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Voters in a Texas suburb became the first in the U.S.A. to approve a law aimed at prohibiting landlords from renting property to illegal immigrants (Daily Telegraph, 15 v). The controversial ban was approved by 4,058 to 1,941 votes in Farmers Branch, a suburb of 28,500 people just outside Dallas.

In Britain, a Government minister, herself an immigrant Jewess born in Egypt, said families already resident this country had more right to social housing than new migrants (Daily Telegraph, 21 v). Margaret Hodge, who was at the Department of Trade and Industry, as well as being M.P. for Barking where the British National Party had won 11 council seats in 2006, shocked lefties by saying that the "legitimate sense of entitlement" of poor settled families should override the needs of recent arrivals.

For her trouble, Mrs Hodge was accused by the Guardian (22 v) of being "a gung-ho commando, scrambling nonchalantly on to a patch of ground laced with landmines" by Not-the-Conservative leader Daft Dave Cameron of dabbling in "rumour and inaccuracy" (Sun, 22 v) and by Telegraph columnist Andrew O'Hagan of being "shameful". Cameron had just upset followers by a clumsy and unheralded announcement that he would not build more grammar schools, calling supporters "delusional" and seemed determined to go for the jackpot of converting the Tories to being happy-clappy LibDems.

(Within days, `Two Brains' Willetts was announcing that, though Conservatives would not allow schools to select pupils by ability, they would be encouraging selection by race - so as to increase the percentage of Blacks and Srindopakeshis in largely-White schools..) For its part, the Sunday Quislingraph got round to urging that Mrs Hodge's concerns deserved discussion - which the newspaper had signally failed to provide in the ten years since Rev. Bliar flung Britain's borders open in 1997.


Having a relatively long ring finger, as compared to index finger, was found by a Bath university psychologist to be linked positively to the (relatively masculine) trait of numerical ability and negatively to the (relatively feminine) trait of verbal ability (Guardian, 23 v). This confirmation of a biological sex difference must doubtless have shocked leftist Bath Principal Breakwell (see above); but at least it would not have shocked bisexual columnist Becky Gardner who had once complained that I had introduced her in E.U. lectures as far back as 1982 to longer ring fingers being linked with maleness, aggression and butch lesbianism (Guardian, 31 iii 2000). {Those were the days! - When E.U. was 20 years ahead of the Grauniad!} At the same time, a study from Warwick University reported that the rank order for navigational skill was in line with degree of masculinity: hetero males came top, followed by yags, lezzies and hetero females (Daily Telegraph, 25 v).


Around 1965, the sexually voracious and Hitler-mad photographer and director, Leni Riefenstahl (who had become known by 1935 as `the crevasse of the Third Reich' for her promiscuity but was later adopted as a feminist icon), 63, took a 23-year-old lover - the affair apparently lasting into Leni's 70s. This blow to feminist admirers was administered by the Sunday Telegraph (Seven), 20 v, reviewing a new book (by Stephen Bach) which left no doubt as to Leni's appetite for the Fuehrer and as to Leni's post-1945 lying so as to ingratiate herself with femininnies as just a modern career woman who had known nothing of Hitler's plans. {Leni had certainly been an inventive director, preparing German maidens for meeting the Fuehrer by showing them pictures of minimally clad soldier hunks, scenes with dogs on heat, and scenes of water sprays with naked soldiers wrestling -- hence the girls appearing supremely radiant and frankly ready to f*ck at the drop of a hat when brought into Hitler's presence.}


In line with London School claims going back more than a century,* anthropological and psychological researchers who had worked together at Duke University reported that animal species having larger brains and cortices did better on measures of `domain-general cognitive ability' (evolutionary psychologists' euphemism for problem-solving ability at novel tasks, aka general intelligence or the g factor) (EurekAlert!, 18 v; Brain, Behavior & Evolution, v 2007). Controlling for body size did not improve the good degree of linkage found, suggesting to lead researchers Robert Deaner (Grand Valley State University in Allendale Michigan) and Carel van Schaik (Zurich University) that larger species of animals might tend to have more use for intelligence, both because they are more able to influence their environments and because they live longer.

