Monday, June 28, 2004


Delighting hearts at anti-peecee, anti-mass-immigration and anti-E.U. UKIP, a new Yougov poll in Britain found 54% saying they thought the U.K. should leave the E.U. so long as a free trade deal could be negotiated with the remaining members; only 31% said they wanted to stay in. Support for UKIP itself was found to be running at over 20% in the polls. UKIP was treated to a full-page spread, a cartoon (favourable) and a leading article (unfavourable) in the Times. By June 3rd, six Conservative members of the House of Lords, legendary England cricketer of the 1980s Geoff Boycott, born-again former Conservative M.P. and government Minister Jonathan Aitken and Count Nikolai Tolstoy (grandson of the novelist) had started urging voters to back UKIP. The lack of interest among British electors in tolerating `Europeans' - which term had become a euphemism for asylum seekers - so appalled the Grauniad's Polly Toynbee (4 vi) that she pondered education classes might be necessary to make voters worthy of democracy.. The Mail reckoned UKIP was on course to take a Euro-seat in Scotland.

{With both liberal-left and nationalist credentials, and enjoying wide popularity, leader-in-waiting Robert Kilroy-Silk seems set fair to become a new Oswald Mosely - though with a British sense of humour in place of Teutonic militarism, as hoped for in McDougall Newsletters. On the stump, K-S makes a virtue of his political incorrectness and attacks the pressmen of the "metropolitan media elite"; and UKIP'S leader in Wales deplores the cost to Britain's social services of looking after immigrants (which is plain in every G.P.'s surgery waiting room). UKIP looks likely to take a heavy toll from the `Tories' for their failure to back Enoch Powell. Even the leftie Guardian declared that, trading on `nationalist nostalgia', UKIP was not a `far-right' party and was not negligible (Catherine Fieschi, 3 vi); and Scotsman columnist Gerald Warner recognized with some glee that UKIP was the answer to Britain's generation of non-national liberals who had abandoned the death penalty and introduced mass immigration, mugging, steaming, roasting and Eurocratization. }


A fine 2002 article (which I had missed) from robust and witty Canadian columnist Mark Steyn. The punchline: "What a pity we're no longer capable of being "judgmental" and "discriminating." We're told the old-school imperialists were racists, that they thought of the wogs as inferior. But, if so, they at least considered them capable of improvement. The multiculturalists are just as racist. The only difference is that they think the wogs can never reform: Good heavens, you can't expect a Muslim in Norway not to go about raping the womenfolk! Much better just to get used to it."

{Steyn also uged his Telegraph readers to vote for Kilroy-Silk, who in turn announced he would be backing Israel at Brussels, thus confirming his potential as a National Liberal.}


The Brand, Constales & Kane chapter for The Scientific Study of General Intelligence (ed. Helmuth Nyborg, 2003) was made available on the net at


The case for seizing the conveniently located oil in Saudi Arabia and encouraging regime change before the country is openly in Al Qaeda hands - an idea mooted in this Diary in 2001/2 -- was made cogently (as always) by the brilliant Mark Steyn in the Spectator (5 vi).


In an amazing volte-face, for he had previously abjured racial quotas on immigration, Prime Minister Tony Blair privately told the Home Office to restrict immigration from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Bangladesh - countries which had been abusing `holidaymaker' schemes for Commonwealth countries to dump their population surpluses in Britain.


A forthcoming article from me in Occidental Quarterly was scheduled to reveal the truly vast scale of the academic opposition that the London School of Psychology had faced from deconstructibabblers, feminazies and `anti-racists' (`Can scholarship `impact' on religion? - The case of The Bell Curve'). But what of the central question of scientific racism or race realism? Who was still pursuing the battle (begun by London School leader Charles Spearman) to have scientific acknowledgment of the centrality of real IQ differences to the largest race differences? An internet Google search for `race racism realism intelligence IQ' yielded a grand total of 688 websites. So who was considered by modern webpeople to be contributing most to the struggle about these conjoined topics?


