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 Determined to throw as much money to retardate Blacks as possible, mulatto Pres. Obarmy announced, at a Washington multifart drink-in for 45 Efrican autocrats and their 445 wives ooops secretaries, that he would shower $30B “investment” upon the Dark Continent – without the slightest requirement of return (though Barry did some finger-wagging about African bribery and corruption – about which he would have known from his Chicago experience). Mercifully, the hopeless waste of America’s White-guilt largesse would not require White boots on the ground or any other serious supervision – for it was not about empire or civilization or liberation but just about Barack Hussein’s ‘legacy’ as a Nobelist White-fleecer.


 Emotional intelligence, defined by Coleman (2008) as the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, was first hypothesized by Harvard’s g-doubting Howard Gardner as a form of intelligence that would give low-IQ people another chance to score. But this ability is weak in psychopaths, so according to Richard Lynn’s race realism (PAID, 2002; AmRen, vii 2002), Blacks would be expected to have lower emotional intelligence than Whites. This is what Whtman et al. found in a study of 209 Black and 125 White applicants for the job of firefighter, who were tested with the 16-item Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale. Whites scored significantly higher than Blacks at 6.41, with Blacks at 6.14, and the difference equal to approximately a third of a standard deviation (Internat.J.Selection & Assessment, vi 2014; AmRen, 25 viii).


 As if their cowardly adoption of peecee thought control had not sufficently wrecked their modest reputation for liberalism (which Mrs Thatcher had done her best to bolster), British ‘Conservatives’ (with incompetent face-lifted ‘nice, not nasty’ Topwitch Mudda Theresa May leading the charge), announced they planned legislation to jail husbands who were unduly “controlling” (e.g. requiring wives to show receipts for expenditure) (Telegraph, 20 viii, David Barrett).

Thus was further approached the communist ideal of destroying the family and making the state the only legitimate authority – though, sparing feminoids themselves from charges of bullying, there was to be no requirement that wives desist from over-talkativeness and nagging.

Already, Coalition legislation had intruded into personal, subjective and barely ascertainable matters by requiring that children should not be shown ‘cruel’ emotional indifference – in the belief that children would benefit from having parental judgment undermined and from their being cast upon the ‘love’ and intelligence of the state (which had already got levels of child literacy down to those of the 1890s). No squeak was expected from either official liberals or the Church at the proposed criminalization of husbandly discretion.

GENETICISTS BATTLE A Troublesome Inheritance IN Nature

Whingeing by scores of geneticists about Nicholas Wade’s Genes, Race and Human History (q.v.) reached Nature (26 viii), with supposedly leading luminaries complaining that their work had been misinterpreted. Details of what Wade had got wrong were in distinctly short supply*; but apparently one aggrieved academic thought there were fourteen races (rather than the five favoured by Wade and the mighty anthropologist Carlton Coon**), and all were adamant (without offering the slightest evidence) that there were (amazingly) no cognitive or civilizational differences at all between races ooops clusters.

{Poor Wade! – He wasn’t even given any credit for politely focussing on differences between Caucasians and East Asians and largely avoiding the far more dramatic and well-attested phenomenon of low African IQ and its sequelae.}

* A review in New York Times by David Dobbs (10 vii) had offered more hope for hysterical anti-racists by suggesting that defective genes were somehow matched by the “reparative epigenetics” of one Sharon Moalem. But Dobbs could not bring himself even to mention intelligence, IQ or any London Schooler other than Galton; and he had to admit that Moalem “tries too hard to entertain” and “is loaded with weird findings and great stories” {another Oliver Sacks, apparently....}.

** Darwin’s disciple, Thomas Henry Huxley, had also backed a fivefold classification (1870): Australoids, Mongoloids/Amerindians, Negroids, Nordics [‘Xanthochroi’], and fringe Europeans [the darker ‘Malancroi’].

(Historian-broadcaster Ben Shephard notes (2014, Headhunters): “All the great men of late-Victorian science firmly believed in a hierarchy of races; none more strongly than Darwin, whatever his modern whitewashers would have us believe.”)


 Thirteen years after 9/11, which was committed by Arab Muslims from Saudi, the American and British publics, which had spent hundreds of lives and thousands of billions of dollars pointlessly bringing demakrazy to ethnically divided Eyeraq, ordinary airline travellers were still deemed to need daily lessons in how Mueslis (even swarthy black-clad young male Mueslis) were just like themselves. As five thuggish-looking Mueslis were photoed boarding a plane from London to Turkey (en route for Syria) without any conspicuous interevention from ‘airport security,’ the Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn wrote (26 viii):

"....CCTV footage would almost certainly show middle-aged, middle-class men and women, on their way to spend a week in Marbella with their grandchildren, being subjected to intimate body-searches.
 How many times have we seen young Asian  men with backpacks pass seamlessly through security while Howard and Hilda from Hemel Hempstead are forced to stand and watch as the contents of their hand-luggage are examined with forensic precision?

    Over the years since 9/11, I’ve brought you all kinds of daft stories about airport security. A few months ago, a screener at Heathrow even confiscated a tiny model gun from a model of Woody, the cowboy in Toy Story. Children aren’t immune from the ridiculous rules imposed from on-high by risk-averse imbeciles."
  Mail reader John Thompson has copied me in on correspondence he has been having with the head of security at Edinburgh Airport after his heavily pregnant wife and two-year-old daughter were subjected to body-scanning equipment and intimate physical searches. He asked, not unreasonably, what security threat was posed by a child and her seven-months pregnant mother? Mr Thompson received a reply written in classic jobsworth-speak, which didn’t answer his main point. He wrote back, exasperated: ‘It’s time common sense was applied.’

    Don’t hold your breath, John! Common sense plays no part in ‘security’. We keep being told that the war on terrorism must be ‘intelligence-led’. But all we get is stupidity, especially at airports. I don’t blame the staff, who are only doing what they are told on pain of the sack. It’s the fault of pusillanimous politicians and the ‘human rights’ lobby. It is also frighteningly easy for would-be jihadists to come and go as they please because of our dysfunctional border controls.

    Thanks to the efforts of the Funny People, at least one of the ‘Britani Brigade’ caught on camera at Gatwick, Mashadur Choudhury from Portsmouth, was arrested when he returned home and is now languishing in prison. Apparently, Choudhury came back to Britain with his tail between his legs after ‘failing the Isis selection process’. Run that by me again. Isis has a selection process?....


It’s not exactly news that China is setting itself up as a new global superpower, is it? While Western civilization chokes on its own gluttony like a latter-day Marlon Brando, China continues to buy up American debt and lock away the world’s natural resources. But now, not content to simply laugh and make jerk-off signs as they pass us on the geopolitical highway, they’ve also developed a state-endorsed genetic-engineering project.

    At BGI Shenzhen [pictured below], scientists have collected DNA samples from 2,000 of the world’s smartest people and are sequencing their entire genomes in an attempt to identify the alleles which determine human intelligence. Apparently they’re not far from finding them, and when they do, embryo screening will allow parents to pick their brightest zygote [out of about a hundred] and potentially bump up every generation's intelligence by five to 15 IQ points. Within a couple of generations, competing with the Chinese on an intellectual level will be like challenging Lena Dunham to a getting-naked-on-TV contest.

{This enormous programme was a natural refinement of the eugenic policies being pursued for miles around Peking in the 1980s – by unofficially letting better-educated Chinese and Party officials off the one-child policy. As a committee member of the Galton Institute in the 1990’s, I had suggested China would welcome having its eugenic experiment monitored, guided and researched by the Institute [the former Eugenics Society] but the Galton was not interested.}


 The time-honoured methodological anxiety that twins might have their well-known similarities in personality merely because they look alike was examined by top psychologist Nancy Segal (California State University) (New York Times, 26 viii). She was able to compare the personal similarities of twins with the similarities of unrelated chance ‘lookalikes’; and found simply no significant similarities in personality between the latter – thus disproving the favourite environmentalist conjecture. Nor did the lookalikes form the special bonds readily found between re-united identical twins.


Amazingly, it turned out that Rotherham (South Yorkshire) cops and child care functionaries had turned  a blind eye to at least 1,400 cases of gross child sex abuse across 16 years – even though many cases had involved physical force, dousing with petrol, threatening with guns, grooming, trafficking, abduction, gang rape and forced voyeurism of other pre-teen girls being raped.

The vast majority of these horrid cases had involved White girls (usually consigned to children’s homes) being pursued by men occasionally admitted by MSM to have been ‘Asian’ (in fact Pakistani Muslim – as all but one were); and cops and social workers had been afraid of accusations of ‘racism’ if they took action (BBC News, 26 viii, 10:00).

Former Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis MacShame (lately imprisoned for fraud), admitted: “There was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that. Perhaps, yes, as a true Guardian reader and liberal Leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.” He told the Independent (31 viii) that he had been threatened with the sack by Blair-creature Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in 2003 for saying that Muslims would have to chose between the British way or the way of terrorists” – a remark made after a south-Yorkshire Muesli had tried to blow up Jews in a Tel Aviv bar (though finally killing only himself).

Senior Rotherham officials had actually told juniors to set aside their anxieties about the barbarism in the interests of “community cohesion” (Daily Telegraph, 28 viii, Allison Pearson,* ‘In the face of such terrifying evil, who is the racist now?’)

    Despite Labour pleading, no resignation was forthcoming from the Labour councillor in charge during five years of Rotherham’s children’s services – apparently, in his own mind, the requirement to be anti-racist trumped even the requirement to be paedohysterical, and anyway he had moved on to a £85Kpa job as Police and Crime Commissioner (which presumably gave him even bigger opportunities to shelter ‘ethnic communities’ accused of crimes). Nor did his replacement, one Joyce Thacker, who by 2014 was paid £130K for her troubles, head for the door.

The Guardian, while insisting that ‘some’ non-Asian perpetrators had been involved, called the 16-year tolerance “shameful” and “almost beyond belief” (27 viii). The journalists who tried to expose the (still ongoing) scandal had been denounced by authorities as liars and racists. Similar cases of Pakistanis treating White ‘in care’ weenies as contemptible prostitutes to be bought with sweets, ciggies, peach brandy and taxi rides (paid for in blowjobs while being taken to the homes of other abusers in the girls’ school lunch hours) – without fear of recrimination from their socialism-destroyed fatherless-family relatives -- had been uncovered in Rochdale, Derby and Oxford (Cowley).

    By August, 2014, five Pakistanis had been jailed in Rotherham and a further 30 were under investigation (by a grand total of three police officers).

