Sunday, May 27, 2012


American psychiatrist Robert Spitzer admitted he had no proper evidence that his ‘reparative therapy’ for yags ever worked (Observer, 20 v). He apologized for the emotional agonies through which his ‘therapy’ had put some yags as they had tried and failed to rid themselves of their perversions. Homosexuals were well pleased with this confession – as were hereditarians and Freudians who had long dismissed most modern American psychology as rubbish.


The archetypal French monkey ooops man, Dominique Strauss-Kahn [born 1949 in the wealthy Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine to an Alsatian father and a Tunisian mother], long accepted by Froggies as a professoriated economic genius, their man at the IMF, and as the leading socialist candidate for the French presidency, found himself accused by a Belgian prostitute of gang rape in Washington, within yards of the White House (Daily Mail, 22 v).

(He was already accused of molesting a Black chambermaid in New York and of “aggressive pimping” in Lille. His millionairesse third wife was standing by him – a tribute to the French ‘marriage’ system.)


Jews – famed in the West for wanting to bring in and support every conceivable minority (including even their own worst [Muslim] enemies) (q.v.) – turned out in force in Israel’s (mainly) bijou city of Tel Aviv to protest against the arrival in the past year of 60K Blacks (e.g. from IQ-impoverished Eritrea and Sudan) (Guardian, 24 v).

Dozens of African asylum seekers were injured in the resulting race riots; and police made nine arrests. Top politicians from Israel’s ruling Likud party told the thousands of noisy assembled protesters that it was ‘time to talk about expulsion.’ The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz’s editor, Miri Regev, described the asylum seekers as a "cancer in our body" – an expression of opinion which would have had its editor swiftly jailed in peecee Zoo Yawk.

Earlier in 2012, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said the migrants’ threatened the Jewish character of Israel.’ Lively protests were also held in Eilat, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Bnei Brak – with rubbish bins set alight, fireworks thrown and Blacks assaulted. {Did the New York Times for NYTwits ever reach Jerusalem?}

Unamused by Jewish racism was the Guardian’s Seth Freedman (24 v): “Even sensible plans, such as calls by senior figures in the Israeli police to give migrants work permits to help lower the petty crime rate, are met with barrages of hate from [interior minister Eli Yishai]: "Why should we provide them with jobs? I'm sick of the bleeding hearts … Jobs would settle them here, they'll make babies, and that offer will only result in hundreds of thousands more coming over here."”

Meantime, in Blighty, it turned out that British kids were keeping up the good race-sensitive work, with some 200K schoolchildren being recorded as ‘racist’ by their ‘teachers’ during 2007-11. The kids’ ‘offences’ were mainly unevidenced expostulations (e.g. “broccoli head”) in playground spats, but Britain’s thought police bureaucracy had brought it about that such trivia be recorded and stay on the school records of the ‘offenders’ ad infinitum (Daily Mail, 24 v).

{Heaven knows what happened to the poor children of 2012 if they actually exposed themselves and lay down in bed or public parks and wastelands for a little fondling – as was a common sport at around age 11 in my day!... Ah well, the new ‘antiracist’ bureaucracy all made ‘work’ for idle lefties to do....}


The none-too-determined USA [a reluctant and late participant in two World Wars, only getting a score-draw in Korea, bottling out at Suez, needing Mrs Thatcher to stiffen its backbone in the Cold War, losing in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and failing to smash Iran’s incipient nuclear facilities back in 2002] found itself having to endure the new mortification of its great self-selected 50-yr ‘ally,’ Pakistan, locking up for 33 years the doctor (former surgeon-general of Khyber) who had been a key player in helping the CIA get information leading to the final assassination (in his Abottybadbad multi-wived walled compound) (after trillion-dollar US expenditures in finding him) of O.K.bin Liner (Guardian, 24 v).

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of a Washington foreign affairs subcommittee, demanded the Obama administration take punitive action against Pakistan. "This is decisive proof Pakistan sees itself as being at war with us," he said (after a decade of America being in denial about its ‘ally’). The doctor, Shakil Afridi, had gained access to bin Liner’s Pak-provided mini-palace under the guise of a fake vaccination programme.

{America, which had more than its share of optimists and religious maniacs, was notoriously reluctant to see that it had enemies in the world. Indeed, a chief reason for the election of Barry Insane ooops Hussein Obarmy was to get the world to demonstrate more manifest liking of America.

Britain tolerated its Blecks and Peks out of decency; France was happy enough with its Algerian immigrants so long as they integrated; but America suffered the delusion that its overbreeding Blecks and tidally incoming Spics would – without any constraint being needed, though perhaps with the help of trillion-dollar handouts – just love America.}

As a ‘punishment’ to the Paks, America announced a 0.5% reduction in its annual $2B handout – but that $33M reduction ($1M for each jail year) would be cancelled if Afridi were released or well treated (Sun, 25 v).


As Egyptians went to the polls to elect themselves a Shariah-law dictatorship, a full demonstration of the state of Libya nine months after its Western-backed upheaval was provided in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine (19 v, Peter Oborne & Richard Cookson) – with accounts of heavily armed gangs of young thugs roaming the countryside, grabbing what they could and arsoning the houses of those thought to have backed Col Gadawfu.

Yes Libya had gone from dictatorship to literally scores of local dictatorships (though the demakratic ‘government’ in Tripoli told journalists it would re-impose order if only the West would give it more much-‘needed’ dosh).


Twenty years after the Scottish Parliament had taken over responsibility for Scotland’s schools, two top Scottish businessmen (one a close friend of the First Minister, Mr Fish) came out and denounced the emergent pupils (from what were 100% non-selective institutions) as hopeless in 20% of cases – and in 80% of those cases available for inspection by businessmen as they applied for apprenticeships and quickly revealed themselves as having no spelling, grammar, manners, reliability, ties or work ethic (Times, 22 v).

At this inauspicious moment (and with Scotland’s two main banks UK-nationalized to save them, its justice system having failed to solve the Lockerbie bombing, and its health ‘service’ unable to deliver GP appointments within three working days), the Scottish Isolationist Party* announced the beginning of a 2½-year campaign to get the country out of Nato, the European Union and the UK.

Even the most spiteful anti-English, anti-Edinburgh, Irish republicans of Glasgow were likely to die of boredom in the course of this campaign for more hopeless national socialism – though the SIP had a chance in that pro-Union campaign was to be led by the soporific Labourite Alasdair Darling who, at the UK Treasury, had played a full part in allowing the subprime lending and casino banking of the noughties.

