Sunday, July 25, 2010


As Holland’s homosexualist and anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders failed to seize the country’s premiership (his party had come a respectable third, with 24 out of 150 seats, but no-one would ally with him), he announced (in London) that he would try to advance his ideas in Britain and the USA (Guardian, 16 vii).

Just whether the rest of the West would embrace his anti-Islamofascism or denounce his homosexualism remained to be seen; but there would clearly be a fun debate in which Mueslis would have a chance to prove their value in disciplining the more disgusting elements of the West while leaving its elite the free speech about adulterers,* nignogs, wymmin and wooftahs which it had denied itself in deference to neosocialist egalitarian piety.

* Of which, sadly, high-Tory Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, provided the latest spectacular example.


As Daft Dave Cameron (heading the new ‘con-dem’ CamCoalition) announced a gimmicky “Big Society” plan, under which Brits would volunteer to help run pubs, post offices, libraries, garbage recycling, old folk’s homes, nurseries, swimming pools, schools’n’ospitals, jumbo jets etc. (Spectator, 19 vii) and the Taliban could run Koranic schools and poppy growing in Afghastliland, it turned out he had forgotten that, under the country’s schemes of PeeCee, Elfin Safety,* Race Relations Acts etc., if any people actually dared to volunteer and survived CRB checks for tendencies to paedophilia, their services would soon attract a stream of expensive litigation from those whose human rights they would swiftly be alleged to have infringed (whether by encouraging the obese to exercise, patting children on the head, or assuming that Srindopakeshis liked curry).

Unsurprisingly, DDC did not stick around to support his plan (which had been said to be “total bollocks” by a senior Conservative Shadow Cabinet member during the Election campaign) but instead hurried off to the District of Corruption, Washington – even licking Obarmy’s arse was preferable to preparing for the coming winter of discontent by replacing the right to strike** with free one-way tickets to Kabul.

* An insurance company calculated it would cost government £10 per month for each volunteer just in case volunteers fell foul of health & safety restrictions. At the same time a West Midlands council forbade local residents to mow the grass in areas which the council had failed to tend.

** Originally granted by Conservative Disraeli in 1884 because, in those days, many towns were ‘one horse’, so, if employees disagreed with the only local employers, they had no serious option of other local employment (and had not the bicycles, cars or E.U. citizenship rights which by 2010 allowed disaffected employees a wide range of options).


{Sent from Kansas}

Barack Obama met with the Queen of England.
He asked her, "Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give me?"
”Well," said the Queen, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people."
Obama frowned, and then asked, "But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?"
The Queen took a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy. You just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle."
The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. "Please send Tony Blair in here, would you?"
Tony Blair walked into the room and said, "Yes, Ma’am?"
The Queen smiled and said, "Answer me this please, Tony. Your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?"
Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answered, "That would be me."
"Yes, very good!" said the Queen.
Obama went back home to ask Joe Biden, his vice-president, the same question.
"Joe, answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who is it?"
"I'm not sure," said Biden. "Let me get back to you on that one..."
Biden went to his advisers and asked every one, but none could give him an answer. Finally, he ended up in the men's room and recognized Colin Powell's shoes in the next stall.
Biden asked Powell, "Colin, can you answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it's not your brother or your sister. Who is it?"
Colin Powell yelled back, "That's easy, it's me!"
Biden smiled, and said, "Thanks!" Then, he went back to speak with Obama.
"Say, Mister President, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It's Colin Powell!"
Obama got up, stomped over to Biden, and angrily yelled into his face, "No, you idiot! It's Tony Blair!"


Strong support for deranged, murderous and suicided wife-beater ‘Moaty’ (q.v.) was revealed as the tally of his arrested sympathizers reached twenty and hundreds of Newcastle United footie fans sang songs in his favour (Sun, 20 vii).

Apparently, Geordies had no time for overpaid peecee cops hounding a manliness-mad bouncer and tree surgeon, 37, whose only real problem (apart from steroid use) was that his 22-yr-old partner had done the dirty on him.

