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As Britoid `anti-racist' hysteria re Jade and Shilpa (see previous Diary/Blog) was met by Channel 4 handing a review of the offending programme, `Celebrity Big Brother,' over to a three-man committee, another of Channel 4's programmes, `Shipwreck,'* came under attack for besmirching the airways with `racist' comments (Metro, 22 i; Daily Mirror, 23 i; Sun, 23 i; Metro, 23 i). In this case, an upper-crust crystal-accented independent school product, pretty blonde Lucy Buchanan, 18 and a tennis champion whose parents lived in Edinburgh's New Town (though Lucy had been privately educated in York** and was to go to Bristol University after completing her gap year), had said she didn't much care for Blacks though she wouldn't mind having some as slaves.. "When I look out at what Britain is, it's just a complete mess. I don't appreciate how people come into our country and take over our country," she said. She called Blacks "really bad" and lesbians "sinister."

Her public school education had also failed to advise her not to make any public criticism of fat people (the latter "really bring you down" and should have their stomachs stitched, said Lucy..). As `anti-racists' learned of the outrage, complaints to OFCOM over three days soared to 430. When told by `shipwrecked' island mates that they did not like racists, brave Lucy replied, "Well, you've got one here," thus becoming (along with myself) one of the few Brits declaring racist beliefs of some kind or other to the media; so I wrote to the Daily Mail to congratulate her.

Bristol LUniversity promptly announced it would reconsider its offer of a place to Lucy. From their 500,000 pound London Street flat, Lucy's parents, 45+, the father an IT executive and the mother a former model, blamed her "loose talk" on being a "naive teenager" and something of a loudmouth; but Asian MP Keith Vaz (who backed censorship of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses and later hit trouble in Parliament over improper business dealings) called for Channel 4 boss Andy Duncan to be sacked.

Several previous participants in reality TV shows told the Scotsman that nothing interesting appears on Big Brother without substantial orchestration and selection by the programme makers. Attempting to placate the howling red-tops, Channel 4 said viewers would see Lucy's opinions change in later episodes - thus revealing that `Shipwreck' episodes were shot and edited some five months before they were screened. However, quotes from Lucy's later episodes showed only that she had become a little more accepting of lesbians, not of Blacks.

* The show sees two groups of nubile, easy-on-the-eye but lazy young people placed on desert islands in the South Pacific living as castaways. They compete to stay in the tropical paradise and win a 70,000 pound prize.

** The headmaster of St Peter's School, York, founded in 627, spoke highly of Lucy's record as a pupil. And the school had experimented with having a Black (Guyanan) head for a term to demonstrate its commitment to `anti-racist' hysteria; so Lucy would supposedly have been "severely punished" if she had stepped out of the school's `anti-racist' line (Edinburgh Evening News, 23 i).


After weeks of British politicians, archbishops and media pundits uniting in an orgy of `non-discriminatory' wailing on behalf of distressed Bollywood princesses being called poppadoms, distressed Blacks being invited to consider slavery (as an alternative to drug addiction, unemployment, welfare dependency and imprisonment) and distressed homosexuals redirected from one bed-and-breakfast to another - weeks in which the only ordinary freedom defended was that of declining to assist homosexuals to adopt children - a fine defence of the essential liberty to think, talk, act and associate as one wishes so long as one does not interfere with the life, liberty or property of any other was provided by Britain's robust and clear-sighted libertarian leader Sean Gabb here

The route of becoming a private adoption agency was not open to the Catholic Church since a 1948 Act had put all adoption in state hands, allowing agencies to do only the associated social work. Telegraph correspondents called the Government's `sexual orientation regulations' totalitarian, undemocratic and sinister; and pointed out that Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter of animals is exempt from the general law that animals be rendered unconscious before being killed. Again, Britons' liberty to eat pork does not mean that Muslims and Jews need to assist them.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Reflecting the uselessness of NuLabour's education `policies' - mixing the daft with the bright, tolerating aggressive behaviour and kindred rudeness and threats to teachers, and endlessly inspecting schools, giving tests and setting `targets - early retirement among state school teachers leaped 93% from its 1998/9 level of 5,580 to a 2005/6 level of 10,270 (Sunday Telegraph, 14 i). By contrast, frequency of retirement by teachers in the independent school sector over the same period rose only 33%.

Confirming NuLabour's incompetent persistence in egalitarianism, environmentalism, bureaucratic bullying and neglect of the g factor, teachers were becoming less interested in promotion. The National Association of Head Teachers' General Secretary said: "Readvertisement rates for heads' jobs have gone up massively. People are not prepared to follow them to fill the posts because of the aggressive level of accountability that head teachers now face."

Despite Britain's dumbed-down education system producing ever worse results (when comparison was possible - e.g. in English, Science and Maths), the largely uneducated Education Minister `Postman Pat' Johnson announced he would raise the minimum leaving age for pupils in England and Wales from 16 (14 in liberated 1945) to a tyrannical 18.


