Monday, December 29, 2003

Special 2003 Academic Entertainments

Sir Francis Galton's 1873 proposal for improving Africa

University of Vienna medical researchers replicate IQ and the Wealth of Nations results: [They "drew on a variety of sources to produce average IQs for 50 countries."]

A picture of my wife and myself in Edinburgh has been kindly taken by our London friend Graham and posted on the web by Australian colleague John. (John must have liked my Ozzie hat!)

In the USA, 700 lawyers were recruited by the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund to defend against PeeCee assaults on the Christian Christmas.

Sadly, the UK lagged as always behind, with North Wales police inventing a new multiculti religion to which applicants had to subscribe (Times, 24 xii 03), declaring "I have respect for people whose abilities, beliefs, culture, race, sexual identity or other characteristics are different from my own." {Not 'tolerate', not 'be fair to', but positively "respect"!} Poor England had come a long way since the days when Queen Elizabeth I said she had no intention of making 'windows into men's souls.'


The above-mentioned news from Vienna about national differences in IQ triggered anger in The Holy Republic of Eire (IQ estimated at 93 by Lynn & Vanhanen).


Ireland's poor rating for IQs 'doesn't add up'

IN Sunday Times (Irish edition), 21 December, 2003


IRELAND has one of the lowest average IQ levels in Europe, according to new research. Ireland ranked 33rd out of 50 countries in an international comparison of intelligence, well below Britain and the United States.

The research, compiled by the neutral Austrians, has found that Irish people have lower average IQ than the British, the Americans, and the French.

The table was compiled by researchers from the University of Vienna medical school, who drew on a variety of sources to produce average IQs for 50 countries.

Britain is ranked 11th with 100 points, which is the same score as Belgium and New Zealand, while Ireland, with 93 points, is one of the poorer performers in Europe.

The people of Hong Kong topped the table. The Far Eastern countries of South Korea, Japan and Singapore take the other top four places after Hong Kong, which has 107 points. The USA falls outside the top 20 with 98 points.

The use of IQ tests to make comparisons between different nationalities is highly contentious.

It is believed that the Far Eastern countries perform well because they have advanced skills in mathematics. Sylvia Herbert, chairman of British Mensa, the association for people with IQs in the top 2% of the population, said: "IQ tests are not perfect, but they will have been going for 100 years next year. They have been refined and adjusted over the years and they are predictors of success in work. Mensa members have higher than average incomes.

"It does not surprise me that the Far Eastern countries came top. They are known to be better at mathematics. I was in Singapore for our international meeting and that year Singapore children had gained the highest results of developed countries."

There may be some succour for countries such as Ireland and America: many academics believe that IQ tests fail to assess true intelligence.
David Schulman, chairman of Irish Mensa, said Ireland was in the top two ranking countries in terms of Mensa members. He said it was not a fair reflection on the country to question its levels of intelligence.
"I think the research needs to have more gravitas in it," he said. "Ireland is an intelligent country in terms of its education and intellect. Sticking labels on countries is not fair comment. Irish people are bright and are quick learners and that is why we do so well in many aspects of work, including the IT sector.

"I think an examination of intelligence that labels Ireland as a poor performer is incredibly biased and I would not be happy with that sort of statement."

Dr Mary Corcoran, from the department of sociology in NUI Maynooth, said: "In social respects IQ tests are of no standing and do not indicate anything of a person's capacity to be happy or successful.

"I think this research is of absolutely no relevance whatsoever and seems to me to be very limited in what it says about Ireland. I would be very dismissive of it."


In another startling twist his her life saga, Cambridge University's Australian feminist, Germaine Greer, announced she had converted to Australian aboriginism - and been 'adopted' by several elderly female pipe smokers in a culture-rich ceremony lasting no longer than the time it took GG to write the aborigines a cheque.

