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A fine dissection of the `liberal' Westerrn world's adoption of hypocritical power-hungry egalitarian religiosity was provided by Luke O'Farrell at http://www.heretical.com/ofarrell/godgould.html.


Psychological Science reported perceptual differences between Europeans and East Asians, with the former found by M.I.T. researchers to be more likely to focus on and report correctly the features of central individual components of pictures (e.g. a parked car) and the latter more likely to process the context or background (e.g. a building behind the car) (i).


As homosexual nurse Colin Norris was caged for bumping off old ladies with massive insulin injections, Lord Mancroft's complaints about the socialist NHS continued to receive a steady trickle of support in the public prints despite lazy newsies not bothering to go to Bath to take a look for themselves. Lord Mancroft himself took up cudgels with Daft Dave, saying (Daily Mail, 5 iii): "Apparently, you are not allowed to criticise nurses, in the same way that for years you weren't allowed to mention immigration."


Recalling his official commitment to `British vaarrlues' (made to distract attention from the Government's top members distinctively under-representing the English), Prime Minister Gordon Brown moved promptly to dissociate himself from ultra-left-loony remarks by his bungling Maoist `arts minister,' Barking Margaret Hodge, a Jewess, to the effect that the BBC's summer Promenade concerts did not appeal sufficiently to ethnic minorities and thus exhibited `the wrong kind of Britishness' (Sun, 5 iii).


Happiness (linked to non-neuroticism, extraversion and conscientiousness [non-impulsiveness]) proved to be strongly heritable in new work on 973 twin pairs on the records of Queensland Medical Institute (Daily Telegraph, 5 iii; Scotsman, 5 iii). The phenomenon itself was unremarkable for a strong hý for both Extraversion and Neuroticism (and even possibly Conscientiousness [Cattell's `Q3' factor]) had been established by the 1960s (Eysenck & Prell, J.Mental Science, 1951; Cattell & Beloff, J. Consulting Psychol., 1953; Shields, Monozygotic Twins, O.U.P., 1962); but a surprise was that the new report (in Psychological Science) came from researchers (led by Alex Weiss, whose sister had once been married to Phil Rushton) in Edinburgh University's Psychology Department - where the study of inheritance of personality was evidently allowed to continue so long as no mention was made of race..


Embattled Lord Mancroft {see above} continued to do his duty to expose the ghastly treatment he had received (while suffering gastroenteritis) at the hands of Britain's nurses (whether Black, lesbian or just comprehensive-schooled remained unclear) - saying he would meet with the overpaid managers of Bath's Royal United Hospital to discuss that hospital's filthy and patient-disrespectful practices (Bath Chronicle, 6 iii). NuLabour Health Minister Ben Bradshaw accused Lord Mancroft of discourtesy to nurses in complaining publicly as he had (Nursing Times, 7 iii). - And he was soon vindicated as Bath's `grubby' Royal United Hospital of which he had complained was forced to close wards as it was hit by its third outbreak of Norovirus disease (which causes diarrhoea and vomiting) in five months (Daily Mail, 11 iii).

In the Daily Telegraph (14 iii), columnist Lucy Deedes (niece of the late-in-the-day-babe-bagging Bill Deedes) helpfully threw in that her mother had seen a hospital nurse more interested in adjusting her hair and make-up via a mirror than in attending to her patient; and Lucy added, "I may be biased, because Lord Mancroft is a friend, but it seems to me that he raised the matter of hospital care in the perfectly proper forum of the House of Lords. The torrent of indignation that rained down on him - not least from David Cameron, who flung himself on the bandwagon before the cock crowed - was presumably to punish him for being an articulate and elegant hunting peer."


The Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen (the son of race realist Tatu Vanhanen, co-author with Richard Lynn of IQ and the Wealth of Nations), lost a Helsinki privacy suit against the publisher of a former mistress of his, a divorced mother of three who had claimed MV seduced her with baked potatoes and dumped her in 2006 via a text message (Daily Telegraph, 6 iii). Divorced father of two, MV, 52, had had a 9-month fling with Susan Ruusanen, 36, in which, according to her book The Prime Minister's Bird, MV supposedly liked to have a sauna before sex and beef and baked potatoes afterwards; he had once pleased her by saying she tasted better than a baked potato.

