Sunday, November 28, 2010


As if determined to stimulate a new property bubble, boom and crash, the US Senate approved almost $4.6 billion to settle long-standing ‘claims’ brought by Amerindian [aka Red Indian] and Black ‘farmers’ against the government (Washington Post, 20 xi).


Dramatic levels of either incompetence or corruption in agribusiness emerged in figures showing that 90% of farms ‘redistributed’ to Blecks by the South African Government had gone bust, leaving idle nearly 15 million acres of once productive farmland (about 6% of South Africa’s arable land) (Los Angeles Times, 21 xi).


England’s second city of Birmingham allowed Muslies to scream abuse and to spit on British soldiers – while the Territorial Army told its lads not to wear uniform so as to avoid ‘provoking’ Mueslies (21 xi). Birmingham’s one-million population was due to become majority non-White by 2024.


While PM Daft Dave and DPM Nice Nick failed to send the bill for student rioting in Whitehall to the effective organizer, the National Union of Students, a Conservative peer-to-be, Howard Flight (famed for his prescient 2005 condemnation of excessive gummint spending) pointed out (as had this blog/diary at 10 x, see previous) the dysgenicism of allowing ‘child benefit’ (£50 per week) only to the lowest-IQ and most dysfunctional ‘mothers’ (who also enjoyed unemployability benefits, free council flats, free health care for their numerous problems, free ‘education’ [aka childminding] for their benefit-earning sprogs, and little supervision let alone taxation of their blackmarket earnings and supplements from undisclosed boyfriends).

Naturally, being a cowardly ooops polite out-of-touch ‘Conservative’ (who had not done a thing for TgF in 1996), Lord-to-be Tory donor and fundraiser Flight instantaneously apologized and unequivocally withdrew his ‘remarks’* (as having been quoted ‘out of context’...). He was condemned by the CamCo-backing Sun (26 xi) – even though that newspaper’s most eminent former editor, Kelvin Mackenzie, had told Sky TV News (25 xi, 10:30pm) that Flight’s eugenic views enjoyed 95% support from Sun readers.

* Flight had told the London Evening Standard that, as a result of CamCo tax changes: "We're going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it's jolly expensive. But for those on benefits, there is every incentive. Well, that's not very sensible."

Mrs Thatcher’s guru, Sir Keith Joseph had said in 1974 (thus ending his own chances of high office): "The balance of our population, our human stock, is threatened." A recent study, ‘Mad Monk’ Joseph had added, had shown "a high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world and bring them up".

More fully, what Sir Keith had said in his Edgbaston (Birmingham) speech was: "The balance of our population, our human stock is threatened. A recent article in Poverty, published by the Child Poverty Action Group, showed that a high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world and bring them up.

They are born to mother who were first pregnant in adolescence in social classes 4 and 5. Many of these girls are unmarried, many are deserted or divorced or soon will be. Some are of low intelligence, most of low educational attainment. They are unlikely to be able to give children the stable emotional background, the consistent combination of love and firmness which are more important than riches.

They are producing problem children, the future unmarried mothers, delinquents, denizens of our borstals, sub-normal educational establishments, prisons, hostels for drifters. Yet these mothers, the under-twenties in many cases, single parents, from classes 4 and 5, are now producing a third of all births. A high proportion of these births are a tragedy for the mother, the child and for us."

Before his death, the mighty left-venerated John Maynard Keynes (Director of the Eugenics Society from 1937 to 1944) declared eugenics to be “the most important, significant and, I would add, genuine branch of sociology which exists” (Spectator, 25 xi).

The Guardian – ignoring the modern London School and The g Factor -- reached back to the 1930s to find support for eugenic causes (26 xi): “In 1931 Tory MP, Leo Amery ....warned BBC radio listeners that the country's social and economic policy was marred by "a short-sighted sentimentalism", which served not just to "discourage thrift and self-reliance" but also "to encourage the actual multiplication of the improvident and the incompetent".

At the time, Amery was by no means alone in worrying in particular that the feckless and "inadequate" would outbreed the worryingly continent, contraceptive-using, respectable classes. There were even Fabian Socialists and Liberals who famously flirted with eugenics....”

A Guardian correspondent (‘Farga’) replied: “Flight's argument was basically that it was unfair to take away child credits from, in his eyes, aspirant, hard-working families in order to support, in his eyes, the opposite. Now, while I don't particularly agree with his approach or his choice of words, I will wager that the vast majority of people in the country would support the basic thrust of his argument. However, because he used words like "breed" and "jolly", we now have the predictable howls from the left of "eugenics", "Nazis", "racists"...and so on. Grow up you lot! By falling back on tired old clichés about ‘the Tories,’ you merely confirm your re-acquired status of living in the political wilderness.”

Next, a Guardian editorial was produced to complain about Flight’s proposal to restrict the career-choice breeding-on-welfare by low-IQ unmarried teenage ‘mothers’ (27 xi). But one correspondent (‘Germanicus Rex’) quickly replied: “Tired, dinosaurlike, meaningless, unhelpful and infantile spite-filled left wing claptrap.”

The Daily Telegraph’s Simon Heffer and correspondents were supportive. And the Daily Mail’s columnist Amanda Platell wrote (after advising on Britain’s great news of the week [the mercifully heterosexual marriage of a graduate Royal, Prince William, to a fellow graduate of a top university], 27 xi): “....Tory ­maverick Howard Flight was right.”

Multi-millionairess MP Claire Perry [an Oxford and Harvard graduette, former adviser to CamCo Chancellor George Osborne] joined in, condemning reckless ‘pregnancy benefits’ handed willy-nilly to single-parent sluts ooops mothers – such support for Flight horrifying Sunday Mirror readers (28 xi).

Flight’s right to free speech was supported in the Mail (28 xi) by Falklands hero and E.LU. guest lecturer Max Hastings.


While the UK’s luni ‘students’ marched and rioted with apparent institutional support, American burger-maker McDonald announced it would have 53 staff beginning a 2-year foundation Business degree at cost only to the firm and with the blessing of Manchester Metropolitan University (Telegraph, 28 xi).


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Monday, November 22, 2010


So what happened in the first 200 days of the UK’s novel CamCo [‘ConDem’ = ‘Conservative’ + LibDim] Gummint?