    South Yorkshire cops had not been so slow to act in the case of Sir Cliff Richard (q.v.), sending twenty officers (and the BBC threw in a helicopter) for a five-hour raid of the pop superstar’s home when just a single accusation came their way of groping of a boy in the 1960s. By contrast, instead of going after the villainous Pakistanis, police threatened some of the Rotherham girls with charges of drunkenness and curfew violations at their care homes.

    Rotherham, an old steel town near leftist Sheffield, with a Mayor called Shaukat Ali {!} and lots of ‘regeneration’ grants, had been Labour-run since 1933 (and had a longer history of ‘progressively’ supporting American separatism and turning the chapel of its rather splendid minster into, first, a town jail, and then a tobacconist’s shop). Though protest had given it eleven UKIP councillors, its vastly overpaid dim officials had felt enough confidence in PeeCee actually to remove an adopted child from parents discovered in the heresy of being UKIP supporters.

    As MSM found itself forced into mentioning race, the BBC produced a lady social worker from ghastly 20%-Pak Rochdale (the early-industrialized wool town between Oldham and Ramsbottom, lately best known for the paedofumbling of its grossly obese comic MP, Liberal Cyril Smith, in the 1970s) to say that Muesli abuse of (overwhelmingly White) girls persisted “on an industrial scale” (R4, 30 viii, 08:45).

For their part, Muslims supplied the BBC with a video in which an (unseen) audience (perhaps at a mosque) called out their agreement with a nice young male speaker who suggested that paedophiles and police be brought to book for crimes of which the Muslim community had apparently been told nothing.

*AP was optimistic enough to volunteer that “Rotherham may be the final nail in the coffin of multiculturalism.”


 After fifty years of agreeing first to prosecute ‘race hate speech’ and then to let employers sack employees (even academics) whose free speech had got them into trouble with the tirelessly shit-stirring tabloids (which increasingly had little to do, since all racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, transphobic, obesoid and other-disablist fair comments were effectively banned by them and by bullied politicos), Britain’s official liberals found their supine indifference to liberty was allowing the hounding even of people who had merely made private ‘remarks.’ Yes, a top footie manager (see below) was being hauled over the coals and dumped for verdict before the Soccer-moron Association (of goofs converted to ‘kick it [racism] out of fitba’’ so as to preserve their postmodern religious credentials) for verdict on and salutary reproof of his naughtiness in personal email.

(Needless to say, millionaire ‘Malky’ Mackay’s actual ‘remarks’ about ‘Chinks’ and ‘gay snakes’ could not be reproduced in any family newspaper lest their transparent blokeish jocularity cause laughter at MSM’s po-faced troublemaking. Even the Daily Mail, which had once contented itself with paedohysteria to win cheap approval, felt obliged to say ‘Malky’ was ‘in the mire.’)


 To the private delight of many Englishmen, the day of Scottish separation from the UK drew nearer as a nervous Labour ex-Chancellor (wheeled out to do battle for the UK since Labour had the most interest – in keeping its forty Westminster seats in the once-industrial areas of Scotland’s ‘Central Belt’) got shafted* in TV debate with a bumptious First Minister Fish (who had already for years beaten Labour for seats in the dreary fat lesbian Scottish Parliament – the only lively feature of which was its way-over-budget Spanish-designed Holyrood building with a leaky roof).

How was this possible? It was not that there was a racial difference, for the real race differences in the UK ran from west to east (Glasgow vs Edinburgh; Lancashire vs Yorkshire; Wales vs south-East) rather than from north to south. No, the real reason was that England (83% of the UK) had lost the Empire through years of fighting Germany (with massive Scots help) then gone on to bankrupt itself further, first with years of socialism and then free-market cowboying (as the only thinkable method of labour discipline) followed by the 2008 crash, all the while managing to lose its friends at once in Europe, the Commonwealth and America.

Though all-White south-Yorkshire was more ethnically homogeneous than all-White Scotland (with its religious, linguistic and lifestyle differences), it was understandable that Scotland, having kept together its vast rural estates with its teeming Glasgow-Irish tenements through the religious language of socialism, would think of taking its own chances rather than become increasingly like banker-led Black and Mohammedan England.

It would be a gamble, whether to rely on Scotland’s natified slave labour from Ireland (with a sorry propensity to die at 54) or on the evidently unassimilable third-world hordes of England; but the globalization-backing City of London was prepared to take it – when even the Labour Party had lost its grip on Clotland. Whether nationalism or multiculturalism would be more successful long-term was uncertain (clearly HMG-backed casino-banking was more successful short-term); but (unmentionable and hoped-to-be-defunct) White racism and IQ-ism were not to be tried.

*A sample from Robert Henderson, our London correspondent:

"The second Darling vs Salmond debate on 25 August was even more depressing than the first. It might have been thought that having gone through one debate the palpable nervousness both showed the first time round  would have been largely gone.  In the event Salmond  was less nervous,  but Darling was  embarrassingly anxious.

    Whoever thought Darling was a safe pair of hands for this type of work was profoundly wrong. The man is woefully ill equipped for a one-to one-debate. Throughout he frequently fell into  stuttering and even when he did not – which was primarily when he was reading from prepared notes – his delivery was leaden. When Salmond attacked him Darling  seemed peevish; when the audience derided him or asked insulting questions he was utterly at sea. (example audience comment: “I think the  fundamental difference here is that the YES campaign are fighting passionately for the future of  Scotland; Alastair Darling and others are fighting passionately for their jobs”)  Darling  spent much of the debate staring blankly ahead  like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights while Salmond stood looking at him grinning insultingly. Darling also waved his hands for emphasis far too much, while  his habit of pointing at Salmond was a sorry mistake.

    Darling also got his strategy wrong by concentrating heavily, almost obsessively,  on the point which he had laboured in the first debate,  namely, what Salmond would do if there was a vote for independence and Scotland was denied a currency union with the rest of the UK .  This is a seriously difficult question for Salmond,  but there  are only so many times a debating opponent can be prodded with the same weapon before the audience becomes restive, and restive is what they became here. The nadir of this Darling obsession came when the debate reached the section where the two politicians questioned each other. What was Darling’s first question? You’ve guessed it:  “What is your plan B for the currency?”  It was an open goal for Salmond who immediately taunted Darling with being a one-trick pony.

    The way Darling asked questions was also feeble. Not only did he keep repeating the same things, but time and again, he allowed Salmond to ask him questions when he, Darling,  was supposed to be grilling Salmond."


 As PM Daft Dave continued with the cowardly multiculturalism to which he had reduced his party and government -- seeing gypsy immigration doubling in a year, primary schools inundated by the high-quantity but low-quality sprogs of mad Mueslis and husbandless Blecks, Rotherham etc exposed as pandering to Pak rapism, and Britain’s threat level for terror attacks raised to ‘severe’ in preparation for the country welcoming home its jihadists from Syria – he suffered (while on his third beach holiday of the year) the sudden defection to UKIP (widely considered a racist/fascist/chauvinist/yagphobic/etc party) of respected MP Douglas Carswell – who honourably proposed to fight a by-election in his Clacton (Essex) seat to bring his constituents with him in his conversion.

    Born in 1971, Carswell had grown up in Uganda, where his parents worked as doctors among some of the world's poorest people. His father, Wilson Carswell, a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, diagnosed the first cases of HIV/Aids in Africa in the early 1980s. Carswell went to St Andrew's School, Turi, in Kenya and then Charterhouse in the UK. He studied history at the University of East Anglia and at King's College, London. Before entering politics, Carwell worked in television and then investment management. He also worked in the Conservative party's policy unit while it was run by David Cameron.


Israel’s leftist newspaper, Haaretz, was shocked to find how little the multiculti-promoting agenda of American Jewry had proved influential in Israel itself (23 viii):

“For me, personally, Arabs are something I can’t look at and can’t stand,” a 10th-grade girl from a high school in the central part of the country says in abominable Hebrew. “I am tremendously racist. I come from a racist home. If I get the chance in the army to shoot one of them, I won’t think twice. I’m ready to kill someone with my hands, and it’s an Arab. In my education I learned that . . . their education is to be terrorists, and there is no belief in them. I live in an area of Arabs, and every day I see these Ishmaelites, who pass by the [bus] station and whistle. I wish them death.”

    The student’s comments appear in a chapter devoted to ethnicity and racism among youth from a forthcoming book, Scenes from School Life (in Hebrew) by Idan Yaron and Yoram Harpaz. The book is based on anthropological observations made by Dr. Yaron, a sociologist, over the course of three years in a six-year, secular high school in the Israeli heartland -- “the most average school we could find,” says Harpaz, a professor of education.

However, Israelis were apparently happy to have their gene pool complemented by suitable semi-Gentiles (who had supposedly, in ancient history, especially in Russia, ‘stolen’ blonde Jewish genes, along with Jewish money....):

Her name is Alona Tal. She is a popular Israeli singer-actress and was born in Herzliya, Israel. After serving with the Israel Defense Force, she moved to New York and married a Hispanic film director.

Evidently, the Israeli-Jewish concept of race could be pretty all-embracing – though never including cousin Arabs.... How extraordinary that such flexibility of thinking coincided with the imposition of rigid anti-racism (i.e. anti-anti-Semitism) and multiculti guilt on the Whites of the West!


In response to a splendid Indie article detailing the exhausting lesson-planning and paperwork-filled 72-hour working week of the modern British skuleteacher (30 viii), an equally fine but more succinct reply appeared in correspondence:

"....the cause of this problem? Socialism -- and its malign obsession for "equality". Only a mad man would insist on mixed ability classes. Identify the bright, eager-to-learn children early on and focus on them. It's not our responsibility to teach non-English-speaking children. Their parents should pay for schooling until the child is confident in English in both its spoken and written modes. Put violent, disruptive and "special needs" children in separate institutions and keep them away from those who can, and want, to learn. 90% of this man's problems would then disappear."

{I cannot for the life of me recall any sign of ‘planning’ in the lessons – well, sessions – by the grammar school masters who won me three Oxbridge places and final college and state scholarships; and the only regular paperwork was for a weekly two minutes in the collection of dinner money. The masters simply conversed about what they knew – and had published in book form for any boys wanting to get into the grisly detail. Like a university, till exam fever took the lunis over!

