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  A succinct account of how the peecee European Court of Human Rights had supplanted Christianity (with its stress on obedience to parents and the state) was provided by star columnist Peter Hitchens (Mail on Sunday, 20 i, ‘Our nation is on its knees to the Church of Human Rights’) – though without mentioning that ‘human rights’ (‘nonsense on stilts’, as Queensman Jeremy Bentham called them) had been invented in Britain, taken up with mad egalitarian enthusiasm by the French revolutionaries, then imposed on Germany and the rest of post-1945 Europe with Churchill’s full agreement in the hope of helping to keep future fascism in check, without any British effort to rein them in.

There was probably little wrong with Human Rights in principle, except that they were unaccompanied by Human Duties (like to avoid breeding unaffordably). Yes, ‘rights without duties are not worth having’ – as the West was finding as it was invaded by rights-claiming Blacks (who felt not even a duty to assist police with their inquiries), Mueslis (who mainly felt little patriotic duty – except perhaps to their own wretched homelands which they had moved heaven and earth to leave) and Hispanics (who felt no duty to learn the language of their adopted land).

      Details of the £6Mpa which it cost Britain to service the yuman rights needs (including massive legal and security bills) of treacherous mad-Muesli Abooby Cartrader were provided in the Sun (27 i).


 As laid-back Britain prepared to be invaded by ooops to welcome 300K gypsies ooops Romanians and Bulgarians (who could earn five times as much in the UK as in their dismal homelands), a key feature in Britain’s capacity to attract ‘diversity’ was revealed: unlike other EU countries, Yukay did not require that welfare claimants should demonstrate that they (or their spouses) had spent a few years paying taxes (Alasdair Palmer, Sunday Telegraph, 20 i, ‘Strict benefit rules would deter a new wave of migrants’).


Thanks to egalitarian ideology (and teachers’ preferences for nice jobs), kids in England were being encouraged to study for ‘A’-Levels even when quite academically unsuited. The result? Fully one third were dropping out by the end of the first year of study for these ‘advanced’ (actually incredibly babyish, rote-memory-dependent) exams, costing taxpayers £300Mpa (Daily Mail, 21 i).

By contrast, in countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, without egalitarian delusions and a socialistic workforce, vocational courses were seen as perfectly viable alternatives to heavily academic routes, not as ‘second tiers or dumping grounds’ leading to low unemployment.

{The scandal of wasted school ‘education’ was more than matched by British ‘universities’ which for years had over-admitted ‘students’ – only to finally chuck them (with the ‘First Class’ degrees flung at 15% of the illiterates) on to the scrapheap, or at best into checkout jobs in Sainsburys.}


Britain (headed by fatuous wet yag-lover Daft Dave) announced it would fight “for decades” against Muesli insurgents in Mali and Algeria; but simultaneously that it would cut the Army by 5K (to 95K), with a further 15K cuts to follow over the next two years.

{This was despite the Army having shown, during the Olympics, that it was the only bit of Britain that any longer worked – or at least did what it was told (for it was politicians themselves who had contrived the policy of not killing many mad Mueslis in Eyeraq, Afghastliland, Luton, Leeds, Leicester etc).}

{Presumably DD wanted to curry favour with the Frogs by lending them a couple of heavy-lift transport aircraft in the hope of getting a loan of their one aircraft carrier if the Argies re-invaded the Falklands.}


As America’s re-elected President Obarmy announced the USA – with the help of its own newly discovered ‘fracking’ gas supplies -- would turn its back on Europe and the Middle East (“The War on Terror is over”), Israel and France (with the help of a few aircraft from Britain and Germany) were left to cope with the Muesli menace (vastly increased since the 1950s by American supplies of arms to the likes of Egypt and Saudi, and by America’s tolerance of vast overbreeding by penniless Arabs/Mueslis).

{Ah, well, perhaps the Europeans would learn a lesson from this and get the Chinkychonks in to help. Certainly it was only the Chinese who would have enough brutality ooops spirit – and need for minerals – to bother to re-imperialize Africa....}


A new Japanese finance minister, Harry Arsehole, 72, said Japanese elderly should “hurry up and die” – as he himself would do if he became tube-feeding-dependent. Apparently the Nippon had not managed to anticipate the staggering state costs of their increasingly elderly population (D. Mail, 23 i) – money-mad and avoiding either breeding or the importation of slave labour, despite their high IQ.


 The capital city of Cameroon, Yahoohville, reached “near hysteria” as scores of girls were found with their eyes gouged out, brains bashed in, breasts cut off and genitals ravaged (D.Mail, 23 i). Apparently, Black drivers of motorcycle taxis would deliver their young female customers to gangs who – in the absence of Chinese or other imperialism -- would then practise their traditional ways of rape and bloodlust.


As Daft Dave won himself ‘right-wing’ plaudits (for ‘promising’ Brits an ‘in/out’ referendum on the EU by 2018 if he won the 2015 General Election outright – entirely unlikely), it was little remarked by MSM that his effort to win back the 20% of votes lost to UKIP would be futile. British people were not especially ‘anti-Europe’; rather, they had shifted to UKIP to express their opposition to Black immigration, Pakistani immigration, gypsy immigration, crime, comprehensive schools, filthy lesbian- and sociology-dominated hospitals, welfare dependency, dysgenic breeding at taxpayers’ expense, yag ‘marriage’ and the failure to administer the lash, the stocks and the workhouse ooops workfare.

There was no way DD was going to regain this lost one-fifth of the electorate by contriving (even if he could) some feeble ‘renegotiation’ of Britain’s membership of the EU club (in which 27-nation body it was in a permanent minority of one – a situation which DD had done nothing to correct, since Eton had never taught him a word of German, any more than it had taught him about Magna Carta).


