Monday, February 25, 2013


After years of struggle over a bus driver sacked by Bradford City Council when it came out that he was in the BNP, HMG accepted a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that the dismissal had been unfair – not least because the driver could easily have been re-assigned to duties where he did not need to interface with Srindopakeshis (DailyTelegraph, 14 ii).

{Presumably compensation would follow. Anyway, the ECHR ruling had embarrassingly exposed and rebuked Britain’s ever-widening ‘anti-racist’ hysteria.}


As the countless enquiries into comedian Jimmy Savile’s years of bottom-pinching fun with teenagerettes at the BBC wound their way towards ‘conclusions,’ it turned out that all the names of top dogs would be ‘redacted’ [blacked out] (Sunday Mail, 17 ii) – presumably so that the vast cost of 40-year-retrospective paedohysteria would be charged to the taxpayer and not deducted from the fat salaries of the BBC’s useless managers and oberführerins


As America began to face up to its grisly Black/Hispanic/Latino future, legislation was promoted in the Texas House of Representatives to require the state to start calculating how it would manage if its fiscal relation with Washington were severed (Tea Party, 17 ii).


 Whatever the vast problems of government in Britain (q.v.) (mainly stemming from left-led denial of the importance of IQ), a welcome tribute to the decency of British people themselves was issued in the Wall Street Journal (17 ii). Spectator editor Fraser Nelson summed up:
God knows we have our problems in this country. But Britain’s basic levels of civility — which were famous in wartime — are still making visitors gawp. It’s a reminder why, as Andrew Marr put it, to be born in Britain is an extraordinary stroke of good luck.

Yes, despite the shit-eating, bottom-groping, mega-lying antics of Liberals (whose leader refused to meet the Queen), it was still a country of ‘gentle’men {and one which would hopefully kick its political class in the teeth at the Eastleigh by-election}.


 Even in politicos’ hysterically ‘anti-racist’ Britain, it was still possible to go unpunished and keep your job after calling a senior Black a ‘n*gger’ (and also a ‘scumbag’). How so? Well, it presumably helped to be the commended leader of anti-racist exercises for the Football Association – earning a CBE for piety. And of course to be Black (Sun, 18 ii).


Any in doubt about the real powers in the UK were answered as all current affairs broadcasting by the BBC was closed down for a day by the National Union of Journalists. Admittedly the NUJ had a point in that its members were being told to take 150 redundancies while the BBC’s fat cats rolled around with salaries of £1Mpa and similar-sized payoffs and pensions lined up if they ever needed to be sacked ooops retire ooops step aside. But the BBC shut-down occurred without any public argument or even announcement – and specially without objections from either Government or Opposition. Just as Rupert Murdoch had been able to scrap Britain’s leading investigative newspaper, the News of the World, rather than defend his hacks for their hacking, so the NUJ was able to disrupt services for megamillions worldwide without a squeak from politicians.


 Incomprehensible bug-eyed leftist old bag authoress Hilary Mantel* was welcomed by the London Review of Books to put in her two pennorth slagging off the gracious, cheerful and pregnant Duchess of Cornwall (already criticized by some wrinkled American fashionista for having too many dresses – though all these were in fact cheap and elegant, and presumably the cast-offs went to charity) (Sun, 19 ii).

‘A characterless plastic doll, selected by a committee and only fit to breed’ said Mantel, neglecting Kate’s 12-year relationship with Wills from the time of their (successful) degree studies at the top-flight University of St Andrews.

Even Lady Diana, though admittedly ‘chosen’ by the Royals for her height and virginity, had in fact been mad keen for the job of Queen from the age of five. Ah, well, better appearing ‘plastic’ to intellectuals who couldn’t manage a morning’s handshaking than being a sack of potatoes! To the Tower, Mantelpiece! Off with your head!

*Broad-beamed Mantelpiece was a leftie born and bred – a matter which her publishers had contrived to conceal for several years. Of Irish parentage, she was raised a Catholic by parents who separated (she never saw her father after age eleven). She gave up Christianity at twelve and progressed to full-blown socialism, as was readily compatible with her studies at the London School of Economics and the University of Sheffield. Her own lack of husband and family was perhaps traceable to gynaecological problems so serious that she had been treated by doctors for psychosis during her twenties.


 The degeneracy of Britain’s welfare state was graphically illustrated as a council (in Tewkesbury, Gloucs.) admitted it was building a 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom £400M mansion to house an unemployed mother and her 11 sprogs, plus whatever was the latest man she had around (Sun, 19 ii). Apparently. Heather Frost, 36, ‘did not believe in birth control’ nor bother to collect maintenance from the three fathers of her brood.

As press interest in feckless Frost continued, it turned out she kept a horse costing £200 per week in feed and stabling; and that she bought £115 per hour flying lessons as a present for a 57-yr-old partner. The dole queen also kept an exotic parrot worth £1K as well as dogs, a cat and guinea pigs (Sun, 22 ii). She was stoutly defended on ‘Question Time’ (21 ii) by fat Black Labour Shadow {some hope!} Ministress Diane Abbott (who educated her own daughter privately despite her vast ‘belief’ in equality and the delights of state education for all).

{Never had the argument for the ‘Big Society’ been better put. If people had their handouts administered by co-religionists (who would suffer if the kitty emptied), much- needed elements of local supervision and control for the likes of Frost would be rapidly introduced.}


The same cogent arguments for drugs liberalization that had been in play since the 1960s were excellently rehearsed by the Guardian’s Ian Birrell (19 ii). Clearly the expensive ‘war on drugs’ was lost, as it always had been.

