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 After a visit to Edinburgh by the ‘three Chancellors’ (from all Westminster’s main parties) and an overfed Eurowallah to pummel the Jocks with the widely-agreed economic arguments for the two countries being better together, the Scots remained dourly unimpressed: like the English and the whole world since the unanticipated financial crash of 1908, Scots were understandably inclined to pass the eye over the incomprehensible and inconsquential financial pseudo-expertise of the likes of the barely heard of George Osborne and Quite Unheard-of Holy Emmanuel Barroso and turn to the sports and celebrity pages.

Those wishing to stop Scottish independence, with all its display of dirks and daggers and hairy legs (and probable support for those bombing for a united Ireland), would have done better to play on Scotland’s own major real racial divide between west and east, an argument in which east-siders would have have most of the oil, most of the civilization, all of the hunting and all the main cities except for forever-doomed Glasgow. (The east would also obviously invite all Borderers and north Glasgwegians – both areas where the people were more Sassenach than Sassenach. Hopefully, a deal could also be done with the northern Highlanders & Islanders – never enamoured by Scottie home rule at the best of times.)


 The Torygraph, which had grown progressively more muddled since its sacking of Simon Heffer, put its ten years of support for Shitites (in taking over Iraq) to one side, threw itself into backing the assorted Solunnis (including 500 ‘British’ jihadists) who had found their way to Syria to fight Basher Assad (with the help of a new $1M of American arms) and bringing the grand death toll of the ethnic civil war in Syria alone to 140K (16 ii).

Nor could any but the paper’s realist Christopher Booker mention that most of Britain’s floods were due to wilful lack of dredging (and even Booker did not call for sackings and punishments). The only flash of reality in the whole paper was the brief admission that a massive police clampdown – assisted by dogs – had quite failed to reduce the 100K prostitutes of China’s Dongguan and their pimps – the usual result achieved by Western do-gooders.


  MS-suffering Stephen Hawking, Britain’s second-best known and celebrated scientist (after Nobelist Peter Higgs) was moved to demand in the Guardian (17 ii) an end to the carnage in Syria – little admitting that the Shitites and Solunnis had hated each other over trivia for 1.4 thousand years, that the groups were racially different, that their latest activities had destroyed Syria’s central cities and displaced three million people and that Russia was quite unlikely to drop a handy ally which it sacrificed much to support over three years.


 Britain’s ‘Army’,  whose ten years of ‘fighting’ in Afghooniland and Eyeraq had yielded little but sand up the bottom for troops, admitted that more went on than met the eye as it sent home 201 females who had got themselves pregnant – whether prior to combat or during it (which was illegal) was not known; nor was the cost of training and shipping out such females to combat zones where they could not perform (D.Mail, 17 ii). Black Lance Bombardier Lynette Pearce, 28, became the first British Army soldierette actually to give birth on the front line.


"...A "Liberal Paradise" would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed  exist ...... ...It's called prison."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Phoenix, Arizona


There were high jinks during a couple of riots on the run-down offshore Papua-New-Guinean island of Manus (Indie, 18 ii). The tented holding facility was part of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's [the Queen’s College, Oxford] tough stance against asylum seekers but it had come under criticism over ‘uman rights concerns. One ‘asylum seeker’ was shot dead and scores of economic migrants and natives injured each other – the former [having paid tens of thousands of dollars to people smugglers and conveniently ‘lost’ all documentation] wanted into the Workers’ Paradise directly and the natives were jealous of all the perks lavished on the chancers. {It was going to be a long slog to get back to the tranquillity of the famous White Australia policy!}


A rise of reported people trafficking by 50% in 2013 to 1,744 was admitted by Britain’s National Crime Agency (Independent, 18 ii). The NCA disclosed that half of the women smuggled into the country worked as prostitutes, with smaller numbers forced into domestic servitude or labouring. Nearly two-thirds of the men were put to unpaid work, while 18 adult men and 90 boys were brought in to work in the sex industry. Albania was the most common country of origin for such victims, followed by Nigeria, Vietnam and Romania.


 After thirty years of oil-rich Venezuela dishing out its goods like sweeties (e.g. a violin for each child), the oil began to run out and spoiled students took to looting and splitting heads (killing three) while the Government threw out US diplomats, blaming the US for wanting to resume its traditional dominance in the country (Indie, 18 ii). The state of hyperinflation, repression and water-cannoning of socialist supporters by the government was helpfully summarized by Paul Bloodworth (Indie, 19 ii, ‘Chavez’s socialist dream has turned into a nightmare@).


