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As the starving women of Sudan/Somalia/Ethiopia/Kenya were paraded in the media to bewail the loss of most of their (each of them, typically) seven children, it was notable that few young men were in sight (most were doubtless enjoying the high life of rape and pillage in the militias) and that no apology was forthcoming from Catholicism, Islam or holy-holy American Republicanism for having forbidden contraception, abortion and sterilization. Even H.M.G. had played its part over 50 years in creating the latest African tragedy, as a London correspondent explained:
Over the past 50 years , through the provision of governmental Aid and the work of NGOs such as Oxfam, the West has fed a population explosion in countries whose ability to accommodate their now vastly increased populations from their own resources is nil. By keeping Aid flowing a vicious circle is created. The population in a country rises because Aid allows more to survive which generates a demand for more Aid is made because the country cannot support them. More Aid is forthcoming and the population increases again above what the country can bear. This was an easily foreseeable outcome and a policy which no responsible person let alone a government should ever have advocated, bringing increased poverty to the poorest countries. The liberal internationalist politicians have created a vicious circle of deprivation.

For more about how Western foreign ‘aid’ had been squandered: Ian Birrell, Daily Mail, 7 vii.


For the first time in England, schoolteaching staff were told officially, courtesy of ‘reforming’ but IQ-disrespecting Minister of Education Michael Gove that they could be struck off for showing intolerance towards pupils with other faiths and beliefs (D. Fairygraph, 14 vii).

Teachers were warned against staging lessons that “undermined” “fundamental” values such as the rule of law, democracy and individual liberty. The move was designed to make it easier for heads to sack teachers who were members of the British National Party or those with extremist Islamic beliefs – though none of the latter had ever been found since any such sightings would violate Muslims’ ‘human rights’).

The move followed comments from Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, that membership of far-right groups was incompatible with the duty to “shape young minds”. The new anti-free-speech peecee ruling came after a teacher and BNP member was cleared of religious intolerance in 2010 by the General Teaching Council - the profession's regulatory body – despite (understandably) using a school laptop to describe some immigrants as "filth" on a website.


In line with Phil Rushton’s theorizing, a negative correlation (of -.20) was found between penis size and economic growth (1960-1985) in national data from 76 countries (Business Insider, 18 vii).


A recessive gene, when damaged by mutation and appearing in double dose (i.e. from both parents), was found to cause “intellectual disability” (c. 2% of the population) – the genetic combination apparently being found in five families which had between them produced twelve backward children (MedicalXpress, 15 vii).

The finding of a (damaged) recessive gene for low-g offered confirmation of the thinking of Lionel Penrose (q.v.) and Volkmar Weiss (q.v.) that recessive genes in a double dose had a special role in causing extreme levels of intelligence. The MAN1B1 gene* was also associated with general developmental retardation, epilepsy and obesity. MAN1B1 was the eighth known gene connected with recessive intellectual disability, but there were likely to be many more involved.

"We would like to screen children with intellectual disability in a Western population," said Dr John Vincent, of the USA’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health which had carried out the research among inbred families in Pakistan.

* MAN1B1 codes an enzyme that has a quality control function in cells. This enzyme is believed to have a role in "proofreading" specific proteins after they are created in cells, and then recycling faulty ones, rather than allowing them to be released from the cell into the body. With the defective gene, this does not occur.


Bringing light relief to begin the summer silly season (while Britain dished out lolly to Pakistan, smote Col Gadawfu at a similar cost of £1M per day and handed its health and education services over to lesbianized ‘professionals’), Labour peer Baron Maurice Glasman urged a ban on new immigrant jobseekers (as had Grumpy Gordon, for PR purposes and equally uselessly [for the E.U. forbade such bans], in 2008) (Daily Express, 19 vii, p. 1).

The 40-yr baron, a lecturer in politics at the unheard-of London Metropolitan University, was soon matched by the Conservative Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise, 43, CEO of retail chain ‘Next,’ who ‘bravely’ complained to the quislings of the Institute of Economic Affairs that PeeCee bureaucracy had gone too far because, er, well, we were all “black or mixed” anyway.... (D. Fairygraph, 17 vii, ‘Diversity moves are turning us all into racists’) – though he covered this faintly naughty anti-PeeCee track by proclaiming “What this country needs is more immigration, not less.”


While the West languished interminably in PeeCee and near-economic-crisis – with Germany failing to capture a few Greek islands, Britain preoccupied with its mendacious peecee political class (including freebie-loving cops, and all in hock to self-described “lax” kingmaker Rupe Murdoch, 80), and bankrupt America still idolizing Blackboy Obarmy – Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, was declared a saint by a top politician.

"To be honest, I think of Putin as a person who was sent to Russia by fate and the Almighty at a difficult hour," Vladislav Surkov, the first deputy administration chief, said on Chechen television, according to the Interfax news agency (D. Fairygraph, 8 vii).

The Russian media in May reported that a small female sect believed Mr Putin was the reincarnation of Saint Paul the Apostle. Mr Putin had been made the hero of pop songs and brands of vodka and even a Moscow nightclub. An online campaign had been launched on a lawmaker’s site in Russia urging young women to support Putin in a presidential vote by taking off their clothes {hopefully with impressive results if it happened....}.


Having failed to support me (at least in public) fifteen years ago when E.LU. accused me of insufficient paedohysteria so as to rid itself of my race realism, the Royal Family itself fell victim to paedobashing as Knights’ Cross medaller Prince Andrew, 51, had to give up his globetrotting wining&dining sinecure as Ambassador for Bribes ooops Trade & Finance because he had been photographed with a delightful 14- ooops 17-yr-old masseuse supplied for him in conditions of utmost secrecy by silver-haired once-jailed American playboy-‘pimp’ Jeffrey Epstein (q.v. + Daily Mail, 22 vii) – though the Prince’s real ‘crimes’ were to have made fun of the governments of Britain and France. The Prince was estimated to have brought in billions of pounds in business deals for UKplc.


‘Artist’ Lucian ‘Tubs’o’Lard’ Freud, the grandson of Sigmund, saved from Hitler thanks to £1M given to the Nazis by an aunt of Prince Philip in the 1930s, died finally in London at 88 (Jewish Journal, 21 vii). The Jewish portraitist, though he had a healthy-enough interest in babe-bagging and was said to have sired dozens of illegitimate children (which at least he could afford), had devoted his life tirelessly to making his naked White sitters* (including Mick Jagger’s lissom blonde ex, Jerry Hall, and supermodel Kate Moss) look as old, bald, obese and hairy-nostrilled as possible – thus striking a chord with London’s multiculti ‘intellectual’ merchants of White guilt, who flocked to ‘sit’ for him (looking as if they would never be able to get up) and making him a multimillionaire.

Freud's portraits often depicted only an exhausted sitter [Freud’s paintings typically took hundreds of hours], sometimes sprawled naked on the floor or on a mangey bed or alternatively juxtaposed with something else, as in Girl {exposing one sadly droopy tit} With a White Dog {relaxed, with nose by her vagina} (1951–52) and Naked {dumbstruck animal-fondling White} Man With Rat **(1977–78).