MV said he would appeal the Helsinki decision, aiming to defend the privacy of future Finnish prime ministers. Ruusanen (which means `Sleeping Beauty') claimed to have been manipulated into undue sensationalism by her publisher. The book claimed MV to be such a passionate kisser that car windows steamed up; and the pair supposedly had wild sex on several items of prime-ministerial furniture. MV, a divorced father of two, was hailed as Finland's sexiest man by French President Jacques Chirac in 2006. The publication of the book during the Finnish 2006 election coincided with a rise in MV's poll ratings. Finns were equally divided as to whether MV should have pursued the publisher.


Conservative intellectual blond Boris Johnson moved ahead of `Red' Ken Livingstone polls in London re who would make the best Mayor for the city as Livingstone lost the services of his half-Black single-mother-reared `race advisor' who had been suspended over allegations of channelling 345M pounds to Ken's ethnic minority cronies and then had to resign as saucy emails were discovered from him to a married Indian woman (expressing devotion to Mrs Karen Chouhan's `bum, boobs and brain'). Even the New Statesman's political editor, Martin Bright, declared Livingstone as "not fit to be mayor."


In order to get more disadvantaged children into `gifted' classes, the city of Denver announced that a pupil's being in receipt of free school meals would count towards being classified as gifted (Denver Post, 4 iii) - this proposal resembling one put forward in jest by me in Personality & Individual Differences 27, 805-808 (1999): "Another option [for dedicated opponents of the g factor] would be to use a formula that simply divided MA by the average income of testees and their older first-degree relatives: the resulting Money-free IQ (M-fIQ) would show how well the child did at mental tests once allowance was made for its economic background."

{In Britain, Government help for the disadvantaged was extended to provide universities with 1K pounds for each poorly qualified student they admitted (1M pounds in toto) - presuming this sum would allow remedial education to make up for years of egalitarian comprehensive miseducation (Daily Mail, 6 iii). The aim was to swamp the universities with intellectually mediocre students by 2010 so as to fulfil socialist fantasies. }


The work of Lynn & Vanhanen was replicated (without admission) by Eric Hanushek et al. (Education Next, Spring), finding that "cognitive skills" (in maths and science) were far more predictive of national levels of economic attainment than were educational inputs.


After twenty years of peecee Britain's deaf being allowed to regard themselves as a sainted minority group needing 100% community support, a newly infertile deaf father* who wished to have a second deaf child by his equally stone-deaf wife, regaled the doting socialoid media with his anger that a clause in new British fertility legislation would make it illegal to use embryos with a genetic abnormality in IVF treatment when ones without the same defect were available. Yes, the monstrous pair actually wanted another deaf child! At least the sometimes wet columnists Andrew O'Hagan and Daniel Finkelstein were prepared to object (Daily Telegraph, 11 ii; Times, 11 ii).
* Preposterously called Tomato Lichy, and apparently an artist and designer.


After distinguished philosopher Michael Levin (City College of New York) was defended in the Observer (New York, 12 iii 2008) by philosophy professor Stephen Kershnar (State University of New York at Fredonia) (in October, 2007, Levin's attempt to explain his race realism had been protested and disrupted at State University of New York at Buffalo), I wrote to the Observer's editor as follows.
Dear Sir,
This is just to say I fully support Stephen Kershnar's defence of the race-realistic academic Michael Levin in your columns (`Political correctness at UB,' March 12th) and his proposal that a proper debate be organized between Levin and critics at SUNY Buffalo. Michael Levin (whom I once met in NY) is a distinguished philosopher who has taken the trouble to master the differential psychology of intelligence; and he has shown admirable scholarship, sense and style in addressing the taboo subject of race and IQ.

At a time when Harvard's Steven Pinker has backed the importance of genetic differences in human psychology and in particular lent his enormous authority to the claim (from researchers at Utah University) that Ashkenazi Jews are 15 IQ points ahead of Europeans for genetic reasons (a recessive gene which also gives them a tendency to Tay-Sachs Disease), it is time for Western universities to abandon their `politically correct' suppression of talk about inherited racial differences rather than to step it up. -- Worried `liberals' in universities should not think that to acknowledge deep-seated racial differences is somehow classically `fascist' or insufficiently progressive, for Lenin himself observed that "An intelligent Russian is almost always a Jew or someone with Jewish blood in his veins."

