Sunday, October 24, 2010


Richard Lynn’s work received the ultimate accolade as a Christian Science Monitor columnist, one Husna Haq, was allowed to speculate whether it should be banned – along with Mein Kampf, The Burblings of Bin Liner and all anti-Holohoax publications (29 ix).


Faced with criticism from Britain’s Black-led ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’ that it had admitted only one Black Caribbean student in its 3K intake of 2009-10 and should therefore introduce a quota to ‘help’ Blacks and Pakistanis (into education for which they were quite unsuited), Oxford University said it did not agree and would persist with pious efforts to find coloured students who could meet its normal entrance requirements (Daily Mail, 18 x).


In what the Guardian and the German Greens called a “startling” development (in the aftermath of the runaway success of Thilo Sarrazin’s book, Germany Self-Destructs), German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that multiculturalism had “utterly failed” (17 x; 18 x). Sharing a platform with other open critics of Turkish immigration, she committed herself to restricting further immigration and to obliging immigrants to learn German and abjure female circumcision, facial veiling, forced marriages and honour killings. "We feel tied to Christian values,” she said, addressing the youth branch of her CDU party in Potsdam; “and those who don't accept them don't have a place here."

Guardian correspondents were surprisingly sympathetic to Mutti Merkel’s new move. One wrote: “A recent study found that Muslims were more prone to violence in Germany than non-Muslims. In fact, the result was especially striking because it found that, even within the Muslim population, the more religiously devout people were, the more likely they were to be involved in crime, the exact opposite of the pattern displayed in every other religion.”

However, the still-Labour-backing Financial Times reckoned Mrs Merkel’s “overstatement” a quite-possibly-successful volte-face that would serve to solidify her position with German voters and “spike the guns of Islamophobes” (18 x).

The World Socialist Web predictably accused Merkel of ‘singing from the Nazi hymnsheet’ and ‘threatening the very existence of the E.U.’ (22 x).

A peecee article in the Economist said Sarrazin had missed the point that Germany was actually well on course as a multiculti society and only needed a little tweaking; but almost all the subsequent correspondents backed Sarrazin (22 x). A poll conducted by the mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag showed that 89% of those surveyed said Sarrazin's arguments were convincing. For the Hudson Institute, Soeren Kern reckoned that, after years of elite-imposed PeeCee, there was “big trouble ahead for European multiculturalism” (21 x).

Germany’s head-of-state, President Christian Wulff, embarked on a 4-day junket ooops diplomatic mission to Turkey, called on the Turks to allow the building of churches and synagogues – i.e. to allow minority religions the same freedoms which they enjoyed in Germany (TheLocal, 19 x). {Some hope!}

75% of European Muslims thought themselves Muslim first and European second; and 40% of British Muslims thought terror attacks by Muslies on Brits and Yanks were justified (Vancouver Sun, 20 x).

The ‘tolerant’ German city-state of Hamburg was preparing to compel every school to hire an Islamic teacher and every cemetery to provide areas where Mueslis could be buried well away from hated Christian symbols (National Post [Canada], 20 x).

German police reckoned the country housed at least 1K Muslim militants. 58% of Germans thought Muslim rights to religiious practice should be restricted (no burkas, muezzins etc.).


I had thought (last week, q.v.) that the lively Afro-haired teacherette, Ms Katharine Birbalsinghe, 37, had got away with her criticism of her Camberwell school for allowing much mayhem and excusing it as ‘black.’ But it was not to be: within a few days of the Conservative Conference (where she had made her remarks), Ms Birbalsinghe found herself fired (or early-retired) for her insensitivity, disloyalty, ‘fascism’ etc. (Sunday Telegraph, 17 x). Welcome to the club, Katharine!


Surprisingly, a News of the World finding that state-paid immigration officials and lawyers taught would-be immigrants how to fiddle the system (“Just get some photos of the floods in Pakistan”) was rehearsed by the editor of the (usually above-it-all) Spectator (17 x).

{The Speccie’s Rod Liddle too had been increasingly willing to express reservations about mass immigration in recent years. Perhaps the worm was beginning to turn after 45 years of multiculti drivel?!}


In a new development for Project Prevention, the American charity funding drug addicts to get sterilized, a British (Leicester) man of 38, addicted to heroin since age 12 and a petty thief, accepted £200 in exchange for having a vasectomy. PP’s organizer, Mrs Barbara Harris (married to a (half-) Black millionaire in North Carolina), said her charity had already funded some 3,500 sterilizations and contraceptive implants in America and had set up a free helpline in Britain (0800 092 0422; (Sun, 18 x; Daily Mail, 18 x; Scotsman, 18 x; Classic FM Radio, 18 x, 13:00; Guardian, 18 x).

Glasgow and Bristol were special targets for PP but the SNP-led Scottish Executive refused support. The charity had received $20K from a US businessman living in Britain; and the British Medical Association raised no objection so long as patients’ own best interests were kept paramount.

But British drugs charities queued up to condemn the £200 payment as "exploitative," ethically dubious, likely to be spent on drugs and liable to create an impossible demand for baby prevention at cost to the NHS. Mrs Harris’ next stop was to be Haiti,* where women had addicted babies which they could not even feed; and she said she was receiving much encouragement to take PP to Australia.