 As failed psychgeneticist Professor Robert Plomin (of London’s King’s College but surely facing retirement) was interviewed (by media-babbling New Statesman headmaster Peter Wilby) so as to flaunt his ear-ring and subscriptions to the Labour Party (Guardian, 18 ii), he covered his failure to advance his subject beyond, the work of Burt and Jensen by invoking ‘individualized learning’ – though just where the money would come from for such an exercise, especially since measures and diagnoses were not to be allowed, rather exposed the limits of the professor’s economic grip. Most Guardian correspondents were unhappy about the easy ride which the Chicago-born Plomin was given.


 After decades of British politicos driving youngsters into ‘university’ courses, fully 44% of graduates reckoned they would have done better to take a more practical, vocational course (D.Mail, 18 ii). Two in five degree holders were still job hunting six months after receiving their ‘degrees’, said a survey. A sixth would be happy to travel more than 100 miles for an interview.


The public campaign for reducing handouts to the ‘international community’ yielded corking examples of waste. Take the £15million frittered by the climate change department on tackling flatulence among cows in Colombia, with £75million more spent on renewable energy projects in increasingly prosperous Chile, India, Nigeria and Turkey. Or consider the £1billion the Foreign Office contributed to the EUSSR’s aid programme, wasted on luxuries such as a waterpark in Morocco or equipping border guards in totalitarian Belarus.


 Not content with allowing Sharia devotees into Britain, with giving their criminals the shortest sentences possible, by declining to deport them, by declining to blow up a mosque for each native Brit they killed, and by letting Mueslis run school canteens according to their own specifications, Britain – in the form of its Legoland Fun Centre -- agreed to provide fun for jihadists by renting them the centre for a day of jollifications (D.Mail, 18 ii).

Its theme park in Windsor, Berkshire, accepted a booking from a man said to be among the top 25 hate preachers in Britain. Haitham al-Haddad Barking led the Muslim Research and Development Foundation, which was based in Tower Hamlets, and was in favour of turning the UK into a Sharia state. Al-Haddad, an enthusiastic supporter of Taliban policies, believed that Jews were ‘descended from apes and pigs’; homosexuals were criminals and those who left Islam should be killed.


 Just in time for two mad Mueslis to receive ‘whole life tariffs’ for gratuitously killing two British soldiers in a London street in broad daylight, the Supreme Court [or whatever  Britain was allowed under EUSSR rules] backed such imprisonment without hope of review or mercy. {The likelihood that ‘Europe’ would accept this decision was remote; but Britain would doubtless press on towards maximum welfare spending rather than letting the animals swing.}


 After four years of legal action, costing £209M, residents of the tiny hamlet of Hardhorn, Lancashire, won the right to shift 70 Irish and Scottish ‘travellers’ (who had moved in over a weekend when council offices were closed). But could locals enforce their hard-won right? No, said a traveller, that would cost millions more (Daily Mail, 19 ii).


Britain’s Mueslie Baroness Warsi, elevated for her peecee attitudes and in the hope she might cut some ice with Asian immigrants, announced – as had this blog ten years ago – that she foresaw trouble ahead, though mitigated by the likelihood that Shitites and Solunnis would spend more time fighting each other than they would fighting Whites and Jews (D. Telegraph, 19 ii). Yes, Divide and rule had now become the fallback position of Britain’s great’n’good!

The felicitous hatred was mentioned in Paul Johnson’s coverage of early-C19 Russia) (The Birth of the Modern, 1991, HarperCollins):

Russia’s great ally, however, then as now, was the Sunni-Shiah conflict. The predominantly Sunni Turks and Shiah Persians could hardly ever be got to co-operate against Russian aggression. Even when they did so, their armies had to be camped well apart since if their rival calls to prayer could be overheard, religious riot invariably followed.

A helpful summary of the 1,400-yr-old conflict between Shitites (Iran-backed 10% of Islam) and Solunnis (Saudi-backed 90%) was provided by Paul Valelly (Indie, 19 ii, ‘The return of the oldest war on earth’). PV’s analysis – like that of this blog for the last three years -- was that a state of ‘transnational civil war’ now existed between the rival groups.