 Daft Dave’s vague and modest plan to renegotiate Britain’s relation with the EU over a five-year period (and thus buy five years of pseudo-harmony for the fractious Conservative Party) got a surprisingly generous reception from the Guardian’s star columnist, former Times editor, Simon Jenkins, who was specially moved to say (25 i):  "If there is one alliance in Europe that makes sense, it has always been between Britain and Germany."


VDare provided useful detail on how Canada’s teachers – even in universities – were under pressure to pass all ‘students’ if they were Black; the ‘teachers’ even had to pass flagrantly plagiarized theses, e.g. from a British left-luminary of Jamaican heritage (20 i, ‘On Martin Luther King day, another plagiarist of color’).


 The goons of PeeCee caught up with the wretched jokeshop ‘Twitter,’ as, in a test case which would have widespread implications for the millions who wasted their time ‘tweeting’ every day, France’s ‘Tribunal de Grande Instance’ ruled it unacceptable for people to post ‘hateful’ material anonymously (Daily Mail, 26 i).


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Monday, January 21, 2013


As British polls saw anti-European Union politicos enjoy growing popularity – with ‘single-issue’ UKIP up to 23% support in one poll (ahead of Conservatives, on 22%) (Daily Mirror, 12 i) -- it became clear that anti-EU views were largely euphemistic: UKIP supporters were stronger in their opposition to third-world immigration (the entire gypsy populations of Romania and Bulgaria would be free to come to Britain on full welfare benefits in 2014) and to crime (no longer even reported to Britain’s paedo-hunting police, let alone to its busy press-bashing boss Sir Woebegone-Hyphen-Who, salary £325Kpa) than to ‘Europe.’

By failing to deal with people’s basic and strong concerns about race (with its links to crime, driving accidents, oversubscribed surgeries, illiterate schools and overbreeding), the British peecee political class of the past twenty years had created a monster – a popular party (furtively supported additionally by a half of Conservatives) officially dedicated to pulling the EU rug from under the UK economy while in fact only wanting a bit of realism about race and immigration (a view shared by most other Europeans, though minimally expressed because of the tyranny and terror of PeeCee – not least for pollsters, who dared not ask straight questions).


Belgium, the country with no government for the previous two years, managed the unusually liberal feat of respecting the wishes of two deaf identical-twin brothers of 45 who, finding they were going blind, pleaded to end it all (Daily Mail, 14 i). The brothers, both cobblers, could not bear the thought of being further deprived of contact with each other.  They were euthanised together by lethal injection in Brussels University Hospital, part of the 1% of Belgian deaths annually that took place in response to people’s own wishes and decisions.

{The argument for euthanasia in sad cases is the same as that for abortion: Why force people into lives which they don’t want – especially when Western Europe cannot bring itself to force even its most monstrous criminals into deaths which fellow-citizens do want? Not for the first time – e.g. free prescriptions for the over-60s – Brussels was giving itself a good name.

The ECHR [or is that Strasbourg?] even agreed, contrary to the opinion of Britoid ‘judges’ [at the English High Court], that a British Airways worker had the right to wear a small Christian cross at work – news happily announced as I made my beloved a present of a necklaced cross for her birthday.}


400,000 French Catholics and supporters took high-speed trains to Paris to protest in the Champs de Mars (by the Eiffel Tower) against Government plans (as in Britain) to redefine the word marriage and make suitable ceremonies available to consenting bumboys and pussysnufflers (D.Mail, 14 i). Probably blackmailed by yags (as in Britain), French politicos had been hoping to force through ‘gay marriage’without democratic consultation, even though yags had already been granted ‘civil partnerships’ which allowed them to transfer property to each other without taxation (the main material benefit of marriage, compensating for the risk of massive divorce costs).

In Britain, a quarter of the RC priesthood (some 1K devotees) wrote to the Telegraph (12 i) in similar protest, properly observing that the redefinition would open a highroad to persecution of Catholic/Christian schoolteachers who expressed the view of marriage as a most fertile and happy bond across the great psycho-sexual divide which had been developed (admittedly with little encouragement from the Church) across two thousand years of Christianity.

{But it was probably too late. The William McDougall NewsLetter had in 2001 warned these backward souls of what homosexuals were plotting – it had come to light in the Christian Unions of universities such as Edinburgh and Exeter. However, the sad-pantalooned would-be-socialists of the latter-day ‘Church’ would not read their NewsLetter and/or could not believe that the left was out to get them – and destroy their major source of income as normal people would no longer want to be ‘married’ in a church where the next couple in line for the Saturday-afternoon ceremony, and no doubt their guests, were plainly prancing faggots.}


In response to the phenomenal British paedohysteria about Sir Jimmy, I sought a forensic opinion from a star student.

Any thoughts re Savile? I see his victims/beneficiaries (most of them female) ranged from age 8 to 47. Must this be completely unusual? I wonder if he was just a manic rather than paedophile/ephebophile. Anyway, it is amusing to see the gutless politicos and press turn JS from saintly comic philanthropist to mega-sinner in a matter of weeks. Sadly, the Beeb (like the RC Church) will decide just to pay up out of taxpayers’ pockets rather than hire me to defend them.

(No, I never saw a single JS performance – admittedly helped by not having TV. But I was sufficiently alert to have recorded JS’s visits to Jersey in TgF NewsLetter by 1998.)

I was swiftly rewarded (showing the quality of the Edinburgh Structural Psychometrics Group – SPG, geddit?).

