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Britain’s politicos, having spent a generation or two denying the importance of race, IQ and free speech, found no-one was interested in them  -- with ‘Conservative’ membership falling from its massive 1950’s 5M support to below 100K, and the enormous-nosed leader of ‘Labour’ (which had once backed selective grammar schools) finding on his return from his French holidays that only 21% of voters ‘liked’ him (i.e. that he was even less popular than PM Gordon Brown at the depth of the 2010 economic crash which Labour profligacy had helped American ‘anti-racist’ subprime lending to create).

Essentially, Conservatives by this stage of idea-less decline, depended on about twelve billionaires; while Labour depended on some six trade union bosses. By contrast, the National Trust, which supported and gave members preferential access to the ancient Downton Abbeys which the ‘Liberals’ had bankrupted by death duties, had 4M subscribers (ClassicFM, 18 vii, 14:00).


On the UK’s blessed ignoramic would-be-left-loving BBC, grammatical and kindred speech errors ran by 2013 (even on its ‘best’ live programmes) at the rate of one per two minutes. But still such gems as the following were rare.

‘No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.’

Tony Abbott, Australia’s Liberal Party leader, gaffes as the country’s election campaign hots up.

It looked as if Australian Labour’s self-appointed temporarily immigrant-bashing if horribly-named PM ‘Kevin’ Rudd had a chance.


 A new high point of British hysteria about racism was reached as Edinburgh cops detained a Pak comedian during his Royal Mile Fringe show for having  used the term ‘Paki.’ The offending actor, Jeff Mirza (Pakiland-born but Essex-reared), had quipped of his native country “We have a thriving gay community, also known as clerics”(Sunday Telegraph, 18 viii, ‘I’m proud to be a ‘Paki’: how can that be racism?’).


As he retired after 22 years of silent acquiescence with PeeCee as Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks felt bold enough to come out in favour of marriage and against multiculturalism (Guardian, 19 viii). Deploring the “inward-looking” and segregated non-society which lefties {many of them Jewish} had created, he backed tax breaks for married couples {though whether for yags he did not say}. However, despite his vast experience at the top of public life, he had no remedy to offer for multiculti nonsense – any thoughts of recruiting criminal Blecks and Peks into a Humanitarian Task Force for Africa or at least forbidding them from bringing in non-English-competent spouses being far from his wasted mind.


 Despite American homosexual cyber-traitor Edward Snowden having sought and been granted refuge in Russia, British queers, headed by comedic actor Stephen Fry (q.v.), resolved on demanding a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Moscow – and Fry obtained a semi-secret meeting with PM Daft Dave in an east-London pub (in Limehouse, owned by the editor of the Indie), a meeting which would cost a ‘Conservative’ party member £30K to achieve (Guardian, 19 viii).

{Not content with sh*t-stirring in Syria, DD and his beloved ‘modernizers,’ symbolized by homos, were heading for doomed battle with the only top politician in the world to stand up for White interests. Hooray!}


 Westerners who had naively backed demakrazy and the ‘Arab Spring’ for the low-IQ Middle East were given their answer as Cairo mobs of Muslim Brothers razed Christian houses, abused and groped Christian women and, in particular, paraded Franciscan nuns through the streets as prisoners of war – having supplanted the Cross on their nunnery with an alQueerdo flag (D.Mail, 19 viii).

The Egyptian Army had in four days killed some 900 fanatical Muesli supporters of elected President Morsi (deposed by the military for Islamic extremism in July); but, after all the West-backed demakrazic excitement, even this level of killing was not enough to restore the tranquillity (and mega-profitable tourism) of the Mubarak years.


 The loony-left government of France – which was busy bankrupting the country, pushing unemployment up to 11% and annoying Mutti Merkel – announced it would remove the term ‘race’ from all official documents since races did not exist

{except in the mind of the USA’s Barry Obarmy, who had in 2008 published an autobiographical book subtitled A Story of Race and Inheritance....} (Occidental Observer, viii).

{What would be next? Penguins? – In view of popular uncertainty as to whether they were fish, fowl or mammals?}


Although England’s new ‘academies’ (backed by ‘radical’ Education Minister Michael Gove) had as their star feature that they were meant to be free to choose their own policies (so long as they did not introduce selection of pupils by IQ....), homosexualists discovered that some forty of them advised teachers not to ‘promote homosexuality’ and embarked on pestering these schools to desist, assisted by England’s (blackmailed?) politicos and immediately achieving submission in several cases (Independent, 20 viii).

{Freedom was an obsolete concept in a country that had not managed to support even free speech since 1966. PeeCee was paramount even though it never declared its rules or leadership. Even supposedly tenured academics were cowed – seldom appearing in the media except on specialist and social-worky topics, and never to mention ‘race,’ sex differences or sexual perversion.

Top leftie journalists (like Grauniad editor Alan Rusbridger) who had never lifted a finger against the Race Relations Acts’ suppression of free speech (let alone against my own sacking from E.LU.) found themselves reduced to whining about police detention for a day at Heathrow of a darkie homo journalist (living with his male ‘partner’ in Rio, Brazil) who plainly had suspicious links to the American cybernet traitor Edward Snowden (20 viii). What had lefties thought would happen if they did not even defend the elementary concepts of free speech and assembly?}


The mental limitations of the people of Bihar Province, north-east India, went on display as no less than forty of them were killed on a railway track by an express train. Apparently they had congregated on the line so as to get the train to stop at their station – which it was not scheduled to do. They entirely underestimated the speed, weight and braking distance of an express. After the accident, other enraged Hindu pilgrims on the scene emptied the train, burned its carriages and beat and hospitalized the unfortunate driver (Independent, 20 viii).


