Sunday, September 26, 2010


Such was the message (as from me to E.LU. in 1996/7/8 – finally eliciting £100K in entertainment fees) from raunchy superstar comedian and livewire Russell Brand, 35, to Los Angeles, where ludicrous peecee cops had arrested RB for properly biffing a papparazo photographer who had tried to get an up-skirt snap of his American songbird fiancée, Katy Perry, 27 (News of the World, 19 ix).


People seeking the academic authority for Dr Thilo Sarazzin’s hereditarian views (q.v.) were obliged as a chief editor of FAZ took the trouble to read Germany Self-Destructs thoroughly and reported an oh-so-shocking discovery in the book’s ‘biological’ section (19 ix): "The explosiveness of this material has not yet been sufficiently investigated -- there are sources mentioned in the book's biological section that make one's hair stand on end (Volkmar Weiss)".

Yes, Volkmar, the distinguished Leipzig psychogeneticist (author of The IQ Trap, 2000; most noted for his idea that there might even be just one main gene for intelligence and that IQ is quite closely linked to social class -- discussed in Chapters 3 and 4 of The g Factor) had evidently zoomed to score at the Bundesbank! “Rarely has a man influenced the German public discourse as much as Sarrazin has done with his book,” Der Spiegel wrote.


News of Europe’s itchiness with globalizing multiculturalism reached New York – NYT, 20 ix. Sweden, in particular – where traitorous pseudo-liberals had multiplied multiculturalism and murder and rape rates -- made a little progress, giving its ‘far right’ (though still anti-racist, yaggish and pro-welfare-for-oldies) Sweden Democrats 6% of its national vote and 20 seats in its parliament (VDare, 20 ix; The Australian, 20 ix).

There was nothing ambiguous about the campaign of the Sweden Democrats, blogged the bbc’s Gavin Hewitt: “In one advertisement they showed a white pensioner being edged aside by burka-clad mothers in the benefits queue. Their leader, Jimmie Akesson, 31, described Islam as the biggest threat to Sweden since World War ii.”

And the French Senate voted 246-1 to ban the burka. Inspired by the Danish People’s Party, the Sweden Democrats had shed their skinhead image in favour of smart suits and a carefully calibrated message that emphasised support for Israel and women’s rights alongside what party leader Jimmie Akesson described as a “common sense” aversion to Muslim immigration.

An AmRen correspondent wisely observed:

Look for White Humanity’s use of the ballot to protect itself from third world mongrelization to be seriously curtailed in the near future. “If racists are allowed to vote, then democracy’s flaw is a threat to human rights and global dignity. We must reform our voting laws to reflect inclusion and tolerance. No racist votes!” You heard it here first. Beware.

Unduly alarmist? Hardly! By 25 ix, the Boston Globe was calling for the suppression of ‘troubling voices’ like Sarrazin’s:

….the ability of one individual to cause a global crisis between the West and the Muslim world is troubling. The saga of this rather unimportant federal reserve executive in Germany [Thilo Sarrazin] parallels that of the even less important pastor from Florida [Terry Jones]. Both suggest a tragic and vicious circle: the growing Islamophobic sentiment among the populations of America and Europe, fostered by the threat of Islamist terrorism and two wars against Islamist enemies, has spawned an equal readiness with which Muslim groups rise in disproportionate fury against anti-Muslim provocations.


After a decade of mounting curiosity that few precise genes for intelligence had been discovered, grantsman Robert Plomin (IoP, U. London) delicately revealed that his studies of 4K British children had found a few hundred genes for IQ, each of them of small effect (as envisaged c. 1970 by Hans Eysenck and Art Jensen), and with some operating in interaction with others in G x G interactions (as per TgF Chap. 3) – though Plomin did not upset his funders by mentioning such names or indeed by letting his story loose in British newspapers [indeed, he implied to naïve Oz paparazzi that his work was actually overthrowing received London School wisdom]) (Sydney Morning Herald, 20 ix; The Australian, 20 ix). Whether any Bleck kids had been involved in Plomin’s oh-so-diplomatic researches and PR-managed reports was left carefully unspecified so as not to upset MSM’s horses.


The USA, having learned no serious lesson from 9/11 – attributed by Muslims to Jews without any compelling American refutation – found itself enduring a plague of bedbugs from the third-world types which greedy businessmen and vote-seeking Democrats had wilfully invited to the ‘Land of the PeeCee’ (AmRen, 20 ix).


As Britain’s trade union thugs prepared their public service ‘workers’ to provide a 1970s-style winter of discontent (q.v.), research showed Labour had arranged for an astonishing 9,000 public sector employees* to earn more than the Prime Minister's £142K -- including many GPs, civil servants, police and council chiefs, plus preening BBC executives (some earning £700K p.a.). The sainted NHS alone had 26,000 bosses on more than £100K; and 6,500 were paid more than David Cameron. Union top thugs, too, clocked in salaries of £100K for shepherding their brainless sheep to replay the 1970s (Sun, 20 ix).

* Not included among such ‘employees’ were equally useless operatives of Britain’s socialist-‘regulated’ pseudo-privatized banks and railways – the top thugs of which ‘earned’ annual salaries well in excess of £1.5M plus mega-million ‘pension pots’ and nightly gold-plated London dinners and dancing girls.


