Monday, June 30, 2008


Adults who had high IQs in childhood were less likely to suffer vascular dementia in old age, reported Edinburgh researchers (Science Daily, 27 vi), probably because better blood supply to the brain caused both phenomena.


Faced with the opportunity to invade ludicrous tribe-ridden `Zimbabwe' - as urged by Kenya, Botswana, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Liberal Lord Paddy Pantsdown -- and assassinate its despot Mugabe and his (pastoral) Mashona henchmen, using the 100,000 highly paid cons in Britain's jails to rescue the (Zulu-related) Matabele/Ndebele people,* Prime Minister Grumpy Gordon Brown decided once more to `bottle it,' declining even this heaven-sent option to kill four birds with one stone (solving the inter-tribal conflict, restoring farms to Whites, rescuing the Zim economy and salvaging his own reputation).

* Mugabe's tyranny had begun with the massacre of 20,000 Ndebele people in Matabeleland in 1984 (and subsequent starvation of 10,000 more), following which he was awarded an honorary degree by the LUniversity of Edinburgh (see earlier, vi 07) while the neatly-suited, tea-sipping and cricket-loving Mugabe seemed intent on maintaining White property rights.


"Among the tenets of the Black Christian Identity Church {long attended by Borat Hussein Osama} is a call for the White race to be eliminated. I can't understand how this telling fact is being surpressed by the media and not as of yet pointed out by the GOP." - American Renaissance comment, 20 vi.


"They are afraid to say so in public, but many of the North's big-city mayors groan in private that their biggest and most worrisome problem is the crime rate among Negroes. In 1,551 U.S. cities, according to the [latest] FBI tally, Negroes, making up 10% of the U.S. population, accounted for about 30% of all arrests, and 60% of the arrests for crimes involving violence or threat of bodily harm-murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. In one city after another, the figures -- where they are not hidden or suppressed by politicians -- reveal a shocking pattern." -- Time Magazine, Monday, Apr. 21, 1958, 'THE NEGRO CRIME RATE: A FAILURE IN INTEGRATION.'


As American tax authorities got busy investigating the finances of crackpot Black race leader Al Sharpton, it turned out that his `charities' had been substantially funded by big institutions - such as Budweiser - which Sharpton and his `anti-racists' activists had threatened with boycotts and protests (American Renaissance, 19 vi).


After ten years of running London's Metropolitan Police on the peecee NuLabour lines stipulated by Sir William Loony of Macpherson, declining to stop and search East London's young negro males lest knives or guns be found,* causing embarrassment in the press, NeoComrade Sir Ian Bliar (no relation) found the tables turned on him by an over-promoted Muesli fanatic top cop, Ugandan-born Indian Tarique Ghaffur (53, responsible for security at London's 2012 Olympics, salary œ180K p.a.), who was angered at not getting a knighthood and wanted a still larger slice of the peecee pie so trotted out accusations of racism etc. based on three years of secretively squirrelled emails -- though all Bliar had done was to kill (with six bullets to the head at 9.30a.m. on the Tube) an unarmed Brazilian technician who had a similar skin colour to that expected by Met officers of Middle Eastern suicide bombers (who were not allowed training in ethnic classification since accepting the proposal of Macpherson that there were no races, only `institutional racism') (Sunday Telegraph, 29 vi). To make matters still more ludicrous after ten years of peecee hysteria, the president of the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP), Zaheer Ahmad, wrote to home secretary Jacqui Smith asking her to order a 'critical review' of racism generally in the police (, 30 vi).

* On the same June weekend, four Black youth knifed to death a White teenager celebrating his O-Level results at a pub in Islington, north London - the seventeenth youth to die violently at the hands of other youth in London of 2008 (Brussels Journal, 30 vi). (Another knife murder, of a 16-year-old London boy, named Shakilus [the only clue provided by Britain's craven media as to the likely race of victim and attackers], followed within days. Meanwhile the new Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who had vowed to reduce teenage killings, had his work cut out defending a Black expert on delinquency, ex-priest and gorilla-lookalike Ray Lewis, whom he had appointed as `Deputy Mayor for Young People' only to discover Lewis had in the past fallen out with various delinquents, girlfriends, bankers, the police, the London borough of Newham and the Church of England.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Researchers at Calabria University reported finding a gene, SSADH, in which the rarer `C' form made for both a higher IQ (as previously suggested by UK-import Robert Plomin) and a 15-year-longer life (New Scientist, 12 vi; Press Association, 12 vi). The finding was in line with Leipzig Volkmar Weiss's idea that there is one relatively infrequent gene that, in a double dose, makes for specially high IQ; and with Edinburgh Ian Deary's demonstration that the association of IQ with longevity could not be explained in terms of social class. Study leader Giuseppe Passarino believed the `C' form made for more efficient detoxification of acid in the brain and destroyed GABA, a neurotransmitter that dampened brain activity and caused drowsiness. The scientists said that having a double dose of the `T' gene form appeared to make people more vulnerable to mental decline in old age, as well as affecting their survival, so the gene was evidently linked to fluid and not just crystallized g.


The lesbian-loving Church of England appeared to have found its voice and rediscovered a few convictions. Its report, Moral but no Compass, said NuLabour Government ministers only paid "lip service" to Christianity, while listening "intently" to Muslims. Despite its socialistic `work on the frontlines of society,' the Church had been marginalised. Belatedly, it was speaking up. The Church's report followed the decision by a Muslim policeman in Birmingham to stop two Christian preachers from distributing Bible tracts, because they were in a "Muslim" area.

