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After the failure of Occidental Quarterly to publish my perhaps insufficiently `nationalist' article about Postmodernism and PeeCee (see above), I am glad to announce the piece will soon be published by American Renaissance. The pre-edited version giving all the figures of the London School's struggle with Postmodernism and giving potted pithy biographies of the leading postmodernists (few of them White Anglo-Saxon Protestants..) will be obtainable from me in email (to


The Government's plan to criminalize `incitement to religious hatred' began to be challenged across a healthily wide range of the political spectrum, e.g. by left-wing author Marek Kohn and right-wing Ann Widdecombe M.P. and including the centrist think-tank Civitas, Editor Charles Moore in the Daily Torygraph and the Associate Editor of the Sextator, Rod Liddle - who further questioned the arrest of B.N.P. leader Nick Griffin (Spectator, 1 i 2005). Nine years after the depublication of The g Factor, perhaps the great and good are waking up to the nature of the left's post-Cold War peecee project..


IQ enjoyed an unusually pleasant outing for the New Year as many newspapers and magazines carried the story (from Personality & Individual Differences) that a high IQ helps males (but not females) to get a spouse: among 900 British subjects tested at age 11 in 1964, 88% of the high-IQ males went on to marry but only 82% of the high-IQ females (Sunday Times, 2 i 2005).


The European Commission withdrew its absurd "gender directive" which had specified that women must pay the same levels of car insurance premium as men (Scotsman, 4 i).


A fine summary and condemnation of the Blair Government's `obsessive' pursuit of PeeCee appeared in Japan Times, 4 i (from a former UK Ambassador to Japan). It included the paragraph: "Political correctness seems to extend to almost all aspects of private life as British politicians, with their tendency to react without adequate thought to what they perceive as popular concerns, often seem to behave toward the British public like nannies or nursemaids attempting to discipline the children in their care."


After the Sumatra tsunami horror, following a failure to purchase scientific warning advice from American seismologists, Thailand's Prime Minister vowed to raise the IQ of Thai children by 25% over the next decade (MCOT, 8 i).


Forty years after Presidents Kennedy and Johnson unleashed `affirmative action' on America, three books (incl. one by Black economist, Thomas Sowell) reported that no one really knew whether AA benefited anyone or whether it actually contributed negatively to community to community relations and put the public at serious risk from actually incompetent `professionals' given meaningless qualifications under AA (The Nation, 24 i). So much for multi-billion dollar expenditures, light years of study by social scientists and ongoing cashflow for lawyers arguing the toss!


Calling himself a "despairing libertarian", Paul Barker, who long edited the liberal-leftist New Society, deplored Labour's failure to defend Sikh playwright Gurpreet Bhatti (see above) and Labour's efforts to abolish secret balloting, to introduce ID cards, to ban foxhunting and to forbid any vigorous criticism of religions (Guardian, 10 i). As to the latter proposal, he concluded: "This anti-libertarian law is proposed as a gross sectarian palliative for mere political gain: the prospect of more Labour votes from Muslims."


Blacks employed as peacekeepers in the Congo were found to be having sex with 13-year-old girls after paying just a few eggs and dollars. No complaints were heard from Western feminist groups -- usually so shocked by paedophilia, but preferring to pay the usual tax of never criticizing other `minorities.'


According to the Guardian newspaper (10 i) (Sun 11 i), Britain now has thousands of foreign gangmasters each commanding one or two dozen illegal immigrants seeking work and citizenship in Britain.


After Chancellor Gordon Brown felt an itch to throw a new vast sum of UK taxpayers' dosh at Africa's self-inflicted problems, Indian economics professor Meghnad Desai, at the London School of Economics, poured cold water on the idea (Independent, 11 i). Pointing out that, thirty years ago, Africa was better off than Asia, but that by 2004 this had reversed, Professor Desai favoured trade liberalization, encouraging investment by diaspora Africans in the West and backing export industries. But he said Africa definitely did not need "a massive amount of money thrown at it" and added: "Africa has had money in the past but has either not used it properly or misused it for the private benefit of the few, not the many."