* Several reports linking race, brain size estimates and intelligence appeared in Galton's lifetime. (The Marxist Stephen Jay Gould's criticisms of these reports were answered by Phil Rushton in his 1994 Race,Evolution & Behavior.) By 2000, MRI measures of brain size were known to correlate around .40 with individual IQ.


Just ten years after psychologists had demanded I be sacked and gave up their days rehearsing their `evidence' and producing it for the LUniversity of Edinburgh's Tribunal (which duly brought in five verdicts against me out of nine possible, enough to fire me in the summer of 2007), psychologists at London Metropolitan University told journalists they were well underway with their next challenge - to diagnose covert racism and supply the results to employers who might otherwise commit the sin of employing someone capable of prejudice and discrimination (FirstPost, v). While Queen Elizabeth I had famously ruled out `making windows into men's souls,' there was to be no such restraint in the days of Queen Elizabeth II.

Since the left normally deemed virtually all Whites, at least, to be to some degree `racist,' psychologists, if they played their cards right, were likely to find themselves eventually dominating most of the employment market. And how convenient it would be if such information about covert racism were displayed on the compulsory identity cards that Rev. Bliar and his NuLabour fascists were determined to bring in!


""Researchers removed the ethnicity of patients from their medical notes and asked a doctor to assess them. What they found was that psychosis was still diagnosed nine times more often in Black people from the Caribbean -- almost exactly the same rate as found for Blacks within the mental health services." - BBC2 (Newsnight), 21 v, reporting new research from London's Maudsley Hospital.


New measures to curb immigration and to encourage `voluntary return' of quite a few of France's six million legal + illegal immigrants were announced by President Sarkozy's newly appointed Minister for Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-Development, Brice Hortefeux (49, and a confidant and `first lieutenant' to Sarkozy) (Der Spiegel, 24 v).

1. New immigrants (commonly relatives or arranged wives of North Africans already in the country would be required to have learned French, to have `professional skills' and to prove that the family hosting them in France was able to support them.

2. Paris would provide each family (including two children) with a nest egg of _6,000 ($8,000, œ4,070) when they went back to their country of origin. A similar scheme, which was introduced in 2005 and 2006, had been taken up by around 3,000 families. Hortefeux pointed out the scheme would be of value in assisting economic development in countries to which the returnees were repatriated.

3. Hortefeux insisted that there were no plans for any mass legalization of the estimated 200,000 to 400,000 illegal immigrants in France.

4. He promised to deport at least 25,000 illegal aliens by the end of 2007. France had already announced it would not grant work permits to illegal immigrants given `amnesties' in Germany and Spain. Hortefeux believed he could call on some of the œ400M fund held by the European Unit so as to encourage voluntary return from cities of Europe which had suffered disproportionately from immigration.

Nicolas Sarkozy had said France was "exasperated by uncontrolled immigration" and was at risk of a "social explosion" unless the issue was firmly addressed. France had also begun tackling the West's problem of depressed and dysgenic breeding by introducing several family-friendly measures, including 0% rates of income tax and lengthy state-funded employment leave for families producing three or more children (Macleans, 24 v).

Just how M. Hortefeux proposed to stop `voluntary returnees' from re-entering France (or other E.U. counties) was not clear; and the eugenic measures seemed unlikely to encourage the key feature of marriage and childbirth by female university students. Nor was there any sign of the mass deportation of foreign-born criminals, disabled athletes and proven unemployables that France needed, and the conscription of native-born riff-raff into a Humanitarian Army for Africa in which they could fight with the Dark Continent's many Marxite mass murderers. But at least, just possibly, French politicians were making a start!...

Meanwhile, Muslims in Australia began caterwauling that a new `citizenship test' brought in by the Oz government contained questions about Judaeo-Christian values (Daily Telegraph, Surry, Oz, 23 v). In Britain, the government began running courses for kids in Muslim madrassas aimed to make them believe that murder of fellow British citizens was not supported by the Koran (Associated Press, 23 v)..


In the few days after President Sarkozy's election on 6th May, some 2,000 cars were burned out in France and, after campus clashes at Paris I `university' and on Paris streets, police arrested hundreds of students (said by some observers of the hooded rioters to be `sandniggers' and `Muzzies' who would struggle to construct a French sentence). Student leaders were upset by the plans of the new Higher Education Minister, Francois Goulard, to give France's miserable universities* autonomy to hire and fire staff, to expel weak students, to seek corporate funding and encourage students themselves to seek outside funding and to introduce more vocational courses. By 11th May, dozens of stiff custodial sentences had been dished out by courts all over France, even to `students' without criminal records.

