Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As inflation in Black-run Zimbabwe ran at a billion percent p.a. and cholera broke out, even lib-left `anti-racist, Bishop Desmond Tutut (Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town) called for the kleptocratic tyrant Robert Mugabe to be deposed (Sunday Telegraph, 7 xii). "If they say to him `Step down' and he refuses, they must do so militarily," he said (twelve years too late). "He has destroyed a wonderful country - a country that used to be a bread basket but has now become a basket case."

{Meanwhile, in the Holy Land of St Osambo, preparations were underway for Osambo's newly appointed Chief of Staff to use Chicago's notoriously corrupt electoral machine sell Osambo's seat in the U.S. Senate to Jesse Jackson Jr.}


As furious rock-and-bottle-throwing battles broke out between hooded students and police all over Greece and around Greek embassies abroad, wrecking hundreds of shops, it appeared that the troubles had started with one of hundreds of asylum seekers queueing for permits being injured as he fell (or was pushed) into a ditch (he had slipped while taking a leak, police said). The asylum seekers (after some 20 days on hunger strike) started setting fires, the Greek police moved in heavily, the students of the local polytechnic went up in arms and one 15-year-old boy, Alexandros Grigoropolos, was shot dead by cops (in particular a cop nicknamed Rambo..) after some in his group threw stones at a squad car (Kathimerini, 8 xii). {Perhaps a new Paris 1968 around the multicultural idealism that students - but perhaps not Greek police - had had to absorb?}

The Greek Communist Party, seeing its opportunity as (subprime-stimulated) economic recession loomed urged its members to rally for "a big storm ahead" (Anaweb, 9 xii). Greek Socialists called for peaceful candlelight demonstrations as the shot student (from a ricochet, said police) was buried in Athens 9 xii. Anarchist groups who had led the rioting had been able to use university campuses to prepare and re-arm as, under Greek law (dating from the overthrow of the country's right-wing government by `the colonels' in 1974), police were not allowed to enter. Under cover of the four days of rioting, migrants engaged in an orgy of looting (AFP, 9 xii; Brisbane Times, 10 xii).

A vivid image of Greece's attempts to repel Black and Arab boarders heading into the European Union had been given at PR-Inside, 26 xi. Greece approved only 140 of the 20,692 asylum applications made in 2007, according to the UN refugee agency. Tens of thousands of illegal migrants had been entering Greece each year. Many attempted dangerous sea crossings from nearby Turkey or braved minefields to make their way in. After the 20th day of a hunger strike (beginning mid-November) by Arab asylum seekers in Crete (157 miles south of Athens), regional administrator Serafim Tsiokas said that, under Greek law, the migrants could stay on hunger strike as long as they liked. Asked whether this meant until they die, he replied, "to the very end." The minister for the interior had declined to appear in parliament to answer questions on the situation of the hunger strikers. No member of the party in power, the right-wing New Democracy, visited them. The Greek media had been silent about the hunger strikers. Foul conditions in camps for hundreds of failed asylum seekers returned by Greece to Turkey gave no credence to any idea that Turkey was encouraging Arabs to seek entry into the E.U. (Today's Zaman, 28 xi).

{As the rioting continued, the media declined to mention how it was police action against migrants which had provoked young Alexandros and friends into confrontation - the media apparently not wishing to encourage sympathy for police. But it did turn out that the riotous youths called themselves `the Black Bloc' - presumably affecting sympathy with Blacks as well as with anti-Americanism, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism etc., etc.}

Just as in Greece, students in France, Italy and Spain were angered by underfunding in universities. In November, thousands of young Italians took to the streets to protest youth unemployment of more than 23 percent. France was no stranger to university unrest, and politicians feared protests by middle-class students could re-ignite rioting by the young immigrants.

By 13 xii, Athens police had beaten a 13-year-old girl and journalists who tried to film them; and had made 170 arrests of student rioters (for whom participation was apparently a virtual rite de passage).

"The picture is going to get very ugly as Europe slides deeper into recession next year. The IMF expects Spain's unemployment to reach 15pc. Immigrants are already being paid to leave the country. There will be riots in Spain too (there have been street skirmishes in Barcelona)." - Ambrose Evans-Prichard, D. Torygraph, 10 xii.

By 2008, one Athenian in five was foreign-born. Many illegal immigrants were awaiting opportunities to move further into the E.U.


In a rare media admission, Tottenham youf who had gang-raped a teenager of IQ 50 and doused her with caustic soda to conceal their crime turned out to be Blecks (Sun, 9 xii, `Three jailed for acid rape'). Nine other youf from Hackney with non-English names and led by a Black got jail sentences totalling 56 years for gang-raping a 14-year-old girl who had `dissed' their leader (Sun, 9 xii).


Britain's tabloid-fuelled paedohysteria plumbed a new depth as employed father of five Andrew Cunningham, 52, died naked at the hands of a Wandsworth (south London) mob (probably of youths) which inflicted multiple stab wounds to his face, head and genitalia because he had `groomed' boys to bring young girls to his caravan for hanky-panky and had supposedly `fondled' the two-year-old daughter of a local barmaid (Daily Express, 13 xii). (The slaughtered Cunningham's last proven crime was to have `raped' a 14-year-old girl in 2001, for which statutory offence he received a four-month jail sentence. One of his five daughters stood up for him, as did his employer and a local fish factory worker; and a floral tribute at his caravan in the lorry park where he worked said he was `the best man alive.')

Monday, December 08, 2008


As India's financial and tourist heartland, Boombye, suffered a thousand dead and injured at the hands of Muesli goons, Britain's `right wing' Sunday Telegraph was emboldened enough to recruit a moderate Muesli, apparently editor of the Islamist, to write (more trenchantly than could be found in any Torygraph leader or column:
I am a member of the Labour Party and I am ashamed that the party, after 11 years in power, shies away from addressing the failures of multiculturalism. Pandering to so-called cultural differences has led to more than 70 per cent of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women in Britain today being unemployed. {That's to say, they work as slave labour for their men.} What happened to racial and gender equality?

As one heard such pathetic stuff (fully appreciated in E.LU. Psychology of the 1980's thanks to my own choice of seminarists), the mind could only boggle that the West's `conservatives' had failed to rally women - recalling the Virgin Mary, Boadicea, Queen Elizabeth I, Victoria, Mrs Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II - against Muesli insistence on female inferiority. Did conservatives lack imagination? Or balls? Or just the g factor?


Africans provided further demonstration of their commitment to multiculturalism as 400 died, 10,000 were displaced and 2,000 arrested in two days of Muesli-on-Christian violence in the low-rise (in parts tin-built) Nigerian city of Jos (pop. 500,000, at the cusp of the country's Hausa-speaking Muslim north and its Christian and animist south, and a scene of previous rioting and hundreds of dead in 2001-2004), leaving a smoking ruin of burned-out cars and buildings (for details, see ChristianityToday, xii; and more violence was forecast by the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard, 4 xii). {Since these events were ideologically inconvenient, they were little reported in the West's peecee mainstream media.} Meanwhile, the Hutu and Tutsis of Burundi/Rwanda/Eastern Congo (who `could not mix,' said a Hutu commander) prepared for more ethnic violence of a kind that would have Guardian sub-editors swooning if anyone in Britain mentioned such ongoing (for at least 30 years) realities; and, after 25 years of Black rule, cholera swept Zimbabwe.


State-funded goons, headed by Scottish cogniwallah Dr Batty (sic), found that - surprise, surprise! -- high IQ test scores in early adulthood were associated with a modest protection against later mortality as a victim of homicide (Br.J.Psychiat, 2008). The `researcher' loons had no idea whether the effect was genetic or environmental -- how convenient for the continuation of their state grants! How many brownie points did they get for finding the higher-IQ make nicer lifestyle choices - and thus for reinventing the wheel?


News of the importance of IQ in generating lifetime SES, health and general success permeated to the media of the farthest-flung outback of empire ooops commonwealth (NZ Stuff, 1 xii). {Sadly, Edinburgh's Professor Deary's loyalty to the London School had still to impress his own local Student newspaper in Edinbugger - still entirely dedicated to social-environmentalism and to bringing Bleck `students' by quotas to further infest with mediocrity the already demoted [out of the U.K. top ten for a decade] LUni.}


As `evil' Dewsbury mother of seven Karen Matthews headed towards a lengthy prison sentence for drugging, abducting and kidnapping her own 9-year-old daughter Shannon (one of her seven children by five men [including by a 16-year-old boy] - none of them staying around) in order to claim what she believed would be hefty newspaper rewards for `finding' the girl, it turned out the police search for Shannon had cost œ3M and that the Matthews family had been on the local social services' `at risk' register in 2003 (thought by a psychologist to require "constant monitoring and support throughout the lives of her children") but had been `discharged' in 2006 (Sun, 5 xii; Guardian, 5 xii). Teachers, too, knew that Shannon would come to school filthy and that she hated her welfare-dependent violent, lazy, foul-mouthed, partying, drunken, chain-smoking, crisp-scoffing slob of a `mother' and `neighbour from hell'; but, though concerns were raised, no action was taken (Sun, 5 xii).

In Matthews's case, her conspiracy to use her daughter as a cash cow had involved the services of a man of IQ 50, the brain-damaged uncle of her live-in fishmonger boyfriend, Craig Meehan, 23 (whom the police had spared from accusations of involvement in the conspiracy, jailing him instead for kiddieporn found on his computer). (Meehan, who had taken up with Matthews at age 18, wrote post-kidnap of his continuing devotion to her, calling her "one sexy mama.") At the same time, in north Durham, a man of IQ 70 was jailed for 5 years for killing his daughter (unprotected by her mother, who suffered `learning difficulties), the whole squalid charade being presided over by social workers who had declared the daughter `at risk' before she was even born (Sun, 6 xii, `Shannon, Baby P., now Child No. 3 is failed').


Such was the title of what to most would be an informative and healthily inconclusive article by young leftish British journalist Matt Kennard (see above - an occasional contributor to New Statesman, though not apparently a reader of The g Factor) (The Comment Factory [a new internet magazine for young leftists, edited by Matt Kennard and Marcus Graichen], 5 xii). I replied as follows.

Matt Kennard has provided a fair and helpful summary of how British and Australian universities have in twelve years killed off academic free speech and reduced their staff to terrified toads who dare say no word about race, inherited intelligence or paedophilia. Of course, he could have mentioned what was actually the silencing of Professor Geoffrey Sampson (Sussex), Armand Leroi (Imperial College London), Satoshi Kanazawa (LSE) and David Coleman (Oxford).

