Monday, January 20, 2014


Complaints abut British educational levels came (unusually) from a  top businessman, the boss of the supermarket chain Morrisons. As if it weren’t enough that OECD tests had put Britain 25th in the ranks of European countries, and far below Shanghai, topman Dalton Philips, 45, said the literacy and numeracy of job applicants were so bad that Morrisons had itself to supply remedial classes (Sunday Mail, 12 i). As was the way with businessmen, Philips did not venture into the politics of the question, but the dismal outcome was certainly the result of thirty years of dumbed-down ‘egalitarian’ miseducation.


As William McDougall showed in 1930 (in experiments on rats as to how much shock they would endure to get to their babies), maternal instinct was once more confirmed as an ultra-strong force. In research commissioned by ‘Mumsnet’ it turned out that 70% of mothers would even sacrifice going on Facebook for the pleasure of having another babbly who would give them a cuddle. Needless to say, 30% said they would sacrifice their husbands (Sunday Mail, 12 i).

{Freud’s basic theorizing about human instincts was being vindicated – as all attentive psychologists had known for years. Freud himself was only spared an unhappy fate because his youngest child, Anna, fell in love with him.}


 As Britain crawled at snail’s pace out of recession (with the help of Chancellor George Osbrown giving the house market another Labour-style inflationary boost), it transpired that a man in Cumbria [i.e. Westmoreland] had had 22 children by eleven different women and been able to claim £1.3M in ‘welfare’ from the taxpayer. Raymond Hull, 58, had some thirty criminal convictions and four prison stretches to his name; and several of his boys had convictions for burglary and violence, and one daughter (though looking hot) had a record for being drunk, disorderly and violent. But Hull (who now had a 26-yr partner though he had not had a job for ten years) had taken to pleading that he needed to be at home with his family –a claim to which judges acceded (D.Mail, 13 i).


 In the latest move to make Britain a welfare state for the whole world, an Afghani of 23 who had gradually developed atheist views (while granted refuge from Afghooniland fighting since 2007) was granted permanent asylum seeker status by the Home Office to spare him from persecution by his fellow Muslim countrymen (Guardian, 14 i).

{Just why Britain had been selected to host this character – rather than nearby Romania or India – was unclear. America only granted religious asylum to people having distinct religious beliefs.}


 As fresh instalments of ‘Benefits Street’ (about a Birmingham street where more than half the residents were foreign-born and on welfare, including a family of 14 gypsies in one small terraced house) continued to be broadcast by Channel 4 TV, outrage was expressed by lefties on Twitter and one denizen tried to attack a reporter with a hammer (Guardian, 14 i).


  After the Central African Republic had managed to get rid of its murderous Muslim-imposed president, Black Christians embarked on revenge, cutting off hands with machetes in the Muslim manner and stuffing them into victims’ mouths, sparking fears of coming genocide.

France (though mainly preoccupied with the affairs of its own lying-bastard president – who had managed to conceal his involvement with the lovely Julie Gayet, with the help of travelling to her on a motor scooter) resumed its imperial role (in which it had patently failed) by sending 60 soldiers to the vast country (Guardian, 17 i).

{Too late! These ‘religious’ rivals should have been separated decades ago. But such is the nature of Western multiculturalist idealism.}


 Grade inflation in British luniversities had brought the percentage of first-class degrees up to 20% (from 3% around 1980) as managers sought more cash and academics wanted a quiet life while concentrating on their primary job of bringing in funds from ‘research’ grants (which often involved re-inventing the wheel) (D.Mail, 17 i). Some lunis tried to justify the change as due to ‘improved teaching methods’; yet this was strange since students (especially in Edinburgh LUni) complained that little teaching, tuition or correction of essays was actually done.


 The latest manifestation of multiculti madness came as it emerged that police were no longer visiting or being called to some areas of Birmingham, since the invading Paks had set up their own arrangements – in support of sharia law. The rise in ‘community justice’ meant crimes as serious as murder and sexual abuse were going unreported – a situation reminiscent of Belfast at the height of the Troubles. In the manner of PeeCee, police refused to name the areas in which sharia had taken over (D.Mail, 18 i).