After a Christmas where the Queen cornily devoted her (supposedly personally written) world-wide broadcast to backing mad and monstrous multiculchalunacy, 20-year-old Prince Harry took the bit between his teeth and sported a swastika at a London fancy dress party on the theme `colonials and natives.' It was, after all, sixty years since we were fighting and beating the Germans. So a little youthful irony about royal third-cousins could have been in order - after all, the Germans were never very good at empire. But, unfortunately for Harry, the British tabloid press (now including the Times) was, as ever, determined to maintain its `moral supremacy' by re-fighting WWII -- failing to acknowledge that Communist Stalin killed far more millions of people than did National Socialist Hitler. In particular, it delights in continuously expanding the number of things (`inappropriate touching', speech - even in private, now apparel) to which modern Brits can reasonably affect righteous `sensitivity': for newspapers thrive on arguments quite as much as on topless celebrities. Thus Britain's ludicrous, uneducated, left-selected and propagandized press-pack descended upon Prince Harry - conclusively showing how such socialistic farts as themselves misunderstand the modernity of good-humoured youth and their own irrelevance as servants of leftist dogma. By contrast, some 40% of correspondents in the Sun said (effectively) `Give the boy a break!' and one pointed out that going to a fancy dress party as a pirate, Napoleon, a tart or the Devil does not mean that the partygoer supports any of those enterprises.

{Harry should have seized on this opportunity to renounce his third-in-line claim to the throne, thus putting up two fingers to the zealots of the tabloids and freeing himself for the career as a polo player which he supposedly craves. Renunciation would also free him from his cage, get the spotlights off him, stop the demeaning chatter about his mediocre IQ and solve the problem that his third-in-line status is anyhow insecure. - This is because many think his father to have been James Hewitt -- not Prince Charles - and because he will anyhow be overtaken as soon as Prince William has a child, which scores of thousands of top class Anglo-Saxon fillies are determined to ensure.}

{Happily the Prince was defended by Adam Nicolson in the Daily Telegraph and in no less than three columns of the Sunday Telegraph, one saying it was "literal-mindedness bordering on autism to assume he was in some way endorsing fascist views just because he wore a Nazi uniform" and another that the real Nazi-lovers with whom Mr Blair readily co-operates are the IRA, never unhappy to remember with thanks the pre-1945 Nazi contributions to their war chest. A majority of British 18-24-year-olds declined to see what all the fuss was about - suggesting that years of `anti-Nazi' indoctrination at their comprehensive schools had been counter-productive. Sadly neither such points nor the excuse of Harry's sad childhood will cut any ice with the world's socialist and republican journalists over the moon at having a classic image linking monarchy to Nazism. The Prince was also defended by the experienced Magnus Linklater in Scotland on Sunday, 16 i; by columnist Cristina Odone in the Observer, 16 i, who said "He is neither a Nazi sympathiser nor a Holocaust denier. He is, quite simply, 20."; and by an editorial in the Times of India (18 i). One plus for Harry was that the revelation that he had a brunette constantly on his knee at the `colonials and natives' party seemed likely to lose him his girlfriend of the past nine months, blonde Chelsy Davy, the ditzy daughter of a millionaire having revoltingly close links to Zimbabwe's tyrant Robert Mugabe (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 16 i). Another was that the great Paul Johnson backed him: My advice to him is to take no notice, cheer up, and follow his instincts.}


That the Woodhill Foundation ended its kind 4-year support for me in 2004 was probably explained by Evidently, I am too hot to handle in a country where even re-elected Pres. Dubbya feels obliged to keep on roping in Mexican migrants. Still, I wish C.R.A.C.K. well and hope Jim Woodhill's support for it, dissociated from me, will bring real advances for the eugenic cause.


