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  After a century of passable sympathy for progressive and psychoanalytic ideas, the UK Labour Party decided to have an argument with the Freud family – in particular with Sigmund Freud’s great-grandson, Lord Freud, who had mentioned the obvious truth that many disabled people would stand more chance of getting a job if they could be paid below the ‘national minimum wage’ (set at a loony £7 per hour, but widely ignored on the black market of Pakistani shops).

Some people who were lame, halt, blind, deaf or dim were just not ‘worth’ as much as others in the job market, Lord Freud, a Coalition minister for welfare or somesuch, had politely suggested – to the fury of ideological peecee disablists who evidently regarded total equality for the ‘disadvantaged’ as their C21 mission (even as they destroyed chances for bright kids from poor homes by refusing them grammar schools).

Further enraging spaced-out egalitarians, the Independent on Sunday reported that a second government minister had made ‘contentious comments’ over the role of disabled people in the workplace. Andrew Selous, a ‘justice minister,’ was said to have told a fringe meeting at the Tory party conference that “disabled people work harder because they’re grateful to have a job”.

{What a surprise! – Though was such ‘hard work’ notably effective?...}

Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary said the prime minister’s failure to act to remove Lord Freud was astonishing. She said: “When the disgraceful and offensive views like this go unchallenged within the Conservative party it’s clear that mask has slipped and the ‘nasty party’ is back. Labour will table a motion of no confidence in Lord Freud because we believe it’s completely unacceptable that David Cameron has failed to sack his minister for welfare reform.”

Thus did crackpot peecee idealism move another step closer to final burn-out. – For most ‘disabled’ people preferred to get a job; and the Freuds, famed for comedy, broadcasting and art as well as family realism and politics would be remembered long beyond useless peecee egalitarianism..


Jumping on the latest tabloid bandwagon, Britain’s ‘Conservatives’ decided – instead of letting players do what they wanted on FaceTube, YourFace, Twatter etc – to provide more employment for lawyers by more state-funded squishing of free speech. ‘Justice Secretary’ Chris Grayling said the maximum jail sentence for internet abuse would be raised from six months to two years.

He told the Mail on Sunday: ‘These trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life. No one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it in social media.’

Absurdly, the new legislation was referred to as ‘Chloe’s Law’ in reference to model Chloe Madeley, who was threatened ‘online’ with sexual assault after her mother, TV personality Judy Finnigan, commented on the Ched Evans rape case.

{Poor Daft Dave! He could not do much except mouth his PR and bring on Gordon Brown to help him out. But stamping on free speech was easy enough – the populism of desperate politicos through the ages. So, a few days later, HMG announced it was ‘working with’ internet service providers to stop them serving up any naughty thoughts that it disliked (Telegraph, 24 x, p.1) – a move allegedly intended to cut down anti-Christian jihadism, but no doubt the main consequence would be to restrict criticism of Islam. And, yes, the new censorship was promptly accompanied by a private Christian school being told it was insufficiently ‘diverse’ and must have visits from local imams.}


 Looking for a way to commemorate the deaths, just two years ago this month, of the scholarly Art Jensen and Phil Rushton, I was glad to find a helpful-looking overview, using internet material, of the ‘London School of Differential Psychology’ – available for rent or purchase from Hephaestus Books. (More detail here.)


A full and scholarly defence of the world’s top race realist, AmRen editor Jared Taylor, was provided in VDare, 19 x, by editor and columnist James Fulford after JT had found himself accused of racism, White supremacism (and, of course, neo-Nazism) in a book, The Myth of Race, published by Harvard University Press. JT had also managed to avoid arrest in Hungary, where authorities of that reputedly ‘right-wing’ country decided to improve its image among European ‘liberals’ by moving against a conference of race realists which JT was attending. {Next for a defence of JT by an American libel lawyer?!}


 Star Australian comedian Barry Humphries (creator of ‘Dame Edna Everage’) moved to defend Barry Spurr, a professor of literature at Sydney University who had long been nationally known for effectively resisting efforts to have more Aboriginal influence in the national school curriculum but had been found in email to have called abo culture “rubbish,” denigrated Queensman PM Tony Abbott as “an abo lover” and occasionally thrown in ‘remarks’/jests about “whores,” “mussies”* and “chinky-poos”, thereby bringing about his suspension by the university (Guardian, 17 x).

In a letter to The Australian, Humphries called threats to Spurr “cultural fascism,” said many Australians were now “bereft of a sense of humour and observed that {as in the rest of the West} “the new puritanism is alive, well and powerful” (D.Telegraph, 22 x).

Abbott’s position on the incredibly low IQs and cultural achievements of  Australia’s Aborigines was unknown; but he had in September spent a week living with Aborigines in the outback of Northern Oz, presumably feeling obliged to demonstrate multiculti credentials.

*There were of course perfectly acceptable forms of Muesliedom, an Oz pal has pointed out: even if the burqa had always to be worn by subordinate women, the rest of the female body could be delightfully stark naked without infringing traditional dress code....


With Christmas hovering just two months away, it seemed only right to offer ‘IQ & PC’ readers encouragement that the multiculti world, whatever its limitations resulting from daft IQ-neglecting Western politicos, had some compensations. British-born Emily Katarinawankowski, understandably a TV starlet, would provide much hope to true scholars with her luxuriant hair, bee-stung lips and excellent waist-hip ratio (D.Mail, 21 x).

(Just why Emily had to wear old-fashioned male underpants and baggy jeans and – like most ‘models’ – was not allowed to smile was more of a mystery; but readers here deserve to be kept aware of modern trends – and might supply answers on a postcard {I do not play FaceTube, YouBook, Twatter, ipod etc}. We should stay realistic, and Emily essentially makes this pretty easy to all but the most ultra-montagne.)


Asking for a White cab driver had become commonplace in Rochdale [nr Manchester], where nine Pek taximen had been jailed for pimping and sometimes ‘raping’ some 47 girls whom they had fuelled with drugs and driven to ‘Asians’ all over the north-west (Guardian, 22 x). One firm alone reckoned it had 60 such ‘racist’ requests per week – calls which it obliged since asking for such discrimination was not {yet} illegal, any more than requesting a female driver.

Stephen Campbell, the manager of Car 2000, which had taken over Eagle Taxis, a firm that employed drivers at the heart of the grooming/pimping/’raping’ scandal, said that a consequence of the affair was that “many White customers ask for White drivers” – or “local” drivers, as they usually referred to them.

