Sunday, November 30, 2008


While Britain’s useless politicians debated piffling temporary tax cuts (intended to provide a ‘fiscal stimulus’ i.e. Christmas goody bag) and declined to acknowledge that the credit crunch had been caused by multiculturalism (with Presidents Clinton and Bush having forced banks to lend recklessly to Blacks and Hispanics – see above), socialist idealism and its ‘social workers’ (i.e. pie-eyed peecee goons) got a well deserved kick in the teeth from 1.3M Sun readers demanding mass sackings in north London’s gruesome half-Black borough of Haringey where Baby P. had met his broken-backed end despite 60 visits from taxpayer-salaried do-gooders (26 xi).


As England’s ‘Papa Fritzl’ was jailed for 19 years for getting his two daughters pregnant 19 times it turned out that – as increasingly, preventing public discussion of Britain’s post-Thatcher decline – the 56-year-old criminal ‘could not be named for legal reasons’ (Sun, 26 xi).


Eric Zemmour, a French journalist who wrote for Le Figaro, was at the center of a storm of controversy following comments he made on television November 13. Zemmour, born in Paris, was from a family of Jewish Berbers who left Algeria after the Algerian war. Zemmour's main point was that there are different races distinguishable by skin color. Both the French paper press and the blogosphere had a field day with this story, accusing him of resurrecting the Nazi theory of race, of being a "Lepeniste", of making comments that emit a nauseating odor, of being a promoter of ethnic separationism, of triggering a "civil war" between Jews, blacks, and Arabs, of expressing the malaise of French "Negrophobes", of seeking a return of "a white France", etc... (Brussels Journal, 24 xi, `Those racist French').


America’s punishment for its multicultural madness – its comprehensive failure of race realism at home and abroad and final symbolic election of OSambo – was thought likely to meet its sticky end in 2009 (with the collapse of the dollar and the division of the USA into its component parts – incl. returning Alaska to Russia) by Professor Igor Panarin, doctor of political science and dean of the foreign affairs department at the Diplomacy Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry (Russia Today, 26 xi, digesting an article in Izvestia). {Sadly, Prof. Panarin’s imagination failed him as to where American Blacks would end up….}


Thinking things in the decade since my sacking not too bad and anyhow couldn’t get worse? Well, 27 xi, twenty ‘counter-terrorism’ police in London arrested Damian Green, 52, the Opposition spokesman on immigration (so in the top ten of Daft Dave's Shadow Cabinet) and questioned him for nine hours (about passing to the press information on the true extent of Britain’s immigration problem learned from a civil servant) (Sun, 28 xi).

If even Her Majesty's Opposition could be casually detained (and have his computers taken away and his home stripped bare and cops poring over youthful loveletters between Green and his wife) (without the Prime Minister knowing, so he claimed), what hope was there for the rest of us? Bye-bye parliamentary democracy! Evidently only the tabloids and Eurolandish Human Rights any longer stood (or wobbled uncertainly) between the citizen and the state-paid, -expense-accounted and -pensioned Stalinite thugs of Crash Gordon’s Labour Party. {By contrast, not a single mosque was blown up as British-funded Pakistani-originating Muesli terrorists inflicted days of horror and mayhem (incl. 150 murders and thousands injured) on Bombay ooops Mooombye. Here, according to U.K. politicians (e.g. on Question Time, from Basildon), there was a need for consultation, diplomacy and lunches, and certainly not a rush to judgment or compulsory questioning – perish the impious thought! -- of anyone at all.}

A London pal, an ex-senior civil servant remarked: “In modern times at least it is unprecedented for an MP, let alone a senior one, to be subject to such behaviour by the state. It is also a fact that very rarely are mediafolk or people representing interest groups of which the government approves investigated or prosecuted for the manifold leaks of official data which occur and which are given avid attention by the media.”

Outrage was just about universal in the media, with far-left Saint Tony Benn condemning the arrest as “a direct attack on parliamentary democracy by the police,” Labour rebel M.P. Clare Short complaining of ‘Stalinism,’ the New Statesman’s political editor Martin Bright complaining of ‘tribalism’ (1 xii), the LibDem leader Nick Clegg saying “the Government’s contempt for parliamentary democracy” was “something you expect from a tinpot dictatorship” and the Daily Mail and Sun (1 xii) declaring Britain at least pro tem. “a police state.” Government minister Jeff Hoon was laughed at by the (usually polite) BBC Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’ audience as he urged complacency about an arrest which had been ‘in conformity with procedures’ {as Haringey social workers were wont to say}. But ludicrous Labour Home Secretary, podgy Ms Jacqui Smith, refused to apologize even as some claimed the Home Office whistleblower’s phone calls had been tapped for days in order to try to entrap Damian Green.(though the leaks were only of political and never of security interest).

