Monday, September 30, 2013


 Kenya implored the Israelis to take over the security operation (in which 70 had died, 150 been injured and perhaps hundreds taken hostage) (BBC World Service, 22 ix, 14:00); but it was too late. The alKebab operation was likely in revenge for Kenya’s own sallies into Somalia, but Kenya was quite unprepared – it took more than an hour before its police began to get along to the Westgate Shopping Centre where the mayhem was occurring.


The fond illusion (embraced by e.g. PM Daft Dave) that jihadists were just ‘terrorists,’ seeking only to cause general mayhem and the overthrow of countries’ governments and constitutions, got its come-uppance as Muesli attacks in Nairobi and Peshawar (killing 150 and injuring hundreds more) expressly targeted non-Muslims (in the latter case, Christians).

The latest outrages elicited a squeak of protest from the Daily Mail (24 ix, Manzoor Moghhul). Though whether the phoney-war-weary West would fight fire with fire was doubtful as the West – despite its lying politicos’ promises of post-crash austerity -- was busy dishing out welfare benefits and mega-salaries to its feckless oafs and cronies

(by 2013, Obarmy had got more than half the families of north-east America on food stamps and Medicare for Blacks was promised for 2014, and bankers and bureaucrats went on their merry ways rejoicing).

Seeing what was coming as a result of its politicos’ appeasement of Mueslis, 40% of the British public thought there would be White vs Muesli civil war within a decade or two.

    While traitorous Western politicos prated about the ‘moderate’ Mueslis of whom they had heard tell, no Muesli leader could be found to condemn the carnage coming to light in Nairobi – where victims of ‘the religion of peace’ had had their eyes gouged out, noses cut off and testicles crushed before being hung up on butcher’s hooks to bleed to death (Daily Mail, 27 ix). Some had their hands shaven to a point before being made to write in their own blood; and children were bundled into food freezers with knives embedded in their backs.


 As Labour’s annual conference opened in Brighton under a cloud of revelations of top lefties maliciously spreading poison against each other and opposition figures,* the Mail (23 ix) had new columnist Dominic Lawson (son of the Conservative Chancellor and brother of Nigella) compare the hatreds and methods of “the tribal left” with those of the Nazis – rather as had Kerry Bolton in The Psychotic Left.

The idea that lefties did not need to be told to vilify opponents since they did this naturally out of youthful paranoid hatred – whereas conservatives kindly dismissed their opponents as merely misguided – found resonance in Germany where even social-democrat leader Peer Steinbruck was so bitter as to refuse to join an offered coalition with centre-centrist Mutti Merkel (whose only – pretty modest – policy was to keep the Fourth Reich going while spending as little on ClubMed as possible).

* In 2009, PM Brown’s spin doctor, Damian McBride, who had done much to undermine PM Blair, was found out sending emails from No. 10 to that sleazy New Labour figure Derek ‘Dolly’ Draper, encouraging him to put online stories McBride knew to be untrue, that pictures existed of George Osborne (Conservative Shadow Chancellor) ‘posing in bra, knickers and suspenders ... with his face blacked up’, and that David Cameron suffered from an embarrassing medical condition.


 While what was left of the Church of England obsessed about wymmin bishops and yag marriage, the slaying of 80+ Christians in Peshawar, Pakiland, elicited no notable denunciation of Muesli murderousness by the Church hierarchy. But then: the victims were only Paks. Whatever the CofE’s doubtless numerous denunciations of ‘racism,’ it evidently retained the healthy-enough belief that blood is thicker than water – as well it might when Pakiland had made such a comprehensive mess of its affairs in the 65 years of its self-chosen independence from Britain.

    Having suffered no retribution (e.g. on mosque blown up for each Christian blown up), the Mueslis went on to kill another 30 Christians by the end of the week (BBC World Service, 29 ix, 02:30).


In 200 years of national decline, Britain had allowed the vote to people who could not or would not buy rounds of drinks for their favoured candidates’ possible supporters, to Roman Catholics who regretted their failures to Catholicize Britain in 1588 and 1688, to men without much property, to men with no property at all, to poorly educated women, to institutionalized lunatics and to 18-year-olds who had no job.

So it was no great surprise that the Labour Party (at its infantilizing conference which promised to hold down energy prices while still keeping the lights on) demanded the vote for 16-yr-olds for whom paying paying taxes for the ‘services’ they wanted was a distant prospect. And, meanwhile, the ‘uman rights fanatics of the EU wanted the franchise extended to a goodly number of British felons.


 The popular and outspoken French interior minister, Manuel Valls, told the radio station France Inter that "these [gypsy] populations have lifestyles that are very different from ours, and are clearly in confrontation" with the lifestyle of the French.

Asked about the Socialist government's controversial dismantling of camps – continuing a crackdown begun under the previous right-wing administration of Nicolas Sarkozy – Valls (himself from Barcelona, the son of an accomplished painter) said: "I approved the dismantling of these veritable slums that represent a danger both for the people of Roma origin, but also of course the people who live in working-class neighbourhoods" near them (Guardian, 26 ix).

He said there was no question of ‘integration’ solving the problem, since gypsies were – in the main – quite incapable of integration. In reply, the Fourth Reich (EU) said it would do everything in its power to uphold the vagrancy rights which it had madly granted to Eurotrash in pursuit of its treasured aim of wiping Europe’s historic nation states off the map.

There were an estimated 20,000 Roma gypsies in France. Two years previously, the then interior minister, Claude Gueant, had claimed the vast majority of street robberies in Paris were carried out by Romanian immigrants.

Valls was usually considered to be a ‘social liberal’ – cf. social democrat. Replying to criticism of his race realism, he said: "I've got nothing to correct. My remarks only shock those who don't know [anything about] the subject. The majority [of Roma] should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people. I'd remind you of [former Socialist premier] Michel Rocard's statement: 'It's not France's job to deal with the misery of the whole world.'"


 Having twice chosen a Black president so as to feel good and have a semblance of pseudo-peace, America found its retreat from its ‘red line in the sand’ (to blast Syria’s Basher Assad for his use of chemical weapons) greeted warmly by Russian President R.A.S.Putin (who became top dog at the U.N.) and Iran’s moderate-acting Big Mufti Yahloonie who was eager to be showered with concessions on sanctions before Barry Hussein Obarmy retreated into isolationism where he would blue whatever there might still be of his country’s present and future fortune on ineducable and criminal Blacks – to the satisfaction of the USA’s White guilt merchants.


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Monday, September 23, 2013


 The post-2008 failure of Western politicians (busy suppressing free speech) to discipline the casino bankers – on whom many politicos depended – was spelled out by the Daily Telegraph’s Jeremy Warner (12 ix):

"It is astonishing how little has really changed. The banking crisis has resulted in intense soul searching, worthy debate, bitter recrimination and mountainous new rules and regulations, yet the core proposition has remained basically untouched. Compare what’s been done to the root and branch reform that took place in the 1930s, and it all looks pretty marginal.

Britain finds itself alone in the world in trying to introduce a watered-down Glass-Steagall, the flagship 1930s financial reform that separated retail from investment banking. Yet the UK’s 21st-century version is little more than expensive cosmetics, further clogging up the system for no particular reduction in risk. You wonder what the point of it is.

Everywhere else, the old, universal model remains intact and unchallenged. For all the policy initiatives, the “too big to fail” issue has not been properly addressed; when next confronted by the age-old choice of either bailing out the bank or waking up to financial and economic Armageddon, the outcome will still be the same – the taxpayer will bail out the bank. We are still a million miles away from a world in which banks can be allowed to fail safely."

Just as it had taken twenty years to control the UK unions – of whose “tanks on my lawn” PM Harold Wilson had complained in 1964 – it would apparently take a similar time to control (and hopefully jail) the bankers whose slavish following of socialist dogma (“end to boom and bust,” subprime lending to Blacks) had yielded the 2008 financial crash.


 Having failed in ten blood-soaked years to separate Solunnis and Shitites in Iraq, and having imposed Shitite rule by insisting on demakrazy, America’s multiculti-mouthing elite watched in horror as the country on which they had spent a trillion dollars approached a second civil war (the first was in 2008 – largely unmentioned by the West’s pious politicos and MSM) – with the murder rate from car bombings through 2013 running at around thirty per day (Guardian, 16 ix).


