Wednesday, June 29, 2005

From Rags To Riches To Repeated Offending

Why should Sir Bob Geldof's 150,000 demonstrators, now heading for highjinks in Edinburgh on Saturday, July 2, want to 'make poverty history' when even their beloved Guardian newspaper today (amazingly) admits the limits of riches, as follows (29 June):

"Sandwiched on the court list between a "driving whilst disqualified" and a "drunk in charge of a vehicle", Michael Andrew Carroll needed no introduction when he arrived in the dock. A regular before King's Lynn magistrates [in Norfolk, East Anglia] for offences such as disorderly behaviour and taking vehicles, Carroll is infamous in the tabloid press as the King of Chavs [cheap-jewelry-sporting low life] after winning £9.7m on the National Lottery. As he became the richest man to be given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order yesterday, the 22-year-old was proof that money does not change anything."

The print version of the top-Left newspaper goes on to summarize six other cases of 'Losers' - multi-millionaires from gambling who had been unable to abandon their thieving, boozing and petty-violent habits of a lifetime. One even ended up murdering his wife because he had not wanted to tell her of his windfall so an argument broke out when she discovered his deceit - he was sent to prison for life.

Such dramatic admissions by the Guardian suggest it may have taken on board research available by the mid-1980s to the effect that, on its own, poverty in adulthood does not account for crime - as many concluded by around 1990, by when Florida State University's Glayde Whitney showed that the impoverishment of San Francisco's Chinatown of the 1960s had actually been associated with an astonishingly *low* crime rate. An specially persuasive article was that in the American Journal of Sociology in 1980 (by T. Hirschi and M. Gottfredson) which found differences in criminality beween the employed and the jobless to be "often small or non-existent." In Britain, top criminologist Jock Young (known for his left-wing views) was pointing out by 1989 that, between 1951 and 1971, real disposable income per person had increased by 64% but, far from falling, the crime rate had increased by 172%. No wonder Tony Blair MP soon came round and announced that crime could *not* be blamed on deprivation of a material sort -- thus making his 'New Labour' party electable as 'tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.'

Today's Guardian even gives house-room to a hint as to what may be the really big cause of crime. In a column attempting to blame the middle classes for 'racism' to asylum seekers, Miranda Lewis admits that her research for the Institute for Public Policy Research found Chinese and White South Africans to be experienced as "reasonably desirable neighbours" while Black Africans and Iraqis triggered middle-class anxiety (as they also trigger it in America's Black Rev. Jesse Jackson, who once famously admitted to relief on finding the feet following him on a Washington street one night belonged to a White man). It can be no accident that the first two groups are notoriously of good intelligence and reliability, whereas sub-Saharan Black African IQ is around a disastrous 75 and even the IQ in Iraq is only around 87 (R. Lynn & T. Vanhanen, 2002, IQ and the Wealth of Nations). Notoriously, British and American prisoners, whether Black or White, have an average IQ of 85. That Black problems of criminality and lack of economic progress do not originate largely in poverty and disease or even in Africa's omnipresent corruption is also mooted in today's Guardian by the Ghanaian novelist and journalist Cameron Duodu. Since Duodu is Black, he is allowed to write in the normally more pious Guardian that Africa's governments have been "short-sighted and self-centred to a degree that borders on stupidity."

So poverty is not, it appears, the history of the ills of either Whites or Blacks. How nice to see the Guardian coming round 15 years after psychologists had seen the light -- even if most repressed the news rather than lose their jobs for publicizing it! Perhaps by 2020 the Guardian will catch up with the latest American research (see Chicago economics professor Steven D. Levitt's Freakanomics) attributing much of America's drop in crime in the 1990s to the uptake of abortion by Blacks in the late-1970s after Roe & Wade -- and thus attributing crime partly to genetic factors....

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Monday, June 27, 2005


A fine article in the Spectator by Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens reckoned the Tories were done for, having failed to fight the culture wars against "Frankfurt School Marxism" -- and, he might have generously added, having its clothes re the economy, Europe, NATO and crime stolen by New Labour. I threw in my two pennorth for the Speccie as follows.