 America’s elite, normally so dismissive of IQ, found themselves having to consider sombrely and publicly in the US Supreme Court (from March 3) a case brought forward from Florida to the effect that IQ  80, not 70, should be the cut-off point for deciding mental defect in criminal cases (Nature, 20 ii).


 Authoritarian plans to ‘supply’ every Scottish child with a state ‘guardian’ (who would ensure teenagers’ familiarity with atheism, contraception, welfarism, English wickedness etc) were challenged by the Christian Institute which said it would “drag”the Scottish Executive through the courts “in defence of family life against state intrusion” (D.Tel., 20 ii, p.7). The Institute had obtained legal advice from one of the UK’s most eminent QCs that the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill would breach the European Convention on Human Rights.


 Instead of dividing rioting Ukraine into its natural components (west, pro-EUSSR; east, pro-USSR; east and west of the River Dnieper respectively), the self-appointed political diners ooops geniuses of the ‘international community’ decided to spend nine months creating a minimally modified constitution for the country in which the (still elected – with 49% of the poll in 2010) president (and his business cronies) would have slightly less power over factious parliamentarians (half of whom had already gone into hiding in the east for fear of attacks in Kiev) (BBCR4, 21 ii, 09:00).

Whether the actual brick-tossers and police-killers who held Independence Square would co-operate seemed dubious – though there were signs of some of their leaders liking big dinners rather than big solutions. It could be the Russians could get their way by having ‘their’ (elected) President Stinkpoocough withdraw eastwards from his opulent Kiev palace, establish a robustly Slavic regime and look on as the assorted fire-eaters of Maidan (a mixture of football fans aka ‘fascists,’ socialists and Europhiles) proceeded to tear themselves apart and thus provide the very buffer zone Russia wanted between itself and Berlin.


 Almost twenty years after ELU had thought up the plan of putting me on trial for lack of paedohysteria (rather than for racism), and as several big-name TV celebrities were cleared of paedophilia of forty years ago, accusations of insufficient paedohysteria began to thud against Harriet Harman, the Deputy Leader, and her husband – for by backing the National Council for Civil Liberties in the 1970s they had lent support to the ‘Paedophile Information Exchange’ which encouraged research into the mysterious condition (D.Mail, 21 ii). Could this be the end of the road for paedohysteria? Or did someone still more elevated and leftish need to be smeared?


Having failed to ‘roll out’ his ‘Big Society’ wheeze – under which, if properly executed, down-and-outs – many half-caste -- would have had their benefits and supervision arranged by clergy – the full raft of the Church of England’s bishops (26), plus the odd RC, complained that Daft Dave was out-Thatchering Thatcher in meanness to the ‘poor’ (most smokers and drinkers).

Ironically, the ultra-divines gave no thanks that HMG had organized ‘food banks’ so that food approaching its sell-by date could be used; could not produce a single case of a hungry Brit – except some having serious disease; and were told by the High Court that it was perfectly just for councils to charge for spare bedrooms (used to house bicycles and a spare bed for occasional use by granny) (D.Mail, 21 ii).

    The beershops disingenuously said ‘half a million people’ had been forced to rely upon a food bank since last Easter.In fact, there had been 500,000 individual visits – with many people attending on multiple occasions.Emotively, the bishops also said 5,500, with many attending on multiple occasions, this figure including large numbers suffering cancer, liver disease, mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction – and even obesity.


As five ‘Eastern European’ men who had lived in Peterborough were jailed at the Old Bailey for a total of 54 years for raping and otherwise seducing weenies, it turned out that three had Muslim names and two (including the gang’s leader) were Roma. There was no prospect of anyone but the British taxpayer forking out for the convictions (and doubtless ‘uman rights petitions) – the process of State largesse having already begun with £40K for translation services despite the convicts having already had around five years of living in the UK (D.Mail., 21 ii).


 After years of coping with Black criminality and dependency, Israel came to an agreement that Uganda would step up into the thousands the number of Blacks (originally from hellholes like Eritrea and Somalia) which it would accept as deportees (Ha’aretz, 19 ii). Just what financial bribes were to be paid was left unclear. The Blacks had managed to enter Israel through the vast desert border with Egypt before the completion in 2013 of a hi-tech fence along the border with the Sinai Peninsula brought the flow to a virtual halt. Saudi Arabia had embarked on a similar policy of unloading unwanted Blacks.