Britain's top feminist, the self-contradictory and elephantine Cambridge and Warwick intellectual, Germaine Greer, had hissy fits with others in the Celebrity Big Brother House on UK Channel 4, then became tearful and left the House. Having first said she wanted `the challenge', GG had found herself confronted by a male chauvinist of her own age and, when trying to arrange a `revolution' among the housemates, quickly got nowhere - with a Black woman eager to retain the `crown' given her by BB. GG's exit was deemed a "humiliation" by the Independent's columnist Janet Street-Porter (13 i) and by the Melbourne Herald Sun; and other commentators called her "na‹ve", "high-handed" and "a shameless self-publicist" and said her "time was up" as a feminist icon. To cap it all, GG tried to attribute her exit not to her losing arguments but to her sympathy for a fellow housemate bullied by BB - yet that housemate had received more sympathy from the male chauvinist than from GG. Even bolshie Times (ex-New Statesman) feminist could not back GG: "But Ms. Greer's attack offended another Times columnist, Julie Burchill, a "Big Brother" fan whose article on the matter carried the headline "My Feminist Hero Has Become a Rancid Bore." "It is rather offensive to those who have spent time in fascist prisons - or even people who have two brain cells to rub together - to compare a game show to a fascist prison," Ms. Burchill wrote, accusing Ms. Greer of failing to understand "the risibly obvious fact that this 'Big Brother' was not the original oppressive brute, as created by George Orwell," but rather a "pantomime villain toying with a few pampered volunteers."

`RACIST' WINS YOUNG POLITICO CONTEST - a visual aid for flatlined `Tory' leader Michael Howard..

ITV's Pop Idol-type competition to find the most promising young politician of 2005 was won by a competitor proposing what he called a `cabbie's agenda' including the mandatory castration of paedophiles, the legalisation of all drugs, the repeal of the human rights act, a massive prison-building scheme and an immigrant deportation programme that would reduce Britain's population by 20 million. Subsequently, the victor, Rodney Hylton-Potts, who planned to stand for Parliament as an independent M.P. against `Tory' leader Michael Howard, was revealed as an ex-jailbird and said to have made `racist' remarks about the `good old days' of the 1960s before Britain's coloured immigrants began to arrive in bulk (Observer, 16 i). 80% of phone-in voters chose Hylton-Potts, but the TV company did not announce this - presumably for fear of upsetting peecee supporters of dullard immigration.


The president of Harvard University, Lawrence H. Summers, sparked an uproar at an academic conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts when he said that innate differences between men and women might be one reason fewer women succeed in science and math careers (, 17 i). Summers also questioned how much of a role discrimination plays in the dearth of female professors in science and engineering at elite universities. And he added: ''Research in behavioral genetics is showing that things people previously attributed to socialization weren't" due to socialization after all. One top feminist sitting near the president closed her laptop walked out and others told journalists she felt she would have "either blacked out or thrown up" - no contribution to diminishing the stereotype that women are more hysterical than males.. Subsequently, as clans gathered, prominent Harvard female professors (e.g. the head of sociology) expressed their predictable outrage at their president's minimal truth-telling (New York Times, 19 i). Heredity-backing (but race-avoiding) Prof. Steven Pinker backed President Summers, saying: "People who storm out of a meeting at the mention of a hypothesis, or declare it taboo or offensive without providing arguments or evidence, don't get the concept of a university or free inquiry". Top columnist Andrew Sullivan (a homosexual) also backed President Summers, writing: "The assumption of the "blank slate" of human biology is partially what drives social engineering projects such as affirmative action; but the blank slate is fast becoming obsolete to even a casual observer of biology or evolutionary psychology".

