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After weeks of ethnic conflict in Urumqi, the capital of 91%-Han China’s vast northwestern Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Province, Beijing’s Xinhua News Agency was glad to suggest by the end of July that an end to the troubles was in sight (20 vii). The 197 dead and several thousand injured and/or arrested, as embittered Uighurs protested against Han ‘oppression,’ had led even to accusations of ‘genocide’ (from the Prime Minister of Uighur-sympathetic Turkey). But Xinhua reported that Urumqi was hosting a major multicultural beauty contest, involving co-operative lovelies from all over central Asia:

With heart-throbbing music, 45 models from different ethnic groups such as Han, Uygur, Kazak and Hui, presented their beauty and energy on the red carpet-covered platform. "We miss the people dead (in the riots), but we also should cast off the shadow as early as possible,” said Zhang Tiantian, hostess of the preliminary contest for the 2009 Miss Tourism International in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. “We should make our lives more beautiful with a more positive attitude, and this is the special significance of today’s contest,” she said.

Friendships among Han and Uighur models and clothes designers were reported; and a teacher of one of the university graduate model girls said "This small venue is full of enthusiasm and innervation [sic]. No one will have a slight feeling of shadow. This is the best remedy for Urumqi." – Though whether this was anything more than the pieties of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair about Northern Ireland (where ethnic peace was mainly kept by scores of miles of barbed-wire-topped walls) remained to be seen. {By late July, China had in Xinjiang some 130,000 of the People’s Armed Police and some 40,000 troops of the People’s Liberation Army.}


A possible problem for Chinese plans for world domination came to light as a top water official in Hubei Province dropped dead at age 47 from excessive drinking (Breaking News 24/7, 20 vii). The previous week, a top Guangdong official had gone into alcoholic coma during a high-level Communist lunch ooops discussion. Apparently, heavy drinking had become the norm for Chinese-Communist officialdom – as it had been among the apparatchiks of the Soviet Union:

The two cases highlight the heavy ritualized role drinking plays in business and government circles in China. Bai jiu, the potent rice liquor, is a permanent presence at elaborate banquets, where “Gan bei,” or “Bottoms up,” is the official toast.

“Drinking with official guests or other officials at alcohol-soaked events is considered part of the job,” Professor Li Changyan of Peking University was quoted as saying. Li said banquets are a mandatory exercise in welcoming VIPs and are usually covered by government funds.

He said government officials spend about 500 billion yuan ($73 billion) in public funds each year on official banquets, nearly one-third of the nation’s expenses on dining out.


Surprisingly, the left-of-centre Independent newspaper allowed belated description of the violent 1964 revolution in Zanzibar when Blacks overthrew the Sultan, had the streets running with blood and triggered mayhem against Indians and Muslims in wider East Africa lasting ten years and then some (20 vii, ‘Darkness in paradise’):

They slaughtered anyone who looked Arab and some Indians too, took their daughters to rape and use, confiscated their properties and banished many. To this day there is no list of the dead – those tortured and dumped into the sea – the disappeared and the exiles. A few years on, the coup leaders went for Zanzibari Persians, plucked several beautiful young girls of the most affluent families – some as young as 14 – and forced them into marriage with brutish military men.

But tolerance of this rehearsal of crimes by Blacks was more understandable in view of the Zanzibar revolutionaries having once been enslaved (to Arabs) and the writer herself being minority (Mueslie) columnist Jasmin Alibhai Brown – who had occasionally visited the island by ferry from Dar-es-Salaam with her mother while growing up Shia in Kampala.


The gross over-use of accusations of ‘racism’ was nicely illustrated as Harvard’s top expert in Afro-American Studies, literary critic and public intellectual, mulatto Henry Louis ‘Skip’ Gates Jr (partly British and Jewish as shown by DNA testing – see above), amazed onlookers by shouting at police from his front porch near Harvard Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts (CNN, 21 vii; Bloomberg, 21 vii). A female passer-by had called police at 12:44p.m., 16th July, on seeing two Black men (in fact Gates and a North African taxi driver) trying to force a door (the door to Gates’ home, which had apparently become jammed by a failed burglary attempt while Gates had been away in China).

On being asked to identify himself, the self-important and possibly tired-and-emotional Gates, 58, decided to let his feeling of insult take over and hurled abuse (“Race-baiting authoritarian!”, “This is what happens to Black men in America,” “Do you know who I am?” and “You don’t know who you’re messing with”) at cops till he was handcuffed (Guardian, 22 vii), still hollering, and taken off to the local police station to be photographed, fingerprinted and charged with ‘loud, disorderly and tumultuous conduct.’ Gates had been named by Time magazine in 1997 as among the 25 most influential living Americans.

{Over subsequent days, faced with an MSM firestorm and doubtless many phone calls from Harvard, the police dropped Gates’ listing for arraignment. Gates himself was awarded a TV contract to whine about White racism.}

Saint Barry Obarmy, like Gates, had a ready-made reaction to events: "I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three-what I think we know separate and apart from this incident-is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact.”

Many of Gates' African-American colleagues believed his arrest was part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge, said Allen Counter, who had taught neuroscience at Harvard for 25 years. Counter said he had been stopped on campus by two Harvard police officers in 2004 after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. They threatened to arrest him when he could not produce identification. “We do not believe that this arrest would have happened if Professor Gates was White,” Counter said. “It really has been very unsettling for African-Americans throughout Harvard and throughout Cambridge that this happened.”