Sadly, modern state schoolteachers only know socialism (topped off by finally repressive PeeCee) yet cannot blatantly teach this for fear of ultimate parental wrath – so they end up having nothing to say from the heart, and certainly no pictures of Nelson’s Emma Hamilton or Vermeer’s pearl ear-rings on their walls. – OK, I had to discover Goya’s and Velazquez’s nudes for myself. It’s called initiative + bookshops + the confidence of knowing what Magna Carta is, why Charles I’s head had to be taken off [think: high taxation to help the French fight the Dutch] and that all’s right with the world [apart from the Frogs’ usually daft murderous experiments in killing Christians].}


 A weenie bride could be bought in Britain thanks to the spread of ‘Roma’ gypsies. Just £3.5K as a deposit would secure a nubile number, estimated film-maker Ben Steele (Independent, 31 viii). According to strict ‘Pachiv’ gypsy traditions, marriages could be arranged by parents considerably before the UK age of consent (16). Apparently: “On a windswept evening in late March, Sanko [48 and father of nine], his son Adrian [14] and other members of their family [which had moved to Oldham in 2012] travel to Esme's home, with a plan to formally propose the marriage to her family. Esme [15] has no idea what is about to happen. She still goes to school and, as far as contact with Adrian goes, she has had only one dance with him at a Gypsy Ball. Whilst some might see the beginnings of a teenage romance, for Adrian's parents a marriage proposal is the logical next step. Adrian's mum tells me about Esme: "She is a young girl. We'll train her. We won't beat her. In a few years' time she'll be a patient wife."”

{Lib-leftie multicults and ‘modernizing’ ‘Conservatives’ could be thanked for this liberation of Britain from its strange old ways – though how feminoids would respond to Steele’s film (due for showing on Channel 4, 3 ix) remained to be seen.}


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 For the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, which ended a century of passable harmony in Europe and began the bankrupting of Britain and its withdrawal from the White man’s burden in Africa, the Middle East, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, famed historian and journalist Sir Max Hastings (Charterhouse and University College Oxford, editor till his retirement of the London Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard) gave a fine defence, before an audience of 400 at Edinburgh’s Book Festival, of Britain getting involved (by declaring war on Germany).

Sir Max especially emphasized Austria’s determination to smash Serbia, the German Kaiser’s murderous autocracy (on display in massacres of civilians in south-west Africa and Belgium) and the unlikelihood that British neutrality would ever have been able to limit German hegemony.

    This was all very well as far as it went – even if Sir Max had no time to consider how French diplomats had inveigled Britain and its royals into anti-Germanism, nor how Britain’s promise to defend Belgium (when finally discovered in a dusty bottom drawer in the Foreign Office) actually had no legal force. But hopefully Sir Max would one day expand his interest in 1914 (with its colourfully uniformed cavalry charges led by officers in white gloves) to consider whether Britain should have used the period when Bismarck and Queen Victoria were around to encourage its German cousins to make peace with France and shift their civilizing mission to Russia, which could well have taken to German social democracy and German science and music, and anyhow abandoned its threat to British India.

As it was, the 20th century was one of endless division in Europe and the world being policed primarily by an America which, though war-rich, was infected with guilt about slavery and – for all its mighty aircraft carriers -- had no greater ambition than to be liked.


As he prepared for retirement from the House of Commons, my Oxford housemate of the 1960s, Nuffield College academic Austin Mitchell (q.v.), now 79, achieved the biggest publicity of his life by jesting that oldies like him were being displaced (thanks to Labour’s ‘All Women Shortlists’) by bright young fillies who, though they might help party bosses in the division lobbies by being agreeable and amenable, would not be so capable of dealing with big ideas (international affairs) or of the cut-and-thrust of parliamentary drinking ooops debate – surprisingly writing for the dreaded Daily Mail to express his good-humoured disaffection (Independent, 19 viii).

Europhobic Yorkshireman Mitchell, who had represented the EUSSR-ruined fishing port of Grimsby since 1977 and who had form for ‘politically incorrect’ asides, promptly drew left-gauleiter wrath: “Mitchell's views are a clear expression of sexism. He's a dinosaur member of the old boys’ club in the House.”

Another Indie correspondent wrote: “Many years ago we had high hopes for the charismatic Mitchell. But he turns out to be an insincere, hollow, spineless, anachronistic embarrassment to Labour.  His comments are not worth reporting, I'm sorry to say.”

Another volunteered analysis: “Poor old Austin has finally lost the plot. Perhaps he feels the way he does because of Linda, his pushy, bullying, overbearing tv producer wife...” – rather neglecting that Austin and Linda [McDougall] had been together for some 45 years even though Austin had had the escape route that Westminster provided.

{Such was the increasingly peecee-multiculti Labour outfit into which the wistfully comic ‘Tambourine Man’-devotee Austin had wandered, believing from his time in anti-EU New Zealand that the Europhobic cause would see him through to political greatness in Britain – or at least in Labour. The mistakes we (virtually) all make! – Likewise, through the 1970s, I thought genetic causes would win through in psychology and vindicate me as a ‘personality theorist.’ Or at least there was little g – just as Austin had his safe seat in Grimsby...}


 Its birds coming home to roost, the West found its great new dependent, the Ukraine, busy blasting the Edinburgh-sized cities of Luhansk and Donetz – with Russia needing to supply 270 lorries of humanitarian aid. From West-run Afghanistan, 35 Sikhs were so desperate to escape from Mueslis that they let people-smugglers lock them in a sealed shipping container heading to Tilbury docks (one died and all others required intensive hospital care).

In similarly expensively aided Eyeraq, where the West had also failed over a decade to make separate provision for different ethnic groups which hated each other, the military kit supplied by America was swiftly stolen (along with $1.6B in cash – from Mosul) by the beheading enthusiasts of SolunnISIS and used to close in on the key cities of Aleppo, Erbil and Baghdad.

In the US, ten days of anti-White rioting by Blacks and sympathizers and criminals could not be quelled even by the National Guard. And in Britain there was utter confusion as to what to do about the multicult-welcomed Muesli invasion, its takeover of schools (not to mention surgeries and council houses) in places like Bradford and Birmingham, its domination (indeed, terrorization) of many English prisons, its threats to shops selling Jewish produce, and its use of Britain as a convenient base from which to make leisurely excursions for jihadic training and warfighting in Syria and Iraq.

{Just how much more unrealism lay ahead was hard to say since no Western politicos dared make any speeches containing words like Bleck, gyp, Muesli etc. Above all, the word ‘empire’ and the need to restore it were unmentionable; so not even a costing of Chinese troops to do the humanitarian job and implement birth control was discussed or made. And more trouble lay ahead as Arabs and east-Africans arrived in Europe in a fast-increasing stream – with 120K annually reaching Italy alone.)


Just how a generation of politicos had betrayed the UK by allowing the growth of radical Islam was illustrated as an American freelance photojournalist, James Foley, was beheaded in Syria by a ‘British’ SolunnISIS executioner (Irish Mirror, 20 viii) – in response to US bombing having helped safeguard the giant dam on the Tigris, a breach in which would have yielded flooding that wiped away Mosul and parts of Baghdad.

The only consolation for Brits ashamed of one of their homegrown jihadists killing a captured American noncombatant citizen was that newsies described the murderer as having a ‘British’ accent: since there is no such thing (only English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Liverpuddlian, Cockney etc accents), the description was another of MSM’s countless peecee efforts to avoid mentioning the Arab/Pakistani/Black origins of such politico-welcomed criminals.

For Americans, the only consolation was that Foley was a nice young man who had been misguided by Western idealism into trying to bring down Syria’s Basher Assad – a self-chosen mission that had brought him into contact with jihadists and made him a sitting duck.

And he was not alone in such unrealism: commenting on whether the West should now reverse gear and co-operate with Syria, Iran and Russia against bloodthirsty Solunnis, the UK’s idiotic Foreign Secretary pronounced that (somehow) ‘this is not a case in which my enemy’s enemy is my friend.’ UK PM Daft Dave scurried back to No.10 (from his second holiday of the summer) to be ready to apologize to Pres. Barry whenever called upon to do so; but there would be no apology to British people for allowing murderous Mueslis to take root among them.


 As Israel continued to give quite as good as it got from Hamas in Gaza, George Galloway, MP for Muslim-dominated Bradford, declared the city “an Israel-free zone” (Daily Mail, 20 viii). Questioned by police under caution for race-hate crime, he protested such intrusion into his free speech. But he had gone well beyond mere claims about ‘the Israel problem’ and said: ‘We don’t want any Israeli goods. We don’t want any Israeli services. We don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or college. We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford even if any of them had thought of doing so.’


While Western leaders farted around ‘deploring’ as ‘depraved’ the SolunnISIS caliphate (which they had encouraged in their own enthusiasm to complete the idealistic overthrow of Madman Insane, Col. Gadawfu and Who’see MooBarack by ridding the Levant of London opthalmologist Basher Assad and his Vogue-cover wife), Mueslie calls to reconquer ‘al-Andalus’ became more frequent and more strident (Gatestone Institute, 17 vii).

    "Clearly Spain forms part of the strategic objectives of global jihad. We are not the only ones but we are in their sights," said Spanish Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz.

    Radical Muslims in Spain launched a social media campaign aimed at generating support for the jihadist group ‘Islamic State’ [IS]. The campaign involved posters that included images of famous Spanish landmarks and monuments emblazoned with Arabic slogans such as, "We are all the Islamic State" and "Long Live the Islamic State." One poster included an image of the mediaeval Islamic Aljafería Palace in the Spanish city of Saragossa and the black flag associated with IS. Another used an image of the famous La Concha beach in the Basque city of San Sebastián. Yet another included an image of the statue of Jesus Christ on Monte Urgull in San Sebastián, with the Arabic words "Al-Andalus Country" instead of "Basque Country."

    Moroccan authorities warned Spanish police that some of the more than 3,000 Moroccan jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq were beginning to return home, and that many of them were likely to attempt to infiltrate the Spanish mainland via the North African Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

    {Would Spain resist? You bet! Hispanics were scheduled to take over the USA by 2050, so they would surely not be in the way of giving up their original homeland – whose first line of defence could be provided by Spain’s British partner from Gibraltar so long as Spain’s post-Franco socialists did not just follow EUSSR diktats and allow the invasion.}


 Gifted propagandist for atheism, Richard Dawkins (now retired from his Oxford chair), may always have been diplomatically cagey about the biology of race, but from time to time he mentioned his hereditarianism about IQ, most lately writing on Twitter that parents-to-be who learn their foetus is headed for Down’s Syndrome have an ethical responsibility to “abort it and try again,” eliciting online fury (Daily Telegraph, 21 viii).


