Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In a report from Shenzhen, the Washington Post (28 vi) claimed that Chinese geneticists, having already found “vast differences in the genetic make-up of Africans, Asians and Caucasians,” were turning their attention to IQ – with a leading team member being a boy of just 17.

AmRen correspondents were properly jubilant (29 vi), e.g.: “China doesn’t need to worry about being politically correct or catering to the diversity crowd when it comes to science and research. China today is like America was shortly after World War II and America is where China was during the Cultural Revolution. America is headed for 3rd-world status while China is headed for the top.

China has an average IQ of about 105, while white America with an average IQ of about 100 continues to create immigration policies that permit Latinos with average IQ’s well below 90 into the country. Do the math…”

While the West’s tenured ‘scientists’ cowered before PeeCee, China (estimated to have an IQ of more like 110 in The g Factor) looked set to fulfil Richard Lynn’s race-realistic predictions of the 1990s.

{The BBC World Service also reported that China was creating a major deep-water port at Chittagong, Bangladesh, on the Indian Ocean, thus completing its ‘necklace of pearls’ around India -- from Pakiland via Ceylon -- so as to be sure of being able to bring in oil from Saudi and the Persian Gulf.)


The Guardian reported a speculation of Randy Thornill et al. (U. New Mexico; published Proc Roy Soc B) that an apparently strong worldwide negative correlation between infectious disease and national IQ (supposedly even controlling for GDP, literacy, secondary school enrolment and temperature) could be due a child’s bodily resources being diverted from brain growth to fighting parasites (30 vi).

But the process of this (previously medically unobserved) ‘diversion’ was not explained; the London School’s Richard Lynn* pointed out that low IQ could itself be a cause of infections (such as AIDS) (e.g. by low-IQ countries failing to afford or manage sanitation, or by individuals neglecting elementary health care); the crucial correlation giving rise to the speculation was actually insignificant across the thirteen nations of South America; and plagues had been the constant companion of complex societies throughout the rise of civilization (notably malaria in Renaissance Italy) – so had not hindered societal development.

Singapore, on the equator, had intrinsically the same parasite load as the Democratic Republic of the Congo** but British and imported Chinese efforts had turned it into one of the best-managed and highest-IQ places in the world. Through similar studies based on correlations at the national level, the enthusiastic Thornhill and his colleague, Corey Fincher, had suggested that infections were linked to individualism and collectivism, religious diversity, linguistic diversity, armed conflicts and civil war, and democracy and liberal values….

* Noted by the marginally PeeCee-respecting blogger Rod Liddle (in his Speccie blog, 30 vi – “the Guardian is racist”) as a “very right-wing chap.”

A correspondent, M. Schwartz, offered a summary of recent work on race and IQ:

If you read behavioural genetic studies by Robert Plomin, you'll see that [height and intelligence] are both significantly heritable. Steven Pinker discussed this in the New York Times last year (7 i 2009):
"The most prominent finding of behavioral genetics has been summarized by the psychologist Eric Turkheimer {U. Virginia, a Willerman & Loehlin product}: “The nature-nurture debate is over. . . . All human behavioral traits are heritable.”

By this he meant that a substantial fraction of the variation among individuals within a culture can be linked to variation in their genes. Whether you measure intelligence or personality, religiosity or political orientation, television watching or cigarette smoking, the outcome is the same.

Identical twins (who share all their genes) are more similar than fraternal twins (who share half their genes that vary among people). Biological siblings (who share half those genes too) are more similar than adopted siblings (who share no more genes than do strangers). And identical twins separated at birth and raised in different adoptive homes (who share their genes but not their environments) are uncannily similar."

* While ‘Randy’ et al. worried about parasite loads in the tropics (at least of Africa), 200 DRC Blacks self-destructed as they surged to get (for themselves) the oil from an overturned tanker, which promptly exploded.


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Monday, June 28, 2010


A graphic account of the Kyrgyzstan blow-up, in which Uzbek teachers -- neighbours for decades with the Kygyz ex-nomads in a country with more official commitment to multiculti demakrazy than most in central Eurasia -- were doused in petrol and set alight amongst background scenes of apricot trees and tiger lilies, was provided in the Observer (Luke Harding, 20 vi).


As BP reeled under the mistakes of its supremos in handling its gusher-in-the-Gulf (see previous), it found itself beset not only by reasonable press lampooning of its ‘Haywardizing’ CEO (to Haywardize = to make a PR disaster worse at every turn) and reasonable shareholder flight (dropping the company’s value by 60%) but additionally by claims from New Orleans prostitutes ooops strip club girls that they had lost trade from fishermen who had failed to relocate their businesses when confronted by the accidental and anyhow US-regulated oil slick and thus had insufficient funds for viewing pole dancing (Sun, 21 vi).

Instead of shareholders (and ‘Mimosa Dancing Girls’) simply calling for the head of the ludicrous, lazy and/or lying Hayward, a vast bureaucracy of human rights lawyers was to be wheeled into expensive action to lace peecee pockets with claims of remote responsibility that entirely ignored the West’s classic stress on individual intent (though by all means also – as in warfare -- blaming those who had knowingly assisted or failed to report the intentionally criminal individual).