{Previously in 2003, GG had embarrassed her supporters by declaring her love for the beauty of teenage boys. Likewise a decade earlier she had provocatively announced the delights of the housewhifely day in the countryside - after regretted she had never had a baby (just the one abortion). Her attention-getting conversion to abo-dom would at least have impressed assorted lefties and anti-Westerns, even if still leaving her feminist readership gasping.}

{Then unwisdom of standard-issue feminism was demonstrated when a German female sailor was murdered on her warship amid a tangle of sexual jealousies.}


Half-chat Trevor Phillips, the ex-TV executive and Blairite who became the Campaign for Racial Equality's supremo earlier in 2003 admitted the CRE had been "throwing money down the drain" by trying to prosecute 'racism' everywhere and would in future concentrate on making 'integration' a fashionable word (Daily Telegraph, 27 xii). Did this mean that Muslim schoolgirls would have to drop their veils? Well, er_., no, said Phillips. So what would 'integration' involve? Perhaps knowing that the Bible and Shakespeare had been big influences on Britain, he opined_. {By this criterion most of the literate world would qualify for British citizenship!} But Phillips would anyhow set up a study group_. {Trevor 'Blubberguts' Phillips, who came to Britain from Guyana, was earning œ94,000 p.a. in his four-day-a-week job while at the same time running a film company.}


Following pressure from Labour peers, the Government announced it would scale down the scam by which foreigners travel to Britain, receive medical treatment on the National Health Service for all their ailments, bring their relatives in for more such help, then toddle off back to their own countries without ever settling the bill - a scheme of compassion-gone-mad which has cost the U.K. at least œ200,000,000 annually in the past decade. In future, foreigners would have to pay up front for their treatments - an announcement which promptly brought squeals from the great and good.


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Monday, December 22, 2003


A former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, Jim Fairlie, 63, began a fight in the Scottish courts to recover Å“250K from the National Health Service for having ruined his life. After his daughter Katrina's appendix had been removed in 1994, it turned out to be quite healthy and her pains continued; so the Perthshire hospital referred the 21-year-old to a psychiatrist to diagnose her pains, and he soon 'recovered' memories from her that she had been raped by her father, by seventeen other men including two politicians, and witnessed her father brutally murder a six-year-old girl.

Within a year, Katrina took all this nonsense back and the police lost interest (and the hospital admitted they had mislaid a lab report suggesting her pains were actually due to an inflated gall bladder) - but not before Jim Fairlea's marriage, friendships and career had suffered irreparable damage thanks to feminazie hysteria and misplaced belief in 'recovered memory therapy'.


Almost eight years after the publication of THE g FACTOR, advocating educational streaming by ability, the Daily Telegraph's regular columnist Alan Cochrane felt sufficiently emboldened to squeak out about the Conservatives' shameless 30-year subscription to Labour's educational agenda. Cochrane wrote (17 xii):

"There is only one solution to the crisis [of education in modern Britain] and that is to return to selection. . . . unfortunately [the Tories] are still too timid to grasp . . . the issue."

(TgF's conceptual breakthrough of using 'value added' measures of education today finds wide appeal, e.g. at HMG's website -- -- where the most improving boys' school of today Britain turns out to be my own grammar school (of 1953-61), Queen Elizabeth's Boys Grammar School, Barnet, Hertfordshire. Of course, QEBGS was always the greatest - though it took a dip for a while under comprehensivist headmasters 1970-80.)


Though Britain's tabloids (e.g. the "Sun" and "Daily Mail") swung predictably into their favoured routine of calling newly convicted murderer Ian Huntley, 28, 5' 7", a 'sick, perverted paedophile', Huntley in fact did little to fit the usual profile of either a paedophile (wants to fumble kids, often boys, approaching adolescence) or a paedosadist (wants violent sex with young children).

Instead of being a 'dirty old man' Huntley was very much the charming young man, easily attracting girlfriends of typically 13-18, sometimes running several together as a harem while he fuelled himself on amphetamine. The ten episodes of alleged rape or molestation disclosed after his trial were a very small part of Huntley's vigorous sex life in his twenties. Evidently sex with Huntley was on the rough and sometimes fear-inducing side - though he sometimes allowed himself to be bound naked if girls liked that. And how they did! - many coming back repeatedly. One young woman of 28, who had been a classmate of Huntley and his first girlfriend when they were both aged 12, was actually trying to find him again in 2002 via 'Friends Reunited' when her TV screen brought the news of his arrest; another returned to him for more sex and his "gorgeous eyes" after a five year gap (following a ten-month affair involving violent sex); at one stage his harem involved 14 girls who would all come to him near-daily in their school uniforms. The chief peculiarity reported by Huntley's girls was not 'perversion' but control freakery - he was very keen on having his washing done, his meals served at stipulated times, his beer served at the right temperature and his partner kinkily dress or bound, and he would sometimes push them downstairs (especially if they got pregnant). He formed relationships lasting a year with several girls, and his last relationship, with Maxine Carr (in her twenties), continued for three-and a half years with the help of her subservience and enjoyment of sex. Anyone who thinks 'paedophilia' is a helpful description of all this should see the BBC's picture of Huntley's girlfriend Chantel Groce, a fifteen-year-old dancer when Huntley knew her.