The Isolationist Roadshow got off to a miserable start when nondescript drearily-dressed Scottie ‘actors’ were lined up with Mr Fish in an undecorated room at Cineworld, a vulgar popcorn-dominated cinema complex in a downmarket area of west Edinburgh (showing the typically two-star-rated ‘Dictator’) – the whole performance looking as if lifted from war- and weather-ravaged Britain of the 1940s. The SIP’s only star, Sean Connery (who had long lived outside Scotland), did not show up.

*Sometimes called the Fishy Party, since its leaders were Salmond and Sturgeon...., it maintained a pious output of peecee ectoplasm [Salmond having been the first Scottie politico to condemn The g Factor] that was quite misleading as to the true West-hating nature of its supporters.


Multiple-timing bisexual bull-necked frump Carina Trimingham,* who had complained of having her secret affair with top left-leaning LibDim Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne exposed in the press, lost her case -- game, set and match -- in London’s High Court as Mr Justice Tugendhat said she had nothing to complain of, said he doubted her candour, denied any prospect of appeal, and left her with a legal bill of £600K and wife-betraying (but official ‘family man’) Huhne with egg all over his face (Daily Mail, 25 v).

The judge specially remarked “It would be a serious interference with freedom of expression if those wishing to express their own views could be silenced by, or threatened with, claims for harassment based on subjective claims by individuals that they feel offended or insulted.”

{What a pity the good Justice had not weighed in at my 1996 Tribunal at E.LU., where a string of hypersensitive socialists and feminasties had complained of how ‘shocked’ they were at my views!}

The Huhne-Trimingham affair had come to light at the same time that Huhne’s wife had tipped off newspapers that he had persuaded her to take his speeding points by lying – to which she had consented while she thought their relationship solid – that she had been driving his car when it was pulled over by cops for breaking speed limits.

*Speech-sensitive Trimingham was referred to in various articles as a "crop-haired", "sturdy", "Doc Marten-wearing", "lesbian-turned-bisexual". In his Daily Mail column, Richard Littlejohn described her as a "comedy lesbian from central casting".


Attractive White rich girl, Laura Johnson, 20, found herself jailed for two years after acting as chauffeuse on a looting spree (during the 2011 London riots) for Black Emmanuel Okubote, 20 and a convicted robber, with whom she had become infatuated (Daily Mail, 26 v). Apparently Laura had got involved with drugs and violent rap music while a student at the University of Exeter [which had amusingly been granted admission to the elite ‘top-24’ Russell League].

The lady judge in the case dismissed Laura’s excuses of having been dumped by another boyfriend (this one White), of nervous breakdown and suicide bids, and of being multiply raped in the months prior to the lootings; she also dismissed Laura’s claim to have been under duress from Okubote and his Black friends – a dismissal made easier by Laura having been caught on a mobile phone beaming with pleasure (from the driving seat of her papa’s car), presumably well pleased with the success of her looting mission.


The provision of a London conference by the Sutton Trust (which occasionally favoured individuated education) attracted party leaders ‘Red’ Ed Miliband and ‘Nice’ Nick Clegg and yielded days of media discussion of the hardy perennial vexed question of the lack of conspicuous upward mobility (since the destruction of England’s grammar schools had begun under Labour in 1975).

The BBC’s ‘Any Answers’ programme did manage a little publicity for the German system (in which parents could choose academic, technical or practical education) – explained in Chapter 4 of The g Factor. But, needless to say, IQ was never mentioned; nor was any distinction between inter-generational and intra-generational mobility; and the idea that upward mobility for some implied downward mobility for others (e.g. for over-qualified people of inadequate IQ) reliably sent discussants into shock.


After enjoying a year of unprecedented poll leads (thanks to killing bin Liner and Gadawfu, temporarily saving the US economy from recession, and having no effective opposition from a divided when not abortion-obsessed GOP), Pres Barry Hussein threw caution to the winds and backed yag ‘marriage’ – immediately having ultrabore Moronic Romney catch up with him (according to Rasmussen and Gallup) and even overtake him in key swing states North Carolina and Florida (D.Telegraph, 26 v).

In backing sodomitical power aspirations, Obama had neglected a central psychological truth: just as lefties shriek loudest against any talk of basic human differences that are proving non-rectifiable by their favoured job-creation schemes of state-run ‘education,’ so true rightists deplore challenges to the ‘traditional’ idea of the family (even though this idea had taken two thousand years to establish – against intrinsic Christian asexualism – and had even then never quite caught on in France [vide DSK]).


While Euroland’s politicos and diplomats and their underlings dined weekly on ‘kicking the can down the road’ rather than admit Germany was (essentially) at war with ClubMed, the UN’s leaders and their flunkies and overpaid and perennially useless non-soldiers declined to separate Sunnis and Shiites in Syria. –

Though even the BBC occasionally admitted there was a civil war going on, the very names of the two sides could not be mentioned, the BBC and kin preferring the view that the Syrian ethnic horrors were just another case of a brutal tyrant (London opthalmologist Pres Assad) opposing the ‘Arab Spring’.


Baroness Warsi [q.v], who had followed up several years of realism about her fellow Mueslis by blaming the Rochdale rapes and pimpings on race, suddenly found herself accused by Muslim-named persons of infringing regulations about parliamentary expenses (BBC R4, 27 v, 09:00) – minor infringements, apparently, dating back to 2008, but enough to bring her name ‘under a cloud’ as a Cabinet Minister.

{The UK’s Muslims were as well-organized as its republican Irish and multiculti-socialist Jews in getting their points across – even if outdone in recent years by the homosexualist lobby. Of course, all these hypersensitive and vindictive groups left cowardly ‘conservatives’ quite in the shade.}


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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Some five Metopolitan Police officers were exposed by MI5 as having attended terrorist training camps in Pakistan (Sunday Mail, 13 v). Punishments? – No, you must be joking! This is human-rights-conscious diversity-valuing Britain! Though most of the infiltrators resigned, one, Abdul Rahman, was actually suing the wet and peeceee Met (renowned for accepting the McPherson of Luny report that it was ‘institutionally racist’) for its ‘unfairness’ in giving him the slightest bit of a hard time.


Some 19% of British children (23% in Liverpool) were revealed as being SENs (cases of ‘Special Educational Needs’ – previously Educationally Subnormal, and still previously Mentally Subnormal, Mentally Retarded and Mentally Deficient) (Daily Mail, 15 v). Britain’s self-serving ‘local authorities’ found this is a good way of bringing in Westminster dosh, and of excusing the lamentable performance of kids compelled into dulled-down miseducational agenda (involving no grammar, languages, spelling, arithmetical tables, British history, woodwork or bicycle maintenance) in unstratified, one-size-fits-all socialist-lesbian schools.