Peter Hitchens' diagnosis is correct (Spectator, 18 vi 2005): Britain needs a moderate nationalist party. Now, this would likely produce the same kind of Labour-Liberal-Nationalist split as is found in Scotland, where forty years of the Scottish National Party's efforts have produced little power. It will thus be important for those choosing to form an English National Party and aim for a bright, White future to keep links open to the Liberals -- stressing, as did Pim Fortuyn in Holland, the centrality of liberty to the anti-socialist effort. As Conservatism breaks up -- its policies on economics, defence and crime stolen by New Labour -- budding nationalists should recall what will be for most of them their admiration for Liberals of the past like Lord Palmerston and David Lloyd George. And they will need to be ready to be liberal about drugs, the age of consent and a statute of limitations to prevent millions of our teenagers beginning adult life under fear of prosecution or blackmail.


The British National Party was understandably glad to welcome Oxford research showing that 80% of the DNA of British Whites can be traced back to incoming Anglo-Saxons of 14,000 years ago, following big game migrating westwards from the Continent to warmer conditions as the Ice Age receded (16 vi). Evidently the Anglo-Saxons swept all before them, showing that Britain is no 'mongrel nation' and also showing that giving immigrants an inch will soon see them taking a mile. {Hopefully such excellent testimony to the power of the gene helped make up to the BNP for its leader, Nick Griffin, being sent to Leeds Crown Court in July for trial on race hate allegations (BBC, 16 vi).}


Outstanding Chicago economics professor Steven D. Levitt produced Freakanomics, showing among other 'weird' findings for modern Yankees that (1) parents don't have much environmental influence on their children; (2) that kids with stereotypically 'Black' names, like DeShawn, are given them by parents who are singularly immersed in Black 'culture' and thus pass down bad genes as well as bad names; (3) that crime declined in America of c. 1990 because of the legalization of abortion that had occurred after Roe vs Wade. {Steve Sailer had provided fun commentary on Levitt's excellent efforts to steer America to mention genes in connection with race and behaviour (24 iv).}

{In Britain, TV Channel 4 was gearing up to provide its viewers with evidence that African AIDS might have something to do with Black males fancying screwing any female within view after a couple of pints.}


As Parliament began debating Government proposals to legislate against 'incitement to religious hatred', ministers swore that their Bill would not interfere with jokes about, or criticism of, or even ridicule of religion. But, as Lord Anthony Lester QC wrote in the Guardian, as the proposed legislation was framed, "It is unclear why such activities will not be unlawful." An interesting candidate for a first prosecution under the intended Act was French Muslim female Nedjina Driss, author of an impressive erotic novel, The Almond, set against a Muslim background (and including women who had managed to retain their nubbly clitorises to polyorgasmic effect). Ms Driss told the Guardian (21 vi): "The Arab world is a sick old man, consumed by gangrene, illiteracy, poverty, dictatorship and fundamentalism." Was that just a little fair-minded criticism or an 'incitement to hatred,' and how could one tell? The only serious question seemed to be whether the Government would choose to prosecute for racism or the new unintentional crime of religionism.

{The renewed move to placate Muslims -- who, unlike Jews, are not protected by Britain's illiberal race hate legislation -- came after Labour lost a London parliamentary seat at the General Election to 'Gorgeous' George Galloway who had persisted in talking peace to Iraq's Madman Insane.}


As Black Anglicans continued to make clear their antipathy to actively and openly sodomitic American priests, Archbishop Rowan Williams declared the state of the Church of England to be "catastrophic" (Guardian, 22 vi).


As the spotlight fell on Mississippi for locking up an 80-year old Klansmen for murders of 40 years ago, it transpired that America's most segregated areas were not in the
South, with its Ku Kux Klan, but in Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis and Newark where people had long ago voted with their feet in the absence of any serious social controls on Black criminality. No wonder the guy who was Mayor of Philadelphia in the 1990's told the Mississippi jury that "the Klan did a good job up here"....


