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While Britain's molly-coddled prisoners watched soaps and played with their ipods at a cost of œ50Kp.a. per (often Black and/or Muslim) man to taxpayers, China was setting its own gulag of prisoners to work in Africa, helping organize slave labour in Zambia, Sudan, Angola and the `Democratic Republic of the Congo' - labour which Africans found marginally preferable to slow starvation under the Western aid regimes that had destroyed their native economies (Daily Mail, 30 ix).


As Italy continued to lead the way for Western Europe in opposing illegal third-world immigration (gypsies, Albanians, North Africans), the country was said to have arrested 12,000 suspects in the course of 2008 - and provoked counter-protests by 7,000 people in Milan and riots in that city's immigrant district of Cernusco (Christian Science Monitor, 1 x). {Austrians too posed problems for the peecee E.U. by swinging substantially to `far right' (but non-violent) parties in elections, doubling the nationalist vote in the two years since 2006 to 29%. And, as the `credit crunch' kicked in, Spain - where immigrants (both legal and illegal) made up some 14% of the population, up from 3% in 1998 -- began paying unemployment benefit in advance to jobless foreigners who promised to return home for at least three years (Financial Times, 27 ix).}


Despite coming only 104th in national ratings of student satisfaction with teaching quality and only 15th in overall ratings (Student, 30 ix), E.LU. announced that, with the help of a œ3.4M grant to (my Ph.D. student) Professor Ian Deary, it would establish a Centre for Cognitive Ageing, Cognitive Epidemiology and Cognibabbling in General - always so long as race received no mention and even the use of terms like intelligence and IQ was kept to a minimum..


In the course of a typically lively tirade from maverick British political philosopher,* John Gray -- predicting that `credit crunch' spelled the end of America's system of unregulated capitalism {though hadn't they thrown the Enron operatives and Lord Black into jail, and wasn't it America's peecee socialism of unsecured mortgages that had led to the crunch?...} and of American world hegemony itself -- the one-time Thatcherite (lately more Green) made an interesting admission, about the Iraq occupation (Guardian, 29 ix):
"The success of the surge, which has been achieved by bribing the Sunnis, while acquiescing in ongoing ethnic cleansing, has produced a condition of relative peace in parts of the country."

As in Cyprus, ex-Yugoslavia, Israel, Northern Ireland and indeed the USA itself, peace between rival ethnic groups was being largely achieved by nothing more politically sophisticated than physical separation - how embarrassing for the praters of multiculturalism!

* Newly retired, at 60, from his chair in European Thought at the London School of Economics - presumably because the great drinking man had some serious discontent with the U.K.'s luniversities and their state-miseducated illiterate `students.'


Journalist Charles Murray, co-author with Richard Herrnstein of The Bell Curve (1994), set out in words of one syllable for benighted Funday Times readers (28 ix) the importance of educational streaming -- though carefully avoiding any mention of Francis Galton, Charles Spearman, Cyril Burt, Art Jensen, Hans Eysenck or The g Factor.


The age-old truth that - though poor girls have more babies than rich girls -- rich men spread their genes around more successfully than poor men was confirmed by researchers at Newcastle University (New Scientist, 29 ix).


After some fifteen years of what I have called padohysteria, it was admitted by a female child psychologist that "our anxiety [to protect children] does ultimately discriminate against men" and in particular deters men from taking up careers in teaching (Daily Telegraph, 30 ix). Said Dr Tanya Byron (who was the presenter of a BBC TV show on problem children and an adviser to HMG on internet safety): "There is this paranoid, over-the-top concern about paedophilia and child molestation - that it is not safe to leave children with men." She said research by HMG's Training and Development Agency found boys worked better with male teachers.


A Conservative shadow minister spoke out a fraction on immigration: multiculturalism in the UK had left a "terrible" legacy, creating a vacuum that has been filled by extremists from across the political spectrum, the shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, warned. In an interview with the Guardian (27 ix) on the eve of the Conservative party conference, Grieve said that "long-term inhabitants" had been left fearful, while second- and third- generation immigrants felt alienated and unsure what British values were.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


"In 1928, as the United States headed toward the Wall Street crash, Josef Stalin unveiled a "great breakthrough," the first five-year plan for making the Soviet Union supremely modern at any cost. Not only was agriculture to be collectivized, nature itself was to be transformed by Soviet science.

Unfortunately, the science in question was false. Its champion, a self-taught geneticist by the name of Trofim Lysenko, is now a byword for scientific fraud. His archrival, [Nikolai Vavilov,] the subject of Peter Pringle's new book, is a less well-known figure who might have saved the Soviet Union but instead was sacrificed on the altar of communist ideology."


