Sunday, December 26, 2004


Intelligence tests - widely held by the media not to measure anything -- once more proved their worth in measuring and understanding major human problems as researchers in Aberdeen and Edinburgh found lower IQ's among the smokers in a study of 413 64-year olds (Sunday Times, 5 xii). Since ex-smokers had normal IQs and the smokers themselves had had normal IQs when first tested at school in the 1947 Scottish national survey, the researchers concluded that the smokers' 3% drop in IQ over time must have been due to their continued smoking and thus that "Smoking seriously damages your IQ." The smokers' IQ droop could not be explained by higher alcohol consumption or lower level of education; but unstimulating work - known independently to be associated with IQ droop -- remained to be investigated. {The finding made it into the columns of the Sun (`Years of cigs can cut IQ', 9 xii).}


Tory peeress Baroness Shreela Flather, 70, Britain's first `Asian' [actually Indian] to be elevated to the House of Lords (in 1990), urged procreational restraint for deprived and dysfunctional families, apparently on the grounds that they would not have enough time or money to give serious help to more than two children. Herself a mother of two, she was supported by an emeritus professor of University College London (a fellow member of the all-party parliamentary group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health) but the Sunday Times (5 xii) nevertheless rallied parents of large families to condemn Flather for `advocating eugenics.'

(Less-well-off parents in Britain have on average 2.7 ‡hildren, whereas middle-class parents have only 2.) {Shreela Flather, Baroness Warnock and a third member of the House of Lords subsequently told a parliamentary committee of their support for self-chosen euthanasia for the very sick and elderly - having changed their minds because of successful experiments with `living wills' in the Netherlands, Belgium and Oregon.}


After P.M. Tony Blair urged all children to aim for the stars (Diary, November), he was promptly refuted by the case of Kimberly Fortier/Quinn, the ambition-crazed American socialite who had betrayed her millionaire husband to have two illegitimate children by the romantically obsessive and power-mad Home Secretary David Blunkett, finally ending with herself in psychiatric treatment after Blunkett's revenge when she tried to close down the affair. The matriarchal Sunday Times columnist, India Knight (looks somewhat Hindu), recorded: "People like Kimberly Quinn have never understood that most of us, the waitresses, the skivvy, the secretary - "the little people" - are big enough to remain "little" and secure enough to know that happiness and status are not necessarily related, that letting greed and ambition distort your world view is the quickest route to misery and that it's always a good idea to at least try to do the decent thing."


A representative poll of Brits reported in the Times (7 xii) found objections to immigration increased substantially over the previous decade - despite non-stop propaganda from Britain's political class and media to pretend that immigration is acceptable and even beneficial. Asked whether they wanted to reduce immigration, 74% said yes (compared to 65% in 1995); and, asked whether immigration caused crime, 39% said `yes' (compared to only 25% in 1995). The change among graduates was particularly striking, with the percentage wanting to reduce immigration rising from 33% to 56%.


Eight years after Labour leader Tony Blair said his priorities in government would be "Education, education, education", the UK's state schools were announced to have dropped from 8th to 18th in OECD-organized testing of maths performance in 15-year-olds around the world. Significant falls for neosocialist Britain were also seen in science and reading.


American Renaissance (14 xii) reported good progress by American universities towards `colour-blind' admissions procedures, returning to judging potential students and scholars according to individual academic merit. The University of Michigan was having to face returning application fees and providing some compensation to 30,000 unfairly rejected Asian and White applicants.


Two and a half years after this Diary and the Wall Street Journal announced the gross over-representation of leftists in academic life, the Economist (which has still to mention the 2002 book IQ and the Wealth of Nations) got around to telling its readers of the scandal of the left's closed shop in academia (15 xii). In a recent survey, the ratio of registered Democrats to registered Republicans among junior academic staff was 30-1.


In new research with the hundreds of identical and fraternal twins, ages 18-75, on the London University Register, top race-realist psychologist Phil Rushton confirmed the result of four previous studies that altruism, nurturance and nonaggression are about 42% heritable. The influence of shared upbringing was also 40% for girls but 0% for boys.

The paper was published on-line November 30 in Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences (see DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2004.2941 -- scroll down FirstCite). News coverage was provided in New Scientist, 1 xii - with a comment from Robert Plomin that his own much younger twins show very little effect of shared environment - and in Financial Times (11 xii, Stephen Pincock).


After its leader Nick Griffin and other members were arrested in dawn swoops, then released uncharged, the British National Party (15 xii) was understandably jubilant at the fall of its arch-persecutor, Home Secretary David Blunkett (whose officials had been helping him with his romantic homework, the man-flattering Sextator socialite Kimberly Quinn) - though the BNP was not so delighted by Blunkett's replacement, ex-Communist (from Cambridge University days) Charles Clarke.

{Soon, news came from Victoria, Australia of two evangelical ministers found guilty of `inciting hatred' of Islam by criticizing it as a violent religion; in St Andrew's University, Scotland, the student newspaper was closed down because a writer had made a joke against the Welsh; and British Muslim organizations went into outraged protest mode over Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore mentioning the case for calling Mahomet a paedophile (he married a girl of nine).}


Coming clean about the dominance of PeeCee in British universities, the University of Durham forbade its academics to lecture on `sensitive' topics unless they first won the approval of their departmental ethics committee (Times Higher, 17 xii). The memo read: "All teaching that raises issues that are likely to cause offence to some... must have ethical approval from the departmental teaching and learning committee. It is anticipated that this may cover topics such as race, slavery, witchcraft, abortion, euthanasia, many gender issues etc."


As Britain's Sikh community demonstrated its non-acceptance of liberal multicultural values by chucking bricks at a Birmingham theatre till a locally popular play critical of temple gurus was taken off, the Times and Telegraph (21 xii) managed a little outrage (saying playwrights must be "free to offend" and that what was happening was nothing less than censorship) and the Birmingham Stage Company and London's Royal Court Theatre came forward offering to put on the play and give police and authorities a chance of redeeming themselves - but not a single British voice called for the prompt arrest of the Sikhs who had organized and joined in the vandalism after initially peaceful protests turned nasty.

{And the retreat of Christmas and Christianity continued - with a quarter of schools disallowing carols and the majority of local authorities allowing no mention of Christmas or Jesus at their `winter festivals.'}


George W. Bush's victory in the Presidential elections triggered much speculation as to the distinctive moral and religious values of modern American Republicans. But brilliant livewire columnist Steve Sailer discovered the main empirical basis of Bushite success: with correlations of around .90, Bush did best in States having their White 18-44-yr women married for longer, having lower house price rises in the previous twenty years (making houses more affordable), and having more children per White woman. Evidently, the Democrat vs Republican contrast had become one between people being primarily organized around the family or primarily organized around the state and its deceptive programmes of benefits, job creation, career feminism, affirmative racism and homosexualism. Steve deserves serious congratulation on this concrete breakthrough.

One day (when Occidental Quarterly get around to publishing it..), he will enjoy my family-backing article `Can scholarship `impact' on religion? - The case of The Bell Curve.' -- A SUMMARY:

The impact of Richard Herrnstein & Charles Murray's (1994) The Bell Curve on Western policy makers was minimal, probably because `political correctness' has for fifteen years been the virtual religion of the West. Here, the influence of psychology's London School as a whole on public debate (on the internet) is calculated to have been demonstrably small (1.66%) compared to the writings of leading postmodernists, anti-racists and feminists. No blame thus attaches to Herrnstein & Murray - they made no serious mistakes. `Postmodern'-prescribed political correctness, though emanating from authoritarians of the left (believing in the supremacy of will, not intelligence), has even been adopted by the forces of modern capitalism and globalization -- notably by such eminences as President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair who continue to demand multicultural solutions to problems among the mutually hostile ethnic groups within Northern Ireland, Serbia, Nigeria, Rwanda/Burundi, Sudan and Iraq. Three `nationalist' ways of opposing PeeCee are considered; but opposition to multicultural globalization should probably back new choice-empowered extended families to replace Western statism of the past and individualism of the present. In such a mission, The Bell Curve should eventually prove a crucial work.

MAIN CONCLUSION: "..the challenge is clear: to move people from the statism of the first half of the twentieth century and the individualism of the second half towards a more reasonable, local, comprehensible, voluntary and manageable arrangement whereby the overarching state exists primarily to support organized groups of adults who make serious contracts to look after each other and their children and thus provide the chief social nexus of the West."

At a Christmas time when many state-run bodies (including half of Britain's schools) are refusing to mention the Holy Family -- or indeed Christmas itself -- it is good to have Steve's discovery that the cause of the family (not always near to the hearts of churchmen and prelates, it must be admitted) remains a love-based and politically potent organizing principle for many.

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Friday, November 26, 2004


I sent an email to HRH Prince Charles to congratulate him on pointing out that not all children could expect to be geniuses; and that their education would proceed better if attention were paid to their different levels of ability and to rubbing in the need for natural talent and hard work if they were to succeed in their chosen paths.

The Prince's views were commended as "common sense" by the Telegraph's Alice Thompson (19 xi). Charles had been defending himself against Education Minister Charles Clarke who had described Prince Charles' views that people should "know their station" [as Clarke put it] as "out of touch and out of time."