Certainly Huntley turned out after his trial for the murder of Holly Chapman and Jessica Wells to have been an odd character with an even odder life. The product of a shotgun marriage, his first twelve years were happy apart from the arrival of a brother just one year after Huntley was born (a brighter brother, Wayne who would finally take Huntley's wife for himself after she got fed up with Huntley's violence) and teachers reported a nice lad whose mother doted on him; but from 12, a change of school left him somewhat short of male friends and his handsome father's serial womanizing came to a head in depression, alcoholism, bullying and regular beatings of Huntley (when Huntley reported to his mother finding his father in bed with a baby-sitter on one occasion and an aunt on another); and his mother (a big-jawed woman) eventually took in as lesbian lover a female security guard of 18, the same age as Huntley. From age 12, reports on Huntley were of asthma, shyness, fantasizing, unpopularity, bullying and temper, but mixed with plenty of instances of charm, smoothness and good humour and a chief interest in adolescent girls whom he could impress.

So why the murder of Jessica and Holly? Apparently insecure and sex-mad ex-bulimic girlfriend Maxine, now 26 and 5' 2" and loving nothing better than wild sado-masochist sex in red lipstick and black stilettos, may have gone off the boil, at least for Huntley - no sex for some time, Huntley complained to another assistant teacher, an attractive blonde with whom he tried to have sex while Maxine was visiting her mother in Grimsby in August, 2002.

(As a matter of fact, Maxine - who was a big-breasted* girl of low self-esteem who was notoriously randy after a drink - was seen at that very time in Grimsby having sex over a car with one man and kissing another (a 17-year-old rugby player, 6' 5"),

so Huntley did indeed have something to be cross about; though he himself had been two-timing her with a colleague at Soham School. Maxine had twice overdosed after Huntley proposed breaking up.) On the evening of the murder, just minutes before Huntley met Jessica and Holly, Carr had phoned and said she would be going out drinking, contrary to his wishes and express instructions. In a jealous and sexually frustrated rage, perhaps, Huntley invited the pretty ten-year-olds Jessica and Holly into his home with more intention of killing them than of having sex with them - thereby also achieving some revenge on the Soham community which had failed to appoint Maxine as to a regular job at Soham School.

All this is typical of what was long called in textbooks 'the charming psychopath' - though with a neurotic/depressive/tortured /psychotic side (for Huntley thrice attempted suicide in adolescence and tried again while awaiting trial in prison in 2003). All the mysteries that remain here (e.g. what exactly Huntley and Carr had rowed about after two rather settled and successful years - with the help of some benefit fraud; how many girls he had had - even his devoted mother believed he had had 60 in one year), they will not be solved by believing that Huntley was a standard-issue 'serial paedophile.'

{A diagnosis of psychopathy was also recommended by forensic psychologist Dr Julian Boon of Leicester University, by consultant psychiatrist Cleo van Velsen (who specially noted that 'paedophiles' normally have a small range of ages in mind for their targets), by experts at Rampton Hospital for criminal lunatics, and by 'Doctor Theodore Dalrymple' in the Sunday Telegraph (21 xii: "Huntley was no paedophile") who specially added that "scores and possibly hundreds of young British men" were leading feckless lives similar to Huntley's [without the murders] and deserved the same fate. Huntley's "darkest secrets" are apparently known to Rampton psychologist Christopher Clark, who certified that Huntley was fit to plead; but Clark said he intended to 'take the secrets with him to his grave.' Completing the Oedipal saga with a final victory for the father, 48, Huntley's diminutive mother, 49 (divorced but re-united with Huntley's father), announced to paparazzi she wished her son could be executed.}

* At school, Maxine was nicknamed 'Bouncy' - though she got thinner as anorexia took over. Several of her discovered boyfriends report her a complete slut who would beg for sex, e.g. on every item of furniture in a room. She would bite partners during sex and specially liked to have her nipples and breasts bitten. During her three years with Huntley, she was repeatedly beaten out of Huntley's sexual jealousy, said neighbours.