Having accepted ‘race hate speech’ as a crime regardless of actual intended consequences, the West’s lawyers had freed themselves to make money out of just about anything – certainly out of a child’s complaint that its mother had failed to abort it.


After a staggering 120,000 Ashkenazi Jews marched to segregate their children from those of low life (see previous), the Guardian newspaper got around to providing a report on true Judaism – as distinct from the Hollywood West-bashing holier-than-thou peecee version -- from Jerusalem (21 vi, Rachel Shabi):
For decades, Mizrahi [Sephardic, = Black] Jews have been disadvantaged, disempowered and derided as coming from an inferior Oriental culture that would somehow sink the Jewish state if left uncorrected. Israeli officials openly warned as much – for instance the former prime minister Abba Eban who, during the 1960s, explained that it should be state policy to infuse Mizrahi Jews with "an occidental spirit, rather than allow them to drag us into an unnatural orientalism".

For decades those Mizrahi Jews have had their accents mocked, their cultures dismissed, their children stunted in downgraded schools – does that not count as racism? Take a walk through the corridors of a high-achieving school in the northern (Ashkenazi) districts of Tel Aviv and compare that to a school in the city's Mizrahi-dense southern suburbs, if you think the situation is any more than marginally improved today. Take a look at the latest survey from the Israeli policy analysis centre, Adva, which shows that the wage gap between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi workers has grown wider.

Yes, however strangely, the British left had arrived at accusing the (entirely hypocritical) originators of multiculturalism, the Jews, of ‘racism’! What ingratitude for Jews’ peecee efforts! – But the left had long been a vote-seeking operation, even prepared to pretend that it had opposed Mr Hitler in the 1930s (indeed, until he made his long-promised war – albeit too late (because Britain had tried to defend Greece, diverting key German troops) -- on Communist Russia in 1941).

In an extra self-inflicted whammy, the Guardian even admitted that Communism’s 60-year attempts at multiculturalism in the ‘stans’ of near-Asia had been a disaster (21 vi, Edward Stourton).


After he sent a Black player back to France for insubordination, the manager of the French team for the World Cup in South Efrica (aka World Rape Crisis Centre) found he had a wider rebellion on his hands from other Blecks (led by Bleck superstar Thierry Henry) and denounced his embarrassing Bleck celebrities as “imbeciles” (Sun, 22 vi). He was backed up by the French sports minister, who said the whining millionaire celebs had “tarnished the image of France.”

Alternative Right had predicted the problem well (19 vi):
“….France won their only World Cup in 1998 with four black starters and apparently attributed the victory to having more blacks. They have consistently fielded seven blacks starters since and this year is no exception as the four true Frenchmen who start for France stand out on the pitch. The French side represents Africa and not the traditional French nation. Happily, the side is beset with squabbling and will probably go home early this year.”


As the French soccer team dropped unceremoniously out of the World Cup, following the mutiny of Black players against the manager (see previous), the great thinkers of Paris allowed their minds to wander in the direction of the topic of race (France24, 22 vi).

“The Zidane generation {whose Blacks and Arabs had supposedly helped win France the World Cup in 1998 despite mixed-race, Algerian-parented Zinedine Zidane itself becoming best known to the wider world for foulmouthing and headbutting} has given way to the thug generation,”

French superstar, writer, right-wing philosopher and footie fan Alain Finkielkraut (see previous, 2006) announced on radio, showing that the debate raging over France’s dismal World Cup campaign had given rise to profound soul-searching within French society. Several Black players, including the Black captain, had declined to sing the Marseillaise.

“There is no doubt that the French team is impregnated with the banlieue [Muslim suburbs] culture,” said sociologist Jean-Marie Brohm, referring to ‘a cultural hodgepodge’ defined by foul-mouthed language, the law of the strongest and a profound dislike of authority.

The general tenor of French media and political criticism of the predominantly [6/11] Black French football team was that they had humiliated France (BBC, 22 vi). Finkielkraut described the French team as "not a team at all, but a gang of hooligans that knows only the morals of the mafia" and was duly accused by some of ‘racism.’

Finkielkraut condemned the entire French team as "sulking spoilt brats" and saw the team's implosion as a metaphor for the national disintegration, the ethnic and religious divisions, and the vulgarity and criminality plaguing French society.

"France is contemplating the spectacle of her own disunity and inexorable decline," he wrote. "We dreamed with the team of the Zidane generation; today we are more likely to want to vomit with this generation of scum."

A French-Algerian told the BBC: “When the team is at its best, race is not an issue; but when things go wrong, people start bringing colour into it.” The Australian, reporting on Les Bleus [the French team] becoming ‘a metaphor of national disintegration,’ responded:

“The spectacle of France's pompous politicians -- already under fire for their ancien régime lifestyle and abuse of power and public money -- laying into Les Bleus for their luxury hotels and bad behaviour is almost as vomitory as the on-pitch bad behaviour” (Emma Kate-Symons, 23 vi).