{Strangely, the attack by a Government minister on the Prince for his realism came just a day after another minister had announced that mixed-sex schools -- long championed by Labourites -- had been shown in Government-backed research (some of it experimental) to be a flop, requiring a move back to the single sex schools of 40 years ago; and two days after Clarke himself had met rejection by many teachers of his intention to distribute behaviourally disturbed children more evenly around the school system, thus equalizing misery for all.}

{At the same time, the similar uselessness of modern American education -- revealed by the Thernstroms [reviewed by me at Amazon] -- was reviewed depressively in New York Review of Books (2 xii, R. Rothstein) without so much as a mention of the improving ideas of Prince Charles and The g Factor.}

{Supporting Prince Charles' view that education was becoming crazily dumbed down so as to provide a feel-good factor for the untalented, 71% of a sample of UK academics told Times Higher (19 xi) that their "institution had admitted students who were not capable of benefiting from higher level study -- and similarly substantial percentages said their universities were increasingly tolerant of student absenteeism, student plagiarism and the award of Passes to students having Fail-grade marks. Education professor Alan Smithers, a centre-right adviser to MPs on education policy, declared: "These findings are powerful evidence of something that has been very difficult to prove." He said some universities were trapped in a "vicious circle" by a funding system that forced them to accept weaker students to fill places, but imposed financial penalties if any dropped out. "It is almost inevitable that standards will drop," he continued.}

{Mr Clarke was joined by two other government ministers, one of whom opined that, in modern Britain, "endeavours and energies" alone would allow a person "to be almost anything" -- i.e. that ability was unimportant. But, not having read The g Factor, the Prince was unable to blast this twaddle and rowed back, saying he never doubted all could succeed -- at least if it was allowed, as in his own thinking, that "it is just as great an achievement to be a plumber or a bricklayer as it is to be a lawyer or a doctor."

In the Sunday Telegraph (21 xi), columnist Ross Clark cruelly reminded readers that, alas, this was the kind of leadership to expect from a Prince who had only obtained two 'A'[dvanced] Level passes, at Grades B and C, yet was allowed to scrape into Cambridge's top Trinity College where the education provided could hardly have been well matched to his own natural talents. However, it may have been that HM Queen herself had given Charles a wigging -- for public arguments between ministers and the Royal Family are not supposed to happen.

Anyway, Mr Clarke then backed off -- saying he was glad to learn he and the Prince actually agreed with each other. Addressing bishops gathered at Lambeth Palace, London, Prince Charles settled for saying, "Not everyone has the same talents or abilities, but everyone, with the right nurturing, can make a real difference to their communities and to the country" and "Ambition is a good thing and should never be constrained by a person's starting point in life and people must be encouraged to fulfil their aspirations in ways that recognize their different abilities and talents." But he threw in for good measure: "I believe passionately that everyone has a particular
God-given ability."

All this was vastly more diplomatic than what he had originally said (in a leaked private memo purloined by a stout middle-aged Black woman secretary who wanted promotion and compensation for "sexual harassment" [by a homosexual courtier!]): "What is wrong with people nowadays? Why do they all seem to think they are qualified to do things far above their capabilities? This is all to do with the learning culture in schools. It is a consequence of a child-centred education system which tells people they can become pop stars, high court judges or brilliant TV presenters or infinitely more competent heads of state without ever putting in the necessary work or having the natural ability"

Though the fourteen readers' letters in the Times (22 xi) were 50% in his favour, as were the six listeners' comments broadcast by BBC Radio 4 (20 xi), the Prince had received no support from Britain's political class so deemed it wiser to bow the knee to PeeCee.

CHARLES TURNS INTO PLUMBERS' BEST MATE', chortled the left-wing Sunday Mirror. The watchful and anti-monarchist South Australia Advertiser (23 xi) noted Charles, in his Lambeth defence, had "made a strange and tentative step to the fringes of the real world" [as defined by the SAA] while reminding its readers that Charles' original remarks envisaged strong social and genetic determinism. In Britain, the Guardian (22 xi) remarked the size of the difference between the Prince's original and later "clarificatory' remarks -- and reminded readers that Charles was never awarded a degree at Cambridge [of the 1960's, before dumbing-down began].}


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Sunday, September 26, 2004


The notion of C20 developmental psychologists that rich and regular 'interaction with the environment' is crucial to the growth of intelligence was falsified yet again as the case of a German composer, Patrick Schoenbach, 33, came to light: he had severe cerebral palsy from birth, but his IQ was tested as 170 at age 4 (to his family's astonishment) and he went on to degrees and interests in chess, computing and music (ChessBase, 10 ix). (The topic of Piagetian interactionism is discussed further in Chapter 2 of The g Factor, 1996/2000, where the palsied young Irish poet, Davoren Hannah, was discussed as an example of 'interactionless intelligence' - a case running contrary to popular belief over many years in the Department of Psychology, LUniversity of Edinburgh.)


Top American economist Paul Samuelson took issue with 'globalization', saying the outsourcing of American skilled jobs to India and China could have a depressing effect on American wages and lose America's competitive edge (New York Times, 9 ix). {In any case, he might have added, it is bound to be dysgenic and a threat to social hierarchy if higher-IQ natives are thrown on the scrapheap.}


As 'right-winger' John Redwood, 51 -- a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, for fifteen years - was restored to the Conservative Shadow Cabinet, the media revealed that he had traded in his wife of some 30 years standing for a three-times-married ex-model girl of almost his own age. Redmond thus joined the ranks of the many senior Tories who, during the 1990's, risibly threw away the opportunity to make their party one of 'family values' - Cecil Parkinson, Tim Yeo, David Willetts, Piers Merchant, Steven Norris, Harvey Proctor, Stephen Milligan, Lord Archer, Michael Portillo, Jonathan Aitken and ex-P.M. John Major himself all turned out to be leading sex lives departing substantially from the standard-issue Christian model (Conservatives' Roll of Shame).

{Just when English Conservatives - with many of their own free enterprise, low income tax and tough-on-crime policies stolen by Labour - needed to adopt a mixture of humanitarian and nationalist concerns (in which the building up of English-speaking multi-adult families would surely be central to socialization of children and to the dispensation of state largesse) they found themselves hamstrung by their own scandals and cover-ups, as also apparently by a leader of Jewish-Romanian extraction who had been brought up in Wales.}


After years of declining to tell readers that arrestees and criminals are often Black, almost all British newspapers declined to mention that Nepalese rioters, seeking revenge for the deaths of 11 Nepalese workers at the hands of Islamic fanatics in Iraq, had set fire to the one mosque in Katmandu and done $20 million dollars worth of property damage before a 5-day curfew brought Hindu mobs under control. Only the Guardian and Scotland on Sunday carried the story - they did not need to prove their leftish credentials.


Preparing for a Ba'athite future (as mooted in my forthcoming article in Occidental Quarterly), the left-wing New Statesman (13 ix) listed worldwide efforts by some Muslims to think about humanizing Islam - but Staggers couldn't find a single leading Muslim with much achievement to his credit in this area, nor any offering outright condemnation of Islamic atrocities at 9/11 and Beslan. {Rather, the 'moderates' of the 'responsible' Arab press were scrambling over each other to blame the Jews and Western oil interests for the genocide in Sudan's Dafur province (American Outlook, 17 viii).}


In a tape secretly made in Conservative Party HQ and spirited to The Times (17 ix), Co-Chairman Liam Fox was heard promising to beef up the Conservatives' profile on asylum and immigration. He explained that UKIP owed its succes not to its "totemic" concern with Europe but to supporters appreciating that, beyond the EU issue, the party was intrinsically anti-foreigner and anti-immigration. Soon, Conservative leader Michael Howard brazenly decided simply to adopt UKIP's favoured policy (cut immigration to 100K p.a., admit via a 'points system' crediting education and skills, derogate from the 1951 Geneva Convention re asylum seekers) and was promptly denounced by the immigration lobby for his "shocking" and "unworkable" proposals (Scotsman, 22 ix).

{But still no talk of the vitally necessary electoral pact... Meanwhile, as Conservatives toyed with possibilities, the Swedish announced they had lost control of substantial parts, the Muslim areas, of Sweden's third city, Malmo - allowing a glimpse of what Eurabia would eventually look like (American Renaissance, 16 ix). And in peecee France it turned out that it was illegal to refuse to sell property to an Arab wishing to buy (Independent, 15 ix). In Hartlepool for the forthcoming by-election, Robert Kilroy-Silk said UKIP's campaign was all about the truth, Queen and Country and turfing out "the old liars", but race and immigration did not seem to get a mention.}


In France, Marc Le Bris, an ex-Trotskyite schoolteacher who had come to favour and to use traditional teaching methods (including the rote-learned 15-times table) found himself feted by the Minister of Education and President Chirac - to the chagrin of the sociologized bureaucrats who have, in France as in Britain, taken the country back to pre-1880 levels of literacy and numeracy (Times, 18 ix). Le Bris denied he was 'playing into right-wing hands,' saying "there is no right or left in teaching."


Having failed to educate the public to have a sense of proportion about vintage priestly paedophilia, the Roman Catholic Church found its American diocese of Tucson (involving 350,000 communicants) admitting it had filed for bankruptcy after paying out all its ready cash to priests' 'victims' (whose sufferings and proven lasting damage remained, as ever, unspecified).


At a conference in Durban, Moeletsi Mbeki, the younger brother of South Africa's Black Prime Minister, achieved wide publicity for his announcement that 'Africa was better off under colonialism' (Daily Telegraph, 23 ix, Mineweb, 10 ix). Mr Mbeki had studied at Harvard and was President of the South African Institute for International Affairs which arranged the conference. He specially remarked that in twenty years China had brought 400 million people out of poverty; whereas over the same period Nigeria had led 90 million people into poverty. Mr Mbeki also urged opposition to the Black tyrant of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, and to much of the rest of Africa's 'political elite'; and he slammed schemes of 'Black Economic Empowerment' as providing wealth redistribution rather than wealth creation (see New Statesman, 20 viii).