An ‘outraged’ Gates demanded an apology from the arresting police sergeant, James Crowley. "This isn't about me; this is about the vulnerability of black men in America," Gates said. He said the incident made him realize how vulnerable poor people and minorities were "to capricious forces like a rogue policeman, and this man clearly was a rogue policeman." But Crowley refused to cringe, saying he had the support of his police colleagues for how he had handled events. Crowley’s previous claim to fame was as a campus police officer at Brandeis University in July 1993 when he unsuccessfully administered CPR trying to save the life of former Boston Celtics player, Reggie Lewis, who was Black and collapsed and died during an off-season workout.

The whole matter could have been sorted out so easily except that, if the cosseted Gates had made that one small step to being a respectable citizen, i.e. had complied with police to sort out his identity, it would have done tremendous damage to his psyche: he would have destroyed the one part of his persona that had got him his Harvard privileges in the first place -- the part that said he was a disrespected and victimized citizen.

Online polls in Massachusetts (a ‘liberal’ state) showed strong support for the White arresting officer. A police union also came to his defense, as did most of the many correspondents of the Boston Globe (Reuters, 23 vii). A female former police radio officer pointed out that the professor should have been grateful to his neighbour and police for prompt action to prevent apparent burglary of his property (Chicago Tribune, 23 vii).

It turned out that Sgt Crowley had for several years taught a class for police on ‘racial profiling’ – having been selected to do so by a Black police chief. The interchange between Crowley and Gates had been relayed by police radio to police HQ, where senior officers said it was clear that Gates had been given many opportunities to calm down before handcuffs were applied (ABC News, 23 vii). Jim Carnell, union representative of the Boston Patrolmen Association, said the president's comments are unforgivable. "With one sentence, our president set this country back 100 years. For the President of the United States to use a prime-time news conference to push through comments in favor of his friend that cast police officers in this country as stupid is unforgiveable," Carnell said at the headquarters of Boston police.

Guardian correspondents (24 vii) were divided as to whether Gates was an egotistical uppity n*gga milking his opportunity for enhanced status as an expert on racial victimization. But few or none noted the simple point that the most reasonable first guess, on seeing two Black men forcing a door of a gracious house in leafy Harvard Square, would be that the men were burglars. Nor was it asked why luminary Prof. Gates had not asked his taxi driver to phone police to advise of the pair’s intent to smash a front door open in full view of potentially worried neighbours. {However, one correspondent sagely observed: “The only racism I can see in this incident came from Henry Gates. Would he have abused the police officer if the officer had been black? Almost certainly not.The only motive for Gates behavior, by his own admission, was the cop’s skin color and Gates race-based assumptions about him.” Yes: Sgt Crowley had made proper examinations to see if Gates was a burglar; but Prof. Gates had assumed -- and thrown a hissy fit without evidence -- that Crowley was a racist.}

An American Spectator correspondent (24 vii) recalled the words of the noted Black (actually mulatto) educator, Booker T. Washington 1815-1915 (who wrote Up from Slavery in 1901 and was much admired as a scholar by Hans Eysenck): “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

By 25 vii, Obarma sensibly rowed back, saying his words had not been well ‘calibrated,’ and announced that both Gates and Crowley had accepted his invitation to a reconciliatory beer. But Gates continued to insist that Crowley would have to regard the experience as ‘a teaching moment’ and was in this backed up by the liberal Huffington Post, which along with the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, called for a revived national discussion of racial profiling.


In the dog days of NuLabour, with Parliament on holiday for three months, Blairite Alan Milburn, recruited by Grumpy Gordon to think the unthinkable about education and social mobility (Daily Telegraph leader, 21 vii), came up with the same view as Sir Cyril Burt in the 1940s: that something needed to be done about “bright children from poor homes.” So what was to be done, given that Labour had spent the previous 50 years deriding and tearing down Burt’s grammar schools and failing to introduce the selection promised by Rev. Blair in 1996? Blissfully ignoring Labour’s proven sustained unwillingness to give special help (i.e. education) to bright kids, Milburn came up with ‘educational vouchers’ as the way forward – as had the right-wing Institute for Economic Affairs by 1980. But whether Milburn would allow schools to offer places more ‘cheaply’ to bright children and how the newly acknowledged ‘brightness’ would be allowed to be tested remained obscure (deliberately so, since lefties of Britain’s ‘educational’ system would wreck any such proposals just as c. 2004 they wrecked Rev. Blair’s ‘independent’ business-funded Academies by insisting these new schools could not be allowed to be selective of their intakes). (Milburn also suggested elocution classes – as had been popular with Scots of 1720, adapting to the Union).


Not content with pretending that 50% of kids deserved to go to university, that British troops in Afghanistan had enough helicopters, that the economic bubble & crunch was due to bankers, that knife crime was going down thanks to its efforts, that Black over-representation in crime figures was due to police racism, that British-dwelling Mueslis were British patriots, that Britain’s schoolteachers were anything more than lobotomized Labour multiculti apparatchiks and that foxhunting was the cruellest way of exterminating foxes, peecee NuLabour even rigged the Miss England beauty contest to award the title to the mulatto daughter of a Black criminal (thief, girlfriend-beater and drug artist – murdered in 1996 by other Black drug dealers). She had come only 49th (out of 54) in ratings by 10,000 phone-in viewers who had each paid £1 to register their opinions (Sun, 22 vii; Daily Mail, 22 vii).