Despite two generations of peecee multiculturalism in Germany, sales of Thilo Sarrazin’s Germany Self-Destructs (q.v.) reached 600K and several high-level CDU officials stood down in protest against Reichskanzlerine Mutti Merkel giving Germany’s hard-earned cash away to feckless Greeks and failing to read Sarrazin’s book (which she had nevertheless condemned -- just as E.LU.’s Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland had in 1996 condemned The g Factor as “repellent, false and personally obnoxious,” triggering a 2½-year witch-hunt of me which cost Edinburgh University some £100K and the disgrace of having to burn all its files on the case) (New York Times, 21 ix). Press criticism of Sarrazin continued in Germany (FAZ, 22 ix) – though still with only remote allusions to the century of work on intelligence by the London School.


German Reichskanzlerine Mutti Merkel told FAZ that Germany would become an Islamic country, with more mosques than churches (as had already happened in the south-east of France) (21 ix). Correspondents debated how to find and hang the traitorous politicians who had allowed this; how to deport more Mueslis for crime and welfare-dependency; and how the invasion might still be reversed by liberally dispensing pork scratchings in buses, schools, hospitals etc. – a stratagem being used in Israel to deter Mueslis from detonating themselves (lest they be contaminated by a scrap of pork and thus lose their heavenly options on 72 doe-eyed virgins and ever-flowing lime juice).

Merkel received praise for her condemnation of Sarrazin as she received a medal for multiculturalism from Germany’s Jewish community (mainly imported from Russia – to the communism of which the lingering anti-Semitism of Germany had provided a blessed relief) (European Jewish Press, 23 ix).


Larry Summers, the President of Harvard who had fallen foul of feminazies, decided to return to his old academic stamping ground rather than face another spell as finance guru in Boring Hussein Obarmy’s increasingly fractious White House (Guardian, 22 ix).


As Britain spent £14M hosting the Pope, and a few million more on flypasts to commemorate the Battle of Britain, it went ahead with plans to slash military budgets by 25% (without even considering putting redundant squaddies into police uniforms) and it would not give Il Papa the one perfectly cheap thing he wanted, an allowance for Catholic adoption agencies to send adoptees only to heterosexual couples; and the risible state of British ‘law’ (providing only the most erratic protection to property owners) was reiterated as a retired Dagenham car worker returned from a 2-day visit to a friend to find his East-London home occupied by an aggressive family of “Lithuanians” {aka gypsies} who had broken in and busied themselves with getting rid of his kitchen gear, telly, beds, clothes etc (Daily Mail, 22 ix).


Race- and sex-realist Helmuth Nyborg carried the hereditarian flag into battle on Danish TV (, where he came over as clear, dignified and well-informed (the argy-bargy was mainly about the Flynn Effect) – and was also able to display his charming young wife and new daughter.

Meantime debate about financier Thilo Sarrazin’s eugenic proposals continued in Germany (Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, 24 ix) – though still without conspicuous reference to the century of work on IQ by the London School.


Although the Islamization of the British Isles continued apace (with major food chains revealed to be serving halal meat and a nightclub called ‘Mecca’ forced by Muesli thugs to change its name) there were still visible pockets of resistance (as with E.LU. students – newly returned after the four-month summer break which staff like to have – protesting in their Student newspaper at Scotland’s SNP Executive’s plans to ban cheap drink, an Éirish school banning the burka, and some of the EDL’s lads burning a Koran in Gateshead).

More impressively, it turned out that the last national UK mini-census of 2006 found (by some criterion or other) that 72% of the population had counted itself as Christian; and a new anonymous poll found only 1.5% thought they were ‘gay’ (though a further 3% were ‘unsure,’ the result was very different from normal yag propaganda) (D.Torygraph, 25 ix).

{More alarmingly, 50% did not believe in evolution – a figure in excess of the 40% of Frenchies who (twenty years ago, as the then Pope got ready to pardon Galileo) believed the sun went round the earth…

And Britain’s new Labour leader, ‘Red’ Ed ‘Forest Gump’ Militant (the son of a Polish-Jewish LSE Marxist), elected by the slimmest of majorities [50.5% vs 49.5%] to Tory delight over his Blairite brother Dave, showed no more sign of opposing multiculturalism or backing free speech than did HMG CamCo.}


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Some history.


Monday, September 20, 2010


As an Observer editorial provided a statutory rant against the ‘Islamophobia’ of Florida’s Pastor Terry Jones (q.v.), the English Defence League, the British National Party and the European opponents of mosques, burqas and female circumcision, even quite a few Guardianistas were roused to complain (Observer, 12 ix). For example:
You seem genuinely puzzled by [Islamophobia]. Let me explain.

Britain and Spain have been subject to terrorist attack, and numerous other bomb plots have been foiled by the security services. Salman Rushdie has been threatened with his life, Theo Van Gogh was murdered in the street, and fatwas have been issued against a Danish cartoonist. Hate preachers have been active in British mosques, Jewish students intimidated at university, and a Saudi-funded school in London has caught been teaching anti-semitism.

We in Europe have also witnessed the deliberate mass murder of non-Muslim innocents in the USA, Russia, India and elsewhere, and of Muslim innocents in Pakistan and Iraq. (presumably for not being quite Muslim enough). Westerners have been beheaded, and the videos broadcast on YouTube to the cries of Allah Akhbar. In Palestine, there was dancing in the streets to celebrate 3,000 people killed on 9/11. We saw that too.

Does any of this help resolve your perplexity?


