigation while the press went into overdrive.

Fortunately, after top-level meetings, Glasgow University decided to continue annoying paedohysterics by allowing Richard Yuill to continue his research.


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Wednesday, December 25, 2002


A blonde walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer.
She says she's going to Europe on business for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000. The bank officer says that the bank will need some kind of security for the loan, so the blonde hands over the keys to a new Rolls Royce. The car is parked on the street in front of the bank, she has the title, and everything checks out.
The bank agrees to accept the car as collateral for the loan. The bank's president and its officers all enjoy a good laugh at the blonde for using a $250,000 Rolls as collateral against a $5,000 loan. An employee of the bank then proceeds to drive the Rolls into the bank's underground garage and parks it there.

Two weeks later, the blonde returns, repays the $5,000 and the interest, which comes to $15.41. The loan officer says, "Miss, we are very happy to have had your business, and this transaction has worked out very nicely, but we are a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked you out and found that you are a multimillionaire. What puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow $5,000?"
The blond replies "Where else in New York City can I park my car for two weeks for only $15.41 and expect it to be there when I return?"


One day at kindergarten a teacher said to the class of 5-year-olds, "I'll give $2 to the child who can tell me who was the most famous man who ever lived."
An Irish boy put his hand up and said, "It was St.Patrick."
The teacher said, "Sorry Sean, that's not correct."
Then a Scottish boy put his hand up and said, "It was St. Andrew."
The teacher replied, "I'm sorry, Hamish, that's not right either."
Finally, a Jewish boy raised his hand and said, "It was Jesus Christ."
The teacher said, "That's absolutely right, Marvin,come up here and I'll give you the $2."
As the teacher was giving Marvin his money, she said, "You know Marvin, since you're Jewish, I was very surprised you said Jesus Christ."
Marvin replied, "Yeah. In my heart I knew it was Moses, but business is business..."


A Confectionery Story:

Mr Cadbury and Ms Rowntree met on a coach journey, it was After Eight. She was from Quality Street, he was a Fisherman's Friend.

On the way they stopped at a Yorkie Bar, he had a Rum and Butter, she had a Wine Gum. He asked her name, "Polo - I'm the one with the hole" she said. "I'm the one with the Nuts" he thought. Then he touched her Milky Way. They checked in and went straight to the bedroom.

Mr Cadbury turned out the light for a bit of Black Magic. It wasn't long
before he slipped his hand into her Snickers and felt the contrast of her Double Decker. Then he showed her his Curly Wurly. But Ms Rowntree wasn't keen as she already had a few Jelly Babies, so she let him take
a trip down Bourneville Boulevard. He was pleased as he always fancied a bit of Fudge.

It was a Magic Moment as she let out a scream of Turkish Delight. When he came, his Fun Sized Mars Bar felt a bit Crunchie. She wanted
more but he decided to take a Time Out. However, he noticed her Pink Wafers looked very appetising. So he did a Twirl and had a Picnic in her Sherbert.

At the same time he gave her a Gob Stopper. Unfortunately Mr Cadbury had to go home to his wife, Caramel.

Sadly, he was soon to discover he had caught V.D. It turns out Ms Rowntree had a Box of Assorted Creams. She had been with All Sorts.


Mr. Perkins, the biology instructor at a posh suburban girl's junior college, said during class, "Miss Smythe, would you please name the organ of the human body, which under the appropriate conditions, expands to six times its normal size, and define the conditions."

Miss Smythe gasped, then said freezingly, "Mr. Perkins, I don't think that is a proper question to ask me. I assure you my parents will hear of this!" With that she sat down red-faced.

Unperturbed, Mr. Perkins called on Miss Johnson and asked the same question.

Miss Johnson, with composure, replied, "The pupil of the eye, in dim light."

"Correct," said Mr. Perkins. "And now, Miss Smythe, I have three things to say to you.

"One, you have not studied your lesson.
"Two, you have a dirty mind.
"And three, you will some day be faced with a dreadful disappointment."