Twenty-two Pakistani boys of ages 3 to 15 were rescued by the Pakistani ambassador and his staff from cages in which they had been starved in the United Arab Emirates so as to keep them light enough to be successful camel jockeys. Altogether 300 such boy slaves were rumoured to be held in UAE


According to Danish justice minister Lene Espersen, immigrant gangs have taken over organized crime in Denmark. The intruders, who come mostly from the Middle East and the Balkans, have displaced the homegrown biker gangs that once controlled the Danish traffic in illegal drugs, and have also taken charge of human trafficking from Eastern Europe and the Third World to the small Nordic country." -- Occidental Quarterly (14 vi), which added that Danish police admitted immigrant crime was proportionally three times as high as that among White youths of similar age and sex.


Some Spanish Senators and Spain's anti-gay-marriage Popular Party, which had called psychiatry professor Aquilino Polaino (Madrid's Catholic University) to testify, tactfully expressed shock at being told that homosexuality was a "pathology" attributable to "a hostile, distant, alcoholic or violent father.... Or an overprotective, cold and demanding mother" -- but not enough shock to prevent the Senate finally voting against yag marriage 131-119, thus freeing Spain's priests to refuse to officiate at such marriages (Independent, 23 vi).

Belgium, Holland, Massachusetts and most states of Canada had legalized sodomitic marriage -- laying themselves open to future legal action for destruction of personal identity by any adoptees of gay marriages who turn out to be yags themselves. {Sadly, Prof. Polaino somewhat blotted his copy book by claiming homosexuality could be "corrected by therapy." 75 years of behaviourism and its renamed version cognitivism have not seen a single human sexual perversion rendered treatable.}

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Economist NODS TO IQ

Surprisingly for a magazine that declined to review IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the Economist (2 vi) carried the theory of U.S. scientists Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending (which could not be published in American academia) that higher Jewish IQ is conveyed by genes making for nervous system branching: supposedly, as with sickle-cell anaemia and malaria, having a single version of the relevant gene is helpful though getting both versions is pretty calamitous -- single doses of the genes make for higher IQ, but double doses produce too much branching and yield the distinctive Jewish genetic problems of Tay-Sachs, Gaucher's and Niemann-Pick diseases. {Perhaps the Economist just couldn't resist when told there is a high correlation between IQ and success in banking.... }

{The story also made it into the New York Times (3 vi) which gave sympathetic consideration to Ashkenazi-Jewish intelligence having risen in Europe from 800A.D. (because Jews were banned from many occupations and land-owning but found a living practising usury and tax collection) and carried a mixture of comments from top Ashkenazi scientists including Stephen Pinker.}

{Biodiversity supremo Steve Sailer discussed the West's neglect of genetics and genetic engineering in VDare, 1 v.} {And the news carried to Denver's alert Rocky Mountain News, 11 vi. Canada's Globe & Mail [cf. New York Times] carried a substantial and sympathetic review of this and other genetic x racial work by Medical Correspondent Carolyn Abraham, beginning on its front-page (18 vi) -- though with apparently obligatory opening and closing swipes at "infamous" and "internationally condemned" Phil Rushton; a re-draft of this story appeared in the Jerusalem Post, 19 vi; and the finding got a mention at along with the observation that almost all the world's 500 top 100-meter sprinters were of West African descent (19 vi) Wry welcoming comment on Abraham's piece was provided by Steve Sailer (19 vi).} {Cleveland, Ohio's Jewish News established that Gaucher's victims in a Jerusalem hospital were highly over-represented in high-IQ professions (19 vi).}

{Another religious group that may have forged ahead from its isolation (and worse -- see American example) and resort to usury is that of the Quakers. They are certainly at the top of American IQ tables (SAT scores) -- McDougall NewsLetter, 23 iii 99); and they are substantially over-represented in America's East Coast New York Times-reading Establishment, being ahead of Presbyterians and streets ahead of Muslims and Mormons -- Gene Expression, 6 xii 04. (Though legalized in Cromwell's England, usury was still subject to legal restraints in England of 1800, where relaxation of restrictions was urged by Jeremy Bentham; it was forbidden in the original U.S Constitution; and it was vigorously condemned by the Pope as late as 1891. Today, Islam still forbids usury; nor is usury popular with 'white nationalists,' or ecologists.)}


