Friday, January 30, 2009


After 55-year pilot Chesley B. `Sully' Sullenberger III saved 155 lives by swiftly bringing down his stricken aircraft safely on to the Hudson River after a flock of Canadian geese had got sucked into the plane's engines, it turned out he had always been a star pupil at his Texas school, typically getting 140+ on IQ-type tests.

{By contrast, the villainous Bernard Madoff, who had `made off' with $50B (often from his fellow Jews - but including $5B from the Royal Bank of Scotland*) in a Ponzi-type fraud, had been a singularly mediocre schoolboy.}

* As this `bank' declared 28B pound losses in 2008 -- the largest corporate annual losses in British history -- it transpired it had been run by a man called `Fred' who had grown up in a Glasgow council house. (Of course, `Fred' had been knighted as Sir Fred Goodwin by NuLabour after making RBS, by taking on huge debts by American subprimes [aka Blecks and Latinos] the world's fifth-biggest bank.)


As Scotland prepared to celebrate (on 25th January) the 250th anniversary of its great lyricist, beloved bard and presumed egalitarian, Robert Burns, and to use his name in `Homecoming' ceremonies designed to bring in US dollars and to whip up votes for the SNP's ideal of independence, a Scots historian, Michael Fry (author of The Union), pointed out to Burns' often lib-leftist admirers, that Rabbie had been "a drunken, misogynistic, racist philanderer" [fathering 12 children, several of them out of wedlock] (Times, 4 i, `Drunken, racist Burns is hardly a role model'); and St Andrews U. professor of Scottish literature, Robert Crawford, particularly maintained that Bobby had been quite content to consider going to work as a slave driver in the Caribbean (The Journal [Edinburgh], 14 i).


Liberal U.S. academics, whose hearts were 100% pinned on Saint Obamo, must have sat slack-jawed in front of their TVs as OSambo, watched by mega-millions (especially of misty-eyed young Black wymmin and their grandpas) in Washington and worldwide, mangled some of the earliest words of the Presidential Oath - creating a split infinitive in the process (".to faithfully execute.").* Hearts of the grammar-schooled were in mouths as the presiding official (`Chief Justice') went on foolishly to offer for recitation "So help you God" - but OSambo did master this and came back correctly with "So help me God."

Otherwise, the hysterically anticipated Inauguration was uneventful, with shivering crowds entirely uninspired by OSambo's windy platitudes about `values' - which Rev. Dubya himself would have been quite happy to recite.** (British ears, however, were surprised and amused - not least, surely, in Buck House -- to hear a Negro spiritual sung by a fat Black lady to the tune of the U.K.'s `God Save The Queen.' Brits and probably others pondered whether Barry and his Obamalot court knew, when they repeatedly mentioned his being America's 44th President, that a billion people in China believe `4' an unlucky number, and `44' thus doubly so.

* So bad was the mangling that Harvard-educated President Osambo had to re-take his Oath the following day.

** The American Spectator agreed (21 i): "Despite nearly two months of fine-tuning, the man whose gift for oratory helped launch him into the White House gave a rather flat and unfocused talk without any memorable lines. It didn't even generate much applause among the Obama die-hards who had waited outside in the bitter cold to be a part of history."


As if in celebration of the rise of Muslim-born Obama, and certainly taking another step toward the joys of polygamy, wife-beating, marital rape, female obedience, child slave labour and Shariah law, Holland's Appeals Court over-ruled Dutch prosecutors and demanded top liberal politico Geert Wilders (leader of the Dutch Freedom Party and creator of the film `Fitna'; see above, 7 i) should be tried for the hate speech crime of criticizing Islam (e.g. comparing the Koran to Mein Kampf) (Europe News, 21 i).

{How long would it be, one wondered, before Holland started prosecuting leftists and Mueslis for comparing Zionists to Nazis?} {Would the Israel-admiring Wilders soon join the Jew-bashing Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle seeking asylum in the USA?} {In Edinburgh, polygamy got another puff as leftist sympathizer with Islam, `Gorgeous' George Galloway M.P., announced he would stand as a candidate in the forthcoming Rectorial Election (Student, 20 i).}

To petition in favour of Wilders (along with myself and 20K others, as of 24 i):


Top Jewish actor (and former director at Edinburgh's lib-left Traverse Theatre), Steven Berkoff, 70, broke with with multicultural niceties by indicting the British for "covert" anti-Semitism and especially insisting that `anti-Zionists' were anti-Semitic since "Zionism is the very essence of what a Jew is" (Daily Telegraph, 24 i).