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Tuesday, December 24, 2002



Chris & Shiou's 2002 saw steady if gentle progress for us:

Chris continued his often most agreeable research work for his MultiMillionaire and the Woodhill Foundation, and was invited to write four reviews (including one of The Blank Slate, the best-seller by hereditarian convert Steven Pinker) for the Nature-linked journal, Heredity, and a possible cover story for the new magazine, American Conservative; and Chris and his new young colleagues in Belgium and West Carolina look forward to their Plato-backing chapter coming out in the new Festschrift for Arthur Jensen due to be published by Pergamon in June. For more see: http://www.crispian.demon.co.uk/indexlatest.htm.

High spots of the year were a nice new abstract oil painting (involving lots of 'couplings') for the hall, Shiou's visit to London to see the Picasso & Matisse exhibition, and our 'religious' long weekend in York and Durham.

We plan another 'lazy' Christmas, dining at Prestonfield House Hotel. If you want some fun, prepare to back our application to become Master and Mistress of Exeter College, Oxford University, in 2003 - guaranteeing to lift that College (currently riddled with PeeCee) from 26th into the Oxford top ten by a judicious use of IQ and personality testing and by an outright commitment to academic freedom for both staff and students in a climate of vigorous debate.
-- Chris Brand



Johnny Newman had a Nissan car that overheated when he drove above 40
MPH, had a broken temperature indicator, inaccurate fuel gauge and broken stereo.

Then it was stolen. Then it was found.

Now Newman is hundreds of dollars ahead of the game because the crooks fixed everything and gave it a complete tune-up to boot.

"They'd tinkered with the engine, sorted out the stereo and mended all the gauges. For someone to steal your car and then do it up is unbelievable," said Newman. The police said the car performed so well they could hardly catch it, leading them to suspect that it was being readied as a getaway car.

"I even found a camera inside it which wasn't mine so I've done very well out of the whole incident," continued Newman.

From the UK Sun 19-Dec-02

Summary by Jerry Lerman.


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Monday, December 23, 2002


I emailed the following letter to London Review of Books (but received no acknowledgment):

From C. R. Brand Esqr., M.A. (Oxon.), Fellow of the Galton Institute

Dear Editor,
I was sorry and surprised that Ross McKibbin felt betrayed by changes in Government secondary education policy since 1997 "when we were assured that there would be no selection" ('Nothing more divisive', London Review of Books, 28 November).

It would be interesting to know who "we" were. Selection had been promised by Mr Tony Blair in his major education speech in February, 1996, when he announced his intention to introduce 'fast track learning'; and in that same month my book The g Factor set out the arguments for selection (soon rehearsed in an invited article for the journal Intelligence).

Mr Blair repeated his commitment to 'setting' according to abilities and aptitudes in June, 1996, and Labour spokesmen took to pointing out that Britain had fallen in international comparisons of educational levels, from being in the top three countries till 1939 to not being even among the top thirty countries by 1996.

Since that time, the case for differentiating schooling according to pupils' abilities has grown stronger with the publication of the American volume Intellectual Talent: Psychometric and Social Issues (for a recent review by me, see the Amazon Books website*).

The Government's latest idea of academies bringing together children 'academically gifted in one or more subject area' is being implemented by The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, set up this year at the University of Warwick and linking to other English universities.

I hope that Ross McKibbin will join me in proffering his services to research the new academies, for what British state education lacked through its years of comprehensivisation was the kind of experimentation and evaluation which made twentieth century medicine a success story while British state school children suffered from the 'one size fits all' egalitarianism of Old Labour.

I am yours sincerely,
Chris Brand.



London police were allowed to go public and tell a conference on multiculturalism that "most mugging victims reported that their attackers were black" (Times, 21 xi, p.3, 'London faces eruption of ethnic crime wars'). "We have to be honest," said Deputy Commissioner Ian Blair {meaning that his hands had been freed by Home Secretary Blunkett who, as a lifelong blind man, was always rather shocked to be told just how many Black people and Black criminals there are in Britain}.