His best-selling painting, Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (2005), was of a slouched slack-bellied female British Jobcentre worker, Sue Tilley, iconic of what Britain’s country-of-rescue had become under half a century of socialism: in 2008 it sold (at Christie’s, New York) for a record £17.2M - the most expensive painting by a living artist.

One ‘famous’ picture starred the substantial flaccid penis of a mesomorphic Black man relaxing on a bed after sex with a wretched White girl who looked as if she had just emerged from Belsen.

Freud’s deep hatred for those around him (doubtless obscured from most of his upmarket White sitters by his intelligence) extended to his own comic-genius brother, Clement, with whom he never spoke a word in the course of their adult lives. Even the Queen dutifully sat for Freud [her lifelong policy was to oblige all esteemed portraitists]: he gave her a beard and moustache and sneering expression. A self-portrait of the artist nursing a black eye after a punch-up with a cabbie sold for more than £2.8M in 2010.

A ‘realist’? No, though he hailed from the Slade ‘School of London,’ he was chiefly a hate-filled expressionist. He had two brief marriages. In 1938, he had been expelled from progressive Bryanston School, in Dorset, after dropping his trousers for a dare on a street in Bournemouth. He seldom gave interviews, presumably for fear of professional exposure of his hateful nature; but when he did he spoke like a homosexual – he had been much influenced by drink-sodden Dublin-born sado-masochist artist Francis Bacon.

His tempestuous egotism, fiendish genius and lack of tolerance for frustration had been put on display to Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger's ex-missus) who posed for a portrait by LF when she was eight months pregnant (Times, 23 vii, Jerry Hall). It all went horribly wrong (LF producing his usual nasty portrait, but then, when she was no longer able to pose for three sittings because of ‘flu, sending her a puerile picture with her leaking from all orifices, having just given birth).

She was “devastated,” she wrote – though she retained affectionate memories and only called him “a bit mad.” She, of course, saw it as the needs of art, like the other masochists who posed for him. LF was a sadist who was mostly in love with himself and with ugliness of all kinds – and especially with ‘portraying’ (i.e. expressing his warped ideas of) White ugliness.

Another excellent death was that of pop-millionairess [famed for the song Back to Black] violent druggy multi-tattoed bisexual adulteress Amy Winehouse, 27, the small-foreheaded but big-jawed bee-hived-haired Cockney-accented daughter of a Jewish taxi driver who had spat on Britain’s ‘rear of the year’ Pippa Middleton and was so dull that she had had to attend ghastly ‘secondary modern’ Ashmole School (in Southgate, north London, where I grew up (though I emigrated to Barnet) and first astonished locals by reading the time on the modernist tube station clock when I was still in my pram at 2½)

(my maternal grandfather had taught me time – he was a railway signalman, so his life properly depended on it, and he passed on the trait to his daughter Dorothy, my adoptive mother).

{Yes, my granpa once took me, in his retirement, to show me his signal box – as also to go turntable on an engine at King’s Cross. How far from the druggy and disastrous days of Amy!

Even today,I don’t need a watch to tell the time – though, thanks to my darling wife [tenth anniversary of marriage coming up] I have a ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ timepiece which allows me to check I am timewise (not of course politically) correct .}

*New York Times, 21 vii: Freud’s dingy studio [in one of the many squalid areas of south-east London] became his artistic universe, a grim theater in which his contorted subjects, stripped bare and therefore unidentifiable by class, submitted to the artist’s unblinking, merciless inspection.

** New York Times, 21 vii: The animal’s tail, draped across the model’s left thigh, nearly makes contact with his genitals, producing an ineffably creepy effect.


As a wealthy Norwegian nationalist extremist and devout Christian fundamentalist, Anders Breivik, 32, bombed Oslo (killing seven) and then (disguised as an inquiring policemen) got access to a nearby Labour youth convention on the charming Utoya Island and coldly gunned down 85, it transpired from pundits and academics (BBC World Service) that Labour’s 30-year policy of generously admitting Muslim asylum seekers from their own ravaged countries was far from appreciated by any consensus of Norwegians. Apparently, at least 50% had serious reservations about such immigration and the multiculti peecee tyranny used by politicians to manage it.

(See also previous: NORWAY RISING – reporting that all Oslo rapes in five years were Muslim-on-White.)

Particular outrage to nationalists had been caused by the country’s failure to deport the most prominent jihadist, Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad (whose ‘human rights’ had to be respected....) – though it had stopped another crackpot imam from setting up a school when it heard that he proposed that pupils and staff not celebrating Ramadan would be decapitated. So what was to be done to prevent a European Civil War About Immigration (ECWAI)?

No Briton, Frenchman or German knowing his own country’s history could be in doubt. The (Northern) Irish Troubles (1969-2001) had been settled by barbed wire and steel fences – though even more sadly by the abandonment of democracy, rather than (gradually) relocate Protestants to Glasgow and Liverpool and Catholics to Ulster. The French had abandoned their major colony, Algeria, to the Muslims in 1960 and adopted substantial territoriality in locating France’s Muslims mainly in northern Paris and western Marseilles. The Germans had solved their ghastly civil war (1618-1648) by developing a patchwork quilt of Protestant and Catholic states – a happy and successful arrangement for 150 years till Napoleon attacked it and began 150 years of Franco-German hostility culminating in two world wars.

So would it prove beyond Europe’s politicians to see the need for designated areas in which Arab Muslims and White Christians would be allowed to enjoy their own way of running things? – Subject of course to policing to ensure the tribal zones did not allow guns and bombs or the more flagrant persecution of women or indeed Muslims. Countries that did not wish to make arrangements for such territorial choice would subscribe to a common pool, helping their more determined and psychotic Muslims and Christians to move to other countries.

And, as the E.U. seemed to be completing the formation of the Franco-German Empire (making their youngsters’ pay off Greece’s debts but at least establishing some degree of fiscal control over that pathetic country and soon others), might it not rather like to champion a new freedom for people while achieving still more regionalization and thus more influence for Brussels?...

Better for Norway and other northern countries to think of territorialization first – rather than let ‘troubles’ start and have the only practical and humane solution to ECWAI imposed on them by the German Army?!


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Multiculturalism took a body blow as firms and councils which had arranged for inquirers to have to phone India realized belatedly that the resulting calls were unduly lengthy and even then resulted in many mistakes because of Indian operatives having limited command of English. Apparently, even the barely comprehensible youf operatives of Glasgow and Liverpool had a commercial edge over Indians in the efficiency with which they could deal with the long-suffering British public (Sunday Times, 10 vii, Rod Liddle, ‘Call centres return to Blighty – so now we can shout at Scousers’).

{Fancy that! Things go more smoothly among people of the same race, nation, culture and language!}


“Political Correctness is good for business,” reported the Daily Fairygraph,* relying on the work of UBS {what dat?} ‘economist’ Jason Donovan who noticed advanced peecee countries were more prosperous in c. 2001 statistics (30 vi) – without noticing either that they were bankrupt by 2011 and being overtaken by the fully ethnocentric Chinese and even Indians (with the equally ethnocentric Japanese having held their own despite their over-borrowing of the 1990s) or that undiscriminating prejudice was simply a low-IQ phenomenon.

