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As inflation in Black-run Zimbabwe ran at a billion percent p.a. and cholera broke out, even lib-left `anti-racist, Bishop Desmond Tutut (Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town) called for the kleptocratic tyrant Robert Mugabe to be deposed (Sunday Telegraph, 7 xii). "If they say to him `Step down' and he refuses, they must do so militarily," he said (twelve years too late). "He has destroyed a wonderful country - a country that used to be a bread basket but has now become a basket case."

{Meanwhile, in the Holy Land of St Osambo, preparations were underway for Osambo's newly appointed Chief of Staff to use Chicago's notoriously corrupt electoral machine sell Osambo's seat in the U.S. Senate to Jesse Jackson Jr.}


As furious rock-and-bottle-throwing battles broke out between hooded students and police all over Greece and around Greek embassies abroad, wrecking hundreds of shops, it appeared that the troubles had started with one of hundreds of asylum seekers queueing for permits being injured as he fell (or was pushed) into a ditch (he had slipped while taking a leak, police said). The asylum seekers (after some 20 days on hunger strike) started setting fires, the Greek police moved in heavily, the students of the local polytechnic went up in arms and one 15-year-old boy, Alexandros Grigoropolos, was shot dead by cops (in particular a cop nicknamed Rambo..) after some in his group threw stones at a squad car (Kathimerini, 8 xii). {Perhaps a new Paris 1968 around the multicultural idealism that students - but perhaps not Greek police - had had to absorb?}

The Greek Communist Party, seeing its opportunity as (subprime-stimulated) economic recession loomed urged its members to rally for "a big storm ahead" (Anaweb, 9 xii). Greek Socialists called for peaceful candlelight demonstrations as the shot student (from a ricochet, said police) was buried in Athens 9 xii. Anarchist groups who had led the rioting had been able to use university campuses to prepare and re-arm as, under Greek law (dating from the overthrow of the country's right-wing government by `the colonels' in 1974), police were not allowed to enter. Under cover of the four days of rioting, migrants engaged in an orgy of looting (AFP, 9 xii; Brisbane Times, 10 xii).

A vivid image of Greece's attempts to repel Black and Arab boarders heading into the European Union had been given at PR-Inside, 26 xi. Greece approved only 140 of the 20,692 asylum applications made in 2007, according to the UN refugee agency. Tens of thousands of illegal migrants had been entering Greece each year. Many attempted dangerous sea crossings from nearby Turkey or braved minefields to make their way in. After the 20th day of a hunger strike (beginning mid-November) by Arab asylum seekers in Crete (157 miles south of Athens), regional administrator Serafim Tsiokas said that, under Greek law, the migrants could stay on hunger strike as long as they liked. Asked whether this meant until they die, he replied, "to the very end." The minister for the interior had declined to appear in parliament to answer questions on the situation of the hunger strikers. No member of the party in power, the right-wing New Democracy, visited them. The Greek media had been silent about the hunger strikers. Foul conditions in camps for hundreds of failed asylum seekers returned by Greece to Turkey gave no credence to any idea that Turkey was encouraging Arabs to seek entry into the E.U. (Today's Zaman, 28 xi).

{As the rioting continued, the media declined to mention how it was police action against migrants which had provoked young Alexandros and friends into confrontation - the media apparently not wishing to encourage sympathy for police. But it did turn out that the riotous youths called themselves `the Black Bloc' - presumably affecting sympathy with Blacks as well as with anti-Americanism, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism etc., etc.}

Just as in Greece, students in France, Italy and Spain were angered by underfunding in universities. In November, thousands of young Italians took to the streets to protest youth unemployment of more than 23 percent. France was no stranger to university unrest, and politicians feared protests by middle-class students could re-ignite rioting by the young immigrants.

By 13 xii, Athens police had beaten a 13-year-old girl and journalists who tried to film them; and had made 170 arrests of student rioters (for whom participation was apparently a virtual rite de passage).