Earlier in October, ‘racist’ UKIP had almost won what had previously been a safe Labour seat in the Rochdale area; and November a ‘Conservative’ vs UKIP local by-election was looming (for which PM Daft Dave – 13% behind UKIP in the local polls -- was piling in all available ‘Conservative’ troops to try to hang on to the seat – no door would be left unknocked).


 The ‘European Union’ which had long been a bumbling unparliamentary outfit enfeebled by German war guilt and had thus invited millions of low-IQ misogynistic death-wishing Mueslis to invade Berlin, northern Paris, east London, Bradford etc (wanting cheap labour and socialist votes, of course – anything rather than admit the need to provide suitable, differentiated ‘elitist’ education for its own Whites), and had destroyed Libya’s dictator Col.Gadawfu who had long provided some protection from the raging African/Arabian hordes, found its pathetic idealism especially dramatically upstaged as, in Calais, 2,300 A/A’s not only paid small fortunes to locate in a roadside spot where they could jump on a slow-moving lorry going to the welfare-state heaven of Britain but started fighting each other.

Yes, Sudanese, Syrians, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Afghans and Somalis were at each other’s throats in their hundreds (D.Mail, 22 x), resulting in French police (already encased in plastic bags and using tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades) wanting permission to use live ammunition – a permission unlikely to be granted by the idiotic government of France, though NF leaderine Marine Le Pen showed up to support Whites in the scene of chaos. {Hilarious! Multiculturalism in action! You couldn’t make it up!}

    Germany also had serious problems, especially in Munich, as Syrians and Iraqis streamed in from countries which Western idealism had destabilised. (The latest West-beloved boss of Afghoonistan, Ashraf Ghastly, had once written (according to New York Review of Books, 6 xi 2014): “There is a consensus in Afghan society: violence…must end. National reconciliation and respect for fundamental human rights will form the path to lasting peace and stability across the country. The people’s aspirations must be represented in an accountable, broad-based, gender-sensitive, multi-ethnic, representative government that delivers daily value.” – What a joke!

The only consolation for Afghans was that, under liberal Western policing and ethnic ignorance, they had reached levels of opium production higher than before the Western invasion.)

    Fed up with Britain’s failures to control or demolish its absurdly lavish ‘welfare state’ (which made it a magnet for A/A ‘asylum seekers’) or to provide Froggies with more than £1M per month to control the flow of immigrants, France announced it would set up a camp of 500 beds near Calais which would provide humanitarian and legal advice as to how to flashmob lorries and get to Britain as soon as possible (Daily Mail, 24 x).

{Anything rather than return the A/A’s to Italy – where they should, according to EU officialdom, have sought ‘asylum’ in the first EU country they entered – for bankrupt and mega-corrupt Italy would just have shovelled them back into France so they could pursue their real objective of reaching Shangrila GB.}


As a lone gunman in Ottawa emptied Canada’s Parliament, sent the capital city into ‘lockdown’ and provided employment for hundreds of cops and support staff by shooting dead just one soldier at a war memorial (then being allowed into the Parliament by the cops, who finally killed him), MSM paid its usual lack of attention to the loony’s background (not to mention his genes). Named ‘Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’, he pretty  obviously came from a mixed Arabic-French marriage in which the parents had given him a conventional Christian forename as part of their determination to settle down in peaceful Canada.

But, as is common in cases of youthful terrorism (including the IRA, Italy’s Red Brigades and Germany’s Baader-Meinhof gang), the Oedipally driven ‘Michael’ had decided that the way to his mother’s heart was to show up his Arab father as a ‘coward’ who had not been true to his own (and probably the mother’s) beliefs.

    Guesswork? Of course! But what else can one do when the public domain provides little information even when the Canadian PM is hustled into hiding in a broom cupboard and thousands of lives are disrupted (and one lost)? More prosaically, Mail star columnist Peter Hitchens managed to contribute that ‘Michael’ had two convictions for marijuana use and one for robbery; and that he had been an unpopular figure at his local mosque. But the essential psychological story is probably as above. {Yes, though a loyal Eysenckian, I have always respected the occasional realistic insights of psychoanalysis. Of course, in Freud’s day the father would normally have won the Oedipal competition with the help of church and state.}

    More prosaically, Kamaldeep Bhui, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Epidemiology, at Queen Mary University of London, concluded from interviews with 600 Muslims in Bradford and London that jihadists suffered depression and loneliness, had sought shelter with a mosque after family problems and had little staying power as fighters (Telegraph, 15 x).

    Details of Z-B’s substantial record of crime and mental instability were provided by the Daily Mail, 23 x, along with the information that his mother was a top immigration official whose Libyan café owner hubby had left her in 1999. Z-B was well and truly on the radar of Canada’s security forces yet had been allowed to wander around the pathologically altruistic country for ten years.


 Analyses (in the Spectator) strongly suggested that the Italian and French economies were basket cases – and that these countries were thus going to have to leave the ‘eurozone’ and EU which prevented them boosting their exports by devaluing their currencies. Hilariously, Downing Street had not mastered the insurance rules to which it had signed up, so was ‘surprised’ at having to pay £2B by Dec.1 to help the weakening economies of France and Germany – but doubtless Mutti Merkel would explain the rules (which would include promise-keeping and Britain being fined £40M if it did not deliver on its vouchsafed helping of weaker brethren).

In the UK itself, the votes of Anglo-Saxons (outside ghastly Celtic Clydeside Glasgow and Dundee) to keep the 300-year Union together claimed the heads of Scotland’s two main party leaders (SNP and Labour) and left Glasgow as a furious rump state that might no longer contribute its 40 Labour MPs to Westminster, giving England a chance of shaking off Celtic/Gallic statist socialism. What fun!

{Of course, in its reluctance to execute jihadists for treason, to refuse plane flights from ebola-torn west Africa and to sink invading boats from West-destroyed Libya, the West had still some way to go....}


 Famous c.1800 as a bastion of liberalism, attracting the Darwin family to send their young Charles for education, Edinburgh University c.2000, having set the world an example of academic illiberalism  by sacking me for opinions deemed racist, sexist, elitist and insufficiently paedohysterical, found its own students learning fast as Edinburgh University’s Feminist Society called for the banning from campus of the Socialist Workers’ Party, mainly for the SWP’s occasionally defending male students accused of ‘rape’

(which by 2014 feminists had made such a wide category as to have all men locked up)

 or ‘rapist’ sentiments  (Observer, 26 x, Nick Cohen). Spokesgirl Eleanor Brayne-Whyatt of the EFS said that universities would show they did not tolerate “rape apologism and victim blaming” if they ordered the SWP to leave.