 As dribs and drabs of information came out from secretive cops about the Washington Navy Yard shooting (killing 13+ and injuring at least 15 more), it emerged that the gunman (shot dead by police or himself) was a Black with a record of being warned and disciplined by police and naval authorities (New York Daily News, 17 ix). The madman (a paranoid schizophrenic who ‘heard voices,’ thought people were tracking him with microwaves, visited prostitutes, played violent videogames and was in psychiatric treatment for his “issues,” said the BBC and Daily Mail, 18 ix), one Aaron Alexis, 34, from the high-crime Queens area of New York, had got himself a job at the Washington base as a techie to a subcontractor dealing with computers and was due to be given a security pass and was meantime allowed to use his firm’s general pass.

Just what his grievance was, or how how a lunatic with a record of shooting in the street and discharge* from the navy for fooling around with guns could have been granted a new job inside a supposedly secure naval base, or how he obtained a gun licence remained to be disclosed.

Sailors who knew him said he was usually “sweet” and “peaceful” and had been for a few months a sincere practising Buddhist (after working as a waiter in a Thai restaurant) but that he had been “traumatized” by 9/11 and had “anger issues” following his involvement in trying to help victims. He had become besotted with a Thai girl who already had a boyfriend and refused him – out of racism, he believed. To what extent he had been the beneficiary of affirmative racism was unknown.

* US officials acknowledged he had been cited 10 times for misconduct ranging from drunkenness, insubordination and tardiness, to simply not showing up for work; but complications of bureaucracy meant they could not give him a dishonourable discharge. As was the way with many American Blacks after years of ‘guilty’ Whites pandering to them, he blamed his discharge on racism.


A London judge, in a decision which took 35 pages to expound, ruled that a Muslie going on trial (for intimidating a witness) would only have to show her face if she chose to give evidence – and even then she and the judge and jury would sit behind a screen (Independent, 17 ix). Money-grubbing lawyers had naturally argued that even such a slight restriction on the niqab would be contrary to ‘uman rights. The case would go on to higher courts and then to appeal.

{All this was pathetic as compared to the French and Belgian bans on the niqab in all public places. The niqab was a double insult to women and men – making women at once subservient and anti-social, and implying that the latter could not control themselves if they saw an unveiled woman.}


 In an attempt to boost attendances, France’s tawdry Euroland (intended to imitate America’s Disneyland) – beset by ride failures, boarded-up shops, gross overpricing, poor service, arrogant staff, power cuts (due to its switching electricity generation to wind farms and solar power) and corruption -- took the rash decision to let in millions of visitors from Romania and Bulgaria for nothing.

This backfired when the Eiffel Tower zip-wire ride was stolen and dismantled by Eastern European scrap metal thieves. Romanian gypsies flooded through the Tunnel of Love and set up a cardboard city in High Street UK, driving away paying customers and poaching carp from the ornamental boating lake (Daily Mail, 16 ix, Richard Littlejohn).


Veteran broadcaster (especially on animals) and national treasure David Attenborough, 87, daringly said it was “barmy” to send food to famine-ridden countries (Independent, 18 ix). Rather, populations should be reduced – a process that would involve dealing with the “sensitivities” of the Roman Catholic Church.

Raising the example of Ethiopia, Sir David said that recurrent food crises were down to there being “too many people for too little land.” He had earlier blamed advances in medical science for obstructing human evolution because they enable even the weakest babies to survive.

{What had been obvious to most thinking people by 1960 at last found expression from one of the Beeb’s gentry. However, Attenborough did not seriously address the question of how to deal with overpopulation by the unfit and low-IQ – by putting welfare in people’s own hands (via genuine self-chosen insurance) and encouraging polygamy among people holding university degrees (by 2013, 50% of UK young adults).}


The new Prime Minister of Australia, the conservative Tony Abbott, made a robust job of defending himself against ‘sexist’ accusations by hysterical feminoids that he had only appointed one woman to his Cabinet. He said it was simply hard to find women with the ability for top jobs – though there were three junior ministers whom he was hoping to jump ooops bring on.

    On wider issues, the new PM said he would “get straight down to business,” countermanding the left’s beloved carbon taxes and acceptance of third-world ‘boat people’ (even taking retrospective action against the 30K ‘asylum seekers’ already allowed into Oz).


 After a campaign by MPs and party activists, it emerged that the ‘Conservative’ Party, with its leaders’ commitment to anti-racism, anti-sexism, the EU, the NHS, elfin safety,* lengthy trials, early prison release, yag marriage and state funding of Muesli schools had a pathetic membership of only 134K – down 50% in the eight years of Daft Dave Cameron’s reign.

* The self-serving hypocrisy of the busy sanctimonious bureaucrats of the ‘health and safety’ industry was exposed as one of its executives, pug-faced and crop-haired Brian Hampton, was charged in Bournemouth Crown Court that he ploughed his Volvo 4x4 into the back of a 16-yr-old girl’s scooter (fragmenting it into hundreds of pieces) then drove on, leaving the girl to be killed by a minibus (D.Mail, 18 ix).


In just the month after judge Shira Scheindlin [presumably a Jewish peecee female] ruled the age-old police practice of ‘stop & frisk’ to be “unconstitutional,” gun crime in Noo Yawk rose by 13% and the number of confiscated firearms dropped by 17% (New York Post, 19 ix). {With cops forbidden themselves to prevent crime, perhaps they would give the mafia the green light to do the job for them.}


Hollywood’s left-leaning film-makers came up with a new way of stirring the racial pot and keeping ‘liberals’ happy, with a film which detailed the presumptively callous ways of 19th-century transatlantic slavery (D. Mail, 18 ix)  -- with no acknowledgment of how the lives of Black slaves and their descendants would have been shorter and worse had they not been sold off for transportation by their tribal chiefs.


Tony Blair’s lawyer daughter Kathryn had a narrow escape as her cash and jewellery were demanded by two (presumably Black*) muggers while she went for a late-night walk with her dog (D.Telegraph, 19 ix). The would-be robbers ran off as soon as Kathryn’s friends rushed up to help – the Blacks (whose presence in Britain had perhaps been arranged by her multiculti father – in retirement the internationally wined&dined ooops acclaimed billionaire president of ‘Drawing All Faiths Together’ [D.A.F.T.]) had not realized that Kathryn, 29, was accompanied.

*MSM’s peecee convention had long been to describe baddies as White if they were White, but not to mention the baddies’ race if they were Black.


As devastated Syria moved gradually (and bloodily) towards a realistic separation of Solunnis and Shitites, London ophthalmologist President Basher Assad got the best publicity ever – helped by Russia’s Vladimir Putin squashing Western politicos’ desire to start some mad bombing of their own to help alQueerdo and blocking Israel’s wish to see American ‘boots on the ground’ (Independent, 20 ix).

Thankful for Russia out-manoeuvering the West, the Syrian government proposed a ceasefire between itself and the ‘rebels’ (by then 50% jihadist).


In preparation for UKIP’s* annual conference, the party’s leader Nigel Farage gave an interview to Channel 4 News in which, quite unusually for British politicos, he recognized the role of the universities in suppressing debate about immigration:

“....since 1968 up until the last couple of years, we've not been able in this country intelligently to discuss immigration, to discuss integration. It's all been a buried subject – and that's happened through academia,** it's happened through politics and the media."

*The United Kingdom Independence Party was by then the UK’s third party – polling at 16%, compared to the ‘Liberals’ on 8%. UKIP’s conference (20 ix) came as the country debated the niqab, with HMG wanting to shift responsibility for banning it on to schools, hospitals, banks, courts etc (rather than adopt the Belgian, French and Swiss solution of simply banning the demeaning, destructive and dangerous outfit from all public places).

**Though academics officially championed most leftish causes, and especially suppressed free speech about ‘controversial’ topics like race, sex differences and paedophilia, they felt no general obligation to refrain from greed and nonsense: ‘Bournemouth University’ (one of Britain’s weakest) pulled in a grant of £2M from the ‘Arts and Humanities Research Council’ to study “human interaction with chickens” – a project that would involve trips by lucky researchers to Cuba and Somalia (D.Mail, 20 ix).