{Hacks do not appear to have asked Mr Mbeki whether he knew of Lynn & Vanhanen's demonstration of the likely role of low IQ in producing Black Africa's ceaseless post-independence problems.}

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I explained the link between extraversion and scoring on culture-fair, non-verbal, group-administered tests in Nature 328, 27 viii 1987, p. 761, 'Keeping up with the times."

I argued that the Lynn/Flynn IQ rise was due in some substantial part to rising extraversion since the Second World War. I wrote in particular: "...extroverted and self-reported delinquent tendencies are well known to be associated with somewhat higher culture-fair IQs (for example, Ley et al, Br.J.educ.Psychol., 1966) -- sometimes correlating as highly as .46 with timed performance of such IQ tests (Jensen, Co-op Project No. 1867, US Dept Health, Education & Welfare, 1964).

By contrast, vocabulary levels, always the best indicator of general intelligence in normal, non-deprived circumstances have no such association with behavioural disinhibition...." The point is that international comparisons almost always involve culture-fair (etc.) tests on which guessing is advisable so as to progress to (quite often) easier items. East Asians, reluctant to be seen making a mistake, are at a disadvantage on such tests.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Asylum seekers were reported to be leaving Holland at a rate of 350 per month following legislation offering œ1,600 per head to those going voluntarily rather than waiting to be forcibly deported for having no valid papers.


Professor Phil Rushton committed himself to the view that the reticence and caution of East Asians tends to disguise their high intelligence (American Renaissance, viii) - thus coming round to the hypothesis ventured in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996) as to why Oriental IQ test scores are more modest than one might expect of people who led the world in most facets of civilization for three thousand years.


Black women with breast cancer are four times more likely than White women with breast cancer to have mutations in a gene known to help suppress tumours, new research shows (American Renaissance, viii).


Police in Finland declined to prosecute Professor Tatu Vanhanen, the father of the country's Prime Minister, for blaming African economic and cultural backwardness on native stupidity, but P.M. Matti said his father's remarks to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat had "saddened" him and he urged Blacks to miscegenate with Finns as fast as possible (Yle News, 12 viii).


"..the prevailing ideology in the social sciences after the war was Marxist, and disliked suggestions that differences in human potential might have underlying genetic causes. ..[Today,] the role of genes in sensitive areas such as intelligence is acknowledged by all but a few die-hards." - `Two of a kind' [Article about the annual festival for twins in Twinsburg, Ohio], Economist, 12 viii 2004.


Blind U.K. Home Secretary David Blunkett, 57, champion of every moralistic and authoritarian cause, not least of `anti-racism', turned out to have been conducting a secret and passionate (at least for him) three-year affair with Vassar- and Oxford-educated Kimberley Fortier, the glamorous, effervescent and power-loving married woman Spectator chief executive, a 43-year-old recent mother of one, newly pregnant again, who stayed living in Mayfair with her second husband Stephen Quinn (a quiet man who himself probably never knew of the affair until it was blasted into space by the News of the World, 15 viii).


American econometricians confirmed that IQ was a major measure of human capital and a predictor and explanator of economic growth as envisaged in Brand (1987, in Arthur Jensen), Brand (1996, J. Biosocial Science 28) and Lynn & Vanhanen (2002, IQ and the Wealth of Nations) (16 viii).

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Saturday, August 14, 2004


The great British supporter of evolution theory, heredity and eugenics, Oxford's Professor Richard Dawkins, headed a modern roll of `public intellectual' honour compiled by Prospect magazine (viii), with almost double the votes for Nos. 2 and 3 combined (lark-about femi-pseud Germaine Greer and semi-realist development economist Amartya Sen). This list appeared to have some validity: I had read books by five of the top ten (Dawkins, Hobsbawm, Garton Ash, Schama, Bragg, Ferguson) but only a few articles by any of the bottom twenty (d'Ancona); I had met for drinks or been taught by six of the top 25 (Dawkins, Sen, Warnock, Scruton, Gray, Brown) but by only one of the bottom 25 (Kay); and Prospect's result correlated reasonably strongly with that obtained by finding how many URL's were indicated when searching the names via Google (thus estimating international rather than British reputation) - by which criterion I had drunk with four of the top six intellectuals (Dawkins, Brown, Gray and Sen -- but not with Hitchens or Rushdie). Other supporters of genetic factors in the top 100 were Lord Robert Winston, Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, Matt Ridley and Sir Lewis Wolpert - all Fellows of the Galton Institute, like myself. Had he lived, Hans Eysenck would have got into the top 20 (to judge by his Google URLs) - meaning I would have drunk with six of the top 25.


With its ethnic-minority population having surged to 17% of its population, Holland announced plans to ship out 26,000 failed asylum seekers, paying each family $7,200 to go, and to demand that future would-be immigrants and asylum seekers speak at least rudimentary Dutch on arrival (American Renaissance, viii).


In a remarkable break with her usual trendiness, the leftish and feministish columnist Julie Burchill (long with the New Statesman and surely in the UK's top twenty scribblers) counselled against the "perceived favouritism on the part of the powers that be" towards ethnic minorities, and in particular against "alleged radicals sucking up to Islam, bending over backwards to build bridges with a tyrannical philosophy which openly denies and insults our own every chance it gets, and flagellating their own culture with a kinky enthusiasm"(Times 7 viii). Such "one way indulgence," she wrote, "has led not to a sunlit glade of tolerance and diversity but to the parched plains of Darfur. .I hope the day is not too far away when the West realises that, where the march of Islam is concerned at least, you've got to be cruel to be kind."

The next day, beer-bellied and pompous Black Old Testament patriarch and wife-beater Darcus Howe (with whom I debated at Cambridge University in 1997, still a regular contributor to the pathetic half-Nu-Labour New Statesman) said he had plenty of evidence (which he would produce on BBC TV) of vicious feuds in Britain's `multicultural society' between West Indians and Somalis and of Pakistani youths regularly talking about ""bashing" and "mashing" blacks and Jews"(Sunday Torygraph, 8 viii, `Inter-racial tension in Britain `at worst level for 50 years'').

{Nevertheless, Her Majesty's `Government' continued to stoke the fires by insanely issuing permits for a further 10,000 Bangladeshis to come to Britain - where 40% of the Bangladeshi population was already unemployed. In 2003, Britain admitted 27,000 asylum swindlers - more than the USA, twice as many as France and 1000 times as many as Japan which took just 26. And Government Minister Denis McShane continued handy old NuLabour habits by condemning Britain's 29 million Eurosceptics as `xenophobes and racists' (Sun, 9 viii).}


In Tennessee, outright and outspeaking eugenicist James Hart won the G.O.P. nomination to challenge the Democrats at the next Congressional elections (American Renaissance, viii).


As sunny blonde Mary Kay LeTourneau, 42 (see McDougall NewsLetters, 1997/8), left prison in Seattle after a six-year prison term for paedophilia, her boyfriend, hunky Pacific Islander Vili Gualaau, 20, the father of two children by her (adding to four by her previous partner), spoke to newsies of his undying love for her and of how other affairs he had attempted had not distracted him one bit.


Six years after Britain's `McPherson Report' condemned police for `too frequently' stopping and searching Black and Pakistani young men, Britain's Conservative leader got around to saying he didn't think much of this peecee idea and would scrap it if he ever got elected (Classic FM Radio, 10 viii, 18:30). He said, winning the support of the Sun newspaper:

"I have had enough of the culture of political correctness. Conservatives will stand up for the silent, law-abiding majority who play by the rules and pay their dues. The clear distinction between right and wrong has been lost in sociological mumbo-jumbo and politically correct nonsense. Political correctness and paperwork are undermining our police. They cannot police our streets with one hand tied behind their back."

Whether Michael Howard would reverse other peecee policies such as equal pay for women, equal verbal respect for all minorities, dumbing down the universities, sacking non-peecee staff, welfare benefits for asylum swindlers etc. remained unknown. His probably-soon-faltering effort to make up for the wretched Conservatives' peecee years came as even the Spectator's `High Life' correspondent `Taki' complained "my editors no longer allow me to mention the names of certain races and religions" - so far had pernicious `antiracism' spread in Britain with little opposition apart from the untermenschen likes of myself.


Living down to all the worst prophecies of Sir Francis Galton, William McDougall and Charles Spearman, African Blacks continued raping young girls so as to get over (as they thought) HIV/AIDS and other afflictions and misfortunes to which they were prone. Apparently, Africa's 200,000 `traditional healers' (i.e. non-healers) generally approved the practice (American Renaissance, viii). What was happening to all the condoms charitably sent from America? As often as not, they were being filled with jelly and used to `bomb' car windscreens - when the driver stopped to remove the jelly, he was mugged by one Black man while another drove off with his car. It also turned out that, in Tanzania alone, 500 elderly women accused of witchcraft were murdered every year.