{Of course, Guardianistas could not address the questions that liberalization would leave: How to arrest enough Black youf, and how to provide an alternative occupation for drug dealers. But the answers were easy enough. Hoodies could be banned, maximising the public supervision of youf. And all unemployed would be stripped of benefits and obliged to serve with the British Humanitarian Task Force for Africa – with Mali and northern Nigeria perhaps being the first ports of call.}


 As proposals appeared that men accused of rape should be allowed the same years of anonymity as their alleged victims, the Daily Mail’s Carol Sarler properly pointed out the slide into police state ‘justice’ which all such supposedly humanitarian anonymity arrangements involved (19 ii) – and she might have added that secrecy destroyed public learning from such cases and public ability to contribute by coming forward as witnesses to the characters involved in what were largely ‘date rapes.’


Government plans to further restrict the freedom of the British press (‘Levisohn’, q.v.) took a knock as lawyers pointed out their likely illegality according to the European Court of Human Rights (BBCR4, 21 ii, 08:45, e.g. Nick Cohen; Daily Mail, 22 ii). The Levisohn wheeze was to inflict “exemplary damages” on newspapers which lost civil actions (for libel etc) and which had not signed up with the Levisohn club of great’n’good worthies who would have conducted ‘voluntary’ pre-publication censorship. Apparently the ECHR did not allow punishments for failures in civil actions – which were meant to be resolved entirely in terms of compensation. {Wow, the ECHR was on a roll!}


As the National ‘Health’ Service announced it would aim to provide taxpayer-leeched fertility treatment for women up to age 42, it became clear that the left’s ambition to destroy the family and hand everyone into the hands of the job-creative carers and sharers of the state was largely achieved. {Surveying this miserable spectacle of Marxist effort, it looked as if Islam had a chance!}
What girls still really wanted was shown as the classic Danish firm Lego started providing options in its 3D jigsaws of girls in pink, swimming pools and fashion parlours – promptly boosting its sales 20%, with production struggling to keep pace with demand (ClassicFM, 21 ii, 14:00).


England’s socialist failure to provide suitable education for its brighter young was all but admitted by the usually supine BBC, which reported that, though the brightest English kids were near top Hong Kong and Taiwanese levels in maths at 10, they had – doubtless thanks to lack of streaming* -- fallen dramatically behind by age 16 (R4, 22 ii, 08:50; Sun, 22 ii; Guardian, 22 ii).

*Though the goons of London’s Institute of MisEducation, which had carried out the research, and assorted LibLabCon politicians promptly called for more maths, money and mollycoddling “from the earliest age.”


 The abysmal and dangerous state of Britain’s multiculti-crazed ‘universities’ came on display as London Metropolitan University was forced to suspend one of its newly elected governors (and researchers) after it emerged he, Palestinian Jawad Botmeh, had just completed a twelve year jail stretch for a conspiracy to bomb the Israel embassy in London in 1994, injuring twenty people (Daily Telegraph, 22 ii).


 More news about the sex-mad Frog politico Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 64, who had been beloved of fellow countrymen and hot-tipped for the Elysée Palace but then disgraced by over-forcefully seeking a bl*wjob from a Black hotel cleaner in New York: according to a new book by a 48-yr-old lawyerette, Marcela Iacub, who had a seven-month affair with DSK in 2012, he was “half man, half pig.”

Apparently it was his wife rather than himself who was consumed with political ambition – he himself just preferred ‘swinging’ for which he was well equipped in terms of his “inexhaustible supply of sperm” (Daily Telegraph, 22 ii).


In an important move towards a Nordic Europe, German President Joachim Gauck said English should be the official language of the European Union, just as it was already the lingua franca of all European peoples (apart from Frogs, Wops, Itis and Dagos), and he implored the UK to stay in the EU (Daily Mail, 23 ii).


 While the goofy lala-leftie students of the LUniversity of Edinburgh threw their newspaper, Student, over to making separatist propaganda for the SNP, the students of the glorious U.Glasgow, convened for debate in their famous Union {where I had once defended Nato causes and students had later defended The g Factor}, gave decisive backing to the British (‘Better Together’) cause by voting 63%-37% against Jockland independence despite having been treated to a visit from top Scottie SNP sidekick Ms Nicola Fish – apparently they (like virtually the whole of north Glasgow) had enough sense not to want to end up living among and run by unemployable Irish and disgruntled Celts.


The blether about ‘austerity’ put out by Britain’s fatuous Coalition Government as it continued with Labour’s bloated welfare state (in which a newly appointed top boxwallah, a Labour toadie, was to get £295Kpa) met its come-uppance as the gnomes of Zurich (or was it New York) stripped the country of its AAA borrowing status which it had enjoyed since the days of Mrs Thatcher. Part-time Chancellor ‘Genius George’ Osborne (the other half of his time being spent on the hopeless task of repairing the Conservative Party – smashed by Daft Dave’s support for gay marriage and haemorrhaging its already much-enfeebled membership) had made AAA his flag, but now saw Britain reduced to the level of France and America – with only Canada and Germany remaining major Western players who could be trusted with lenders’ money. The pound had devalued by 8% against the euro since the start of 2013. Public-sector salaries, inflated by Labour but uncorrected by the Coalition, were some 50% too high and (as with wankers ooops bankers) accompanied by astonishing ‘rewards for failure.’