"The idiocy and low-IQ/ extrovert/ parochial northern working-class patronising embodied in Savile (and his like; DLT, etc.) made what he represented unwelcome in my childhood home.  My high-minded mother and father routinely switched off television they disapproved of, and ITV was only allowed for "Thunderbirds", "Within these walls" (a drama set in a woman's prison), and "News at 10".  I have a few memories of "Sunday Night at the Palladium", but mum and dad didn't like lower class light entertainment sneaking into the house, and definitely not anything north of the north circular until one got to Scotland or Ireland. Mater would go pale at the very thought of Manchester.  I sympathise, and it's not so different in our home now."

I knew who Savile was, but preferring my popular music to be rocker, artier and druggier than the tin pan alley stuff Savile pushed to the factory girls, had no reason to listen to his ullulating and acting like a retarded Jimmy Durante etc. Once a year he did a charity run from the power station in Shoreham to the palace Pier in Brighton, and the dimmer children at school went to join in.  Somehow, it never appealed as much as Hove Library (and then topless foreign students sunbathing on Hove beach at a very formative time).

Savile used the methods used by boorish mill supervisors with the factory girls to get his oats whether the girls wanted to play or not.  It's not the ones who wanted to play he's in trouble for, but the ones in hospital, etc.

Light entertainment has always used sentimentality to exploit the superficial with 'charity' - you saw it with Live Aid several decades later.  Savile saw this and used it, in the process eschewing the categorical imperative (it's not the outcome, it's doing right as you go along); he also moved in circles of real politics and cynicism.  Lastly, Savile was a cross-over offender.  He crossed divides of age and sex, and crossover offenders are more chronic, polymorphously perverse and deviant than fixated ones.  if you had seen him in action on TV ("Jim'll Fix It" was on BBC as was "Top of the Pops", so you saw him a bit even in the little bit of 1950s England that was my home in the 70s), you'd have wanted him gelded, lobotomised, then put back hewing coal."


After two years of pestering by free speech advocates such as Rowan Atkinson (‘Mr Bean’) and the House of Lords, Britain’s wretched peecee ‘Coalition’ Government caved in and agreed that ‘insults’ would be legally tolerated so long as they were not personal (Guardian, 15 i) – thus presumably allowing polite criticism of ethnic, religious, welfare-dependent and sexually perverted groups.

The push to change section five of the act followed a series of headline-grabbing arrests and prosecutions ranging from an Oxford student asking a police officer "Excuse me, but do you realise your horse is gay?" {presumably the horse was having an erection} which Thames Valley police had madly described as homophobic and "offensive to people passing by", to a 16-year-old holding up a placard that said "Scientology is a dangerous cult".

{Whether the concession by tyrannous PeeCee would allow “Blacks are a dangerous race” remained to be seen. And a bit of icing fell off the cake as the Observer felt obliged to reprimand star columnist Julie Burchill over an article in which she had been a little cheeky about trannies – a notoriously ferocious pressure group.}


As part of an ongoing twin study, London-based geneticists identified a gene, ‘rs4950,’ that was linked to being found to be ‘in charge’ (Huffington Post, 15 i). Researchers found the gene after analysing DNA samples from around 4,000 people and matching them to information about jobs and relationships. Workplace supervisory roles were used as a measurement of leadership behaviour. The study showed that a quarter of the observed variation in leadership traits between individuals could be explained by genetics. “The conventional wisdom - that leadership is a skill - remains largely true, but we show it is also, in part, a genetic trait."


The university city of Oxford hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as a gang of nine non-Whites (seven Srindopakeshis and two North Africans) went on trial for the repeated rape, branding, forced drugging (by injection) forced abortion (using a crochet hook) and ceaseless pimping of six low-life ooops ‘vulnerable’ girls of 11-15 for several years in Oxford houses (sometimes with a drunken father in a nextdoor room) from 2004 (Sun, 16 i).

Countless perversities were additionally performed on the boozed-up girls, who were also threatened with having their heads cut off. {Just how many of the University’s Thatcher-loathing multiculti-venerating staff and students were squeezed into the Old Bailey to see the product of their handiwork was unclear. The trial was likely to last for three months.}

      At the same time, three Pakis ooops Srindopakeshis went on trial in Ipswich for the abduction, repeated drugging, rape, enslavement and trafficking of a 13-yr-old girl (D.Telegraph, 17 i). And another Pakman went on trial for similar crimes in Battersea.


The lunatic West, which had backed the ‘Arab Spring’ – even as Tunisia went anti-Western, Libya was dismembered, Colonel Gadawfu’s weapons poured into Al-Queerdo hands in Mali and 60,000 died from Muesli-on-Muesli mayhem in Syria, got its definitive answer as the new elected President of Egypt, Pres. Morsi, was revealed as a raving anti-Semite who thought Jews were ‘descended from goats and pigs’ etc (Times, 16 i) and should be destroyed in toto as soon as his annual £2B grant from America could be channelled surreptitiously into that worthy cause. {Time for America’s Jews – and even the not-so-multiculti Jews of Israel – to start paying China to defend their interests?!}


As Britain faced invasion by 300K ‘Romanians and Bulgarians’ in 2014 -- drawn as to a magnet by the UK’s welfare benefits, child benefits, free housing, free ‘education,’ free health care, lax justice, agrammatical ‘universities’ and relatively strong economy (thanks to Polish slave labour) -- not even the dear old ‘right-wing’ Daily Mail and its correspondents dared mention that most of the appalling new EU-mandated vagrants ooops immigrants would be crime-infested, illiterate and mega-breeding gypsies (e.g. 17 i, Are ministers too scared to say what they know about the next wave of migrants? – Well, the Mail was certainly too scared!).


