Wednesday, July 26, 2006


After a decade of the West waiting for its so-sainted Jews to denounce the multiculturalism which they had madly encouraged in the West (especially via their domination of the U.S. media and Hollywood), the leading London leftish public intellectual, columnist and Jewess, Melanie Phillips, at last provided a welcome specimen of realistic effort in a new book, Londonistan.

From a review by historian Michael Burleigh in the Sunday Telegraph, 9 vii (Seven): "Phillips claims that as many as 16,000 British Muslims are `actively engaged in or support terrorist activity.' An estimated 3,000 visited al-Qa'eda training facilities [presumably post-2000] under the guise of attending family weddings and the like." Sadly, Burleigh had to conclude: "Since the elites who determine our destiny are like rabbits blinded in the headlights, caught between fear of being `racist' while dimly conscious that a populist backlash may be just over the horizon, none of Melanie Phillips's sensible suggestions will be adopted, and the lessons of her deeply shocking book will be consigned to the `I told you so' category."


Britain's feminazie terror and general loony illiberalism were exposed to new ridicule as a vicar who gave an 10-year old girl pupil a kiss on the cheek as she received an award at a school prize giving was forced to resign as one of the school's governors (Daily Telegraph, 18 vii).

{Meantime, the USA continued with more traditional paedohunting of its best and brightest, dooming to jail a 69-year-old and IQ-178 professor of genetics at the University of Southern California who had engaged ten years previously in unspecified and apparently harmless groping sessions on occasions over four years with a girl of aged 10-14 (NBC, 19 vii).

Professor William Anderson was widely credited with beinhg the "father of gene therapy," a promising but controversial experimental medical treatment that involved injecting healthy genes into sick patients. He was the first person to successfully treat a patient this way in 1990, launching the field (ABC, 19 vii.}


The g factor achieved unaccustomed political recognition as Thailand's Education Minister announced his intention to try to raise national IQ (which he estimated at 88 - 3 points below Richard Lynn's estimate) to around 105 (21 vii);

and a new book on intelligence by Arizona State University's Professor Paul Privateer noted with some approval that intelligence was what pregnant mothers most hoped for in their children (Newswise, 18 vii).


Though incurring the wrath of the nigga-luvvin, taxpayer-funded and usually Labour-backed (and occasionally integration-supportive - see above) `Commission for Racial Equality', H.M.G.'s female-frump ministers for `children' and `health' stood by their eugenic proposal to cut conception and birth rates in Black teenage girls. The Daily Telegraph strikingly recorded (22 vii): "Ministers say that even when social deprivation and educational achievement are taken into account, pregnancy rates among black and mixed-race girls are much higher than average. They [viz. les gals] also have proportionately more abortions, accounting for nine per cent of all terminations for women {surely girls?} under 18, even though they make up only three per cent of the female population between 15 and 17. ..[New Government-funded research also showed] that teenage black and minority ethnic schoolchildren have lower sexual health knowledge compared to their white British counterparts."

{At the same time a multicultural riot involving 40 people broke out in my birthplace of Preston (long home to a growing Pakistani problem and having the UK's highest rate of `racist incidents' recorded by police), resulting in the death of an `Asian' youth; and an `Asian' taxi-driver was killed in Huddersfield by White youths regarded by police as racially motivated.}


Having failed to follow this Diary/Blog (and its predecessor, the William McDougall NewsLetter) for the past five years, the British and American `Governments' were astounded to find Iraqi politicians drawing up plans to divide Baghdad into Sunni and Shia halves in the hope of reducing the 50-per-day murder rate obtaining between the city's hate-filled and low-IQ Mueslis. According to the Daily Telegraph (22 vii, p. 16): "The proposal would mean an acceptance that the country could not be held together and would mark a dramatic failure for the American policy of fostering national unity." One Iraqi `Government' official admitted the dividing line would be the River Tigris and said "Iraq as a political project is finished."

{The long-expected SoLuni vs Shitite civil war would certainly provide a welcome change from the region's anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism and help the West wise up as to the hopelessness of its multicultural illusions.}

{For a brilliant and succinct analysis of the multicultural disaster that is Lebanon, see Steve Sailer, 16 vii, in VDare.}


Britain's Labour Education Secretary, Alan Johnson (an ex-postman and smoothy tipped as a possible successor to the sleazy, spin-obsessed, multi-culti-crazy and deeply incompetent P.M. Rev. Bliar) was caught out betraying his party's education policy by trying to arrange entry to a private (independent, non-state) school for a constituent's son said to be "very able" (Daily Telegraph, 25 vii) - and he went on to say state schools would need to dragoon children for ten hours a day (8a.m. - 6p.m.) if they were to catch up with the excellent `social skills training' found in private schools (Education Guardian, 25 vii).