Faced with a thousand ‘Green’ hysterics, wanting to ban Britain’s only hope for energy post-2015, ‘fracking’ for underground shale gas, hundreds of police were paraded at the unheard-of village of Balcombe, Sussex, in a ‘softly-softly’ approach which involved the fracking firm Cuadrilla having to promise its operations were for research purposes only.

Cops managed to arrest the leader of the Greens, a short-haired Ms Caroline Lucas, and thirty other loons; but the whole operation, costing .£5M daily, was to be at taxpayers’ expense. {Why could demonstrators not be charged for policing – as football clubs are?}


As the Coalition’s ‘Minister for Civil Society’ {Who thinks up these job titles and the doubtless enormous salaries that go with them?}, Old Etonian Nick Hurd criticized British youf for their lack of “grit” about getting and keeping employment – and for that matter their “confidence, discipline and self-control” he was criticized by a few top Labourites as “out of touch.” But, whatever the insensitivity of his remarks, he found himself with key allies: 60% of small businessmen, in a survey, had said they had trouble filling jobs because schools had left kids ill-prepared for work and especially lacking in “grit, tenacity and ability to work with others” (D.Mail, 22 viii).

NH was appropriately relieved. Apparently, the UK’s egalitarian, anti-selective, exam-obsessed state schools, with their belief that all that mattered was rote memory, had managed in a generation to destroy their pupils’s belief in intelligence, hierarchy, co-operation, self-knowledge and the need (in many cases) for hard work.


The Ukip MEP, Godfrey Bloom, who had quipped that much of Africa (and perhaps the third world generally) was “bongo-bongo land”) came to the help of small businessmen by saying they should be able to make contracts to the effect that female workers who got pregnant would have to retire. He pointed out he was not ‘sexist’ since most of his own staff were girls – many of them “glamorous” (D.Mail, 22 viii); but he threw in that women were better at finding the mustard in a kitchen pantry than at reversing a car, and that they had produced rather few “great works.”


As star comedian Jim Davidson, 80, was cleared by cops of charges of ‘child abuse’ dating back 25 years, even the traditionally paedohysterical Daily Mail complained of the 8-month-long police investigation which had seen Davidson’s house turned upside down and his computers seized in the usual fishing expedition for evidence and his name smirched for ever (23 viii).  Of course, it helped that Davidson was a staunchly patriotic Tory who had worked tirelessly for military charities. Other celebrities, Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy Tarbuck and Rolf Harris remained in legal limbo, either not charged or unable to clear their names timeously of the ruinous suspicion of paedophilia.


65 years after independence from the British Raj (and after civil strife between Muslims and Hindus which killed a million as the two ethnies strove to separate) there was enough common-or-garden racism in India to yield a $432M annual turnover for the business of skin-whitening creams (including for the v*gina). This was bigger than the Indian turnover for Coca-Cola (Guardian, 21 viii).

Indians shared the same wish to dissociate from Blacks as had the great Scotto-German philosopher Immanuel Kant and Edinburgh University’s top anatomist, Robert Knox.

{Heard at the E’bro Festival from a white-haired lady: “The exhibition is most interesting and very concerned with racism.” Reply: “For or against it?” Was she shocked! I thought for a moment that peecee police would be called to escort me and my Taiwanese wife from the Guardian-run operation – which we were attending to hear about Isaac Newton and his merrily paranoid ways with opponents.}


Starry-eyed multicults, even as their ideas were being shown unworkable all over the Middle East, were given a lesson in ‘native’ American-indian savagery by a summary of the work of several historians in the Daily Mail (18 viii). In particular, the Comanches of Montana (who came to terrify and dominate the whole of western America) provided world masterclasses in mutilation, torture, gang rape and final killing (unless a man looked in horrifying initiation ceremonies as if he might make a good warrior. Genitals were ripped off, as were eylids – so victims’ eyes could bake in the sun. Women were enthusiastic participants, roasting the fellow females slowly by fire so as to extract the last shriek and convulsion out of them. Red Indians were only tamed (and themselves slaughtered) with the introduction of the Colt revolver.


Despite the UK having had equality-preaching Labour governments for 26 of the preceding 45 years (interrupted only by ‘Conservative’ governments that were equally committed to egalitarian mouthings, social-environmentalism, wrecking the grammar schools, state funding of fecklessness and [latterly] mass immigration of Poland’s finest) research (by the leftist National Children’s Bureau) found that inequality had actually increased – e.g. with 3.6M children growing up in “relative poverty” as compared with only 2M in 1969 (Observer, 25 viii).


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Further support for a Nordic League seemed to come from star-right columnist Peter Hitchens, admiring the country which Britain had re-created post-1945 (Sunday Mail, 11 viii, ‘I wish we were like the Germans’).


 Research in New York found that, since 1970, there were more areas where the races intermingled (Pew Research Center, 11 viii). But there was one big exception: Whites, Hispanics and East Asians were happy to live alongside each other, but all maintained separation from Blacks – this neo-apartheid reflecting the latter’s especially low IQ and propensity to crime and sexually transmitted disease.