As Britain began to be threatened daily by highly paid, shaven-headed and bulky ‘Trade Union Council’ male mesomorphs and the BBC moaning endlessly about ‘cuts’ in public ‘services’ (cuts which were not even scheduled to happen till 2011 thanks to CamCo incompetence -- CamCo had not even begun articulating how it would replace the antiquated ‘right to strike’ with a modern right to resign with a banker-style bonus for making way for a young person who did want to work) -- the country awoke (Today, 14 ix, 08:10) to hear that no less than 1 in 5 schoolchildren had been classified by the vote-rigging Labour Government (1997-2010) as having ‘special educational needs’ (SEN) (mainly ‘learning difficulties’, i.e. low IQ) and thus being entitled to 1-on-1 ‘teaching assistance’ from Labour clientele costing 30% of schools’ ‘teaching’ budgets

All this had arisen because of the failure of Britain’s educationasocialists to read The g Factor and implement track choice or kindred methods of streaming. Evidently, ‘cuts’ in the country’s ‘services’ were going to prove easy-peasy!

There was more dismay for socialistas as Today (08:20) had none other than a Guardian journalist explain that Natascha Kampusch, imprisoned for some eight teenage years by a creepy Austrian perv and tyrant, had turned out as a perfectly impressive young lady who had written a brilliant book – something which would never have happened if she had fallen into the hands of Labour miseducators and been groomed 1-on-1 in rote memory feats that would have got her into one of Britain’s loopy-left ‘universities’ and turned her out as an obese Tesco checkout womanista (as was routinely happening to University of Edinburgh law graduettes by 2010).

To make the picture of Labour incompetence and clientelism complete, HMG’s Department of Work and Pensions revealed that, under Labour, 1 in 30 of the UK’s 41M adults of working age had never had a single job – with a half of these sorry cases of socialism being under 25 (Sun, 14 ix). For CamCo, Chancellor ‘Boy’ George Osborne (only in office for four months, after all….) vowed he would somehow sometime stamp out welfare benefits as a lifestyle choice. {Better act quickly, George, while you have LibDim Nice Nick as your ‘human shield’!}

No doubt shocking the ignorant and greedy bully-boys of the TUC, Communist Cuba gave up the ghost, announcing it would lay off one million workers from its bloated, lazy and corrupt public sector.

The Sun: “It is grossly irresponsible for union leaders on six-figure salaries to encourage trouble on the streets. Public employees already go on strike fifteen times more than private ones -- and that's before any “cuts.”


A small sign of ethnic realism escaped from Washington DC as Robert Blackwill, the top deputy bigman to Condoleezza Rice (2003-4), said, in an idle, drink-fuelled moment on a trip to outback London, that Nato should abandon the south-east half of Afghastliland to the Taliban wife-beaters and settle for helping the possibly friendly but at least corrupt Uzbeks and Tajiks to hang on the rest of the godforsaken country (Morning Star [sic], 13 ix) -- as long urged on race-realistic grounds in this blog/diary and its predecessor, the William McDougall NewsLetter.

Realism also surfaced among British troops, sweating it out ineffectually, with sand up the b*m in Afghastliland, as two of them were arrested for trying to smuggle opium into Britain (where 15% of teenagers took the drug at least occasionally).


On the eve of Pope Benedict’s state visit to Britain (originally designed to keep Catholic votes solid for Labour), a genial-looking German Cardinal, Walter Kasper,* told Focus magazine that Britain was like a third-world country (as could be seen immediately on landing at Heathrow, he suggested -- presumably the Cardinal had seen the swarms of Pakistanis arriving with their illiterate first-cousin child-brides) and full of aggressive atheists (BBC, 15 ix).

And, confronting damning criticism from the European Commission’s Luxembourg commissarine (and E.U. Deputy President), Viviane Reding, for sending gypsies back to Rumania, French president Nicolas Sarkozy robustly told the bullying Luxembourgine to invite the criminally inclined vagrants to her own f*cking country -- thus earning reproof from the Grauniad, where columnist Louise Doughty backed “Europe’s fastest-growing ethnic minority” and called for France to be expelled from the E.U. (16 ix; 17 ix).

In Sarrazin-torn Germany, an Egyptian-born social scientist, the son of an imam, told Der Spiegel (17 ix): “….in almost all countries with a Muslim majority, we see the decline of civilization and a stagnation of all forms of life.”

* “Kasper [a respected senior adviser to Benedict] was also the man who in 2008 urged the Anglican communion to take a stand against homosexuality. And his remarks fit into a conservative view of Britain, one which would have appealed to John Henry Newman in his conservative moods. And it is Newman whom the Pope has come here to beatify.” – Guardian, 16 ix.

{Though, perhaps unknown to the Vatican, Newman was often considered by English scholars to have been yaggish himself…. What a mess Catholic ‘celibacy’ had made of the faith of the Holy Roman Empire!}


Just two years after America’s idealistic White crazies – seeking quick world popularity after six years of failing to solve the Muslim problem – had crowned the non-American Borat Hussein Obarmy as their ‘President’, the anti-federalist ‘Tea Party’ movement found itself getting some 25% of the vote (enough to split the GOP and ensure Democrat rule in perpetuity) and a brave near-MSM paper, the Washington Times, came out in favour of impeaching the “treasonous” mulatto President.


Top German psychogeneticist Volkmar Weiss had his review of Doc Sarrazin (q.v.) translated into English (AmRen, 15 ix) – adding more fuel to the fire as (according to Pres. Sarkozy) Germany prepared to send its thousands of low-IQ but high-breeding ‘Roma’ gypsies back to Kosovo.


As stupefied Britain pondered why it had spent £14M hosting the supernaturally boring ‘world class theologian’ Pope Benedict the Umpteenth, who moaned about British secularism, it was pointed out that the pontiff’s favoured Catholic societies were particularly famous for hosting the mafia (Italy, Mexico, Los Angeles) and paedophilia (Puerto Rico, Mexico) (AmRen, 15 ix).