According to Britain's "Daily Telegraph" (17 xii) "One prisoner in four is from an ethnic minority and the proportion is more than a half in some London jails. While the total prison population increased by 12 per cent between 1999 and 2002, the number of black prisoners increased by 50 per cent." Clearly the 1999 Macpherson Report (by Sir William Macpherson of Luny) has been quietly and race-realistically binned. As with the world-wide problem of fanatic-terrorist Muslims of IQ c. 87, apparently one needs to watch what the Blair Government does, not what it says about the 'delights of diversity.' PeeCee is now an official religion, just like the dear old Church of England - but nobody (and certainly not Rev. Blair and Home Secretary Blind Jo Blunkett) is expected actually to believe in it.


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Friday, December 19, 2003


Times readers were reminded by 'Doctor Dalrymple' of the phosphate-rich islanders of Nauru (south-west Pacific) whose wealth made them so obese they mainly needed two aircraft seats, so diabetic (>50%) and otherwise unhealthy that most of them died by age 50, and even rendered many of them infertile.

{What the Doc did not mention is that the best estimate for IQ in the south-west Pacific islands is around 85 - so perhaps wealth can sometimes be bearable_.}


Cross-patch feminists in Switzerland martialled demonstrations (e.g. of 15,000 in the capital, Bern) as two women were booted off the country's seven-member Federal Council which would in 2004 begin deciding on the composition of the ruling Cabinet. For the first time, two Council members were from the anti-unrestricted-immigration and anti-Europa Swiss People's Party - though whether they would have much influence amidst Switzerland's complex system of checks and balances remained to be seen.


Feminist dreams of toyboy-househusbands seemed to be achieving a degree of realization. Between 1968 and 1998, British marriage ceremonies in which the woman was more than six years older than her man increased from 3% to 7% of the total; whereas marriages involving a >6-year-older man increased less dramatically from 33% to 44% (Times, 12 xii). The increases were due largely to the higher incidence of divorce putting more middle-aged people on the marriage market; but the earning power of the likes of Madonna, J. K. Rowling and Gwyneth Paltrow would doubtless have made a contribution.
Whether 'boy bagging' was a good idea was, however, a matter on which the jury was still out. I wrote to the Times as follows.

FROM: Mr C. R. Brand, M. A. (Oxon.), F.G.I
Edinburgh EH8 9PP

FOR: Debate about British women marrying younger men

There is certainly some historical encouragement for the preference of Chaucer's Wife of Bath for younger husbands -- a preference which she herself realized in her fourth and fifth marriages (evidently the Joan Collins of her day). Perhaps the most successful such British marriage was that of Prime Minister-to-be Benjamin Disraeli to the shrewd, rich and 14-years-older widow, Mary Wyndham Lewis -- lasting 33 years and leaving Disraeli devastated when Mary died. Sadly, however, it is easy to find counterexamples. Anne Hathaway's marriage to the 7-year-younger Shakespeare seems to have left her with little but William's "second-best bed"; and Queen Mary ('Bloody Mary') gloriously married the 11-year-younger King Philip II of Spain only for the marriage to last a childless three years before Philip returned to Spain leaving a broken Mary on her deathbed. To allow more systematic comparison of the merits of age-gap romances, I provide a list of couples at:
(where I will gladly relay new cases and comments from Times readers). For the present, I can report that it seems much easier to find happy and successful unions where the man is markedly older than the woman: the marriages of Charlie Chaplin, Sir William Walton, Harold Evans, Michael Douglas and Sir Paul McCartney provide examples, all involving a man more than twenty years older than his wife.

Sincerely, -- Chris Brand.

In fact, there were only two highly age-gapped British 'boy-bagger' romances I had found which looked at all impressive: actress Francesca Annis and authoress Fay Weldon had both had relationships for a decade with 18-year-younger male partners.

Sunday, December 14, 2003


A fine Spectator article challenged the corruption of British socialist politicians who consign ordinary people’s children to state ‘schools’ yet themselves choose private education or private tuition for their own wee darling children – or try to live in hyper-Conservative Kent, which still has grammar schools.

Likewise, in the USA, David Horowitz bravely continued his one-man campaign against America’s diversity-worshipping universities -- which by 2003 had 90% of their staff left-of-centre (or even 97% in the case of some elite unis like Brown and Wesleyan).