*The Quislingraph’s sacked right-ish (even though abjuring racism) columnist, Simon Heffer, was rumoured (by London’s Evening Standard) to have been re-hired by the Daily Mail – giving hope for that newspaper, which had been through a feminoid/paedohysterical patch.


The BBC admitted that (like the original Head Start programmes and the ‘Miracle in Atlanta’ [see previous]) Britain’s ‘early intervention’ project, ‘Sure Start’, though much loved by goofy teachers and some parents, had been a failure in every measurable way, producing no educational or psychological gains (though a small reduction in criminality by age 18) (Radio 4, 11 vii, 20:45). {However, the Beeb did not go so far as to invite any hereditarian to comment – at least, not while I was preparing the evening’s g&t’s.}


In May 2011, an Oslo Police report found that all rapes in the capital in the previous five years had been committed by non-White immigrants (BNP, 10 vii). Unsurprisingly, 53.7 per cent of Norwegian citizens said they wanted a complete stop to immigration, a rise from 45.8 per cent in 2005. Of the 1,380 people interviewed for the ‘Integration’s Barometer 2010’ survey, 48.7 per cent also said that Norway’s policies of integration had failed, a 12 per cent rise from 2005.


Using U.S. Bureau of Justice figures, a (doubtless leftie) professorette calculated the America’s number of imprisoned Black men (846,000, 40% of the country’s prison population) was greater than the number of slaves held in 1850 (AmRen, 11 vii). {And at least the 1850 slaves had done useful work and not been a burden on society....}


The ‘liberal’-left Time magazine confessed that, 45 years after Head Start programmes for pre-schoolers were initiated and soon known ”indisputably” to be largely useless (cf. TgF, Ch. 4) (except as job creation programmes for leftie White idealists and countless Black ‘social workers’....), the USA was still spending $7B annually in providing these attempts at IQ-boosting to one million ‘disadvantaged’ children (Joe Klein, 12 vii, ‘Time to ax programmes that don’t yield results’).

{Klein was one of those discovered on the JournoList, conspiring to help mulatto Barry Hussein Obama get elected as U.S. President in 2008.}

{Head Start had been followed by the Republicans’ own purely idealistic extravagance of ‘No Child Left Behind’ and by numerous minor follies such as the ‘Miracle in Atlanta’ (q.v.).}


100,000 Latinos fled the state of Arizona in 2010. Based on tax remittance information, a study estimated that about 23,000 of them were Mexican nationals who returned to Mexico from June through September 2010 (AmRen, 11 vii). Others moved to ‘blue’/Democrat states like California, faced with Arizona’s new stop-and-look policy whereby police could demand that people – but in practice Mexicans -- show their papers.


The lunacy of Britain’s ten-year ‘war’ (contributing 10K of Nato’s 200K troops) in Afghaniland was hilariously exemplified as soldiers were told NOT to shoot Tallyhoes seen planting roadside bombs – since “no immediate threat” was involved (D. Fairygraph, 8 vii). This ‘policy’ emerged as a British widow told an inquest what her husband soldier had reported to her.

{Just how many Taleban were ever deaded by squaddies was a closely guarded secret. Normally the public assumed that the conspicuous lack of casualties was to prevent hysteria at the Beeb and Grauniad. But perhaps matters were simpler: perhaps there were few deaths at all – except the one per week to British soldier-victims of ongoing political and military incompetence.}


At least there was a prospect that Britain would soon be able to stop spending £1M per day on stimulating civil war in Libya: its great new aircraft-carrier-armed ally, France (famed for its endless defeats in battle at the hands of Britain and Germany), announced (singlehandedly, without so much as a polite word to Daft Dave) that clothes-horse Col Gadawfu could not be beaten and so it was time for some nice big dipomatic dinners all round (Sun, 13 vii).

{At least this admission of incompetence and/or cowardice and/or bankruptcy would save Britain a bob or two – necessary in view of CamCo’s continuing to raise the national debt (scheduled to peak as a new government took over in 2015) and to spend billions on ‘international aid’ to nuclear-armed India, Pakistan and China.}

{Why Britain had made itself dependent on French aircraft carriers, bellicosity and – as here – occasional common sense was a mystery; let alone why CamCo had let its first year in office go by without across-the-board public sector savings of 15% accompanied by a 10% reduction in taxation.}


Despite years of Rev. Blair’s multicult-inspired ‘peace process’ in Northern Ireland, including the abandonment of democracy, Britain continued to pay a heavy price for having failed to swap the Prods of Belfast and Londonderry with the Caffs of Liverpool and Glasgow in 1970: in nights of rioting, ‘nationalist militants’ (i.e. IRA-backing Catholics) turned the streets of Belfast’s Ardoyne area into a battlefield with numerous injured by bricks, stones and some 100 petrol bombs, including 24 [heavily armed and protected] ‘police service’ personnel set on fire, knocked out or at least temporarily blinded by laser pens being shone into their eyes (Sun, 13 vii). There were also disturbances in Londonderry, Newry and Armagh. Altogether, 33 arrests were made.


Black men are half as likely to die at any given time if they're in prison than if they aren't, suggested a new study of North Carolina inmates (Reuters, 14 vii). The Black prisoners seemed to be especially protected against alcohol- and drug-related deaths, as well as lethal accidents and certain chronic diseases.But that pattern didn't hold for White men, who on the whole were slightly more likely to die in prison than outside, according to findings published in Annals of Epidemiology.


At the same time as archaeologists identified five of six skeletons found in a Norwich well, dating from C12, as being Jewish (from their DNA), Aberdeen scientists astonished any ignoracist readers of D.Fairygraph by explaining that Whites differed from Asians in having special genes inclining them to like wine and hamburgers (15 vii). {Shock, horror!}


After fifteen years of homosexualists being allowed to destroy British liberties (such as to choose whether or not to have sodomites shitting the sheets in one’s b&b), a Galashiels* CofS minister emerged blinking into the limelight ready to resign his sinecure unless the CofS returned to Biblical teaching (D.Quislingraph, 15 vii).

{Sadly, perhaps, the pass had been sold long ago, with ‘Christian’ ministers preferring socialism and international dysgenics to backing White heterosexual family life.}

* A sweet one-horse town in the Borders which the missus and I visited three months ago – only to find its one country house closed for strikes, drunkenness, a French-style Monday holiday or whatever. Fortunately the pubs and one decent restaurant in the bijou spot were friendly.


Fifteen years after I urged (in London’s hip-hop magazine downlow) that polygamy should be formally allowed so that eligible higher-IQ Black males could legally father more children, the cry was taken up in America by The Voice (19 vi) – though with correspondents to AmRen properly stressing that the costs of such families (which already existed informally among the Black underclass) should not fall on the state.