The French Socialist Party blamed the Blacks’ behaviour on the ‘individualism and egotism’ which they had learned while playing for clubs in England….

The Irish Times explained further (23 vi):
“It is no coincidence these are the players who have frozen out [the relatively refined White] Yoann Gourcuff in South Africa [refusing to pass him the ball]. They resent the way the French press builds Gourcuff up as Zinedine Zidane’s successor. They envy the positive attention he receives from the media. They regard him as arrogant and pretentious because he reads books and expresses himself eloquently when analysing a game.

Raymond Domenech [the manager] wanted to build his attack around the 2008/09 French Player of the Year, but several senior players objected, pressurising the coach to restore Henry or Florent Malouda to the line-up. In the opening game against Uruguay, Anelka and Ribery {a low-class-originating White who had converted to Islam and had been alleged to have used a child prostitute} made their stance abundantly clear by refusing to pass to Gourcuff.”

Libération reminded its readers that France were only in South Africa in the first place thanks to Thierry Henry's officially undetected handball [i.e. cheating] in their play-off victory against Republic of Ireland.

Writing in Libération, sociologist Stephane Beaud suggested that the anger directed at the players was linked to their origins -- 12 of the 23 World Cup squad had been black and many of them had grown up in France's poor suburban ghettos. "Briefly, this sports disaster by the French team is to be linked, once again, to the poor youths of the ghettos, to the sports elite that came from there, incapable of 'good behaviour' and of representing the country with dignity," he wrote.

Le Progres did not mince its words as the front page simply said "Bye, dummies!" While most politicians talked carefully of values and patriotism, rather than immigration and race, some legislators blasted the players as “scum,” “little trouble-makers” and “guys with chickpeas in their heads instead of a brain,” according to various news reports (New York Times, 23 vi, ‘Racial tinge stains World Cup exit in France’).

So serious was Les Bleus' implosion regarded that President Nicolas Sarkozy called a government meeting (23 vi) to analyze the case and was also to meet senior player Thierry Henry.


While an Edinburgh International Film Festival audience rocked with amusement at the film ‘High School,’ a comedy showing American kids in the grip of a Black-fuelled and -enforced drugs culture, the real-life battle in Jamaica to arrest swaggering drug baron Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke culminated after countless violent scenes, a four-day siege and at least 73 deaths in Coke’s arrest (Sun, 23 vi).

Badass had apparently sought immediate extradition to face trial and imprisonment the USA rather than have to endure the not-so-tender mercies of Jamaican justice.

{The falure to legalize drugs, tax them and compel insurance for the health and crime costs associated with their use went back to the 1960s when cowardly politicians decided legalization would result in them being blamed for the deaths and diseases of low-IQ kids who could not be trusted with drugs – though they could be trusted with binge-drinking, supermarket alcohol and the motor carj.}


Following the exposure of international ‘aid’ scams in the Guardian (see previous, iii), the Sunday Telegraph with an admirable and admiring review of aid-sceptic books by Linda Polman and Paul Collier (9 v, Seven, Aminatta Forna):

….Polman’s experiences in Sierra Leone alongside 20 years of reporting global conflict inform her argument in War Games, a long overdue exposé of the cynicism and corruption of the aid industry.

….There are now 37,000 aid organisations worldwide. Every disaster attracts around 1,000, with double that figure in Afghanistan.

….aid is a scam of global proportions.

….Accounts of just how much aid is siphoned off by the warlords of places like Somalia and Sudan have recently begun to emerge. Polman cites these examples and more: how the Tamil Tigers levied a 25 per cent toll on reconstruction aid in Sri Lanka; 30 per cent of tsunami donations for Aceh Province in Indonesia went to the army; in the former Yugoslavia, Serb forces helped themselves to a third of emergency supplies.

….In Goma, aid agencies fed and effectively rearmed Rwanda’s Hutu militias, enabling them to continue the genocide. In Ethiopia in the Eighties, food aid was used by the government as bait to lure villagers into camps, from where they were forcibly marched to state farms in the south.

….In The End of Poverty, Jeffrey Sachs revealed that, for every $3 in aid the United States gives Africa, only six cents reaches an African. Most of the rest goes on paying consultants.

….Paul Collier [The Plundered Planet] rejects aid as the solution. Many of the poorest countries are potentially rich in natural assets and these should be used to pull them out of poverty; but in this they are being hampered by the ‘romantics,’ environmentalists who would return us all to state of nature.


The wet, dreary and tired-socialist ‘up-market’ Economist took a small step towards bracing its ludicrous readers for the future (21 vi):

“Genomics may reveal that humans really are brothers and sisters under the skin. The species is young, so there has been little time for differences to evolve. Politically, that would be good news.

It may turn out, however, that some differences both between and within groups are quite marked. If those differences are in sensitive traits like personality or intelligence, real trouble could ensue.” –

Trouble for egalitarian socialism, yes! But not for a proper national liberalism which gives freedom to all those who respect the hierarchy of intelligence!