{A return to realism about the existence of "ethnic and nationalist rivalry" was also counselled by Britain's former ambassador to Washington, Christopher Meyer (Times, 24 i) - though words like `race,' `Black' and `White' were scrupulously avoided.}

{And Pope Benedict XVI risked inflaming Jewry by rehabilitating a bishop and several priests who had been excommunicated as Holocaust-deniers (Observer, 25 i).}


Twelve years of NuLabour peecee terror culminated in mobile-phone pictures of good-humoured members of the Household Cavalry teasing a Pakistani soldier, calling him a Paki, taking down his trousers, mooning into his face and shoving a toothbrush up his bottom (News of the World, 25 i). Evidently NuLabour `targets' for the Army - as for schools, hospitals, immigration and welfare - had proved as unattainable as those of the old Soviet Union.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


New research from a Cambridge University team (under Professor Simon Boring Cohen, who had come in the 1990's to see in autistic children the low affectothymia identified by Raymond Cattell in the 1950s) linked the masculinized practicality and social insensitivity of autists to higher levels of testosterone in the amniotic fluid of their pregnant mothers - meaning it would soon be possible to make intra-uterine diagnoses and offer unhappy parents abortion (Guardian, 12 i).


With open season declared on `Royal racism,' it turned out that the British press was even prepared to go into a frenzy over Prince Charles being revealed to call a Punjabi friend, a fellow polo player and millionaire property developer, `Sooty' - despite neither the player, Kolin Dhillon, or his family having the slightest objection to this longstanding practice at their polo venue and `Sooty,' 55, regarding it as a positive honour to have been awarded a club nickname (Sky News, 13 i). {Just what did hysterical peecee-driven journalists need to be called? Journonits?}


Advancing the links made by Glenn Wilson, myself and John Manning (see above) of ring finger length (relative to index finger length) to masculinity, Cambridge University research fellow John Coates reported a .45 correlation between RFL and trading profits over a 20-month period among 44 high-frequency stock market traders (Independent, 13 i; Financial Times, 13 i).

Coates was happy to go along with Manning's idea that higher RFL was caused by higher levels of foetal testosterone - but RFL was also 70% heritable and there was a substantial racial difference, with Chinese and Blacks outscoring the more `civilized' and `feminized' Westerners. The Financial Times (13 i) pictured the short ring fingers of P.M. Crash Gordon and Daft `Conservative' Dave - and the impressively longer ring finger of Saint Barry Obama (due to take over from Brown on 20 i the job of `saving the world').

Relatively short ring fingers were also noticeable on mother-of-four Cherie Blair, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones; whereas Brad Pitt and George Clooney had long ones.. The links between feminization, yaggery, short ring finger and inability to give good street direction also received some attention in New Scientist, 9 i.{Manning's own method of measurement takes finger length as being from the tip to the midpoint of the lowest palm crease, and averages index finger / ring finger across the two hands.}


British peecee `justice' continued to grind away at racists (esp. anti-Semites) Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, finding them guilty of a few more hate speech crimes and threatening to send them to prison in March if they could be brought back from their asylum-seeking mission in California (The Press, York, 9 i). Ironically, anti-Semitism had enjoyed a surge in popularity since S & W's first conviction in July, 2008; but S&W remained unknown to their hundreds of thousands of potential supporters thanks to the failure of MSM, civil liberties groups, anti-censorship groups and politicians to take the slightest interest in their case.


As Saint Osambo prepared for his inauguration with much stress on his reverence (like Mrs Thatcher) for Abraham Lincoln, there was one quote he was unlikely to use:
"See our present condition---the country engaged in war! Our White men cutting one another's throats! And then consider what we know to be the truth. But for your race among us there could not be war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or another. Why should the people of your race be colonized, and where? Why should they leave this country? This is, perhaps, the first question for proper consideration. You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this be admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated. It is better for both, therefore, to be separated."

Spoken at the White House to a group of black community leaders, August 14th, 1862, from COLLECTED WORKS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Vol. 5, page 371. {First quoted in The g Factor NewsLetter, i 1997)


As what was left of Britain's Christian churches ceased to provide meaningful support for the family and freedom, it was reported from the jails that prisoners were signing up with Islam - simply on the basis that it provided `a bigger gang' (Daily Telegraph, 13 i).