To widespread neglect, the discoverer of the 20th-century IQ-test-score-rise, jaunty ethnic-Eirish Prof. Jim Flynn blamed Blecks' across-the-board socio-economic failures on the only interesting thing about them, their youth culture of sex, violence, misogyny and disrespec' (New Scientist, 3 ix) - Jim little thinking to ask whether this US/UK Black culture was not simply an understandable reaction to growing up stupid yet patronized in a successful White society (by contrast, African Blacks just join armies and rape and pillage with impunity, having no need to spend their time merely rappin' about such possibilities).


After two months of media suppression, anti-PeeCee heroes Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (seeking asylum in the USA after being found guilty of `race hate speech,' esp. anti-Semitism, and going on the run to Los Angeles - see July) resurfaced, submitting an Appeal to Leeds Crown Court (Selby Times [the newspaper for Sheppard's home town in Yorkshire], 18 ix).

An account of the case and of the shockingly tyrannical state of English law re race hate speech, together with addresses to which financial contributions for The Heretical Two could be sent, was provided at http://hereticaltwo.nfshost.com/. The Sheppard website at www.heretical.com consisted of 750 pages and over 2 million words, being a collection of articles and excerpts covering a wide range of topics. Just twelve web pages had been the subject of criminal charges.


As weeks went by without glitterati Cambridge intellectual George Steiner clarifying his off-the-cuff race realism and thus improving on the cowardice of Nobelist James Watson (see above for both oldies), a nice reminder of Steiner's former Soviet sympathies appeared (National Review, 29 ix), perhaps explaining his embarrassment:

"Reviewing The Gulag Archipelago in The New Yorker in 1974, George Steiner wrote that "to infer that the Soviet terror is as hideous as Hitlerism is not only a brutal oversimplification but a moral indecency," revealing with those words the vast blind spot of Western Left intellectuals.

Despite Solzhenitsyn, that blind spot continues. As [Tim] Tzouliadis notes [The Forsaken], it has enabled the story of what happened to the Americans who sought work in Soviet Russia to disappear down the memory hole. And since so many continue to believe that the Soviet repression was hardly comparable to that of the Nazis, many will deny that in the Soviet Union, as the author concludes, its defining story "was the murder of millions of innocent citizens by the state."


Asked by a supporter to report on the current state of the Pioneer Foundation, I was shocked to discover no mention of The g Factor at the PF website and wrote as follows:

"..for the Pioneers to have failed to support me and now, it turns out, to decline even to *mention* my TgF, that takes some doing. Of course, Phil R. probably never liked my venturing a little criticism of his Race, Evolution & Behavior (review attached). But really! If only Hans Eysenck had had enough authority and gumption to bang heads together!? Think of it: academic race realism, if heard from a unified chorus of support for TgF, could have prevented sub-prime lending, the credit crunch and the probably coming American race war! -- Ah well, at least the neglect of the London School means we're all able to enjoy our own chosen stocks and shares in peace without being firebombed....

Best, -- Chris."


Authoress and single mum (as was) J.K.Rowling's loopy donation of œ1M (of her œ600M fortune) to Labour, because of that party's devotion to single-parent families, was promptly and properly ridiculed in the Sun by Fergus Shanahan (23 ix) - though FS should have mentioned that single-parenting works O.K. in the (increasingly rare) case where the mother and baby are of high IQ.


A fine case for educational streaming (including practical education and apprenticeships for dumbos) was made in The Cornell Daily Sun by Katie Engelhart (18 ix). I replied encouragingly, referring Katie to Chapter 4 of TgF (published 24 ix).


As politicians in Washington wrestled to prevent meltdown of America's banks, while avoiding blaming the politicians who had caused bankers to over-lend to `sub-prime' Blacks, Hispanics and Mexican illegals* and thus over-stimulated house prices, an astonishingly inflammatory attack on the U.S. Republicans' vice-presidential nominee was reported by CNN (25 ix):

"Rep. Alcee Hastings told an audience of Jewish Democrats that they should be wary of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin because "anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks." "If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida said at a panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats."
{That such far-out sentiments should surface was not surprising to those who knew that both `community organizer' Osambo and `feminist' Hitlery, the leaders of the 2008 Democrats, both drew their inspiration from Chicago Jewish left-loon agitator Saul Alinsky (1909-71) (American Thinker, 26 ix).}

* In 2005, the Washington Post had noted: "Hispanics, the nation's fastest-growing major ethnic or racial group, have been courted aggressively by real estate agents, mortgage brokers and programs for first-time buyers that offer help with closing costs. Ads proclaim: "Sin verificacion de ingresos! Sin verificacion de documento!"-which loosely translates as, `Income tax forms are not required, nor are immigration papers.'"

In 2008, TownHall recorded (24 ix): "Thanks to lax Bush administration-approved policies allowing illegal aliens to use "matricula consular cards" and taxpayer identification numbers to open bank accounts, more forms of mortgage fraud have burgeoned. Moneylenders still have no access to a verification system to check Social Security numbers before approving loans."