She little considered that a country where it’s a crime to be offensive is a country where everyone can try to ban everyone else. {The SWP, as well as taking a firm line with hysterical feminism, had been admirably active in my defence in 1996 – taking the battle to Glasgow University, where it staged a book-burning to impress Scotland’s journalists with what E.LU. had been doing.}


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Sunday, October 19, 2014


As Britain’s ‘politicians’, no longer selected from grammar schools, gave up every principle – Liberals no longer liberal, Labour backing bankers, and Tories quite unable to conserve the Union [desperately needing the help of my old playmate, ex-PM Labourite and grammar-basher Gordon Brown] – finding that the BBC, Times and Guardian worshipped them so long as they were peecee --  a ‘Conservative’ MP provided the newest entertainment – rivalling that of his Conservative predecessors who had outdone even Liberal queers by sharing mistresses with Commie spies and hanging themselves from their own lightbulbs while jerking off in the nude:

"Disgraced Tory MP Brooks Newmark had 'two year affair with young mother' and sent her 'up to 40 sexts' - as he vows to ‘fight his demons’ and wife moves out of family home

‘Tory’ MP Brooks Newmark had a two-year affair with a single mother he bombarded with naked pictures of himself and told her 'I am desperate for sex with you', it was revealed today.

The former Conservative minister, 56, a father of five, yesterday issued a grovelling apology after being caught texting explicit photographs of himself for a second time.

Mr Newmark left his post as ‘minister for civil society’ last month after he was exposed as having exchanged lewd photographs with a male journalist posing as a glamorous 20-year-old Tory PR woman.

Today it emerged that he 'seduced' an unnamed mother on Facebook behind his wife's back, sending her up to forty naked selfies in the past year, his lover said.

It is alleged he also invited her to his Westminster office and to his home, after he offered to pay the rail fare.

His wife, innocently caught up in a humiliating sex scandal has moved out of their constituency home in Essex, it has emerged.

He announced he would quit the Commons at the next election, adding that he had ‘traumatised’ his family with ‘bizarre and abhorrent’ behaviour.

He would be moving in to a psychiatric facility to battle his ‘demons’, he said.

It has now emerged that he also sent a series of explicit ‘selfies’ to a single mother he met online. In one photograph he is seen posing naked while grinning in what appears to be a hotel bathroom.

She claims she did not know he was married because 'he's an MP, he's not going to lie'.

The single mother ended the relationship two weeks ago when it was revealed he had sent naked pictures to someone else.

She told The Sun's Paul Sims: 'He's told the world he was foolish and he engaged in late night flirtations online with other women because he was unwell. But that simply isn't true. We met in 2012 and he seduced me.

'We had a full-on relationship for over two years. I was in love with him.'

On the day he quit the Government he wrote: 'Something awful has happened. I can't talk now but have had to resign from Govt. I will catch up later. So sorry.' She replied she 'thought I was the only one for you'.

The following day he said he was in 'pain' but when his lover asked him if she could ever trust him he responded: 'Please stop thinking about yourself.'"

Messages: The flabby thick-necked old bag ooops woman who had a two-year ‘affair’ with the MP claims she received these texts with up to 40 naked photographs. His sexts to a reporter posing as a Tory activist forced him to resign.


 As the West reeled from America’s chosen Obamaniac incompetence (the Kenyan-born Nobel Peace Prize winner having been elected to solve the problem of the USA having failed to return its enemy Black slaves to their homelands) at controlling psychotic Arabia and lunatic Pakiland) and India flew – funded by UK  taxpayers --  a sputnik around Mars, and China rivalled the oil-enriched Mueslis) by building more skyscrapers and even being pretty gentle with the student rebels of Hong Kong, a Guardian article could not avoid the faxalife (14 x):

"China, once the world’s most egalitarian society, is now even more unequal than the United States – 1% of its population owns one-third of the national wealth – and prone to defuse its increasing social contradictions through a hardline nationalism directed at its neighbours, particularly Japan."

Yes, China had let talent roar ahead – as in the days of early Protestantism in Europe. My art historian wife found herself greeted for her lectures on ‘modern art’ with a hotel room usually costing £170 per night, as well as with luxurious lunches and dinners. (And, yes, the Chinks did have a gripe against the Nipponese, America having failed over seventy years to resolve the historic hatreds between its Asian allies.)

Britain, too, was making slow, if unsteady progress towards higher-IQ rule, despite its useless politicos destroying the grammar schools (D. Mail, 15 x):

The richest 10 per cent of Britons controlled more than half the country's wealth, new research has revealed. {They also supplied 50% of gummint taxation revenue}

The annual Credit Suisse global wealth report said Britain was the only country in the G7 group to have increased inequality the past century.

While inequality had fallen in France, Germany, Canada and Japan - and remained flat in the U.S. and Italy - the share of Britain's richest one per cent had climbed.

The rise meant the nation's super-rich now controlled 54.1 per cent of the country's wealth -- up from 51.5 per cent in 2000 and 52 per cent in 2007.

{One (well-deserved) beneficiary was to be my now-Twickenham-based son who was setting up his own law company – though his father had known nothing but the delectations, arguments, crucifixions and remunerations of academic life.}


The West’s peecee clowns, led by their favourite half-Black Obarmy, having failed to cordon off Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia (since these pathetic Whites’ multicult religion allowed no admittance that ebola was 100% concentrated among Blacks), amusingly deployed their usual PR strategy: with the help of pitiful BBC ‘journalists’ they ran around shouting that ebola – which had arrived in New York and London thanks to their stupidity  -- was ‘well under control’ so long as Whites took to living inside plastic bags which would be provided at taxpayer expense and from which emergence would be draconianly punished (along with any statements that Blacks needed White rule to manage their rubbishy countries – ‘free’ of Western control for 50 years).

{Thank heaven China was arriving to take over – mainly of course to protect its own two million neo-imperialists who were extracting whatever minerals the West had neglected.} As a first token gesture of its ‘good will,’ the UK despatched 700 soldiers (and, doubtless, soldierettes) to West Africa so that they could experience the fun of ebola and quickly bring it into England in large quantities (since they would presumably have the ‘right to family life’ enshrined in EUSSR ‘law’).

‘Good’ politician that he was, America’s beloved Obarmy, having let the cat out of the bag, declared he would adopt a more “aggressive” approach to ebola – though what this would involve remained as unclear as all other Western ‘policies.’ Apparently the main fun was to be for shareholders in companies making plastic bags; and any lefties who had not invested would get their own chance as the plague (itself untreatable, and killing 70% of sufferers) ran out of control and could be blamed by leftists on the West’s failure to provide enough skules’n’hospitaws etc for the Blecks who had wanted independence from Western imperial effort.