Having subsidized the banks (without properly nationalizing these useless casino enterprises, gambling with other people’s money, backed by the state when they lost), Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ turned to blaming the country’s (pretty mild) economic recession on a lack of hard work and too much complaining (Daily Mail, 15 v) – a notably useless response to the failure of ‘Conservatives’ to stand up for talent and IQ.

This outbreak of homespun pre-psychological philosophising was swiftly followed by HMG announcing it would spend £3M issuing booklets to advise parents (i.e. deserted Black mothers) on how to change their babies’ nappies and cope with temper tantrums. {Nappies needed changing often. Like debtocratic politicians – and for the same reason....} {Europe’s politicians spent a further £3M on a tieless day at Camp David, where President Obarmy used his diplomatic gifts to find forms of words suggesting general agreement and sangfroid among the ‘leaders’ as the Fourth Reich ooops eurozone teetered on the edge of abyss.}


With a little help from David Davis MP (and his nice small young boyfriend ooops girlfriend, Charming Chakrabbitty), the robustly right-wing (but tit’n’bum-enhanced) Daily Mail brought itself out in favour of free speech – to insult anyone so long as no injury was threatened (15 v). Progress! {Alas, the Mail had not taken this attitude in 1996, when it had sent investigators to London and Dublin to pursue me for racism, sexism and anti-paedohysteria....}


In a fine re-invention (and extension) of the wheel, Professor Tim Bates of what was once Edinburgh LUniversity’s Department of Psychology found (in a study of 800 pairs of twins – he must be a commercial genius to have got this funded – presumably via geneticist Nick Martin in race-realistic Brisbane) that identical twins (sharing roughly 100% of their genes) were some twice as psychologically similar as fraternal twins (sharing 50%) (Medical Xpress, 16 v). Wow! Bates, of the LUniversity’s lately-emerged ‘School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences’, said that the entirely predictable genetic influence was strongest on a person’s sense of self-control.

This confirmation of the 50-yr-old conclusions of James Shields (1961, Identical Twins, OUP) and Raymond Cattell (1965, The Scientific Analysis of Personality, Penguin) was published (with the help of diplomatic genius) in the mainly wet Journal of Personality – a fine demonstration of how hereditarian research could keep going as if The Bell Curve, Race, Evolution & Behavior, The g Factor and IQ & the Wealth of Nations had never happened (most of these books were quite likely unknown to the sweet worthies at J.Personality).


The Chronicle of Higher Education announced that Naomi Schaefer Riley was fired from their blog “Brainstorm” for writing that Black studies programmes should be “eliminated” because they were “left-wing victimization claptrap.” The next day, the News & Observer of Raleigh reported that a staggering 54 classes were suspected of academic fraud at U.NorthCarolina-Chapel Hill. Every single one of those 54 classes was within UNC’s Department of African and Afro-American studies, according to a UNC investigation. Was it pure coincidence that academic fraud found such a welcoming and statistically unlikely home in the Black studies department? Or was it predictable that the department with the most rigid peecee orthodoxy created a veritable cloister for academic fraud (American Thinker, 17v)?

The incessant pressure of political correctness was not just an academic matter. Any standard of conduct, any law, any test was called racist if minorities on average could not meet the standard, follow the law, or obtain identical scores compared to non-minorities. The result could only be described as a PeeCee Inquisition, which gave rise to orthodoxy with real-world consequences. In general, any discussion of pressing social problems was silenced if minority groups were described as responsible for their own actions and circumstances.


Although rich Jews in the USA -- famed for their lavish support of the Clintons, Obarmy, Hollywood and PeeCee -- could afford by postcode to escape the horrors of multiculturalism, life in Israel was more basic. The day after police arrested four Eritrean and Sudanese men for robbing and raping a 19 year-old girl in south Tel Aviv, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai demanded that most African illegal immigrants should be rounded up and either deported or arrested (Jewish Press, 16 v).

Speaking to Army Radio {! – not a familiar concept in Noo Yawk}, Yishai said all those involved in crime should be jailed and the majority of the remainder deported, except for those who were truly threatened in their countries of origin. “One cannot forsake the security of Israelis,” Yishai said.

Under his plan, the deported would be provided financial assistance by Israel – a plan that America would have been wise to adopt c.1800-1860 (as urged by Jefferson and Lincoln). Israel’s south Tel Aviv had become a centre for African illegal immigrants, who primarily entered the country with the aid of Bedouins through Sinai.


Australian police ordered a crackdown on drunken Irish workers causing chaos in the far-western yachting city of Perth (AmRen, 17 v). Government officials even threatened to deport the Irish after a series of violent incidents involving drunken revellers. Newly arrived immigrants working in the Australian mining industry were being blamed for the antics during their down time. One Perth bar even considered banning all Irish customers after a wave of alcohol-fuelled violence and the destruction of property..


The latest poll on public perceptions in the Czech Republic as to the state of relations between the White majority and the gypsy (‘Roma’) minority found that 82 percent saw coexistence of the two groups in the Czech Republic as generally bad, with 56 percent of respondents saying it was specifically problematic in the area where they lived. (In 1990, when official statistics were still available, gypsies made up 18.4% of all convicted felons in the Czech republic (13% of murderers, 30% of robbers). At the same time, their share of the Czech population was only 1.5%. By 2011, gypsies made up c. 2.5% of the population.

However, Romania and ex-Czechoslovaki were solving their problems by putting the gypsies on coaches to London, where bus loads of ‘Roma’ arrived every day (!) to take advantage of the upcoming Olympic ‘games.’ According to the Daily Mail (15 v), the police were even having to try to move the gypsies on from one of the wealthiest streets in the capital (Park Lane).

The predators came in for begging, pick pocketing and prostitution. They slept anywhere and used anywhere as a toilet. They could be quite violent and were a worry even to battle-hardened Tube travellers. This was another' joy' of the European Union, Romania being in it so gypsies could travel where they liked. If any were put forward for deportation (as most occasionally by Britain’s peeceeified officials), the bus company would only take them if they were showered and given clean clothes).

Gypsies were also making progress in one of Britain’s nicest and richest areas, in Wilmslow, Cheshire – home to quite a few Man.U. soccer stars and Corrie celebrities. There, with the help of ex-LibDim MP Matthew Green (dubbed The Gypsy King. a Human Rights activist), land had been bought near posh homes and caravans were on their way. A hundred irate locals assembled to protest but were well aware that Britain’s ludicrous tolerance of the propertyless, illiterate, thieving and non-taxpaying could easily result in a Dale Farm-type settlement (q.v.) that would take years to clear (Sun, 20 v).


When two white newspaper reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks—beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work—that might seem to have been news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper. But it wasn’t. “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident.

Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug. Similar episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles and other places across the country. Both the authorities and the media tend to try to sweep these episodes under the rug as well.

So who wrote that? Not a White, of course – for no White writer would risk his career after the terminations of myself, Frank Ellis, Helmuth Nyborg, Kevin Lamb, John Derbyshire etc (not to mention endless hassles for Phil Rushton, Richard Lynn, Satoshi Kanazawa, John Watson etc)! So, yes, it was the brave Black anti-racist US politician Thomas Sowell – more at Real Clear Politics, 15 v.


Following the jailing of eight Pakistani men and one Afghan for a total of 77 years for abducting, pimping and raping what might be as many as 47 White British girls of around age 14 in Rochdale, the UK’s first female Muslim Cabinet member, Baroness Sayeed Warsi, Chairwoman of the Conservative Party, delivered the robust opinion that there was ‘a certain minority of Pakistani men who treated women as second-class citizens and White girls as third-class citizens.’ In remarks which place her at odds with the Labour’s multiculti-mad MP Keith Vaz (who had suggested the British courts had ‘danced to the tune of the BNP’) and some women's groups, Lady Warsi made clear she believed race lay at the heart of the sexual abuse case scandal (Guardian, 19 v).

The Baroness further revealed she had persuaded the Cabinet that forced marriages among Pakistanis (running at 8K annually, often as immigration scams – even using mentally deficient girls to bring in their uncles from Pakiland) were a form of slavery and should somehow be stamped out (Sun, 20 v) – a task which Wymmin’s Lib had failed to even begin to achieve in the thirty years since everyone in Britain had become aware of the scandal.

(Girls as young as five were married off. They were told the wedding party was their birthday party. Any who found out and objected were warned the mother would commit suicide or be torched if the marriage did not go ahead. Just how UK ‘law’ had tolerated such arrangements was obscure – but the unwillingness of Pakistanis to give evidence against each other was probably crucial, along with the authorities’ fear of being called racist.)

The Rochdale gang had beguiled naive girls, one barely out of primary school, with bottles of vodka, cigarettes, sweets and mobile phones. Then these children were forced to have sex with the gang members and scores of their friends. To silence their victims, quite a few of whom came from perfectly decent and loving homes, the gang threatened to tell their families that they were prostitutes, to rape their little sisters or to kill their parents with knives or firebombs. One girl was held down and forced to have sex with twenty men in a single night (Daily Mail, 19 v). Police had been in receipt of accusations for ten years but took little action – apparently fearing they would be deemed ‘racist.’


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Monday, May 14, 2012


Adolescent model axed from South African FHM magazine after sparking outrage with ‘racist tweet’ about “arrogant and disrespectful k*****” [i.e. kaffir] (cf. Daily Mail, 6 v; News24, 6 v, ‘Poster girl for racism’). NONE SHALL ESCAPE!

A popular blonde doe-eyed young model was axed from the South African edition of lads' mag FHM after she was accused of ‘making racist comments’ on ‘Twitter’.The publication confirmed Cape Town-born “bubble-butted” cover girl Jessica Leandra Dos Santos, 20, would no longer appear in its photoshoots after she ‘caused outrage’ by using [albeit with asterisks] a taboo term for Black people in a ‘tweet.’The attractive model, known as Jessica Leandra, was widely condemned by the pious after she tweeted details of a confrontation with a Black male in her local supermarket. She claimed the Black had sexually propositioned her. For good measure, she added: “I don’t tolerate any rude African monkeys whatsoever.”

Criticised: Jessica Leandra Dos Santos, 20, was removed from FHM's pages of photoshoots after she ‘caused outrage’ by ‘tweeting’ a taboo term for Blacks [i.e. kaffir].

She wrote: “Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful kaffir [latterly an ‘offensive term’ for a Black person in Afrikaans] inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have.” The tweet immediately ‘sparked outrage’ across South Africa, where race relations remained a hot ‘issue’ with which to beat up Whites even 18 years after the end of apartheid. FHM editor Brendan Cooper condemned Leandra's use of the 'k-word', considered by peecee hysterics one of the country's most racially-charged terms. (The term was of Arab origin, meaning ‘unbeliever,’ and had historically been a relatively neutral multicultural term for referring to Godless southern Black Africans.)

Jessica was an experienced-enough celebrity to move immediately into apology mode. She wrote: 'I tweeted rather irresponsibly about an incident last night, using a harsh and unkind word about the gentleman who had confronted me with sexual remarks.’

In Britain, the best-looking female ‘Conservative’ MP, Louise Mensch, 41, also found herself in hot water for daring to suggest that Rupert Murdoch, 81, who had backed Mrs Thatcher and been instrumental in the 1980s in suppressing Britain’s bullying print unions, was a ‘fit person’ to run an international organization (i.e. Newscorp). Ditto effort-making Tory MP and authoress Nadine Dorries, 55, shocked peecee politicos by saying Daft Dave would be out within a year if he didn’t buck up and back Boris (see previous).

Meantime, top motor sport commentator Jeremy Clarkson threw in a valuable two pennorth by pointing out that the disgraceful 3-hr queues at Heathrow (and other UK airports) could be much reduced if border guards were allowed to practise a little racism (Daily Mail, 5 v).


While America’s ‘liberals’ liked to believe Blacks somehow had a hard life, the New York Times admitted to its readers that no less than four out of five Black women were seriously overweight (5 v). One out of four middle-aged Black women actually had diabetes. The USA spent $174 billion a year on diabetes-related illness; and obesity was quickly overtaking smoking as a cause of cancer deaths.


Fifteen years after I was fired by the LUniversity of Edinburgh for (scientific) racism (and anti-femininnery, anti-communism and lack of paedohysteria), London’s Scotland Yard banned its staff from ever using the word ‘blacklist’ (and also ‘whitelist’ – a term for vetted ‘innocents’) (Sun, 7 v). Instead the overpaid functionaries should use ‘redlist’ and ‘greenlist’ {not showing much sympathy for the sensitivities of Red Indians....}.

Although Mayor Boris had managed to get rid of the Met’s Labour-appointed peecee supremo Ian Blair, the force – after thirteen years of Labour bullying – plainly lived in fear of being thought racist (despite its new boss, Sir Clemency Wettingpants Burton-Who). A typical contributed response from a robust Sun reader was:
When people who should know better descend to this level of bowdlerisation, which these PC-minded PC's have plumbed, it shows that the inmates really are starting to take over the asylum. What about black ice, blackjack, blacksmith, black spot, black mail, blackball, blacklist, black pudding, Black Country, black box, blackcock, Black Watch, black bear, black belt, et al? It is a very black day for the English language, when these idiots, airheads, asses, blockheads, boobies, cretins, dimwits, dunderheads, fools, halfwits, imbeciles, morons, pillocks & plonkers get their way. I suppose that they'll arrest all those at the OED [Oxford English Dictionary] next, & then burn the books -- because that's what happens when the thought police start to dictate what you can & cannot say freely.