It turned out (from a Royal Society biographical memoir, sent by a Texan supporter) that the mighty John Baker (FRS, 1974 author of Race, O.U.P.) had an “elegant and beautiful” Russian wife whose family had escaped from Communism. I wrote to a correspondent:
In the Preface to ‘Race’, Baker shows full appreciation that his book would be controversial. Thus, he writes, he decided to make no ‘acknowledgments’ – except to any who might want this in any second edition. But there were two exceptions. One was C.P. Blacker {leading light in the Eugenics Society around the 1960s} – evidently Blacker was such a well-known hereditarian that Baker could not be embarrassed by being thanked in the book. The other was Liena, whose help he thanks as follows (in the closing lines of the Preface).
“The dedication of the book reveals the identity of [one helper]; and there is another of whom I can say with confidence that she will approve of what she has not seen, and whom I can therefore thank for her encouragement and the assurance of her support – my wife, Liena.”

This cannot mean that Baker had browbeaten (or would browbeat) Liena. No English gentleman could ever say or imply that. Anyway, Liena was not the submissive type – standing up to him over French cooking, as the Willmer & Brunet memoir records.

So it clearly means that Liena had actively encouraged his racial thinking – even though she had not apparently seen the manuscript (being prepared across perhaps the first six years of his retirement). Also, it was only after they got together in 1939 that Baker had got interested in the ‘political’ topic of scientific freedom – perhaps Liena told him of how Stalin had enforced Lysenkoism.

Plainly Baker must join the ranks of happy hereditarians whose (first or second) wives were outstandingly supportive to them in their heresies: McDougall, Cattell, Eysenck, Jensen and Lynn would also be on such a list. (With Burt it was more up-and-down – but he and Lady Burt [as she loved to be known] were never divorced.)


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The 2010 book dealing in one of its ten chapters with “THE CHRIS BRAND CASE,” by UCL’s Emeritus Prof. Eric Barendt (q.v. + Amazon, 14 i) was hailed as “first rate” by my fellow Queensman [and ex-UCL man] Nicholas Bamforth (Times Higher Educational Supplement, 30 vi).

What more could one ask? – Except that Barendt and Bamforth might have frankly admitted that academic freedom had been entirely abolished in the UK (as probably in most of the West – except perhaps in (gloriously tennis-champing) Serbia and Switzerland) under the auspices of peecee-compromised academic lawyers like themselves, with my own 2½-year battle with the nincompoops of E.LU. providing the crucial test case.

(I was sacked though compensated – not least in the knowledge that the process had cost E.LU. £100K and E.LU. knew it could not confront me in public courts after I had savaged its pathetic professorial and kindred ‘witnesses’ at E.LU.’s secret Tribunal.

Other universities (Leeds, Sussex, Aarhus, Chicago, Oxford, Imperial College London, LSE) then realized that the way to spare their wretched peecee staff from neurotic breakdown, suicide and other death while taking on race realists was to persuade such scientific racists with prompt financial inducements to early-retire on a pension or at least pipe down.)


As the summer silly season opened, the air was thick with vaguely Government-backed plans to stop dishing out more than £500 welfare per week to any family on benefits (yet any family becoming homeless still had an automatic right to be rehoused by local councils....); to amalgamate all welfare benefits into a mysterious “universal” credit that would cost billions of pounds and only start saving money (possibly, unless the underclass and asylum seekers worked out the new angles) by 2025; to create loads of really free schools that would be free, free, free to do anything except select and/or stream their pupils; and to relieve pensioners of all but the first £35K of their ‘social care’ outgoings (always so long as they had first reduced themselves to £100K in savings) (the cost of this operation being £2B annually, probably to be funded by pensioners having to pay £25-per-week National Insurance).

But undoubtedly the daftest of the wheezes – designed to draw a veil over Britain’s failure to adopt such simple schemes as eugenics, euthanasia, elitism and Sharia law – was the proposal to allow ‘social investment’ in hapless families, with investors getting a return on their money if the state managed, after five years, to keep said families below their predicted rates of disability, illiteracy, criminality etc. (Guardian, 5 vii).

What investor would ever contemplate such a hopeless gamble! Better to allow betting that hapless families would remain hapless – with a safe return for investors and with a real motivation for the state either actually to help (or discipline) the hapless or at least to fudge the figures so as to stop bothering the public with the woes which the politicos had enduringly failed to handle.

(Thinking of which, the Horn of Africa was once more in trouble with drought for the umpteenth time in fifty years of gross overbreeding. CamCo was to handle this by dishing out 0.7% of Britain’s annual GDP in ‘aid’ – presumably at least to ensure Daft Dave the Nobel Peace Prize or somesuch but at the same time undermining the efforts any remaining local farmers who had not already joined up in their countries’ armies or militias.)


Mysterious educational ‘Miracle in Milwaukee’-type gains over the previous decade for inner-city children (presumably Black) of Atlanta (attracting a surge in donations from the likes of pious Bill Gates) were explained as Georgia’s Governor, Nathan Deal, announced the result of a state investigation: the gains were due to “widespread” cheating by teachers and principals who had erased and changed children’s test results (Yahoo!News, 5 vii).

One of the most troubling aspects of the Atlanta cheating scandal, said the report, was that the district repeatedly refused to properly investigate or take responsibility for the cheating. Moreover, the central office told some principals not to co-operate with investigators.

In one case, an administrator instructed employees to tell investigators to “go to hell.” When teachers tried to alert authorities, they were labeled “disgruntled.” One principal opened an ethics investigation against a whistle-blower.

{As NYTwits knew, one or two such Milwaukee/Atlanta educational ‘miracles’ occurred in America each year.}


Sadly, there was little that was newsworthy about a Black male raping a child; but a particular case that was reported from Ohio had a combination of dramatic extras (FoxNews, 5 vii). (1) The alleged perpetrator, 29, had HIV; (2) The child was only six months old; (3) the child was the man’s son; (4) the man was named Lenny Love.

NEWS (of the World) IS BAD NEWS

Hysteria reigned at the Beeb as the discovery of a few more cases of journalistic phone hacking was held to license an all-out assault on kingmaker Rupert Murdoch (who had dumped Labour in the 2010 General Election). As with classical paedophiles, it was unclear what harm phone hackers working for the News of the World had actually done.*

Indeed, an hour of prime-time discussion on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme on each of three days running, while wheeling in the great’n’good Max ‘Hitler’ Hastings and the Grauniad’s editor Alan Rusbridger, did not think it necessary to provide even a single example of phone hacking involving a serious breach of trust (all victims, if alive, knew they were already ‘in the papers’) – or indeed the elicitation of spectacularly money-spinning information.

Still, the nasty habit upset the amour propre of love rats like Labour’s Vice-PM John (lately ‘Lord’) Prescott and ‘actor’ (at playing himself) Hugh Grant (strong-jawed demi-Negress Divine Brown was his “sex fantasy,” the ScrewsNews had revealed).

So action was called for – notably to stop RM buying up BSkyB and becoming the Berlusconi of the English-speaking world and challenging the dominance of the BBC (the 90% ‘liberal’ outfit funded obligatorily by taxation of any Brit using a TV set).

