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Providing perhaps Britain' last chance of ridding itself of multiculturalism, Channel 4 TV discovered that "Asian" (i.e. Srindopakeshi, probably Pakistani) men were busily paedophiling young Yorkshire girls in the town of Keighley (22 viii).

There was at least a possibility that Britain's useless tabloids -- mainly supportive of a decade of traitorous government-sponsored "anti-racism" -- would go incandescent at this story. According to the outspeaking local Labour M.P., Anne Cryer, Pakistani men were often expected by their families to marry a Pakistani girl and thus provide another invader with a passport to UK Nirvana; so, sexually frustrated while their parents were arranging them such a "marriage" (politely waiting for the bride-to-be to reach age 12), the young men had taken to hanging around Keighley schools in their cars at the end of the school day, playing loud music and inviting under-age chicas for drink, drugs and gangbangs that left even the most sluttish of them shaking (according to their mothers).



The television industry is so in thrall to political correctness that soap and drama writers now routinely consult pressure groups for advice on what they consider offensive, the Edinburgh Television Festival heard. In the annual Alternative MacTaggatt Lecture, Rod Liddle, the former editor of Radio 4's "Today" programme, called on producers to ignore attempts by organisations such as the Commission for Racial Equality, the mental health charity Mind and the anti-smoking group Ash to dictate what is broadcast. "They hector and harry you into portraying society as they would like it to be, rather than as what it is", Mr Liddle told an audience of broadcasters. {Rod Liddle had resigned from the BBC after being ordered to close down a weekly right-wing broadcast by Thatcherite novelist Frederick Forsyth. The editor of the Radio 4's "flagship" Today programme had obeyed -- an act he later deplored as "spineless" but was soon in more trouble making approving noises about the pro-foxhunting "Countryside Alliance".}



With their acclaimed sixth season in Edinburgh, "The Ladyboys of Bangkok" (boys groomed and re-hormoned from childhood to be lissome and raunchy sexpot transvestites) showed that males with their Prof.-Steve-Jones-castigated "small" Y chromosomes would be able to cope in even an entirely feminized world.

Applauded fulsomely alike by female as by male drinkers in their enormous tent on Edinburgh's Meadows, the hip-wiggling breast-enhanced danseurs proved capable of being more Catherine Zeta-Jones than Catherine Zeta-Jones, more Kidman than Kidman and more Madonna than Madonna -- leaving only Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks" as a more popular Festival event. The Thai boys' triumph coincided with the news that only 1.06% of the world's 565 chess grandmasters were female, showing males superior in chess as well as in cabaret.



France's top intellectual, the anti-anti-American Bernard Henri-Levy (known as "B.H.L." insisted to his many Parisian fans that there really was a problem with international terror -- but that it came not from Iraq, Iran, Saudi or Syria but from the secret police service of Pakistan, which B.H.L. believed provided the main infrastructure for O.K.BinLiner. In the USA, the newly poached Brito-Irish history professor, Niall Fergusson, defended the USA against charges of imperialism -- pointing out that the UK had done a far better job of this, sending millions of men and capital around the world whereas modern America's budget (like the modern UK's) is spent chiefly on its own underclass.



The editor of America's weekly newspaper for its traitorous "Nation of Islam" resigned in the wake of the publication of a story asserting that the family of Martin Luther King suspected that the left-wing-darling Rev. Jesse Jackson was "complicit" in the 1968 assassination of the sainted civil rights leader, paedophile King [according to FBI records].

Editor James G. Muhammad regretted he had "not looked sufficiently deeply" into a story by his staff condemning left-loon Jackson (best known for supporting fellatio- and feminazie-enthusiast Bill Clinton through that President's time of troubles, Jackson having his own multiple marital problems at the time).



Scientists in Finland discovered a gene, DYXC1, which (when in a damaged form) produces developmental dyslexia.



Infuriating feminists, Britain's National Health Service decided to recognize infertility in women of age 23-39 as an ailment for which free treatment should be supplied. Such women would henceforth be allowed three free IVF cycles. Some doctors maintain that female infertility is a greater cause of misery than cancer; but, proclaiming her happiness with her own childlessness, femininnie Times columnist Joan Smith deplored the fact that gynaecology, fertility treatment and cosmetic surgery were all "dominated by men" and denounced the new NHS development as "giving in to a peculiarly sexist moral blackmail" (Times, 27 viii).



Reporting on learning and other behaviour in 56 relatively outbred mice, a g-type factor was claimed by L. D. Matzel et al. (2003, J. Neuroscience 23).