Cuts (i.e. savings)? – Postponed till 2011/12/15 (requiring senior Government adviser Lord Young to have to resign after he quipped at a Spectator party [which made him ‘Peer of the Year’] that [because of few cuts and all-time-low mortgage interest rates] ‘You’ve never had it so good’)

War (Afghanistan [Iraq already lost – most Christians fled]) – Postponed till 2040! (Russia recruited to help West out – Hindu, 18 xi. Nato to be more obliging re Chechnya, Georgia, Dagestan etc. – perhaps yielding White race unity, though peecee CamCo and Washington could not mention ‘race’)

Educayshun – Centralized (contrary to Daft Dave’s ‘Big Society’ principles) but eternally non-selective (in line with the British educayshunal piety of the previous 40 years)

’Elf – As you were, run by fat deracinated lesbians and gayboy sidekicks, unable even to draw blood reliably, obese and suiting themselves

’igher Educayshun – Graduates to emigrate to avoid taxation (or just decline to graduate officially, relying instead on personal references)

Workfare reform – Non-existent (single-parenting to remain state-funded; workers to negotiate redundancy, clock in for welfare benefits, then resume jobs, splitting profits with employer)

Spindoctors – Multiplied (though admittedly more leggy [e.g. dishy Tamara Mellon, Isabel Spearman] than under Liebour’s Pa Broon)

Foreign Aid – Increased by 37% to assist CamCo’s image with the likes of Supreme Belgian dwarf BEUrocrat Herman Goering Rumpy-Pumpy

Strikes – As you were, all charged to taxpayer

Monarchy – Force Wills at last (after a 9-yr non-engagement) to make an honest woman of his bony ooops bonny Kate {At least they both had 2:1’s from St Andrews; and Kate had excellent WHR and Wills had a helicopter pilot license – helpful if mobs rampaged against the inflation planned [and already implemented for 18 months] by the Bank of England}

Local Government – Carry on churning out glossy propaganda (e.g. for non-existent multi-zillion-pound Edinbro’ trams) while failing to collect rubbish or mend potholes

Laura Norder – Retain all peecee/affirmative/’hate speech’ [though pro-jihad] bureaucracy, but sack 25% of frontline police

General Well-Being (GWB) – Showing a belated but still not very advanced interest in psychology, CamCo announced it would research national levels of happiness (little understanding that being ‘happy’ was simply being [or thinking oneself] a quarter better off than one recently expected)

E.U. etc. – Give up (e.g. voting rights for jailbirds, ‘uman rights for Muesli terrorists)

Piracy – Let it roll (funded xi 2010 in Somalia by a fresh £.7M to rescue a couple of elderly idiots who had put their faith in the ‘Royal Navy’)

China – Pass the begging bowl (together with scruffy notes about need for property ooops ‘uman rights)

Éire – Gib de boggers £7B (without even demanding return to Commonwealth)

Mueslis – Givee millions to self-taught terrorists who got state-funded lawyers to weep over their waterboarding treatment at Guantanamo Bay (Waterboarding was a standard part of US luni fraternity rituals)

Popularity – Liberals [LibDims] wiped out (as ‘university student’ fees in England were planned to rise [by a leisurely Autumn, 2012] from £3Kp.a. to £9Kp.a. (so long as beneficiary lunis admitted a few more lowlifes)


In France, there were growing calls within President Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right UMP party for a merger with Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front. A poll in October had shown one-third of UMP voters backed electoral pacts with the National Front.

In Italy, where Silvio Berlusconi was in coalition with the far-right Northern League, the interior minister announced a new crackdown, expelling EU citizens who could not support themselves -- a policy aimed at eastern European ‘Roma’ gypsies and imitating Sarkozy’s summer expulsions in France.

In liberal-right-ruled Denmark, tightened immigration laws should deploy a new weapon—bare breasts—to deter newcomers, said the far-right People’s Party. A documentary film on Denmark shown to immigrants as part of the test for entry should include topless bathers, said Peter Skaarup, the party’s foreign affairs spokesman. “If you’re coming from a strict, religious society, that might make you stop and think: ‘Oh no,’” he told the newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. “Topless bathing probably isn’t a common sight on Pakistani beaches, I believe “ (Guardian, 15 xi).

The French Government had taken grave offence at the booing of the French national anthem at football matches and at Muesli youths waving Algerian flags. But social workers on estates said nothing had changed in five years (since the 2005 riots) and France was still raising a generation of dispossessed. “Most of the kids in this neighbourhood are the fourth generation of their family in France,” said Mohamed Mechmeche, 44, a youf worker in Clichy-sous-Bois (who, after the riots, founded the community pressure group Aclefeu). “They’re born here, they’re French, they don’t even know Algeria. To now be harking back to their parents’ roots is proof that French society isn’t working: integration and assimilation have failed.”


Beautiful brown-eyed, wasp-waisted and lustrous-haired Anni Dewani, 28, on honeymoon with her rich Asian Bristol-based husband in South Efrica, found Blecks hijacking her vehicle, expelling the chauffeur and her husband, raping her and murdering her (Sun, 16 xi).

Gorgeous Uganda-born Asian Anni had grown up mainly in multiculti-loving Sweden with her head well and truly in the clouds and had told her groom that she wished to “see the real Africa” and especially visit an ethnic Bleck restaurant recommended by foul-mouthed Britoid ‘celebrity’ TV chef’ Jamie Oliver….* 16 xi: Cape Town police were questioning several local Bleck thugs about events in the nearby bijou-restauranted Guguletu township (aka hell-hole).

* Sun: “Mzoli's barbecue diner in shanty area Guguletu, gives visitors an "authentic taste of township life" and was visited by the star cook last year. He featured it in his Jamie magazine, describing the food as "heaven" and "totally sexy".”


The West-African state of Guinea [IQ 67], bordering Liberia and Sierra Leone, declared a state of emergency as, in the course of elections, violence broke out between the country’s Peul and Malinke tribes – resulting in burning tyres, barricaded streets and destroyed homes (AmRen, 17 xi). {The only point of ‘elections’ in such countries was to pretend to be normal and elicit more Western aid -- which went straight into the pockets of the army.}


Despite America’s zillion-dollar educational improvements of the previous decade (notably President Bush’s extravagant ‘No Child Left Behind’ wheeze) reading scores remained at 1992 levels – improving only slightly for White and Asian children and not at all for Black and Hispanic children (Washington Post, 18 xi).


In a final smack in the teeth for the L.USA (which had failed to control the Middle East in its 55 years of taking over from the UK, France and Israel after the Suez ‘Crisis’), broken-backed Pakistan (half its rural people slithering in mud, blowing up each others’ mosques, its goons known to have blown up Bombay’s top hotel, its cricketers fleeing for asylum to Britain because of threats by gambling agencies to themselves, their wives and children) said it ‘would not tolerate’ American drones blowing up more houses of terrorists loons and dependents (Spectator, 20 xi).

{No wonder even the Africa-born Muslim chainsmoker Pres. Obarmy – elected by the L.USA’s ‘Democrat’ idealistic cranks -- was looking to Russia for help!}

Note from JR: When Chris writes "blecks" and "Efrica", he is imitating the South African pronunciation of "blacks" and "Africa". He seems to find it amusing. Australians tend to find New Zealand accents highly amusing so I guess we are all sometimes amused by small things


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Monday, November 15, 2010


Though the BBC had been bullied by Bob Geldof’s lawyers into saying it had no evidence that Band Aid monies were often spent on guns (see previous), the New Yorker (11 x, Philip Gourevitch) had continued the devastating indictment of the ‘Aid to Africa’ industry that the press had been begun in March. For example:
Everyone knew that the Hutu génocidaires [of Rwanda] bullied and extorted aid workers, and filled their war chests with taxes collected on aid rations. Everybody knew, too, that these killers were now working their way into the surrounding Congolese territory to slaughter and drive out the local Tutsi population. (During my visit, they had even begun attacking N.G.O. vehicles.)