 As Italy’s only Black cabinet minister, Cecile Kyenge, took it upon herself to compain of the dread ‘racism’, which she somehow thought might destroy democracy, she found herself called an orangutan and was pelted with banana skins. Her outraged fellow MPs (especially from Italy’s Northern League) were joined by the full range of correspondents from AmRen (16 i) who especially pointed out the unfailing tendency of Blacks to want to live in or close to White areas rather than escape ‘racism’ by hightailing it to their own native lands. One suggested it was more likely that democracy would destroy race than that ‘racism’ would destroy democracy.


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Monday, January 13, 2014


 In the latest terrible example to the West of the folly of multiculturalism, a “white army” of  Muslim Nuer tribesman – so called because they smear their faces with white ash – was marching on forces loyal to the largely Christian Black government of South Sudan, dominated by the Dinka tribe.

Nearly 200,000 people had already lost their homes; and Juba, the capital, was surrounded by freshly dug graves. Sudanese civil wars between the Muslim North and Christian/animist South were nothing new; but this was civil war in the new, non-Muslim state of South Sudan, for which Nuer and Dinka shed so much blood and which had fallen apart in less than a month because of the failure to respect tribal differences.

    Meanwhile, 130,000 Syrians had perished during a civil war in which tribal and sectarian strands couldn’t be disentangled. “Sedimentary layers of tribalistic identity”, as Robert Kaplan once called them, were wreaking havoc. And the West – still operating under simplistic notions of nationalism, racism and multiculturalism – could only wring its hands helplessly.The problem wasn’t just that we didn’t understand religious/ethnic conflicts: it’s that – thanks to MSM refusing to mention ethnic groups -- we often didn’t know such conflicts were going on.


AlQueerdo quickly took over several main Iraqi towns – like Falloojar – as soon as American troops withdrew – after a ten-year struggle in the name of demakrazy in which few mad Mueslis had actually been killed (and the Mueslis had the confidence of knowing their invasion of the West was proving successful thanks to supine multiculti politicos). Eyeraq PM Doodah Mallarky declared he would ‘make war’on AlQueerdo, but it was not obvious how effective this could be without American or British help.


The arrogantly leftist BBC was criticized by its own political editor, Nick Robinson, for its “irresponsibility” and “terrible mistakes” over 20 years in failing to discuss immigration for fear of “stoking racism” –far from its taxpayer-funded duty of impartiality (D.Mail, 6 i). {A bit late, Nick; but good luck with your new job at Sky....}


 As a gloomy New Year arrived, with the USA in deep freeze, 30% of Scots wanting to break up the UK, 50% of Brits giving up all hope of the EU (as ‘Romanians’ were compulsorily granted immigration rights), Germany’s Mrs Merkel on crutches (having failed to offer Daft Dave a bean with regard to giving the EU proper English-speaking and joke-telling and journalistically reported parliament), Italy on the verge of losing its star playboy M.Berlusconi, and Australia not finding any country to agree as to how to dump its intending immigrants, there was good cheer from Big Brother celebrity Samantha Faiers who had slimmed down by two stone after splitting from her boyfriend.


 The traditional Muesli incapacity to agree with each other and about leadership surfaced in devastated Syria where, not content with pulling many of their cities to bits in their struggle with Basher Assad – himself relatively tolerant of minorities – the ‘opposition’ forces started fighting each other along the lines of moderate loons vs AlQueerdo loons who had (surprise, surprise!) been ruthlessly imposing sharia law on areas they controlled. “The Rubicon has been crossed. This is all out war,” Oubai Shahbandar, a senior advisor to the opposition who was in close contact with the [‘moderate’] Free Syrian Army, told The Independent (9 i).