Defying the `diversity' mania of businessmen and leftist politicos, ordinary Whites continued to flee California as Mexicans moved in from their own ruined country (on the brink of drug cartel anarchy, said the C.I.A.) - in a process likely to turn California into a Brazil-style hell-hole by 2020 (Associated Press, 12 i).


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009


As Prince Harry came under massive media onslaught for referring to Army pals affectionately as `Pakis' and `ragheads' (Daily Mail, 10 i), the prospect arose that the Royals and pals might actually put their shoulders to the wheel (as they never did in my own case in 1996-8) and finally laugh PeeCee out of court. (Prince Harry's `remarks' were entirely in line with Army usage - unsurprising among soldiers whose main combat duties were to kill mad Mueslis as fast as possible in Iraq and Afghanistan. Would the modern hypersensitives have wished to condemn British First World War soldiers for referring to Germans as Huns?)


As the death toll among the 1.5m Muesli fanatics in the Gaza Strip reached 700, the Boston Globe made it clear that anti-Israel demonstrators and synagogue arsonists in Copenhagen, Amsterdam,* London, Mostar (Bosnia) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida) had been not just `anti-Zionist' etc. but straightforwardly anti-Semitic - e.g. shouting at Jewish counterprotesters to hie themselves to the gas ovens (7 i, Jeff Jacoby, `Yes, it's anti-Semitism'); and a big leftwing Californian website complained that Jewish communities - even those outside Israel - were in fact dominated by Zionists so must share in Israel's guilt** (Indymedia, 7 i). But whether such sounds of anti-Semitism - mocking the MSM's years of multiculchalunacy -- would reach the ears of Hollywood's Jewish directors remained to be seen. The Israeli attack ooops defence had also upset Catholics, leading a top Vatican official to say Gaza was like a big concentration camp (New York Times, 8 i) - such further conflict among non-WASP minorities being further likely to upset Hollywood's multiculti apple cart.

* Here, one chant of the assorted Mueslis and leftists was "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas." In London, slogans sprayed on walls included "Kill Jews" and "Jews are scumbags." Mostar sported many graffiti urging "Kill a Jew."

** A fine and thoughtful `thank you' to Israel for holding the line against jihad was provided in Europe News (Geert Wilders, 7 i).


The West's pathetic `sociologists' began giving up their 66-year-long antipathy to genetic factors (Chronicle of Higher Education, 9 i) - but without much mention of the major heritable human feature, IQ differences, let alone race! {In the IQ matter, it turned out that left-lezzie intellectual Susan Sontag (d. 2004) had in fact been one of the angels, once declaring that "the only difference between human beings is in intelligence" ((Literary Review, xii 2008 / I 2009, reviewing her Early Diaries).


Though monarchy-loving Thailand's government changed, the new Public Health Minister remained determined to get children's IQs up from 103 to 110. No eugenic measures were mentioned, but The Nation (8 i) did report that "the department of medical science will conduct a screening test for autism and intellectual disabilities in newborn babies to reduce mental retardation among children."


A baby girl was delivered at UCL who had been embryonically selected as not having the BRCA1 gene (carried by all of her father's female relatives) which would have given her a 70% chance of breast cancer (and thus 40% chance of premature death) in later life (Sun, 9 i). The genetic selection had been sanctioned by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. {Just what further sensible eugenic initiatives would be tolerated in normally Nazi-hysterical Yukay remained to be seen.}


The United States Supreme Court said it would take on a reverse discrimination lawsuit over New Haven's decision to scrap a promotion exam because too few minorities passed it. The lawsuit was filed by seventeen White firefighters and one Hispanic firefighter in Connecticut who said they would have been promoted if the city had not scrapped the exam because Blacks performed poorly (PoliGazette, 9 i).


America's National Association of Scholars hosted a debate in Washington on `campus speech codes' (Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 i) - reminding Brits and Europeans that no such public discussion of political correctness had taken place for years in their own capital cities.


New South Wales admitted that, after forty years of welfarism, socialism, multiculturalism and anti-racism, fully 4,500 Aboriginal children were in state care - compared to a mere 1,000 in foster homes, institutions and church-run missions in 1969 (Sunday Torygraph, 4 i, `The curse of history is being repeated,' `Despair of Australia's new Stolen Generation').