After years of London-imposed peecee feminism, the denizens of England’s lowest-IQ area were apparently ready to embrace Islam (if only it could relax about Newcastle Brown ale)….

{At the same time, it was revealed that only 6% of Britain’s deracinated police were out on patrol on Friday nights – when many town centres were full of the swearing and vomiting products of the Labour’s comprehensive ‘schools’ who would never had stood a chance for a minute with Moaty.}

{Moaty soon had an imitator in heavily tattooed divorced wife-beater and lorry driver, Norfolkman Mark Osler, 52, who shot in the face (but failed to kill) his (presumably wayward) 40-yr-old girlfriend Ms Rachel Puttock and then suicided (Sun, 21 vii).}

{In the Guardian (21 vii), Simon Jenkins threw in an excellent two pennorth: “Nothing could have worse served [arguments for] police productivity than this month's medieval-style tournament of police firepower to capture Raoul Moat in Northumberland. Like with the policing of VIPs in London, the public was treated to a display of squandered over-expenditure, embracing even the RAF.”

Apparently, “speeding police cars now kill annually twice as many members of the public as die from gun offences.”}


Fireman Christopher Bennett, of Manchester, won an £80K out-of-court settlement after he had been sacked for e-mailing colleagues to complain about a new fire station chair which he believed aggravated his arthritis (Telegraph, 21 vii; BBC, 21 vii).

As in my own case in Edinburgh of 1996/7, the infuriated employer had decided, with idiotic authoritarianism, to protest that CB’s e-mails constituted “gross misconduct” and had “irreparably broken” the bond of gross subservience which employees owed employers in the modern peecee world.

Three other firefighters had complained about the “ergonomically designed” reclining chairs which had been introduced in 2006, replacing beds. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire Service said, “We are extremely disappointed at the outcome of this case.”

{Whether Cardiff City Liberal Democrat Councillor John Dixon would be so lucky remained to be seen: he faced six months’ suspension after the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales had found him guilty of the heinous insensitivity of calling Scientology “stupid” (Guardian, 22 vii) – Scientologists believe humans are immortal beings from Mars who have forgotten their own true natures and need to be reminded by paying regular sums of money to Scientologist ‘auditors’ (rather than to psychiatrists).

In 1984, a high court judge had described Scientology as "corrupt, sinister and dangerous," saying "It is sinister because it indulges in infamous practices both on its adherents who do not toe the line unquestioningly and on those outside who criticise or oppose it."}


Mental abilities and especially general intelligence (little g) were reported (by R.J.Haier et al., in work on 40 New York testees, using MRI) to be associated with activity in distinct areas of the brain’s gray matter and also with the sheer volume of such nerve-cell-packed tissue (D. Telegraph, 22 vii; BioMedCentral, 22 vii).


Scotland exultantly jailed for at least six years a microbiology student at the University of Glasgow, Andrew Byrne, (21; 19 at the time of his crimes; a ‘loner’), who had managed (via the internet and webcams) to have sexual fun & games with a score of young teenagers (mainly female) without any complaint from or harm to any of them being reported by newspapers (D. Telegraph, 22 vii).

The whole operation of trying, imprisoning and securing the “predatory” Byrne, of restricting him for life, and of ending his prospect of any high-level or responsible career was likely to cost taxpayers around £3M.

Byrne had fully co-operated with police and the Glasgow court, agreeing with them that he had a keen interest in sex – on which subject he had been regarded as a valued teacher by several of his ‘victims.’


An excellent summary of America’s grisly peecee Big Brother society, with its growing anti-constitutional post-1965 intrusions into freedom of expression and choice, was provided in American Thinker (22 vii). One correspondent nicely summed up matters:

“One of the main problems with American blacks is that the average IQ is 85, with 20% having IQ’s of 70 and below. Many are simply unable to think logically and, like small children, want everything they desire and want it NOW.

It should have been enough to give blacks equal opportunities. But, instead, the nation has acted as though every last denizen of the ghetto must be college-educated, have a top-level job, and live in an upscale, ethnically mixed neighborhood. Whites must be forced to conduct their activities of daily living among a group that consists of a mere 12% of the population.