A fine condemnation of Britain’s peecee Labour-loving police was issued by the Daily Mail (2 xii, Stephen Glover) {not a newspaper that lifted a finger to support me in my own battles with E.LU., it must be said, but one should try to be pleased with every sinner that repenteth – or gets close to it}.


In what had to be the final indictment of Britain’s ‘welfare state’, Labour-run Sheffield’s ‘Papa Fritzl,’ 56, who could not be named for the usual loopy ‘legal reasons,’ was given 25 life sentences for raping his two daughters thousands of times, yielding 19 pregnancies, 7 extant children and enough benefits for all to live prosperously under social work and medical ‘supervision’ and without the man needing to work (Sun, 28 xi). On one occasion, the father had offered one daughter £500 to get pregnant and thus boost the family’s handouts from the taxpayer. (The daughters did not want to report the welfare scam for fear their children would be taken into care. The man’s wife knew what was going on but vamoosed while the girls were teenagers. Neighbours and relatives had put in reports to police alleging beatings and incest --, all to no avail. Even arch-welfarist Supreme Leader Brown professed himself shocked by what Sheffield’s good socialists had allowed to happen under their holy noses. Multi-million-pound inquiries by sociologists were immediately launched ooops rolled out going forward.)


In the same week, a lesbian Lance Bombardierette, Kerry Fletcher, 32 and known for flaunting her not inconsiderable vital assets [see above] , was awarded £187K by an industrial tribunal for having to endure for four years male fellow Royal Artillery officers urging her to give them a try in the sack to see if she could be converted to straight sex (Daily Mail, 28 xi); and a troublemaking Srindopakeshi policeman, Tarique Ghaffur, 53, was awarded £280K (plus a pension worth £3M, assuming he lived another 25 years) by London’s Metropolitan Police for years of ‘racism’ in a force which had actually promoted him to its third-highest position (Daily Mail, 28 xi; Daily Telegraph, Alasdair Palmer, ‘Compensation is no longer about justice,’ 29 xi).


As, at America’s ‘Thanksgiving’ holiday, thousands of Black bargain hunters on Long Island stampeded, trampling one hefty male shopworker to death, the tabloid Daily Mail could bring itself only to provide a picture of peaceful Asian bargain hunters queueing quietly in Los Angeles.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Two weeks after American, African and international jubilation at Saint OSambo's presidential election victory, nothing had changed: Black youf had apparently not made the slightest progress at pulling their pants up - not at least according to the Daily Voice (18 xi).
It's tempting to believe the America that black people woke up to on the day after the election is vastly different from the one they've been sleeping in since 1619 when the first Negroes landed at Jamestown. Tempting -- and wrong. The personal triumph of one man doesn't mean 40 million others all share in it. It's great to be proud of the first black president, but you still have to make the car payment.

The regularly scheduled deliveries of drugs, weapons and hopelessness to urban neighborhoods were made on time the day after Obama won and the day after that. Brothers didn't pull up their pants, put down their guns and pick up the phone to wish their baby mamas a Happy Mother's Day and promise to bring a box of Pampers on their next visit.

So much for hopes that Obama's election signalled the beginning of the end of racial grievance! If Obama couldn't even deliver the inexpensive gesture of a goodwill Pants Up Day in response to Whites having voted 45% for Obama, it looked unlikely he could expect co-operation in the key tasks of lower Blacks' criminality, promiscuity and coke-snorting. But perhaps US Blacks would wake up and smarten up on learning that a sidekick of Osama bin Liner had condemned Saint Obama, Coline Powell and Condie Rice as "house negroes" who had failed to follow in the footsteps of Muslim Malcolm X and were just the flunkies of Whites (Sun, 20 xi)?