 Dealing with a radio question about the left-beloved ‘minimum wage’ (widely circumvented – even by theology students known to me), Freud’s great-grandson, Lord Freud, mentioned the simple truth that this artificial barrier kept many disabled (and kindred ‘disadvantaged’) people out of work entirely – for many disabled were simply not worth £7 per hour. For this dereliction from official egalitarian peecee lingo, the young Freud was promptly front-paged (e.g. Grauniad, 16 x) , even by ‘right-wing’ British newspapers. {Did I make this up? Sadly: No. But Sigmund himself, a biological realist, would surely have been proud of his great-grandson.}


 As the foul Black plague of ebola swept into Dallas, Washington, New York, London and Madrid, since none of the West’s politico maniacs were prepared to ban flights from west Africa, two countries which had no ‘White guilt’ provided a model of good sense: yes, Morocco and Jamaica became the first to secure their borders against loopy ‘aid’ workers who wanted to ‘help’ poor and needy Blecks by dashing out to their ghastly countries, getting infected, and bringing ebola to the West – where outrage would inevitably cancel even the most caring, sensible and imperialistic efforts to bring Africa under decent control.


 The left’s devoutly wished end to the family – so all power could be assumed by twerpish nobodies holding state jobs while wearing baseball caps and waving Coca-Cola cans (as seen at HMRC) – was neatly exemplified as a son of the Vice-President of loopy peecee America was kicked out of the US Navy for undue cocaine use. Yes, this leftist ‘son’ of a leftist father – the two last pictured together worshipping Kenyan (though leftist-White-mothered) Obarmy

Hunter and Joe Biden together in Washington for President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009

could not even bring himself to avoid besmirching the family name (Guardian, 17 x).

Neither father nor son had ever come out in favour of legalizing (and taxing) cocaine. That would have been too daring for these creeps. How Obarmy and henchmen must have laughed! Obarmy didn’t need to bother to work for a moment to destroy the West – his ambition as symbolized by his first ‘presidential’ act of trashing the White House portrait of Winston Churchill.

No: the loony-lefty-Whites of the West could be relied upon to destroy their countries by themselves. What fun! Even from the endless Scottish referendum [neverendum....], the left had not learned that people liked their own lives rather than be run by foul-mouthed Glaswegian pseudo-socialists or hypocritical Washington ‘Democrats.’


As the g-respecting Brand clan was re-united in E’bro – with star professor Ian celebrating his brother’s new Speccie-acclaimed book, Shiou-yun returning from a successful (and excellently-looked-after) lecture tour in Taiwan and mainland China [Fuzhou], historical and theological whizz Henry back from Macedonia, and Tom Brand set to arrive and explain his latest millionairish business plans in High Holborn -- a visual aid came to hand on the net:

A nearby site (provided by the great London School blonde trooper, Marian Van Court) set out the situation that we all confronted.

{Just how Italy got such a high IQ is a bit beyond me, but Sweden’s Vikings did visit and the country obviously deserves full marks for the Renaissance, Machiavelli and its continuing mastery of style.}

{And the estimate for Britain may be outdated since, facing socialism, quite a few brighter Brits – albeit nourished in a temperate and parliamentary climate (with swearing limited to post-9pm performances) -- had emigrated to Oz, including my ‘rough diamond’ ginger-haired star student Mike Anderson – a terrible but intelligent leftist -- who gloriously got into {guess where?} The Queen’s College and then, after a position at University College London, found his way on to U.Perth [western Oz].}

{Sorry if I digress, but I’m very proud of my top students! Mike was a footba’ hooligan, so able to find recruits for IT/IQ studies that a psychology department virtually never saw. I supplemented his IQ 90s with a few mental defectives and, bingo, we got the correlation for which I had always been waiting – to get an interesting effect up from the usual social-scientific .25 up to .40 – well, .50 in the moderate-IQ range (see TgF, Chap.3).} Oh yes, sorry, here’s the big problem – especially when most of the world’s breeding is done in Africa and Arabia:

Map of IQ Distribution.  Highest in red.  Africa largely in the abyss of the '60s

AMERICANO-LEFTIST BATTLE WITH ‘RACISM’ HOTS UP, a Harvard product, published an article called “America’s virulent racists: The sick ideas and perverted “science” of the American Renaissance Foundation.” It is an excerpt from a book called The Myth of Race, written by a Professor Robert Sussman of Washington University and published in 2014 by Harvard University Press.

“It is the most sloppy, tendentious, deceitful piece of writing I have seen in a long time,” said the gentlemany, well-informed and ultra-rational AmRen honcho, Jared Taylor.


 On the 20th anniversary of the publication of The Bell Curve, the ‘controversial’ Charles Murray was asked whether anything had changed. ‘Nothing,’ he effectively replied (AEI Ideas, 16 x):

What’s happened in the 20 years since then? Not much. The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows a small narrowing of the [B-W IQ] gap between 1994 and 2012 on its reading test for 9-year-olds and 13-year-olds (each by the equivalent of about 3 IQ points), but hardly any change for 17-year-olds (about 1 IQ-point-equivalent). For the math test, the gap remained effectively unchanged for all three age groups.

    On the SAT, the black-white difference increased slightly from 1994 to 2014 on both the verbal and math tests. On the reading test, it rose from .91 to .96 standard deviations. On the math test, it rose from .95 to 1.03 standard deviations.

    If you want to say that the NAEP and SAT results show an academic achievement gap instead of an IQ gap, that’s fine with me, but it doesn’t change anything. The mean group difference for white and African American young people as they complete high school and head to college or the labor force is effectively unchanged since 1994. Whatever the implications were in 1994, they are about the same in 2014.


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Sunday, October 12, 2014


While MSM simpered over remote Conservative aspirations to save England from the European Court of Human Rights (which had been steadily taking over governance of the EU’s British province by insisting that any Black with a London-based cat had a ‘right’ to UK residence in perpetuity so as to be with his ‘family’ and thus contribute to the mongrelisation that Brussels wanted – so as to re-created the Carolingian Empire of Charlemagne), robust support for Queensman Jeremy Bentham was offered by Peter Hitchens (Sunday Mail, 5 x):

"The only way to escape the ‘Human Rights’ curse is to abolish it entirely, and rely (as we did when we were truly free and independent) on our own well-tried laws, forged in centuries of constitutional battle.

    Canada, which has its own homegrown ‘Charter Of Rights And Freedoms’, modelled on the European one, is just as entangled in liberal drivel as we are. It’s not where the Charter comes from that’s the problem. It’s what it is.