With thanks for your attention, I am yours sincerely,

Christopher R. Brand (Edinburgh psychologist; author of The g Factor).


While American idealists apparently believed that Black Borat Insane Osama was a splendid `unity candidate' who would change the (de facto highly segregated) USA into the once-hoped-for paradisical multicultural melting pot, Toby Harnden shrewdly noted in the Daily Telegraph (14 iii) that the Presidential contest was actually polarising the country:

"Mrs Clinton probably congratulated herself when she saw that more than 90 per cent of blacks voted for Mr Obama in Mississippi this week, while three quarters of whites backed her. He won Mississippi, but racial polarisation could help her elsewhere. A Rasmussen poll showed yesterday that the phenomenon is not confined to the Deep South. Nationally, 80 per cent of black Democrats back Mr Obama but only 39 per cent of whites."

Like myself, Harnden reckoned that Whites would increasingly dissociate from Obama (not least because his pastor* of twenty years had been wont to declare his wish for divine vengeance on America for its "killing innocent people" and its being run by rich Whites (Am.Ren., 13 iii; Guardian, 14 iii), and that there would be tears and worse from Blacks before bedtime if Obama lost. - Further, there could even be an American civil war if Obama won - with the U.N., E.U., China and most of South America then intervening to back Obama and maintain multiculti delusionism.

One Am.Ren. correspondent put it well about Osama: "Hey Euro-Americans! You'd better wake up from your rapture. This guy is dangerous! Remember the holocaust victims who thought they were merely going to a new location to live. They talked about what they would do when they got there. They really wanted to believe what the Nazis told them."

* Osama had been married by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (of Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago) who also baptized Obama's children. Obama had also given huge sums of money to the church. Wright was also close to Farrakhan and had travelled to Africa with him and given him awards. A Jewish group in Ohio confronted Obama with a list of outrageous statements by Rev. Wright, including calling on Backs to sing "God Damn America" for giving the minority community drugs and engaging in "state terrorism." Wright resigned his ministry in January, 2008 - presumably to avoid embarrassment to Osama. {Wright resigned from Osama's campaign team on 16 iii after saying that Hillary Clinton, as a White woman, could not possibly understand the problems of Black folk.}


Seeking to explain how British homosexuals had managed to achieve so much in recent years (double beds in guest-houses, civil contracts, Christians obliged to distribute yag propaganda in universities, rights to adopt, normal adoptive parents not allowed to disfavour homosexual children, yag actor Ian McKellen knighted for services to homosexual charities), the venerable traditionalist RC Bishop of Motherwell (near Glasgow), Joseph Devine, mused not about the possible influence of homosexuality and/or homosexual blackmail at the top of Government (Blair, Brown, Mandelson) but about the increased frequency with which he had noticed yags attending Holocaust memorial services (Daily Telegraph, 14 iii). He declared in the course of a lecture for churchmen in Glasgow:

"The homosexual lobby has been extremely effective in aligning itself with minority groups. It is ever- present at the service each year for the Holocaust memorial -- as if to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution."

Speaking of the homosexual lobby, he said, "It's a very small group of people, but very active and organized - and extremely indulgent. The opposition know exactly what they're doing. We don't." Obese Lothians Labour MSP Lord George Foulkes promptly branded the bishop's comments "un-Christian" and put down a motion condemning them in the Scottish Parliament.


Contributing to the development of a parallel London School (without mention of Eysenck and Cattell) that her brother Steven had begun in The Blank Slate, ex-Friedan-liking feminist Susan Pinker (married with 3 children in Canada) brought out (11 iii) The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap, (Scribner), rehearsing the sex differences in tough-mindedness* long known to British differential and expounded most recently by Simon Baron-Cohen and myself (in Chapter 1 of The g Factor) and much discussed and adumbrated for his h-bd internet group by Steve Sailer.

