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Jews of Copenhagen found themselves under jihadi attack, killing one of their guards and a film director at an 80-strong barmitzvah ceremony at the Danish capital’s Great Synagogue before Danish cops opened fire, killing one of the Mueslis (Mail on Sunday, 15 ii).


(and ask Mutti Merkel for help against the fanatically anti-Jewish Mueslis that Germany had spent two generations inviting to the West). Since the idealistic multiculti West’s overthrow of its passable ally, Col. Gadawful, in Libya, that ‘country’ descended quickly into civil war, with ISIS/Daesh entering and – according to Egypt – threatening Europe’s soft underbelly (where already .5K nignogs ooops Mueslis were arriving daily in rubber boats in scenes taken straight from Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints). Ye Guardian (17 ii) (after Egypt’s revived anti-Muesli government had its jets kill 50 Libyans  who had publicly beheaded 20 Christians):

UK envoy: if Libya fails it could be Somalia on the Mediterranean
Government advisor warns violent chaos in Libya will spread across Europe and Britain if left unchecked

International efforts to resolve the crisis in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi must forge agreement between the warring parties to forestall the emergence of a failed state that could become a “Somalia on the Mediterranean”, the UK government’s special envoy urged. Jonathan Powell, a veteran of the Northern Ireland peace process, warned in an interview that violent chaos in Libya would spread to its neighbours and to Europe and Britain if left unchecked.

Britain’s loony PM, Daft Dave, said he hoped to deal with Libya’s “population of politicians” to save his skin (Classic FM, 17 ii, 1500).

Meantime, Milkmaid Merkel prepared for Hitler’s final solution to the Jewish question by importing Yid-murderous .5K Mueslis daily and by expelling the Greeks from the euro – the only people who had (with 25% of their GNP spent on their military) stood up to the ever-madder-Muesli Turks.

Egypt's Ambassador to the UK warns of a new threat from north Africa. Also attacks UK for not doing enough to help transition after Gaddafi. Comes after Islamic State militants seized the Libyan coastal town of Sirte. Italy also ‘rescued’ 2,134 nignog migrants at the weekend in an 'exodus without precedent'. (D. Mail, 17 ii).

{But Britain, having already admitted and state-subsidized the breeding of some 5M Mueslis, was – thanks to its wrong-headed and then cowardly politicos – very far from recognizing itself as the country which had beaten Catholicism, Republicanism and Nazism. Its attitude to Islamism was ‘Let’s hope the corner shops keep going – for we don’t want the fag of running them ourselves while we can live off socialism-supplied welfare handouts, dope-dealing and dog-breeding.’ (By 2014, 55% of Brits got more in ‘welfare’ than they paid in taxation.)}


  Turkey’s president, Receptionist Doggingman, admitted his Muesli country – long a member of Nato and supplicant to the EEC --  had “a big problem with women” as a fairly young female was killed while fending off a rape attack (Guardian, 17 ii). Recep Tayyip Erdoğanman described violence against women as the “bleeding wound” of his country after the woman was stabbed and beaten to death while trying to fight off a man trying to rape her.

{And what had Receptionist done to improve matters in his four years in office? Precisely nothing! Turkey did not want to upset its anti-feminists while it waited to take over the ‘Caliph’ space in the Levant from which Turkey hoped American allies Jordan, the UAE, Hezbollah and Egypt would eliminate ISIS/Daesh.}


Hsieh Feng, 18, was beaten with clubs and fists before a motorbike was dropped on him by an angry mob, who were cross he had pushed a 10-year-old over in a park in southern Taiwan. Feng’s crime had been to identify two men who had killed his uncle.

CofE GOES ROCK-BOTTOM (D Mail, 19 ii):

The Church of England may be weakened and withered, but south of the border and east of Offa’s Dyke, it remains a national church of sorts whose senior bishops sit in the House of Lords.

So when it speaks, many are still inclined to cock an ear, even if they scarcely ever, or never, go to church.

In a mostly godless and increasingly secular age, people still long for spiritual guidance and nourishment.

There’s no reason why the Church should not offer guidance on the great issues of life which might loosely be called political.

Needless to say, there are several knee-jerk digs in the letter at the Left’s hate figure, Margaret Thatcher.

In one passage, the bishops come close to endorsing the European Union by proclaiming ‘the need to build structures of trust and cooperation between the nations of Europe’.

Tell that to the Greeks! Why need the Church of England even have a view about the EU?

Another passage recommends that we should ‘re-examine’ the need for Trident, our independent nuclear deterrent.

The letter informs us that once there was an argument in its favour, though a ‘deeply problematic’ one, but the world has now changed, and we may no longer need Trident.

Principled opposition to all nuclear weapons is perfectly compatible with Christian belief. But the bishops here seem to be straying towards a strategic assessment of the pros and cons of Trident which, so far as I am aware, they are wholly unqualified to make.

It is on the subject of economics that they most risibly demonstrate how far they are out of their depth.

At one point, they intone that ‘it is good that unemployment has not risen as high as was predicted’ without saying that those false predictions were made by Ed Miliband and Ed Balls.

The bishops are evidently unaware unemployment has actually fallen by more than 600,000 since this Government took office.

They also provocatively assert that ‘in Britain material inequality continues to widen’. This is almost certainly not true since, while real wages have fallen since the crash, benefits have remained more constant.

These are the sort of unsubstantiated allegations we might expect to hear from politicians — in this case the Labour front bench.

The bishops are critical of the dodgy claims of politicians, and rightly so, yet they make a number of them themselves.


 As multculti-spouting US Pres. Obarmy announced he was not ‘at war with Islam, Islam declared it was already at war with him:

Its ideology has spread much further than its origin in Iraq, with pledges of allegiance from terrorist groups in Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen and now Libya.

The jihadists behind the beheadings in Libya call themselves the Tripoli Province of the Islamic State.

Days before Isis released its gory video depicting the Egyptians’ murders, Libya’s former Prime Minister warned that the group would soon reach the Mediterranean and even Europe if order was not restored in the country.

“(Isis) are growing. They are everywhere,” Ali Zeidan said. “In Libya, the situation is still under control. If we leave it one month or two months more I don’t think you can control it.  “It will be a big war in the country and it will be here in Europe as well.”


 The rapid but predictable decline of free speech in Britain in the twenty years beginning with E.LU. failing to stand even minimally by my academic remarks about race, women and paedophilia got a well-deserved observation from comedian Franie Boyle (Independent, 20 ii):

"....I find it incredibly worrying that we no longer need to hear the actual content of the thing we're told to be offended by. We hear of people being arrested for tweets without the tweet being reported; comics are blasted for routines that aren't printed; newspapers hire lip-readers to find something to get offended by at the tennis and then print the resulting fuckfest as asterisks. And who decides whether we should be outraged at something we haven't seen or heard? The press. Our seething collective id. None of us would trust a journalist to hold our pint while we went to the bathroom, yet we allow them to be ethical arbiters for the entire culture."