In the literature of aid work, the U.N. border camps set up after the Rwandan genocide, and particularly the Goma camps, figure as the ultimate example of corrupted humanitarianism—of humanitarianism in the service of extreme inhumanity. It could only end badly, bloodily. That there would be another war because of the camps was obvious long before the war came. ….

Tens of thousands were killed, massacres were reported—and this slaughter was the ultimate price of the camps, a price that is still being paid today by the Congolese people, who chafed under serial Rwandan occupations of their country, and continue now to be preyed upon by remnant Hutu Power forces.


Despite the expensive ‘job-creative’ egalitarian pieties of its politicians, Britain was revealed as having a realistic enthusiasm for slave labour, with top clothiers like BHS [British Home Stores] subcontracting work to dirty and dangerous East London sweatshops where workers (doubtless third-world immigrant) were paid £2.50 per hour – less than half the Labour-mandated ‘minimum wage’ (Sun, 8 xi).

{In Edinburgh, the standard hourly wage for an intelligent and good-natured busty student working in a freezing-cold Pakistani-owned shop was £3. By contrast, even the lowest Labour-appointed cronies, goons and frauds at the BBC earned £200 per hour.}


The pathetic ‘social networking’ sites YouFace, MyTube, WhoreSpace, WhoseBum, Ipad, Dogdung and Yepox found themselves inundated by advertisements for Muesli terror that they were quite unable to control (Sun, 8 xi, ‘YouTube’s blitz on hate rant fails’).

{Strange to recall: my (excellent) 1950s grammar-school teacher of German, the Buchmendel-loving ‘Klug’ Woodhouse [initials: K.L.W.], had actually been incarcerated for a while in 1940 merely for fear of his pro-German sympathies. By contrast, in 2010, anything went – so long as it didn’t express sympathy for the White race, intelligence, men or paedophilia.}


Twenty-nine people were indicted in a sex trafficking ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis had apparently forced girls as young as 12 into prostitution in Minnesota, Tennessee and Ohio (AmRen, 8 xi). The Tennessee indictment claimed three Minneapolis-based gangs were involved—The Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws—and that the gangs were connected.

It outlined several instances when young girls were told to engage in sex acts for money, marijuana or liquor. {Somalis are fiercely nationalistic and regard their own Muslim/tribal laws as superior to those of any area which they are taking over. Males begin pimping as soon as they are teenagers.}

Similar entertainment involving 12-yr-old fillies was provided in London by Pakistanis, several of whom clocked up a total of 32 years jail for their work (Daily Mail, 6 xi).


Goaded by Geert Wilders and Thilo Sarrazin (q.v.), Germans set up their own Freedom Party to oppose Islamization of the West. But, though blessed by the Hoover Institution’s Richard Pipes (2 xi), there were only fifty of them at the top-secret founding meeting of the party in Berlin and no specific commitments to free speech (e.g. about race, IQ, feminazism, the Holocaust, waterboarding* or paedophilia) were involved.

Meanwhile, in Blighty, the cause of freedom was served little better. Labour MP and former Immigration Minister Phil Woolas found himself under fire for saying (during the 2010 General Election campaign) that his Lib-Dim opponent (in McDougall’s hometown of Oldham, Lancs) was Islamic-terrorist-friendly. Many Labour MPs stood by Woolas’ right to free expression in the heat of campaigning; but the Labour leadership (headed by femininnie Hattie Harperson – the adenoidal leader David Mililitre being on ‘paternity leave’) deemed him beyond the pale for having tacitly admitted the unadmissable, that voters did not much care for Mueslis or terrorists.

* Ex-President ‘Dubya’ Bush’s memoirs, Decision Points, revealed (Sun, 10 xi) that London’s Big Ben, Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf business and journalism centre had only been spared being blown up thanks to judicious half-drowning torture of one or two mad Mueslis.


As the British National Party neared the final phase of being suppressed by HMG (using its Equality and Human Rights Commission to threaten the party (which had two elected MEPs) with bankruptcy, closure, the jailing of its leader and the banning of members from schoolteaching), a full and fine account of this sorry development of Britain’s police state* was offered in VDare by London libertarian Sean Gabb (9 xi).

* Begun by Labour’s Race Relations Act of 1966/77 and continued in force when Labour resumed power in 1997 and I was sacked and other race-realist academics were forced into silence or early retirement.


Land in Georgia (Caucasus) was offered at knock-down prices to the 40,000 White Boer farmers of South Africa: Georgia wanted to introduce modern farming methods (unheard of under collectivized communist agriculture); and the remaining Boers in RSA were increasingly eager to escape Black rapism, violence, state-enforced labour costs, ‘land reform’ and general tyranny (Independent, 9 xi). {Fear would soon be seen in the eyes of the RSA’s Black political masters at the potential loss of one of the country’s few productive groups.}


As once every few months for the previous fifty years, New York Times readers were advised of the vast gap between Black and White levels of attainment in schools (9 xi, ‘Proficiency of black students is found to be far lower than expected’) – and, as always, the suggested remedy was to be ‘better teaching’ (plus a latter-day novelty of quickfire harassment of Black youth actually to attend the schools they loathed).


As the UK’s ‘university’ students turned out in surprising numbers (perhaps 50K) in London to say “F**k the Cuts” (not due to begin till Autumn, 2012, and not due to begin [very gradually] to be paid for by students till 2016) to cause £60K damage (smashed windows, graffiti daubings, fires) at what they thought ‘Conservative’ HQ (near Parliament), almost to kill a police officer by aiming a fire extinguisher at his head, and to get 14 injured and 51 of themselves arrested (Press Association, 11 xi), the BNP noted a founder member of ‘Unite Against Fascism’*: none other than peecee-toting PM David Cameron (who was away lecturing the Chinese about ‘human rights’ and promising them to peg their tuition fees in Britain while his Millbank HQ was apparently being occupied and vandalized by 250 ‘anti-Nazi’ thugs for some three hours).

While lazy and lacklustre London police fooled around ‘investigating’ their own ignominy, the Sun provided the first exposure of a student rioter – a shirtless professor’s son (mother a ‘government researcher’) studying studying sociology A-Levels at Hackney College, East London (12 xi). Guardian correspondents also thought the ‘students’ were from ‘Further Education Colleges’ which took in adolescents wishing to escape the minimal disciplines of British state ‘schools.’

* The UAF’s ‘secretary general’ was one Weyman Bennett, who also happened to be on the executive committee of the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP).