Newly emerging self-activated homo activist Stephen Fry, who was trying to organize bumboy protests at (or even against) Russia’s Winter Olympics, was condemned as “sick” by top Moscow politician Vitaly Milonov – which of course he was, suffering manic-depressive psychosis (though doubtless dampened by pharmaceuticals) with marked suicidal tendencies and panic attacks as well as his homosexuality (Independent, 12 viii).


From a survey of 20K at U.Michigan, it emerged that racist attitudes were not – as often thought – associated with stupidity; but higher-IQ people were more likely to back such modern pieties as favouring neighbourhood integration – though they did nothing, not even backing legal action, to bring such integration about (D.Mail, 12 viii).


 As a French air force sergeant was arrested for apparently planning a shoot-out at a mosque near Bordeaux, Muesli leaders claimed there had been a 45% increase in ‘Islamophobic’ incidents in the previous year – while not mentioning that attacks by France’s madly admitted 5M Mueslis on indigenous French were a hundred times as common. Indie correspondents thought France was ‘on the brink’ of large-scale ethnic conflict (13 viii).


The London School’s Hans Eysenck was vindicated in his long-running support for Ritalin to control impulsivity as it emerged that Britain had seen a 57% increase in prescriptions of the ‘smart’ stimulant drug since 2007. By 2012, docs were writing 700K prescriptions annually (Guardian, 13 viii). In medical officialise, the drug was to control ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’; but students said it simply helped concentration – notoriously deficient in extraverts as Eysenck’s work had always found.


 As the UK economy showed signs of a mini-revival and Labour slipped in the polls, the party reverted to PM Gordon Brown’s (short-term) rhetoric of ‘British jobs for British workers.’ Even though there was actually little that could be done under EU regulations to prevent the cascade into Britain of Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies that was scheduled for January, 2014, Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant stepped out to criticize giant firms like Tesco and Next for hiring too many foreigners (though he subsequently shuffled a pseudo-apology that he had been ‘misunderstood’) (D.Mail, 13 viii).

Whether Labour would go the whole hog and enthuse for a referendum on the EU and even for immediate withdrawal was the next question. But, however unlikely this might seem after Labour’s forty years of multicultural globalistic blarney and welcoming EU statism, it had to be remembered that socialism is naturally protectionist (since the welfare ‘heaven on earth’, paid for out of the taxation of natives, could not be open to all and sundry) and that Labour had been more anti-EU than the Conservatives in the 1970s.


A full display of Mueslis’ inability to organize themselves, to compromise or even to will to live (their death wish* being cultivated from the earliest years in loveless homes where the mother lived in constant fear of easy divorce, of other wives and mistresses and prostitutes [all allowed by Islam] and of new wives being taken) was re-provided in Cairo as more and less fanatical Egyptians killed 500** of each other in a single day (BBCR4, 15 viii, 08:30, 13:40), only diverted by their propensity for killing the country’s 10% of Coptic Christians and vandalizing and burning their churches (along with those of other denominations).

The whole ghastly conflict, which had wrecked Egypt’s tourist trade on the Nile, was quite pointless since the secular-supporting Army had long been funded by the USA (to bribe Egypt not to attack the Jews) to the tune of $1.6B annually and already had 40 years of practice resisting Muslim hysteria; but it was understandable in that Egypt had an average IQ of only 81 (Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006, IQ and Global Inequality).

Another 27 Mueslis were killed in Eyeraq on the same day (probably in Solunni-on-Shitite car bomb attacks). Subsequently, on 16 viii, another 50 Muesli Brothers got themselves shot in Cairo; and another 40 were killed in the rest of Egypt – all providing a vivid visual aid as to the end of American ‘policy’ in the Middle East. The Egyptian Army ooops Government was receiving copious aid from Sowdy and Catarrh as these countries struggled to damp down the hysterical demands for demakrazy which the West had stimulated.

* Freud’s most spurned concept got a mention at the E’bro Book Festival, where I pointed out to scientific historian Andrew Robinson – who had kindly including Freud among the world’s top twenty scientific geniuses – that the phenomenon of apoptosis (self-generated cell death, clearing out the body’s no-longer-needed rubbish) had made big progress among biologists in recent years.

** Such was the estimate of the Army’s Health Department and the UN and BBC – adding another 120 killed outside Cairo; but the Mad Muesli Brotherhood put the number of deaths in the thousands. After UN observers accused the Brothers of opening fire on troops, the Army said it was contemplating closing the Brotherhood down (especially seizing its many valuable properties) – a move that surely trigger civil war.


The son of US Black civil rights activist, shakedown artist and troublemaker Jesse Jackson was sentenced to 30 months jail for defrauding his political campaign funds of $750K to spend on luxuries. He said he had always tried to live up to his father’s expectations (Independent, 15 viii). His wife was also sentenced to jail for her part in spending the $750K.


 Probably symbolizing how Labour would respond to other challenges (like the ‘Romanians’ and ‘Bulgarians’ already streaming into Britain, taking 100 jobs daily even before the EU lifted all restrictions in 2014), leader Red Ed Militre told police he “did not want to pursue charges” against a once-homeless denizen of Southwark who had splattered Ed’s head and suit with three eggs (and his followers with several more). Ed had beamed his way through the attack (which occurred on his first day back from holiday in the south of France) (Guardian, 15 viii). He quipped that he always sought ways of making contact with voters.