Blue-eyed and blonde haired Samantha Sunter arrived (with her two boys) and a flat in Coventry to have rented from a housing association) to find it daubed with racist graffi calling  her a “white bitch” and saying the area belonged to “Black sisters and brother only.” Ms Sunter, who had lived locally for fifteen years, said she had always thought of the area as “pretty normal” (Daily Express, 21 ii).


It is with sorrow I record the death, in Cambridge at 79, of Professor Nick Mackintosh He was a very genial as well as bright Oxford psychologist, and especially a pal of ‘Stew’ Sutherland’s in the grand old days of late-behaviourism, whose career had led him on via Halifax, Dalhouse to leftist King’s College, Cambridge, and co-operation with doyen of the ‘Flynn Effect’, thus giving him a late-in-the-day new string to his bow. A note follows.


 I was gratified to find that Oxford University Press, after seventeen years, was still using a puff of mine for Nick Mackintosh’s Cyril Burt: Fraud or Framed? at its website – indeed, it gave the puff twice over for good measure. The review itself (published in Nature, 1995) could still be found at Amazon.


While Blacks seemed determined to do everything possible to dissociate from Whitey’s ways, the Chinese were taking the opposite attitude. Institute Sarita is a modern-day version of European finishing schools that caters to Chinese nouveaux riche (BBC News, 20 ii). Courses offered by the school, located in the trendy Sanlitun district of Beijing, include how to raise children, proper table manners and luxury brand pronunciation.

“Most of my clients had an embarrassing moment, overseas or during a business dinner. They come here because they want to make things easier for themselves,” said Sara-Jane Ho, the perfectly groomed school founder, as she sat in a drawing room furnished with imported French antique furniture.

“It’s mostly learning about how to behave in an international environment,” said Ho, who herself studied etiquette at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Switzerland, one of the last proper finishing schools in the world. So far she has attracted a couple hundred wealthy Chinese to her courses. She is opening a Shanghai branch in May.

    With 190 billionaires and more than two million millionaires, China tags just behind the US in number of high-net-worth individuals, according to research from Forbes magazine and Boston Consulting Group. Many of these fortunes have grown rapidly, in lock-step with China’s newly expanding economy and multiplying business opportunities.

Some who find themselves newly wealthy have little knowledge or training in how to behave in international business or social events. “The country was so isolated 30 years ago,” said Ho. “The spike in wealth has happened in a compressed time. This transformation has created a lot of pressure on individuals.”


 Romanians – i.e. gypsies -- were EIGHT times as likely to be jailed the UK as Britons: shock new figures showed they were the worst offenders, with 11,000 arrested each year as foreign nationals filled 1 in 8 UK prison places. Figures revealed Romanians topped by far the league table for foreign inmates jailed in UK. Albanians, Somalians and Algerians also scored high as a percentage of their residents in Britain – with Vietnamese scoring highest for running cannabis farms (Mail on Sunday, 22 ii).


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Monday, February 16, 2015


 As the UK prepared for LabCon government – following a General Election (in May) fought under a system suitable only to offering two main parties, and the Liberals having collapsed and the SNP and other Gaels being impossible – it was a consolation that the two big parties had long achieved consensus on abortion, homosexuality, death duties, life duties, the holiness of the existing NHS [which needed a cash injection for old-age care which only prescription charges could bring], mass immigration, support for the ‘Arab Spring’ and political correctness.

Peter Hitchens reminded readers of the 20-year big-party official consensus on the importance of children learning their arithmetical tables. After a summary of the annually repeated determination of the mainstream politicos to have children learn something in schools (contrary to the preferences of useless teachers) (Mail on Sunday, 8 ii), PH continued in this vein: ‘In truth, the only multiplication that happens in schools is breeding like rabbits. In the absence of willingness to provide discipline or selection, such is the main form of educashunul consensus available.’ {Not that Britain’s remaining White teenagerettes bred as much as Mueslis!}


The spread of vibrant social diversity is constricting the GOP’s ability to champion conservative causes, such as smaller government and independent families, President Barack Obama said in a softball media interview (Daily Caller, 9 ii).

    “Over the long term, I’m pretty optimistic, and the reason is because this country just becomes more and more of a hodgepodge of folks,” Obama told Vox editor Ezra Klein. “People are getting more and more comfortable with the diversity of this country, much more sophisticated about both the cultural differences but, more importantly, the basic commonality that we have,” he said in his talk, which was recorded Jan 23. In his Vox interview, Obama predicted that immigration would overwhelm conservative causes.


Seeing TV’s orgy of output commemorating Churchill’s death made one wonder: Were we once more in the Thirties – when both parties agreed on most things (especially how nice it would be to resolve the recession) except whether to fight Mr Hitler (which Labourites especially opposed)? If so, what would be the galvanizing event (cf Hitler’s invasion of Poland) which would mobilize politicos? Of course, this time the enemy was already here, in millions.

But reflection on the mayhem in the Middle East suggested a new and dramatic development. Whereas 9/11 and similar horrors had taken planning and finance, and Turkey would probably hold the line against the Daesh (for it wanted Caliphate for itself), Europe’s homegrown Mueslis had a ready strategy which they had not used.

Attacking property was easy, not least because the West had so much of it. Hugely expensive works of art could be vandalized daily; theatres and music halls could be set on fire for the price of a ticket; arsoning libraries would yield destruction from sprinklers as well as the original fire; and a one-armed man with a pickaxe taken to tarmac at 5am could easily disrupt London thoroughfares for hours as hundred of police with tasers swooped to ‘secure the crime scene’ and halt traffic for hours.

No suicide by Islamomanics would be necessary, for ‘punishments’ would only be a few weeks in clink – time to discuss with and learn from other Mueslis (who made up 50% of the prison population – in France).

Why hadn’t Mueslis already thought of such cheap but damaging stratagems that would, as they became a daily occurrence, soon yield the civil war and White flight which Mueslis wanted? Could IQ [lowered annually by cousin marriage] be the answer?....