   Meanwhile, despite its disasters of fires and floods, Oz was boomtown as China cried out for its minerals and agriculture and the country had mastered the question of how to lock up its worst Muesli troublemakers. {Yes, a haven of White flight, as the wife and I were told by an Éirish policeman and his schoolteacher wife – met as we attended a Valentine’s Day concert. After its years of extravagance and illusion, the Holy Republic was losing its better young to Oz – and replacing them with Poles (making Polish the second language in Éireland, as in Yukay).}


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Monday, February 18, 2013


What Britain could expect from its 2014 invasion by half a million Bulgars was illustrated in the Daily Mail (10 ii, Amanda Platell):
Amid the horror stories that have emerged from Stafford Hospital [the scene of 1,200 unnecessary deaths, q.v.], many of the worst cases of neglect and abuse concerned the elderly.

    One healthcare assistant is accused of telling a frail 73-year-old dementia patient, who also suffered from Parkinson's disease, that he was 'no longer a human being, but an animal'.

    The Bulgarian-born Bonka Kostova allegedly dragged the poor man out of a toilet by his pyjamas, saying she 'hated working with people like him.'


As two identical twins were arrested in Marseilles for the rape of some six girls in tenement stairways, it transpired that the twins’ race could not be mentioned (though their names Elwin and Yohan gave a clue) and that it would cost France £1M to conduct the detailed DNA analyses which might decide (with another £2M to ‘lawyers’) which of the twins was the culprit.

In another case, Frogs were awaiting similar costly DNA analysis for two Corsican twins whose garage had been found full of stolen goods (Daily Mail, 11 ii). {Hilarious! Why not just charge both twins and tell them they themselves would have to bear the cost of complicated DNA testing if they wanted to argue the toss with each other?}


  Israeli loonytunes at footie club Beihar Jerusalem were apparently astonished to have their clubhouse burned down and historic mementos destroyed because the team (newly owned by a Russian who wanted it to have a more ‘Asian-friendly’ image) had taken on two Muslim (Chechnyan) players (Daily Mail, 11 ii). {Wow! Fancy Jews not liking Muslims who wanted to complete the Holocaust! And were there any Jews playing for Muslim teams? – I think not.}


The strength of the latest anti-White, anti-human group of ‘minority activists’ was evidenced as, for the second time in a year, a London infant had its faced mauled and a finger bitten off by a fox – a new urban race of which had been cultivated by council loonies who believed in ‘animal welfare’ and couldn’t be troubled to clear rubbish from the streets.


Vatican ‘experts’ said they were “incredulous”, “stunned” and “speechless” that Pope Benedict XVI, 85, should  have found himself too infirm to carry on running the worldwide Roman Catholic Church (sporting 1.2B occasional communicants). The former conscript into the Hitler Youth had been hailed as a ‘conservative’ and, as he took over in 2006, issued one or two words of mild warning against Islam’s historically violent tendencies; but he had been jumped on by the West’s great’n’good and done nothing (apart from great-grandfatherly beaming and declining to back contraception and abortion in Africa or to hire me to defend the Church against extravagant and expensive charges of paedophilia) for the rest of his 7-yr reign.

This had been enough to convince ‘experts’ that he was a good egg; so it was left to him alone to face and admit the medico-psychological reality of his Parkinsons/Alzheimers/declining IQ/heart condition/accident proneness (he had fallen, cutting his head, in a Mexican hotel where he couldn’t find the bathroom light switch).

Fortunately, despite the otherworldly illusions of his courtiers and attendant hacks, the Pontiff still had enough sense to retire into the company of virgins (hopefully including a few teenagers) in a nunnery. And his resignation was accompanied by the first-ever realistic admission that his predecessor, Pope John-Paul II, had been ‘in decline’ (with Parkinsons) for several years before his death; and that Benedict himself typically walked with a stick when he was not driven through his cathedrals waving from a special motorized trolley.


 As Kenya prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence, all was not well as indicated by the country putting its prime minister on trial at the Hague for genocide. Said the New York Times (11 ii) about bitter racial clashes which sometimes killed a thousand in a week:

“Kenya may be one of the most developed and powerful countries in Africa, known for its safaris and historically close to the West, but its politics have been bedeviled by corruption, impunity and bitter ethnic rivalries, often exploding into widespread violence during contested elections.”


Showing the degradation of Britain’s welfare state, a Derby man of 58 set his own council house and six children ablaze (killing all kids as the fire advanced too fast), planning to blame his mistress, send her to prison and get back her own five children who would help with his income and perhaps ‘earn’ him a yet bigger welfare house (Daily Telegraph, 13 ii). – Already his taxpayer-supplied mansion had a games room with a full-length snooker table and a conservatory; and the playboy scrounger kept a minibus and caravan (which blocked his driveway, meaning firemen could not easily extinguish the fire which he and his wife had set).


 The peecee BBC, as it wanted to commemorate Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (1964-70), was embarrassed to find what everyone knew, that Wilson was rarely seen in public without his pipe (though he smoked cigars in private), so it airbrushed out scenes of Wilson tamping, re-lighting and puffing at his pipe (characteristic of some 25% of men in those days) (Daily Telegraph, 13 ii, p.1).

{My own papa lit his pipe as soon as he went to the bathroom in the morning; he smoked it going down the street for the bus; he had it at his side during meals; and he never put it out till retiring to bed at night.}

Lord Donoughue, a former right-hand man to Wislon at No.10 described the playing down of Wilson’s pipe-smoking as Stalinist. He said: “Is the licence payers’ money being paid for these people? It is censorship – politically correct censorship. How many people [does the BBC] have monitoring politically correct behaviour?” Wilson (who wrecked the UK economy in the usual Labour manner) had been voted Pipe Smoker of the Year in 1965 by the British Pipesmokers’ Council.