Theorists like Jared Diamond who liked to think Native Americans [Red Indians] were beaten by White diseases rather than by White intelligence and weaponry took a knock as Arizona professor Anne Stone found TB strains in Peruvian bones of c.700A.D., 800 years before Europeans arrived in the New World. Apparently TB and other ailments could easily have been spread from Africa by seals and sea lions (Daily Telegraph, 21 viii).


The president of the world's most populous Muslim-majority country, Indonesia, called the actions of ‘Islamic State’ militants "embarrassing" to the religion and urged Islamic leaders to unite in tackling extremism. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the scale of the slaughter wrought by the extremists in overrunning large swathes of Iraq and Syria and the level of violence being used was appalling. "It is shocking. It is becoming out of control," he said in an interview with The Australian, a day after IS released a video showing a masked militant beheading US reporter James Foley, provoking worldwide revulsion.

"We do not tolerate it, we forbid ISIS in Indonesia," he added, referring to ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), as IS was formerly known (Daily Telegraph, 21 viii).

{In Britain, UKIP leader Nigel Garage called for the passports of ‘Britons’ pursuing jihad in Syria to be withdrawn – in which he had the support of a Telegraph editorial; but no other leader – Muesli or otherwise – had anything to propose in response to the first attack by SolunnISIS on an American. Ordinary Westerners had long been cowed by PeeCee into keeping mum about any anti-Islamofascist action that might occur to them.}


As Britain’s SAS struggled to beat the FBI in identifying the ‘British’ beheader of American James Foley (so as to spend millions of pounds having thirty crack soldiers retrieve him from Syria, imprisoning him for a few months until taxpayer-funded lawyers established countless compensatable violations of his ‘uman rights, issuing him back-dated welfare benefits and a council mansion for his wives and bastard children, and giving him a permanent police guard to shield him forever from irate Brits) it transpired that the mammoth incompetence of the country’s peecee-crazed politicos had allowed some 600 grinning, selfie-making, twittering Muesli goons to cross the Channel to murder whomever they chose in Syria and Iraq.

According to MoD, only 0.4% of Britain’s military personnel were Muslim – though Mueslis made up 4.3% of Britain’s population and British Mueslis made up 30% of SolunnISIS (D.Mail, 22 viii). For reasons unadmitted by Britain’s useless ‘authorities,’ Portsmouth, Cardiff and Manchester had proved specially common recruiting grounds for the ‘jihadists.’ Just how Muesli parents could invariably profess innocence of their boys’ murderous proclivities was a mystery; but HMG’s granting of citizenship and passports to such swine was a monumental disgrace – especially when paid for in American blood.


I discovered to my satisfaction that I had been granted membership of an ‘elite cadre of racist, anti-immigrationist, superiorist’ scientists and journalists – including David Buss (U.Texas), Steven Pinker (Harvard U.), Charles Murray (American Enterprise Institute), Glayde Whitney (Florida State U.; d.), Phil Rushton (U.Ontario; d.) and Steve Sailer (Human Biodiversity Group; VDare).  See: here


 After a year of suspension for a Dorset independent school math teacher and a four-day jury trial, boyish Russell Woolwright, 30, was cleared in just 90 minutes of charges that he had forced a flirtatious 17-yr pupilette (who emailed him that she invited him to “party in my pants”) to fellate him in an alleyway (D.Mail, 22 viii). Woolwright’s only mistake had been to meet the star-struck teen privately to disabuse her of any idea that he seriously reciprocated her lust. He said: ‘This trial has not only affected me but also my friends and family. It has made me realise the power is with the pupils and not with the teachers. An allegation can be made at any time.’ Mr Woolwright also revealed that he would like to get back into teaching again, but said he would be ‘more wary’ of situations involving students in the future. Needless to say, the 17-yr-old remained un-named “for legal reasons.”{The full expense of this latest case of vexatious feminoid-inspired litigation remained to be calculated.}


 As commentators turned to analysing the causes of the Ferguson riots in Missouri, Brett Stevens identified the heart of matter (AmRen, 19 viii):

"We think we should get [the racial harmony] we pay for. We pay taxes. We pay in guilt and mea culpas. We pay every time we watch Hollywood propaganda. We pay whenever an affirmative-action incompetent bungles his job. But despite 150 years of subsidies, bloodshed, violence, and occasional burnt cities, the problem will not go away.

    Commentators offer different reasons why Ferguson is burning. They blame racial injustice or militarized police or the police officer who shot an unarmed teenager. Some even blame Michael Brown [the 300lb Black thief shot six times by White cops]. But all these explanations miss the truth: Ferguson is symptom, not cause, and the cause is diversity. Diversity–”uniting” different ethnic groups in a country under capitalist liberal democracy–doesn’t work.

    .... Of course, [Americans] are not alone in suffering under diversity. The Yezidis in northern Iraq face genocide in a region that has been fractured by diversity for centuries. In China, the Uighurs rage against the majority Han. Even Ireland still fights battles between the ethnically distinct Northern Irish and the rest of the population. Race war and genocide are the norm; wherever it has been tried, diversity does not work."


A singularly fine exposition of Britain’S predicament re the EUSSR was provided by London’s Libertarian Alliance leader Sean Gabb (here) – especially making the point that peecee despotism emanates rather more from London and Washington than from Brussels and Berlin.

The panoply of EU regulation, argued SG, provided only a convenient fig leaf behind which authoritarians of all stripes could, as and when desired, pursue their statist ambitions – which might well become yet more rampant if a UK referendum ‘freed’ the country from what post-1945 politicians had built up (helping keep the Anglo-American/Russian-imposed peace for seventy years and attracting all but never-conquered traditionalist Switzerland to sign up).

The only thing that SG omitted was that PeeCee – whatever its origins or current headquartering – had become a worldwide religion, with even Mr Putin and Chink Premier Ping Pong Dung [whose very address was unknown] quite unable to articulate the truth about race and IQ. For, yes, PeeCee was the modern realization – or, at least, bureaucratization – of egalitarianism, and needed worldwide opposition from lovers of liberty and realistic fraternity, as per ‘Personality, Biology and Society’, sections XXVII and XXVIII.

(A sample: "....I suppose that the claim in [America's] Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal" is the most extreme single untruth ever uttered in the entire history of human communication." Bernard LEVIN, 1988, The Times, 8 ix.)

SG’s genius was to continue appreciation of the violent contradiction between the different ‘ideals’ of the French Revolution – the failure to resolve which had led to France’s 2014 disaster, with its polygamous President maximally unpopular, its ‘citizens’ migrating to London and its own capital full of disaffected car-burning Mueslis who knew ‘equality’ was a sham.


 As Britain’s useless and treacherous multifarting politicians reflected from their beach huts on what to do about mad Mueslidom and Mesopotamia [the lands around the Euphrates and possibly Tigris rivers], their illiberal anti-Western minds (not least that of face-lifted Home Secretary Topwitch Mama Theresa May) naturally turned to banning more free speech and freedom of association to the entire UK population as a way of appearing tough while apparently fair in the swatting of the young jihadists whom they had so woefully nurtured. But was there another way?

    Following the principle of racial/ethnic realism, it was actually a pretty good idea for Britain to rid itself of goons who might serve the useful function of creating a Solunni ‘IS’ state in Mesopotamia that would cater for Solunnis who did not want to live under the monarchy of Saudi Arabia or the democracy of Turkey. The only problem would be how to share Baghdad between Solunnis and Shitites – but the sharing of Jerusalem between Jews, Muslims and Christians showed a way forward.

As to the Kurds, they would get the lands east of the Tigris, and a five-year guarantee from Nato of immunity from attack. Other groups were already protected: the Shitites of Iraq by Iran; Turkey (a conduit for goons to IS) by Nato; Syria by Russia; Lebanon by France; Jordan by Prince Charles and the international fashion industry [Queen Rania]; Israel by America; and Saudi by its vast America-supplied armamentarium.

    Yet what of resident Mueslis in Britain who professed to hate the West and proposed to use the UK as a base for whatever merry 72-virgin-seeking jihadic sallies that might occur to them? Apparently it would be contrary to their ‘uman rights to make them stateless and deport them to Papua New Guinea, Siberia or even the Outer Hebrides. A modest ban on incitement, encouragement or enablement (by British citizens or UK residents) of killing or maiming any other than those whom HMG had declared its enemies looked a possibility – and could be welcomed by true liberals if it were accompanied by repeal of all ‘race hate speech’ legislation of the previous fifty years and by true conservatives if it were accompanied by HMG closing one mosque for each Muesli outrage.


Not content with harassing, helicopter-monitoring, arresting, smearing, trying, jailing, ruining and driving to suicide (as more ‘abusees’ came forward in hope of cash) such petty alleged child abusers as top popstar Sir Cliff Richard (beloved in Portugal – D.Telegraph, 23 viii), the paedohysteria industry turned to locking up the very children it felt driven by tabloid feminazism to protect. It turned out that almost half of the young people in the English prison system's secure (i.e. gated and locked) ‘children's homes’ had not been convicted of any crime, but had been placed there by peecee local authorities ‘for their own protection’ (or at least for the protection of authorities), the Observer established (24 viii).

Some experts said local authorities faced a difficult dilemma and that incarceration was the "least bad" option. An absence of alternative accommodation and the fact that some ‘vulnerable’ children keep running away to fleece men meant a place in a secure children's home was better than leaving them vulnerable to predatory gangs of sex-starved Paks (who could not themselves be pursued for fear of charges of ‘racism’). Some correspondents of the leftist Observer called for the girls’ parents to be jailed as well....


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


Monday, August 18, 2014


 Hilariously, the leftist NYT’s longstanding science editor, Nicholas Wade (q.v.), who had, as he retired, revealed moderately biologistic/hereditarian proclivities about race (though never touching on Black IQ), found himself jumped on by 150 ‘geneticists’ who wrote to his old newspaper to insist that races were ‘like the colours of the rainbow, shading into each other’ – which was exactly what Wade himself (like the still longer-running London School) had said (Independent, 13 viii).

The protest by left-indoctrinated goons against their own former journalistic frontman – an Etonian and King’s College Cambridge graduate in natural science (1964) -- was led by a Mark Stoneking (LU. Leipzig) and Jerry Coyne (LU. Chicago) and was distinguished not only by its banality but by the failure of the letter and subsequent correspondence ever to mention such key race-realistic psychologists as Hans Eysenck, Phil Rushton and Richard Lynn. A sample:

“Wade juxtaposes an incomplete and inaccurate account of our research on human genetic differences with speculation that recent natural selection has led to worldwide differences in IQ test results, political institutions and economic development,” the letter says.