 With a realistic concern for the future of race and nation unknown in the West, the Muesli government of Arab-sprung Tunisia was sending off hundreds of girls --  including minors -- to each have sex with scores of jihadist fighters in northern Syria – returning home only when they had fallen pregnant (D.Mail, 21 ix). Religious authorities were behind the scheme, issuing fatwas to ensure that single girls agreed to do their Solunni ethnic duty.


 A sexual predator who posed as a gay fashion photographer (for Vogue) before drugging and raping women across London (found at upmarket clubs over some four years) was given two life sentences (D.Mail, 21 ix). He also stole jewellery and credit cards from his victims. He was of course Black (though he had grown up in Portugal and acquired good manners and good English).


There was a flicker of protest among South African Whites at the shoddy treatment of them by the Black-dominated government which put even their lives at risk by under-policing, dirty water, poor schools etc, leading Whites to demand a degree of self-determination (AmRen, 20 ix). But whether the Whites had guns or leadership was not immediately obvious.


 That alQueerdo was not just interested in terrorizing governments into providing better conditions for Mueslis was made plain as 30 jihadists invaded a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing some 70 Blacks and Whites – tossing grenades as if giving maize to chicken. The alQueerdo fighters made it quite plain that Mueslis were allowed to escape the massacre, which they could do by recalling the name of the mother of ye Prophet Mahomet (Sunday Mail, 22 ix).

    Africans who liked to rejoice in getting rid of their European empires had been on a steep learning as (after Britain had saved Sierra Leone and America had saved Ethiopia) it had required French troops to rescue Mali from alQueerdo. Now the failure of Kenyan troops to regain control of the centre of the country’s capital in 36 hours further illustrated African incompetence.


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Monday, September 16, 2013


Tens of thousands turned out in the streets of Tunis to protest against the Muslim government in which naἵve modern Western belief in a democratic ‘Arab Spring’ had resulted – and which had probably murdered the secularists’ leader (Observer, 8 ix).

{The West’s failure to insist that any democracy needed to be complemented by a strong elite Upper House, by the rule of law sanctioned by both Houses and by heavy penalties for corruption was the most remarkable feature of its abandonment of the Middle East, which had been peacefully exploiting its West-discovered oil resources under British and French imperial supervision until Suez (1956). But now America wanted out from the quasi-imperial role which it had demanded; and it wanted to pretend to leave demakrazy behind as its legacy. – In fact it was leaving behind the bitter ethnic/sectarian strife which it had helped stir up and from which only Russian rule offered a prospect of stability.}


 Not content with the shedloads of cash they got (often from the taxpayer via ‘legal aid’) from race hate speech, racist-motivated crime, ‘uman rights (e.g. of prisoners to have their own individual lavatories and of criminal foreigners not to be deported because they had to look after a dog) and the prosecution of geriatric paedophile celebrities for forty-year-old offences attested late in the day by gold-diggers, lawyers decided their next money-spinning operation would be to allow the dead to sue the living {and why not, next, the dead to sue the dead?...}.

The trade’s decision was enacted by Worcester County Court, dealing with a man dying soon of cancer who claimed wrongful arrest (for fourteen hours) by police who found him with a stolen caravan though he himself maintained that he had no knowledge of the caravan being stolen when he bought it (Sunday Mail, 8 ix).


Britain “crazy compensation culture” was ridiculed by the Taxpayers’ Alliance as it turned out that offenders on ‘community service’ schemes (keeping them at liberty) were clocking up £1.4M annually for minor accidents as they undertook prescribed (and entirely normal) work (D.Mail, 9 ix). For example, one miscreant pulled in £73K (doubtless with the help of Britain’s money-grubbing lawyers on ‘legal aid’ fiddles) just for a sprained ankle as he was cutting back brambles (blackberry bushes); and another got £94K when he broke a leg falling off a ladder (and NHS costs for treating him were extra).

The offenders claimed that their working conditions should have been better supervised by Probation Officers (themselves handsomely remunerated by socialist politicos to keep them sweet and pretend that ‘community service’ was a super success). And what would a non-criminal worker have been awarded if he sprained his ankle or fell off a ladder? Why, nothing! {The lunacy of Britain’s years of mindless idealism and lawyer-feeding – none of the nonsense being exposed, let alone opposed, by ‘Conservatives’ – could hardly have been better illustrated.}


 As a man, 37, was sent by London police to a loonybin for psychiatric assessment after he had scaled a 12-foot-high fence around Buckingham Palace, kicked in a door and was only stopped from stealing priceless coronation jewels by a motion-detecting videocamera which finally alerted the Palace’s scores of useless cops (busy on their iPads, iPhones, Twitter, Facetube and Youbook?), the truth that could not be mentioned by peecee MSM eventually emerged from photos: that the suspect was at least half Black.

{It had for two decades been a safe rule that, if Britain’s cowed journalists did not make clear that a suspect/criminal was White, then he was pretty certainly Black – or Pak in the case of rarely arrested wife-beaters, clitoridectomizers and pimps of teenies.}

    Britain’s cops were so useless (busy filling in their peecee forms to prove they rarely detained Blacks?) that, a few days after the security scare, they failed to identify Prince Andrew in the grounds of Buckingham Palace (his home) and made him lie face down while they pondered the claim to royalty of this ‘intruder.’


It was not just Oz that was fed up with third-world immigrants, with both main parties needing to say they were opposed to the incoming boatloads from their own self-wrecked countries (Syria, Iraq, Pakiland, Ceylon). The French Government sought to control its vast Muesli problem (turning European ‘City of Culture’ Marseilles into a crime and drugs hell-hole) by telling all schools that no veils could be worn and no objections could be entertained “on religious or political grounds” about the syllabus (e.g. about the Holocaust, which many Mueslis thought a good idea) – though these secularist restrictions also included a swipe at Christian girls, who were to be forbidden to wear the crucifix.

And Norway (despite the excesses of far-right mass murderer Andreas Breivik) elected a conservative government that would have to include the anti-immigrant Progress Party (which won 15% of the vote) to give it a majority in parliament (Indie, 10 ix). Just which of the PP’s policies would get through the coalition process remained to be seen. Asked about the presence of immigrant Roma beggars on the streets of Oslo, Progress’s leader, Ms Jensen, had replied: “Put them on a bus and cart them back to the Balkans.”

The American, British and French publics were also hugely disillusioned with their multculti ‘liberal interventionist’ politicos’ efforts to bring the Middle East’s Mueslis to heel by mini-wars (while doing nothing about Islamites and other third-world crazies at home), so they overwhelmingly declined to sanction Obarmy’s proposal for a 60-day bombing of Syria, leading desperate American politicos to grasp eagerly at a Russian proposal that Basher Assad should at least go through the motions of surrendering his chemical weapons and thus avoid attack by the West’s demakrazed, ‘uman rights idealists who had inspired Syria’s Solunnis to attack the Shitites.


Though the Anglosphere was widely considered non-corrupt by world standards, a shock report about Harvard University entrants in an anonymous survey found 10% admitted cheating in exams and 42% said they had cheated in essay assignments. Sporty students were most likely to have cheated, with 20% confessing to chicanery in tests, compared to 9% of those who did not play a university sport (Indie, 9 ix).

In line with general figures about crime, male students were twice as likely as females to have cheated. The failure of the West to put the fear of God – well, of academic standards -- into even its brightest students could only portend that ‘liberalism’ (without nationalism and assertion of society’s requirements) was leading the West down the path that would end with it being like basket-case India.


 Parliament’s Public Account Committee did a great job, dragging before it seven top members of the Beeb’s mafia – all on salaries of around £238K, several for 3-day weeks, one of the frauds admitted -- to mouth each other off, confess their poor memories and blame their secretaries for getting dates wrong on letters and emails (which they had still sent). The sorry (but grossly overpaid) seven were technically ‘witnesses’ as to how another BBC crony, one Max Bygraves (who looked like a female old bag), had managed to walk away with £1.4M severance pay after a few months’ work – presumably intended to keep his lips sealed about something or other.

The PAC ripped into the sad suits who, needless to say, kept maintaining they had ‘no contractual duty’ to use common sense or to control each other’s fat salaries or ‘work’ practices and never mentioned actual broadcasting or how they could justify the annual £145 ‘licence fee’ on every TV watcher in the country (even if he/she never watched the peecee-saturated Beeb). It was riveting stuff, with the (supremely ignorant) bosses of Britain’s greatest and worldwide-recognized institution exposed as a bunch of greedy cronies scratching each other’s backs and having nothing relevant to say about their ‘contributions’ to the public good even as Parliament’s eye was turned on them.