Einstein had said in 1950: “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.”

      In more peecee nonsense, a short, fat and bespectacled British ambassador was withdrawn from the Caribbean after an accusation that he had patted the behind of the Black wife of some prime minister. Back in London, the ambassador was entirely cleared of the charge (probably emanating from his wife’s enemies) but found himself ‘marginalized’ so set about suing HMG for £1M to cover his mental stress and reduced status.


The mad mullahs of Pakistan greeted Saint Valentine’s Day with a denunciation that handily expressed their own religion’s instantiation of the death wish as its major principle (BBC World Service, 14 ii, 12:20).


 The sheer laziness, incompetence and greed of Britain’s public ‘servants’ was exposed as the major quango, the Food Standards Agency, had been spending most of its time promoting ‘healthy eating’ and ‘staff diversity’ etc rather than asking whether the ‘beef’ supplied to supermarkets was composed substantially of horsemeat, rats’ tails, dogshit etc (Daily Mail, 14 ii, Leo McKinstry).

Quangocrats routinely treated themselves to salaries of £100K+; but graduates from the better universities had been progressively excluded from their number to avoid any possible charges (from cultural Marxists) of elitism.

    More incompetence went on display as the Department of Communities claimed (in response to a Freedom of Information demand) that it had calculated the number of R&Bs who would arrive for free lunches in 2014; but the Prime Minister said ‘Oh, no, you haven’t’ (Sun, 15 ii) – for HMG’s official policy was evidently to keep quiet about the gypsy arrivals until they were ensconced and protected from deportation (even if destitute or criminal) by yuman rights.

    Another insight into British ‘government’ was provided by the Daily Mail (15 ii) which found that a chief executive in Lincolnshire NHS (under fat toad ‘Sir’ David Nicholson (q.v.)) had been paid off with £500K so long as he kept mum about his estimate that some 670 hospitalized patients had died unnecessarily due to shoddy nursing care and ward management.

    Yet another insight: London cops admitted they had racked up  a £3M bill over six months for guarding the embassy of loony-left Ecuador to prevent any escape by anti-American ‘Wikileaks’ maniac Julian Assange, wanted in Sweden (for ‘rape’) and in the USA (for espionage) (Daily Mail, 16 ii). Assange’s central-London room had a nice iron balcony from which he was able periodically to address his admirers – those who hadn’t given up because he had run off with millions of their money by breaking his bail conditions.

{Why weren’t Sweden and America paying the bill for this farce? Ah, well, thank heaven Britain was still ‘made of money’....}


In a surprisingly non-peecee report, the New York Times said new research had identified a genetic mutation which had given Asians thicker hair, stronger teeth, more* sweat glands and smaller breasts and which could be traced back 35,000 years (14 ii, Nicholas Wade; iSteve, 14 ii) – i.e. to the Asian-to-be effort to cross the Himalayas during the Ice Age. This was as postulated by the London School – in particular by Richard Lynn. Apparently race was not just a late-in-the-day ‘social construct’....

* Or fewer? Asians are notoriously less smelly than Blacks and Whites. Perhaps a journalistic error?


 As a ⅔-Black lifelong thug, ‘Diamond’ Blair, 37, with four robberies and sodomy of a 15-yr-old to his name even before age 16, was convicted of murder in Kansas City, it turned out that his family sported five murderers, including his mother and an uncle who was a serial killer (AmRen, 13 ii).

{In my three years of psychologizing with Britain’s top psychopaths – years which converted me to hereditarianism – I never encountered any remotely as dramatic a case of familial criminality. Just why Blair – with 23 years of unexpired prison sentences to his name – had been allowed to run around Kansas in a country notorious for its tough penal policies was a mystery.}


Legal philosopher and yuman rights lover Ronald Dworkin died at 81 (Guardian, 16 ii). Dworkin had broken with the happy simplicities of legal positivism (as per Jeremy Bentham, who had called ‘rights’ “nonsense on stilts”) and become well known for his view that law should be ‘interpretive’ – anathema to the traditional British view, but vastly job-creative for lawyers all over the West.

His insistence on “communal principles” of justice and fairness invariably involved more socialism than promise-keeping. Dworkin had no time for duties – as in St Paul’s stipulation that “if any would not work, neither shall he eat” (II Thessalonians 3, 10) – and thus made a rich contribution to the shambles of the 21st-century West which freely issued rights (including to vastly expensive ‘legal aid’) to any third-worlders who could get through feeble immigration controls, yet without demanding duties (such as respecting male freedom to drink and female freedom to wear bikinis – freedoms much challenged daily in East London by Muesli paramilitaries of 2013).

In recognition of his building up the legal profession to rival the NHS in extravagance, incompetence and departure from its original basic functions, Private Eye christened an imaginary town for him, ‘New Dworkin,’ where it located the more spectacularly batty philosophers whose principle was ‘Let justice reign though the heavens fall.’

    An example of Britain’s Dworkin-led abandonment of all utilitarianism was provided as the English High Court ruled that even the admittedly loving and thoughtful parents of a 21-yr Down’s Syndrome daughter should be denied their wish to have her sterilized (Daily Mail, 16 ii). Thus the uncomprehending girl’s yuman rights trumped the costs to society and to her parents if she ever got pregnant.

Having destroyed Britain as a place for employment by insisting on endless yuman rights for ‘workers’ (who were then replaced by third-world foreigners, content with their own yuman rights in Britain to welfare, housing, health and education), the wretched lawyers had moved on to subverting the future (in particular, lumbering it with vast bills for dysgenic ‘rights’).