* The 80 French universities took without selection the 1.5 million `students' who failed to get into the grandes ‚coles [for business, administration, civil engineering, research, the higher-ranking military etc.] which took the `cream' 6% of higher-education students. Even the famous Sorbonne was penniless and run-down after decades of egalitarianism within France's `university' system. 45% of its students would drop out in their first year of (minimally supervised) study (consisting almost wholly of attendance at lectures). As many as 10 percent of students on French universtiy rolls would never see the inside of a lecture hall, having enrolled to get free health benefits and student discounts on everything from train travel to cinema tickets. (For more, see North County Times, 24 v.)


Having failed to manage the slightest defence of free speech over the first year of its establishment, Britain's University and College Union found its Muslie-loving leftists had attracted international attention and criticism (Times Higher, 25 v). As the UCU prepared to debate a motion to ban all academic contact with Israel, Nobelist Steven Weinberg (Jewish, and himself claiming to be on the left) publicly cancelled a lecture he was to have given to fellow-physicists in the University of London, complaining of the anti-Semitism which he found to be creeping into British academic life {with the advanced crawlers being in the Socialist Workers Party and its front organizations like `Anti-Nazi League,' `Unite Against Fascism' and `Stop the War'}.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Inherited variations in two genes were reported to a neurology conference in Boston, USA, to be linked with reasoning, memory and brain volume (, 12 v). One of the genes was also found to be involved in Alzheimer's disease, raising the possibility that other genes with a role in healthy people may also be implicated in diseases of old age.

Sudha Seshadri at Boston University and her colleagues assessed the cognitive abilities of 705 healthy adults with standard tests and used MRI scans to measure the volume of their brains. The researchers also scanned 100,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms -- small variations in the genome sequence -- in participants' DNA for links to mental performance. The strongest links were in the genes SORL, involved in abstract reasoning and the processing of amyloid protein in Alzheimer's disease, and CDH4, which seemed to predict brain volume.

Seshadri, a 39-year-old medical doctor, was recorded by the American Academy of Neurology as an assistant professor of neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine, and co-director of medical education for the residency program and an investigator at the Framingham Heart Study. She had completed her MBBS from the Christian Medical College, Madras University, and her MD in Internal Medicine and DM in Neurology from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India.

{That Dr Seshadri's work had attracted no attention in the rest of the Western media in the five days after the short note in New Scientist was presumably a triumph of a kind for PeeCee -- cf. the suppression, after brief appearances in 2006, of the genetic and racial theorizing of Professor Armand Leroi (Imperial College London) and Dr Satoshi Kanazawa (London School of Economics).}


A senior Government adviser, Prof. Ted Cantle, having seats on many quangos, admitted that Britan's race relations laws were inhibiting mature discussion of the problems of mass third-world low-IQ immigration - and of the growing physical segregation to be found among Britain's ethnic groups despite a generation of diversity-worshipping multiculturalism (Daily Mail, 7 v).


The result of hour-length interviews given to young New Statesman writer Matt Kennard by the academics Richard Lynn, Phil Rushton, Donald Templer, Paul Irwing, Frank Ellis, Geoffrey Sampson and myself turned out to have been a handy-enough, but elementary and largely leftist summary of luniversity censoriousness of the past ten years in Leeds Student (20 iv) - culminating in the suggestion that universities should somehow `regulate' race research so as to avoid unfortunate suggestions that they don't back free speech.

{One could easily see the honorary degrees being busily prepared for Matthew and his neo-Stalinist solution to the universities' ongoing dilemma! But the New Statesman, itself had evidently turned the article down, apparently fearing to remind its readers of the bare bones of UK luniversities' censoriousness even when heavily draped in left-wing `spin.'}


A group that had claimed links to al Qaeda vowed to launch bloody attacks in Paris to punish France for electing "Zionist" Nicolas Sarkozy, according to a Web posting. "After you ... chose Zionist crusader Sarkozy to lead you, we of the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades warn you that there will be a bloody jihadist campaign in the coming days ... and a fierce war in the heart of Sarkozy's capital," the group said in an Internet statement (Reuters, 15 v, reporting from Dubai).