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Saturday, July 15, 2006


After three months exploring professorships offered in Taiwan, Shiou-yun and I have decided to stay in Edinburgh for the time being. Though we had dotted many i’s and crossed many t’s for I-Shou University (in the pleasant hills outside the city of Kaoh-siung) (even providing double legally sworn proof from a Scottish Notary Public of such matters as that I had graduated M.A. (Oxon.) from The Queen’s College in 1965), the University was not itself at all so obliging in bureaucratic matters (e.g. insisting that salary figures and hours of teaching could not be mentioned in the English-language version of the contract).

It is always a little sad to turn down an adventure; but to leave the convenience and culture of Edinburgh without having explored the Western mileage in Shiou’s Ph.D. seemed premature – not least since Shiou’s Taipei-based mother felt she herself preferred us to stay in the West (even a Taiwanese Nobel Laureate lately threw up his hands in horror at the bureaucracy and complicated modern politics of ‘the beautiful island’). So we will carry on here pro tem., hoping to help end Britain’s worst-ever ‘Government’ by grasping socialist liars, and continue to invite people to use our services in translation, proof-reading, editing, reviewing and writing – and of course in battling against multiculturalist illusions and PeeCee.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Two academic econometricians in Illinois came to the support of Lynn & Vanhanen's IQ and the Wealth of Nations claim that IQ is a major determinant of national prosperity - and indeed of economic growth. See here, here and here.


British prisoners were on a full-fledged diet of 'multi-faith' blarney - i.e. copping out to Islam - the Daily Telegraph's top columnist Charles Moore revealed (8 vii). Responding to an American evangelical group that had applied to be given the chance to save old lags' souls in Dartmoor, Britain's toughest nick, an "Area Psychologist" successfully persuaded her bureaucratic masters (including prison chaplains - all themselves multi-faith so as to cope with Britain's 40% Black prison population) to reject InnerChange's idea that 'the root of offending is in individual sin.' This "lacks basis in specific scientific research," the Area Psychologist opined. Warming to her theme, she declared: "The place of anti-social behaviour in the concept of good and evil, god [she kept God in the lower case] and the devil may not encourage self-responsibility in a manner which enables the individual to make sophisticated choices when faced with complex situations in their lives." She worried that the programme might proselytize and that the people who ran it believed that their version of Christianity was 'right.'

Clearly, said Moore, the public doctrine of 'multi-faith' had become one in which the word 'multi' trumped the word 'faith.' And no high levels of grammar or sense were any longer to be expected of prison psychologists. {For its part, the Church of England, not content with backing female bishops (the culmination of its earlier moves to downgrade choirboys, recognized by the lads themselves fifty years ago to be the thin end of the wedge), began formal discussions on whether to drop St George as England's patron saint because of the 'offence' which the Europe-wide symbolism of the martially clad and valorous George supposedly gave to Mueslis - American Renaissance, 6 vii.}


Having packed its ‘national’ football team with Black players, including an old-age-football-pensioner half-Black, one ‘Zizou’ Zidane, 34, France suffered the ignominy of defeat in the World Cup Final in Berlin’s HitlerStadium at the hands of Italy after the said Zidane, normally of monkish mien, lost his rag over some “very serious” (said Zidane) comments (apparently about his Algerian mother and her possible ‘terrorist whore’ status) directed to him by an Italian player, head-butted the said player in the chest, felling him, and was sent off by the referee.

Without Zidane, who may (according to some Italian lip readers) himself have initiated the critique maternelle, France ten minutes later lost the game’s final ‘penalty shoot-out.’ France’s ludicrous President Chirac (presiding over referendum rejection, voitures flambe’es, high unemployment and students zealous for their ‘workers’ rights’ to a 4-day week etc.) tried to preserve peecee piety and prevent race riots by publicly insisting (as he on the next day entertained the demoralized French side for frogs’ legs at the Elyse’e Palace) that Zidane was an “exceptional” and “virtuoso” player and a, jolly good egg (leg?....) by whom French sport and even “La France” itself had been lucky to be graced; but Paris newspapers, which recalled Zidane’s earlier record of head-butting (earning him a five-game suspension in 2000) and fourteen sendings-off in all in his international footie career, were not so obliging, the daily newspaper Le Parisien asking how "the blue angel turned into a devil," and sports paper L'Equipe condemning the "stupid" assault on Materazzi that editorialist Claude Droussent said it was hard to forgive.