Yet, a great many blacks now appear to be in worse condition than they were before. Many live in rotting cities. They’re uneducated, jobless, drug-addicted, unwed, and in constant danger of crime. They’re pariahs to the black middle and upper classes. The Tea Party and other emerging groups may deny concerns with racial problems, but we all know such troubles are on everyone’s minds.”


(AmRen, 20 vii):

Online shoppers are more likely to buy from a white seller than a black one, according to a study by two Stanford researchers who posted ads on local classified advertising websites across the United States.

The ads offered the latest version of the iPod nano for sale, with each ad containing a photo of either a dark- or light-skinned hand holding the popular digital music player. The ads with a black hand received 13 percent fewer responses and 17 percent fewer offers than ads showing a white hand. Black sellers were also offered less money for the iPods than white sellers.

“We were really struck to find as much racial discrimination as we did,” said Jennifer Doleac, one of the researchers and a doctoral candidate in economics. “On average it’s a younger, more educated group of people shopping online and, if anything, they probably discriminate less than the population as a whole.”

The study showed that black sellers were at the greatest disadvantage in the Northeast, where they received 32 percent fewer offers than whites.

Whether Blacks themselves were distrustful of Blacks remained to be discovered.


The limits of behaviourist do-gooding, social-environmentalism and post-modern identity manipulation were cruelly exposed as toddler-murderer John Venables, having had millions of pounds spent on him (or at least on the salaries of ‘experts’ as they ‘treated’ him) since age ten, had graduated after release from custody to become, by his late twenties, a cocaine addict, brawler and internet obsessive pervert (endlessly trying to link up with ‘other’ parents who sexually abused their own young children) who ‘needed’ to be re-jailed – and to have yet more millions spent on creating yet another ‘identity,’ including faked birth certificate and passport supplied by HMG (Sun, 24 vii).

{Would it not have been better to just cut him off from liberal Britain, bribing the natives of Afghastliland or Papua New Guinea at the cost of only a few thousand pounds to take him in? Ah, but loopy liberals – unlike national liberals – could not admit anyone was beyond the pale and needed the stricter disciplines of Islam or animism!}


The vermin of Labour and the Scottish Nationalist Party declined to appear before the US Senate to be questioned as to whether they had released the convicted Lockerbie bomber (of 270, mainly Americans) to Libya in return for that country granting oil contracts to British Petroleum (Sun, 24 vii).

{In truth, it was good to have settled the virtual war with Libya (in which Britain had provided the base for US bombing of the lunatic ‘General’ Gadafi) – but not at the cost of the official ending of honesty with Britain’s main ally.}


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Sunday, July 18, 2010


‘Scientists’ from peecee British Columbia published (in the degraded Behavioral & Brain Sciences journal) a jumble of findings indicating that the conveniently titled Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Developed societies were “unrepresentative” of human nature (in their incidence of asthma, left-handedness, homosexuality etc.) and thus that social science research funding should be switched to the Democratic Republic of the Congo….

But the study, which reviewed the comparative database of research from across the behavioural sciences, found that subjects from WEIRD societies were, healthily enough, more individualistic, analytic,* concerned with fairness, existentially anxious and less conforming and attentive to context compared to those from non-WEIRD societies (AmRen, 6 vii)

– and all that was {as a Glasgow emeritus professor kindly pointed out to me} without mentioning the greater intelligence that distinguished the WEIRD from the Violent, Ignorant, Lazy and Ethnic countries of the VILE third world. The WEIRD would have been more appropriately described as the WIRED.

* Analytic vs. Holistic Reasoning

Variation in favored modes of reasoning has been compared across several populations. Most of the research has contrasted Western (American, Canadian, Western European) with East Asian (Chinese,
Japanese, Korean) populations with regard to their relative reliance on what is known as holistic vs. analytic reasoning (R. E. Nisbett {q.v., previous}2003, Peng & Nisbett 1999).