Exhilarated by his unelected year in office, tiny bespectacled Belgian Armchair General ooops EU President Herman Goering Rumpy-Pumpy announced his belief (as the G20 leaders -- not including R-P-- met for din-dins and trimmings in Seoul) that “homogenous” states were finished (BNP, 12 xi) – little realizing that China was 85% Han or that India was 85% Hindu.


As student rioting trashed what they thought was Tory HQ at Millbank, with daubed signs saying “TORY SCUM,” without any prospect of the demonstrators’ ‘organizers,’ the National Union of Students, having to pay a penny for the damage, forty jeering mad Mueslis burned poppies near the Royal Albert Hall on the UK’s national remembrance day, the beardies disrupting the 11a.m. two-minute silence with shouts of “British soldiers, burn in hell” (with police detaining merely two Mueslis and the leader of the English Defence League) (Sun, 12 xi). The press reckoned at least a thousand students cheered on the rioters, as did several university lecturers (at London’s Goldsmiths College) and Labour MPs (Daily Star, 13 xi).

This is what Section 5 of the Public Order Act, 1986 [passed by Britain’s wretched peecee Tories], said: "A person is guilty of an offence if he: (a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or (b) displays any writing or sign which is threatening, abusive or insulting, within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby." Evidently, police had been told to go ‘softly, softly’ with rioters and mad Mueslis, and to concentrate their fire, as usual, on motorists, racists, paedophiles, and hapless citizens trying to defend their own property.

Eventually the police managed to arrest an ape-like 23-year-old ‘student’ at the unheard-of Anglia Ruskin ‘University’, Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough [“Students get a taste of life in the fast lane”, the Psychology Department having as many staff as E.LU. Psychology of 1970], and to charge him with hurling a fire extinguisher (from five stories up) on to police, only narrowly missing the targets.

Journalists discovered that other rioters hailed not from universities at all but from ‘Further Education Colleges’ where they were taking A-Level courses (the equivalent of sub-O-Level CSEs of the 1980s) after failing at normal state schools. The Sun provided a picture of one such shirtless A-Level student (of ‘art and sociology’) smashing a five-metal-footed desk chair into (supposed) Tory HQ plate-glass windows and being defended as ‘being in a situation that got a bit out of hand’ by his ‘academic’ parents (one a senior lecturer, the other a government researcher (13 xi).

Altogether some 60 ‘students’ (including a 17-year-old) were arrested for questioning, though most were soon bailed.


Mrs Barbara Harris’ ‘Project Prevention’ got a warm welcome to the Antipodes from the New Zealand Herald (13 xi, Dita de Boni); and it had found some clear support and recognition of its eugenic potential in fair debate in Éire’s University Observer, 2 xi).


That sixty years of communism had done nothing to solve the problems of race (specifically, negritude) and racism in Cuba was admitted by that country’s best-known novelist, Leonardo Padura (AmRen, 11 xi).


Both Sudan’s South (oil-rich, animist, Christian and Nilotic – i.e. blacker) and North (Muslim, Arab and Nubian) accused other of building up weapons and massing troops along their shared boundary ahead of a referendum scheduled for 9 i 2011 on whether South Sudan could become independent (Voice of America, 13 xi). (The North actually bombed the South, but officials of both sides agreed to regard this as an accident – the South hoping for a peaceful race-realistic break-up of Sudan after the referendum.)


Infuriating multiculturalists, E.U. Psychology researchers unveiled a sample of 1,000 twins which reproduced the well-known (to Eysenckians) finding that identical twins were more similar than fraternals in their political views – in this case degree of racism (unwillingness to affiliate with people of other races) (Psychological Science, xi).

Diplomatically, wishing to keep their jobs, the researchers also stressed the extra importance of the ‘environmental’ factor of religion. {As if religiosity itself had not long been known to be substantially heritable!}


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Monday, November 08, 2010


The mighty New York Post carried the story of Mrs Barbara Harris’ (q.v.) generous efforts to stop multiply-mothering drug-addicts having yet more babies (31 x) – an effort deemed by critics (and also myself) as being eugenic as well as humanitarian.


Famed and gorgeous American murderess Amanda Knox, imprisoned for life in Italy for her apparent part in slitting the throat of a British female flatmate who had declined to participate in a sex game involving a Black man, emerged (from a self-portrait) to have a remarkably long ring finger (relative to her index finger), usually thought a sign of a high testosterone level (see Manning, above) (Sun, 1 xi, ‘Weird jail pics by murderer Knox’).

The observation provided another score for Relative Ring Finger Length (RRFL) – though this measure’s claimed link to masculinity had proved too much for Guardian readers (31 iii 2000).

Researchers in Liverpool and Oxford found higher RRFLs in Neanderthals, whose reputation for sex and aggression was thus further attested (Sun, 2 xi).


Britain’s whacky effort to extend welfare to the whole world was neatly exemplified as the son of a top Afghastly politician was granted asylum (and free housing and £35 per week) even though, in Helmand Province, his father and he were protected by a small army of British troops (not to mention high walls and razor wire) (Sun, 1 xi).

Britain’s ‘courts’ frustrated government efforts to strip multiply welfare-dependent Muesli rabble-rouser Abdul ‘The Hook’ Hamza of his British citizenship. Egypt had got there first, cancelling the Egyptian bit of his dual nationality; so the British courts could not bear to think of making him stateless and dumping him in the Yemen.

After whispers from the European Court of ‘Human Rights,’ Britain promptly kowtowed and gave the right to vote to its prisoners – a natural development in so far as it had given voting rights to confined lunatics thirty years previously.


A helpful summary and updating of The Burt Affair, with a well-reasoned and -detailed defence of Sir Cyril as neither a fraud nor a racist, was provided by Kevin Lamb in VDare, 21 x.

(I would only add that Sir Cyril was more interested in educational streaming (cf. Chap.4 of TgF) than in eugenics; that he was deemed sufficiently progressive in his day to be knighted under a Labour government; and that the most likely account of how he came by extra twin data in 1966 was provided by me in Nature, 1995 (see Amazon, 2004).)


Continuing the vain century-long search for ‘multiple intelligences’, Cambridge neuroscientists [MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit] came up with twelve behavioural tests on which success was related to electrical activity in widely differing brain areas (Daily Telegraph, 2 xi) and appealed for subjects to help prove their tests’ independence.

However, the test (e.g. finding one’s way round a new supermarket, ‘spot the difference’ games, nose blowing, earwax extraction with paper clip) did not seem to involve the use of symbols (or at least patterns) which is so central to g-type mental tasks; and to test their independence on high-IQ testees was otiose since even g-type tests had long been known to correlate only weakly in higher-g ranges.

In short the researchers’ work seemed likely to prove as vain as the stated opinion of their backer Roger Highfield (editor of the New Scientist) that the views of Galton, Jensen, Eysenck and Charles Murray were “poppycock.”