{Alas this promising development away from 100% spinelessness was quickly followed by news of a `gay wedding' between two yag clergymen in London - so the one step forward was followed by two steps back.}


Lesbians, having long wished to parade as shock troops for feminism, were found to have masculinized brains by Swedish researchers (Guardian, 17 vi). Neuroscientists at the prestigious Karolinska Brain Institute reported that the brain's right hemisphere, usually thought to be under the influence of early testosterone level and have more of a role than the left in spatio-mechanical `performance' abilities, was 2% larger in heterosexual men, 1% larger in lesbians, and of equal size to the left hemisphere in heterosexual women and male homosexuals. Whether there was any difference between `butch' and `femme' lezzies was not stated.


Showing that `academic freedom' as instantiated in America was as worthless as in Europe, Professor Kevin MacDonald, America's leading critic of the multiculturalism apparently planned by Jews for the West so as to give them `cover,' was forced by his California State LUniversity (Long Beach) employer to declare he would no longer teach any courses concerning IQ and racial differences. His 80-strong Psychology Department had voted in April to dissociate itself publicly from his "work on ethnic/racial differences, more specifically the conclusions he has drawn on Jewish culture."


While Britain's `Labour' government allowed the opening of state-funded Muslim schools, 99%-Muslim Algeria ridiculed it and the West's multiculti-loving `Christians' by closing half of the country's Christian churches in the six months from November 2007 (Christian Post, 30 v 2008).


As news of the rise of Borat Hussein Osama in America reached the French minority banlieu of Vitry-le-Fran‡ois, Marne, north-east of Paris, 60 cars were burned out and an anti-government protest by 50 Black/Muslim demonstrators resulted in minor injuries to police, firefighters and onlookers.


In a long-awaited sign that anti-men, anti-baby and pro-`career' ideas of extreme feminism might be coming to an end, a spate of 17 deliberate under-16 schoolgirl pregnancies was announced from a high school in the fiercely Catholic depressed New England coastal fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts (Sun, 21 vi; Scotsman, 21 vi; Boston Globe, 18 vi) - most likely the result of a pregnancy pact in which the gals vowed to help each other with young motherhood, perhaps inspired by televised cases of celebrity and teen pregnancies. Whether responsible older men had been eugenically selected as the lucky fathers was less clear, but at least some of the males involved were reported to be in their mid-20's. The U.S. national teen pregnancy rate rose 3 percent in 2006 - the first increase in 15 years. "We're proud to help the mothers stay in school," said Sue Todd, CEO of the company that ran the in-school health clinic and day care centre for the girls' infants. Controversy had raged in Gloucester as to whether the school clinic could be allowed to distribute contraceptives.


Never one to disdain the East Asian approach to argument* -- of repetition of the b****ing obvious -- Richard Lynn brought out a handy-for-beginners re-statement of worldwide racial differences in IQ and attainments, The Global Bell Curve (published by Washington Summit, pp. 380, $33 outside U.S.). For cognoscenti, the most interesting observation in the mail-order book was probably that picked out in a review by Phil Rushton for Personality & Individual Differences, vii 08:
" Brazil, it is the Japanese who are the highest-achieving group. They were brought in as indentured labourers to work the plantations after slavery was abolished in 1888. Yet, today, the Japanese outscore Whites on IQ tests, earn more, and are over-represented in university places. Although they are less than one percent of the total population, they comprise 17 percent of the students at the elite University of Sao Paulo."

{For my reviews of Lynn's magisterial but largely unthinking oeuvre, see e.g. Amazon Books, v 08, and also above (re Richard and Phil's sadly un-English diminishment of women).}

* The French give you verbal pseudo-rationalism (and eventually postmodernist a-realism); the Germans quote `authority' (and thus got rid of Einstein and failed to make the Bomb); the Brits offer two pieces of evidence - and jokes (so proved good at newspapers and blogs but destroyed their underfunded Parliament); but the Chinese mind - equally clever though it is - prefers argument by repetition. Believe me, dear reader, for I have proofread countless Chinese and Taiwanese theses and articles in the last eight years!


As Shadow Home Secretary David Davis MP spectacularly resigned so as to stand as a pro-freedom Independent (especially depoloring the 42-days-detention-without-trial which was, along with ID cards and one surveillance camera for every fourteen Brits, the NuLabour way of dealing with Black crime and Muesli terror), I wrote to him as follows:
Dear David Davis,
Just to congratulate you on your brave stand today and to offer you all the support I can. I am especially familiar with the 'hate speech' restrictions on UK freedoms that have mounted under Labour's Race Relations Acts and today prevent frank discussion, even in Britain's universities, of the problems posed by Black and Muslim ethnic groups. You may particularly like to take a look at the disgraceful trial for 'antiSemitic incitement' going on right now in Leeds Crown Court, where two intelligent young British men, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, are being prosecuted by the Crown merely on the basis of internet publication of jokes and slurs in America.
With best wishes in your by-election, I am yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (Edinburgh, psychologist, author of 'The g Factor').