England’s Crown Prosecution Service had only been set up in 1986 (previously police did the job), but it had rapidly required a reputation for extravagance and injustice, prosecuting burned-out celebrities for 30-year old paedo-panky, prosecuting (unsuccessfully) a Dr Dharmasena who had put just one stitch (to stop bleeding) in a girl who had already suffered FGM at the hands of her Somalian relatives, and proposing to argue in court that no drunk female could ever be held to have given consent to sex. And how many officials were employed by the CPS? About 70? No way! It was 700K. {No wonder shrewder Mueslis probably calculated that life would be a lot cheaper under sharia law!}


 Though, in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo [the singalong for which had done wonders for previously unpopular socialist president M.Hollande], the French had poured scores of thousands of extra cops and squaddies on to their streets, their efforts were not enough to prevent police cars being fired on by Kalashnikov in the Muesli district of Castellane, in the south of Marseilles.

    As the madness deepened, a French-speaking photojournalist called Cantlie [though apparently sporting British citizenship] appeared with other jihadists in a film for ISIS urging French Mueslis to undertake ‘lone wolf’ attacks on passing Frogs.

Cantlie may have been speaking under duress, but was shown sitting in a Sharia court, where he compared the system's “remarkably simple” laws with "the laws of democratic countries which change to fit every circumstance or to fit every different week" (Independent, 10 iii).


A Spectator correspondent summarized: “Yesterday [9 ii] in London a crowd of more than a thousand British Muslims (carefully divided between males and females) gathered outside Downing Street.  The rally – organised by something calling itself ‘The Muslim Action Forum’ – was a protest against freedom of speech, specifically to cartoons of Mohammed in the French publication Charlie Hebdo.

Among the banners carried by protestors were ones that read, ‘I am a servant of holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’, the sinister ‘We love prophet Muhammad (pbuh) more than our lives’, ‘Jesus and Moses were prophets of Islam’ and the even more presumptuous ‘Learn some manners’.

Among those holding a banner reading ‘Charlie and the abuse factory’ was a little boy.  Others bore banners with the fantastically awful words spoken by the Pope last month: ‘Insult my mum and I will punch you (Pope Francis).’  A large banner hung beneath the stage from which speakers addressed the crowd carried the barely concealed threat: ‘Be careful with Muhammad.’”

Apparently a petition against CH was handed in to No.10, signed by 100K Mueslis.

    A Muesli goon arrested with a knife and hammer in his rucksack had a letter of his addressing the British government read out to The Old Bailey (Guardian, 10 ii): “Now we will take a thousand of yours, then ten thousand, and send you all to the hell-fire you want war you got it British soldiers heads will be removed and burned u cannot defeat the Muslims we love to die the way you love to live my fellow muslim brothers these people want war lets kill them slaughter them and implement sharia in our lands and UK.”


As the latest paperback from the incisive Ango-Scotto-American historian Niall Ferguson passes across my desk, I can hardly refrain from one or two observations.

NF is a pithy writer and impressive scholar whose heart is clearly in the right place. The West has reached a state of stasis, with too many politicians, economists, lawyers [for whom NF’s greatest vituperation is understandably reserved] and bureaucrats – and with a pile of debt that is threefold underestimated by official figures and which is requiring borrowing from the next generation to supply the Keynesian stimulus to keep living standards of the present ticking over. The solution, says NF lies in seeing that the West’s greatest successes are its independent schools, the fees for which are the one great contribution of the present generation to the future.
Surprisingly, ‘Big Society’ advocate NF does not notice the possibility of using the West’s (mainly empty) churches to devolve its massive welfare state into locally run insurance schemes where choice and supervision would rule. But NF never wants to go a bridge too far in the direction of taking on PeeCee. So, of course, he is overwhelmingly dismissive of biological IQ differences, failing (like his hero Ron Unz, in his journal American Conservative, vii 2012) to recognize that racial differences are glaringly linked to economic progress and success in the world of c.2000, the B
In particular, NF (like Unz) wants to believe that the one-time differences of the old East and West Germany could not be explained biologically, even though every German worth his salt had struggled to get to the West till the Wall barred the way. Nor can NF and Unz bring themselves to notice that the world’s richest countries (the Gulf states and phosphate-rice Vanuatu in the Pacific) have not managed to boost their IQs.

    Such neglect of the wood for the trees (though, even then, teaching Mexican-Americans English for forty years has seen their IQs rise from 89 to only 92) is a pity.

NF briefly speculates that Constantinople or Moscow may end up running Europe; but he gives no thought to what it would be like having Peking run the world. Not that IQ is everything, of course; and the Chinese may yet be undone by their hyperconformity (derived biologically from the needs of rice growing).

But for the West to have allowed third-world low-IQ breeding to get totally out of control (indeed to be sustained by Western food, clothing, transport, guns and medicine) will surely prove to have been the great degeneration.


Somewhat correcting the nice idea that Napoleon settled the Mueslis down for a century or so of deference to the West, a Libertarian Alliance correspondent writes:

"Down the centuries, for more than a thousand years, Islamic attacks have been normal. Not just pirate attacks – but full scale attacks. Even in the 19th and 20th centuries, when Islam was at its weakest, there were many such attacks – for example the slaughter of so many Christians in the Balkans in the 19th century, and the slaughter of Christian civilians (not just Armenians – other Christians also) in the Middle East during the First World War. {And the murderous Mahdi in the Sudan, against whom Churchill fought.}

    The story of Islamic tolerance of Jews is also partly mythical – as the grim records of Jewish persecution in the Middle East and North Africa show. As for the claims that Islam invented X,Y,Z, bits of kit (that have been found in Roman and Byzantine ship wrecks long before there were such people as Muslims), or that Islamic Spain was a model of tolerance (forgetting the formal declaration of war that occurred every year, much like the annual declaration against the Helots by the Spartans, to justify Islamic raiding), it is only a short step from such claims (BBC types standing by Roman ruins and pointing to them as proof of the glories of Islamic civilisation), to modern claims by the President of Turkey and the religious authorities in Saudi Arabia, that the Americas were once Islamic and that the evil Christians went to North and South America to murder the Muslim inhabitants (it should be obvious why these particular lies are being created, they are justification for future land claims).

    Soon the claim will be that Islam invented the helicopter – and the proof will be presented that there is an Arabic word for helicopter (after all this is the argument that is presented in relation to the astrolabe)."

Our Birmingham correspondent writes:

"There is nothing worthy of respect in the scam of lies and hate which is Islam. Declaring children to be Muslims is a form of child abuse and should be banned. A hint of just how crrapp Islam is can be got from just taking a look at the many countries which have most "benefited" from its dominance. Why isn't everyone migrating to those countries rather than from?  Even India(!) has had to build a barrier to keep out Muslims migrating from Bangladesh!