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Monday, June 21, 2010


The depth of hatred of the yurt-living, nomadic Kyrgyz people for their often richer Uzbek neighbours was indicated as Western journalists reached the scene of half-burned-out city of multiculti Osh. A standard pattern in the violence was that Kyrgyz men (sometimes preceded by armoured cars firing randomly) would arrive at big stone-built houses in leafy streets, gang rape and kill the Uzbek women and children (the Uzbek men having fled for more defensible positions or the border) before setting down to lunch and drinks under the cherry trees;

later, as the men moved on, Kyrgyz women and boys would follow behind to organize looting and then burn down the properties (Financial Times, 16 vi, Isabel Gorst, ‘Violence shows level of ethnic hate’; Guardian, 17 vi). As the Kyrgyzstan army’s units arrived, they served chiefly to assist the genocide, apparently believing that Uzbek wealth often came from smuggling heroin from Afghanistan. By 17 vi, the pogrom -- ooops -- conflict situation had probably resulted in 2,000 dead (Guardian, 18 vi), 7,000 injured and 600,000 people uprooted and dependent on American and Turkish aid.


Adding to BP’s troubles with its gusher in the Gulf of Mexico (which had halved its share price), the company chose to wheel out its ‘American’ but linguistically challenged (and eminently tall) Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, who announced that, appearances to the contrary, “we really care about the small people of the Gulf” – sparking outrage among the patronized little ones of Louisiana and yielding an official apology from the incompetent Swede who had not mastered the lies that people need to be told about themselves in peecee days, requiring the most ordinary working people to be called ‘heroes of labour’ or somesuch (D.Telegraph, 17 vi).

What Chairman Svanberg admitted to have been his “clumsy” way of putting things was followed by an even more amazing performance before a wrathful US Congressional committee which, challenging boyish (hair-dyed?) CEO Tony Hayward (53; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh; paid £2.5M p.a.) with BP having a 100-fold greater rate of accidents and violations of regulations than other oil companies, found him claiming ignorance or forgetfulness of many aspects of BP’s operations (which the impressive Congressmen had themselves clearly taken trouble to master) and pretty plainly being either a fool or a knave.

Cheeky-chappy ‘I know nuddink about de horse’ Hayward (perhaps instructed by lawyers), amidst his speech errors and mounting embarrassment under the bombardment of intelligent questions, could not even explain why BP had decided to take the risks it had in the Gulf of Mexico – so the answer was plainly ‘money.’

Understandably, Congressmen accused him of stalling, stonewalling and insulting their intelligence. One even said that he himself could do a better job of heading BP than Hayward. The hearing took place a day after BP announced the suspension of dividends to shareholders and a £13.5B clean-up fund.

The truth was that, in their grandiosity, as the world begged them for black gold, the oil companies had, with full American agreement, set only the same low standards for extraction in the Gulf of Mexico as they set in Nigeria – where oil blazes and gushes were commonplace, the water polluted, the fishing economy destroyed, and the average life expectation in Niger delta communities down to 40 (Guardian, 18 vi).

Understandably, BP quickly relieved the know-nothing Hayward of day-to-day direction of its desperate operations in the Gulf of Mexico, only to be rewarded by press pictures of the E.U.-product and a 12-man crew racing Hayward £.5M yacht around the clear waters of the Isle of Wight (News of the World, 20 vi) – another PR disaster!


Uninspired by the multiculti-peecee efforts of American Jewry (which had even brought millions of the Jews’ worst enemies, the Muslims, to the West to boost the anti-White minority), 120,000 ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi Jewish men in Jerusalem paraded to demand their daughters be segregated in schools from Sephardic {partly Black} children, saying the latter were ‘less religious’ – but finding themselves condemned as ‘racist’ even by some of their own Orthodox leaders (Independent, 18 vi).


As Sweden pursued its downhill path to egalitarianism, allowing its Crown Princess Victoria to marry her bespectacled sports trainer {though at least he was White, unlike most of Stockholm’s rapists}, top British historian Norman Stone {banished from Oxford to Turkey for Thatcherism} provided a reminder of the country’s happier or at least more race-realistic past (The Atlantic and Its Enemies, Penguin, 2010, p. 174): “….in Sweden, up to the 1970s, Lapps were being sterilized on the grounds that they drank too much and were not very bright.”


Completing a triple whammy on Pres. Hussein Obarmy in a month, after Barry turned out to have lost Turkey and to be losing Kyrgyzstan (to which Russia had dispatched 300 paratroopers to protect its military base at Kant, in north Kyrgyzstan, during pogroms against Uzbeks,*

possibly stirred up by ex-President Bakiyev and his clan) (see previous), compelling evidence was provided at last that, all along, Pakistan (= the Pak army**) had never been the committed ally that the USA had long liked to imagine (and which it had allowed to have nukes), but was fully involved (via its intelligence service [ISI]) in supporting the mediaeval Al-Qaeda-sheltering Taliban (Spectator, 13 vi; Guardian, 14 vi).

Altogether, it seemed likely that fifty years of US policy had produced an alliance against it and Israel of the northern Middle East states of Turkey (with its vast army), Syria (with its tireless and vicious ambitions), Iran (with its oil) and Pakistan (with its nukes).