 Many children starting secondary education were unable to throw a ball, catch, jump or run, said the head of UK Sport. Indeed, rising numbers of pupils could “hardly move” at age 11 (Daily Telegraph, 17 i, p.1). The reason was that paedohysteria had confined most kids at home with their computokit, unable to explore and play or even leave the house at all unless strapped into the back seats of their parents’ 4x4’s.


A helpful review of China’s rapidly increasing commitment to eugenics and DNA research was provided in Edge (Geoffrey Miller, 17 i). A sample:

"....Chinese eugenics will quickly become even more effective, given its massive investment in genomic research on human mental and physical traits. [The Behavior Genetics Institute-Shenzhen employs more than 4,000 researchers. It has far more “next-generation” DNA sequencers that anywhere else in the world, and is sequencing more than 50,000 genomes per year. It recently acquired the California firm Complete Genomics to become a major rival to Illumina.
The BGI Cognitive Genomics Project is currently doing whole-genome sequencing of 1,000 very-high-IQ people around the world, hunting for sets of sets of IQ-predicting alleles. I know because I recently contributed my DNA to the project, not fully understanding the implications.

These IQ gene-sets will be found eventually—but will probably be used mostly in China, for China. Potentially, the results would allow all Chinese couples to maximize the intelligence of their offspring by selecting among their own fertilized eggs for the one or two that include the highest likelihood of the highest intelligence.

Given the Mendelian genetic lottery, the kids produced by any one couple typically differ by 5 to 15 IQ points. So this method of “preimplantation embryo selection” might allow IQ within every Chinese family to increase by 5 to 15 IQ points per generation. After a couple of generations, it would be game over for Western global competitiveness.

{Yes, it’s a tragedy that the Galton Institute did not back my proposal (as Committee Member) to help the Chinese Government with research into its eugenic programmes as they began to be extended outward from Peking in the early-1990s. – The Galton would quickly go on to demonstrate its’ modernization’ by electing as its President UCL’s Steve Jones who, though he was sitting on most of Galton’s money, did not believe in a non-zero heritability for IQ....}


Spaced-out draggle-haired top Cambridge multiculti academic, frump Mary Beard, found herself confronted, on BBC’s ‘Question Time’, in Lincoln, with a Boston housewife who pointed out the faxalife about excessive E.European immigration to her Lincolnshire town – where 20% were now immigrants, resulting in a trail of sodden blankets, empty bottles, faeces and dirty needles as unemployables relied on the UK ‘welfare’ state, straining the ‘national health service’ to breaking point and creating mass illiteracy in state schools (D.Mail, 19 i).

The housewife (the grand-daughter of a Pole who had flown Lancaster bombers for Britain during the War) specially counselled against the 2014 plan to flood Britain with Romanians and Bulgarians {though neither she nor anyone else on the QT panel or in MSM generally dared mention that the race-realistic truth that the appalling problems of the future would come entirely from gypsies}.


As the Muesli terrorists of Mali (q.v.) spread their wings to take over an Algerian gas plant, and Algeria (which had long battled Islam) promptly replied with a pretty successful military strike which liberated some 500 hostages and killed every one of the GwoT merchants, Britain’s Daft Dave had the gall to complain he had not been consulted. – Though just why he should have been -- while the UK itself declined to rid itself of its thousands of Muesli traitors -- was unclear.

While the Algerian Army concentrated on killing Muesli goons, the British ‘justice’ system was more concerned to prosecute the British Army for such ‘wickedness’ as hooding and shouting at Islamonutty captives in Iraq and sometimes supplying disrobed and game soldierettes to elicit information from the brutes about further planned terror attacks (Observer, 20 i).


While Daft Dave fulminated that he had not been able to send a score of paratroopers to appear macho in the vast deserts of Mali and Algeria, Mueslis in Whitechapple, E.London, sent out patrols to tell women to cover up, to take alcohol away from men, to denounce push-up bras and to announce ‘This is a Muslim area.’

{Needless to say, there was no police action – as there would have been against Brits telling Muesli women to get out of their burqas. Thinking of all this showed the way forward for the Scottish Separatist ooops Nationalist Party: it should simply say it would spare Scotland from Muesli invasion – as the weather largely did anyway.

Sadly, the SNP was largely animated by opposition to the Anglo-Saxon ‘invasion’ which had largely taken over the south and east of Scottieland over the previous thousand years, turning that half of the country into a (slightly chilly, but green and Bleck-repulsive) dreamland.}


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Monday, January 14, 2013


As if modern British lunacy was not completed by homosexual bishops being required by the Church of England to be abstinent (videocams in their boudoirs?), Britain’s high-grade stay-at-home mums were told to get out to work and pay for nannies. – At least, this was the implication of new tax arrangements whereby couples lost ‘child benefit’ handouts if just one partner (invariably the husband) earned more than £50K, but they kept the handouts if the working wife earned up to £49K and hubby likewise. No more remarkable scheme for handing highish-IQ children to lowish-IQ illiterate nannies had ever been devised.

Hilariously, it came from environmentalist goons (‘Conservative’) Daft Dave and (‘Liberal’) Nice Nick – who evidently weren’t capable of thinking even up to the end of their noses about the future of the country’s brighter kids (who would surely survive and eventually accept Muesli policies of low taxation and low intrusion into family life....).


Eighteen teachers, including a headmaster, resigned in 2012 from a Yorkshire school housing just 16 pupils (Sunday Mail, 6 i). The spanking-new £11M purpose-built ‘school’ had been specially designed to cope with ‘difficult’ [i.e. low-IQ] children; but the staff could not get a grip and found themselves regularly intimidated by their charges. The use of the cane and belt had long been outlawed by Britain’s liberal-left.