The Times provided substantial detail of the delights of multicultural diversity, i.e. the 'wars' between ethnic gangs that are likely in London in the future as Black Yardies, Chinese Triads, Turks, Kurds and Albanians battle it out for the control of drugs, prostitution, illegal immigrants, drugs, protection rackets and general extortion.


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Sunday, December 22, 2002


From The Volokhs:

IDIOTS: A cautionary tale about the importance of understanding the big picture before judging the rationality of people's responses (from Gerd Gigerenzer, Adaptive Thinking: Rationality in the Real World p. 265 (2000)):

A small town in Wales has a village idiot. He once was offered the choice between a pound and a shilling, and he took the shilling. People came from everywhere to witness this phenomenon. They repeatedly offered him a choice between a pound and a shilling. He always took the shilling.

The idiot!



The Swaziland government has been running their international airport for the past 18 months with no control tower, no radar system, no baggage screening, no instruments to record wind velocity and direction and hardly any lights for nighttime landings, so pilots have to land by memory, because the airport was struck by lightning 18 months ago and electricity still hasn't been restored.

Original "Yahoo news" article now taken down. Summary by Jerry Lerman.



Several London stores announced they would have no 'Santa's Grotto' this year out of fear of paedophilic fumblings by Santas or accusations by kids who have hardly met a man before (Times 19 xi). {Doubtless this is another area in which only female labour will shortly be considered 'appropriate.'}



Times columnist Patience Wheatcroft joined the ranks of those saying that half of Britain's so-called universities should be turned back into technical colleges which would manage to produce some replacements for the country's current 60-year-old plumbers (19 xi). So unsuited to academic study were many British "youf" that the dropout rates at downmarket universities had risen to 20% (compared to 1% from Oxbridge).



The joys of multicultural diversity took a new form on the streets of north London as Turkish gangsters staged a Wild West-style shootout. After a man died, police could not persuade anyone to testify, so terrified were locals of the Turks - now joining the Albanian prostitution experts, the 'We R Drugs' Jamaica Yardies, the casino-crafty Chinese Triads and the all-purpose Italian Mafia as beneficiaries of Britain's nonexistent policies for sending unwanted immigrants off to fight President Mugabe.

The Commission for Racial Equality was revealed to be locked in battle with an Asian, John Deman, who accuses it of the dreaded sin of racism. Deman was also litigating against the University of Greenwich, the London Business School, the London School of Economics, Bradford University and Sheffield University - several of which had begun protesting at the enormous costs that quickly arise in defending against a legally-aided vexatious litigant from whom no costs could ever be recovered (Times Higher 16 xi).


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Saturday, December 21, 2002


The State of Minnesota bomb squad: A few days after Jesse Ventura was elected governor somebody called in a bomb threat declaring they left a bomb at the state capital. The ever impressive bomb squad arrived and took all necessary precautions. Everyone knew their life and limb were safe in their hands. Until .... a gust of wind blew the package out of the back of the bomb squad truck onto the road where a car then ran over it. So much with instilling the public with awe! and thank you to the "lucky" motorist for helping to prove there really was no bomb.

From Jerry Lerman.



Nulabour's abandonment of Macpherson-induced hostility to liberal use by police of 'stop-and-search' has produced a return almost to 1999 levels of Black youth being stopped in London, and a welcome reduction of street crime by 10%.

In 2001-2, Blacks were eight times as likely to be stopped as were Whites - producing howls of 'antiracist' outrage from the Independent (8 xi), but Srindopakeshis (mainly Pakistanis) were only three times as likely to be stopped. (In fact, imprisonment rates show serious crime is some five times higher than the White rate in Black males, and ten times higher in Black females.)

Deploring the loss of popular interest in politics as the West's parties campaign to please focus groups, not party supporters, the Independent's columnist, Alan Hamilton, concluded intriguingly that "the political system does so little to reflect the real concerns and tensions beginning to stir in the world." What could these "concerns and tensions" be, if not the rapid erosion of Western culture and elementary peace of mind by the now rampantly hostile young Muslims introduced recklessly in tens of millions into the West's cities?