But I should just correct, or at least improve on one particular point. Far from Edinburgh University itself trying to make trouble for me in the autumn of 1996, it was actually by then trying to get my book, 'The g Factor,' republished by Oxford University Press. This understandably infuriated the Anti-Nazi League and its enthusiastic member, E.U. Chaplain Rev Iain Whyte, who asked me for my emailed daily newsletter, found (among many other topics) my urging clemency for paedophile Nobelist Carlton Gajdusek, and trotted along to the newspapers of his own volition. As the tabloid headlines raged FIRE BRAND, the University then had to make up its mind, and did so, disgracefully, spending around œ100K of taxpayers' cash to get rid of me. But I do not accuse the University -- especially its then Principal, now Lord Sutherland of Houndswood, a good pal of Prince Philip -- of being the key plotter. Rather the opposite, at least at that period of the two-and-a-half-year saga!


Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi made it a crime punishable by 18 months in prison to be an illegal immigrant. Renting an apartment to an undocumented immigrant was to carry four years in prison. Families wanting to be reunited with relatives living in Italy would have to submit DNA samples. And undocumented workers would spend 1/3 more time in prison than anybody else who committed the same crime.


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


While Britain’s useless politicians debated piffling temporary tax cuts (intended to provide a ‘fiscal stimulus’ i.e. Christmas goody bag) and declined to acknowledge that the credit crunch had been caused by multiculturalism (with Presidents Clinton and Bush having forced banks to lend recklessly to Blacks and Hispanics – see above), socialist idealism and its ‘social workers’ (i.e. pie-eyed peecee goons) got a well deserved kick in the teeth from 1.3M Sun readers demanding mass sackings in north London’s gruesome half-Black borough of Haringey where Baby P. had met his broken-backed end despite 60 visits from taxpayer-salaried do-gooders (26 xi).


As England’s ‘Papa Fritzl’ was jailed for 19 years for getting his two daughters pregnant 19 times it turned out that – as increasingly, preventing public discussion of Britain’s post-Thatcher decline – the 56-year-old criminal ‘could not be named for legal reasons’ (Sun, 26 xi).


Eric Zemmour, a French journalist who wrote for Le Figaro, was at the center of a storm of controversy following comments he made on television November 13. Zemmour, born in Paris, was from a family of Jewish Berbers who left Algeria after the Algerian war. Zemmour's main point was that there are different races distinguishable by skin color. Both the French paper press and the blogosphere had a field day with this story, accusing him of resurrecting the Nazi theory of race, of being a "Lepeniste", of making comments that emit a nauseating odor, of being a promoter of ethnic separationism, of triggering a "civil war" between Jews, blacks, and Arabs, of expressing the malaise of French "Negrophobes", of seeking a return of "a white France", etc... (Brussels Journal, 24 xi, `Those racist French').


America’s punishment for its multicultural madness – its comprehensive failure of race realism at home and abroad and final symbolic election of OSambo – was thought likely to meet its sticky end in 2009 (with the collapse of the dollar and the division of the USA into its component parts – incl. returning Alaska to Russia) by Professor Igor Panarin, doctor of political science and dean of the foreign affairs department at the Diplomacy Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry (Russia Today, 26 xi, digesting an article in Izvestia). {Sadly, Prof. Panarin’s imagination failed him as to where American Blacks would end up….}


Thinking things in the decade since my sacking not too bad and anyhow couldn’t get worse? Well, 27 xi, twenty ‘counter-terrorism’ police in London arrested Damian Green, 52, the Opposition spokesman on immigration (so in the top ten of Daft Dave's Shadow Cabinet) and questioned him for nine hours (about passing to the press information on the true extent of Britain’s immigration problem learned from a civil servant) (Sun, 28 xi).

If even Her Majesty's Opposition could be casually detained (and have his computers taken away and his home stripped bare and cops poring over youthful loveletters between Green and his wife) (without the Prime Minister knowing, so he claimed), what hope was there for the rest of us? Bye-bye parliamentary democracy! Evidently only the tabloids and Eurolandish Human Rights any longer stood (or wobbled uncertainly) between the citizen and the state-paid, -expense-accounted and -pensioned Stalinite thugs of Crash Gordon’s Labour Party. {By contrast, not a single mosque was blown up as British-funded Pakistani-originating Muesli terrorists inflicted days of horror and mayhem (incl. 150 murders and thousands injured) on Bombay ooops Mooombye. Here, according to U.K. politicians (e.g. on Question Time, from Basildon), there was a need for consultation, diplomacy and lunches, and certainly not a rush to judgment or compulsory questioning – perish the impious thought! -- of anyone at all.}

A London pal, an ex-senior civil servant remarked: “In modern times at least it is unprecedented for an MP, let alone a senior one, to be subject to such behaviour by the state. It is also a fact that very rarely are mediafolk or people representing interest groups of which the government approves investigated or prosecuted for the manifold leaks of official data which occur and which are given avid attention by the media.”

Outrage was just about universal in the media, with far-left Saint Tony Benn condemning the arrest as “a direct attack on parliamentary democracy by the police,” Labour rebel M.P. Clare Short complaining of ‘Stalinism,’ the New Statesman’s political editor Martin Bright complaining of ‘tribalism’ (1 xii), the LibDem leader Nick Clegg saying “the Government’s contempt for parliamentary democracy” was “something you expect from a tinpot dictatorship” and the Daily Mail and Sun (1 xii) declaring Britain at least pro tem. “a police state.” Government minister Jeff Hoon was laughed at by the (usually polite) BBC Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’ audience as he urged complacency about an arrest which had been ‘in conformity with procedures’ {as Haringey social workers were wont to say}. But ludicrous Labour Home Secretary, podgy Ms Jacqui Smith, refused to apologize even as some claimed the Home Office whistleblower’s phone calls had been tapped for days in order to try to entrap Damian Green.(though the leaks were only of political and never of security interest).

A fine condemnation of Britain’s peecee Labour-loving police was issued by the Daily Mail (2 xii, Stephen Glover) {not a newspaper that lifted a finger to support me in my own battles with E.LU., it must be said, but one should try to be pleased with every sinner that repenteth – or gets close to it}.


In what had to be the final indictment of Britain’s ‘welfare state’, Labour-run Sheffield’s ‘Papa Fritzl,’ 56, who could not be named for the usual loopy ‘legal reasons,’ was given 25 life sentences for raping his two daughters thousands of times, yielding 19 pregnancies, 7 extant children and enough benefits for all to live prosperously under social work and medical ‘supervision’ and without the man needing to work (Sun, 28 xi). On one occasion, the father had offered one daughter £500 to get pregnant and thus boost the family’s handouts from the taxpayer. (The daughters did not want to report the welfare scam for fear their children would be taken into care. The man’s wife knew what was going on but vamoosed while the girls were teenagers. Neighbours and relatives had put in reports to police alleging beatings and incest --, all to no avail. Even arch-welfarist Supreme Leader Brown professed himself shocked by what Sheffield’s good socialists had allowed to happen under their holy noses. Multi-million-pound inquiries by sociologists were immediately launched ooops rolled out going forward.)


In the same week, a lesbian Lance Bombardierette, Kerry Fletcher, 32 and known for flaunting her not inconsiderable vital assets [see above] , was awarded £187K by an industrial tribunal for having to endure for four years male fellow Royal Artillery officers urging her to give them a try in the sack to see if she could be converted to straight sex (Daily Mail, 28 xi); and a troublemaking Srindopakeshi policeman, Tarique Ghaffur, 53, was awarded £280K (plus a pension worth £3M, assuming he lived another 25 years) by London’s Metropolitan Police for years of ‘racism’ in a force which had actually promoted him to its third-highest position (Daily Mail, 28 xi; Daily Telegraph, Alasdair Palmer, ‘Compensation is no longer about justice,’ 29 xi).


As, at America’s ‘Thanksgiving’ holiday, thousands of Black bargain hunters on Long Island stampeded, trampling one hefty male shopworker to death, the tabloid Daily Mail could bring itself only to provide a picture of peaceful Asian bargain hunters queueing quietly in Los Angeles.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Two weeks after American, African and international jubilation at Saint OSambo's presidential election victory, nothing had changed: Black youf had apparently not made the slightest progress at pulling their pants up - not at least according to the Daily Voice (18 xi).
It's tempting to believe the America that black people woke up to on the day after the election is vastly different from the one they've been sleeping in since 1619 when the first Negroes landed at Jamestown. Tempting -- and wrong. The personal triumph of one man doesn't mean 40 million others all share in it. It's great to be proud of the first black president, but you still have to make the car payment.

The regularly scheduled deliveries of drugs, weapons and hopelessness to urban neighborhoods were made on time the day after Obama won and the day after that. Brothers didn't pull up their pants, put down their guns and pick up the phone to wish their baby mamas a Happy Mother's Day and promise to bring a box of Pampers on their next visit.

So much for hopes that Obama's election signalled the beginning of the end of racial grievance! If Obama couldn't even deliver the inexpensive gesture of a goodwill Pants Up Day in response to Whites having voted 45% for Obama, it looked unlikely he could expect co-operation in the key tasks of lower Blacks' criminality, promiscuity and coke-snorting. But perhaps US Blacks would wake up and smarten up on learning that a sidekick of Osama bin Liner had condemned Saint Obama, Coline Powell and Condie Rice as "house negroes" who had failed to follow in the footsteps of Muslim Malcolm X and were just the flunkies of Whites (Sun, 20 xi)?


The incompetence of E.U. countries to remove unwanted immigrants was starkly revealed as a British flight to pick up 50 Afghans in Lille (near Calais) and return them to Afghanistan was halted at the last moment by French authorities - to the huge embarrassment of Britain, said officials (Daily Telegraph, 17 xi). At the same time, British officialdom announced it had allowed immigration into Britain to increase in 2007/8 - despite the press having been told that the problem had been under control since 2005.


As Britain wept over the grisly fate of Baby P. at the hands of a brutal and stupid threesome living in manifest squalor under the supervision of Haringey Borough Council, sociologist Norman Dennis pointed out that such non-families scarcely existed even in the slums of Victorian London's East End: social reformer Charles Booth had reported that only 1.5% of households with children did not include a married man and woman who both did their best for their children (Daily Telegraph, 18 xi).