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Sunday, September 12, 2010


As the Bundesbank’s Dr Thilo Sarrazin prepared to mount legal action against his likely sacking for ‘racism’ (q.v.), even the lib-left Guardian was moved to criticise “mainstream politicians”: apparently, “in the name of diversity, they tread far too carefully in their dealings with minorities” (6 ix).

Even Germany’s soft-centrist CDU began to wake up (The Local, 6 ix):

Deputy leader of the CDU’s parliamentary group, Michael Fuchs, told the daily Rheinische Post that Merkel’s centre-right coalition must review parts of its integration policy. According to Fuchs, punishments for immigrants failing to integrate had not been implemented “intensively enough.” “When immigrant children are not sent to kindergartens or to school, then cuts to their Hartz IV welfare benefits must be sanctioned,” he told the paper.

It began to emerge from press accounts that Sarrazin thought intelligence 50-80% heritable, that he knew of the problems of first cousin marriage (q.v.), that he had heard of the international comparisons made by Richard Lynn (q.v., FAZ, 7 ix) and that at least the leftist press picked up the links to Eysenck, Shockley, Burt and Galton (HeiseOnline, 29 viii;, 6 ix).

Der Spiegel provided a full journalistic review (6 ix), including sympathetic noises from CDU and CSU parliamentarians and assertions from professorial worthies that intelligence was 100% social-environmental.

‘The Devil,’ Sarrazin, was especially welcomed by the noted psychogeneticist Volkmar Weiss (whose ideas had surely influenced Sarrazin – JungeMedienHamburg, 2 ix) as likely to bring the struggle of free democrats with egalitarians to a head.. By the afternoon of 6ix, Sarrazin had been given a bodyguard of four policemen. So great was the demand for Germany Self-Destructs that lucky purchasers at €23 could sell the book on eBay for €75.

Sarrazin’s remedies for Germany’s Muesli problems included a call for mandatory German-language kindergarten, the tying of school budgets to educational success, the adoption of workfare programs, and a 10-year ban on welfare payments for new migrants.

Sarrazin was said by critics to have ‘broken the necessary bond of trust’ with his employer (Bloomberg, 5 ix). {This was the same line of argument used against me at the LUniversity of Edinburgh in 1996-8 – though just what trust an employee could have in an employer was never clarified….}

News of Germany Self-Destructs, previously confined to the BBC World Service, arrived in the UK press – Daily Mail, 7 ix. As his contribution to the debate, the Berlin correspondent of the [London] Times, Roger Boyes, rather than get bogged down in facts and figures about IQ, criminality, truancy, welfare-dependency or family sizes, just volunteered a lordly compromise (TheLocal, 7 ix): “I don’t believe Sarrazin is a racist, merely a misguided troublemaker. He is also extremely naïve.” {How many other German central bankers might be “extremely naïve” was left to readers to guess….}

It was not just Germany, France and Italy which were having trouble with low-quality immigrants. The Guardian reminded its lib-left readers that Holland and Belgium had been ungovernable for months thanks to the rise of nationalist parties that declined to sweep problems of dull and/or hysterical third-world immigrants under the carpet (7 ix).

Sarrazin met the expected flak as he did the rounds of talk shows, being blamed as a troublemaker (like Samuel P. Huntington in the USA) – though one opponent did make a plausible enough distinction (among Muslims in Berlin) between the elite Muslims of Iran and the peasant Muslims of Anatolia (DeutscheWelle, 7 ix).

A poll found 70% of Germans agreeing either in whole or in part with what they had heard of Sarrazin’s views (Bloomberg, 8 ix).

A Flensburg University law professor said Sarrazin was unsackable from the Bundesbank except for actions tantamount to crimes (Bloomberg, 8 ix). {Just like my contract with the LUniversity of Edinburgh! – But the LUni had found a way round that, albeit at the cost of £100K in fees, settlements and lunches for judges, lawyers, provosts, press officers, journalists, bureaucrats, terrified academics and myself.}

Avoiding a legal battle of uncertain outcome, Dr Sarrazin agreed to resign from the Bundesbank at the end of September (AP, 9 ix). “In the long haul, nobody will stand it,” he said on German television of the pressure brought to bear on him.

International bolshevik ‘workers’ etc. feared that a new German right-wing party was being organized around Sarrazin (WorldSocialist, 11 ix).


The full reality of the unregulated Electra complex was put on display as an Ipswich girl, Lorraine Thorpe, was jailed for life for having, at 15, cheese-grated the face and stamped in the head of her alcoholic 43-yr father’s 41-yr mistress and then gone on to kill her father in the same way (Sun, 8 ix).


The slide of the UK into third-world status was confirmed as five Muslims (working for the Conservatives, unusually enough) were jailed in Leeds for industrial-scale vote-rigging – using the postal vote system which Labour had introduced so as to allow Muslim fathers to cast their wives’ and children’s votes for them (AmRen, 8 ix).


As the West’s traitorous political class lifted no finger to defend Doc Sarrazin (q.v.), thus confirming the escalating Islamicization of Europe (which could not bring itself even to confine – let alone kill – the madder Mueslis of Kosovo, Afghastliland or the Middle East) (see also ‘Will Islam become the religion of Europe?’), it fell to a lone loony northern-Florida evangelical pastor, Rev. Terry Jones of Gainesville, to express Christian support for hierarchy, monogamy, art, drinking, reading and the rights of women by gathering his tiny 50-member flock (of his modishly-named ‘Dove World Outreach Center’) to burn a copy of the Koran [unfailingly spelt Qur’an by peecee MSM] – a protest rejected in ‘outrage’ by Washington, the Vatican, Downing Street, the United Nations, ‘General’ David Petraeus, Mutti Merkel and Rev. Bliar (though these worthies themselves had not managed to get a single church built in Saudi).