As Western PeeCee/Multiculturalism/Relativism scaled new heights, with a top ballerina persecuted for the mildest of reservations about mass immigration, the Church of England -- which had long previously installed anti-elitism, anti-racism, anti-misogyny, anti-homophobia and dysgenics as central to its faith - found its project facing disaster as its top bishops in Nigeria threatened immediate schism if the Episcopalians of America did not bring their yags and kindred `liberals' under scriptural control (VirtueOnline, 15 i): yes, whereas femininnies had obliged the church by going easy on Black rapism and Pakistani enslavement of women and children, the Blacks of Nigeria, famous for their seven-child families, were not prepared to go easy on the West's mincing wooftahs.


Backed by the votes of of 23 million Europeans, the radical-nationalist parties in the European Parliament announced their formation of a formal bloc, entitling them to up to 700,000 pounds p.a. in funding from Brussels (BNP News, 16 i; Independent, 16 i). MEP Bruno Gollnisch, a Professor of Japanese at Lyons University and a leading member of the French National Front (awaiting a court verdict on charges of Holocaust denial), publicly announced that he managed to gather the 20 members required to form a parliamentary group. The caucus would be formed by seven French in the National Front, including Le Pen and his daughter, glamour model Marine, Austrian Andreas Moelzer, from the Liberty Party, three Belgians from the Flemish party Vlaams Belang, two Italians, including Alessandra Mussolini, one Bulgarian (who accused gypsies of selling 12-year-old children into prostitution), five Romanians and Mr. Ashley Mote - an independent representing South East England (suspended from UKIP after facing charges - probably politically motivated -- of housing benefit fraud in 2004).

It was anticipated that MEPs from Poland's nationalist movement will also join. Notable in the policy statements of the new group (called `Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty' (ITS)) were welcome commitments to the family and freedom (as long urged in the William McDougall NewsLetter and this Diary/Blog) but they sadly felt it politic to avoid the topics of race, IQ and eugenics.

In view of the Eurorightists' support for Christian values and traditions and their apparent continued anti-Semitism, they looked quite well placed to pick up middle-of-the-road moralistic Muslim votes - as urged by America's Dinesh D'Souza who reckoned Muslims' main beef against the West was simply against the `liberal'-left obsessions to advance pornography, contraception, abortion, homosexuality (and kindred kinks) which they saw constantly paraded in the media (National Review, 16 i). They would probably need to make such an appeal unless they could promptly develop their promise of freedom - especially lower the age for voting, school leaving, sex, marriage, smoking, drinking and drug-taking to a realistic mental age of 12.

The setting-up of ITS was met by Germany's justice minister, Bridgett Zypries, moving to outlaw denial of the Holocaust, the parading of Nazi symbols and racist speech across Europe - but this new draconianism (which would have jailed Prince Harry along with David Irving) was rejected by even Guardian correspondents (16 i) and elicited a fine rebuff from columnist Timothy Garton Ash (who nicely observed "Free expression is a unique and primary good in free societies; it's the oxygen that sustains other freedoms") (Guardian, 18 i).


The PeeCee revolution turned to devouring its own as short-sighted, Cockney-talking, toothy-smiling broadcaster and left-wing high priestess, star of the Mirror group, BBC and Channel 4 and editor of the centre-left Independent on Sunday from 1999 to 2002 (still `editor-at-large' in 2007), Janet Street-Porter, 57, who professed "strong anti-racist views," was arrested by Islington police and bailed to face possible charges of `racist abuse' of a Black woman neighbour (Daily Express, 17 i). According to neighbours, in a row over parking outside her œ1.5M Clerkenwell house, JS-P had screamed and called the neighbour "a stupid Black bitch" (Daily Mail, 17 i). JS-P was notorious in the area for her short fuse, whereas the Congolese-born woman, Julie Mbemba, 36, had a reputation as "a lovely person, not one bit troublesome." JS-P, who had apparently been "distraught" after the funeral of her "beloved sister," apologized for swearing at her neighbour but denied she had done anything `racist.'


Four weeks after the launch of `Academics For Academic Freedom', the protest movement continued to gather two or three signatures per day from Britain's spineless academics who had done just about nothing to support Geoffrey Sampson (Sussex), Frank Ellis (Leeds) or myself in our race realism. Times Higher carried quite a few letters, mainly in favour but some urging the hopeless `balancing' of free speech with responsibility/sensitivity etc. which is always bound to end free speech, especially when the judgment of `being offended by another's speech' is in the hands of alleged victims. One letter made the novel point that even paranoid tyrants would be wise to tolerate free speech - so as to learn what is really going on. The organization `Liberty' (which had never lifted a finger to help me) was said to be orchestrating an attempt to define free speech - but there was no immediate sign of this at Liberty's website.