The fact that it was only well-funded entrepreneurial ‘Fourth Estate’ journalists (those of Private Eye as well as News of the Screws) that stood between the public and the incompetence, fraudulence and tyranny of Britain’s ‘liberal’-left peecee politicians and academics was suppressed as much as empirical efforts of wild-west psychologists to counter ignoracism, egalitarianism and paedohysteria.

* One suggestion (Guardian, 6 vii, Melissa Harrison) was that the NoW hacker had deleted messages from the murdered Milly Dowler’s mobile phone, giving her parents the false hope that their daughter was still alive. Yet surely the hacker’s chief concern was to prevent Milly’s messages (some perhaps reflecting family problems – as with her father’s porn and bondage stash which she had discovered) becoming available to hackers from other newspapers.

And, even if the hacker had appreciated that, as a by-product, he would necessarily be ‘raising false hope’ for Milly’s parents, did this merit hacking (in cases of great public interest) being condemned as “appalling,” “so appalling,” “outrageous,” “disgusting,” dreadful,” “nauseating” etc. by just about everyone from Daft Dave downwards?

Why did journalists get up to such tricks? Simply because the information supplied officially by PC Plod was usually so incredibly boring, evading every point in which the public had a keen interest. Heaven forfend that hackerhysteria should result in yet further restrictions on the press!

The story of the naughty hacker(s) ran and ran and ran in UK MSM. Was the demonization a case of parliamentarians wanting revenge on journalists who had exposed their expense rackets in 2009-10; or just of the Labour Party seeking revenge on RM for having dumped them in the 2010 General Election?

Certainly it was rarely mentioned that the annual £45M losses of Britain’s up-market Times were subsidized from within the RM stable by the annual profit of £40M made by the Beeb-scorned News of the World and the Sun.

On 7/7 I sent the above reflections to the Sun, offering to help the beleaguered RM. Too late! RM was already deciding on the breathtaking step of closing the News of the World, apparently reckoning its ‘brand’ had become ‘toxic’ after two years of failure to deal convincingly with the Guardian-led hacking stories.

And who would be pleased with this blow to investigative journalism in Britain? Why, step forward (to the Beeb) sado-masochist Formula 1 boss Max Mosley – though doubtless many caught-out soccer ‘role models’ raised a glass.

What a tragedy! Had the NoW hackers discovered a nest of bomb-making terrorists they would have been national heroes! The hackerhysterics should have been exhorted to read Queensman Jeremy Bentham whose liberalism took the utilitarian form of wanting to punish people chiefly according to the harm they caused – not according the mysterious ‘rights’ of others (“nonsense on stilts,” said Bentham).

Sadly, the West had pandered to PeeCee ‘culture of comfort’ and allowed dire penalization of those who merely ‘offended’ others (most lately by using the word ‘homosexuality’ – banned to its staff by the right-on Scottish Executive); and now it was the turn of journalists, whose main useful activity, investigative journalism (which did not require hurting those from whom information was winkled), was to be cut back in the name of tyrannous peecee illiberalism.

In the previous year, NoW had exposed UK immigration officials teaching Pakistanis how to get in, Britain losing hundreds of jobs daily to immigrants, Pakistani cricketers ‘spot fixing,’ England’s soccer lecher Peter Crouch’s serial infidelities, the yachting ways of BP’s CEO Tony Hayward (during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill), the rather successful ten-year love life of England’s Ph.D.-registered Crossbow Cannibal (Stephen Griffiths – at it four hours a day) with a prison officerette, and the swinging transvestite extramarital sex life of Scottish Socialist MSP and jailed perjurer Tommy Sheridan.

In the past, perhaps its greatest coup had been to publish in 1963 the confessions of luscious top vice girl Christine Keeler of her affairs with Defence Secretary John Profumo and (simultaneously) the Russian Naval Attaché, resulting soon (with the help of Profumo’s lying in Parliament) in the downfall of the Macmillan Government, ending 13 years of Conservative rule.

In the Times (9 vii), top columnist Matthew Parris likewise took the view that eavesdropping (with its corollaries of phone-tapping, theft and breach of trust) was as old as newspapers – resulting sometimes in the persecution of paedophiles and homosexual Black footballers but sometimes in the happier exposure of MPs’ expense-claimed duck houses and of Sarah Ferguson selling access (at .5M per time) to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.


An impressive account of the role of brain tumours in both mass murder and paedophilia was provided by neuroscientist David Eagleman (Baylor U., Texas) – even if his Atlantic Monthly essay (vii/viii) eventually contained more questions than answers.


To a troubled Stateside correspondent, perplexed at American Republicans’ failure to come up with an answer (for 2012) to Barry Hussein Obama (the GOP had come up with some seven Presidential candidates – each distinguished by some variety of lunacy (advocating imprisonment for abortion, Mormonism [two cases], anti-Darwinism [most cases]) or having been out-jousted by Obama already [D. Trump]) – I replied:
America’s Republicans should fund a major top-flight conference of feminists to discuss in the full glare of NYTwit publicity what, if anything, they want to do about Islam. If feminoids, even after well-funded reflection, incl. compulsory attendance at lectures by Samuel P. Huntington, Melanie Phillips etc., are untroubled by today’s America backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Pakistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria then I guess Christian democracy is finished and we can all go to bed – hopefully with reasonable obedient harems as the sweetener for losing our own public culture.

At least Islam has low taxes and low public spending – I’m happily quite unclear as to what its new West-left allies propose to do to overcome that. And true Mueslis have strong reservations about Blecks, you know – not to mention their historic organization of a far larger slave empire than Rome or Alabama ever dreamed of! At least we will thus have revenge on the femiloons – who (not Blecks, the low-IQ or victims of paedophilia) were the busiest conspirators against me at E.LU.


The enthusiasm of some 13-yr girls for paedophilia was exemplified as a Lancashire lass, separated from her father after a broken marriage and lonely after changing schools, took up first with a 25-yr Pakistani and soon with some eight of his Pak friends (some married) – who plied her with drink and cocaine (Sun, 7 vii). Said the girl:
I started sneaking them into my room. Then they got older and older. They would get my number off other men. Some of them didn't have cars so we'd go round the back of the petrol station, we'd go to the church as well. They were from Bangladesh and Pakistan and were all good-looking.

It took two years of (doubtless expensive) effort by her mother, social workers and police to get her to drop her boyfriends – none of whom was prosecuted since the girl refused to testify. {Think! Under Sharia law she could have been married and settled down without costing British taxpayers a penny!}


Showing what could be done to control illegal immigration if a Euroland country had the political will, Denmark doubled the number of its border control officials to 100, enabling more thorough searches of vehicles coming in from Germany and Sweden (D.Fairygraph, 7 vii). Heightening European fears that Denmark’s decision might lead to the unravelling of the E.U.’s Schengen Zone, France’s National Front immediately seized on the Danish initiative with a campaign poster saying “Denmark patrols its borders ... why don’t we?”