America’s only hope was the faint one that the Sunni states of Saudi and the Gulf would provide backing, fearing Iranian domination -- but most of their military capacity was anyway just a US-funded extension of America’s failed hegemony.

* The Uzbeks were the traders [especially in carpets] /’Jews’/ traditionalists of the area, sometimes described as glum and stolid (especially as contrasted with the charming and welcoming nomadic people of dirt-poor and Russia-friendly Kyrgyzstan).

So a United Nations and World Service prophecy was that fighting with this relatively businesslike ‘minority’ might well spread to surrounding countries – Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan etc. (15 vi, 10:00).

The burned-out Kyrgyz city of Osh had often been lauded by Western commentators as a vibrant centre of multicultural harmony….

* The saying had it: ‘Pakistan is not so much a country with an army as an army with a country.’


As America turned out to be without friends or reliable satraps in the Middle East and to be unable to fire even a ping-pong ball in response to North Korea sinking a South Korean naval vessel (with the loss of 45 lives), batty Americans who had voted for ‘change we can believe in’ looked on in horror as Barry, faced with the BP/Transocean/Amadoko gusher in the Gulf, demanded BP cough up £23B into an escrow account which the White House would ‘independently’ administer.

Such thievery (from an international, 40%-British-owned company, always called “British Petroleum” by Brit-hating Obarmy) would have been much complained of by Washington if it had been conducted by Russia or Venezuela – as the Wall Street Journal noted (15 vi).

Evidently, Obarmy, who had promised Americans that he would make them loved around the world, was prepared to sacrifice both allies and principles so as to dispense national-socialist largesse in Louisiana and bring in the votes (in the Congress elections of the autumn) that would be necessary to help him complete America’s ruin.

Obarmy’s blatant recourse to illegalism followed a half-hour phone conversation with Daft Dave Shameron which British sources reported as “warm” – diplomatic speak for “cold.” Following this evidently disastrous call, Cameron took the only option open to him and announced that Britain’s 10K troops in the hellhole of sandblown Afghanistan would be withdrawn asap.


The slow, mixed-footed, low-IQ game of soccer and the even slower, low-IQ fans of Bleck South Africa combined to yield a hilarious interaction effect in Soweto as plastic ‘vuvuzela’ horns were produced which drowned out not only national chants and the swearing of the players (30% of them Black in the case of the dismal ‘English’ team) but even the referee’s whistle (Sun, 15 vi).

Inundated with complaints, the BBC promised to try to blot out vuvuzela noise from its transmissions so its commentators could be heard; but world footie supremo Sepp Somebody said that his peecee bureaucracy, FIFA, could not ban the crude two-foot horns from ‘World Cup’ stadia and thus interfere with South Africa’s ‘national musical tradition.’

Legendary Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 78, urged the world to "embrace" African culture -- and stop knocking the racket made by fans' vuvuzela horns. A voodoo ooops vuvu horn made the same decibels as a jumbo jet taking off.

{Wimbledon, host to the only sport at which Scotland excelled, promptly moved to ban the ‘zela fellas’ from its lawn tennis courts so that the only distractions would be occasional modest flashes of ladies’ knickers.}


As Britain turned out to have paid £191M (mainly to lawyers) for a 12-year investigation, headed by Lord Saville, into the shooting of fourteen IRA human shields in 1972 with a verdict of ‘unjustified killing’ which was a betrayal of young British soldiers (who were being stoned and cursed by a ferocious mob), the facesaving for Mr Blair’s ‘peace process’ came to an end with Catholics whipped up into renewed hysteria and everyone knowing that it was only Ulster’s scores of miles of barbed wire that (as in India, Israel and Slovakia) kept a semblance of peace between ‘communities’ which could have been far more cheaply separated (with Protestants relocating to Glasgow) back in 1970.

The Saville verdict, especially if followed by prosecutions, would mean that soldiers in 2010 Afghanistan could find themselves reviled and prosecuted in 2050 if Britain made its scheduled peecee progress to becoming an Islamic state; but there were no immediate resignations by Britain’s dreary, ever-changing and grossly overpaid top brass.

Saville did not even give IRA boss Martin McGuinness [latterly Northern Irish Deputy Big Cheese] a ticking off for taking a sub-machine gun to the ‘Bloody Sunday’ protest. Other Catholic ‘peace campaigners’ took nail bombs – deemed unprovocative by Saville.

His Worshipfulness could not decide who fired first – so blamed the soldiers anyway. Catholics at Londonderry’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ anyhow lost only a tiny fraction of those killed in the IRA-instigated ‘Troubles’ across the province in the period from 1969 up to 1972.


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Sunday, June 13, 2010


The Guardian provided a revealing account of the alcohol intake required to survive socialism (or, as notoriously in Russia, communism) (Catherine Bennett, 6 vi):

….telling Oprah Winfrey about the role alcohol had played in her downfall [when she offered to sell access to her ex-hubby, Prince Andrew, for £0.5M], the duchess [‘Princess’ Fergie] used an interesting, and to some of us unfamiliar expression: "I was not in my right place."