The next day’s Telegraph provided full-page coverage of Mrs Harris (19 x). The tone was reasonable, though the hysterical reactions of lefties in the state-funded drug addiction trade were also rehearsed (19 x). Correspondents were about 80% in favour of Project Prevention and quite a few suggested it be extended to criminals, the welfare-dependent, the obese, smokers etc. and even made compulsory.

Leicester Mercury said PP had been “overwhelmed” by some two hundred applicants from Leicester alone (20 x).

PP won the support of the Express & Star [Wolverhampton] (‘Sterilising junkies – a rational move’, 21 x); of the HeraldSun [Oz] (‘Snipping child abuse in the bud’, 22 x); and of the eminent quasi-politicos Michael Portillo and Christine Hamilton on Andrew Neil’s late-night BBCTV chatshow, This Week. The Guardian’s loopy-leftie Deborah Orr found herself in trouble with correspondents when she attempted to defend junkie rights against the rights of the unborn child (21 x).

More detail of the Leicester addict who had accepted PP’s cash for being vasectomized: he had always been thought crazy and had briefly trained for the priesthood (Daily Mail, 23 x).

* Cholera-infested despite massive Western donations in the aftermath of its earthquake. Its denizens had not even cleared the streets of capital Port-au-Prince. Estimated IQ 67.


There was much discussion of Richard Lynn and London School colleagues among Taiwanese bloggers. Apparently, Chinese people had been shocked to hear the Morgan Stanley idea that India might overtake China economically and had turned to 'IQ&WoN' to boost their morale. There was also a forecaster, Robert Ward, who had been annoying the Chinese by predicting economic success for Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam, Egypt and Indonesia.

{At last, for I had always wondered why Richard and I were not being offered big dinners in China!}


The European Union, after a fit of ‘human rights’ nonsense (see previous), agreed France could remove penniless foreigners (i.e. gypsies) so long as it gave each of them written notice (which most gypsies would be unable to read) and permitted appeals (i.e. provided fees for lefty lawyers, thus preserving peecee appearances) (Guardian, 20 x).


As Britain’s CamCo government embarked on a modest range of cuts to Labour’s client state (which had expanded the governmental take of GNP from 38% under Thatcher-chosen John Major to a crazy 48%), it was interesting that all parties to the ensuing national debate were to be found urging their own claims to ‘fairness.’ CamClegg argued their cuts were proportionally (percentage-wise) similar for the rich and the poor and thus ‘fair’; MiliPatty [lisping and adenoidal Miliband, plus his economically illiterate shadow chancellor, ‘Postman Pat’ Johnson] complained the poor were paying more (since, of course, there were more poor than rich and they enjoyed more benefits) and thus it was ‘unfair.’

In all this pathetic argumentation (media, passim), the overuse of ‘fairness’ was notable. Every four year old child knows what is ‘fair’: it is being treated in the way you have been led to expect. It has nothing to do with being treated equally or similarly: if parents establish male primogeniture (preferably with some help from reasoning), children – even those ‘disadvantaged’ will accept subsequent differentiation as ‘fair’ even if they may not regard it as ideal.

That’s why the standard parental response to a complaint of ‘unfairness’ will be simply “I told you [that Jimmy has exams, so needs to be allowed to stay up late]…” That British politicians should have developed a verbal obsession with ‘fairness’ meant only one happy thing: that they – especially the left – had at last edged away from using the suspect freedom-hating language of ‘equality.’


‘Cognitive neuroscientist’ John Duncan was hyped in the Wall Street Journal (by TgF’s Harvard friend, Christopher Chabris) as having established a special link between ‘fluid g’ (gf) and the functioning of the frontal lobes (23 x) – reminding folk of those 16th-century paintings (e.g. of Queen Elizabeth I) in which sitters would display at once their high, uncovered foreheads and their interest in reading books.


That modern academics themselves (‘plodders,’ as some called them) were to blame for the ending of free speech (by the left) in the West’s universities was remembered here


Holland’s elegant, eloquent, peroxide-blonde populist Geert Wilders (q.v.), the Freedom Party leader who wanted to ban the Koran -- which he had compared to Hitler's Mein Kampf (banned in the Netherlands) -- and impose a "headscarf tax," won his appeal to have judges in the race-hate case against him dismissed for bias (Daily Telegraph, 23 x, ‘Anti-Islam MP has his trial judges sacked’).


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Some history.


Monday, October 18, 2010


After years of wilfully ignoring the g factor, the vastly tax-funded begging-bowlers of ‘cognitive psychology’ found themselves ridiculed by the illustrious philosopher-of-language Jerry Fodor (75, Rutgers U.) (who had once walked off with Oxford Psychology’s most delicious chestnut-haired graduette, Janet Dean….) in the lead article in Times Literary Supplement, 9 x.