In a major new act of re-branding of his party, Daft Dave Cameron and extra-idiotic sidekick Dave `Two Brains' Willetts announced the Not-the-Conservative-Party would no longer try to add to the nation's already pathetic stock of 164 grammar schools, themselves the (invariably successful) remnants of a generation of envious egalitarian chatter. Although Cameron himself explained plainly to the BBC that he actually wanted to see more streaming within schools (the policy advocated in The g Factor), he was gleefully taken by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation to have announced "the end of academic selection" - as `liberal'-lefties had wanted for forty years. Ructions within his wretched spaced-out `party' loomed which only a careful reading of Chapter 4 of The g Factor could resolve.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


As P.M. Rev. Tony Bliar faced electoral and personal defeat for his mendacities and failure to deliver anything for the U.K. over ten years but higher taxation and a `peace' in Northern Ireland based on the simple self-segregation of Caffs and Prods through years of London failing to solve their problems - such segregation being contrary to Bliar's own multicultural enthusiasm that had led him to invade Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq with `peacekeeper' soldiers, all to no effect - the British people revealed a little remaining realism as they told pollsters that Bliar's worst mistake was to have allowed immigration into the U.K. to increase (said 58%, as compared to the 55% who said the Dear Leader's worst mistake was to have invaded Iraq).


After 15 years of official gobbledegook to the effect that all races are equal and must be treated equally in public, the American State Department announced it took a dim view of Pakistanis (in view of what it at last admitted to be their gross over-representation in terror attacks on the West) and told the British Foreign Office would no longer admit British citizens of Pakistani origin without a visa. This key rupture with the British Government's multiculchalunacy came as the British electorate ejected Labour from office in many local councils and in the Scottish Parliament.


Ten years after I warned of the ready availability (and general harmlessness) of paedophilia in the Church of England (and was promptly thrown to the press by the shocked Chaplain of the LUniversity of Edinburgh [also a keen leftist and `anti-racist' who had not liked my book, The g Factor]), a 52-year clergyman, Rev. David Smith, was sentenced to a savage five-and-a-half years in British prisons (where 20% of inmates are Black* and 80% are active drug addicts) (Sun, 3 v). The vicar was found guilty in Bristol of twelve hands-under-the-bedsheets episodes of up to thirty years previously during sleep-overs at his vicarage, at the seaside or during foreign `adventure' holidays with six teenaged boys of under 16 - covered up** for twenty years by the Church which (like the Roman Catholics) had declined in 1996 to join with me in arguing for a more sensible approach to offences springing primarily from excess affection by offenders who have typically devoted their lives most successfully to work with the young.

Abject aplogies all round were ordered by Britain's tabloids - given license to persecute paedophiles so long as they leave yags alone and indeed never mention that homosexuality and paedophilia have considerable overlap. So the decline of Britain's educational standards looked set to continue - at the behest of homosexuals and feminists abusing the greater freedoms given them in Britain than in virtually any other country in the world.

Around the same time, a gang of three drink- and drug-fuelled youths (including a young man and two female teenagers) were jailed for life at Winchester Crown Court for kicking to death in the street a homeless pensioner of 68 whom they accused of paedophilia - entirely falsely (Portsmouth News, 5 v).

* Apart from `British' Blacks, the England & Wales prison population of 80,000 included 12K prisoners from abroad, of whom 1.5K were Jamaican and 1K were Nigerian.

** As in the case of mild CofE choirmaster and married father of one, Peter Halliday, 61, found guilty of ten counts of paedofumbling in the late 1980's which the Church had at the time covered up (Church Times, 4 v).


The failure of bright kids to thrive in Britain's useless state schools was handily documented by Spectator columnist Anne McElvoy, who reckoned miseducation was the biggest disaster of the Blair years (4 v). Apparently one Leon Feinstein of the LSE had shown in 2002 how bright but low-social-class kids are quickly overtaken in primary school by mediocre but higher-SES pupils; and solutions may be forthcoming from Harvard - though not apparently from The g Factor, which, along with the terms `intelligence' and `IQ' remained religiously unmentioned.