An AmRen correspondent wrote: "This financial meltdown had its origins in a push to give home loans to people who had no down payments, bad credit, and an inability or unwillingness to pay. Considerable effort has been expended by many experts laying out the precise chronology of just how this debacle escalated, and you've got to understand that without the pressure applied by Clinton and others, including Reno, Barney Frank, Andrew Cuomo, et al, there would be no sub-prime mortgages to package and sell as investments. Only the leftist radicals are denying this, but they too will shut up once the diversity scheme has been exposed further."

Another AmRen correspondent said: "Among national-profile politicians, Jack Kemp (R) and Barney Frank (D) have been the biggest villains in all this. Each for a good two decades or more, they relentlessly pushed programs to promote "affordable" housing - that is, homes carrying low-money-down financing designed to make homeowners out of people with limited or poor credit. Guess what? Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately represented among these homebuyers."

Unsurprisingly, the Jewish Frank, Congressman for Boston, was foremost amongst those arguing for total nationalization of the US banks, with no penalties for wankers who had so enthusiastically gone along with peecee-multiculturalist stipulations to lend to `sub-primes.' (The near-sighted Kemp had grown up in the 95% Jewish community of West Los Angeles and had many Jewish sympathies - though his parents had sent him to the Church of Christ Scientist.)

Another AmRen correspondent asked: "If the government takes on all the bad loans; will it then handle them in the affirmative action manner? Minority loans will be forgiven, but whites will pay the full amount at a greatly increased interest rate to make up the difference. White people that pay their bills will be told to pay more in fees, interest and taxes or what??? These may be dumb questions; but based on government actions over the last 50 years; I cannot help but wonder."

Another: "The Clintonistas were the the source, but it was clearly unqualified individual minorities who were the willing recipients. No one forced them to sign on the dotted line. No one forced them to commit to a mortgage. They viewed mortgage loans as just one more type of entitlement and in a very real sense there were entitlements. Which brings me to [the] question of who will pay for these entitlements. [Certainly], it is overwhelmingly whites who will pay and they will pay in many different forms. They will pay by being hit with even higher state and federal taxes. They will pay by seeing their tax deferred savings accounts, mostly in the form of various mutual funds, loose value as the stocks that they represent take a dive, and they will also pay because the economic downturn which the sub-prime mortgage debacle is causing and will worsen will decrease their standard of living and possibly leave them unemployed with no savings but a social security check made out in nearly worthless dollars. Yet one more example of just how much of a wonderful thing our state sponsored "diversity" really is!"
I thus wrote to the Torygraph as follows:
To: The Editor; Daily Telegraph; London

From: Mr C. R. Brand; Edinburgh EH8 9PP

27 ix 2008

Dear Editor,

In setting out the steps from 'toxic mortgages' to the likely part-nationalization of U.S. banking (Daily Telegraph, 27th September, pp.4-5) you arguably omitted one step. 'The first black President of the U.S.A.," as Bill Clinton called himself, had regulated tough penalties for banks that failed to provide 'affordable homes' for minorities;* President George W. Bush continued this encouragement of 'sub-prime mortgages' and even extended such help for people with no incomes, jobs or assets ('NINJAS') to Mexican illegal immigrants.** It was this which yielded the steady inflation of house prices on which both financiers and mortgagees came to gamble; but the sorry circumstances and lifestyles of the new lenders meant that many had to sell. The 2007/8 slump in the housing market was simply the eventual correction for the enforcement of multicultural optimism by politicians.

I am yours truly, -- Chris Brand.

* See Investor's Business Daily, 15 ix 2008. As your correspondent Colin Broughton noted (27th September, p.21), discrimatory (i.e. discriminating) lending according to race, marital status or religion was banned by Clinton's Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

** In 2008, TownHall recorded (24 ix): "Thanks to lax Bush administration-approved policies allowing illegal aliens to use "matricula consular cards" and taxpayer identification numbers to open bank accounts, more forms of mortgage fraud have burgeoned. Moneylenders still have no access to a verification system to check Social Security numbers before approving loans." Between them, the Clinton and Bush administrations increased U.S. home ownership (50% of it mortgageeship) by 5%.

On the Telegraph's website (27 ix), correspondent Ian Moss concurred with Colin Broughton: "You don't think the banks would lend to wastrels willingly, do you? The banks were forced to lend to anyone with a pulse or face murdering fines and jail time. The pathetic childish Dumobrats and their welfare stupidities are always the cause of economic rot...Stealing from people who earn and handing to those who didn't is a criminal act which makes the Dumobrats a mafia gang...albeit a stupid one."