    Useless old bag Home Secretary Theresa May hoped to inspire realists with a “scathing” attack on judges who kept insisting on ‘the right to family life’ for foreign criminals resisting deportation (Observer, 17 ii) – but it was entirely unlikely she could subvert Britain’s commitment to ‘international law’ as enshrined in the Dworkin-dominated European Court of Human Rights (set up by Churchill to try to limit French, German and Russian tyranny, but rapidly expanded by leftists to subvert all sensible self-control and planning for the future nation states).


Symbolizing the end of America’s 55-year effort to control the Middle East, Afghastliland President Khazi said he didn’t want any more drone strikes that injured the ‘civilian’ human shields with which jihadists provided themselves. But, on the same day, Mueslis indicated their own perfectly cavalier attitude to Muesli life as Solunnis blew up 65 Shitites in the Pak city of Quetta, injuring hundreds more.


A refreshing defence of traditional marriage was provided to a London meeting by Baroness Deech, who specially mentioned that marriage gave children the support of two parents who were genetically connected them – though, strangely, in the week of Valentine’s Day, the Baroness did not mention the greater longevity of relationships based on heterosexual romance (Daily Mail, 16 ii).


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 Bucharest summoned the British ambassador for a dressing down as it heard that the UK was contemplating an advertising campaign to tell gypsies ooops Romanians of Britain’s wet and windy weather, bankrupt government and ceaseless traffic breakdowns if an inch of snow fell (Observer, 3 ii). Reassurance was swiftly issued by Britain’s ‘Government’ that it would do everything possible to comply with EU law and allow the non-English-speaking riffraff of Eastern Europe to join the Black/Pak invasion and relocate into British jobs, council houses, schools, surgeries etc at British expense.

      Another Romanian export turned out to be in slaughtered horses which – perhaps organized by Mafia groups – had found their way into processed beef products in Britain, sometimes constituting 100% if Britoid ‘beefburgers’ (Sun, 10 ii).


The Beeb’s R4 managed a whole half-hour programme about the American gun ’problem’ without once mentioning the word Black – though the historic need for isolated rural dwellers to defend against ‘American Indians,’ the Dutch {really?} and the monstrous British {backed successfully by Canada} did feature (3 ii, 13:30ff).

Likewise, Australians were allowed to pretend they had no class differences (and could thus welcome lesbian ‘actress’ Miriam Margarine) (Observer, 3 ii) since their suppression (near-extermination) of Oz abos was conveniently forgotten – except when socialists wanted to drum up a few more votes from idealists.

{As my sainted Mama told me in 1996 (as I told her of the de-publication of TgF [dedicated to her]): “Whatever you do, Christopher, don’t talk about the darkies!”}


A fine argument as to how ‘conservatives’ had lost their way by going along with the left’s anti-family rhetoric was provided by Melanie Phillips (Daily Mail, 4 ii) – though she might have mentioned that even Mrs Thatcher had allowed the left to start winning the ‘culture wars’ (while she understandably concentrated on smashing the unions and tried to make Britain economically fit-for-purpose).

Previously, Conservative PMs Macmillan and Heath had not set examples of happy married life. In modern times, only the star Conservatives Sir Alec Douglas Home and Enoch Powell enjoyed traditional domestic bliss – but they were both dumped by their wretched party. Daft Dave himself seemed to have a happy home life (apart from a handicapped child who died despite years of ministration by the NHS); but he had been to public school (Eton), a guaranteed way of implanting a modicum of White guilt into ambitious PR-oriented youngsters like DD.

So fatuous was DD in his ‘heir to Blair’ conception of himself that he was happy to accompany a trip around north Africa, promising “a generation” of fighting with al-Queerdo, with taking on the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev Oilwellby, thus splitting his party down the middle on the basic (but much unspoken) matter of whether to recognize the ultimate biological realities, e.g. that only a man and a woman could make a stable complementary marriage and provide a family in which all members and descendants would continue to have a serious interest.


Ten years after the Sunday Times exposed lying toad LibDim frontbencher Chris Huhne as having transferred driving penalty points to his wife then covered up the crime, Huhne (who had for years protested innocence, costing £200K in police investigations) fessed up and faced jail (Sun, 5 ii, ‘Press for truth’)).

The facts that his wife was ugly and his horsefaced bisexual (‘civily contracted’) partner (a ‘parliamentary aide’) was even uglier were quite immaterial; as were the perversions he shared with lying, fraudulent, shit-eating and promise-breaking leading members of his party.

The main point was that, for a decade, Huhne had worked hard to prevent investigative journalism – Britain’s last bastion of truth under PeeCee but imminently threatened by the Levisohn Enquiry. So much for ‘Liberalism’!


While Hollywood luvvies raved about Steven Spielberg’s new film venerating the sainted prosecutor of the American Civil War of 1864-6 (which killed a million Americans), some memorable quotations surfaced. E.g.:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, in his debate with Senator Douglas at Quincy, IL, on Oct. 13, 1858 (quoted in Abraham Lincoln – Complete Works, published by The Century Co., 1894, Vol. I, page 273) stated:

 “I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the White and Black races – that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes – nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to inter-marry with White people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a a physical difference between the White and Black races which will ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality, and in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race.”