    You have deliberately been given a wholly false impression of what is planned – and, alas, much of the media has joined in the deception.

    There are other falsehoods. Perhaps the worst and most wounding for a British patriot is Mrs Theresa May’s plan to ban ‘extremists’ from the airwaves and the internet. What is an extremist? Why, anyone the Government says is one. I might be one. You might be one."

Yes, it was my ancestral room-mate at The Queen’s College (Back Quad 4/3) who had first and famously condemned talk of ‘human rights’ as “nonsense on stilts” – though politicians loved such vague stuff, which could be turned to any purpose they wished. In the case of ECHR, Daft Dave’s PR-crazed ‘Conservatives’ accompanied their conference-pleasing opposition to it with plans for criminalization of any speech they didn’t like, and for their own ‘British Bill or Rights’ which would transfer governance from European leftist lawyers to English leftist lawyers – a change without a difference.

(Sadly, ‘Human Rights’ had been introduced into law by Churchill – though of course his aim had been simply to defend European minorities against any future Nazis and not to provide residence, citizenship and full elfin welfare benefits to Blacks with cats.)


 My first Oxford college, the splendidly accoutred Queen’s College, Oxford’s fifth-richest, with the grandest buildings and especially library in Oxford, renowned for having theologian John Wycliffe, King Henry V, Russia’s Peter the Great, philosopher Jeremy Bentham, Speccie co-founder Joseph Addison and pop-neurologist Oliver Sacks on its books, had done well in recent years, having had penicillin co-discoverer Lord Florey as its Provost and producing comedian Rowan Atkinson (multimillionaire car-crasher ‘Mr Bean’) and worldwide web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee CH, so it was not without gratification that I found myself listed on the net among the fourteen “scientists who studied at Queen’s” – along with top astronomers Edmond Halley* and Edwin Hubble OBE, mathematician Peter Neumann OBE and my fellow students/colleagues, political scientists and constitutional experts Brian Barry and Vernon Bogdanor.

*My last published correspondence with the College was in 2012, when I suggested Halley’s name was properly pronounced ‘Hawley’.


 A survey found that the Queen's English is most associated with nine out of ten positive character traits, including attractiveness, intelligence, honesty, charm, sophistication and reliability (Daily Mail, 9 x). The only category where it fell short was in humour where it came only eleventh, with the Geordie lilt sounding most fun, ahead of Liverpudlian, Irish, Cornish and Essex.

The experiment involved 750 participants listening to sound clips of men and women with 19 different international and regional accents and scoring what they believed of the person based on ten character traits. The poll also identified a phenomenon dubbed the 'Cheryl Cole factor' where celebrities shape our preconceptions about accents.

Despite the reputation of French and Italian men, RP is the real language of love - as well as many other things. Edinburgh came second, overall ahead of Australian, southern Irish, Yorkshire and American. They were followed by Geordie, Mancunian, Glaswegian and Welsh. French was ranked only 16th for attractiveness and Italian came in only slightly higher at 13th. French performed better in the 'romantic' category but was still only placed third, behind RP and Edinburgh.

    Professor Jane Setter, a phoneticist at Reading University, said: 'RP speakers have been rated highly in terms of intelligence - and the accent itself as attractive - since studies like this began. 'Actors with this accent - like Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) and Richard E. Grant (Withnail and I) - come over as urbane, charming, witty and educated and - well - wouldn't everyone want that from a prospective romantic partner? 'The Edinburgh accent is also associated with culture and intelligence - think Sean Connery or David Tennant and you're already swept off your feet.


  England’s nationalists emerged in the ancient seaside town of Clacton, just N-E of London, where I once, c.1950, enjoyed its candyfloss if not its stony beaches and much-farting pensioners, to give a mammoth 60% vote of confidence to UKIP’s first MP (a strangely slope-jawed ‘Conservative’ renegade who had – after twenty years of loyal service – worked out that PM Daft Dave was in fact a PR fraud).

Fish & chip suppers were thus vindicated – having kept going the brains of Clactonians who saw no sense in voting for Etonians and Jews who had trendily contrived to abolish England’s grammar schools in their quest to appear egalitarian.

In another by-election in ‘Labour’[= non-labouring welfarites backed by patriarchal Marxoid bureaucrites] stronghold Heywood & Something [one of the many unheard-of manufactured committee-contrived ‘areas,’ one of which consigns my wife and myself to waste our votes in gruesome breadbasket ‘East Edinburgh’ though we actually live in between Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle, in what estate agents have long called Newington]. Anyway, there was jubilation all round (except at the BBC) at multiculti peecee ‘Westminster’ taking a drubbing.

{Perhaps some of the political derelicts had been reading this blog? –Though there was no sign of anyone – apart from a few Floridans, Californians, Missourians, Copenhagians, Lisbonians and and Muscovites – ever hearing tell of, let alone reading TgF.... Life had its own slow-moving logic to which books like the Holy Bible, The Origin of Species and Updike’s Rabbit volumes could of themselves make little contribution.}

    Still, one must be thankful for life’s small, if occasional mercies (originating fundamentally from The Queen’s College [home to John Wycliffe, Jeremy Bentham and Sir Tim Berners-Lee CH]) (whether Oz PM Tony Abbott fully appreciated his Oxford college’s key role in creating the modern world was unknown)

(Queen’s was always a modest – if fantastically rich and architecturally superb – college which had even played down its role in supporting Russia’s Peter the Great [with drink] and paranoid religious-maniacal Cambridge orphan Chancellor Isaac Newton [with domiciliary visits from super-sensible-astronomer Edmond Halley (pron. ‘Hawley,’ the Beeb once decided)]:

Yes, Queen’s had lived up to its intellectual reputation!... No wonder that the world – despite peecee religious-maniacal idiots – was gradually becoming healthier and happier.  My ancestral Queen’s room-mate, Jeremy Bentham, would have been pleased that his simple utilitarianism was winning through.


As the BNP’s replacement, UKIP, took the British political class by storm, BBC bleaters could be heard complaining that they ‘didn’t know what UKIP stood for’ (BBCR4, 12 x, 09:45). This was a touching exemplification of Britain’s decades of peecee denial but it was met amusingly by a claim that UKIP’s doorstep canvassers readily discussed matters of race, IQ and third-world immigration in terms that would have got them the sack from Britain’s overwhelmingly peecee workplaces (and banned from the Beeb’s phonelines for life).