Arthur Jensen 116 Chris Brand 116 Sigmund Freud 110 Charles Murray 101 Cyril Burt 99 Hans Eysenck 97 Karl Marx 96 Francis Galton 79 Michael Levin 67 Thomas Sowell 67 Howard Gardner 61 Richard Lynn 59 Stephen Jay Gould 58 Charles Spearman 57 Charles Darwin 56 Francis Galton 54 Richard Herrnstein 54 William McDougall 54 John Ray 53 Tony Blair 49 Charles Spearman 46 Dinesh D'Souza 41 Philippe Rushton 37 William Shockley 29 Raymond Cattell 27 Nick Mascie-Taylor 27 Glayde Whitney 27 Steven Pinker 26 Jesse Jackson 25 Robert Plomin 24 Roger Pearson 23 Karl Popper 23 Wilhelm Wundt 22 R.J.Sternberg 20 James Flynn 18 Tom Bouchard 17 British National Party 17 Daniel Goleman 17 Linda Gottfredson 17 Nelson Mandela 16 David Duke 14 Margaret Thatcher 14 I.J.Deary 12 Germaine Greer 12 Michael Howard 12 Sandra Scarr 12 Nicholas Mackintosh 9 Robert Kilroy-Silk 8 Helmuth Nyborg 8 (Robert Sternberg 8) James Q. Wilson 8 (Ian Deary 7) Henry Garrett 7 J.P.Guilford 7 John Ogbu 7 Glenn Wilson 7 E.L.Thorndike 6 John Carroll 5 Douglas Detterman 5 Vincent Egan 5 David Lubinski 5 Godfrey Thomson 5 Lee Willerman 5 Ray Fancher 4 J.C.Loehlin 4 Nathan Brody 3 Robert Gordon 3 John Hunter 3 Christopher Jencks 3 Lionel Penrose 3 Dorothy Rowe 3 Frank Schmidt 3 Peter Caryl 2 Michael Eysenck 2 Charles Locurto 2 Matt McGue 2 Ted Nettelbeck 2 R.E.Snow 2 Rosalind Arden 1 Ron Atkinson 1 Philip Vernon 1 John Baker 0 Derek Forrest 0 David Fulker 1 L.G.Humphreys 1 Terrie Moffitt 1 Groucho Marx 0 Charles Saatchi 0 Dean Simonton 0 Sandra Witelson 0.


Distinguished Edinburgh University divinity professor David Wright, on the verge of retirement, had his speech for a graduation ceremony forbidden by E.LU. Principal Comrade Tim O'Shea - possibly because it lampooned the University for recruiting a `Knowledge Manager', i.e. Librarian. Letters of complaint about the insult to Professor Wright were not published by E.LU.'s Bulletin - "in the time-honoured tradition of free speech at Edinburgh," remarked Private Eye (11 vi).


Above were displayed the intellectuals deemed on the net to contribute most to the race-realistic cause of the London School. But here is an attempt to find the people most identified on the net with the widest interests of the School. An internet search via Google for `race IQ intelligence personality attitudes heritability' yielded 673 websites. When particular names were added in the search requirement, the numbers of URLs yielded were as follows.
Arthur Jensen 143 Francis Galton 83 Charles Murray 74 Philippe Rushton 70 Cyril Burt 66 Hans Eysenck 62 Charles Darwin 61 Richard Lynn 56 Chris Brand 54 Howard Gardner 54 Stephen Jay Gould 50 Richard Herrnstein 50 Steven Pinker 50 Charles Spearman 45 Robert Plomin 40 William Shockley 35 Karl Marx 33 Sigmund Freud 27 Raymond Cattell 25 Michael Levin 23 R.J.Sternberg 23 Linda Gottfredson 22 William McDougall 22 Glayde Whitney 21 Nick Mascie-Taylor 6 David Duke 5 Nicholas Mackintosh 5 Ian Deary 4 Wilhelm Wundt 2 Glenn Wilson 1 Nicholas Humphrey 0 Groucho Marx 0


As the anti-peecee United Kingdom Independence Party became the third largest in England & Wales, with 12 seats in the European `Parliament' (compared to 25 `Tory', 17 NuLabour and 11 for Liberal Democrats) the BBC did its best to ignore the party altogether, referring in its broadcasts merely to gains by `Other' parties. The Beeb also had no UKIP representative to comment on the outstanding success - unlike e.g. the Sun newspaper and Classic FM Radio which unhesitatingly went for soundbites to UKIP leader-in-waiting Robert Kilroy-Silk. It remained to be seen whether the BBC's peecee boss, the Labour Party, would match this hysteria or solve its problem by refusing the planned new Constitution for the European Union which would allow all race realists to be carted off to German jails without even the possibility of intervention by British courts.


As the Sun newspaper backed the United Kingdom Independence Party (tellings its readers to `just say NO' [to Europe, crime, mass immigration, PeeCee]) and UKIP recruited a Black female celebrity chef to placate its critics, topTimes columnist (and former editor) Simon Jenkins declared the Conservatives needed to "make peace" with UKIP, since they needed charismatic Kilroy-Silk more than K-S needed them (16 vi). `Anti-racists' were said to fear that K-S would become `the acceptable face of British racism' (Daily Mirror, 16 vi).