As effigies were burned in India and complaints raised in the House of Commons over `Celebrity Big Brother', where three grim British females, including the repulsively ugly, stupid* and ill-mannered Jade Goody, had taken to bullying** a beautiful, pneumatic, doe-eyed and refined if a little haughty Bollywood actress who had millions of adoring fans (especially among young Indian men), the two main achievements of Blair's Britain were exposed to the world at once on TV: the destruction of Britain's education system and educational expectations (for Jade, 26, had won celebrity for her ignorance under Blair, who had accelerated the dumbing-down of educational standards) and the advance of anti-racism to top*** religious status (for viewers who objected to the bullying of upper-class Shilpa Shetty took Jade's female jealousy and rudeness for `racism' despite Jade announcing that her biggest ambition was to get the autograph of Black singer Jermaine Jackson [brother of Michael Jackson]).

The episode ended amicably enough in housemates apologizing for rudeness and apparent racism while a cheery Jade (presumably still knowing nothing of outside reactions to her behaviour) denied she had said anything racist at all; Shilpa graciously accepted this But this apology (presumably induced by `Big Brother') did not prevent Jade being unceremoniously booted out of the Big Brother House escorted by a police guard for her protection from hysterical anti-racists whom she obliged by saying she was "disgusted" with herself; and showing her command of true Britoid religion, she volunteered "I'm nasty, but I'm not a racist." The British TV regulator, OFCOM, said that it had received more than 40,000 complaints about Goody's remarks, the most that had ever been filed against any program in the history of British broadcasting.

On the same day further disgrace for Rev. Bliar occurred as his top secretary, Ruth Turner, was arrested by police at 6:30a.m. and questioned with an eye to charges that she had `perverted the course of justice' in the matter of the virtual sale of knighthoods and peerages to people making big donations (disguised as loans) to Labour Party funds.

* Jade thought Sir Winston Churchill was the first Black President of the USA and believed herself the 25th most "inferlential" woman in the world etc. She herself had part-Black ancestry via her Jamaican father and had claimed to have suffered `racist abuse' as a child. Such was the public animus against Jade that even the none-too-brave Telegraph got near to raising the issue of Jade and her fellow witches' intelligence - calling the trio "cretins" and "morons."

** Suggesting she was a "thin" "dog" who couldn't speak English, lived in a shack and ate with her fingers etc. Shilpa at one point remarked she found such comments racist; but the beauty later retracted the allegation - by then widely believed by a public clamouring for Jade to be thrown out of the `Big Brother House' whether for ignorance, bullying, racism or all three. Jade too denied her remarks were racist, saying she only called Shilpa a `Popadum' because she couldn't offhand think of the name of any other Indian food.

*** Times columnist Jane Shilling noted the new moral subtlety with which Jade had failed to cope (19 i): "She behaves as she does because she inhabits a culture in which clever, powerful people in the media have taught her that it is fine to call a person a c*** , but not to call them a Paki. She, less Jesuitical than her manipulators, can't tell the difference between one line of foul abuse and another, and in her hapless stupidity exposes the glaring flaw in their casuistry."


2006 ended with a handy new summary of the best modern empirical estimates of h2 :

height 85%; weight 70%; g 60%; personality 50%; interests 40%; social attitudes 35%; job satisfaction 30%; love styles 0%.

(In NewYork Review of Books, 30 xi, by psychologist Frank Sulloway, `Parallel lives,' pp. 39-42 -- reviewing Nancy Segal's new book on identical twins reared apart, Indivisible by Two.)


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Monday, January 15, 2007


As principal dancer Simone Clarke, newly outed as a member of the British National Party, took to the boards at the London Coliseum as ‘Giselle’ while ‘anti-fascist’ fanatics bayed outside, a fine defence of artists’ political freedoms was given in Eursoc (for a Democratic Europe) (12 i), especially pointing out the many frothing leftists who had been tolerated and funded in the British art world over the years. (Take a bow, Vanessa Redgrave, Harold Pinter and Ken Loach!) But, ignoring such calls for restraint, some 40 noisy ‘anti-racist’ demonstrators turned up to yell outside the English National Ballet’s Coliseum home – “Ballet, not Bigotry,” “Dance against racism” etc. (Reuters, 12 i). British National Party member Richard Barnbrook, the BNP councillor for Dagenham and Barking, was also at the theatre with some 30 non-balletic-looking supporters, where he was greeted with shouts of "racist dog" and "Nazi scum." Two ‘anti-fascists’ gained access to the auditorium, where they disrupted the performance with boos when Simone appeared; but they failed to interrupt the performance, and the pair were met with cries of "shame" from the audience (which possibly included Mr Barnbrook), before security guards bundled them out of the auditorium.

Before being silenced by ENB, Simone had said: "Sometimes it feels as though the BNP are the only ones willing to take a stand. "I have been labelled a racist and a fascist because I have a view on immigration, and I mean mass immigration, but isn't that something that a lot of people worry about?" she said. The ENB said it fully supported “the democratic right of people to mount a legal protest” and was "proud" of its ethnic and cultural diversity. It added that “any personal view expressed by one of our employees should not be considered as endorsed by the company;” but there was no mention of any commitment to political freedom for its staff – nor did it take the trouble to mention that the publicity for Simone’s views and BNP affiliation had been entirely the work of the Grauniad and was not attributable to Simone Ballet lovers were divided: as users of an Internet chatroom debated whether the dancer's private views had any bearing on her job, some saw Simone as misguided, but many were sympathetic.