"The picture is going to get very ugly as Europe slides deeper into recession next year. The IMF expects Spain's unemployment to reach 15pc. Immigrants are already being paid to leave the country. There will be riots in Spain too (there have been street skirmishes in Barcelona)." - Ambrose Evans-Prichard, D. Torygraph, 10 xii.

By 2008, one Athenian in five was foreign-born. Many illegal immigrants were awaiting opportunities to move further into the E.U.


In a rare media admission, Tottenham youf who had gang-raped a teenager of IQ 50 and doused her with caustic soda to conceal their crime turned out to be Blecks (Sun, 9 xii, `Three jailed for acid rape'). Nine other youf from Hackney with non-English names and led by a Black got jail sentences totalling 56 years for gang-raping a 14-year-old girl who had `dissed' their leader (Sun, 9 xii).


Britain's tabloid-fuelled paedohysteria plumbed a new depth as employed father of five Andrew Cunningham, 52, died naked at the hands of a Wandsworth (south London) mob (probably of youths) which inflicted multiple stab wounds to his face, head and genitalia because he had `groomed' boys to bring young girls to his caravan for hanky-panky and had supposedly `fondled' the two-year-old daughter of a local barmaid (Daily Express, 13 xii). (The slaughtered Cunningham's last proven crime was to have `raped' a 14-year-old girl in 2001, for which statutory offence he received a four-month jail sentence. One of his five daughters stood up for him, as did his employer and a local fish factory worker; and a floral tribute at his caravan in the lorry park where he worked said he was `the best man alive.')

Monday, December 08, 2008


As India's financial and tourist heartland, Boombye, suffered a thousand dead and injured at the hands of Muesli goons, Britain's `right wing' Sunday Telegraph was emboldened enough to recruit a moderate Muesli, apparently editor of the Islamist, to write (more trenchantly than could be found in any Torygraph leader or column:
I am a member of the Labour Party and I am ashamed that the party, after 11 years in power, shies away from addressing the failures of multiculturalism. Pandering to so-called cultural differences has led to more than 70 per cent of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women in Britain today being unemployed. {That's to say, they work as slave labour for their men.} What happened to racial and gender equality?

As one heard such pathetic stuff (fully appreciated in E.LU. Psychology of the 1980's thanks to my own choice of seminarists), the mind could only boggle that the West's `conservatives' had failed to rally women - recalling the Virgin Mary, Boadicea, Queen Elizabeth I, Victoria, Mrs Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II - against Muesli insistence on female inferiority. Did conservatives lack imagination? Or balls? Or just the g factor?


Africans provided further demonstration of their commitment to multiculturalism as 400 died, 10,000 were displaced and 2,000 arrested in two days of Muesli-on-Christian violence in the low-rise (in parts tin-built) Nigerian city of Jos (pop. 500,000, at the cusp of the country's Hausa-speaking Muslim north and its Christian and animist south, and a scene of previous rioting and hundreds of dead in 2001-2004), leaving a smoking ruin of burned-out cars and buildings (for details, see ChristianityToday, xii; and more violence was forecast by the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard, 4 xii). {Since these events were ideologically inconvenient, they were little reported in the West's peecee mainstream media.} Meanwhile, the Hutu and Tutsis of Burundi/Rwanda/Eastern Congo (who `could not mix,' said a Hutu commander) prepared for more ethnic violence of a kind that would have Guardian sub-editors swooning if anyone in Britain mentioned such ongoing (for at least 30 years) realities; and, after 25 years of Black rule, cholera swept Zimbabwe.


State-funded goons, headed by Scottish cogniwallah Dr Batty (sic), found that - surprise, surprise! -- high IQ test scores in early adulthood were associated with a modest protection against later mortality as a victim of homicide (Br.J.Psychiat, 2008). The `researcher' loons had no idea whether the effect was genetic or environmental -- how convenient for the continuation of their state grants! How many brownie points did they get for finding the higher-IQ make nicer lifestyle choices - and thus for reinventing the wheel?


