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Like ‘free speech’ (which did not allow a single employed American to be a race realist), famed American ‘freedom of religion’ turned out to have been abolished as eight Pennsylvania Amish men were jailed for declining to put lurid orange warning signs on the bumpers of their slow-moving buggies (the highly conscientious Amish simply wanted – as in all their dealings -- no truck with modernity) (Sun, 19 ix).

{By contrast, American Blacks could do anything they liked to ruin cities like Detroit and to terrorize Whites on US streets and campuses on a regular basis.}


As Libya’s ‘Arab Spring’ got underway, hundreds of Negroes were victimized in “pogroms” – for they had displeased their new incoming Muslim masters by having worked for Col Gadawfu (whether as menial/slave labour or as mercenaries) (Guardian, 19 ix).

{Out of 53 African countries, only 20 had recognized the new Libyan government – many having more realism than the West about what extended Arab control in Africa would likely involve.}


As Irish submariner Ryan Donovan, 23, was jailed for life for shooting a few of his superiors (who had ticked him off for shoddy cleaning work) on a Royal Navy nuclear vessel docked at Southampton, it transpired that he had been well known to mates as “unstable”, “immature,” “having issues” and addicted to violent video games (BBC News 24, 19 ix; Sun, 20 ix, ‘Sub gunman’s cleaning rage’) – sadly, Britain’s RN peecee-ified authorities had not been allowed to identify or acknowledge such psychological liabilities and to keep him away from guns.


Despite the fabulous antics of its PM, Signor Berlusconi (74 and eight girls some nights – with or without Viagra was not known*), Italy took a financial nosedive as ‘Standard and Poor’ [newly arrived as the 21st-century equivalent of the 1960’s ‘Gnomes of Zurich’] stripped the country of its ‘AAA*+1-2+3½/ΓΈ’ ‘credit rating’ – Germany had dithered about whether to support and diziplin the ‘Club Med’ economy which (inspired by the vainglorious Napoleonic French) it had spent fifty years creating, or whether to go for a racially easier McDougallian Nordic League (q.v.) in which Britain and Germany could each be 40% stakeholders (and keep Europe under passable control as we had done 1688-1870).

* But Silvio’s taste was pretty good. He described on of his lovelies, a leggy c. 16-yr semi-Negress, as having “a golden little bottom” (Sunday Times, 18 ix). The troubled leader and industrial sex maniac also used a fixer to fly girls in from London before they were picked up by a chauffeur and driven to five-star hotels near his homes in Rome, Milan and Sardinia.


Selection by ability type assisted social mobility among a wide range of children, declared the High Master of Manchester Grammar School, Christopher Ray (Daily Mail, 21 ix; Daily Telegraph, 21 ix). He especially contested the fashionable reliance of both Labour and Conservatives on their new ‘academies’ which were by all means to be ‘free’, except in the one freedom that mattered, the freedom to select (and deselect) pupils.

Correspondents joined in enthusiastically, one even recalling Burt’s tripartite system for secondary schools – though not Sir Cyril Burt’s name or the concepts of Verbal and Performance IQ, let alone the arguments of Chapter 4 of The g Factor.


The UK’s taxpayer-bleeding politicos (ably assisted by m’learne’d friends, geeks and arty-farts) determined – as Britain borrowed £100K per minute from its young -- to fork out £6B plus ‘costs’ to the families of fourteen shot-dead Londonderry IRA rioters of 1973; to pay £12B for a decade of Labour-organized non-existent computer schemes intended to make everyone’s medical records available to every lesbian sociologified ‘nurse’ in the country – under ho-ho ‘conditions of maximum security’; to continue with the useless £5M per day non-fighting wars in Eyeraq, Afghastliland and Gadawfuland; to pay £60Kp.a. in benefits to 25 illegally encamped ‘traveller’ families (in Basildon, Essex) (Sun, 23 ix), plus all legal costs; and to pay .6M to an ‘artist’ to tow a chunk of Norwegian rock around the UK in an exercise having something to do with ‘global warming’ (Sun, 22 ix).

(As the Sun said: “If the Arts Council was closed tomorrow and its grandees towed to Norway on a raft, the world would be a happier place.”)

Chief consolations were the British weather – which delivered semi-constant rain and the occasional fallen tree rather than the earthquakes, floods, heatwaves and tsunamis of other lands; and the arrival online of fresh supplies of brides from the Ukraine – which organized beauty contests on the net so UK punters could at least see what they were getting (unlike with their own mendacious multi-millionaire mealy-mouthed multiculti lawyer-loving politicos).

Meantime, partying continued among the City wanksters (now exposed as signing up charming-psychopath Black boys (q.v.) to play with – and lose – billions, at taxpayer expense as and when gambling losses occurred). Robert Henderson, London:
Collateralised Debt Obligation (CDOs) and Credit Default Swap (CDS) are old hat. Say hello to the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The EFT is a fund which supposedly concentrates on a discrete area of economic activity such as a the trading of a commodity, a particular area of business, for example, banks, or a particular country’s stock exchange index, for example, the FT 100.

Nothing wrong with that you might say. Let me introduce you to its cousin the Synthetic ETF (SEFT). Suppose it is ostensibly an ETF concentrating on Japan, but contains no Japanese shares. Instead it invests in shares in Chile. That is an SEFT. This sounds like an arrangement more suited to Alice in Wonderland than rational investment. The natural response would be to ask why on earth would anyone set up such a fantastic investment vehicle? Well, it could entice the unwary and inexperienced investor into investing in funds they imagined were much sounder than they actually are. It also allows those holding unattractive hard-to-sell shares to bundle them up in an SEFT and, so disguised, shift them off the books. Read more here


Continuing his effort to be the Eysenck de nos jours, psycholinguist Steven Pinker, who had embraced evolutionism, hereditarianism and even a little racism (Jewish superiority – he himself being, like Eysenck and Jensen, part-Jewish), tried to balance his ticket by putting out the optimistic message (first advanced by Norbert Elias in 1976) that humankind was actually becoming less violent (The Better Angels of Our Nature: the Decline of Violence in History and its Causes, Allen Lane, x 2011 – Guardian, 22 ix)

What? WWI, Stalin, WWII, Holocaust, Korea, Mao, Pol Pot, Iraq vs Iran, Chechnya, Rwanda/Burundi, Darfur (Sudan), Congo, the ‘Arab Spring’ (60 dying daily in Syria, Yemen and Libya), and with Iran vs Israel due any moment? Of course, it was great that the French had stopped fighting the Germans (and ourselves: we had whacked the Froggies for 600 years till the Krauts finished the job rather too convincingly in 1870, madly raising our sympathy for the underdog) – but the E.U. and eurozone were by 2011 on the verge of break-up (along McDougallian lines – q.v.).