After giving hotel accommodation at its ‘Gitmo’ prison camp for ten years to five Islamofascist masterminds of 9/11 (notably one martyrdom-seeking beardy-weirdie, ‘KSM’), the absurd USA – though it had originally said it was waging a War on Terror with such enemies – declined to kill them even though they never surrendered and accepted the authority of its courts. Instead, the USA planned a multi-year multi-billion-dollar trial of its sworn enemies – who would not even speak to confirm their own names in court but would doubtless cost the racially disintegrating World War-avoidant country the last shreds of its self-respect (only to be restored when high-Psychoticism Mehicans took over). The opening day of the trial gave great offence to the families of 9/11 victims: the hearing was marked by near-farcical scenes in which the self-confessed killers prayed, read the Economist, talked among themselves and ignored the judicial events around them (Guardian, 7 v).


In just two weeks, the politicians and peoples of Europe, having failed to protect their countries against low-life crime, third-world immigration and the increasingly nuclear-armed loons of the Middle East (Europe’s affluent War-avoidant saviour, America, having lost control of its chosen ally Pakistan, not to mention of Israel-hating Egypt) proceeded to vote socialist (in Britain, France, Holland and Greece) and thus threaten the German diziplin ooops austerity which was the only thing to have kept them afloat since their absurd borrowing in the noughties (to lend ‘multiculturally’ to Blecks and Spics) had culminated in the 2008 crash.

Obsessed with ‘equality’ for unemployables, gypsies, homosexuals, transgendered, witches, unmarried mothers, asylum seekers etc., Europe had lost sight of Shakespeare’s wise advice (via Polonius), “Neither a borrower or a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend.” Instead of raiding the rich (now impossible because they quickly emigrated) or foreigners (no longer invadable because of military cutbacks – in the British Army by another 20% of personnel in 2012-13) or the futures of young graduates (gradually learning while working in Tescos that their Labour-arranged ‘degrees’ were worthless), Europe’s debtocracies needed to go not for EQUALITY but for the QUALITY that Europe had traditionally provided under its monarchies which had encouraged Descartes, Doctor Johnson, Leibniz, Hume, Kant and Voltaire. A logo? Yes:
FREEDOMɆQUALITY -- Kick out the Ɇnvironmentalist/Ɇgalitarian factor, and instead back the g factor!


If the new ‘gene for g’ (see previous) did essentially make for more neuronal connections, this – a professorial supporter of IQ&PC pointed out – would be compatible with the numberless ‘modules of the mind’ that had been so popular with Americans/environmentalists/egalitarians since the 1930s days of Thurstone, and latterly with g-frit sociobiologists.


‘Madonna,’ 53, the supercharged muscly popstar who had disobeyed her English husband, fallen from her horse, breaking a leg, and lost her marriage, got another blast of reality as she discovered the fraudulence of Africans whom she had selected to be the beneficiaries of her dosh in setting up ten girls’ academies in dirt-poor Malawi [i.e. Nyasaland] (long ‘run’ by E.LU. graduate tyrant Hastings Banda [1898-1997]).

The 62-year-old Malawi president's sister was Anjimile Mtila-Oponyo, a Malawian ‘development worker’ who had been picked by Madonna to be CEO of her £9.4 million Raising Malawi Academy for Girls for 400 children. The bequest followed MADonna’s controversial adoption of two kids from Malawian families.

But the singer fell out with the charity's local staff, including Mrs Mtila-Oponyo, when a report accused staff of expropriating funds to spend on luxury cars and golf club memberships. Mrs M-O and others then embarked on suing Madonna's foundation for wrongful termination of contract.


As eight Pakistanis (and one Afghan asylum seeker) were convicted in Liverpool of abducting, drugging, groping, raping, terrorizing and pimping weenie White girls in Rochdale (q.v.), the oily fat and balded Yemen-born Labour-PeeCee Keith Vaz (MP for Leicester East) was wheeled on by the BBC to deny that the crimes had anything to do with race or ethnicity (R4, 9 v, 08:20).

Apparently Vaz had heard no Muslim leader commending these Paks for getting in control of five White trash 13-yr-olds (using ciggies, kebabs, cannabis, sweets and vodka) – though, by the same token, no-one at all had heard any established Muslim leader condemning what British tabloids would have called ‘Paki paedophiles’ if they were not so frightened of Vaz and his ‘anti-racist’ troops. (But Mohammed Shafiq, of Muslim youth support group the Ramadhan Foundation, said: “It’s absolute rubbish to suggest race isn’t an issue.”)

One 13-year-old victim of the Paks (often taxi drivers or take-away restaurateurs) became pregnant and had the unborn child aborted. Another gave evidence of being raped by two men while she was "so drunk she was vomiting over the side of the bed". She later cried herself to sleep. The Liverpool court heard that some of the girls were raped and physically assaulted and some were forced to have sex with "several men in a day, several times a week" (Guardian, 8 v). One girl, then 15, protested that she was under age, but was told by one of her attackers that sex was legal at age 11 “in my country”.

Altogether, there were probably 47 White teenagerette victims of the Paki pimps and their pals (dozens of whom were still considered aggressively active pimps and were being sought for questioning by the ‘authorities’ of Broken Britain) (Sun, 9 v). Police had failed to act for ten years for fear of accusations of ‘racism,’ admitted a former Labour MP, Anne Cryer. She said: “This is an absolute scandal. The [police and Crown Prosecution Service] were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.”

Nothing could be revealed about the (doubtless comprehensive-‘schooled’) weenies and their lifestyles lest two generations of politico-encouraged single parenting by low-IQ females be brought into yet further disrepute. Some had already been ‘taken into care’ by sociologists etc.

Policing of the trial alone had cost £300K as cops struggled to keep hundreds of ‘far right’ types from attacking the accused and neighbouring Srindopakeshi take-away shops (of the kind used to lure the White weenies to get their kit off).

Although the criminals were all Muesli and all the victims were White, the Guardian (and kindred MSM) was happy to accept the view of state prosecutor – himself conveniently a Pakistani -- that the case ‘had nothing to do with race or ethnicity’ (10 v; ‘This is about class, not race’)....