So why did BNP leader Nick Griffin not attend? Possibly Simone had asked him for a low profile to help her keep her job; and perhaps he had agreed, thinking it best to let the ‘anti-fascists’ shoulder the blame for the rumpus. Or perhaps he was torn between accepting Simone as a valuable figurehead on the one hand or placating his older-fashioned anti-miscegenation followers on the other. (Simone had apparently not known of the BNP’s anti-miscegenation policy when she joined, believing the BNP to be chiefly concerned with reducing mass immigration and taxation.)

Mr Barnbrook claimed to have no objection to Clarke’s relationship with her Chinese-Cuban partner Yat-Sen Chang; but he expressed the hope that the couple would not have children – evidently not knowing that they already had a 4-year-old daughter, Olivia (kept with Simone’s parents in Leeds).

The leftists specially clamoured for Simone to be suspended while investigation took place – the same reasonable-sounding tactic they had used against me in Edinburgh in 1996 and against Frank Ellis in Leeds in 2006, but in fact putting the employer under a blackmail threat of renewed disruption if the outcome is not to the left’s liking.


Interviewed in the January issue of Esquire magazine, Nobel Prize-winner James Watson (co-discoverer of the ‘double helix’ structure of DNA) courted controversy by expressing his commitment to eugenics (Newsmax, 10 i). Watson, 78 and living in Cold Harbor, New York, said his own politics had evolved from the left to libertarianism. He said he "turned against the left wing" because "they don't like genetics, because genetics implies that sometimes in life we fail because we have had bad genes." Watson complained that the poorer classes were having more children than the richer, more intelligent classes. “I think now we're in a terrible sitution where we should pay the rich people to have children." He said that, if we didn't encourage procreation of wealthier citizens, IQ levels would most definitely fall

Sunday, January 14, 2007


A major hope of do-gooder utopian US sociologists from 1990 was to solve Blacks' problems by literally moving them physically from their ghettos to nice suburban areas. Federal authorities were persuaded to spend $16 billion on this wheeze - only for Harvard researchers to report in 2006 that, when Black mothers had used the proffered vouchers to move area, though their girls were a little and less obese, their incomes did not change significantly and their boys behaviour (crime, smoking, drug taking) actually got worse by a factor of some 20% (perhaps because they did not like their schools, felt outclassed and were readily noticeable by suburban police). - American Renaissance and Wall Street Journal, 28 xii 2006 (though no announcement was provided of what punishment sociologists would suffer for their latest heredity-ignoring extravaganza).


Britain's hyper-regulatory NuLabour Government was allowed to take a new step towards authoritarianism and away from freedom of conscience and choice as, on 9 i 2007, the House of Lords voted 199-68 to let `gays' join the list of sainted groups against whom `discrimination' was illegal: despite a torchlit protest by around a thousand Christians at the Palace of Westminster, yags gained similar rights to races, sexes and faiths - not to be given special treatment and, in all likelihood, not to have a word said against them and their practices on pain of the critic being closely targeted as a likely discriminator.

Speaking in the debate, Lord Morrow warned: "The regulations make it possible for homosexual activists to sue people who disagree with a homosexual lifestyle because of their religious beliefs. They require religious organisations to choose between obedience to God and obedience to the state. ..The regulations threaten to override the conscience and free speech of Christians and others who object to homosexual practice."

On the Isle of Skye, brave B&B proprietor Tom Forrest said in reply to the Government's new regulations that he would maintain his rule of offering gay and lesbian couples single beds only, not doubles - but he realized he risked prison for such traditional Christian morality.

The Christians had evidently left their protest too late - `liberal' advocates of freedom of thought and expression having long previously given up the ghost rather than be called `fascist' by the left's shock troops.

In another last-ditch measure before the planned abdication by Bliar (wanted by 70% of the 4,000 correspondents of `This is London'), the Education Minister, the largely uneducated Postman Pat Johnson, announced state schools would no longer be allowed to select pupils by any kind of test or interview of themselves or their parents, by interests or hobbies, by parents' jobs or by demanding that parents buy uniforms or contribute to the costs of school trips; in fact, Johnson urged schools to select by lottery as the most obvious way to avoid selecting by address (which he was banning because the previous thirty years had seen `middle class' parents, in reaction to the left's destruction of the grammar schools, buying the increasingly expensive homes near higher-quality schools). (Yes, NuLabour thus wanted to introduce the `busing' of children to far-away schools that had been rejected in America of the 1980s.)

Yes, the culmination of NuLabour was to be the public exorcising of any use of either discrimination or intelligence and the dragooning of the population into uniform anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-elitism and anti-homophobism by the legal method that had first been proposed as the answer to old-fashioned `right-wing' authoritarianism by leftie Manitoba social psychologist Bob Altemeyer (Enemies of Freedom, 1988). Yes, Rev. Bliar and cronies had found that, just as in China, it was possible, at least for a few years, to sustain capitalism and use it to support not only the party and its corrupt bosses but also a wider system of egalitarian neocommunism, behavioural supervision and control, and extinction of liberty.