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Some history.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Anyone think Wiggers vs Chinks in Sinkiang just a little local technocratic problem to be solved by a little Sarkozy-style affirmative action? Think again, said the Montreal Gazette’s Norman Webster (12 vii): “….they really don't like each other. I innocently put the question of intermarriage to a local Uighur. "No!" he almost shouted. He was really insulted.” Apparently the Chinese authorities close religious schools, discourage the veil and decide who may make the pilgrimage to Mecca. According to Uighurs, after the toy factory brawl, Han websites had called for the killing of all Uighurs in China.


Astonishingly invited on to the Beeb’s top politics show (BBC 1, 12 vii), run by Andrew Marr (previously top political correspondent and latterly promoted to top intellectual, running Radio 4’s ‘Start the Week’ [previously the fief of Lord Barggs]), BNP leader Nick Griffin, with his red-white-and-blue-striped tie only slightly askew, put up a passable defence against the inevitable accusations of ‘fascism’ (countering by calling HMG and the EU ‘fascist’). Sadly, his positive proposals were moderate in the extreme: after sinking the boats of sub-Saharan asylum seekers in the Mediterranean, he would throw the drowning Africans life-rafts – so they could apparently start all over again; and his scheme for repatriation of third-world-originating immigrants involved nothing more than the standard Lib-Lab-Con policy of financially assisting the return of any immigrants who got fed up with Britain – ideas of insisting on learning English, having educational qualifications, having a regular job, owning property or having a sizeable bank account and/or an English-speaking spouse did not seem to occur.

Still, the interview was not the disaster it could have been, and the brave NG lived to fight another day. Most notably, NG was able to reveal to half-a-million viewers that the latest version of the ‘Anti-Nazi League’ [which had bullied E.LU. into sacking me], now styling itself ‘Unite Against Fascism,’ was funded by all main British political parties, including the cowardly ‘Conservatives.’ Giving his 2-minute maiden speech to the European Parliament, NG condemned British politicians as hypocritical when they complained of electoral violence in Iran while, at home, UAF thugs were allowed to attack the BNP with “bricks, darts and claw-hammers.”


As Han Chinese police shot dead in the street two Wiggers (supposedly hacking with blades at another Wigger, a security guard at a mosque) in sensitive Urumqi, Muesli quangoes in Iran, Indonesia, Turkey and Algeria (14 vii) denounced Chinese ‘racism,’ ‘genocide,’ ‘imperialism’ etc. – if not yet with quite the enthusiasm which they reserved for condemning America and Britain. In vast but divided Sinkiang Province (the same size as Texas), groups linked to Al Qaeda claimed to have launched a jihad, or holy war against China and promised to avenge the blood of Uyghurs against Chinese commercial interests all over the world. The Beijing-controlled China Daily urged Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan, who had personally condemned the Xinjiang killings as “like genocide,” to "take back his remarks ... which constitute interference in China's internal affairs" (Washington Post, 14 vii).

Han Chinese officials in Yining city, about 700 km (435 miles) west of Urumqi, announced that more than 70 members of two "violent gangs" had been rounded up, the semi-official China News portal reported. A prominent Uighur intellectual, Ilham Tohti, an outspoken economist, disappeared from his Beijing home and a group of 158 Chinese writers, students and intellectuals issued a public appeal for his release – a devolopment likely to further antagonize the Beijing authorities. Xinjiang's governor accused Tohti's website of helping "to orchestrate the incitement" of the previous week's rioting. Stirling Assynt, a fact-finding organization for businessmen, estimated that hundreds of thousands of Chinese worked in the Middle East and north Africa, including 50,000 in Algeria alone – so could readily be targeted by Al Qaeda.

The left threw its weight behind its Muesli brothers – with the Socialist Worker talking of “the militarised Chinese state” “oppressing”, “crushing” and “harshly punishing” the Uighur “so-called lawbreakers.” (18 vii). Al Qaeda websites recorded high animosity to Han Chinese. "Chop off their heads at their workplaces or in their homes to tell them that the time of enslaving Muslims has gone," read one posting reproduced by the Daily Telegraph (14 vii). Governments of several Muslim countries (e.g. Pakistan, Kazakhstan) obliged Beijing by saying the affair was an ‘internal’ matter for China and that they did not support separatism; but, as the Financial Times observed, “public opinion in at least some of these countries is a different matter” (14 vii). In the Gaza Strip, Hamas said the unrest in Urumqi would harm China's ties to the Muslim world. In Urumqi, Chinese officials threatened to execute rioters. China warned its workers in Algeria to step up security precautions, asked the Philippines for enhanced protection of the Chinese Embassy and asked the Melbourne Film Festival to withdraw a film sympathetic to Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer. The World Uighur Congress (WUC) claimed that the death toll of Uighurs in Urumqi had exceeded 800.


In view of the complete failure of the Conservatives and BNP to come up with any mentionable policies, or even to adopt the general principles of FAMILY and FREEDOM long urged here, a kick in the pants seemed necessary. Let’s cut the cackle and demolish the post-1870 British state [which invented the ‘education’ which inevitably (in neosocialist hands) became peecee propaganda], cutting government spending by 20% per year and giving the saved money to people who have lived in Britain for more than 50 years – with the stipulation that they spend it on others and that at least 50% of recipients of the largesse be under 25 and not in the immediate families of donors. Let’s call it Senior to Junior – abbreviated as ‘S2J.’ Simple and mentionable enough? Something Dave and the Nicks need not be shamefaced about? A practical basis for an anti-socialist electoral pact? {Why do I bother?....}


The full hilarity of modern America and its pretensions to egalitarian piety about Blacks (piety first enforced for fifty years by the UK’s Royal Navy as a way of damping down the USA’s successful system of slavery, but finally taken to heart as if part of the US Constitution) was revealed by an ordinary High School teacher, Christopher Jackson, in the Deep South’s great city of Birmingham [pop. 300K], Alabama: [“Birmingham’s WebPortal for Urban Lifestyles,” showing predictable interest in Barry Obama, Michael Jackson and Alabama lovelies], 10 vii.