Willowy Susan was also keen on there being a greater range of male intelligence - as known to the London School for at least the previous 30 years; and her appreciation of the power of maternal drive was anticipated by William McDougall a full 80 years ago. But she could hardly have been expected to appreciate that the `academic' superiority of girls in the past decade has been due to educators' conversion to the use of modularized learning, rote memorization of canned answers, and multiple choice testing - none of this requiring the male's greater intitiative and persistence.

* From review by Emily Bazelon in New York Times (Sunday Book Review), 9 iii: "Women care more about intrinsic rewards, they have broader interests, they are more service-oriented and they are better at gauging the effect they have on others. They are "wired for empathy." These aren't learned traits; they're the result of genes and hormones. Beginning in utero, men are generally exposed to higher levels of testosterone, driving them to be more competitive, assertive, vengeful and daring. Women, meanwhile, get a regular dose of oxytocin, which helps them read people's emotions, "the truest social enabler." Then there's prolactin, which, along with oxytocin, surges during pregnancy, breast-feeding and caretaking. Together, the hormones produce such a high that mother rats choose their newborns over cocaine."


Taking up the ways of their American and British cousins, White Australians - though propagandized for 30 years to forget the former White Australia policy - began moving their kids in droves from schools with large Aborigine and Arab contingents. A report compiled by head teachers showed the percentage of Anglo-European students in public schools has decreased by a third in western NSW, by 42 per cent in North Sydney and 37 per cent in New England.

Spaniards, too, were getting fed up with the darkies, telling pollsters that immigration was the country's No. 1 problem, ahead even of terrorism (which in its Muesli variety had killed 50 in Madrid).

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A study from Monash University, Australia, replicated American findings {see Putnam, 2006-7} that people living in ethnically mixed areas are less likely to be helpful to each other - e.g. by voluntarily undertaking charitable work (The Age, 11 ii).


As the magazine AllAfrica admitted the problems caused by conflict between the continent's thousands of ethnic groups (i.e. tribes) (12 ii), hope beckoned as Africa's new imperial power, China, announced it had by 2007 sent no less than 750,000 workers to countries such as the Sudan and Uganda (Daily Telegraph, 12 ii) - apparently having decided, like the British in nineteenth-century South Africa, that Blacks could not be relied on for useful work and that what Africa needed was Asian labour.

{The attraction of warmer climes for the Chinese workers would have been enhanced in 2008 by the snow and ice that disrupted the lives of millions at the Chinese New Year and destroyed forests areas totalling the size of England. China's help for the murderous Mueslis of the Sudan prompted top film director Stephen Spielberg to withdraw from helping with entertainments at the forthcoming Peking Olympic Games.}


With breathtaking arrogance, `Archbishop' Rowan Williams persuaded the liberal multiculti bigots at the top of what was left of the C. of E. to give him an ovation for his heresy and treachery in handing Britain over to the beginnings of sharia law while he `apologized' if his oh-so-clever 6,000-word speech had `lacked clarity' and thus been `misunderstood' by the media [such as the Times, Grauniad and Torygraph]; but he could not escape the withering fire of top ex-leftie Jewess Melanie Phillips (Daily Mail, 13 ii), the American Daniel Pipes (Jerusalem Post, 12 ii) and splendidly crusading liberal Johann Hari (Independent, 11 ii) (though whether Hari's liberalism could countenance the scrapping of the Race Relations Act and toleration of non-paying paedophilic downloadings remained to be seen).


As the warring tribes of Kenya waited for America to deliver truckloads of dollars to stop them fighting, it transpired that it had long been de rigeur not to mention tribalism or even to print the names of Kenyan tribes. Apparently, after years of British race realism, when independence came it was thought better to imitate incoming Western practices and simply ignore the elephant in the corner of the Kenyan room (New Statesman, 14 ii).