{In Britain, all and sundry had the vote since Labour had been desperate to retain the votes of 1M Irish in 1948. Whether ordinary Brits would have any such ability to persuade cops to drop charges was an interesting point. In the south London case, there were dozens of other immediate witnesses; and TV had broadcast the hilarity of the egging to millions.}


 The Treasurer of UKIP, Stuart Wheeler, enraged the usual suspects by saying that men and women differed substantially in some mental abilities, and thus equality-imposing job quotas were wrong (BBCR4, 15 viii, 13:30). He specially pointed out that men excelled at chess, poker and bridge, and that 97% of engineers were men, whereas 66% of ‘carers’ were women – though he said he had no explanation {he had not heard of tough-mindedness – see TgF1} and followed conventional piety by denying there was any sex difference in intelligence {apparently not knowing how the wider male distribution in IQ yielded a greater percentage of individuals of really high mental ability}.

{SW, 62, had three very pretty daughters – one a model – who were much sought by paparazzi for interviews about their own views on sex differences; but the girls declined, presumably out of loyalty to their dad.}


In an amusing and fact-filled talk to a packed house at the sunny E’b*gger Book Festival, the giant (if chesty) historian Norman Stone, U.Bilkent, came nearer than previously heard to doubting whether the UK should have fought two wars with Germany – to ruinous effect {except in terms of honour}.

{However, in the years of his seniority, NS had developed the habit of lazily calling disliked politicians “crazy” – e.g. saying Hitler was mad to declare war on America in 1941 when Hitler merely took the same view as many Germans that Germany had lost (or drawn) WWI because the Jews of Germany and America – helped by the British – had been responsible for getting the USA into WWI in 1917, crucially fortifying exhausted France and Britain.}


After a leader of Britain’s Sikh community managed to bring in a lame girl from India to marry his grossly ‘learning-disordered’ son, the High Court declined to annul the union – which would require a lifetime of support from British taxpayers. The judge did however make the modestly eugenic stipulation that the couple should avoid having sex – since the son’s intelligence was so low that he was incapable of giving informed consent (D.Telegraph, 7 viii).


 A man, called DE ‘for legal reasons’, with “significant learning difficulties” was ordered by the UK’s ‘Court of Protection’ (D.Telegraph, 17 viii). DE, 36, already had one child by his mentally subnormal wife. All m’learned worthies denied that eugenic considerations were involved. Rather, it was said by the judge that there was “no question” of DE having the mental capacity to use contraception and that sterilisation would free him from his present round-the-clock supervision to prevent him having sex with his wife – for any new baby would be taken into care, “causing him psychological distress.” {What a palaver in what should have been a straightforward eugenic decision which should have been made ages ago!}


 Suggesting what the future held for the UK’s poorest city, the ‘Lord Provost’ of Glasgow, Ms Sadie Docherty, aware of the demands of LGBTrannies that the 2014 Commonwealth Games (to be held in Glasgae) be used to advertise the wonders of sexual perversion to backward countries, wrote to Glasgow’s twinned Russian city of Rostov-on-Don to deplore Russian bans on such advertising – gaily ignoring that Glasgow was also twinned with Lahore (Pakistan), Havannah (Cuba) and Dalian (China) where breaches of ‘uman rights (by executions and long stretches of forced labour in filthy prisons for political and religious opponents of the regime) were far worse than anything happening in Russia.

{Whether Glasgow’s Irish, who regarded homosexuality as an English disease, would long tolerate their city falling into the hands of homosexualists remained to be seen.}


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Monday, August 12, 2013


 As Britain pondered how to commemorate in 2014 the centenary of its major disaster, its loss of 1.15M men of its Empire and effectively of the Empire itself in World War I, star right-realist Simon Heffer contributed a thoughtful column blaming neither the cautious Germans nor the City of London nor the sensible King George V (cousin of the Kaiser) nor the France-loving Liberals but the Conservatives who apparently hoped a nice little war with Germany would distract the Liberals from implementing their plan for Irish Home Rule (Sunday Mail, 4 viii). – They were ‘successful’, but at the cost of the IRA getting German arms and American cash to help them, improperly divided Ireland embarking on a century of bombing, and ‘Northern Ireland’ (the land-grabbing alternative to Protestant Ulster) abolishing democracy and needing scores of miles of barbed wire to separate its Protestants and Catholics.


 After a half century of leftist twaddle about the diagnosis of schizophrenia being a mere label imposed by cold-hearted authoritarians, a Cambridge team, researching in northern Finland (where the disorder is common), located a gene which, when even one chromosome was missing, doubled a person’s chance of the debilitating condition (Independent, 5 viii). The gene linked to schizophrenia, called TOP3B, was normally involved in unwinding the DNA double helix to allow other genes to function, especially when the nerve cells of the brain are developing, both in the womb and during the crucial first years of life. People lacking both forms of the gene had especially severe schizophrenia and a dramatically low IQ.


In the first sign of the ‘right’ sensing a new ally, a top UKIP member said he rather agreed with sharia policies of amputating thieves’ hands (D. Telegraph, 5 viii). Probably he could soon get round to throwing yags off cliffs and stoning adulteresses; and Islam also offered low taxation – if admittedly without the West’s so-called benefits (of incompetent teachers, neglectful social workers, non-existent doctors, low-IQ and non-English speaking hospital ‘staff’ and filthy wards where patients could easily contract the killer MRSA).