A Conservative shadow minister spoke out a fraction on immigration: multiculturalism in the UK had left a "terrible" legacy, creating a vacuum that has been filled by extremists from across the political spectrum, the shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, warned. In an interview with the Guardian (27 ix) on the eve of the Conservative party conference, Grieve said that "long-term inhabitants" had been left fearful, while second- and third- generation immigrants felt alienated and unsure what British values were.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Britain’s ‘Next Top Model’ of 2008 (selected by TV, the Independent etc.), lovely lissome Lauren McAvoy, a 21-year-old Essex girl and a lover of pole dancing, sky diving and “water sports,” turned out to be a “big fan” of the British National Party (‘a bit of far right,’ double-entendred the Sun, 20 ix).


Showing how London authorities had become infested by slave labour (like Ancient Rome), no less than 48 – a half – of Lambeth’s traffic wardens were found (by a new contractor) to be illegal immigrants and were thus (in the unaccustomed glare of publicity) sacked. At the same time the mighty Metropolitan Police Association of Sambos gloriously decided to withdraw all co-operation (except for receiving salaries) from its employer as another of its high heidjuns was suspended on charges of corruption (charges inevitably contested as ‘racist’) (Daily Telegraph, 20 ix).


Showing a touching faith in his peecee religion, sub-Prime Minister Grumpy Stalinist Gordon Brown met the challenge of the ‘credit crunch’ and Stock Market plunge (due to over-lending to Blecks and kindred*) and his own mere 16% approval rating in opinion polls by proposing, yes, free state indoctrination (a.k.a. nursery nursing) for two-year-olds – taking such infants from their mothers for 15 hours per week at a national cost of 1 billion pounds annually (BBC Radio 4, 21 ix; Sunday Telegraph, 21 ix, main front-page headline story).

* Investor’s Business Daily, 15 ix: “…. it was the Clinton administration, obsessed with multiculturalism, that dictated where mortgage lenders could lend, and originally helped create the market for the high-risk subprime loans now infecting like a retrovirus the balance sheets of many of Wall Street’s most revered institutions. Tough new regulations forced lenders into high-risk areas where they had no choice but to lower lending standards to make the loans that sound business practices had previously guarded against making. It was either that or face stiff government penalties.”

{Needless to say, the ignoracists of NuLabour, assembled in Manchester for a bizarre loyalty fest (a.k.a. party conference) felt no need to mention this obvious theory of the credit crunch, far less to accept it in preference to their own automatic reflex that bankers had over-lent because they were under-regulated.}


As the popular broadcaster, vicar’s wife Anne Atkins, scorned officials in Norfolk for felling chestnut trees in case the conkers fell on people’s heads, “as if that would make a difference in Norfolk,” the BBC said complaints about her ‘racism’ “poured in” (Sunday Telegraph, 21 ix). But there was probably a little truth in her quip, for Richard Lynn’s work of the 1970’s (Brit.J.soc.&clin.Psychol.) had shown IQ in the modern British Isles to be lower in areas further away from London (mean IQ 102) and similar work for the Irish banks in Eire similarly showed would-be recruits to be duller according to how far from Dublin they originated.


Comments? Email Chris Brand.
Some history.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


"A controversial race relations campaigner has called for the creation of "black schools" to "stem the avalanche of educational failure and the descent into violent gang culture. Lee Jasper, who advised former London Mayor {`Red'} Ken Livingstone on equalities {i.e. on equality ishoos, surely}, said it was time the black community ran its own schools, with black teachers and black governors." - Daily Express, 6 ix.


Inspiring millions of Obamoronicans, the Johnanesburg Times brought striking news of the success of affirmative racism in South Africa (Dan Roodt, 7 ix): so far in retreat from the tide of Black power were Whites that fully 50% of White males were `self-employed' - working from their homes in White enclaves to pay for the guns, dogs, barbed wire and surveillance gear which alone could keep their wives and daughters from being raped at any time of day or night.


The level of probity to be expected from an Obama government was exposed by the New York Post (9 ix) which recounted Sambo's pastor, the `Reverend' Josiah Wright, 67 and on his second marriage (to a wife wrenched from a fellow parishioner at Wright's `church'), had - just as Sambo was coming to prominence in 2008 and being forced to dissociate from Wright's flagrant Black racism -- enjoyed a steamy affair with married White church executive Elizabeth Payne, 37.


As Republican Presidential hopefuls George `Gramps' McCain and Sarah `Pitbull' Palin surged to a 10% U.S. poll lead among `likely voters', it turned out that race war had been forecast, if the G.O.P. won, by Philadelphia Daily News columnist Fatimah Ali (2 ix).

The English Home Office agreed, predicting an upsurge in racism if there was any deepening of the 2008 economic recession (itself caused by over-optimistic lending to Blacks and other `sub-prime' mortgagees* (Times, 1 ix); and even the race-sniffy Speccie recounted the scale of the immigration problem and reckoning that the 2008- recession could well test British tolerance (11 ix).