However, growing evidence from other non-Western populations point to a divide between Western nations and most everyone else, including groups as diverse as Arabs, Malaysians, and Russians (see Norenzayan, Choi, & Peng 2007 for review), as well as subsistence farmers in Africa and South America and sedentary foragers (Norenzayan, Henrich, & McElreath n.d., Witkin & Berry 1975), rather than an East-West divide.

Holistic thought involves an orientation to the context or field as a whole, including attention to relationships between a focal object and the field, and a preference for explaining and predicting events on the
basis of such relationships.

Analytic thought involves a detachment of objects from contexts, a tendency to focus on objects' attributes, and a preference for using categorical rules to explain and predict behavior. This distinction between habits of thought rests on a theoretical partition between two reasoning systems. One system is associative, and its computations reflect similarity and contiguity (i.e., whether two stimuli share perceptual resemblances and co-occur in time); the other system relies on abstract, symbolic representational systems, and its computations reflect a rule-based structure.


As anticipated in this Diary {q.v., previous}, victory in the World Cup (though held amongst endlessly trumpeting Blacks, blowing rudely into their vulvazuelas) went to the White race. All African teams except Ghana were knocked out early. Then came the French (50% Black) and English (30% Black), quickly followed by the Ghanaians and the mulattos of South America.

Finally, a decent Spanish team with scarcely a sign of the tarbrush, beat a ‘Dutch’ team including three ethnics (one Indonesian, two Moroccan) and clocking up nine yellow cards in their desperation and, in extra time, a terminally fatal red card.

The Black ‘striker’ for England, Emile Heskey, mercifully announced his retirement from international football, having scored less often (in some seventy matches) than the goalkeepers for Columbia and Paraguay (Sun, 16 vii).


As a CNN Lebanese Christian journalist was fired for twittering that she was “sad” about the death of a mad Hizbollah Muesli leader (who had millions of supporters in Lebanon and kindred hellholes), appreciation of America’s 20-year abandonment of its constitutional principle of free speech crept into Britain’s Quislingraph (Toby Harnden, 11 vii, AMERICAN WAY, ‘Speak freely, but don’t say anything’):

“The penalties for a politician or general of “misspeaking” are simply too great to take any risk, many are now concluding. Journalists, too, are finding out the limits of their freedom to express what they really think. It’s altogether safer to retreat into a numbing objectivity in which real opinions have no place.

Given the American right of free speech and the country’s tradition of colourful, open debate in which pretty much anything goes [or rather ‘went’], this is a depressing picture. In 2010, you can say what you like, it seems; but, whatever you say, say nothing.”


Two years after this Diary exposed the political origin – in American White-guilt socialism {see previous, passim} – of the West’s economic bubble & eventual crunch, a Sunday Torygraph correspondent was allowed to say (Iwan Price-Evans, 11 vii):

“The sub-prime crisis in America was caused by banks that were compelled, by law, to lend money to those {unspecified!!} who were unlikely to pay it back. One can hardly blame the banks for then trying to sell on this “bad debt” to get rid of it. ….When the IOUs were eventually called in, people quickly realized that the complex derivatives of the sub-prime debts were worthless.”

{At the time of writing, President Hussein Obarmy’s America was set to provide another bubble & eventual crunch by fuelling medics and chemists to provide a massive drugs boost for the USA’s low-IQ, crack- and AIDS-ridden Blacks – the ‘health’ (but dysgenic) boost to be funded in the short term by the Chinese and in the long term by the youth of the West (or, failing supply of such youth, by immigrants from Mexico and kindred gangster-ravaged states).}


Mad Mueslis from Somalia killed 64 (probably Black Christians – they were watching footie) in Uganda (Sun, 12 vii). Needless to say, Western feminists made no squeak of protest at the latest Islamofascist outrage, the two thousand years of Christianity liberating women meaning nothing to them in their pathetic deference to the West’s ‘liberal’-left.

{Meantime, it emerged that Labour Britain had been housing Somali scroungers at £2K per week (Sun, 12 vii) – deferring to their ‘human rights’ etc. rather than telling them to go back and help sort out their own godforsaken country.}


In a rare triumph for true liberalism and good sense, Switzerland rejected American demands for the extradition of star film director Roman Polanski, 76, to face charges of sex with a 13-yr-old girl in 1977 (though the girl had long previously forgiven Polanski and admitted she had been no innocent about sex and drugs) (BBC, 12 vii).