The Telegraph's Deputy Political Editor thought, as I was inclined to hope (and thus wrote to DD), that Davis was a serious-enough Tory freedom-fighter who thought his moment had come:

Davis also won the unequivocal support of the Libertarian Alliance. Libertarian Alliance Director, London, Dr Sean Gabb, said:
"The Libertarian Alliance is a non-party organisation. That is, we find much to oppose in all the main political parties. On this occasion, however, we give our unconditional support to Mr Davis as an individual candidate in his fight for our liberties.

"We have been repeatedly told that suspects will only be detained for six weeks without trial in the gravest cases affecting national security. This is a lie. We were promised that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 would only be used in cases of national security. Instead, it is used by just about every local authority in the country to spy on ordinary people. The effect - and almost certainly the purpose - of this law will be to create a new weapon of administrative detention. It may be used against the occasional terrorist suspect. Much more often, though, dissidents and other 'trouble-makers' will be told to shut up or face arrest on suspicion of terrorist offences. They will be held without charge for six weeks, then released without charge. In the meantime, they will have lost their jobs and reputations; their lives will be in ruins. All this - and without the shadow of due process.

"Anyone who believes such wickedness is beyond the imagination of our rulers is either ignorant of human nature in general or blind to what this Labour Government has done since 1997. "In deciding to fight a by-election on this issue, and the general issue of the Labour police state, David Davis has shown himself to be a brave and decent man. His fight is our fight. Regardless of normal party affiliation, it is the fight of everyone who believes in liberal democracy.

At last the National Liberalism for which this Diary/Blog and previous newsletters long campaigned hove into view? I wrote to Sean Gabb:
"Go for it, Sean! This is the big chance to forge the National Liberal Party which I have long urged. Remember, the first serious question for David Davis will be 'If you're not happy with restricting our liberties to help deal with Muslim terrorists and Black gun- and knife-artists, what do you propose instead?' It will be crucial for DD, and the Libertarian Alliance as his supporter, to back 'stop and search,' 'three strikes and you're out,' 'Jersey to provide a prison camp for the 100,000 extra Britoids and illegal immigrants who need locking up,' 'one mosque demolished per each Muslim-instigated murder,' 'Humanitarian TaskForce for Africa in which all illiterates in English would have to serve before drawing welfare,' 'all health, education and welfare provision to be administered via grants to family units which would include at least one good-quality English speaker' etc. Only an imaginative right-wing agenda in conjunction with liberty for genuine British citizens will beat the Sun's Kelvin McKenzie in the Haltemprice & Howden by-election! Good luck! -- Chris.


Asked by a David Davis supporter to express a hope at his website that this `maverick egotist' politician might deliver, I replied:
"I support full liberty for true Britons. All 'race relations' compulsions should be abolished and total free speech restored -- especially in our ridiculously peecee universities. But such freedom is for good-quality English speakers and our chosen spouses, not for riff-raff. Traitors and intending traitors to Britain should be hanged and their relatives, friends, landlords and employers expelled; and one mosque should be blown up for each murder by a Muslim.

Support also came from columnist Philip Johnston in the Torygraph (16 vi); but, while Johnston helpfully listed the many freedoms of which Brits had been deprived by Labour (to hunt foxes using dogs, to smoke on railway stations, to smack their children, to photograph other people's children, to possess a .22 calibre air pistol for sporting purposes, to set off a firework after 11p.m. etc.) there was no mention of how the party's Race Relations had ended free speech about race - except by the intrepid Stephen Whittle and Simon Shepard, whose two-week trial in Leeds Crown Court was being conducted without even the slightest publicity, let alone tangible demonstrations of support for their anti-Semitic joshing of two years previously.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ignoracist state education for Britoid youf turned out to have failed as tattooed and beehived Jewish starlet Amy Winehouse, 24, a product of Southgate's Ashmole Comprehensive School [which my sister attended], was videoed not only enjoying sex'n'drugs but - giving her tabloid front-page status - singing a song referring to "Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips" (News of the World, 8 vi, `Sex, drugs and racist rant').


Shocked by state schools' poor results, environmentaloony government education minister Ed Balls (sic) declared he would close as many as 638 English schools, i.e. 1 in 5, if they could not manage to pretend to be meeting his targets and licking his bottom within 50 days (Observer, 8 vi).

{With a bit of luck, if tabloids kept Balls' nose to his self-chosen grindstone, mass sackings of blameless schoolteachers would begin by the autum, further lowering NuLabour's already disastrous poll ratings and incensing even more lefties than those already distraught over the Iraq war ooops conflict situation, the Afghan poppy hunt, and the NuLabour acceptance of new life for Trident and two `super-` aircraft carriers.}


Even the pious National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children - normally functioning as an arm of Britain's multiculti-worshipping `welfare' state - admitted that social workers routinely put Pakistani girls at risk by failing to report the intimidating and murderous schemes of their parents and brothers (concerned that the girls should marry cousins from Pakistan so that the lucky suitor could get a U.K. passport) (Observer, 8 vi, `'Young left to die' as councils shun action').


After two decades of environmentaloony tabloid demonization of paedophiles, an excited Welshman, 30, was arrested in the normally quiet village of Trimsaran, near Cardiff, for knifing to death a 49-year-old married policeman suspected of paedophilic downloadings on an office computer. In the grip of such powerful neighbourly outrage, the 30-year-old had been slashing the policeman's car tyres at 1:45a.m, thus provoking the confrontation and condemning himself to a twelve-year- (aka `life-`) sentence (Sun, 10 vi).