The incompetence of E.U. countries to remove unwanted immigrants was starkly revealed as a British flight to pick up 50 Afghans in Lille (near Calais) and return them to Afghanistan was halted at the last moment by French authorities - to the huge embarrassment of Britain, said officials (Daily Telegraph, 17 xi). At the same time, British officialdom announced it had allowed immigration into Britain to increase in 2007/8 - despite the press having been told that the problem had been under control since 2005.


As Britain wept over the grisly fate of Baby P. at the hands of a brutal and stupid threesome living in manifest squalor under the supervision of Haringey Borough Council, sociologist Norman Dennis pointed out that such non-families scarcely existed even in the slums of Victorian London's East End: social reformer Charles Booth had reported that only 1.5% of households with children did not include a married man and woman who both did their best for their children (Daily Telegraph, 18 xi).


As Britain's socialists and social workers kept mum about Baby P., relying on `enquiries' to delay and obfuscate matters, the Sun thundered (19 xi):
This pitiful case has directed a spotlight in to the darkest, murkiest recesses of another by-product of New Labour's non-judgmental, human (except babies) rights agenda - the burgeoning underclass. Baby P's "mother" liked the benefits his existence afforded her, but wasn't so keen on the effort involved in nurturing him. Consequently, his sadistic step-father abused him whilst she spent much of her day viewing porn online or using taxpayers' money to play online poker. But the Government could tick a box that it was "helping the impoverished" so that's all right then. Gordon Brown thinks he's helping to eradicate child poverty by throwing money at the likes of Baby P's mother. But he's creating a state-funded breeding programme for the feckless, where a poverty of values is threatening to destroy not only the life chances of countless innocent children but society as a whole.


The tortured life of the arch-author of relativism, of linguistic philosophy, of hostility to much scientific psychology,* of multiculturalism and of PeeCee, the neurotic, Jewish, homosexual, irascible and suicidal Ludwig Wittgenstein (and of his family of similar manic aristocratic geniuses) was amusingly told by Alexander Waugh (son of Auberon and grandson of Evelyn) in The House of Wittgenstein - helpfully reviewed by Terry Eagleton in the Guardian (9 xi).

Talking of Wittgenstein's rootlessness and arguments with his family which took him from fabled Vienna to the bleak European outposts of misty Cambridge, a remote cottage on the west coast of Ireland, a shack on a Norwegian fjord and a potting shed in the garden of an Austrian monastery, Eagleton explained: "As a man who hailed from an Austro-Hungarian empire inhabited by Germans, Slovaks, Romanians, Serbs, Slovenes, Magyars and a good many other quarrelsome ethnic groups, he came to see human cultures as inherently diverse." Not much room there, then, for the g factor and its universal human social hierarchy!

* Though Wittgenstein's leading modern interpreter, my old friend and fellow Queensman Peter Hacker, a lifetime devotee of Ludwig, focussed his own criticisms on `neurophilosophy' (e.g. Daniel Dennett, Tony Damasio) - being inclined to spare (and even admire) Scottish faculty psychology (esp. Frances Hutcheson, 1694-1746) and its descendants in the London School.


As internal ructions in the British National Party led to a disaffected member publishing the party's 13K-strong membership list on the net, Britain's great and good, e.g. all four panellists on the Beeb's `Any Questions' in Tunbridge, rushed to dissociate themselves from `racism' (as indeed had the BNP itself for the previous decade), leaving it to a lone teenage girl in the Tunbridge audience to ask how Britain had come so far from Queen Elizabeth I not wishing `to make windows into men's souls' and now banned police not simply from any political activism (long forbidden to civil servants) but just from membership of one party, the BNP.


After economics professor Walter Block (U. New Orleans) lectured at the Jesuits' Loyola College in Maryland (19 xi), he was asked about Black underachievement. In his response, although he was very careful to say that the cause was a matter of dispute, Block said "the politically correct answer is that lower black productivity is due to slavery, Jim Crow legislation, poor treatment of African Americans in terms of schooling, etc. The politically incorrect explanation was supplied by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in their book The Bell Curve: lower black IQs." But even such caution and brevity were not sufficient to prevent the solids hitting the fan as Jesuits -- famous for their movement's enthusiastic torture and murder of Protestants and genocide of the Incas -- raced to assert their horror at The Bell and their absolute core commitment to diversity, anti-racism, socio-environmentalism and White guilt. {Instead of taking the lead in sex education and stream-choice for kids, the Church had allowed itself just to tag along in the wake of already clapped-out neosocialist idealism.}


In a rare appeal by a Black to a physiological and genetically based, one Tyrone Brown, defending against a drunk-driving charge against him, had his lawyer argue that, since the Negro chest is on average 3% less in volume than the White chest, the same amount of alcohol would make up a greater percentage of the breath of a Black than of a White. Thus the breathalyzer was effectively "K.K.K. in a box," urged the lawyer (Connecticut Times, 19 xi).