Human Biodiversity Group President Steve Sailer drew attention to the `hyperandrogenization' of many lesbians, resulting in the hairiness and obesity not uncommonly seen (at least in butch lesbians) - a finding reported by the BBC in 2003 but subsequently much ignored.


America was given a foretaste of what having a Black President would be like as half-Black Democratic Party frontrunner told a meeting how shocked he was that America's National Guard and kindred services had been quite unable to cope with the "10,000" people killed by a tornado in Kansas. In fact, only 12 people had been killed; but Barack Obama had been all too glad to invent a dire national episode for which Dubya Bush could be bashed - Obama later maintained he had been stressed out, over-tired etc. By contrast, the only mistake that the sub-intellectual Dubya made around the same time was to recall for Her Majesty her last visit to Washington in "1776" - when he had been meant to read "1976" from his idiot board.


As two British holiday makers had their pretty nearly-4-year-old daughter, Madeleine McCann, snatched from the room in which they had locked her with her twin siblings while they dined 500 yards away, apparently returning to supervise the children on a half-hourly basis, Britain's tabloids were moved to field an army of paparazzi and `professional' assistants to pester the people and police of Praia da Luz, amazing Portuguese mothers who had suffered similar fates without half the Portuguese police force being assigned to their cases. In Britain, Times columnist Mick Hume remarked (11 v) that the tyrannical job-creation of the paedohysteria industry did nothing to help victims (whether of paedosadism or desperate maternal drive) in such cases and was little short of a national disgrace.


The LUniversity of Bath added its name to those of Edinburgh, Leeds, Imperial College and the LSE by clamping down on free speech, in this case banning a student-arranged address by `far-right' Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP (Guardian, 11 v) - hardly surprising since Bath was run by far-left fat feminist frump Glynis Breakwell who, after a background in postmodern goonery in social psychology, had become Vice-Chancellor in 2001. As she defied the obligation imposed by Mrs Thatcher (and never rescinded) on universities to provide venues for all shades of political opinion, the shameless Barking Breakwind said it was "impractical" to stop leftist loons creating mayhem if Griffin spoke - i.e. she feared for her job if police broke left-wing pates on her precious Derrida-enamoured campus.

Breakfart's intervention came, hilariously, after the University Secretary had announced - after considering hysterical protests from the National Union of Students and the University and College Union -- that the university would permit Griffin's address, in line with its commitment to free speech; and after Times Higher (11 v) had gone to press with its top leader (`Free speech versus a cheap victory') congratulating the university and saying "suppressing debate is not the answer." Out-of-touch Fartwell had failed to note that, perhaps because of recent poor performance by both Labour and the BNP in polls, even BBC Radio 4 had given half-an-hour to a pretty fair presentation and discussion of BNP views.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


After two generations of `behaviourism'-dominated animal psychologists declining to study or even admit animal differences in general intelligence, a young Harvard psychology researcher, James Lee, broke ranks and said primate species differed reliably in performance on a range of problem-solving tasks - with orang-utans the most successful, followed by chimpanzees and spider monkeys (Times Online, 15 iv).

"A primate genus with a high rank in an experiment testing particular mental abilities appears to have high ranks in all of them," said Lee. He also found that the single most important factor in deciding a species' intelligence was simply the size of its brain: "The correlation of brain size with mental ability found in humans appears to extend throughout the primate order." This "remarkable finding" suggests, he said, that all primate brains work in much the same way, however they have evolved, allowing comparisons between species.


Modafinil, a drug used in the USA to boost concentration in people having sleep problems, was reported by Cambridge neuroscientists to boost `cognition' (i.e. intelligence) in 60 healthy volunteers and to be undergoing wider trials (BBC, 16 iv; News-Medical (Australia), 19 iv). Inventor Gary Lynch, University of California, said Modafinil helped build neural connectivity in mice. Human volunteers said the drug made them feel very alert and able to focus.


As the conservative Nicholas Sarkozy - who had called Muslim rioters "scum" in 2005 -- won the first round of the French Presidential Election (beating his socialist rival Ms Royal, 53, by 30% to 25%) it transpired he was a "eugenicist" - believing, said Britain's muddled Torygraph (23 iv), always bowing to leftist lingo, that both paedophilia and teenage suicide bids were partly attributable to genetic factors.