Teachers in the UK were banned (like police and prison staff) from being members of the British National Party (2 xi, ‘Tories reveal their hand: more extreme even than New Labour’) despite Daft Dave PM Cameron having once threatened (idly, as it turned out) to withdraw the UK from the European Commission on ‘Human Rights’ which mandated votes for lunatics, unemployed, unpropertied, feckless, prisoners and kindred nonsense.


After two years of Black-Muslim-socialism under Barry Hussein Obarmy, the USA gave its verdict in one of its endless elections: a mild slap on the wrist despite the wilder ambitions of the enthusiastic but low-g ‘Tea Party,’ leaving the multiculti-mad Democrats in control of the Senate, and Obanana with the prospect of wiping the floor with dysfunctional Alaskan gun-nut Sarah Palin at ensuing elections.

{No wonder CamCo felt obliged to throw Britain’s military lot in with the Froggies, allowing the two ‘countries’ [by then just German ooops EU provinces*] to keep a single aircraft carrier functional 24/7 [though not to visit the Falkland Islands!] while spending only a measly 2.5% of their annual budgets on ‘defence’!}

* Cf. Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, 7 xi: “Just as the original Franco-German currency deal was the beginning of the euro, the union of Europe’s two remaining serious military and naval powers is intended as the beginning of Federal European armed forces. These will be controlled by the new post-Lisbon ‘legal personality’, the European Superstate they keep telling us doesn’t exist.”


Britain’s 120+ largely-unheard-of ‘universities’, which had gone along with the NuLabour plan to admit a risible 50% of each age cohort of comprehensively miseducated youf, found themselves told to raise their cash themselves from their students’ [new fees of up to £9Kp.a., to be paid in subsequent taxation] rather than from gummint, to tell students the true [research-estimated] prospects of their ‘graduates’ getting professional or managerial jobs [within a year of graduation], to admit 10% of their students from low-income homes, and to drop Mickey Mouse courses in Dance With Equine Studies, Third World Development with Pop Music, and Waste Management with Dance (Sun, 3 xi).

However, the luniversities were to be allowed to continue with peecee suppression of free speech and with Muslim radicalization. And it was not clear whether they would have the gumption or government permission to explain their graduates’ unemployability in terms of IQ.

{My own efforts – with likeminded colleagues -- to stop the spread of ‘dance therapy’ and ‘sociology for nurses’ had been via bimonthly beanos of the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) in the late-1980’s; but they had been ended as Mrs Thatcher was swept away because of her excellent but impolitic idea of a Poll Tax whereby students would contribute equally to clearing up their age group’s chewing gum, graffiti and vomit from the streets.}


While Europe languished in the grip of Blair/Brown/Mandy-backed homosexual fascism (with the Catholic Church bullied over paedophilia so as to establish the purity of homosexuals [who of course never went for ‘chicken’….], and the Church of England in court to defend a [Black] couple denied adoption because a social worker found they were anti-yag), Italy’s playboy premier Berlusconi, 74, bucked the trend by having a new heterosexual scandal each week with a model teenagerette and/or gorgeously leggy high class hooker, 28, (Sun, 3 xi, ‘Italian PM hit by sordid sex claims’ – involving several gals in a jacuzzi, encouraging visual aid supplied). Said the legendarily excitable Berlusconi, 72, (Sun, 3 xi): "It's better to be passionate about beautiful girls than to be gay."


Thumbing through the 2010 Annual Report of Nuffield College (Visiting Fellows: the Guardian’s editor Alan Rusbridger and top columnist Polly Toynbee), I found (along with predictable proposals to research national wealth without mentioning population IQ) the following research conclusion (from Emeritus Fellow Christopher Bliss):

"Many but not all failed states embrace populations strongly divided by race, religion or something similar. This weakens governments and provides a powerful recipe for state failure".


It was usually reckoned (certainly by me) that Britain allowed increasing Jewish settlement in Palestine after 1919 to pay off its debt to the Jews for having managed to bring America (belatedly, but in the nick of time for Britain) into the First World War. But apparently there was another side to this story. Historian Michael Burleigh, Blood and Rage:

"In welcoming Zionist settlers, the British were in step with educated Arab opinion in the Middle East. The editor of Egypt’s Al-Ahram wrote: “The Zionists are necessary for this region. The money they bring in, their intelligence and the diligence which is one of their characteristics will, without doubt, bring new life to the country."

Even in 1933, Egypt was still allowing boatloads of Zionists escaping from Germany to dock in Port Said. (And, by the way, the Jews did not ‘steal’ Arab land in Palestine: they bought it perfectly properly -- from Arab absentee landlords.)


1. Sir Francis Galton’s admiration for the Scots (q.v., x 2010) concerned not the prettiness of their girls, which he actually rated (from Aberdeen) as inferior to levels found in London, but for their intelligence which (at least in those from lowland Scotland prior to the Act of Union allowing Scots to lift off to London and the Empire) he rated higher than that of the English (if not as high as the level he estimated for ancient Athens).

Churchill shared Galton’s respect for Scotland’s original genius [fighting, engineering, medicine, literature, 18th-century Enlightenment etc.], probably deriving his view from Galton’s Hereditary Genius.*

* "....the average standard of the Negro race is two grades below our own.... [the Lowland Scot and the English North-countryman is] decidedly a fraction of a grade superior of the ordinary English. [The Greeks of c. 500B.C. were] very nearly two grades higher than our own, that is about as much as our race is superior to the African negro."

GALTON, 1869, 'The comparative worth of different races', Hereditary Genius.

2. The BBC retracted (4 xi), under legal pressure, as “wholly irresponsible” its (previously strongly defended) claims that monies from Sir Bob Geldof’s ‘Band Aid’ operation had largely ended up buying guns in Ethiopia (even though such claims had been generally approved by the Independent, the Guardian and the New York Times – q.v., iii 2010).


Reviewing Charles Johnson’s Inside Job (which called on Wall Street prostitutes to divulge what they had learned from their bankster johns about how these frauds’ mindblowing bonuses came from taxpayer-backed gambles that could never fail), Steve Sailer was able to get his true story of what happened (see previous) to at least the inner outer fringe of what passes for the West’s right-wing press (Taki’s Magazine, 1 xi):

"The government undermined credit standards to boost home ownership among minorities and the poor. Ferguson complains about government’s failure to regulate lenders but never mentions that the blowout happened precisely where politicians demanded more lending."

Tellingly, Ferguson even includes a clip dated “Oct. 15, 2002” from George W. Bush’s catastrophic speech denouncing down payments and adequate documentation as mortgage requirements, a historic turning point otherwise shoved down the Memory Hole by ashamed Republicans and guilty Democrats. Of course, Inside Job doesn’t mention the politically correct occasion of Bush’s irresponsible oration: his White House Conference on Increasing Minority Homeownership.


As CamCo Education Minister, the Aberdonian-Jewish Michael Gove, insisted Oxbridge take yet more kids from poor homes (without even insisting on thresholds for IQ or educational attainment), HM Prison Service learned a lesson from its equality-minded over-recruitment of women as five of the lucky officerettes had to resign after being found having sex with the young male prisoners of HMP Onley, near Rugby (Daily Mail, 1 xi).