By contrast, the left (which could not even think how to deal with Britain’s preposterously paid bankers, bureaucrats, BBC broadcasters and ‘charity’ bosses [the ‘charitocrats’ newly revealed as ‘earning’ c.£160Kpa]) had a harder job ahead in having to deal with Islam’s demands to stop low-class Brits from drinking themselves to death when faced with Britain’s back-scratching political class.

UKIP’s embrace would not, however, extend to showering money on “bongo-bongo land” [i.e. sub-Saharan Africa and kindred wastelands] – ‘aid’ that was often wasted by Blecks and Peks buying themselves Ray-Ban ‘shades,’ Ferraris, fighter planes and trips to Paris, said another top UKIPer (an MEP previously best known for quipping that women should clean behind the fridge more) (BBC, 7 viii). Godfrey Bloom felt obliged to deny he was a racist – following UKIP’s party line; and he could not bring himself to explain that ‘bongo bongo’ referred in English usage to African ability for drumming; but the Daily Mail helpfully listed the mega-million-pound mansions and jets of several African aid-grubbing dictators of dirt-poor countries (one, Gabon, headed by the Bongo family, even had a £85M palace in Paris) (8 viii). (The term ‘bongo’ also referred to an African tree, to a white antelope, and to a village in Ghana.)


As the USA announced that scores of its embassies across the Arab world would stay closed for days, President Barry Hussein Obarmy having comprehensively concluded America’s foul-up in the Middle East by more insistence on demakrazy, it was hard to recall that, just in May, Obarmy had told an audience at America’s National Defense University that the core of alQueerdo was "on the path to defeat."

But so he had – not reckoning with the scale of American incompetence over which he had presided for five years and having failed to kill jihadists and additionally deprived himself of access to sensible intelligence as to the state of the Muslim world. America’s cowardice was quickly followed by its Western allies (with Britain demanding all its citizens leave Yemen); and all this involved ignorance of the names or locations of alQueerdo leaders despite the military (with its ever-changing and doubtless vastly remunerated big names) having had twelve years to think about the question.

The official story to cover the American withdrawal from the lands it had devastated by its illusions was that it ‘wanted to concentrate on the Far East’ – but just what this could involve remained to be seen with big binoculars.

Amid this disaster, ordinary Americans were still not much disaffected with their Black-Muslim socialist president whom they had elected to solve their racial problem (resulting from not sending Black slaves back to Africa); and they had no wish to abandon their idealism which had broken them from the Crown (with French help) in 36 years of desultory warfare in which they lost Canada.

{Of course, Barry and his ilk would indeed ‘solve’ the problem: by turning the USA into a low-IQ Afro-Hispanic state from which Whites would emigrate to Paraguay, Uraguay or (hopefully) Scotland.}


 As the buoyant Swiss economy and healthy civic culture sucked in twice as many Islamic ‘refugees’ per head of population than any other country, Switzerland’s authorities produced a number of schemes to keep the invaders from their children and from tourists. The Mueslis were housed in old army bunkers up in the mountains, curfewed after 5pm and forbidden to loiter near schools, playgrounds, swimming pools or libraries (Independent, 8 viii).


Responding to the increasing unemployability of Britain’s left-propagandized ‘graduates,’ HMG announced it would back a major expansion of private, for-profit universities (Independent, 8 viii). Critics doubted whether money oriented colleges would do much to support freedom of speech and research from staff; but since these had anyhow been largely abolished in Britain’s managerially run and peecee-spouting luniversities since 1990, it was unlikely that privatization could make matters worse.


A senior barrister was banned from taking part in ‘child abuse’ cases after he said a 13-yr-old girl, dressing as a 17-yr-old, had been a “sexual predator” in her (successful) pursuit of a 41-yr man. The barrister had been backed by the judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court, who had used the same term of the girl as he handed down a mere 8-month-suspended sentence to the ensnared ‘paedophile’; but even this was not enough to prevent the Director of Public Prosecutions from overturning the age-old tradition that lawyers on court business should be allowed to speak their minds (Independent, 8 viii).

    At the same time, the Queen’s favourite painter, the star Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, was re-arrested on suspicion of hanky-panky with children. – He had previously been arrested and bailed in March for similar naughtiness; but since then other sexual predators ooops gold-diggers had seen their opportunity to step up for compensation.

And the RC diocese of Fort Augustus, Scotland, offered widespread apologies for paedofumbling by its priests of forty years previously.

In Rome, the new socialist Pope was forced to admit what most observers had known for a decade, that the Vatican had been infiltrated by rampant yags at the highest level – though accusations of paedophilia were avoided.


As Mueslis celebrated their latest mass killings in Eyeraq, Egypt, Syria and Pakiland ooops their Ramadan-ending Festival of Eid, top atheist Richard Dawkins put a spanner in the works by pointing out that the entire billion-strong Islamic world had not produced as many Nobel Prizewinners (10) as Trinity College, Cambridge (32). Dawkins tempered his observation by alluding vaguely to Muesli achievements in the past {in fratricide, mayhem, tyranny and sodomy?} and by not alluding to Muesli IQ {about 90}; but his observation was enough to excite the wrath of darkie journaliste Nesrine Malik (Guardian, 9 viii).