(Polanski had been on the run from US ‘justice’ ever since his counsel warned him that California would renege on a plea bargain that had been at least mooted and verbally agreed. The Swiss authorities objected to the US not releasing details of just what had happened to bring the US authorities to re-instate charges of rape and sodomy – which Polanski had always contested.)


Having failed to send a decisive message to Mueslis post-9/11, Britain’s multiculti politicos found the Queen’s soldiers (supposedly involved chiefly in buildin’ schools ‘n’ ospitals) actually under attack [killing 3 – including a senior officer] and injuring more with a rocket-propelled grenade] from Nato’s supposed ally, the Afghan Army.

President Armpit Waggidullahbaggypantskhazi beamingly apologized; but it was clear that Britain’s leaders had been as crazed as those of America (which country had madly supported and nuclear-armed the loons of Pakistan for 50 years and believed that country an ‘ally’).

The failure of British and American diplomacy and arms in the Middle East meant that the Russian Empire would have to be restored – hopefully with help from India and at least dumb acquiescence from China (which had also made the mistake of backing explosive [50 killed weekly by Muesli suicide bombers] Pakiland).

{At the same time, the Rev. Blair’s Labour Britain’s vaunted multiculti ‘peace process’ in Ulster – involving abandoning democracy and giving the IRA permanent seats in Northern Ireland’s government -- yielded firebombs and shootings in several conurbations of the barbed-wire-divided province, injuring 82 police (Sun, 13 vii, 14 vii). A female police officer had a block of concrete thrown at her head and was hospitalized, giving her time to reflect on the uselessness of multiculti politicians.}


Sigmund Freud’s feminist-hated realism about the mother-son bond was given further testimony as a pretty, full-lipped and wide-eyed Michigan mother, 36, was convicted (and jailed for nine years) for having sex with her 14-year-old son (Sun, 13 vii).

Freud’s thanatos also got a tribute from bouncer Moat: "Always in my adult life I have felt alone, estranged from my entire family, and needing to belong somewhere but never did ... all my life I wanted death."


As Britain waited for its journalists to discover the life history and psychology of Northumberland murderer and suicide ‘Moaty’ (there was no hope of the country’s ‘authorities’ in policing or clinical psychology breathing a word, let alone a word of sense) and PM Cameron denounced Facebook for publicizing expressions of sympathy, the Guardian’s star columnist Michael White (himself expressing “a little pity”) attributed public sympathy to misogyny (15 vii) while the Telegraph’s top man Simon Heffer attributed it to disaffection with the police (who, notoriously, could bring Muesli terrorists to be let off by Britain’s peecee ‘courts’ and sit gobbling sandwiches in motorway laybys till they could detect, chase and fine a mildly speeding middle-class motorist).

Few considered that Moaty was a case of standard mid-30s paranoia, albeit fuelled by genuine lovesickness: he had installed from 8 to 26 security cameras (press estimates varied) around his home so as (again, variously) to monitor his (scrummy, young) girlfriend of six years or to prove his own whereabouts to police who were forever hounding him for fly-tipping (in the course of his business as a tree surgeon).

{The failure of Britain’s local authorities to provide for collection and disposal of rubbish was one of the most astounding features of 13 years of Labour misrule – yielding even the arrival of urban foxes, not to mention squirrels, rats and mice.}

{PM Cameron felt moved to complain about floral tributes and support for him on Facebook. 13 people were arrested for helping him while he was on the run -- so Moaty had far more mates than the average psychopath. Indeed, he soon had 18K Geordie supporters on Facebook.}


Urging that people would only accept Government cuts and disciplines administered via local churches and communities (Guardian, 15 vii), the Archbishop of Canterbury (who had largely handed over his church to gays, lesbians and socialists) began to move towards what I had written for the Prison Service in 1966, that crime should be dealt with by local faith (or humanitarian) groups which would function as insurance companies – to one of which every person would be obliged to sign up and from which people would receive self-chosen supervision and rescue from accidents so long as they had kept their premiums updated and followed in-house rules.