 Modest progress towards civilization was made in Tanganyika [Africa]. Seven savages accused of witchcraft were burned alive in ‘Tanzania,’ Bleck police said, adding they had arrested 23 people in connection with the crimes (Yahoo News, 10 x). But at least death was not inflicted on any supposedly bewitched – as had been a common practice in Catholic Europe of the middle ages (the practice going on longest in Scotland, which had wanted to assert its difference from anti-papist England, though England and its south-westerly gales had spared Scotland from the mighty Spanish Armada).

“They were attacked and burnt to death by a mob of villagers who accused them of engaging in witchcraft,” the ‘Tanzanian’ police chief for the western Kigoma region which borders Burundi, Jafari Mohamed, told AFP. “Five of those killed were aged over 60, while the other two were aged over 40,” he added. Among those arrested on suspicion of carrying out the killings was the local traditional healer, or witch doctor. Relatives of those killed described horrific scenes, with the bodies of family members hacked with machetes or burned almost beyond recognition. (Lynn & Vanhanen, Global Inequality, 2006, gave ‘Tanzania’ an average IQ of 72.)


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Monday, October 06, 2014


 The lunatic peecee West, which had sweetly declined to close its borders against even the least urgent travellers from ‘ebola’-torn West Africa, awoke to find it had allowed the lethal virus to be brought to Dallas,* Texas – not by a Black businessman, diplomat or medic but by an entirely casual Liberian-born tourist who had chosen the period of world-wide-known plague as a time for him to visit friends and relatives in the USA, lying about his contacts with ebola sufferers (like his own wife in Monrovia) so as not to interrupt his holiday plans.

Peecee White goon ‘experts’ and the cowed media (dancing to the tune of their globalizing political masters – aka hysterics and ‘postmodernist’ PR liars) promptly ‘assured’ the American public that everything was just fine and dandy and that the little local difficulty would be 100%-contained – though the infected traveller had been wandering around Dallas for five days meeting children (apparently he was some kind of teacher) before reporting to a doctor, so US authorities had to monitor hundreds of Black kids and their extended families.

Within days, another Black, a ‘Texan’ freelance journalist turned out to have been allowed to pop off to West Africa, contract the virus and ‘have to be’ ferried back to homeland US. Evidently the view of Western White-guilt merchants was that West Africa should not suffer alone – which it might not, for the authorities having lost control meant ebola would have longer to mutate into an airborne form.

    In Sierra Leone, failure to implement draconian quarantine of the infected and all recent contacts had yielded a rate of five new cases hourly (BBCR4, 2 X, 08:00) in a country having only 300 hospital beds for its millions of irresponsibly bred Blacks.

(Needless to say, the BBC promptly produced wet belted-earls to blame Britain for the catastrophe. Apparently Sierra Leone – where Britain had managed to stop a vicious and pointless civil war in which tens of thousands had had their hands chopped off by their fellow Blacks – had suffered a ‘terrible’ 0.5% reduction in British largesse, the same cut as had mercifully been imposed on other areas of UK gummint dispensation (apart from the holy bloodsucking National ‘Health’ Service job creation programme for fat middle-aged lesbian sociologists).

    More seriously, the multiculti West’s insistence that it was not at war with Islam allowed the frothing beheaders of Isil to advance to within two miles of Baghdad – evidently little deterred by the occasional GPS-guided Western rocket (costing £250K per each £5K Humvee knocked out) spluttering uselessly into the Arabian sands. (Capturing Baghdad would be a fantastic gift for the Mahommedaniacs, bringing them prestige, treasure, guns, grub and classy women.)

*Yes, I have visited. A remarkable place where beefy chaps sit around in open-necked shirts chewing gum and drinking gnats’ piss ooops Budweisers in their cowboy hats at the airport – outside the air-conditioning of which one is met with a veritable wall of high-temperature humidity.

Texas has some charming spots (notably Austin where gracious fillies ride their horses to the university, and Houston where hundreds of Blacks lie on the streets waiting for buses to take them to – yes – ‘Jensen’); but it has a lot of cockroaches, Blacks and now ebola so, despite its great anti-Washington history, is unsuited to provide a homeland for Whites, who will probably have to relocate to Scotland, where NO-voting Inverness, the Royal Navy town on the fringe of Europe’s biggest desert, could provide a nice base and welcome.


 After centuries of cousinly competition, in which France had relegated its Viking Normans to run Britain but still wanted British support against Germany, France took a hit as Britain’s Tory-led ‘nation of shopkeepers’ economy made a better job of recovering from America’s overlending to Blacks (with the resulting Western banking crash) and gave its Conservatives a poll lead – narrow, but massively superior to the disastrous position of French socialist, polygamist, table-thumper and crazy-mixed-up-kid, Président François Hollande.

The managing director of international economic giant John Lewis described France as “sclerotic, hopeless and downbeat” and advised British entrepreneurs doing business in the country to pull out (Guardian, 3 x). MD Andy Street said France was “finished”, adding: “I have never been to a country more ill at ease … nothing works and nobody cares about it.” {Admittedly, this sounds a bit like peecee Britain....}

He made his comments, reported in the Times, at an event in London marking the end of a John Lewis competition for start-up companies. Earlier, he was in Paris to pick up a retail award for his company. He told the London gathering of entrepreneurs that the award was “made of plastic and is frankly revolting”. “If I needed any further evidence of a country in decline, here it is. Every time I [see it], I shall think, God help France,” he said.

Street advised his audience: “If you’ve got investments in French businesses, get them out quickly.” The eurozone’s second largest economy was struggling for growth under president François Hollande and the country’s own finance minister admitted that it would overshoot the EU’s modest 3% budget deficit target for 2014. The French economy had been hampered by low growth and poor tax receipts in recent years. Flagrant socialism had led to mass emigration of talent, making London the fourth-largest city for housing Frenchies.

    Street also compared the dismal Gare du Nord railway station in Paris as “the squalour pit of Europe”* in contrast to London’s re-vamped St Pancras station at the other end of the Eurostar line.

Street, an Oxford man, later served the cause of diplomacy by saying his remarks had been OTT; but he was backed by UK business leaders, with the head of the Institute of Directors describing France as ‘living on borrowed time’, one economist branding France ‘the sick man of the world’ and a leading commentator accusing the French of being ‘bone idle’.

Still sweeter for critics of the French Republican project, France’s best-known living actor, Gerard Depardieu, stepped forward to say the country was a “filthy mess” and on the way to becoming a second Disneyland, famous only to Chinese tourists; and former President Nicolas Sarkozy said France would need nothing less than himself to save it from “economic disaster” (with its socialist-arranged 35-hour-week, high taxes and bloated civil service) (D.Telegraph, 3 x).