While Nairobi politicians awaited the arrival of Condoleeza Rice and handouts, ordinary Kenyans in hundreds of thousands continued their treks to distance themselves from Blacks belonging to other tribes ooops ethnic groups. Even the New York Times (15 ii) admitted to its NYTwit readers that ethnic segregation was taking place, involving some 600,000 people; "Luos have gone back to Luo land, Kikuyus to Kikuyu land, Kambas to Kamba land and Kisiis to Kisii land. Even some of the packed slums in the capital, Nairobi, have split along ethnic lines." And the Luos, at least, were not interested in any realistic compromise (Christian Science Monitor, 19 ii).


Such was the title of an article published surprisingly in Time (14 ii) detailing from the mouth of a Black riverboat captain how the Congo had gone backwards ever since becoming independent of Belgium.


As British `justice' (the Lord Chief Justice and pals) let off five Muesli fanatics who had been convicted by a London jury of downloading bomb-making advice (the law as interpreted by lordly traitors apparently allowed them, unlike paedophiles, to indulge their curiosity), the ancient order of the Royal United Services Institute emerged from years of obscurity to denounce (with what would probably be its dying breath) British failure to put down "misplaced deference to `multiculturalism'," Mueslis, jihadists and the European Union (the thinktank's fine identification of multiculti Britain having "lost its way" and become "a soft touch for terrorism" being co-authored by an LSE Professor Gwyn Prins and Tory scion the Marquess of Salisbury [former Conservative leader in the House of Lords]*) (Guardian, 15 ii; Sun, 15 ii).

The report thought British security a victim of "flabby and bogus strategic thinking" and Britain so wide-open to "home-grown terror" that the country's security strategy should be taken out of the hands of the Government (cf. arrangements for giving the Bank of England a degree of independence). The RUSI report was promptly and furiously condemned by a Cabinet spokesman,** by Indian MP and ethnic minority guru Keith Vaz, by Grauniadista Jeremy Seabrook (15 ii) and by the Scotsman's Joyce Macmillan (16 ii); but it at least elicited support in the timorous Speccie from Melanie Phillips (blog, 15 ii) and from Shadow Security Minister Baroness Neville-Jones who said multiculturalism had been a "disaster" for British national cohesion (probably fortified by the fact that her leader, Daft Dave, was, like all other British pols, on holiday - in a development perhaps reflecting the fact that 80% of new UK legislation was by then mandated from Brussels and Strasbourg).

* According to RUSI: "The RUSI Journal article expresses the consensus of a private seminar series which met at intervals between May 2006 and January 2008. In addition to the authors those participating included Sir Mark Allen, Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham, Chris Donnelly, Field Marshal the Lord Inge [former Chief of Defence Staff], Tom Kremer, Lord Leach, Baroness Park of Monmouth, Douglas Slater, General Sir Rupert Smith and Professor Hew Strachan [Oxford]." The report followed unprecedented combined denunciation in November, 2007, by five former chiefs of defence staff, of the low level of funding of Britain's armed services.

** In happier days, Gordon Brown had praised RUSI as "leading the debate about homeland security and global terrorism." According to the Daily Telegraph (15 ii), RUSI was "thought to represent the views of many serving senior members of the Armed Forces."


While neosocialist Britain prepared to let Mueslis loudhail their bullying propaganda `prayer calls' in east Oxford and to introduce `sharia law' (as urged by bearded weirdie ArchEnemy of Canterbury) (and to nationalize a useless bank [broke from lending to `sub-prime borrowers, chiefly American Blacks] and to give schoolchildren GCSEs in French without them having to write or speak a word of the language), 1,000 French cops swooped on at least 33 North-African Muesli youf in northern `housing projects' of Paris, arresting them and charging them with rioting and attacking police in November, 2007 (injuring 119 police, 5 seriously) (Guardian, 18 ii). "I have never seen a police operation of this scope," said Marie-Therese de Givry, a local prosecutor, at a news conference, adding "I hope that the inhabitants of Villiers-le-Bel will understand that we are there to re-establish order and peace."