A Foreign Office report estimated that about 1,000 forced marriages are made annually in the UK by 'Asians', and a further 75 brides-to-be are brought into the UK by force (Times 14 xi). 'Asian' parents are typically triggered into these actions when they find their children filling in application forms for university.



Despite the closure by France of the Sangatte 'refugee centre', hundreds of swarthy Kurds and Afghanis continued to arrive in northern France each week, waiting to be transported (illegally) to Britain. One 'asylum seeker' made his attitude plain, telling the Times "We are going to England. The British colonised us."


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Friday, December 20, 2002


A long campaign, fought by hundreds of former care workers and their supporters to expose what had been described as 'the gravest series of of miscarriages of justice in British legal history', was finally vindicated by a House of Commons report.

After conducting a three-month inquiry, in which it took oral and written evidence from many individuals and organisations, the Home Affairs Select Committee concluded that what it called 'a new genre of miscarriages of justice' had arisen from 'the over-enthusiastic pursuit' of allegations of abuse relating to children's homes. It especially criticized courts allowing multiple allegations of paedophilia to be considered together by juries even when no details of similarities between alleged offences were provided.

See here for more, particularly the post of 4th.

In November, the hounding began of religious education teacher Paul McIntyre who had made the mistake of falling in love with an 18-year-old pupil as she came to the end of her schooldays and prepared to become a student at Newcastle University. Married and the head of his school's RE department, McIntyre promptly asked for suspension from Hazelhead Academy, Aberdeen, and went into hiding. His passion came to light when the ex-pupil's father found an email from him to her reading "I want you. I need you. I love you." Just how exposing such an affair could justify havoc to the lives of all parties was left unexplained.



The UK Government education minister has urged that gifted children should be brought together from neighbouring schools and taught in "master classes", sometimes in the evening.

Minister for Schools David Milliband (normally considered a key definer of Labour policy for the future) made the announcement to the Gifted and Talented Education Conference, meeting in Birmingham.

The announcement was promptly condemned by John Dunford, the General Secretary of the Secondary Heads Association. Dunford said that more educational effort was "rightly" spent on children suffering learning disorders (i.e. having low IQs).

The Government's initiative was being organized by The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, set up this year at the University of Warwick and linking to several other English universities. See here.

(The NAGTY defines as 'gifted' any child possessing 'academic ability' in one or more subject area, and as 'talented' any child posessing ability in creative arts or sports.)



The 2000 presidential campaign, for instance, saw a pro-Democrat ad that sought to blame George W. Bush for the racist murder of James Byrd -- even though, in Bush's Texas, the killers were sentenced to death.

From Best of the web of 19th.


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Thursday, December 19, 2002


The g factor -- unitary, innate, linearly rankable intelligence, linked to basic information processes and having causal status -- is still intact as a key psychological postulate.

A whole issue of the international academic journal Intelligence (26, 3, 1998) was devoted to honouring Emeritus Professor Arthur Jensen, the Californian psychologist who became after 1969 the leading scholar in the study of people's differences in general intelligence.

London School theorizing about ‘g’ was commended to the attention of a wider audience of US intellectuals by a young Harvard academic (Commentary, Aug. '98, 'IQ since The Bell Curve').

In mice, levels of something like ‘g’ have proved to be alterable by genetic engineering (Nature 2 Sep. '99, 'Genetic super-mouse'). The Princeton creator of the learning-boosted mice is now working with Eureka Pharmaceuticals and writes, "it would not be totally surprising if enhancing learning and memory skills led to improved intelligence" (Scientific American, Apr. 2000, 'Building a brainier mouse').

The case that Chromosome 6 houses "the intelligence gene" is outlined in Matt Ridley's Genome (2000, HarperCollins).

According to new Cambridge University research, a neural basis for general intelligence may be the prefrontal cortex (Science 21 vii 200; New York Times 21 vii 2000, “Study finds region of brain may be key problem solver”.) And US scientists at NHS have found important DNA differences between high-IQ children and normal controls. See here.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Edinburgh City Council outlawed parents from making video recordings and taking pictures of their children's performance in the school Nativity plays because the videos and pictures might get into the hands of some pedophile.