    “We reject Wade’s implication that our findings substantiate his guesswork. They do not. We are in full agreement that there is no support from the field of population genetics for Wade’s conjectures,” it says.

    In his book, Mr Wade attacks the “longstanding orthodoxy” among social scientists that human races are a social construct with little or no basis in biology and genetics, along with the idea that human evolution effectively stopped long ago in the distant past.

‘Not-a-geneticist’ Wade, meanwhile, issued a statement saying that the protest letter was driven by politics rather than science and that most of the signatories had not read his book but were responding to “a slanted summary devised by the organisers.”“As no reader of the letter could possibly guess, A Troublesome Inheritance argues that opposition to racism should be based on principle, not on anti-evolutionary myth that there is no biological basis to race,” Wade said.

Amusingly, the publication of Wade’s defence of race realism coincided with Sweden announcing it would eliminate all mention of ‘race’ from its laws and statutes (ViceNEWS, 11 viii) – showing that it was not just the English-speaking world that had gone completely potty about the horrors of ‘racism.’

Science Mag, 8 viii, carried discussion and a plea by Wade that critics should try reading his book (which disclaims racism every few pages in an effort to propitiate leftists).


 As a million wretched ‘Yazidis’ and Christians fled starving, barefoot and baking up a godforsaken mountain to escape the Saudi-funded Solunnis of ‘Isis’ in northern Eyeraq, pious peecee Westies at last got a glimpse of what their politicos and their own loopy White guilt, ex-Christianity, egalitarianism, socialism, ‘anti-racism,’ human-rights-captivated multiculti idealism and failure to insist on birth control had let them in for (Indie, 13 viii, Patrick Cockburn):

"A striking development in the Islamic world in recent decades is the way in which Wahhabism is taking over mainstream Sunni Islam. In one country after another Saudi Arabia is putting up the money for the training of preachers and the building of mosques. A result of this is the spread of sectarian strife between Sunni and Shia. The latter find themselves targeted with unprecedented viciousness from Tunisia to Indonesia. Such sectarianism is not confined to country villages outside Aleppo or in the Punjab, it is poisoning relations between the two sects in every Islamic grouping. A Muslim friend in London told me: "Go through the address books of any Sunni or Shia in Britain and you will find very few names belonging to people outside their own community."

    "The resurgence of al-Qa'ida-type groups is not a threat confined to Syria, Iraq, and their near neighbours. What is happening in these countries, combined with the increasing dominance of intolerant and exclusive Wahhabite beliefs within the worldwide Sunni community, means that all 1.6 billion Muslims, almost a quarter of the world's people, will be increasingly affected. Furthermore, it seems unlikely that non-Muslim populations, including many in the West, will be untouched by the conflict. Today's resurgent jihadism, which has shifted the political terrain in Iraq and Syria, is already having far-reaching effects on global politics with dire consequences for us all."

This is an extract from 'The Jihadis Return: Isis and the New Sunni Uprising', by Patrick Cockburn, published by OR Books, available exclusively at

In London, ISIS supporters of their leader BadDaddy handed out flyers to Oxford Street shoppers encouraging them to leave Britain for its new Islamic State. The ‘radicals’ stood in front of posters declaring 'the dawn of a new era has begun' in reference to the Syria/Iraq caliphate and their literature praised the 'sacrifices' made by mad Solunni Mueslis in the Middle East (D.Mail, 13 viii).


 Holy socialist France took a step nearer to censoring thought itself as an Angers court fined Cholet’s deputy-mayor, Gilles Bourdouleix MP, 3K euros for muttering, while inspecting an illegal gypsy encampment, that Adolf Hitler “maybe did not kill enough” Roma. At the time, the deputy-mayor was being given Nazi salutes; and his remark was not heard by Roma and was indeed only just audible on the tape recording made by an accompanying journalist. On hearing that the journalist was reporting the musing to the gendarmerie, Bourdouleix called the newsie “a little sh*t” – for which the court added a further fine of 600 euros (Guardian, 12 viii). Why the gypsies were not charged with ‘behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace’ was unknown....

    In east London, ‘travellers’ evicted from a Dagenham nature reserve dumped 60 tonnes of rubbish (including fridge-freezers, gas cylinders, sofas and an exercise bike), leaving the bird sanctuary looking like a war zone and eliciting disgust from the local UKIP parliamentary candidate (D.Mail, 13 viii).

In Herefordshire, a 71-yr retired company director killed both himself and his invalid wife with his shotgun after his being beaten in a battle with his local council to keep gypsies away from his idyllic £.5M cottage – which was expected to lose a fifth of its value when the gypsy influx began (D.Telegraph, 14 viii).

By 2014, gypsies and Irish travellers constituted 5% of England’s prison numbers – i.e. they were 50-fold over-represented in comparison with their population numbers in the 2011 Census (D.Telegraph, 11 iii 14, David Barrett).


 Already having abandoned its key idea of freedom (from Catholicism, the French, cops, drugged-up defective criminals, all-purpose peecee censoriousness etc) and converted itself into a gambling outfit (with its massive ‘finance’ sector supported at the international casino by states that took around 50% of their viable citizens’ earnings in enforced taxation – soon to be accompanied in Britain by lightning government raids on bank accounts), the West declared its post-Cold-War nonsense for all to see by having its politicians on holiday while – having failed to get its feminists and kaffirs to clobber Islam and failed to achieve anything by media support for the supposed ‘Arab Spring’ – it gave quarter-hearted military ooops humanitarian backing to the Kurds, the great enemy of its own Nato ally Turkey, while declining to back Basher Assad, the Syrian leader who had long himself been battling the Kurds’ jihadist enemies (variously al-Queerdo, al-Nootcake, ISIL, ISIS, IS etc).

At the same time, the West’s politicos and MSM went gaga to back Hamassassin in Gaza against its own main ally, Judah ooops Israel. They called it the ‘silly season’.... By contrast, Russia had consistently and persistently defended itself against Muesli fruitcakes and Western losers and maintained support for the Shitites of Syria and oil-rich Iran – even supplying the Indo-European Kurds (who could themselves become the world’s sixth-largest oil producer) with weapons long before the West thought of the idea.

The West’s failure to identify and stand by natural racial allies had been a ghastly mistake – though innocently begun by wanting Solunni Turkey as an ally against Communist Russia and wanting Saudi (frozen in the worst Solunni anti-feminism, and with its maniacal Weeabits funding al-Queerdo) to deliver oil.


 Unknown to me (or at least unremembered by me), a full and fair summary of The g Factor (Wiley DePublisher, 1996) and its British reception had been provided in American Renaissance, vii 1996 (see ‘Whys and Wherefores of Intelligence’ and ‘Adventures in the Book Trade’); and a sturdy correlation of -.53 had been reported between g and inspection time in no less than 326 Taiwanese high school students (So & Orme-Johnson) Intelligence, 2001).

As to the C21 competition (from my one-time Oxford tutor who wisely relegated ratmanship and cognitivism so as to keep up with the science of IQ), see my 2006 review of IQ and Human Intelligence (2011, 2nd ed.) at Amazon Books. (Cambridge-elevated [at leftist King’s College] Nicholas Mackintosh’s acceptance of the interest of IQ was sadly unmatched by religiously-revered philosopher and foxhunter Roger Scruton, who turned up at the 2014 Edinburgh International Book Festival deploring the limitations of science and mouthing the merits of ‘the sacred,’ ‘the soul’ and spirituality – about which his 30-year voyage of verbiage had manifestly taught him nothing [not even how to deal with questions about whether he actually prayed – a practice shown inefficacious by Galton in 1872].)


 Confuting the usual ill-confirmed assumption that ‘victims’ of paedophilia succumb only as lambs to the slaughter, a 17-yr-old girl came forward to tell Grimsby Crown Court she had been in love with the 28-yr-older married father of two, Jeff Havercroft, when she agreed to an affair with him in 2011. “It takes two to tango,” she observed, adding “He could not have got away from me if he had tried.” The judge believed her and said he would reduce Havercroft’s sentence to two years (D.Telegraph, 15 viii).

    However, there was no fear of the police, courts and tabloids running out of paedophiles to persecute as a 48-yr female stepped forward to complain of repeated abuse when she was around age five by her late father (a QC) and his friend Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (Solicitor General for Scotland under Mrs Thatcher) – the decease of the two august gents evidently being no bar to cops mounting extensive enquiries, despite the woman’s sister dismissing the allegations as fanciful (D.Telegraph, 15 viii).

    A striking protest against the besmirching of popsuperstar Sir Cliff Richard’s name as twenty unannounced non-uniformed police spent five hours turning his Berkshire penthouse upside down in a fishing expedition for evidence of him having molested a 15-yr-old boy in the 1980s – the search having been leaked to the BBC (which used a helicopter to monitor the high-performance unmarked police cars used in the bust) so the publicity might lead other gold-diggers ooops victims to come forward with ancient charges that could never have been pursued (thanks to statutes of limitation) in most European countries (Independent, 16 viii, Geoffrey Robertson QC).


 It turned out that my 2011 review of Richard Lynn’s The Chosen People had been reproduced approvingly as a “valuable introduction” to the “highly important” work of “probably Britain’s foremost academic [psychologist]” by The British Resistance Movement – which apparently took the same view as myself, that Ashkenazi Jews had fomented multiculturalism and Muesli migration to Europe as their (understandable but absurdly dangerous) ploy to take antiSemitic heat off themselves (14 viii). (Lynn’s book – unread by contender for London School leadership Nicholas Wade (2014, q.v.) – had solved the problem of mediocre Israeli IQ by distinguishing Ashkenazi from Sephardic, Oriental [‘Mizrahim’] and Ethiopian Jews.)


America was given a graphic visual aid to what its future held as, after a week of televised mayhem, hundreds of Blecks actually defied a five-hour night-time curfew declared in Ferguson, a 70% Black suburb of St Louis (Classic FM, 17 viii, 08:30). Rioting – with countless attempts to injure police – was a response to a young Black thief, Michael Brown having been shot dead after he had resisted arrest, arguably tried to kill an officer with the cop’s own gun and tried to flee.

The multi-million-dollar effort by the Bleck community came after fifty years of politically correct Whites bowing the knee to Blecks at every turn. Not a single Black was shot for curfew violation since Americans still hoped for a quiet life of unofficial apartheid, with White flight getting them away from the worst horrors, just leaving a few White police to provide a semblance of control of the ever-ongoing problems of Black retardation, illiteracy, unemployability, welfare dependency and father-absent families.