Demonstrations that made the car burnings of New Year's Eve look like a school picnic took place all over France. According to Le Parisien, 21,000 persons demonstrated in Paris against the Israeli offensive in Gaza (Brussels Journal, 4 i). A few hundred attempted to get into the Israeli Embassy but were stopped by police barricades around Place Saint-Augustin and Boulevard Haussmann. Many were wearing a kaffyeh and chanted slogans such as "We are all Palestinians, Israel: Assassin". "Gaza, Gaza, we are with you". Some vandals threw chairs taken from cafes at the riot police, who, in turn, used tear gas. Some climbed on top of cars; public property was destroyed; two Israeli flags were burned; on Boulevard Haussmann three cars burned, about 15 others were turned upside down, then pillaged; storefronts were broken. {Could the wretches of Hollywood stay unmoved at this failure of their generation-long worldwide multiculti propaganda? What a hoot!}


After her Haringey `social work' staff had visited (the still `unidentified for legal reasons') `Baby P' sixty times in a year and failed to spot he was being killed by his 27-year-old `mother' and boyfriends, sacked supremo bureaucrat Shameless Sharon Shoesmith, 55 -- who had been given 110K of taxpayers' dosh annually for her lethal negligent bungling bureaucratism -- turned out to be in line for a 173K payout for `unfair dismissal' (Sun, 6 i).

{My own 1998 award for sacking over urging clemency for American paedoNobelist Gajdusek had been just œ12K.} {Managerette Sharon was said to have a pension pot of 1.5M pounds from her years of following `procedures' - so she could easily have afforded to keep her wretched family name out of the public eye and hoped to be forgotten.} {Meanwhile, a lezzie Britoid* Army soldierette pocketed a 187K payout because of joshing by fellow officers (Sun, 6 i).}

* Famous for building roads and schools which were promptly blown up by Taleban fighters, and for running away from Shitites and hiding in Basra airport till American and Iraqi soldiers arrived to restore discipline to the city. {The uselessness of the Army was matched only by that of the Navy, which had let teenagers (including an obese chainsmoking female) be captured by Iran, weep buckets over their loss of their ipods, and finally get released clutching goody bags supplied by their captors.}


The Times of India (7 i) obliged its male intellectual readers by listing the top ten women in the world who were both brainy and beautiful - and thus TMSSs (Thinking Man's Sex Symbols). The list was headed up by 21-year-old Serbian tennis starlet and finance student (U. Belgrade) Ana Ivanovic, with American comedienne Tina Fey (who had made mincemeat of America's Sarah Palin's vice-presidential chances) in second place.

{At the same time, the original TMC, Joan Bakewell, took up a personal chair at the Beeb as `Voice of the Elderly.'}

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


For services to realism about race, personality or IQ (as detailed in `IQ & PC' 2008):

Vladimir Avdeyev (Moscow) - his book Rasologia, reviewing the history of racial theorizing in Western thought
John Manning (U. Lancaster) - his book The Finger Book showed striking sex and race differences in ring-finger length
Silvio Berlusconi (Italian P.M.) - prepared to be frank and get a grip on his country's problem with gypsy (`Roma') immigration
Chris McManus (U. London) - explained to the media that IQ was a big determinant of academic success
Bruce Charlton (U. Newcastle) -- ditto
Richard Lynn (ex-U. Ulster) - for keeping going and updating his material on IQ and global inequality
Natascha Kampush (Austria) - scotching environmentohysteria by bouncing through several years imprisoned by paedophile Wolfgang Priklopil
Giuseppe Passarino (U. Calabria, Italy)) - finding a gene linked to mental decline in old age, so probably to IQ
Geoffrey Alderman (U.London) - speaking out (albeit in retirement) against declining academic standards in Britain
Kevin Macdonald - keeping going at California State LUni despite his critique of Jewry and PeeCee
Boris Johnson - the Telegraph's anti-paedohysterical politico of 2008, giving hope that a version of English culture and good humour could survive, even in the form of a blond Turkman
Clifford Longley - the Religious Correspondent of the Times who claimed that Africans suffered from an "endemic moral deficit"
Kevin Myers - the Irish Independent columnist who denounced Black Africans as "sexually hyperactive indigents" (and kept his job)
Simon Sheppard - on the run from British anti-`hate speech' `justice, seeking political asylum in the USA, victim of cowardly MSM disattention
Stephen Whittle -- ditto
George Steiner - the top Cambridge litterateur who declined to grovel when accused of `racism'
Anthony Glees (Brunel U.) - put the boot into the `bureaucracy, low standards and Marxism' of British universities
Niall Ferguson (Glasgow, Oxford, Harvard) - for getting close to mentioning that America's original `subprime' lending boom had been caused by President Clinton in his wish to turn Blacks into property-owners
Jeff Randall (D.Torygraph) ditto
Steve Sailer (Los Angeles) - for keeping cheerful despite astonishing MSM neglect of his excellent work on both OSambo and the debt crisis
Mark Steyn - for keeping going with journalism bordering on the race-realistic
Simon Heffer -- ditto
Tanya Byron -- explained that the "paranoia" about paedophilia had driven men out of teaching
Walter Block (U. New Orleans) - dared to mention The Bell Curve, provoking denunciations from a U.S. Jesuit college
Tom Burkard (visiting fellow at U. Buckingham) - denounced falling standards and PeeCee in schools
Phil Rushton (Toronto) - ambushed by an `anti-racist' journalist, the latter came off worse