In an apparently authentic article that should have been inset as a verbal aid into all London School writings of the previous thirty years, the teacher dispassionately and good-humouredly recounted the noisiness, stupidity, ignorance, chauvinism, lewdness and racism of Bleck ‘high school’ youf after fifty years of America pandering to them. Since it was inconceivable that the web message would long remain posted, here is a sample.
….Many black people, especially black women, are enormously fat. Some are so fat I had to arrange special seating to accommodate their bulk. I am not saying there are no fat white students -- there are -- but it is a matter of numbers and attitudes. Many black girls simply do not care that they are fat. There are plenty of white anorexics, but I have never met or heard of a black anorexic.

“Black women be big Mr. Jackson,” my students would explain.

“Is it okay in the black community to be a little overweight?” I ask. Two obese black girls in front of my desk begin to dance, “You know dem boys lak juicy fruit, Mr. Jackson.”

“Juicy” is a colorful black expression for the buttocks.

Blacks, on average, are the most directly critical people I have ever met: “Dat shirt stupid. Yo’ kid a bastard. Yo’ lips big.” Unlike Whites, who tread gingerly around the subject of race, they can be brutally to the point. Once I needed to send a student to the office to deliver a message. I asked for volunteers, and suddenly you would think my classroom was a bastion of civic engagement. Thirty dark hands shot into the air. My students loved to leave the classroom and slack off, even if just for a few minutes, away from the eye of white authority.

I picked a light-skinned boy to deliver the message. One very black student was indignant: “You pick da half-breed.” And immediately other blacks take up the cry, and half a dozen mouths are screaming, “He half-breed.”

….There was a lot of promiscuous sex among my students and this led to violence. Black girls were constantly fighting over black boys. It was not uncommon to see two girls literally ripping each other’s hair out with a police officer in the middle trying to break up the fight. The black boy they were fighting over would be standing by with a smile, enjoying the show he had created. For reasons I cannot explain, boys seldom fought over girls.

….One of my students was a notorious drug dealer. Everyone knew it. He was 19 years old and in eleventh grade. Once he got a score of three out of 100 on a test. He had been locked up four times since he was 13.

One day, I asked him, “Why do you come to school?”

He wouldn’t answer. He just looked out the window, smiled, and sucked air through his teeth. His friend Yidarius ventured an explanation: “He get dat green and get dem females.”

“What is the green?” I asked. “Money or dope?” “Both,” said Yidarius with a smile.

A very fat black interrupted from across the room: “We get dat lunch,” Mr. Jackson. “We gotta get dat lunch and brickfuss.” He means the free breakfast and lunch poor students get every day. “Nigga, we know’d you be lovin’ brickfuss!” shouts another student.

Some readers may believe that I have drawn a cruel caricature of black students. After all, according to official figures some 85 percent of them graduate. It would be instructive to know how many of those scraped by with barely a C- record. They go from grade to grade and they finally get their diplomas because there is so much pressure on teachers to push them through. It saves money to move them along, the school looks good, and the teachers look good.

The posting was probably only possible because of the devout “faith in God” of the website’s organizers – with the commitment to truth-telling about reality that true Christian piety can bring. Other parts of the website seemed sincere in urging Blacks to avoid calling each other “mother-fuckers,” “hoes”[i.e. whores], “bitches” and “lame-assed niggas” (19 vi).


Top children’s writer Philip Pullman (author of His Dark Materials) refused to be vetted for non-paedophilia, rejecting NuLabour Home Office regulations (requiring all ‘in contact with children’ to prove they were not paedophiles) as “outrageous, demeaning, insulting, dispiriting and sinister” (Classic FM Radio, 16 vii). Pullman was joined by children’s authors Anne Fine, Michael Morpurgo, Anthony Horowitz and Quentin Blake in his anti-paedohysteria and refusal to undertake any more visits to schoolchild fans in Britain (BBC, 16 vii). Labour’s job-creative vetting scheme was to cost £64 per person from October and was to apply to some five million persons annually (in the education, health and welfare ‘services’).


Revellers at the shindig in Chicago of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (the society founded by Hans Eysenck to back hereditarianism and realism in psychology) found that not a single conference paper mentioned the dreaded words ‘race,’ ‘g factor’ or sex’ [except in the sense of ‘gender’], so young race realist scholars had plenty of time on their hands for gargling and googling (though not for gawping, given ISSID’s perennial paucity of glamour girls). – ISSID’s bores could be checked out here.


While America’s liberal-left Newsweek assured its readers that Europeans had nothing to fear from Muesli colonization, it transpired that France had no less than 750 no-go areas run by Muslim gangs (under a mixture of Sharia law and mafia control) and that Muslim authorities estimated that Muslims approached becoming 20% of the population (at 12M out of 61M) (Brussels Journal, 16 vii). French youths had burned 317 cars and wounded 13 police officers overnight during the traditional bout of Muesli street violence on the eve of the Bastille Day national holiday, July 14th, police said (AmRen, 15 vii).