It was not just the new World Bank boss, the neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz who suspected that Western cash for Africa tended to end up fuelling corruption. The latest bout of proposals of utopian generosity to the Dark Continent by the U.K. leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as they prepared to host the G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland met with some reservation even in the Guardian (3 vi) which had headlines saying 'Fraud verdict implicates Mbeki's deputy' and 'Continent in thrall of corruption' and a leading article referring to Africa's "corrupt leaders and officials." {Wow, at this rate it may only be a decade before the Grauniad mentions Black Africa's little problem of its IQ being only around 70! .... }

{South Africa's Thabo Mbeki was going to be none too pleased with this kind of leftist attack, busy as he was accusing the saintly Mr Brown of criticizing Africans for 'sexual depravity' -- when all Mr Brown had done was to say Britain couldn't go on endlessly apologizing for the Empire (even if that was the Spectator's own sorry inclination (4 vi)).}

{The Guardian seemed to have caught the mood of the British public, 79% of whom told YouGov pollsters that Africa's troubles were due to "corrupt and incompetent governments"; and 80% said Africa was not doing enough to solve its problems (Daily Telegraph, 4 vi). 53% additionally blamed HIV/AIDS -- of which Swaziland provided a spectacular example, with 42.6% of its adult population infected (while its King Mswati III continued to build himself an airport able to receive jumbo jets -- doubtless to help receive the œ907,000 in aid given annually by Britain).} {Even Blacks themselves seemed to be taking a dim view of sending money to Africa: after self-publicist ... ooops ... altruist Bob Geldof approached British Black music groups to take part in his latest orgy of generosity to Africa, 'Live 8', he claimed to have been that told almost all Black groups were 'too busy.'}

{In fact, 'incompetence' is the key to African economic backwardness and lack of international fame in rock music, rather than 'corruption' -- for there is no worldwide negative correlation between corruption and growth, as witness economic progress in legendarily corrupt India (Elliott Green, letter to Daily Telegraph, 4 vi). Ten years after White rule ended, South Africa was "engulfed" in riots matching any that happened under apartheid (Sunday Telegraph, 5 vi).} {The Guardian followed up its reservations with a fine piece by its columnist Martin Kettle, 'The naive lead the naive in a campaign of liberal guilt,' 7 vi. Kettle wrote:

"For every 1,000 pounds of African debt and debt interest, Africa's elites have exported 1,450 pounds of capital into overseas banks and investments. ....Every African alive today has received $5,000 in aid. ....Africa has already received the equivalent of six Marshall plans in cash terms."

Kettle speculated that the Brown-Blair interest in Africa was intended to placate the many protesters against globalization expected in Edinburgh in July.} {Realizing it had suddnly become acceptable to criticize African governance -- if not to attribute the incompetence to low IQ (R. Lynn & T. Vanhanen, 2002, IQ and the Wealth of Nations) -- the Daily Telegraph threw in front-page headlines to the effect that oil-rich Nigeria's leaders had salted away for themselves GBP220 billon, the same amount as the aid given by the West to the whole of Africa in the previous 40 years.} {In tortured Zimbabwe, Tyrant Robert Mugabe embarked on what the Times called a "frenzy of destruction" -- pulling down the shanty homes of thousands, apparently for no greater crime than making the place look untidy.}

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As trouble continued in multicultural Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan and Northern Ireland, Times Higher (5 vi) offered as examples of soothing separations the interchanges of population between Greece and Turkey after 1918 and the Russians' cleansing Eastern Europe of Germans after 1945. Apparently the British Government did once toy with the idea of solving the Irish question by shifting 500,000 Catholics from North to South in return accepting 200,000 Protestants coming from the South to the North -- the idea appealed to Prime Minister Edward Heath in the 1970s. {Likewise the population interchange between India and Pakistan in 1947 saved many millions of lives and prevented civil war -- even though some 1 million may have died in the course of the interchange.}


Six years after readers of the McDougall NewsLetter were made a free offer of my phonic method of teaching reading to their infants, this method was recognized as promising by Labour's new Education Minister, Ruth Kelly, and in a number-one leader in the Daily Telegraph (4 vi).