As Britain's socialists and social workers kept mum about Baby P., relying on `enquiries' to delay and obfuscate matters, the Sun thundered (19 xi):
This pitiful case has directed a spotlight in to the darkest, murkiest recesses of another by-product of New Labour's non-judgmental, human (except babies) rights agenda - the burgeoning underclass. Baby P's "mother" liked the benefits his existence afforded her, but wasn't so keen on the effort involved in nurturing him. Consequently, his sadistic step-father abused him whilst she spent much of her day viewing porn online or using taxpayers' money to play online poker. But the Government could tick a box that it was "helping the impoverished" so that's all right then. Gordon Brown thinks he's helping to eradicate child poverty by throwing money at the likes of Baby P's mother. But he's creating a state-funded breeding programme for the feckless, where a poverty of values is threatening to destroy not only the life chances of countless innocent children but society as a whole.


The tortured life of the arch-author of relativism, of linguistic philosophy, of hostility to much scientific psychology,* of multiculturalism and of PeeCee, the neurotic, Jewish, homosexual, irascible and suicidal Ludwig Wittgenstein (and of his family of similar manic aristocratic geniuses) was amusingly told by Alexander Waugh (son of Auberon and grandson of Evelyn) in The House of Wittgenstein - helpfully reviewed by Terry Eagleton in the Guardian (9 xi).

Talking of Wittgenstein's rootlessness and arguments with his family which took him from fabled Vienna to the bleak European outposts of misty Cambridge, a remote cottage on the west coast of Ireland, a shack on a Norwegian fjord and a potting shed in the garden of an Austrian monastery, Eagleton explained: "As a man who hailed from an Austro-Hungarian empire inhabited by Germans, Slovaks, Romanians, Serbs, Slovenes, Magyars and a good many other quarrelsome ethnic groups, he came to see human cultures as inherently diverse." Not much room there, then, for the g factor and its universal human social hierarchy!

* Though Wittgenstein's leading modern interpreter, my old friend and fellow Queensman Peter Hacker, a lifetime devotee of Ludwig, focussed his own criticisms on `neurophilosophy' (e.g. Daniel Dennett, Tony Damasio) - being inclined to spare (and even admire) Scottish faculty psychology (esp. Frances Hutcheson, 1694-1746) and its descendants in the London School.


As internal ructions in the British National Party led to a disaffected member publishing the party's 13K-strong membership list on the net, Britain's great and good, e.g. all four panellists on the Beeb's `Any Questions' in Tunbridge, rushed to dissociate themselves from `racism' (as indeed had the BNP itself for the previous decade), leaving it to a lone teenage girl in the Tunbridge audience to ask how Britain had come so far from Queen Elizabeth I not wishing `to make windows into men's souls' and now banned police not simply from any political activism (long forbidden to civil servants) but just from membership of one party, the BNP.


After economics professor Walter Block (U. New Orleans) lectured at the Jesuits' Loyola College in Maryland (19 xi), he was asked about Black underachievement. In his response, although he was very careful to say that the cause was a matter of dispute, Block said "the politically correct answer is that lower black productivity is due to slavery, Jim Crow legislation, poor treatment of African Americans in terms of schooling, etc. The politically incorrect explanation was supplied by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in their book The Bell Curve: lower black IQs." But even such caution and brevity were not sufficient to prevent the solids hitting the fan as Jesuits -- famous for their movement's enthusiastic torture and murder of Protestants and genocide of the Incas -- raced to assert their horror at The Bell and their absolute core commitment to diversity, anti-racism, socio-environmentalism and White guilt. {Instead of taking the lead in sex education and stream-choice for kids, the Church had allowed itself just to tag along in the wake of already clapped-out neosocialist idealism.}


In a rare appeal by a Black to a physiological and genetically based, one Tyrone Brown, defending against a drunk-driving charge against him, had his lawyer argue that, since the Negro chest is on average 3% less in volume than the White chest, the same amount of alcohol would make up a greater percentage of the breath of a Black than of a White. Thus the breathalyzer was effectively "K.K.K. in a box," urged the lawyer (Connecticut Times, 19 xi).


As debate began on whether to save the ugly, dirty-white and mammarily underdeveloped nudes of Titian's late-in-life paintings of `Diana' (50M pounds demanded from Britain by Christmas, and another dose in 2012, from the owner, the Duke of Sutherland), the Sun, which had excellently come out for eugenics in the Baby P. case (see above), offered a free `Titian' [See above] to a possibly grateful nation, using for tit***s some of its famous and wholesome Page Three Girls {though sadly not Keeley Hazell..} (21 xi).

By contrast, paying up for the original Titians was championed chiefly by facially repulsive sex-mad artist Tracey Emin, promiscuous elderly babe-bagger and worshipper of ugliness Lucien Freud, and the uninspiring (if versatile and happily third-time-married) abjurer of reality, the German artist Gerhard Richter - none of them having any sustained commitment to beauty, nor probably to intelligence.


Reviewing Jewish M.P. Denis McShane's Globalizing Hatred: the New Anti-Semitism, leftist but Muesli-bashing Christopher Hitchens (Times Literary Supplement, 21 xi) found it easy to agree there was too much anti-Semitism around - though much of it took a more traditional form than McShane believed, for Muslims all over the Middle East and the Stans were busy reading and passing on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was fabricated by the Czar's secret police and had nothing to do with criticizing the state of Israel.

As to the latter, Hitchens specially remarked how Israel should more often be compared - favourably - with the ex-British Muslim state created out of strife at the same time and equally going on to develop illegal nuclear weapons but scarcely giving its own people the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course Hitchens accepted that Jews attracted that relatively rare race hatred which is based on envy rather than contempt; but it was strange that he (and presumably McShane) could not mention how anti-Semitism was related simply to high Jewish IQ and to Jews' post-Holocaust creation and imposition (via Hollywood and the U.S. media) of multiculturalism and its peecee policing.


In a fine summary of the useless over-expenditures of Crash Gordon's 1997-2008 Britain, top tough columnist Jeff Randall turned to the problem of education (Daily Telegraph, 21 xi):
Under Labour, the education budget has more than doubled to œ82 billion. Yet only this week, we learnt from Ofsted, the watchdog, that four in 10 secondary schools are under-performing, with more than half of all state pupils leaving school without five decent GCSEs, including English and maths. No wonder many families on relatively low incomes are scrimping to pay for private education.

The problem, according to Tom Burkard, visiting fellow at the University of Buckingham {and research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies}, is that the current schooling system is hopelessly corrupt: "Grade inflation has reduced the annual release of exam results to a farce." Examinations have been perverted to measure process, rather than content. Political correctness warps the curriculum.

"Pupils are taught to 'evaluate' gobbets selected for the specific purpose of illustrating themes, such as the oppression of blacks by whites, women and homosexuals by men," says Mr Burkard. "Without political will, there is very little chance of breaking through the web of progressive educational mythology and stepping outside the long shadow of Thomas Gradgrind."

Monday, November 17, 2008


Oxford University femininnies swooned as, just a few days before the beginning of their planned `gender equality week,' an Oxford nightclub attracted a student audience to see busty well-aureolaed babes in black leather gear allowing a huge 12' albino python to wrap and writhe around them, and then stripping down to all but their diminutive thongs and wrestling on the floor for customers' satisfaction (Sun, 11 xi).


My old sociologist pal Christopher Badcock of the L.S.E. (whose Freudian sympathies [in his book PsychoDarwinism] I had once lauded in Times Higher, 1994) got into the New York Times with his idea of there being a psychological dimension opposing autism to psychoticism (11 xi) - apparently a version of the realism/practicality vs idealism/subjectivity dimension of personality advanced in The g Factor (pp. 43-45). Supposedly, the dimension resulted from a genetic tug-of-war between paternal and maternal genes.


Providing Moronicans with another glimpse of what a Black-`governed' America could hold, a retired medical journalist wrote from South Africa to the International Criminal Court at the Hague complaining that attacks on rural Boers by gangs of Blacks had produced countless rapes and some 3,000 deaths since the year 2000 (AmRen, 11 xi).
Another visual aid to Black rule: in Nigeria, babies were being bred for sale - to be raised for child labor, sex slavery, or body parts. In Tanzania, African albinos could find themselves hacked for limbs to be used in witchcraft ceremonies (Observer, 16 xi).


After nine months of 4-million-pound expenditures in Jersey, police announced that no children had been murdered by the hordes of psychopathic paedophiles widely presumed to have been running around Haut de la Garenne orphanage in the 1950s -- bone fragments in the basement that had fed the paedohysteria of Britain's tabloids had turned out to pre-date the existence of the building and/or to be fragments of coconut (Classic FM Radio, 12 xi; Sun, 13 xi). My fellow Queensman and drinking partner, top Jersey cop Graham Power (once a supremo with Edinburgh police), found himself suspended - apparently I had failed in our conversations to impress on him the need for sanity about the modest predations of paedophilia.


After California rained on OSambo's parade by voting to pass Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, tens of thousands of homosexuals took to the streets in San Diego, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles - especially concentrating their protests on Mormon churches, not wanting to admit that their main argument was actually with Blacks (not to mention Catholics and other Christians). Though allowed `civil partnerships,' California's nancy boys had whipped themselves into a frenzy over being denied marriages: they turned `like dogs' on a woman bearing a cross, trampling the cross into the ground, and threatened similar demonstrations in 175 American cities (CNS News, 14 xi).


A paedosadist was jailed for life after a court heard he bankrolled his abuse with hush money given after he was molested by Catholic priests in Ireland (Sun, 14 xi). David Cullen, 48, was sentenced over a string of sex attacks on boys as young as seven - some broadcast to other perverts live on webcam. He bought holidays for victims' parents to win their trust and converted a people-carrier into a mobile sex chamber. He once used it to rape two boys, one seven and the other 13, before filming them committing sex acts on each other.