Bosses at Dresden Zoo professed themselves mortified to learn (from Black German protesters) that staff had named a newborn monkey ‘Obama.’ Apparently no-one in Germany had ever read Kant or thought there might be even the faintest resemblance between Blacks and monkeys (AmRen, 14 vii).


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Some history.


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Faced with massive ‘Camp of the Saints’-style invasion from Africa and a comparable influx of E.U.-blessed Romanian gypsies, Italy took new legal powers to return all non-agreed immigrants, to punish Italians who assisted such illegals, and to build more steel walls to segregate unruly immigrants (e.g. in the left-run city of Padua) (BNP, 3 vii).

{The BNP leader, Nick Griffin, threw in his own two-penn’orth by suggesting the boats be sunk – his ‘intemperate’ comment perhaps explaining why other ‘far right’ groups in the European Parliament had declined to go into what would have been a money-making alliance with the BNP.}


The extent of peecee infiltration in Britain was given a visual aid as even the (generally right-of-centre paedophile-bashing tabloid, though maintaining a hotline to wymmin) Daily Mail chose to illustrate Britain’s growing problem of forced marriages with an entirely misleading picture of a White bride and groom (2 vii).


After years of the Chinese pretending to be a Muesli-loving and third-world-sympathizing country – while grabbing minerals from Africa – they found themselves up against lowish-IQ Muesli fury in the Sinkiang capital of Ürümqi (about 2.5M, the same size as Greater Glasgow) where hundreds of homes, cars and people suffered damage and at least 200 died. I told a Kansas supporter:

” I have long thought the Chinese arrangements re copyright a model of libertarianism which we should emulate. Likewise in China you can criticize Catholicism, Japs, nignogs, Tibetans, Taiwanese, Mueslis, Falun Gong, paedohysteria etc. -- just so long as you don't criticise the Gummint. Now that Uighur vs Han things are kicking off in Sinkiang (See here and here), I imagine we will soon be glad that the Chinks are killing far more Mueslis than we managed in Eyeraq and Afghaniland. The Chinks seem set to get the West’s chestnuts out of the fire vs Mueslis, just as the Russkies did 1941ff. vs the similarly unreliable Hun (or at least Hitler).”

It was important to observe that mineral- and gas-rich Sinkiang (aka Xinjiang Province) had been massively colonized by the Han Chinese since 1945, especially its capital of Urumchi (Urumqi), so a full-blown civil war among Sinkiang’s 18M people probably lay ahead. At last the West, in its 20-year long battle with Muesli fanatics, had some high-IQ and hard-fighting friends – though many Europeans would be tempted to criticize Chinese ‘authoritarianism’ and the 1948 Nato Alliance obliged the West to defend Turkey if it were attacked by China. (Also, Americal liberals seemed set to be shocked by China: the Huffington Post observed (6 vii) “The Bush administration's blind haste to launch a global war on terrorism provided Beijing with the ultimate excuse to crackdown on the Uyghurs. China's pledge of support for the U.S. campaign was secured by having our State Department place an obscure Uyghur group on the watch list of global terrorist organizations. In one fell swoop Washington blessed Han Chinese racism and granted Beijing a license to hunt Uyghurs at will.”)

Crowds of Uighur protesters about perhaps scores (some said hundreds) of Uighur and Han dead and injured at a South China toy factory (in Guangdong Province, after two Uighurs had been blamed for rapes), found their way blocked by armed riot police and proceeded to turn on Han people spied in buses and shops. Bloggers said over 100 buses were destroyed. This was the largest Uighur (a Turkic group) vs Han clash since 1997. In Peking, authorities blamed the violence on “separatists” living outside China and closed down the internet and Twitter in Sinkiang. Especially blamed was Ms Rebiya Kadeer, a successful Uighur businesswoman, and a member of China’s National People’s Congress, who had been jailed for nearly six years as a political dissident and had then gone into exile in the United States. (Rebiya Kadeer had published a book, Dragon Fighter, to which the Dalai Llama had contributed a Foreword.) Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the Germany-based World Uighur Congress, cited eyewitness reports that the army had used machine guns and then enforced a curfew specifically against Uighurs; meanwhile, Communist Party militants scoured the streets for Uighur people.

Dozens of demonstrators (presumably Muslims) were arrested in the Hague after a crowd of some 200 had smashed windows in the Chinese Embassy and set light to a Chinese flag.

By 7th July, Chinese police had arrested 1,500 in Urumchi and thousands of Han had marched through the streets of the provincial capital carrying meat cleavers, metal pipes and wooden clubs and shouting ‘Protect our homes and families!’, ‘Uighurs are beasts!’ and ‘Attack Uighurs!’ Han rioters smashed Uighur restaurants, threw rocks at a mosque and threatened residents of Uighur areas, although moderates in the crowd attempted to restrain them. Over 20,000 armed police, special police, firefighters and troops had been sent to Urumchi to quell the unrest. The city was placed under total curfew from 9p.m. (13:00GMT).

In all this, lack of reliable information from either a free press or the Chinese government fuelled the wildest rumours.

From New Delhi, the All-India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat [umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations] condemned the ‘reign of terror’ unleashed by the Chinese security forces and the Chinese Han settlers in “Xinjiang” or Eastern Turkestan, on the Uighur Muslims (SahilOnline, 8 vii).