In the USA, the Wall Street Journal reported a mixture of "nervousness" and "anger" among Blacks at the prospect of Obama losing - and AmRen correspondents inclined to agree that Blacks would riot (unless confined to barracks by snow and ice). {I, too, had predicted racial strife if the West's economy took a serious downturn - The g Factor, 1996, p. 136 - saying Western liberalism and welfare-state values had made themselves dependent on the success of capitalism.}
* Known to Telegraph columnist Jeff Randall as NINJAS -- No Income, Jobs or Assets


Adding to national hilarity at self-chosen peecee witch-hunters being themselves accused of witchcraft, a top Mueslie with the Metropolitan Police,* an alleged expert on race relations, forced marriages and honour killings, earning 60K pounds p.a., announced she would sue the Force and its tragicomic peecee paragon Commissioner Sir Ian Blair for `racial bullying' against her - thereby joining Ugandan-born Indian top cop Tarique Ghaffur (see August) in seeking a racial payout before the fall of Britain's despised Labour Government brought PeeCee to an end.

The new complainer, 50-looking `Ms' Yasmin Rehman, `Head of Community Partnerships and Diversity,' had been on sick leave for a year prior to launching her lawsuit. {You couldn't make it up!} The thousands-strong Metropolitan Black Police Association, which was backing Ms Rehman, announced it would urge its members to mount street protests (Daily Telegraph, 12 ix). The Daily Telegraph's Simon Heffer saw the irony (13 ix): "It is most interesting of all that such a zealot of anti-racism as the hapless Sir Ian should be accused of being the biggest racist of all."

* Under NuLabour pressure, the Met had converted to Peecee after the 1999 Macpherson of Luny Report recommended that Black criminals on London's streets be spared the harassment of previous police `stop and search' practices whereby they might be deprived of swag, guns, knives or ganja and sent for supervision by female social workers of social-anthropological sympathies.


"Local authorities around the country are setting up databases to hold records of accusations made about anyone from teachers and doctors to Scout leaders and private tutors. They are employing staff just to look into the claims -- which can be made anonymously -- who are required to contact police, social services or the adult's employer and then keep track of the case. Details of the allegation will be kept on the accused's personnel file until they retire so they can be seen by potential employers, and in a reversal of the basic tenet of English law they will only be deemed innocent if they can prove it.

The system was introduced in the wake of the Soham murders to make sure authorities keep track of anyone suspected of child abuse. But critics claim it gives too much power to unaccountable council officers, creates extra red tape for bosses and will lead to innocent professionals having their careers blighted by malicious allegations. They also warn it will drive people -- particularly men -- out of working with children for fear of being labelled a paedophile. Already just 2 per cent of teachers of the youngest primary school pupils are male.

It comes on top of the new vetting system being implemented for everyone who works with under-16s, the Independent Safeguarding Authority, which will lead to 11.3 million adults having their backgrounds checked. Professor Frank Furedi, a sociologist at the University of Kent, said: "Those who are accused may become the lifetime victims of these allegations. It then creates an incentive to make those sorts of accusations by people who know it can affect someone's career. This will play into the hands of those who believe there is no smoke without fire."" - Daily Telegraph, 10 ix.


The Principal of Cambridge University (though a lezzie-looking old bag) managed to squeak out a few words of reservation about Labour endlessly trying to send its comprehensive-school failures for re-education in the Fens (Daily Express, 11 ix, Leo McKinstry, `Marxist dogma that stops bright kids going to top colleges'). The Daily Telegraph's Simon Heffer concurred (13 ix): "Admitting people [to Cambridge] on a quota system based on social class can only drag down Cambridge students' standards, driving quality elsewhere and ultimately harming the future of the whole country."


As NuLabour faced meltdown, Deputy Leader Harriet Harman thrilled to the beat of ancient drums by insisting that low-SES children were doomed by their social class - little acknowledging it was people like her (a relative of the Earls of Longford, educated at nobby St Paul's Girls' School, and being sure to send her own to children to grammar schools) who had worked tirelessly to abolish the grammar schools that had once given a chance to bright kids of low SES and to avoid providing the practical education that had been urged as long as 60 years ago by Sir Cyril Burt as likely to give realistic chances to duller kids of low SES.


IQ was given a rare mention in the Spectator (12 ix) as columnist Rod Liddle had a laugh at the `halfwitted' and `imbecilic' Muesli would-be terrorists who so often fail - at least in Britain - on their missions from Allah (they forget the matches to ignite their shoes, they cannot get parked etc.). (Of course Liddle did not risk upsetting anyone by actually mentioning the average IQ of 90 standardly obtaining in Muslim countries.)


"Eleven people died in a riot at a football game in the Democratic Republic of the Congo* after a goalkeeper was accused of using witchcraft to win the match." - Daily Telegraph, 16 ix.

* Average IQ 64 according to Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006.