As debate began on whether to save the ugly, dirty-white and mammarily underdeveloped nudes of Titian's late-in-life paintings of `Diana' (50M pounds demanded from Britain by Christmas, and another dose in 2012, from the owner, the Duke of Sutherland), the Sun, which had excellently come out for eugenics in the Baby P. case (see above), offered a free `Titian' [See above] to a possibly grateful nation, using for tit***s some of its famous and wholesome Page Three Girls {though sadly not Keeley Hazell..} (21 xi).

By contrast, paying up for the original Titians was championed chiefly by facially repulsive sex-mad artist Tracey Emin, promiscuous elderly babe-bagger and worshipper of ugliness Lucien Freud, and the uninspiring (if versatile and happily third-time-married) abjurer of reality, the German artist Gerhard Richter - none of them having any sustained commitment to beauty, nor probably to intelligence.


Reviewing Jewish M.P. Denis McShane's Globalizing Hatred: the New Anti-Semitism, leftist but Muesli-bashing Christopher Hitchens (Times Literary Supplement, 21 xi) found it easy to agree there was too much anti-Semitism around - though much of it took a more traditional form than McShane believed, for Muslims all over the Middle East and the Stans were busy reading and passing on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was fabricated by the Czar's secret police and had nothing to do with criticizing the state of Israel.

As to the latter, Hitchens specially remarked how Israel should more often be compared - favourably - with the ex-British Muslim state created out of strife at the same time and equally going on to develop illegal nuclear weapons but scarcely giving its own people the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course Hitchens accepted that Jews attracted that relatively rare race hatred which is based on envy rather than contempt; but it was strange that he (and presumably McShane) could not mention how anti-Semitism was related simply to high Jewish IQ and to Jews' post-Holocaust creation and imposition (via Hollywood and the U.S. media) of multiculturalism and its peecee policing.


In a fine summary of the useless over-expenditures of Crash Gordon's 1997-2008 Britain, top tough columnist Jeff Randall turned to the problem of education (Daily Telegraph, 21 xi):
Under Labour, the education budget has more than doubled to œ82 billion. Yet only this week, we learnt from Ofsted, the watchdog, that four in 10 secondary schools are under-performing, with more than half of all state pupils leaving school without five decent GCSEs, including English and maths. No wonder many families on relatively low incomes are scrimping to pay for private education.

The problem, according to Tom Burkard, visiting fellow at the University of Buckingham {and research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies}, is that the current schooling system is hopelessly corrupt: "Grade inflation has reduced the annual release of exam results to a farce." Examinations have been perverted to measure process, rather than content. Political correctness warps the curriculum.

"Pupils are taught to 'evaluate' gobbets selected for the specific purpose of illustrating themes, such as the oppression of blacks by whites, women and homosexuals by men," says Mr Burkard. "Without political will, there is very little chance of breaking through the web of progressive educational mythology and stepping outside the long shadow of Thomas Gradgrind."

Monday, November 17, 2008


Oxford University femininnies swooned as, just a few days before the beginning of their planned `gender equality week,' an Oxford nightclub attracted a student audience to see busty well-aureolaed babes in black leather gear allowing a huge 12' albino python to wrap and writhe around them, and then stripping down to all but their diminutive thongs and wrestling on the floor for customers' satisfaction (Sun, 11 xi).


My old sociologist pal Christopher Badcock of the L.S.E. (whose Freudian sympathies [in his book PsychoDarwinism] I had once lauded in Times Higher, 1994) got into the New York Times with his idea of there being a psychological dimension opposing autism to psychoticism (11 xi) - apparently a version of the realism/practicality vs idealism/subjectivity dimension of personality advanced in The g Factor (pp. 43-45). Supposedly, the dimension resulted from a genetic tug-of-war between paternal and maternal genes.