Daft Dave Cameron too had perhaps been edging towards this idea in his ‘Big Society’ proposal. At the same time, CamCo HMG’s Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, moved to put GPs in charge of NHS funds – a move which would have the same effect of offering a little bit of choice to Britain’s socialism-enslaved individuals – in so far as they were free to select (and even sometimes to be deselected by) their state-funded GP.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

HOW TO HANDLE BLACK CRIME (Update from last week)

Private Eye’s ‘South Africa Correspondent’ provided more detail (9 vii): "The African National Congress (ANC) has given FIFA carte blanche to run the country for the entire period of the soccer gala.

….Struggling black “informal” hawkers have been strong-armed – cleansed – off the streets near our swanky and expensive new stadiums. And in a country where it can take years to come to trial, special courts have been set up to dish out instant justice….

If this tournament had been organized by Britain, say, with all the concessions demanded by FIFA, it would have been denounced as counter-revolutionary western imperialism.”

Apartheid policy was also restored by the ANC in primary schools, where children (mainly Black) were to be allowed to educated in their own first languages rather than having to master Dutch or English (AmRen, 7 vii).


A top computing firm in China, Bleum, was revealed to demand IQs of 140 and over as the first selection hurdle for job applicants -- but it lowered its bar to 125 for Americans to be sure of keeping good working relations with the USA (ComputerWorld, 7 vii). {Working relations with US Blacks were not a priority, evidently….}


As scores of British police marksmen scoured the Northumbrian countryside hunting down 6’3,” 17-stone, steroid-fuelled bouncer, body builder and motor racer (and father of 3) Raoul Moat, 37, it turned out that Moat’s French mother, having given him (a bonny blonde blue-eyed boy) no certainty as to his paternity (presumably Spanish), and let him be brought up largely by his grandmother, had then provided a step-father with whom there were the usual arguments, ending with Moat threatening to kill his mother and with her wishing him dead (Daily Mirror, 8 vii).

Moat had recovered sufficiently by age 31 to babe-bag the succulent Samantha Stobbart [above], 16; but when the pair had a daughter (adding to his two daughters by previous partner, Marissa Ree), three years later, despite a turbulent relationship (which SS’s relatives had often urged her to end), more Freudian stuff kicked in and, over the next three years, Moat became increasingly jealous and aggressive – leading to a 4-month prison sentence (apparently for hitting ‘a younger family member’) and to him ‘declaring war’ on Nothumberland police (who, he felt, had too easily sided with Sam’s account of events). Yes, as Freud thought and taught, everyone – even every growing child – needs a (reasonably truthful) lover!

At one stage, when surrounded by scores of the UK’s finest marksmen, he told police: "I have not got a dad -- no one cares about me." Far from being a typical psychopath, the manliness-mad Moat had lived without a criminal sentence for 36 years before the tribulations of love had led to the sh*t hitting the fan.

The star British footballer Paul Gascoigne (‘Gazza’), who had known Moat in Newcastle nightclubs, called him “a lovely bloke” and “a real gent.” A former girlfriend of Moat’s volunteered he was “happy-go-lucky and caring and respectful of his elders.” But Moaty’s self-medicated paranoid fury at Samantha’s treatment of him had left one dead and two seriously injured. RIP to all.


On the heels of fat, Black, officially egalitarian (though admittedly hilarious) Diane Abbott MP (Labour) being rendered speechless on TV when asked to explain her hypocrisy in sending her boy to public (i.e. independent, fee-paying, non-state*) school, it was the turn of top Grauniad columnist Polly Toynbee to take flak as Private Eye revealed her daughter, Amy, had said her mama had moved her to nobby Westminster School to benefit from streaming and having to compete with girls of her own ability (and not, as Polly had averred on TV, to escape state schools ruined by “demented” Labourites and cost-cutting Conservatives) (9 vii).