Harvard's top evolution theorist and leftist, Richard Lewontin, said he had simply no idea why homo sapiens had evolved a large brain - so desperate was he to avoid admitting that Blacks' lower average brain sizes suggested lower inherited intelligence (Guardian, 19 ii). {The children's song `Here we go Loopy Lew / Here we go Loopy Lie' came to mind..}


The relationship between creativity and psychiatric disorder was not a myth, according to Professor Michael Fitzgerald, Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College, Dublin, and the author of a new book, Genius Genes: How Asperger Talents Changed the World (Royal College of Psychiatry, .). Like Robert Prentky in 1995 (Creativity and Psychopathology: A Neurocognitive Approach ), the professor especially claimed to see marked signs of autism / Asperger's syndrome in the personalities of geniuses, especially mentioning Newton, Beethoven Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, George Orwell, Charles de Gaulle and Enoch Powell. For example, Beethoven who was "clumsy," "emotionally immature," and "had an unusually large head" fitted the criteria for Asperger's. {But an expert on Beethoven, Dr Barry Cooper, had said that he "barely recognized the description of the composer." -- Amy IGGULDEN, 2005, `'Missing link' between madness and genius.' Daily Telegraph, 11 vi 2005.}


An easy-enough fourteen liberal-conservative proposals which Messrs Cameron (`Conservative' and Clegg (`Liberal Democrat') could have used, as a package, to boost their miserably small poll advantage over Britain's multiply hopeless, cheating and tyrannical NuLabour Government (original winning 1996 slogan (along with EDUCATION! EDUCATION! EDUCATION!): TOUGH ON CRIME, TOUGH ON THE CAUSES OF CRIME..):
1. Most penal tariffs to be doubled. All criminals getting >14 years prison sentences to hang unless availing of 10 (below).
2. Present tariffs for 3rd-conviction offenders to be trebled (i.e. `three strikes and you're out,' cf. USA.)
3. Excess prisoners to be parked on e.g. Isle of Tiree (residents to be paid handsomely for guard duties).
4. Muslim intending traitors (urging killing of Britons) to be charged and executed; actual traitors to be hanged after seeing family and friends imprisoned.
5. No state benefits to relatives - by blood, marriage or cohabitation -- of any undischarged criminals.
6. Drink, drugs, gambling and pornography to be available (taxed at 14%). Female nudity allowed on beaches, unless obese.
7. Kids able to choose their school stream from age 10, 14% of their classes from 12, and to leave school at 14.
8. Age of sexual consent reduced to 14. Penal tariffs for non-physically-injurious sex crimes not doubled (as per 1, above).
9. Votes at 14 for all who can pass an all-party-agreed test of general political knowledge.
10. Prisoners allowed after 14% of their sentences to join Humanitarian Force for Africa - serving thereby the rest of their time.
11. Police and teachers to be exempt from all bureaucracy so long as they are selected and triennially checked by IQ tests.
12. `Welfare state' to be scrapped and replaced with state-aided, self-chosen insurance for health, old age, kids' education etc.
13. Duration of legal trials to be cut by 14% each year, progressively slashing lawyers' fees.
14. State spending to be cut by 14% each year, slashing quangos etc. (presently costing 125 billion pounds annually - up fivefold from when NuLabour came to power).

Yes, this Diary and its predecessors TgFNewsLetter and McDougall NewsLetter always backed FAMILY + FREEDOM. But this was evidently too complicated for the poor unimaginative politicos; so it became important to spell out precisely what opportunities they were missing. - But Daft Dave Cameron and the LibDems' Clueless Clegg were so politically incompetent that they seemed unlikely even to make an electoral pact, let alone commit themselves to their country's English-speaking youth and a eugenic and family-and-freedom-loving future, however clearly spelled out


Top British historian Michael Burleigh (an expert on Nazi Germany who had held professorships at Cardiff and Stanford) seemed to have retired from British university life so as to be more able to speak his mind against jihadist-salafists and their university-leftist hangers on. For the Spectator, wettish Sam Leith recorded:
..his attacks on a left-liberal consensus in media, law and academia - which he sees as providing ideological and practical succour to terror - sometimes cross the line from argument to rant. Academics who once studied `the comparative history of parliaments or war finance ... are now more likely to be experts on gay and lesbian body art, serial killers or the persecution of witches, rivalling television in their populist pursuit of the lurid or trivial'. Deploring the `creed of multiculturalism' and `cultural self-repudiation', he states that `in Britain an entire television station, Channel 4, was progressively devoted to propagating it with programmes that are nowadays difficult to parody within the degraded tacky rubbish which it commissions'.