German cities like Hanover, Hamburg and Berlin reported themselves as “struggling” with the “chaos” produced by families (sometimes with ten children) which had arrived from Romania since Germany had agreed to go along with EU ‘borderless’ policies of 2006 (scheduled to arrive in Britain in 2014) (Daily Mail, 6 ii). – Naturally, MSM dared not mention that the problems of crime, fecklessness, squalour, school subversion and hospital overcrowding were due not to “Romanians and Bulgarians” but to gypsies.


The true nature of Britain’s carin’&sharin’ NHS (as advertised worldwide by an Éirish fanatic for British welfare at the 2012 Olympics) was put on display as Stafford Hospital managed to kill – or at least get rid of --  1,200 elderly patients who would have lived if given reasonable care. (Quite a few died in their own faeces, desperately drinking water from flower vases while ‘nurses’ spent their time chatting about sociology and their professorial chances during prolonged coffee sessions.)

The finding of the Francis Report (a 3½-yr exercise, costing £13M) was agreed by talking heads to be “appalling”; but the overfed pop-eyed supervisor of the shambles, the shameless ‘Sir’ David Nicholson did not resign – indeed, his fat pink face burbled on about the need for compashun and he was promoted to become the national Chief Executive of the NHS (Sun, 7 ii; Guardian, 7 ii, ‘Church in need of reformation’; Daily Mail, 7 ii).

He blamed the deaths and related inhumanity on “the system” – of which he himself had been in charge.... {The main problem was, of course, that Stafford – just a half-hour drive from Greater Black Birmingham – had joined in the job-creative game (especially for lazy sociologified lesbians) of providing a World Health Service, taking in Blecks, Pekis and their illiterate ‘wives’ in inhumane conditions so as to meet bureaucratic ‘targets’.

While the apparatchiks Francis and Nicholson did not want to identify the criminals in this national shambles, all the names of guilty ‘nursing staff’ appearing in the press were foreign [one being astonishingly called Bonka].}


 The failure of Britain’s politicos and MSM to identify the ‘Romanians’ and ‘Bulgarians’ which Britain did not want in 2014, i.e. gypsies, was met with angry protests from Bulgarian nationalists (in the ‘Ataka’ Party) who turned out in wet and cold Sofia to demand apologies for British arrogance, justice from the European Union and a boycott of British produce (Daily Mail, 8 ii).

{Hilarious! Both R and B were eager to unload their loathed gypsies as fast as possible – regarding them as beggars and thieves who lowered the tone of any area in which they arrived. A full illustration of the ‘nomad’/gypsy problem – with graphic visual aids of R & B’s 2M gypsies living on snowbound rubbish tips after being moved by authorities from housing estates which they had disrupted with ceaseless nuisance and crime – was provided by the Sun, 9 ii.

Gypsies were not allowed welfare handouts in R & B because they did not have identity cards, which were not issued to people having no fixed abode. Such were the pressures on the gypsies to high-tail it to Britain’s welfare mecca.}


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Monday, February 04, 2013


After ten days of discussion in MSM of the likely delights of Romanians and Bulgarians being allowed a free pass into Britain from 2014, the BBC’s World Service finally admitted that the major problem would be gypsies – already a problem in a swathe of English areas from Sheffield to Peterborough. And when was this ethnic admission made? Why, at the dormative time of 02:30 (1 ii)!


The deranged face of lesbianism went on display as two drug-addicted lezzies, in a ‘civil partnership,’ were each given 24-yr jail sentences for the brutal murder of a grandfather whose PIN number they had wanted. Having bashed the 67-yr-old’s head in, the pair left him to die (over 48) hours in his freezing flat, while they repeatedly returned to steal food from his fridge and take other valuables. The pair ranted at each other during their trial and were last heard screaming and struggling as they were dragged down to the cells at Norwich Crown Court (Sun, 1 ii).


 Britain’s high priest of atheism, evolutionist Richard Dawkins, lost (136-324) his Cambridge Union argument with ex-Archbish Rowan Williams as the latter sensibly stuck to the line that religion (far from being about God or the Bible) had always been about creating inclusive diverse multicultural community cohesion etc. (Guardian, 1 ii). The Cambridge students preferred the idealism of Williams (who had lately taken up the job of Master of Magdalene College) to Dawkins’ more daring criticisms of Islam – though it had cheered to the rafters Dawkins’ joke that God was “the immortal knob twiddler.”


A big London debate staged by the Spectator on whether politicians should have more control over the press ended in a 205-191 victory for the cause of freedom – championed by the Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn (1 ii).


As MSM fawned on a new book backing ‘bibliotherapy’ as an effective form of ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’, the Beeb came up with its own ‘expert’ to extol the mood-enhancing results of reading books (R4, 1 ii, c.11:00). What books? ‘Any by P.G.Wodehouse,’ came the reply from a wondrously named Prof Fruit, thus confirming that, after forty years, CBT remained a form of teaching granny to suck eggs.


 Britain’s PM Daft Dave pretty much revealed his multiculti master plan for the future as (with whatever help from blackmail threats to himself or colleagues) he backed ‘gay marriage’ and sat happily by as the Conservatives haemorrhaged support of long-time loyal subscribers.

At the same time, DD (who had appointed condemner of “the nasty party” fat bag Theresa May as Home Secretary) promised continuing billions forever to basket-case countries, declined to give married couples the tax breaks he had promised in his 2010 manifesto, failed to deliver educational selection (indeed, countermanded it in universities) and linked with the Frogs to back what he said would be a “decades-long” campaign against Muesli goons ooops somewhat insurgents in Mali (where the Islamofanatics had largely avoided casualties and gone into hiding), Libya (in which DD needed to be driven around in an armoured car), Algeria (which DD had actually insulted for its swift jumping on al-Qaeda) and a dozen other ‘countries’ of which Britain and Britons knew nothing.