{Because of polygamy and male promiscuity, Mueslis grew up without much sense of hierarchy between their half- and bastard siblings, so were ill-prepared for accepting leadership in later life. Whereas Germany had unified quickly under Prussia, the Muesli world had found such a feat impossible even with strong dictators like Avadoodoo Nasser (in Egypt) and Col Gadawfu (in Libya) – not to mention Basher.}


When pudgy Black Shenise Farrell, perhaps 23 and a denizen of London, wanted her eye colour changed from dark brown, she spent £8K flying to Panama where ‘surgeons’ installed her with blue corneas, leaving her blind. Naturally, back in Britain, the dear old NHS picked up the tab, taking three months to rectify the botched operation and restore the mad Black’s sight at taxpayers’ expense (D.Mail, 9 i). {The cost of this exercise  was unknown. Was this socialism gone mad? Yes!}


The top American Black baseball player, Denis Rodman, 52, took a team of his fellow Black anti-imperialists to party with his great pal, the North Korean leader Ping Pong Pooh who had just had his uncle eaten by wolves in the course of normal political activity (D.Mail, 9 i). Rodman was delighted with his fourth visit to the over-Hitlerian ‘Democratic Republic,’ being seated alongside the Dear Leader at the main jolly. {America: beware what is coming your way! – It isn’t just the druggy Hispanics.}


 A leading law firm in the UK announced a ‘radical’ plan to scrap rational selection of its applicants. Clifford Chance said it would deprive its interviewers at the final stage of the selection process of virtually all information about candidates – notably about which schools and universities they had attended. Interviewers would have access only to the academic class of a candidate’s degree, so selection at this stage would depend largely on the interview (Indie, 10 i).

{The trendy anti-0xbridge decision ignored half a century of Hans Eysenck’s evidence that interviews were unreliable, except in their tendency to advantage extraverts.}


As Britain was forced by the EU to abandon its last minimal border controls, ‘Romanians’ started streaming in. The first, who had been personally greeted at Heathrow by balded multiculti Jewish MP Keith Vaz, spent just one day in a job as a carwasher before vanishing altogether. Another packed 14, including his childbride, 15, into a house designed for 4 on ‘Benefits Street’ in Birmingham [where 90% were on welfare] and promptly started rummaging through binbags of rubbish for anything of value – leaving the remnants of their searches on the road (from which precious UK dustmen refused to collect them) (D.Mail, 10 i).


In the latest egalitarian hilarity, American schools were told to punish Black children with no more than the frequency and severity [ho-ho!*] that they used for Whites. The Education Department and the Justice Department issued new “guidance” to ensure minority students weren’t punished through suspension, expulsion or other means more than their White peers.

The administration cited legal authority under Titles IV and VI in offering detailed rules for how school districts could administer discipline. Failure to conform to the “guidance” would yield financial penalties for schools and prosecutions for ‘racism’ (Washington Times, 8 i).

* In my top London grammar of c.1960 [getting some ten boys into Oxbridge each year], bare-bum beatings by the headmaster or prefects were a daily occurrence – the yelps of transgressors being salutorily heard through much of the school.


 Researchers for the first time identified ten genetic variations (alleles) that in combination had an impressive .9 correlation with IQ. East Asian populations (Japanese, Chinese) had the highest average frequency of “beneficial” alleles (39%), followed by Europeans (35.5%) and sub-Saharan Africans (16.4%) (AmRen, 11 i).


 During 2013, Jews (who had promiscuously promoted multiculturalism in the West) managed to rid Israel of 2.6K Africans (many claiming to be asylum seekers, from Eritrea and Sudan) by using the stratagem (thought up by Enoch Powell) of paying them -- $3.5K each on departure (Haaretz, 7 i). Often they were taken in by Sweden which was on a mission to demonstrate its holiness (having taken no part in World War II against the Nazis).


 The outdated behaviourist-environmentalist belief in ‘training’ reached a new high point as UK schoolteachers were told by a Labour shadow minister that they would have to be licensed, to endure regular checks, and to submit to endless re-education programmes. Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said he would set up a ‘Royal College of Teaching’ to oversee assessments – at what (vast) expense was not stated (Indie, 12 i).

{Once a secure occupation which allowed expression of individual character, teaching had been undermined by relentless expansion [to reduce class sizes – quite unnecessarily], frustration of disciplinary efforts and increasing recruitment of staff from poorer universities and then ‘training’ them in left-wing propaganda at ‘teacher training colleges.’