At last, the Sun seemed resolved to move on from its fifteen-year infatuation with NuLabour. ""Great" Britain is officially on the critical list, ravaged by 11 years of New Labour policies that favoured the super-rich and super-idle, while robbing blind those who worked hard to try to make a decent life for their family. It's a spent force, an empty vessel drained by the demands of the benefit culture and swarms of economic migrants who found gullible Britain to be far more generous than their own countries." -- Columnist Jane Moore, The Sun, 17 ix.


A new Economic History of the World (by Gregory Clark, reviewed in Policy, Winter 2008) showed the usual derisory neglect of IQ; but at least it deplored the humanitarian interventions that had multiplied the size of the poverty problem in Africa in the late-twentieth century, and it properly credited English parsons and squires (set up by the Tudors and established by the 1688 settlement) with the high rate of breeding (whether of legitimate children or bastards) which, in its quality as well as quantity, was enough to trickle down in the population and trigger the improvement in self-restraint and application that triggered England's famous Industrial Revolution.


Entertainer Noel Edmonds said "the bus is full" re immigration to Britain (Reuters, 14 ix), prompting anti-racist yowling.


Paris prosecutors struggled to deny that serious September gang violence between tower-block youf of the 19th arrondissement (north-east Paris) had gone largely along the lines of `beurs' (North African Blacks) versus yamulka-wearing `fiujs' (backward juifs, i.e. Jews) (YnetNews, 17 ix; Guardian, 18 ix).

Monday, September 15, 2008


Phoned by the Daily Telegraph's young Jessica Salter and asked whether the revered Jewish academic and novelist George Steiner, 79, had the right to suggest (in an interview for Spain's El Pais, reported 30 viii by the Torygraph's `Mandrake') that `racism' was everywhere alive and kicking and that racial tolerance was only skin deep, I managed a mock explosion at the very idea that Britain's senior intellectual might not have the right to speak his mind about anything he chose; then I moved on to a mini-diatribe on the low rate of Black intermarriage with other racial groups in the USA and explained to Jessica the general phenomenon of White flight from cities like Detroit and, today, London; and I topped this off with my personal experience that few ordinary Edinburghians had taken exception to my views.

Asked how E.LU. had treated me for outspeaking about race, I replied, "Like shit," referring to the lack of consultation with me despite my 26 years' service, but explained that E.LU. shared its cowardice in the face of the Anti-Nazi League and kindred leftists with most other Britiish universities and the media - Jessica had attended the LUniversity of Leeds, so was familiar with the Frank Ellis affair.

"You won't have much freedom without men of courage," I opined, quoting Pericles; but the great & good of E.LU., faced with peecee fervour and a possible drop in cashflow, had behaved like "hypnotized rabbits." Jessica seemed content with this firework display and went off keenly clutching my suggestion that she contact British free speech expert Professor Eric Barendt (University College London) who had lately shown a commendable and sustained interest in my case (bringing out as it had the lack of university protection.for free speech by academics in Britain).

Jessica's interest duly yielded a summary of the reaction of seven UK `academics' to Emeritus Churchill College Fellow Steiner's remarks (D.Torygraph, 1 ix, p.9, `Academic: I don't want Jamaican neighbours'*) - at least having me as the luminary Steiner's leading supporter (though Professor Barendt also issued his own judicious approval), and annoying E.LU. by linking its sacking of me not to E.LU.'s red herring of `paedophilia' but to the robust `scientific racism' of The g Factor.

Jessica's effort generated the desired `controversy' (incl. plenty of support for George Steiner) here. One contribution, apparently from BNP leader Nick Griffin, was:
How refreshing to have a member of the intellectual elite with the courage to tell the truth, rather than bowing to the pressure to express belief in absurd lies, which is at the very heart of the applied social Marxism known as Political Correctness. Well done, Prof Steiner, for defying the all-pervasive tyranny of PC. One man at least stands up on an ivory tower and sees and tells the truth.

The Daily Mail (1 ix) repeated the Telegraph story, but without mention of any academics backing Steiner (who had offered his quips about reggae-loving Jamaican neighbours lowering the price of one's property from his substantial home in leafy Trumpington, outside Cambridge). Steiner's race realism was broadcast in Caribbean News (31 viii), which claimed Steiner had been condemned by "Muslim groups."

To a Luxembourg supporter who inquired what I had really told the Torygraph, I replied:
I told Jessica all Whites (and Asians and Latinos) avoid Blacks like the plague in the USA, and pointed to Black-`run' Detroit and Zimbabwe as to what the future held; I said that E.LU. was staffed by cowards, not the men of courage that Pericles had held the cause of freedom to require etc.
Still, at least I got published as saying "There's no academic freedom left in this country, as my own case showed." And E.LU. will have been p****d off with my sacking being attributed to the scientific racism of The g Factor rather than to paedophilia. To cognoscenti, these are breakthroughs -- and in a Londinian rather than a merely Clottish paper....