DD’s plan was clearly to break the back of the Conservative Party forever and instal himself as a lib-loved PM, as an international do-gooder (cf. his £20M-rich hero Blair) and even as a Frog-loved Eurowallah.

In case pathetic ‘Conservatives’ failed to get the message, DD further suggested cuts in defence spending to include scrapping The Trooping of the Colour and The Red Arrows.

{You had thought no PM could be more reviled retrospectively than Rev ‘Education, Education, Education’ Bliar and Gordon ‘Saving the World’ Brown? Still, it looked as if “mystified” Conservatives would continue to stare into the multiculturalist headlights like hypnotized rabbits.}

      A more typical Conservative attitude went on display as an Enfield councillor compared women shrouded in burquas to "bin bags” – of course, he was promptly suspended by wretched peecee colleagues (Guardian, 2 ii).


After years of failing to attack and punish mad Tallyhoes, the USA found its troops so demoralized that more of them committed suicide annually than died in combat (Guardian, 2 ii). Apparently, morale was at rock bottom: America had allowed ‘White guilt’ to infect even its military.

      Whether America would show much resolve in defending its Pacific satraps (Japan, Taiwan, S.Korea etc) from advancing Chinese might was thus an open question. Even the dimmest US military personnel would presumably still have some knowledge of what happened the last time America took on an East Asian country – Vietnam....

      Meantime, fat-bottomed Hitlery Clinton – a useless runaway Secretary of State if ever there was one – ‘stood down’ to collect funds that might allow the Presidency to fall into her pudgy feminoid hands. (Though what she would do with the job apart from engage in continued Obarmy-worship was quite unclear. Her main motivation was apparently to rival her ‘husband’ Suckmacock in abolishing America and its brief and patchy – and rather enforced – influence for good.)


250K Twittering twerps found that the main details of their accounts – which they had wished kept secret to occlude their foolishness – had been hacked and made commercially available (Guardian, 2 ii).


Loopy socialist bigamous half-balded much-cuckolded Mali-invader President Hollande declared “there is no place for race in the republic” as he announced he would change the 1946 French constitution to eliminate its reference to guaranteeing all citizens equality before the law “without distinction of origin, race or religion” ((Daily Telegraph, 2 ii, ‘No place for ‘race’ in France’).

Originally, the constitutional ‘racial’ reference had been intended to protect Jews; but one Sewa Lassey, a ‘Zionist’ multiculti peecee pawn (perhaps female), of the ‘International League against Racism and AntiSemitism’, expressed support for the race-denying change, saying that “the science of genetics had proved the concept of race to be meaningless.”

{And such lunacy was promised “decades long” support by PM Daft Dave (hoping to keep an option on a French aircraft carrier to help if the bankrupt but mad Argies re-invaded the Falklands).

Plainly DD, who had embarked on a trip to shower Liberia with a bucket of dosh, was quite as batty as any French socialist. Perhaps his having to break from his flame-haired riding companion, NOTW’s Rebekah Wade – trial to begin once lawyers had milked more money, was immediately responsible for his outburst of unrealism (first learned from his socialist ‘constitutional expert’ tutor Vernon Bogdanovichi at tiny Brasenose College).}


 As Britain’s politicians and MSM continued their policy of maximizing third-world immigration (while claiming for the last few years that they wanted ‘discussion’ of their treachery – appearing contrary to the usual demand of PeeCee that there be no discussion of race, which after all did not exist), HMG’s 2011 Census figures showed increasing ‘self-segregation’, with Whites over the previous decade fleeing even the once cosy suburbs of London (like Enfield, north London) to get away from the madding hordes of down-market immigrants and their illiterate imported wives and subsequent children (Daily Mail, 28 i). In addition, the two million emigrants from Britain in 2001-11 were known to be mainly bright and well-educated Whites.

      Would the 2014 influx of 300K gypsies ooops Romanians and Bulgarians persuade Brits of the merits of diversity etc? It seemed unlikely: the English word best known to R&B’s was ‘benefits’ (Sun, 3 ii).


It transpired that Israel’s health authorities had for ten years been running a programme of repeated short-term sterilization for immigrants of Ethiopian origin – typically pretending that the Depo-Provera injections were ‘inoculations.’ By the time the efforts were publicized (sparking outrage and government bans) (Haaretz, 27 i), the birthrates among such Black Jews had been cut by 50%. (Ethiopia’s IQ had been estimated by Lynn & Vanhanen, 2005, as 64.)

      The Jews of Israel also sent another message to the cowering ‘liberal’ Jews of America by zapping a Syrian military installation and convoy of weapons of mass destruction which had upset them.


In a rare burst of elitism, the Sunday Telegraph properly complained of the “poisonous abuse” and “lies” to which the internet’s ‘social media’ submitted the likes of fat old Cambridge bag, downmarket-immigration-loving Classics professor Mary Beard (q.v.) (27 i, Alasdair Palmer). So what to do to protect the likes of bedraggled and bespectacled Mary? Even enhanced libel laws might be necessary.... But why not just tell people that the likes of Facetube and Yourspace were a joke? And to explain that no-one but desperate journalists took notice of sites not requiring contributors to prove their identities – as they had to when writing letters to front-line periodicals?