{French crowds followed their President in maintaining the grand illusion that Zizou was a national treasure; but the Argentinian referee, Horacio Elizondo (the same as had red-carded England’s 19-year-old star Wayne Rooney), declared that Saint Zizou had simply gone “loco” – quite mad – and France’s sports minister Jean-Francois Lamour said the head butt was "unforgivable.”}

{Just before Zidane’s disgrace, FIFA (Federation Internationale des Footie-loving A**holes, which had turned the German games into propaganda for ‘anti-racism’) had decided to award the Saint its ‘Golden Balls’ handout for ‘the man of the tournament.’ Zidane was FIFA’s World Player of the year three times and became the most expensive player in history when he joined Real Madrid for 47 million pounds in 2001.} {Italian head-butt victim Marco Materazzi insisted to journalists that the slur he had issued to Zidane was just one given 'dozens of times a day’ in normal footie life. The Sun (11 vii) reckoned MM had tweaked ZZ’s left nipple hard, saying “as I usually do to your wife.”}

{ZZ subsequently ‘asked the forgiveness of children’; but failed to apologize to either MM or his team-mates, insisting his mother and sister had been insulted and that he felt shocked at an Italian (Northern League) politician who had criticized the French team for being made up of “Blacks, Islamists and communists.”}


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


After nine years of NuLabour’s transformation of Britain into a country of slaves (with a quarter of a million extra jobless streaming in each year), a brave complaint was issued by Labour M.P. Frank Field (together with a rejection of closing such debate down for ‘racism’) and the fact that the alleged economic benefits of swamping Britain “are a mirage” was noted by economics professor Robert Rowthorn, King’s College, University of Cambridge (Sunday Telegraph, 2 vii 06) and followed up (Daily Telegraph, 3 vii) by columnist Philip Johnston who complained the British students were finding it very hard to get vacation work because of the 400,000 lately arrived Eastern European workers (“and those are just the ones who have registered”).

{Astonishing that there should be complaints about pretty Polish girls – magnificent dancers and splendidly slim -- and hardworking Polish boys after a generation of Britain filling itself up with immigrants from countries of far lower levels of IQ! – Still, even the ‘right-wing’ historian Niall Ferguson kowtowed in his War of the World to the idea that the ethnic differences which he himself claimed to provide a basis for twentieth-century conflict had little serious basis in psychological reality, and certainly not in intelligence or education, neither of which achieved any mention in his Index.}

{Embarrassed by pro-BNP news arriving in parallel with a survey finding that 13% of ‘British’ Muslims thought the London bombers of 7/7/2005 were “martyrs” who had died for Bin Liner, Allah and their towelheads, Rev Bliar hopped smartly on the mini-racist bandwagon and said Mueslis needed to put their house in order – not least since he himself had no ability (and, probably, inclination) to do this post-9/11 job for them. ‘Moderate’ Muslims promptly emerged to claim they would perform all sorts of wonders to ‘integrate’ their co-religionists into Britain so long as Rev. Bliar gave them potsamoney to relieve hardship, gross and chronic ignorance of English, police harassment, unemployability, Muslim need for female slaves, Muslim needs for Muslim spouses (preferably from badlands such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and ‘ally’ Pakistan), and Muslim thirst for White blood (gamely advertised by a Muslim Ph.D. student from Reading University who had specifically ordered the Bali holiday resort bombers to target Whites (Daily Telegraph, 4 vii).

{Frank Field and Professor Rowthorn were soon joined by mighty Labour stalwart Rear Admiral Dame Gwyneth Dunroamin (the daughter of a former long-running Labour Party General Secretary Morgan Phillips and his wife Lady Phillips) who spoke up for the social workers of Crewe, overburdened as these darlings were by Rev. Bliar’s unconscionable and incalculable (by him at least, he admitted) deluge of immigration. But Muesli spokesperson Inayat Banglydoshwallah complained that Rev. Bliar had not spent on investigating the 7/7 bombing the 400 million pounds which it had spent to establish that the Irish Troubles were largely the fault of the British Army, for Mr Bangly believed a public inquiry as into ‘Bloody Sunday’ {not bloody enough, say some} would quash the idle rumours that 7/7 was the work of Muesli fanatics and was instead due to Muesli pacifists and Koranic scholars opposing Rev. Bliar’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan {though no such Muesli pacifists had ever emerged to protest murderously, or indeed at all, against Rev. Bliar joining in the invasion of Orthodox Serbia by Rev. Wm Clinton of the Church of the Latter-Day Fornicators and Albanian-Gypsy-Lovers.}


Not ones to abandon a sinking ship, Richard Lynn and Paul Irwing scored in the ‘brief communications arising’ columns of Nature (6 vii), contesting Steven Blinkhorn’s ix 2005 dismissal of their work. Supposedly, they had been right to ignore the largest-ever study of IQ and sex, which found no superiority for adult males, since Mexican universities showed biased admission of more males than females, thus lowering the estimate of male IQ.

