Sunday, November 30, 2003


A brave TV programme, ‘Sex before 16: Why the Law is Failing’ concluded that a third of British girls had sex before 16, and 12% before age 12. Presenter Miranda Sawyer concluded it would be right to lower the age of consent to 12 (as in Chile) so girls can seek help and advice without the fear that their boyfriend would be locked up, and she received the support of Edinburgh sociologist Angus Bancroft who bravely said “…we’re almost over-protecting [children] because of our fears of paedophilia”; but Sunday Telegraph reviewer John Preston concluded merely that “any MP wishing to commit career suicide by the swiftest and most effective means ever devised would do well to take up her cause” (23 xi).


The top liberal-left newspaper of America’s most left-wing major city published an op-ed article (by a naturalized Chinaman belonging to a ‘Diversity Alliance’) concluding that immigration into California needed to be drastically cut back.


U.S. EXPERT Dr Daniel Pipes, a leading authority on the Middle East and Islam, declared what was long ago known to readers of this Diary (e.g. October, 2001), that Saudi Arabia was the real source of Islamic militancy. In a column titled ‘Make the Saudis pay for terror,’ Pipes (who holds an advisory post at the federally subsidized U. S. Institute for Peace) wrote of "the massive implication" of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the horror of 9/11 and cited U.S. intelligence showing that "Saudi princes are spending millions of dollars to help large numbers of al Qaeda and Taliban members escape the American dragnet." Pipes, who once taught at Harvard, also pointed out that several ‘liberal’ and ‘moderate’ Islamic leaders in the U.S. proved untrustworthy over the past year and had to be arrested.


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Thursday, November 27, 2003


Discussion of racial and national differences in IQ continued at three venues in China (as above); and Phil Rushton was able to get the following into the Vancouver Sun (18 xi).


The Smarter the People, the Richer the Nation

A nation's prosperity is predicted by the average IQ of its population, according to research that has mapped global intelligence levels.

The recent book IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, and Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere in Finland, report the results of testing the non-verbal reasoning abilities in various countries. They found a remarkable range of differences in average levels of intelligence. They also discovered these different IQ levels predicted a country's rate of economic growth.

The authors examined data from more than 60 nations and found that national
IQs correlate powerfully with per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and
with Gross National Product (GNP). Second in importance for economic growth was whether the countries had market or socialist economies. Only third was the widely credited factor of natural resources, like oil or gas.

One arresting fact emerged: The average national IQ of the world is only 90.
Fewer than one in five countries have IQs equal or near the Canadian average
of 100. Almost half have IQs of 90 or less. This poses a serious problem if the book's conclusion that an IQ of 90 forms the threshold for a technological economy is correct.

The academics found that the countries of the Pacific Rim had the highest intelligence scores: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore averaged IQs of about 105. The next brightest were the populations of Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, averaging 100. In South Asia, North Africa and most Latin American countries, the score was an average of about 85, and in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean closer to 70. This shows how wildly wrong is the widespread, though rarely stated assumption of economists and political scientists, that all peoples and nations have the same average IQ.

Nations whose people have high IQ levels also have high educational attainment and large numbers of individuals who make significant contributions to national life. They are more likely to develop efficient public services such as transport and telecommunications, which provide an efficient infrastructure, and are more likely to have intelligent political leaders who manage their economies effectively. On the flipside, nations with low levels of intelligence have low levels of educational attainment and few individuals who make significant contributions.

Some countries do have higher or lower per capita incomes than their national IQ averages would predict. This is where having a market or socialist economy or sitting atop a sea of crude oil or a field of diamonds comes in. Some of the countries with a higher per capita income than would be predicted from their average IQs are Australia, Austria, Bermuda, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, and the U.S. Except for Qatar, South Africa, and Bermuda, all of these are technologically highly developed market economies. Qatar's exceptionally high per capita income comes from oil exports. Bermuda has a well developed tourist industry.