{Just why Obarmy had not managed to slip Jones $200 for attendance at endless Washington committees to discuss American abandonment of free speech and flag burning – an abandonment already long accepted by the USA’s left-fascist luniversities – was quite unclear, since MSM declined to interview Jones for fear of awakening America to the Muesli future into which it was sleepwalking (helped by the West’s useless ‘generals’ who had lost two wars, in Eyeraq and Afghastliland, rather than resign and surrender their über-fat salaries).}

Russian antipathy to Mueslis seemed set to grow as the country suffered 14 dead and 111 injured in a city, Vladikavkaz, that was its staging post to its dependency of South Ossetia (which it had defended against Georgia in 2008) (Guardian, 9 ix).

Pastor Jones abandoned his planned Koran-burning once a Muesli leader promised him (or promised to discuss with other Mueslis….) that no mosque would be built near Ground Zero….


The American ‘QS’ survery of top-cited world academics showed they rated U.Cambridge above U.Harvard and U.Oxford – a gratifying result in so far as Cambridge had been the only British university to arrange for me to debate race and IQ (See here) (twice!) before all such talking was phased out by the West’s cowardly and traitorous socialistified pseudo-intellectuals of the 1990s. {However, Oxford had got the star prize of cracking Alzheimer’s with B2 vitamin therapy – Sun, 9 ix.}. (But see here)


America’s most stressful cities (according to a Reuters-cited poll – AmRen, 9 ix)? Stagger up Detroit, Los Angeles, Cleveland (Ohio),* Riverside (California), St Louis (Missouri), New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Birmingham and Miami-Fort Lauderdale. And the happiest (by objective criteria -- low crime rates, high health standing and employment, and easy commutes)? Salt Lake City, Virginia Beach (Virginia), Minneapolis-St.Paul, Raleigh (North Carolina), Austin (Texas), Denver, San Antonio and Kansas City. Spot the difference, anyone?

* I can certainly swear for Clevland where, arriving at the airport in 2002, it turned out that my Black taxi driver knew neither the name of the big hotel where I was to stay nor the name of the central street on which it was located – so I had to tell him to head back to the airport where, while he disgorged my luggage, I gave him a Ph.D.-qualifying lecture on what was wrong with America….


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Some history.


Sunday, September 05, 2010


Faced with Pres. Obarmy’s demands that they surrender their states to Mexican drug pushers, the politicians of Arizona and Texas began a process of resistance, refusing to let Obarmy inspect their records of how many out-of-state coffee-coloureds they stopped and searched (AmRen, 2 ix).


Germany’s lively public debate (breaking the usual confines of MSM) (see previous) was taken up in sister-country Austria -- otherwise pre-occupied with its government’s prosecution of the country’s Freedom Party for an online game inviting players to silence muezzins at mosques (EarthTimes, 1 ix; Der Spiegel, 2 ix).

Criticism of Islam was also growing in America, where thousands had marched for or against a Muesli ‘cultural centre’/mosque near New York’s Ground Zero. So worried was the ‘liberal’-left that Britain’s Guardian felt obliged to start wheeling out its heavy guns (Pankaj Mishra, 1 ix) – only to find its resulting correspondents were 10-1 opposed to Islamic expansionism.

{Apparently the ‘racism’ which the left had worked tirelessly to confute, punish and suppress was able to find an allowable outlet in Islamophobia, perhaps because of a decade of the West’s ignoramuses seeing peecee politicians fail to get a grip on Islamofascist terror.}

Dr Sarrazin had to cancel a book launch because of threats from ‘anti-fascist’ groups; but polls showed only 32% of Germans wanted him sacked, while 43% thought he should keep his job and 25% were undecided. Sarrazan’s publisher could not ship the book to shops fast enough—many were sold out. In one survey conducted by a television news station, 95% of the respondents did not think his statements went too far.

Dr Sarrazin had been elected to the board of the Bundesbank by the city of Berlin, where he had been financial director and where Germany’s 4M Muslims (mainly Turks) were hugely over-represented – and often seen barbcueing their halal lamb in the city’s beautiful parks, creating smoke and stench.

As to the attitude of Germany’s peecee political class, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble rather gave the game away when, at a press conference in Berlin, he declined to discuss such scholarly authority* or empirical evidence as Sarrazan may have invoked and just said that Sarrazan’s “mediocre nonsense” was “a breach of taboo” (Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 1 ix).

By 2 ix (Sydney Morning Herald), the Bundesbank decided unanimously (with Sarrazin excluded) to seek Sarrazin’s dismissal; but he had the right to appeal to the German President, Christian Wulff; and his party, the SPD (to which he proclaimed undying loyalty) admitted it had been inundated with messages in support of him. The German weekly Die Zeit said: "Thilo Sarrazin is in the process of becoming a national hero. Exclusion from the Bundesbank board or the SPD could even confer on him the status of martyr." Die Welt said:

"He is right on many counts. (…) One has to be appalled at a growing, passive-aggressive underclass, about miserable educational achievements and also about Turkish and Arab immigrants who refuse to integrate and to get an education. Even if many people claim that all this has long been known, nothing has been done. We still lack the political will to tackle this unpleasant conflict.

FAZ (3 ix) protested against haughty establishment dismissal of Sarrazin: “Indignant comments from the likes of the interior minister that the problems described by Sarrazin ‘have long been known’ sound like mockery in the ears of many people: if the problems have been known that long, why has so little been done to deal with them?” And said:

"The chancellor and the president have both made it clear, in public, that they no longer consider executive board member Sarrazin acceptable -- because he has damaged the reputation of the Bundesbank, as well as the entire country. In doing so, they have commandeered a bastion of independence and turned one book into a state scandal. There is no worse deed than besmirching the immigration and integration fairytale, which says that everything is, or will, be well."