{In the early 1990s, the researches of eminent young economist and public servant Summers had won him brownie points with lefties by claiming a very high return on investing in educating girls in developing countries. But at the same time his partner (today not mentioned) bore him twin daughters, so perhaps that began a conversion to psychological realism. In 2003, President Lawrence Summers, appointed 2001, shocked staff and students at a graduation ceremony by announcing he wanted to restore the undergraduate course Fine Arts 13 - a course in Western art and art history previously dropped as insufficiently peecee and multicultural. A McDNL supporter wrote from Washington: "Congratulations to Larry Summers for saving Harvard from itself! This is a real leader - notably when he squeezed out Professor of Black Studies, Cornel West. (West was inflating grades, making a rap album, and campaigning for Al Sharpton. Summers suggested he devote more time to scholarly work, so West left for Princeton -- calling Summers a racist but freeing Harvard of a star time-waster and nuisance".) Also Summers has pushed hard to get back Harvard's ROTC -- abolished during the Vietnam War.}

{Maybe things were changing at Harvard? - Its magazine `Harvard Crimson' carried an article re Prince Harry saying Stalin was as bad as Hitler (21 i).} {LATE EXTRA Sadly, despite the high-level support of Pinker and Sullivan, President Summers' beating at the hands of scores of top lesbian academics and hangers-on proved sufficient to elicit from him three apologies of increasing servility and a promise to discuss "concrete concessions to women -- perhaps guarantees of new hiring" - i.e. (as Steve Sailer put it) reparations. Message: a Harvard supremo can afford to annoy multiculturalists, Blacks and pacifists - but wymmin are another matter, for they are the true spinal column of PeeCee.}


Further confirmation arrived from the University of Giessen, Germany, of the link - long known to the London School (Guardian, 31 iii 2000) -- between having a relatively long ring finger [measuring from the crease nearest the palm, comparing to the index finger] and being male, being masculinized, lesbian and having higher spatial and mathematical ability (BBC, 24 i; Petra Kempel, 2005, Intelligence).} {The New York Post summed up the universities' cowardice well: `such is lockstep academia, marching to the music of PeeCee.'}

A note on sex differences in maths from Human BioDiversity e-group member `Griffe du Lion': "..the notion that men and women are cognitively different, is easily and directly observed. The best data I have seen comes from Project Talent (1963), where more than 73,000 15 year olds, selected to be representative of all 15 year olds in the US, were given a battery of 23 cognitive tests. In mathematical ability, the study found a mean M/F difference of 0.12SD and a variance ratio (M/F) of 1.20. These numbers account for a trove of facts. Here's one: There are 139 regular (not foreign) members of the National Academy of Sciences in the disciplines of mathematics and applied mathematical sciences. Six of these outstanding mathematicians are women. Based on the Project Talent data we predict 7."

A review of sex differences in the Sunday Times (Sarah Baxter, News Review, 30 i) gave prominence to the views of Simon Baron-Cohen, Steven Pinker and Charles Murray that genetic factors were substantially involved.


A survey of Black employers in Philadelphia found that 82% of their staff were Black - though Blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population (American Renaissance, 12 i). So much for Blacks' multicultural aspirations! {The Wall Street investment firm, Bear Stearns, estimated there were 20 million illegal immigrants working in the USA (Am.Ren. , 17 i).


Medical notes discovered by two historians for a female cousin of Adolf Hitler revealed her diagnosis as "schizophrenic mental instability, helplessness and depression, distraction, hallucinations and delusions" (Independent, 19 i; Daily Telegraph, 19 i; Washington Times, 19 i). Two years younger than Hitler, Aloisia Veit's (from the Schicklgruber line - e.g. David Irving, 2005, Daily Telegraph, 20 i) condition was so severe in the 1930s that she was mostly confined within a caged iron bed (a practice that was widespread even prior to Nazi times) in the years before she was finally gassed in 1940 as part of Hitler's general dispensation for the seriously mentally ill. {Her uncle -- Hitler's father, Alois Schickelgruber (the bastard son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber) -- had changed his own family name from that of his mother to that of his father, Hiedler, a man of some status, and had impregnated his servant girl Klara Schicklgruber, in 1876. Though there had always been reports of suicide, instability and mental retardation in Hitler's family - leading the New York Times to say, on Hitler's death in 1945, that "the family showed definite tendencies to illness and mental instability" - this was quite the most certain report as to the likelihood of Hitler's carrying a few genes for psychosis (accounting for both his criminality and his creativity, as long envisaged by London School leader Hans Eysenck). Psychology's biggest embarrassment of the twentieth century - being unable to explain Hitler's personality - thus came to an end (for those who accept the importance of genetic factors..). Hitler would have been further at risk because his father had married his own niece (dismissing the rumour that Hitler's mother, Klara Hiedler, had fallen pregnant by a Jew). Hitler's sister Paula was mentally retarded. If Hitler knew of Aloisia's condition, this could explain how little he ever divulged about his family.} {Despite what must seem the many disappointments of psychology in the eyes of its many wet students, new Government figures showed there were in 2004 more psychology undergraduates in Britain than in physics, chemistry and engineering combined.}