The 1.2-million-strong Evangelical Alliance announced it would continue to discuss with Government how to balance a ban on discrimination with freedom of Christian conscience


The truth that unharassed paedophiles make a useful contribution to society reached the Royal Family as the favourite history teacher of Princess Beatrice (the 18-year daughter of Princess Anne) at top œ18K p.a. St George's School, Ascot, Berkshire, was charged by police in Belgravia with inciting a child via the internet to under-age sex (Sun, 10 i). The alleged paedophile, Richard Findley, 42, was said by shocked head girl Beatrice to be "an excellent teacher."

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, glam rock paedophile Gary Glitter, 62, was to be offered early release after being chosen as `a model prisoner' by staff and inmates (Sun, 10 i) - though, as and when returned to Britain, he would be hounded by the Sun as much as possible for `sex tourism.'


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


In the Observer (7 i), columnist Jasper Gerard dismissed the efforts of `anti-racist' `community leaders' to get principal ballerina Simone Clarke, 36 (and due to play `Giselle' at the London Coliseum from 8th January), sacked from English National Ballet because of her membership of the BNP. Apparently such sacking would be a bridge too far for JG's branch of the `liberal'-left, which should not show itself guilty of "taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut;" so the diversity dogs needed to be called off.

Simone's affiliation (which allegedly annoyed several of her ENB colleagues and Black and Muslim community leaders once the Guardian started phoning around) had been discovered and publicized by an undercover Guardian snooper and disrespecter of privacy, Ian Cobain (more - including pictures of the beauty -- at American Renaissance, 4 i and Canada Free Press, 5 i). She had joined the BNP in May, 2006, after she and her Chinese-Cuban (born in Cuba to Chinese parents) boyfriend (of seven years) and co-dancer, Yat-Sen Chang, in their luxury apartment in West Kensington, saw the BNP on television winning council seats in Barking.

She told the Daily Mail (31 xii): "We went on to the computer and we looked them up and I read their manifesto. I'm not too proud to say that a lot of it went over my head but some of the things they mentioned were the things I think about all the time, mainly mass immigration, crime and increased taxes. Those three issues were enough to make me join so I paid my 25 pounds there and then." Simone's lack of animus about good-quality immigration was further attested by the revelation that almost all her top ballet dancer colleagues at ENB were non-English (indeed, non-British). Nick Griffin could hardly have hoped for a better recruiting officer.


As the distinguished retired civil servant, Sir Andrew Green, announced (Daily Telegraph, 3 i, pp. 1-2) that his organization MigrationWatch had completed a review of immigration literature* and concluded that immigration to Britain had a net economic value* to each Brit of only 2 pounds p.a. (compared to HMG's more cheering estimate of around 80 p.a.**), he promptly found his organization described as "right-wing" by the BBC. Evidently the appeals in 2006 by the Prime Minister and others for `proper debate' of immigration and multiculturalism had fallen on deaf `liberal'-left ears at the Beeb.

* The relevant literature presumably did not include the social, cultural and political drawbacks and risks of the mass immigration which NuLabour had allowed. Nor did it especially focus on the special drawbacks of low-IQ immigration.

** Assuming HMG, in claiming immigration to be worth 4 billion p.a., had been using the normal modern (American) definition of a billion as a thousand million.


In a spectactular U-turn in Zimbabwe (average IQ 66, and facing starvation and economic collapse), despot Robert Mugabe offered hundreds of White farmers whose land he had stolen to return to their farms, where he would grant them an apparently free 99-year lease (Guardian, 3 i).


Exeter University Christian Union, banned from using student facilities (including its own bank account), announced it would take its luniversity to court for demanding it be prepared accept committee members refusing to attest traditional Christian values (and in particular refusing to denounce homosexuality as sinful) (BBC, 5 i; and this Diary, xii 06). It had gained the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who said that affirming traditional Christian values should not be treated like Holocaust denial. Dr Rowan Williams said the refusal by some student unions to recognize evangelical Christian groups looked like a "fear of open argument." ECU would ask the High Court for judicial review of the luniversity's actions. Similar action against luniversities denying freedom of speech, expression and association was thought likely to follow in Birmingham and Edinburgh.


It transpired that the Harvard professor who had found area diversity associated with distrust (even when countless sociological variables were controlled) (see DIVERSITY - PSYCHOTICISM LINK ADMITTED, this Diary, x 2006) had actually suppressed his findings for five years and was furious when the Financial Times published his main observations (after an interview with him). -- See Steve Sailer, `Fragmented Future,' American Conservative, 15 i 2007, for a fine discussion of how multiculturalists like Prof. Robert D. Putnam will do just anything to maintain piety about diversity (at least, anything but admit that multicultural society works reasonably well among people of above IQ 92 and of Christian faith and practice, as found in the US Army [where selection ensures that even Black soldiers average IQ 102] and in American football [where coaches commonly lead their teams in prayer]). The original reports of the embarassing findings are here and here.