Languishing in academic ratings for almost a decade, the LUniversity of Edinburgh suffered spectacular humiliation as one of its Ph.D. students died on Mount Everest while testing ELU-designed equipment intended to help climbers cope with altitude sickness. Dr Robert Milne, 49, was said by his wife to have been extremely fit before leaving Scotland, and his diaries showed him in good spirits until the last.


A Norwegian blonde, 32, who brought men home to taunt her husband was jailed for a year after falsely claiming to have been abducted and raped by a man she had in fact targeted in a pub -- who then had to endure a day in jail and three months of feminazish persecution before video footage emerged showing the blonde thoroughly enjoying herself with him in a hotel (Sun, 7 vi). {But sex-mad Merete Underwood, who had cried rape five times before, e.g. after a night of ecstasy with a Stavanger plumber (News of the World, 12 vi), was still not short of suitors -- with one 36-year-old vowing to wed her (Sun, 9 vi).}


New research (by Essi Viding) on the 3,700 twin pairs registered at London's Institute of Psychiatry found scores on a measure of 'Callous and Unfeeling' to be 80 heritable. High scores on a measure of 'Anti-social Behaviour' were also strongly heritable -- but not lower scores. {Sadly, the Times' reporting of this research -- by female journalist Anjana Ahuja -- was gravely deficient, saying that the high heritability estimates were the result of identical twins being more psychopathic than fraternals. No wonder Britain's great-and-good are so hopelessly ignorant of genetic factors, if even a Times journalist writing on the subject does not know that the relevant calculation compares the twin correlations found within each of the two types of twin!}

{The Times added that another big twin study, at London's St Thomas's Hospital, had shown female orgasmicity to be substantially heritable. Base rates were that 1 woman in 6 never had an orgasm with her partner (1 in 7 when trying masturbation); 1 in 7 always orgasmed with her partner (1 in 3 using masturbation).}

Re: the rush to spend Western money on Black Africa:

I wrote to the Times and phoned the BBC as follows:

There is actually no international correlation between corruption and poverty, as work at the London School of Economics has recently shown. Africa's outstanding problem is low IQ, as documented in the book 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations' and reported in the Times on 10th November, 2003. Since IQ differences are strongly heritable, any Western cash showered on Africa will be largely wasted (like the equivalent of six Marshall plans already given to Africa) unless dedicated to clearly relevant measures (e.g. reducing dysgenic breeding by strict sexual segregation till 18 and increasing breeding by graduates -- even allowing them polygamy)

Chris Brand, Edinburgh

It is perhaps worth adding that the World Bank has reported: "Econometric analyses show that aid has no systematic relationship to growth anywhere in the world. This may not be surprising in countries where aid is small relative to the size of the economy. It is surprising and concerning in Africa .... where aid flows have consistently reached 10% or more of gross national product in many countries over an extended period of time." (World Bank, 1999, "Aid Effectiveness: The Problem of Africa.")

{One problem in introducing sexual and reproductive health education, contraception, abortion and voluntary sterilization more widely to Africa is the opposition of President Dubya Bush and his religious backers....}

{Private Eye had Black African leaders including Zimbotswanique's Pres. Dinkum Banana joining in the appeal to make poverty history for African leaders, promising to spend the cash only on arms, palaces, alcohol and women....} {A Speccie leader (10 vi) expressed well the essential drive of the 'make poverty history' protestors headed for Edinburgh: "It is as if the West's socialists, having lost the argument over state ownership of the means of production at home, have instead identified Africa as a test-bed for their beliefs." But of course the Speccie could not mention average IQ, only "the absence of talented individuals because, through fear of their livelihoods and in some cases lives, they have fled over the past 30 years, taking their skills and œ100 billion worth of wealth with them."}