Since no news of or reply to the Telegraph's article appeared at Cambridge University's website, I wrote to them as follows:
I wonder if Professor George Steiner will be issuing a considered reply to the hostile reporting of his 'racism' in the Daily Telegraph (Monday, 1 ix 2008, p. 9). I will gladly offer any help I can. Sincerely, -- Chris Brand (Edinburgh, psychologist, author of The g Factor, tel.: [given]).

Professor Steiner's reservations about Jamaican neighbours eventually aired on RadioJamaica, 2 ix.

For the Guardian (3 ix), quadroon-looking Lindsay Johns considered the case of the great literatteur and humanist and graciously let Steiner off as being `old-fashioned' rather than "a visceral, evil-hearted racist"; but since the chief evidence for Steiner's fundamental peecee piety and ignoracism was his association with Harvard's `Afro-American Studies' guru Henry Louis Gates, it had to be asked how long that friendship would last once news of Steiner's aversion to noisy Blacks got across the Pond.

Priyamvada Gopal, a female tutor at Steiner's own college, Churchill, while fairly obviously deploring Steiner's succouring of racists, concentrated on complaining of the shallowness of such media-fanned `race rows' (Guardian, 5 ix, `Maverick dons inspire only those who hate, not think') - though whether she had ever joined in the race debate that I began at Gonville & Caius College in Cambridge in 1997, or in any other serious discussion of race and IQ, was unclear.

A quite sensible correspondence followed (including the amusing claim that the left standardly says the embarrassingly homophobic culture of Jamaica occurs because slavery resulted in slave owners sodomizing those they oppressed, leading to an inherent hatred of gays), but without any mention of the scholarly offerings of Phil Rushton, Richard Lynn or myself.

Steiner's race realism also got a largely positive reception from some thirty correspondents at AmRen (1 ix). By contrast, blogging literature-lover Shirley Dent was genuinely shocked at the great humanitarian Steiner `falling back on biology' (Grauniad, 5 ix); but she was given the apt reply that someone who had lost all his Jewish schoolfriends in the concentration camps might be rather worth listening to on the subjects of race and racism.

The Voice [of East London Jamaicans] deplored Steiner's `racism' and reported "anger in the black community" while asserting that "many of his fellow scholars" had backed him (7 ix).

* Comment by `CHRIS BRAND, a psychologist accused of scientific racism': `This country is so politically correct that it's become scared of free speech.'


Brave Oscar-winning actress and busty beauty Helen Mirren, 63, shocked femininies by declaring that `date rapists' (who only raped girls who had already agreed to be encloistered and undressed) should not be the subject of criminal charges (Mail on Sunday, 1 ix). She said she had been locked in and date-raped several times in her youth.

A smidgeon of support for both Steiner and Mirren appeared in the Indie (2 ix, Terence Blacker). And in the Daily Mail (2 ix), renowned war correspondent Max Hastings backed Steiner, recounted affectingly how his cleaning lady had had to emigrate to Australia to get away from noisy Jamaicans and chided multiculturalists for their "make-believe idealism," concluding: George Steiner has stated simple truths, and only the idiot Left could deny their reality.


After the mainstream media of the UK and USA had failed for six weeks to carry the news of the appeal for political asylum in the USA by the good-humoured anti-Semitic race realists and convicted `hate-speakers' Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (see above), the pair's confinement in Los Angeles was summarized by the enthusiastic Southern Poverty Law Centre (Fall 2008).


In a healthy new development -- since the Nazis were by then just about the only group that could be criticized or lampooned without bringing down accusations of `racism' -- the Sun began referring to local authority enforcers of regulations about parking, rubbish collection and littering (a Brit could be fined 2,500 pounds just for dropping a crisp) as LABOUR NAZIS - who didn't even wear smart uniforms, relying instead on plastic badges issued to these neosocialist jobsworths by councils (2 ix).


Genes were reported by medical scientists in Finland and Hawaii for (separately) both long life and divorce (Daily Telegraph, 2 ix).


While America's mainstream media declined to discuss the possibility that Boring Hussein Obambi's leadership might lead the USA to the fate of Black-led South Africa, Somalia, the Congo or even Zimbabwe, the (Black) mayor of Detroit exemplified the problems I had touched on with Jessica Salter (above) by pleading guilty to eight felonies, perjury and obstruction of justice and going directly to jail (Christian Science Monitor, 5 ix). The crimes were committed over a six-year period as `Motown's hip-hop mayor', Kwame Kilpatrick (built like a gorilla), strove to cover up a raucous party at Detroit-owned Manoogian Mansion after which his wife caught him in flagrante delicto with Tamara Greene, a 27-year-old hired `exotic dancer' (who was immediately attacked by Kilpatrick's wife Carlita and subsequently murdered) (Guardian, 6 ix).