Holland -- After 75 days in hiding from Islamofascist death threats, pretty Sudanese victim of Islamic practices, Ayaan Hirsl Ali, who had worked with the murdered Theo van Gogh (see above), returned (with the help of an armoured Mercedes limousine and police bodyguard) to her seat with the Liberal Party in the Dutch Parliament. To thunderous applause, she urged Muslims to renounce violence to women and swore, "I am going on." {There was less hope for the feminist cause in Iraq, where top feminist Salama al-Khajati, a dentist and member of Iraq's governing council, said the American-British intervention had "set back the cause by decades."} In Britain, Islamofascists awoke in shock to find leftist Kenan Malik criticizing them in the Sunday Times (the Islamic Human Rights Council had made the mistake of attacking leftists Saint Polly Toynbee as well as the BNP's Nick Griffin) - 31 i, `Islamophobia is such a convenient myth.'


As Europe's peecee hysterics moved in the aftermath of the Prince Harry `outrage' to ban public display of the swastika (which would then become an even more striking image when seen in private, e.g. in libraries or lecture halls), Hindu and Buddhist groups prepared to defend their own religious use of the symbol as a good luck charm (BBC, 19 i).


As the British Army began an amazingly drawn-out one-month court martial of three of its soldiers for getting captured Iraqi looters to simulate an appearance of sodomy for the camera, Abu Ghraib-style, the jesters were ably defended in the Daily Telegraph by associate editor Patrick Bishop (20 i) who pointed out that "at any hour of the day or night in prisons in Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt, far worse is being done than anything allegedly perpetrated by the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers" and that no Arab prison guards would ever go on trial for their cruelties. He could have added that, in wartime Britain, the on-the-spot punishment for looting was death; and that the sentence for looting in the Arab world is surgical removal of the hand.


Stung by the liberal-left worthies who in 2004 rejected the left's beloved multiculturalism and said integration was necessary (see above, `WE MUST SCRAP MULTICULTURALISM' and "SEISMIC SHIFT" AS BLAIR DUMPS MULTICULTURALISM, April, 2004), the Guardian (21 i) mounted a survey of London. Pictures of cheery coloured immigrants and their food were used to suggest that diversity could indeed be celebrated in the now 40% non-White city (50% non-White in Inner London); but there were text admissions that, far from being tolerant of each other, London's different ethnic groups are simply indifferent to and ignorant of each other and only interested in rumours of other groups eating dogs or practising voodoo. In particular, it was admitted by star columnist Gary Younge (a Black writer who led the charge against The g Factor) that "Islam is no longer a religion like another [but] a highly political identity" - though this was blamed on Muslims having been "mistreated differently." Removal of the mistreated was not considered an option; and the Guardian's writers had no other suggestions for rectifying the mess of multiculturalism which, crystallizing into apartheid, had Muslims and Blacks as the main ethnic groups concentrated on Tube lines in central London - so most able to paralyze the capital.