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Friday, August 06, 2004


Bright Scots (and Catholics) have always been leaving Scotland, as per Doctor Johnson's 'the finest sight a Scotchman ever sees is the highway that leads to England.' But they are replaced by Englishmen wanting to hunt, shoot, fish and have large flats and glorious, beautiful and convenient cities. This must be specially true now White flight from London has begun in earnest. Even surveys by Glasgow social geographers show that Edinburgh is the place in the UK where everyone would live if they seriously set about realizing their own stated aspirations (want city to have castle, palace, cathedrals, airport, opera house, top galleries, top libraries, renowned university, international swimming pool, international festival, only 5 hr train to London, 1.5 hour drive to Loch Lomond, Glasgow Uni, Stirling Castle, Perth, St Andrews and endless country houses in the Borders, greenery, drinkable water, few Blacks, trouble-free mosque etc. etc.).

For American readers: A "flat" is an apartment in the UK and Australia

Church leaders in Santiago del Compostela, north-west Spain, were forced by local outrage to withdraw their plan to cease exhibiting a statue showing 'St James the Moor Slayer' on a charger cutting the heads off Muslims (American Renaissance vii).


As Rev. Tony Blair and his military began making threatening noises about the Arab/Muslim-on-Black/Animist genocide in the Sudan, it became likely that the West, following its largely useless interventions to shore up multicultural Kosovo, multicultural Afghanistan and multicultural Iraq, would finally meet its come-uppance by hoping to watch democracy bloom in Africa's largest country -- torn as Sudan was between the fanatical Muslim `Janjaweed' [`Devils on Horseback', with a speciality of chaining people to their homes then setting them on fire], Animists and Christians, and needing either realistic nationalism or stern imperialism, not feckless multicultural piety. Despite having 200,000 Western troops at hand, Iraq's new government lost 120 of its people to insurgent bombings (presumably by Ba'athite Muslim Socialists) in just one day.


After years of confabulation by environmentalists (even in to the 1980's), Sir Cyril Burt's view that short-sightedness was genetic and genetically linked to IQ was half-vindicated as work with 500 twins in London at St Thomas's Twin Research Unit found the gene PAX6 to make a serious contribution to yielding myopia.


Times Literary Supplement (23 vii) carried robust letters explaining that Muslims historically made little contribution to science and philosophy except to transmit (and sometimes suppress) ideas they found in India, Persia and Greece. As to what is sometimes said to have been a pacific way of life for Christians under Islam, this was so only because, after losing in battle and being overwhelmed, the Christians understandably settled for a life as second class citizens (dhimmi) that Islam stipulated. Apparently Bertrand Russell wrote (in his famous History of Western Philosophy):

"Arabic philosophy is not important as original thought. Men like Avicenna and Averroes are essentially commentators. Speaking generally, the views of the more scientific philosophers come from Aristotle and the Neoplatonists in logic and metaphysics, from Galen in medicine, from Greek and Indian sources in mathematics and astronomy, and among mystics religious philosophy has also an admixture of old Persian beliefs. Writers in Arabic showed some originality in mathematics and in chemistry; in the latter case, as an incidental result of alchemical researches. Mohammedan civilization in its great days was admirable in the arts and in many technical ways, but it showed no capacity for independent speculation in theoretical matters. Its importance, which must not be underrated, is as a transmitter. Between ancient and modern European civilization, the dark ages intervened. The Mohammedans and the Byzantines, while lacking the intellectual energy required for innovation, preserved the apparatus of civilization, books, and learned leisure. Both stimulated the West when it emerged from barbarism; the Mohammedans chiefly in the thirteenth century, the Byzantines chiefly in the fifteenth. In each case the stimulus produced new thought better than that produced by the transmitters -- in the one case scholasticism, in the other the Renaissance (which however had other causes also)."


Amidst all the sentimentality over Scotland's failed queen, Mary Queen of Scots, and today's nonsense about Scotland being a multicultural society rejoicing in diversity and in the least nationalist of all nationalist parties, it is all too easily forgotten that most Scots, notably those in the capital were firmly in favour of freedom, protestantism and modernity. At least, following the successful Scottish to defend England's Parliament from Charles I, the later role of the Scots in trying to preserve the values of the Deep South is not forgotten by the World Socialist Web Site:

"The connection between the Southern right and Scotland has a historic progeny. The Ku Klux Klan is said to have been formed by emigrant Scots cavalry officers within the Confederate Army in 1860. Its oaths were imported from the Society of the Horseman's Word in North East Scotland, and the burning cross was used as a call to arms by Scottish clans in the fourteenth century. The Confederate flag bears a distinct resemblance to the Scots Saltire."


In an important review of group differences in athletic ability, especially between West African sprinters and East African long-distance runners, senior Science author Constance Holden cited Jon Entine (author of Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It) and wrote (Science, 30 vii): "The differences in physique and muscle makeup that underlie the dominance of Kenyan endurance runners and West African sprinters doubtless have a strong genetic component." One Glasgow University researcher believes "his team has found a higher prevalence of the I allele for the ACE enzyme in male marathoners compared with men from the general Ethiopian population" though says his result needs confirmation.


As a survey found only 10% of White Brits had any Black friends (prompting the BBC to a frenzy of therapeutic speculation), it transpired that even the pious Christians of America's Baptist churches overwhelmingly preferred to worship in churches where their own race was in the majority (American Renaissance, 1 viii).


As Britain's hospital's admitted that 5,000 patients were dying annually from the MRSA `superbug' - prevalent because of incompetence among largely-Black `cleaning' staff - a Black-run hospital in Los Angeles admitted systematic counting problems that left surgical instruments inside patients after hoperations (American Renaissance, 1 viii).

Note from John Ray: I am getting lazy in my old age so I have not included above the few hyperlinks that Chris has given -- but you can find them at the bottom of Chris's original page here if you want to follow anything up.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


In a hilarious attempt to defend its reputation for multicultural idealism, France blocked a planned visit by Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who had said that France's 500,000 Jews would be welcome in Israel to spare them violence and vandalism from France's idiotically collected 6 million Muslim slave labourers. Already, French Jews were emigrating at a rate of 500 per month, but cheese-eating surrender monkey President Chirac was not prepared to deal effectively with Islamic criminality.


The Sunday Telegraph, which never took much interest back in 1996 in The g Factor, publicized prominently the case of ex-Oxford academic David Selbourne who once stood out against the trade unions, losing his job in the process, and now can find no publisher for his new book about Islam which denies that it is (as it calls itself) a religion of peace.


The folly of giving sanctuary to `asylum seekers' was exposed as, led by Jamaican hoodlums, hundreds of detainees (waiting for the failed cases to go to appeal) rioted, causing millions of pounds of damage to Harmondsworth Detention Centre which gave them single rooms with television and telephones, a shop and a recreational area (Observer, 25 vii). A previous such riot at Yarl's Wood, Befordshire, was finally estimated to have cost œ38 million.


The Sunday Telegraph continued to mirror the British right's divisions by providing a forum for pro- and anti-Islam views (Will Cummins, `Muslims are a threat to the British way of life'; Jenny McCartney, `The real danger is indiscriminate fear - 25 vii); but all this was a long way from pointing the finger at the unscientific and frankly traitorous Whites who encouraged immigration from countries notorious for their low IQ and/or high levels of fanaticism and at the politicians who allowed the universities and schools to become fiefs of the left and kindred underdog-worshippers.


Britain's best-loved West Indian immigrant, the 64-year-old Sir Trevor McDonald, from Trinidad, told other immigrants that they should go back home if they don't want to integrate into Britain. "I'm an unashamed integrationist," he said (Sun, 26 vii).


A fine article in the Spectator (24 vii) by Leo McKinstry identified how NuLabour was building its body of voters: from a steady increase in civil servants and workers for quangos - many of which organize propaganda and bullying to achieve diversity, multiculturalism and sealed lips about their defects; from a 50% increase in the bloated welfare budget which now keeps 5 million on benefits (2.7 million supposedly `sick'); and from a tenfold increase (compared to 1994) of the numbers of immigrants to the UK - virtually all of them likely Labour voters.

{Despite that, Sir William Rees Mogg reckoned in the Times (26 vii) that UKIP had a good chance to win Hartlepool. If the Conservative leaders fail to agree to an electoral pact, Robert Kilroy-Silk could just go over the leaders' heads to Hartlepool's Conservative voters and promise that if they help deliver a UKIP victory, then UKIP would back out of contesting the any two seats of the Conservatives' choosing when the General Election comes along.}

{On 27 vii, UKIP offered not to oppose any parliamentary candidate who signed up to UK withdrawal from the European Union - hoping to stir up trouble for the Conservatives and perhaps to bring out some 20 Eurosceptics.}


Howls of outrage from femininnies seemed likely as the Daily Express revealed that Prince Edward & Fergie's daughter, Princess Beatrice, 15, had a tall and mature-looking boyfriend, perhaps aged 28.


In the Spectator, long so sadly a supporter of Conservative cowardice about dullard immigrants, columnist Taki at last announced he was a realist, saying "although I wish peace and prosperity to the Third World, I do not necessarily want to bring its peoples here. That makes me a racist."


Without any discussion in Cabinet, Parliament or even the media, Britain's top cops (selected for peecee penchants over the past decade) forbade police to be a member any organization that did not accept the top cops' `anti-racist' hysteria - and specifically forbade them to join the British National Party. The BNP Press Office confirmed that "plenty" of serving police were among its members.