Some of the countries with lower per capita income than would be predicted from their average IQ are Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Iraq, South Korea, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand and Uruguay. But why did the peoples of East Asia, with their high IQs, lag behind the European peoples until the second half of the 20th century? Well, China's science and technology were generally more advanced than Europe's for about 2,000 years, from about 500 BC to about 1500 AD. But in the 15th century, Chinese inventiveness came to an end and from that time on virtually all the important advances were made by Europeans, first in Europe and later in the U.S. The explanation might be that Europeans developed the market economy, while China stagnated through authoritarian bureaucracy and central planning.

Finally, Lynn and Vanhanen peer into the future. They predict future growth is most likely in countries with high national IQ scores, but currently have bad economic systems. The countries of the former communist bloc -- Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, the People's Republic of China, and Vietnam -- are good bets. The report shows that now the Chinese have introduced a market economy, their growth rate is rapid, about 10 per cent a year compared with about two per cent in Europe. China can be expected to reach parity with Europe and the U.S. in a couple of decades and become the new economic and military superpower.

J. Philippe Rushton is professor of psychology at the University of Western
Ontario and author of “Race, Evolution, and Behaviour: A Life-History Perspective”. This article is based on his review of the book “IQ and the Wealth of Nations”, which was published in the academic journal “Personality and Individual Differences”.



Following a massive suicide bombing by Muslim fanatics in Istanbul, junior Government minister Denis McShane urged Britain’s Muslim leaders to tell their flocks they should choose ‘the British way’ and reject terrorism. McShane was promptly denounced by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and half-chat Campaign for Racial Equality director Trevor Phillips; but he found support from ex-Marxist Times columnist Mick Hume who complained of the “self-loathing” of Britain’s muticulti-loving organizers of PeeCee.


In a major test of the ideas of ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’, the English Prison Service discovered it was totally useless – producing no drop in reconviction despite £150 million being spent for convicts to have classes in ‘Reasoning and Rehabilitation’ and ‘Enhanced Thinking Skills’ (Times, 18 x, Richard Ford, Home Correspondent).

Prisoners took courses involving twenty 2-hour sessions to help them with ‘anger management’ and suchlike, but the ‘treatments’ showed no effect two years after release; and among low- to medium-risk offenders the reconviction rate one year after leaving jail was actually higher for those who had been on the courses than for those who had not.

Excuses quickly followed. A probation officer enthusiast accsused the government of ‘obsession with targets’ which had led to unselected and unsuitable convicts being sent on the courses; and he complained there had been no follow-up. An equally therapy-crazed psychologist explained that cognitive behaviour therapy – which had taken thirty years and mega-bucks to develop, e.g. in Canada – was fine for depressives and neurotics but that “prisoners suffered for a variety of reasons including drugs and lack of job skills rather than deep-rooted psychological problems.”

The idea that Britain’s jailbirds, who typically have multiple serious convictions behind them, do not have “deep-rooted psychological problems” would amaze many psychologists -- for prisoners have high psychoticism and low intelligence as well as high neuroticism. Anyhow, the Home Office at least was unimpressed by the excuses and said it was resolved to slash cognitive behaviour therapy wherever it could be found.


In a move that could furnish an answer to whether anybody at all in Britain – apart from myself and Richard Lynn – would get real with hysterical ‘anti-racists’, the front page of the LUniversity of Edinburgh’s Student newspaper carried criticism of Prince Philip’s record on race (19 xi, ‘Prince set to be ousted’). Urging that the Queen’s husband be sacked from his 51-year position as E.LU.’s Chancellor, student activist Jeremy Kemp said: “As a university, we are very proud of our multiracial and cosmopolitan make-up. Prince Philip just doesn’t fit in with this image. His questionable views of race and different cultures are well documented. I think a democratic election [via the LUniversity’s General Council] would give us a Chancellor who is more 21st century….” For good measure, Student threw in the Prince’s “infamous gaffe” when he asked a Scottish driving instructor how he ‘kept the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test.’