  Star TV broadcaster Stuart Hall OBE, 83, was brought before a Preston court. He was alleged to have fondled the breast {wow!} of one girl, then aged 16 or 17, twice between 1 September 1974 and 31 December 1974 in Blackpool. The third alleged ‘indecent assault was that he kissed a 13-year-old girl on the lips, on an occasion between 1 July 1984 and 27 September 1984. In the modern peecee manner, none of the middle-aged alleged ‘victims’ could be named or quizzed by the press as to their injuries (if any) ‘for legal reasons.’


 Overmanning, overpayment and time-wasting among UK state ‘employees’ came to light as no less than three fire engines, each with five ‘firefighters,’ were sent to rescue a squirrel (classified officially as vermin) which had got stuck in a pond in Watford (Daily Mail, 9 i, Leo McKinstry).

Investigation showed there had been 17K incidents of animal rescue (including nineteen squirrels) in 2009-11; that firefighters earned on average £30K; that a third of them held down second jobs (for on the night shift they could get a good sleep at the courtesy of the taxpayer); and that their union boss was a former Trotskyite.

      Leo Mckinstry had also provided two pages of detail of the continuing expansion and overpayment of Britain’s bureaucracy (Daily Mail, 3 i). In just December, there had been scores of adverts (often in the Guardian) for such invented posts as:

* Campaigns and Identity Project Manager (South Downs National Park, £29Kpa)

* Financial Inclusion Manager (Hyde Housing Association, South London, £45Kpa)

* Community Integration Support Worker (Winchester Prison, £23Kpa)

* Corporate Strategy and Performance Improvement Officer (Medway Council, North Kent, £41Kpa) etc, etc.

      Further Mail inquiries (12 i) showed that the Coalition Government had set up 984 ‘Inquiries’ (one for every day of its existence) into questions that would, thirty years ago, have been resolved in a couple of days by two passably high-IQ civil servants from decent universities.

{It was around 1980 that the leftist fightback against Margaret Thatcher began – resolving to take over every other facet of gummint even if it could not take the Treasury. Conservatives obliged since they had their hands full battling the trade unions.}

The multi-personelled and much-dined ‘Inquiries’ were into issues as diverse as ice-cream van chimes and the electronic monitoring of pigs. Other Inquiries by the pig-ignorant included whether street sweepers should require qualifications and whether mothers should be able to use welfare vouchers to buy frozen vegetables.

Such Inquiries cost in toto scores of millions of pounds and their conclusions were largely ignored by ‘Government’ – which had plainly used them just to ‘kick the ball into the long grass.’

The UK’s CamCo Government [headed by pseudo-Conservative Daft Dave and LibDim Nice Nick] specially (as one of its 984 cases) looked into whether pig farmers should inform councils about the movements of their animals by letter or e-mail.

      Another spectacular example of the incompetence of today’s British overstaffed and overpaid officialdom came to light as a ‘Dundee businessman,’ one Shahid Ramzan...., was jailed (for nine years) for defrauding Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs of £5.6M in 2002-4. Ramzan had set up a number of internet front ‘companies’ (some of them on his own home computer; he got them to pretend to trade with each other and then reclaimed (actually unpaid) Value Added Tax on each of countless ‘transactions.’

It took the dumbos of HMRC several years to become suspicious; and then five years of fat lawyers’ fees were needed to bring a prosecution (Daily Telegraph, 12 i). {Costs to Britain of this charade? Don’t think about it! As for reclaiming the £5.6M – some hope!}


In a sign of hope for England’s new ‘academy’ schools (freed from the control of egalitarian Local ‘Education’ Authorities by Conservatives’ risen star, Michael Gove, but still obliged to abjure pupil selection by tests of intelligence or attainment), indirect selection was increasingly adopted, by means such as requiring parents of would-be pupils to fill in enormously long and complex forms or to attend enormously long and boring meetings (D.Torygraph, c.9 xii).


The Solunni vs Shitite civil war which the West had fomented in Syria (in the hope of emerging on the ‘victorious’ side of the ‘Arab Spring’, and egged on by Jews desperate to divide the Muslim world to yield a hundred years of steady fighting) reached a new high point as 120 Shitites were killed (and hundreds injured) in a single day of bomb attacks in Pakiland (BBCR4, 11 i, 09:00; Guardian, 11 i), the last bringing down what was left of a Shitite snooker hall on rescuers.

      In the UK, Westminster’s failure to separate Ulster’s Prods and Caffs was costing the country £.5M nightly in weeks of continuing riots in Belfast as Loyalists protested against the province’s rigged ‘power sharing’ regime restricting the raising of the Union Jack to eighteen days per year. By 12 i, Caffs and Prods managed to find a way round police and attack each other with paving stones, fireworks etc and break each other’s doors down – though, even then, 29 ‘police service’ social workers (dressed as mediaeval knights) were injured in a single day of blessed multiculturalism.

      In multiculti Mali (q.v.), where Tuaregs and jihadists had taken over the northern two-thirds of the country (providing a 10Msq-mile desert well suited to extensive AlQueerdo operations throughout west Africa and southern Europe), France (which had taken little part in the War on Terror) decided to use some of its Chad-based forces to rescue the disorganized Black Christians of the south – though whether it would use such successful Muesli techniques as killing people remained to be seen.