Desperate at poor poll ratings, Conservative leader Michael Howard at last decided on a modicum of race realism and promised reductions in immigration and asylum swindling ooops seeking; and (like Enoch Powell in 1968) he said that he wished to forestall race riots on Britain's streets (Observer, 23 i). {However, though wanting a points system for putative immigrants, he could not bring himself just what was wrong with the present situation - Black dullness and criminality, Muslim illiteracy and enslavement of women and children; and he did not say how to deal with Britain's strong demand for labour - presumably by stopping kids reading social science (thus equipping themselves only for jobs in the ever-expanding NuLabour bureaucracy) and by rewarding educated girls who have babies (e.g. by paying their university fees).} {Howard's speech, supposedly putting anti-dullard-immigration `at the heart' of the Conservative manifesto after wasted years of BNP-bashing, was greeted with predictable catcalls: "desperate" (Liberal leader Charles Kennedy), "intolerant and disastrous" (Scottish National Party), `demented' (Commission for Racial Equality boss Trevor Phillips), "immoral" (Independent), `irresponsible and irrational' (Guardian), "callous" (Independent columnist Yasmin Alibhai Brown), "blatant political opportunism" (Black Labour MP Diane Abbott), "rabble-rousing, inflammatory, irresponsible" (Daily Mirror) and "shocking" (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants). The European Union and the United Nations denounced Howard's plan to process all asylum request offshore as "unworkable" and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees said it would anyhow not cooperate. The Liberals prepared to denounce `racism' and challenged Howard to spell out which nationalities would be affected by his proposed `cap' on immigration. But the Daily Torygraph threw itself into the chase with a supportive main story on its front page and a following leader; and even the Guardian admitted it was "right to say immigration more than doubled under Mr Blair" (in fact it tripled). Sadly, the tabloid Times found itself with its knickers in a twist so carried simply nothing - not even a letter about a story that dominated front-page headlines for three days - though it allowed `guest contributor' Camilla Cavendish to mention the d*p*rtation word and to urge "taking back our borders" (25 i). Likewise the Labour government said little (except that Howard's plans were "impractical") - fearing that the welcome from the Sun (25 i: "common sense," `gutsy'; `97% of our readers agree with Howard') would make immigration the biggest issue at the planned General Election in May. Star Independent columnist Bruce Anderson offered perhaps the wisest reaction (24 i): `our species finds it hard to live in multi-ethnic or multi-religious societies..Mr Howard should have said so earlier.' At the same time, the Home Office showed its own despicable attitude to immigration by trying to push out a Syrian family whose pretty 15-year-old daughter had been placed on the `gifted & talented' register at her Southampton school.}

{Mr Howard's speech produced only a fraction of the hoped-for poll boost for the Conservatives: by 27 i, voters were opting 35% for Labour, 34% for the Conservatives (December was 32%) and 22% for the Liberals. Howard had kept to his theme, throwing in that council spending on asylum swindlers ooops seekers had risen 30-fold since Labour took office in 1997 and cost œ2billion, but his changes would necessitate withdrawal from the European Union and do not in any case affect the scores of thousands arriving in Britain annually under the heading of `family reunion.' Some rightist columnists (Daily Mail, 28 i; Daily Telegraph, 28 i) began saying it was high time for Howard and others to stop denying they were racists and instead to identify with the British people past and present - and indeed with such great philosophers as Hume, Kant and William McDougall. But, fearing continued unrealism, the Telegraph's `Peter Simple', after saying that most Brits saw immigration, asylum seeking and ethnic minorities as all being "part of some largely racial phenomenon," added a Powellite prediction about third-world immigration: "Those who live longest will see the most, unfortunately for them." In the previous week, the British National Party's Press Officer had said on the BBC's `Moral Maze' programme that he was a "race realist" (as Phil Rushton, Richard Lynn, Glayde Whitney and I declared in 1996) - though even the BNP does not admit to `racism' tout court. Across the Pond heroic American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor came under attack for racism, suggesting that there, too, it was time for race realists to get together and be counted in their many millions. Could people really not manage to say they were racists in the sense of believing in deep-seated race differences and having an evidence-based tendency to prefer some races to others as immediate neighbours - but not in the second sense (distinguished e.g. in `Collins Gem' English Dictionary, 1987*) of being markedly antagonistic to any races or trying to inflame race hatred in others? If not, they would continue to give the impression that race could not be frankly discussed and that their moderate opposition to immigration was just hot air and political opportunism - as 58% of Brits told YouGov pollsters they thought of Mr Howard's latter-day conversion.}