A fine (if belated) plea for realism about sex differences was issued by the Daily Mail’s Melanie Phillips (28 i*) – though even Melanie could tell only a fraction of the story, preferring not to dwell on women’s addictions to their children or on their restricted standard deviation in IQ (limiting the numbers of women of superior intelligence still more than did adult males’ higher ability at spatial tasks).

* "Treating women as victims has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need less feminism and more realism if we are to stop infantilising half the human race...."


The egalitarian battiness, deference to political masters and commercial greed of the UK’s universities went on display, with the University of Edinburgh as the star example, as the head of the leading independent school, Loretto (Musselburgh, just outside E’bro, fees for boarding seniors £28Kpa), accused E.LU. of discriminating against kids from fee-paying schools as part of an experiment in “social engineering.”

E.LU. toadies denied the allegation; but headmaster Peter Hogan said he had been told by E.LU. staff to send his pupils to England “because they can afford to pay the fees [£9Kpa for teaching alone].” The head’s accusation came after SNP [ScottieNat] ministers published legislation that would introduce heavy fines for lunis which failed to recruit more pupils from downmarket backgrounds (Daily Telegraph, 28 i, ‘University accused of bias for the poor’).


After a few days of minimal snow (none dead), UK drivers were facing a plague of potholes and puddles, on average four inches deep – local authorities preferring to continue extravagant salaries for their overpaid bureaucrats rather then fix the roads (Daily Telegraph, 28 i).

(In E’bugger, which sported Britain’s worst local council – wasting billions on fat lawyers’ fees for endlessly non-existent trams and recouping the cash by demanding needless roof repairs – pedestrians had to jump out of the way as vehicles ploughed through potholes and sprayed pavements with muddy water.)


 Giving pregnant mothers and newborn babies fatty acids and foods rich in Omega-3 resulted in gains of 3.5 IQ points for infants Daily Telegraph, 28 i). This was as had been reported and explained in TgF, Chap.3 (1996/2000); but lead researcher John Protzko (New York University) professed himself surprised and said his result gave rise to “tantalizing new questions for future research.”


The uselessness of British crime ‘statistics’ – rigged routinely by the Home Office Research Unit to suit the palliative crime-disguising purposes of the government of the day – was nicely exposed in the Spectator (26 i, ‘Theodore Dalrymple’ aka Antony Daniels, ‘The rehabilitation game’). The message? – “The British criminal justice system has become an elaborate sham, in which lawyers, private companies, the Home Office and criminals prey in concert on the rest of the population.”


As hyper-armed French troops (equipped with the normal 100lb backpacks to carry their televisions) swept (at 10mph) through the vast deserts of Mali, vainly chasing easily retreating jihadists, the mad-Muesli terrorists/insurgents/militants/rebels {But never call them Mueslis!} took their revenge by burning down Timbuktu’s main libraries and those of their crumbling scrolls of a thousand years old which they couldn’t be  bothered to steal, writings supposedly attesting ancient African culture (a special concern of the Mali scholars of old – most Arab, of course -- had been with the problem of erectile dysfunction) (Guardian, 29 i).

Whether Black Africans would rouse themselves to defend their modern heritages of Christianity, Commonwealth, capitalism and occasional democracy from Arab depredations was a moot point: only half the Black ‘soldiers’ promised to the French actually turned up on the night – the Africans being as relaxed about advancing Islamofascism as Chamberlain and Stalin had been about Hitler.

      Even the Guardian got a bit upset, comparing the Muesli destruction of Africa’s supposed heritage to that of the Mueslis who had blown up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001 (29 i, Jonathan Jones). {But, of course, any idea that there was a ‘clash of civilizations’ [or non-civilization in the Muesli case] was quite beyond the pale....}

      In the wake of their liberation by French soldiers, Black Malians of Timbuktu embarked on an orgy of looting of shops owned by the lighter-skinned northern Toerags – whom the Blacks accused of racism (Guardian, 30 i).


English legislation of 2002 requiring full disclosure of lifetime criminal records when applying for ‘sensisitive’ jobs (requiring a ‘CRB’ check) was ruled unacceptable by three Appeal Court judges (Daily Telegraph, 29 i, ‘CRB checks are a breach of human rights’; Sun, 30 i, ‘Fury at ruling that criminal checks ‘breach rights’)). The particular case being considered was of a 21-yr old who had applied for a job with a football club and for a university sports course but failed to declare that he had received a police warning at age 11 for stealing two bicycles. Appalled child protection experts condemned the decision. Said the Sun: “Once again Labour’s Human Rights Act, based on European law, is responsible.”


In a rare move in the direction of liberty and sense, Colombia’s justice minister announced she was seriously considering decriminalizing a variety of drugs, including ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine (Daily Mail, 31 i).

{The only problems, as usual, were how to provide employment for criminals and how to enable police to make arrests if they were unable to plant drugs on suspects. But these could be solved by putting all unemployed into humanitarian armies for Africa with special training in sterilization....}


The UK’s’ Labour [i.e. non-labour] and LibDim [i.e. non-liberal] parties declined to vote for changes in constituency boundaries, proposed after years of discussion at a cost of millions of pounds by parliamentary officials, that would have moved towards equalization of the size of constituencies and redressed the unfairness that cost Tories twenty seats in the House of Commons.

Mail parliamentary correspondent Quentin Letts said he had never in 23 years of service been so disgusted with the performance of Britain’s political class (31 i) – for even Daft Dave had not bothered to put the matter to press and public, not even proposing a simple alternative that each MP would need to represent at least 50K voters. Verily, Britain was returning to the system of ‘rotten boroughs’ that had enabled MPs to get elected by just a few thousand voters in the 1820s.


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