After making his sensible remarks earlier in April when being interviewed by the `third-way' Bayrou-backing magazine Marianne, Sarkozy said that he had merely wished to open up a debate, but, according to Marianne, the proposal was "a stupefying resurgence of the sociobiological ideology of the pagan extreme right redolent of Stalinist propaganda and pre-war fascistic rhetoric." He was condemned as over-deterministic by both the Archbishop of Paris, assorted psychiatrists, socialist Presidential candidate Royal and the Communist Party (Guardian, 10 iv. Tocqueville Connection, 11 iv)).

Evidently the frantic French left had set itself the task of bringing down the Hungarian-born, Jewish, London-loving Sarkozy at whatever cost to its own already minimal reputation for sanity. The Franco-German Daniel Cohn-Bendit (leftist hero of Paris 1968, and since 1994 leader of the Greens in the European Parliament) told Deutsche Welle (22 iv): "The problem is that Sarkozy is polarizing the electorate to the right with very strange arguments. He says that if a young person commits suicide, then genetic reasons are to blame. Paedophilia and homosexuality are also genetic. Sarkozy has made a big mistake there and even the church has distanced itself from him. Sarkozy is presenting very right-wing arguments."


Right on cue, a star case of paedophilia and/or homosexuality was promptly brought to public attention in Britain by a `gay' Conservative concerned with the `outing' of top yags from `the closet' (where so many had long preferred to remain). Brian Coleman, a senior member of the London Assembly, wrote in the New Statesman that former British Prime Minister Ted Heath (1916-2005) had been a keen cottager (having sex with men or youths in public toilets) until warned by police in 1955 that his already-observed penchant could affect his political prospects (he had just been made a Privy Councillor). Despite enraged denials by some of Heath's extant friends, the (always substantial) gay community in Heath's seaside hometown of Broadstairs turned out to retain memories of Heath's youthful antics.

Speaking to (25 iv): David `Madge' Parker, lifestyle coach and regular patron of the Broadstairs bars, recalled drinking outside the Tartar Frigate in the late 1960s. "Ted Heath came along and was surrounded by all these young boys; Ted Gatty wanted to bring him down a peg and said, `As long as you've got a hole in your arse, you'll never see the inside of 10 Downing Street'." Heath went on to be P.M. from 1970 to 1974, remaining a girlfriendless bachelor whose hobbies were ocean yachting and choir conducting. He was usually claimed to have `devoted himself to politics' after a failed romance with a wartime sweetheart.

In 1974, his yacht, Morning Cloud, had sunk and his godson had been among those lost. His successor at 10, Downing Street, Mrs (later Lady) Thatcher, had painted him as a slightly sad old queen in her book The Path of Power. According to Heath's biographer, John Campbell, there was no positive evidence that Sir Edward was gay "except for the faintest unsubstantiated rumour of an incident at the beginning of the war."

Coleman's article added that for many years Conservative Central Office in London had been staffed chiefly by homosexuals. "I have no time for MPs who voted against repealing Section 28 [banning the `promotion' of homosexuality in schools] and then put their hands down young Tory activists' trousers when drunk at party conference," he wrote.


After several murderous weeks of Black* youths being stabbed and shot by other Blacks in London, the Prime Minister called for honesty and for a suspension of the political correctness which had been imposed on the police since the Macpherson Report of 1998. He said the majority in the Black community needed to be "mobilised" to denounce the gangs killing "innocent, young, Black kids" (BBC, 11 iv; Guardian, 11 iv).

Contrary to the peecee principles which had forbidden police from `stopping and searching' Blacks with reasonable frequency, the wounded Labour leader (haemorrhaging because of continuing miseducation of kids in state schools, wasteful taxation, pension stealing, lying, Iraq, Iranian humiliation for Britain etc.) said "there needs to be an intense police focus on these groups." Mr Blair said the vast majority of the Black community were "decent, law-abiding people;" but he added, "We won't stop this by pretending that it isn't young Black kids doing it." The Commission for Racial Equality (which had been edging away from strict NuLabour multiculturalism for the previous two years - see Diary, above [FIND Trevor Phillips]) chimed in by saying that people "shouldn't be afraid to talk about this issue for fear of sounding prejudiced."