Writing in Nature (28 viii, p. 1004), psychometrist Steve Blinkhorn noted the importance of a study combining experimental and factorial methods: "... the pattern of correlations between all five [diverse] learning tasks is entirely positive, and ... sufficient to define a single [g-type] factor." The five tasks were:

1. passive avoidance of sensory overload

2. active running of a Lashley maze to gain a food reward

3. odour discrimination

4. fear conditioning

5. water maze

These tasks apparently inter-correlated at around r =.35.

In addition, the "g' factor was significantly loaded by: proportion of time spent in the more open areas of the free field

In the twentieth century, "Learning theorists' and other students of animal behaviour had largely neglected to undertake such work. This was partly because they were ideologically behaviouristic and partly because they used highly inbred stocks so as to focus on what species members had in common. However, political scientist James Flynn once recorded (1987, "The ontology of intelligence'): "In fact, g has some application even across species. Human children can be given certain of the performance tests designed for animals, and this reveals that g-loaded tasks put apes ahead of monkeys, monkeys ahead of dogs, and dogs ahead of chickens."

The new work is apparently the best evidence to date of a g factor within another species. So much for those psychologists who have joined the late Marxist Stephen Jay Gould in denying the reality of g differences (e.g. "The whole notion of a 'general, global intelligence factor' is largely rejected by psychologists seeking to operationalize intelligent behaviour" -- Carol AUBREY, 1983, Bulletin of the British Psychological Society 36!

Like real-world and real-life features as "heat' and "vigour', g takes a variety of forms -- as Doctor Johnson said, "Sir, the man who has vigour may walk to the North as well as to the South, to the East as well as to the West." From 1977 onwards, g was found not only in the symbol-using tasks (words, numbers, diagrams) by which it was most readily measured but also in low-level processing of perceptual information, notably the inspection time tasks (requiring rapid intake -- but not output -- of simple information, e.g. whether one of two briefly exposed parallel lines was longer than another).

For more see The g Factor.

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Chris Brand has been posting up a storm lately, so I have transferred his latest posts here for convenience:


The late Stephen Jay Gould's last book, The Hedgehog, the Fox and the Magister's Pox, did not cut much ice with Nobelist reviewer Philip W. Anderson (Times Higher, 15 viii 2003):

"Gould's elaborate style and wide erudition, however casually organized, appeal to many. He offers a plethorora of intriguing anecdotes from the early history of science, but the sum does not amount to an argument focused on the issues he raises."



For the Beeb as the new Big Brother, see my contribution to the Times Higher Common Room, 19 viii "Should the BBC continue to be funded by licence?"



I have recently visited the websites of some fifty Labour Mps (made possible via I was astonished to find that very few showed any anti-racist commitment (the most notable "anti-racists" were Michael Clapham, Jean Corston and Paul Flynn). Several Mps were positively expressing reservations about minorities/diversity/multiculturalism etc. (notably Adrian Bailey, Russell Brown, Chris Bryant and Julia Drown). But the vast majority gave racial issues a complete miss -- just as if they knew the tide was going to turn at some point and didn't want to be hoist with their own petards.



The UK Government busybody "Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service" told employers they would not be able to defend against accusations of homophobism by saying they just did not know how many homosexuals they were employing (Independent, 19 viii).

Big firms promptly began seeking the advice of the homosexualist pressure group Stonewall, for if they conduct anonymous surveys Stonewall might still argue that many gays had feared to "out" themselves in the workplace unless assured of having their asses licked.



were exposed by the News of the World (17 viii) as defrauding the UK's National Health Service of £2billion annually;and the Daily Mail and Daily Express exposed the fact that asylum seekers (allowed in by British generosity) could purchase themselves a full-blown UK identity, including utility bills, for £1,300. The Times came out in favour of health checks for African arrivals.



After demonizing Detective Constable Brian Stevens for a year, the Crown Prosecution Service (a tool of feminazies and gypsies -- as in the cases against TV "rapist" host John Leslie and property-defending Norfolk farmer Tony Martin) dropped all charges of indecent assault, paedophilic downloadings etc., admitting that, apart from its own investigative mistakes, the case against Stevens had been entirely speculative.

In Scotland, a 42-year minister of the Church of Scotland (married, with three children) was cleared by a church tribunal of having groped a 60-year-old woman whom he was counselling.