{Few will doubt that, if not resisted, this new type of witch hunt, forbidding employment to race realists rather than bothering to outlaw the BNP, will be quickly extended through the public sector. There has probably been no greater home-grown challenge to British liberties since habeas corpus was suspended by the Tories in 1817.}

Thursday, July 15, 2004


After six months of intensive under-cover investigation using their massive licence fee imposed on every British TV-owning home and a British National Party member who had secretly defected to the ‘anti-racist’ and government-funded Searchlight organization (itself headed by an ex-burglar), BBC 1 managed to film three our four BNP men who had sometimes kicked Pakistanis during rioting or “dreamed” (with the help of BBC booze and encouragement) that they might like to bomb a mosque; and they filmed BNP leader Nick Griffin calling Islam a “vile” religion that had expanded partly by the rape method that it had more recently been applying to Christians and Sikhs in the north of England – giving Griffin the chance in subsequent interviews to explain the low IQ of the Arab world (shown in IQ and the Wealth of Nations) and thus its proneness to corruption, criminality, superstition, unemployability and authoritarianism. As it was, Griffin revealed himself on BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ (15 vii) as an impressive political operator by sacking his members who had admitted violence to the BBC snooper, clearly identifying these wayward and fragile ‘angry young men’ as having been kept on in the party precisely by the secret defector himself, and challenging police to put him on trial for his own view that there should be sensible and open discussion of the threat to the UK and the rest of Europe posed by the traitorous White politicians who had invited mass immigration from Pakistan, Turkey, north Africa and the Caribbean. By the end of Griffin’s interview on BBC2 ‘Newsnight’, the interviewer was the less relaxed of the pair and was being driven into errors of speech and grammar. The ten-minute interview was surely the best advertisement the BNP ever had.

{Certainly it was remarkable that the BBC should have tried to vilify the party using only the indisciplined thoughts of a few individuals and some entirely unexceptionable and indeed interesting thoughts from the leader himself. Six months spent offering cannabis to young males found in mosques or tea to members of women’s guilds would have produced more remarkable outcomes.}

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Homosexuals went into a frenzy as a Scottish hotelier, Tom Forrest, on the Isle of Lewis, declared he would not let "perverts" have a double bed in his family guest house - he would only permit same-sex couples to have twin beds. Yags inundated Forrest with pornographic emails and persuaded the peecee Scottish Tourist Board to remove him from its list; but Forrest (pictured in many newspapers) showed journalists 1,500 supportive emails (including one from me) and courageously resolved to carry on urging faggots to stay in the closet.


Curvy newlywed Florida schoolmistress Debra LaFave, 23, gave nothing but pleasure to her 14-year pupil Matthew Merchant as - apparently frustrated in her marriage and wanting illicit excitement -- she repeatedly slipped off her jeans in the backs of cars to reveal her knickerless preparation for rumpy-pumpy (News of the World, 4 vii). The only problem was that lover-boy Matthew could not prove his story to pals, so brought a cousin along to watch, who then couldn't resist telling his mum.. Finally, cowardly peecee-bound police felt obliged to respect feminazie paedohysteria - chiefly directed at men, but requiring equal prosecution of occasional women offenders -- and threaten smitten Debra with a lunatic punishment of 15 years in jail plus fines of over 27,000 pounds. {Police who prosecute such non-crimes should realize that they will be severely punished by national liberals of the future.}


While miserable Whites beat their breasts over having humiliated a few properly jailed Iraqis, Blacks got busy actually murdering each other on an industrial scale in the Sudan, raping women in a mass-anarchic ongoing orgy across the eastern Congo, and ethnically cleansing thousands of low-IQ Bushmen in Botswana from their tribal homelands (where more diamonds had been discovered, thanks to Western initiative) - all unopposed by the even the respectable left-wing press.


As long forecast in this Diary, Iraq began to divide along racial/ethnic lines: the Kurds ethnically cleansed their northern area (many Arab homes came up for sale in Kirkuk as pressures mounted), the Shi-ites in the south waited patiently for the `democracy' that would allow them to dominate the country; and the Sunnis of the central region re-organized their national-socialist Ba'ath Party and murdered all and sundry. {Thankfully, Western medicine of 2003 gave the Arabs a taste of what the future held for their stupidity, irrationality and extremism; but the Western initiative had been largely vitiated by the peecee belief of Messrs Bush and Blair that all sorts of diverse peoples are bursting to jack in their diversity and fawn on each other.}


Having failed to insist that `victims of paedophilia' from many years ago demonstrate actual harm before being compensated, the Roman Catholic Church in America found 4% of its priests accused of some 10,000 incidents of paedofumbling; and Oregon archdiocese went into bankruptcy from its payouts to ex-choirboys and their lawyers.


After a 19 year-old Muslim prodigy, Sufiah Yusof, made up with what she had once called her "controlling and bullying" parents (educational researchers) and married her 24-year old Oxford law student boyfriend (who had converted to Islam), the Times (10 vii, p. 3) declared her case to have a happy ending - though, unlike her two younger siblings (who fast-tracked to degrees from Warwick University in 2002) she never completed the Oxford degree on which she had embarked at age 13. Two other Oxford-educated prodigies had even happier endings: the famous Ruth Lawrence marrying a 29-year-older Russian divorc‚, Ariyeh Neimark, and becoming an Israeli academic and mother of two; and Jonathan Nunn becoming a chess grandmaster and writer on board games. One prodigy was under something of a cloud, however: Adam Dent began reading chemistry at St Hugh's College at age 14 but found it hard to integrate, took up drinking and left after being falsely accused of rape by an older girl. (Why send him to a women's college long known for its sporting hearties and presumably lesbians?)

Saturday, July 03, 2004


The English Crown Prosecution Service advised police not to prosecute ex-MP Robert Kilroy-Silk for writing in January that Arabs were ‘women repressors, limb amputators and suicide bombers’ and that ‘we owe Arabs nothing.’ The CPS took the view that it would be hard to establish either a threat or an intention or a likelihood of stirring up racial hatred (BBC 1 vii). {The third charge could hardly have stuck since K-S had first published his article in April 2003 without any conspicuous hatred resulting.} Muslim leaders said the decision was “incomprehensible” and further complained that police had been stopping-and-searching Arab-looking young males since 9/11. {But blind Home Secretary Blunkett took powers to discipline the police for insufficient paedohysteria.}


After a year of torture for seven men and a 76-year-old woman, the Crown Office dropped all charges of child abuse against them (Times, 3 vii, ‘Western Isles child abuse case collapses’). In the manner of such cases of witch-hunting, the Crown Office refused to say what, if any, harm had come to the children – presumably none, though rape of three under-16 girls had been alleged; or why the persecution was ending – presumably because the child witnesses, as so often, proved embarrassingly unreliable. Two of the men, one a solicitor, had been forced to leave the Isle of Lewis by vigilante action. {It is all very well to track down and punish miscreants; but such worthy endeavour should be balanced against the vast damage that even mere allegations of under-age sex do to reputations, relationships and livelihoods, and the enormous threat that all adults suffer from feminazies and kindred putative child protectors when their lives can be thrown up in the air by half-baked allegations from children whipped on by social workers.}


Researchers at St Andrews University reported that chimps who make more use of deception (e.g. suppressing copulatory cries so as to mate with a chimp other than their regular partner) have larger neocortexes (Guardian, 1 vii, ‘Low cunning linked to high IQ in apes’). The work provided novel support for the linkage established by Philippe Rushton and others (though long and strenuously denied by Stephen Jay Gould) between measures of brain size (especially of grey matter and the frontal lobes) and general intelligence in man.

{Average brain sizes in Asians slightly exceed those of Whites and substantially exceed those of Blacks. Male brains are larger than female due to extra white matter used in spatial processing.}

Monday, June 28, 2004


Delighting hearts at anti-peecee, anti-mass-immigration and anti-E.U. UKIP, a new Yougov poll in Britain found 54% saying they thought the U.K. should leave the E.U. so long as a free trade deal could be negotiated with the remaining members; only 31% said they wanted to stay in. Support for UKIP itself was found to be running at over 20% in the polls. UKIP was treated to a full-page spread, a cartoon (favourable) and a leading article (unfavourable) in the Times. By June 3rd, six Conservative members of the House of Lords, legendary England cricketer of the 1980s Geoff Boycott, born-again former Conservative M.P. and government Minister Jonathan Aitken and Count Nikolai Tolstoy (grandson of the novelist) had started urging voters to back UKIP. The lack of interest among British electors in tolerating `Europeans' - which term had become a euphemism for asylum seekers - so appalled the Grauniad's Polly Toynbee (4 vi) that she pondered education classes might be necessary to make voters worthy of democracy.. The Mail reckoned UKIP was on course to take a Euro-seat in Scotland.

{With both liberal-left and nationalist credentials, and enjoying wide popularity, leader-in-waiting Robert Kilroy-Silk seems set fair to become a new Oswald Mosely - though with a British sense of humour in place of Teutonic militarism, as hoped for in McDougall Newsletters. On the stump, K-S makes a virtue of his political incorrectness and attacks the pressmen of the "metropolitan media elite"; and UKIP'S leader in Wales deplores the cost to Britain's social services of looking after immigrants (which is plain in every G.P.'s surgery waiting room). UKIP looks likely to take a heavy toll from the `Tories' for their failure to back Enoch Powell. Even the leftie Guardian declared that, trading on `nationalist nostalgia', UKIP was not a `far-right' party and was not negligible (Catherine Fieschi, 3 vi); and Scotsman columnist Gerald Warner recognized with some glee that UKIP was the answer to Britain's generation of non-national liberals who had abandoned the death penalty and introduced mass immigration, mugging, steaming, roasting and Eurocratization. }


A fine 2002 article (which I had missed) from robust and witty Canadian columnist Mark Steyn. The punchline: "What a pity we're no longer capable of being "judgmental" and "discriminating." We're told the old-school imperialists were racists, that they thought of the wogs as inferior. But, if so, they at least considered them capable of improvement. The multiculturalists are just as racist. The only difference is that they think the wogs can never reform: Good heavens, you can't expect a Muslim in Norway not to go about raping the womenfolk! Much better just to get used to it."