{If only Diane and Polly had read The g Factor, they would have been able to provide compelling yet still passably liberal justifications of their educational choices for their progeny!...}

* These schools were originally called ‘public’ to distinguish them from the private (tutor in the home) schooling which was the only (and more expensive) alternative in the 16th century.


Australia’s suddenly emerging new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, a 48-yr-old gingernutted Welsh woman who had never had the time to marry, found herself congratulated in the Irish Independent (the most politically incorrect newspaper in the British Isles – giving houseroom to brave star columnist Kevin Myers) for having expressed one or two reservations about the Anti-White Australia Policy pursued in the Workers’ Paradise for the past generation and even having speculated that newly arriving refugees (from African and Muesli homophobism and misogyny etc.) could be dumped in offshore East Timor (9 vii, Ian O’Doherty).

Demonstrations against the policy change ensued, with one bearded and hooded Iranian refugee telling sixty fellow protestors how life in a detention centre in Western Australia had ‘crushed his spirit’ (Sydney Morning Herald, 9 vii) – though why he had not simply returned to his mad-Muesli homeland remained unclear.


The 29-yr-old Omar bin Laden, a son of al-Qaeda mastermind O.K.binLiner, known to his (once scrummy and still petite though MS-suffering) 54-yr-old wife (in Cheshire) to be manic-depressive, was admitted to psychiatric hospital as schizophrenic following a huge spending spree around the Middle East which had led his (six-times-married) wife to ask for divorce before even more cash went down the drain (Sun, 9 vii).


As Spain and Holland went through to the Final of the World Cup gala, leaving the half-Black French and English teams trailing (though the the 90%-White German team had performed creditably), Spain’s Football League President spelled out the reason: 77% of Spain’s top 200 footballers were ‘homegrown Spanish’ (and a further 17% were ‘other European’), contrasting with a dismal Englishness rating of only 40% in England’s Premier League (Guardian, 9 vii). {Evidently the Human Rights industry had yet to get to work on Spain….}


As Barry Hussein Obarmy said he would ban Arizona’s policy of stopping and searching suspected illegal immigrants, thus enabling the browning of the state, donations (soon reaching $500K) poured in via the Governor’s website to help fight the President (Google News, 8 vii).


‘Scientists’ from peecee British Columbia published (in the degraded Behavioral & Brain Sciences journal) a jumble of findings indicating that Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Developed societies were “unrepresentative” of human nature (in their incidence of asthma, left-handedness, homosexuality etc.) and thus that social science research funding should be switched to the Democratic Republic of the Congo….

But the study, which reviewed the comparative database of research from across the behavioural sciences, found that subjects from WEIRD societies were, healthily enough, more individualistic, analytic, concerned with fairness, existentially anxious and less conforming and attentive to context compared to those from non-WEIRD societies (AmRen, 6 vii) – and all that was {as a Glasgow emeritus professor kindly pointed out to me} without mentioning the greater intelligence that distinguished the WEIRD from the Violent, Ignorant, Lazy and Ethnic countries of the third world. The WEIRD would have been more appropriately described as the WIRED.


Not content with ruining British education, allowing filthy death-dealing hospitals and multiplying welfare dependency, Britain’s ‘civil service,’ headed by (presumably Irish) ‘Sir’ Gus O’Donnell (who had allowed the undermining of Tory idealist Michael Gove), added to the gaiety of nations by mounting a ‘critique’ of Britain’s top eavesdropping centre, Government Communications HQ (GCHQ), saying it had too few Blacks and ‘Asians’ (i.e. Srindopakeshis) and complaining that such ethnic minority staff as there were at the intelligence centre sometimes found their loyalty questioned.

{The loony lefty O’Donnell, a Blairite toady, had already had his head called for by the Telegraph’s Simon Heffer (9 vii) – though admittedly GCHQ did certainly need Urdu speakers to cope with the nonsense of nuclear-armed imploding Muesli-on-Muesli Pakistan, the ‘ally’ on which America had failed to keep a grip through two generations of backing it against India.}


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Sunday, July 04, 2010


After a generation in which even the Labour Party had realized that locking up criminals cut crime (if only by keeping the crime-prone off the streets for a while), genial Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke (one of the ‘wets’ who had brought down Mrs Thatcher) found it in himself to oblige the new cost-cutting CamCo Treasury (intent on super-funding the gay&lesbian NHS and ‘international aid’ and parent-run [but non-selective] education) by banning jail sentences of less than one year.