Providing Moronicans with another glimpse of what a Black-`governed' America could hold, a retired medical journalist wrote from South Africa to the International Criminal Court at the Hague complaining that attacks on rural Boers by gangs of Blacks had produced countless rapes and some 3,000 deaths since the year 2000 (AmRen, 11 xi).
Another visual aid to Black rule: in Nigeria, babies were being bred for sale - to be raised for child labor, sex slavery, or body parts. In Tanzania, African albinos could find themselves hacked for limbs to be used in witchcraft ceremonies (Observer, 16 xi).


After nine months of 4-million-pound expenditures in Jersey, police announced that no children had been murdered by the hordes of psychopathic paedophiles widely presumed to have been running around Haut de la Garenne orphanage in the 1950s -- bone fragments in the basement that had fed the paedohysteria of Britain's tabloids had turned out to pre-date the existence of the building and/or to be fragments of coconut (Classic FM Radio, 12 xi; Sun, 13 xi). My fellow Queensman and drinking partner, top Jersey cop Graham Power (once a supremo with Edinburgh police), found himself suspended - apparently I had failed in our conversations to impress on him the need for sanity about the modest predations of paedophilia.


After California rained on OSambo's parade by voting to pass Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, tens of thousands of homosexuals took to the streets in San Diego, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles - especially concentrating their protests on Mormon churches, not wanting to admit that their main argument was actually with Blacks (not to mention Catholics and other Christians). Though allowed `civil partnerships,' California's nancy boys had whipped themselves into a frenzy over being denied marriages: they turned `like dogs' on a woman bearing a cross, trampling the cross into the ground, and threatened similar demonstrations in 175 American cities (CNS News, 14 xi).


A paedosadist was jailed for life after a court heard he bankrolled his abuse with hush money given after he was molested by Catholic priests in Ireland (Sun, 14 xi). David Cullen, 48, was sentenced over a string of sex attacks on boys as young as seven - some broadcast to other perverts live on webcam. He bought holidays for victims' parents to win their trust and converted a people-carrier into a mobile sex chamber. He once used it to rape two boys, one seven and the other 13, before filming them committing sex acts on each other.


As convictions occurred for the 2007 death of a 17-month-old White boy in the north London borough of Haringey, in a rat-infested house reeking of faeces and urine, his 50 wounds (e.g. finger nails missing, finger tips missing [removed with a Stanley knife to expedite the extraction of finger nails], head cracked, ear falling off, spine broken) having been missed by Haringey social workers (incl. a Muslim doctorette*) in some 60 home visits without taking-into-care being thought necessary, it turned out that 50% of Haringey social work staff were Black and that the area had been in the unchallenged control of the Labour Party for 37 years and the council was devoted to PeeCee (Sun, 14 xi, here, here and here). It had been deemed right to leave the boy, `Baby P.', with his (apparently White) abusive 27-year-old mother** and two men in their thirties (at least one of them violent, cruel and illiterate, and one of them having a 15-year-old live-in girlfriend***) so the child could "bond" with its mama (who had previously been in trouble for abusing one of Baby P.'s sisters). The baby's facial injuries were disguised easily enough from Haringey `carers' by smearing them with chocolate (Daily Mail, 15 xi).

Identities of most parties to the case were being kept quiet "for legal reasons" despite the Sun alone having collected 100,000 signatures demanding the sacking of Haringey staff. A 2007 lawyer's letter from a whistleblower,**** complaining of physical and sexual abuse of children supposedly under the supervision of Haringey Council and addressed to then Secretary of State Patricia Hewitt and others in authority had resulted in no improving action that journalists could ascertain.

The woman who oversaw investigations into the whistleblower's claims about the handling of child abuse in Haringey before the death of Baby P had once been accused of obstructing the Victoria Climbie inquiry [into a Black girl who died at the hands of her Black aunt and partner who believed she was devil-possessed] (Daily Telegraph, 14 xi).

Vigilante groups appeared on FaceBook naming the mother and seeking to hang, draw and quarter her and her lover and lodger. Peter Hitchens pointed out that social worker, doctors and neighbours typically live in FEAR of households of the Baby P. type - this one in Haringey had included a snake and Alsatian (and pups) and the inevitable rottweiler.

The Sunday Mercury [Midlands], 15 xi, said it all: "We need to replace the simple-minded, bleeding heart social workers with teams of hard-headed, sceptical, determined investigators."

* This `doctor,' Dr Sabah Al Zayyat, apparently could not or would not examine the boy because he was, she said, too "cranky."