{With the help of such heroes, one could reflect that the miserable 2008 had in fact been a turning point. Welfarist delusions had been exposed by `Baby P' and the American Dream had culminated in the debt crisis, thus washing out the fondest utopian delusions of sociologists and economists and leaving psychology as the only reliable guide to world affairs - with China's imperialism in Africa providing a visual aid. The only problem was the relentless advance of PeeCee, with its removal of Black criminals, Islamic terrorists, IQ and psychology itself from public mention - e.g. Mark Steyn, xii 08.}


After a year of honey-trapped self-aggrandizing busybody and race traitor Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy urging affirmative appeasement of France's North African youf, 1,147 cars were torched on New Year's Eve 2008 - a 30% increase in voitures flamb‚es over the corresponding evening of the previous year (International Herald Tribune, 1 i 2009).


Doubts about Pres. Elect Osambo's true nationality - hugely suppressed by the U.S.A.' obligingly peecee mainstream media - were fully aired in Moscow's Pravda (2 i 2009).


Full veiling of the face by Muesli women was not a great idea in the British Isles, warned a Dublin doctorette - fearing that not enough warming sunshine would penetrate to pregnant Muesli goonettes and their foetuses (Times, 28 xii 2008).


In Holland, leftists began to query the lack of integration of Mueslis into Dutch society (International Herald Tribune, 29 i). In Britain, Labour Cabinet ministers Phil Woolas and Hazel Blears admitted the White working class was pretty fed up with immigrants taking up council housing, jobs, and places in schools and hospitals.

{Having spent a decade creating the problem the socialists realized the need to shed crocodile tears. Plainly, elections were in the offing..}


Happy little Botswana remained apparently unbound by U.N. refugee conventions, human rights acts etc. and managed to throw out 5K Zimbabwean asylum seekers in a single week (AmRen, 24 xii 2008).


Scots lads of higher IQ were slightly more likely to die during World War II service than were there lower-IQ compatriots (New Scientist, 19 xii). This was presumably because of their being more often selected for leadership roles in an army with a tradition of `leading from the front.' It was not because of any notable excess of bravery or patriotism, since higher-IQ lads were more likely to avoid military service altogether.


Top American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, author in 1996 of The Clash of Civilizations, died at 81, leaving his main thesis intact as Israeli forces and the Muslim fanatics of Hamas pounded away at each other so fiercely as possibly even to rouse the moguls of Hollywood to recognize that their support for multiculturalism and third-world immigration had been a ghastly mistake (Reuters, 29 xii).

Friday, January 02, 2009


Just to wish all `IQ & PC' readers a Very Merry Christmas with whatever help from Plymouth gin* and newly discovered and highly recommended Old Pulteney Scotch whisky!

Sadly, 2008 was a year of steady gains for PeeCee** (culminating in Edinburgh City Council feeling unable to put up a Christmas tree or indeed use any red or green colours at all in its ghostly `Winterval' `decorations' on Clerk Street) and little conspicuous progress for IQ (itself newly under attack from Jesuits - see 19 xi).

However, things at home were not so bad, with Shiou-yun having an art history book (Artists' Self-Portraits) published in China (and two more in the pipeline to publication) and her theses on Dali and Dowager Empress Cixi made available via Amazon Books; my old age pension and bus pass kicked in, my review of the Moscow-published Raciology and the London-published The Finger Book were put up on the net, and I got mentions in the Daily Torygraph and bright young NY journo Matt Kennard's The Comment Factory ; and Germany provided good entertainment with its market by the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh (with bratwurst, Gluehwein and Nuremberg cake) and its Finance Minister's condemnation of UK PM Crash Gordon's "crass Keynesianism" - reminding people of how nice the world could have been if Britain had linked up with Germany, instead of France, in 1870.