As convictions occurred for the 2007 death of a 17-month-old White boy in the north London borough of Haringey, in a rat-infested house reeking of faeces and urine, his 50 wounds (e.g. finger nails missing, finger tips missing [removed with a Stanley knife to expedite the extraction of finger nails], head cracked, ear falling off, spine broken) having been missed by Haringey social workers (incl. a Muslim doctorette*) in some 60 home visits without taking-into-care being thought necessary, it turned out that 50% of Haringey social work staff were Black and that the area had been in the unchallenged control of the Labour Party for 37 years and the council was devoted to PeeCee (Sun, 14 xi, here, here and here). It had been deemed right to leave the boy, `Baby P.', with his (apparently White) abusive 27-year-old mother** and two men in their thirties (at least one of them violent, cruel and illiterate, and one of them having a 15-year-old live-in girlfriend***) so the child could "bond" with its mama (who had previously been in trouble for abusing one of Baby P.'s sisters). The baby's facial injuries were disguised easily enough from Haringey `carers' by smearing them with chocolate (Daily Mail, 15 xi).

Identities of most parties to the case were being kept quiet "for legal reasons" despite the Sun alone having collected 100,000 signatures demanding the sacking of Haringey staff. A 2007 lawyer's letter from a whistleblower,**** complaining of physical and sexual abuse of children supposedly under the supervision of Haringey Council and addressed to then Secretary of State Patricia Hewitt and others in authority had resulted in no improving action that journalists could ascertain.

The woman who oversaw investigations into the whistleblower's claims about the handling of child abuse in Haringey before the death of Baby P had once been accused of obstructing the Victoria Climbie inquiry [into a Black girl who died at the hands of her Black aunt and partner who believed she was devil-possessed] (Daily Telegraph, 14 xi).

Vigilante groups appeared on FaceBook naming the mother and seeking to hang, draw and quarter her and her lover and lodger. Peter Hitchens pointed out that social worker, doctors and neighbours typically live in FEAR of households of the Baby P. type - this one in Haringey had included a snake and Alsatian (and pups) and the inevitable rottweiler.

The Sunday Mercury [Midlands], 15 xi, said it all: "We need to replace the simple-minded, bleeding heart social workers with teams of hard-headed, sceptical, determined investigators."

* This `doctor,' Dr Sabah Al Zayyat, apparently could not or would not examine the boy because he was, she said, too "cranky."

** She was prone to chasing men on the net and Bebo using the name `Need-Choc-Got-PMT' (Sun, 14 xi).

*** After a week of the NuLabour and Haringey carin'-and-sharin' authorities suppressing the story and buck-passing, re-iterating the mantra that `the correct procedures had been followed,' the full sadistic HORROR of the state-blessed Baby P. household was revealed by the teenager to the News of the World, 16 xi.

**** Nevres Kemal, a 44-year-old female former employee who had been legally gagged by Haringey Borough Council.


Making me glad I had always kept `liberalism' in my proposal of a `National Liberal Party' for Britain (and why not post-2008 for America as the G.O.P. was revealed as a busted flush and a race-realistic* party for Whites seemed both necessary and viable as Democrats trekked off into the wilderness of idealism), the Scotsman reported as follows (3 xi).
The brightest children go on to vote Liberal Democrat or Green, according to a survey. The study by Edinburgh University researchers has found that childhood intelligence is linked to voting preferences and political involvement in adulthood.

The study - which looked at voting patterns in the 2001 general election - found that those with higher IQ ratings were more likely to vote Lib-Dem or Green in an election.
The survey - including cognitive tests at ages five and ten - was followed up with a study of voting habits at 34. Those who voted Green had an average IQ of 108.3, with Lib-Dem voters just behind at 108.2.

Conservative and Labour voters were further behind - with scores of 103.7 and 103.0 respectively, while voters for Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru scored an average of 102.5. Scottish National Party voters had an average IQ of 102.2. The research also showed that British National Party voters had the lowest average intelligence - scoring just 98.4. Non-voters were found to have an average IQ of 99.7.

Sadly, the study did not apparently distinguish between fluid and crystallized intelligence as had my 1981 review of the psychology of politics,** where I had linked the former to agnostic moral liberalism and the latter to `anti-authoritarian' egalitarian welfarism; but no matter - it was nice to see IQ getting a mention, especially from race-shy E.LU. workers (though the people they studied had had their IQs taken as part of the British Cohort Study beginning in London of 1970).

* Steve Sailer (VDare, 4 xi): "..If you don't allow yourself to bring up race, you simply cannot run against the real Barack Obama. You wind up running against the fantasy made up by his strategist David Axelrod, credulously summed up last week by the New York Times' Brian Stelter as Obama's "refusal to be defined by his race and his aspirations to bridge the partisan divide". Why can't you run against the real Obama without talking about race? Because the real Barack is all about race." ..Obama's leftism doesn't derive from any particular ideological conviction. Instead it's utterly an outgrowth of his race. Leftism is his way of reassuring other blacks-and himself-of what he himself calls in his autobiography his "racial credentials". By spending 23 years in the business of, in effect, taking money from whites and giving it to blacks, Obama, who is half white by nature and utterly non-black by nurture, proves that he is "black enough" to other blacks and to himself."

** 1981 'Personality and political attitudes.' In R.Lynn, Dimensions of Personality: Papers in Honour of H.J.Eysenck. Oxford : Pergamon, pp.7-38.

[See also here for a discussion of the IQ/politics relationship -- JR]


As British TV cameras focussed as never before on a U.S.Presidential election, viewers were amazed to see that Americans had to queue for hours to vote - the left having rigged the system so that no high-paid or hard-working citizen would dream of turning out, and votes would chiefly be cast by welfare-dependent Blacks, students and oldies who had plenty of time on their hands. Staggering! (Likewise the British House of Commons had been hollowed out by Rev. Bliar - with all discussion pointless and no attendance necessary since all that mattered was what Bliar and cronies said to tabloid newspaper editors over London lunches.)

The democratic disgrace was still greater in that voters for both parties believed they were voting for Santa Claus -- for a bonanza bailout that would have BB2CC culminate in BB2CC2BB. In fact, Gramps was probably the more ludicrous of the two presidential candidates -- promising to heap on more massive government spending to pursue home ownership and retention at all costs. It was the Republican, not the Democrat, who entrusted the Treasury Department to renegotiate individual home loans and become chief principal write-down agent for the nation. By contrast, the Democrats had offered straight tax cuts for 95% of earners - cuts which (though spurned in Britain by Daft Dave's `Conservatives') would at least be likely to stimulate the economy out of the fast-arriving recession.


As U.S. Republicans licked their wounds following their pathetically thoughtless and unrealistic presidential campaign, it seemed clear they had to gain the support of intelligent young Whites and that the way to do this would be to offer FREEDOM in matters of sex, drugs and educational streaming while placating Palinites with an insistence on FAMILY and FAITH groups as the usual vehicles for health and welfare insurance.

Fortunately, a likely future leader, the Yale- and Harvard-educated young ex-Canadian writer David Frum showed some awareness of this (National Post, 5 xi; Daily Telegraph, 6 xi). Perhaps he would also have fun changing the G.O.P.'s colour from the ridiculous red (internationally the colour of the left) to orange - the colour quite often favoured by national liberal parties in Europe. Seeing the possibilities of big changes to dissociate Republicans from protectionism for the poor, Black and elderly with which the Democrats had lumbered themselves, the Telegraph's lead cartoon showed a joyous young prisoner whose chain connecting his wrist manacles had snapped - the two manacles bearing the two words WHITE GUILT.

Note: Frum took the trouble in his article to blame the credit crunch expressly on the black bonanza - as had also the British National Party's Nick Griffin in a splendidly sophisticated article (5 xi). It thus seemed BB2CC had become widely acceptable across the spectrum of the right, which in future only needed to flesh out regularly the dangers of false hopes and illusion-laden lending - especially when the IQ of short-term beneficiaries was low.


Whether Blacks would fit in with the kind of post-racial U.S. wished by Obamaniacs was set to be tested as Obama told nigga youf wiv attitude: ""Brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What's wrong with that? Come on . . . You don't have to pass a law, but that doesn't mean folks can't have some sense, and some respect for other people. And, you know, some people might not want to see your underwear -- I'm one of them" (MTV, 3 xi; PopBitch, 6 xi; Boston Herald, 7 xi).

Likewise, the Melbourne Herald Sun (7 xi) pointed out that Osambo's victory showed the American system was already fine - it was just Blacks who needed improvement (if that could be supplied..):
What must change is culture, and there Obama's work has yet to begin. All he has done is offer the shining example that anything is possible in America. A black man may be president, because the system does work, and if a man fails we might look closer to home for the reasons.


An interesting comparison with the U.S.A.'s Black Messiah, from AmRen (6 xi):
Gibbon, in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire sets the date for the fall of Rome at 476 A.D. The people of what was left of the empire had no sense that the empire had "fallen." There was just a new emperor.

From the distance of centuries, Gibbon points to the year 476 because Odoacer took the throne then. Odoacer was the first non-Roman emperor. He came from the Germanic invaders who had come into the country; they were only looking to do work that the Romans themselves wouldn't do, which in those days was serve in the army. Odoacer honored all the Roman institutions, and the Romans in Senate and native Roman people supported him.


British historian Niall Ferguson (Glasgow, Oxford and Harvard) spelled out Dubya's role in the credit crunch in an article for Vanity Fair (xii, `Wall Street Lays Another Egg'):
"We want everybody in America to own their own home," President George W. Bush had said in October 2002. Having challenged lenders to create 5.5 million new minority homeowners by the end of the decade, Bush signed the American Dream Downpayment Act in 2003, a measure designed to subsidize first-time house purchases in low-income groups. Between 2000 and 2006, the share of undocumented subprime contracts [on the housing market] rose from 17 to 44 percent.

So America had already had its minority Dream! As one AmRen correspondent wrote (7 xi):
There's only one reason Obama won this election -- George Bush. Had he been a true conservative Republican, there would've never been an Obama victory. Now he gets to retire and live in the lap of luxury complete with secret service for the rest of his life, when in reality he should spend the rest of his life behind bars with a big black guy that's known to hate White people.

{Another interesting indicator of times to come would be if Whites started taking down their Stars and Stripes from the flagpoles in their gardens, no longer able to believe in the American Dream. This was certainly Peter Hitchens' advice -- Daily Mail, 9 xi, 'The night we waved goodbye to America.'}


As Mulatto Messiah OSambo prepared for power in Washingtron D.C., the `Democratic Republic of the Congo' [amusingly abbreviated as DR Congo in TV headlines] continued to show pig-ignorant Americans what their country would look like after 50 years of Black rule, with most women raped and 8-year-old boys being forcibly recruited as half-starved killers into local militias (Sun, 8 xi). Black troops of the Congolese Government, high on drink and drugs, were robbing, raping and killing children at random (Sun, 10 xi) - especially victimizing the Hutu people whom they were meant to be protecting, since they were not sufficiently brave or competent to attack their Tutsi enemies (on whom the Frenchified Hutu had several times inflicted genocide [800,000 died], leading the Tutsi to anglicize and get their act together under a tall, dignified and bespectacled Black leader).