As 2007 opened with the French high-school philosophy teacher who had criticized Islam, Robert Redeker, still in hiding, it became clear that the twenty French luminaries who had defended his right to free speech (FRENCH SUPPORT FOR FREE SPEECH, this Diary, x 2006) had in fact been able to do little more than defend his right to life. An impressive article by a friend of Redeker's, Christian Delacampagne (Commentary, i 2007), detailed how the French universities and press had been largely unsupportive - as they largely were, apparently, to anyone not sharing their rampant anti-Americanism and to anyone showing the slightest sign of Islamophobia. Redeker himself told Delacampagne that he had been "astonished by his fate" - as I had been in Edinburgh of 1996-7, when hardly anyone campaigned for me to be allowed free speech (except for a group of Trotskyite youngsters in Glasgow University..). "I never thought that such a thing could happen in our old Republican France," Redeker wrote to Delacampagne in a short, stoic message.

Yes, the alliance between the Left and Islam which I envisaged in American Renaissance in 2005, was well under way in France. The Left which had brought the French Revolution, a million dead Catholics, the Napoleonic Wars, strikes, Communism, pacifism, wymmin's `lib,' homosexuality, mass third-world immigration and PeeCee to the West was on track to deliver its next trick: Islam.

Meantime, in London, the Left-Muesli conspiracy strengthened as London Mayor `Red' Ken Livingstone was seduced into allowing `radical' Muslims a vast mosque in East London - provoking protests from representatives of intimidated Slunni moderates in the Spectator (6 i).


In a slight shift from its normal obdurate environmentalism and facile utopianism, the Economist admitted the case for genetic influence on human abilities and personality had been strengthening and especially summarized the case of sex differences as in the observations of Larry Summers and Simon Boring-Cohen - though the case made by Richard Lynn and Phil Rushton for a (modest) IQ difference remained unmentionable.


Pleas (signed by thousands) to the Queen to use her powers to revoke the Government' legislation (imposed in 2006 on Northern Ireland and planned for Britain in 2007) banning businesses, clubs, agencies and service providers (including even home-run bed-and-breakfast set-ups) from discriminating against homosexuals were announced as being orchestrated by the 2,000-strong Lawyers' Christian Fellowship which had also been helping Christian Unions fight the likes of Edinburgh LUniversity for freedom of speech and association (instead of university Christian Unions being obliged to have yags on committees and to tell their members of the delights of promiscuous sodomy - see this Diary, December, 2006).

Apparently, the Happy New Year of 2007 would see some serious fun on these issues. The Queen was to receive the petition against the Sexual Orientation (Provision of Goods and Services) Regulations on 9th January, the day on which the House of Lords would debate the Rev. Bliar's plan to secure his `legacy' via choirs of prancing yags cooing his praises. A torchlight parade through Westminster was to follow, which Muslims were urged to join by the Islamic Medical Association. Andrea Minichiello Williams, of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship, which was organising the London demo, said: "The regulations not only force people to assist and promote activities contrary to the historic teachings of their faith, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, but also censor them from speaking freely about their beliefs."

Catholic bishops looked for the exemption of church organizations from the leglislation, saying that, for example, their adoption agencies would close rather than supply babies to yag `civil partners.' The Board of Deputies of British Jews also urged the Government to respect freedom of conscience.

Holding the hot potato for the Government was `Communities Minister' Ms Ruth Kelly, a devout Catholic and mother of four from The Queen's College, Oxford.

In Blackpool, a Christian couple won a 10,000 pound compensation payout and 60,000 costs from Wyre Council after it had set the police on them as `homophobic' after they had asked the council to exhibit Christian alongside yag-backing literature and told council officials they thought homosexuality "morally wrong." Wyre Council also found itself under attach from the Navajo Indians of Utah for claiming that the Navajo had traditionally been tolerant of homosexuality and kindred perversions (Sunday Telegraph, 7 i).


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Friday, January 05, 2007


A welcome critique of the Bliar Government's ongoing persecution of the British National Party was provided by the fine Libertarian Alliance Director Sean Gabb here. e.g.:

"..Since lying about the BNP does not work very well in the age of the Internet, the gentler forms of destruction are being supplemented by stronger. Its leader has just been acquitted after a trial for speech crimes that did not exist when I was a boy. Its known members are losing their jobs in public bodies up and down the country. It has trouble getting its material printed. Banks are being persuaded to close its accounts. The legal machinery is in place to deny it access to the ballot in elections. ..

Much of this would be happening if there were a Conservative Government. But the intensity of the persecution faced by the BNP is peculiar to Labour. There has been a strain of antinomianism in our politics since 1997 not seen in centuries. From Tony Blair down, the Ministers believe passionately that they can and therefore must turn England into some kind of multicultural love feast. Their vision of a transformed England is not very clear. But, as with an impressionist painting, vagueness of detail is compensated by vividness of colour. These people cannot imagine that anyone of good will could fail to believe as they do. Therefore, all opposition is evil, and may rightly be put down without regard for traditional norms of right and justice and common decency. See, as an example of this, how Peter Hain defends as a Minister police state measures that he used to condemn when used by the South African Government. To the Saints of New Labour, all things are lawful."