The New Year will see Shiou off for a month-long visit to her mother and artist friends in Taipei; and Professor Eric Barendt (the UK's expert on `academic freedom,' based at King's College, London) will produce his analysis of the Brand Affair - remarking that Edinburgh LUniversity has, in its shame, shredded all documentary details of the case, including the records and reports of its own Tribunal and judicially adjudicated Appeal (which had cost it 100K pounds). Meanwhile, with psychologist John Ray's excellent help, I will continue to monitor in this column such occasional sallies as the welfare-wrecked West may make in the direction of race realism and national liberalism.

* 2008 brought a special new discovery, called `Lucky Jim,' from master boozer Kingsley Amis himself: mix 1 part extra dry vermouth with 15 parts gin, pour on copious ice and garnish with cucumber - most fortifying!

** For the top ten insults to Christians, conservatives and race realists on American campuses in 2008, see Washington Times, 15 xii. But, in a novel twist, posh top BBC broadcaster Edward Stourton published a book that was critical of PeeCee (Independent, 14 xi) only to find himself sacked when it transpired that his book had claimed Britain's `national treasure,' the late and venerated Queen Mother, to be "a ghastly old bigot" who was prone to jest about `Huns, Wops and Dagoes.'

More serious suppression of `incorrect' speech occurred as Steve Sailer's evidence of Obama's un-Americanism and of the origins of the credit crunch in multicultural overoptimism [cf. 7 iv] were largely ignored by the media; and Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (convicted of `hate speech' in England) languished in a Los Angeles jail - America's way of treating their claim for asylum.

Not surprisingly, the year ended with Muslim countries demanding United Nations members ban all criticism of religion (when they hadn't already - victimizing Brigitte Bardot and Oriana Fallaci) (AmRen, 17 xii) and Quebec announcing plans to indoctrinate its five-year-olds with PeeCee (aka Ethics and Religious Culture). Of course, there were some compensations, as detailed in this diary/blog; but such victories as the Metropolitan Police re-adopting `stop-and-search,' America resiling from multiculturalism in Baghdad by building walls (to keep Sunnis and Shi-ites from each other's throats), and the failure of paedohysterical police and tabloids in Jersey to find a single skeleton of a child victim of a kiddie-killer of any vintage received little attention.

The gains for the propaganda of PeeCee/Multiculturalism was illustrated when a survey found only 22% of Americans believed Jews ran Hollywood (down from nearly 50% in 1964): an impressive `victory of stereotyping' since in fact, as Joel Stein told the Los Angeles Times (19 xii), "Jews totally run Hollywood" - many of them homosexual, added Steve Sailer at his blog.


For Christmas, the multiply raped daughter of Austrian sex fiend Papa Fritzl, having borne him six extant children during her 20-year imprisonment by him, agreed to patch up relations with her own mama so the whole family could cook and dine together - with the exception of Fritzl, himself jailed and awaiting the endless determinations of judicial and welfare experts (Sun, 24 xii).


From Steve Sailer's blog: In 2000 a U.S. finance firm sent an email to executives, as follows, "Isn't California full of Latinos? Can Latinos really pay back these giant mortgages we're handing them? If Latinos can't, then who is going to pay even more to move to a neighborhood that we just helped tip Latino? As long as we can bundle them up into CDOs, and sell them them on to some dumb European bankers, who cares if they can't pay off their mortgages?"


In a splendid reinvention of the wheel, Michigan geneticist Alexandra Burt [sic!] found that mildly naughty, heavier-drinking boys were more popular with peers - and carried distinctive DNA (which the newspapers couldn't be bothered to detail) (D. Torygraph, 23 xii; Canada TV, 23 xii).


Multicultural entertainment was provided in a Stockholm suburb on the two nights leading up to Christmas by Muslim (mainly Somali) youth setting fires and hurling rocks at firemen ooops firefighters - requiring control by a "massive " police presence (The Local, Sweden, 24 xii).