Quips the UK Telegraph, "So what?" The newspaper also raises the question that if a pedophile gets off seeing children all dressed up, will Edinburgh ban Harry Potter for the same reason? Are children to be shut away indoors to prevent their being seen on a school bus by a pedophile?

So, what compromise has Edinburgh come up with?

They offered up having the play professionally recorded but with the
faces of the children edited out.

Continues the newspaper, "All this would be funny if it were not so sad. Parents in the Scottish capital are being deprived of something to treasure because of an outbreak of insanity at the City Hall. The councilors of Edinburgh should seek psychiatric help

Original article here. Summary by Jerry Lerman.



"The artificial assuaging of distress by State-appliances is a kind of social opium-eating, yielding temporary mitigation at the eventual cost of intenser misery. Increase of the anodyne dose inevitably leads by and by to increase of the evil; and the only rational course is that of bearing the misery which must be entailed for a time by desistance. The transition from State-beneficence to a healthy condition of self-help and private beneficence must be like the transition from an opium-eating life to a normal life - painful but remedial."

From: Herbert SPENCER, c. 1870, The Principles of Ethics, Vol. II. London: Appleton, 1910.



Politicians like Austria's Joerg Haider thrive principally on people's aspirations to live in a recognizable community in which agreement prevails -- not least about the correct way to resolve *dis*agreements.

Immigration from such countries as Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Jamaica, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka constitutes a real threat that the endemic conflicts for which those countries are notorious will sooner or later be fought out on the streets of Western cities. A small immigrant population should be containable in the West, just as criminality and striking were contained in the past. However, immigrants today make up more than 10% of the population in Europe's big cities; and immigrants are now greeted not with a determination to teach them European languages and culture but with the politically correct insistence that, regardless of merit, they should suffer unemployment levels and arrest rates no higher than those applying to native Europeans.

Political correctness, the practical form of multiculturalism, is a witch-hunt organized ultimately by intellectuals who, from Harvard University via Hollywood, create the West's 'anti-racist' climate of terror. While white males are hounded from their jobs, well-known race differences in IQ and other deep-seated characteristics are denied and the abysmal endings of even the world's nicer multicultural empires of Rome and Austria-Hungary are forgotten.


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Tuesday, December 17, 2002


In an important legal case in France, Michel Houllebecq was acquitted of incitement to race hatred. Houellebecq had said that Islam was "the most bloody stupid religion in the world", since it believed in only one God, but a judge ruled this was merely a judgement on the Muslim faith and not an exhortation to attack Muslims.

The rector at the Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur had tried to blur the matter, saying "Words have a price. One can kill with a word. Freedom of expression stops at the point at which it does damage and the Muslim community feels insulted." But the court disagreed, especially after the prosecution had tried to use statements by fictional characters in Houllebecq's novels.

However, in a comparable case in Glasgow, a British National Party supporter who had distributed in a White area material criticizing Islam and predicting mounting tension and violence by Muslims against Whites was found guilty of 'incitement to racial hatred'. The Times (25 x) said David Wilson, 31, had made "inaccurate" claims that attacks on Whites in Glasgow had already occurred.

Equally worrying, in Exeter, Alistair Scott awaited sentencing for "religiously aggravated threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour" following a brawl with an Arab in which racial slurs had been freely exchanged but only the White participant prosecuted.


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Monday, December 16, 2002


"My friends, I must tell you that a Socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Although it is now put forward in the main by people who have a good grounding in the Liberalism and Radicalism of the early part of this century, there can be no doubt that Socialism is inseparably interwoven with Totalitarianism and the abject worship of the State. It is not alone that property, in all its forms, is struck at; but that liberty, in all its forms, is challenged by the fundamental conceptions of Socialism."
Winston CHURCHILL, 1945, pre-Election radio broadcast, 4 vi.