{Luckily for them, the PAC did not ask about their flagrant political bias – perhaps knowing that the fatcats’ left-wingery was partly a pretence to keep at least the Labour Party (in power 1997-2010) off their backs.}


In perhaps the first approach to eugenics by any British politician in 35 years (since Sir Keith Joseph’s anti-dysgenic Preston speech lost him the Conservative leadership – albeit to Margaret  Thatcher, who privately agreed with him), an unheard-of Conservative ministress, Louise Casey, dared to suggest that unhusbanded mothers from ‘troubled’ backgrounds might be invited to pop along to a doctor and have a wee chat about, say, contraception (D.Telegraph, 10 ix, p.1).


Having picked a fight with the UK’s biggest trade union (accusing it, even to police, of rigging the selection of a Unite socialist as the Labour candidate for the rotten borough of Falkirk) and lost round one (with the Labour Party’s own committee finding Unite and its own leader Len McCluskey not guilty), Labour’s pathetic leader Ed Mililitre had to appear as scheduled at the Trade Union Congress (in Bournemouth, where several more unions might withdraw some or all of their £1M annual contributions to Labour coffers).

Yes, he grovelled: never even mentioning Falkirk or McCluskey or the reform of the unions on which he had previously insisted, and just mouthing – to a lukewarm reception -- acceptable platitudes as to how Tories were a Bad Thing (D.Telegraph, 10 ix, Dan Hodges). The biggest cheer came for an attack on Mililitre as his own speech fell flat.


While paedohysterical antics continued to keep cops busy investigating 40-year-old complaints against celebrities,* entertaining Britain’s peecee police and sparing them from leaving the office to investigate burglaries, star Darwinist and atheist Professor Richard Dawkins, reflecting on his own and others’ schoolboy experiences, said that, though episodes of teachers putting hands up short trousers might be “disagreeable” to some at the time, they did no lasting damage (D.Mail, 11 ix).

{Dawkins – with whom I once took sherry after a lecture of his in Edinburgh, at the Royal Scottish Museum -- thus became the second academic critic, after myself, of paedohysteria. Like myself, he distinguished between classic “mild” paedophilic hanky-panky with co-operative pubescent teens and the modern phenomenon – probably internet-fuelled -- of paedosadism against children nowhere near pubescence.}

Professor Dawkins was also a passable scientific racist, provoking anger amongst peecee types in August by pointing out that a single college at Cambridge University, Trinity, had won more Nobel Prizes than all the world’s Muslims put together.

* One star, a stalwart actor in top soap opera ‘Coronation Street’ for 33 years was actually cleared by a jury of all twelve charges of ‘abusing’ a 6-year-old girl c.2010. Evidently the girl had been lying. Cops had been warned by a legal professional that the evidence against him was pathetic; but they preferred to make his life a misery for two years – partly out of fear of what paedohysterical feminists might say if there was no attempt at prosecution and partly, doubtless, for fun.


The degradation of British public life through years of socialism turned out to be worse than anyone had thought as the House of Commons -- not content with appointing itself a Speaker who was an egomanical manipulative dwarf and traitor to his party, with a ludicrously exhibitionist socialist wife, and granting itself a holiday for half the year (or all the year for most MPs, who rarely turned up to debates*) -- had got itself a Deputy Speaker who was a flagrant homosexual whom police were charging with eight sexual offences (including rape) against seven men (apparently all queers), shaming him into resignation; but he graciously agreed to retain his position as a £65Kpa MP, explaining that many members of the House had “hugged and loved” him (D.Mail, 11 ix).

{And this was a Parliament that had solemnly considered – if narrowly rejecting -- a few weeks’ high-tech bombing of Syria. How ophthalmogist Basher and his lovely Vogue cover-featured wife must have laughed!}

* A remarkable illustration was the previous PM, Grumpy Gordon Brown MP, who only appeared in the Chamber once or twice a year.


Britain’s pathetic universities – devoted to gobbling up taxpayers’ money, suppressing free speech (especially about race) by sacking or early retirement, and advancing every leftish and peecee cause – got their come-uppance as a survey of employers found that more than 50% reckoned them useless: producing graduates of minimal presentability, life skills and even punctuality (D.Telegraph, 13 ix).


 Idealists exuded satisfaction that, thanks to improvements in modern medicine, the population of Africa was scheduled to double in the next forty years – providing yet more work for humanitarian nurses, teachers, charity operatives and general expenditure of Western money.  As in Richard Lynn’s work, the average Nigerian woman was having 7.2 children (compared to the West’s 1.6) (D.Telegraph, 13 ix).


 The Washington Post – a rival to the New York Times in peecee opinionation --was to be sued for age and race discrimination by a longtime Black employee in its advertising department who was abruptly fired and replaced with a younger White man in what the lawsuit suggested was part of a larger effort by the paper to push out older Black workers (Daily Caller, 11 ix).


 As its contribution to commemorating 9/11 (2001), Frontpage magazine pointed to how the opportunity and duty to confront Islam had been frittered away as the great’n’good insisted (even to the West’s startled soldiers) that there was no argument with Islam, only (politely, please!) with jihadists whose main need was anyhow for demakrazy – which would involve overthrowing Mueslis’ traditional mainly secular rulers (11 ix). Let Frontpage continue (admitting that Western elites – who seldom met any the most educated Mueslis – had used the twelve years to fortify invading Islam’s position in its chosen new countries):

9/11 was a day of heroes and of villains, of stark contrasts between good and evil. Yet how quickly the politicians, journalists, and others in positions of power managed to make a muddle of it all. Instead of witnessing a democratization of the Middle East, we experienced a steady Islamization of the West. Instead of seeing freedom bloom in the Islamic world, we saw a rise in Western censorship and self-censorship on the subject of Islam. Some high-profile figures in the West have been put on trial for speaking the truth about Islam, while others have made sophisticated arguments for limiting freedom of expression and for introducing sharia law into Western courts.

A fresh example of Britain’s capitulation to Islam was provided when Birmingham Metropolitan College (having a stupendous 44K ‘students,’ 42% of them non-White) responded to an internet petition organized by a keen Black leftist who had supported the Tottenham riots by reversing its eight-year ban on wearing the niqab (as also baseball caps and hoodies) (D.Mail, 14 ix). The college had previously maintained that the ban was essential to good communication between students and staff and to avoiding non-fee-payers and criminals being able to wander round the college.

At the same time, the Crown Prosecution Service declined to prosecute two Pak doctors who had been selectively aborting female foetuses  -- the docs would obviously have argued that failure to do so would have created cultural distress or somesuch for Muesli mothers.


 The West’s fear of discussing third-world immigration (for fear of being called ‘racist’) found no echo in Moscow where thousands appeared in a public park to cheer a speaker who said he would “stop the immigration orgy,” freely expressed shock that their kids had to attend schools that were 80% non-Muscovite and deplored the fact that Muslims turned areas of the city around Moscow into “a sea of backs” (Google News, 6 ix).


 Loopy Liberal Democrat Jeremy Browne, junior Home Office Minister in the Coalition Government, provided hilarity all round by saying that the ‘Roma’ gypsies rough-sleeping (and *rinating and sh*tting and fighting and thieving) in Park Lane and Hyde Park and then each earning around £600 per day from begging (aka terrorizing tourists and locals) were a phenomenon “just like Brits seeking holiday homes in France” – so should presumably be welcomed with open arms (D.Mail, 14 ix). His statement was made to coincide with the LibDem annual conference (in Glasgow) – a collection of distinctly greying superannuated hippies who welcomed idealism (though half the conference seats were empty and the pseudo-Liberals trailed in poll ratings on 10%).


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Sunday, September 08, 2013


Brighton Council, which had locked the gate to a public park so as to keep out gypsies, abandoned its policy after police told it there could be elfin safety concerns as the darling non-taxpaying plunderers climbed or went round the gate to reach their illegally stationed caravans (Sunday Mail, 1 ix).