Even as the deluded demacracy-mad dolts of America waited for their Multiple Obasm (though the American Dream had actually been provided already by Revs Suckmawillie and Dubya [Church of the Latter Day Morons], resulting in the house price boom and eventual credit crunch), their selected cig-addicted grey Saint Osambo President Elect himself was questioned for hours by police (by the FBI) - normally thought in Britain to be a distinctly black mark against even an MSM-venerated figure, as when Rev. Blair [soon to be ejected from Britain to become a Middle East peacemaker (presiding over 280 dead Muesli goons in Gaza on 27 xii)] had to endure investigation over 1M pound secret donations from a multiculti-enthused Britoid Jewish businessman (David Abramovich) to Labour Party funds.


`Japanese are the tastiest; by contrast, the flesh of Whites is too strong and salty.' So tribesmen of Papua New Guinea confided to a German photographer ( [Berlin], 12 xii) who bravely travelled the island taking pictures of its Stone Age-style inhabitants. Apparently, tribesmen found the very best flesh was that of their own womenfolk. (PNG, where `paedophile' Daniel Gajdusek carried out his Nobel prizewinning research on the brain rot, called kuru, that can result from cannibalism, officially banned the practice in the 1960s; but cases of kuru were still not uncommon.)


Britain's tabloid-fuelled paedohysteria ballooned to new heights as employed father of five Andrew Cunningham, 52, died naked at the hands of a Wandsworth (south London) mob (probably of youths) which inflicted multiple stab wounds to his face, head and genitalia because he had `groomed' boys to bring young girls to his caravan for hanky-panky and had supposedly `fondled' the two-year-old daughter of a local barmaid (Daily Express, 13 xii). (The slaughtered Cunningham's last proven crime was to have `raped' a 14-year-old girl in 2001, for which statutory offence he received a four-month jail sentence. One of his five daughters stood up for him, as did his employer and a local fish factory worker; and a floral tribute at his caravan in the lorry park where he worked said he was `the best man alive.')


Shocking the socks off multicultiloons, and rejoicing the hearts of several race realists, the Muslim community of Perth, Western Oz, announced plans to build a Muslim-only housing development and recreation centre as part of a $10 million complex in the town of Rivervale (The Western Australian, 13 xii).


A subprime Toronto TV station, '16 x 9', got more than it bargained for when it decided on an `ambush interview' with Professor Phil Rushton as he went out to his car one snowy Canadian morning: as the station shouted questions about Phil's `racism', its reporter had a tooth broken by Phil's suitcase as he thrust himself and his microphone forward under Phil's nose - and Phil had the additional consolation of being well supported by AmRen readers (AmRen, 17 xii).


Such peace, democracy and law-abidingness* as Iraq had achieved after five years of Western help (including some 4,400 American and British deaths and expenditure of $600B) were admitted in the Observer [London], 21 xii, as also in AmRen 20 xii, to be attributable to the eventual strict segregation of Baghdad's murderous SoLunnis and Shitites: "Neighbourhoods that were religiously and ethnically cleansed by the wave of violence that engulfed the city before 2007 are now fortified by row upon row of concrete blast walls."

{Not a single visual aid had been provided by MSM in 2008 as to this reverse for multicultural ideology.} {Not that the peace would last long without 30K American troops, for the SoLunnis had no oil so needed to be able to bully the Shitites.}

* The limits of Western progress in Iraq were indicated when, as a cross Muslim journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi, hurled his shoes at Pres. Dubya during a press conference with Iraq's P.M. Lapdog al-Maliki, the journalist was immediately beaten up by police, suffering a broken arm, a cracked rib, cigarette burns and damage to his mouth (he lost a tooth) and an eye.


A letter from Africa-watcher R. W. Johnson detailed the horrors of Zimbabwe, where `independence hero' Robert Mugabe had killed a million of his countrymen and forced four million more to flee (London Review of Books, 22 xii). To Mugabe's charge that Britain had only given œ75M in the 1980s to help poor Blacks buy White farms, Johnson pointed out that Britain had given Kenya eight times this amount but had cut back on generosity to Zimbabwe when it turned out that purchased farms went only to Mugabe's own henchmen and `veterans' of the bloody inter-tribal fighting in Matabeleland by which Mugabe had come to power.

From the eastern Congo, Mary Riddell provided the news that two thirds of women there had been raped by their fellow Blacks and that a favourite sport of Black `soldiers' was kidnapping children, snapping their limbs so they could not wander off, and using them as sex slaves (Sunday Telegraph, 21 xii).


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