In Ferguson, however, authority had manifestly broken down, with even an easy and reasonable curfew being flagrantly disobeyed. President Barry Hussein Obarmy, who had been elected to placate Blecks, stayed away on a golfing holiday.

    Obarmy was not alone in his inclination. Other Western leaders too holidayed, or at least kept their heads in the sand about ISIS savagery, while farting that a few US drones and airdrops of Vichy water would do the trick for embattled Kurds. Despite pictures of six-year-old Arab Solunni Mueslis holding aloft severed Christian heads, the West showed no recognition of its plans for multiculturalism in the Middle East being mistaken, let alone of the need to talk with Russia and China about how to deal with the vile forces which the West had unleashed.


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


Sunday, August 10, 2014


 In lovely Mandalay, central Burma, “where the flying fishes play,” another bout of bloody sectarian violence between Buddhists and Muslims left two dead and many injured. The riot was sparked by rumours that two Muslims had raped a Buddhist woman. The deaths brought to about 240 the number killed in sectarian clashes over the previous two years. Most of the victims were Muslims. Even the anti-biologistic Economist was moved to admit that experiments in ethnic mixing and ‘pluralism’ were not working out as well as enthusiasts had hoped (2 viii).


 As the West deplored how the (very accidental) 1914 shooting (by a lone Serbian madman) in Sarajevo of the Austrian heir (Archduke Franz Ferdinand) could have led to worldwide mayhem and misery and the collapse of all the three European empires which first joined the Great War (that only republican France had really wanted), Nato countries which, with the care of oldies, had won the Cold War, were to be found – not content with the disastrous interventionism that had brought them Afghooniland, Eyeraq, Liberateya etc -- tweaking the noses of the Russian bear and the Israeli phoenix – blaming the former for the crash of Dutch flight MH17 and accusing the latter of ‘disproportionate’rocketing of bloodthirsty Gaza Muslims when, in both cases, matters were far from simple and, anyhow, the West had no answers.

Yes, by 2014, PeeCee – for which neither Russia nor Israel were renowned -- had become so dominant in the minds of Western elites that they were prepared to play with fire in their weird idealism and failed even to recognize that Russia and Israel were in the frontline of response to Muesli madness and hardly needed prodding from those who had settled for creature comforts that were unlikely to last without brave and knowledgeable help – whether the Westies themselves resisted or gave way to militant Islam.

      Hostility to Israel even surfaced at the Edinburgh Festival, where Palestinian flags were sometimes unfurled and a Fringe show by an Israeli group in the Reid Music Hall, Bristo Square, was closed in deference to noisy demonstrators – and that ‘disruption’ led to the indefinite closing of all other shows at the hall (Sunday Telegraph, 3 viii).

{No, there was nothing ‘political’ about the Israeli show. And who owned the Reid Hall which so shamefully caved in to the latest leftist antiSemitic hysteria? Why, was it not E.LU. which had failed to defend The g Factor, failed to defend my free speech, and gone on to sack me!

So much for the longstanding Fringe policy that “anything goes”! E.LU’s managers had to put cowardly protection of their Bristo Square assets before free speech which they had contracted to support.}

      In the course of its search for Hamas rockets, Israel discovered a tunnel network as extensive as the London Underground. Some tunnels had room for lorries and many were packed with guns, explosives, chemicals and rope (for tying up the kidnapped); and the tunnels reached miles under Israel itself. The Hamas idea had been to bring the tunnels into operation for kidnappings on Jewish holy days.


 Following US President Barry Hussein thanking Muslims for “building the very fabric of our nation” (q.v.), it turned out that at least some of the Founding Fathers, as America got involved suppressing Arab piracy in the Mediterranean, had taken the trouble to read the Koran and had come to far-from-flattering conclusions. For example (WND, 3 viii):

"....[Jefferson] learned that the Muslim holy book commanded the faithful to “plunder and enslave” non-Muslims.

   In 1814, after Tripoli broke its truce and began attacking U.S. ships again, former President John Adams wrote Jefferson a letter advising that Islam’s founder and prophet was “a military fanatic.” In another writing, he condemned Islamic law as “contemptible.”

   His son and future president, John Quincy Adams, went further, arguing that the essence of Islam is “violence and lust: to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.” He suggested the Quran’s commands to fight and conquer other lands “in the cause of Allah” were at odds with democracy, peace and the Judeo-Christian ethic on which America was founded.

   “The precept of the Koran is perpetual war against all who deny that Muhammad is the prophet of God,” he added.

The first mosque in the USA was not built till 1934.


 Censorship and intimidation of journalists were revealed as having just as big a role in HMG’s 1914-18 WWI effort as it was to have in maintaining PeeCee. The few journalists who were allowed near the trenches were closely escorted by officers who directed them to report tittle-tattle rather than the war itself, and their reports were drastically altered both at the front and  back in London, with the result that even the existence of trenches (let alone of their being full of water, gore, body parts and rats) remained unknown to the Brtish public till 1917 as invalided soldiers’ own experiences filtered through.

Quite a few papers reported the Battle of the Somme as a British victory, and many never mentioned that 20,000 British Empire men had died just on its first day. Suppression of the war’s horrors was mandated from the highest level, with PM-to-be David Lloyd-George telling the editor of the Manchester Guardian that if people knew what was going on in the trenches, the war would be stopped immediately (Daily Telegraph, 4 viii, Michael Nicholson, author of A State of War Exists).

{In 2014, the tradition persisted full-blown, e.g. with MSM feeling obliged to suppress information and pictures that would identify a criminal [even if a ‘child abuser’] as Bleck or Pek, and with all details of ‘victims’ of paedophilia omitted lest any query whether it was justifiable that England now had no less than eight jails entirely devoted to housing abusers and downloaders whose ancient infelicities had come to light thanks to police seizure of computers.}


Anti-ageism protesters who wanted more fat female oldies reading the news on TV were slapped down by popular ex-presenter Carol Smillie, 52, who told them that ageism on television was just “the way it is – the way of the world” and that they should “get over it.” Agreeing with broadcaster Michael Buerk, who had pointed out that many young women got on TV substantially because of their gracility, wasp-waistedness and embonpoints, she properly said: “I didn’t give a second  thought to the older girls when I was in my twenties, so I am in no position to complain now” (D.Telegraph, 4 viii).


As the highest representative of British Muesliedom, Baroness Warsi, for ten years a (difficult) Foreign Office ministress, resigned (via Twitter) from the government in protest against its lack of anti-Semitism, Israel announced it had actually withdrawn all its troops from the Gaza Strip, thus bringing its bombing of Muesli child-sacrificing rocketeers and tunnellers to a 72-hr halt (ended by Mueslis resuming rocketing).

(That even the superficially reasonable and talented (if pudgy) Warsi could not toe HMG’s diplomatic line [which merely involved not condemning Israel’s response to Hamas as ‘disproportionate’] was a gift to Islam’s critics: for if a star Mueslie moderate, a wife and mother, felt impelled to castigate Israel, the only successful state in the Middle East, how much more sense could be expected of other Mueslis?)

In Ukraine, an even larger gang of West-dwelling politicos got a similar shock as Russia (supposed by ignorant Westies to be the aggressor against the [illegitimate] regime in Kiev) gave sanctuary (complete with hot meals, airbeds and broadband connectivity) to 438 Ukrainian troops who had fled across the border from the pro-Russian freedom fighters of the city of Donetsk. (Russia understandably provided Moscow journalists with free transport and hotel accommodation so they could report the spectacle.)

    Meantime, the Mueslis of the Middle East stepped up their smiting which had already devastated Syria and Gaza, with the Solunni fanatics of ISIS seizing a border town in a Shitite area of Lebanon and sending Kurdish ‘peshmurga’ fighters fleeing from a city of Zoroastrian provenance apparently dedicated to the worship of the angel Satan.

{Surely it could not be long before the much-dined statesfarters of the West would realize they had to use serious diplomacy and military alliances to control death-wishing Mueslis who were only successful when using their favoured technique of martyrdom to carve out chunks of Spain, Bosnia, Macedonia etc?}

{Sure enough, America unleashed a couple of F-18’s and a few drones from an aircraft carrier in the Gulf; but bombing in a desert was unlikely to be cost-effective – assuming the Arabs knew how to dig a sandpit.}


Convict Australia, which had long prided itself on its Irishness, foul language, republican aspirations and chauvinism, provided amusement by following the northern Anglosphere and backing down from a parliamentary initiative to allow free speech about its devastatingly low-IQ and alcoholic aborigines (Sydney Morning Herald, 5 viii).

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the climb-down by PM Tony Abbott (a consensus-seeking Queensman) was an "embarrassing backdown" by the government. Shorty said free-speech champion Senator Brandis had been "rolled" and "humiliated". Referencing Senator Brandis' comments earlier in 2014 that Australians ‘had the right to be bigots,’ Mr Shorten said "there is no right to be a bigot in this country". Shortypants also predictably called on the government to back down on other anti-Marxist plans, including "cuts to pensions, to schools, to hospitals."


 As Scotland’s porky, bug-eyed Mr Alex Fish (an early opponent of The g Factor) got the chance he had wanted to ‘debate’ his favoured Clottish separatism with a top UK politico, Labour’s white-haired (but taller) ex-Chancellor Mr Alistair Darling (who had let the UK economy come within three hours of disaster as its Labour-licensed casino banks crashed in 2008), he cut a forlorn figure. Not only was ‘independence’ 15% behind in the polls (as it had always been), but Fishy was fully and finally revealed as having no ‘Plan B’ – as to how to manage if rUK [remaining UK] declined to let Scottieland in on the pound.

And, in pursuit of cheap applause from the rigged TV audience of people prepared to waste a day travelling to Glasgae to hear the debate between second-raters, he threw away his main bargaining chip in the first minute by insisting he would ban nukes from the Clyde (though he wanted to stay in Nato....).

Unsurprisingly, Scot-Lab Darling stuck to the countless economic impracticalities of breaking up the 307-yr-old UK; but Fishy, too, had no positive vision of Scotland to offer – having perhaps realized in two dreary years of campaigning (at taxpayers’ expense) that the heart had been kicked out of ancient Scotland by the C17 export of Protestants to settle Ulster, by the C19 import of Irish Catholics to provide cheap labour in Glasgow dockland, by the ensuing high-IQ drain from the country (though leaving such glories as Scotland’s top-flight universities [headed by St Andrews – the equivalent of almost any Oxbridge college] and its shooting, fishing and whiskies – none of which got a mention from either Salmon or Darling), and by the reinforcement of Anglo-Saxon Edinburgh with international festivallers appreciating the world’s greatest (if leftish) intellectual holiday-home.