{Britain’s lawyers were so busy squeezing money out of geriatric paedophiles – against whom accusations by gold-diggers had doubled in the year since the dead comic artist Jimmy Savile’s hanky-panky was ‘exposed’ (to those few who had not known about it all along) – and its parliamentarians were on such extended holidays (to stop them annoying the cosy Cameron club of ‘aides’ and spin doctors at No.10) that no-one could be bothered to write elementary laws that would secure property against trespassers and keep public parks safe for kids.}


Dainty Lady editress Rachel Johnson, the sister of Tory celeb and elected Mayor of London ‘BoJo,’ had the ceiling of her Victorian townhouse brought down by the throbbing and pulsating ‘music’ allowed to Blacks for their annual Notting Hill Carnival – a multiculti lesson from which she and her doubtless ‘anti-racist’ brother would hopefully profit (Sunday Mail, 1 ix). And, no, Rachel’s insurers refused to cover this ‘accident’ arranged by Britain’s diversity-loving, Black-deferential authorities.


 Messrs Cameron and Obama cut sorry figures as they had to abandon their plans for bombing Syria – the former chastised by the UK Parliament and the latter following suit and saying he would wait for Congress to return from its holidays before making any decision. To help them, Russia’s Vladimir Putin announced that any bombing of Syria would be matched by a corresponding Russian show of fireworks in the West’s so-liberated ally Saudi Arabia.


 That Britain was “giving in to the claims of sharia councils” was remarked by the leader of Norway’s anti-immigration party which was poised to enter government after forthcoming elections. Miss Siv Jensen {no relation}, 44, said Britain was suffering the results of its immigration policy, getting problems with riots and opponents of democracy and free speech {apparently she had not heard of Pak tendencies to gang rape, organized pimping of teens, importation of illiterate wives, and forced marriages for their daughters}. Siv wanted to slash immigration into Norway by 90% but denied her ideas had any connection with the “crazy” mass murderer Andreas Breivik (D.Telegraph, 2 ix).


 Any who thought ethnic differences could be resolved over a hundred years during which the rival nationalities had actually been allies in warfare would have been shocked to learn that Italian and German residents of the north-Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige were busy defacing road signs in each other’s languages (D.Telegraph, 2 ix). The originally Austrian region had been awarded to Italy as part of the Treaty of Versailles, 1919.


After years of making talk of immigration taboo, condemning those who did talk as ‘racists’ and (in PM Broon’s immortal phrase) ‘bigots’, British politicos were forced by journalists as the new school year began to admit that the number of children taught in overcrowded classes had doubled (to 70K) since 2010 even though an extra £5M had been provided from Westminster to convert libraries, music rooms and offices into classrooms. An added problem was the million children speaking virtually no English (D.Mail, 3 ix). It was forecast that in two years time most parents would have to put up with their kids of primary school age being educated in classes of over 30: there would be two candidates for each primary school place.

    Labour (1997-2010) had added to Britain’s Bleck and Pek burden by importing further votes and cheap labour from Eyeraq, Afghooniland, Somalia, Poland etc – the bill to be paid (as for Labour’s other wheezes) by future generations as immigrants and their illiterate wives and non-English-speaking children placed increasing strains on the UK’s schools {or child-minding services, for that’s what a generation of idealists had made of them), hospitals and housing, finally ending being as much of a drain in terms of state pensions and social work visitations as the native British whom Labour had said the immigrants would support.

Writing in the Torygraph, columnist Jeff Randall (returned from holiday with new courage after his paper’s years of wetness) likened the Labour operation to a giant Ponzi scheme under which flooding the country with young overseas workers merely delayed the day of reckoning and which a 2008 all- party committee of the House of Lords said did “not stand up to scrutiny” (2 ix, ‘Now for Labour’s lies about immigration’).


 Britain, which had failed to slash the salaries of its bankers and bureaucrats (none of whom could even manage to answer the phone – instead playing Vivaldi music at the caller’s expense), granted itself the luxury of more job creation for teachers by compelling kids to stay at school 'til age 18. And, not content with this nonsense and full of environment-egalitarian belief that ignored IQ and assumed ‘training’ was the answer to every question, announced that pupils who had not reached Grade C in Maths and English would be obliged to continue studying these subjects till 18 – rather than concentrating on the plumbing, electricianship or TV aerial maintenance that might actually have got them lucrative jobs (D.Telegraph, 3 ix). A quicker route to having Britain’s politicos tried for treacherous incompetence could scarcely be envisaged.


  As refugees from Muesli madness in Syria streamed out in their millions, sectarian tensions between Alawites (Shitites) and Solunnis rose in some areas of Turkey, leading the authorities to declare administrative separation of the competing tribes, especially dividing the city of Antakya with what locals quickly came to call a “Berlin Wall” – though whether the different goons would be required to live only with co-religionists was not clear (Guardian, 4 ix).


Having denied trade unions their historic right to appoint lefty state-‘service’ job creators as MPs in its safe seats (i.e. rotten boroughs, needing only a few dozen registered Labourites to swing votes), Labour had its contribution from the GMB union (Gigantic Movement of Buffoons) reduced from £1.2Mpa to just £150Kpa (Guardian, 4 ix). {Could this be a merciful end of socialism – which had so weakened the country by massive, wasteful and unrealistic spending? Probably not, for Labour would link up with the penniless ‘Liberals’ to demand state funding of political parties.}


 As the UK’s Parliament declined to vote for any immediate bombing of Syria’s Basher Assad, there was some right-wing-realist welcome for the UK refusing to play the role of being America’s ‘poodle’ (D.Mail, 4ix, Andrew Alexander). Yet just why Britain needed to re-involve itself in the Middle East after its twelve years of mini-war and mayhem in Afghooniland and Eyeraq was unclear: not least because the USA had wanted Britain out of Muesliland in 1956, but mainly because America had showered such military largesse on Israel, Saudi and Egypt that they were surely able to look after themselves despite the perverse Western backing for the ‘Arab Spring.’

Anyway, the ‘special relationship’ was arguably alive and well: President Obama responded to Parliament’s decision by saying he would delay any bombing of his own till he had got the opinion of Congress – and even the bombastic bigamist French President said he would delay WWIII in line with the 70% polling majority of American, British and his own French people.


 While France’s mad, socialist and unpopular President blethered about how he couldn’t wait for an American green light to bomb Basher Assad, the previous (relatively conservative) Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin popped up on the Beeb’s World Service to say that Syria should be divided according to its natural ethnicities (Shitite, Solunni, Turdish) and kept from each other’s throats by UN troops (to which America and Russia could surely agree) (4 ix, 08:00, ‘Hard Talk’). DV thus became the first world statesman to back the solution to Syria’s 110K deaths and 4M displaced persons longstandingly proposed by this blog. – A solution unacceptable to peecee multiculturalism, of course!


  Edinburgh University, already in trouble with its students for poor tutoring, got its photo in the Indie for being the higher education institution in Britain employing the highest percentage of its teaching staff on ‘zero hours contracts’, i.e. as casual labour with no job security (5 ix). The peecee LUniversity admitted that as many as 5% of its academics might be thus at its beck and call – typically students who would toe its ‘liberal’-left political line rather than risk the prospect of losing their employment altogether.

‘Zero hours contracts’ were deplored by Britain’s teaching unions; and Britain’s Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills [and thus in charge of higher education], Vincent Cable, said he would be investigating. {Not that even E.LU.’s contract of tenure itself meant very much – as I found when (after 26 years service) the LUniversity wanted rid of me for racism, sexism, elitism and lack of paedohysteria so as to appease the ‘Anti-Nazi League’ [today re-named ‘Unite Against Fascism’].}


Five years after the financial crash for Britain (especially, after years of Labour extravagance) and the West, years in which most Brits had suffered something of a reduction in living standards to pay for Britain’s continued bloated bureaucracy and state ‘services,’ Network Rail (a monopoly running all UK rail track, so taxpayer-funded but apparently not supervised) appointed itself a new boss, Mark Carnivore, at a salary of £675Kpa plus easy-peasy ‘bonuses’ that would take his annual income over £1M – with doubtless severance pay and pension pot to match (D.Mail, 6 ix).