Top University College London (the home of the illustrious Sir Francis Galton and Sir Cyril Burt) had become infested with Islamophilia, detailed the (lefty) Observer’s Nick Cohen – producing not only terrorist bombers but seminars to ‘explain’ Islam and orange juice parties at which jokey death threats were made to UCL’s mainly godless staff (threats that would never have been laughed off they had been made by, say, a White racist)

(10 x, ‘How radical Islam seduced the academics’). {UCL was by this stage headed by Otago Kiwi Malcolm Grant who had also been selected in 2005 to chair Britain’s elite ‘Russell Group’ of highly-taxpayer-funded, mainly leftist and entirely peecee and speech-controlled universities.}


The desperates of socialist Britain were documented in the New York Times as addicted to ‘dogging’ (having sex with randomly met fellow maniacs in public places – usually fields near rural roadside lay-bys) (Observer, 10 x). Critics of dogging (e.g. local parents) were routinely warned off by being called ‘racists’ and ‘homophobes.’ Why?...


A star turn at the Conservatives’ annual conference in Birmingham (where only leader-in-waiting Boris Johnson got much of a laugh) was the female deputy head of a Camberwell (south London) secondary school who explained how hoodied kids skipped classes to gamble and do drugs in stairwells and how stabbings were routine.

“I have been trying for over a decade to get people to listen,” she said (Sunday Telegraph, 10 x). “If you did not have chaos in our classrooms then everyone could get five C’s at GCSE {reasonably expected from disciplined kids of IQ 90}. But instead we say ‘It’s not their fault – they come from a council estate, they’re from a single parent family,’ or ‘they’re black.”

How could the animated Oxford graduette, Katharine Birbalsingh, 37, have got away with such a singhing indictment of her school at a conference of the cowardly ‘Conservatives’ of multiculti Britain? Simple! The bony, animated, Afro-haired teacher was herself half-Black – of an Indian-Guyanese father and a Jamaican mother.


The Guardian worked itself into a frenzy that Blacks (who made up only 2% of the British population) were seven times over-represented in British prisons {Black males were probably ten-fold ‘over-represented’} whereas American Blacks were only four times over-represented in US clinks (11 x). –

The Grauniad conveniently forgot that American Blacks were largely segregated into criminoid areas like Detroit, south Chicago, Harlem and New Orleans which were normally thought too dangerous for Whites to police.

{The ever-developing segregation of America – though individual exceptions were necessary – provided an enduring mark of its people’s good sense despite the temporary diversion of electing a half-Black President in the idealistic (but futile) hope of somehow solving the racial question. By contrast, in Britain, the relatively small-scale nature of the race problem had meant that it was only Pakistanis who had segregated themselves – into Bradford (though the lower-class Caffs and Prods of Northern Ireland lived largely segregated lives [separated by barbed-wire-topped walls] and Indians were on the way to doing the same in west London’s Hounslow).}

{‘Asian’ Muslim males made up a further 12% of prisoners in England & Wales.}


BBC Radio 4 got around to hyping the view of a couple of Midlands ‘social epidemiologists’ that state levels of social inequality were correlated with and causal to unhappiness (see previous) (‘Analysis’, 11 x, 20:30).

But top British sociologist John Goldthorpe (Nuffield College) found the work “simplistic” and “overconfident” and not at all requiring the authors’ hypothesis linking perceived inequality to cortisol and stress levels; there was no mention of the West’s most unequal country, the USA, also having – unlike equal Japan and Norway -- a 13% Black population; and even the Beeb finally concluded The Spirit Level “not yet proven.”


As it was revealed that US troops in Afghastliland were only allowed to shoot at beardies whom they were 100% sure to be Tallyhos [though the Taliban had no uniform making such identification possible], it turned out that the (Egyptian-originated) Muslim Brotherhood, which had spawned al Qaeda, was not in favour of such saintly restraint in the Clash of Civilizations.

In a sermon, published Sept. 30, titled "How Islam Confronts the Oppression and Tyranny [against the Muslims]," MB leader Muhammad Badi said waging jihad against both Israel and the United States was a commandment of Allah that could not be disregarded. The West, by contrast, had its 150K troops in Afghastliland killing Taliban beardies at the rate of just one per day.


The ‘failure’ of geneticists to come up with particular genes for IQ* and mental illness allowed pop psychologist Oliver James (57; originally an Eton-educated and Cambridge-graduated social anthropologist) to keep chugging away in the Grauniad with environmentalist speculation (13 x) – entirely neglecting that even Sir Cyril Burt had reckoned IQ only 45% (narrowly – from parent to child) heritable and that all London Schoolers had long accepted significant Gene x Environment and Gene x Gene effects (as documented in Chaper 3 of TgF).

* Hundreds of genes are involved in determining IQ – as recognized by Eysenck and Jensen c. 1970. (See the previous LONDON SCHOOL VINDICATED).


This diary/blog records with sadness the demise of the gifted (if facially uninspiring) Oz-born (but Scottish-parented) opera singer (‘La Stupenda’) who had lent her name to ‘Principal Dame Stewart Sutherland’ – as per TgF NewsLetters, passim. (Dame Stewart – by then Lord Sutherland -- was last encountered in the Spring at E.LU.’s branch of Sainsbury’s, with a delightful nine-year-old girl in tow…. A previous encounter with him, six months earlier, had revealed he knew nothing of UCL’s Prof. Eric Barendt’s studies of academic freedom [with their special detail of the Brand Affair and E.LU.’s destruction of all records of its 1996-8 peecee exercise].)