Nationalism and socialism, those two great causes of war, had certainly been suppressed by boomtown globalization – but would make a comeback as (miseducated, propagandized) youngsters realized how their futures had been stolen by Labour-loved banksters and super-greedy ‘civil servants.’ The world’s major contests had been suppressed by the happy advent of nuclear weapons (which made serious warfare pointless) – but this standoff was being undermined by the arrival of positively suicidal Mueslis armed with nukes.

And the happy reduction of conflict by ethnic territorialisation (into the non-White cities of Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bradford etc.) would not long survive economic recession and the serious scaling down of the welfare state – as pointed out in The g Factor.

Indeed, the infiltration of the West by mad Mueslis and drug-dealing Hispanics would soon yield the violence that Enoch Powell once predicted – at least if the West’s feminasties, yags, transgendered, uglies and kindred disabled decided to put up a fight....

Could it be that Pinker had never clapped eyes on an ethnic problem – or even that he lived graciously in Harvard?... {At the level of individual violence, my own impression is that the massive improvements in surveillance [urged by me in New Society, 1971] and policing technology had just about kept pace with the increased criminality due to irreligiosity, divorce and, above all, cheap drink.}

As Pinker’s volume began to turn the presses, the whole world saw with amazement the Tottenham (etc.) riots pitting Black youth against police; UK media went understandably ballistic over video footage of 8-yr-old boys egged on to break each other’s spines during ‘cage fighting’ bouts in Preston; and from Sydney came news of vicious mass fighting between 14-yr-girls seeking to prove themselves for initiation into prestigious male gangs (Daily Mail, 24 ix).... Leftist Barcelona did ban bullfighting – but probably this was so as to concentrate on its more popular sport of mugging tourists....


Phil Rushton’s classic but popularly written Race, Evolution & Behavior, daringly envisaging a single major biological continuum of r-K (breeding for quantity vs quality) underlying racial differences, was brought out in Moscow in a Russian translation arranged by Vladimir Avdeyev (himself the impressive author of a survey of Western ‘raciology’). Apparently it sold well – including to libraries -- at an International Book Festival. Commenting on the suppression of race-realist books in the West, one AmRen correspondent reckoned depublication came less from publishers themselves than from outside political pressures (23 ix):
I don’t think many people feel that it is the publishers themselves—whether Oxford University Press or John Wiley & Sons—who remove from printing and access books like John Randall Baker’s RACE or , later, Chris Brand’s THE “g” FACTOR. After Oxford University Press ceased printing RACE not long after it was published in 1974 , the book was resurrected by an American ad hoc publisher in 1981. Brand’s book, actually depublished and pulled off the shelves of booksellers in 1996, has not been resurrected other than for his bulldog determination to make it freely accessible online for indivdual reading. Market demand in both instances was evident enough from sales.

I’m lost as to why books of merit when published should be considered out-of-date unless they are being advanced as conventional textbooks, say, for advanced undergraduate classes.
The Russian publishing effort has some indication of being dedicated to a chronology of meritorious scholarly accomplishments.


As the filthy thieving Irish ‘travellers’ encamped for ten years in Basildon continued to cost ratepayers £1M per day (including successful actions at the High Court to delay their eviction on the grounds of their ‘uman rights), it turned out that they had achieved leadership from the same kind of well-fed hyper-educated Leninist loons who had provided the backbone of the Angry Brigade, the IRA, Germany’s Baader-Meinhof Gang and Italy’s Red Brigades in the past (Sunday Mail, 25 ix).

The two self-styled leaders of the hundreds of protesters at the illegal Dale Farm travellers' site in Essex both came from privileged backgrounds. Natalie Szarek and Jacob Wills had attended sought-after schools and Cambridge University and both grew up in large houses in upmarket areas. Their parents were eminent professors at leading universities (in Cleveland, Ohio, and London [this one in ‘Irish Literature’]) and had evidently managed to transmit their BBC (‘Bring Back Communism’) values to their sprogs, along with passable g levels seldom found in cowardly ‘conservative’ circles.


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For whatever (probably leftist) reason, a passably full chronicle of my tussles with the LUniversity of Edinburgh (including amusing visual aids) popped up on the net, provided by an outfit calling itself PowerBase (viii, here).

Sadly, it could not include details of the £100K ‘trial’ which E.LU. organized against me, since the LUniversity had torn up all records of its embarrassing 2½-year-long endeavour; but all relevant material could be had from UCL’s Emeritus Professor Eric Barendt (see 2011), E.LU.’s Professor Hector MacQueen or myself; and a handy not-so-leftist summary of events and opinions was available here


Why are more equal societies nicer? Is it because relative economic equality is good for folk, as argued in The Spirit Level (Richard Wilkinson & Katie Pickett, q.v.)? Is it because more racially homogeneous states are more willing to go in for higher welfare and supervision and the higher taxation of the rich that is thus required? Or was the W&P evidence flawed?

Probably the last two, as concluded here in May, 2010. But now the argument reached the august Sunday Times (11 ix), complete with accusations of ‘racism’ against top sociologist Peter Saunders who had dared to favour the second answer.

In America, criminologists laboured to explain why crime had not gone up in the economic recession (as usually expected by socialists ooops social scientists) (City Journal, Summer). One possibility was that the various versions of cocaine had got so dangerous that Blacks had turned to marijuana, with its calming if not confidence-boosting effect.