{What? The LUniversity “multiracial”? – There is scarcely a Black face to be seen in E.LU.’s busy George Square!} {Anyway, would the Prince move to slap down his ‘anti-racist’ accuser? Sadly, he did nothing overtly when given the opportunity to do so in my own case of 1996/7/8.}

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


A storm of criticism descended on Edinburgh University Press for publishing a book by esteemed leftist philosopher Ted Honderich, University College London. According to the LUniversity of Edinburgh’s Student newspaper (5 xi), the Jewish community was irate at Honderich being allowed to sanction Palestinian terror – especially no doubt after years in which it had aimed to keep the left sweet by supporting multiculturalism. But had Jewish critics misinterpreted the great British philosopher? No! Here’s what he wrote:

“My book After the Terror [said] that the Palestine suicide bomber does have a moral right to her act of terrorism, and that the Israeli in the helicopter has no moral right to his act of state-terrorism. To clarify any such assertion of a moral right, this one comes to this: the Palestinian suicide-bomber was morally permitted if not obliged to do what she did -- which very judgement has the support of a fundamental and accepted moral principle.”

(The ‘moral principle’ involved was apparently that of humanity in so far as Honderich’s long-winded prose can be interpreted.)

At the same time, nationally, leftist, pacifist and Muslim groups began to link up to try to humiliate President Bush during his visit to London; Muslim fanatics blew up two synagogues in Turkey, killing 26 and injuring a hundred; and the German right slapped down accusations of anti-Semitism by expelling from the Chistian Democrat Party an M.P. who had accused Jews of over-involvement in the Russian Revolution and the Communist Party’s attendant ‘class-ocide’* against peasants, Poles, Ukrainians, White Russians and the bourgeoisie. (Lenin himself was at least one-quarter Jewish by genes, from his maternal grandfather.)

{* "We are not waging war against individual persons. We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. During the investigation, do not look for evidence that the accused acted in deed or word against soviet power. The first questions to put are:
To what class does he belong?
What is his origin?
What is his education or profession?
And it is these questions that ought to determine the fate of the accused. In this lies the significance and essence of the Red Terror."

LATSIS (Chairman of the eastern front of Lenin's Cheka), 1918. Cited by G.Hosking, 1987, A History of the Soviet Union. Harmondsworth : Penguin.}


Publicity in the Times for IQ and the Wealth of Nations yielded minimal reaction either in Britain or worldwide. Follow-up within the same week involved merely: one dismissive article in the Guardian saying of Richard Lynn, with ironic intent, “he’ll be weighing our brains next” {as well he might!}, invoking the tired Flynn/Lynn ‘rising IQ {scores}’ Effect (Gavin Evans, 14 xi) and ignoring Lynn & Vanhanen’s main finding entirely; one supportive letter in the Times (Register) deploring worldwide dysgenics, with poorer countries breeding too much (John Harvey, 14 xi); three evasive Times (Register) letters (e.g. pooh-poohing Mensa’s tests) (14 xi).

Evidently the left’s policy of repression of work on IQ had been extended even to substantial news items in the Times accompanied by a super graphic mapping worldwide levels of IQ and income. Only an utterly unqualified far-out journalist was prepared to raise the ‘arguments’ that academic lefties knew to be worthless. Clever lefties preferred to stay in denial. My 86-year-old mother had understood it all well in 1996, telling me as my book ran into trouble, “Christopher, whatever you do, don’t talk about the darkies!”

{In the next week, 16 xi, the Sunday Torygraph’s radio correspondent ran a bemused piece about “a strange little eruption on the Today programme” concerning Richard Lynn on IQ and national prosperity. The ‘right-wing’ newspaper [about to be sold because its proprietor was caught with his hand in the till] concluded feebly:

“There are different levels of objection to discussing such matters. Perhaps the findings should be ignored because they are not factually correct, all IQ tests being hopelessly culturally determined? Perhaps they should be rejected because, whether factual or not, such statistics give succour to racists? Perhaps, regardless of consequences, it’s simply a morally unacceptable way of looking at other people ever? In practice, all these objections mingle together mistily to make the matter effectively taboo.”