{The initial French ‘deployment’ of 75 troops immediately yielded merely a hundred claimed deaths of towelheads and one dead French pilot. Simultaneously, France lost a top military hostage and a few juniors captured by Islamicists in Somalia. After years of Western feebleness, it was probably only China that could save the Christians of Africa.}


Asked to come up with ideas for limiting state intrusiveness, policy wonks at the No 10 Policy Unit suggested lowering the age of sexual consent from 16 to 14 – thus decriminalizing virtually all of the 50% of teenagers who had pre-16 sex (opening themselves to blackmail as well as prosecution for years to come) (Daily Mail, 11 i). Needless to say, the liberating idea was promptly shouted down by every politico in sight.


As Delhi’s Westernized progressives maintained a week of vigorous street protests about their city’s rape rate (the latest product being the foul murder of a medical student by low-caste types, q.v.), the very occasional voice (of a Black woman) was heard on the Beeb pointing out that it was actually South Africa that was ‘the rape capital of the world’ (as was well known to readers of this blog and its predecessors). (For more on SA’s 175 rapes daily etc, with 7% of men saying they had participated in gang rape, see Voice of America, 9 i.)

      A Kansas contributor wrote:

"On 11th January, in 1903, was born Alan Paton, author of Cry, the Beloved Country, a novel about the supposed* need for toleration in South Africa between Whites and Blacks.  All his life, Paton worked for the cause of equality for the Blacks in South Africa and against apartheid. After his death, however, his wife decided that she must leave South Africa. In a 1998 letter to the London Sunday Times, she expressed her reasons for fleeing the crime culture in post-apartheid South Africa, and gave thanks that her husband was not alive "to see what has happened to his beloved country."

* Whereas America and Australia had solved their problems with indigenous peoples by largely exterminating them, the religious Dutch of South Africa had felt (like the Catholic Portuguese and the evangelical Whites of America’s Deep South) that the cheerful and IQ-limited Blacks would make good slaves.


 As Britain was swayed into a new wave of paedohysteria and compensation-seeking by a police mea culpa for having declined to pursue (uncorroborated) allegations (of ‘inappropriate touching’ and what feminazies were coming to call ‘rape’) of around 1980 against nationally beloved and mega-rich superstar Mensan Sir Jimmy Savile (q.v.), warnings against witch-hunting were at least issued by (Labour) Baroness Helena Kennedy (BBC R4, 12 i, 08:40), the Mail’s Amanda Platell and the Telegraph’s Charles Moore – Britain’s MPs and journalists being mainly too cowardly to utter a word against treating children as reliable saints and urging police to waste their time pursuing allegations of ‘crimes’ that had caused no demonstrable harm.

(For their part, paedohysterics found a new champion in ageing lawyerette and child commissar Sue Berelowitz who had apparently taken over from TV’s superannuated Esther Rantzen (who presumably was cognizant of how many billions the Savile affair would cost the BBC) and swung into her role by declining in fine peecee style to acknowledge the leading role in serious child abuse played by Blacks and Srindopakeshis (Huffington Post, 21 xi 2012).)


 The Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, faced a multi-million-pound bill for having failed to detect (by ultrasound) and abort a foetus which, as the pregnancy was blithely left to go to full term, was landed as a grossly handicapped daughter into the laps of parents – ruining their lives for decades unless she managed to die (Daily Mail, 12 i).

Thankfully, the parents were not too embarrassed to say they would – had they known of the approaching disaster – have demanded abortion; so they decided to sue for the full costs of the NHS hospital’s negligence (and perhaps cavalier relaxation about the wonders of handicap, coped with by longsuffering parents and subsidized anyhow by taxpayers in dysgenic Britain).

The couple’s lawyers told the High Court, London, that a hospital consultant wrote in the woman's medical records: “I have explained that we would normally expect a defect (of this type) to have been detected at the anomaly scan stage and that our failure to do so is very disappointing to all concerned. I have apologised to them for the failure.”


Amidst all the hoohah about Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Lincoln’ being awarded a ton of Wooftahs and being made pretty-much compulsory viewing for Americans, a properly cautionary note was issued (to the Daily Telegraph, 12 i) by Alan Sked, Professor of International History, London School of Economics:

"....Until the day he died,Lincoln’s ideal solution to the problem of blacks was to “colonise” them back to Africa or the tropics. That was what he told a delegation of free blacks he summoned to the White House in the summer of 1863, when he stressed that the mere presence of blacks caused pain to white Americans. ....Steven Spielberg’s film sustains the myth that Lincoln redeemed America’s past. He did not."


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Monday, January 07, 2013


Just why so few cops ever appeared on Britain’s streets (q.v.) became a bit better explained as figures showed that, in 2011, police had spent time investigating no less than five thousand cases of ‘upsetting’ and possibly threatening remarks that had appeared on the ‘social networking’ sites Facebook and Twitter (Mail on Sunday, 30 xii) – yielding a mere 650 people being charged with offences.

Civil liberties campaigners said the statistics demonstrated how some police forces had 'lost all sense of proportion' in dealing with social media complaints. Both campaigners and police agreed it was impossible to decide where to draw the line as to what to investigate.

{But neither would mention how such Orwellian intrusions – and wasting of police time -- were a natural development from politicians’ 50-year assault on free (especially ‘race hate’) speech. Just why facefools and twitterers should expect police interest and protection when they themselves had invited potential enemies on to their computers was a mystery.}

      At the same time, figures were ‘leaked’ to the press suggesting crime was going down (despite government-mandated cuts in police manpower). But, if this were true, it was surely because everyone had learned through the years of PeeCee that there was no point in reporting any but major crimes: for cops did not turn out timeously and, when they did arrive, merely issued forms on how to get victim counselling.