Two la-di-da books by high-priest leftists Kenan Malik and Marek Kohn admitted that the `groups,' `variants,' `types,' `gentes,' `clines' etc. of modern peecee `biology' were actually good old-fashioned races, and that races differed in countless ways (though apparently not in general intelligence) and thus provided the backbone of multiculturalism's insistence that all ethnic groups be equally tolerated and even respected; but such unusual realism by intellectual leftists (perhaps preparing for ignoracism's demise as the human-averse Greens arrived to demand urgent suspension of breeding by the world's less enlightened, non-panda-hugging groups) was accompanied by a magic high-priestly tethering of the race dragon, hymning that inter-racial co-operation was something we could do if we really want, BINGO (Prospect, vi).

{The new part-realist piety rather ignored the fact that the White race had been busy for 60 years not just in co-operating with all and sundry but in inviting other races to invade the West, to establish their own cultures of gang-crime and wife- and daughter-beating and to take nice jobs proportionately (without regard to merit) while Whites destroyed their own race by state welfarism and the suspension of childbearing by all but the least contraceptively competent schemies [council house denizens] to which it led.}


As Times Higher carried news of Richard Lynn and Helmuth Nyborg providing fresh evidence (in Intelligence) of religious belief being linked to stupidity (Daily Mail, 12 vi), I wrote to Richard as follows:
Hi, Richard: I hope you'll have a lot of fun, but for the fuller picture NB p.26 of LYNN (ed., 1981), Dimensions of Personality (which links crystallized intelligence negatively to authoritarianism and fluid intelligence negatively to religionism). Also, it is usually observed today that simple belief in God (as distinct from extensive superstition or religious practice) is more common among scientists than in the arts and social sciences. And you should probably prepare for your critics by familiarizing yourself with John Polkinghorne's 'From Physicist to Priest.' Vy best, -- Chris.


As Shadow Home Secretary David Davis MP spectacularly resigned so as to stand as a pro-freedom Independent (especially depoloring the 42-days-detention-without-trial which was, along with ID cards and one surveillance camera for every fourteen Brits, the NuLabour way of dealing with Black crime and Muesli terror), I wrote to him as follows:
Dear David Davis,

Just to congratulate you on your brave stand today and to offer you all the support I can. I am especially familiar with the 'hate speech' restrictions on UK freedoms that have mounted under Labour's Race Relations Acts and today prevent frank discussion, even in Britain's universities, of the problems posed by Black and Muslim ethnic groups. You may particularly like to take a look at the disgraceful trial for 'antiSemitic incitement' going on right now in Leeds Crown Court, where two intelligent young British men, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, are being prosecuted by the Crown merely on the basis of internet publication of jokes and slurs in America.

With best wishes in your by-election, I am yours sincerely, -- Chris Brand (Edinburgh, psychologist, author of 'The g Factor').


Researchers at Calabria University reported finding a gene, SSADH, in which the rarer `C' form made for both a higher IQ (as previously suggested by UK-import Robert Plomin) and a 15-year-longer life (New Scientist, 12 vi; Press Association, 12 vi). The finding was in line with Leipzig Volkmar Weiss's idea that there is one relatively infrequent gene that, in a double dose, makes for specially high IQ; and with Edinburgh Ian Deary's demonstration that the association of IQ with longevity could not be explained in terms of social class. Study leader Giuseppe Passarino believed the `C' form made for more efficient detoxification of acid in the brain and destroyed GABA, a neurotransmitter that dampened brain activity and caused drowsiness. The scientists said that having a double dose of the `T' gene form appeared to make people more vulnerable to mental decline in old age, as well as affecting their survival, so the gene was evidently linked to fluid and not just crystallized g.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Contrary to the social-`science' and tabloid view that rotten environments ruin people, pretty Viennese sex-slave Natascha Kampush - apparently wanting especially to correct her public image as an 8-year-long victim (of her paedophile kidnapper and jailer, Wolfgang Priklopil) -- began hosting her own TV show and making an impression on journalists as confident, articulate, precise, open, sexy and generally comfortable in front of the camera (Times, 2 vi; Guardian, 2 vi; Independent, 2 vi). At the same time Elisabeth Fritzl, the 16-year-imprisoned daughter and sex-slave of monstrous Viagra-fuelled Papa Fritzl, was being prepared, together with her children by Frizl, for a new life and identity - suggesting that these victims, too, had defied most of the dire prophesies of abusohysterics.


People in Rome and Naples continued their protests at `Roma' gypsy encampments, hospitalizing several leftist pro-immigrant pro-yag `students' at La Sapienza LUniversity in the process (CounterCurrents, 3 vi).


After two decades of denying deep-seated race differences in intelligence (and anything else of importance), the left achieved the still wider result of getting the media into a state of shock about class differences (Times, 16 v; Gulf Times, 17 v, ``C-Grade' doctors in the making'; Daily Telegraph, 5 vi). When King's College London announced it had achieved good results with sub-standard medical school entrants from `deprived' areas by spending œ190,000 more than normal per year on 50 such students, a professor of psychology at University College London, Chris McManus, and a doctor, Hugh Ip, queried (in an editorial for the British Medical Journal) this extravagant NuLabour wheeze and, justifying the normal under-representation of low-SES kids at medical school, mentioned such kids' (on average) low IQs.