{Steyn also uged his Telegraph readers to vote for Kilroy-Silk, who in turn announced he would be backing Israel at Brussels, thus confirming his potential as a National Liberal.}


The Brand, Constales & Kane chapter for The Scientific Study of General Intelligence (ed. Helmuth Nyborg, 2003) was made available on the net at


The case for seizing the conveniently located oil in Saudi Arabia and encouraging regime change before the country is openly in Al Qaeda hands - an idea mooted in this Diary in 2001/2 -- was made cogently (as always) by the brilliant Mark Steyn in the Spectator (5 vi).


In an amazing volte-face, for he had previously abjured racial quotas on immigration, Prime Minister Tony Blair privately told the Home Office to restrict immigration from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Bangladesh - countries which had been abusing `holidaymaker' schemes for Commonwealth countries to dump their population surpluses in Britain.


A forthcoming article from me in Occidental Quarterly was scheduled to reveal the truly vast scale of the academic opposition that the London School of Psychology had faced from deconstructibabblers, feminazies and `anti-racists' (`Can scholarship `impact' on religion? - The case of The Bell Curve'). But what of the central question of scientific racism or race realism? Who was still pursuing the battle (begun by London School leader Charles Spearman) to have scientific acknowledgment of the centrality of real IQ differences to the largest race differences? An internet Google search for `race racism realism intelligence IQ' yielded a grand total of 688 websites. So who was considered by modern webpeople to be contributing most to the struggle about these conjoined topics?


Arthur Jensen 116 Chris Brand 116 Sigmund Freud 110 Charles Murray 101 Cyril Burt 99 Hans Eysenck 97 Karl Marx 96 Francis Galton 79 Michael Levin 67 Thomas Sowell 67 Howard Gardner 61 Richard Lynn 59 Stephen Jay Gould 58 Charles Spearman 57 Charles Darwin 56 Francis Galton 54 Richard Herrnstein 54 William McDougall 54 John Ray 53 Tony Blair 49 Charles Spearman 46 Dinesh D'Souza 41 Philippe Rushton 37 William Shockley 29 Raymond Cattell 27 Nick Mascie-Taylor 27 Glayde Whitney 27 Steven Pinker 26 Jesse Jackson 25 Robert Plomin 24 Roger Pearson 23 Karl Popper 23 Wilhelm Wundt 22 R.J.Sternberg 20 James Flynn 18 Tom Bouchard 17 British National Party 17 Daniel Goleman 17 Linda Gottfredson 17 Nelson Mandela 16 David Duke 14 Margaret Thatcher 14 I.J.Deary 12 Germaine Greer 12 Michael Howard 12 Sandra Scarr 12 Nicholas Mackintosh 9 Robert Kilroy-Silk 8 Helmuth Nyborg 8 (Robert Sternberg 8) James Q. Wilson 8 (Ian Deary 7) Henry Garrett 7 J.P.Guilford 7 John Ogbu 7 Glenn Wilson 7 E.L.Thorndike 6 John Carroll 5 Douglas Detterman 5 Vincent Egan 5 David Lubinski 5 Godfrey Thomson 5 Lee Willerman 5 Ray Fancher 4 J.C.Loehlin 4 Nathan Brody 3 Robert Gordon 3 John Hunter 3 Christopher Jencks 3 Lionel Penrose 3 Dorothy Rowe 3 Frank Schmidt 3 Peter Caryl 2 Michael Eysenck 2 Charles Locurto 2 Matt McGue 2 Ted Nettelbeck 2 R.E.Snow 2 Rosalind Arden 1 Ron Atkinson 1 Philip Vernon 1 John Baker 0 Derek Forrest 0 David Fulker 1 L.G.Humphreys 1 Terrie Moffitt 1 Groucho Marx 0 Charles Saatchi 0 Dean Simonton 0 Sandra Witelson 0.


Distinguished Edinburgh University divinity professor David Wright, on the verge of retirement, had his speech for a graduation ceremony forbidden by E.LU. Principal Comrade Tim O'Shea - possibly because it lampooned the University for recruiting a `Knowledge Manager', i.e. Librarian. Letters of complaint about the insult to Professor Wright were not published by E.LU.'s Bulletin - "in the time-honoured tradition of free speech at Edinburgh," remarked Private Eye (11 vi).


Above were displayed the intellectuals deemed on the net to contribute most to the race-realistic cause of the London School. But here is an attempt to find the people most identified on the net with the widest interests of the School. An internet search via Google for `race IQ intelligence personality attitudes heritability' yielded 673 websites. When particular names were added in the search requirement, the numbers of URLs yielded were as follows.
Arthur Jensen 143 Francis Galton 83 Charles Murray 74 Philippe Rushton 70 Cyril Burt 66 Hans Eysenck 62 Charles Darwin 61 Richard Lynn 56 Chris Brand 54 Howard Gardner 54 Stephen Jay Gould 50 Richard Herrnstein 50 Steven Pinker 50 Charles Spearman 45 Robert Plomin 40 William Shockley 35 Karl Marx 33 Sigmund Freud 27 Raymond Cattell 25 Michael Levin 23 R.J.Sternberg 23 Linda Gottfredson 22 William McDougall 22 Glayde Whitney 21 Nick Mascie-Taylor 6 David Duke 5 Nicholas Mackintosh 5 Ian Deary 4 Wilhelm Wundt 2 Glenn Wilson 1 Nicholas Humphrey 0 Groucho Marx 0


As the anti-peecee United Kingdom Independence Party became the third largest in England & Wales, with 12 seats in the European `Parliament' (compared to 25 `Tory', 17 NuLabour and 11 for Liberal Democrats) the BBC did its best to ignore the party altogether, referring in its broadcasts merely to gains by `Other' parties. The Beeb also had no UKIP representative to comment on the outstanding success - unlike e.g. the Sun newspaper and Classic FM Radio which unhesitatingly went for soundbites to UKIP leader-in-waiting Robert Kilroy-Silk. It remained to be seen whether the BBC's peecee boss, the Labour Party, would match this hysteria or solve its problem by refusing the planned new Constitution for the European Union which would allow all race realists to be carted off to German jails without even the possibility of intervention by British courts.


As the Sun newspaper backed the United Kingdom Independence Party (tellings its readers to `just say NO' [to Europe, crime, mass immigration, PeeCee]) and UKIP recruited a Black female celebrity chef to placate its critics, topTimes columnist (and former editor) Simon Jenkins declared the Conservatives needed to "make peace" with UKIP, since they needed charismatic Kilroy-Silk more than K-S needed them (16 vi). `Anti-racists' were said to fear that K-S would become `the acceptable face of British racism' (Daily Mirror, 16 vi).


A 69-year-old English judge, a father of four, was found guilty of a few dozen downloadings of pictures of naked children of ages 8 to 11. The out-of-proportion devastation to his career, family relations and reputation was accompanied by the threat of a prison sentence. Relishing this latest catch for man-haters, London-based femininnie Michele Eliot, bossette of abusohysterical charity `Kidscape', delightedly `explained' that paedophiles were not usually `dirty old men in mackintoshes at the edge of school playgrounds' but teachers, lawyers, musicians, sports coaches, sports commentators, writers, priests etc. Thankfully, Sunday Telegraph columnist Nigel Farndale was prepared to record the gross injustice to the judge (20 vi).


The Times continued adjusting to Britain’s post-UKIP realities, with a second former editor, Lord Rees-Mogg, condemning the new European Constitution even as Prime Minister Blair signed up to it; and with columnist Janice Turner condemning mad-Muslim practices of heavy veiling and saying “the burka is a slave’s garb” which Western femininnies like Germaine Greer should be ashamed they had tolerated. As Britons polled 2-1 against the new constitution, Kilroy-Silk likened Blair to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who believed he had won a good deal from Hitler at Munich.

RACE REALISM REACHES Torygraph (20 vi)

In a surprise development, Lisbet Rausing (aka Lisbet Koerner, a daughter of Britain's richest man, with a sporting estate near Fort William [called by neighbours `The Pink Palace,' on Loch Ossian] and - after Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge - an academic job at Imperial College, London) explained the three types of Western European which had been identified by her own hero, the nationalistic and nature-loving Linnaeus and validated by the mighty William McDougall (who renamed the groups as Nordic (individualist), Alpinic (authoritarian) and Mediterranean (`amoral familialism', says Rausing). (A fourth group of Europeans, the Russians, proved readily taken in by humanitarian, indeed by communist rhetoric; so Europe's main groups spanned the two main dimensions of social attitudes, AUTHORITARIAN vs HUMANITARIAN and INDIVIDUALIST vs RELIGIONIST.)


The Home Office was reprimanded by the National Audit Office for failing to solve the problem of enormous backlogs of cases at its Immigration Office. The reason? In 2001, entry standards, formerly 2 A Levels, were relaxed so as to recruit more Blacks and Pakistanis. The result? So many (successful) appeals against poor decisions that the system remained as jammed as before (Daily Telegraph, 23 vi). {Notwithstanding, the British Medical Association - having already turned General Practice into a 60% female business -- declared its intent to recruit more Blacks and Pakistanis as medical students.}


An international police conference at The Hague was told that, worldwide, there were some 5,000 `honour killings' annually of Muslim girls - and in addition that Muslim girls were four times as likely as others to commit suicide (Daily Telegraph, 23 vi).