{Elections in Britain were due in May.. Or perhaps Bliar's late-in-the-day permission of a little frankness about race was just meant to protect his legacy after he graciously stood down as Prime Minister - very likely in May.}

Whether any police or politicians would be daring enough to follow suit remained to be seen - though a fifth arrest of a London teenage Black on suspicion of murder was announced while Blair was talking (giving a `Callaghan Memorial Lecture' in Cardiff) and two more arrests were made the next day; but headmaster Blair certainly seemed to have left the more indefensible `don't talk about the darkies' demands of PeeCee neatly in the hands of the newspapers and Daft Dave Cameron. As well as preparing the way for the introduction of yet more draconian legislation about carrying weapons (legislation which would leave lawabiding Black kids tragically unable to defend themselves against their peers) Rev. Bliar apparently intended to target Black gang leaders and `take them out of circulation' (just as PM James Callaghan's government had once targeted football hooligans rather than blaming soccer violence on football fans in general).

David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, said: "We welcome the prime minister's sentiment that gang leaders need to be targeted but after 10 years in power and just weeks before Tony Blair steps down, the public will wonder why it has taken so long for him to speak up." But Liberal Chairman Simon Hughes maintained peecee traditions, claiming "Many young people now getting caught up in gangs and and violence on our streets are White, mixed-race and Asian {i.e. Srindopakeshi} as well." Blair's comments also clashed with the claim in March (see Diary, above) by West-Indian-born Home Office minister Baroness Scotland that Blacks were `no more involved in gun crime than anybody else.'

NuLabour Home Secretary `Dr' John Reid had declared in 2006 "We have to get away from the notion that someone who wants to talk about immigration is somewhow a racist" (Daily Telegraph Leader, 14 iv 2007; cf. Diary, viii 2006).

The effective tyranny created by NuLabour could hardly be better illustrated than by the observation that, had BNP leader Nick Griffin spoken like the latter-day Blair about murderous Black gangs, he would very likely have been prosecuted for his trouble.

Blair's remarks were greeted with `outrage' from London-based `community leaders' who said Blacks had been `marginalized' by Rev. Blair and needed yet more money spent on them and their leaders (BBC, 12 iv; Sunday Telegraph, 15 iv, Alasdair Palmer; Toronto Star, 16 iv); and the Guardian's Black columnist Gary Younge demanded an apololgy from Blair for slavery (and perhaps the Black Death, Mad Cow Disease and Avian Flu.); but otherwise Britain's cowardly peecee-soaked media took the path of avoiding the hot potato. Meanwhile, in the USA, PeeCee continued in full swing as a White CBS shock jock, Don Imus, was fired for referring, as did his Black colleagues standardly, to Black women as "bitches" and "hoes" (literally, his only crime was being White) (EtherZone, 16 iv).

Blair's personal start on inching towards the mile-away finishing line of race realism and common sense was soon greeted by an astonishing new revelation (Daily Mail, 18 iv) about how he had been `governing' Britain: "Polygamous husbands settling in Britain with multiple wives can claim extra benefits for their "harems" even though bigamy is a crime in the UK, it has emerged." Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "People are sick of Labour talking tough but acting dumb."

* Blair did not mention the murder of the young Peter Woodman who was shot in 2006 in front of his fianc‚e and 3 year old son. Peter was White. The boys who killed him were Black. The boys stabbed Mr. Woodham in January 2006. The police took the report but when they discovered the suspects were Black they refused to investigate. The Woodhams did their own investigation. Eight different people told them it was Turner that had stabbed Mr. Woodham. Turner and his Black gang continued to harass Mr. Woodham and his family for eight months, until August 2006. The police were called numerous times. The attacks were reported many times but the police refused to do absolutely nothing. In August, 2006, Turner shot Mr. Woodham dead.


Jewish (but non-Israel-backing) New York Review of Books contributor Tony Judt complained to the Melbourne Sun Herald (10 iv) about Bell Curve author Charles Murray rehearsing claims of substantial Jewish advantage in IQ.