A 69-year-old English judge, a father of four, was found guilty of a few dozen downloadings of pictures of naked children of ages 8 to 11. The out-of-proportion devastation to his career, family relations and reputation was accompanied by the threat of a prison sentence. Relishing this latest catch for man-haters, London-based femininnie Michele Eliot, bossette of abusohysterical charity `Kidscape', delightedly `explained' that paedophiles were not usually `dirty old men in mackintoshes at the edge of school playgrounds' but teachers, lawyers, musicians, sports coaches, sports commentators, writers, priests etc. Thankfully, Sunday Telegraph columnist Nigel Farndale was prepared to record the gross injustice to the judge (20 vi).


The Times continued adjusting to Britain’s post-UKIP realities, with a second former editor, Lord Rees-Mogg, condemning the new European Constitution even as Prime Minister Blair signed up to it; and with columnist Janice Turner condemning mad-Muslim practices of heavy veiling and saying “the burka is a slave’s garb” which Western femininnies like Germaine Greer should be ashamed they had tolerated. As Britons polled 2-1 against the new constitution, Kilroy-Silk likened Blair to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who believed he had won a good deal from Hitler at Munich.

RACE REALISM REACHES Torygraph (20 vi)

In a surprise development, Lisbet Rausing (aka Lisbet Koerner, a daughter of Britain's richest man, with a sporting estate near Fort William [called by neighbours `The Pink Palace,' on Loch Ossian] and - after Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge - an academic job at Imperial College, London) explained the three types of Western European which had been identified by her own hero, the nationalistic and nature-loving Linnaeus and validated by the mighty William McDougall (who renamed the groups as Nordic (individualist), Alpinic (authoritarian) and Mediterranean (`amoral familialism', says Rausing). (A fourth group of Europeans, the Russians, proved readily taken in by humanitarian, indeed by communist rhetoric; so Europe's main groups spanned the two main dimensions of social attitudes, AUTHORITARIAN vs HUMANITARIAN and INDIVIDUALIST vs RELIGIONIST.)


The Home Office was reprimanded by the National Audit Office for failing to solve the problem of enormous backlogs of cases at its Immigration Office. The reason? In 2001, entry standards, formerly 2 A Levels, were relaxed so as to recruit more Blacks and Pakistanis. The result? So many (successful) appeals against poor decisions that the system remained as jammed as before (Daily Telegraph, 23 vi). {Notwithstanding, the British Medical Association - having already turned General Practice into a 60% female business -- declared its intent to recruit more Blacks and Pakistanis as medical students.}


An international police conference at The Hague was told that, worldwide, there were some 5,000 `honour killings' annually of Muslim girls - and in addition that Muslim girls were four times as likely as others to commit suicide (Daily Telegraph, 23 vi).


Robert Kilroy-Silk et al. achieved good coverage from the BBC, the Guardian, Reuters, the Times [with a big picture] and the Scotsman as they arrived at the ghastly E.U. `Parliament' building in Brussels. {Funny, it's the right-of-centre newspapers which are embarrassed by UKIP.} Full (if hostile) coverage was also provided by World Socialist (23 vi) - accusing various UKIP members of capitalism, pro-American imperialism, Thatcherism, xenophobia, Holocaust denial etc. More efforts to link UKIP to racism revealed that the brave Viscount Massereene and Ferrard (d. 1996), the president of the disbanded Conservative Monday Club -- the smash of which led to UKIP -- had once been quoted as saying, "If you say I am a racist, yes I certainly am, and proud of it". Via its links to Derek Turner's Right Now magazine, UKIP could be associated with eugenicism, Hans Eysenck and yours truly. Bingo! The only hope for the left was to deny the rise in Britain of Pim Fortuyn-type national liberalism and insist that anything to the right of them was `racist.'

{In 2001, The United Kingdom Independence Party said that it could be targeted by new rules outlawing racism and xenophobia, noting that the Oxford English Dictionary definition of xenophobia is "a morbid fear of foreigners or foreign countries." Nigel Farage MEP, the party's chairman, said: "I'm morbidly xenophobic about this new country called the European Union, so if that is covered by this law then I'm most certainly xenophobic and I could be extradited anywhere. So I'm going to make sure my overnight bag is packed and ready."}


A healthy summary of TgF by economist Ed Miller was discovered at the site of the `far right' but in fact eminently reasonable American race realist and martyred politician David Duke.


A Black `reggae' music artiste was reported to the police and subsequently reprimanded for his lines "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica /Come to execute all gays."