And from America came encouraging news of students beginning to speak out against their ideology-crazed ‘teachers’ – the fight-back came from the University of Texas at Austin, the only university in the U.S.A. to have had me to lecture (and witness the wonderful spectacle of gorgeous gals going to work on horses [double entendre not intended]).


After fostering and being studied for three years, rhesus macaque offspring turned out to be similar in levels of aggression and sociability to their unseen biological mothers rather than to their foster mothers – Developmental Psychobiology 43, November 2003, Wiley DePublisher.


Amazed by the continuing devotion of the media and kindred lefties to their version of ‘the Flynn effect’, I wrote to Steve Sailer’s internet Human Biodiversity Group as follows.

It is ludicrous to say the London School has tried to ignore the Flynn/Lynn effect (Lynn, 1982, Nature – after I pointed out to Richard the IQ rise in his Japanese data from 1910 (IQ 105) to 1969 ((IQ 112); Flynn, 1984, Psychological Bulletin). Secular IQ score rises were known from 1949 and result from the bicycle (outbreeding), better nutrition and, above all, a willingness to guess and risk the occasional mistake -- the right approach to many IQ tests, for the tests were designed precisely to identify intelligence in children whose accuracy/obsessionality/academicism was not high. I reviewed Flynn's work in Nature as soon as it was published in the 1980's and, with Jim’s co-operation, began an amusing and ongoing argument with him in the Irish Journal of Psychology. Budding fans of Flynn can read Chapter 4 of my 1996/2000 book for an easy summary of the whole matter -- available FREE (thanks to Philippe Gouillou) at In the past decade, leftists have relied almost entirely on Flynn to argue via the media with the London School -- but they actually show no sign of having read what either Flynn or I have said.

Since the 1996 publication of THE g FACTOR, Charles Murray has shown the Black-White test-score gap has NOT been decreasing (contrary to every Flynn-ite expectation); Phil Rushton has shown that the Flynn-type rises were largely in NON-g-components of IQ tests; and I have noted that top sociologists Christopher Jencks and (Black) Meredith Phillips quite failed* to account for the B-W difference in their major 1998 tome (my review was in Heredity in March this year and I will post it to HBD if people want). Stalwart trooper of the liberal-left that he is, Jim Flynn has kept going with his thesis that 'problem solving ability' might one day improve in Blacks and he has had America’s Brookings Institute on his side.

But N.B. JIM DOES NOT CLAIM AN intelligence RISE! -- he lately told me face-to-face over lunch that he thinks his own great-grandfather would NOT have had intelligence different from himself (allowing for regression to the mean). Also, I have replied to him (and he to me) at;
and my reply was appparently enough to make Science desist from publishing more from him pro tem.

* From my review:

"....their 500 pages of scholasticism will not fool any serious reader. The truth is that these authors have nothing serious which they can demonstrate. Let Jencks and Phillips speak for themselves: "We recognize that few readers will find our sketchy agenda for reducing the black-white test score gap entirely persuasive.""


27 months after 9/11, the Times got around to advising Britain’s “moderate Muslim majority”, re terror outrages, that “speaking out is not enough.” No, indeedy! “What the community must do is to inculcate a commitment, in British citizens, to the rule of law, the avoidance of violence, the principle of tolerance and the moral values of this country.”

{Great! And what were “moderate Muslims” supposed to do when they noticed that their inculcations were not working? And what about the many resident Muslims who retain foreign citizenship?}


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Thursday, December 11, 2003


Research by pious and well-funded peecee types in Scottish schools found a healthy prevalence of racist joshing (Scotsman, 2 xii). The online survey, carried out by a charity, “Children in Scotland”, found the majority of pupils -- 58 per cent -- had witnessed verbal abuse about a person’s race, and 35 per cent had experienced verbal abuse themselves.

{Coloured immigrants made up scarcely 2% of Scotland’s population, so most of this ‘racism’ was directed against children born to English parents.}


Edinburgh University confirmed its descent into the madhouse with a conference at its prestige Playfair Library and Talbot Rice Art Gallery called ‘e-Fusions: Is reconciliation possible after the postmodern age?’ The conference, furnished with a fall-apart-in-your-hands junk programme of verbiage (featuring on its front an ominous-looking Israeli Army lorry), condemned such “old left” postconstructibabblers as Jurgen Habermas, David Harvey and Fredric Jameson who had apparently been insufficiently utopian about the E.LU.-envisaged world without “binding divisions, classifications, allocations and boundaries.”