On 17 xi, the news of L&V reached China Daily (English-language Hong Kong edition). The story was favourable to the idea that IQ was linked to both prosperity and law-abidingness – as well it might have been, since Hong Kong has the highest IQ in the world (107 according to L&V); but it hilariously carried further the confusion generated at the Times between Prof. Richard Lynn and Prof. James Flynn, it did not mention genetic factors and it attributed better behaviour to “an “intelligent” culture”…. It soon attracted a healthy reply, ‘IQ is very important’ followed by lively discussion; and there was more at ‘Can IQ help?’ (click on Comment to see comments). (A neighbouring discussion page provided robustly non-anti-racist coverage of whether the recent incident of 400 Japanese sex tourists to Zhuhai, China, should be dealt with by executing Japanese, castrating Japanese or executing the Chinese girls as traitors – many of the 500 girls were under age 16, but they had given of their all on a most sensitive day, the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese army's invasion of Northeast China in 1931.) The China Daily story was also carried in China View, Peking, and the People’s Daily, Peking.


To: The Guardian Newspaper

November 14th 2003

Re: He'll be measuring brains next

I write to correct the misinformation given to your readers by Gavin Evans (The Guardian, November 14, 2003) in his smear of Richard Lynn's worldwide IQ results with "1933 Germany" and "1948 South Africa." This is exactly backwards to reality. Far from encouraging IQ tests, the Nazis banned them because Jews typically score high on such tests and the apartheid state banned them because of the overlap they found between supposedly discrete groups.

The results reported by Lynn in his book IQ & the Wealth of Nations have been replicated in hundreds of studies in dozens of countries. Although the low African IQ scores are unpopular, one advantage of acknowledging them is the focus it brings to interventions such as better nutrition for pregnant women. Nutrition is one of the few non-genetic variables that have been shown to increase IQ.

In 1998 I visited South Africa myself to initiate a 5-year series of IQ studies in the university system. This only became possible after the transition to majority rule. We tested students of African, East Indian, White, and East Asian backgrounds, along with those of mixed ancestry, under optimal testing procedures, using culture reduced tests. The results exactly corroborated those demonized by your correspondent. We recently published them in the leading peer-reviewed journal dealing with IQ research, the journal Intelligence, published by Elsevier Science.

With respect to brain size, about a dozen state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies show a correlation of about 0.40 to 0.60 with IQ. And, yes, the evidence shows that East Asians (with their higher IQ scores) have larger cranial capacities than do Europeans, East Indians, and Africans.
Yours sincerely,
Professor J. Philippe Rushton, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Department of Psychology,
University of Western Ontario,
London, Ontario, N6A 5C2, Canada


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Sunday, November 23, 2003


In a list of Blair-apppointed ‘People’s Peers’ who failed to vote much in the House of Lords, fifth from the top among the offenders was ex-LUniversity of Edinburgh Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland (Lord Sutherland of Houndswood). The Times (10 xi) was shocked that Sutherland had only voted in 17 of the 321 divisions which took place in the two years after his appointment – though this news would not have surprised LU.E. administrators, who had frequently needed to put up with Dame Stewart’s extended absences.


The idea that states can developed as non-integrated multicultural societies was spurned in a letter in the Times (10 xi). It was observed that Britain’s major attempt to do this in the past had been a complete flop – collapsing into its two main cultures as soon as Britain withdrew, and leaving a million dead in the process. The country? – Pre-partition India, which Britain had disastrously tried to turn into a single democracy, thus condemning the Muslims of Pakistan-to-be to Hindhu rule. The letter writer opposing ethnic federalism and doubting it would ever suit the U.K.’s Muslims? – One ‘Randhir Singh Bains.’


BBC Radio 5 interviewed Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn about his ‘off the wall’ idea that IQ differences might substantially account for national and racial differences in prosperity (10 xi). This Diary’s chief London Correspondent caught the broadcast and responded as follows.

Lynn was allowed on to Radio 5's ‘Drive’ programme today. Absolutely hilarious. He was interviewed by the egregious Jane Garvey who was simply unable to get her head around the idea that IQ might be a function of anything other than environment and became positively panic-stricken when Lynn refused to be cowed by the usual liberal bigot tactic of hinting that he is a racist to suggest that blacks as a group are innately at a disadvantage when compared to other races. Times they are a-changing.... RH.