Robert Kilroy-Silk et al. achieved good coverage from the BBC, the Guardian, Reuters, the Times [with a big picture] and the Scotsman as they arrived at the ghastly E.U. `Parliament' building in Brussels. {Funny, it's the right-of-centre newspapers which are embarrassed by UKIP.} Full (if hostile) coverage was also provided by World Socialist (23 vi) - accusing various UKIP members of capitalism, pro-American imperialism, Thatcherism, xenophobia, Holocaust denial etc. More efforts to link UKIP to racism revealed that the brave Viscount Massereene and Ferrard (d. 1996), the president of the disbanded Conservative Monday Club -- the smash of which led to UKIP -- had once been quoted as saying, "If you say I am a racist, yes I certainly am, and proud of it". Via its links to Derek Turner's Right Now magazine, UKIP could be associated with eugenicism, Hans Eysenck and yours truly. Bingo! The only hope for the left was to deny the rise in Britain of Pim Fortuyn-type national liberalism and insist that anything to the right of them was `racist.'

{In 2001, The United Kingdom Independence Party said that it could be targeted by new rules outlawing racism and xenophobia, noting that the Oxford English Dictionary definition of xenophobia is "a morbid fear of foreigners or foreign countries." Nigel Farage MEP, the party's chairman, said: "I'm morbidly xenophobic about this new country called the European Union, so if that is covered by this law then I'm most certainly xenophobic and I could be extradited anywhere. So I'm going to make sure my overnight bag is packed and ready."}


A healthy summary of TgF by economist Ed Miller was discovered at the site of the `far right' but in fact eminently reasonable American race realist and martyred politician David Duke.


A Black `reggae' music artiste was reported to the police and subsequently reprimanded for his lines "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica /Come to execute all gays."


Humberside's chief of police bravely refused to resign when accused of not doing his bit to organize the British police state demanded by blind Home Secretary David Blunkett. Chief Constable David Westwood had been expected by the ludicrous and incompetent windbag Blunkett to collect and retain all allegations and accusations of underage sex, paedophilia, child abuse etc. even when cops knew they and the Director of Public Prosecutions could never make charges stand up in court. Bravely, backed by the Humberside police authority, Westwood put up two fingers to Britain's paedohysterical tabloid press and the laughable Home Secretary who has allowed Britain to be inundated with asylum seekers and Pakistani `husbands' forced on Muslim girls living in fear of their lives. In the Times, columnist Ross Clarke pointed out that the ancient British principle that a man was `innocent till proven guilty' had been replaced with the sorry idea that he was `innocent until someone turned up bearing a grudge and making feminastie accusations of paedofumbling or vaguely remembered child abuse.'


Before a conference of top educators and historians, Prince Charles blasted the a-historical curriculum of Britain's schools, the crazy egalitarian objective of `educating' 50% of Britain's increasingly agrammatical and obese kids in `universities' by 2010, and the ceaseless and bureaucracy-generating government `initiatives' intended to disguise the process of dumbing down (Guardian, 26 vi). {The only major matter the Prince failed to criticize was the domination of state education by the left - with 95% of dons being of liberal-left persuasions following a generation of biassed recruiting (McDougall NewsLetters, passim; Diary, April; Times, 12 iv, `Angry Right is aiming to teach a lesson to liberal professors').}


A reminder of the intrinsic hopelessness of venerating minorities was provided in London by a Black reggae musician who had taken to singing to adoring fans, "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica / Come to execute all the gays" - he was promptly visited by the Metropolitan Police and taken off air by the BBC.


Following an article by multi-millionaire historian of science (and substantial landowner in Scotland), Lisbet Rausing, I replied, was favoured with acceptance by the Sunday Telegraph and appeared in print as follows (27 vi, p. 22).


There are three species of European

Dear Sir,

Your columnist Lisbet Rausing should be congratulated for distinguishing the three main cultural groupings of Western Europe -- the individualistic north-west, the authoritarian centre and the family-centred south (20th June, 'A modest proposal for Europe'). Such realism about human differences is unusual today but can find authority in the work of Britain's famous scholar William McDougall (1870-1938) who held the Chair of Psychology for six years at Harvard University. McDougall distinguished by 1920* the 'Nordic', 'Alpinic' and 'Mediterranean' peoples of the West and especially remarked how these three peoples continued their own traditions after emigration to the USA -- with the Nordics venturing westwards, the French and Germans congregating in cities, and the Italians continuing with their famous 'families.' It would be interesting to know how Lisbet Rausing came by her own proposal for grouping Western people in a sensible way. And of course it is a pity that similar realism has not been applied to acknowledge the three very different peoples of Iraq (Kurd, Sunni, Shi-ite).

Christopher Brand, Edinburgh


I also emailed as follows, appending my Torygraph letter, to Lisbet Rausing herself (aka Lisbet Koerner), newly arrived in Imperial College London from years spent in the universities of Harvard and Cambridge.


Dear Lisbet Rausing: Congratulations on your Sunday Telegraph column! -- A bit of race realism at last. Perhaps times are beginning to change what with Kilroy-Silk and so on. I thought you would like to know I have emailed the ST as follows so you can reply with more Linnaeus (my own first hero in biology, for Darwin took so long over everything). Keep Up The Good Work, as Maggie used to say. I am yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand.

* For your reference, if desired, from W. McDougall, 1920, 'The Group Mind', Cambridge University Press:

"....we can distinguish a race of northerly distribution and origin, characterised physically by fair colour of hair and skin and eyes, by tall stature and dolichocephaly (i.e. long shape of head) and mentally by great independence of character, individual initiative, and tenacity of will. ....recently the term Homo Europaeus, first applied by Linnaeus to this type, has come into favour; and perhaps it is the best term to use, since this type seems to be exclusively European. It is also called the Nordic type. The rest of the population of Europe, with the exception of some peoples in the extreme north and east of partly mongoloid or yellow racial origin, seems to be chiefly derived from two stocks. Of these, the one type, which occupies chiefly the central regions, is most commonly denoted by the name Homo Alpinus; the other, chiefly in the south, by the name Homo Mediterraneus. Both are of dark or brunette complexion and the principal physical difference between them is that the former, H.Alpinus, has a short, broad head (i.e. in brachycephalic) and also is of short stature; while the latter, H.Mediterraneus, is long-headed like the northern type and is perhaps taller than H.Alpinus. Mentally, both these differ from the northern or European type in having less independence and initiative, a greater tendency to rely upon and seek guidance from authority (cf. Ripley's 'Races of Europe' and Prof. H.J.Fleure's 'Geography in Western Europe', London, 1919)."


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Monday, May 17, 2004


Cognitive and affective differences emerged as strongly heritable in new research from King's College London on an impressive 1,116 pairs of twins. When Julia Kim-Cohen and co-workers asked how well children were doing relative to their degree of environmental deprivation, IQ differences were 45% genetic and differences in anti-social behaviour were 70% genetic (Times, 14 v; Child Development, 2004)).


The full resources of Britain's criminal `justice' system were used over two years to persecute, convict and jail for a further two years a senior schoolmaster, 48, on whom a 14-year-old female religious studies pupil had developed a crush (Daily Telegraph, 14 v). The pair went everywhere together, being thought of as uncle and niece, and had sex over six months; and the girl - by this time 16 -- was in tears as Doncaster Crown Court delivered its savage verdict. The teacher had 23 years teaching experience without a spot on his character.

{By contrast, a Black Malawian asylum swindler, Feston Konzani, 28, was given only a 10-year stretch after he had ruined and shortened the lives of three British females (one only 15) by infecting them with HIV/AIDS during unprotected sex.}


A critical Sunday Herald warned that, with Robert Kilroy-Silk's determination answering general public cynicism about other parties, there could a political landslide in Britain in June (16 v). Likewise the centre-left Independent noted that UKIP had a £2m warchest, star backing from explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, astronomer Sir Patrick Moore and former racing driver Sir Stirling Moss, and 12% support in the polls (compared to 7% in 2003) (15 v). Kilroy-Silk also got mentioned in the Scotsman and Guardian of 15 v.


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Thursday, May 06, 2004


This 2003 volume (edited by Danish psychologist Helmuth Nyborg), which may prove the last big bang from the London School, was extensively quoted and discussed by ‘neoeugenicist’ Matt Nuenke.

Perhaps the most incisive sentence in the book, a second Festschrift for Emeritus Professor Arthur Jensen, was "Critics of biological determinism are like members of a fire brigade, constantly being called out in the middle of the night to put out the latest conflagration, always responding to immediate emergencies, but never with the leisure to draw up plans for a truly fireproof building” – actually a quote from g-basher Stephen Jay Gould which ironically but pithily sums up the left’s failure over the years to build its own convincing account of general intelligence.

It recalled Earl Hunt's remark of c. 1999 that, in nature/nurture debates, nature theorists were the stompers and nurture theorists the stompees.)

Reviews were also provided in Occidental Quarterly (a fine summary of the book’s central if familiar thrust by editor Kevin Lamb) and to the publisher Elsevier by twin study expert Tom Bouchard and Cambridge learning theorist Nicholas Mackintosh – the latter doubting that g’s central causal role in its data nexus was finally established but properly deploring his cognitive/experimental colleagues’ lack of respect for Arthur Jensen. (The two Elsevier reviews were eventually published in the subscription-only journal Intelligence, March-April 2004.)