Those who thought American universities some kind of bastion for academic freedom (despite the 20-year persecution of Richard Herrnstein et al), were given a rude awakening as a Harvard Crimson editorial writer, Sandra Korn (17 ii) , urged that “academic justice” replace freedom as the key editorial demand, obliging writers to dump articles which failed to condemn any phenomena of ‘oppression’ which had come to light.


 A young Muslimme solicitorette exercised a London judge with pleas that her religion, name (Khan) and attempt to pervert the course of justice (for which she got a suspended sentence as she had tried to hide her father dodge a speeding fine) should not get into the public domain “for cultural reasons”) (D.Mail, 22 ii).

Belatedly, Judge Peter Hughes agreed with argument from the Mail’s lawyers that such secrecy would be de trop, but the case showed there was a serious possibility of covering up Muslim crimes “on cultural grounds.”


 Britain prepared to roll out the red carpet for Reichskanzlerine Merkel as she came to London to address both Houses of Parliament and announce what concessions she had arrived at in her Berlin shindig with Daft Dave so as to help keep the UK in the EUSSR. The Indie reported that Germany increasingly saw the Berlin-London axis as central to the EU – and southern over-borrowers as basket-cases (23 ii),


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Monday, February 17, 2014


The Labour-beloved wife of House of Commons Speaker Bercow was snapped smooching at a nightclub with a tattooed Black chimpanzee – an event which disgusted midget hubby Bercow, but his wife refused to go into treatment for this or the rest of her her long run of exhibitionistic performances (Sunday Mail, 9 ii).


  Swiss voters gave a kicking to the Brussels bullies who wanted European nations destroyed as fast as possible by the possible immigrants they had found in Bulgaria etc. The 0.3% majority against more swamping meant that many EUSSRIC treaties on free movement of peoples and goods would require renegotiation (Indie, 10 iii).


 The top kicker for the Coalition’s LibDim-constraining ‘partners’ in government, the Conservatives’ rotund Eric Pickles, announced he would ban strikes not supported by at least 50% of the workforce – as were two current stikes by London transport ‘servicemen,’ whose merry jinks should have been banned years ago (D.Mail, 10 ii). {The strikes were soon called off thanks to the time-honoured pre-Thatcherite policy of giving in to union demands.}


 The popular TV show, The X Factor, which allowed callers to select their favourite singers, was ‘overhwelmingly racist’ according to its star actor Chris O’Dowd, with Black singers rarely selected as front runners (being especially given the thumbs down by half-castes) (Indie, 11  ii).


As vast floods broke the banks of the Thames where people had lived happily for 250 years so as to be close to water, it became obvious that not even greedy house builders, quangocrats and local authorities were to blamed for allowing ill-defended constructions on flood plains; the usually passable punchy Minister Eric Pickles did not even dare to criticize leading sewer rats (Greens and related government-paid saints) who had declared a moratorium on dredging for the sake of pond life – presumably what all feared was up-and-at-em lawyers (Indie, 11 ii).

One could only wait for the flooding to get into London itself for there to be a serious reaction. Alas, ‘Ooncle Pickles seemed to be a man well a truly on a leash – though Daft Dave doubtless hoped the leash would snap and Pickles would just drift away conveniently downstream.


 Despite Britain’s costly crusade against paedophilia, it turned out that some 50% of teenies were ‘sexting’ on the net in a way that made capture of their flirtatious images possible, followed by sale of the images on to monster paedos. Around 40% of teachers were aware that their charges were taking part in these knickerless games on Facetube, Splutter, YourPuss etc., thinking the images they put up would only be available briefly to friends (D.Mail, 11 ii).

The costs and entertainment of police monitoring of these juvenile fun and games were unknown – though cops were perhaps too busy with Jimmy Savile cases of 1980 to have time for the latest fad.


The nonsense of having separate football teams for yags, LGBTs etc emerged as the 16-time captain of Britain’s wymmin’s team revealed ‘she’ was a man – a secret well kept by her fellow team mates (D.Mail, 11 ii).


  21 terrorists blew themselves up accidentally 60 miles north of Baghdad while trying to make car bombs and exploding belts. A further two dozen goons injured themselves and/or were arrested (D.Mail, 11 ii).