The next day (11 xi), Richard was put head-to-head on the BBC’s flagship morning programme ‘Today’ (BBC Radio 4) against an African-sentimental lady who had been to Ethiopia to dispense largesse and never noticed anything wrong with the leading beggars she met; she also ‘knew’ that genes were forever being “reshuffled” by nutrition and that IQ tests were “only cultural.” Once more, Richard held his ground and managed to mention that sub-Saharan African IQs were “in the 70’s” and that childhood IQ was predictive of adult level of income (and indeed of upward social mobility from parental levels, he could have mentioned – Touhey, 1972, Br.J.soc.&clin.Psychol).

{Was the earth moving? Wait for the Beeb to bring out bigger guns than this!} {Richard also appeared in other radio programmes, BBC 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ and a broadcast for BBC World Service.}


Boards of Directors that bow to PeeCee and appoint women find their share prices dip (Times Business), 11 xi). Research from Cranfield School of Management showed that the number of women directors in Britain’s FTSE 100 (100 biggest companies) had risen 20 per cent over 2002/3 – to a total 100 women. However, of the top ten companies in the Cranfield Index — which rates FTSE 100 companies according to the number of women on the board — 60 per cent had underperformed the FTSE 100 this year. By contrast, companies low in the CI tended to have outperformed the market.


In a hilarious exchange of accusations, half-Black Demetrius Panton, a British male of 36, claimed years of repeated sexual abuse in a UK orphanage had left him largely unscathed (Daily Telegraph, 12 xi) – contrary to the central tenet of paedohysteria. Panton was denying the claims of Government Minister Margaret Hodge that he was “very seriously disturbed” – claims she had made in order to cast doubt on Panton’s accusations of state-funded paedophilia and to explain why she had rejected his application for more government funding for a postgraduate education.

{By this time, Hodge herself was actually Minister for Children and Paedophysteria; and Panton’s multiple abuser had gone on to a career of paedophilia in Thailand, culminating in his suicide. After a few days, Hodge apologized unreservedly; but Panton – who turned out to be working in the office of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott – continued to consult with lawyers with an eye to libel action until Hodge promised a lavish donation to a charity of his choice and payment of all his legal fees. It was clear that, after a decade of paedohysteria, Britain had its first case attesting that paedophilia does not invariably result in serious harm.}

Friday, November 21, 2003


At long last, Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen were allowed to make a mark with their March 2002 book IQ and The Wealth of Nations. The ending of the book's 20 months of virtual suppression probably came about because two favourable reviews were due out in the December edition of the journal Heredity -- part of the Nature stable, so giving Times Online Education Correspondent Glen Owen adequate cover if he ran into flak from colleagues. The longer, print version of the article hopelessly confused 'Prof. Lynn' with 'Prof. Flynn', so that should have helped ensure further coverage once the Times moved to untangle the mess. The full version wheeled in British media babbler Oliver James, a clinical psychologist, to say “The IQ test is heavily culturally conditioned”. But, by and large, Lynn/”Flynn” & and Vanhanen were
allowed a field day; and James decently told the Times that Lynn himself
was “kindly and unbigoted”. (A useful graphic for the article linked national IQ and prosperity around the globe -- though it forgot to give its legend for the light-blue-coloured c. IQ 80 countries of the Middle East.) I tried to join the debate in Times2 with the following contribution:

Glen Owen and the Times deserve serious congratulation for bringing out the news of Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen's scholarly work -- effectively suppressed in the mainstream media for 20 months since its publication in March, 2002. IQ and the Wealth of Nations provides impressively reliable IQ estimates for many countries and shows a really strong link between IQ and prosperity (not the feeble correlation of .30 found in so many social-scientific studies). (The basic data used are made available on the internet by Matt Nuenke. More on the methods and resulting data is available from Lynn & Vanhanen themselves.)