Murray had written an article in the Jewish magazine Commentary suggesting Nebuchadnezzar, c. 600BC, had in effect created the super-intelligent Jewish race by taking off the Jerusalem Jews' elite to Babylon and letting the remaining Jews be extinguished or absorbed into other faiths. But though a 10-point Ashkenazi-Jewish IQ superiority in the USA had been documented in studies as early as 1924 and 1948 and was well attested in Israel itself by 1990 (see R. Lynn, 2006, "Race Differences in Intelligence", p. 94), and though NYU historian Judt had been an Exhibitioner at King's College Cambridge and sported a Cambridge Ph.D., Murray's mere rehearsal of the superiority shocked him into losing all credibility by opining "My own statistically naive impression these days is that intelligence ... is distributed among Jews in proportions comparable to their presence in society as a whole."

A generation previously, psychologist Marvin Zuckerman had noted "Only 3% of Americans are Jewish, but 27% of American Nobel Laureates have been Jewish (1977, Scientific Elite); and Lenin had once observed "An intelligent Russian is almost always a Jew or someone with Jewish blood in his veins" (recorded by R. Pipes, 1990, The Russian Revolution). By 1995, sociologists Seymour Lipset and Earl Raab recorded:"During the last three decades, Jews have made up 50% of the top two hundred intellectuals, 40 percent of American Nobel Prize Winners in science and economics, 20 percent of professors at the leading universities, 21 percent of high level civil servants, 40 percent of partners in the leading law firms in New York and Washington, 26% of the reporters, editors, and executives of the major print and broadcast media, 59 percent of the directors, writers, and producers of the fifty top-grossing motion pictures from 1965 to 1982, and 58 percent of directors, writers, and producers in two or more primetime television series" (Jews and the New American Scene, Harvard University Press).


Thirty years after femininnie Susan Orbach declared "Fat is a social disease, and fat is a feminist issue.... It is a response to the inequality of the sexes," a `fat gene' that makes carrier people gain weight was reported by scientists in Exeter and Oxford (Sun 13 iv; Guardian 13 iv; Science, 13 iv). The 16% of people having a double dose of the gene were 67 per cent more likely to be obese. Even the Guardian felt it had to admit that "obesity..may be in your genes," though -- perhaps in deference to its interaction-effect-demanding ideologues or to the multi-billion-dollar slimming industry or -- it sub-headlined: `Scientists insist diet and exercise still important.'


Prosecutors dropped all charges against the three White Duke University lacrosse players accused of sexually assaulting a Black stripper at a party, saying the athletes were innocent victims of a "tragic rush to accuse" by an over-reaching district attorney (American Renaissance, 11 iv). "There were many points in the case where caution would have served justice better than bravado," North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said in a damning assessment of Durham County District Mike Nifong's handling of the sensational case. Cooper, who took over the case in January after Nifong was charged with ethics violations that could get him disbarred, said his own investigation "led us to the conclusion that no attack occurred." "I think a lot of people owe a lot of apologies to a lot of people," Cooper said. "I think those people ought to consider doing that."

Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans were indicted last spring on charges of rape, kidnapping and sexual offense after the woman told police she was assaulted in the bathroom at an off-campus house during a team party where she had been hired to perform. The allegations at first outraged the city, a faded tobacco capital with a long history of tension between its large working-class black population and Duke, an elite private school where most of the students, including the three lacrosse players, are white. The woman is black and attended nearby North Carolina Central University. But that anger largely shifted to Nifong as his evidence against the three fell apart and questions surfaced about the accuser.

Had the White students' parents not been millionaires, the sportsmen who had hired the stripper would have languished in a Durham County jail for many years being buggered by Black males.

As in my own 1996/7 case in Edinburgh LUniversity, feminazies had played a leading role in backing the `assault' allegations.

The Black stripper, the far-from-prepossessing Crystal Magnum, turned out to have a long history of making trouble, especially for the men in her life (Fox News, 11 iv). She had been discharged from the US Navy after falling pregnant by a fellow sailor.

Nothing daunted by being routed at Duke, peecee forces threw themselves into jubilating over the CBS sacking of a music broadcaster who had jestingly (and fashionably - in Black circles) called a Negress a "nappy-headed ho" (Conservative Voice, 15 iv).


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