Enthusiasts for the Flynn Effect (see TgF, Chap.4) rejoiced at a finding from Duke University that bright girls had been getting brighter (at least at math) since 1971 and (slightly) closed their historic gap with boys (Economist, 22 xii 2012). However, the improvement was all over by 1981 and (as usual with Flynn effects) no detailed explanation was available.


 Unaccustomed positive interest in intelligence was shown as the BBC announced it would screen a series of quiz shows to be called ‘Britain’s Brightest’ (Sunday Telegraph, 30 xii). “The contestants are all super-bright,” said organizer Clare Balding {so no strong g factor would be likely to emerge....}.

Ms Balding was a large lesbian who had become popular for her sportive coverage on TV of the 2012 Olympics. Thus she had carte blanche to handle such a ‘controversial’ topic as IQ – though she aimed for further Brownie points by using some special quizzes made up at the BBC; and also by testing the fabled ‘emotional intelligence.’


It was discovered that 40,000 British families so inept as to be on state welfare benefits had FIVE or more kids (Sun, 31 xii 2012). Astonishingly, ten families with one or more parents on taxpayer hand-outs had THIRTEEN or more children.


 Three out of four doctors struck off the British medical register in 2012 were trained abroad, figures showed (Daily Mail, 31 xii 2012). It meant that those who ‘qualified’ overseas were over five times more  likely to be struck off than British graduates. Problems (apart from MSM-unmentionable racial differences – the worst case was a Nigerian locum who had killed his elderly UK patient with a drug overdose) were inability to speak English, the fact that foreign ‘qualifications’ could easily be purchased (e.g. in India), and British doctors being reluctant to report incompetent foreign colleagues for fear of accusations of racism.


 Despite once-most-popular celebrity, Jimmy Savile (q.v.), being accepted (especially posthumously) to have been a prolific paedophile, paedohysteria continued on its merry way, with an 83-yr-old ex-BBC executive on 24-hr suicide watch in a private mental home while awaiting  trial on allegations from the 1970s, and with a British 21-yr-old detained in California awaiting a possibly very long imprisonment for a week of ‘sexual contacts’ (in a motel) with a 13-yr girl with whom he had established a relationship in a year of happy internet chatter.


A mother who abandoned her four young children (one with epilepsy and cerebral palsy) in a hotel room to go out partying was banned from having any more babies for thirteen years (Daily Mail, 31 xii 2012). Kimberly Lightsey (30, White, lip-studded) agreed not to have any more children in return for avoiding five years in jail. A judge in Bartow, Florida offered the 30-year-old the unique plea deal as a condition of her probation. {Just why she was not to be sterilized and have her children taken from her was unclear. But every step in the right direction deserves a welcome.}


After weeks of peecee repression from MSM, it began to trickle out that Delhi arrests for the savage rapes and murder of a 23-yr-old medical student, had been taking place in an area where people had jobs such as cobbler and cleaner – i.e. an area of ‘Untouchables’/Dalits, a caste group famed for its high rape rate (though attacks were usually on fellow Dalits rather than nice middle class girls).

(By contrast, the sexual predations of middle class Indians consisted chiefly of groping on India’s conveniently overcrowded buses.)

The Indian government was evidently going to have its work cut out to oblige the angry ‘pink’ protesters wanting Westernization/modernization/feminization since quite a few Dalit males took the view they had the right to rape any woman not fully covered and chaperoned – as happened frequently in Dalit areas where there were few lavatories so women had to make their toilet in the woods.

In the Delhi case, a private bus driver had gone out with drunken chums and persuaded the medical student and her boyfriend (28, computer engineer) to board his tinted-windowed vehicle where, as he drove around, the attacks could take place in secret till, after two hours, the broken victims were unceremoniously dumped naked back on the street.

      As the seldom-discussed horrific perils from Indian low life were made so dramatically clear, hundreds of Indian women promptly made application for gun licences (Guardian, 2 i). {American disarmers, please note!}


Britain’s po-faced peecee criminal ‘justice’ system, busy investigating complaints from 589 gold-diggers ooops wymmin who had made complaints against top TV personnel in the aftermath of the late Jimmy Savile (q.v) coming under a cloud for industrial-scale ‘child abuse’ (of teenagers) got the New Year off to a hilarious start by solemnly arresting leading British comedian, Jim Davidson, 59, for unspecified sexual offences dating back 25 years (Daily Mail, 3 i).

Davidson was married to the delightful 17-yr-younger honey-blonde Michelle Cotton (his fifth wife); the late-in-the-day complainants were wymmin of 50. Davidson was best known for ‘courting controversy’ with jokes about ethnic minorities, homosexuals and the disabled; he had recently said, “The Savile witch hunt is going a bit silly now.” He had been about to appear on the ‘reality TV’ show ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’

Rather than investigate burglaries and robberies, cops – including half-a-dozen plain-clothed detectives (doubtless on salaries of £80Kpa – spent five hours searching Davidson’s £1M Georgian home in Hampshire and carting away boxes of ‘evidence’ in plastic bags and outsize brown envelopes. Other celebs arrested in connection with Operation Yewtree (into Savile) included 15-yr-hounded former pop star Gary Glitter, Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis, comedian Freddie Starr and top publicist Max Clifford.

{Yes, people in Russia and China had more freedom from frivolous and intrusive long-back-dated persecution – so long as they didn’t directly criticize the government. Advertising Russia’s liberty, President Putin offered Russian citizenship to famed French actor Gerard Depardieu, who he was sure would prefer Russia’s flat tax rate of 13% compared to the 75% being introduced by batty French socialist President Hollande.}

      The vast scale and heavy-handedness of cops’ persecution ooops prosecution of celebrity paedophiles disturbed even the right-wing Daily Mail – not known for abjuring paedohysteria (Richard Littlejohn, 4 i).