The United Nations accused both Tutsi `rebels' and Congolese militias of war crimes over the systematic killing of civilians in the town of Kiwanja, as fighting in the east of the DRC continued to spread (Guardian, 10 xi). Medecins sans Frontieres reported an outbreak of cholera (45 cases) in a refugee camp of about 50,000 people near Goma. As Angolan and BBC forces arrived to back the DRC, UN and Hutu, Tutsi-controlled Rwanda looked likely to back the determined and competent Tutsi `rebel' leader in eastern Congo, Laurent Nkunda. A spirited analysis of Hutu `refugee' rapism and genocide appeared here.


A social-democrat proposal being put to the Dutch parliament, to oblige irresponsible mothers to go on the Pill for two years, received guarded support from top Sunday Times columnist Minette Marin - at least if women had already proved irresponsible in their mothering of two children (9 xi).


Barack Obama's Presidential victory triggered an immediate accounting of debts to be paid off in constructing his new administration. There were those who speculated that OSambo would be building a White House staff of loyal old Chicago hands. Others foresaw a bevy of Clintonistas. And still others had a vision of a kind of Kennedy redux that wags quickly dubbed "Obamalot." ..But the greatest Kennedy legacy to Obama wasn't Ted or Caroline or Bobby Jr., but rather the Immigration Act of 1965, which created the diverse country that was already being called Obama's America (Boston Globe, 11 xi).
Barack Obama's victory last week triggered an immediate accounting of debts to be paid off in constructing his new administration. There were those who speculated that Obama would be building a White House staff of loyal old Chicago hands. Others foresaw a bevy of Clintonistas. And still others had a vision of a kind of Kennedy redux that wags quickly dubbed "Obamalot."

But the greatest Kennedy legacy to Obama isn't Ted or Caroline or Bobby Jr., but rather the Immigration Act of 1965, which created the diverse country that is already being called Obama's America.

That act is rarely mentioned when recounting the high points of 1960s liberalism, but its impact arguably rivals the Voting Rights Act, the creation of Medicare, or other legislative landmarks of the era. It transformed a nation 85 percent white in 1965 into one that's one-third minority today, and on track for a nonwhite majority by 2042.

Before the act, immigration visas were apportioned based on the demographic breakdown that existed at the time of the 1920 Census-meaning that there were few if any limits on immigrants from Western and Northern Europe, but strict quotas on those from elsewhere.

The belief that the United States should remain a nation of European lineage was openly discussed when immigration laws were revisited in 1952. The resulting bill, the McCarran-Walter Act, was notorious for giving the State Department the right to exclude visitors for ideological reasons, meaning that a raft of left-wing artists and writers-including Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, British novelist Graham Greene-and scores of others were denied visas. But it also had the effect of maintaining the 1920s-era notion of the United States as a white nation. (Congress imposed the bill over President Truman's veto.)

A decade later, attitudes were changing, and President Kennedy proposed a new immigration structure that would no longer be based on national origins. After Kennedy's assassination, his brother Ted took up the fight, pushing the Johnson administration to go even further than it wanted in evening the playing field. Though Lyndon Johnson, in signing the bill, tried to reassure opponents that it wouldn't do much to change the balance of immigration, its impact was dramatic.


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Some history.


Monday, November 03, 2008


As the clash-wracked, crash-wracked, illusion-fed world grasped at Black Saint Barry Osama's hem as he swept towards the White House, realist columnist Mark Steyn (banned from the British press for his naughtiness) summed up the situation of the typical `Obamacon' (the otherwise conservative Moronican who had decided to vote Democrat to show idealism) (Orange County Register, 1 xi):

He's "hoping" that Obama will buck not just Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and the rest of the gang but also his voting record, his personal address book and his entire adult life. Good luck betting the future on that. The "change" we'll get isn't hard to discern: An expansion of government, an increase in taxes, a greater annexation of the dynamic part of the economy by the sclerotic bureaucracy, a reduction in economic liberty .oh, and a lot more Chicago machine politics.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Male-to-female transsexuals - often considered by environmentaloons to have `made a lifestyle choice' -- were discovered in many cases to have a longer version of a gene that modifies testosterone expression (Daily Mirror, 27 x; Biological Psychiatry, x).


British teenagers are dimmer than those of 32 years ago, reported Kings College London researcher of mathematical thinking and skills Michael Shayer, from a study of 800 London schoolkids (Daily Telegraph, 27 x). The loss of perhaps two years of mental age was attributed by Shayer to too much testing and video games; but - as the British National Party was quick to observe - this explanation ignored `the elephant in the room' of mass third-world immigration: in 1962, when the 14-year-olds of Shayer's earlier study would have been born, coloured immigration had only just begun (and even Enoch Powell had not begun to complain of it); whereas by 2008, Black and Srindopakeshi children outnumbered Whites in the schools of London boroughs.


Denmark's customary calm was brutally shattered throughout October, as a violent turf war escalated between White Hell's Angels bikers and youths of immigrant origin with a raft of shootings across the capital (AFP, 28 x). Despite massive police action - seizing hundreds of weapons in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense -- the violence continued.


Steve Sailer's scorching biography of Barack Husein Obama, detailing his dysfunctional family-of-origin and his left-loon and Black-extremist involvements as he sought to solve his identity problem, appeared on the net in time for the Presidential Election. In view of Osambo being largely deserted by his alcoholic bigamous father and social anthropology- and Black-c*ck-fancying mother, it could verily be said that his achievements in life as Senator and idolized saviour of his adopted country could be attributed only to the g factor (his Kenyan father had got to Harvard on merit and his mother preferred working on a Ph.D. in Indonesia to raising Obambi).

(Paper copy of SS's book was to follower from publisher VDare, the editor of which, Peter Brimelow, contributed a reflective and encouraging Foreword - while disagreeing with SS's assessment that Osambo would keep his radicalism in check till re-elected in in 2012) (America's mainstream media had long maintained a policy of ignoring the formidable, though genial SS; but the American left had begun an ongoing denunciation of him (and me and other eugenicists etc.) in 2004 - still continuing, with Archives provided, in 2008. Further denunciation could be found, from `One People's Project,' at their 2008 website.)


In case there were Americans who had not thought through what a few years of Black rule -- with Hamas-backed Barry Hussein Oborat, unapologetically inspired for twenty years by the likes of greybeard hate-preachermen `Calypso Louie' Farrakhan, Jesse `Obama acts White' Jackson and Jeremiah `God damn America' Wright -- might look like, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (mean IQ 64) provided a handy demonstration as perhaps a million fled their homes (in and around the much-looted eastern city of Goma [once billed as "the tourist capital of the Congo"], on Lake Kivu, bordering Rwanda) trying to escape a fresh outbreak of the endless postcolonial fighting between the Tutsis (tall, relatively intelligent, English-speaking Blacks) and the Hutus (small, agricultural, French-speaking Blacks) which had killed (using chiefly machetes - requiring much more effort than the Gatling gun) some ten million in the three Rwanda/Burundi civil wars of the 1970s and 1990s (Bloomberg, 29 x; Guardian, 31 x; The National (UAE), 31 x; Daily Telegraph, 1 xi; Spectator, 1 xi).

Mutual accusations of mass gang rape flew back and forth. Congolese soldiers, as they retreated into Goma, even robbed and raped their own Hutu allies, especially when refused free alcohol. But whether America's mainstream media would report this - or the mayhem of Kenya (Oborat's probable [tribally riven] birthplace), Zimbabwe (from riches to ruin in 25 years) and South Africa (the world's rape capital), or the Black-on-Black slavery of Niger and Mauritania, or the weekly (largely Black) yoof knife murders of East Londonistan -- remained to be seen.

(Though largely a plateau, about the same size as Western Europe, the D.R.C. - independent [as Zaire] since 1960 and rich in minerals and hydroelectric capacity -- had not a single railway line crossing the country. China was promising to rectify this backwardness in return for mineral rights granted by the Hutu-backing Congolese `government' - but this give-away was of no interest to the eastern-concentrated mountain-dwelling Tutsis.)


Inflaming the homosexual community, the Vatican announced it would use psychologists to identify trainees for the priesthood who were gay and promptly ban them, apparently fearing lest more paedophile scandals should arise (Daily Telegraph, 31 x). Quite apart from the mechanics and moral issues of such bans, the Vatican was thus challenging the unlikely but officially media-accepted yag doctrine of the previous fifteen years that queers presented no threat to children (under-16s). - Thus it was that homosexual leaders had offered no defence for years of even the least serious (and probably beneficial) cases of paedophilia (such as that of Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek). Yag groups in Italy immediately told the Pope they would help him by `outing' what they claimed to be the substantial proportions of priests and nuns who were secretly homosexual. {It seemed there should be a lively battle ahead so long as the Church did not cop out - as it had from defending the usual harmlessness of most of the paedophiles on its books.}


Arts & Letters Daily provided a link to the fine 2008 Chonicles article by Marty Nemko ruthlessly exposing the uselessness of much university `education' - essentially rehearsing the arguments of The g Factor that there are individual differences (in `brightness,' said Nemko) requiring different education for different kids.


While the apparently useless Gramps McCain (not to mention his gibberish-talking though non-kickable-out-of-bed running-mate Sarah) failed to take the bull by the horns, the U.K.'s Grumpy Supreme Leader (and U.S. Nobelist Krugman-blessed) Brown had no hesitation: the financial crash (FTSE of 22 x back down to 4000 - from its 6500 2007 level), had been due, Grumpy said in the House of Commons, not to his own cavalier pursuit and encouragement of reckless borrowing but to the American initiation of the problem of inflated asset (house) prices. {Sadly, Daft Dave, the British `opposition' leader (who had never even asked for the recall of Parliament to discuss the crash) did not realize the opportunity he had been given to slate multiculturalism - any more than did the U.S.A.'s Gramps.}


With little consideration of the last-minute electoral needs of Saint Osambo in the U.S.A., the first West African conference of the African Socialist International ended in Freetown [capital of British West Africa, 1808-1874] with delegates calling for reparations to be paid to Africans for 400 years of slavery (IPS [Rome], 24 x). A presentation by Ismail Rashid, a Sierra Leonean professor of African History at New York's Vassar College, captured the mood of the assembled goons when he insisted that it was long overdue for the West to pay for the "heinous crimes committed against Africans for our enslavement and dehumanisation."