Labour’s former Immigration Minister, Phil Woolas MP, was stripped by a court of his MP-ship for three years after the court accepted that he had knowingly used entirely unevidenced and baseless allegations of ‘racism’ against his main local political opponent in order to win re-election (Classic FM, 5 xi). {Woolas was to appeal; but he was already in trouble for fiddling his expenses and being beaten up by Joanna Lumley.}


Having expanded (under ‘Conservative’ Mr Major and then Labour) to take in 45% of each age cohort and thus to be unaffordable, Britain’s universities found themselves blasted not only by me for peecee leftism (their holy religion of choice) but also by top Guardian columnist, ex-Times-editor Simon Jenkins, for gross inefficiency: “Universities should be blown apart” (5 xi – Guy Fawkes’ Night – ‘Vince Cable was going to tackle the waste called university life. He bottled it’).

{Sadly, neither Simon nor I seemed likely to get our Henry VIII-style way with Britain’s ex-monasteries: clever CamCo had worked out a new fudge that would give the nation’s above-IQ-100 kids a holiday-camp experience and opportunities for assortative mating and occasional heavy drinking funded only in students’ later (and little-thought-of) days by a novel dysgenic ‘graduate success tax.’ – The probability that bright students would just emigrate or even decline to graduate (relying instead on personal references) was not estimated by the ingenious fudgers}


A reappearance of ‘racist’ graffiti directed at President Boring Hussein Obama had scores of student protesters at North Carolina State University calling for changes to a part of campus long dedicated to anything-goes free speech (AmRen, 4 xi). Student protesters blocked access overnight to the Free Expression Tunnel, a major pedestrian thoroughfare connecting two parts of the Raleigh campus (which was divided by railroad tracks). The Free Expression Tunnel was built in 1939, and was dedicated to freewheeling student speech in the 1960s. Sentiments painted or posted in the tunnel commonly ranged from the political to the personal and mundane.

The University of Virginia confirmed it had eliminated all its ‘speech codes’ (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, 28 x) – but such official codes (quite apart from countless unofficial constraints on saying a word of truth about race and intelligence) were in place in no less than two thirds of America’s universities.


Several nationalist marches were held across the country as Russia celebrated its Day of National Unity (AmRen, 5 xi). In Moscow, authorities gave permission to several nationalist groups, including the “Movement against Illegal Immigration” (DPNI) and “Slavic Force”, to stage a rally of some 5K people. Chanting “Russia is for Russians, Moscow is for Muscovites”, the activists—mainly youngsters—marched from Lyublino to Maryuno subway stations on the capital’s outskirts. They were holding flags with nationalist symbols and slogans demanding that immigrants be sent back to their own ******* countries.


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.


Monday, November 01, 2010


It transpired that the world’s greatest evolutionary theorist, Bill Hamilton, just before he died, had published a very favourable review of Richard Lynn’s Dysgenics (Ann.Hum.Gen., 2000) – while allowing that Western levels of g might be rising temporarily thanks to medical advances (allowing bigger infant head sizes), female adultery (allowing babies by more amusing husbands) and possible bits and bobs of ‘epigenesis’ (as 20th-century children had more choice to select environments).


So ghastly was life under Muesli rule that third-world kids were even troubling themselves to qualify (in their own benighted and corrupt countries) as medics so as to get into Britain and then take jobs as dustmen ooops dustpersons (Daily Mail, 24 x, ‘One third of ‘brain surgeon’ immigrants in unskilled jobs’).


None less than the distinguished editor of Germany’s Die Zeit predicted Germany would move swiftly to solve its problems with the increasingly uppity, unemployed and Islamized descendants of its Turkish Gastarbeiter (themselves compellingly critcized by Bundesbanker Thilo Sarrazin, q.v.)(Wall Street Journal, 25 x):
The country will now, through proper parliamentary procedures, tackle what was ignored for so long.

It will make German-language training mandatory, it will train teachers with intercultural skills, it will demand as a condition of entry not only a job offer, but also proof of language ability. In December, the Government will make certification of foreign degrees easier; there are just too many taxi drivers with a university background. In short, it will select rather than just admit "migrants." Germany might eventually also pass a real immigration law, implying a point system for needed skills—just like Canada.

Immigration is a fact of Western life. But "Multikulti," as the Germans call it, is a dream that failed. "Migrants" are now called upon to become citizens, which is a win-win situation for both the country and the newcomers. As Germany's "Mr. Tea Party" counts his royalties, he may also savor his political triumph. His book, dyspeptic and shoddy as it may be in parts, has unleashed a quiet revolution in Germany—minus the demagogues that now torment the rest of Europe.

Mr. Josef Joffe is editor of Die Zeit and senior fellow of the Institute for International Studies and Abramowitz Fellow of the Hoover Institution, both at Stanford.


US eugenicist ooops humanitarianMrs Barbara Harris (q.v.) found appreciation of her anti-druggie-procreation efforts on a Manchester Evening News blog (25 x):
Addict idea has merit

A GP friend rang the other day after hearing me on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show condoning a new charity scheme to offer drug addicts £200 to be sterilised.

"You can’t believe that’s right," she spluttered. "I’ve known some of the addicts I treat in my special drug clinics for some time. They’re still people."

Thus the irony was lost. Of course they are people. People who are committed to a life of narcotic abuse and who, if they or their partner fall pregnant, are incapable of looking after the child. Meanwhile babies continue to be born with an addiction and go through hellish weeks of agonising pain to be weaned off the drugs.

This is not about eugenics, mass castration or exploiting the vulnerable. Every case is assessed on its merit by doctors who know nothing of the motivation of an individual’s desire to be sterilised.

The Project Prevention scheme is not mandatory. However, detractors rage that addicts will simply get sterilised in order to pocket the cash and spend it on drugs.

Doesn`t that justify the argument?


As three Labour Muslim peers (two ‘Lords’ and a ‘Lady,’ all millionaire donors to Britain’s Labour [aka Non-Labour] Party) were suspended from Parliament accused of expenses fraud costing taxpayers scores of thousands of pounds, they were promptly said (by another Muslim peer, one ‘Lord’ Alli [a multi-millionaire media entrepreneur]) to have been victims of ‘racism’ (Daily Telegraph, 21 x) – thus sullying the overuse of the ‘racism’ card.

A formal sleaze inquiry found that the ‘peers’ had wrongly claimed a total of nearly £200K by deliberately registering properties they rarely or never stayed in as their “main home,” making them eligible for lucrative parliamentary overnight allowances when having to use their “second home.” The Lords’ Conduct and Privileges Committee recommended that Lady Uddin, who had failed to apologise or repay £125,000 in illegitimately claimed expenses, be barred from Parliament until April 2012 – the harshest punishment handed out to a peer since the 17th century.