(The result? A Guardian poll put ‘Better Together’ the usual 15% ahead – so Mr Fish had wasted his chance for attack, having refused to play the ‘White Scotland’ card or even to admit Scotland’s top joke, ‘You can’t be English – you’re not Black.’)


The pathetic, deluded, guilt-prone and multiculti West watched agape as China moved to control its madder Mueslis.

Uighur Muslim men outside a mosque in the Xinjiang region of China. Photograph: How Hwee Young/EPA

The city of Karamay in China’s mainly Muslim Xinjiang region banned people with large beards or Islamic headware and clothing from travelling on public buses, state media said, prompting outrage from an overseas ‘rights’ group of Uighurs. Authorities in Karamay banned people wearing hijabs, niqabs, burqas or clothing with the Islamic star and crescent symbol from taking local buses, the Karamay Daily reported. The ban also covered “large beards”, the paper said, adding: “Those who do not co-operate with inspection teams will be dealt with by police.” Xinjiang, a resource-rich region abutting central Asia, was the homeland of China’s mostly Muslim Uighur minority and had been hit by a wave of clashes between locals and security forces, killing hundreds in the past year (Guardian, 6 viii).


 Edinburgh Festival Fringe audiences gave an enthusiastic reception to ‘Race’, the 2009 Broadway play by the prolific (Chicago-born Jew) David Mamet which satirized ‘anti-racist’ concerns in the lawcourts just as his ‘Oleanna’ had sent up political correctness and fashionable ‘rape’ allegations in the Anglosphere’s luniversities.

The story was of two equally cynical and smart Zoo Yawk lawyers, one Black and one White, planning how to defend a rich White middle-aged gent accused of ‘raping’ a young Black girl (actually a whore whom he had frequented), their deliberations and exposition of the anti-White biases of American juries being interrupted by their apparently traitorous lissome Black law graduette trainee fresh from writing a thesis on ‘the symbolic structural semiotics of racism in an enduringly hierarchical society’ (or some such).

 Though the play has a few too many of the plot twists for which Mamet is famous, its fast-paced and rivetting dialogue and the perky posterior of the graduette ensured attention to the central message: that courtroom trials had become obsessed with issues of ill-evidenced and imagined ‘racism’ almost to the exclusion of anything else, even sex.

Yes, America’s banishing of frankness about race differences had yielded bizarre games of finding some semblance of racism under every stone and even lawyers who could only answer ‘Are Blacks stupid?’ with such inanities as “Stupidity can be found everywhere, and Blacks are presumably not immune.” Once a regular in Huffington Post, Mamet (b. 1947) admitted life had shifted him to the political liberal-right, adopting Friedrich Hayek and Thomas Sowell as heroes and even opposing gun control – a veritable John Updike or (equally Jewish) Arthur Miller de nos jours.

    Meanwhile, back in Blighty, the BBC found itself having to field even a complaint (from a ‘Senior Lecturer in Sociology’ [Who could admit such a title with a straight face?] at the [unheard-of] LUniversity of Westminster [long Regent Street Poly]) that its weekly sedate and good-humoured ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ radio programme was racist because it sometimes referred to “soil purity” and “non-native plants”.... (Daily Telegraph, 6 viii).

{You couldn’t make it up! – Reminding one that Mamet’s papa was a lawyer, so that was perhaps how the son got his insights into the weird ways of peecee religiosity which the West had accepted from leftist snakes as the price it could be made to pay for Hitler’s national-socialist Holocaust.}


 Jews, who had since 1945 fuelled leftist inclinations to back (and get votes from) underdog minorities, and even encouraged their own sworn enemies, the Mueslis, to infiltrate the West – apparently confident that Jewish leftists would convert them into a force against White supremacism and Christian civilization – found themselves hoist with their own petard as Glasgow City Council, presiding (in east Glasgae) over Europe’s biggest collection of low-lifes outwith Naples, raised the Palestinian flag over its headquarters for a day (in protest against Israel bravely despatching the children which Gaza’s vehemently anti-Semitic Hamas bowel movement had put in its front line against ‘Jewish aggression’) (BBCR4, 7 viii, 12:00).

Sixty years of multiculturalism would thus presumably end as Jews finally realized their mistake, withdrew their cash from the left, and started proudly supporting IQ -- on which they had a natural racial monopoly (even admitted by scholarly moderate neo-Eysenckians Stevy Pinker and Nicky Wade, q.v.).

    A previous Clottish effort to back the madder Mueslis by rasing a Palestinian flag had been made by Dundee City Council in the 1970’s – but interest dropped off as Israelis won every war they were called on to fight.


 Holy India, officially celebrated by the left for its anti-imperialism, pacifism, ganja and harmless colourful religiosity, was revealed as teaching race realism with state authority – if without conspicuous scientific back-up.  A leading Hindu educationalist supported by India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, was accused of racism over his portrayal of ‘negroes’ as violent, half-baked criminals in school textbooks (D.Telegraph, 28 vii).

In a series of books approved for schools in Gujarat when Mr Modi was the state’s chief minister, ‘negroes’ and the British were compared to ‘shoes’ (deemed comical by impoverished barefoot Indians), and described as God’s ‘undercooked rotis’ compared to Indians. In one excerpt, a 'negro' was approvingly portrayed as a violent criminal to be thrashed and tied up like cattle. According to the Indian Express, the textbooks were written by Dina Nath Batra, an 84-year-old former teacher and veteran campaigner against criticism of Hinduism. His supporters successfully forced the publisher Penguin to pulp a critical book on Hinduism by the respected historian Wendy Doniger because they were offended by its portrayal of their religion. His officially sanctioned descriptions of Blacks and foreigners as less civilized and virtuous than Indians emerged following a rise in racist attacks and sexual assaults against Africans living in India in 2013.


 Tirelessly inventive at mutilating and killing, heartland low-IQ Mueslis of north Africa progressed to new atrocities. A 10-year-old girl strapped with a suicide bomber’s explosives belt was taken into police custody alongside her 18-year-old sister in northern Nigeria, police said. Their arrest came shortly before another female suicide attacker blew herself up at a higher-education college in the nearby city of Kano, killing six people in the fourth such attack using women in a week. Security sources suspect Boko Haram, Nigeria’s al-Qaeda-linked Islamist insurgents, had shifted its tactics to using women and girls indoctrinated by male relatives, or otherwise forced to carry out attacks against their will.

    Even the ‘minority’-loving Guardian ventured criticism of Solunnis (though, like the BBC, ‘unable’ to provide to its multicult-indoctrinated audience of hypersensitives ‘shocking’ details of modern mediæval Muslim tortures and murders) (8 viii) :

Even discounting heavily for rumour and exaggeration, what we hear of Isis is chilling. They kill prisoners. They hate Shias. They forcibly convert people who follow other religions or eject them from their homes after confiscating their property.

Representatives of the Yazidi, distant cousins of Iran’s Zoroastrians, say much worse has happened. The most terrible reports have not so far been verified. But what we do know is bad enough: many thousands of stranded people, too scared to go back to their homes, too exhausted to carry on much longer in the baking heat without adequate food, water and other supplies.

A Graun correspondent chipped in:

"This is a welcome editorial. The Guardian has finally worked out that hardcore Sunni Islam does not practise cute and cuddly multiculturalism, but will impose its religion wherever it can. Anyone who gets in the way will be crushed."


 In a predictable development of the Islamic invasion of Britain, Mueslis felt emboldened to demonstrate their takeover of a London council housing estate by raising a jihadi flag at its gates (Guardian, 8 viii):

The thinking behind flying such a flag at the gates of a housing estate is to say something about the estate. It is to mark territory. Consider the reaction when journalists from the Guardian were spotted examining and photographing the installation. Twenty youths quickly emerged, swore at them and ordered them to leave the area. Earlier, a man seen photographing the structure was challenged to state whether he was Jewish. Would it make a difference, he asked. The reply: “Yes, it fucking would.”

    Quite apart from the yobbishness of this, there is an overweening arrogance on display that should not be tolerated. The public realm is just that: it belongs to everyone. The mob may or may not reside on the Will Crooks estate, but they certainly don’t own it. It is a public facility built on communally owned land.


  Australia – which had long prided itself on its Whiteness, heterosexuality, booze consumption, realism and, indeed, philosophical materialism – found it was not immune from the wider problems of the Anglosphere as the elite imported cheap immigrant labour and wangled ginormous salaries for politicians, quangocrats and teachers who would go along with their plan and its peecee façade. A new report using fresh Australian federal government data found recent overseas-born arrivals to the Workers’ Paradise had “taken almost all of the net job growth” since 2011 (Canberra Times, 7 viii).

Immigration experts Dr Bob Birrell and Dr Ernest Healy obtained fresh Australian Bureau of Statistics information showing that 380,000 arrivals to Australia since 2011 had found jobs. But over the same period, net job growth in Australia was only 400,000. The most common forms of ‘expertise’ claimed by immigrants were as chefs, pastry cooks and accountants (i.e. they could turn on a microwave or oven and had been drilled – if from India -- in the 7-times table – giving them a cutting edge over Australian victims of liberal education).

This was despite 7,200 domestic students completing bachelor or higher degrees in accounting in 2012, and Australia’s Commonwealth Department of Employment declaring “a more than adequate supply of accountants” in the country. Australia thus joined California, Texas and England in – without any democratic consent – re-creating the social hierarchy that had been enfeebled by a century of wars, taxes and socialism; but whether Muesli and Mehican immigrants would prove more manageable than the old White working class seemed unlikely since the new arrivals had limited command of English, numberless superstitions and none of the capacity for civilized and good-humoured debate (whether in pub or parliament) that had allowed the 500-year Anglo ascendancy (once the cut-throat French were shown their place).

    There was some sign that Queensman PM Tony Abbott was managing to cut down the ‘joy’....: WND 9 viii. Though to “offend” anyone by talk of race was to remain a crime: Sydney Morning Herald, 5 viii.

    In Britain, the latest peecee move to bring more ‘joy’ was that a Government employment website banned advertisers from asking that applicants should “speak excellent English” – even if the job to be advertised was in a firm specializing in communications (D.Telegraph, 9 viii).

Further joy lay ahead from the 1,200 Afro-Arabs camping daily in Calais waiting for a chance to jump on a lorry or bribe a driver crossing the Channel – the Mayor of Dover reckoned 40 got across daily, so it was time for politicos to resume their seven-month-per-year holiday and admire their anti-racist handiwork from afar....