Of course, even Sean's excellent piece only dealt with the tip of the iceberg of NuLabour oppression: for example, the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, had to endure not just one but a repeat trial for `hate speech' (against Mueslis) before he was cleared by a second jury; and the English criminal justice system was, while Sean Gabb wrote, in the process of bringing to jury trial two other articulate `far right' activists and race realists for anti-Semitic remarks on a website. See here.

The Hebrews, Mueslis and Frogs all deserved fair criticism. Though they were each over-represented in creating the attractions of PeeCee, female enslavement and petit pois respectively, they had each shown disrespect to Britain and thus deserved the chaotic fate that awaited them as their love affairs with a fundamentally erratic, disloyal and oh-so-democratic America, enmeshed in its race-free idealistic delusions (albeit followed close behind by the ludicrous Rev. Bliar), came to grief.

A fine riposte was provided by the BNP to Rev. Bliar's `New Year Honours List' with its countless awards for `services to diversity'.


76% of U.K. adults told pollsters that brighter children should be streamed so as to push them on; Sir Eric Anderson (Provost of Eton and Tony Blair's former housemaster at Fettes College, Edinburgh, and once named by the P.M. has having been his favourite teacher) said "the 40-year experiment with comprehensive education has failed"; the right-ish think tank which produced these observations called for a 20-fold increase in Government spending on "very able" children; and the Conservative Party responded that it would indeed aim to reintroduce streaming by ability in state schools (it is currently operative only for some 35% of children in maths and sometimes English) (Daily Telegraph, 2 i 2007, pp. 1-2). {No mention of IQ or The g Factor (1996) and its pro-`track choice' Chapter 4 [published independently in the journal Intelligence (1996)] - that would be too much New Year good cheer to expect from the intimidated mice who make up Britain's great-and-good!}


Pleas (signed by thousands) to the Queen to use her powers to revoke the Government' legislation imposed in 2006 on Northern Ireland in 2006 banning businesses, clubs, agencies and service providers (including even home-run bed-and-breakfast set-ups) from discriminating against homosexuals were announced as being orchestrated by the 2,000-strong Lawyers' Christian Fellowship which had also been helping Christian Unions fight the likes of Edinburgh LUniversity for freedom of speech and association (instead of university Christian Unions being obliged to have yags on committees and to tell their members of the delights of promiscuous sodomy - see this Diary, December, 2006). Apparently, the Happy New Year of 2007 would see some serious fun on these issues. The Queen was to receive the petition against the Sexual Orientation (Provision of Goods and Services) Regulations on 9th January, the day on which the House of Lords would debate the Rev. Bliar's plan to secure his `legacy' via choirs of prancing yags cooing his praises.


After a 5-year girl was savaged to death by her skinhead uncle's pit bull terrier during family jollifications in her St Helen's home at 4.30a.m. on New Year's Day, thoughtful Telegraph columnist (and anti-paedohysteric) Andrew O'Hagan (2 i) wondered why there were no laws providing serious punishment* for dog owners whose oh-so-affectionate (as owners unfailingly say) pooches take chunks out of people - or indeed other pooches. Blairite Britain had got around to banning guns, banning smacking, banning most `hate speech,' banning foxhunting, monitoring people by videocamera more than in any other country on earth, and, for 2007, banning smoking till age 18 (wonder how Britain's many 17-year old soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan will like that!...); and yet no punishment seemed to lie ahead for the offending uncle of St Helen's - even though he had previously been issued with a written `warning' from police to control his dog after neighbours had filed complaints of the mutt's irritable and savage nature. Sadly, all too many dog lovers shared HM Government's peecee delusion that there were no genes for anything - certainly not for aggression in dogs (the very breeds of which were not agreed between the Government and the Kennel Club); so, rather than dealing realistically with pitbull fans, Bliar's legal-eagle neosocialists had spent the previous ten years fooling around introducing controlling statutes that didn't work so as to appear the successful environmentalists they would actually never be.

* As the law stood, the uncle, Kiel Simpson, 23, a hoodie-sporting convicted drugs dealer who gave V-signs to reporters, faced only a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and a œ5K fine for keeping a proscribed dog. A neighbour said (Sun, 3 i): "He used to take it on a playing field and let it off the lead with no muzzle. It was his intention to intimidate."