 As England’s south-west laboured under the worst floods in living memory and even began to threaten London, all politicians, quangocrats and Greens joined forces in downplaying that more billions had been spent on PR schemes advertising the ‘preserving’ of birdies and pond slime (including on Gay Pride grants) than on dredging rivers to keep water draining.

There were to be no prosecutions since well-fed idealists not unreasonably took the convenient view that all were equally to blame (D.Mail, 12 ii). The whole business looked like a gift to Ukip at the forthcoming EUSSR elections.


Several unheard-of students from Labour’s stable for studying genetics just in case were allowed out with several small findings that unheard-of genes might relate to aspects of intelligence – especially giving the dim relatively modest left hemispheres. Needless to say, the multiplicity of intelligences was stressed; and there was no mention (at least for journalists) of previous work with little g (D. Telegraph, 12 ii).


 Reminding idealists of the level of civilization which years of British aid had once helped Blacks achieve, police arrested 11 people and closed a top restaurant in Nigeria after two human heads wrapped in cellophane were discovered at a hotel restaurant that had been serving human flesh (Indie, 13 ii).

Army caps, guns and ammunition were also found, together with several puzzled clergyman customers who had wondered how prices had been getting so high at the luxury joint. In Britain, the big question was whether the usual apologists for their gormless tribe, Obama, Diane Abbot, Trevor Philips, Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Al Shapton, Louis Farakan, David Lamy and more, would speak out about this before leaping on and shouting down truthful comments such as "Bongo Bongo Land" when that epithet was applied?

    In Papua New Guinea (just 100 miles north of Oz), vigilantes tried to mount patrols to prevent women accused of witchcraft from being tortured and eaten by their fellow tribespersons (D.Mail, 13 ii).{PNG  had previously been in the news in the 1990s for selling 50 of its children to serve as paedophile house-partners for US educator and Nobelist Daniel Gajdusek.}


Despite hearing PM Daft Dave’s ridiculous proclamation that “money would be no object” in helping the UK’s flood victims, a Devonshire council of the pig ignorant announced it would charge £2 per sandbag to its unlucky locals (D.Mail, 13 ii). Another council, in Hampshire, said it would charge householders £6 per bag (BBCm 13 ii, 14:00pm).


In the by-election in brain-dead Withenshawe, a completely safe Labour seat, Labour lost 5K voters whereas (up by 15%) Ukip added 3K, the Conservatives (lost 500) were driven into third place behind them, and the Liberals (losing 500) came an ignominious fourth and lost their deposit. Not a bad result for Ukip, which many UK (dumbos thought was perhaps some kind of trade union (Indie, 14 ii)!

{Whether Ukip could ever give a kicking to Labour’s army of taxpayer-funded careerists – whether on benefits, wages or salaries – began to look a possibility, especially if useless ‘Conservatives’ got out of the way.}


Scientists from North-Western Illinois University attested what every London Schooler had known  by 1990, that yaggery was mildly heritable – but they discovered especial involvement of particular genes in regions such as Xq28 which would enable selective abortion {a matter which did not appeal to the peecee scientists themselves, who preferred to stress the ‘multiplicity’ of (genetic and social factors) that must surely always be involved in determining whether someone would become a bumboy} (Indie, 14 ii).


 As ‘Lord’ Smith (and fellow molluscs) turned out to be responsible for the decision not to dredge Britain’s rivers (but to spend his vast budget plus perks – at least £50Kpa plus expenses) on fripperies such as Gay Green Day, it transpired that his organisation (the Environment Agency) was the largest in Europe (BBC, 13 ii, c.10pm), that he ‘earned’ himself a nice £100Kpa from HMG for a 3-day week, and that his ennoblement had followed rapidly on his ‘coming out’ as a yag.

(He had admitted being HIV positive in 1987 – amusingly at the same time he became a ‘parliamentary aid.’) He had parted from Iraqi-born homosexual boyfriend Dorian Jabri, in 2012, prompting a headline that read: “Gay pioneer's heartbreak: Lord Smith splits from partner” (BNP 14 ii).