Homosexual historian David Starkey and reformed Prison Governor Martin Narey found themselves in trouble for ‘courting controversy’ by faintly suggesting that Pak culture might have had something to do with the 100% Pak-on-White abuse (Guardian, 11 v). The judge in the case, Gerald Clinton, had no doubt: he told the Muesli gang that they had targeted the White girls because they did not belong to the gang’s “community or religion” (Daily Mail, 10 v).

Further giving the lie to ‘anti-racist’ idealism, Rochdale police went on to arrest *another* nine men, of Srindopakeshi and Afro-Carribean origin, for industrial-scale abuse of teenies (Observer, 13 v). Commenting on the latest arrests, Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said: "There have been some who've said this is a one-off case but I have consistently said I believe it to be a wider problem."


Imprisoned for 37 years for sodomy of a five-month child: such was the fate of sociology professor Kenneth Kyle Ph.D., 49, who taught postmodern garbage at taxpayer expense to the goofy students of California State University. {Don’t believe me and my professorial informant? – Just check Daily Mail, 9 v.}

Kyle’s teaching and research interests had revolved around the application of feminist theories, Frankfurt School critical theory, Marxism, etc., to specific social problems and policies. He published widely in academic journals like Social Justice, Humanity & Society, and Journal of Primary Preventions. The baby’s mother, 22 and living in Missouri, gladly invited Kyle to choke her, burn her and urinate on her and the equally well-f*cked baby – though apparently drawing the line at bestiality.


Though Britain laboured under an epidemic of lard, with beds and ambulances having to be expanded and {I kid not} cranes brought in to heave patients into Nashnl Elf ‘Service’ job-creation ‘ospitaws (where they could receive neglect from sociologified ‘nurses’, a poe-faced ‘watchdog’ body, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence , decreed the term ‘obese’ should no longer be used lest its ‘denigratory’ nature offend hypersensitives (Sun, 9 v)


As Britain moved into its third year of miserable LibCon Coalition government, it was clear that nothing was happening – not even squashing Labour (up to 38% in the polls, compared to 32% for the ‘Conservatives’). The poor Queen was dragged out by CamCo to say precisely nothing at Westminster – although Her crown (tiara when off-duty), gilded carriage and fifty well-buffed horsemen provided a reminder that Her country could still do ritual.

The economy was stagnant – with 9% preferring to sit around on welfare rather than take jobs (which went to Afghan asylum seekers etc.). No progress was being made towards a Nordic League – except in so far as the Greeks and French had sealed their ClubMed fate by voting socialist (thus pitting themselves against Mutti Merkel).

Ancient Scottish regiments (like even the Black Watch) were to be smashed up for no reason (apart from providing jobs for the bureaucrats undertaking the ‘re-organization’).

Defence contracture for planes on the UK’s pathetic two aircraft carriers reverted to Labour plans – after two years of a £250M flirtation with alternatives. Drugs were everywhere – yet without the Treasury getting any profit from taxing them. Education was a shambles – with Britain out of the top thirty in most international league tables after decades of egalitarian/environmentalist nonsense. The NHS could not provide even a GP service – unless people waited for three working days (thus five days across a weekend).

Immigration policy could not even deport notorious Muesli fanatics – indeed, they had to be housed expensively in central London and given full welfare benefits along with their wives and kids – but made perfectly law-abiding travellers queue for hours a Heathrow since staff (led by wet and frumpy peecee Home Secretary Theresa) were not allowed to concentrate their delightful all-body searches on Arabs. Despite the presence of ‘Liberals’ in the Coalition, the Queen’s Speech proposed monitoring of all e-mail, Facetube, Yourspace, Skype etc. messages even when senders and recipients had no conspicuously traitorous links (Daily Mail, 10 v).

Any hope? Yes, the oligarchic bankstas of the dull Yukay debtocracy had seen their bonuses cut back a fraction since 2008; electrical goods continued to get markedly cheaper (presumably being made in China....); and Britons made their disgust with their politicians felt by not going out to vote (turnout was only 30% in the nationwide May local elections). And the young showed no sign of violent revolutionary protest against their own futures being mortgaged in wheezes of ‘quantitative easing’ (i.e. borrowing from their pay packets and pension pots, if any). If only because of the weather and historic low-Neuroticism (and low-Idealism), London was not (yet) Afghan-infested soup-kitchen Athens; and Jockland’s E’bugger was not Kingston, Jamaica....


The USA’s President Barry Insane ooops Hussein Obarmy, bullied by the homosexualists of Hollywood (who had threatened withdrawal of his funding), gave his country’s lacklustre Republicans their first hope of victory in the November 2012 election by declaring his support for queer marriage (Sun, 13 v) – thereby providing a theme around which the GOP could rally, even though it was frit of cutting the banks down to size, tackling Pakistan-based terror or ending criminogenic multiculturalism.


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Friday, May 11, 2012


A gene enabling better-connected neuronal dendrites [the ‘fingers’ that feed impulses from other cells into into each hand-like neuron], and thus enhancing nervous transmission in the human brain, was reported by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California (Daily Mail, 4 v; Discover Magazine [blog], 4 v; MSNBC, 4 v; ZeeNews [India], 6 v).

Called SRGAP2, and its important copy SRGAP2C, the duplicate gene was one of thirty which began to appear in mainly-duplicate form around three million years ago, as homo separated from the apes and then Australopithecus, and was thought likely by chief investigators Franck Polleux and Evan Eichler, writing in the top journal Cell (11 v), to play a significant role in human cortical growth, intelligence, language, consciousness and tool use.

When team members Cecile Charrier and Kaumudi Joshi added the ‘C’-copy to foetal mice, they found that the rodents’ neurons developed features that are typical of human ones. The neurons had more of the spiny projections that allow neurons to form connections (synapses) with one another. The spines had longer stalks and larger ‘heads,’ which might be important for learning.

Surprisingly, the added ‘C’ copy of the gene did not augment the function of the original gene, SRGAP2, which makes neurons sprout connections to neighbouring cells. Instead it interfered with that original function, effectively giving neurons more time to wire themselves into a bigger brain. (Duplicate genes – 99% similar to the originals -- were likely to have been missed in the Human Genome Project, completed in 2002.)

This news item was greeted with studied indifference by the West’s pathetically peecee MSM – but plenty of Chinese and Arabic publications showed interest.

La Jolla, on the beautiful coast in north-west San Diego, was the most affluent area of the USA and had long been the home of DNA-discovering Nobelist Francis Crick. Blacks made up only 0.8% of its population; but, in what was long a German-beloved, German-speaking and anti-Semitic town, Jews had been allowed in as La Jolla began hosting the University of California at San Diego in the 1960s. {I visited in 1983 while working on ‘inspection time’ and IQ with the US Navy.}


Equestrian Captain Mark Phillips 63, who had given the Princess Royal [Princess Anne] two children [Zara and Peter], his second wife another, and a lover a fourth, advanced to substantial babe-bagging with a new American girlfriend, Lauren Hough, 35 [daughter of Olympian Charles ‘Champ’ Hough and in flagrante delicto with Capt Phillips since she was 30].