{Xinjiang, called East Turkestan by Muslims, is a major corridor for Chinese trade and energy ties with Central Asia, and is itself rich in gas, minerals, and agricultural production. After converting to Islam in the 10th century, the Uyghurs adopted the Arabic alphabet, and its use became common in the 11th century. Large Qing Dynasty forces under the overall command of General Zuo Zongtang attacked East Turkestan in 1876. Fearing Tsarist expansion into East Turkestan, Great Britain supported the Manchu invasion forces through loans by British banks (mostly through Boston Bank, located in Hong Kong).

After this invasion, East Turkestan was renamed "Xinjiang" or "Sinkiang", which means "New Dominion" or "New Territory", and it was annexed by the Manchu empire on November 18, 1884. The name ‘Uighur’ was revived in 1921 as a generic description for the oasis-dwellers of Xinjiang. Mao-tse Tung took over Sinkiang in 1949 after all Uighur leaders died in a mysterious plane crash. The Chinese subsequently destroyed the old Uighur capital of Kashgar. A joint China-Kazakhstan oil pipeline was also recently completed, giving China access to its Central Asian neighbors resources. With 80 percent of China’s oil imports coming by sea, Beijing moved in the past few years to diversify its energy options through cooperation with its Central Asian neighbors. In addition to the pipelines that run through its deserts, Xinjiang is energy-rich it its own right – oil and gas account for 60 percent of the region’s GDP, though providing jobs mainly for Han Chinese.

It is no secret that Uighur rebels have found sanctuary in the neighbouring Tajikistan, an impoverished Central Asian country. They operate from the mountainous region where Tajikistan's security forces find the harsh weather and the tough terrain major obstacles in their fight against the Uighurs and Islamic rebel groups from Uzbekistan.}


As the Silly Season approached, both Tories and Socialists tried to rise to the task of being as comical as possible – about immigration, especially by the 2.5K young Afghan, Iraqi and Somali males waiting in ‘The Jungle’ outside Calais for a chance to get smuggled across the Channel. The ‘Conservatives’ proposed unspecified billions to beef up Britain’s ‘border security’ (which had never been known to keep out a single £10K-fee-paying immigrant who expected to recoup his investment within a year from Britain’s ‘welfare state’); and the wretches of the dismal and discredited NuLabour government announced they would actually pay £15M to the French to try to induce and enable them to identify the jungly would-be immigrants (all of whom could be identified for 1p each using a torch) (BNP, 7 vii). The idea of recruiting all unwanted immigrants into a TaskForce for Africa had evidently not occurred to the country’s jaded humourists.


The learning curve for Chinese Communists steepened as Urumchi airport was packed with fleeing Uighurs, Han mobs protested at soldiers arresting young men attacking Muslim Uighurs and their property, a thousand headscarved Uighur women threatened suicide over their husbands’ detention and Chinese President Hu Jintao had to rush back from his G8 dalliance with Berlusconi’s babes to get a grip on soaring ethnic animosity (Reuters, 8 vii). In Urumchi, Li Yufang, a Han who owned a clothes store, told journalists he was outraged by what had happened over the weekend and wanted to protest again, although he admitted it would be hard amid the heavy presence of troops. "Uighurs are spoiled like pandas,” he said. “When they steal, rob, rape or kill, they can get away with it. If we Han did the same thing, we'd be executed."

China's chief police officer, Meng Jianzhu, state councilor and public security minister, urged no leniency in the punishment and re-education of separatist-organized Uighur “thugs” who took part in the Urumqi riot and who would be executed. India’s business newspaper, LiveMint, took the opportunity “to remind colleagues in Beijing that the route to jihad lies through the old Silk Road”; and added “Perhaps, in more perceptive moments, Beijing will realize the dubious role of countries such as {China’s long-standing ‘ally’} Pakistan in spreading unrest in the region.”

Meanwhile Beijing poured in another 20,000 police and soldiers and vowed to execute the killers; and journalists confirmed that most of the early 140 dead had been Han (possibly killed after government forces opened fire on Uighur protesters). But the trouble would come as Uighurs fleeing to the countryside and southern cities (Hotan, Kashgar) provoked their eight million coreligionists to turn on the Han, who were distinctly in the minority outside Urumchi in a province that was thirty times the size of Scotland.

Hundreds protested in Ankara, Turkey, demanding “Stop China!” {The Chinese authorities must have been regretting they had not clamped down earlier on Uighur uppitiness and rapism. Instead, they had adopted Western multicultural lingo and allowed Uighurs ‘universities’ where no Mandarin need be spoken – rather like in Britain’s peecee ‘universities’ where, by the 1990s, English grammar and punctuation and free speech had become relics of the past.}

{For China’s main ethnic groups, see Washington Post, 8 vii. Uighurs made up a half of China’s Muslims. There had once been a Uighur area of Beijing, famed for its exotic fare, grapes, melons, drug dealing and crime; but it had been demolished in the course of Beijing’s modernization. Understandably, AmRen correspondents were divided on the Wiggers vs Chinks issue – and startlingly unlikely to appeal to IQ as the decider (6 vii).}


As White-skinned, white-gloved, White-kidded, boy-bedding and monkey-loving ‘Black’ Michael Jackson was given a private funeral attended almost exclusively by Blacks, fans (including many pathetic Black-worshipping Whites) had to learn that MJ, despite his occasional protestations of Mohammedanism (and use of bodyguards from the Nation of Islam), actually died a Jehovah’s Witness, believing with his family that he and his co-religionists alone would go to heaven and that almost all of his fans would fry in hell. Just when even the dullest of the King of PaedoPop’s followers would realize they had been conned became a matter of keen speculation.