Klaus Bade, of the German Insitute for Integration and Migration, said that any attempt by the SPD, the largest opposition party, to push Sarrazin out would only create a martyr for those, even from the centre-left, who are disgruntled with the established welfare state and immigration policy. 'He should be refuted as an author and not stripped of his party membership,' Bade said.

According to a study by the University of Bielefeld published in December, 2009, fully 46 percent of Germans agreed that there were "too many Muslims" in the country (Der Spiegel, 3 ix). Only 16.6 percent of German respondents agreed with the statement "the Muslim culture fits well into Germany," a result that was the lowest among the eight countries that were surveyed, including the Netherlands, France and Hungary.

One of the SPD’s most prominent ‘wise men,’ former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, expressed barely-disguised affirmation of Sarrazin’s ideas, saying, “If he had expressed himself a little less crudely, I could have agreed with much of what he said.”

And a doctor in southern Germany told his female patients to unveil in what the Iran-based Ahlul Bayt News Agency called “a major wave of Islamophobia” (4 ix).

Rock icon Morrissey, a longstanding vegetarian, took exception to Chinese maltreatment of animals, calling the Chinese “a subspecies” (Guardian, 3 ix).

But Sarrazin continued to be condemned by neo’conservative’ Matthew Lynn (Sydney Morning Herald, 4 ix); and Jewry also took exception to ethnic criticism, with the President of the European Jewish Congress calling for Belgian doubts about Jewish rationality (over the 90-year Israel-Palestine conflict) to be “stamped out” (Wall Street Journal, 4 ix).

The Mannheimer Morgen called Sarrazin "an intellectual arsonist." Azize and Gabriele Gün Tank, both integration officers in Berlin, filed charges against him for “incitement of the people” and called him “a threat to democracy.”

In the meantime, far-right politicians were eager to welcome him into their ranks. The anti-Islam “Pro Deutschland” organization, which ran candidates in the state of North Rhine Westphalia, quickly offered him the chairmanship of their party. But Sarrazin protested: “I am not a racist. When you read my book, you will know that I have traced the integration problems of Muslim immigrants in Europe to their Islamic cultural background.”

Deutsche Welle reported (5 ix) that both Mutti Merkel and a leading SPD goon thought Sarrazin’s facts and figures should not be ignored – though preferring to think the answer to the Muesli problem was “education, education, education” (as lying b*stard Rev. Blair had promised in Britain of 1996-7); and Sarrazin threatened to take the Bundesbank to court if it went ahead with sacking him.

It transpired that:

In April, a member of the Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic (CDU) party had triggered public anger over his ‘Islamophobic’ statements. Juergen Irmer, a CDU legislator in the state parliament of Hesse, had caused a stir among other lawmakers by accusing Islam of seeking world hegemony. In an interview with the daily Wetzlarer Neuen Zeitung, Irmer had said, 'Islam is fixated on conquering world rule.' 'We don't need more but less Muslims,' added the 58-year-old MP, who was notorious for his reservations about Mohammedanism.

Ahlul Bayt News Agency (Iran) claimed (5 ix) that there were daily attacks in Germany on Mueslis wearing beards and headscarves.

* Sarrazin had cited The Bell Curve as testimony that intelligence was ‘a genetically linked characteristic of race.’ To back his claim that Germany’s average intelligence is destined to decline, Dr Sarrazin cited research that between 50 and 80 per cent of intelligence is hereditary and juxtaposed that with statistics showing that poorly educated Muslim immigrants had a far higher birth rate than ethnic Germans.


Despite protests from assorted idealistic Eurowallahs and the Pope, France continued to kick out ‘Roma’ gypsies, whom it blamed for one theft in five. In the first eight months of 2010, it had rid itself of 8,313 of the India-originating (India-expelled?) vagrants, arguing with Eurobabblers that countries like Rumania and Bulgaria, paid billions of eurodollars by Brussels to help with their social problems, should not be allowed to export their dirty and penniless “aggressive beggars” to the rest of Europa (Time, 1 ix).

In Italy, plagued by tens of thousands of gypsy immigrants since the accession of Rumania, Bulgaria and Slovakia to the E.U., the Mayor of Rome sent in bulldozers to raze the shanty camps suspected of providing a base for lawbreakers (D.Telegraph, 2 ix).

Jewish authorities, while saying Roma should not be ‘stigmatized,’ allowed they were quite often criminal and thus should not be compared to Jewish victims of the Whatocaust {which had killed only half the number of Russians who had been sacrificed in WWII} (Jewish Telegraph Agency, 2 ix).

It transpired that a country pub in Kent had been virtually taken over by gypsies, who would race their horses on nearby public roads and then bring them into the pub for a drink, wild-West-style, causing what regular drinkers called “mayhem.” The local council finally closed the pub, saying the landlord had failed to get in control of the situation (Sun, 3 ix).

Further news of Britain’s out-of-control welfarism and indulgence of useless foreigners came as the Sun discovered -- using the Freedom of Information Act to winkle out information -- a jobless Somali ‘asylum seeker’ and his wife and seven kids being paid £2K weekly in housing benefit alone to live in a posh Georgian house in Kensington (3 ix). At least a thousand similar cases of idealistic recklessness with taxpayers’ cash could be found in England, the newspaper reckoned.

Labour had made its dispensation of taxpayer largesse equally lucrative for its apparatchiks too: at least 130 town hall bosses were revealed to be earning £3K weekly – more than the Prime Minister – for socialistic incompetence, confabulation and vote-rigging fraud.