"Asking for reparations is no favour demanded from the West," the radical pan-Africanist exploded. "It is our right because, through slavery, the West stole our labour, dignity and resources. It is repayment for our labour, our looted human resources." {Africans did not seem to appreciate that the West had long ago overpaid reparations by financing such development of which Africa had proved capable, providing endless humanitarian aid to the continent's many basket cases, and putting up with the costs of Black criminality and promiscuity in the West.}


Both the Guardian and FinFacts Ireland (24 x) reported American financial authorities accepting BB2CC (`Black Bonanza to Credit Crunch'), blaming the boom and subsequent bust on unregulated and wanton lending that had been either risky or fraudulent or both - yet not even (chairman till 2006 of the Federal Reserve) Alan Greenspan's admission of his `ideological' failure to use his regulatory powers could galvanize Gramps McCain or `pitbull' hockey-mom Sarah Palin to full-blooded explanations of how America had crashed its economy by letting Blacks and Hispanics take the steering wheel while Greenspan put his feet up on the dashboard and enjoyed his favourite mood music on the car radio (tuned to PeeCee Multiculturalism, of course).

A full blow-by-blow account of how U.S. Federal authorities demanded subprime lending was given in Ed News and copied and discussed (with general agreement) in AmRen, 24 x. As the U.S. Election approached and the media focused relentlessly on Sarah Palin's new outfits and on whether Gramps had called her a "diva," Steve Sailer succinctly summed up the real problem as follows (American Conservative, 3 xi):

Both major party candidates have campaigned against partisan bickering. And yet we are paying a high price for Washington's bipartisan consensus. Perhaps the least controversial set of programs in all of Washington-the manifold government efforts under both the Clinton and Bush administrations to relax mortgage credit standards to increase minority and low-income home ownership-has turned out among the most disastrous.

This article appeared 27 x, just as S.S. was being jumped on by an outraged MediaMatters (27 x) for suggesting that Obama (multiply let-down by his alcoholic bigamous Black-pride papa [who never paid a penny for Barack's upkeep] and `social' anthropologist left-loon Black-pr*ck-worshipping mother, who left him to be brought up in multicultural Hawaii by her White parents]) had felt lonesome as a child and nursed his wrath to keep it warm, preferring to admire his almost entirely unknown Kenyan father than his two loving, caring and supportive White grandparents.

News of U.S. Democrats having been to blame for BB2CC even reached Oz - LiveNews, 28 x (`Democrats must wear blame for financial crisis' -- though without express mention of Blacks and Hispanics having been the main beneficiaries of reckless subprime lending). America's CBS (25 x) noted the mounting right-wing crescendo of complaint about BB2CC and admitted the artificial stimulation of the housing market in the 1990's - while insisting that ACORN had actually come by 2005 to warn against reckless lending practices that had become by then widespread (as Whites scrambled to get on the property ladder before rapidly rising house prices made the position of first-times buyers impossible). An Ethical Corporation Report traced the crash back unequivocally to politically mandated lending to Blacks and Hispanics, going back to the "misplaced good intentions" of President Carter's Community Reinvestment Act (28 x).


The hopelessly multiculti BBC admitted `mortification' that its audiences declined to vote for Black dancers to win its very popular `Strictly Come Dancing' competition (News of the World, 26 x).


Turbo-charged globalized unanchored capitalism hit the rocks, not only with FTSE 100 losing almost half its value in two years and the pound sterling falling almost 25% against the dollar in two weeks, but also with `Conservative' Shadow Chancellor Boy George Osborne and Labour Business Minister Lord Mandy Mandelson (as they fell out while guests on Corfu of banking scion and failing hedgefund owner Nat Rothschild) being discovered to have longstanding links respectively to a Black Oxford coke-supplying prostitute, Natalie Rowe, 45, and to Russia's biggest non-locked-up multibillionaire, Oleg Deripaska, himself banned from the U.S.A. for suspected mafia-style criminality (News of the World, 26 x; Sunday Times, 26 x).


One in three Swedes was found to want to live in a gated community which prohibited unauthorized people from entering, a new study showed. Most interested in the security provided by such living situations were young singles, of which 41% reported wanting to live in a place surrounded by fences or requiring a door code for entry. The study also reported that less than one fourth of the survey's thousands of respondents - 23% - wanted to live in areas featuring cultural, ethnic and social diversity. The results come from a report entitled BoTrender 08 (`Living Tends '08').


A stepfather of 57 turned out to be pleasing his infertile wife by having a child by his ABH-convicted stepson's own fat wife while the whole family - two of whose children had been compulsorily taken into state care -- lived on social security benefits in a Manchester council house (Sun, 27 x).


Petitioned by British anti-slavery groups, the Economic Community of West African States, sitting in court in the Niger capital of Niamey, convicted the state of Niger of continuing to allow slavery (for perhaps some 43,000 girls, routinely raped or otherwise abused by their Black masters) despite a 2005 official ban, ordering œ12K compensation for one specimen slave girl (Guardian, 27 x). {Whether Osambo-venerating Americans would ever be told by U.S. media of the existence of slavery across West Africa - notably in Mauritania - or of the starvation-level plight of Zimbabwe (once the prosperous and kindly country Southern Rhodesia), led by a White-hating `anti-colonialist' Black left loon, seemed unlikely.}

Monday, October 20, 2008


-- No, not Princess Blair -- `him'self busy as a Catholic convert solving the problems of Israel vs Mueslis and lecturing to American students on multi-faith reconciliation! No, London top cop Sir Ian Blair of the Met, according to the Speccie's venerable Charles Moore:
It was such good news, last week, that Boris Johnson had nudged Sir Ian Blair towards the door. But one's pleasure is pretty much spoilt by the Mayor's associated decision to order an inquiry into racism in the Metropolitan Police. Boris, like Sir Ian, could be devoured by the monster that he is feeding. The first rule of ordering an inquiry is that one should ensure that it will provide the answer one wants. This one is being conducted by a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority with a Labour background, Cindy Butts. Will her answer help? Besides, it is outrageous that any attention is paid to the Black Police Association. By telling ethnic minorities not to apply for jobs in the Met, they have proved themselves unfit for their own. Why, anyway, is there a Black Police Officers Association at all? Thanks to Sir William Macpherson's unfair report on the death of Stephen Lawrence, the police now labour under the accusation that they are `institutionally racist'. What could be more institutionally racist than an association of police officers whose membership is based on race?


As America struggled with its idealism-inspired and Clinton-inaugurated houseprice boom, bust and `credit crunch' and the prospect of an Obama victory in November yielding Black demands for reparations for slavery and yet more affirmative racism, the Los Angeles Times (10 x) said surveys showed one American in five to want to break away from the Union - as for seven years had husband Todd of Republican V-P `hockey mom' candidate Sarah Palin, maintaining for those years his membership of the Alaska Independence Party. {Perhaps the Los Angeles Times was coming round? - On 3 x the newspaper had given Ian Buruma houseroom to explain that the poll victory of the `far right' parties of Austria should not be interpreted as heralding either Nazism or even anti-democratic moves.} {An amusing feature - though not to multicultis - of mulatto Obama was that he had himself actually renounced his personal multicultural heritage in adolescence and sought to become as fully `Black' as possible. "With his new all-black identity," wrote Phyllis Schlafly (TownHall, 7 x), "Obama [whose favourite writer became Malcolm X] [thus] stews about injustices that he never personally experienced and feeds his warped worldview by withdrawing into a "smaller and smaller coil of rage." He lives with a "nightmare vision" of black powerlessness."}


The Heretical Anti-PeeCee Humorous Two, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (see above), managed to get a mention in the Spectator's Diary, written 11 x by Jewish M.P. Denis McShane (and thus in Wall Street Tools' iStockAnalyst) - but mentioning only the pair's references to multicult-inventing "kike vermin" and plea against extradition from the U.S., not their plea for political asylum from tyrannous U.K. or their pre-internment weekly readership of thousands.


In an all-too-rare victory for common sense, the American Supreme Court declined to award $400,000 to a swarthy Portuguese man who had been thrown off an American internal flight following his behaving aggressively with stewards (he had demanded a gangway seat) and becoming deemed a possible Middle Eastern terrorist (Christian Science Monitor, 7 x). As one AmRen correspondent observed: "If you have dark hair and dark skin don't act like a jerk on airplanes. Simple as that."


A Nigerian-born businessman convicted of smuggling a 14-year-old girl into the United States and forcing her (with his wife's encouragement) to work as an unpaid servant, to remain unschooled and to have sex with him (once she was 15) at his home in Germantown was sentenced to more than eight years in prison (Washington Post, 8 x).


As the Daily Express revealed the European Union to be planning bring a million Africans per year to the E.U. till 2050 (11 x), Labour's immigration minister Phil Woolas started talking about keeping British immigration to zero and the Home Office insisted none of the said Africans would not be able to come to Britain (which was not part of the E.U.'s `Schengen' zone..). {Meanwhile the French were building another camp near Calais to help the hundreds of Black arrivals in France monthlhy who aimed to reach Britain hiding in lorries using the Channel Tunnel.} {Faced with yowls from Britain's race relations industry, Labour goon Woolas soon backed down (Sun, 20 x, `Migrants limit branded `stunt'').}


As world stock markets crashed (London FTSE below 4000) one of those who saw an explanation for the decade-long house-price boom and eventual bust in the politically correct idealism of Suckmacack Clinton and Rev. Dubya (see September) and their enforcement of Pres. Jimmy Carter's 1977 Credit Reinvestment Act (CRA) was the senior British political columnist Bruce Anderson who, as well as blaming the poor regulation of British lending under the Bank of England-free mechanism set up by Grumpy Gordon Brown (trying to retain some Treasury control after putting the Bank in control of the inflation rate), and the excessive greed of financiers, also blamed the "excessive benevolence" of American lending to Black and other NINJAS (Independent [London], 13 x).