The continuing good eugenic effort of North Carolina’s Mrs Barbara Harris was recorded in Salon Magazine, 2 v.“Project Prevention [helping drug addicts to be sterilized] has paid a total of 4,077 people (including 65 men), 987 of whom have been African-Americans, to get a tubal ligation (tube-tying) or an IUD, implanon (a hormonal contraceptive that is implanted in a woman’s arm), Depo-Provera (an injection that lasts three months) or (for men) a vasectomy, Harris says.”


As Britain’s CamCo government lost some 800 council seats in UK-wide elections (even Chipping Norton went Labour) but had the relief of seeing Speccie-editing blond Boris Johnson (Balliol – where he read Greats) returned (by a 2.5% voting margin) as Mayor of London (beating the trade-union- and Muesli-beloved ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone), it was plainly time for the ‘Conservatives,’ ‘Liberals’ [aka LibDims] and Big Boris to match the success of late-in-the-day feminoid French socialism (abjuring the brothel-running, ‘aggressive pimping,’ chambermaid-assaulting and anal-gang-raping of its recent leader) by hatching a plan with which to impress Britons by 2015 [which CamCo had fixed as the year for the next General Election].

So what could they agree on – except for not losing the UK’s AAA credit rating (allowing the mortgaging of the futures of British kids, the politicos’ last source of lending)? Not elite-restoring House of Lords reform, plainly; or socking it to Euroland; or bringing back the grammar schools. But a push against crime could arguably unite all three of them – and bring in copious votes from Britain’s run-down chlamydia-infested council housing schemes where crime was a daily menace to the elderly (the only ones who voted).

So it was surely time for the Humanitarian Task Force for Africa long advocated here – allowing the effective deportation of criminal Bleck youf until they either died of AIDS or settled in happily as polygamous bosses of Efrican tribes which (with the help of their advanced British comprehensive school education and mastery of knife fighting....) they might manage to take over.... Yes, nice but wet, environmentalist and dated ‘Justice Secretary’ Ken Clarke would have to be the first to go in a Cameron reshuffle.

As Daft Dave came under pressure from relatively right-wing backbenchers, he announced he would indeed, as a priority, ‘do something’ about crime and immigration (BBCR4, 6 v, 09:00; Sun, 6 v, ‘Crime new priority’) {projects with which a Humanitarian Convict Army ooops Task Force for Efrica could be of immediate assistance so long as a few Black dictators and Chinese entrepreneurs could be bribed to accept Black-‘British’ slave labour....}.


A sex-change operation was arranged for an 80-yr-old man by Britain’s National Elf Service – forever bleeting that it was strapped for cash. The cost to taxpayers? £13.5K! (The ego-indulgent ‘treatment’ for Rose Ruth – as ‘she’ became -- was provided when most Brits could not see a GP within two days, and never at nights or weekends.)


Britain’s Pak-pandering policy was hilariously exposed as loony Islamist-crazed money-mad Taliban Paks actually videoed themselves decapitating Muesli convert Khalil Dale MBE, a thin bespectacled British International Red Cross medical worker, 60 – even though such well-meaning functionaries were regarded as the holiest of the holy in the Western political pantheon (Classic FM, 29 iv, 13:00).

The UK’s wet and Pak-funding Foreign Office, instead of ordering MI7 to provide swift retaliation (e.g. by blowing up a few mosques), settled for lame verbal complaint that such murder was a bit somewhat rather unsatisfactory (not even mentioning that nuclear-armed Pakiland was meant to be a Western ally in the Eleventh Crusade against Muesli expansion).

‘Gentle and caring’ Dale -- originally christened Kenneth – from Manchester (via Dumfries, Scotland) was the third foolish idealist of Western origin to be butchered in this way in multi-mad American-backed Pakistan. -- The others were Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002 and Piotr Stanczak, a Polish geologist, in 2009. Dale had worked in several dangerous Muesli hotspots around the Middle East and had an Australian fiancée.


As the Tories’ only half-interesting frontman faced his re-election contest as Mayor of London, a beefy half-Black ‘race adviser’ to rival ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone boosted Mayor Boris Johnson by claiming Boris had doubled the incarceration rate of London Blecks. Using the hashtag “sackboris2012”, Lee Jasper asked: “Which mayor has seen the number of black youth going to jail in London increase by 100 per cent during his term?”

(The 53-year-old Lee had been forced to resign as senior policy adviser on ‘equalities’ to Red Ken, who was then Mayor of London, in March 2008, over allegations of cronyism. Leaked emails showed that he had exchanged highly flirtatious messages with a married mother of three, whose projects received £100,000 from City Hall on his recommendation. In one email, he told the woman that he wanted to “whisk [her] away to a deserted beach and honey-glaze [her].”

He had declared: “No black person in the UK can be racist. Racism is prejudice plus power. Black people can be prejudiced but not racist.” So Lee was plainly the real ticket; and -- despite general problems for the gormless Ties -- BoJo’s re-election looked secure.)

Boris went on to win by a comfortable-enough margin of 2.5% despite ‘Conservatives’ nationally losing 405 councillors.


Britain’s policy of criminalizing naughty drugs but failing to police them, let alone tax them, met its final come-uppance as pharmaceutical firms managed chemically to modify naughty ‘substances’ to bring them technically outside legal bans while retaining the vast amount of their pleasure for users. The latest example was a methoxetamine-based drug, dubbed HE-MAN, giving banksta-like ‘Master of the Universe’ feelings (albeit with occasional hallucinations and episodes of mal-coordination) (Sun, 30 iv, ‘He-Man peril’).

{Failure to legalize and tax the massive drug market was a major stupidity of Western economies, as pointed out by me for 55 years – the expensive failure especially enhancing the unpunctuality, tie-lessness, agrammaticality and general unemployability of lower-IQ youf.}


Divinely happy, non-druggy and eternally youthful if not over-bright ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress Cameron Diaz, 39 and 34-21-35, who had coped for three years with the mighty Justin Timberlake and dated others of the most famous men in America (sadly including Bleck repper “P.Diddy”), declared that British men were “charming, good-humoured and chivalrous” – “qualities that American men lacked.”

She gave special praise to Colin Firth (of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘The King’s Speech’): “He’s the perfect Englishman. Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it’s still comfortable for other people, but also totally charming and engaging to the point where he makes you feel special. He’s got that British honesty.”