A nationwide German poll found 36% agreeing that the country was being “over-run” by immigrants (TheLocal, 13 x). Just over 58% said that “religious practice for Muslims in Germany should be seriously limited,” and that number rose to 76% for people from former East Germany.

The latest politician to back the defenestrated Thilo Sarrazin (q.v.) was Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer, who suggested a ban on immigration for Turks and Arabs because of their “difficulties” with integration.


Norway awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010 to an imprisoned Chinese dissident and the West’s worthies complained about the lack of free speech in China -- little remarking that free speech had been withdrawn from at least the West’s employees for two decades thanks to the arrival of PeeCee.


A survey by Britain’s ludicrous Equality and Human Rights Commission [headed by a beaming Black Blairite], let slip that no less than a half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women were officially unemployed (D. Telegraph, 10 x)

{i.e. they were largely working without paying taxes in the Pakistani parallel economy of slave-labour corner shops}.


A new and updated edition appeared of Professor Steven Farron’s The Affirmative Action Hoax, providing a trenchant critique of America’s forty years of anti-White prejudice and discrimination in education and employment (New Century Books; AmRen, 15 x).


In Moscow, the ex-USSR fighter pilot, historian and intellectual, Vladimir Avdeyev (previously author of the 2007 Rasologia), brought out a 600-page account (with many nicely engaging visual aids) of British race realism, beginning with the likes of Edmund Burke, Adam Ferguson, Lord Kames, George Combe and Robert Knox and leading on, via Sir Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, Sir Arthur Keith and William McDougall, to the modern British personages of and around the London School such as Sir Cyril Burt, John Randal Baker, Hans Eysenck, Richard Lynn and myself (and also properly mentioning distinguished overseas colleagues like R.B.Cattell and John Ray).

{It was of course a very striking testimony to the Western disease of PeeCee that Vladimir’s book about British thinkers was published in Moscow rather than in London or New York.}


The new biography of Hans Eysenck by Melbourne historian of science (and lefty) Roderick Buchanan was reviewed in Times Literary Supplement (16 x), with reviewer Chris McManus largely accepting its verdicts that Hans was too competitive (as was Beethoven) and tended to play fast and loose (as he had to so as to maintain his fantastically catholic and up-to-date grip on his field while never having the blessing of government research funding).

The mere half-page review was given a ghastly visual aid, making Hans look a hirsute monkey and thus indicating ongoing UK-establishment disapproval of the twentieth century’s greatest psychologist.

Another hostile-to-Hans review appeared in the Lancet (7 viii), from Marxite ‘neuroscientist’ Steven Rose; and Hans’ son Michael (by Hans’ first marriage) didn’t do much better in The Psychologist (‘Scrupulously fair-minded,’ GoogleDocs, ix 10); but Hans was robustly defended at by Phil Rushton, who properly deplored Buchanan’s “disappointing, self-righteous social constructionism.” My own review of the book was scheduled to appear 2011 in the journal Intelligence.


In an astonishing development, Dutch prosecutors told the court where they were prosecuting the sensational libertarian (and Freedom Party leader) Geert Wilders that they did not think he was guilty of anything (FoxNews, 15 x). They were prosecuting, they said, only to air the claimed grievances of Muesli fanatics.

{However, the Dutch state might have thought the prolonged prosecution would break Wilders, just as Edinburgh LUniversity had probably reckoned it could break me, 1996-8.}


As world soccer’s governing body ‘FIFA’ (with roughly the clout of the United Nations) junketed ooops convened to discuss which country should be blessed with hosting the mega-buck-spinning 2018 World [Footie] Cup, two of its Council were discovered to have been selling their votes, in each case for a million pounds: one fraudster was the representative of Nigeria, and the other was the representative of Tahiti (BBC World Service News, 17 x, 9:30GMT; Observer, 17 x).


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Some history.


Monday, October 11, 2010


With the West teetering on a knife edge as the leader of democratic Holland’s third-largest party went on ‘trial’ for racism – following London Schooler Thilo Sarrazin having to resign from the Bundesbank – at least one leading leftist intellectual, Slavoj Zizek, could be seen shitting himself with anxiety that the West was succumbing to ‘malignant multiculturalism’, i.e. to the polite – but oh-so-patronizing -- view that ‘immigrants were OK so long as they fitted in and learned the lingo’ (Guardian, 4 x).

{And at least Sarrazin’s Lynn-backing book, Germany Self-Destructs, had by then sold 650K copies -- and a million had been printed.}


A helpful account in English of Thilo Sarazzin’s book (q.v.) was published on VDare (29 ix) by Rafael Koski (author of the article, The Sweden Democrats). Sarazzin’s ideas and observations emerged as overwhelmingly consonant with those of the London School – Sarrazin having been guided especially by the work of Richard Lynn. Sarrazin’s practical conclusions were as follows, writes Koski:
Sarrazin offers a positive political program that is quite short: ending immigration; instituting pro-family policies for the educated; and school reform to favor hard sciences. Cutting welfare benefits would eliminate the excessive fertility of the underclass, and Turkish and Arab neighborhoods would eventually dissolve. Overall, it's a surprisingly moderate and relatively liberal policy to keep Germany as a serious nation-state.