 As West Africa was plagued by a new outbreak of Ebola -- the terrifying disease that causes its victims to bleed to death from the inside out -- scientists ventured that the probable origin was the eating by Efricans {whose natural overbreeding had been tolerated by Christians and socialists} of meat from monkeys and fruit bats. The leftist/hipster VICE News visited Liberia, where many suspected the new outbreak began, borne from the bushmeat markets of Lofa (AmRen, 6 viii).

“Western scientists feel that the consumption and preparation of meat from monkeys, fruit bats, and other forest animals is behind the transmission of Ebola, and possibly a new supervirus, which if left uncontrolled could kill a third of the world’s population.”

Ebola has no cure, and the latest epidemic was spreading fast, but the West dared not quarantine, send back or charge all passengers arriving from the area for fear of guilty-White anxiety about having been racist. AIDS too was thought to have come from Blecks having sexual or gustatory contact with monkeys.


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Tuesday, August 05, 2014


That there were some limits to even Britain’s peecee tolerance and job creation for Blacks was shown as a Nigerian law graduate (from bottom-of-the-range London Metropolitan Uni) was reprimanded and banned from further employment lawsuits for bringing 30 “vexatious” race and sex discrimination complaints to London courts in four years – all of which had failed (Evening Standard [London], 24 vii).

As had John Iteshi, 40, who had failed to gain a training place to become a barrister (though was able to take a job on the London tube as a ticket collector – probably thanks to racial discrimination, for the Underground was largely Black-staffed....).   Iteshi’s spree of litigation had cost firms and the taxpayer £.7M

{but this was nothing compared to the two-year staging of an unwanted and ignorant referendum on Scottish separation from the 300-years old UK – a referendum which failed to specify even whether any resulting Scottieland would keep the £, stay in the EU or remain nuclear-defended by NATO}.


 As President Barry Hussein Obarmy celebrated the all-night-partying month of Ramadan, MSM allowed him to get away with a generous but entirely fallacious new foundation myth for the country of his non-birth (AmRen, 27 vii):

"In the United States, Eid....reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy. That is why we stand with people of all faiths, here at home and around the world, to protect and advance their rights to prosper, and we welcome their commitment to giving back to their communities."

Just to which communities the ‘religion of peace and love’ was likely to give back once co-religionists had smashed up the Middle East, taxed Christians to extinction, thrown yags off cliffs and slaughtered all the Jew-pig-dogs was not immediately evident.

Also unremarked was that Obarmy had taken the USA from being notoriously non-denominational in its public life to being a country of “people of all faiths” – though whether witchcraft believers from West Africa would be allowed to refuse treatment for the sorcerous ‘ebola virus’ and attack the ‘horrid-looking’ plastic-covered Western doctors who were administering it remained a matter for consultation with those other prophets of DAFT (Drawing All Faiths Together), Prince Charles and Rev. Blair....


 NY City showed the limits of its multiculti tolerance, shocking NY officials as 500 protesters, mainly Chinese, came out on the streets of Queens to object to some 700 ‘homeless,’ obstreperous, panhandling Blacks and Hispanics and their ill-disciplined sprogs being dumped in what had long been a quiet area (NYT, 28 vii). It wasn’t just that the “garbage” (as one speaker loudhailed) would take up social resources. “They just make me feel uncomfortable,” said one Chinese girl. Rachel Lam, 33, said she believed the government was bullying Asians because they assumed Asians would be silent. “But when it comes to our home, our children, our community, our safety, we will come out and protest,” Ms. Lam said.


Even the good Sunday Mail columnist Peter Hitchens, the rarity who properly condemned the West’s hissy fit with Moscow over the latter’s mild (if sometimes clumsy) defence of Russian-speakers of the Ukraine, and who said he had always backed Israel in its life-or-death with genocidal Arabs, gave up the ghost (27 vii) and blamed Israel for ‘attracting bad publicity’ from the West’s (soppy) media by rapping the knuckles of the overbreeding Muesli goons who had been rocketing it on a daily basis.

Dear Peter, though something of a realist, was ultimately unhappy to defend the thin red line for Western civilization that Israel had long held in the greedy, corrupt, miserable and murderous Middle East.

{Personally, I had for a decade advised the Jews to re-locate to the Scottish Highlands or Nevada Desert. But it was surely wrong to let them down while they battled for the only sane, literate and law-governed part of the Middle East – which had been peaceful and well-ordered until the USA took it over from Britain and France and showered it with tanks, planes and dollars.}

    Even in peeceeified UK, some underdog-loving leftists and their annointed Mueslis rejected the multiculti deal into which Jews had inveigled the West. In Belfast, bricks were thrown at the city’s only synagogue, smashing windows on two consecutive nights. Groups of Asian men chanted 'Heil Hitler’ as they drove through a Jewish area of Manchester, throwing missiles at passers-by. In north London, one pro-Israel organisation received a telephone bomb threat; and a Jewish boy riding a bicycle had a stone thrown at his head by a woman in a niqab (D.Mail, 28 vii).


In a sensational development, the ‘right-wing’ (but perfectly sane) columnist Sir Max Hastings (a star military historian) joined (Canadian) Bank of England Governor Mark Carney in indicting the criminality of most of Britain’s banks – which had turned out to continue casino gambling and rate-fixing even as HMG pumped in cash to keep them going post-2008 (D.Mail, 29 vii).

Hastings thus articulated the sentiments of the UK populace that many of the City’s suits needed to be tried out for prison denims – though even his fine and vengeful mind could not come up with a solution that would not kill the goose that laid the golden egg (for the reckless banks – relying on taxpayer back-up – had already been substantially nationalized, so the state was already complicit in their criminality and could only solve the problem by resolute elitism [replacing the likes of RBS’s ‘Sir’ Fred the Shred with people having decent degrees from decent universities]).

    {Somewhat to my surprise, the Guardian agreed (30 vii): “....changes in personnel will surely ultimately be required to reset the industry’s mores.” -- Though the Graun hardly inspired confidence by jesting that the typical City banker would best be replaced by “the man from the water board.”}


 As the 70-year battle between Mueslis and Jews produced a new crop of grisly casualties around the Gaza Strip, the world’s ‘peaceloving’ statesfarters – lately joined by a new bleating British addition to the dining club (passing himself for UK Foreign Secretary) – stuck by their worn-out principle that the ethnies stop fighting and promptly live in Christian love and parliamentary harmony.

Anything rather than admit that half-crazed aid-dependent Arabs needed to live among the Middle-East coreligionists who fed them guns and rockets and that Israel needed (after securing its water supplies) to put Jerusalem under neutral control [say Indian] and abandon the West Bank entirely, or otherwise relocate its Jews to Nevada or the Highlands of Scotland! Instead, the UK gave Gaza’s child-sacrificing Hamas ‘government’ £13M in ‘humanitarian aid’ to buy more rockets.


 Psychiatrists’ biggest problem, suicide – a mystery to social-environmentalists for a century – yielded to science as a gene, SKA2, was discovered that was massively correlated with suicidal tendences, retro-predicting 86% of attempted suicide cases in people’s youth and forward-predicting 90% of actual suicide cases in a population sample collected at Johns Hopkins University (D.Mail, 31 vii). When not present in double dose, SKA2 was insufficient to get rid of stress hormones like cortisol; and stress itself weakened the operation of the gene.


 Britain’s bankrupt welfare state took another (‘humanitarian’) step to provide its taxpayers’ largesse to the whole world: its new-fangled ‘Supreme Court’ (cobbled up to further weaken the House of Lords and please the EUSSR) ruled that even non-EU Blacks who had smuggled themselves illegally into the UK could sue their employers at state expense and get themselves set up with a council house and full breeding, ‘education’ and ‘elf rights in perpetuity.

Such illegal immigrants were entitled to bring court actions against their employers for ‘discrimination,’ the Supreme Court said in a landmark judgment (D.Telegraph, 31 vii). Britain’s ‘most senior court’ said a Nigerian lass who had been brought to the UK (without a squeak of protest from her) to work illegally when she was 14 was entitled to full protection of the law. The decision contradicted an earlier lower-court ruling which had said that such a move would appear to “condone the illegality” of someone who had broken the law to come to Britain.

Mary Hounga arrived in Britain in 2007, when she was aged about 14, on a six month visitor’s visa, by pretending to be the grand-daughter of Adenike Allen, a mother-of-three who lived in London with her husband, Kunle; but she got fed up with how her fellow Blacks treated her, and then got herself a lawyer. Whether she or her employers could speak English or would anyhow face prosecution for their crimes was unknown – at least to Britain’s uninquisitive peecee media.


 The long career of American teacher, William Vahey, 64, who had taught at elite international schools around the world (most recently for four years at London’s Southbank International, Chairman Sir Chris Woodhead, former HM Inspector of Schools, where diplomats paid £25K annually for daytime teaching of their sons) was abruptly terminated as a maid in Nicaragua found (in the course of a school trip) that Vahey had ‘images’ of hundreds of boys on his laptop (Guardian, 31 vii).

Vahey fled to America where, in a subsequent affidavit to the FBI, he maintained that boys he had viewed or fondled came to no harm and indeed seldom recalled the details of his attentions since he had spiked their dinner-time drinks with sleeping pills before escorting them to their rooms in a woozy condition. He then brought his life of valued educational service to an end by topping himself.


 A hundred died in northern China as uniformed Han Chinese and knife-wielding Uighur Muslims battled each other around a Xinjiang police station in the worst racial/ethnic violence since 2009 (Deutsche Welle, 3 viii; Observer, 4 viii). 37 of the dead were Han, which was unlikely to amuse Peking authorities.

Apparently a Muesli professor was being held by police, awaiting trial for anti-government sentiments; and the government had urged Mueslis to ignore their ‘holy month’ of Ramadan.

Perhaps in response, separatists had targeted fellow-Mueslis who backed Communism – in particular killing an imam.

{Despite the multicultural protestations of globalizing idealists and statesfarters, it was only western Europe which had seen much reduction in internal hostilities through the 20th century – as German rule made conflict as pointless as it was under the empires of Russia and China.

But the EUSSR had let itself be invaded by Mueslis; so to have China on board to help deal with the new ‘axis’ power of rising low-g, high-n  fanaticism and its terror technologies [suicide bombing, human shields, tunnel labyrinths, kidnappings, random rocketing, on-the-spot beheadings] would be a plus.}


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