The BBC should stand up for Britain's silent majority, said its new chairman, Lord Patten while the director-general, Mark Thompson, admitted “We failed to address taboo subjects like immigration”; so even D.Quislingraph (7 vii) plucked up courage to give the topic a mention.

Lord Patten said the BBC should listen to accusations from viewers. The BBC should avoid pandering to 'metropolitan prejudices' or a 'tasteless common denominator' by standing up for the silent majority, its new chairman has declared. Lord Patten, who also demanded the slashing of senior salaries at the bloated Beeb, said the corporation should listen to accusations that it was 'drowning' viewers and listeners with 'prejudices' and 'stereotypes' from the urban elite.


Sudan, Africa’s largest country (geographically), which had had to endure two generations of civil war and three million dead thanks to a lack of international encouragement for it to split into its warring Muesli (north) and Christian/Animist (south) components, finally slapped PeeCee in the eye by giving birth to the world’s newest country, South Sudan.

One of the tens of thousands of southerner refugees who had escaped (mainly to London) from oil-rich* Khartoum’s peecee-backed oppression explained (Guardian, 8 vii, a 46-yr woman):
South Sudan is very different to the north. We are pure black Africans and mostly Christians. I am Catholic. I am not Arab like the people in the north. They came into Sudan much later than us. I cannot live under their sharia law. That's why we have to separate.

{Sadly, South Sudan (with 8.5M people in an area the size of France) was itself divided among some hundred ethnicities, each with its own language and united only by hatred of the Arabs of the north.}

*75% of Sudan’s oil was located (narrowly) in the south, but it could hardly be sold except via the north. So, what with the landlocked new country’s other neighbours being in a state of permanent upheaval, Khartoum (where the north’s president was wanted for genocide) would retain a stranglehold – and even resume war with the south once it had dealt with other fractious non-Muslim groups (Dafurians, Nubians, Dinka).


Times columnist Giles Coren joined the ranks of British broadsheet writers (see e.g. William McDougall NewsLetter) who had over the years poked occasional fun at Britain’s femininnie-led effort to persecute paedophiles and protect against their slightest overtures by requiring all adults who had contact with children other than their own to be checked and listed by HMG – an operation due to involve half the British population (teachers, nurses, cleaners, churchgoers, parents attending sports days, parents providing lifts to school etc. as well as the inevitable scoutmasters [if any left], athletics coaches, glam rockers and police investigating paedophilia).

Calling all this “paedo-neurosis,” Coren explained that he and a few middle-aged chums had been told by their old school, the elite Westminster School [in the top five nationwide for getting kids into Oxbridge], that they would in future need a Criminal Records Bureau {CRB!} check costing £54-20 to ensure (at least officially) that they would be able to resist temptations to put their hands down boys’ trousers while going to the school’s court to play Eton Fives.

Coren explained that this “lunatic overprotectiveness” of the “shrieking anti-paedo lobby” was bound to win, for he and his mates would tolerate neither the novel expense* nor the hassle nor the indignity of having their credentials thus questioned.

*Eton Fives requires no special uniform or equipment and had been free nationwide for a century to any maintaining contact with a school which had a court. {Yes, Queen Elizabeth’s Boys’ Grammar School, Barnet, had – and surely still has – a court. The hard rubber ball whizzes around fast in the severely enclosed space (squash is leisurely by comparison), probably providing a good test of inspection time and thus intelligence.}


The Church of England faced being wiped out, its own report warned (D.Fairygraph, 10 vii). Having adopted socialism, feminism, homosexuality, environmentalism and Oxfam rather than sex, love, the family and rock’n’roll, the CofE would disappear as a significant national force without an "urgent" campaign to recruit more believers, the report warned.

In the last 40 years the number of adult churchgoers had fallen by half, while the number of children regularly worshipping in public declined by 80 per cent, the study said. The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Rt Rev Paul Butler, presented the findings to the Church's national assembly, the General Synod, in York.


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Monday, July 04, 2011


“I would not get out of bed unless a job offered three times as much as what I get on welfare.” Such was admitted to be the attitude of plenty of his young constituents in Birkenhead (near Liverpool) by Labour MP Frank Field (a longstanding – though unsuccessful -- advocate of welfare reform) (BBC Radio 4, 1 vii, 13:20).

{Fortunately, such Britoid attitudes reflected opportunism rather than genuine socialistification: only 15% of ‘public service’ workers obeyed their trade unions’ calls for strike ‘action’ on June 30th – see previous,


Britain pretty clearly awaited the smack of firm government – which CamCo needed to supply by limiting unemployment benefit to 3 years per life, limiting disability benefit likewise, limiting subsidized council house tenancy to two-parented families with children under 12, limiting the state’s contributions to its employees’ long-distance pensions, limiting the ‘right to strike’ to cases where 60% of a workforce wanted to use it and conscripting all long-term unemployed, disabled, homeless and criminal into a Humanitarian Task Force for Africa in which they could regain self-respect and work habits.... An agenda for the incoming Chinese Empire if Daft Dave and the German Empire [E.U.] had not got round to implementing it....}


In a hilarious development in the top-profile Strauss-Kahn arrest for rape in New York (q.v.), US prosecutors admitted that DSK’s Black chambermaid/housekeeper accuser, 32, had “repeatedly” lied in her dealings with police, as she had in her initial plea for asylum from Guinea (Sun, 1 vii). The woman, a single-parent mother already suspected of prostitution by DSK’s defence, had thus turned out to be a hopelessly unreliable witness, so DSK was freed (though without his passport as prosecutors continued to weigh up possibilities). The New York Times reported (1 vii):
The housekeeper admitted to prosecutors that she lied about what happened after the episode on the 28th floor of the hotel. She had initially said that after being attacked, she had waited in a hallway until Mr. Strauss-Kahn left the room; she now admits that after the episode, she cleaned a nearby room, then returned to Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s suite to clean there. Only after that did she report to her supervisor that she had been attacked.

Prosecutors disclosed that the woman had admitted lying in her application for asylum from Guinea; according to the letter, she “fabricated the statement with the assistance of a male who provided her with a cassette recording” that she memorized. She also said that her claim that she had been the victim of a gang rape in Guinea was also a lie.

The woman also acknowledged that she had misrepresented her income to qualify for her housing, and had declared a friend’s child — in addition to her own daughter — as a dependent on tax returns to increase her tax refund.

Other media sources reported suspicions that the woman had been involved in drug trafficking, resulting in large sums in her bank account from well-known drug dealers. Whether the woman would herself face prosecution (for wasting police time and for fraud, at least) remained unclear. But she had provided an unforgettable demonstration of the Black tendency to dishonesty (itself a sine qua non of most criminality, in Whites as well as Blacks).

What French socialists made of America’s process of ‘justice’ (based apparently on trusting the word of just one Black female) was mainly unprintable. But France’s popular left-wing philosopher, Bernard-Henry Lévy (BHL), spoke of a noble man who had been the victim of a "spiral of horror and calumny". He told Le Parisien that DSK had been "lynched" by the "friends of minorities" in the US. BHL complained that because the victim was "poor and immigrant" she had been presumed innocent, and because DSK was "powerful" he had been presumed guilty (Observer, 3 vii).