{Wonder to which LibLabCon party he would donate a wee fraction of his grotesque handout so as to reward cronies and buy himself a seat in the Labour-‘reformed’ House of Lords! Still, he wouldn’t mind criticism, being in the good company of the scores of thousands of vastly overpaid bankers and quangocrats which Rev Bliar had created to reduce Labour’s dependence on the trade unions.

Funny that Britain’s new elite – lacking in intelligence, charisma and even ability to speak coherently or amusingly on TV – had been largely the creation of New Labour. No wonder Bliar was such a popular and fantastically remunerated figure with the global elite of winers and diners ooops humanitarian peacekeepers – though Bliar was notably uninvited by Vlad Putinovich to Moscow to help the assembled windbags of G20 overeat ooops discuss WWIII that Muslim-loving Churchill-hating Barry Obarmy was keen to start in Syria.}


In the course of a general election campaign, both main contenders (Mudd and Rabbitt) implied they sympathized with a White Australia policy (in particular stopping the thousands of annual boatloads of ‘refugees’ from Afghooniland, Pakiland, Ceylon etc). Neither politico had any track record of opposing low-IQ immigration, so practical Ozzies were unlikely to be taken in.

But the campaign was brought to life as businessman (billionaire?) leader of the ‘Palmer United Party’ announced that Australia’s press baron Rupert Murdoch was divorcing his young, pretty and trim Chink wife Wendi Deng because he had discovered she was a Chinese spy who regularly sent information and money to the authorities in Peking.

Not that Clive Palmer had much sympathy for Rupe: at the same time he announced he was suing him for such naughtinesses as doubting whether Palmer held a professorship or was an official G20 adviser (D.Mail, 6 ix).


Britain’s Civil ‘Service’ got its come-uppance for years of trying not to recruit staff from elite universities (especially Oxbridge) as the Department of Work and Pensions was admitted to have wasted £425M (including a total write-off of £34M-worth of computer gear) while failing to produce an IT scheme that would allow calculation of ‘Universal Credit’ – a wheeze of Minister Ian Dunking Doughnut meant to ensure the (pretty useless but simple) objective of ensuring that anyone on benefits (normally worth £200 weekly [unemployment benefit, council housing or other housing benefit (including free repairs and upgrading), clothing and holiday benefit, child benefit and disablement benefit] to the lucky client of socialist taxpayer-robbed largesse) would always get £5 more weekly [a half bottle of gut-rot Scotch] in hand if he deigned to regular supervised 9am-5pm employment.

{The “not fit for purpose” computerology had been in preparation for the Coalition Government for three years, plus the amount of time Donut and researchers had spent visiting south Glasgow and kindred hellholes – but just how Donut had convinced himself that anyone would abandon his benefits, free time for watching TV and opportunities for untaxed DIY work, drug dealing and pitbull breeding for just an extra £5 was entirely unclear.}


As America spent two weeks piously celebrating (together with the BBC) its great Black ‘anti-racist’ saint, Martin Luther King (described by useless ex-President Carter as “the greatest leader America produced”) , the Daily Mail (30 viii) published a full spread of evidence that he had been a serial and inveterate adulterer – usually with fair-skinned ‘Black’ women when he couldn’t find a White prostitute – as well as a plagiarist, communist, White-hating alcoholic.

In one of his nightly encounters (sometimes with three women) he was overheard in his ecstasy proudly crying out “I’m not a f****** Negro now!!” Though he regularly preached that the Bible’s sexual code was right, he told friends that he didn’t know of a single Black pastor who was faithful to his wife.


It was not just the shopkeepers and residents of London’s prestigious Park Lane who wanted gypsies cleared out (and managed to achieve a few arrests from Britain’s pathetic hamstrung police, and a movement of the rest of the gypsies to a plot of grass outside the Imperial War Museum). They turned out to have strong sympathy from the residents of Andrychớw, southern Poland, who found that, when they set up a Facebook page to complain about the nuisance, immediately got 2K subscribers (and were promptly called ‘racists’ by Poland’s peecee-pretending authorities, determined to give the country a ‘nice’ image in the West (AmRen, 5 ix). Some 25K ‘Roma’ had invaded Poland.


As Russia’s President Vlad Putin saw off the West over Barry Hussein Obarmy’s crackpot plan to help the Syrian Sunnis by bombing Damascus (he was denied the support of the UK Parliament, the Pope, UN Secretary General Banky Loon, the publics of America, Britain and France, and of half the members of the G20 dining club assembled in lovely St Petersburg), it transpired that local Russian realistic groups were doing sterling work locating illegal immigrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan crowded into secret basements and detaining them till (overwhelmingly co-operative) police arrived to put them on planes back to their tribal homelands (New York Times, 3 ix).

In the previous two years, such voluntary groups as Moscow Shield and Light Russia had managed to get some 3K deported. {By contrast, America allowed in 3K Mexicans per week in the well-founded belief that they would vote socialist (‘Democrat’) for a century and declined to interfere with Obarmy-voting Blacks breeding like rabbits on state funds (for virtually all the Black fathers b*ggered off).


As part of a Government inquiry into how to reduce bureaucracy and red tape, it was discovered that, under Labour legislation called the Public Sector Equality Duty, officials were having a high old time asking about ‘sexual orientation’ (D.Telegraph, 6 ix, John Bingham). Just to register with a public library in some areas required applicants to answer questions about their mental health, sexuality and whether, if a lesbian, they had ever been disciplined for anything by their employer.

In Manchester, people wishing to submit comments about a proposed relief road had to say whether they had had a sex change operation. {Processing such data and asking follow-up questions was doubtless such fun while helping to justify the madly high salaries enjoyed by public ‘servants.’}


 Big-hootered ‘ex’-Communist Labour leader Ed Miliband, already reeling from losing a £1M annual donation from lefty union Unite because of his vitriol, suffered further humiliation as a Labour Party inquiry found Unite had actually not been guilty of vote-rigging so as to have its own favoured candidate by a handful of Labour goons to be the party’s candidate for the utterly safe ‘rotten borough’ Scottish constituency of run-down Falkirk (Independent, 7 ix).

{Resignation? Not on the agenda in British politics where the holiday-surfeiting LibLabCon class invariably stood by each other come hell or high water.}

    Australian socialists also took a knock as 55% of the electorate voted Liberal (i.e. Conservative) and won a general election despite Labour’s ingenious offer to send all ‘refugee’ boat people to enjoy ooops be horrified at the standard paedophilic practices of dirt-poor Papua New Guinea.

(The Liberals [whose leader had attended The Queen’s College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar] would also have the support from their National Party ally – making the new government promisingly national-liberal, except that the Liberal leader Rabbit was a Catholic of highly conservative views.)

In Norway too, the right was set to win an upcoming election – having apparently put the terrible excesses of Anders Breivik behind them.

And, at the ‘lib’/left-dominated BBC, fierce arguments broke out among top brass as to who knew about or authorized the vast slaries, bonuses, expenses, severance payments,* pension pots etc that Labour had allowed useless executives so as to guarantee good peecee multiculti propaganda.

    *Golden goodbyes alone had cost the BBC (i.e. the 99% of the population which paid the compulsory £160pa licence fee to own a TV – even if they didn’t watch the Beeb’s peecee multiculti output and its increasingly fat, pudgy and elderly presenters [provided to cater for feminoid opinionation]) £369M over the previous eight years.


Apparently some (unnamed) Russian official (in his cups?) jested with a journalist that ‘Britain is a small island to which nobody pays attention.’ Replies to this were legion: that Britain had produced the best scientists (Newton, Darwin, Higgs), the best writers [apart from perhaps Tolstoy] (Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dickens) and codebreakers; that Britain had produced most of the technology essential to the 20th century (culminating in Sir Tim Berners Lee [The Queen’s College] inventing the internet); that Britain had produced virtually all the world’s games and sports – itself remaining top in rugby and cricket (the world’s most popular international sport, to which many Indians and Pakistanis dedicated themselves, and which China was taking up); that Britain had been peaceful and roughly democratic for 350 years; and that Britain had produced the most widely admired women (Queen Victoria, Mrs Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II).

But the most direct answer was that the UK Parliament, in voting to decline bombing Syria, had had the most immediate influence on Barry Obarmy and bigamist Hollande – a greater influence on America and France than in living memory.