Baroness Flather, a cross bencher of Indian origin, said that she was “sad” that the peers involved in fiddling their expenses had all been of Asian origin, and attacked the three over their claims. Criticising Lord Paul for statements he made in which he claimed he did not understand the term “main residence” as it was not part of his “culture,” she added: "I want to say how distressing it is for me personally to find the 80th richest man in Britain, Lord Paul, saying that he didn't understand what 'main' and 'residence' meant. All of us know what they mean. And if we don't, may I suggest that we should not be sitting in this chamber.”

The House of Lords voted unanimously to confirm its sleaze committee’s recommendations of immediate suspension of the ‘Asians.’ {It was unclear why the trio were not being put on trial in criminal courts. Perhaps more ‘racism’ – affirmative racism – was involved in this decision.}


Happy chance brought together, in Edinburgh’s top ‘King’s Balti’ restaurant, Buccleuch Street (just by the LUniversity) several leading supporters of the g factor and hereditarianism in general. The visual aid shows, from left to right:

Professor [of Differential Psychology] Ian Deary FRSE, author of hundreds of articles and several books on g (most recently A Lifetime of Intelligence: Follow-Up Studies of the Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1947, APA:Washington)

Chris Brand FGI, author of The g Factor, Wiley DePublisher, and of the long-running Oz blog ‘IQ & PC’

Tom Brand CPA, London-settled chemist-turned-lawyer, filing and prosecuting patent applications on a global basis

Natalie Brand (aka Shiou-yun Fang), art historian, journalist and lecturer, most recently authoress of books on Gauguin’s sex life

Michael Palairet (aka Henry), Huguenot freedom-fighter and economic historian, author of The Balkan Economies, 1800-1914 and of a most judicious but supportive review of IQ and the Wealth of Nations (in Heredity, 2004).

As we discussed Anglo-Scottish connections (for both Ian and Tom had Scottish grandfathers, Shiou had two Scottish degrees, and Henry and I had made E’bro’ our happy home for some forty years), Tom suggested that the London School could helpfully be renamed as the London Scottish School – partly echoing the successes of the London Scottish rugby club, but more particularly marking the success of Ian’s 13-year-long project tracing the importance of early IQ to life chances and the historical facts that both McDougall and Cattell had both Scottish fathers and strong connections with London (the former as lecturer in UCL, the latter as a chemistry First at UCL and a Ph.D. in psychology from King’s College).

It was also notable that Ian’s latest book had been dedicated partly to Sir Godfrey Hilton Thomson, the Edinburgh multifactorialist student of intelligence; and that Sir Cyril Burt had journeyed to Edinburgh from London in 1925 to oppose phrenology and insist on the importance of the g factor.

And of course Eysenck visited Edinburgh from London several times around 1990 to lecture on favoured themes;* and Richard Lynn visited at least twice and Phil Rushton at least once (both being entertained in Sth Clerk St Mansions).

Still more particularly, I myself grew up on Britain’s spineline London North-Eastern Railway (LNER) as a casual trainspotter, riding my wee bike as a 9-yr-old out to the footbridge near the the New Southgate / East Barnet tunnel to see the 134mph Mallard shoot out and to get a glimpse of ‘dirty’ postcards that older boys had brough back from Paris….

Later, my first big hitchhike in the UK (with a Bad Wildungen penpal) was to Edinburgh, c. 1960; I b&b’d in E’bro’s Minto Street [just a stone’s throw away from my current flat] c. 1963; and my first national psychology conference was in Edinburgh, 1968 [for which Nuffield College kindly supplied an airfare].

My own mama’s first long-distance travel [free, thanks to her father being a signalman] had been to E’bro’ – giving her a taste for travel which eventually took her on holidays to the Rhine, South Africa (Capetown) and New Zealand (Auckland).

Oh dear, I digress…. But this ramble should not fail to mention that Galton’s obsessional record-keeping showed Scots girls (esp. those of Aberdeen) to be the prettiest….

* My review of Playing with Fire is forthcoming in Intelligence.


Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of multi-millionaire creator of New Labour, Tony Blair, decided to jump ship and convert to Mohammedanism (Guardian, 26 x) – just about any despotism (with threat of beheading if she ever apostasized) being apparently preferable to that of the luxury of New Labour’s multiculti peecee neosocialism.


Russia and Nato came to a landmark agreement to supply powerful Russian helicopter gunships [much feared by the Taliban because they could actually fly in the godforsaken conditions of Afghastliland] and trainers to the Afghan Army, apparently united in resolution that AfPak should not remain under Tallyho control (Guardian, 26 x, 27 x; Spectator, 27 x).

In beefing up the West’s nine-year-long feeble efforts against 14th-century Mueslis, Russia was doubtless thinking to protect its own soft underbelly against Muesli mayhem and to stop the West moaning about South Ossetia; but agreement to two-hour meetings between Presidents Medvedev and Obama and Nato officials was nevertheless striking.

No doubt the West realized its need for Russian gas and help getting supplies to its troops in Afghastliland and was grateful for the effort by Russian (if not Israeli) espionage to mess up Iran’s nuclear-bomb programme by the insertion of a computer ‘worm.’

{The only conspicuous problem was the resolution of all parties to eradicate the Aghastly poppy crop – which could otherwise have been used to replace much of Britain’s filthy and gay-socialist-ridden ‘National Health Service’ [aka National Death Service].}


The strict racial – not religious – requirements for people wanting to settle in Israel were detailed by the British National Party, which remarked the hypocrisy of the Jewish Chronicle in criticizing the BNP for advocating a similar – actually more liberal – policy for Britain (27 x).


London firemen gave CamCo a serious chance to ban strike action (first in monopoly suppliers) by threatening to strike on Guy Fawkes’ Night (when England’s parents and children were notoriously prone to set their houses alight while commemorating the 1605 Catholic plot to blow up Parliament).

PM Cameron’s duty was made easier by the firemen demanding (at a time of 20% cuts in government spending) an extra £10Kp.a. – on top of the £33K which they had already for ‘work’ that chiefly involved high-speed driving, sleeping and playing gin rummy. Cameron denounced the threatened strike as “irresponsible” (Sun, 28 x).

The ‘job’ of being a fireman was already so popular that there were forty applications for each vacancy; and the firefighting work was so easy that it could be done by wymmin (so long as they had a Labour Party card) and allowed a third of London firemen second jobs as accountants, taxi drivers, models and ‘retained’ firemen for other forces (Sunday Mail, 31 x).


After the BBC aired a 30-minute documentary about Mrs Barbara Harris, her family, and her non-profit organization, C.R.A.C.K.'s humane-but-also-eugenic PROJECT PREVENTION, she received thousands of emails, with correspondents asking that she bring her offer to their own country, and hundreds of media requests from around the world ( Media, 27 x).


Germany’s Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere (no doubt terrified by Dr Sarrazin, q.v.), said forced marriages would in future be treated as a criminal offence with a jail term of up to five years (if a government-planned law were passed by parliament [the Bundestag]). Forced marriages had been previously treated by German law merely as a (severe) form of ‘coercion’ (Reuters, 27 x).