No, McManus & Ip didn't say IQ was genetic; or even that the g factor was well known to be causal to academic success. The mere mention - as by Bruce Charlton (see May) -- of `working class' and Black ethnic minority children tending to have low general intelligence was by 2008 enough for the solids to hit the media fan. From first denying the reality of race, the left and its hanger-on hacks had lurched into denying the best-established important truth of twentieth-century psychology - that IQ was the most important cause of parental social class, upward social mobility (e.g. Touhey, 1972, Brit.J.soc.clin.Psychol.) and achieved social class, and that low-SES schoolkids were thus bound to be under-represented on university courses.

Even top Nuffield College red-in-tooth and claw sociologist 'Chelley' Halsey had come round to this a little by the end of his equality-advocating career: "[The book A Class Act ] destroys the myth that Britain is a classless society. ..But much more needs to be said. It is not enough to reject genetics [when considering the poor]. There is a large literature on assortative mating, on the measurement of intelligence and on meritocracy that is not confined to the political right and deserves serious review." (A.H.HALSEY, 1997, 'Fat cats and top dogs.' Times Higher, 14 xi 1997.)

My Quotes on psychology and social class were available free on the net here. E.g.:

" often seems that the champions of the environment prefer to roll all domestic and public social influence up into one enormous super-variable of 'deprivation vs privilege'. While lambasting others for their 'simplistic scientism', social-environmentalists can be surprisingly simplistic themselves.... the undue emphasis on only one dimension -- the social class dimension -- of environmental variance is too simple. [It] makes allowance neither for the influence of the intellectual levels of [children's] close acquaintances [especially of family members -- see Zajonc, 1983] nor for [growing children's] positive choice of their own milieus and involvements from among the {numerous} possibilities that are available to them {in advanced modern societies}." (C.R.BRAND, 1984, in C.J.Turner & H.B.Miles, The Biology of Human Intelligence. London : Eugenics Society.)


As Londoners queried whether their new mayor, Boris Johnson, could ever drive crime (increasingly knife-plagued) down to New York levels, it transpired that New York cops standardly stopped and searched 1,300 per day - 90% of them coloured - and arrested 100 per day for minor drugs offences. In Britain, plans were afoot for strict surveillance of criminal suspects - but the expense and legality of such harassment was not known (Axis of Logic [New York], 17 v).


As the popularity of Labour P.M. Grumpy Gordon Brown plummeted to an all-time low for P.M.s of 17% and Italian neofascists rampaged around Rome and Naples and Eastern European countries declined to vote for the Black-`British' entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, even decorous Norway shifted right, showing poll gains for its Progressive and Conservative parties and a drop for Labour (Aftenposten [Oslo], 22 v).


A handy updated re-summary of the facts about group differences in IQ and their economic correlates was provided in: The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ and Inequality Worldwide, R. Lynn. Washington Summit Publishers, Augusta, GA (2008). 378 pp., US $19.95 (PB), ISBN: 1-59368-028-7

and duly applauded by Phil Rushton: Personality and Individual Differences 45 (2008) 113-114.
For other comments on Richard Lynn's oeuvre, see here (FIND Lynn).


The long spaced-out state of California took PeeCee to new heights of hilarity by proposing to mix Blacks, Whites and Mexicans randomly in its 80,000 prison cells as from July (San Francisco Chronicle, 27 v). - Or would the result be so murderous as to actually solve the state's problem of its 155,000 prisoners (65% of them non-White)?...

Sunday, June 01, 2008


In a blow against political correctness, the Crown Prosecution Service agreed to pay 100K pounds to Channel 4 TV for having libelled the station as `racist' (as Channel 4 had gone to court to establish) (Daily Telegraph, 15 v). Channel 4 had broadcast an expose of mad Mueslis in mosques denigrating women, Jews and homosexuals, provoking inquiries by West Midlands Police; but the authorities were quickly taken in by agents of the mosques and PeeCee and decided the easiest route was to prosecute Channel 4 itself -- for "incitement to racial hatred."

In the authorities' apology, wrung out of them after a year of them having Channel 4 on the rack, it was admitted there was "no evidence that the broadcaster or programme makers had misled the audience or that the programme was likely to encourage or incite criminal activity" - an important admission in itself which probably clarified the alarmingly vague notion of `incitement to racial hatred.'


In an unusual admission from Britain's `liberal'-left-dominated luniversities, the Principal of highly regarded Manchester University, Professor Alan Gilbert, said that recent years of admitted poorly-qualified `working class' youngsters (deprived of grammar schools even if bright) to oblige loonily egalito-environmentalist Chancellor/P.M. Grumpy Gordon Brown had led to a "grave threat" to standards and tone at his establishment (Daily Telegraph, 15 v) - though, like others of his statist stripe, he seemed to think the problem might be solved by giving him more taxpayers' money..


While Britain's political parties piously resolved to ignore English and Scottish nationalist sentiment and Europe - deluding itself that it could solve the rampant ethnic hostilities of the Balkans by offering E.U. membership to all - despatched the Queen in a headscarf to assure Muslim Turkey of a warm welcome as what would be the largest E.U. nation, displaced Rwandans (in the Congo) told the Guardian (16 v) they were preparing their drug-fuelled children to exact revenge on the Tutsi `cockroaches' (who had defied the genocide of the 1970s and 1990s against them by taking control in Rwanda), government-housing north Burma treated cyclone-ravaged south Burma with contempt, and Israeli Jews -- celebrating sixty years of their own race realism -- applauded President George Dubya Bush as he implied presidential hopeful Borat Osama was an `appeaser' for wanting to talk to the `Nazis' of Iran and their rampant fellow-Shitites in the Lebanon.