    Likewise there was silly-season ‘outrage’ at the ‘racism’ of HMG in suggesting that illegal immigrants go home, at HMG’s heavyweight Eric Pickles musing ‘travellers’ (i.e. gypsies) might be a problem, and at Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg (son of a longstanding editor of the Times) giving an after-dinner speech to the Traditional Britain Group* which wanted all darkies – including the sainted Doreen Lawrence (q.v.) – to ‘go home.’

Reaching a new peak of comic peecee hysteria in the USA, Seattle authorities banned their staff from using the terms ‘citizen’ and ‘brown bag’ – the first because not all residents of Seattle were US citizens {because they were illegal immigrants}, the second because the colour of a brown bag had – some time, somewhere {presumably restaurants} – been used to decide Blackness vs Whiteness (Fox News, 2 viii).

* Its leader, Gregory Lauder-Frost, 62, had developed markedly pro-German and indeed pro-Hitlerish views, perhaps during a prison stretch while fighting a custody battle with his Polish wife of 1992 (Independent, 10 viii). He had said: “The Africans never had it so good as when Britain governed their colonies there… We owe Africa nothing whatsoever. It owes us eternal gratitude for lifting it out of barbarism.”


 Reflecting the uppitiness of the West’s yags in persuading (blackmailing?) politicians to support gay marriage, top manic leftie actor Stephen Fry (famed as put-downer ‘Jeeves’) took it upon himself to champion “the civilised world” and tell Russian President Putin to stop banning queer propaganda – otherwise Fry would demand the Winter Olympics (scheduled on the Black Sea) be moved (D.Mail, 9 viii). To where? To Utah – the  Mormon state which had opposed gay marriage and keenly championed and practised the death penalty! By contrast with Hitler, to whom smug Fry crazily compared Putin, Russia had legalized yaggery in 1930, and had not concentration-camped or killed six million yags – as much as many ordinary Russians might approve if Fry continued his nonsense.


 Dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe celebrated his (rigged) election victory by announcing he would nationalize (steal) 51% of the assets of all foreign companies and set up a BLACKS ONLY stock exchange where only Blacks would be able to deal in the shares (D.Telegraph, 6 viii).


 The vaunted ‘peace process’ which Washington and Westminster had foisted undemocratically on Northern Ireland yielded 56 injured police in a single night in Belfast as Prods and Caffs tried to get at each other’s throats (BBCR4, 10 viii, 09:00).


 Just while Britain endured daily threats from Argentina (whose Spanish people it had freed from the French) to take the 200-miles-away-from-Argieland Falkland Islands (possibly indefensible since the UK had given up its aircraft carriers to be made into pots and pans in Turkey) and found no support from its Muslim-led ‘ally’ America (whose officials called the islands by the Argie term ‘Malvinas’), EU and Nato partner Spain decided to kick up rough over Gibraltar, creating six-hour queues in sweltering heat for Spanish residents trying to go to work in the peninsula. (Spain had an unemployment rate of 26%, compared to Gibraltar’s 0%.)

Whether PM Daft Dave would realize he needed to invite Mutti Merkel to Buck House was unclear – he was too busy putting the boot into his rapidly diminishing number of fellow Conservatives* by following up his infatuation with gay marriage, wind turbines, international aid and welfarism with flagrantly dishonouring his election promise to help married mothers who looked after their children (instead he gave a tax break for ‘child care’ to ‘working mothers’ who scarcely needed it). But, as and when he or anybody paid attention, it was clear that Britain should get talking to its friends in the European north – including Russia which must have felt gravely insulted by the attack on President Putin from manic top UK homo Stephen Fry.

* Several senior Tories told the Torygraph paid-up membership had dropped by a third since Daft Dave had become PM – down below 100K, compared to the 5M of the 1950s when the party sported a bar in every constituency and was regarded as the major dating agency for the middle classes (10 viii).


Newspaper tycoon Eddy Shah, 69 (who had helped Mrs Thatcher beat the Marxoid print unions in the 1980s) was bold enough to suggest that feminoids and kindred case-seeking lawyers who had demonized men for having sex ooops rape with 12-15-yr-old girls were guilty of abusing the term ‘rape’ when, in many cases, the weenies were very much ready and up-for-it and dressed to kill (Derbyshire Times, 11 viii; ClassicFM, 11 viii, 10:00). Shah spoke with feeling and authority as he had just been cleared in court of the ‘rape’ of a weenie. He called Operation Yewtree against dead top paedostar Jimmy Savile a “witch-hunt.”

{He was certainly right that feminoids had degraded the term ‘rape’ by overextending it to as many forms of male sexual activity as they thought their linguistic re-writing could get away with.}


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Monday, August 05, 2013


As the case of starved, beaten and murdered 4-yr-old Daniel Pelka got public attention as his Polish parents were convicted, it turned out that the stepfather hubby had a substantial criminal record including three prison stretches and several other arrests for a range of crimes including burglary and drunk driving; he was also wanted by police in Poland (D. Mail, 2 viii); and the mother was a prostitute.

Although both parents were druggies, the peecee medical, educational and ‘social work’ authorities of Coventry, though called to handle domestic fighting, had not felt minded to protect Daniel from the Polish psychopaths – instead accepting the immigrants’ excuses that Daniel’s cuts and bruises came from him ‘falling off the sofa.’ Naturally, the couple were finally rewarded with multi-million-pound lifetimes of UK taxpayer care, each receiving a prison sentence of ‘at least 30 years.’