** She was prone to chasing men on the net and Bebo using the name `Need-Choc-Got-PMT' (Sun, 14 xi).

*** After a week of the NuLabour and Haringey carin'-and-sharin' authorities suppressing the story and buck-passing, re-iterating the mantra that `the correct procedures had been followed,' the full sadistic HORROR of the state-blessed Baby P. household was revealed by the teenager to the News of the World, 16 xi.

**** Nevres Kemal, a 44-year-old female former employee who had been legally gagged by Haringey Borough Council.


Making me glad I had always kept `liberalism' in my proposal of a `National Liberal Party' for Britain (and why not post-2008 for America as the G.O.P. was revealed as a busted flush and a race-realistic* party for Whites seemed both necessary and viable as Democrats trekked off into the wilderness of idealism), the Scotsman reported as follows (3 xi).
The brightest children go on to vote Liberal Democrat or Green, according to a survey. The study by Edinburgh University researchers has found that childhood intelligence is linked to voting preferences and political involvement in adulthood.

The study - which looked at voting patterns in the 2001 general election - found that those with higher IQ ratings were more likely to vote Lib-Dem or Green in an election.
The survey - including cognitive tests at ages five and ten - was followed up with a study of voting habits at 34. Those who voted Green had an average IQ of 108.3, with Lib-Dem voters just behind at 108.2.

Conservative and Labour voters were further behind - with scores of 103.7 and 103.0 respectively, while voters for Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru scored an average of 102.5. Scottish National Party voters had an average IQ of 102.2. The research also showed that British National Party voters had the lowest average intelligence - scoring just 98.4. Non-voters were found to have an average IQ of 99.7.

Sadly, the study did not apparently distinguish between fluid and crystallized intelligence as had my 1981 review of the psychology of politics,** where I had linked the former to agnostic moral liberalism and the latter to `anti-authoritarian' egalitarian welfarism; but no matter - it was nice to see IQ getting a mention, especially from race-shy E.LU. workers (though the people they studied had had their IQs taken as part of the British Cohort Study beginning in London of 1970).

* Steve Sailer (VDare, 4 xi): "..If you don't allow yourself to bring up race, you simply cannot run against the real Barack Obama. You wind up running against the fantasy made up by his strategist David Axelrod, credulously summed up last week by the New York Times' Brian Stelter as Obama's "refusal to be defined by his race and his aspirations to bridge the partisan divide". Why can't you run against the real Obama without talking about race? Because the real Barack is all about race." ..Obama's leftism doesn't derive from any particular ideological conviction. Instead it's utterly an outgrowth of his race. Leftism is his way of reassuring other blacks-and himself-of what he himself calls in his autobiography his "racial credentials". By spending 23 years in the business of, in effect, taking money from whites and giving it to blacks, Obama, who is half white by nature and utterly non-black by nurture, proves that he is "black enough" to other blacks and to himself."

** 1981 'Personality and political attitudes.' In R.Lynn, Dimensions of Personality: Papers in Honour of H.J.Eysenck. Oxford : Pergamon, pp.7-38.

[See also here for a discussion of the IQ/politics relationship -- JR]


As British TV cameras focussed as never before on a U.S.Presidential election, viewers were amazed to see that Americans had to queue for hours to vote - the left having rigged the system so that no high-paid or hard-working citizen would dream of turning out, and votes would chiefly be cast by welfare-dependent Blacks, students and oldies who had plenty of time on their hands. Staggering! (Likewise the British House of Commons had been hollowed out by Rev. Bliar - with all discussion pointless and no attendance necessary since all that mattered was what Bliar and cronies said to tabloid newspaper editors over London lunches.)

The democratic disgrace was still greater in that voters for both parties believed they were voting for Santa Claus -- for a bonanza bailout that would have BB2CC culminate in BB2CC2BB. In fact, Gramps was probably the more ludicrous of the two presidential candidates -- promising to heap on more massive government spending to pursue home ownership and retention at all costs. It was the Republican, not the Democrat, who entrusted the Treasury Department to renegotiate individual home loans and become chief principal write-down agent for the nation. By contrast, the Democrats had offered straight tax cuts for 95% of earners - cuts which (though spurned in Britain by Daft Dave's `Conservatives') would at least be likely to stimulate the economy out of the fast-arriving recession.