In America, the head of the `National Urban League,' mulatto Marc Morial, long an allegedly corrupt Mayor of New Orleans, had already started yowling to Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. that the crunch and crash link to excess lending to minorities must be denied (Washington Post, 3 x). And Boston's Rep. Barney Frank, 68 (a "left-handed gay Jew," as he called himself, and longstanding advocate of `civil liberties'), had said (AP, 6 x) that Republican criticism of Democrats over the nation's housing crisis was "a veiled attack on the poor that's racially motivated." But Steve Sailer was sticking to his guns (12 x): "Raising minority home ownership rates provided a politically correct excuse for what many of the insiders wanted to do all along: debauch credit standards and get rich quick. .. Barack Obama, for example, sued Citicorp to lend more in black neighborhoods. ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) put pressure on banks wanting to merge to lend more to minorities. .. Getting rid of downpayments is like the getting rid of the SAT in college admissions. It evens out disparate impact. Thus the amount of mortgage money for home purchases going to Hispanics almost octupled from 1999-2006 and almost sextupled for blacks. Asians, who are more prudent, only got triple, while whites only got double."

Edinburgh's Student reported that the crash was due to "the gradual realization that most of the [infamous debt packages, for `selling on] were based around mortgages given to people who should never have been offered deals in the first place, for the simple reason that they couldn't pay" (James Ellingworth, `Blame the players, not the game,' 14 x); and BBC's `Newsnight' including a banking expert who similarly blamed the initital subprime lending - while equally not mentioning that the lending (which began the inflation of house prices) had especially been to Blacks and Hispanics (who often proved incompetent borrowers, resulting in the house price slump and desecuritization of loans).

{For good measure, I emailed this article to Governor Sarah Palin.}


As OSambomania mounted in peecee-whipped U.S.A. and Blacks got terminally cocky, a suburban (Long Island) New York correspondent, a top journalist, wrote:
Driving my son to his football practice, the shortest route is through the local 'hood. A few weeks ago, a young black guy was walking towards us on the side of the (not very wide, suburban) street. He was way out from the sidewalk. As we approached, he pointedly did not move aside. I had to detour to the left around him, as he glared daggers at us. My son (13): "Why was he looking at us like that?" Me: "Because he hates us, son." The kid might as well learn. How many of them hate us like that? 30 percent? 60? 90? I wonder a lot.


Evidence came from columnist Stanley Kurtz that Obama had not only associated with Black extremists in the 1990's but had also worked to channel funds to them (14 x):
However he may seek to deny it, all evidence points to the fact that, from his position as board chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Barack Obama knowingly and persistently funded an educational project that shared the extremist and anti-American philosophy of Jeremiah Wright. The Wright affair was no fluke. It's time for McCain to say so.


Black Watch soldier Michael Ross, 29, had won a medal for his bravery as a sniper in Iraq; but such was the true gratitude of his wretched country that he ended up being jailed (after a majority verdict following a trial that lasted six weeks) for at least 25 years for killing a Bangladeshi waiter 14 years previously, in 1994 in Orkney (Guardian, 17 x; AP, 17 x; ITV, 17 x). No precise reasons for the killing, the delay in prosecution or the final swingeing Glasgow High Court sentence (separating Ross from his wife and children) were available to or demanded by Britain's pliant media.


That the 2008 credit crunch was more attributable to politicians than to lack of market regulation, and attributable partly to idealistic minority-backing politicians in particular, was explained fully in the distinguished liberal/neoconservative secular Jewish magazine Commentary [New York] by economic historian John Steele Gordon (17 x). E.g.: 1995, regulations adopted by the Clinton administration took the Community Reinvestment Act to a new level. Instead of forbidding banks to discriminate against blacks and black neighborhoods, the new regulations positively forced banks to seek out such customers and areas. Without saying so, the revised law established quotas for loans to specific neighborhoods, specific income classes, and specific races. It also encouraged community groups to monitor compliance and allowed them to receive fees for marketing loans to target groups.

One of many AmRen correspondents got the idea earlier (15 x):
McCain needs to point out that [the cause of the credit crunch] was the subprime loans demanded by Democrats, not the risk-spreading financial derivatives created by Republican deregulation, that caused this financial crisis, or he is going to continue to slide in the polls against Obama, who is gaining ground by claiming the opposite and false notion.

The cause of the financial crisis was subprime loans. Deregulation enabled derivatives were merely an attempt to spread that Democrat-demanded risk assumed by lenders. Yet now Obama is trying to blame the Republicans and lenders, and it's all a lie. Place the blame on Democrat-demanded subprime lending, where it belongs.

A full and helpful account of the subprime crisis was available at Wikipedia - with proper attribution of the problem to `risky loans' to `low income borrowers,' thought without mention of the special involvement of Blacks and Hispanics who did not keep up repayments (especially as prices and interest rates rose and refinancing of loans could not be afforded). Even the leftist Newsweek, which wanted to avoid indicting Suckmacock Clinton, admitted (7 x) "Banks that sought to meet CRA requirements by indiscriminately doling out loans to minorities may have been part of the problem." And, after all, it was the New York Times which recorded, in 1999, "Fannie Mae, the nation's biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits." Citizen Economists added (19 x): "The Republican embrace of Bush's "Ownership Society," itself an outgrowth of the Carter and Clinton years and the CRA, was taken to extremes never imagined by the authors of the original legislation."


Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who described capitalism as `evil,' ridiculed the U.S.A.'s Rev. Pres. Dubya Bush for his plan to buy stocks in American banks despite Bush's previous widespread criticism of Venezuelan nationalisations. "Bush is to the left of me now," Mr Chavez told an audience at a debate on the benefits of socialism. "Comrade Bush announced he will buy shares in private banks." Chavez, who had insulted Dubya in the past as a drunkard or the devil, accused him of parroting the words of his aides without understanding the new policies that relied on heavy state intervention."I am convinced he has got no idea what's going on," said Mr Chavez, who had nationalised large parts of the Venezuelan economy since 2000 and was in negotiations to take over a Spanish bank.


Iconic homosexual chef Anthony Morley, 36, `Mr Gay U.K.' of 1993, was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court of murdering his pal Damien Oldfield, 33, after an argument, then cooking some of Oldfield's body parts in olive oil and herbs and tasting some of the cooked flesh before police arrived.


Following the (unresolved) killing of a Hindu religious leader in Orissa Province, India, mobs went on the rampage, killing 60 Christians, injuring and raping many (including a nun - who was gang-raped), and forcing 50,000 to flee their homes (Observer, 19 x, `Convert or we will kill you').


One of Britain's top female comedians, Jennifer Saunders (often partnered over 30 years with Dawn French) announced she would make no more TV programmes in Britain. She explained that prime time comic shows which once had eight million viewers had by 2008 only three million; and said "political correctness - that's the biggest killer of comedy" (Sunday Telegraph, 19 x).


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


As politicians in Washington wrestled to prevent meltdown of America's banks, while avoiding blaming the politicians who had caused bankers to over-lend to `sub-prime' Blacks, Hispanics and Mexican illegals* and thus over-stimulated house prices, an astonishingly inflammatory attack on the U.S. Republicans' vice-presidential nominee was reported by CNN (25 ix):

"Rep. Alcee Hastings told an audience of Jewish Democrats that they should be wary of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin because "anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks." "If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida said at a panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats."
{That such far-out sentiments should surface was not surprising to those who knew that both `community organizer' Osambo and `feminist' Hitlery, the leaders of the 2008 Democrats, both drew their inspiration from Chicago Jewish left-loon agitator Saul Alinsky (1909-71) (American Thinker, 26 ix).}

* In 2005, the Washington Post had noted: "Hispanics, the nation's fastest-growing major ethnic or racial group, have been courted aggressively by real estate agents, mortgage brokers and programs for first-time buyers that offer help with closing costs. Ads proclaim: "Sin verificacion de ingresos! Sin verificacion de documento!"-which loosely translates as, `Income tax forms are not required, nor are immigration papers.'"

In 2008, TownHall recorded (24 ix): "Thanks to lax Bush administration-approved policies allowing illegal aliens to use "matricula consular cards" and taxpayer identification numbers to open bank accounts, more forms of mortgage fraud have burgeoned. Moneylenders still have no access to a verification system to check Social Security numbers before approving loans."

An AmRen correspondent wrote: "This financial meltdown had its origins in a push to give home loans to people who had no down payments, bad credit, and an inability or unwillingness to pay. Considerable effort has been expended by many experts laying out the precise chronology of just how this debacle escalated, and you've got to understand that without the pressure applied by Clinton and others, including Reno, Barney Frank, Andrew Cuomo, et al, there would be no sub-prime mortgages to package and sell as investments. Only the leftist radicals are denying this, but they too will shut up once the diversity scheme has been exposed further."

Another AmRen correspondent said: "Among national-profile politicians, Jack Kemp (R) and Barney Frank (D) have been the biggest villains in all this. Each for a good two decades or more, they relentlessly pushed programs to promote "affordable" housing - that is, homes carrying low-money-down financing designed to make homeowners out of people with limited or poor credit. Guess what? Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately represented among these homebuyers." Unsurprisingly, the Jewish Frank, Congressman for Boston, was foremost amongst those arguing for total nationalization of the US banks, with no penalties for wankers who had so enthusiastically gone along with peecee-multiculturalist stipulations to lend to `sub-primes.' (The near-sighted Kemp had grown up in the 95% Jewish community of West Los Angeles and had many Jewish sympathies - though his parents had sent him to the Church of Christ Scientist.)

Another AmRen correspondent asked: "If the government takes on all the bad loans; will it then handle them in the affirmative action manner? Minority loans will be forgiven, but whites will pay the full amount at a greatly increased interest rate to make up the difference. White people that pay their bills will be told to pay more in fees, interest and taxes or what??? These may be dumb questions; but based on government actions over the last 50 years; I cannot help but wonder."

Another: "The Clintonistas were the the source, but it was clearly unqualified individual minorities who were the willing recipients. No one forced them to sign on the dotted line. No one forced them to commit to a mortgage. They viewed mortgage loans as just one more type of entitlement and in a very real sense there were entitlements. Which brings me to [the] question of who will pay for these entitlements. [Certainly], it is overwhelmingly whites who will pay and they will pay in many different forms. They will pay by being hit with even higher state and federal taxes. They will pay by seeing their tax deferred savings accounts, mostly in the form of various mutual funds, loose value as the stocks that they represent take a dive, and they will also pay because the economic downturn which the sub-prime mortgage debacle is causing and will worsen will decrease their standard of living and possibly leave them unemployed with no savings but a social security check made out in nearly worthless dollars. Yet one more example of just how much of a wonderful thing our state sponsored "diversity" really is!"