Evidently, the new volume* does a fine job of exposing ‘the collective fraud’ (Nyborg, Linda Gottfredson [URLs for her publications]) of g’s opponents; acutely, Nyborg observes that Gould et al. used to criticize sociobiology for Just So stories, but today, faced with the massive edifice of the London School’s century-long work on the g factor (first observed by Charles Spearman in 1904), Gould et al. themselves can only resort to telling Just So stories themselves (most commonly about hypothetical genetic-environmental interaction effects occasionally observed under extreme experimental manipulations in plants). Nuenke’s substantial effort will help enlighten those who have not wanted to fork out the 70 pounds demanded for the volume by Elsevier and help make up for the failure of the world’s cowardly scientific press to produce a single review in the nine months following publication.}

*The book includes a chapter by C.R. Brand, D. Constales and H. Kane.


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Saturday, April 17, 2004


It was nice to see I was still getting taught at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh - at least in 2003, by Lindsay Oliver, Lecturer in Cognitive Science. {Watch out, Lindsay, they'll be coming for you soon!}


A survey of 14,000 Tesco customers as to their favourite films showed that the top twenty films chosen by men (1. Star Wars 2. The Great Escape 3. The Godfather) had simply zero overlap with the top twenty chosen by women (1. Dirty Dancing 2. Bridget Jones's Diary 3. Thelma and Louise). Said Times film critic Dave Calhoun (12 iv): "Men violently peacock around other men in `The Godfather', `Scarface' and `Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' - all films that lend men easy celluloid heroes. While in `Titanic', `Ghost' and `Truly, Madly, Deeply', female characters painfully struggle to find true love - cue tears, empathy and a much repeated plotline."


Long after the overwhelming Democratic bias of U.S. academics became widely known - some 90% of staff being liberal-left (McDougall Newsletters, passim), the Times of London deigned to report the phenomenon (12 iv, `Angry Right is aiming to teach a lesson to liberal professors'). The comparable phenomenon of liberal-left bias in British luniversities had been reported to the highest levels of the Conservative Party without the slightest action being taken.


Amidst protests from Amnesty International (which never lifted a finger against peecee censorship of The g Factor), officials in Rio de Janeiro planned to put walls around two of the city's slums to restrict otherwise infectious violence, thieving and drug pushing from reaching the city's richest areas and fashionable beaches. {Five years ago, Slovakian authorities walled in gypsies; and the past year saw the near-completion of the Israeli wall to segregate Palestinians. That walls provide one of the few practical answers to multiculti-crazy politicians was long ago proved in Northern Ireland.}


The doctor who secretly reports - as `Doctor Theodor Dalrymple' - for the Times and the Spectator explained to his readers that there was no need to fear much Muslim terror from the youngsters of Muslim families in East London (Times, 15 iv). Apparently Muslim prisoners (whose numbers were approaching those of Blacks) show not the slightest interest in Islam except for its tolerance of polygamy and the oppression of women. Halal meat, reading the Koran, praying to Mecca? Forget it! Muslim young men just wanted their heroin and the opportunity to offer marriage ad lib to feckless White girls; and Muslim girls were wearing their veils only to oblige parents, spending their time otherwise smoking and reading the sexual advices in girls' magazines.


Man-aping feminasties were given a salutary shock as top Scottish female weightlifter, Ms Nuttall-Halliwell, 38, died from her exertions (Scotsman 16 iv). Additionally the obscenely proportioned Ms Nutty-Ballyunwell had been injecting herself with insulin so as to cheat inspectors of body-building freaks.


British teachers gave everyone a hoot when, at their annual conference (BBC, 16 iv), they roundly denounced the policies of sending `learning disabled' (i.e. low-IQ) children to normal schools - policies which most of the loony `teachers' had accepted without a whimper for the previous generation in which `Tories' had followed Labourites in pretending that all children could be educated in the same way (except for their own wee darlings who invariably needed private education or a grammar school place achieved by purchasing housing in one of Britain's few unreconstructed areas).


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Sunday, April 11, 2004


1. Philippe Rushton's 20-year-long stress on the uncontrolled sexuality of Black people received fresh confirmation as the US Army reported that its Black women had rates of AIDS no less than 23 times higher than the rate for White servicewomen (Guardian, 6 iv). Experts declined to comment on the possibility that Black women - normally deprived of sex because Black men prefer White women or drugs or just shooting each other - go rather wild when finding themselves in a situation where there are 20 males competing for every female.

2. New research from the eminent Clemson University, South Carolina, reported that the racial diversity of an area was linked to higher crime - and even more so when the area was racially segregated (perhaps because of extreme crime problems). (The linkage of countries' ethnic diversity to prisonization was noted in McDougall NewsLetters, 1999, using figures supplied by the Council of Europe.)

3. Ordinary people in Britain had become fed up with unrestricted immigration (Times, 6 iv). According to a Populus poll, 73% wanted immigration only if accompanied by self-sufficiency and/or skills; and a further 18% wanted immigration closed down altogether. The poll recorded the Conservatives as having caught up with Labour for the first time since the 2001 general election - both parties having the support of 34% of the electorate. Top tabloid columnist for the usually Labour-ite Daily Mirror, Tony Parsons, asked of immigrants "Why the hell do they have to live here?" For the Times (6 iv), columnist Michael Gove proposed simply charging immigrants a flat œ10,000 for the right to British residence - thereby democratizing the current arrangements under which anyone can win residence by bringing in œ1 million of investment.


After a blistering week of tabloid allegations over one-legged `roof tilers' and `electricians' with fingers missing being allowed to breeze into Britain, P.M. Tony Blair announced -- after a one-hour Downing Street ministerial `summit' for tea and Tunnocks' caramel biscuits -- that he would be taking over control of immigration policy from blind Home Secretary Jo Blunkett, stopping sham marriages, busting universities which take on bogus students, having the Audit Office investigate Britain's asylum statistics to see if their accuracy could be ascertained or improved, reinstating the Civil Service whistleblowers who had exposed the Blunkett/Hughes malpractices and introducing identity cards as soon as possible (perhaps by 2006). But the Opposition called the climb-down a gimmick and said Blair had `more summits than the Himalayas'. And from Cambridge University economics professor, Robert Rowthorn, fellow of prestigious and normally left-ish King's College, writing for the think-tank Civitas, claimed that dullard immigration did not boost the British economy as the Government liked to claim but rather may be costing it œ400 million annually - apparently Government figures standardly neglect the cost of running the immigration service (Sun, 7 iv; Scotsman 7 iv); Professor Rowthorn especially reckoned that unskilled immigration was a net loser for Britain. {It was equally likely that the Government's talking up of immigration failed to include the costs of the provision of social housing, immigrant criminality and the provision of education andhealthcare. A request to the Home Office (by Robert Henderson, followed by chase-up) to supply such information drew a blank non-reply in 2002. Such information needs to be supplied for second-generation non-White immigrant families (especially in the case of Blacks whose low-IQ and hyperactive children are a constant drain on the educational system).}


Although British politicians had treated the British people with contempt for a decade by shamelessly continuing with mass dullard immigration despite London schools, doctors' surgeries and hospital clinics (not to mention the immigration `service') being plainly swamped hy people who speak little English and have many difficult ailments and even more children, the revenge of the Marxists for their losing the Cold War was thought to be coming to the end of its useful life. In the Daily Telegraph (7 iv), whistleblowing civil servant Steve Moxon (who exposed the Hughes/Blunkett scams) read the new linguistic dance of Blair buddy Trevor Phillips (above) as frankly indicating a "seismic shift" in discourse if not reality. Backing up this analysis came top leftish (and feminastie) Grauniad columnist Polly Toynbee (7 iv, `Why Trevor is right') saying British people did indeed have "not unreasonable fears" about immigration; congratulating Phillips on breaking with "the unctuous, unthinking platitudes about the richness of all diversity, as if difference were a self-evident asset"; saying that British history should be taught (and "not just the lessons to be learned from Hitler"); insisting that "Muslim teaching on women staying one step behind will not do"; and referring to the "rogue crazed creed" and the "insane and unassuageable cult" of the one Muslim in 8 who supports Al Qaeda and saying "no kind of multiculturalism `understands' this." {The last remark admittedly suggested a continuing residual affection for multiculturalism, but Polly had at least been making a reasonable effort to re-arrange her armchairs till she got carried away by the old tunes. Likewise, `Asians in Media' (8 iv) professed the hope that the BBC would "continue its commitment to Asian programming (whatever Mr Trevor Phillips says about ditching multiculturalism)."} Home Secretary Blunkett said he agreed with Phillips that the term `multiculturalism' was no longer useful and should be replaced by `diversity with integration' (BBC 7 iv). Church authorities also tentatively welcomed Phillips' apparent change of tack, talking of `the tide changing in Britain's debate on culture' (Church Times, 8 iv) - and of course insisting that the church was at the heart of British culture. Intellectuals David Goodhart and Roger Scruton also welcomed Phillips' change of heart and/or discourse - Goodhart was singularly generous in this since he had been condemned as a xenophobe for articulating similar views in March; and Times correspondents were generally pro the new Phillips. But top Scotsman lady columnist Joyce Macmillan was shocked (10 iv) and said abandoning multiculturalism was "both bizarre and deeply dangerous" since (a) it had never been tried outside London and (b) no-one knew what Britishness was anyhow. The `seismic' and plainly unexpected nature of the Phillips Declaration was further indicated by wailing and lamentation from (Times, 10 iv):


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