{Amazingly, he had not covered his rear by taking out membership of the Liberal Party and keeping its yag-loving and justice-perverting leading light Chris Huhne company in prison!}

Smith was an arch-quangocrat with a seat for his bottom on eleven taxpayer-funded bodies across Europe, each bigger than Britain’s Environment Department and governments unable to give him the sack. He had previously presided with equanimity over other floods, a fixed believer that the only answer was to wait for the reversal of ‘climate change’ {which had strangely left France, Holland and Scotland unflooded....}

{Just why BoJo and Ooncle Pickles had not called for Smith’s resignation was a mystery. Perhaps they at least were all ‘in it together....}


 Christians and Muslims of the Central African Republic continued to slaughter and displace each other as if there was no tomorrow, the former having got thoroughly fed up with months of Muesli persecution and the failure of the former colonial power, France, and the United Nations to supply any more than 2K troops to monitor and control a country the size of France. {Still, Obarmy loved the French pseudo-action, which allowed him to keep out of genocide.


 Britain’s system of job provision for cops and tabloid journalists, paedohysteria, met its match as juries threw out most of the dozens of ancient charges against TV celebrities (who had around 1980 drawn in girls to have their bottoms pinched as a magnet draws in iron filings) (Indie, 15 ii).

At the same time, ‘authorities’ around the globe continued to seek the prosecution of elderly ‘war criminals’ and went into hysteria at the veneration (e.g. Japan’s) of 60-yr-old war graves.

{Frankly, it was time to stop the conflict-fuelling nonsense: the term ‘criminal’ should only be applied to those charged within a year and convicted within two. Without dramatic and media change, most people would by 2015 end with criminal records and all the discrimination, disgrace and bullying that can involve.}


The problem of how to (appear to) unload redundant and otherwise useless civil servants – some on salaries of £370kpa – was ‘solved’ by bribing them to retire then bribing them to rehire (without even having to part with their initial redundancy money). The costs of such fraud on the taxpayer were estimated to add up to £2.7Mpa (D.Mail, 15 ii). Yes, Britain’s ‘civil servants’ had become as venal as the politicians in charge of them (and waiting for their own perks and ennoblements in due course) were barking mad.


Britain’s policy of not mending potholes (so that more cash could be diverted into staff salaries) had its comeuppance at Northampton County Court as the Council was told to compensate the scores of drivers who had had tyres shredded in a 3-ft-wide hole despite the Council (which deceitfully promised 5-day-action) being multiply informed of the problem (D.Mail, 15 ii).


 French – and especially French-Arab – anti-Semitism elicited legal reproof (and the withdrawl of the quenelle Nazi-style salutes from YouFace together with references to a ‘Robert Faurrisson’ who disputed the official figure [since 1985] of six million Holocaust deaths (D.Telegraph, 15 ii)).

 As Israel announced a three-year pogramme to attract more Jewish immigrants from France, one wondered when one would first hear of ‘right-wing’ liaisons between the psychotic Arabs of the banlieues and the left-hating Front Nationale.


Normally thought pre-occupied with that inflammatory centre of wealth and employment, Gibraltar, the Spanish government demonstrated its determination to resist African immigration by shooting dead twelve nignogs who had tried to find their way by land into Ceuta – a Spanish equivalent of Gib (D.Telegraph, 15 ii).

MUESLIS FAN RACE TENSION (New York Times, 14 ii)

"Alum Rock, a neighborhood of Birmingham, looks the way Pakistan might, if Pakistan were under gray northern skies and British rule.

The streets are lively but orderly, with shops that provide the largely South Asian population with most of its needs. The huge Pak Supermarket, with its 10-kilogram bags of spices and rices, is matched by the nearby Pak Pharmacy. Nearly every face is South Asian, and people wear a vibrant mixture of clothing, from Western styles to head scarves, knitted caps and full-face veils, or niqabs.

But the Muslims of Alum Rock, Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook, who make up most of the more than 21 percent of Birmingham’s population who declare Islam as their religion, are newly uneasy, they say. The backlash from the killing of a white soldier, Lee Rigby, in London in May by two fanatical young British Muslims, combined with anxieties about the flow of jihadis between Britain and Syria and the sometimes harshly anti-immigrant tone of leading British politicians have combined to create a new wariness among British Muslims.

“It is a less comfortable country than it used to be,” said Sadruddin Ali, 35, born and raised here.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are up, the police and Muslim advocacy groups say. In response, many British Muslims say they are becoming more insular and more reluctant to leave their areas of Britain’s big cities, where they are among other Muslims and South Asians.