The BNP was understandably cock-a-hoop (8 vii) to discover a Harvard-educated senior American journalist (esp. at Weekly Standard) and contributor to the London Review of Books (e.g. 9 vii) and to London’s top paper, the Financial Times (e.g. 3 vii – elegantly analysing and complaining about ‘affirmative action’), who had published (with celebrated Penguin Books [Allen Lane]) Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West* which took seriously the Muesli challenge to the West’s Christianity, liberalism and socialism. However, while it was nice to think of the BNP coming out for liberalism as it lately had for Christianity, it had to be said that Christopher Caldwell’s informed and judicious warnings (e.g. FT, 26 vi 2009) could equally serve rightist backers of the family (as against homosexuality, on-line gambling, pornography, compulsory sex education, a 50% divorce rate, humanitarian ‘interventions’ [i.e. wars], dumbed-down schools, the ensaintment of Blacks, welfare dependency and state spending) a demonstration that there could well be something to be said for Islam after all.

As Caldwell himself wrote: “It is certain that Europe will emerge changed from its confrontation with Islam. It is far less certain that Islam will prove assimilable' since 'when an insecure, malleable, relativistic culture meets a culture that is anchored, confident, and strengthened by common doctrines, it is generally the former that changes to suit the latter.” And Caldwell’s coquettishness towards the BNP extended to only one mention of the party in his new book – for he wanted to say that most European ‘fascist’ parties were not anti-Islam, so as not to tar his own reservations about Islam prematurely with the fascist brush.

* Reviewed in FT, 9 v 2009 by historian Mark Mazower; and at Institute of Race Relations, 2 vii by ‘Eurabia’ expert/enthusiast Matt Carr.


In a new low for British ‘justice,’ jail sentences of five and two years respectively were handed down by Leeds Crown Court to race stirrers, graduates (in maths and languages) Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (see earlier), for online uploadings in America of criticisms of Jews and other minorities which the wholly peecee BBC said involved “language and racial slurs” so awful that it could not bring itself to tell the British public exactly what had been written by the pair (10 vii). Judge Rodney Grant said the material was "abusive and insulting" and could cause "grave social harm." (More helpfully for students of the ever-more-bizarre state of English ‘law,’ anti-anti-Semite Denis McShane MP had been allowed to tell Spectator readers that the term “kike vermin” had been used (11 x).)

As with reporting of paedophilia, the British press, despite having had eighteen months to gather details of the pair’s motivations, to examine their claim for asylum in America,* to assess the accuracy of their claims (e.g. that Blacks were inferior in intelligence and inclined to violent crime, and that it was the Jews who had invented multiculturalism) and to find out whether any actual harm had arisen from the published material provided not the slightest detail that would be of interest to experts, students, race realists or race relations quangons alike. Nor, needless to say, did the peecee press do anything to examine or explain the superficially strange statement by the lady solicitor for Whittle (aka Luke O’Farrell) that he himself had come to feel “shocked” by the “nasty and unacceptable” things which he had written.

{Such was the peecee police state which Labour (with assistance from its ‘anti-fascist’ shock troops and from cowardice on the part of ‘Conservatives’) had contrived in the years since the first Race Relations Act (1965). One could only wish the northern naughties a happy time in taxpayer-funded prison where they could concentrate on Shakespeare, Dryden, Dickens and Pound and avoid the interminable strangulated pieties of the Beeb.

After the sentencing, a Labour bureaucrat with the fine old Britoid name of Adil Khan, “head of diversity and community cohesion at Humberside Police,” said: "This case is groundbreaking. The sentences reflect the gravity of the offences and send a very clear message there is nowhere to hide for people who do this." The Times, Telegraph, Express and Mail did not consider it worth their while to do more than note the handing down of seven-year prison stretches for jocular Jew-baiting.** One could only hope that the perpetrators and tolerators of this Labour-wreaked illiberalism would themselves one day be brought to justice.}

* Ironically, if the pair had not claimed asylum with an airport official when escaping via Éireland to Los Angeles and instead walked off into the USA and then found themselves an asylum lawyer, they would probably have ended up living free in California. Such is ‘law’ in the Anglosphere. Hopefully Sheppard and Whittle did not themselves spend a penny of their own money exploring this legal maze.

** One of the score of sympathetic correspondents at AmRen (10 vii) wrote: “Great Britain is simply no longer a free country. In Victorian times one couldn’t discuss sex. In today’s Britain it is the issue of race. I was immediately taken by the fact there was no place to leave a comment on any of this in the British stories.”


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Some history.


Sunday, July 05, 2009


Concerned to sell tee-shirts and comparable E.LU.-branded kitsch, E.LU.’s commercial arm used its glossy office on the highly visible ground floor of the LUniversity’s spanking new ‘Infomatics’ building abutting George Square to advertise (on a mega-sized flat screen TV) an aphorism of E.LU.’s star student, Charles Darwin (who had sat c. 1828 at the feet of top surgeon-professor Robert Knox, the race realist – eventual author of Race -- who had distantly tolerated if not actually organized the LUniversity’s collection of corpses from the like of Burke and Hare for study by its thanks-to-him thronging medical students): “[there is] one general law leading to the advancement of all organic beings – namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.”* Would E.LU.’s managers, to whom this sentiment evidently appealed without qualification (as to the nature of the environment or of the precise prevailing inter-species competition), take responsibility for heart attacks striking down passing sociologists and kindred lefties?