A gang of gypsies in Gloucestershire was jailed for a total of twenty years for shoddy and grossly overpriced repairs to the roofs of 90-yr-old confused Alzheimer victims whom it had targeted and frightened in their countryside homes (Sun, 3 ix).

Leftists mounted scores of pro-Roma demonstrations across France (BBC World Service, 4 ix) – hopefully helping to establish, in reaction, a Europe-wide unelectability of the left and widespread rejection of PeeCee and WhoPerson Rights….


Apparently unashamed that their country was being supported through its flooding largely by Western aid, the Soloonies of Pakiland took time off from humanitarian efforts and murdered at least fifty of their fellow countrymen worshipping at a Shitite shrine -- the suicide bomb injuring some two hundred more.


Even though many government elites in France were in denial over Islam, the people in the streets of Paris increasingly were not. Some had become fed up with what they saw as the growing Islamization of France. They started staging pork and wine “aperitifs,” or cocktail parties in the street. These patriotic demonstrations were meant to strike back against Islam (AmRen, 2 ix).


In a striking insight into the uselessness of the University of Edinburgh and its beloved Labour Party, I heard from the horse’s mouth of a checkout girl at the LUniversity’s branch of Sainsbury (near the LUni’s George Square) that her Law degree from the LUni had proved quite unable to land her a job. (No, she had not got a Third.)


While Germany tore itself apart as to whether it was all right for a top financier to make verbal criticisms of Islam, a well-known ‘Australian’ Muslim cleric called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders (Reuters, 3 ix). The Sydney-born Feiz Muhammad had gained notoriety for, among other things, calling on young children to be radicalized and blaming White rape victims for their own attacks.

In Iran – without a squeak from Western ‘feminists’ -- a woman facing stoning to death for adultery was to be whipped first (99 lashes) for ‘allowing her unveiled face to be shown in photographs’ in the West – even though the Times had explained that the photos it had published were not actually of this woman (Observer, 5 ix).


Hysterical Frenchified Hutu rebels – forever rebelling against and massacring their English-speaking Tutsi overlords – raped at least 242 women over a few days in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, believing the women were hiding gold (Times, 4 ix).


As Pakiland’s cricket team was accused not just of ‘spot fixing’ but of match fixing, and accordingly investigated by police, an Indian judge declared that profits from Muesli betting rings funded not just drug smuggling but terrorism (Observer, 5 ix).


To the E’bugger Book Festival where leftish John Lanchester (St John’s College, Oxford; contributing editor of London Review of Books) made a fine and funny job of bashing the West’s bankers. He maintained (as seemed all too likely) that the wankers’ formulae for estimating the risk of the loans they were making to subprime borrowers around 2000 were out of all contact with reality since the housing market had never before dealt with borrowers who had criminal records, were unemployed, had never in their lives paid a domestic utility bill and were being given mortgages on $450K houses for their large families.

However, he declined to spell out how this lending (which began the property price boom and thus more borrowing by everyone else) was actually begun by President Clinton demanding lending to Blacks and President G.W. Bush demanding lending to Hispanics – on pain of bankers being indicted for racism if they refused (see previous, e.g. FIND Steve Sailer); so I pointed out (before the 300-strong audience) this role of politicians in the bubble – to a look of terror (might I be BNP?) from chairwoman Ruth Wishart (of the Glasgow Herald) as I mentioned Blacks and Hispanics for the first (and their last time) in the 1¼-hour session.


As Renée Galinier, 73, from the picture-postcard village of Nissan-les-Ensérunes, near Montpellier in south-west France, was carted off to prison by cops for shooting at two young gypsy women who had broken into his modest bungalow (in just one of many crimes against himself and other villagers), he spoke out: “I was threatened by this dirty race. I’ve become a racist.”

His lawyer later tried a more peecee line, saying he was not a philosopher and not a racist – just angry and upset; but local people rallied to him, putting up slogans on roads and petitions and a Facebook campaign which soon got 10K signatures (Sunday Telegraph, 29 viii, ‘Gun-toting grandfather becomes face of racism row’).

Americans, too, were getting fed up with being condemned by the ‘anti-racist’ MSM for their protests at Mueslis planning a 15-storey ‘Cordoba Centre’ [‘Cordoba’ means ‘triumph’] near New York’s Ground Zero (see previous). Said the Telegraph’s US correspondent, Toby Harnden (29 viii): “Many Americans are incensed by the way that legitimate protest and questioning of Obama’s policies is routinely branded as racist or ignorant.”

America’s ‘Tea Party’ movement also allowed a little anti-anti-racism loose at its website: “I'm tired of being told that "race doesn't matter" in the post-racial world of Obama, when it's all that matters in affirmative action jobs, lower college admission and graduation standards for minorities (harming them the most), government contract set-asides, tolerance for the ghetto culture of violence and fatherless children that hurts minorities more than anyone, and in the appointment of U. S. Senators from Illinois.”


An associate ‘professor’ at the once-prestigious LUniversity of Chicago attributed all the problems of America’s Black men to ‘stereotypes’ and ‘depictions’ of them in the media as reckless, feckless, uncommitted, child-abusive etc. (, 27 viii).

{In fact, MSM routinely went out of its way to avoid admitting that rapes, muggings and murders were typically committed by Blacks; and Hollywood and TV helped by vastly over-representing Blacks among brain surgeons, airline pilots, lawyers etc.}


In Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab: Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen, or ‘Germany is Digging its Own Grave,’ or ‘Germany Self-destructs,’ German Bundesbank Board member Thilo Sarrazin (q.v., vi) argued that most of the country's immigrants could not be integrated into society and actually contributed nothing to it. He also blamed foreigners – mainly Germany's Muslim population – for "dumbing down" society. He said that the rate at which Muslim women were reproducing meant that Germans might soon become "strangers in their own country."