To many Muslims and non-Muslims, that is a worrying trend in what is considered to be a generally tolerant country as it heads toward the 2015 general election. A divided Conservative Party has a populist, anti-immigration party to its right in the U.K. Independence Party, and even the opposition Labour Party is supporting restrictions on benefits for immigrants.

“There is more hostility and more aggression,” Mr. Ali said.

He mentioned the firebombing of a nearby mosque after the Rigby killing, as well as the fatal stabbing in April of Mohammed Saleem, 82, as he left a local mosque. His attacker was a recent Uk Iranian immigrant, who also placed three small bombs outside mosques. In June, a police officer and three other people were stabbed outside another Birmingham mosque.

In other parts of Britain, Mr. Ali said, “I feel a bit intimidated and don’t feel welcome, to be honest.”


In London, anti-Muslim episodes rose from 318 in 2011 and 336 in 2012 to 500 by mid-November in 2013, the police reported. The Greater Manchester Police recorded 130 offenses in 2013 compared with 75 in 2012. The West Midlands Police force, which covers Birmingham, reported in response to a freedom of information act request that there were 26 anti-Islamic hate crimes in 2011, 21 in 2012 and 29 through October 2013."


  Malawi mothers living in Britain turned out to be sending off their 10-yr-old daughters for ‘sex education’ in the homeland, involving getting pregnant by tribal elders, the long-term price being paid by the British taxpayer (D.Mail, 5 ii). Malawi rated 10th for the highest rate of child marriages in the world.


 Despite having had the good luck to get shot of hundreds of Britain-based Muesli psychopaths who wanted to blow each other up in Syria (along Shitite vs Solunni lines), Britain invited all surviving wanderers to resume residence in the UK, while searching for sympathy that this crackpot generosity imposed ‘strains’ on British security services (BBC4, 16 ii, 09:00).


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Sunday, February 09, 2014


 What a Black America would look like was illustrated as Blacks took to the courts to fight over the legacy of paedophile Communist saint Martin Luther King {one would have thought there was enough dosh to go round} and set up Black-only shops where no White produce would be handled {until re-labelled as Black} (Black News, 6 ii).


 Swearing and spitting – though-well-known Oz proclivities -- were to be banned to migrants, according to leaks from gummint sources (Puffington Post, 30 i). The Greens’ senatress Sarah-Hanson Young called it “clear discrimination against a specific group of people and it needs to be called out for what it is.”


 Government demands in England became that ‘schools’ provide round-the clock ‘nurseries’ for 2-year-olds so that mothers could go to work {driving trams, shooting Afghans?} (D.Telegraph, 3 ii). {How Stalin would have been pleased with such a further break-up of family life – this time orchestrated by English ‘Conservatives’!}


  As Somerset drowned under a foot of water (as it had for two months), not a single British politician stepped forward to blame the Greens – let alone to charge them – for their lunatic policy of stopping the dredging of rivers on which they had insisted so as to ‘preserve’ their precious fish, birds and kindred pond slime (Indie, 8 ii).

{‘Conservatives’ typically masqueraded as Greens – an act of trendimanship that came naturally to creepy Liberoids and Labourites.

But don’t worry, folks: E’b*gger is 500ft above sea level! – E’bogger’s problem has been the take-over of its taxpayer-funded institutions by multicultiloonery and allied devotion to mental subnormality.)


 Black students of the University of Michigan put in a complaint that no university report should ever allow the identification of criminals, drug addicts or AIDS sufferers, flash mobbers or the fatherless as belonging differentially to a particular ethnic group – viz. Bleck (CBS Minnesota, 29 i). Apparently, the affronted nignogs had learned the observation of Voltaire that one could see who was in real authority by simply seeing whom one was not allowed to criticize.


In a move that might open the eyes of Eurolords and masters to the unpopularity of the unconstrsained immigration which they had introduced (so as to break up European nations and have most children taught in classes where the native language was largely unknown at any sophisticated level), the voters of Swizerland allowed themselves a referendum which might reject further immigration – a motion given a sporting chance by the BBC (World Service, 9 i, 08:30).


  A golden opportunity beckoned for the British public as lawyers (greedy as ever for more ‘legal aid’) threatened to go on strike (Indie, 9 i) – allowing prosecutions within a day and no multi-milllion-pound trials of 80-yr ‘gropers’of the kind just thrown out by a London jury. Hooray for strikes – let the costs of crime be met from the deep pockets of the socialists who had taken over the law!