 As the Home Office arrested 140 darkies so as to challenge their immigration status (and so as to make the wet Home Secretary, Theresa May, newly diagnosed as a Class I diabetic, look tougher), a wave of whingeing about ‘racial profiling’ emanated from the usual suspects – not least from Doreen Lawrence (mother of a mysteriously slain Black teen --  perhaps because of a drugs bill) whom Labour had decided to elevate to the House of Lords, increasingly ruined by low-life appointments such as Hull trade union champion ‘Two Jags’ incontinently adulterous Prezza Prescott.

{Places in the ruined Lords were normally used to reward parties’ major donors (D. Mail, 2 viii); but very occasionally party idealism and affection overcame their concupiscence.}


The skinheads and oldies of the English Defence League claimed to have gathered 4,000 to march to Birmingham city centre where, amid bottle-throwing from much smaller numbers of Unite Against Fascism lefties and anarchists, they paraded their opposition to Islam while reiterating they were not racist or Nazi let alone anti-Semitic (AmRen, 1 viii).

(However, this effort was somewhat overshadowed by Mueslis having turned out 30,000 in Brum to demand sharia law and condign punishment for all blasphemy against Allah.)


Britain’s (male-)liberated future under Islam was spelled out as ten male Mueslis in their twenties were arrested for trafficking and raping five teenage girls (probably White trash, products of Coventry’s ‘system’ of declining to intervene in hopeless families – especially if they had foreign surnames) (Guardian, 3 viii).

The case followed that of multiple Mueslis in east Oxford drugging, raping and pimping White low-life girls who were made available on a national scale. Whether the Muesli system would prove more effective than the Coventry system in dealing with White dysgenics remained to be seen.


 Britain’s toadocracy [of bankers, barristers, broadcasters and bureaucrats being sluiced with amazing megasalaries so long as they made helpful propaganda for Blair, Brown, Cameron and PeeCee] found itself upstaged as a Canadienne, ‘Moya’ Greene, clocked up a salary of £1.5M (including relocation expenses, bonuses, severance deals, pension pot etc) to flog off Royal Mail and thus end Britain’s oldest and friendliest public service – and the last one to keep an eye on the elderly and isolated, since bakers, milkmen, fishmongers, doctors and paperboys had withdrawn (Guardian, 3 viii).


As Black-‘led’ America lost control of the Middle East – having to abandon its beloved Syrian Solunni rebels, see Iraq go up in smoke as its chosen Shitites could not keep order, evacuate Yemen, bless the Egyptian Army’s dramatic ending of US-backed demakrazy, lick Pakistani *rse, close a score of its embassies for days because of alQueerdo bomb threats and promise nine months of dinners so as to pretend it was solving entrenched and vicious Israeli vs Palestinian hatreds – it suffered the further embarrassment of Russia’s Vladimir Putin cheekily granting asylum to US traitor Edward Snowden (who had proved willing to divulge America’s colossal hoard of internet-gathered worldwide info to all and sundry and would doubtless do even better in hotels provided by the KGB).

Yes, the American century (which had begun with the young Franklin Roosevelt being blackmailed into at last joining WWI in 1917 and continued with Hitler (insanely) declaring war on the USA in 1941) was coming to an end – but at least the country could frack its shale gas, perhaps even to the Chinese if the Mueslis continued their own self-destructive ways and failed to keep ‘their’ own oil flowing.


France, which had been invaded by a half million ‘Roma’ gypsies since the EU mandated mass migration as part of its policy of breaking up countries, found itself increasingly discontented with the thieving and aggressive begging which gypsiedom involved, so fights broke out near Paris between Roma and ‘right-wing’ groups (D. Mail, 3 viii).

{Britain’s turn for the ‘Roma’ treatment would come in 2014, when its temporary exemption from EUlunacy ran out.}


After eight years of Camoronism,  ‘modernizing’ the Tory party as homophilic, handicap-loving, NHS-loving, wymmins liberated and, of course, anti-racist, the Conservatives – despite having lost a third of their hard-core members to UKIP – found themselves condemned by a longstanding top aide, David Laud, as, guess what, “racist” and still “the nasty party” (Sunday Independent, 4 viii).

Would it not have been better to maintain the party’s traditional loyalties while cancelling unemployment ‘benefit’ and dishing out the money saved to those who swept the streets, turned up at council meetings (where they would reliably have booed Edinburgh’s plan for useless trams) and informed cops of criminality?


Britain’s madder wymmin worked themselves into a lather over ‘bomb threats’ on the antisocial website Twitter because they had welcomed the planned appearance of a (very boring) image of Jane Austen on Britain’s £10 note – replacing the great Charles Darwin with her sexless and pacifist stuff (Observer, 4 viii).

Even straggly- and grey-haired wrinkly Cambridge professorine Mary Beard was moved to display her ravaged form on TV to complain she had suffered targeted ‘tweets’ on Twitter.