After fifteen years of moronic peecee Bedfordshire Council failing to inspect a camp of Irish ‘travellers,’ 200 police (alerted by two escapees) raided the charmingly named ‘Green Acres Caravan Park,’ Leighton Buzzard, and liberated 24 shaven-headed slaves, 17 of them ‘British’ (others from Rumania, Poland and Russia), some living in their own excrement (Sun, 12 ix, ‘Gypsy gang that caged slaves’).

The starving slaves were apparently low-IQ and alcoholic types approached at job centres (aka labour exchanges) and soup kitchens with promises of a new life; but they had soon been stripped of all property and identity and consigned – under threats of ferocious beatings -- to backbreaking work, e.g. laying tarmac driveways from 5a.m. for the new wanker ooops banker gentry of the Bedfordshire countryside.

Police managed to make five arrests – though a pregnant woman was soon released, and doubtless ‘uman rights lawyers would rapidly pop up to make this overstaffed but unsucessful effort a horrendously costly process for Befordshire ratepayers.


As New York and the West commemorated the 3K slain on 9/11, 100 Muslim fanatics burned the American flag and shouted insults at Londonistan's effort to sympathize with the victims of the atrocity (who had included some 350 Brits). Such little scenes were largely unremarked in MSM, which had no immediate interest in helping America to decide whether to back Mueslis or Hebrews as the Western-inspired (‘Arab Spring’) out-of-control idealist battle for the Middle East hotted up.


A fine defence of traditional grammar schools (and indeed of secondary modern schools and of educational selection in general) was provided by Peter Hitchens (Daily Mail, 12 ix) – though without sign of PH having read or heard tell of The g Factor....


In a thoughtful article contemplating a Conservative future and urging a restoration of personal responsibility and initiative and an end to ‘the entitlement culture,’ nifty newgirl Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss, 36 (her [hopefully lively] sex life a matter of ongoing speculation), notably took time to deplore educational egalitarianism and even to mention the usually forbidden word, ‘intelligence’ (Daily Telegraph, 12 ix):
....Nowhere has the [entitlement] mindset done more damage than in education, where social mobility has been weakened substantially. For fear of being seen as “elitist”, politicians played along with the strand of popular culture that glorified a truculent distaste for intelligence and endeavour, and excused laziness. In this culture, hard-working children were dismissed as geeks, and celebrities extolled.

Conservatives should challenge the egalitarian solutions – such as the “bog-standard comprehensives” – that have so clearly failed. If Canada, France and Germany all require pupils to study sciences, languages and history to 16, and often 18, why can’t we? And if students do not work hard enough to pass, they should be held back, with the high achievers being accelerated. That would ensure an escalator to academic achievement rather than a constant lowering of the bar.

Elizabeth’s late-in-the-day proposals (whether influenced by any reading of The g Factor was not known) were part of a package of ‘responsibility’-backing proposals [pay for your own obesity/alcoholism/stupidity?] being published, as After the Coalition (Guardian, 17 ix), by slightly conservative ‘Conservatives’ with the help of the Daily Fairygraph (perhaps by way of apology for that paper’s disgracefully unexplained unloading of its assiduous star anti-‘Call me Dave’ columnist, Simon Heffer).


Britain – long accused by primary school socialists ooops teachers of wickedly masterminding centuries of worldwide enslavement of Blacks (who in fact were very lucky to get taken to the USA, mainly organized by their Black African rulers, who wanted rid of them) was found to have developed a new type of slavery, run by gypsies, sainted victims of the Holocaust (the Jews allowed them to say) (Sun, 13 ix).

Within a few days of a massive 200-strong police raid, the culmination of five years of Britoid police ‘work’ on a ‘traveller’ caravan park in Bedfordshire {I could have solved the problem in a day by deporting unemployed and unhoused gypsies to one of Britain’s many convenient islands – sunny Tiree springs to mind}, culminating in a mere four arrests, newsies reckoned that at least a hundred Britoid down-and-outs had been organized by gypsies across the UK to work regularly as far away as Norway, Sweden and Germany.

After semi-starvation, squalor and daily beatings, living in dog kennels and horseboxes, sometimes for as long as fifteen years, many of the slaves had lost their obesity and amphetamine addictions – though the gypsies did allow cigarettes, bracelets and fashionable ‘FCUK’ vests – and many of the slaves declined to testify to police against their ‘traveller’ captors.

{Such was multiculti peecee socialist Britain – a country which had not itself officially allowed slavery for a thousand years! Under the banner of ‘idealistic’ protection of illiterate violent gypsies -- tolerated under 13 years of NuLabour -- the halt, lame and otherwise unemployable and welfare-dependent could in fact be made by gypsies to contribute to Daft Dave’s ‘Big Soc’!}


A new low point in Britoid multiculturalism was reached as a 15-yr girl (race could not be specified by coy MSM) was raped by a braided-haired 25-yr Black at 8pm at a “rave” “music” “Bestival” event for 50K “revellers” organized on the (normally delightful) Isle of Wight (beloved of Queen Victoria and her Albert) by BBC Radio 1’s (presumably Black) host, “Rab Da Bank” (Sun, 14 ix).


Indian-descended Lady Shreela Flather, b. 1934 in Lahore (the great-granddaughter of a [White] Governor of the Punjab), used her position in the House of Lords to castigate Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in Britain for breeding (at around three times White rates over the past generation) rather than integrating – a strategy which she took to be one of calculated welfare dependency and wanting a big house (Daily Mail, 14 ix; Evening Standard [London], 14 ix; Daily Express, 15 ix). She urged that child benefit be progressively cut as a welfare-begging mother (of whatever race) expanded her progeny beyond two.

The peeress, born in Pakistan when it was still part of India, had moved to England to study for the Bar. The chubby-cheeked crossbencher said: “The minority communities, particularly the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis have a very large number of children and the attraction is the large number of benefits that follow the child.

Nobody likes to accept that, or talk about it because it is supposed to be very politically incorrect. Well, I’m politically incorrect because there is no doubt about it that six or seven children give you a far larger income than three or four. I think it is about time we stopped using children as a means of improving the amount of money they receive or getting a bigger house.