This policy change would be one of outstanding humanity etc. – But the options of sending Britain’s jailbirds to fight the Taliban or Mugabe or North Korea had apparently not been considered. Nor had the embarrassment to previous Tory leader Michael Howard, who had declared “Prison works!”; or to (fat frump) Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie, who was opposing SNP legislation to ban short prison sentences on the very same day when (suede-shoed jazz fan) Clarke executed his pecunious party’s U-turn.

Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary Jack Straw said Conservative leader Cameron, who had campaigned in the Election for tough law and order, had caved in to his LibDem coalition partners. (Funny: wouldn’t it have been cheaper – and more humane – simply to hang all criminals given jail sentences of more than ten years? – ln the post-1966 absence of the death sentence, serial murderers and kindred had been allowed to clock up 50-year sentences of taxpayer support for their human rights to food, clothing, heating, counselling, protection from other cons, smokes, exercise machines, budgerigars and internet porn.)


Responding to Deputy PM Nick Cleggover’s invitation to the public to let him know, at a Government website, of laws that could be cancelled, I spent a fruitless half hour trying to submit ‘The Race Relations Acts’ (which since 1966 had progressively made all talk of race, immigration, crime and IQ impossible).

Another Speccie reader recorded his own equally frustrating experience: “Has anybody tried to access the website to let them know of useless laws? It times out. According to the box that appears, it's been fixed three times -- yet it is still broken. 10/10 for intention, 1/10 for implementation.”


As Chicago-Muslim-Socialist President Borat Hussein Obarmy moved to stop Arizona police quizzing Hispanics about their credentials to be in the USA, some recalled the words of the great (and much McDougall-admired) US President of a century ago:

'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.' -- Theodore ROOSEVELT, 1907.


Though some studies suggested classical musical involvement to increase social sensitivity, brain development and even IQ (Daily Mail, 30 vi), Muesli parents, despite low IQs in the Muslim world, were observed to be (illegally) withdrawing their children from music classes in British state schools (Daily Telegraph, 1 vii; Guardian, 2 vii).


A fine analytic article in the Guardian (William Dalrymple, 2 vii) showed how Nato, in Afghanistan, believing it was fighting Obama von Bin Liner in a useless 8-year campaign, had in fact been battling with the major ethnic group of the Pashtuns (backed by Pakistan’s ‘ISI’ army) yet bizarrely without getting any help from India and without noticing that Alcohaeda had escaped to Somalia.


So why did levels of South African mayhem stay at roughly normal levels during at least the early weeks of the World Cup? Simply, the Black criminals took the same footie holiday as everyone else (to watch the splendidly organized, exciting and near-all-White German team provide the best soccer entertainment for years)?

Hardly! The 41K-strong SA police put every man jack on duty and double-overtime complete with swagger sticks; and 56 special courts were set up to dispense instant justice. As Rian Malan observed (D. Telegraph, 3 vii):”….it became clear that those who didn’t [behave] would be punished with astonishing swiftness and severity.

The hoods who pulled guns on….Mexican journalists were rounded up and sentenced within 72 hours – a level of efficiency last seen in the grim days of apartheid when police routinely used torture to exact confessions. Human Rights types whined, but the government was extremely pleased with itself.”


A case of female megasexuality (in a reasonable-looking 40-year-old Leicestershire single mum, called Donna) made its way into the pages of News of the Screws (4 vii). Called Kleine Levin Syndrome, the condition most commony affects young male Jews and distinctively involves hypersomnia (the victim typically sleeping 18 hours per day) and gluttony; but, in the NoW-reported case, the randy lady had kept her figure and had the presence of mind to advertise her leggy wares on the internet – though often unable to wait for respondents and instead picking up guys in supermarkets and having frenetic sex with them within minutes in carparks. Of course, she must have been a victim of society….


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