{Just why Cambridge dons were allowed to spend their time getting irritated at Twitter – where communications could not exceed a distinctly low-IQ 140 characters – was unclear.}

31 July, 2013


Just why ClubMed should be let loose from the European Union to allow the formation of a Nordic League was illustrated dramatically by ghastly incidents of gross negligence. In Spain, a high-speed trainload of pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella was derailed, killing 79 and injuring all others, as the driver admitted going too fast into a corner (and had perhaps been using a mobile phone); in Italy a coach smashed through the wall of a viaduct, killing 39 religious devotees (quite a few of them children); and Venetians were furious that a 110,000-ton tourist ship (i.e. floating factory, carrying 4,500) had steamed within a perilous twenty yards of Venice’s fragile coastline so the captain could wave to shareholder pals (D.Mail, 29 vii) – the same mistake made by the captain of sister ship Costa Concordia which had been driven on to rocks and overturned off Tuscany, killing 32.

{British underperformance was mercifully limited to the overstaffing, overpayment, overholidaying and general uselessness of most public ‘services’* – with ‘unprecedented rainfall’ and unusual sunshine (which most plants plainly loved) contributing to moaning by farmers etc.}

*By 2013, the main ‘service’ provided was to play Vivaldi music to telephone callers – at callers’ expense. Britain’s once advanced and much loved telephone system had become a nightmare because of the refusal of ‘services’ to answer their phones in a timely manner. But at least the death rate was low – except for patients placed by the NHS on the infamous ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ and for citizens murdered by drug-crazed Blacks or mown down by Polish drivers.


As both the right and left in Britain broke up (the right over the EU bullying, the left over TU bullying – and funding), one great unifying force remained: cowardice lest any politico find himself accused of the dread ‘racism’ which the left had managed to demonize. Thus it was not only ‘Liberals’ who deplored a Government advert to illegal immigrants saying ‘Go home or face arrest’ and giving helpful websites: even UKIP quickly joined in, saying it found the ad ‘distasteful.’ Yes, Britain was united in its new religion, from which only invisibly minor departures on issues of public spending (i.e. further debt amassment) were tolerated by the BBC and kindred establishment.


 After a decade of multiculti twaddle, as obliged by American demakrazy which had given Shitites unaccustomed power, the Supreme Fartwallah of Iraq, wishing to excuse the latest murder by car bombs in a single day of fifty Shitites, decided to admit that Iraqi violence – in which scores died weekly – was not a ‘rebellion’ against his government (cf. claims for Solunni fighters in Syria) but “a sectarian matter.”


 The full hilarity of Western policy in Whackyland was exposed as Tallyhoes (‘fought’ by America for twelve years in Afghoonistan and latterly by drones in great US ally Pakiland itself) broke into a Pek prison – using rocket-propelled grenades etc -- and freed 250, including dozens of hardline Muesli militants. The Tallyho attack lasted 4½ hours and killed six police and six Shitites (one of whom was beheaded). The Pek Army – the true rulers of corrupt, violent and impoverished Pakiland -- had always refused to put the Tallyhoes down finally because they wanted them to help fight India.

{How the Russians must have laughed at all this nonsense – and wondered why the West had not sought help relocating mad Mueslis to Siberia!}


Australians were able to breathe a sigh of relief as star left-loon Grauniad columnist, Oz-born-and-bred Jonathan Pilger, 73, was wheeled out to declare that the Workers’ Paradise was a “crudely racist country” which now came equipped (under PM Kevin Rudd) with a racist government (30 vii).

Any who had doubts about the new policy of diverting boats of ‘refugees’ from Ceylon to outback PNG (q.v.) would have been reassured that such a longstanding expert on world affairs interpreted Oz as wanting to defend Western civilization, with its basis in the White race, rather than stuff itself with Arabs, Whackystanis, Tamils and others who had so conspicuously failed to make a go of their own countries.

It was especially notable and welcome that a whole continent had been identified as ‘racist’ by a leading leftist, for this offered the sane a base around which they could rally. Pilger was to crown his lifetime achievements with a film about Oz, ironically (to him) called ‘Utopia.’


 The Daily Mail hailed the “apparent” decision of the Duchess of Cambridge to give Boy George his birthright as being in line with the latest American research (30 vii) – though this research was not as sophisticated as the British research of the 1990s which had led to TgF drawing the same conclusion (that fatty oils were magic for babies, giving a 5-IQ-point boost regardless of the IQ of the mother).


 Such was the achievement of Britain’s 60 years of socialist-led ‘welfare state’ that, by 2013, state schools classified a quarter of their boys as having ‘special educational needs’ – i.e. ‘learning difficulties’ (abysmal IQ), speech and language problems, and autism (D. Mail, 31 vii). Officials reckoned some of the claims were to cover teacher inefficiency (for which no evidence was provided); and schools were certainly paid thousands of pounds extra for each child they reported as a basket case ooops handicapped. Still, it was teachers themselves – trusted pillars of the community.... – who gave the 25% estimate, indicating a tenfold increase in stupidity under socialism (and cowardly Tory imitationism).

    More generally, state-charged ‘disablement’ was especially common in bonny socialist Scottieland, costing UK taxpayers £593pa per each Scottish head as compared to £416 per Englishman.


 The wretched monopoly BBC was reduced by pressure groups (e.g. Child Poverty Action) to the indignity of condemning its own star broadcaster John Humphrys after he mentioned on air the possibility that the welfare state might have become a vast scam and dependency culture (D. Mail, 31 vii).

{Sadly for the Beeb and its Labour backers, polls showed ordinary Brits rejecting welfarism  -- since the chief beneficiaries were plainly Blecks, Peks, Whackylanders and assorted ‘asylum seekers’ who had done nothing to sort out their own countries.}


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