Dissatisfaction of French Muslims with the arrangements made for them (including an extra 25,000 police on duty, including 4,500 extra in Paris) spilled over into 2005-type levels of violence on New Year's Eve, with 400 cars set on fire and 250 arrests made. {Ongoing Muesli rejection of the policy of `integration' might have given some pause for thought to Britain's NuLabour politicians, including P.M. Rev. Bliar, who had spent 18 months tentatively moving at a snail's pace from `multiculturalism' towards `integration' as the method of choice for handling Britain's low-IQ Blacks and non-English-speaking Pakistanis..}


Only one country in the world went into official mourning over the execution of a 69-year-old ex-ally of both America and France who had done his best to avenge the Muslim overthrow of the dignified Shah of Persia, to stop Shitite woman-enslaving fanaticism from spreading uncontrollably across the Middle East, to seek allies variously in France, Russia and (most successfully, America) and to keep his own ethnically divided country of Iraq together and pumping oil. Yes, it was the Libya of Dictator-Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi which alone declared a 3-day suspension of New Year jollification as Iraq's Shitites executed their former President who had tortured and gassed them only in pursuit of the objective of national unity which had in turn by 2006 become the only objective of the American and British invaders of Iraq as they hoped against hope to remedy the state of evidently undreamt-of turmoil which they had heedlessly created by refusing to divide the country into its ethnic groups (as proposed by Jim Woodhill and myself back in 2003).

Just as it was only Libya that had learned realistically from Saddam's experience not to hold or try to hold or pretend to hold `weapons of mass destruction' while America had a strong President, so Libya had learned an even more important lesson: that the only way to hold a `multicultural' country like Iraq together was by sheer brutality - as Saddam's hero Stalin had always known, but as the West was only beginning to find out as it demolished its classic rights to free speech and association and spent its money jailing the likes of David Irving and Ernst Zuendel, wasting the skills and knowledge of the likes of Andrew Fraser, Frank Ellis and myself, arming the police to the teeth, turning airports into torture-and-extortion chambers for passengers and monitoring daily in Britain alone some 2,000 active Muesli bomb plots. Yes, Gaddafi and his bodyguard cheeky-girls had learned from Saddam and were truly grateful. Hopefully the West would soon follow suit in realizing that pacific multiculturalism was simply not an option, at least when lots of people around Iraq's IQ of 87 were involved.

Saddam's death was promptly followed, within the day, by the killing of 80 (including six U.S. servicemen) in Shitite areas of Baghdad (presumably by Slooni Mueslis); by silence from Rev. Bliar as he basked outside the luxury ultra-private beach home of a pop star in Miami; and by Rev. Dubya of the Church of the Latter-Day Morons, undaunted by three years of worldwide obloquy, announcing his determination to make one more push to achieve success for his multicultural mission in Iraq - a mission by then vastly more costly than all the partial ethnic cleansing of 1990's Yugoslavia and the ongoing international military enforcement of that cleansing's non-completion (for the Americans alone had by then lost 3,000 men in Iraq and taken many more casualties while pursuing their peecee pipedreams).


Naseem Hamed, 32, featherweight `British' champion boxer, of Yemeni* parentage, had his 1999 Membership of the Order of the British Empire award withdrawn by the Queen on emerging from a 15-month prison sentence for dangerous driving (Sun, 1 i 2007). Hamed had been known during his boxing career for arrogance, argumentativeness and exhibitionism. His crime had been of driving his œ320K sportscar at 90mph on the wrong side of the road, resulting in a head-on collision which broke every major bone in the other driver's body. The cost of this exercise to his adopted country remained uncalculated by British newsies; nor was any news given of any plan by Hamed to compensate his victim.

* IQ in the Yemen was estimated by Lynn & Vanhanen (2002) to be 83.


Actor-director zillionaire Mel Gibson, already in trouble with the peecee pietists for airing his reservations about the English (in his film `Braveheart') and the Jews (to a Los Angeles Jewish cop who stopped him for drunk driving in 2006), turned out to have produced a film, `Apocalypto,' that stressed the violence of the Mayas of c. 700 Mexico more than their advanced achievements of those days in hieroglyphic writing, calendrical accuracy, astronomy and mathematics. Ignacio Ochoa, the director of the Guatemalan Nahual Foundation which promoted Mayan culture, told the Sunday Telegraph (31 xii): "Gibson replays, in glorious technicolour, an offensive and racist notion that Maya people were brutal to one another long before the arrival of Europeans [c. 1500] and thus they deserved, in fact needed rescue."

Apparently the mediaeval Mayans went in for mass decapitations as part of their religious sacrifices; though they did not go as far as their 13th-century conquerors, the also-Nahuatl-speaking Aztecs who liked to tear out their living victims' hearts. The Aztecs were in turn conquered by Hernan Cortes. Under Catholicism, the Mayans and Aztecs converted to agriculture and by 2006 worked chiefly as day labourers or in tourist resorts giving displays of traditional dancing in head-dresses and face-paint. Apparently, their blood-lusting ethnic group had gone into decline rather as had once the enslaving and warmaking Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. The Telegraph published a picture of Mayans in 2006 which made Borat's Kazakhstan look a model of advanced civilization.

Gibson found he had an admirer in David Irving (newly released from his totally unjust 400 days of solitary confinement in Austria for `Holocaust denial) - though precisely for what remained unclear, since both men still unfailingly denied to the courts and media that they were racists.


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