{Of course, Daft Dave should not have told the Russkies that Britain had ‘defeated fascism’ when that job had been undertaken largely by Stalin – though it was true that Britain stood alone against Hitler in 1939-41 and later, after Stalin was attacked by his great friend, and had made heroic efforts to supply Russia with guns, food and medicine through the icy seas to Archangel and Murmansk.}

{Any mistakes? Yes: to join France to fight Germany in 1914, thus triggering two awful world wars and bringing about the loss of its Empire and fortune – though not of its honour.}


With Hussein Obarmy already under pressure from Western publics, the UK Parliament, the Pope and UN General Secretary Wanky Loon, Syria’s Sunni ‘rebels’ and associated jihadists who Muslim Barry proposed to support with nine US warships gathered in the eastern Mediterranean (to fire Tomahawk missiles at any of Basher Assad’s military installations that they had heard of) provided a visual aid to the pro-Western hypocrisy of their leaders by attacking the secluded and pacific Christian enclave of Maloula, twenty miles north-west of Damascus, using a suicide bomber and carloads of machine-gun-toting alQueerdo fanatics until they were bombed out by the Syrian Army (Independent, 8 ix).

Whether American Congressmen and  Jews (who were desperate to get American boots on the ground lest the vastly US-funded forces of Israel, Saudi and Egypt prove insufficient for the wanted attack on Shitite Iran) would get the message remained to be seen; but the American public (the most Christian on earth) surely would.


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Monday, September 02, 2013


  Burma’s Buddhist monks and co–religionists provided an orgy of looting and burning Muslim shops and homes after police declined to hand over to them a Muslim man who was widely thought to have raped a Buddhist woman (BBC World Service, 25 viii, 14:00). {No multiculti grovelling here, then!}


 Any who thought Islamic ‘child abuse’ and sex mania were largely Afghani specialities were given a lesson by a best-selling book in France (authored by Le Monde journaliste Annick Cojean)  which estimated that Lybian dictator Colonel Muhammad Gadawfu had kept scores of schoolkids in a personal harem for his delectation – in which a 15-year-old girl played a star part, being stripped and shaven by aides before being presented at the naked Gadawfu’s bed for regular rape ooops sex (D. Mail, 26 viii).

{It was not just on pederasty that the West sub rosa saw eye-to-eye with Islam: the West’s ever-increasing practice of serial monogamy also approximated it to the Islamic ideal of polygamy – indeed, the average Westerner probably had, over a lifetime, more WAGs than the average Muesli.}


British crackpot Foreign Secretary, Hopeless Hague, announced that he and pals Daft Dave, Barry Hussein Obarmy and France’s bigamist buffoon President Hollande would not need unanimous UN Security Council backing before parading their humanitarian credentials by shelling and bombing Syria.

He was immediately reprimanded by Russia’s Foreign Secretary – for even Bush-backer Bliar had believed he needed full UNSC agreement before attacking Iraq’s Madman Insane. For good measure, Hopeless et al denigrated the UN expert inspection team in Syria which (despite being shot at) had managed to get to the scene of the dreadful gas attack in Damascus (killing 350) – Hopeless choosing the long-awaited moment of the team’s arrival to announce it would never be able  to work out who conducted the attack.

 And Daft Dave delayed recalling Parliament (from one of its endless holidays) to discuss his warplan. Libya was still in chaos three years after Western intervention had ‘helped’ it to topple Col. Gadawfu and Egypt had had to be brought back under Army control to quell excitement about the West-backed ‘Arab Spring’ which had led only to a Muesli ‘demakrazed’ dictatorship.
Welcoming any distraction from its internal battle with its trade union funders, Labour (in the form of slimy toad Douglas Alexander, Shadow Foreign Secretary) backed a little bit of bombing, saying that full UNSC agreement was not necessary and that there was no special need for Parliament to be recalled (BBCR4, 27 viii, 08:15). Apparently Labour had no more talked with the Russians about World War III than had Hopeless et al.

    Mention of the Russians and their interests and strong support for Basher Assad was equally absent from MSM. Evidently there were persuasive influences at work to get America and its minnows involved in Syria asap so the West would be on hand to support an Israeli strike against Iran. Whereas Russia had consistently backed the relatively White and passably reasonable Shitites, Israel had decided it was safer to for it to have the support of hysterical alQueerdo-backed Sunnis who the West had unavailingly tried for ten years to put down in Eyeraq and Afghooniland.
Attacking Basher was thought wasteful and foolhardy by Britain’s military, intelligence and diplomatic establishments. Likewise, American generals were reluctant to get involved in the bombing-for-political-egos operation. The one predictable effect of taking the side of Syria’s Solunni ‘rebels’ would be to prolong the ethnic-sectarian civil war and release a tidal wave of refugees from the Middle East to the West.


Two ‘British’ Black females holidaying in Guangzhou, China, learned the hard way about race differences as, when they had an argument in a store about the deposit for a pair of slippers, they found themselves seized by the hair, dragged to a cop shop, detained in a prison cell with twelve others for 32 hours for interrogation, told to pay the store £4,500 to avoid a civil suit, then thrown back into jail for another year to await Chinese police pursuing criminal inquiries into their case (D.Telegraph, 26 viii).

{How they must have longed for the cringeing White guilt of British authorities, who would have devoted their time to charging the store with ‘racism.’}


  As America and poodles rushed to undertake humanitarian bombing in Syria, from which the elite promptly fled to Lebanon, the general public in both the USA and UK was sceptical (polls showed 70% disagreement) and articles appeared by senior columnists of both left (Grauniad: Seamus Milne) and right (D.Mail: Stephen Glover) deploring the proposed exercise in military fireworks to which Syria and Iranian sidekick Hezbollah could well respond with attacks on Israel (sucking the West further into the Middle East disaster – as Israel surely wanted).

Apparently most people could see full well that the West’s peecee politicos, in their ‘response’ to 9/11, had utterly failed to protect their own countries from the immigrant Muesli hordes and their overbreeding by illiterate wives in forced marriages, and had even managed to lose their chosen mini-wars in Afghooniland and Eyeraq and their chosen campaigns to remove longstanding (and passably co-operative) dictators in Libya and Egypt.

Thus the only point of a new round of bombing was to protect the backsides of peecee incompetents – even at the nonsensical expense of aligning their countries with alQueerdo against Basher Assad.

No wonder that, twittering from his basking and partying on superyachts in the Mediterranean, international ‘peacekeeper’ Rev Bliar urged bombing and even invasion: he had his own ego to think of, wanting to make his own disastrous exercises of appearing to confront Muesliedom seem normal and reasonable – for taking on Russia by invading Syria would trigger World War III, which at least Bliar had avoided.

    There was also an often-voiced question in the public mind: Why would Basher (or his tougher-minded brother, Masher) have unleashed poison gas when the Shitites already seemed on the verge of controlling Syria’s spinal cord of big towns? Could it have been that crack Israeli (and even American) troops had already been sent to beef up the numerous but much-divided and jihad-infested Solunni ‘rebels’ and that this had crossed Basher’s own ‘red line’ (he had only promised not to use chemical weapons on his own people – as the sanctimonious West demanded).


 “Lazy” British youf were lambasted in withering remarks by the country’s top TV chef, Jamie Oliver (star of stage, screen and radio). Oliver, 38, had a £150M fortune which he had built up from humble beginnings working in the kitchen of his father’s Essex pub; he employed 350 chefs across the UK and was a major charitable donor encouraging youf to get into cooking. But he said he had mothers ringing up to excuse their “exhausted” boys who had to work a 48-hour week – which he himself regarded as only half-time.  He said that, without the drive of his {East-}European staff, most of his restaurants would have to close (D.Mail, 28 viii).

{Oliver, who himself had four children by his wife Jools, did not say whether he thought the problem genetic or environmental; but the kids of whom he complained were certainly the products of the UK’s Labour-inspired and ‘Conservative’-supported dysgenic welfare-lavishing state.}

    At the same time, the previous Labour minister Lord Hutton who had been appointed as the Coalition’s ‘pensions tsar’ came out saying that Labour had ‘lost the plot’ on “unsustainable” benefits, which really needed to be paid only in relation to contributions (D.Mail, 28 viii).