TS did not need especially to advocate school selection and streaming since Germany had had these for decades – as explained in Chapter 4 of The g Factor.

On an incidental matter, Sarrazin’s book also provided new evidence bearing on the question of whether the Nazis had condemned IQ tests as ‘Jewish’, as Hans Eysenck used to maintain:

Sarrazin also feels obliged to show that inheriting intelligence is not a Nazi idea. He cites the Berlin-born Jew Wilhelm Stern as the inventor of the concept of Intelligence Quotient. He notes it was disparaged at the 1938 Congress of the German Society of Psychology as a "Jewish intelligence test" that was "made according to an intelligence type strongly present among Jews."

For better or worse, Stern’s 1908 effort (see TgF, Chapter 1) did not meet with much acceptance among German psychologists -- in another rejection of ‘Jewish science’ which helped Germany lose WWII. In contrast, the American military were able to accept IQ selection by the 1920s, and the British by the (late-) 1930s.


A Lithuanian company (trnsl. ‘OhLaLa!’) announced it would set up an all-blonde-staffed holiday camp in the Muslim Maldives (south-west of Ceylon) (AmRen, 1 x). {Apparently the Western preference for blondes had developed chiefly post-1918 as the French company L’Oréal produced a dye which allowed women to fake blondeness -- i.e., as with much else in the fashion industry, it was girls who were in the driving seat.}


As female teenage Nigerian weightlifter Augustina Nkem Nwaokolo won the first gold medal of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, questions arose as to why her strenuous performance was watched only by multiculti Prince Charles and a couple of hundred similar pressed men. So slight was the interest of India in the world-hyped Games that the rooms for the Commonwealth’s unfailingly low-IQ athletes were filthy and waterlogged and snake-ridden just days before the start of the ‘Games’ (i.e. vulgar displays of brawn and – in the case of female ‘athletes’ – hormonal imbalances and outright – though officially undetected -- transgenderism), giving one athlete dengue fever on the day after his arrival; and audience turnout for the gruntings was so miniscule that ‘Games’ authorities had to dish out free tickets to schoolchildren so as to get bums on seats in the stadium.

Could it have been that Indians (whatever their deficiencies in average IQ, metaphysics, art, science, truthfulness and government – see Wm Archer, 1917, India and the Future, Hutchinson) had enough gumption, with the help of their Brahmin-led, cricket-loving and English-speaking caste system, to look down on beefy Black pseudo-athletes (virtually none of them required to excel in a Grecian variety of sports), to rejoice in their own beauteous (and hot-sexy, Shilpa-Shetty-lookalike) womenfolk, and to take quiet satisfaction that lalaland America was having to go to war with its bizarrely chosen ‘ally,’ Pakistan – giving India the chance to boot the madder Mueslis out of Kashmir?


As the U.K. ignored the ethnic-realist developments across Euroland and proceeded under CamCo leadership to strip Child Benefit from the country’s highest-earning (>£40Kp.a.) males so as to save money (£1Bp.a. – compared to the workshy benefit budget of £350Bp.a.), and likewise to discuss a dysgenic tax on successful graduates, and to allow London Tube staff [50% Black] to strike without losing their jobs, it still had cash-a-plenty to prosecute a Welsh pastor whose 12-yr girl tutee had been ‘alarmed’ in 1995 to find a bulge in his trousers – which the pastor claimed had been simply a banana (Sun, 5 x).

{The godforsaken country [following 13 years of Labour misrule] also spent £200K in fat court fees to award £35K to a 39-yr-old single mother who said her boss had groped her on an aeroplane in 2006 and had invited her – along with other businesspersons – to attend a pole dancing event to celebrate their firm’s landing some nice contracts.}


America’s failure to identify friends and enemies, and respectively to back them or kill them, was cruelly exposed as a further twelve lorries were set ablaze in the Khyber Pass (q.v.), bringing to forty the number of fuel tankers and container trucks which the Pakistani Army had allowed the Taliban to destroy in a week. The leftist Axis of Logic, providing one of the few coherent published accounts of the Am-Pak split (6 x), claimed Pres. Obarmy had actually admitted that “the cancer is in Pakistan.”

In September, US Predator and larger Reaper drone attacks and helicopter raids on Pak militants/’tribesmen’ had doubled to a rate of almost one daily (killing 1,800 since 2004, including hundreds of known militants as well as their familiar spirits).

In reply, Pak interior minister Rehman Malik offered a blunt riposte: "We will have to see whether we are allies or enemies."Just how China would respond to America’s poorly organized effort to recreate Britain’s Indian empire (which America had worked sporadically to destroy in the twentieth century) and thus control the oil of central Asia remained to be seen.

North-Pak residents said militants were running scared of the machai, or wasps, as the drones were known. "Before, we could see them [the militants] moving around freely," one Mehsud tribesman said. "Now they have disappeared." The drones' accuracy was aided by a legion of Afghan spies – up to 3,000, according to a book by the US journalist Bob Woodward – deployed by the CIA.