In a challenge to the E.U.'s peecee-multiculturalism, Italy's new right-wing government - prompted by Mafia-led Neapolitans vigorously attacking `Romanian' shanty-town dwellers who had tried to steal a 6-month-old baby (Times, 16 v) -- arrested and/or deported some 400 suspected illegal immigrants (mainly gypsies from India via Romania), got Libya to arrest 250 Africans embarking for Italy, brought in 15 Romanian police to help control gypsy crime, and introduced legislation to tighten Italy's border controls (International Herald Tribune, 15 v).

Spain's `pink' socialist Government (including many 2nd-rate-looking women, not up to Berlusconi's standards - though at least not the dregs of womanhood on offer in English and Scottish politics) replied by saying Berlusconi should seek mental treatment - except that it probably would not work. Berlusconi responded with a tough package of measures allowing immigrants' living conditions to be checked before permanent residence was granted and allowing the confiscation of properties let to unauthorized immigrants (Guardian, 22 v).

By 29 v, the Mail on Sunday was `shocked' to report that 75% of Italians wanted rid of the Roma gypsies and that children as young as 9 had done drawings in school of flag-waving youngsters celebrating the firebombing of the (deserted) Roma shacks which had housed the would-be baby-snatcher.


After years of wasted expenditures on the Dark Continent by governments, international quangos and charities, Cambridge physicists Stephen Hawking and Neil Turok announced they were linking up with assorted Nobel laureates and billionaires to identify "bright" young Black kids and bring them on (Times, 11 v). {None dared state publicly which IQ tests would be used in this otherwise promising-sounding but most likely doomed exercise. - see AmRen, 14 v, where one contributor observed it was evidently easier to overcome motor neurone disease than to overcome egalitarianism.

Strangely, the quixotic Stephen Hawking -- perhaps by then in the early stage of senile dementia -- seemed to have reflected but little on the zillion dollar sums already spent by the USA on Black education without producing a single mathematical, philosophical or classical-music genius. Perhaps he had never even read the 1997 talk on race and IQ that I gave at his Cambridge college, Gonville & Caius - sadly, illness had prevented him joining me at the college's high table that night and from hearing my debate with the New Statesman's non-reading Black columnist Darcus Howe.}


By May, 2008, Headlands School, Bridlington had no less than eleven members of staff (some female) under arrest or suspension for `inappropriate' sexual messages or dealings with pupils; in addition the school had recently lost three staff who received jail or suspended sentences for sexual relations with female pupils (Daily Telegraph, 16 v 2008). Some thought paedophilia would prove to have been rampant for years in the famous seaside resort which had once given its name to the Bridlington Agreement, whereby trade unions agreed not to actively poach each other's members (Hull Daily Mail, 17 v 2008). It was likely that peecee-feminism's paedohysteria had been slow to spread to the more robust outlying areas of north-east England, full of ex-miners, ex-shipbuilders and ex-fisherfolk. The school, the sexual mini-scandals of which dated back to 1984, was said to be `in special measures' (Red Orbit, 17 v) and was evidently under total curfew to keep newsies at bay.


Contrary to the dire predictions of `experts' in psychology and psychiatry concerning the long-endungeoned daughter and grandchildren of Papa Fritzl (a maniac for sex thanks to regular doses, simultaneously, of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra - `making you like a bull,' he told friends), within weeks of release the three prisoners were doing well, thoroughly enjoying each other's company (and that of Frizl's wife), Austrian food, motor cars, trees, sunshine etc. etc. - they were specially delighted to find McDonald's and its hamburgers were for real (Sun, 17 v).


Police in Jersey admitted that the `piece of bone from a child's skull' on which they had hinged their hunt for murderous paedophiles of c. 1980 (see earlier, e.g. February) had been found by Oxford scientists to be definitely not a bone, definitely not from a human skull, and probably a `piece of wood or coconut shell' (Sunday Mail, 18 v; Spiked, 19 v). Police had kept the embarrassing finding secret for five weeks so as not to weaken public enthusiasm for their 160-detective-strong enquiries. Elite leftist organs like the Grauniad and Bolshevik Broadcasting Company had been happy to speculate, on the basis of the 50P-sized `bone' fragment that as many as six or more children had been murdered by the paedophiles of Haut de la Garenne's one-time children's home.


Little heeding their country's post-apartheid official image of tolerant multiculturalism and embrace of diversity, Johannesburg's Black mobs turned on Black immigrants (many from Black-dictator-wrecked `Zimbabwe', but also from Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, the Congo and Somalia), killing at least 24, making 13,000 flee for their lives and resulting in 250 arrests by police for crimes including rape (BBC, 19 v, 20 v). After several days police using water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas had regained control of what the San Francisco Chronicle (19 v) called the "war zone" of central Johannesburg; but attacks on immigrants spread to some twelve townships and to Cape Town and Durban (in `KwaZulu-Natal' province). Zulus had long blamed South Africa's five million immigrants since independence for crime, sex attacks, their own unemployment (in a country running a 40% unemployment rate) and in general the failure of Black-run South Africa to make the progress that Blacks and Black-lovers had expected. Some speculated that the mobs had been given tip-offs by police as to where immigrants lived.