If, as it appears, she has found a new idiom for intoxication, then at least some good has come out of this dreadful situation. Although the English are to drunkenness vocabulary what the Inuits are to snow, heavy usage does tend to exhaust the supply and "I was not in my right place" has an air of injured dignity, suffused with pious exculpation, which cannot be said of rat-arsed, legless, paralytic, wasted, pissed, smashed or even, as Christopher Hitchens phrases it, "flown with wine".

When you think of her background, though, the duchess was being hard on herself. If she was not in her right place after a bottle or so, you could argue that her late grandmother-in-law, the Queen Mother, spent much of her life adrift on a remote planet. Always admired for her ready smile and preternaturally high spirits, it was not until after her death that much of the Queen Mother's endless vivacity could confidently be attributed to the steady absorption of gin, interrupted only by sleep, champagne and meal times at which, as her biographer William Shawcross put it, "the wine was poured with generous aplomb by her uniformed stewards".

Small wonder that her daughter Princess Margaret continued this tradition, though with more generous aplomb than was eventually good for her, and that her grandson and great-grandsons still seem unwilling always to heed official Know Your Limits advice. In her new autobiography, Laura Bush recalls Prince Charles's request for two glasses of ice to be supplied for himself and Camilla Parker Bowles before they joined a receiving line {staff presumed the ice was to cool royal mitts so as to help with all the handshaking}: "The prince removed a flask from his pocket and added to each a small splash of what I presume was straight gin."


The people of London, having long fawned on third-world immigrants, yags, Muesli terrorists and the mentally subnormal – putting them all on taxpayer benefit and ‘human rights’ whenever they desired – found their children literally being eaten (in Hackney) by the foxes which they had forbidden countrymen to hunt (Sun, 8 vi).

Apparently there were Londoners so crazy that they were feeding not only fat pigeons (flying rats) and grey squirrels but also increasingly brazen sabre-toothed foxes – thus encouraging these vermin into urban areas and causing damage to the arms and faces of children which it would cost the National ‘Health’ ‘Service’ millions of pounds to repair.

(Councils were equally remiss for failing to provide proper rubbish collection and pest control – preferring to concentrate their efforts on the happier tasks of funding breast-feeding classes for anorexic lesbians.)


As footie mania began in South Africa, with merry ‘dancers’ and shouters displaying their IQs, three World Cup photographers – part of an MSM which had long tried to disguise the country’s hideous criminality and rapism -- were quickly robbed in their hotel (one of them at gunpoint) of £35K of equipment (Times New Line (New Delhi), 9 vi). Other Black crimes involved the killing of Nelson Mandela’s great-granddaughter and of several misguided British student tourists in traffic mayhem.


Having elected the foreign-born, half-Black and probably-Muslim Barry Hussein Osama (with an all-Black wife) as President, Americans were agreeable enough as Obarmy proposed to “whup ass” at British Petroleum (in fact as much in American as in British ownership and under equally Anglo and American management) for fouling the Louisiana coastline with oil (thanks to defective machinery rented from the American deep-drilling giant Transocean [albeit relocated to Switzerland for tax purposes] – motto:”We’re never out of our depth”);

but Americans began to draw the line when, not content with surrendering to Muesli fanatics in Iraq and Afghanistan (adding these countries to the USA’s losses of China, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Iran, Vietnam, Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey), Obarmy told his staff not to refer to America’s 9/11 et seq. enemies as Muslims, Islamists, Islamofascists or jihadists but rather as “victims of political, economic and social forces” – and thus found himself at last named in MSM, after two years of peecee sainthood, as “alien in the White House” (Wall Street Journal, 9 vi, Dorothy Rabinowitz).

Even the jovial Boris Johnson, the elected Mayor of London, complained of the harm that Obarmy was doing to the Anglo-American relationship {not least by demanding Britain ‘negotiate’ with the Argies over the latest sensational Falklands oil discoveries}.

{Obarmy liked to believe his gifted but alcoholic Black father had been mistreated by the British in Kenya; and his first act on entering the White House had been to return to Britain a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. So what with the USA being scheduled for a footie duel with England, Daft Dave Shameron was going to have his work cut out to save BP from Obarmy’s increasingly menacing clutches.}

Eventually, Obarmy recognized that his attacks on BP would, if continued, only lead to the firm ending up in Chinese hands; but America did manage a draw against England’s witless millionaires (managed by a linguistically challenged Fabio Capello).


William McDougall’s preference for ‘democratic elitism’ seemed to have found recognition as not only 80% of the UK’s newly elected Cabinet but 100% of the (five) contenders for the Labour leadership (even including fat Black anti-White racist momma Diane Abbott, M.A. Cantab. – who had once complained of ‘blonde-haired, blue-eyed Scandinavian girls’ pinching the nursing jobs that should have gone to Jamaican fillies) had been educated at Oxbridge.

The front-running Liebore contender, the Polish-Jewish David Miliband, had actually (like his brother and fellow-contender, Ed) been educated (resulting for him in a First in PPE) at the Mighty Mac’s own Oxford college, University Challenge-winning Corpus Christi.