San Diego-born race-realist and sex-symbol CD – of mixed Cuban, Cherokee, English and German stock – had avoided pregnancy and saved herself for marriage – surely to an Englishman.... {But she did tend to vote Democrat and her last official romance had been with NY Yankees (superstar, Babe Ruth’s record-beating) baseball player, Dominican-ancestored Alex Rodriguez...}


An American ‘liberal ethics watchdog,’ taking advantage of a highly critical British parliamentary committee’s report on the phone hacking ‘scandal’ (though no scars could be seen) involving Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, urged federal regulators to revoke 27 licenses belonging to the company’s Fox broadcasting company. The effort, the latest by a ‘liberal’ group attempting to curtail Fox News, America’s most popular and somewhat right-wing cable news network, was part of a till-then unsuccessful movement to use the British hacking scandal for political effect in the United States.

{Already British newspapers had become distinctly more boring during the Levisohn Inquiry (the billion-pound year-long 100-person-per-day bore demanded by the Guardian and expense-defrauding politicos and a few celebs suffering pinpricks to their amour propre) as cops felt they dare no longer earn a crust by gossiping and swilling beer with newshounds.}


Twenty-five years after the event, I learned of the oh-so-sad demise of arch-fraud socio-environmentalist Rick Heber (U. Wisconsin-Madison) (supposedly boosting IQ scores by some 30 points at a cost of $750K per child – results unpublished and uninspectable, merely believed by MSM, probably achieved by ‘teaching the test’). Heber was especially exposed in Chapter 4 of The g Factor (1996); but little did I know the final fiery story (retailed below chiefly by a Kansas correspondent – the first I heard of it).

Subject: DETAILS OF DEATH {at age 55} OF RICK HEBER, DEC. 03, 1987

Rick Heber, of course, is the academic wheeler-dealer who touted the environmentalist vindication called "The Miracle in Milwaukee" that appeared to demonstrate that Head Start could vastly elevate the IQ of disadvantaged children. The "Miracle," after media declarations about it, matured into about three years in federal "correctional institutes" for Heber (for misallocation of funds, etc.)

But folks need to look into Heber's personal biography. He appears to have been yet another of the remarkable human mutations "selected" for success within the bubble world of a once great frontier society now degenerated into a multimodal plutocracy -- namely, a florid psychopath. Yet,, as far as I know, has ever delved into what may have been behind all the campus rake-off.

Heber was brilliant. (I think Eysenck had met him and been favorably impressed....but this is a bit conjectural.) Pass over, for the moment, the caricature he represents of the campus career artiste par excellence--his passion seemed to have been for fine Arabian horses. And in that silk-stockinged world, he remained a respected figure, unblemished by the indictments and prison sentence. He was a central figure in the acquisition and breeding of fine Arabian horses. He and his wife had this lavish rural "ranch" outside of Madison (Wisconsin ) and then another fine land holding or two near Colorado Springs. Here [Kansas], in the Heartland, I've been around people breeding animals all my life. I've yet to meet anyone breeding dogs or horses, who took the human environmentalist nonsense as other than an urban delusion. What's the underlying reality here?

His wife, at least a couple years ago, was living between Pueblo and Colorado Springs. I think it may be a reasonable investigative hypothesis that Heber privately never believed in the environmentalist myths. This guy, Rick, was a wheeler-dealer of Paul Bunyon size. He was on campus in his heyday so infrequently that his presence was "an event" to those knowing him. He was milking down the fed grants to "the Miracle", tending horse ranches and breeding, making trips to Egypt (where he personally spent time with the leader... was it Sadat...?), a guest of the Kennedys at Fornicate Port.

(Heber was appointed as the President's something-or-other re mental retardation -- this in commemoration of Rose Kennedy, BTW.)

He was on retainer at Satan knows how many academic outposts around America. He loved to fly -- had his own planes, etc. He came to this one "research facility" in the Ozarks ever so often, breezing in and making inspections and giving parties (rolling papers? nose candy? ) and breezing off. As an "exhibit" psychopath, this guy is way above John Edwards, but the story, if there be one, has yet to be extracted from the facts of his life. I just don't believe it likely this guy ever believed there was any real basis for the Head Start assumptions. As for many psychopaths, "reality" was what others believed. Different card decks, different games.

....Heber was part of a chartered party flying out of Amarillo ("Hud" country ) to take this African tour. This must have been, say, two years or so, or maybe less, after he had completed his slammer time. (He moved about in these 'country club' prisons--getting transferred from the then-scenic resort prison of Bastrop, Texas, to one near Colorado Springs and then finishing off out in Utah, if I recall.)

Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 18:16:35 -0500

Yeah, I just send what can be combed out of various forms of a wire story (AP) that appeared in many U.S. papers on August 05, 1987. The content clearly indicates, however, that the plane was failing, losing speed and altitude, I gather, and then getting OK and then again failing, and then progessively more trouble. The passengers had their arms out the windows trying to make the condition of the plane as conspicuous as possible to anyone on the ground. Also, as noted, they started throwing out brief cases and other items having identification features on them--name tags, perhaps even documents, etc. and throwing out loose clothing that would catch on trees, etc. No, there was enough stability to permit this (as distinct from a plane just corkscrewing down to the ground).


DEC. 05, 1987, via Jerry Gray of AP


-Cessna 404, prop driven, flying from Goma Zaire to Kenya, flight plan filed at Goma, Zaire

--two hour flight, anticipated

--started going out of control about 20 minutes into the flight

--13 Americans

--1 Kenyan pilot; no co-pilot

--plane owned by Cooper Skybird Charters of Nairobi, spokesperson JohnOuma-Daniel

--plane chartered by a tourist group on Nov. 30 and due back Thurs. Dec. 04.

--1st stop was to be Kisumu, beside Lake Victoria, Kenya to "complete immigration formalities"

from there were to fly to wild game resort in Masai Mara to photograph mountain gorillas

--The group of 13 had departed Nov. 27 from Amarillo, TX and were to return no later than Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 07., Monday.

--crash site near the Rwandan village of Kishwati, near Zaire border

--plane had been out of control since entering Rwandan air space

--reports from ground observers, relayed through Zaire radio, was that the passengers were frantically waving their hands out the windows; some were screaming; then some started throwing brief cases and articles of clothing and other materials--mostly things containing information necessary for any identification

--the plane finally hit a tree; some of the passengers were still alive after the tree was hit

--very shortly, however, the plane hit the mountain side and burst into flames

--accounts suggest a horrifying amount of time--possibly a few minutes--not merely two or three-- during which this crash was unfolding.


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