Naturally some will wish to believe that prosperity is causal to IQ, so they should note that IQ predicts increases in prosperity from earlier baselines. For example, of the world's 21 countries which steadily tripled their Gross Domestic Product from 1983 through 1990 and 1993 to 1996, not one was on the African mainland (where IQ averaged roughly 75 around 1980). By contrast, of the 27 countries whose GDP decreased by 50% or more, no less than ten were African (Angola, Burkina Faso, Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Madagascar, Somalia, Sudan, Zambia and Sao Tome & Principe).

Twenty-one (mainly favourable) “customer reviews” of what may prove a 'book of the century' can be found on the internet at Amazon
. The four reviews at Barnes & Noble are highly favourable. Three supportive reviews appear at Social Sciences Web (which especially queries the failure of leftists to discuss or reply to the volume). Another very favourable review -- accepting the book as showing the causal impact of a nation’s IQ -- by economist-turned-sociobiologist Ed Miller (Univ. New Orleans) was published in Occidental Quarterly (Winter 2002/3); Canadian differential psychologist Philippe Rushton was equally accepting in his 2003 review for Personality & Individual Differences; and “human biodiversity” guru Steve Sailer loved it (in the internet anti-immigration magazine VDare and in the conservative organ Free Republic).

A summary in French including a reply by Lynn to criticisms is provided by educator Philippe Gouillou. A summary and the basic data are provided for Spanish speakers by Roberto Colom. Coverage in Swedish comes from economist-philosopher Gunnar Adler-Karlsson. Correspondents discussing the fraudulence/incompetence of Franz Boas declared L& V’s book “unchallenged:. Lynn and Vanhanen's work has quite possibly sounded the death knell for modern 'politically correct' denials of the importance of IQ, race and nation.

Sincerely, -- Chris Brand, Edinburgh.


The Statesman (India) (11 xi) covered the story without even mentioning genetic explanations for the IQ-prosperity link -- heralding how the Western left would try officially to ignore Glen Owen’s bunkerbusting job while carting off its walking wounded to strictly private sanatoria.

Thursday, November 20, 2003


A leading organization of Black conservatives in America carried a splendid article which denounced 'affirmative action' as the modern equivalent of Jim Crow-style discrimination.


A U.K. Government-led 'Islam Awareness Week', boasting of Muslim inventions /discoveries (viz. guitar, algebra, paper and fruits such as lemons) was nicely put down in Spiked (4 xi) as an exercise likely to put even more distance between White British and Muslim children - not least because loopy Campaign for Racial Equality boss Trevor Phillips, a semi-Black, used the launch to claim that Isaac Newton's achievements should really be attributed to Muslims.


Reviewing for the Times Literary Supplement (7 xi) a new book, Kuhn versus Popper, Vincent Deary [the brother of Edinburgh differential psychology professor Ian Deary] was glad to celebrate author Steve Fuller's preference for Popperian objectivity and realism in philosophy over Kuhnian subjectivism and relativism. "The obscenity of relativism" also received a kicking in Times Higher (7 xi) from sociology professor Frank Webster [City University, London]: "The moral equivalence that accompanies cultural relativism cannot be accepted when it means that reason, religious tolerance and democracy are equated with an absolutism that executes unbelievers, conflates government and religious faith and denies the truth of science."


A leading Parisian department store offered its women customers striptease lessons. Professional strippers were on hand at Galeries Lafayette, showing how girls should reveal their all in the most alluring way. One stripper told a French newspaper that the lessons were artistic, not vulgar. But the store's publicity stunt prompted criticism with feminastie groups, who said their fatties, smellies, violent sados and hairy harridans would demonstrate outside the store.


In a refreshing up-beat piece, the City Journal (Autumn) ventured that the American right was surging through the left's former iron grip on the media. Apparently Fox News, South Park, Kausfiles, the Drudge Report and the internet have created a new phenomenon - and all helped to expose and punish the shoddy standards of reporting tolerated at the New York Times in the name of 'affirmative action.' No longer could right wing observations and points be simply forgotten thanks to the NYT's monopoly of news.