News of the importance of IQ in generating lifetime SES, health and general success permeated to the media of the farthest-flung outback of empire ooops commonwealth (NZ Stuff, 1 xii). {Sadly, Edinburgh's Professor Deary's loyalty to the London School had still to impress his own local Student newspaper in Edinbugger - still entirely dedicated to social-environmentalism and to bringing Bleck `students' by quotas to further infest with mediocrity the already demoted [out of the U.K. top ten for a decade] LUni.}


As `evil' Dewsbury mother of seven Karen Matthews headed towards a lengthy prison sentence for drugging, abducting and kidnapping her own 9-year-old daughter Shannon (one of her seven children by five men [including by a 16-year-old boy] - none of them staying around) in order to claim what she believed would be hefty newspaper rewards for `finding' the girl, it turned out the police search for Shannon had cost œ3M and that the Matthews family had been on the local social services' `at risk' register in 2003 (thought by a psychologist to require "constant monitoring and support throughout the lives of her children") but had been `discharged' in 2006 (Sun, 5 xii; Guardian, 5 xii). Teachers, too, knew that Shannon would come to school filthy and that she hated her welfare-dependent violent, lazy, foul-mouthed, partying, drunken, chain-smoking, crisp-scoffing slob of a `mother' and `neighbour from hell'; but, though concerns were raised, no action was taken (Sun, 5 xii).

In Matthews's case, her conspiracy to use her daughter as a cash cow had involved the services of a man of IQ 50, the brain-damaged uncle of her live-in fishmonger boyfriend, Craig Meehan, 23 (whom the police had spared from accusations of involvement in the conspiracy, jailing him instead for kiddieporn found on his computer). (Meehan, who had taken up with Matthews at age 18, wrote post-kidnap of his continuing devotion to her, calling her "one sexy mama.") At the same time, in north Durham, a man of IQ 70 was jailed for 5 years for killing his daughter (unprotected by her mother, who suffered `learning difficulties), the whole squalid charade being presided over by social workers who had declared the daughter `at risk' before she was even born (Sun, 6 xii, `Shannon, Baby P., now Child No. 3 is failed').


Such was the title of what to most would be an informative and healthily inconclusive article by young leftish British journalist Matt Kennard (see above - an occasional contributor to New Statesman, though not apparently a reader of The g Factor) (The Comment Factory [a new internet magazine for young leftists, edited by Matt Kennard and Marcus Graichen], 5 xii). I replied as follows.

Matt Kennard has provided a fair and helpful summary of how British and Australian universities have in twelve years killed off academic free speech and reduced their staff to terrified toads who dare say no word about race, inherited intelligence or paedophilia. Of course, he could have mentioned what was actually the silencing of Professor Geoffrey Sampson (Sussex), Armand Leroi (Imperial College London), Satoshi Kanazawa (LSE) and David Coleman (Oxford).

But I should just correct, or at least improve on one particular point. Far from Edinburgh University itself trying to make trouble for me in the autumn of 1996, it was actually by then trying to get my book, 'The g Factor,' republished by Oxford University Press. This understandably infuriated the Anti-Nazi League and its enthusiastic member, E.U. Chaplain Rev Iain Whyte, who asked me for my emailed daily newsletter, found (among many other topics) my urging clemency for paedophile Nobelist Carlton Gajdusek, and trotted along to the newspapers of his own volition. As the tabloid headlines raged FIRE BRAND, the University then had to make up its mind, and did so, disgracefully, spending around œ100K of taxpayers' cash to get rid of me. But I do not accuse the University -- especially its then Principal, now Lord Sutherland of Houndswood, a good pal of Prince Philip -- of being the key plotter. Rather the opposite, at least at that period of the two-and-a-half-year saga!


Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi made it a crime punishable by 18 months in prison to be an illegal immigrant. Renting an apartment to an undocumented immigrant was to carry four years in prison. Families wanting to be reunited with relatives living in Italy would have to submit DNA samples. And undocumented workers would spend 1/3 more time in prison than anybody else who committed the same crime.


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