There was no space in brief correspondence to specify, quantify or otherwise explain the degree of effect the Mexican universities' bias might have had, and Blinkhorn's reply (same issue) - as well as pointing out that another study cited by Lynn actually had significantly more females than males -- similarly stressed the apparent lack of interest in precisely quantifying the sex difference, this being replaced by a use of meta-analysis that was "methodologically inappropriate, statistically bizarre and unsuited to the estimation of subpopulation parameters"; but, probably more important, space did not allow simple basic consideration of how Richard's Lynn's collected studies of the previous fifteen years had been sampled - long the main problem (as often explained to him) in evaluating his rejection of the formerly (for c. 60 years) undisputed claim of the London School to have established (since Burt's work in 1912 on children and Wechsler's work of 1930-1960 on adults (on the WAIS)) the equality of the sexes in average intelligence.

{One can only wish Richard well with his self-chosen cross - which he bears as Hans Eysenck bore his little-substantiated sympathies for parapsychology and IQ-boosting diets, as Phil Rushton bore what others stereotypically deemed his 'prurient obsession' with Black penile size, as Art Jensen bore his being associated with Nobelist William Shockley (to whom Art gave the occasional reference), and as I have borne being 'the paedophile's friend.' The left has orchestrated itself to condemn us no matter what we do -- and the right to ignore us - no matter the great scientific reasonableness of so many of our main claims. Still, it has to be said that Richard's crusade is the one with the widest capacity to upset conventional wisdom even though Britain's tabloids have still to decide whether to do battle with him. If wishing to rejoice in sex differences, he would surely have done better to concentrate on the Burt/Eysenck neuroticism factor as outlined by me in The g Factor, 1996, and in H.J.Eysenck & S. Mohan (eds), Personality Across Cultures, 2001.}


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Saturday, July 01, 2006


The shambles of Britain's endlessly promised immigration controls was hilariously exposed as, on the nine-long-years-long and deadbeat NuLabour `Government's' own figures, 350,000 people from Poland and the Baltic states took up residence in 2005 - as compared to a Government forecast that that the number would be only 13,000. See here

From the town council of Slough, Berkshire, came a plea for cash for social services as these were overwhelmed by 37% of its residents coming by 2006 from an ethnic minority; and a worry that new immigrants were displacing from employment such hardy perennials as Pakistanis (Daily Telegraph, 28 vi).

{In another of many comparable farces, the High Court (See here) ruled the Governmentcould not detain five Iraqis and `a British citizen' (probably a towelhead) on suspicion of terrorism since this would contravene their Divine Rights as enacted in 1998 by Rev. T. Bliar as he prepared in those days to seek the Presidency of the European Union of Bureaucratic Piety}


Two delightful Brazilian 23-year-old psychology student identical-twin lovelies won the title `Most Beautiful Twins in the World' at Las Vegas. See here and here


After two generations of playing down the importance of race, mainstream scientists were said on a BBC Radio 4 programme, to have been moving to recognize that race can be judged from DNA fragments and is relevant to predicting which medicines will be effective - as acknowledged by US health authorities (28 vi, 09:00ff.) "Race is a biological reality," the commentator, leftist Kenan Malik, suggested - while admitting that 50% of scientists still probably preferred to disagree and wheeling on his Marxite pal Marek Kohn to counsel against the dangers of the new "racial science" leading to "pseudo-science" in the wrong hands..


As advised by me in a long phone call a year ago, Frank Ellis (see previous diaries/blogs) took early retirement and a passable pension from the left-dominated LUniversity of Leeds, knowing that he would never receive support from any more than the handful of people who kindly - but quite uselessly -- supported me against loopy-leftish-loonyculturist LUniversity of Edinburgh through 1996-7.

Fortunately my professorial contract in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was apparently in the post; and my wife, Natalia Shiou-yun Fang-Brand, and I were fresh from dizzyingly splendid celebrations of her Ph.D. award in Glasgow University (only one Black in sight among the thousand graduands and supporters in the University's splendid lawns and neo-Gothic towers quaffing their Buck's Fizz). Hopefully we will help recreate in the hills of Kaohsiung the Confucian-gentleman-elitist-scholar culture of ancient China, but with Anglo knobs on. Anyway, that is the best hope - though straightforward genteel pensioned retirement in E'bro' is a good second. Frank Ellis' case confirms what my own showed ten years ago: the West is now a mere shell in which the spirit of freedom (aka William McDougall's `democratic elitism') has died thanks to PM John `Polyversity' Major and his charming-but-even-more-mega-lying successor (as explained in TgF Newsletters passim, 1997ff).


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