 Any who doubted a British General Election was underway needed only to study the 300-day-empty House of Commons and the endless sickening pro-‘NHS’ output of the BBC. Though MPs had the cheek to get their bureaucrats write to constituents that they were too busy to investigate why householders had to have six rat-crawling wheelie bins for rubbish (emptied at 3-week intervals if lucky) despite years of promises that such scandals would be ended, and though ‘medicine’ chiefly served the function of breeding itself (as the everlasting elderly, dysgenic children and third-worlders were daily more dependent upon it, this ‘system’ of unthinking official overpaid idealism was apparently unstoppable – only avoidable by switching from BBC channels to ClassicFM).


Our Kansas correspondent writes:

Bob was sitting on the plane, waiting to fly to Detroit, when a guy took the seat beside him. The guy was an emotional wreck, pale, hands shaking, obviously in fear. "What's the matter," Bob asked, "flying bother you?"

"No, I've been transferred to Detroit. I've heard things are terrible there. They've got lots of shootings, gangs, race riots, drugs, poor public schools, and the highest crime rate in the nation."

Bob replied, "I've lived in Detroit all my life. It's not as bad as the media say. Find a nice home, go to work, mind your own business, and enroll your kids in a nice private school. It's as safe a place as you want to make it."

The guy relaxed and stopped shaking. He said, "Oh, thank you! I've been worried to death. But if you live there, and say it's OK, I'll take your word for it. What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a tail-gunner on a Budweiser truck."


 Europe’s reluctance to say it was fed up with Mueslis, to close mosques and ban burqas and beardy-weirdies, and to explain it was withdrawing SOS services from the Mediterranean led hundred of Mueslis to their doom. More than 300 would-be migrants drowned in the Mediterranean c. 10 ii, raising ‘concerns’ about the logic and morality of Europe’s decision to downsize maritime rescue operations without telling Mueslis they were not wanted.

Four rubber dinghies, each carrying up to 100 north-African illegal migrants, were believed to have capsized after leaving Libya for Italy (Guardian, 12 ii). Nine migrants were rescued, and the remainder were missing, believed drowned. A further 29 migrants died from hypothermia.

{Yes, more Blecks/Mueslis died in this one Med-crossing attempt alone than the politicos of Europe had managed to get rid of by deliberation in fifty years. Still, as a visual aid to the horrors of Africa, these suicides possibly served some purpose for the European idealists who had wanted an end to empire.}


 A ‘Black and Minority Ethnic Only’ event was organized and advertised at a leading college of the University of London. {Presumably the exclusion of Whites was so as to provide a “safe space” for nig-nogs ooops thirld-worlders. How left-blessed multiculturalism ends!}

{Heaven forfend that White students organize a private showing of the film ‘Zulu’! And were Falkland Islanders, Welsh, Jews and Kurds invited?}


The Indie carried a nice vignette of 2015 luniversity life. Note red tie, piggy eyes, corpulence, veneering estimate of Black penile length, and plonk bottle.

Sir Steve Smith, the Vice-Chancellor of Exeter University, who reportedly earns £400,000 a year with bonuses and pensions Supposedly the centre of independent thought and progressive values, universities now seem to be nothing more than centres of corporate power, where indulgent expenses and executive pay packets are valued more than the students. Indeed, when coupled with the often pro-austerity rhetoric, the culture at the top of universities appears to mirror many of the worst aspects of British society.


 Black-run South Africa gifted the world a visual aid (till cameras were cut off) of parliamentarians trading punches and hurling hats and seats at their President, one Jacob Zuma, who had declined to pay £13M for “security renovations” to his swimming pool, saying the expense was a public responsibility (D.Telegraph, 13 ii). Several MPs were taken to hospital and opposition leader Moomoo said the ruling ANC had restored the police state which Bleck independence had been meant to abolish. Whites had released murderer Nelson Mandela just 25 years previously.


  Labour’s high-born demented Deputy Leaderene, Harriet Harperson, 87, told a pretty young Labour MPette that she was “far too pretty to be interested in politics” and should instead be in Girls Aloud. Harperson subsequently denied she would ever have said such a thing; but Mrs Danczuk MP, mother of two, filmed trying on a basque, said “I can categorically confirm that is exactly what was said to me by Harriet” (D.Telegraph, 13 ii).


The left’s two-generation campaign to destroy the family and replace it with state dependence was found to have yielded the result that, by age two, only 30% of America’s Black children were living with both parents; by age sixteen, the figure had dropped to 20% (Washington Examiner, 12 ii).


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Monday, February 09, 2015


  Some of the world’s top porn consumers are in the Middle East. According to data released by Google, six of the top eight porn-searching countries were Muslim states. Pakistan topped the list at number one, followed by Egypt at number two. Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey came in at numbers four, five, seven and eight, respectively. Pakistan led the way in porn searches for animals like pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats and snakes (Salon, 15 i).

According to research put out by PornMD, the terms “creamy squirt,” “blowjob” and even “Kendra Wilkinson” (Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend) appear on the top 10 most-searched terms coming out of countries like Iraq, Syria and Iran. The word “Arab” was the number-one searched porn term in Egypt, Iran and Syria. Some got a little creepier. “Pain” lands at Iraq’s fourth most-searched term, while “father daughter” and “brother sister” came in at numbers four and five for Syria. Both the words “mother” and “mom” appeared on Egypt’s top 10 list.


 After a week of the UK commemorating its top Briton, Sir Winston Churchill (who – after luckily getting 350K troops out of Dunkirk in 1940 and crucially having enough crack Polish pilots to persuade Hitler to turn east against Greece and Russia -- had been laid to rest within sight of his childhood bedroom at Blenheim Palace), England’s blowsy no-hoper Education Secretarene ‘Nicky’ Morgan, announced a new summit of ambition: despite state school indiscipline and absenteeism, she would somehow get children to know their arithmetical tables (well, up to the undaunting 10-, 11- and 12-times tables) and be able to write a short story by age eleven.

{Wow, what a falling off was there! In the 1950s, all but the dullest (despatched to Remove classes....), knew their tables and could manage précis by age eight.}

Hilariously, the touchy-feely Nicola Morgan (b 1972), allegedly a jurisprude, was invited à propos her ambitions to go on a children’s programme where she convincingly demonstrated to a child questioner that she was unable to multiply 9 by 8 or to find the cube root of 125.

    In line with her risibly low expectations, fatty Morgan persuaded PM Daft Dave to announce they would be sacking perhaps 3.5K school heads whose pupils ooops students failed to meet their dismal ‘standards’ (Independent, 2 ii). {This surprising disciplinarian mouthing made it all the more unclear why Education ideas-man Michael Gove had been shuffled off.}


  Long before a Nazi was in sight, WSC had penned in The River War, 1899, when he was 25, a warning of the Muesli peril which was reprinted {unenthusiastically, of course} in the Independent (2 ii):

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!” Churchill wrote. “Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy … Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture … exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.”