{Meanwhile, contrary to such out-of-touch idealism, top Times columnist Simon Jenkins came round to the view of this Diary that, far from ‘divisions’ being deplorable, Iraq needed to be broken up into its three contending nations (Shi-ites, Sunnis and Kurds) and forget about the fiction of ‘Arab democracy’ (quite unattainable till property rights and the rule of law had been secured) (‘The only hope now is to divide Iraq into three’, Times, 3 xii).

The case for partition along ethnic lines was put with his usual style and authority by Steve Sailer – who especially mentioned the success story of secessioned Eritrea, ‘a new Prussia’, in the past decade.}


In 2003, delightful businesswoman and interpreter, Orianne Cevey, 30, had been giving affable but workaholic popstar, ex-Genesis drummer Phil Collins, 52 and worth £300 million, marital bliss for five years and the couple had a son (Phil’s fourth child) in 2001. But they got mugged for Orianne’s handbag while doing Christmas shopping with their tot on London’s Regent Street – the race of assailant was unstated as always by cravenly peecee Britoid newspersons.

{At the time, London was seeing an average of 164 muggings per day, 85% of them by Blacks.}


Pretty Samantha Murray, 14, of Nottinghamshire went into hiding with the uncle of a schoolfriend – an unemployed former convict described by his own family as a “roamer” with a considerable record of womanizing and a marriage behind him (Daily Express, 4 xii). Samantha, 5’ 3” and with blonde streaks in her hair, wrote two letters to her (“disgusted”) care worker mother, 33, and roadworker father saying she was having fun working in markets, would always love her parents, younger sister and two brothers, wanted to marry David Tyler, and would “be back when I am ready.” Samantha, said by her mother to be ‘outgoing and with a heart of gold, but easily led,’ had had a row with her grandmother but wrote she still loved her. Police intimated to Samantha’s mother that Tyler may once have committed a racial assault; but they said they did not think Samantha was in any immediate danger.


The Daily Telegraph (5 xii) ran an excellent editorial about British Prison Officer Colin Rose, 53, calling his sacking (for a jibe about OK Bin Liner in the presence of ‘Asians’) "preposterous." (As Rose threw his keys violently down a chute at the end of his working day, arousing comment that he might puncture the metal base, he explained there was a picture of Osama bin Laden at the bottom of the chute – reference to the whereabouts of Bin Liner was constant in the prison at that time, just two months after 9/11 (when 300 Brits lost their lives to Bin Liner.)

{What a pity the new Conservative leader, Michael Howard, did not come out and say simply 'Enough is enough. The Conservative Party will promise to sweep away all political correctness and restore free speech in the UK. And for good measure, we’ll insist that any allegations of unreasonable ‘insensitivity’, ‘offensiveness’, ‘hurt feelings’, ‘creating a hostile atmosphere’ or ‘psychological harm’ will need to be backed up by a 75% consensus among at least four experts in psychological medicine.'}


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Sunday, December 07, 2003


In a move that could furnish an answer to whether anybody at all in Britain – apart from myself and Richard Lynn – would get real with hysterical ‘anti-racists’, the front page of the LUniversity of Edinburgh’s Student newspaper carried criticism of Prince Philip’s record on race (19 xi, ‘Prince set to be ousted’). Urging that the Queen’s husband be sacked from his 51-year lifetime appointment as E.LU.’s Chancellor, student activist Jeremy Kemp said: “As a university, we are very proud of our multiracial and cosmopolitan make-up. Prince Philip just doesn’t fit in with this image. His questionable views of race and different cultures are well documented. I think a democratic election [via the LUniversity’s General Council] would give us a Chancellor who is more 21st century….” For good measure, Student threw in the Duke of Edinburgh’s “infamous gaffe” when he asked a Scottish driving instructor how he ‘kept the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test.’ Subsequently, the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) went on to vote by roughly 700 to 100 at a packed meeting in George Square that it would seek the Prince’s dismissal (Times, 27 xi, p. 1; Scotsman 26 ix, 27 ix). The motion read: “HRH Prince Philip is not a suitable figurehead or representative of the University. The role of Chancellor might as well be filled by a piece of root ginger”. After the vote, EUSA president Will Garton said he would write to the Duke to ask him to relinquish his post. But LUniversity secretary Melvyn Cornish said: "This vote represents much less than 5% of the total student population of the university so I am rather doubtful that it reflects the general feeling on campus.”