* 1859, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, Chapter VIII, ‘Instinct.’


While lefties were still stuck in the groove of opposing ‘Hitlerian’ eugenics (as in The Cattell Controversy – review to follow in the autumn), the Bridge Clinic in London announced it had karyomapping procedures which would allow the destruction of all inherited genetically defective embryos – so long as prospective parents paid £2K to use IVF procedures (Daily Telegraph, 1 vii; Times, 1 vii).


The West’s death wish – orchestrated by its employers, politicians, bureaucrats and ‘human rights’ lawyers – was exposed in new OECD figures revealing that most newly created jobs of the previous five years had gone to immigrants – with the UK figure being 71% (though thankfully involving an especial surfeit of Indian boys [and hopefully girls] brought in to meet Britain’s IT needs) (BNP, 1 vii).


The true nature of Lib/Lab/Con-created Britain was revealed as figures showed that, since 1997, 72% of the new 1.1M public-sector jobs had gone to Brits, whereas 85% of the new 1.8M private-sector jobs had gone to non-Brits (Daily Telegraph, 28 vi). Evidently the socialist/socialized state sector was as much a fief of the new non-discrimination-talking ‘Church of England’ as had been the old pre-1870 state sector (for access to jobs in which, subscription to the CofE piety of the day had been nigh-on essential). ‘Multicultural Britain’ was nothing but a gigantic Labour farce, providing state jobs for lip-serving if not Labour-loving Brits (mainly Anglo-Saxon or Gaelic) while harvesting the slave labour and votes of non-English-speaking riff-raff from Europe’s borders.


As India’s Supreme Court began an unlikely attempt to imposed homosexualism on the country by fiat from Delhi, the magazine Outlook provided a reminder that India was still a bastion of race realism, especially about Blacks (1 vii). Prakash C. Jain, a professor at the Jahmnpunkawalla Nehru University in Delhi, who had studied the Indian diaspora in Africa, said there had been an “undercurrent of racism” between people of Indian origin and Africans in Africa. Traditionally, most Indians limited social interaction with Africans and stayed in separate housing estates. Intermarriage was practically non-existent in South Africa, with just 57 instances from the pre-World War II era to the ’60s, he pointed out. For T.K. Oommen, emeritus professor of sociology at Jahwalar Nehru University, racism combined elements of “culturalism” and “ethnicism”. So there was the broad, implicit and very prevalent idea that Africans are culturally and ethnically inferior to Indians. “Indians have always made such distinctions. Look at the Shiv Sena that targets non-Maharashtrians or the Lachit Sena that targeted non-Assamese,” he said.


As Russia began a colossal investment in pumping Nigerian gas, its state-owned ‘Nigaz’ company caused quite a stir in the online community – but not apparently among greedy Nigerian officials who had blessed the plan through without even noticing the howler (AmRen, 1 vii). ["Lolly" is old British slang for money -- JR]


Britain’s Labour Government announced it would call off its demands for state primary schools to reach universal standards in literacy and arithmetic – these ludicrous undifferentiating targets had been among the first announcements by Rev. Bliar when he became Prime Minister in 1997 with his slogan of “Education! Education! Education!” so this was a unique reverse for neosocialist lunacy. {Educational targets are inevitably meaningless unless IQ is used as a baseline.}

However, showing its continuing underlying madness, the Government announced a programme of examining, licencing and re-examing at 5-year intervals Britain exhausted state teachers (BBC News, 30 vi). Furthermore, ‘successful’ heads would be paid extra to poke their noses into other schools in their area – from which the Government expected improvements in pupil attainment since it was quite unable to acknowledge that ‘successful’ schools were {by its own IQ-neglectful criteria} chiefly characterized by high pupil IQ. Yet more money was to be borrowed from future generations to supply failing children with personal “tutors” – for Labour had never accepted thirty-six years of evidence (first mentioned in Hans Eysenck’s The Inequality of Man, 1973) that smaller class sizes are not causal to pupil success.


As the US Army followed the Brits in beating its retreat from Iraq, the question that remained, as for the previous six years since the initially successful Anglo-American invasion, was whether a brutal Saddam-style tyranny could be re-established by Western stooge Nouri al-Maliki or whether the country would break up bloodily into its natural ethnic groups (the main ones being Turds, Shitites and SoLunnis). All that HMG’s best supporter, the Guardian (James Denselow, 30 vi), could say after half-a-million Bush/Blair/Brown-caused deaths and trillion-dollar bills for American and British taxpayers was that “As ever in Iraq, uncertainty is the only certainty.”


The US Supreme Court voted 5-4 that Newhaven, Connecticut, had acted unfairly in choosing to ignore test evidence showing White firefighters were more qualified for promotion than Blacks (Guardian, 29 vi; Times, 30 vi). The case centred on a firefighters lieutenants’ exam in 2003. After no African-Americans scored high enough to warrant a promotion, the city’s civil service board rejected the results and decided against any immediate promotions (i.e. of the 18 Whites who had passed). {However the verdict was set to be the last of its kind as an Obarmy nominee to the Court, Hispanic Judge Sonia Sotomayor – who had backed Newhaven when the case came before a lower court – progressed through confirmation hearings in Washington. The new verdict gave ammunition to Republicans challenging Sotomayor as being a ‘reverse racist; but party loyalty would likely see OSambo-backing Democrats prevail.}


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Some history.