There is much more on the enslavement of women and the dangers of Islam, along with the usual liberal sentiments which have their modern-day counterparts.

“Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die: but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.”

But there are a few, now-censored remarks which would have Isis and Boko Haram nodding in agreement. “No stronger retrograde force [than Islam] exists in the world,” the great WSC announced; but “…Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step…” If it were not for Christianity, “sheltered in the strong arms of science,” then “the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.”


 Bunging advanced secondary education at teenagers turned out, when unassisted by proper selection, to be an expensive waste of everyone’s time and money – not least that of the dullard kids who had been persuaded to take out loans to cover their ‘studies.’ More than £800m a year was being wasted on students in England who dropped out of apprenticeships and A-level courses because their schools and colleges were more interested in getting “bums on seats” than in guiding them to the right subjects. Critics warned that a generation of young people had been set up for failure, spending wasted months out of the jobs market or more appropriate education (Independent, 2 ii).


Plans by Home Secretary Topwitch May to ban ‘extremist’ speech from schools, colleges and universities so as to hamstring Mueslis, the BNP, UKIP, the EDL and Lord Normo Tebbs were criticized by a smattering of the great and good (Guardian, 2 ii) and hundreds of grade-inflated ‘professors’ (from obscure colleges they didn’t care to list) (Guardian, 3 ii); but they were probably too late since ‘no platform on campus’ demands had proved popular with ‘students’ – overwhelmingly left-wing students – and increased fourfold since 2000. {Free speech about anything interesting had been abolished by Labour’s Race Relations Acts of 1966 and 1976 without a squeak from Guardian readers.}


 Having failed to support churches – and require all to be registered with a church of a kind that would provide supervision and dispense welfare – England found that its cops were expressing interest in some 800 cases annually of ‘sexual assault’ (including ‘rape’) by under-10s each year (even though such ‘cases’ were below England’s ultra-low age of criminal responsibility) (Daily Mail, 2 ii). Donald Findlater, research director at the Lucy Faithfull ­Foundation, warned the statistics were more likely to be the tip of the iceberg as many such crimes go unreported.

    Government investigations of 1980’s paedo-panky – already twice abandoned since appointed judges were found to have had dinner with friends of friends of the accused – looked like transforming into an Australian-style Royal Commission, costing £¼B over a four-year period to sully the names of the dead.


Each January, parents across San Francisco ranked their preferences for state schools. By June, most got their children into their first choices, and almost three-quarters got one of their choices. A majority of families may be satisfied with the outcome, but the student assignment system was failing to meet its No. 1 goal, which the San Francisco Unified School District had struggled to achieve since the 1960s: classroom diversity. Since 2010, the year before the current policy went into effect, the number of San Francisco’s 115 public schools dominated by one race climbed significantly. Six in 10 had simple majorities of one racial group (San Francisco Public Press, 2 ii).


 As obstetric expert Lord Robert Winston, Fellow of the Galton Institute, explained that giving a foetus a ‘third parent’ to supply replacement mitochondrial DNA (which would not alter individual characteristics, just provide ‘batteries’ to help normal DNA to get working) (D.Telegraph, 2 ii), the obligation to use intelligence to solve problems was mentioned – albeit the “God-given intelligence” which Lord Winston and colleagues politely presumed all of us to have. The House of Commons agreed, passing ‘third-parenting’ by a 3-1 majority.


 Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers said all white people were racist and that his blood had been “polluted” by white people (Nebraska Watchdog, 2 ii). Chambers, a 77-year-old African-American senator who was the state’s longest serving lawmaker {yes, many millions of Blacks had voted for this vicious loon}, made the comments about race while filibustering a bill that would increase the fee for marriage licenses.

Ernie Chambers  talked about how his ancestors had been enslaved and sexually abused by some of the nation’s “righteous,” Christian founding fathers. What they were declaring in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence was that they could do anything they wanted with black girls and women, he said. “Oh yes, I have a great store of bitterness in me,” he said. “Why do you think I’m not black? Because some white person or persons jumped a fence and polluted the blood that is in my veins to this day.”


The sometimes-presumed-calming influence of females got a come-uppance as Anglo-Scots tennis star Andy Murray, who had surrounded himself with women as his closest advisers (his girlfriend, his mother and his coach) lost his cool once more in Melbourne, going on to lose 3-1 and to break three rackets in twenty minutes during which he scored not a single point against cool-as-a-cucumber Serb opponent Nova Djokovic. Indeed, the influence seemed to have gone in the reverse direction, with Andy’s fiancée Kim caught by lipreaders swearing like a trooper at one of her man’s “fat f*ck” opponents.


British researchers demonstrated their unfailing capacity for re-inventing the wheel (at taxpayers’ expense) by showing that the descendants of successful Victorian families were still doing quite nicely thank you. Economists Greg Clark and Neil Cummins explained in Economic Journal that “families with the greatest abilities will just pass them on to their children” – though presumably not mainly genetically since great-great-great-great-grandchildren inherit only about 1% of their ancestors’ genes (plus happy top-ups for ‘abilities’ if assortative mating for high-IQ was practised).


  As the Daesh of the Levant murdered a couple of (rather loopy) Japanese and a Jordanian jet pilot, Jordan – already at war with Shitite Hizbollah and Solunni ISIS, found it in itself to divide between those who rushed to offer themselves to the King as ‘commandos’ against Daesh and those who wondered what Jordan was doing fighting fellow Solunnis.

According to top historian Michael Burleigh (Daily Mail, 5 ii), “Many of Jordan’s people (who are Sunni Muslim, like ISIS) are strongly opposed to its participation in the war.” Even the King of the 6½M country (plus 2M Solunni refugees) was racked: uncertain whether to take his promised revenge on none or six of his captured Daesh, he settled for two – including a woman who had been in prison in Jordan for ten years and was probably of no use to any of the typically divided Arab factions.

The United Arab Emirates also wilted, saying it would withdraw from the occasional bombing raids of America’s useless anti-IS ‘coalition,’ partly because it was unhappy siding with Iraqi Shitites and partly because it did not want its highly westernized cities of Dubhai and Abu Dhabi suicide-bombed by IS loons

    For their part, Western media handled events by their increasingly familiar policy of denying their audiences virtually any of the information that they might like to have: so gory beheadings of the Nips and the 22-minute tormented writhings of the roasted Jordanian pilot were to be kept from Westerners until they met their own turns in Marseilles or London – just as they were not allowed to learn the race, age, sex, photo or social background even of those arrested by police or brought before a court of law.