The Black maid remained the beneficiary of legally provided anonymity; but her lawyer, Kenneth Thompson, fired the first shots in the forthcoming PR war by declaring that his client would shed her right to privacy and soon go to the media to tell her story. He then repeated her version of events in front of hundreds of journalists and live on TV, with references to her "bruised vagina" and a description of how she spat Strauss-Kahn's semen all over the floor and walls of his room after the alleged assault. (DSK insisted that sex had been consensual.)

Experts compared the situation with the infamous Duke University rape case in 2006, when young, White, student lacrosse players were accused of rape by a poor, black stripper they had hired for a party. The allegations eventually collapsed as the accuser's testimony was shown to be false and it led to the disbarment of the district attorney who had brought the case.


In California, a loopy single-parent mother, Nadya Suleman, had been allowed to have fourteen fatherless children (all by IVF from the same sperm-donor father) whom she found “disgusting animals” but nevertheless graciously minded at state expense – at least three were ‘handicapped’ (Daily Mail, 1 vii, ‘I hate my babies, they disgust me’). {Roll on Islam, backed by China!...}


From June 13th, The g Factor (1996/2000) and one or two other scribblings by and about me began appearing on the web at ‘The Museum of Learning – A Virtual Museum of Knowledge’ Whether this would result result in anyone actually reading and discussing TgF (available free, gratis and for nothing thanks to Philippe Gouillou) remained to be seen....


Not content with having a Black President, America’s young Black males (doubtless frustrated by their totally unsuitable unstreamed ‘education’) increasingly took to rampaging in large numbers (organizing via Twitter and Facebook) through White streets, beaches, parks and stores, stealing and creating mayhem as they went (putting the young rioters of bankrupted Greece to shame....) – e.g. (as one of scores of cases in 2011, largely unreported by MSM) Peoria [Illinois] Chronicle, 26 vi


A poll of 1,008 Jamaicans for The Gleaner newspaper was conducted over four days by U.S. pollster Bill Johnson( Yahoo!News, 28 vi). Sixty percent of those surveyed believed the island would have been better off if it had remained a U.K. colony. Seventeen percent said the island would have been worse off as a British colony; and 23 percent said they did not know. The poll had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Jamaica had achieved independence from Britain in 1962. Since then, the island had struggled with high crime, a hefty debt burden and inefficient government.


Lurv could at least begin to rescue a violent (indeed, serial-killing), dyslexic, bisexual, maniacally jealous young French gypsy from his psychopathy. Such was the splendid message of EIFF’s packed-house production of ‘American Translation’ in which penis-flashing psychopath ‘Christopher’ got his gal and slowed down his murder rate – eventually even declining to murder his niftily-nippled number’s father despite being sorely provoked (admittedly the businessman dad had enough sense to leave before Christopher’s rage reached final fever pitch).

No psychologist could have felt unmoved at this documentation of psychopathic sexual conquest even if the film made it go on for a few days longer than typically happened in real life – the film had the happy couple driving in a dormobile for a week around the wastelands of northern France, bumping off homosexual male prostitutes after threesomes as they went, the murders ‘solidifying the bond between them.’

Thankfully the cops (headed by a de rigeur saintly Black) caught up with the hard-scr*wing murderers in the end. Post-film, the director explained the film was based on several individual case histories he had been able to collect. Which was fine, except that my own three-year acquaintance with the cream of England’s psychopaths never once required me to consider a single case of salvation by love.

Indeed, I rather concluded from my hundreds of hours of interviewing cons that love was a happy luxury for the high-IQ and that the low-IQ were generally better off with obedience. Love works if you’re reasonably intact – and ‘Christopher’ had good sexual skills, knowing the importance of nipple-squeezing; but without substantial psychological infrastructure the effect is slight. Still, it was good to see EIFF putting on yet another film without a left-wing message (see previous).

Yes, I did come across several cases of girls falling for a ‘strong’ but unfortunately psychopathic man. One was an Italian who had made a marriage of convenience (for UK citizenship) to a largely genial fat English lorry driver who then became so mad about her that he would drive his lorry at high speeds (racing the cops in deliberately daredevil escapades) to get back to her for sex, which he needed at least thrice daily (but six times was his ideal).

Even once he was imprisoned for seven years for causing death by dangerous driving, she regularly turned up for prison visits – a rarity, with HMP Grendon being twenty miles from the nearest railway station. Another was a charming, chubby and orgasmic Edinburgh lawyerette who, not content with having a son by a several-times-imprisoned psychopath who had often beaten her, hooked up with a paranoid and jealous E’bro lawyer/solicitor who reduced her to a wreck within five years, bankrupted himself and her by fraudulent wheezes and finally and sensationally ended putting both of them in jail (E’bro cops yanked them off a plane just as they tried to escape to the Argentine).


The West’s unimaginative support for the loony and jihadist-backed ‘Arab Spring’ achieved new levels of hilarity as a Nato commander (Admiral Locklear, Naples – D. Fairygraph, 26 vi) admitted that his outfit’s objective in Libya was to assassinate the LSE-backing Colonel Gadawfu (the victor in 100 days of Nato attrition); and as reports emerged of the West sending the Benghazi rebels munitions (via Qatar) – both wheezes going even further than Nato’s bombing of Gadawfu’s lorries and grandchildren, beyond the UN-permitted ‘no fly zone’ and at a cost to Britain alone of £1M per day.

Likewise the BBC’s idealism aspired to new ludicrousness as the Corporation turned its airwaves over to Burma’s Ang Sang WhoShee who had sacrificed her Oxford husband and children to no conspicuous love of country or even of any of its warring ethnic factions nor even to any plan as to what Burma’s 50-yr-ruling Generals should actually do (they already allowed her life, TV, visitors and enough liberty to give Reith Lectures on the Beeb).

Was demakrazy the objective of these money- and time-wasters? What, the power to destroy education,* tolerate third-world immigrant slave labour and bankrupt one’s country for a generation by enforced lending to subprimes as the West’s politicians had done?!

Most Libyans and Burmese would have surely preferred serious Chinese investment – as Greece seemed likely to enjoy while the peecee-wasted Germans were disinclined to seize their fresh opportunity of European empire.

* The universities of England were due to get another kicking from CamCo as they and the Government competed in conspicuous idealism – to take in as many down-and-out comprehensively wrecked teens as possible. But it was already too late. There were already 83 applicants for every job that ‘graduates’ wanted (a 25% increase on 2010).

Negotiating the Brands’ Book Festival outings up by E’bro Castle, the nice English salesgirl told me she had a degree in Eng.Lit. from E.LU. and an M.Phil. top-up to boot. “What’s the package worth?” I asked. “Well, you can get a job in a bookstore,” she replied.

(I was reminded of a 1980s economics graduate from E.LU. telling me “You can get a job as a bank clerk”; and of a 1990s clinical psychology M.Phil. explaining her work as “We chiefly do committee work as to how to increase the number of clinical psychologists.” Mercifully my own star students from ancient history are all OK, two of them having had Chairs, one an E’bro Festival performer, and all of them stinking rich and doing their eugenic duties.)