{The case against splurging on Africa was made excellently on the front pages of the Speccie, 25 vi, and the Daily Telegraph, 25 vi -- both of which recorded that theft by African leaders -- e.g. of Nigeria's oil reserves, even their future mortgaged for UKP20 billion, far exceeded what was given in aid by the lunatic West.}


As a social work 'tribunal' rescinded condemnation of Black Lisa Arthurworrey, who had let her charge the little Black girl Victoria clock up 168 injuries and die (at the hands of her Black aunt and the aunt's Black boyfriend -- both subsequently jailed for life), Britain waited in vain for public criticism of the political correctness in Haringey which counselled staff to turn a blind eye to the rougher edges of Black culture -- and to fear being accused as racist if they did otherwise. But answer came there none -- especially not from the BBC which pussyfooted around the subject (9 vi 05). Braver -- because of his Blackness and kindred anti-racist credentials -- had been Campaign for Racial Equality boss Trevor Phillips who had once condemned Haringey's indulgence of Blacks' little ways as "racist" (27 iv 04) and the Glasgow Herald's Ruth Wishart backed him up (6 vi 05). Victoria's parents, Francis and Berthe Climbi‚ who had never blamed the pretty junior Arthurworrey, demanding sackings at management level. {Meanwhile, Britain had another Black torture case on its hands -- involving an Angolan girl of 8 whose aunt had felt she was a "witch" and thus needed discipline and disposal in a zipped bag thrown into the Thames (Times Online, 3 vi 05).

The BBC (3 vi 05) promptly allowed a Black church to mount an unopposed defence of exorcism -- apparently to get rid of 'ndoki' which can affect even unborn children in the womb. Police, noting the disappearance of hundreds of Black children from London schools, feared this case might be only the tip of an iceberg of Black child abuse tolerated by UK teachers and social workers -- and indeed police (who prefer hounding motorists, marijuana smokers and internet paedodownloaders to the far more serious problem of Black criminality).}


Managing Editor at Human Events (America's oldest weekly conservative publication), Kevin Lamb, who in his free time edited Occidental Quarterly, found himself fired after a simple phone call from the affluent Southern Poverty Law Centre complaining of his less than wildly welcoming attitude to homosexuality and gay marriage. Kevin set out the details in Middle America News (vi 2005), bravely concluding with the words of the pioneering social psychologist, William McDougall (1934, Religion and the Science of Life, London:Methuen). Conservatives once defended the importance of conserving America's heritage and cultural traditions, but the rise of "political correctness" says Kevin, has foreshadowed an important point that William McDougall, once argued decades ago:

"The essential expressions of conservatism are respect for the ancestors, pride in their achievement, and reverence for the traditions which they have handed down; all of which means what is now fashionable to call 'race prejudice' and 'national prejudice,' but may more justly be described as preference for, and belief in the merits of, a man's own tribe, race, or nation, with its peculiar customs and institutions -- its ethos, in short. If such preferences, rooted in traditional sentiments, are swept away from a people, its component individuals become cosmopolitans; and a cosmopolitan is a man for whom all such preferences have become mere prejudices, a man in whom the traditional sentiments of his forefathers no longer flourish, a man who floats upon the current of life, the sport of his passions, though he may deceive himself with the fiction that he is guided in all things by reason alone."

Kevin received a tidal wave of sympathy from correspondents to American Renaissance (vi 05). Apparently veteran race realist Sam Francis had similarly been fired from Washington Times after some ethnic complained about his vigorous defence of White interests.}


Top Government adviser, Baroness Warnock, 82, caused consternation among idealists and hilarity among realists as she reversed gear on the policy of integrating feeble-minded children (euphemistically renamed Special Educational Needs children) into normal curricula which she had foisted on British schools thirty years ago. She admitted that, in practice, inclusion too often created "a confusion of which children are the casualties" (BBC, 10 vi). {The Guardian commended Mary Warnock's "frankness," suggesting that the empirical case for ditching socialist ideology and restoring special schools and classes -- as urged in The g Factor, 1996 -- is pretty overwhelming. The Daily Telegraph's editor, Charles Moore, properly ridiculed the wish of the "alert and bossy as ever [Lady Warnock], aged 81" to have yet another "government-funded Committee of Inquiry" to rectify her own Committee's errors of 30 years ago.}