Anything other than face the truth that Solunnis and Shitites (and other ethnies) needed separating, and that justice and its press preliminaries should be open, not secret!


 After 16 years of neglect (some of it likely deliberate) of 2,000 White girls (doubtless from the most ghastly non-families) in its ‘care’ being groomed, drugged, abused, raped and repeatedly prostituted by Pek taxi drivers and pals {see above}, the entire Council of Rotherham ‘Cabinet’ graciously agreed to resign – though often to go to well-fed and overpaid sinecures elsewhere (ClassicFM, 4 ii, 14:00).

The handover to Westminster (which would call fresh elections) came after several reports accusing councillors of political correctness in putting peace with Peks ahead of protecting its largely self-assumed young charges. Police action would likely follow – including against one Pek police officer.

Some of the councillors were half-Pek and/or had Pek relatives accused of abuse. Files on scores of prostituted girls were found to have disappeared. Councillors refused to apologize when called upon by journalists to do so, saying their resignations meant they were “no longer in the public domain” and should be left in peace to enjoy their luxury houses (Daily Mail, 6 ii).

    Showing greater alacrity, Northumbria police arrested some 70 ‘Asians’ (mainly from Halifax) on suspicion of trafficking, false imprisonment and supplying Class A drugs to girls of 13-25.

    Police promised to prosecute any ‘race hate’ crimes resulting from the revelations of massive Pek criminality. And they warned Ukip leader Nigel Farage not to show his face in the streets of Rotherham (where Ukip had ten councillors) since they could not guarantee to control the battalions of UAF/Anti-Nazi League/SWP supporters bussed in to defend Rotherham’s ‘anti-racist’ ways (Guardian, 7 ii).


 Despite her talk being delayed for an hour by 300 ‘anti-fascists’ (led by Black Weyman Bennett) while an opportunity was awaited to smuggle her into the Oxford Union by a side door, French NF leaderene Marine le Pen obliged her hosts by declining to call for mosque burning and instead produced a moderate line that she favoured classic French principles of secularism, assimilation and the rule of law.

Protesters insisted that they had not wanted to infringe her free speech but just to have her ‘disinvited to dinner’ at the OU (Guardian, 6 ii).

{Demands for ‘safe places’ where rabid feminoids/anti-nasties’/cultural Marxists would be shielded from ever hearing or seeing disasgreeable views had become commonplace in Britain’s luniversities (Guardian, 7 ii). The Sun, Britain’s best-selling newspaper, had already been banned from shops on some 30% of campuses.}


 New work on 54K mental-disease-free Europeans, published in Molecular Psychiatry, estimated that 29% of variation in g [cf IQ] was accounted for by variation in 13 genes – AmRen, 5 ii, James Thomson. This seemed well in line with the classic London School estimate that, altogether, some 100 genes might have roles in determining IQ {see TgF, Chap.3).


Marking the end of an era in American publishing, the rightist-liberal-Jewish New Republic magazine, which had changed editor, hired a fat third-worlder to apologize for its previous ‘racism’ – in particular, for applauding The Bell Curve. An AmRen correspondent helpfully added (5 ii):

Here's that "Canadian" journalist ‘Jeet Heer’ -- clearly (s)he is just another ungrateful interloper imported from the Third World who's made it a life mission to demoralize and marginalize North America's whites"

“‘The Bell Curve’ was perhaps the most impactful, and unfortunate, example of the magazine’s embrace of racial mythmaking,” Heer wrote.


Surveys from a variety of European counties and the USA found disquiet about Mueslis had reached around 50% -- with such percentages wishing them back to ‘contribute’ to their own countries, drop the niqab, and be obliged to pay for their own interpreters if unable to speak English (Citizen Warrior, 4 ii).

{Not that growing awareness of the Muesli takeover ooops menace seemed remotely likely to influence the West’s peecee-maniacal politicos --  who preferred to parade as ‘Je suis Charlie’ while criminalizing or sacking any who came close to criticizing others’ race, religion, sex or unemployability!}


A wandering loon was allowed on BBC World Service (8 ii, 08:30) to confess he had set up a ‘utopian community’ on the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland which had gone disastrously wrong and ended in mass defections and himself in in-patient psychiatric treatment for depression and suicidal ideation; he blamed the failure partly on the ‘unstable characters’ of those selected for participation. Likewise the famous C19 Scottish mill-town experiment by Robert Adams had gone disastrously wrong – losing all his wife’s money.

Whether the 100K Jews who had lately emigrated to Arizona to escape anti-semitism and Zionism remained to be seen – it was not clear whether they were putting behind them the disastrous Jewish multiculti experiment which had persuaded Whites to believe they could get on with Blecks, Peks and Mueslis and delight in being minorities in their own lands who would never dream of attacking Jews.


 After twenty years of looking on serenely as Arabia emptied itself of Christians (burning churches and murdering half a million faithful in the process), the UK’s Prince Charles donned his tea-towel* and lamented why oh why could the millions of Mueslis admitted to or bred in Britain not manage a more passable show of fitting in with British values. Like what? Sleeping one man to a bed, disveiling a little, allowing reading, art, music and Darwin, stunning cattle before butchering them, a good show of female equality, GCSE E-grade English, not fiddling election results, apostasizing bombers, cutting down anti-semitism to Hitlerite levels  and not beheading British soldiers in the streets would be a start....

* Arabs sometimes objected to the term ‘towel-head’ since the comical gear was actually a small sheet – so they presumably needed to be called ‘little sheet heads’....


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Tuesday, February 03, 2015


 Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t pull any punches in his assessment of Black rabble-rouser Rev. Al Sharpton -- who vowed to keep fighting for justice for slain Black Ferguson teen Michael Brown (despite the feds’ decision to drop a civil rights investigation) and characterized Sharpton on national television as less than intelligent and as unworthy of respect (Washington Times, 22 i).

“I don’t expect anything intelligent to come out of the mouth of Al Sharpton,” Sheriff Clarke said. “We know he is a charlatan. Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from. The police officer is owed a lot from him, Eric Holder [Black anti-White Attorney General] and the President of the United States.”


Despite fifty years of multiculti piety, America’s largest Christian church showed virtually no sign of ‘integration’ whatsoever (Yahoo! News, 24 i). Non-White congregations made up 20 percent of the Southern Baptist Convention’s nearly 51,000 congregations in 2012, the most recent year for which statistics were available from the denomination. But less than 1 percent of those congregations were multi-ethnic.