While the BBC had Britain’s ineffably fatuous Black Blairite Commissar for Ignoracism and Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, ‘explain’ that all so-called human races were identical (so should not be talked about) (Radio 4, 9 vi, 9pm), it transpired that America’s National Sleep Foundation had found in research that Blacks/African-Americans and Hispanics (10% each) were ten times more likely to report having sex every night than Asians (1%) and 2.5 times more likely than Whites (4%) (AmRen, 9 vi).


Opposition in Europe to the wilder tyrannies of Islam found expression as Geert Wilders, in Holland, swept his Freedom Party (PVV) into third place in national elections, winning 15% of the national vote and becoming effectively kingmaker in the country’s political system. PVV increased its number of MPs from 9 to 24 after campaigning against immigration, for a tax on Muslim headscarves, a ban on the Koran and against the building of new mosques. Jan Peter Balkenende, the former Dutch prime minister, resigned as Christian Democrat leader after a catastrophic result for his party in elections dominated by the economic crisis and debates over non-Western immigration (D.Tel., 10 vi).

On the intellectual plane, the courageous and much persecuted Somali Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, once a Dutch MP and ally of the (eventually murdered) Theo van Gogh, managed to produce from her high-security New York fastness a new book, Nomad: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilisations, which (like that of David Willetts – see previous) contrasted the individualistic and nuclear-family-centred West with the conformity-enforcing clan system of the Muslim world.

The UK’s dippy peecee Prince Charles, however, managed to issue plaudits to Islam for its ‘green’ principles (AmRen, 10 vi) – though whether these only reigned because the Arab world did not need heavy industry thanks to its surfeit of Western-discovered and Western-managed oil was unclear from news reports of PC’s ramblings. Perhaps PC sensed that, while Islam was against all that the West had fought for over a thousand years, it provided conservative discipline for the lower orders and thus could be good for monarchs – as on display in the Gulf states and Saudi.


“We are on average becoming dumber through natural means [i.e. immigration],” said Berlin SPD senator and Bundesbank Board member Thilo Sarrazin, provoking such outrage that the soft-left Die Welt (10 vi) had to close its comment column. Citing what he called ample statistics for proof, Sarrazin, 65, said, in particular, that immigrants from “Turkey, the Middle East and Africa” were less educated than those from other countries.

Additionally, immigrants had more children than Germans, he told a conference of businessmen in Hesse, adding that this caused the “a different growth of population groups with different intelligence” because parents pass their intelligence on to their children, intelligence being “about 80% hereditary” (The Local, 11 vi). Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper that such sweeping statements were "stupid and pointless."

In 2009, Sarrazin had been disciplined by the Bundesbank for saying too many of Germany’s immigrant Turks and Arabs were welfare spongers who neglected the schooling of their children, bred ‘lots of little girls in headscarves’ and were only fit to be sellers of fruit and vegetables (Spiegel, 13 x). Sarrazin, inevitably nicknamed Rambo by the ‘liberal’-left, had promptly become a hero of the German right, was backed in polls by 51% of Germans, and even received favourable treatment in Frankfurter Allgemeine (according to Dialog International, 15 x 2009).

A spokesman for a Muslim group in Berlin said; ‘[Sarrazin] is a tired old white Christian male full of prejudice and few ideas’ (Daily Mail, 11 vi).

A few days previously, a survey had been released by the German government and a criminal statistics organisation which claimed that young Muslim men in Germany were more prone to violence and criminal connections if they accepted conservative Islamic teaching.

‘Sarazin’ was, in French and Dutch, a nickname for someone of swarthy appearance or for an unruly person, or for someone who had taken part in a Crusade, from Old French sarrazin [‘Saracen’].

Almost 3 million people of Turkish origin and an estimated 280,000 people of Arab extraction lived in Germany in 2010.


After two nights of fighting in the streets of Osh, south-west Kyrgyzstan, in which some 150 died and whole streets were burned out, the Beeb finally allowed that the mayhem was not so mysterious as its reporters had initially claimed, but was in fact attributable largely to ‘ethnic tensions’ (last surgent in 1990 when then-Kremlin leader Mikhail Gorbachev sent in Soviet troops after hundreds of people were killed in and around Osh) between Kyrgis and Uzbeks (albeit exacerbated by the drug-dealing proclivities of the outback Muesli groups involved).

Uzbeks fled Osh in droves, seeking the sanctuary of their own country across the nearby border. (Both Russia and the USA had bases in Kyrgyzstan and competed to buy influence. Russia was likely to send troops to ‘stabilize’ the situation.)


Babe-bagged Welsh actress and beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones, 40, who had been involved with the 26-year-older Michael Douglas since 1999 (with two natural children resulting), progressed to being awarded the distinction of Commander of the British Empire in Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.


Fulfilling the direst predictions of critics of ‘affirmative action,’ leftists, with backing from a new book by Deborah Rhode (The Beauty Bias), began caterwauling to criminalize employers who judged applicants and employees at least partly according to their looks. Supposedly, the 12% lower wages of the obese needed state intervention even though all Europe’s leading countries had rejected socialism in the previous couple of years.