While the E’b*gger Festival properly concentrated (as well as on its useless ‘comedians’ who dared not say a non-peecee word) on serious Nordic stuff like Peter Higgs (q.v. for his heaven-pointing portrait), Isaac Newton (the Chancellor who – as useless as modern economists -- died a complete bankrupt as a result of the South Sea Bubble) and the charming Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, it seemed right to supply this blog’s readers with lighter entertainment in preparation for the West’s mindless confrontation with Russia over Syria.

Yes, Russian swimwear model Irina Shayk, 27, had a Tartar [Turkic-Chinese-Cossack mix, esp. found in once-Russian Azerbaijan] father as well as a Russian mother; but she had (understandably) landed an all-White boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer who played at centre-forward for Real Madrid and was the world’s most expensive and highest paid soccer star (christened Ronaldo after his poverty-stricken Madeira father’s favourite filmstar, Ronald Reagan).

Irina Shayk models her latest designs for swimwear brand Beach Bunny

The fiery red 'Take The Reins' two-piece costs around $300


In the dying years of the UK’s last socialist government, the amount dished out in ‘benefits’ to non-British residents increased by 42% as part of Labour’s vote-hungry build-up of its client state: by February 2012, the number of foreigners being fed, clothed and housed by British taxpayers reached 407K, of which more than a half were African Blacks, ‘Asians’ [i.e. Srindopakeshis] and mad Mueslis from the Middle East – whose likelihood of gratitude to Britain itself was near-zero and whose children would be found claiming benefits in perpetuity, bringing in illiterate wives and rioting, having no experience of the Bleck, Pek and Muesli hellholes from which their parents had escaped (D.Mail, 29 viii)


Batty Britain which had declined to prosecute effectively squatters, beggars, gypsies, Black rioters, Pak female-circumcisers, Muesli traitors, sex-slave racketeers, bankers, frauds, greedy ‘uman rights lawyers and tax-avoiders – preferring to concentrate police firepower on motorists, mentioners of race, smokers and long-burned-out paedophiles – found it had lost a £16M police headquarters and firing range in Somerset to massive arson by the latest group of disaffected ‘green’ idealists, the badgerites, who demanded their beloved vermin be free to roam the countryside with their lungs full of TB pus (and urinating on grass which gave cows TB when they ate it), terrorised farmers with late-night threats and flagrantly called their groups by such names as ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) (D.Mail, 29 viii).


Coalition leader PM Daft Dave suffered a surprising, stunning and humiliating defeat in the House of Commons (by 272 to 285) as, having failed to read this blog, he sought (without much evidence or any plan) a warrant to bomb London ophthalmologist Basher Assad on behalf of Solunni ‘rebels,’ alQueerdo and assorted jihadists and other Muslim crazies.

    At last it looked as if the days of ‘compassionate Conservatism’ with its pro-‘minority’ stunts might be over, for ego-salvaging closet Muslim Obarmy was not going to be best pleased to hear that America’s closest poodle was playing up.

Cameron’s own egomaniacal ambition to be a gun-toting idealist and thus ‘heir to Blair’ had led him to pester Obarmy for ‘action’ against Basher; but his failure to convince some 50 of his own Coalition MPs handed Labour a welcome present, weakened Britain’s ‘special relationship’ with America, and left Cameron a political lame duck whose folly (and seven summer holidays) would never be forgotten. No Opposition had voted against the Government on a war matter since the 1950s (Suez); and no Government had been defeated on a war matter since 1782 (American rebellion).


 Star British yag Stephen Fry (who was squaring up to do battle with Russia’s President Putin) found himself hauled over the coals at the BBC for coming up with the following [traditional -- JR] limerick during a light-hearted quiz show (Guardian, 30 viii).

"There was a young chaplain from King's
Who talked about God and such things;
But his real desire
Was a boy in the choir
With a bottom like jelly on springs."

But the Beeb had enough respect for free speech and good humour about its own favourite pervs to declare that Fry had come only ‘marginally’ near to infringing its standards – viewers’ ‘outrage’ being largely due to the limerick being broadcast accidentally just minutes before sombre BBC coverage of the long-ago hanky-panky with teens of dead paedophile comic genius Jimmy Savile. {Still, it was a close-run case, requiring a year of investigation by the Beeb’s hyper-paid executives – a fine example of the job-creativeness of PeeCee.}


 As Cambridge allowed birth-certified boys to wear skirts at graduation (and presumably on all other occasions) it turned out that they were following Oxford’s ‘lead’ of the previous year in letting students gradiate ‘in whatever they are comfortable with.’ Thus ended centuries of tradition, all to oblige a tiny (or perhaps non-existent) number of trannies.

Oxford’s ‘lead’ in denying its star graduate Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree had led – as many suspected – to the ultimate degradation of being unable to maintain its dress code in which graduates and their parents took pride on graduation day. And what would the press do as every photo of gowned and furred students – so popular in representing luniversities – invited the immediate inquiry ‘Which gender might they be?’ Many feeble-looking boys and bulky girls would suffer from ribaldry – quite unfairly – thanks to their luniversities bowing the knee to LGBT.


Once were the days when poor theology, bad teeth or wearing brown with blue could risk one’s job prospects. But highly successful PC Tony Bristow of Bristol, previously in the RAF and with six years commended service as a Community Police Service Officer under his belt, found his elevation to PC challenged by jealous colleagues on the grounds that he had once sent ‘racist’ jokes in email – the challenge occurring even after he had completed a ‘cultural awareness’ course and been carefully vetted by senior cops (D.Mail, 30 viii).

(Thanks to years of Labour et al pandering to the police and raising wages monumentally so long as recruits jumped through anti-racist hoops, there were a hundred applicants for every police job.)


Not content with their failed Spanish Armada, with their failure to resist Hitler, with their exposure as a church full of yags, paedos and financial frauds, with their dramatically declining congregations in the West, and with the massive failure of their anti-abortion and anti-contraception dysgenic policies in Africa (requiring Nordic non-Caff countries to step in with ongoing humanitarian largesse), the Roman ‘Catholic’ Church (under new socialist pontiff Frank) announced they would henceforth be backing darkie immigration into the USA, especially demanding ‘amnesty’ for the millions of illegal Hispanic refugees from the squalid criminal countries of South and Central America who were scheduled by Caffs to re-create the Caffs’ ancient empire which Britain, Holland and a half of Germany had historically held off (Washington Times, 22 viii).


Though the White House claimed “certain knowledge” that Syria’s Basher Assad had gassed (and thus killed) 1,429 Damascans, thereby requiring long-distance bombing asap, the UK Parliament did not agree and thus ended a hundred years of ‘special relationship’ in which America had belatedly come to Britain’s aid in time of trouble (1917, 1942) and fleeced it of its empire and fortune (the debt for US help only being paid off in 2000).

Russia (which did the bulk of the fighting in both Wars) and Syria welcomed the British decision not to rain down more explosives on an already-wrecked country (apart from café areas in central Damascus kept going to maintain elite morale).

Fortunately America and its Black Muesli chainsmoking Churchill-hating President would enjoy the replacement support in its failed Middle East policies of the French, whom Americans had not so long ago called “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” for their disinclination to back the disastrous invasion and demakratization of Iraq.

And, while America dedicated itself to yet more fawning on its uncontrolled Blacks and Hispanics, Britain would be free to pursue a Nordic League with Mutti Merkel and delightful Estonia (whose fine Chamber Choir had received a great reception from a packed Usher Hall audience in Edinburgh as it sang spiritually uplifting European mediaeval songs, topped off by Rachmaninov’s ‘Vespers’ – a far cry from standard entertainment in Washington).


 As the British Parliament declined to give a green light for bombing Damascus, Barry’s White House responded that it would cheerfully make do with “America’s oldest ally, France” – rather forgetting that the USA had done nothing to help its “ally” in her crucial hours of need, 1914-17 and 1939-41, where Britain did the dirty work of bringing America into WWI (by offering Jews a homeland if they could bribe or blackmail Washington into war) and Hitler did the job at the end of 1941 by loyally (and madly) declaring war, backing his ally Japan which had devastated the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour.

Nor was America any help to its French “ally” in 1956 at Suez, preferring to take over the Middle East itself from the naughty “imperialist” powers of France and Britain. And the 21st century had seen nothing but open American contempt for France, with the French called “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” for not joining the (eventually disastrous) American-led invasion of Iraq.


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