{Maybe some US right-wing outlets will even get round to mentioning THE g FACTOR? - still available free thanks to Philippe Gouillou at: _.}


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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


THOUGH TEN YEARS TOO LATE. The Spectator (1 xi) carried a fine article about 'The multicultural thought police' by Leo McKinstry, saying that the U.S.A. was moving towards classifying 'racism' as a mental illness for which compulsory detention would be appropriate. McKinstry concluded: "In some ways, multiculturalism is a reaction to the barbarity of Hitler's Nazi regime. The sorry paradox is that in its myopia over race and its hysterical intolerance of dissent, this doctrine is dragging us along the road towards tyranny."


As California burned, police ventured that much of the trouble had been the work of arsonists - a group having a mean IQ around 80, and a quarter of them being below 70.


According to both the Spectator (1 xi) and the EU Observer (21 x), France's Jean Marie Le Pen was polling well, even as high as 33% in Paris, largely thanks to the liberalism of his well-preserved daughter, Marine - who has told anti-abortion Catholics to buzz off.


"There is no evidence that a tendency towards criminal behaviour can be inherited," declared Denmark's peecee Health Ministry. That was why it had not demanded that the world's biggest sperm bank, Cryos, based in Aarhus, Denmark, should require proof from sperm donors that they did not have criminal records.

But Cryos changed its arrangements right smartish when it was revealed that a man who had killed both of his two baby daughters had got on to its books and the organization was inundated with phone calls from worried sperm users seeking assurance that the murderer, Heine Nielsen, was not the father of their own particular sprog (Sunday Telegraph, 2 xi).

(Nielsen had been imprisoned for six years for the murder of his first daughter; and was next confined for life in a secure lunatic asylum for the murder of his second. Cryos had several times paid him œ23 for sperm donations but said it had never used his sperm because he had failed to complete the required psychological tests. As of 2003, Cryos had 200 sperm donors on its books and was distributing some 10,000 units of sperm annually to 35 infertility clinics across Europe. Never before did the Danes have their own empire without Saxon help?_.)


The U.K.'s Channel 4 TV allowed post-Marxist Kenan Malik five minutes to pooh-pooh multiculturalism as divisive, unnecessary and even likely to lead to apartheid. Malik's agenda was that we should all be good post-Marxists - just as the nice and passbly clever political philosopher Brian Barry [Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford, c. 1968] wants a return to strict colourblind egalitarianism (Culture and Equality: An Egalitarian Critique of Multiculturalism, 2002, Harvard University Press).


The Scientific Study of General Intelligence received a very favourable review from Occidental Quarterly editor Kevin Lamb. Apart from robust defences of the g factor and its substantial heritability, the volume - published without publicity in June -- apparently said that criminologists were coming round to the view that IQ was a key variable and that vocational experts deplored the gush being served up by multifactor theorists and by one Daniel Goleman in his ten-year craze of 'emotional intelligence' - for many of the variables offered as substitutes for g would never meet the exacting standards of American courts (established in relation to IQ) for reliability, validity, fairness etc. (The Autumn 2003 OQ also contained a reprint Enoch Powell's classic 1977 speech 'The road to national suicide' and the interesting information that the 'right-wing' Economist magazine seriously considered at the time whether Enoch, though a Privy Councillor and Member of the British Empire, should be prosecuted under the Race Relations Act.)

Saturday, November 01, 2003


As the Romanian-Jewish, Peterhouse-educated QC, Michael Howard, became Conservative leader, it transpired that his ex-supermodel wife (formerly Sandra Paul, now 60+ but excellently preserved) had been mugged earlier this year by two Black youths – losing her treasured engagement and eternity rings and two handbags while pinned to the pavement. Presumably reinforcing the point, the couple’s daughter was also subsequently mugged in South London. While Howard had been Home Secretary, 1993-4, crime had fallen by 18%; and his reputation as a tough egg was only forgotten because his NuLabour successors were tougher still. But Howard was also a respecter of civil liberties and had thus declined to enact legislation making Holocaust denial a criminal offence in Britain.


Home Secretary David Blunkett turned on Britain’s mullahs and told them to learn English because if they did not thus encourage integration there would be a “real risk of increasing alienation” between Whites and Muslims. The Muslim Council declared itself dismayed at Mr Blunkett’s words, calling them “a post-September 11 form of Paki-bashing.”