Hunt’s idea would be a disaster once kids realized they could get their teacher the sack by bad behaviour or educational failure; but ‘training’ had become a mantra – despite behaviourism itself collapsing around 1970.}


 As 2014 opened, top Conservatives like Education Minister Michael Gove and London Mayor Boris Johnson threw themselves into justifying Britain’s participation in the ‘defence’ of Belgium which had cost the UK and its Empire a million lives, as well as losing millions injured, the Empire and most of Britain’s fortune – whereas America emerged as ultra-rich and the world’s leader after staying out of the War till 1917.

{Strangely, the ‘politicians’ had not thought of getting together with France and Germany to ensure that that the commemorations of the ghastly war were all internationally based.}


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Monday, January 06, 2014


 It transpired that haggish-looking but handsomely remunerated ‘economist’ Vicky Price, jailed for six months for fraud, and married to a top Liberal MP Doodah MacHuhne (who was also jailed), had been having an affair for 18 months with prominent multiculti Labour MP Denis MacShane (himself also being jailed for fraud). The frauds promptly became the darlings of the left, with columns in the Guardian and Independent (which would doubtless lead to them becoming favoured ‘commentators’ by the BBC). Needless to say, the frauds remained multi-millionaires.


The breadth and depth of Solunni vs Shitite hostility was documented by the Independent’s Patrick Cockburn (30 xii), who took the same view as had this blog for 18 months that large-scale sectarian bloodletting was inevitable. If the Shitites were beaten, the Solunnis would attack Europe as they had done 500 years ago – but this time helped by the army of invading Muesli insiders already invited and welcomed by idiotic western-European politicos.

Fortunately for the (relatively White) Shitites, who were a small minority in the Muesli world, they enjoyed Russian support – whereas Western ‘policy’ was a complete mess, actually ending (in Syria) supporting Saudi Arabia’s AlQueerdo which it had spent twelve years trying to fight.

{Russia knew what it was doing: it had lost 2K people to Solunni murderers in the previous decade – and 27 in just the last two days. Meanwhile, China pursued its own battle with Islamic militants, killing eight in a single day in its northern Xinjiang Province.}


 In a move to give his ‘right-wing’ party a softer image, the leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, in a pink tie, announced he would like Britain to take in refugees from Syria (D.Mail, 30 xii). The facts that these immigrants (of whom there could easily be a million) were neither White nor Christian and were hard-schooled in violence and Muesli extremism did not apparently bother him; nor did the likelihood that he would upset Ukip supporters – many of whom quickly appeared on Facetube etc to complain.

{Yes, at a stroke, the Ukip leader had destroyed his party’s credibility. Presumably the Festive Season had got to him. Either that or he was just preparing for acceptance on the London dinner party circuit.}

Later, faced with fury from his party, Farage said he had only intended to help Christians – though how he would decide who was Christian was not specified.


 Despite fifteen years of ‘peace process,’ Ulster’s Protestants and Catholics, in government together (in a travesty of democracy), could not manage to agree on such elementary matters as when and where to fly their flags (respectively the Union Jack and the √Čirish tricolour), when and where to hold their intimidating parades and Molotov-cocktail-throwing counter-parades, and whom to prosecute for their 30-year-old parts in the ‘Troubles’.

And this was despite a six-month effort by a top American diplomat, including dinners ooops sessions going on into the small hours of the morning (Indie, 31 xii). {Just why the processes of diplomacy had not managed to exchange the Prods of Ulster with the Caffs of Glasgow remained a 50-year mystery.}


 A stocky ‘traveller’ woman who had ensconced herself and four kids in a council house in leafy Dartford, Kent, made her next move for better accomodation by complaining to welfare-sucking civil ‘servants’ who provided for her that she had discovered someone had once died in ‘her’ house and so to live in it was contrary to her religious beliefs (D.Mail, 31 xii). {Just what this ‘religion’ was?}

 ‘Her’ state-supplied house had two flat-screen televisions, a PlayStation 3 console, a Nintendo Wii, a new sofabed and a new microwave, kettle and toaster. At Christmas she had bought her nine-year-old boy a laptop computer.