Humberside's chief of police bravely refused to resign when accused of not doing his bit to organize the British police state demanded by blind Home Secretary David Blunkett. Chief Constable David Westwood had been expected by the ludicrous and incompetent windbag Blunkett to collect and retain all allegations and accusations of underage sex, paedophilia, child abuse etc. even when cops knew they and the Director of Public Prosecutions could never make charges stand up in court. Bravely, backed by the Humberside police authority, Westwood put up two fingers to Britain's paedohysterical tabloid press and the laughable Home Secretary who has allowed Britain to be inundated with asylum seekers and Pakistani `husbands' forced on Muslim girls living in fear of their lives. In the Times, columnist Ross Clarke pointed out that the ancient British principle that a man was `innocent till proven guilty' had been replaced with the sorry idea that he was `innocent until someone turned up bearing a grudge and making feminastie accusations of paedofumbling or vaguely remembered child abuse.'


Before a conference of top educators and historians, Prince Charles blasted the a-historical curriculum of Britain's schools, the crazy egalitarian objective of `educating' 50% of Britain's increasingly agrammatical and obese kids in `universities' by 2010, and the ceaseless and bureaucracy-generating government `initiatives' intended to disguise the process of dumbing down (Guardian, 26 vi). {The only major matter the Prince failed to criticize was the domination of state education by the left - with 95% of dons being of liberal-left persuasions following a generation of biassed recruiting (McDougall NewsLetters, passim; Diary, April; Times, 12 iv, `Angry Right is aiming to teach a lesson to liberal professors').}


A reminder of the intrinsic hopelessness of venerating minorities was provided in London by a Black reggae musician who had taken to singing to adoring fans, "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica / Come to execute all the gays" - he was promptly visited by the Metropolitan Police and taken off air by the BBC.


Following an article by multi-millionaire historian of science (and substantial landowner in Scotland), Lisbet Rausing, I replied, was favoured with acceptance by the Sunday Telegraph and appeared in print as follows (27 vi, p. 22).


There are three species of European

Dear Sir,

Your columnist Lisbet Rausing should be congratulated for distinguishing the three main cultural groupings of Western Europe -- the individualistic north-west, the authoritarian centre and the family-centred south (20th June, 'A modest proposal for Europe'). Such realism about human differences is unusual today but can find authority in the work of Britain's famous scholar William McDougall (1870-1938) who held the Chair of Psychology for six years at Harvard University. McDougall distinguished by 1920* the 'Nordic', 'Alpinic' and 'Mediterranean' peoples of the West and especially remarked how these three peoples continued their own traditions after emigration to the USA -- with the Nordics venturing westwards, the French and Germans congregating in cities, and the Italians continuing with their famous 'families.' It would be interesting to know how Lisbet Rausing came by her own proposal for grouping Western people in a sensible way. And of course it is a pity that similar realism has not been applied to acknowledge the three very different peoples of Iraq (Kurd, Sunni, Shi-ite).

Christopher Brand, Edinburgh


I also emailed as follows, appending my Torygraph letter, to Lisbet Rausing herself (aka Lisbet Koerner), newly arrived in Imperial College London from years spent in the universities of Harvard and Cambridge.


Dear Lisbet Rausing: Congratulations on your Sunday Telegraph column! -- A bit of race realism at last. Perhaps times are beginning to change what with Kilroy-Silk and so on. I thought you would like to know I have emailed the ST as follows so you can reply with more Linnaeus (my own first hero in biology, for Darwin took so long over everything). Keep Up The Good Work, as Maggie used to say. I am yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand.

* For your reference, if desired, from W. McDougall, 1920, 'The Group Mind', Cambridge University Press:

"....we can distinguish a race of northerly distribution and origin, characterised physically by fair colour of hair and skin and eyes, by tall stature and dolichocephaly (i.e. long shape of head) and mentally by great independence of character, individual initiative, and tenacity of will. ....recently the term Homo Europaeus, first applied by Linnaeus to this type, has come into favour; and perhaps it is the best term to use, since this type seems to be exclusively European. It is also called the Nordic type. The rest of the population of Europe, with the exception of some peoples in the extreme north and east of partly mongoloid or yellow racial origin, seems to be chiefly derived from two stocks. Of these, the one type, which occupies chiefly the central regions, is most commonly denoted by the name Homo Alpinus; the other, chiefly in the south, by the name Homo Mediterraneus. Both are of dark or brunette complexion and the principal physical difference between them is that the former, H.Alpinus, has a short, broad head (i.e. in brachycephalic) and also is of short stature; while the latter, H.Mediterraneus, is long-headed like the northern type and is perhaps taller than H.Alpinus. Mentally, both these differ from the northern or European type in having less independence and initiative, a greater tendency to rely upon and seek guidance from authority (cf. Ripley's 'Races of Europe' and Prof. H.J.Fleure's 'Geography in Western Europe', London, 1919)."


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