Long in the grip neo-Marxist PeeCee* and `deconstructionism', Britain's universities found themselves condemned for bureaucracy, falling standards and Marxism by the UK's top academic expert on Muesli terror, Professor Anthony Glees, as he packed his bags at Brunel University and headed off to the private-sector University of Buckingham (Times Higher, 4 ix).

* A fine analysis of how Marxism transmogrified, 1917-1997, into the equally single-minded and tyrannous Political Correctness was on offer on the internet from American military expert and palaeoconservative pundit Bill Lind (William S. Lind). The once `scientific' LUniversity of Cambridge was a remarkably sad case, having voted 97-1 against race realism in the 1990's at the same time as giving an honorary degree reality-defying Frog wordsmith Jacques Derrida.

The only remaining skill of Britain's luniversities was in conning tens of thousands of pounds out of left-bamboozled illiterate `students' for `degrees' which subsequently proved worthless. The mentality-denying neosocialist bureaucratization of British life was nicely illustrated by a top London anaesthetist resigning his position to become a hairdresser - just as, two or three years ago, a Birmingham LU. physicist had resigned to retrain as a plumber.


Appalled by the ongoing educational failure of Black kids in Britain's unstreamed `schools' (where children were largely `taught' without regard to ability - contrary to the 1996 proposals of The g Factor -- so remained untaught), Black left-wing education guru Lee Jaspers (adviser to London's recently voted-out anti-Western left-loon Mayor Ken Livingslime) demanded Black-only schools where kids would be lashed ooops taught by gorillas and learn respeck for somet'in' (Classic FM Radio, 7 ix, 12 noon).


After forty years of encouraging third-world immigration and damning those who criticized it as `racist,' Britain's traitorous politicians decided to cover their backsides by setting up an all-party House of Commons group on immigration allowing gentle criticism of further immigration (almost all of which would anyhow be from E.U. countries) so long as Pakistanis were allowed to continue to import non-English-speaking spouses, welfare-dependent Blacks were allowed to continue single-parent breeding and to roam the streets unstopped and unsearched, and native Brits had their lips sealed by Labour's `hate speech' legislation (Sun, 8 ix). But even this group (headed by Labour 'maverick' MP Frank Field and Tory MP Nicholas `Fatty' Soames) was accused of `pandering to xenophobia' by the left-wing thinktank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) after it backed plans for all skilled immigrants from outside the E.U. to be sent home when their work visas expire after four years.


In scenes reminiscent of Paris, African immigrants in Andalucia rioted and injured police and firemen who were trying to extinguish house fires set by the Blacks as revenge on enemies (Guardian, 8 ix).


An initiative to permit affirmative racism (`positive discrimination') in the state of Colorado failed to be made the subject of a referendum as fewer than the required 8,000 signatures from voters were forthcoming (AmRen, 5 xi).


As Republican Presidential hopefuls George `Gramps' McCain and Sarah `Pitbull' Palin surged to a 10% U.S. poll lead among `likely voters', it turned out that race war had been forecast, if the G.O.P. won, by Philadelphia Daily News columnist Fatimah Ali (2 ix). The English Home Office agreed, predicting an upsurge in racism if there was any deepening of the 2008 economic recession (itself caused by over-optimistic lending to Blacks and other `sub-prime' mortgagees (Times, 1 ix).

{I, too, had predicted racial strife if the West's economy took a serious downturn - The g Factor, 1996, p. 136 - saying Western liberalism and welfare-state values had made themselves dependent on the success of capitalism.}


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Some history.


Monday, September 01, 2008


British paedohysteria resumed as soon as ‘glam rock’ star Gary Glitter (see previously) returned from his jail sentence in Vietnam and was promptly traced by tabloids (using their insider sources in the police) to an intended hiding place with a friend in Hampshire. Demands of the sex abuse industry included tagging, chipping and not allowing Glitter ever to leave Britain even if he notified the police. But a fine blast against paedohysterical excess was issued in the Speccie – Rod Liddle, 28 viii, ‘Our obsession with paedophilia is more dangerous than Gary Glitter’s return.’


A Colorado judge determined that a Mexican of IQ 66 could fry in the electric chair for murder – since he was not seriously mentally retarded by the standards of Mexico (mean IQ 88) – Rocky Mountain News, 23 viii).


As Ugandan-born Indian top cop Tarique Ghaffur was told without avail to “shut up” by the Met’s No. 2 (peecee-babbling ‘Sir’ Ian Blair being himself on holiday in France), it turned out that many other ethnic cops had decided to imitate the dogged Indian (who had kept a 10-year dossier of ‘racist’ slurs and swindles against him) – doubling the 2008 number of ‘racist’ complaints by staff against the Met as compared to previous years. There seemed a good chance that the ludicrous MacPhersonized Met. could collapse within months under the strains of its own internal witch-hunting. {In similar vein, a Black writer in American Chronicle, denounced “anti-white racism” among Blacks, who were accused of failing to take responsibility for the lamentable state of their own countries (25 viii).}