The German Cabinet also sought to enforce action against immigrants in Germany who did not follow "integration courses" to help them adapt to life in the country. Mr de Maiziere estimated this affected around 10 to 15 per cent of immigrants in Germany. Authorities would be obliged to check whether immigrants have followed such a course before considering an application to extend their stay in Germany.


In dark noughty days, when the terms ‘intelligence,’ ‘IQ’ and indeed ‘psychology’ were seldom heard (thanks to cowardly academics and socialistified mediafolk bowing to PeeCee), a supporter kindly sent me a reminder of a golden past. All the quotes came from the great artistic appreciator of sex and religion, Paul Gauguin -- the subject of major 2010 exhibitions in London and Taipei.
The great artist is a formulation of the greatest intelligence: he is the recipient of sensations which are the most delicate and consequently the most invisible expressions of the brain.

Do you know what will soon be the ultimate in truth? – photography, once it begins to reproduce colors, and that won't be long in coming. And yet you want an intelligent man to sweat for months so as to give the illusion he can do something as well as an ingenious little machine can!

It takes intelligence and knowledge in order to judge a book. To judge painting and music requires special sensations of nature besides intelligence and artistic science; in a word, one has to be a born artist, and few are chosen among all those who are called. Any idea can be formulated, but not so the sensation of the heart. What efforts are not needed to master fear or a moment of enthusiasm! Is not love often instantaneous and nearly always blind? And to say that thought is called spirit, whereas the instincts, the nerves, and the heart are part of matter. What irony!

On an intelligence which is my own, I wanted to build a superior intelligence which will become that of my neighbor if he wishes it.

In great intelligences, ambition is only negative. It struggles, works, creates, not because it is desirable to surpass others, but because it is insupportable to be surpassed when one feels onself capable of not being.


Reviewing The Masque of Africa: Glimpses of African Belief (by British-Indian-Trinidadian Nobelist V.S. Naipul), columnist Johann Hari was moved to record his own experiences of African superstition (Slate, 25 x):
I have stood in a blood-splattered house in Tanzania where an old woman had just been beaten to death for being a "witch" who cast spells on her neighbors. I have stood in battlefields in the Congo where the troops insist with absolute certainty they cannot be killed because they have carried out a magical spell that guarantees, if they are shot, they will turn briefly into a tree, then charge on unharmed. I have been cursed in Ethiopia by a witch-doctor with "impotence, obesity, and then leprosy" for asking insistently why he charged so much to "cure" his patients. (I'm still waiting for the leprosy.)

Another reviewer, Ed O’Loughlin (Sunday Telegraph, Seven, 5 ix), had written: “There is ammunition here for those who say that Naipaul’s famous pessimism, applied to Africa, can cross the line into racism. When a Ghanaian demonstrates ‘analytical thought,’ Naipaul immediately attributes this facility to one of the man’s remote ancestors, a Danish slave trader.”


With the election of a Mueslie extremist mayor in London’s ‘Tower Hamlets,’ thus having a billion-pound annual budget (Spectator, 28 x), and with Tony Blair’s sister-in-law (Lauren Booth*) converting to Islam voters were able to expect the end of female liberation, yag liberation, drinkers’ liberation and booksellers’ liberation. (Black slavery could not be far behind, as in Mauritania.)

Typically, tolerant Britain, led by its out-of-touch politicians who professed they could damp things down for a few more years, danced quiescently along – perhaps reckoning that a Muesli future for East London and Bradford could be quite fun in the manner of West Belfast, Liverpool, East Glasgow and similar hell-holes of exemplary unpleasantness.

Glasgow made its own contribution to traditional modesty by setting up a ‘halal’ women’s hairdressing salon where, behind frosted glass, Muesli women could remove their burkas with impunity (Glasgow Herald, 24 x). “It is somewhere where customers can feel comfortable, feel pampered and relaxed, knowing that no-one is going to come in and disturb them,” said owner Iqbal. “Muslim husbands can feel relaxed knowing that their wife is safe, where no man is going to be able to see them, and then they can come home and show their beauty. Muslim clients have never experienced this ever. It’s a great feeling.”

An ex-Muslimme explained for the Daily Mail (27 x) the strict programme provided for her by her father as she grew up in London: “There were so many random, petty rules. No whistling. No chewing of gum. No riding bikes. No watching Top Of The Pops. No wearing make-up or clothes which revealed the shape of the body. No eating in the street or putting my hands in my pockets. No cutting my hair or painting my nails. No asking questions or answering back. No keeping dogs as pets, (they were unclean). And, of course, no sitting next to men, shaking their hands or even making eye contact with them.” {No wonder Islam means ‘submission’!}

* Sunday Mail, 31 x.


Thirty-three years after Eysenck & Eaves reported in Nature (via twin study) substantial heritability ‘conservatism’ and ‘tender-mindedness,’ researchers in San Diego and Harvard found a gene (DRD4, apparently operating via dopamine circuits) that was associated with liberalism and open-mindedness – especially in people who had enjoyed a good social life in adolescence (, 27 x). {As one wag remarked: ‘Now to find a cure!’}


The agonies of peecee Germany, as Thilo Sarrazin (q.v.) sold a million copies of his book mentioning the IQ problems of Mueslis, brought out top leftie-relativist intellectual Jürgen Habermas (professor emeritus of philosophy at the Goethe University in Frankfurt) to moan and groan about realism to America’s NYTwits (28 x) – though without actually discussing any of the work of Jensen, Eysenck, Rushton or Lynn.

Meanwhile, the belated mosque-haters of Cologne were linking up with Austria’s passably racist (but not conventionally liberal) Freedom Party (FPO) to have a go at hardcore Mueslis (Guardian, 31 x, ‘German far right emerges from shadows to join Cologne campaign against mosque’).


As Mueslis caused multi-million pound havoc at airports in the UK and USA by sending ‘inkjet bombs’ in printers despatched from Ye Olde Beardie-Weirdie Yemen and Much-Spanking-in-the-Hilton Abu Dubai (one of whose princes had just been convicted in London of murdering his homosexual Black slave], it turned out that the West had precisely no technology to sniff out Semtex disguised as printer ink and, once it had discovered the plot thanks to human intelligence, and had precisely no up-and-running proposal to charge the costs of the scare to the Muesli community (starting with the East London Mosque). Happy days!


For its Halloween Honours (31 x), London’s unheard-of ‘Academy of Social Sciences’ (ASS) selected as a fee-paying useful idiot (along with thirty other unheard-ofs) a “Sometime Visiting Professor of Photographic Culture, U. Derby,” one Halla Ballsoff (once a part-time lecturer in psychology) who had been principally responsible for running the campaign at E.LU. 1996/7 to have me sacked for insufficient femininnie piety. Never was an ASShole so well chosen! Side-splitting!

Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.