The vast majority of Southern Baptists attend a church predominantly filled by people of their own race, be it Black, White or Hispanic. The situation was nearly identical in most Christian denominations in the United States. Despite that lack of integration (officially favoured by church leaders), a phone survey of about 1,000 churchgoers by Lifeway Research found that only 37 percent of evangelicals thought their churches needed to become more ethnically diverse.

{In addition, many churches ‘having mixed congregations’ had separate services for each to cater for the vastly different styles of worship preferred.}


Celebrating Australia Day, the holiday marking the arrival of British settlers in the eighteenth century, Queensman PM Tony Abbott announced that, on his advice, Her Maj would honour Prince Philip, 95, with the country’s highest honour, a knighthood {reintroduced by TA in 2014} for his services to the Empire ooops Commonwealth ooops Australia.

This was another sign that Oz was repenting itself of its non-White Australia policy foisted on it by Labour. Though Prince Philip was considered top god in Fiji, his position had not stopped him criticizing his devotees for {to use the phrase adopted belatedly in 2015 by the Pope} ‘breeding like rabbits’ contrary to all eugenic principles.

In Oz, the Prince had once asked an aboriginal chieftain who had become a businessman whether tribesmen still threw spears at each other. To someone who'd just got back from travelling across Papua New Guinea, he quipped "You managed not to get eaten, then?"

    A Guardian objector to the knighthood wrote (26 i): “Phil got one because he's a racist bogan at heart, and he's a pom. Just like Lord Emperor Abbott.” {But ‘bogan’ was a term for earthy working class folk who freely expressed their views – as did Prince Philip -- and had acquired positive connotations among under-30 Ozzies in recent years.}


 The full extent of the hollowing out of the BBC by multiculti mad-Muesli leftism went on display as staff were forbidden to describe even the killers of twelve Parisian journalists at Charlie Hebdo as ‘terrorists.’ The term terrorist was ‘loaded,’ ‘value-laden’ and ‘unhelpful’ explained the Beeb’s head of Arabic services – himself a swarthy chap of Middle Eastern origin who had not even bothered to anglicize his name, Tarik Kafala (Independent, 26 i).


 Britain’s Coalition government’s multibillion pound flagship policies for improving schools – encouraging them to convert to ‘academy status’ (teaching grammar and geometry) and establishing ‘free schools’ (largely free of local authority control – but not free to select or stream by IQ) – have had little or no effect, according to a major parliamentary inquiry (Guardian, 26 i).

The House of Commons’ education committee was expected to offer an embarrassingly tepid verdict on the government’s academy and free school programmes, including evidence that the impact on raising school performance by its multibillion-pound converter academy programme was “inconclusive”.


 Fifty years after ‘the Great Society’ (Whites dishing out rights out of guilt, then dishing out more to handle the Black rioting of Watts, Newark, Detroit etc), Pat Buchanan summed up the ‘achievements’ (which by 2015 specially involved mobs all over America chanting ‘Death to cops’ – including Black cops).

    “In the half-century {since the efforts of LBJ et al}, trillions have been spent on food stamps, housing subsidies, Head Start, student loans, Pell Grants, welfare, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and other programs {such as over-promoting Blacks in every area of public life}. How did it all work out?

     Undeniably, the civil right laws succeeded. Discrimination in hotels and restaurants is non-existent. African-Americans voted in 2012 in higher percentages than white Americans. There are more black public officials in Mississippi than in any other state. In sports, entertainment, journalism, government, medicine, business, politics, and the arts, blacks may be found everywhere.

    Yet the pathology of the old urban ghetto has not disappeared. In some ways, it has gotten much worse. Crime in the black community is still seven times what it is in the white community. Test scores of black students remain far below those of Asian and white students. While 40 percent of all infants are born to single moms, the illegitimacy rate in black America is over 70 percent.”


As Britain’s protracted election campaign (held because the Coalition could think of nothing to do since Libdoolally Clegg would not be seen dead with PM Daft Dave) entered its last 100 days  (in the past, a 21 day period was deemed sufficient), Labour produced advertising saying it would forbid the claiming of benefits till migrants had been in the UK for four years and it would make front-line NHS staff speak English (D.Mail, 27 i)

Just why Labour had not introduced such elementary measures during its 13-year period in office was deemed unworthy of mention; but the change was immediately spotted and deplored by the fat Black Labour David Lammy, MP for London’s riot-prone Tottenham.


As Kurds retook from the barbaric Daesh (‘ISIS’) – with the help of American bombing, arms and training – most of their north-Syrian town of Kobani, there seemed a chance of ending the idiotic Western multiculti illusion which had gone along with assigning Kurds to fealty to Baghdad and Ankara, neither of which had shown the slightest willingness or capacity to protect the Kurds from raving Solunnis.

Admittedly the main Kurdish city of Mosul and its oil remained in Daesh hands, and the relief of tiny and militarily unimportant Kobani (pop. 45K) had required 700 airstrikes; but the Kobani victory certainly brought a pause in three years of disaster for the Kurds (New York Times, 26 i).


 After a generation of Britoid wymmin who couldn’t trouble themselves to battle forced marriages, sex slavery or female genital mutilation achieved instant media acclaim for their every slightest suspicion of paedophilia/paedosadism and had even previous Home Secretary Lord Brittan die under a cloud, it turned out that – with the help of the likes of Labour MP (Tom Watson) and gold-diggers turning out to get legal backing for their cases against Jimmy Savile – Britain’s prisons had given over 12% of their places to ‘perverts’ who were easy to handle and often played a good game of chess (D.Mail, 27 i).

Staff at no less than eight English jails owed their jobs totally to the hanky-panky (often ancient – for the UK had no statute of limitations) of pervs and ‘rapists’ who had fallen foul of feminoid injunctions that all sex was rape once ‘male social dominance’ was considered.


 Aymeric Chauprade, head of the Front Nationale group in the European parliament, directly challenged the cautious approach to the Charlie Hebdo mayhem generally adopted by scurvy Frog politicians. He posted a video online which claimed that up to 1,000,000 French Muslims represented a “fifth column” of “potential terrorists”. He said that France was “at war with Muslims, possibly not with all Muslims, but with Muslims” (Independent, 28 i).

Marine Le Pen, the FN’s official leaderene, disassociated herself from the video and dismissed Mr Chauprade as her foreign adviser and group leader in Strasbourg. Like President Hopeless Hollande (who had led France to being an economic basket case, along with Club Med), Marine preferred the ‘moderate’ lie that France was only up against a few radicalised Islamists – who should not even be called that because it contained the word ‘Islam.’