As candidates for the Conservative leadership let it be known they were (variously) pro-European Union, pro-the invasion of Serbia, anti-the invasion of Iraq, pro-motorist, family-forgetting and gay, it increasingly appeared that only a programme of national liberalism pitched especially at young people would attract votes. The main novel proposals for kids (and a few others) would be as follows:


1. Legalize all drugs (and tax them up to the hilt). (Prostitution, gambling and drinking were all increasingly freed from legal control in the twentieth century, so why not drugs, the main source of gun crime in Britain? Keeping up taxes would mean a living could be eked out of smuggling by criminals, thus dissuading them from reverting to time-honoured practices of breaking and entering.)

2. Lower the age of consent to Mental Age 14. (Thus allowing kids if IQ 120 to engage in sexual activity from age 12 if desired.)

3. Create a Youth Army for Africa (YAA) which would spend all aid money aimed at Africa.

4. Encourage all youth to undertake service in YAA -- which, with staff seconded from Oxbridge, would provide free degrees to students who stayed five years. (This would begin to break the liberal-left's current monopoly of higher education.)

5. Charge no university fees to girls with babies of their own by fathers who were fully supporting mother and child.

6. Allow all children (subject to parental agreement) a choice of at least three state schools.

7. Allow all children (subject to parental agreement until age 12) a choice of at least three school classes at any one time -- including being allowed to take lessons with older or younger children.

8. Let people choose their own health insurance -- deciding for themselves whether to insure for getting a hip transplant at 95 etc.

9. Return to Preventive Detention for criminals -- i.e. to the American 'three strikes and you're out.'

10. Instruct police to investigate only crimes reported by the public -- thus stopping much mindless persecution of motorists, prostitutes and paedophiles (and, at present, drug-takers).

11. Legislate to allow victims of physically intrusive crimes (against person or property) to defend themselves with force until the criminal is prostrate and incapable of immediate further action.

12. Scrap restrictions on police stopping suspicious persons (i.e. young Black males) to question them.

13. Introduce a statute of limitations forbidding prosecution for events of more than two years ago -- thus switching off blackmail threats against teenagers who have taken drugs, had illicit sex etc.

14. Decriminalize all activity and speech resulting in no direct loss, physical pain or physical harm to a named victim -- again, reducing threats of blackmail and re-establishing free speech and intelligent discrimination and reasonable prejudice.


Augsburg Zoo found itself at the centre of 'controversy' for having mounted a fine display of African 'culture' next to its baboon house.


The Portuguese learned the delights of multiculturalism as 500 Black youths rampaged along one of the Algarve's top tourist beaches, 15km west of Lisbon, in an orgy of thieving. Whites (and some Blacks) fled before the onslaught, sometimes losing contact with their own children.


As a belated result of my "racist" book, "The g Factor", I was kindly promoted to the status of "Professor in England" by a Black American concerned to list the world's leading supporters of race realism (


The jury in Pop King Michael Jackson's trial decided that his bedding of young teenage boys was a whole lot nicer than the allegations of his mega-rich 'victims' (who had attended Jackson's Neverland ranch for years) and their money-grubbing mothers. Ludicrous paedohysterical District Attorney Thomas Sneddon stormed out of the Santa Barbara court in fury as the verdict was announced. {The sober Christian Science Monitor counseled against "over-reaction" to paedophilia; Times columnist Alice Miles praised the jurors wished Jacko well in re-starting his career; the Speccie's Leo McKinstry sympathized with Jackson and denounced "the hysteria about paedophilia" (18 vi); but the feminastish Guardian was down-in-the mouth.}

{Sadly, this INNOCENT-ON-ALL-TEN-CHARGES finding and demonstration of the lack of harm coming from paedophilia did not come in time to stop British police making
fools of themselves by charging alcoholic and notoriously womanizing British soccer superstar George Best, 59, with 'abusing' a 13-year-old girl. Bestie's ex-wife Alex vowed to stand by him against paedohysteria.}


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