Those who failed paid a high price: decapitated bodies with the words "American spy" were regularly found on the roadsides of Waziristan. Yet pathetic American politicians deemed it wise to issue an ‘apology’ to Pakiland for the intrusions into areas which the Pak Army had quite failed to control.

On 6 x, a further forty lorries were blown up in the Khyber Pass by the Taliban, as the Pak Army threw everything at the main target of getting yet more dollars from Americans who had, since their disastrous idealism at Suez, despite their enormous military might, let the Middle East spin out of control.

The Indie (7 x) reckoned a ‘peace process’ was underway – to extricate Nato’s 150K troops so long as the final result was that the mad Mueslis would all fight each other.

{Sadly, the blow to American arms from its politicians lack of realism – they were still boasting of reducing the poppy crop – would be worse than that of the USA’s Vietnam defeat in 1975; for, in the Afghaniland and Eyeraqiland exercises, Nato (and other countries) had been sucked in to providing support for hopeless American race unrealism.}

The Guardian, too, reckoned that US Obarmy and Afghani Kazi had been dishing out drink for a year to the feared Bannani tribesmen of Waziristan which had sheltered OK Bin Liner for a decade without America firing a shot at them (7 x).

Meanwhile Mueslis of unknown origin had blown up a hundred Nato lorries (of the 2,500 stranded in the Paki-closed Khyber Pass) with impunity – and not only in the Khyber Pass but also on the only other mud track through Pak to Afghastliland (via Kandahar).

{What a pity the Yanks had not left the low-IQ and Allah-ravaged psychotic Middle East to the more realistic Brits, Frogs and Yids! Instead, by championing peecee multiculturalism and finally electing a half-Black president, America had (no doubt accidentally….) killed off England and Europe – finishing the job it had begun by its much-belated entries into the two World Wars. – Not that the rest of the West had managed a squeak of protest as America had seemed to defend it from the less subtle horrors of outright communism!}

News of the betrayal by America’s great chosen (India-hating) Pak ‘ally’ gradually filtered through to the multiculti idealist dimwits of Washington – Washington Times, 7 x.

By 9 x, another 29 lorries had gone up in smoke at the hands of a few bearded motorcyclists (bringing the grand total of truck losses to around 150) despite Nato paying Pakiland $1.5B annually to keep the Khyber open. Never had the mighty dollar been so humiliated! “There is no security. The Taliban attack where and when they want,” said Shakir Afridi, head of the Khyber Transport Association.

{But by 10 x America coughed up more grovelling apologies and dollars, eliciting a gracious Pak promise that the Khyber would be re-opened 11 x.}


This blog’s coverage of Doctor Sarrazin was relayed by the BNP-backing Green Arrow – with some kind words as to its “inimitable” style and clarity (though with reservations about its “shaky” position on paedophilia and Jewish questions….).


Eight Britain-resident Nobel laureates wrote to the Times {no longer available free online, so seldom heard of} explaining that the UK Coalition Government’s new restrictions on non-EU immigration – while exempting Premier League footballers in the name of the ‘Big Society’ [pure ‘BS,’ as Tory activists call it, not to mention Grauniadistas!] – made no allowance for much-needed brainpower to get into the country to make up for the many British schoolchildren who no longer knew how to tie their shoelaces, let alone use the subjunctive (Guardian, 7 x).


Occasional cowboys in MSM let rip about how the West’s devastating credit bubble and bust was traceable largely (as explained previously) to subprime lending to Blacks and Hispanics in America – though not mentioning the role of governmental bullying of US banks to engage in such lending (Reuters, 4 x; D.Telegraph, Jeremy Warner,* 8 x).

* Concluding an article on IMF gloom in Washington about the world’s economy: ”As the darkening mood here suggests, the maelstrom unleashed by America’s excessive sub-prime mortgage lending is still an awfully long way from a happy conclusion.”


America’s loony attempt to solve its racial question(s) by electing ‘Change you can believe in’ Boring Hussein Obarmy delivered after two years a highly ethnically polarized result: in polls: approval ratings for Obarmy stood at 90% among Blacks and at only 36% among Whites (Los Angeles Times, 4 x).


As France moved through the possibly last legal stage of banning facial veiling in public (perhaps yielding leisurely criminalization, with £130 fines for first-time offenders by March 2011), and Italy and Holland seemed set to go down the same route, a Leicestershire JP obliged a Mueslie witness to remove her niqab – telling her that her testimony against her violent Muesli husband might otherwise be discredited (Sun, 9 x).

{However, the Mueslie was allowed to sit unveiled behind a screen, seen only by the JP and a chum, and thus screened from the general public, the proper interest of which in criminal trials had for twenty years been eroded by Britain’s peecee-serving legal class.}

The new Dutch government, which depended on support from Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) also proposed to restrict immigration, put more police on the streets and restrict state spending.


As Britain ‘prepared’ for years of austerity (to pay off Clinton-Bush-‘affirmative action’-Labour debts) by dysgenically cutting child benefit to any household with a member earning >£40K, the Spectator calculated that -- after five months of Coalition government – the country was losing 325 jobs daily from British-born adults (who preferred welfare dependency) to immigrants (News of the World, Fraser Nelson, 10 x).