    All flights and buses from Romania and Bulgaria were fully booked despite being doubled in their usual numbers. {The market had made a reasonable estimate of demand for migration to welfare-mad UK, whereas HMG said it could not possibly estimate the likely scale of the post-Jan 1 influx of ‘European Union citizens.’}


 The folly of greenery was nicely illustrated as a ship carrying 85 enthusiasts (many of them Australian ‘scientists,’ led by some professor from LUniversity of New South Wales, but with a smattering of left-wing journalists) opposing ‘global warming’ found their research mission in the Antarctic grind to a halt on Christmas Eve as their vessel became stuck in pack ice (D.Mail, 1 i 2014).

Attempts by ships from several countries to get through to the ‘warming’ loons were unsuccessful because of the freezing weather, so by New Year the greenies had to await the possibility that a Chinese helicopter might arrive to start lifting them from their self-chosen predicament. {Just who would bear the costs of this vast operation was unclear – hopefully the Oz luniversities to which the con-artists ooops ‘scientists’ belonged.... Some hope!}


 After fifty years of encouraging third-world immigration (and castigating critics as racist) a lone (but top) Shadow ministress of something, Yvette Cooper (married to fanatical and failed Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls), came out with the traditional right-wing idea that such immigration would undercut the wages of British workers (Guardian, 2 i).

Her solution? To raise the ‘minimum wage’ (a regulatory concept invented by Labour) from £7 to £9 per hour – neglecting that many workers in Pek shops worked for just an (untaxed – cash-in-hand) £3 per hour (five times what gypsies would be paid in Romania).


  In the latest concession to Mueslies, a Blackburn, Lancashire, Church of England primary school announced it would in future close for two weeks in October (instead of the traditional 1-2 days at half-term) so that its many Pek children could accompany their parents to Pakiland – at one of the few times of year when temperatures were bearable in that half-crazy and divided country (D.Mail, 3 i).

{Imagine the delight of the Blackburn teachers at the extra paid holiday – an example of the blessings of multiculturalism for state employees.... Though who would pay for child-minding services for non-Muesli parents was politely unspecified – so presumably they woud be funding the two-week jolly.}


 As it turned out that the European Commission was pursuing Britain in courts for no less than 50 cases of infringeing its regulations (on matters such as toy safety and imports of Chinese garlic), support for liberation from the Brussels bureaucracy of the EU emerged as an apparently impressive group called Open Europe claimed backing from Germany and Poland as well as Britain and suggested the formation of a new Hanseatic League (which had once linked most Nordic countries simply in agreement on free trade) (D.Telegraph, 21 xii).


 Intelligence got a rare mention in MSM as the Guardian (4 i) reported a £700Mpa business in the USA which urged people to give electric shocks to their own brains so as to boost IQ (‘transidirectional cranial direct stimulation’).  The Guardian’s journalist himself gained no more ‘benefit’ than would be expected in anyone taking the same IQ test for a second time (4 IQ points) – and this was likely representative of the 25% of experimentees for whom enhancement had been claimed.


 Britain’s partly-‘Conservative’ Coalition government turned out to be giving £9Mpa to the country’s keenest enemy, Argentina – which would have re-invaded the Falklands except that it was completely broke (D.Mail, 4 i). The largesse was designed to show that leader Daft Dave was a happy-clappy chap whose official sympathies extended even beyond wanting more yags, fat wymmin and Blecks in his unsupported party (reduced in its membership of 2M in the 1950s to 100K in 2014).


As New Year arrived, French Muesli youth continued their 20-year-old ‘tradition’ of arson by torching 1,067 cars (France 24, 3 i). Just why the French had put up with this destruction was unclear – though their unfailingly leftish press declined to mention race and ethnicity, blaming the troubles on ‘disadvantage’ and probably it was cars in poorer areas that were ruined; but the National Front had steadily improved its poll ratings, and the latest episode would presumably produce at least another 1,067 votes for its leader Marine Le Pen.


 How could women be shown to be the equals of men in every respect? Answer: relax the standards. This is what the peeceeified US Marines decided as they gave up requiring that female applicants should be able to manage the three pull-ups which males had to perform. The reason: 55 per cent of the women attempting the test were failing. Just one per cent of men could not complete the exercise (AmRen, 31 xii).


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