* Racism = "belief in innate superiority of particular race; antagonism towards members of different race based on this belief"


Further confirmation arrived from the University of Giessen, Germany, of the link - long known to the London School (Guardian, 31 iii 2000) -- between having a relatively long ring finger [measuring from the crease nearest the palm, comparing to the index finger, hand outstretched] and being male, being masculinized, lesbian and having higher spatial and mathematical ability (BBC, 24 i; Petra Kempel, 2005, Intelligence). {The idiocy of Harvard's President Summers in surrendering to feminasties (above) was splendidly condemned by Lew Rockwell.}


A message from a Birmingham supporter on `Holocaust Day':

Those who cannot be bothered to remember the past are condemned to repeat it. We get many reminders about the Nazis' Holocaust but they are invariably of an entirely emotional "we must remember how terrible it was" nature. There is not the slightest effort to dispassionately ask the basic question "why?". Never is it pointed out that the Nazi era was the outcome of a long period of rulers of Prussia and Austria enthusiastically encouraging immigration and multi-cliquism.

Politics/sociology does not have easy yes/no answers except for those of a dogmatic goodies/baddies mentality. We now are seeing a huge rise of violent neo-Nazism in Russia, the logical following-on from the huge multi-cliquism experiment that was the USSR. Furthermore, the historical evidence strongly suggests, and it seems eminently logical anyway, that while multicliquery can keep itself friendly during economic ups (such as we have had over the past 50 years), yet when the economic downturn comes (as it certainly will) the multicliquery turns nasty. The only reason Enoch Powell's forecasts have not been abundantly realised already is because the economic downturn has been so long delayed by technological developments.

And there has anyway already occurred a massive erosion of the culture of tolerance and liberty in the UK -- a culture born of isolation on the edge of the ("old") world.. Human nature includes the capacity for altruism, heroism, and so on, but it also includes the capacity for genocidal hatred and bigotry, and no-one has explained how this is going to change at any time in the conceivable future. So it makes sense to design ones' societies with the realities of human limitations taken into account. And therefore not to force immigration and multi-cliquism on reluctant populations minding their own business in their own land in which they have invested over centuries (socially/culturally as well as economically).

Those who so loudly and insistently advocate the anti-democratic imposition of immigration and multi-cliquism should explain to us how they have solved such unending problems as of Northern Ireland and of Israel/Palestine. Such bloodletting ceased in Germany only because the victims themselves were deceased, along with many of the victimisers. To demand the imposition of further such endless tragedies, in the absence of any evidence of solutions, must surely be considered outrageously immoral to put it mildly. So how are YOU going to commemorate Holocaust Day? By cowardly sticking with the cosy conformity? Or by acknowledging the truth, the whole truth, and acting accordingly?


Having found it was not entitled (because of having signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights to oblige Brussels) to detain mad Muslim foreign nationals on secret evidence from Britain's intelligence services, HMG moved to allow itself to condemn any and every person in Britain to years of house arrest and tagging as a terror suspect without production of evidence, accusers or even the charges. `An Englishman's home is his prison,' cried the Spectator; and the Telegraph's fragrant young Alice Thompson called for repeal of the Human Rights Act (previously known for giving prisoners the right to pornography and gipsies the right to squat) (`Better to scrap the Human Rights Act', 28 i); the leftist Observer's top columnist Mary Riddell also denounced the Government's "authoritarian" house arrest plan, as did the sainted founding editor of the Independent, Andreas Whittam Smith.


81% of Dutch people (who should know, after profligate dullard immigration) said they saw Muslims as a threat, and 50% said they would move house if their area became 50% Muslim-dominated.


A passably even-handed and entertaining summary of Sir Francis Galton's life and times was provided in The New Yorker (24 i) which, while missing Galton's work on twins, at least did not blame him for Auschwitz.

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