The star example of English socialist stupidity was the Falinge district of central Rochdale (nr Manchester and McDougall’s birthplace of Oldham) which had 84% of its adults on welfare and a male life expectancy of 66 – though such figures could be easily matched in areas of Liverpool, Birmingham and south-east Glasgow.


Signs emerged of the US Tea Party movement developing links with the militantly anti-Muesli (and Jewish-funded?) English Defence League – though, in the manner of the West’s peecee times, both groups still felt obliged to deny they were ‘racist’…. (Observer, 10 x).


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Some history.


Monday, October 04, 2010


Lalaland America, wedded to bribing the Mueslis of the Middle East to avoid all but verbal warfare with the Jews (whom most Mueslis by 2010 accused of orchestrating 9/11, with whatever co-operation from Washington), found itself on the brink of war with its ludicrous ally and welfare-dependent, Pakistan, which closed the crucial Khyber Pass to Nato vehicles after American drones killed a few too many of the Pak army’s Taliban friends (Guardian, 30 ix).

As hundreds of lorries waited in Torkham to get through to Afghaniland, an American drone and/or squad ‘in hot pursuit’ blasted another six loonytunes, admitted Pak officials (under condition of anonymity) (The Raw Story, 2 x). No sooner was the convoy halted than twenty Muesli gunmen attacked, scaring off the drivers and then setting 27 trucks ablaze. Meanwhile, in London’s clubland, the tiny former Pak dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf said God had asked him to resume ruling Pakiland.


Already unable to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnic origin, or even to complain or joke about such ‘minorities,’ E.U. citizens found the European Court of Justice was planning to ban -- as unacceptably ‘sexist’ -- arrangements whereby cheaper rates for motor car insurance were offered to women (Daily Telegraph, 2 x).


In Holland, Geert Wilders remained in serious negotiation with centre-right parties to allow the formation of a government that would ban the burka, curtail immigration, strip criminal immigrants of Dutch citizenship (if acquired within the previous five years) and make major spending cuts. Meantime, Wilders addressed an enthusiastic 500-strong crowd in a Berlin hotel (AllVoices, 2 x; Deutsche Welle, 2 x) (while 250 police kept 100 Social-Democratic-organized loopiloos at bay) and prepared to expand his Freedom Party internationally and to go on trial in Amsterdam for race hate speech. In his speech at the Hotel Berlin, Wilders claimed Germany's national identity, democracy and prosperity were threatened by Islamic political ideology. "A Germany full of mosques and full of veiled women is no longer the Germany of Schiller and Heine, Bach and Mendelssohn," he said.


Germany’s Mutti Merkel bowed to the newly ebullient post-Sarrazin right and told her Christian-Democrat Union (CDU) party – to enthusiastic applause -- that all immigrants had to integrate and ‘obey every single law and item of the German constitution’ and respect the rights of women; and that ‘no tolerance’ would be shown to deviants (Reuters, 25 ix). {Though just what action would be taken against criminal Turks and their slave wives and truanting children remained unclear….}

A summary of the Sarrazin affair was provided in Taki’s Magazine, 26 ix

Infuriated, World Socialist Website (29 ix) at least provided a more engaging quote from Sarrazin about Berlin’s young Turks than had MSM:
“Frustration at school combines with sexual frustration, both contributing to a build-up of aggression in the young men…. For religious reasons, however, the young girls are not sexually available before marriage. Even harmless sexual gestures are ruled out…. Inappropriate role models, low-level educational achievement and sexual frustration can lead to an increased readiness to commit acts of violence, principally exercised in youth gangs that are the de facto homes of many Muslim immigrants.”


News of Richard Lynn’s work got through to Turkey, where Today’s Zaman (27 ix) rejoiced in its discovery (from perusing Doc Sarrazin’s work [q.v.]) that ‘Christian’ Ethiopia (pop. 85M) only had an I.Q. of 63 (whereas Muslim Turkey excelled at 90 – a substantially below-par figure which Zaman did not bring itself to mention).

{In fact, war- and famine-ravaged multi-multi-ethnic Ethiopia –once famed for some semblance of Christianity (though the Ethiopian Orthodox never adopted the Gregorian Calendar) -- was one-third Muslim and one-half (ganja-smoking and pan-African) Rastafarian [regarding Emperor Haile Selassie as Jesus, and Ethiopia as Zion]. It was so ‘Christian’ that it had booted out its historic Jewish community in the 1980s.}


As empty-headed, big-nosed, trade-mafia-fêting Red Ed ‘Forrest Gump’ Miliband, ‘The Man without a Plan’ and “an ocean-going dud” (said ex-Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie, on Sky News), beat his elder brother, almost equally gormless Dave (who had at least got a 1980’s Oxford First in PPE [a mediocre 2:1 by 1960s standards]), to the leadership of the People’s Party, a fine digression on sibling rivalry was provided in D.Torygraph (28 ix) – reminding me of my own pro-Adlerian efforts.