{Apparently, France’s 7M Muesli slaves were not doing much good – indeed, they were a thundering nuisance -- with their propensity to set cars alight whenever the fancy took them. The French formula that all -- whether Catholic, Muslim or Parisian Communist intellectual -- should integrate with the glorious 47th République had passed them by.}

*A Guardian correspondent added: “I've travelled extensively in France, and have noticed a deterioration in recent years, particularly in Paris and the North. I totally agree with his comments on Gare du Nord. It is the worst main station I have ever been to in Europe. Now, all major train stations attract scum; but Gare du Nord actually feels like the cops have lost control and it belongs to the scum. It's a horrible, intimidating place.”


 The Anglosphere’s idiotic ‘educational researchers’ got a kick in the pants as their insane pre-Galtonian scheme to boost intellectual success by the use of cash rewards was exposed as doing nothing for anything apart from the researchers’ own salaries (Guardian, 3 x). Offering rewards such as cash payments or free trips made pupils ‘work harder’ in class but entirely failed to improve their exam results, according to an intensive £1.6m study involving 10,000 children.

The project involved pupils studying for GCSE exams at 63 schools in ‘deprived’ areas across England, and was aided by a team of academics that included superstar professors such as Steven Levitt, the clever-clever co-author of Freakonomics, and John List of the University of Chicago. Professor Simon Burgess of Bristol University, who helped design the study, which was funded by the Education Endowment Foundation {Wot dat? How the quangos multiply!}, said: “I was very disappointed with these results. I thought the incentives would have had an impact on grades.”

    Pupils were randomly offered incentives, including cash payments of up to £160 a term if they met targets for homework, attendance, behaviour and classwork in English, maths and science. Others were offered free outings or trips if they reached the same targets, and a control group was offered no incentives. An independent analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) found no statistically significant improvement in most areas, other than classwork. Homework, behaviour and attendance showed no improvement for cash, and neither did GCSE grades. The offers even failed to improve the results of pupils eligible for free school meals.  {Did these twerps read The g Factor? No chance!}


The inability of primitive peoples to make a success of even a fantastic financial bonanza was dramatically illustrated by the Pacific island of Nauru, which around 1980 had provided the world’s richest few square miles – thanks to bird droppings which, Westerners explained to islanders, could be harvested  for their phosphates. Rolling in riches, the locals quickly abandoned their traditional lifestyles and turned to unhealthy food, obesity [requiring two airplane seats per passenger], alcohol and cigarettes.

It wasn’t long before a health crisis hit, and hard. Life expectancy plunged to just 50, while rates of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses skyrocketed along with their waistlines. By 2007, 94.5 per cent of Nauru’s residents were identified by the World Health Organisation as overweight, and 71.7 per cent obese–the highest rate in the world (AmRen, 26 ix).

While Nauru was formerly known as “Pleasant Island,” due to its lavish tropical vegetation, it’s a harsh reality that it no longer lived up to this name. Many residents had quit their jobs and gone on huge spending sprees including expensive holiday and shopping trips, and importing sports cars – even a Lamborghini. So there was little cash left. “Hardly anyone thought of investing the money. Dollar notes were even used as toilet paper,” a local told the BBC. “It was like every day was party day.”

By 2014, many homes were run down, and the sports cars were rusted wrecks. With few financial options, in 2001 Nauru entered into an agreement with Australia to house a detention centre in return for foreign aid, on which they became reliant. As of 2014, the amount Australia provided was $27.1Mpa.

    The problems of Nauru had been noted earlier in Personality, Biology & Society:

"The people of the Pacific island of Nauru have had riches thrust upon them because of phosphate mining. Instead of fish and vegetables they eat fat and sugar. Eight out of ten adult Nauruans are diabetics and the island now has one of the shortest life-spans in the world. Perhaps the local genes for susceptibility to sugar were at an advantage in times when starvation was followed by glut. Only when glut became the norm did they become dangerous. A change in the environment has led to genetic disease."

Steve JONES, 1993, 'What makes you you?' Daily Telegraph, 5 vi.
{One might have thought most people would have done better with having “riches thrust upon them”....}


 As a British taxi driver (much photoed cuddling a Muslim infant) was videoed having his head sawn off by the Muslims of ‘Islamic State’ [Syria/Iraq], the Britoid press went into pious-hysterical mode – though entirely failing to explain how the man had got himself so exercised as to rush to undertake humanitarian ops in Syria (where IS captured him within 30 minutes of his crossing the border from Turkey), how Mueslis largely tolerated IS (failing to do the slightest battle with it), and how Britain failed to raze mosques in response to Islamic brutalities (of course, as always, the West’s businesspersons wanted the cheap labour and its socialists wanted the welfare-grabbing votes).

Insistence that ‘Islamic State’ had nothing to do with Islam was studiously maintained while MSM waited for some opportunity to blame the West for the atrocity.


 As the West’s muddled multiculti politicos sent their countries’ high-tech jets flying for hours around the sands of Arabia, searching vainly for anything to bomb (ISIL simply put Kurdish or Red Crescent flags up in any areas it wished to protect) while letting Wahahabi-fundamentalist-crazed Saudi and ‘Club Med for Terrorists’ Qatar fund the Solunni jihadists (including the thousands of homegrown Mueslitunes who were still streaming out from Britain etc – where education in religious mania, elf care and welfare for jihadists’ families were effectively provided by the state), European nationalist parties surged in polls (to 30% for France’s FN, 23% for UKIP* and 14% for Germany’s AfD).

Even the dimwitted peecee-propagandized electors of Britain were wising up to the calamity that their PR-driven politicos had created – these skunks destroying every freedom while (with the help of Eton ‘education’) not even knowing what Magna Carta was.

And UKIP expected a further poll boost from the sudden defection to it of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, and from another ‘Tory’ MP, a self-proclaimed ‘modernized’ champion of wymmin’s ishoos, who had been caught with his pyjamas down on the internet (believing he was face-tubing a fetching blonde Swedish teenagerette when in fact his correspondent was an undercover male Sunday Mirror journalist....).

    Thus did Daft Dave begin Britain’s participation in War on Terror Mark II, or World War III as he sometimes insanely called it, forecast by both DD and Obarmy to last ‘for years, with no visible end’ at a rate of millions of dollars daily.

{Would it not have been cheaper to close and/or raze occasional mosques, to ban the niqab, untidy beards and halal meat (elfin safety could easily supply grounds), to invalidate and stop funding all marriages to non-speakers of English (thereby stopping and even reversing the main Pak supply line) and to restore free speech (in particular, to criminalize officials and employers who persecuted educated outspeakers)?