In their countries of origin, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and even Indians have large families because there is no safety net. When you get old it is only your children who are going to look after you. This doesn’t apply here – every old person has a pension and they will be looked after.”

She said that in education league tables Pakistanis and Bangladeshis came near the bottom, but Indian children came near the top. “Indians have fallen into the pattern here,” she said. “They do not have large families. They want their children to be educated. [By contrast,] there is no emphasis on education in Pakistani and Bangladeshi families.”

She was promptly condemned as “racist” by Pak and Bang chateratis such as Mohammed Shafiq Fruitcake, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, which aimed to fleece British taxpayers so as ‘to promote understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims’ and by ‘Conservative’ Euro MP Sajjad Karim Bonkers, who said BangPaks had brought their breeding rate down from six times that of Whites c. 1980 to merely double since c. 2000 (BBC World Service, 14 ix, c. 15:00GMT).

Asian Image raged (15 ix): “Let us be totally clear about this. These comments have would not have looked out of place in a Nazi propaganda news broadcast. Just because Baroness Flather has Ethnic heritage does that make it alright? If there ever was a reason for reforming the house of Lord then this was it.” {Whether Baroness Flather had ever heard of the concept of IQ was unknown.}


The lunacy of the West’s IQ- and conscientiousness-disrespecting ‘financial system’ and its ‘anti-racist’ ‘economic experts’ was terminally exposed as 31-yr Black casino player and market manipulator, charming playboy partyman Kweku Adoboli, the son of a Ghanaian ‘United Nations official,’ managed to cost his giant Swiss bank, UBS, £2.6B in a month as his fraudulent wheezes came to grief (Sun, 16 ix, ‘Daft trader’).

The privately educated Adoboli, charismatic enough to become headboy at his unheard-of Yorkshire school (fees £26Kp.a.), had – as UK politicians opened the universities to all and sundry -- attended Nottingham University. By 16 ix he was filmed lying out relaxing in a UK jail – from which he would doubtless soon clock up another £1M in legal aid, human rights, medication, special diets etc.

So what was the world of wanking really like? Some City types talked to Guardian ‘ journalist-anthropologist’ Joris Luyendijk (16 ix). "Let me tell you, the financial sector is not rocket science. There is a lot of lingo, I mean a lot, and you have to master all that jargon. But you don't have to be brilliant to work in finance; you have [merely] to be smart enough. And then you have to be willing to put in really, really long hours. And be competitive. It is an endurance game, in part."

Another banker compared his work to that of a GP: "You spend many hours memorising terms (body parts, diseases, treatments) and learning to recognise patterns. Then you put in very long hours and collect a nice salary, while employing your jargon to intimidate outsiders."

Adoboli himself had been well liked at his Quaker school – though his meditations, when shared with other pupils, showed a strong concern with achievement. On his arrest, he was photoed smiling and looking singularly friendly with police; but later, in court, he needed to be passed a paper hanky to wipe a tear from his eye. It seemed his fraudulence had gone on for some three years – his bosses never having heard that even the merriest Blacks (their womenfolk seen regularly in gaily coloured clothes with their starving children on TV) were a bit of a risk.


As the disgraced Black-chambermaid-importuning and two-months-arrested French M. Big, Dominique Houserat, returned from New York to his ‘native’ France, he found he could easily get on Paris TV with glamorous (if tiny-titted) anchor Claire Chazal, 54, to explain his polygamous tendencies, and Silvio Berlusconi faced fresh accusations of using state monies to fund his bunga bunga parties, the case for breaking up Europe into Nordic League and Club Med areas looked clear (q.v.) – as historian Michael Burleigh correctly drifted in his 16 ix Torygraph article, pointing out that, without Protestant focus on truth rather than priestly magic (and passing the begging bowl to Berlin), the Catholic countries would be forever in the sway of infantile (if, in S. Berlusconi’s case, agreeable) delusions.


As the (Western) world’s ‘economy’ (aka rogue trading) perched on the cliff face of disaster, the UK’s ‘politicians’, fresh from their two-month summer holiday, graciously returned to the business of partying – at their ‘conferences’ where simple realities like IQ, race and their borrowing from the next generation to fund ‘subprime’ multiculturalism and 15 years of Labour (and ‘Tory’-unnoticed) extravagance would never be mentioned.

Still, there was no complaint from the comprehensively misguided young: E.LU.’s central Bristo Square (outside the LUni’s graduation hall; lately home to the Fringe’s ludicrous Utterbelly and its 100-strong BBC holidaymakers) sported – no kidding! -- dodgem cars for the wee darlin’s, and also a facility for practising netball so they could identify with the banana-catching proclivities of the Negroid race.


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Usually considered a ‘liberal,’ Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke, returning to the UK after a month’s holiday during the Tottenham-originated riots, blamed a "broken penal system" for the unprecedented pillaging which erupted across England’s London-Birmingham-Manchester Black belt in August.

Jazz-loving throwback Clarke said around 75 percent of 18+ youf charged over the unrest had prior convictions {surprise, surprise!} and posited that the current penal system had itself somehow bred a "feral underclass," in an article for the Guardian (Birmingham Mail, 6 ix). "The hardcore of the rioters were in fact known criminals," he wrote. Clarke – like virtually all other Britain’s MSM commentators – assiduously avoided using terms like ‘race,’ ‘Black,’ ‘third-world immigration,’ ‘Labour-funded breeding of illiterates’ and ‘dysgenic’; but a BBC-assembled audience of the peecee-pious in Birmingham quickly got his drift and wildly applauded speakers who compared Clarke to Hitler (Radio 4, 6 ix, 08:50).


The left, having spent a generation undermining the Church, the aristocracy, the monarchy, the universities, the grammar schools, the police (easily peecee-ified by enormous salaries for bespectacled ectomorphic homosexual teetotal top ‘cops’), local government (no longer even able to collect rubbish or mend potholes, so busy were they with providing Green cycle paths for breastfeeding lesbians) and the country’s borders, moved to destroy army morale (already weakened by three useless wars in which soldiers had had to serve as social workers and latrine builders, and from which Col Gadawfu had anyhow escaped to Burkina Faso) by urging squaddies to use their fabled powers of memory to snitch on each other for any ‘abuses’ of Iraqiloons eight years previously, in 2003 (D.Torygraph, 3 ix, Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent).