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, one of only two FN deputies in the National Assembly, tweeted a supportive link to the video even after it had been rejected by her aunt. Ms Maréchal-Le Pen, only 25 and much better looking than Marine, was increasingly seen as a hard-line rival to Marine and under the influence of the unreconstructed and allegedly grumpy Jean-Marie Le Pen, 86.


 Young British jihadis are pornography-obsessed inadequates who only turn to radical Islam when they fail to “make it with girls”, Boris Johnson claimed (Daily Telegraph, 30 i; Classic FM, 30 i, 08:30). Enlivening what was usually a drearily pious debate about Islamic ooops non-Islamic terrorists ooops non-terrorists, the Mayor of London said an MI5 probe had found that terrorists who joined Islamic State were sexually frustrated, describing them as “literally w*nkers”.

    Speaking on a visit to Kurdistan, ‘BoJo’ called for the terrorist group to be “demystified”, and its recruits unmasked as “tortured losers”. He told the Sun: “If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally w***ers. Severe onanists. They are tortured. They will be very badly adjusted in their relations with women, and that is a symptom of their feeling of being failures and that the world is against them.

    “They are not making it with girls, and so they turn to other forms of spiritual comfort — which of course is no comfort.”

BoJo added in his scathing attack that Muslim communities had a responsibility to speak out against acts of terror such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Pointing out his own great-grandfather had been a Turkish Muslim, BoJo said: “I often hear voices from the Muslim intelligentsia who are very quick to accuse people of Islamophobia. But they are not explaining how it can be that this one religion seems to be leading people astray in so many cases.”

The sexually profligate Boris – with countless bastards to his name, including one by his latest town-hall-supplied secretary -- claimed Muslim leaders needed to provide an alternative narrative for those individuals attracted by Isis, or other such terrorist groups. “[The leaders] are not being persuasive in the right way with these people.”

    Boris had been shown secret MI5 recordings, in which onanism apparently provided a major thread – though a few jibbering jihadists had been normal and popular young men who had been bullied into arranged marriages by their Pek parents. When ‘terror mastermind’ Obarmy bin Liner had been raided in his hideout in Pekiland by US Seals, a considerable stash of pornography had been recovered.

    Muslim apologists, while admitting that ‘loser’ young males liked getting weaponized, denied the phenomenon had anything much to do with Islam (Classic FM, 30 i, 10:00). One Mussurat Zia, General Secretary for the Muslim Women's Network slammed the Conservative politician's comments as "irresponsible" and "the definition of terrorism" (Daily Express, 30 i).

Ms Zia said the "sweeping comment" made by Mr Johnson labelled "all young Muslim men as losers". "If you look at the definition of terrorism, it is to incite fear into the hearts of people – this is what he is doing," she added.

Khalid Mahmood, a leading Muslim MP, attacked the mayor for his “crude” terminology and said (Times, 30 i): “We need to address and condemn radicalisation, but this is not the way to speak about it. It’s pure political manoeuvring on Boris’s part -- he is trying to sound like a lad.”

Condemnation also came from the ‘Quilliam Foundation’, a Muesli outfit set up to counter extremism with the help of gummint funding. ConLib Coalition Deputy Leader Clegg called  Boris a “tw*t” – probably further boosting his popularity with millions (he was already clear front-runner to take over as Tory leader if DD resigned

    {How to explain the occasional girl who got mixed up with Daesh – some 30 were reputedly assisting some 500 male-loser ‘British’ compatriots to help ISIS in Syria? Most likely, their burqas had the primary function of obscuring that they were fat, moustachioed and beglassified; ie. they were just as much ‘losers’ as their male counterparts.}


Those who thought a powerful moderate-conservative Army-run country like Egypt could get a grip on jihadism suffered a shock as rockets ripped through barracks, checkpoints and hotels in northern Sinai, killing 27 Egyptian soldiers and injuring 60.

{The truth was that the failed ‘religion’ of murderous Islam needed – with Russian, Chinese and Indian help – to be got rid of, starting with the closure and razing of mosques and going on to the banning of beards and burqas and the public execution of bombers, bomb-makers and their associates.}


 In the three weeks following the Jan.7 Muesli slaughter of Paris journalists and Jews, French police brought 486 actions against terror sympathisers and swiftly jailed 18, typically for several years (Guardian, 31 i). Mueslis made this easy by shouting their views at police, threatening to ‘get the Kalashnikovs out’ to kill not only more journalists and Jews but cops themselves – often the ranters were drunk as they hurled abuse, giving hope that Mueslis might be beginning to adapt to Western way of life.

    However, the West having long ago lost all grip on the A/A world, Solunnis of Pekiland were able to kill more than sixty of 400 Shitite worshippers as they detonated a bomb in a mosque in Shakyarpussy (Guardian, 31 i). No arrests were expected among the mayhem that invariably ensued when Mueslis attempted multicultural living.


Thrilled to demonstrate their magisterial incompetence, the bureaucrats of Ofsted (‘Office for Standards in Education’) – backed by England’s pudgy and frumpish but otherwise underwhelmng new Education Secretarene -- managed to reshuffle many of England’s schools to new positions in educational league tables (D.Telegraph, 30 i).

At least Eton still came top? No way – it came in at 3,800! This and countless other spiteful socialist tricks were managed by invalidating qualifications earned from non-wholly-British exam boards (such as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education) to which Britain’s top schools had resorted because of the babyish box-ticking for with British GCSEs were infamous.

Further re-shuffling – doubling the number of “sub-standard” schools -- was achieved by refusing to admit even the highest grades achieved in hairdressing, podiatry, motor cycle maintenance and similarly useful and saleable skills.

    Showing government incompetence was not an English speciality – but almost certainly a result of a generation of discrimination against employment of applicants from elite universities – the Scottish Executive found, as it ‘planned’ to introduce new exams, that parents and staff were furious and disillusioned at the “shambolic manner” in which the ‘reforms’ had been implemented (D.Telegraph, 31 i, p.1).


 Western and Japanese leaders spent millions diplomatizing, PR-ing and lunching as they bemoaned the beheading of a couple of crackpot Nips who had made contact with Daesh as part of their country’s effort to resurrect its WWII alliance with Mueslis (who had been meant to help take India as Nip troops advanced through Burma) (BBCR4, 1 ii, 08:00).

Still ‘fighting’ according to their own Queensberry rules, the looneys settled in to pass the port and dish out burbling condolences to beloveds’ relatives as they waited to see how much publicity Daesh would milk from a Jordanian jet pilot (captured by Daesh) before beheading him too.


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