Ah, well, Britain’s multicultiloons preferred the extravagance of bombing – if they could find something for their £200K-per-sortie jets to bomb; so they invited retribution from UKIP et al. – whatever that might involve if a popular ‘far right’ got bold enough to speak and act frankly about racial/ethnic matters.}

    The Daily Mail’s Peter Hitchens put it well (29 ix):

"As this country now has hardly any soldiers, warships, military aircraft or bombs, Friday’s warmongers resorted to the only weapon they have in plentiful supply – adjectives (‘vicious, barbaric’, etc etc). Well, I have better adjectives. Those who presume to rule us are ignorant and incompetent and learn nothing from their own mistakes. How dare these people, who can barely manage to keep their own country in one piece, presume to correct the woes of the world?

    Before they’re allowed to play out their bathtub bombing fantasies, oughtn’t they be asked to show they can manage such dull things as schools (no discipline), border control (vanished), crime (so out of control that the truth has to be hidden), transport (need I say?) and hospitals (hopelessly overloaded and increasingly dangerous)? None of them will now even mention their crass intervention in Libya, which turned  that country into a swamp of misery and unleashed upon Europe an uncontrollable wave of desperate economic migrants who are now arriving in southern England in shockingly large numbers."

Meantime, while the West fooled around with its state-of-the-art non-bombing aircraft, ISIL forces advanced to within two miles of Baghdad – with expensively America-‘trained’ and –armed multiculti-spirited Iraqis fleeing at every turn.

* In the ‘Rochester & Stroud’ parliamentary constituency, due for a by-election in October thanks to Conservative MP Mark Reckless defecting to UKIP, telephone polling gave UKIP a 9% lead over the ‘Conservatives’ (40% to 31%) (Observer, 5 x). While Britain’s main Westminster-represented parties held their annual conferences – advertising yag marriage and comprehensive schools to ‘Conservatives,’ welfare-benefited lone-motherhood and strikes to ‘Labour’ and peecee and EU tyranny to ‘Liberals’ – UKIP had stolen a march on them by its relentless focus on the joy of a pint of beer and a pie in a pub.

Yes, after years in which BBC-backed PeeCee had broken the National Front and the British National Party, the good-humoured (but suitably abrasive) Mr Garage had got himself into a scoring position.


  As the (moderate-Muslim) United Arab Emirates sent a jet piloted by a (pretty) young woman to try to bomb Islamostatists busy attacking Baghdad, it emerged that this form of aerial fighting was singularly terrifying to Mohammedaniacs. Their religion was one for the family and the fighting man and offered a simple life of few restrictions and complexities – and these quite tolerable in semi-African low-IQ conditions since they cautioned against contact with drink [the Christians’ ‘Holy Spirit’....], out-of-control women, dogs, pigs, dead meat and homosexuals.

(By contrast, Jewry had stuffed itself full of regulations requiring armies of lawyers and Talmudic scholars – finally bringing about the downfall of its own great (bisexual) King David who had had an affair [with Bathsheba] yet not even murdered his love-rival [merely sending him – a signed-up commander -- to the front] and being castigated by Jesus for its Pharisaism; and Christianity, while being generally liberating [dropping crucifixion, circumcision, adulterer-stoning, funny hats, most dietary restrictions and most talk of The Devil], had led to the complexities of forgiveness and its supervision by priests who took confessions and thus organized effective police states – cut back eventually by Protestantism, but then re-organized by socialism and PeeCee.)

Violent Muesli jihadists were told their reward would come in heaven, in the shape of 72 virgins - but not, apparently, if they got themselves killed by women. Thus the increasing number of female soldiers taking to the front line against extremists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was sowing fear in Islamomaniac ranks that they would be denied their prize in paradise – at least according to Ed Royce, who chaired the US House International Relations Committee.

    "These Isil soldiers apparently believe that, if they are killed in battle, they go to paradise so long as they are killed by a man," Royce told the New York Post, citing reporters of Kurdish female fighters laughing as they repelled attacks by the extremist group. "And these female soldiers were communicating their satisfaction at the fact that they had taken the fight to Isil and had stopped the advance, turned back the advance - slaying a number of these fighters, who would then run away.”

Koranic verses or poetry promising 72 virgins in paradise to jihadists who died in battle had been used frequently by radical imams and extremist groups as a recruitment tool. However, male fighters were unclear about whether dying at the hand of a woman would yield the coveted reward.

    Women had long been a feature of Kurdish* ‘peshmerga’ forces. Now, many girls from threatened towns and villages were signing up to join all-women units to fend off Isil forces who were threatening to over-run their homeland. "We are being trained to use snipers, Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades," a woman from the minority Yazidi community told the Telegraph.

*The Kurds were a 25M-strong polyglot people -- legendarily descended from 500 mistresses whom they had assembled for King Solomon -- who sat in control of Iraq’s water supplies. Though of mixed religious influence, they were racially Indo-European rather than Arabic and did not specially respect the fundamental Muslim principle of female subordination.


Despite the gift of Scotland voting to continue the UK, Westminster multicults could not believe their racial luck and went full steam ahead to ‘devolve’ [i.e. dismember] the UK into bits for which they could not be held responsible, and which (with their century-long incompetence in organizing the Glasgow Irish and their latter-day incompetence of the obese lesbian Holyrood ‘Parliament’ and the empty Edinburgh trams) could be handed over to the EUSSR (Scotsman, 30 ix).

The solution to the UK’s pathetic socialist-induced problems was simple: hand over the House of Lords to the country’s leading taxpaying property owners and the House of Commons to under-60s of proven intelligence, while giving the Houses equal powers -- squabbles to be resolved by the Queen’s Privy Council. But the PR people of Westminster preferred to consign the rest of the UK to incompetents while they themselves enjoyed a life of rising property prices on the ‘basis’ of taxpayer-backed casino wanking ooops banking.


 Though Britons had been stripped of free speech (about genes, race and IQ) over fifty years by socialists, ‘liberals’, ‘Tories’ and the BBC, they rejoiced in new freedoms which no-one of 1960 could have imagined: to pop off to Syria to murder Christians, Jews and Yazidis, and then to return to the UK to enjoy full taxpayer-funded council housing, welfare benefits, disablement supplements, plastic surgery for injuries, and babysitting ooops school provision for Muesli-sired sprogs.

Joining the hundreds of disaffected ‘British’ Muesli products who had already taken this path to self-indulgent treachery and stealing, three teenagerettes were reported has having gone missing from their useless Muesli families (in scarcely ‘deprived’ Bristol) which had doubtless given them little confidence as girls and thus driven them to jihad (D.Mail, 30 ix).


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