{Whether Scotland, which had long supplied the backbone of the army, three of Britain’s best universities and the main volume of usable countryside (esp. hunting, shooting, fishing and Balmoral), would find enough reserves of old-fashioned nationalism and modern SNP-voting to secure itself from England’s ludicrous self-destruction remained the most interesting question in the debacle. – The answer was probably ‘Yes’ since a half of Scottish ‘Conservatives’ had given up the ghost (q.v.) – thus liberating their members and supporters to vote SNP to keep Labour out.}


Six months after Col Gadawfu (and his Benghastly opponents) had failed to head my advice to split their entirely oil-fuelled (and thus essentially West-headed) ‘country’ along tribal lines, the Grauniad reported (7 ix): “Gaddafi has gone {to Burkina Faso, IQ 68}, but Libya is now set to be a scene of multiple battles: not only conflicts between Nato's men and the fighters on the ground, but also between the foreign forces that have invested in the war – the French, who are determined to have the upper hand politically and economically; the Italians, who regard Libya as their backyard; the British, who want to safeguard their contracts; the Turks, who are keen to revive their influence in the old Ottoman hemisphere; and of course the losing players in the emerging order, the Chinese and the Russians.”


30K ‘public servants’ in the Oz region of Naughty New Socialist South Wales went on strike and demo to protest this, that or the other; but Irish Imperial Governor Premier Barry [sic] O’Farrell was having none of it and told the ‘servants’ (firepersons, ‘nurses’, ‘teachers,’ ‘police’ etc.) to buzz off (Sydney Morning Herald, 8 ix), apparently successfully.


Foreign nurses having limited competence in English were given a blast by top London gynaecologist Robert Winston (Sun, 9 ix). Especially singling out nurses from Rumania and Bulgaria, famed fertility author Winston (fortified in his peecee heresy by being a Fellow of the Galton Institute, by being Jewish, and by being a Lord) said that all too many of these girls could not even communicate with each other in their own languages, let alone communicate with NHS-employed Pakistani brain surgeons in English.

The problem – now that the mighty peecee-elevated Winston had noticed! -- was apparently that E.U. regulations did not allow discrimination against the linguistically and intellectually incompetent. {And discrimination against fat mustachioed lesbian ‘nurses’ had been abandoned years previously.}

{In happy Thatcherite days, I used to go down to London bi-monthly to help the ‘Council for National Academic Awards’ stop lesbians ooops nurses having to learn sociology. We were a tremendous 24-strong committee, headed by the gracious Baroness Caroline Cox. We had super dinners, orgies, breakfasts etc.; and I believe I managed to put the boot into ‘dance therapy’ at South Bank Poly (at that time a rage for introducing naive balletic Kiwi girls to lissome London Black boys). But in the main we failed, along with Thatch herself, goddammit....}


Britain’s loony lawyer-enriching ‘authorities’ (paying as ever via taxpayer cash for ‘professional’ support for the Holy Peecee Liebore Party) spent £13M investigating the 2003 killing by squaddies in Iraq of a hotel receptionist found to have been hiding a huge arms cache (Sun, 9 ix) – and in addition threw in £3M in compo to Baha Mousa Kousamyass’s family and friends.

{Funny that foreign Muesli families could be richly compensated for the – pretty reasonable – loss of their breadwinner, but never charged a bean for the Tottenham-style crimes of their family members!}

{COMMANDING OFFICER, Colonel Jorge Mendonca [sic], had turned a blind eye to the killing.}


Three American psychologists (including the intriguingly named Randy Thornhill) were given the usual easy ride at Scientific American as they elaborated on their own additions to the well-known finding that the world’s low-IQ areas had relatively high rates of infectious disease (6 ix); of course they did not permit themselves to point out that many of these regions (Louisiana, Mississippi etc.) had an over-supply of Obama-supporters and were ectually Bleck – but AmRen correspondents put the boot in well.


Having sabotaged (at Suez, 1956) Western efforts to nail down the Arabs, having required Israel to fight three wars against said Arabs, having burdened the West with political correctness to placate the hypocritical emigrant Jews (who thought to relieve their burdens in the West by introducing more ‘minorities,’ including their own worst enemies, the Mueslis), having let its great ‘ally’ Pakistan be taken over by mad Mueslis (using Pak as a base for anti-Western attacks in Afghastliland, Iraq, India, Yemen etc.), having failed to halt dysgenic Arab breeding, and having failed to clear out Mueslis of dubious loyalty from the West (preferably with them paying their bills as they went), America approached its tearful tenth-anniversary commemoration of its sorry ‘9/11’ come-uppance [‘Twin Towers’, 11 ix 2001] with the words of Israel Major-General Eyal Eisenberg ringing in its ears:

The MSM-backed ‘Arab Spring’ would imminently yield an ‘Arab Winter’ of multi-front warfare in which ‘weapons of mass destruction’ would be freely used* (D.Telegraph, 10 ix), said the M-G, making most of America a desert as oil supplies were severed. Anti-semitic slogans appeared on walls across Cairo and Alexandria and a 1K-strong Egyptian mob broke into and vandalized the Israeli embassy, leading to the flight of the ambassador and his senior staff.

*Israel’s enemies are working for a future that is clear to them: a world without Zionism, a world without Israel. Why is it not alarming when Haifa, the third-largest Israeli city, is building “the largest underground hospital in the world” to be used in case of war? Is it immoral to be on alert for a possible disaster when the Jewish State is distributing new gas masks or when the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv installs numerous underground shelters? Even the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is building a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms from where the Jewish leadership would guide the country in case of attacks.

Israel remains the only “bunkered” democracy in the world, a country where its military Research and Development Directorate calculated the effects of an Iranian nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv: “A blast radius of about 500 meters and 20,000 people killed,” they said.


The people of the vast central city of Jos, Nigeria, continued to provide a visual aid to the ‘joy of diversity,’ with Christians and Muslims killing a hundred of each other within a week (BBC, Radio 4, 10 ix, 11:45).