      That Britain was in denial about its bankruptcy (and still-mounting debt – despite Coalition promises) was shown as a ten-year jail sentence was lavished on an entirely worthy 35-yr-old teacher and ardent sports coach working at a £28Kpa Somerset school (Daily Mail, 5 i).

His crimes? He had had a few dozen sessions of mutual masturbation and oral sex over two years of being the confidant and inspiration of a 12-14-yr rugby-loving pupil who believed himself to be homosexual and couldn’t get enough of the affectionate contact and ‘physical tests’ with his favourite master.

Harm done? To the youth, none that could be mentioned, let alone demonstrated. To the taxpayer, £1M (once special costs of protecting the ‘nonce’ from other cons were included), plus another £1M for the ruin of a career and another £1M for a likely post-jail lifetime of welfare dependency (perhaps including a new identity, relocation and plastic surgery).


Thirty years of growing paedohysteria had yielded literally no advance in knowledge about paedophilia – which remained unexplained and even poorly classified. Such was the conclusion of a helpful review by Jon Henley in the Guardian (4 i). The article began:

"In 1976 the National Council for Civil Liberties, the respectable (and responsible) pressure group now known as Liberty, made a submission to parliament's criminal law revision committee. It caused barely a ripple. "Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult," it read, "result in no identifiable damage … The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage."

How weird and wonderful that no-one, but no-one, drew that submission to my attention as I battled Edinburgh LUniversity through 1996-98! Amusingly, the NCCL of the 1970s was run by several figures who went on to be leading Labourites.


In a surprising break with its opinionation of the past thirty years, the Guardian (4 i) published an article (by Ian Silvera) admitting that Britain’s comprehensive schools had failed children from relatively poor homes (where ma and pa could not provide suitable education for bright youngsters by moving home to more salubrious catchment areas). A sample:

"Grammar schools, introduced at the end of the second world war, offer this opportunity [of finding a superior education]. These institutions, before they were snubbed by our political elite, gave working-class kids the opportunity to climb the social ladder."


An obituary for IQ king Arthur Jensen was at last published by the Daily Telegraph (1 i). It was fair and helpful to beginners. But no attempt was made to explain why ARJ, unusually for a psychologist of the 1960s, had come to back the importance of genetic factors; and the coverage of race was distinctly skimpy – with no mention of Art’s association and work with Phil Rushton.


Completing a happily disastrous start to the New Year for socialist France, the country’s women’s rights minister issued demands for Twitter to start censoring ‘hate speech’ about race, yaggery and wymmin just, as the French Government did (Guardian 2 i, Glenn Greenwald). So much for 1789!

      There was also hilarity (among those hoping for a French-free Nordic League) as France’s best known super starlet [Bardot] announced she would follow Gérard Depardieu in applying for Russian citizenship – she had got fed up with the French Government aiming to put down two elderly elephants.

And there was more disgrace as fiery half-Black catwalk beauty Naomi Campbell had a leg so badly injured in an elite area of Paris by muggers (presumably Algerian) that she could only go about in a motorized wheelchair.
France’s Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, said that 1,193 vehicles were torched by French youths {i.e. Muesli/Algerian/half-Black beurs} overnight in what had become a “dubious” New Year’s Eve tradition (France 24, 2 i). Different immigrant areas competed with each other to see which could provide the best ‘fireworks.’


Fighting between the Shitites (Alawites) and Solunnis of Syria reduced as Western foreign policy dumbos and their Arab allies cut the suply of weapons to ‘rebels,’ having realized at last that quite a few Solunni groups had become fronts for Al Queerda (Guardian, 5 i).


In a BBC TV biopic about (tantrum-prone) Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert and (generally bullied) nine children, it turned out that the sensible, hardworking and loving German Albert had actually planned to establish a Victorian dynasty across northern Europe – and had, partly for that reason, encouraged marriages of his children into the royal households of Russia, Prussia, German principalities, Denmark etc. Rising warfare-prone Germany’s unpopularity in Britain spoiled the plan; But Albert’s had been the good and realistic effort of a true Nord.}


The antidemocratic ‘peace process’ in Northern Ireland (foisted on Ulster in return for Clinton’s USA restricting its funding of the IRA) got a kick in the teeth for the New Year as Protestant mobs appeared for ten days on the streets of Belfast pelting police (defending Catholics/Republicans) with petrol bombs, bricks, fireworks, golf balls, smoke canisters and anything else that paramilitaries could organize (one Prod was charged with attempted murder) (BBC R4, 6 i, 09:00; Observer, 6 i ).

Cops fought back with 39 state-of-the-art armoured cars, water cannon and Alsatian dogs. The Ulster settlement had allowed C/Rs permanent seats in government and jobs in the (peecee-renamed) ‘police service’ (the province’s main employer); but these concessions by Prods at least kept Ulster ‘British’ – with the Union Jack flying over (glorious) Belfast City Hall – until, at Christmas, the super-paid functionaries of imposed multicultural ‘peace’ took the flag down, sparking outrage.

{In a sane world, the Caffs of the North would have been relocated to the South [Holy Republic of Éire]; but the peaceful South (which had expelled most of its own Protestants around 1930) did not want to give houseroom to vulgar Caff fighting types – not least because they were used to enjoying British levels of welfare benefit. Anyway, the fighters were best kept in place in the hope of one-day forcing a United Ireland – just as Arabs declined, over sixty years, to take in Palestinian ‘refugees’, hoping these violent anti-Semites would one day kick out the Jews and reclaim the whole of Palestine for the Muesli cause.}


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