The book was already a bestseller and had prompted comparisons of Sarrazin to Geert Wilders, the head of the Dutch ‘far-right’ Freedom party. The former Berlin finance senator said he wrote the book to outline his own fears that his grandchildren would grow up in a country where "their lives are measured out by the muezzin's calls to prayer."

At the book's Berlin launch, he rejected accusations that he was encouraging xenophobia and racism; but fat frump Mutti Merkel, the German Christian Democrat Reichskanzlerine, called for him to be disowned by the Bundesbank and the SPD (German Socialist Party) (Guardian, 31 viii, Kate Connolly).

Dr Sarrazin, 66, had caused an earlier uproar by suggesting that people on welfare should spend only $7 a day on food, mocking them for being overweight and sloppy dressers.

His book said of Mohammedanism: “No other religion in Europe is so demanding of, and no other migration group depends so much on the social welfare state and is so much connected to criminality.” {Maybe he was not familiar with the Blacks of Jamaica?...} He went on: "The proportion of congenital disabilities is way above average among Turkish and Kurdish migrants. However, the topic is hushed up. It doesn't take much to think that hereditary factors might be responsible for the failure of some of the Turkish population in the German school system."

He also volunteered: “Arabs are no good for anything except picking fruit.” And: “I don’t have to recognize anyone who lives off this state, but rejects this state, and who doesn’t properly care for the education of his children while constantly producing more little girls to wear headscarves.” And: “The Turks are conquering Germany, just like the Kosovars conquered Kosovo, with a higher birthrate.”

The bespectacled and moustachioed central banker (from a Burgundian Huguenot family but with a west-Prussian mother [the daughter of a big landowner]) also believed – along with an Israeli cabinet minister, Steven Pinker and Orthodox Jewry – that Jewishness was genetic (Ha’aretz, 31 viii); and that race differences in intelligence were genetic (TheLocal, 31 viii).

But it was harder to sack him from the Bundesbank for controversial views than to sack British academics; and he did find support from the SPD Mayor of Berlin’s Neuköln District, FAZ columnist and bestselling author Urdo Ulfkotte and a female Germano-Turkish sociologist; and Der Spiegel reckoned his views had ‘long ago become socially acceptable’ at least ‘to almost a majority’ (31 viii*).

And he went through the ritual gesture of denying he was a ‘racist.’ (Though a leader of Germany’s Turks, Kenan Kolat, accused him of “intellectual racism.”)

A Brussels supporter wrote: “Of course, the establishment press in Germany has been totally peecee about the genetics dimension -- there is virtually no ideological difference between the 'right' (Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and the left (Suddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau) whenever sociobiology occasionally ‘rears its ugly head.’

But at least Sarrazin has the support of Necla Kelek [Germany's Ayaan Hirsi Ali], which will rescue him from total damnation, as well as that of the majority of online commenters -- amazing the huge gap between 'published' opinion and public opinion in Germany.”

More religiorealism came from American Lt General Jay Garner. Seven years after the McDougall NewsLetter had urged (and carried on urging) ethnic realism in Iraq, Garner (who become Gov.General of Iraq for a while) told BBC Radio 4 that the USA’s major mistake had been to fail to separate the Shitites and Soloonies and to establish Iraq only as a loose federation (1 ix, 01:25)

* The magazine made a qualified admission: “Of course, [Islamophobic] fears are not completely unfounded. Conditions in areas like Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood give rise to very real, justified concerns. There are schoolrooms where three-quarters of the students are from immigrant families, students whose German is barely good enough to get by. There are Arab and Albanian family clans that control crime syndicates and receive welfare benefits. There are phenomena like forced marriages and honor killings.

In some mosques, imams are encouraging the faithful to engage in Islamist terror. All of this exists, and yet it has nothing to do with ordinary Islam and the day-to-day lives of well over 90 percent of Germany's Muslims.”

{Likewise, the IRA was usually said to enjoy only 10% support among Irish people; but this was enough – combined with the use of terror methods – to propel it into government as part of the Northern Irish ‘peace process.’}

The magazine also made another interesting admission (not seen for some years in Britain’s press) (my emphasis): “….in France the banlieues, low-income areas on the outskirts of major cities, are in flames because the French government can offer no solution to the lack of prospects for most Muslim youth.”

Der Spiegel added: “Germany is changing. And although it is not yet a consistently Islamophobic society, a Sarrazin republic, it is certainly on its way to becoming one.”


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Some history.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The wages of sixty years of IQ 84, Muslim fanaticism, over-breeding (pop. 180K), housing of Taliban terrorists, first cousin marriage and failure to read Western books (which taught the disadvantages of living on flood plains) came in dramatically as 4 (out of 11) top Pakistani cricketers (including the national team’s captain, Salman Butt) had to stand down for cheating (‘spot-fixing’, making >£25M for betting syndicates) – the final straw for a country even madder about cricket than about Allah (Sun, 31 viii).

Wangles as to how play would proceed were sometimes enforced by kidnapping threats from Pakoliarstan’s criminal underworld. The Guardian spoke of a “culture of corruption” in the Pak team (31 viii). Even far-gone loopy-lefty Pak Tariq Ali (66; Exeter College, Oxford) admitted that Pakistan was ridden with corruption and that he was ashamed to have had to read the News of the World to find out the full horror of it (Guardian, 31 viii).