Amidst the welter of comment and reminiscence on 9/11, there were few pundits who could lay much claim to prescience. But one exception was the bright, decent and brave editor of American Renaissance who had reckoned, back in 2001, that it would take many more thousands of American deaths before the country’s politicos and MSM would abandon their mad multiculturalism. Here’s Jared (republished ix 2011):

....Our rulers do not yet understand what is really at stake when liberal mantras govern race and immigration policy. However, with typical exaggeration, commentators keep telling us Sept. 11 has “changed everything.” Let us hope that one of the things that begins to change is the suicidal mentality that refuses to admit the persistence of racial and national loyalty in a world in which only whites have stripped themselves of collective defenses.

Sadly, as Jared feared, his hopes were not to be realized. And followers of Islam offered no serious apology, let alone a fraction of compensation for the deaths, injuries, havoc and destruction wreaked in their name.


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Sunday, September 04, 2011


Antique Grauniadista old bag Polly Toynbee was allowed half-an-hour by the BBC (Radio 4, 1 ix, 09:00 et seq.) to explain how we are all doomed to our caste status by lack of spending by gummint on so many of us in our earliest years – a thesis to which IQ-realistic (but not race-realistic) sociologist Peter Saunders [q.v.] was recruited in support, entirely ignoring the reflections on the unimportance of parental social class and indeed parental deprivation supplied by me on the net for Polly (Quotes V [Nature, Nurture] and Quotes XXIII [Social Class]).


As leaks came out that Labour, in its desperation, would attack ‘Tory toff’ Daft Dave as ‘right-wing’, a fine defence to the effect that Cameron was no such thing was provided by Leo McKinstry (Daily Express, 29 viii).

Apparently,” the political thinkers who have most influenced Cameron are progressives such as Phillip Blond, the British radical academic, and Cass Sunstein, US adviser to President Obama.

‘In what sense is the money in our pockets and bank accounts fully ours?’ Sunstein once wrote, displaying his support for heavy taxation, a mentality that Cameron has taken up with alacrity.

If Cameron is so conflicted about his affluent background, he should have become a socialist or a social worker. But to masquerade as a Conservative is an insult to the political process – and a betrayal of the British people.”


Multi-million dollar ‘research’ found Black kids in Irving, CA, were none too happy in their 70% Hispanic schools (AmRen, 31 viii). {Poor diddums! They were getting a taste of their own medicine – or at least of the medicine provided by pie-eyed liberals to Whites throughout America.}


Russia Today noted the Black-White rioting in Milwaukee, involving hundreds of youf attacking each other despite deployment of American police and military might (31 viii).


A guardsman, 37, in Her Majesty’s Household Cavalry at Windsor (who had fought in Afghanistan) and his wife, 44, both almost certainly known to the Princes William and Harry, were arrested by a twelve-strong team of super-polizei and charged with ‘raping’ (whether ‘statutorily’ was not specified) a girl of under 13 (Sun, 1 ix).

Apparently, no complaint had been made by the girl or her friends or relatives; but oh-so-busy police had ‘become aware of photos circulating on the internet.’

By contrast, a Mexican cop was CCTV’d penetrating a distinctly young-looking spreadeagled un-bejeaned Black girl on the bonnet of his car – yes, she really copped it! -- but faced no charges (Sun, 1 ix).

Panic quickly spread among mums of kids at the Windsor primary school where the guardsman’s arrested wife, the illustriously named Fiona Parsons-Davies, was a teaching assistant (Sun, 2 ix).

Soon another cavalryman, a personal guard to the Queen, was detained by multiple cops for unspecified paedoplotting and downloading – leaving the regiment in a state of meltdown (Sun, 3 ix). One shocked friend of the swooped-on Mark Neal said: "I would have bet anything he would not be involved in anything like this. Mark is a loving husband and an exceptional soldier. He was decorated in Afghanistan and is a great bloke and a keen Tottenham Hotspur fan."


Britain’s greatest living comedian, the Somerset-born self-declared Liberal Democrat, John Cleese (71, of ‘Monty Python,’ ‘Fawlty Towers’ etc.) told Australians that London was ‘no longer an English city’ (Daily Express, 2 ix). Talking on TV while on an ‘alimony tour’ to pay for his latest divorce (with sell-out shows at Sydney Opera House, as previously in Edinburgh), Cleese said people in the British capital felt like foreigners in a city where the “parent culture has dissipated”.

Asked about the August rioting, he said: “I’m not sure what’s going on in Britain. Let me say this, I don’t know what’s going on in London because London is no longer an English city and that’s how they got the Olympics. They said ‘we’re the most cosmopolitan city on Earth’; but it doesn’t feel English. I had a Californian friend come over two months ago, walk down the King’s Road and say to me ‘well, where are all the English people?’” Cleese said he preferred Bath to London since Bath ‘felt more like the England he grew up in.’

Keeping police busy – distracting them from vandalism, riots and hundreds of gypsies ooops Irish tinkers [in Basildon, Essex] ooops travellers (though probably not from filling in their peecee notebooks detailing their infrequent stop-and-search detentions of Bleck youf) -- a 60-yr-old Bath newsagent was detained by police in Barcelona for unspecified sex offences having unspecified results with unspecified boys at his Somerset shop 11 years previously (Sun, 2 ix).

{Such was the ‘long arm’ of modern multiculti peecee law – unable to detain a Negroid knife-wielder at London’s Notting Hill Black ‘carnival’, but game to process, with maximum taxpayer funding (even internationally), the most minor ancient paedoderelictions so as to oblige low-life tabloid readers and feminasties.


Confirming the McDougallian and classically British view of Italy, the country’s 15-yr Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, said, while a police audiotape was whirring, that Italy was “shitty” and “sickening” and that, rather than strive any longer to keep out African immigrants, he would seek refuge elsewhere as soon as he could sort out his financial, legal and sexual affairs (Guardian, 2 ix).


The full extent of British Labour’s 13-year treacherous creation of a client state was revealed as one in five British homes turned out to have NO working adult (Sun, 2 ix). Almost two million Britoid kids were growing up with both parents jobless (typically with ‘father’ absent). And the total number of households in which no adult had ever worked was rising since CamCo’s ‘Liberals’ prevented any change in loony largesse.