As U.S. Republicans licked their wounds following their pathetically thoughtless and unrealistic presidential campaign, it seemed clear they had to gain the support of intelligent young Whites and that the way to do this would be to offer FREEDOM in matters of sex, drugs and educational streaming while placating Palinites with an insistence on FAMILY and FAITH groups as the usual vehicles for health and welfare insurance.

Fortunately, a likely future leader, the Yale- and Harvard-educated young ex-Canadian writer David Frum showed some awareness of this (National Post, 5 xi; Daily Telegraph, 6 xi). Perhaps he would also have fun changing the G.O.P.'s colour from the ridiculous red (internationally the colour of the left) to orange - the colour quite often favoured by national liberal parties in Europe. Seeing the possibilities of big changes to dissociate Republicans from protectionism for the poor, Black and elderly with which the Democrats had lumbered themselves, the Telegraph's lead cartoon showed a joyous young prisoner whose chain connecting his wrist manacles had snapped - the two manacles bearing the two words WHITE GUILT.

Note: Frum took the trouble in his article to blame the credit crunch expressly on the black bonanza - as had also the British National Party's Nick Griffin in a splendidly sophisticated article (5 xi). It thus seemed BB2CC had become widely acceptable across the spectrum of the right, which in future only needed to flesh out regularly the dangers of false hopes and illusion-laden lending - especially when the IQ of short-term beneficiaries was low.


Whether Blacks would fit in with the kind of post-racial U.S. wished by Obamaniacs was set to be tested as Obama told nigga youf wiv attitude: ""Brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What's wrong with that? Come on . . . You don't have to pass a law, but that doesn't mean folks can't have some sense, and some respect for other people. And, you know, some people might not want to see your underwear -- I'm one of them" (MTV, 3 xi; PopBitch, 6 xi; Boston Herald, 7 xi).

Likewise, the Melbourne Herald Sun (7 xi) pointed out that Osambo's victory showed the American system was already fine - it was just Blacks who needed improvement (if that could be supplied..):
What must change is culture, and there Obama's work has yet to begin. All he has done is offer the shining example that anything is possible in America. A black man may be president, because the system does work, and if a man fails we might look closer to home for the reasons.


An interesting comparison with the U.S.A.'s Black Messiah, from AmRen (6 xi):
Gibbon, in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire sets the date for the fall of Rome at 476 A.D. The people of what was left of the empire had no sense that the empire had "fallen." There was just a new emperor.

From the distance of centuries, Gibbon points to the year 476 because Odoacer took the throne then. Odoacer was the first non-Roman emperor. He came from the Germanic invaders who had come into the country; they were only looking to do work that the Romans themselves wouldn't do, which in those days was serve in the army. Odoacer honored all the Roman institutions, and the Romans in Senate and native Roman people supported him.


British historian Niall Ferguson (Glasgow, Oxford and Harvard) spelled out Dubya's role in the credit crunch in an article for Vanity Fair (xii, `Wall Street Lays Another Egg'):
"We want everybody in America to own their own home," President George W. Bush had said in October 2002. Having challenged lenders to create 5.5 million new minority homeowners by the end of the decade, Bush signed the American Dream Downpayment Act in 2003, a measure designed to subsidize first-time house purchases in low-income groups. Between 2000 and 2006, the share of undocumented subprime contracts [on the housing market] rose from 17 to 44 percent.

So America had already had its minority Dream! As one AmRen correspondent wrote (7 xi):
There's only one reason Obama won this election -- George Bush. Had he been a true conservative Republican, there would've never been an Obama victory. Now he gets to retire and live in the lap of luxury complete with secret service for the rest of his life, when in reality he should spend the rest of his life behind bars with a big black guy that's known to hate White people.

{Another interesting indicator of times to come would be if Whites started taking down their Stars and Stripes from the flagpoles in their gardens, no longer able to believe in the American Dream. This was certainly Peter Hitchens' advice -- Daily Mail, 9 xi, 'The night we waved goodbye to America.'}


As Mulatto Messiah OSambo prepared for power in Washingtron D.C., the `Democratic Republic of the Congo' [amusingly abbreviated as DR Congo in TV headlines] continued to show pig-ignorant Americans what their country would look like after 50 years of Black rule, with most women raped and 8-year-old boys being forcibly recruited as half-starved killers into local militias (Sun, 8 xi). Black troops of the Congolese Government, high on drink and drugs, were robbing, raping and killing children at random (Sun, 10 xi) - especially victimizing the Hutu people whom they were meant to be protecting, since they were not sufficiently brave or competent to attack their Tutsi enemies (on whom the Frenchified Hutu had several times inflicted genocide [800,000 died], leading the Tutsi to anglicize and get their act together under a tall, dignified and bespectacled Black leader).