"Popular capitalism is on the march.... Of course, there will always be people who, in the name of morality, sneer at this and call it 'materialism'. But isn't it moral that people should want to improve the material standard of living of their families, by their own effort? Isn't it moral that families should work for the means to look after their old folk? Isn't it moral that people should save, so as to be responsible for themselves? ....And it is for Government to work with that grain in human nature to strengthen the strand of responsibility and independence: it benefits the family; it benefits the children; it is the essence of freedom."
Margaret THATCHER, 1987, addressing Scottish Conservatives at Perth, 15 v.

"Neo-conservatives are unlike old conservatives because they are utilitarians, not moralists, and because their aim is the prosperity of post-industrial society, not the recovery of a golden age."
Irving KRISTOL, 1987, interviewed by P.Scott, Times Higher Educational Supplement, 6 ii.

"Millions of independents, above all yuppies, who like Reagan's low-tax economics and to a lesser extent his foreign policy, would switch to the Democrats immediately if they saw the Republican Party falling under the sway of the religious Right.... It has been one of Reagan's great achievements to bring the social and religious Right within his broad coalition without giving them anything in return."
Ambrose EVANS-PRITCHARD, 1988, Spectator, 20 iii.

"Mrs Thatcher gained power at a time when it seemed that the collective was depriving the individual of responsibility for his own life. Even crime was no longer an individual act: it was a response to social conditions (a view which insulted all decent people living in the same conditions but abstaining from criminal activity). She disagreed.... To dramatise this, she insisted 'society did not exist', though it was against an exaggerated view of society that she was reacting. Nothing she said would have been denied by Protestant churchmen before this century."
Allan MASSIE, 1989, Sunday Times: Scotland, 5 iii.

"It is too often said that Thatcherism is a departure from Conservative tradition. She proclaims herself to be "radical". In one sense she is; but in another sense she is harking back to an older set of policies. After all, for most of the time since 1846 Conservatives have been in favour of low taxation, an enterprise culture, a stable currency, and minimal state intervention; and, apart from a curious aberration by Disraeli, have viewed what was quaintly called the trade union "movement" with a frosty eye."
Lord BLAKE, 1989, Times, 17 iv.


"There is a streak of Nazism in the Tory Party and I predict that so long as we are ruled by Thatcherism, gas chambers will be here within seven to ten years for lesbians, gay men, blacks and Socialists."
Linda BELLOS, 1987, addressing a fringe meeting of the Labour Party Annual Conference, 29 ix.


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Sunday, December 15, 2002


After a Muslim doctor was accused of 'insensitive remarks' (such as "You have cancer, I have asthma, we all have to die of something" and "Women are put on earth to pleasure men") and sacked when caught working in Saudi Arabia while on a National Health Service contract in Lincolnshire, I thought I smelled a peecee rat and wrote to Yorkshire Television as follows:

I would like to comment on the case of hospital surgeon Mr Mohannad Al-Fallouji, struck off yesterday by the General Medical Council for nothing more than a few realistic remarks, e.g. annoying feminists. By all accounts, Mr Al-Fallouji was a top-notch, extra-hard-working and dedicated surgeon. Striking him off for such minutiae as saying women need husbands and inviting a recovered female patient to dinner hardly deserve such an extreme penalty -- usually inflicted on doctors found guilty of serial copulation or drug dealing with patients. I am familiar with other cases where such career assassination has been orchestrated by feminists and other politically correct tinpot tyrants. I hope you will interview Mr Al-Fallouji to find out his side of the story.
Sincerely, -- Chris Brand, Edinburgh.

Mr Fallouji is 51 and married and had worked in Lincolnshire for four years (1995-99). He is evidently a somewhat manic fellow who occasionally kisses his staff and once 'touched a nursing sister intimately' {Shock! Horror! Unheard of!}. But he has much to be proud of and should surely be allowed his own personality even if the occasional reprimand and apology may be necessary.


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Saturday, December 14, 2002


Some 100 British police recently came under suspicion as paedophilic downloaders following information from US authorities about users of porn sites such as Cyber Lolita, I Am Fourteen and Child Rape.