Despite years of Government and kindred elite propaganda favouring "diversity"/multiculturalism, a YouGov poll for the Sun found dullard immigration to be the top concern of Britons (Daily Telegraph, 19 viii). Asked to list the most important political issues facing Britain, 39 per cent identified immigration and asylum, while 32 per cent cited law and order, nine per cent terrorism and six per cent focused on the euro. The Government announced it would set up an inquiry into the consequences of mass immigration – the first such inquiry to be held into the years of treachery by British politicians, academics and employers. Non-EU immigration was running at around a quarter of a million a year; and 86% of Brits wanted health checks on immigrants (with only 7% against).



announced it would relax its marital restrictions requiring the agreement of a couple's employers and a check to ensure the prospective partners are free of infectious diseases; but it said it would maintain the prohibition on either partner having any mental problems (Daily Telegraph, 21 viii).



was explained for Times readers (22 viii) by Sean Thomas (who had written sympathetically about the London School in the Spectator, 24 v). Thomas noted that IQs of 170 and over are achieved thirteen times more commonly by males; whereas among children having "severe special needs" 72% are boys.

Discussing the idea of Richard Lynn that adult may even be a little brighter on average than females, Thomas concluded: "what we can expect for the future of Britain is this: a society dominated by a male elite above a cadre of diligent and bright but not superbright women, with a bottom layer, an underclass, of considerably more stupid men."



Here are the topics on which contributions from the nice young ladies of Art History are invited by the constructibabbling Chicago Art Journal (run from the Department of Art History, University of Chicago

Possible Topics Include (but are not limited to): Decay. Abundance. Refuse. Kitsch. Artificiality. Transgression. Indulgence. Perversity. Pleasure. Hedonism. Sensuousness. Sickness. Instability. Degeneracy. Debasement. Exhaustion. Morbidity. Sub/Counter-Culture. Fetishism. Transformation. Decline. Taste. Style. The Sublime. and Filthy Lucre.



Australians backed jailed "One Nation" leader Pauline Hanson, calling her their "Joan of Arc" as some 80% of calls to radio stations ran in her favour (Times, 22 viii). Hanson had been wickedly jailed for three years for minor "electoral fraud" -- which had passed quite unnoticed for several years: she had declared she had 500 party members (in order to get a state grant for her party) when in fact she should have said "supporters", since many of the members had paid her no money. Even some top members of the Australian Labour Party expressed surprise at the swingeing sentence awarded her (and also her deputy leader).

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Chris Brand has not put up much lately so I thought I might post it all here:
John Ray


According to Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn’s homepage, skin color and intelligence have been shown to be linked in African Americans (LYNN, 2002, Population and Environment 23, 365-375). Lynn’s paper apparently presented new evidence showing conclusively for the first time that lighter skinned Blacks have higher IQs than darker skinned Blacks. This supports the theory that the proportion of white ancestry is a determinant of the intelligence of African Americans. (Older studies found weaker results, perhaps because the whiter Blacks of the past were likely to have been the product of unions involving Southern slavers or their farmhands -- a rural and thus relatively low-IQ group.)


More than two-thirds of Australians are fed up with political correctness. A survey of 1200 people by research company The Truth Report found more than 70% of men and 65% of women are tired having to watch what they say. Those aged 18 to 24 and over 50 were most likely to be annoyed.


Germaine Greer’s forthcoming glossy book, The Boy, full of pictures (more) of “ravishing” barely legal boys (“himbos”) with hairless chests, wide-apart legs and slim waists, is an “art book”. Greer, 64, told the Sydney Morning Herald. She wouldn't say exactly how young the “boys” were in her book but cheerily admitted the book would “get me into a lot of trouble” and expected she will be called a paedophile. “I know that the only people who are supposed to like looking at pictures of boys are a subgroup of gay men”, she wrote last year in London's Daily Telegraph. “Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests”.

Asked on Canadian television what attracted her to “boys” rather than men, she said: “Sperm that runs like tap water will do.” {At the same time, the Westminster Parliament prepared for the second reading of a paedohysterical bill which would make even consensual kissing between under-16s illegal.} {Meanwhile the young “beach boys” of Jamaica were doing a roaring trade supplying “big bamboo” to lustful 40+-year-old women from the USA and Canada. Apparently the women do not think of themselves as using prostitutes because they hold to the racial theory that Black boys are bursting for it.}


Confirmation came for Hans Eysenck’s 1995 book Genius which claimed creative achievement to be linked to Psychoticism and testosterone. Work in New Zealand on 280 scientists found that most of their best work had been done by age 35 and that within five years of making their nuptial vows, after which testosterone levels settle down, nearly a quarter of married scientists had made their last significant contribution to history's hall of fame.