{The good-looking victims of the left’s new push for equalization would of course be able to wear the burqa -- until that was banned (as already in Belgium). Again, they could shave their heads, wear pyjamas, lacerate themselves and paint their faces with woad…. Or just take jobs as amputationists so as to fit other healthy and good-looking people for the marketplace, as happened for would-be beggars in India.}


The conservative and successful Dutch speakers of Flanders seemed more determined than ever to break up Belgium and separate themselves from the socialistic and poor French-speaking Walloons – with a forthcoming general election expected to yield an eightfold increase in votes for the New Flemish Alliance, up from 3.2% in 2007 (AmRen, 9 vi).

(The victorious European powers of 1815 had created Belgium so France could not control the estuary of the Schelde river.)


Sex killer Peter Chapman, 33 and jailed for life for murdering 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall (who resembled another girl who had ‘done his head in’), proposed he should be sent as a bomb disposal worker to help British troops in Afghanistan (News of the World, 13 vi) – a proposal which the new Home Secretary, wet Shameronite Theresa May, should surely have taken up, she having already appeared unimaginative by failing to announce a Humanitarian Task Force for Zimbabwe made up of Britain’s £2K-per-week-each jailbirds.


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Some history.


Sunday, June 06, 2010


Malawi’s dictator found himself obliged to release two homosexuals (whom he had jailed for 14 years) after intervention by Homos International, fronted by UN Gen.Sexretary Banki Loon.


One million Whites fled ‘rainbow nation’ South Africa (world rape and murder capital, led by loony Blecks believing AIDS to be cured by taking the virginities of 8-year-olds) in the ten years since 2000 -- .

(Whether sufficient Whites remained to run the footie World Cup remained to be seen; but many Whites and Asians had already voted by declining to buy the proffered tickets.)


As details began to trickle out from the CamCoalition of the hundreds of quango leaders and civil servants paid more than the Prime Minister so as to buy votes and the pretence of solving social problems, a striking observation could be made: that no-one had ever heard of these costly operations and associations, let alone of them doing anything (not even sending a letter to a newspaper).

Some of the ‘housing associations’ whose leaders pulled in salaries of >£200K were the equally unheard-of Anchor Trust (headed by on John Belcher (sic), on £391K p.a.), London & Quadrant, Places for People, Affinity Sutton, Sanctuary, Hyde Housing, Circle Anglia, Gentoo, Riverside and the amazingly named Guinness (D.Telegraph, 2 vi).


As hundreds of English schools applied to the new Education Minister, (once Muesli-bashing) Michael Gove, to be allowed to be academies (i.e. relatively free of local authority control), Guardian columnist Deborah Orr was allowed to moot recognition of children’s individual differences and allowance for children to join classes with children of different ages (3 vi) -- a happy concession by the Grauniad to the main educational thesis of The g Factor, even if IQ itself could not be mentioned.


Jews of European descent living on opposite sides of the globe are more closely related to one another than they are to their fellow countrymen, according to the largest study ever conducted of what it means genetically to be Jewish.

Ashkenazis, the primary group descended from European Jews, are all as closely related as fourth or fifth cousins would be, the study found. "Jews really are different from their non-Jewish neighbors," said Dr. Harry Ostrer, a geneticist at the New York University Langone Medical Center, coauthor of the study appearing 3 vi in the American Journal of Human Genetics (though he preferred to call Jews a ‘distinct population’ rather than a ‘race’). See here


In Illinois, pharmaceutical giant Novartis, having apparently gone along with ignoracist doctrine that race is only a ‘social construct,’ found itself on the receiving end of a mega-bucks lawsuit from Blacks claiming the firm had failed to warn that its anti-epileptic and mood-stabilizing drug, carbamazapine, had more frequent side effects (skin problems) in Blacks (AmRen, 3 vi).

At the same time, the Wall Street Journal reported that, for whatever race-related reasons, Black children were five times as likely as White children to die in swimming pools (AmRen, 1 vi).


A symbolic moment arrived for Britain’s new ‘blue-green-yellow-orange’ CamCo Government as Labour MP Frank Field, appointed to stop just throwing money at welfare problems, or at least to get some version of value for money, announced a key target: to ensure “that every child reaches school with all those qualities necessary for making learning possible” (Daily Telegraph, 5 vi).

No, this was not an allusion to any planned programme of egalitarian eugenics focussed on IQ; but merely an indication that the same old merry social-environmentalist job creation programmes would continue, regardless of CamCo’s official commitment to cost-cutting.


Jolly news came from Norway, where a TV comedian had started showing a series of Borat-style interviews with tenured ‘social scientists’ who did not believe in innate sex differences etc.

Comedian Harald Eia, in a series called ‘Brainwashed,’ pretended to be a science reporter, elicited and noted the nonsense of Norway’s off-the-scale-social-environmentalist ‘experts,’ and then gave audiences the comments of real scientists such as David Buss, Steven Pinker and Robert Plomin – building record TV audiences in peecee Norway to watch all this unusual fun.


The efforts of Barbara Harris (see previous) to solve Glasgow’s population problems continued to win the (disapproving) attention of the left-wing press: Observer, 30 v.


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Some history.