However, it seemed that Afghani cut-throats would be more upset by Burleigh than would his `liberal'-left and multculti ex-colleagues - at his describing Afghans as "child-like, barbaric and venal, with an unhealthy interest in boys" (Blood and Rage: a Cultural History of Terrorism, Harper, 2008).


Top Australian cricketers spoke out against international cricketing authorities who had increasingly given players of various racial hues a hard time for calling each other "monkeys" and "obnoxious little weeds" - evidently all cricket's time-honoured lively epithets of abuse were being interpreted as `racist' when issued against a player of a different race (LiveNews, 29 ii; Melbourne Herald Sun, 29 ii), inhibiting Australians' famed freedom of robust expression and threatening the return of a game in which the serving of cucumber sandwiches with afternoon tea would be the most exciting part.


Criticizing Daft Dave's fancying himself as the `heir to Blair,' Thatcher loyalist Lord Norman Tebbit produced a rare Conservative condemnation of mass immigration (though still not mentioning descriptors like Black, coloured or Muesli) (Daily Telegraph, 28 ii, Andrew Porter): "It was Blair who introduced uncontrolled, unmeasured immigration of people determined not to integrate, but to establish, first ghettoes, and now demands for separate legal jurisdiction."


As the Cambridge University-based `Primary Review' reported that multibillion-pound increases in gimmicky spending on state education since 1997 had produced results that were only "equivocal or worse" (when positive, depending on `teaching to the test') (BBC, 29 ii; Independent, 29 ii, `Failed! Political interference is damaging children's education, report claims'), able columnist Leo McKinstry predicted a similar result from Labour's wheeze to pay private firms if they found jobs for Britain's 5-million-strong army of layabouts and `disabled' - McKinstry understandably observing that restricting living on welfare to two years of a person's life would be markedly cheaper (Daily Express, 29 ii).

Right on cue, Eton-educated hereditary peer and keen countryman Lord Mancroft, 50 and fresh from a `National Health' hospital stay in Bath for removal of an abscess, chimed in that, despite all Labour's largesse to its favourite national institution, he found the nurses at the Royal United Hospital dirty, drunken, promiscuous (as they had made clear when chatting to each other across his body about their recent and planned `sh*gs'), slipshod, disrespectful and lazy (Daily Telegraph, 1 iii). - Though thus scandalizing the Mirror, Grauniad and Daft Dave Cameron (an NHS addict), the complaint of `Beano' Mancroft's (a personal friend of Prince Charles) drew much support, not least from residents of Bath, terrified of ending their days in the filthy RUH (29 ii).

The Times (2 ii) threw fuel on the fire by reporting research published in the Nursing Times finding that thousands of British nurses were having sex with their patients and that 10% of nurses thought this just fine. At the same time, Labour at last implemented the crackdown long urged by this diary/blog on employers who use illegal immigrant labout - but this was, in 2008, plainly a case of closing the sitting room door ten years after the elephant had already taken up its position in the corner.


As American Renaissance leader, ultra-polite US gentleman Jared Taylor, amazed quite a few followers by sanguingly contemplating a US Presidential Election victory for the half-Arab mulatto Barrack Hussein Osama (and Obama's probably even more Black-racist wife, a Communist neophyte in her adolescence) -- and found himself banned for his trouble from speaking at Michigan State University -- it appeared there were at least six reasons why White nationalists might actually vote for Obama:
1. To go - or appear to go -- with the flow of happy-clappy America-uniting idealism.
2. To appear urbane, sanguine, cool - as was presumably Jared's intention.
3. To sock it to renegade `Republican' contender John McCain, who supported multiculti nonsense and affirmative racism as much as Dubya Bush.
4. To see Obama plunge America to disaster, delivering such multi-disappointing results as the Taleban reclaiming Afghanistan and Iran invading Iraq - resulting eventually in the counter-reaction of a White dawn..
5. To have Obama at the helm as American plunged inevitably into recession - resulting eventually in a White dawn..
6. To muddy the waters and disguise what a tiny minority America's White nationalists had become.