I thus wrote to the Torygraph as follows:
To: The Editor; Daily Telegraph; London

From: Mr C. R. Brand [address and phone supplied]
27 ix 2008

Dear Editor,

In setting out the steps from 'toxic mortgages' to the likely part-nationalization of U.S. banking (Daily Telegraph, 27th September, pp.4-5) you arguably omitted one step. 'The first black President of the U.S.A.," as Bill Clinton called himself, had regulated tough penalties for banks that failed to provide 'affordable homes' for minorities;* President George W. Bush continued this encouragement of 'sub-prime mortgages' and even extended such help for people with no incomes, jobs or assets ('NINJAS') to Mexican illegal immigrants.** It was this which yielded the steady inflation of house prices on which both financiers and mortgagees came to gamble; but the sorry circumstances and lifestyles of the new lenders meant that many had to sell. The 2007/8 slump in the housing market was simply the eventual correction for the enforcement of multicultural optimism by politicians.

I am yours truly, -- Chris Brand.

* See Investor's Business Daily, 15 ix 2008. As your correspondent Colin Broughton noted (27th September, p.21), discrimatory (i.e. discriminating) lending according to race, marital status or religion was banned by Clinton's Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The subprime market share increased from less than 5 percent of all U.S. mortgage originations in 1994 to almost 13 percent in 1999.

** In 2008, TownHall recorded (19 ix; 24 ix): "Thanks to lax Bush administration-approved policies allowing illegal aliens to use "matricula consular cards" and taxpayer identification numbers to open bank accounts, more forms of mortgage fraud have burgeoned. Moneylenders still have no access to a verification system to check Social Security numbers before approving loans." Between them, the Clinton and Bush administrations increased U.S. home ownership (50% of it mortgageeship) by 5%. By 2005-2006, 49% of high-cost housing loans were taken by Afro-Americans and Hispanics. By 2006, subprime loans constituted 20% of all U.S. mortgage originations. Subprime lenders were eight times more likely to default than conventional lenders. By 2007 (the Wall Street Journal reported, 7 iii 2008), American homeowners owned in aggregate only 48% of the value of their properties - compared to 80% in 1945. In 2007/8, the areas suffering most foreclosures were overwhelmingly Black (in Detroit, Cleveland and Atlanta) or Hispanic (in Denver).

On the Telegraph's website (27 ix), correspondent Ian Moss concurred with Colin Broughton: "You don't think the banks would lend to wastrels willingly, do you? The banks were forced to lend to anyone with a pulse or face murdering fines and jail time. The pathetic childish Dumobrats and their welfare stupidities are always the cause of economic rot...Stealing from people who earn and handing to those who didn't is a criminal act which makes the Dumobrats a mafia gang...albeit a stupid one."

That America had gambled on its (mainly minority) underclass being able to take on (and pay back) multi-hundred-thousand-dollar debts regularly over years of conscientious travail (at what?) was deliciously exposed by the utterly brilliant Steve Sailer (VDare, 21 ix, 28 ix). Dubya (at the behest of his guru Karl Rove, determined that Dubya should get minority votes) had said at a 2002 White House conference: ""The goal is, everybody who wants to own a home has got [to get] a shot at doing so.

The problem is we have what we call a homeownership gap in America. Three-quarters of Anglos own their homes, and yet less than 50 percent of African Americans and Hispanics own homes. . So I've set this goal for the country. We want 5.5 million more homeowners by 2010- [a] million more minority homeowners by 2010. (Applause.) . " Before the 2004 U.S. election, Rove boasted:"[T]here are more people owning homes-particularly in the Hispanic and African-American communities-than ever before. This is a result of wise policies instituted at just the right time."

Steve added: "Most white pundits can't believe that minorities had an impact on the mortgage meltdown because they don't really grasp the number of minorities now in the country. After all, there aren't a lot of Hispanics at dinner parties in Georgetown and the Upper West Side. (At least, not sitting down.)" And he observed: "..the Bush jihad against traditional credit standards meant that not only more Hispanics and blacks could get loans they couldn't pay back-but more whites could, too."

And why did not fear control the financiers' greed? Steve again:
"It's now legally dangerous to express fear in writing. Imagine that an executive in a financial firm had sent an email to a fellow executive saying:

"I see that the median home price in California is heading toward a half million bucks. Isn't California full of Mexicans? How can a bunch of Mexicans afford to pay off half million dollar mortgages once the price of homes stops going up and they can't refinance anymore. Aren't we headed for disaster in California if we don't go back to traditional credit standards?"

An email like that would wind up in the hands of plaintiffs' attorneys during discovery in discrimination lawsuits. The author would be fired. The CEO would have to go apologize to the National Council of La Raza and promise to give a whole bunch more zero down payment loans to people whose names end in Z."

Though my letter did not apparently appear in the Torygraph, the point that the `credit crunch' had arisen from deluded multiculti politicians was evidently circulating in London and reaching the BBC's top rightish talking head, Melanie Phillips, who managed on `The Moral Maze' to blame Presidents Carter and Bush for having compelled what turned out to be the "ruinous" lending to subprime customers (BBC Radio 4, 1 x, 20:00-20:45).

Even the programme's leftist, comedian Will Self, seemed to take the point, asking whether it was not immoral for banks to have lent to "stupid" people quite unable to have serious awareness of the risks they were running. By 2 x, the story appeared as the lead article in the Spectator - where contributing editor Dennis Sewell attributed the 1994-1999 two-million rise in Black and Hispanic homeownership to Bill Clinton hiring an aggressive lesbian, Roberta Achtenberg (known previously for her successful campaign to save `gay' bathhouses in San Francisco) to bully American bankers out of their traditional caution by staging racial discrimination lawsuits against them.

Sewell's article immediately won the approval of conservative columnist and blogger Ian Dale (4 x) and Conservative M.P. for Wantage & Didcot, Ed Vaizey (4 x) who pointed out that the New York Times had foreseen the problem with subprime lending as far back as 1999 (30 ix 99, Steven A. Holmes). In the USA, the `liberal' Huffington Post was already caterwauling about `conservatives seek to shift blame for credit crisis' (1 x). Real Clear Markets, however, reported more on the Clintonista bullying of bankers (1 x) and AmRen commentators responded approvingly:
Our great-and-good will continue to insist that non-whites are just as credit-worthy as whites, despite all evidence to the contrary. Our economy, therefore, must quickly come to resemble sub-Saharan Africa's. Dont' buy gold, buy ammunition.

Many of these good-for-nothing borrowers, when they abandoned their properties, took all the plumbing and electrical fixtures, windows, AC systems and anything else they could steal.. What's the old saying?..'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions'. It's so disgusting to see this country go down that road led by stupid liberals and all their failed ideas.

By the evening of 3 x, several Guardian correspondents were blaming multiculti-mad Presidents Clinton and Bush for reckless subprime borrowing - without a single Grauniadista taking exception. A part-Black part-Jewish Senator had tried to deny the "pernicious lie" that lending to Blacks led to the credit crunch, but he was promptly jumped on by 50 AmRen supporters (Campaign for America's Future, 28 ix).

By 8 x, as HMG showered 400B pounds on Britain's busted banks, part-nationalizing them, economic guru Gerard Lyons, a member of the International Council of the Bretton Woods Committee, a steering group for the IMF and World Bank, declared: "..there is nothing wrong with young people borrowin money against their expected future income if they have genuinely good prospects, but we need to prevent the sort of irresponsible lending to people with poor credit ratings that led to the sub-prime mortgage crisis" (Daily Telegraph). The Torygraph's admirable Simon Heffer concurred (though equally not brave enough to mention the dreaded topic of race): " is always a good idea to lend money [only] to people who stand a chance of paying it back."


Signifying its desperation, the Labour Party which had led Britain to filthy hospitals, failed schools, youth knife crime and the `credit crunch' accepted 1M pounds as a donation from Britain's even-better-known fantasist, J. K. Rowling.


A fine send-up of the Guardian newspaper's list of words to be avoided by its writers lest reality be too painful for its readers and their peecee bishops in government and the luniversities was provided in the Spectator by columnist Rod Liddle (3 x). Some of the terms up for banishment were: active homosexual; career women; Third World; blacks; Asians; Australasia; Bangalore; primitive African tribes; crippled; in a wheelchair; hare lip; ethnic minorities; handicapped; spinster; committed suicide; gypsies; Bombay; illegitimate daughter; air hostess; Siamese twins; Calcutta; deaf ears; illegal asylum seeker; province of Northern Ireland; grandmother; bachelor.


Various American scientists came out saying that - as the London School had always known (especially since Hans Eysenck's The Psychology of Politics, 1954) - genes and physiological factors play some part in social and political views (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 x). For example two of them, at Rice University, had found more conservative people to have stronger reactions on electrocardiograms (ECGs) to aversive pictures (e.g. of a maggot-infested wound, or of a large spider on a person's face).


The arrest at Heathrow Airport of German Holocaust-denier Fredrick T”ben, 64, a teacher and an Australian citizen at the behest of the German authorities (who wanted to try T”ben for his incorrectness) was deplored by the Sunday Telegraph (5 x), Daily Telegraph (columnist Philip Johnston, 6 x) the Liberal Democrats (Chris Huhne), the Daily Mail (columnist Melanie Phillips, 6 x) and even by many Guardian readers (3 x) - though not by the Jewish historian David Cesarani (enemy of `rapist' Arthur Koestler) selected to write a column by the Guardian and reckoning it would be a "smart move," with economic recession/depression coming, to show `extremists' that uppitiness would be punished.

{Still the case of the `Heretical Two,' Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, on the run after conviction for `race hate speech' and seeking asylum in the U.S.A. (see July), went unmentioned.}


Having failed in his first 16 months in office to get a grip on Black youf crime, French President Nicholas Sarkozy announced he would be sending mounted police to troubled schools, especially to the Nelson Mandela School in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Le Blanc-Mesnil, where fights occurred daily (usually between North African adolescents, over drugs) (Irish Independent, 6 x).


A fine summary and update of the London School position on race, genes, IQ, brain size and skin colour was provided by Phil Rushton and Art Jensen: `James Watson's Most Inconvenient Truth: Race Realism and the Moralistic Fallacy,' Medical Hypotheses, 2008, 71, 629-640.