The United Nations accused both Tutsi `rebels' and Congolese militias of war crimes over the systematic killing of civilians in the town of Kiwanja, as fighting in the east of the DRC continued to spread (Guardian, 10 xi). Medecins sans Frontieres reported an outbreak of cholera (45 cases) in a refugee camp of about 50,000 people near Goma. As Angolan and BBC forces arrived to back the DRC, UN and Hutu, Tutsi-controlled Rwanda looked likely to back the determined and competent Tutsi `rebel' leader in eastern Congo, Laurent Nkunda. A spirited analysis of Hutu `refugee' rapism and genocide appeared here.


A social-democrat proposal being put to the Dutch parliament, to oblige irresponsible mothers to go on the Pill for two years, received guarded support from top Sunday Times columnist Minette Marin - at least if women had already proved irresponsible in their mothering of two children (9 xi).


Barack Obama's Presidential victory triggered an immediate accounting of debts to be paid off in constructing his new administration. There were those who speculated that OSambo would be building a White House staff of loyal old Chicago hands. Others foresaw a bevy of Clintonistas. And still others had a vision of a kind of Kennedy redux that wags quickly dubbed "Obamalot." ..But the greatest Kennedy legacy to Obama wasn't Ted or Caroline or Bobby Jr., but rather the Immigration Act of 1965, which created the diverse country that was already being called Obama's America (Boston Globe, 11 xi).
Barack Obama's victory last week triggered an immediate accounting of debts to be paid off in constructing his new administration. There were those who speculated that Obama would be building a White House staff of loyal old Chicago hands. Others foresaw a bevy of Clintonistas. And still others had a vision of a kind of Kennedy redux that wags quickly dubbed "Obamalot."

But the greatest Kennedy legacy to Obama isn't Ted or Caroline or Bobby Jr., but rather the Immigration Act of 1965, which created the diverse country that is already being called Obama's America.

That act is rarely mentioned when recounting the high points of 1960s liberalism, but its impact arguably rivals the Voting Rights Act, the creation of Medicare, or other legislative landmarks of the era. It transformed a nation 85 percent white in 1965 into one that's one-third minority today, and on track for a nonwhite majority by 2042.

Before the act, immigration visas were apportioned based on the demographic breakdown that existed at the time of the 1920 Census-meaning that there were few if any limits on immigrants from Western and Northern Europe, but strict quotas on those from elsewhere.

The belief that the United States should remain a nation of European lineage was openly discussed when immigration laws were revisited in 1952. The resulting bill, the McCarran-Walter Act, was notorious for giving the State Department the right to exclude visitors for ideological reasons, meaning that a raft of left-wing artists and writers-including Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, British novelist Graham Greene-and scores of others were denied visas. But it also had the effect of maintaining the 1920s-era notion of the United States as a white nation. (Congress imposed the bill over President Truman's veto.)

A decade later, attitudes were changing, and President Kennedy proposed a new immigration structure that would no longer be based on national origins. After Kennedy's assassination, his brother Ted took up the fight, pushing the Johnson administration to go even further than it wanted in evening the playing field. Though Lyndon Johnson, in signing the bill, tried to reassure opponents that it wouldn't do much to change the balance of immigration, its impact was dramatic.


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Monday, November 03, 2008


As the clash-wracked, crash-wracked, illusion-fed world grasped at Black Saint Barry Osama's hem as he swept towards the White House, realist columnist Mark Steyn (banned from the British press for his naughtiness) summed up the situation of the typical `Obamacon' (the otherwise conservative Moronican who had decided to vote Democrat to show idealism) (Orange County Register, 1 xi):

He's "hoping" that Obama will buck not just Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and the rest of the gang but also his voting record, his personal address book and his entire adult life. Good luck betting the future on that. The "change" we'll get isn't hard to discern: An expansion of government, an increase in taxes, a greater annexation of the dynamic part of the economy by the sclerotic bureaucracy, a reduction in economic liberty .oh, and a lot more Chicago machine politics.