Altogether 7,200 Brits, many holding state jobs as teachers and carers, had each made ten or more purchases at sites featuring pre-pubescent children allegedly taken captive and abused by Russian and Indonesian porn barons.
This astonishing development – itself suggesting a startling normalcy for paedophilia -- seemed likely to require either an expansion of the UK's 60,000 jail places or the introduction of assisted deportation – helpfully paving the way to deporting many other types of criminal.

According to the Observer, it may be that Internet kiddieporn leads paedophiles down the slope to paedosadism. But no-one will ever know while research like Richard Yuill's at the University of Glasgow is sabotaged.

It has long been agreed among experts that paedophiles tend to be neurotic, introverted and inadequate in personality, but whether visual portrayals of adults abusing children lure such people into actual violence must seem far-fetched until evidence is available. So isolated and low in self-esteem are typical paedophiles that a new book, Innocence Betrayed, by former Grendon Prison governer David Wilson (now Professor of Criminology at the University of Central England), says that the offering of elementary support and suggestions for behaviour control have quite marked effects in lowering paedophile recidivism.

Yet King Mswati of Swaziland seemed unlikely to face charges for his newly revealed annual 'grab-a-girl' practice of forcing the best under-age girls of his tribe to be wives for himself and his aristocrats.


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Friday, December 13, 2002


Upstaging the wretched Conservatives, Home Secretary David Blunkett recently announced further restrictions on asylum seekers, saying of Britain "We are a haven for the persecuted, but not a home to liars and cheats."

After Japan announced it would reward mothers with £2000 per childbirth, it turned out that several European countries were giving tax breaks for families – with Hungary waiving income tax altogether for families having three or more children. (Tax breaks are eugenic in effect because they are worth more to people of higher income. They were first proposed by William McDougall in 1904.)

With the Conservatives probably terminally lumbered with the lies of Prime Minister John Major (who pocketed large sums on the strength of telling solicitors he had never committed adultery), I wrote to the Tories' last hope, Michael Portillo, as follows.


Dear Michael Portillo,

Please forgive me writing out of the blue, but I am curious whether you now see the possibility of imitating the kind of success that Mr Pym Fortuyn enjoyed in Holland until his tragic murder.

It seems to me (as also to columnist Simon Jenkins in the Times) that Tony Blair has now created a new Conservative Party, embracing Thatcherism, imperialism, Laura Norder and the new religion of PeeCee. Such a dynamic combination of individualism and moralism is arguably the natural position of any big party of the right -- as I have set out more fully at http://www.crispian.demon.co.uk/q25.htm. (I am a psychologist and have occasionally written about political psychology.)

In reply to New Labour, what is arguably necessary is an equally dynamic combination of the superficially opposed positions of liberalism and nationalism. Apparently Mr Charles Kennedy is not yet able to manage this; but I think you may be able to do it. If, from the basis of your social liberalism, you adopted a firmer-than-Blunkett integrationism with regard to third-world immigration, I believe you would attract an impressive following. I think that the trade unions would be pleased with firm prohibition of low-level immigration, especially if you committed yourself to the present public services and concentrated reforming zeal on providing choice for consumers *within* those services (e.g. choosing how fast a child progresses through the state curriculum, choosing a suitable medical insurance package for one's own family, choosing what type of marital contract one wants). Such imaginative National Liberalism, as it might be called once you forged an alliance with the Liberal Democrats, would surely have wide appeal; and of course it has serious roots in figures like Lord Palmerston and Joseph Chamberlain. It would be still more warmly welcomed if it involved a determination to back all forms of family life and encourage educated girls to resume reproduction -- perhaps copying the £2000 prize for responsible procreation now being instituted in Japan.