But, while the dinosaurs of the trade unions opened their cans of stout, Daft Dave Cameron seemed likely to get his first opportunity to bash the unions: for the overpaid peecee denizens of the BBC were preparing to strike during the Tory annual conference. {In fact, the Beeb bought them off rather than give Dave his chance.}


While politely agreeing that France’s removal of 8K ‘Roma’ gypsies to Rumania and Bulgaria had not strictly been ‘racist’ (since it had arguably targeted all illegal immigrants….), the European Commission still told France it would have to respect the human right to ‘freedom of movement’ as enshrined by Euroland busybodies – thus still holding out the happy prospect of a clash between the EC and the French (80% of whom agreed with President Sarkozy’s efforts to get rid of criminal vagrants) (CNN, 29 ix).

In a report published 28 ix, Amnesty International argued that European countries, including Germany, had been forcibly returning Roma to Kosovo and called for a halt to the practice. A different set of obligations applied to citizens from Kosovo because this area was not a member of the European Union and therefore its natives did not have the right to move freely through the bloc.

Meantime, a Rumanian MEP pleaded at the European Parliament for the ‘Roma’ to be renamed ‘Gypsies’ to avoid confusion…. (Financiarul, 30 ix).


Indonesia rushed troops to Kalimantan (aka Borneo) as five were killed and dozens injured in ethnic clashes involving the ferocious Dayak tribe (known for mass arson and for augmenting their penises with ball bearings in the ‘Prince Albert’ manner – first discovered c. 1899 by William McDougall as he grew curious about the nightly ‘wailing’ of Dayak womenfolk) (Jakarta Globe, 30 ix).


In a large study of RK in the USA (Pew Forum, 30 ix), it was amusingly found that Jews and Atheists were more knowledgeable about Christianity (Do Catholics believe in transubstantiation? Who was Luther?) than the average signed-up Christian. The results were largely explicable in terms of race and IQ, with non-believers scoring some twenty IQ points higher than Baptists (mainly Black) and Catholics (often Hispanic) – though the survey did not straightforwardly admit this. The highest-IQ and best-informed people – marginally outscoring Jews and Atheists -- were White Anglicans (IQ 113 – Table 6). {The relatively low intelligence of average religious devotees had long been known to researchers – e.g. Brand, 1981, in LYNN, Dimensions of Personality, Pergamon.}


DNA problems were over-represented in ADHD children, said psychiatry researchers at U. Cardiff – challenging environmentalist ideas that such childish over-ebullience was due to bad parenting or high-sugar diets (though the BBC rushed its ‘pop’ psychologist [actually soc. Anthropologist] Oliver James to dispute the significance of the finding) (Reuters, 30 ix; BBC, 30 ix; Guardian, 30 ix).

{Hyperactivity had long been treated principally by the amphetamine-related drug Ritalin, as urged from 1980 by Hans Eysenck. Study of its causation was muddied by its being poorly diagnosed – typically in an alarming 4% of children, many of these coming from bad backgrounds. Past investigations had long shown that ADHD was more likely in a child who had a parent that suffered from the disorder; and that if one MZ twin had ADHD, the other twin had a 75% chance of also having it.}


As governmentally bureaucratized paedohysteria spread to require most British adults to be vetted and registered before having any contact with children (other than their own), the moral panic – first scorned by me in 1996 – attracted some teansy weansy criticism from a ‘think tank’ called Civitas which actually had a sociologist (i.e. tenured, well-fed and pensioned socialist) (one Prof. Furedi) on its books (D.Torygraph, 27 ix, Tom Whitehead).


Languishing in the polls, President Nicolas Sarkozy introduced for parliamentary discussion measures which would give a hard time to foreigners outstaying their welcome, abusing the welfare system or engaging in ‘aggressive begging’ (i.e. gypsies) and would even strip citizenship from recently naturalized immigrants who physically threatened police or other officials (AmRen, 28 ix).


It transpired that the Winter 2009/10 issue of German Review of Books had allowed a young Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels, who had substantial experience of Copenhagen’s prisons, to digress on the impossibility of integrating most Muslims into the West – even though the only sanction they feared was deportation. An example of NS:
All of Europe is currently struggling to integrate Muslims but this endeavor seems to be impossible. According to the Danish police and the Danish Bureau of Statistics more than 70% of all crimes in the Danish capital are committed by Muslims. Our national bank recently published a report stating that a Muslim foreigner costs more than 2 million Danish kroner (300,000 euros) in federal social assistance on average, caused by the low participation in the work force. On top of this, we have to add many additional types of social welfare that unemployed people can receive in our country: expenses in connection with interpreters, special classes in school—64% of school children with Muslim parents cannot read and write Danish properly after 10 years in a Danish school—social work, extra police etc.

Sennels had followed up in the New English Review, 25 viii10:
There is no doubt that the widespread tradition of first cousin marriages among Muslims has harmed the gene pool among Muslims. Because Muslims’ religious beliefs prohibit marrying non-Muslims and thus prevent them from adding fresh genetic material to their population, the genetic damage done to their gene pool since their prophet allowed first-cousin marriages 1,400 years ago is most likely massive.


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Some history.