By 21 v, 42 immigrants were dead, 16,000 were displaced and police had made 400 arrests. The army was called out as violence reached the Zulu heartland town of Umbilo, where hundreds attacked a Nigerian-frequented bar, and then Cape Town. Other African began organizing fleets of buses to evacuate thousands of their nationals. Part of the reason for the xenophobia was that South Africans discovered that, though they were on a waiting list for a home, a foreigner who had taken advantage of corruption in the system might be renting out as many as four homes. Condemning the "blind violence" of the attacks, the Dakar-based Pan-African human rights organisation RADDHO said they dealt a heavy blow to Africa's leadership and image.


Free speech - under serious assault in Britain since I was hammered in 1996 for defending scientific racism - took a new blow as London police summonsed a teenager for calling Scientology a `cult' during a demo (Guardian, 20 v). Police claimed the word `cult' was unduly "threatening"; but the teenager refused to back down, quoting a 1984 High Court ruling from Mr Justice Latey, in which the judge described the Church of Scientology as a "cult" which was "corrupt, sinister and dangerous." {Eventually the Crown Prosecution Service told the peecee-propagandized police goons to desist.}


Just a year after fat BigBro celebrity idiot Jade Goody had hit trouble for `racism' in India for calling beautiful Bollywood filmstar Shilpa Shetty a "papadum," the Indians themselves revealed their own racism as their cricketing authorities banned England from using negress cheerleaders (one possibly a real babe), saying they only wanted to see "beautiful White girls" (Sun, 22 v).

In the Black-run powder keg of South Africa, unemployed Blacks, having displaced some 100,000 foreigners (many Zimbabwean and Mozambican - see earlier), turned their attentions to harassing and murdering Indians, alleged to employ foreign labour when not actually foreigners themselves (TimesNow, 24 v). But the ruling African National Congress party vowed to "retake the streets" from criminal looters and arsonists who had been taking its name in vain. By 27 v, deaths among immigrants were estimated at 60, serious injuries at 470, shops burned out or looted at 600, and arrests among rioters at 1,400.

ANC President Jacob Zuma - normally thought to possess `the common touch' -- was shouted down at times when he tried to address 4,000 Black South Africans in a shanty town to the east of Johannesburg. "We are looking to make you our president, so beware. If you are a stumbling block, we are going to kick you away," a man warned, as the crowd erupted in applause. Only a fortnight earlier, Zuma had been pontificating about what he saw as the party's God-given right to rule. "Even God expects us to rule this country because we are the only organisation which was blessed by pastors when it was formed," he said in a speech near Cape Town. "It is even blessed in heaven. That is why we will rule until Jesus comes back." But near-one-party state ANC-led South Africa, which had lived off liberation theology since its 1994 inception, was running on empty.

South Africa's problem with excessive cheap immigrant Black labour had arisen partly because of the casting aside, as South Africa's `pan-African' Blacks took over in 1994, of previous legislation by the White apartheid government limiting Black immigrant inflow; and partly because of the equally pan-African-motivated policy of allowing Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe to take over White-run farms and this destroy his country's economy, resulting in an outflow of some 2-3 million emigrants to South Africa.

A graphic account of the horrors and hatreds of Black-run South Africa was provided by Socialist Worker (29 v) - while blaming the squalor and brutality on capitalism, neoliberalism, nationalism etc..


Evolutionary psychiatrist Bruce Charlton, a c.50-year-old Reader in Psychology at the University of Newcastle with a background in medicine and physiology, shocked Government ministers, the National Union of Students,* the University and College Union, the Warden of New College Oxford, Professor Robert Sternberg of Tufts University, Scotsman readers, Times Higher readers and even a majority of the Daily Mail's readers by asserting (in an article to appear in Times Higher, 23 v) that the children of the rich were chiefly over-represented in Oxbridge because of their higher inherited IQs - but was stoutly defended by the London School's Emeritus Professor Richard Lynn** who said the causal role of IQ had been known for eighty years (Daily Mail, 22 v; Guardian, 22 v).

{I emailed Dr Charlton offering help and pointing out that my quotes about IQ and SES were still on the net here. A Guardian correspondent wheeled out two frothing leftists from London's Institute of Education to deny Charlton's claim that IQ was partly a function of "innate endowment" (24 v); an objector surfaced in the correspondence column of Glasgow's Daily Record (22 v); and humorist Ron Liddle rubbished Charlton for the Funday Times as if he were the hated Sir Cyril Burt (25 v).