Thank you for your attention. Hoping you might seize what may be the last chance of Britain retaining its intrinsically liberal and Western culture by being clear that it will not yield to Black criminality or Muslim fanaticism, I am yours sincerely, --
Chris Brand


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Thursday, December 12, 2002


Now that -- thanks to Edwina Currie and John Major -- the Conservative Party has lost the last remnants of its reputation for probity and is doomed to enduring derision over 'back to basics', reasonable English nationalists must seek to link to the Liberals, and this process will doubtless involve such compromises as being wet about the War on Terror. Madman Insane may not collapse as Mr Blair devoutly hopes. Liberal leader Charles Kennedy will then be in a very strong position, especially if he follows the advice at my website to retain state social provision but to allow individual choice *within* that provision -- notably allowing parents to choose the speed at which their children progress through the state school curriculum, and allowing families choice of the type of medical insurance they want. This is the biggest chance of forming a well-supported Fourth, neoliberal Way in response to Mr Blair's neosocialist Third.

Of course, many Conservatives will be happier in New Labour -- committed as NuLab now is to bashing Iraq, private funding of state services, neoelitist state schools, being tough on crime, and supporting paedohysteria and the nice new empire-friendly religion of PeeCee. As top columnist Simon Jenkins says about Blair in the Times today, following Blair's conference speech to NuLabour, "I cannot see how a Tory can fail to vote for this man."

Additionally, some people (I include myself) would rather see Arab/Muslim fanaticism squashed and the oil seized before bothering much with UK party politics. But CDA members should be trying to amass around an approach to the Liberals and the unions, be it sooner or later. Explicit homophobism has no part to play in such an approach. Rather, all types of marriage need neoliberal encouragement -- making contracted and subsidized families the main units of responsibility and caring in the Fourth Way Britain that the Grey Major and allied drearies and sleazeballs so singularly failed to deliver.

Mrs [now Lady] Thatcher delivered economic competition and thus freedom and prosperity. It is excellent that Rev. Blair wishes to continue her work with a smiling face; but it is better still to go on to the next stage of providing choice within state provision and thus a whole new liberation from the left-addled systems of job creation that currently hold Britain back. Blair's Disraeli-ite radical Toryism needs to be answered by an imaginative new Whiggery.


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Wednesday, December 11, 2002


New Zealand's Emeritus Professor James Flynn recently talked to a packed house in Edinburgh University Psychology Department about his continuing hopes that some 'Factor X' might one day be found to boost Black IQ just as Dutch IQ scoring improved by 20 points from 1950 to 1980. Flynn's audience included several woebegone oldies, much greyed and even entirely whitened in the years since they had gone along with the Looneyversity's plan to get rid of me; and the Department could not even make its clock on the wall work. Flynn's effort was marred by a ridiculous insistence on squeezing him into just one hour, meaning that the last half of his talk, giving his 'answer' to the paradox of IQ being 75% genetic yet intergenerationally malleable, would never be faithfully relayed by any student, let alone by the deadbeat and dessicated staff. Probably it didn't matter, since Flynn chose largely to neglect the argument of THE g FACTOR (Chapter 4) that test sophistication is the answer he needs; and, over lunch and libations, Flynn gave away that he did not think that his own great-grandfather must have been a mental defective – only that the man would have lacked the 'open-ended problem solving skills' which Flynn held to measured by IQ tests. This admission reminded his audience (including key TgF supporters and myself) that, following Flynn's real premisses, even if Black IQ scores could be boosted, Blacks would not enjoy a gain in real intelligence. Subsequently, conversation turned to how to maintain the norming of tests like Raven's Matrices: no funding is available even to genius grant-getter Professor Ian Deary from UK government sources, so it looked as if the Pioneer Foundation would need to come to John Raven's rescue. PeeCee was also considered, for Jim – who was twice fired from American academia by rightists around 1960 – now receives a steady chorus of complaint from 'liberal'-lefties that he should not countenance discussion of IQ and race, let alone urge new research on the subject using the Raven's Matrices (on which African Blacks score only around 70). Even Jim was amazed to hear of PeeCee's latest breakthrough to control Pergamon Press (due to publish a Festschrift for Art Jensen) and also close down the offshoot Praeger (which mail-order-publishes Richard Lynn). Fortunately, Jim's own genes had gone marching on: his own son had been appointed a professor of mathematics in the University of Liverpool. (For the latest answer to Flynn & Dickens, see The great IQ-score rise: test sophistication, Caesarian births or masked mystificatory multipliers?)


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