In addition, millions of Brits were comprehensively miseducated and grossly overpaid: e.g. ‘civil servants,’ ‘teachers,’ ‘police,’ sociologified lesbian health busybodies and local misgovernment officials [not least those who had failed to resist Labour (and ‘Liberals’) spending £1B on a humiliating non-tram-line for Edinburgh (failing to connect South Clerk Street, not to mention Leith, to Edinburgh Airport)].


Western idealists cringed as their latest darlings, the anti-Gadawfu rebels of Libya rounded up thousands of subSaharan Blacks, suspected of co-operating with Gadawfu, and allowed them to roast to death in Libya’s daytime 50 degree C temperatures while the liberators shouted ‘Libya for Arabs – not Blacks!’ (YahooNews, 1 ix).


Britain’s admirers of capitalism, having failed through three years to solve the problem of the country’s barrow-boy ‘bankers’ lending i.e. gambling at taxpayers’ expense, adjudicated that the Tottenham-originating riots were principally due to ‘racism,’ or at least ‘memories of racism’ (Economist, 3 ix).

{How convenient! So we can all go on as we were until still worse horrors show up the disaster of liberalism without realism?!}


ANGRY David Cameron blasted the BBC's riots coverage as left-wing "mush". The PM accused the Beeb of trying to blame the mayhem on ‘inequality,’ ‘Tory cuts’ and ‘greedy bankers’ instead of Bleck yobs and opportunistic looters (Sun, 3 ix). He said: "When you listen to the BBC there is a danger of trying to put these things into a great mush and make an excuse for not acting.”

{However, Daft Dave did not feel moved to specify what ‘action’ he had taken; or, confronted (by interviewer Evan Davies) with the naughtinesses of the restaurant-trashing Bullingdon club (in which Cameron had once starred), to point out that Bullingdonians and their families paid their bills in full.}


The extent of lesbianization/leftification of English ‘education’ was revealed as reforming Minister Michael Gove (though he did not dare support streaming, let alone grammar schools) revealed that, thanks to the thirteen years of Labour corrosion, 27% of primary schools had not a single male teacher (Sun, 3 ix). Overall, only one primary ‘teacher’ in eight was male (and the heterosexual proportion could not be stated).

What with 40% of kids growing up in ‘single-parent’ i.e. fatherless ‘families’ and most police confined to barracks filling in forms about how many Black youth they had not stopped, detained, searched or arrested, some 35% of boys virtually never encountered a man – except the sanitized (or feminazie-reprimanded) versions seen on TV.


Workers’ Paradise premiere Julia Gillard found her poll ratings plunging to rock bottom as she accorded Malaysia a ‘refugee-swap deal’ (Times, 3 ix). {Just how many Ozzies were likely to take advantage of the opportunity to seek ‘refuge’ in mad-Muesli Malaysia (best known for beating up Chinese businessmen and raping their wives) was entirely unknown.}


At least 21 Blacks killed each other in Nigeria, and more than 80 were injured, in renewed violence between Christians and Muslims in the central city of Jos (q.v.) – despite a large deployment of central-gummint-supplied police and soldiers (Times, 3 ix, ‘Sectarian killings’).


The latest prospective leader of Scotland’s non-Conservative Party, Murdo Fraser Haggis O’Shortbread (aiming to replace Fatoldlessiebag O’Goldie), declared he would change his name and think about thinking about thinking about replacing income tax with a wealth tax while bribing the wealthy with seats in a House of Lords that would resume its historic (pre-1911) power to curb Government spending. {Some hope!....}


‘Police’ in London who had failed to control the Black Tottenham rioting found no problem in turning out 3K men (and doubtless statutory wymmin) to police 1K English Defence League tattooed skinheads as they besieged a mosque in the vicinity of Aldgate and Whitechapel.


Just how had Libya mobilized such animosity towards its longstanding Dear Leader, orchestrator and distributer of oil wealth, supplier of schools’n’ospitals, benefactor of the LSE and potential President of Africa, Col Muhammar Gadawfu? No, it was not that he was a mass-murdering torturer and socialist!

Apparently – though unremarked by race-avoidant MSM -- one of the most popular cries of the rebels was "Gaddafi is a Jew" (former MP George Galloway, BBC R5 ‘Breakfast’, 26 viii). Gaddafi reputedly had (by Jewish law) a Jewish mother and was thus fully entitled to Israeli citizenship (Israel Insider, 22 ii 2011).

Another popular cry of the Nato-backed and Benghazi-business-funded Muesli rebels was that the enemy was “Gaddafi and his Africans”, thereby justifying the mass arrest and slaughter of Blacks (Guardian, 31 viii). In fact, Peter Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch had not "identified a single mercenary" among the scores of Blacks being arrested and labelled by journalists as such.

{Arabs were usually considered to have enslaved 18M Blacks in the history of their Muslim religion – as compared to the Western effort of enslaving a mere 1-2M until actually making slave-trading and slavery illegal, as of 1808-1868).}


As MSM rejoiced in the Benghazi rebels driving Gadawfu into hiding, the Independent on Sunday learned that the rebel military commander behind the successful assault on Tripoli had fought in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban and was an Islamist terror suspect interrogated by the CIA (28 viii).

Abdelhakim Belhadj, the newly appointed commander of the Tripoli Military Council, had been a former emir of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – banned by Britain and the US as a terrorist organisation after the 9/11 attacks. The 45-year-old first went to Afghanistan in the late 1980s, where he fought against occupying Soviet forces. Arrested in Malaysia in 2004, he was interrogated by the CIA in Thailand before being extradited to Libya, where he was released from prison in 2010; he had since renounced violence.... and become a hero of the Libyan revolution – and ally of the West....