But support came in the American National Review (22 v) and, from the north-east of England, where people should know something about working class IQ, the Shields Gazette reported 66% support from its readers for Dr Charlton (24 v). In the subsequent Times Higher (30 v), complaints against Charlton's alleged pessimism** were headed up by his own Vice-Chancellor, one Chris Brink, a South African mathematician and `diversity' champion, who said Charlton's views "in no way" reflected those of Newcastle University; but Edinburgh University Psychology's Wendy Johnson - acquired from the Tom Bouchard stable in Minnesota - agreed with Charlton's every point, wanting only to add that universities could abandon selection by academic ability if they themselves so wished.}

* The National Union of Students branded Dr Charlton's arguments "wrong-headed, irresponsible and insulting". Gemma Tumelty, president of the NUS, said: "Of course, social inequality shapes people's lives long before they leave school, but the higher education sector cannot be absolved of its responsibility to ensure that students from all social backgrounds are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential. "The simple fact is that many talented individuals from poor backgrounds are currently not given the same opportunities as those from more privileged backgrounds. This problem will not be addressed as long as academics such as Bruce Charlton are content to accept the status quo and do nothing to challenge the inherent class bias in education."

But, in Times Higher, one John Harvey admirably replied: "The reaction to this story is absolutely fascinating because most of the responses are along the lines of "how dare he say it", rather than "his data is wrong". Individual differences in IQ have been shown to be partly determined by biology rather than being wholly sociological (best estimates are 60% - 80% biology.) There is also plenty of data showing a high correlation between IQ scores and achieved position on the social ladder. It follows that higher class parents will tend (note the word 'tend') to be brighter and therefore produce brighter kids. As a result they in turn will find it easier to get into the most prestigious institutions. Charlton's sin appears to have been to broach the subject in the first place. He shatters illusions. It is so much more comforting to believe that we humans are above mere biology and that the modern managerial state can make anything of anybody given enough resources the right mission statement and a thick enough policy document."

** Lynn said (Cherwell, 30 v)"The facts of higher IQs in higher SES groups is universally accepted by psychologists. [Charlton] stated a non-PC truth. It was an emperor-has-no-clothes statement -- something everyone (experts, anyway) knows is true but dare not say."

*** Predictably trotting out Jim Flynn (but see here) and Anders Ericsson (but see here - FIND `the Watsonian Ericsson').


Despite three years of Government tosh about moving on from multiculturalism towards integrationism, the people of William McDougall's home town of Oldham turned out to have been voting with their feet to segregate their schools along racial lines at a rate of knots (Oldham Advertiser, 21 v).


Texan CPS authorities had had no right to remove more than 400 children from a polygamist Mormon sect's ranch (see earlier), the state's appeals court ruled (Daily Telegraph, 23 &24 v).The ruling against feminastie abusomaniacs, which followed an appeal by members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), was likely to scupper one of the biggest `child custody' cases in US neosocialist state-tyrannical history. The Texas court decided that the state had not provided sufficient grounds for the "extreme" measure of removing all children, from babies to teenagers, from the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado. The sect's children -- the girls, like their mothers, wearing old-fashioned prairie dresses - had been removed en masse by police during a grotesque raid that began on April 3.
An informed guess at what was going on pointed to CPS's desire to have at least *one* blonde-haired/blue-eyed client in their drug/violence counseling programs which were otherwise just a sea of Katrina refugee offenders.


With Russia's population declining at a rate of 0.7M per year, the Kremlin announced it would give an `Order of Parental Honour' to women bearing relatively many children (Daily Telegraph, 26 v) - though details of how or whether awards would be targeted on married, White, fluent-Russian-speaking families remained to be seen.


On the heels of the Papa Fritzl case in Austria, a 38-year-old Glasgow woman (living happily with a partner and the pair's two children in Clydebank), revealed how she had had incest forced on her 800 times (over 16 years from age 11) and been `virtually imprisoned' in a string of council houses by her father - by 2008 serving a 3-year sentence for incest (Sun, 27 v). (Papa John Macmillan's plan to claim welfare benefit for his daughter's children had gone awry as not a single child remained alive from the pair's six incestuous pregnancies.)


As pressures grew - with the teen knife crime killing one youth a week - to rescind the Macpherson Report's restrictions on police stopping and searching possible young criminals at will, even a NuLabour minister, Tony McNulty, felt obliged to slap down the anxieties of loopy `children's commissioner' Prof. Albert Aynsley-Green that returning to pre-1997 ways would upset Blacks too much (Daily Telegraph, 27 v).


Probably foretelling the end of the American Jewish community's century-long political courtship of Blacks, and thus the end of highly-financed multicultiloonery, would-be presidential candidate Boring Obama linked with longstanding Carter-backing Democrat foreign affairs expert Zeb Brzezinski in attacking the `Jewish lobby' for its unthinking support for Israeli governments (Daily Telegraph, 27 v).
Another straw in a similar wind was Jewish crossbench peeress, Baroness Ruth Deech, writing to the Telegraph (29 v) to complain that Britain's left-dominated University and College Union had apparently resumed its efforts to achieve some kind of academic boycott of Israeli universities and scholars.


`Peacekeepers' provided for Africa at top expense in smart white mini-tanks by the United Nations Organization turned out to have been a poor replacement for local paedophiles, with an Ivory Coast 11-year girl and family witnesses claiming she had been raped in one afternoon by no less than 11 Pakistani sky-blue-helmeted `soldiers' (Daily Telegraph, 27 v). {Just how Pakistani had been able to wangle U.N. funding for its army - permanently unable and/or unwilling to flush out beardy Mr O.K. Bin Liner from its North-West Frontier provice - remained unclear.}


Despite hysteria at the Grauniad (28 v), the Daily Telegraph (surprisingly bravely) stood by its having allowed BNP London Assemblyman Richard Barnbrook blogspace which he predictably used to criticize immigration and political correctness.