Jeremy Kemp told reporters: ``This is a cosmopolitan and multi-racial university. Prince Philip does not reflect this with his questionable comments and gaffes on race. {Pop star and Babe bagger} Rod Stewart would be a better chancellor. At least he has Scottish roots and is in Scotland more often.'' What? The students think the LUniversity “multi-racial”? – There is scarcely a Black [i.e. Negroid] face to be seen most days in E.LU.’s busy George Square!

Anyway, would the Prince move to slap down his ‘anti-racist’ accusers? Sadly, he did nothing overtly when given the opportunity to do so in my own case of 1996/7/8. But equally he apparently ceased to visit the LUniversity – Kemp told the Scotsman that the Prince was last on campus in 1996. Perhaps Prince Philip became thoroughly sickened with the LUniversity’s political correctness – emanating then as in 2003 from its Psychology Department where Kemp, 22, was a student in 2003. When visiting Edinburgh with the Queen earlier this month (for a sickening ‘Royal Variety Performance’ in the worst possible taste with multiculti Aboriginal acts and Cockney accents), the Chancellor did not bother to pop in to the LUniversity even though, at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre, he was only a minute’s walk away from the Office of E.LU. Principal and Vice-Chancellor Comrade Timothy O’Shea, and even though the next day he had time for lunch at the Castle.


Black ‘British’ rappa-gangsta ‘poet’ Benjamin Zephaniah tried to embarrass his Queen and country by publicly refusing the offer of being honoured with the award of ‘Order of the British Empire.’ The Empire had been a slave empire, the loon asserted. But he was quickly put back in his box when a letter in the Daily Telegraph pointed out that Britain had been the first country ever to abolish both slavery and slave trading – to the consternation of African tyrants who still pleaded with Britain in the twentieth century for a re-introduction of the handy commerce (Sue Doughty, 28 xi).


The loony Black tyrant of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, provided an endorsement for racism when he told reporters that “Whites are a dangerous lot” (Times, 29 xi). For good measure, Mugabe specially pointed out that many Australians were descended from convicts and this showed especially clearly in the genes of Australian Prime Minister John Howard (who had led the way in urging sanctions against Mugabe’s regime). “Over time, the force of genetics has played its part,” said the mass-murdering Mugabe.


Psycholinguist Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate (available as a Penguin paperback) was selected by top Times columnist Matthew Parris as one of his two books of the year (2003) (Sunday Telegraph (Review), 30 xi). Parris (who was once a Conservative M.P. and is openly gay) wrote:

The Blank Slate: the Modern Denial of Human Nature is popular science at its best, beautifully written, challenging but accessible. Pinker’s case – which I think he proves – is that our understanding of genetics is running about a quarter of a century ahead of the assumptions still being made in the social sciences and in politics. In our faculties and potentialities, he argues, human beings are not all equal at birth: our individual genetic inheritances will incline us towards talents and failings, strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows, which upbringing and education can assist or combat but must acknowledge. This is the reare kind of book which may make readers reconsider real-life choices.

Hooray! – though of course Pinker avoided discussing race differences so as not to frighten the horses. {My own review of The Blank Slate was supposed to be in the pipeline for the January 2004 issue of the journal Heredity.}


Mystical psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung got an understandable kicking from Anthony Daniels (aka Doc. Theodore Dalrymple) in The New Criterion Vol. 22, No. 3, November 2003. Though having trained with the psychotics of Switzerland, Jung became virtually incomprehensible himself in the manner of stereotypical German professors – entertaining theories of psychotics’ ‘collective unconscious’ based on nothing more than individual case studies, and writing his work up with zero respect for empiricism. Still, he was a charming man who survived the Nazi period in a cloud of obfuscation, married Switzerland’s richest woman, and then added a mistress – attributing his ménage à trois to “fate” to general media satisfaction; and he and his American followers managed – a little accidentally, admittedly – to solve the question of what were the four main human personality dimensions beyond the major two factors of g and n (see The g Factor, Chapter 1) (not that the Jungians themselves admitted either g or n). Credit where credit is due! Even the g factor itself was first securely identified by a Frenchman – Alfred Binet – who did not believe in it….


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