Whatever could be said against murderous Arab/Jew Gadawfu, at least his fifth son (and military commander) Mutassim went out in a blaze of glory, entertaining his blonde Dutch glamour model (ex?)-girlfriend in Tripoli even as battles raged around the couple’s 5-star hotel – the ravishing lusciously-lipped Talitha van Zon [above] providing a striking contrast to the preposterously broad-beamed boring old bag Hitlery Clinton (also photoed with the Dear Leader’s son, occupying twice the space of the fit Mutassim) (Sydney Morning Herald, 29 viii, pics supplied).

An unlovely pair: Mutassim Gaddafi and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Mutassim seemed relaxed, said Ms van Zon (who had sought largesse for her Alzheimer-suffering father), comparing the Libyan uprising to the riots in London, and arguing that the police had to be tough. "He said the rebels were a bit crazy in the head," she recalled. "He said that in countries like Libya you have to do it a bit harder, otherwise they don't listen.”

Hilariously, after Britain had spent £2M daily for six months bombing Gadawfu so as to support the Libyan National Transit Vans of Allah, the NTVA refused to hand over the much-wanted possible criminals whom – contrary to all reasonable principles of justice -- Britain’s tabloids wanted to put on (re-)trial for crimes of 25 years ago (Sun, 29 viii).

The first cracks in Libya's rebel coalition opened, with 500-strong protests erupting in Misrata against the reported decision of the National Transit Vans Council (NTVC) to appoint a former Gaddafi henchman as security boss of Tripoli.


A fine riposte to the 104[sic] unheard-of, pompous, censorious academic historians (including no less than seven from the LUniversity of Edinburgh, matched only by seven from down-market U. Lancaster [i.e. Preston Poly]) who had criticized David ‘Is it coz I is White?’ Starkey (q.v.) was provided by Times columnist Libby Purves (29 viii) who claimed it was well known to any traveller on the tops of London buses that White low-life youf (‘chavs’) had long been adopting Jamaican patois (speaking of the police as ‘Feds’ and girls as ‘hos’) – a point backed up by Times Higher correspondent ‘Max’ (26 viii).

Such fashionable bravado, Libby said, should be studied by cultural historians, rather than them “pecking Dr Starkey to death like a shedful of panicking hens.” {Of course, LP did feel obliged to call DS “an idiot to mention Enoch Powell”....}

TH correspondent Andrew Smith put things more boldly (25 viii): “Starkey was right. The PC do-gooders hate truth-telling and will do anything to stamp out any debate on the disaster that mass immigration has brought to the UK.”

Another correspondent, ‘JW,’ added: “One Social Conservative academic opens his mouth, and a hundred Social Marxist academics jump on top of him. To find a hundred politically 'correct' academics is like looking for sand in the desert. This is the mess education is in, and these are the people who have taken it upon themselves to mould the minds of the next generation. Let's kick social marxism out of education!”

Another, ‘David,’ put in: “So a bunch of Marxist historians who spend their time at taxpayers’ expense falsifying history are getting their two minutes of hate against Starkey. Well, I suppose it gives them a break from trying to prove Enver Hoxha, Pol Pot or Stalin were great men.”

One ‘AKPAN’ summarized the broad picture for the academic historians: “Stop making these liberal gibberish comments and look at what immigration of the wrong kind has done. As someone said, the Chinese and Indians do not loot and they are successful in getting to universities and becoming professionals. They do not howl racism, but know the difference between right and wrong, and do not live in the culture of the handouts and the culture of producing children (from several fathers) who go about looting just because they like these goods, and do not want to earn or pay for them.”


In a snapshot of England’s 10-18yr criminals being processed through the major hotel ooops ‘young offenders’ reception centre, Feltham Borstal, 632 out of 2,000 were found to be foreigners – with Somalis (10% of non-UK), Romanians[i.e. gypsies] (8%), Jamaicans (7%), Afghans (4%) and Nigerians (4%) heading the pack (Sun, 30 viii). {If foreign-parented though British-‘citizened’ youf had been included, the percentage of non-English delinquents would surely have been around 50%.}


Thousands of pounds of taxpayers' cash were spent teaching Labour’s gormless and cowardly Foreign Office officials how to play bongo-bongo drums, it emerged (Sun, 30 viii). The cash went on team-building ‘away days’ when Labour was still in power (after eleven years of treasonable multiculti madness and investment in vote-buying). In the two-hour sessions, worthless overweight ‘civil servants’ kept the beat using dustbins, broom handles, plastic tubs and African tribal drums. From 2006 to 2010 the Foreign Office paid more than £38K to ‘events organisers’ Poisson Rouge. The highest annual spend was £26K in 2008/09, when bug-eyed Blairite David Miliband (fathered by a Commie) was Foreign Secretary.


A new authoress appeared on the block, courtesy of Simon & Schuster. The lucky girl was flame-haired Jaycee Dugard, 31, who had survived 18 years of abduction, sexual slavery and ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in California at the hands of amphetamine-, marijuana- and religion-fuelled sexual deviant Philip Garrido (and his wife, Nancy).

Eventually released after two officials became a little suspicious of (previous sex offender) Garrido’s household arrangements, Jaycee (who, despite her loneliness and despair, had worked openly and very efficiently as secretary for Garrido’s small printing business) soon forgave her monstrous sexually bingeing captors and devoted herself to caring for her two daughters and enjoying the $20M she had won from California (whose incompetent parole authorities had long failed to spot jailbird rapist Garrido’s post-release behaviour) and the fame of her book, A Stolen Life (£15; Sunday Times (Culture), 17 vii).


Showing that America had learned nothing from the 1996-2008 bubble & crunch, racially embittered Churchill-hating chainsmoking President Barry Hussein Obarmy – with scarcely a squeak from politicians or the media -- had his Department of Justice insist on yet more lending to feckless Blacks and Hispanics, headed by Latino Rudolfo Perez (Wall Street Journal, 31 viii).

A sampling of Mr. Perez's ‘thinking,’ from April 2010 Congressional testimony: "The foreclosure crisis has touched virtually every community in this country, but it disproportionately touches communities of color, in particular African-Americans and Latinos." And: "[C]ross burnings are the most overt form of discrimination and bigotry. Lending discrimination is some of the most subtle. It's what I call discrimination with a smile."

Book review of PLAYING WITH FIRE, a biography of H.J. Eysenck

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