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Friday, February 07, 2014

Chris has been in one of Britain's government hospitals -- getting the sort of appalling treatment I foresaw. He left waving his fist and shouting abuse at them over the treatment he got. He has a short submission below,  with an account of his hospital experiences leading off  --JR


My apologies for recent gaps in transmission: I agreed after a year of consultation to become a bed patient (on the advice of my excellent G.P.) at Edinburgh Labour’s shiny (but otherwise incompetent, bone idle [unless one was senile] and dangerous] ‘Royal Infirmary’ to investigate a little swelling and numbness in my feet and mild but unwelcome tiredness after exercise.

Needless to say, countless guesses had attempts to link my tireseome symoptomatology to galloping cirrhosis; but the ‘ospital’s seventy ‘tests’ (my hand and arms are now like pin cushions) achieved and unkept appointments did nothing but give me a urinary tract infection which was deemed to require my hospital stay / job creation to to be extended another week.

Faced with the unprepossessing sight of nurses whose weight loss programmes had failed and subvervient Manilan ‘lady’ ‘doctor’ whose bust enhancement regimes had never got going, I made a scene and discharged myself from this hell-hole of socialism (which did not sport even a pair of nail clippers and where patients screamed all night for HELP -- largactyl ‘didn’t work’ for noisy dementia, I was asssured, and my suggestion of padded cells has got me banned from Ukip.

{There is much, much from where that came from, of course. Please enclose s.a.e....}

As I defied the authorities, other patients pleaded with me to take them along back home, but my pal Henry’s car was already choc-a-bloc so I had to wave a cheery good-bye while hurling insults at the more useless of the countless ‘nurses’ and ‘doctors’ who had ‘attended’ me (so long as I knew my date of birth) without knowing the slightest thing about my complaint or condition.

Yes, my Nanna had been quite right when she told me, c. 1950, ‘Christopher: never go near a hospital – they will kill you.’ – Not to mention treat you like the basket cases which are their normal stock in trade!


Scottish denizens (most Western Scots are half-Irish, half-socialist or both) were glum-faced as – after months of arcane financial argument to which true English-haters would pay no attention – one businessman, Labour-backing Lord David Sainsbury, was brave enough to say that prices at stores could be expected to rise 10% in the event (despite Scotttie Fuhrer Fish promising he would somehow maintain the pound sterling (not to mention the Queen, the eurozone, Trident, Spanish fishing rights and ‘O Flower of Scotland’ as the country’s national dirge)) (D.Telegraph, 6ii).

(As Scotland ‘s oilmen weighed in to say they would scale down Noth Sea investment, canny Scots immediately stopped buying the £500 tickets that would have entitled them to join a low- alcohol street party to celebrate the piffling Battle of Bannockburn (1314) [dwarfed by Flanders’ ‘sodden field’ of English revenge in (1513)] – Bannockburn had been had been hoped by separatists to inspire anti-English hostility at the September referendum to make up for the other programmes which Funnyface Fish could not deliver. {NB for followers of ethnicity, the Eastern and Borders areas of ‘Scotland’ were Viking, Danish or, of course, Anglo-Saxon.}


The hundreds of broken towns, hundreds of thousands dead in Shitite vs Solumi pogroms, and millions displaced from their homes were a disgrace to Western ‘experts’ in failing to come to terms with Basher-backin’ Putin. However, at least Barry Hussein had the movtivations of appearing to help a few Mid-east goons by shipplng them a few token rifles; whereas just what dear Oz hoped to do by mobilizing the Indian air force to repel Oz-headed refugees [whom multiculti Oz wanted rid of] was much less clear.


To ensure Britain’s highwelfare robbers would alway get more in work than on the dole, it turned out that the first few thousand slackers would get £250K pa – not to mention the similar sums that would go to computer wallahs, quangocrats, jobsworths and the countless ‘lawyers’ who would be require to ensure that the lucky beneficiaries of taxpayer largesse were receiving their full ‘uman rights. Was it not time for a new movement, perhaps to be called CHARGE, which would arrange payment by lucky recipients of the pre-or or post-‘benefits’ for anything but straight competitively advertised work? Other countries would soon follow suit.


In a rare addission, the Mueslis who set up the first big Crusade-winning operation were said to have won a 1238 “intelligence contest with the Barbarians” (D.Telegraph, 5 xii).


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