More than 2,000 young victims of ‘grooming’ (90% female, for cheap sex) were identified since January 2008 -- but they were likely to be just a small proportion of those affected, said taxpayer-bountied geniuses of the Labour-largessed ‘Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre’ (CEOP) (D. Quislingraph, 20 vi).

Among the findings of CEOP's five-month inquiry was that 20% of the perpetrators of grooming identified and 26% of actual child abusers were of Asian [i.e. Srindopakeshi – in fact, in this as in many cases, Pakistani] origin even though such ‘Asian’ males only constituted 1% of the UK population (Guardian, 29 vi); but CEOP insisted with peecee propriety that there was no ethnic link.

Children who went missing or plainly ran away from their [often disgusting single-parent council house] homes were found to be particularly vulnerable to grooming; but whether they did better under ‘Asian’ pimping than under British social workers or homegrown paedophiles was not a matter on which research was allowed.


The Land of Oz, once famed for its traditional Irish Catholic values, proverbially separating men from women even at parties in their own homes, found its modernizing attempts sent up as a leading fashion designerette claimed she had been raped in the lunisex toilet of the top Sydney Ivy Club by a chap who ‘used his strength to undress her’ – though she admitted to putting up little resistance and to having been ’tipsy’ at the time.

The same kind of problem had been demonstrated in the film ‘American Translation’ (q.v.) where the serially murderous ‘Christopher’ had first enamoured his amply-aureolaed rich-girl partner-to-be-in-crime by French-kissing her (at some length|) in a Parisian lunisex lav.

{Lunisex pissoirs had been introduced in the oh-so-artistic Guggenheim Museum in New York of 2005; but Brits had battled hard against New Labour to keep lunisex wards out of the NHS.}


A fine summary of the latest evidence on the importance of the g factor in predicting job success, with admission of racial differences and accompanied by a sustained plea that businessmen should be able to use IQ tests in selection without facing fearsome penalties, was provided by neurologist-turned-lawyer Professor Amy Wax (U. Pennsylvania Law School) in a paper available here but due for publication in the William & Mary Law Review in the autumn.

Whether AW was prepared for the controversy that her major paper would inevitably provoke remained unclear – she had avoided all reference to Art Jensen, Phil Rushton and indeed The g Factor (1996/2000), presumably hoping to mollify the left. Her main bag was to say Blacks could blame past, but not present ‘racism’ for their woes’ – e.g. here:
Wax is well aware that past discrimination created black-white disparities in education, wealth, and employment. Still, she argues that discrimination today is no longer the “brick wall” obstacle it once was, and that the main problems for poor and working-class blacks today are cultural ones that they alone can fix. Not that they alone should fix —Wax is making no moral argument— but that they alone can fix.

Still, Wax’s scholarly re-assertion of the centrality of low IQ was certain to terrify a ‘liberal’-left that had thought it had buried the London School. And she was Jewish, which might spare her the more intellectual forms of left-wing vindictiveness.


A new study suggested that, depending on where they are in their menstrual cycles, women have very varying reactions towards strange men. At their most fertile, women are more suspicious of men they see as outside of their social or racial group and who they perceive as being physically threatening. This meant that prejudice could, at least partially, be a by-product of biology (Huffington Post, 29 vi). The Michigan researchers found that when they were at their most fertile, women (especially if they said they found males ‘threatening’) showed increased bias against men belonging to a group different from their own.


As dour tennis champ Roger Federer’s reign was savagely interrupted by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (26, having a Congolese father) coming back at Wimbledon from a straightforward two-sets-down to an easy-enough 5-2 victory, Tsonga emerged as not only a remarkable sportsman but as a good-natured type who still modestly referred to Swiss Federer as “the best in the world.”

But could Tsonga explain the remarkable turn-around in the match? Had he discovered Federer had a weak forehand, so played to it? That F didn’t like being brought to the net? Nope! “I just found I was playing better,” Tsonga told the BBC. One was reminded of what art critics not uncommonly say about painters (also a group in which IQ is of little importance compared to years of practice and experience), that painters’ accounts of their own achievements are largely uncomprehending when not outright incomprehensible.

{Fast bowlers in cricket are often similarly inarticulate as to how they found or did not find ‘a length.’ As to soccer stars, they are seldom even interviewed since their accounts of their achievements are so embarrassingly bad – as well as containing much boasting and many swear words.}

{Was this the reason that the hyper-rationalists of Tsonga’s homeland, France, gave his victory little attention in their press (30 vi), preferring to dwell on a government reshuffle, the (doubtless well-ransomed) release by the Taleban of two French journalists who had madly gone to explore Afghastliland, and the sex life of Prince Albert of Monaco?}


Beatles’ leader John Lennon had acquired US-Republican sympathies at least a year before his death (murdered for his former apostasy) in 1980. According to the superstar’s last personal aide, the one-time pacifist author of ‘Imagine’ became fed up with Pres. Jimmy Carter and would argue with socialists whenever he had the chance to do so in private (Toronto Sun, 30 vi).

{Likewise, UK popstar Roger Daltrey gave an interviewe attacking Labour for importing semi-slaves to the detriment of what remained of the British working class.}


As the useless socialistified ‘teachers’ of England managed a day’s strike, depriving a million families of child-minding services, it emerged that TWO ugly hate-filled women leading the teachers' strike were left-wing extremists who put their twisted politics ahead of kids' education (Sun, 30 vi). NUT general secretary Christine Blower, a former Socialist Party candidate, once kept her daughter off school in protest at national curriculum tests; and union president Nina Franklin had denied that Labour-run Britain had built up a budget deficit, i. e. was bankrupt; and she had and pledged to lead teachers in their "fight" with the Government.

Blower climbed the ladder with the backing of the Socialist Workers Party -- the anarchic mob on parade during London’s 2010 student riots. Franklin prided herself on being a dinosaur because "they ruled the Earth for 160million years" Both believed in left-wing policies advocated by former miners' leader of the 1980s, Arthur Scargill -- and repeatedly rejected by the British public.

Members of the NUT, as well as those from the smaller ATL teaching union, were staging the walkout -- joining 100,000 civil servants in a dispute over public sector pensions which the bubble-loving vote-buying Labour Party had inflated along with state sector salaries and the bonuses of the likes of high-lending future-mortgaging RBS banker ‘Sir’ Fred the Shred Goodwin and his cronies.


Further confirmation of Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s findings in their IQ and the Wealth of Nations came from an economist at George Mason University, Garrett Jones, who approvingly summarized and updated L&V’s work and added his own hypotheses that higher-IQ countries were more likely to grow their savings, show co-operation and encourage competition (Asian Developmental Review, vi 2011). Correctly, Jones noted that {obsessed with the footling panaceas of socialism and capitalism}, “economists have almost entirely overlooked the evidence that persistent differences in national cognitive skills are likely to have impacts on the economy.”


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