Thursday, July 15, 2004


After six months of intensive under-cover investigation using their massive licence fee imposed on every British TV-owning home and a British National Party member who had secretly defected to the ‘anti-racist’ and government-funded Searchlight organization (itself headed by an ex-burglar), BBC 1 managed to film three our four BNP men who had sometimes kicked Pakistanis during rioting or “dreamed” (with the help of BBC booze and encouragement) that they might like to bomb a mosque; and they filmed BNP leader Nick Griffin calling Islam a “vile” religion that had expanded partly by the rape method that it had more recently been applying to Christians and Sikhs in the north of England – giving Griffin the chance in subsequent interviews to explain the low IQ of the Arab world (shown in IQ and the Wealth of Nations) and thus its proneness to corruption, criminality, superstition, unemployability and authoritarianism. As it was, Griffin revealed himself on BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ (15 vii) as an impressive political operator by sacking his members who had admitted violence to the BBC snooper, clearly identifying these wayward and fragile ‘angry young men’ as having been kept on in the party precisely by the secret defector himself, and challenging police to put him on trial for his own view that there should be sensible and open discussion of the threat to the UK and the rest of Europe posed by the traitorous White politicians who had invited mass immigration from Pakistan, Turkey, north Africa and the Caribbean. By the end of Griffin’s interview on BBC2 ‘Newsnight’, the interviewer was the less relaxed of the pair and was being driven into errors of speech and grammar. The ten-minute interview was surely the best advertisement the BNP ever had.

{Certainly it was remarkable that the BBC should have tried to vilify the party using only the indisciplined thoughts of a few individuals and some entirely unexceptionable and indeed interesting thoughts from the leader himself. Six months spent offering cannabis to young males found in mosques or tea to members of women’s guilds would have produced more remarkable outcomes.}

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Homosexuals went into a frenzy as a Scottish hotelier, Tom Forrest, on the Isle of Lewis, declared he would not let "perverts" have a double bed in his family guest house - he would only permit same-sex couples to have twin beds. Yags inundated Forrest with pornographic emails and persuaded the peecee Scottish Tourist Board to remove him from its list; but Forrest (pictured in many newspapers) showed journalists 1,500 supportive emails (including one from me) and courageously resolved to carry on urging faggots to stay in the closet.


Curvy newlywed Florida schoolmistress Debra LaFave, 23, gave nothing but pleasure to her 14-year pupil Matthew Merchant as - apparently frustrated in her marriage and wanting illicit excitement -- she repeatedly slipped off her jeans in the backs of cars to reveal her knickerless preparation for rumpy-pumpy (News of the World, 4 vii). The only problem was that lover-boy Matthew could not prove his story to pals, so brought a cousin along to watch, who then couldn't resist telling his mum.. Finally, cowardly peecee-bound police felt obliged to respect feminazie paedohysteria - chiefly directed at men, but requiring equal prosecution of occasional women offenders -- and threaten smitten Debra with a lunatic punishment of 15 years in jail plus fines of over 27,000 pounds. {Police who prosecute such non-crimes should realize that they will be severely punished by national liberals of the future.}


While miserable Whites beat their breasts over having humiliated a few properly jailed Iraqis, Blacks got busy actually murdering each other on an industrial scale in the Sudan, raping women in a mass-anarchic ongoing orgy across the eastern Congo, and ethnically cleansing thousands of low-IQ Bushmen in Botswana from their tribal homelands (where more diamonds had been discovered, thanks to Western initiative) - all unopposed by the even the respectable left-wing press.


As long forecast in this Diary, Iraq began to divide along racial/ethnic lines: the Kurds ethnically cleansed their northern area (many Arab homes came up for sale in Kirkuk as pressures mounted), the Shi-ites in the south waited patiently for the `democracy' that would allow them to dominate the country; and the Sunnis of the central region re-organized their national-socialist Ba'ath Party and murdered all and sundry. {Thankfully, Western medicine of 2003 gave the Arabs a taste of what the future held for their stupidity, irrationality and extremism; but the Western initiative had been largely vitiated by the peecee belief of Messrs Bush and Blair that all sorts of diverse peoples are bursting to jack in their diversity and fawn on each other.}


Having failed to insist that `victims of paedophilia' from many years ago demonstrate actual harm before being compensated, the Roman Catholic Church in America found 4% of its priests accused of some 10,000 incidents of paedofumbling; and Oregon archdiocese went into bankruptcy from its payouts to ex-choirboys and their lawyers.


After a 19 year-old Muslim prodigy, Sufiah Yusof, made up with what she had once called her "controlling and bullying" parents (educational researchers) and married her 24-year old Oxford law student boyfriend (who had converted to Islam), the Times (10 vii, p. 3) declared her case to have a happy ending - though, unlike her two younger siblings (who fast-tracked to degrees from Warwick University in 2002) she never completed the Oxford degree on which she had embarked at age 13. Two other Oxford-educated prodigies had even happier endings: the famous Ruth Lawrence marrying a 29-year-older Russian divorc‚, Ariyeh Neimark, and becoming an Israeli academic and mother of two; and Jonathan Nunn becoming a chess grandmaster and writer on board games. One prodigy was under something of a cloud, however: Adam Dent began reading chemistry at St Hugh's College at age 14 but found it hard to integrate, took up drinking and left after being falsely accused of rape by an older girl. (Why send him to a women's college long known for its sporting hearties and presumably lesbians?)

Saturday, July 03, 2004


The English Crown Prosecution Service advised police not to prosecute ex-MP Robert Kilroy-Silk for writing in January that Arabs were ‘women repressors, limb amputators and suicide bombers’ and that ‘we owe Arabs nothing.’ The CPS took the view that it would be hard to establish either a threat or an intention or a likelihood of stirring up racial hatred (BBC 1 vii). {The third charge could hardly have stuck since K-S had first published his article in April 2003 without any conspicuous hatred resulting.} Muslim leaders said the decision was “incomprehensible” and further complained that police had been stopping-and-searching Arab-looking young males since 9/11. {But blind Home Secretary Blunkett took powers to discipline the police for insufficient paedohysteria.}


After a year of torture for seven men and a 76-year-old woman, the Crown Office dropped all charges of child abuse against them (Times, 3 vii, ‘Western Isles child abuse case collapses’). In the manner of such cases of witch-hunting, the Crown Office refused to say what, if any, harm had come to the children – presumably none, though rape of three under-16 girls had been alleged; or why the persecution was ending – presumably because the child witnesses, as so often, proved embarrassingly unreliable. Two of the men, one a solicitor, had been forced to leave the Isle of Lewis by vigilante action. {It is all very well to track down and punish miscreants; but such worthy endeavour should be balanced against the vast damage that even mere allegations of under-age sex do to reputations, relationships and livelihoods, and the enormous threat that all adults suffer from feminazies and kindred putative child protectors when their lives can be thrown up in the air by half-baked allegations from children whipped on by social workers.}


Researchers at St Andrews University reported that chimps who make more use of deception (e.g. suppressing copulatory cries so as to mate with a chimp other than their regular partner) have larger neocortexes (Guardian, 1 vii, ‘Low cunning linked to high IQ in apes’). The work provided novel support for the linkage established by Philippe Rushton and others (though long and strenuously denied by Stephen Jay Gould) between measures of brain size (especially of grey matter and the frontal lobes) and general intelligence in man.

{Average brain sizes in Asians slightly exceed those of Whites and substantially exceed those of Blacks. Male brains are larger than female due to extra white matter used in spatial processing.}